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Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

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Look for a group in Shattered Skies

2023.06.05 12:45 AngeloHakkinen Comparison between Yandere Simulator and other long-development games

Yandere Simulator was pitched on April 1st, 2014 on 4chan. The "pre-alpha" would get released 15 days later. The game would get banned from Twitch on January 21st, 2016. However, the first official demo was released on AUGUST 31ST 2020, and the 1980s mode would be released on OCTOBER 2021. As of June 5th, 2023, the game was in development for 9 years, 2 months and 4 days.
So, this post will compare the development time of YanSim to other games who had long development time:

#1: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

On June 11th, 2019, Nintendo would release a teaser of a Breath of the Wild sequel. This video will collect more than 15 million views, and loads of interest about what could this game have features. However, due to COVID-19, the game development was halted and, on March 29th, 2022, Nintendo released a video and declared that they'll postpone the release of the game to Spring 2023, and apologized to all who waited for the game's released. Of course, there were lots of doubts about will this game be even released in 2023, and multiple persons expressed their frustration. But, on Sept 13th, 2022, Nintendo would release their first official trailer of the game, now called "Tears of the Kingdom", and the release date was officialized: May 12th, 2023. 2 more exciting trailers later, the game was eventually released, and oh boy the delay was worth it: 10 million copies sold worldwide in 3 days, which is more than Twilight Princess did in years, and critical acclaim from every single site. Even I bought the game and I'm super impatient on finishing, but there's still my exams to finish. Gamers waited 3 years, 11 months and 2 days for the game release, and there're more ways to torture Koroks and to kill rivals

#2: Final Fantasy XV

Now we will start in "Development Hell" mode. Final Fantasy XV's development started in 2006 as spinoff on PS3. 6 years later, it would be rebranded as the next mainline title and Nomura would be replaced by Hajime Tabata as the game's director, with the spinoff at 20 to 25% complete. Due to the change, more development was required, as the story was needed to be revamped and some characters repurposed or even removed. The game would eventually be released on November 29th, 2016. The game would be met with favorable reviews and 10 million copies were sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games of Final Fantasy. Gamers waited 10 years for the spinoff and 4 years for the mainline game, which is quite little compared to the next game.

#3 Duke Nukem FOREVER

Oh boy it deserves its name. Announced on April 27th, 1997 (yes), the game was released in....2011!!!! Let's start this journey that will make YandereDev look like Eiji Aonuma. 3D Realms was announced in April 1997. Less than a year later, the Build engine, in which the game was based on, was considered obsolete and the devs were forced to change to Quake II engine, and the publisher, 3D Realms, lost $500,000. The first screenshots were released at E3 1998, but the sun won't be seen anytime soon. In June 1998, the devs decide to switch engine AGAIN, this time to Unreal, because it was better suited to open spaces (they had a difficult time to render the Nevada Desert). According to George Broussard, this change was nothing and it'll be back on track, which is countered by programmer Chris Hangrove's statement that they needed to restart from ZERO.
By the turn of the millenium, multiple release dates were missed, as Broussard wanted to add multiple elements. 3D Realms even joked that they are trying to stop Broussard looking at other games because he wanted to include portions into the game. Finally, a trailer was released in E3 2001, which ended up being called a "scam" by Broussard himself 21 years later.
Fast forward to 2003, the game had only 18 people on it, and one former employee complained that Broussard and Miller had still the "1995 mentality". Then, controversy happened: Jeffrey Lapin, Take-Two CEO, said that the game won't be released in 2003 and they wrote off $5.5 million off the revenues due to DNF. and that's Broussard's response:
Take-Two needs to STFU ... We don’t want Take-Two saying stupid-ass things in public for the sole purposes of helping their stock. It's our time and our money we are spending on the game. So either we're absolutely stupid and clueless, or we believe in what we are working on.
YandereDevlike response. Anyway, Lapin was told that the game would be released between late 2004 and early 2005. But it's not finished...
Rumors said that DNF switched for a third time their game engine, this time to iD Tech 4. These rumors were denied by Broussard himself, but it's not like the game was fully developed anyw...Broussard confirmed that many of the game's elements were finished and he's just " pulling it all together and trying to make it fun". but, like YandereDev's statements, it was a lie. Take-Two negotiated a $4.25 million deal instead of $6 million for Broussard. Everyone working in DNF were tired, many of them left the development. Van Lierop was hired to test the game in 2007, and stated that the game was more finished than expected, but Broussard felt it needed two more years.
The delays strained the relationship between Miller and Broussard but, finally, a new trailer was released by the end of 2007, but no release date was announced. As the game was near completion, funding started to deplete and, despite multiple negotiations, Broussard suspended their collaborations with 3D Realms.
In 2010, the staff was reduced, and 3D Realms laid off the staff a year prior. However, problems were not finished: Take Two sued 3D Realms over the failure of completing DNF, which will be settled in 2010. However, Miller stated that the development was suspended. In 2010, 3D Realms approached GearBox Productions to complete the game. Randy Pitchford, the CEO of the studio, decided to help the devs as he felt "Duke can't die". The final trailer was released in late 2010, and the game can finally be played. The game would be eventually released in June 14th, 2011, after 14 years, a month and 19 days of waiting, which will be the longest time of development a game had until 2022, when Beyond Good and Evil 2, in development since 2007, surpassed DNF.
The game itself, is mediocre. I will let this French video by well known Youtuber "Joueur du Grenier" (French version of the "Angry Video Game Nerd") talk about it ( (censored)/ (uncensored)).

Comparison (TL-DR):

Yandere Simulator was in development for 9 years, and the demo was released 6 years after the first announcement, and that's after the Love LetteDrApeis controversy. The popularity wave was already gone, and few people still care about the game (mainly because of mods, concepts and it's not-Sergio-Leone-level spaghetti code).
If we need to compare YanSim with the 3 games mentioned, the game will have a lot of similarities with Duke Nukem Forever than TotK and FFXV. TotK was only postponed because of the need of polishing some features, while FFXV was in development was for 10 years because of change of direction, and both are quite good games. DNF's development was riddled with burned bridges, false hopes and controversies like YanSim, and was only saved because of a dude that wanted to Duke Nukem to survive and even after that, the game was received mediocrly. So yeah, if you want to resume the concept of the game, it's a "Yandere PC Version of DukeNukem Forever made by a pedophiliac weirdo whose only relevance are the potential lore the weirdo didn't even develop, the concepts/mods made by amazing Youtubers, the supersupbar spaghetti code, the mega-controversies around the game, and the fans who are courageous enough to de facto take over the game when the dev is lazy to say that the game is annulled" As always, all criticism is accepted, sayonara.
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2023.06.05 12:45 kyisare Girlfriend can't have sex because of traumas

My girlfriend and i have been in a relationship for 5 months now, at the first few months the sex was amazing.
Last month she started to abruptly lose pleasure during sex, and then loses all interest in any sexual activities, so i end up with "blue balls", which is fine, i completely respect her and accept her boundaries. This has happened multiple times in a row now tho, and gets progressively more and more.
At some point she opened up to me that this is because she has sexual traumas and lately she also started experiencing body image issues. She enjoys the sex at first, but at some point these things start to occur in her head which makes her lose interest. I completely understand this and it makes me sad to know that my girlfriend suffers from this, not because of the sex, but because of her, as a person i care about.
I had a hard time understanding why she could have sex just fine in the first few months, she explained this to me now, she told me this is because she got blind and rejected her real feelings. She calls this a "wall" or "plank" in front of her head which is now gone, gone because of trust, trust in me. It's good to hear that she trusts me this deeply now, that says a lot. I've had a talk about this, she told me she has had this issue for years now. This makes me think this issue might be even bigger than it seems, and that she won't be able to get over it, at least not soon. She obviously also can't guarantee me that she will get over it, which is very understandable.
Sex is important for me in a relationship, but like i said, this might gonna be a relationship without sex, for at least a while. I personally am not sure if i can do that. I'm now in my twenties, a sexless relationship is definitely not something I'm looking for. The hardest part is, i love her a lot, i honestly have never felt this good in a relationship with someone before, its just really the sex now that is an issue. Not having sex is a compromise, but is it too big or not? I don't know. My heart says, stick with her, she is amazing, she is so beautiful, literally i feel so proud when i am with her. She is so amazing, so funny, so sweet, time spent with her is so much fun, we can literally do anything and its fun, she is my favorite person right now. She is respectful and caring too. Again my heart says this is all i need, but deep down I know I will be missing sex. Its too soon to say if i see a future with her tho, its only been 5 months. Next to sex, we can still be very intimate, romantic, etc. We can hug and kiss a lot, give each other massages, go on cute dates, etc.
We talked about a possible solutions, about things that trigger her etc. gonna see if this helps, but I'm really worried about this. The current plan is taking a step back and starting over with a gradual progression of sexual activities, i think this allows for a slower pace and gives us both an opportunity to rebuild trust, establish comfort, and address any triggers or concerns that may arise. It's just... I'm worried this won't solve things, and the more feelings i get over time, the harder things will get for me, so this option also worries me a lot.
Good to add, i myself suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which means i worry a lot about basically anything, including this.
Honestly, I'm lost, don't know what to do or how to act. Looking for advice and/or opinions
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2023.06.05 12:44 Bactyrael Necro is in a bad place

I am currently level 56, slowed down a bit to cap renown in each region and do side quests. I am not farming for my last pieces and have tried a few builds to see what I like and what works. Here is my current opinion.
Tldr; Bone is the only viable high damage spec.
Corpse explosion even fully optimized whether miasma shadow stack or cc increased damage requires too much build up. When a druid, rogue, sorc, or barb, can pop a cool down and delete a pack but I have to generate a corpse, play the minion mini game, play the corpse stack mini game, then execute. I mean come on blizzard. I am missing 2 pieces that are big pieces they are the corpse explosion uniques for gloves and weapon, but I have literally every single other piece that boosts my damage by close to 1000%. And I am miles behind my friends numbers and efficiency. Couple this with the fact that I have no mobility.... Jesus.
Let's talk summons! I leveled mainly thorns summons with full synergies. Possibly my favorite build and an amazing boss killer as all direct damage to each minion reflects and makes the boss burn itself incredibly fast. Probably going to ditch corpse explosion and go back to this just to have fun. The main problem is that even though I am crossing into paragon board 2, I have every statue of Lilith and max renown, minions are fully upgraded with every stat point, and they can only take 1% dot damage and 30% max health damage. They still get obliterated amazingly fast. This would be fine if I wasn't in max level, upgraded, legendary gear. And thorns damage is amazingly lacking. I don't believe it can crit? I have been trying to figure that out and I can't seem to. But let's talk the root of the issue. Summons get 30% of my stats, 50% of thorns when you take the right points. But the number of them is supposed to make up for the fact that they do a 3rd of your damage. Which to be fair, single target they can put in work "hence the boss killing". The problem is their ai is absolute dog shit. In a fight where the boss or elite goes immune and you have to focus fire the channeler? Summons are still on the immune boss (blizzard if you read this, please for the love of God make summons deaggro immunes). You should be able to focus them onto a target with cast. Another issue is healing them, for whatever reason the bonus max life healing doesn't work at all. Out of combat it does, in combat it always heals for 10% instead of 60%. Lastly besides the survivability, lack luster damage, horrible ai, and poor scaling, you can't synergize them into one build path. Want to go all thorns? Go fuck yourself here is 2 of the 3. Want to go shadow? And go fuck yourself only mages. Want to go blood or bone, you guessed it! Couple this with the fact that the tool tips lack any meaningful way besides hours of testing to even see what blood or bone skills will count toward their damage just what the fuck man. At least shadow is up front about it. Also bone mages would be good if they didn't kill themselves on top of exploding whenever something looked in their general direction.
Shadow, shadow, shadow! Nothing in your skills really does it but you can make other skills do it and it sucks. I haven't thoroughly tested it yet but it seems like using aspects to change blood and bone into shadow damage is a direct nerf. What I mean is bloods gauranteed overpower and bones bonus damage per essence spent and had are far better than damage over time. Why? Because doing 100,000 damage over 10 seconds is worse than doing 50k over 2. That's about all I have to say about this. I simply do not feel like it's worth giving up 4x damage that can critically hit from an overpower or substantially higher base consistent damage from bones bonuses.
Blood for the hatred mommy? It's well sorta got the same problem of not knowing what it wants to do really. Personally I think I cracked the code using corpse generating skeletons with corpse on damage and fortify when you spawn a corpse. Now you don't need to take a single fortify minor rune and can take all the overpower options. You kinda passively just spawn hundreds of corpses healing for your entire health pool in fortify every second. So it's incredibly tanky so long as you never get crowd controlled. But it's a burst build that likes to burst when it bursts things. And half the aspects for the build want it to give that up for shadow dps which is bad. Why do I want to kill something slower again? Oh right! I really don't and would rather do that damage instantly instead. But yeah, it's still good, I would say with gear it will probably be the strongest build thanks to overpower and critical hit damage slapping something for billions of damage late game.
I've got a real Bone to pick with blizzard apparently. It's just good, sadly it just has everything it wants. Need dps? Here is bone fragments and aoe. Need burst? Here is a bone spirit that hits like a freight train and you can get free ones with a unique chest. Need synergies that aren't all trying to turn you to the dark side, I mean shadow? Hell yeah brother, take the best aspects for your class. Whoever was in charge of bone for Necro did a pretty good job imo. Getting bonus essence from multiple sources while multiplying your damage and then adding crit, vulnerable, and overpower? I mean come on! And this is all without mentioning access to an early dungeon in the starting area that allows you to put bone lance on unlimited pieces while leveling... Wouldn't want to have spaced out the classes access to things and purposefully crippled tons of builds and play styles by locking you out of essential aspects early or anything. Yes that was sarcasm, yes blizzard this was a huge over sight by you and your team. That being said bone is the most viable spec.
And now that you are at the end of this essay, here is a list of things Necro needs to be a more viable spec.
Better pet ai or player control.
Better pet synergies across the 3 blood, bone, shadow, and corruption.
Dps ticks need to be able to crit.
Thorns needs clarification and needs to benefit from core stats like crit and crit damage.
Attack speed being every minion aspect doesn't make 30% scaling better, neither does the number of shitty little pawns I throw at something. Please allow different summons to benefit from bone "damage from essence bonus", blood "gauranteed overpower", shadow damage over time and or more than one type, and corruption having any synergy would be dope in general, like why not just make them all bone or blood?
Stop making beneficial aspects turn my skills into shadow, making me avoid them in place of using my ultimate selection. Better blood mist shouldn't cost me it doing shadow damage! Bonestorm and blood wave are simply worse when you make them shadow. 22% more damage after 10 hits is worse than 100% damage a tick every single fucking time. And no giving us 40% bonus damage after proc couples with 120% on proc damage doesn't make up for the first 10 procs doing 2000% damage from one aspect. I don't even know how to approach a fix here ATM. Put who ever was in charge of shadow on unpaid leave for the weekend.
Give necros mobility even situational. Let us jump to a corpse on corpse tendril or something. It just feels bad being so damn slow and being a dps class.
For the love of God change which dungeons reward which aspects. There are like 3 shred aspects, 5 sorc, 4 barb, 3 rogue, and like 2 Necro, in the starting area. I had to wait till level 35 to unlock my first free damage aspect for summons because you locked it behind chapter 4 of the fucking campaign. What were you smoking when you planned this out. Did the team play pin the aspect on the dungeon during a drinking contest? Could've been a darker joke but we have both moved on right? Sorry.
Lastly, can we please clean up necros tree a bit. Why are there no corruption core skills? Why does blood have two core essence spenders that conflict with each other and prevent Necro from going pure blood? Why do summons not count as core skills and or get the ability to be buffed by countless of synergies that would make it specialize and shine in unique way? You get the idea.
In conclusion, Necro needs work guys. Good luck if you start one tomorrow on the 6th.
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2023.06.05 12:44 matthewtheater 29 M looking for online friends [Friendship]

Hey all,
I'm from the UK I don't really have many friends outside my very small circle so would love to meet some new people outside of my bubble, It's been hitting me harder these days that fact I don't really have people to really talk to you know?.
Just to list a few of my interests incase you can relate which would be fantastic! But even if you can't I'd still like to hear from you :)
I'm a musician have been playing bass and guitar for over 12 years at this point, music tastes are mostly everything but mainly metal, rock, indie, K-pop jpop etc.
I love video games, play everything but to list a few RPGs and jrpgs, from software games, Bethesda visual novels etc etc.
Anime and Korean dramas again cos of my ages I've been watching for along time love all genres and reading manga etc
I've been reading lot of manhwa these days too! They are soo good!
Also love acult stuff like ghost adventures hp Lovecraft stuff.
Also also I used to suffer from depression and anxiety but alot better now comes with age I suppose...still have good days and bad days tho but if you can relate to that and wanna talk about it then great.
Anyone playing Zelda atm?
Anyway feel free to drop me a DM. :)
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2023.06.05 12:43 OutrageousMention836 Contemplating texting my ex

We were together for a year, he broke up with me 2 months ago He texted me a month ago saying like he was really sorry and he won’t be able to forgive himself and stuff like that I asked him if he’s willing to get back together ever and he said he would love to when he’s sure we won’t have the same mistakes or worse But then after talking for a couple more days I asked if there’s a purpose of us texting bc I feel strung along and he said “I don’t want to make you feel strung along but anything I can say would make a compromise and I’m not ready for any of that” I left him on delivered after that text and it’s been 3 weeks, I’ve been wanting to text him since, I really didn’t know how to respond to that. I understand not being ready bc I’m not ready either but then why even reach out? Now I’m confused if he wants me or not, I feel like I should be moving on but I still want him? 🤷🏿‍♀️the hope of us getting back together is what is really keeping me back from moving on, so I can I move on while still hoping bc there is opportunity there Also we were long distance and I’m going by where he lives in august bc before I even met him I had plans to move there, so I’m looking at houses now and I told him the door is always open for him to come and he said it’s really far from him but he would love to and he also told me to text him if I need anything more than once and telling me to be careful and safe and all that. I’m really confused, idk if I should reach out for clarity or just let him come to me. I want to let him come to me but I’m kind of getting impatient on where I really stand with him
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2023.06.05 12:43 Buphido [TLM] On Twinborn and Savants

So I finally finished "The Lost Metal", which means I have now caught up to the entirety of phase 2 of the cosmere (though I‘m still missing white sand where I‘m waiting on the omnibus) and it was a joy to see the worlds colliding more and more, making me point at the page and yell out "I know that thing!" But I cannot help but wish that certain concepts I loved and consider to have vast potential had been investigated in the Wax and Wayne series more in depth.
Specifically, as can be gleaned from the title, I‘m talking about Twinborn and Savants. Miles Hundredlives, while being the villain to my least favourite cosmere book if I had to pick one, had strong implications right from the getgo of the Wax and Wayne series, using his nature as both a Bloodmaker and an Augur to get out more health from burning gold than he invested, and that was fascinating to me. But as far as I know, we didn’t get to see any character with similar abilities in the later books. Not only that, but we didn’t get to see ANY other twinborn except for Wax and Wayne, if I remember correctly. Yes, we did get hemalurgists, which fill a similar role, but due to their nature, I feel like their combat styles weren’t so much a fluent merging of one metallurgical and one feruchemical art through years of experience but rather an assortment of different powers meant to give them any edge in combat they could get, and it didn’t feel nearly as natural to me as the twinborns we know. For instance, think of a pewterarm (pewter) steelruner (steel) twinborn for the ultimate brawler, a leecher spinner (both chromium) twinborn for an incredibly lucky character with the ability to leech your metals if you get close or even a seeker (bronze) windwhisperer (tin) twinborn for the ultimate sniper. So many options, yet so little variety.
Savants then. Spooks Daredevil arc was fascinating and badass and it raised my expectations for potential savants skyhigh. But then the only other savant we ever saw (and I‘m not entirely sure if he actually was one or if I misread) was the pewterarm under Miles in AoL. And I know that the drawbacks to being a savant are severe, but that’s what makes it do interesting! Think of slider (bendalloy) savants who are forever locked in sped up time but might be able to move their bubble with them, nicroburst (nicrosil) savants who passively make any misting expend their entire stock of metal in one unexpected burst via a single touch and might even be able to do so at a short distance or seeker (bronze) savants who, like Vin, can pierce copper clouds, though at the expense of never being able to turn it off.
Anyway, the Mistborn series has yet to enter at least one to two more eras, so we might see some more exploration of these concepts, but I feel like the more Scadrial progresses technologically, the less likely we are for that to happen, so I really wish W&W would have taken the chance.
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2023.06.05 12:43 LemonsLiesandLuigi A friend of mine is dating a 22 year old.

Yup. Recently a friend told me he was going on a date. “Good for him” I thought at first. But later, when it was over he wanted to tell me about it. And when he opened with “Grindr doesnt check IDs, so there are 13 year old on it” I simply knew that I was going to (yet again) end up disappointed in him.
So lo and behold a couple seconds later when he said “the age gap isnt that big between me and him” I knew from that moment onward this was not gonna be a pleasant experience.
I asked him how big it was, he took that out of context, and I said he had wilted leaves of cabbage for brains.
Then he says “but its like a 6 year age gap”
After my blatant and complete shock was over he decided to defend himself.
So I, in my infinite wisdom, come to the conclusion
This is screwed.
“Did i mention he makes good money?”
More arguing.
“You have the reasoning capabilities of a goddamn 8 year old”
“Thats not true, im just bad at dating”
Now here is the point where i feel obligated to mention he has been in multiple abusive relationships and has fallen into a ton of pedo traps.
It devolves back into me bringing up his shortcomings of drug habits and how he cant keep a promise to save his life.
Tldr: friend is willingly dating a pedo.
If he (friend in question) sees this, know this; Im done helping you. You cant help yourself and anything i try fails. You dont learn from your mistakes. Maybe now you will.
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2023.06.05 12:42 Searii F4A looking for an roleplay partner!

Hey everyone!
My name is Searii/Nicky and I am looking for an long term roleplay partner.
Something about myself: I’m a 29 year old woman who likes to write and being creating. I have been roleplaying for a long while. I started on Neopets as a kid, then to forums, then to Instagram. Now I’m here hoping to find someone 😅. So I have been roleplaying for quite some time now. English is not my first language though!
I can roleplay on here or on Discord!
What I am looking for: - Someone who is 18+; - Someone who roleplay literate and in paragraphs. You don’t have to write a novel, but I dislike one-liners; - Someone who likes to discuss general plots.
I’m looking to rp the following fandoms:
Degrassi: Eli x Clare I don’t mind playing Eli or Clare
or Jonah x Grace I don’t mind playing Jonah or Grace
Dragonball Z: Gohan x Videl I prefer to play Videl, but I can switch to Gohan
Disney: Can be discussed what movie and characters. I’m open to a lot!
Harry Potter: Sirius x Marlene or OC I play Sirius
Ginny x Harry or OC I play Ginny
Let me know!
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2023.06.05 12:42 sawdustaccount AITA for moving back furniture that was rearranged without my permissions?

Alt account for privacy. My wife and 2 kids and I live far away from both of our families - like, 6-9 hour flight far. The grandparents visit several times a year, usually a few weeks at a time. We get along well with all of them, tho there is tension between my wife and her mom & stepdad more than the others. She does, however, like their decorating taste, so she often rearranges stuff at our house when they're around. (It's led a fight before when she sorta used them to do stuff I explicitly said I didn't want, but we're over that now.) Our general agreement is that I manage my family and she manages hers, so we don't put each other in awkward situations of fighting with the other's parents.
Last time they were here, my wife and I took a multiday trip, since the only time we can do anything without the kids is when grandparents are visiting. After we came back, my in-laws had rearranged a few things in the house, of which one really made me angry. Our kitchen/dining/living room is an open space in the shape of a rectangle, except with a corner "cut off," so it really has 5 sides. I had our living room rug placed so it was aligned with the 4 major walls, because that way all the kids' play areas were soft. Because the kids mess with it and because toys kept getting under it and tripping people, I used loads of double-sided tape to get the rug where I wanted it - I mean, it was clamped down hard.
However, the couch is along the angled wall, and apparently they didn't like that the rug was at an angle to it, so they removed it, including all the tape, and angled it so it is aligned with the couch and nothing else. There were gaps where the kids play (so it's colder & harder), and one corner reached into the dining room, so the chairs constantly snag on it and people spill food or drink in that area. They said (as they always do) "oh if you don't like it you can move it back." Thanks for giving me a few hours of work, but I didn't say anything then. (My wife didn't comment, but that could mean she didn't want a fight with them...or with me.)
Before they left, they took a day trip with my wife and the kids while I had some work to do. Once I finished I realized that the only time I'll have the house empty for a few hours is now, so I moved all the furniture off, realigned the rug, and placed it where I wanted it. When they came back they were upset that I had changed it back, and my wife was mad at me for doing it while they were still in town. She agreed that there would never be a time to do it when they're not but said it could wait until the next grandparents visit us (which hasn't been scheduled yet, so it's probably months away).
I think I was entitled to take my ILs on the offer to put it back if I didn't like it, since they did this without asking and it was clear from the mass of tape that I didn't put the rug there lightly, but AITA for not waiting until they were gone?
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2023.06.05 12:41 LibrarianNo8194 I need help!

Hello everyone. I'm 17 male, almost 18 (turning 18 in November this year). I have been in depression for almost 5 years now. For a long time I have been thinking about posting here because I need someone I could talk to or ask for oppinion. For last 2-3 month I've been talking to chatgpt every day, but I need to talk to humans. For last couple of years I've been thinking about ending my life and honestly only reason I'm still alive is because I fear God. For my whole life I've been enthisiastic and motivated. I was always my own support becasue my family would always laught at me and demotivate me when I try to talk to them. I tried many times to open to them, but it always makes it worse. I have been trying to improve myself for last 2-3 months. Here are few things I have done in past 2 months.
I lost 8kg (something like 17-18 lbs) in last month and im still doing it.
I went from 3 pushps to over 50 in a row.
I stopped playing games and I stopped swearing.
I stopped using social media because it makes me even more depressed.
But I haven't done anything valuable in my life, yeah I'm going in elite class in my high school but that doesnt mean anyhing. I don't see my self working 9-5, I want to have my own business. Also I'm very lonely, as I said I'm almost 18 and I never had girlfriend. Probably because im introvert or maybe I'm ugly and I dont drink or smoke or go to clubs like my friends. Its because I'm focused on what i think are valuable things. I dont want to f around and be around 10 females at once, I want to find one girl and be with her and love her, I want to be gentelman and romantic unlike people around me. You may be thinking I'm bullsh**ing and I dont blame you, because people around me thing the same. I'm car enthusiast and cars are the reason I want to be financialy free. I dont need expensive clothes or food or to travel 10 times a year. I want to be loved and I want to own my dream car (which is R35 GT-R). I started writing this out of nowhere and now I dont know how to epress what I want to say. It's hard, really hard. I'm destroyed emotionaly and mentaly. Did anyone had similar situation, does anyone have any advice. I'm giving myself 7 and half years (until I'm 25) to acomplish those 2 goals. If i don't I have only one option. Please can anyone advise me! I want to improve myself and be best version of myself and I want someone to love me. I never got hug in my life. I want one so bad. It must feel good.

Sorry for bad English btw.
submitted by LibrarianNo8194 to SuicideWatch [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:40 burningexeter Currently, I'm in the middle of writing an Attack On Titan fanfiction before the anime's finale comes out. Not only is it a sequel to the anime but also is a well written and interesting yet subversive Mikasa x Historia fanfiction. Read the run-through below on the body text.

Currently, I'm in the middle of writing an Attack On Titan fanfiction before the anime's finale comes out. Not only is it a sequel to the anime but also is a well written and interesting yet subversive Mikasa x Historia fanfiction. Read the run-through below on the body text.
The fic I'm writing is on Wattpad but when I'm finished with it, I'll carry it over to Archive Of Our Own.
Said fic is called "Attack On Titan: A Former Queen, A Former Soldier" and it goes like this —
Set two years after the Rumbling and one year after the bid returned Mikasa's scarf to her, we follow Historia Reiss - now under her old alias Christa Lenz - in hiding on the modern side of the world that is exactly how it is today and has ostracized Marley and Eldia.... until the most recent events, with her daughter Ymir as she wants to finally have and give a decent, normal, quiet life for her child and herself. They live in Argonauts Bay, a large seaside town that's an oddball cross between the Goon Docks and certain London/San Francisco housing and their home is a former bookstore that they made into their own living quarter with plenty of wonderful books still on the shelves.
The whole first two acts of the story follow Historia in a not-so-normal day in the life of her as she has to pay what she owes to three certain people and we follow her as we explore her mindset, how she interacts with others, her love for her daughter and her new life now that she's left being the Queen of the Walls.
Then all that changes when the third/final act comes around, after a very long day and when it's dark now, Historia comes home to find Mikasa in her home, having tracked her down as she's now a bounty hunter and hearing about Christa Lenz on a certain travel, and the result is an incredibly intense stand-off, reunion and cat-like game as Mikasa, in a sick and twisted way, toys with Historia in her own macabre and catty but sexual way.
Mikasa tricks Historia into being right where she wants her and then proceeds to both assault and sexually assault the latter. Historia though stands up to her and Mikasa, through pinning Historia on her kitchen fridge, finally explains why she's here and it's because she wants to start a new life with her.
See, after the bird returned her scarf, she realized she had to move on from Eren, she needed to move on. She's already been around half of the "new world" more than anyone on either Marley or Paradis from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, El Paso, Portland, Baltimore, Bright Falls and so on. But then her past that she was trying to run from all finally caught up with her and the result made her a bounty hunter. Her incredible ODM skills and fighting skills proved more than exceptional when hunting and killing "human sleaze" that are wanted dead or alive. She leaves some alive but most dead even joking in a macabre way that human heads pop off in rather peculiar ways.
However after taking in another wanted fugitive, she heard of the inhabitants nearby in Argonauts Bay - one of which immediately caught her attention by her name, appearance description and personality. That being Christa Lenz.
It's then that she realized what was happening to her and what she was becoming. Not wanting to be this, she sees Historia as the only way out - the only ticket out of this life. Mikasa explains that she and Historia have a lot in common especially with their relationships with Eren and Ymir and dealing with their losses.
After a struggle to escape her grasp, Mikasa says to Historia "I've been waiting all day for this" now having had enough of Historia.
Historia, in a mix of fear and confusion, asks in horror "W-what do you mean?" not realizing what's about to happen before it's too late.
A devilish smile comes across Mikasa's face as she begins to laugh just as devilishly, she licks her lips in a creepy and unnerving yet sexual way, she looks Historia right in the eyes and closes in, chuckling to herself.
Historia then bursts out screaming in horror, her mouth wide open, her pupils dilated, her eyes bulging out and her hair moving away from her neck and head.
There's nothing but silence for five seconds then we cut or rather go back and see that Mikasa is kissing Historia, in still shock, with the former's tongue deep in the latter's mouth. The latter gives in and the two proceed to make out and have sex.
After having sex, Mikasa and Historia just lay on the floor looking up, contemplating what just happened. Especially Historia who asks herself out loud "Oh, Historia.... what have you done?".
The two of them have a natural but heartfelt conversation after this and discuss their lives then and now, the struggles of raising a child all by yourself in this world, their childhoods, the numerous individual places Mikasa's been, watching their mothers killed right in front of their eyes as kids, how the sex was, the impact that Eren and Ymir made on them and last but not least, Mikasa sincerely apologizing and begging for Historia's forgiveness.
Before Mikasa shows Historia where her daughter is as promised, she pulls a beautiful golden ring out and asks her "Will you marry me?" to which a hesitant Historia finally replied with the answer Mikasa has wanted to hear all this time - "Yes".
Historia is reunited with her daughter who was tied up and hidden in a cabinet by Mikasa as she introduces a tearful and scared Ymir to her new mother - Mikasa Ackerman.
The final scene takes place at the end of the very next day as Mikasa and Historia, holding each other, look out into the sunset with the latter asking the former "Mikasa, what really was Eren for you?" and the former answering "My ending and my beginning".
These are the places that Mikasa tells Historia where she's been to....
Bright Falls, Sunnydale, Farmington, Charming, Santo Padre, Agrestic, Salem's Lot and Hawkins.
Shared universe? Probably.
Well, what do you guys all think and be honest.
submitted by burningexeter to attackontitan [link] [comments]

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2023.06.05 12:40 GunnerKnight Dealing with an irritating roommate

Hey Bros, I need your help in dealing with a roommate of mine.
Context: Currently living in a shared 3BHK with a total of 7 tenants. Three of them mostly mind their own business with minimal interaction whenever necessary. However, one of the flatmates is overall a decent guy but seems to have something against me. He and I used to talk frequently earlier, but in recent times, he started teasing me in the name of jokes, inappropriate touching, casual body shaming, calling abuses, etc. Like I accept the fact that I am obese but he seems to constantly tease me in front of others like it is providing him some sort of gratification. The worst part is he will behave/interact properly with others but starts name calling, casual/joking insults me like I have hurt him personally (I haven't).
In addition, he is highly irresponsible. For example, he will use the common utensils but won't wash them and provide meaningless excuses to avoid any sort of blame. He has also been called out by one of the senioexperienced roommates for living in a non professional manner but he chooses to ignore it. Ironically, he is the son of a retired Air Force officer. While I am actively participating in taking up responsibilities for all types of cleanliness, maintenance, maid/Wifi payments, etc. So you can probably understand how hard it is to put so much effort and then being the only one getting ridiculed from a person who is just enjoying the benefits without any consequences.
Even after putting up with his irresponsibility, I am tired of being the only target whenever he opens his mouth to insult me but in a "jokingly" way when confronted. The senior roommate asks me to ignore it in order to avoid "giving even a miniscule amount of attention". However, personally I feel that he won't stop in the near future. At worst times, I just feel like moving away and finding a different apartment so that I can be free from all of this.
So I humbly request you to suggest some tips for avoiding such situations or at least put a stop to all his casual shenanigans. Thanks in advance
submitted by GunnerKnight to onexindia [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:39 Hot_Style8235 Want to start dating again but still on the fence.

Broke up with my ex almost 3 years ago. We were together nearly 10 years and she was my first and only partner, we met when I was a teenager. We broke up for a number of reasons but one of the main contributing factors was that she was looking to have children and I wasn’t ready and couldn’t tell her if I would ever be ready.Even though it's been almost 3 years I’m only just now feeling like I want to try dating.
After the last 3 years reflecting on wether or not I’d want to have children I’m still not sure. I would say that I’m erring slightly on the side of not. I find it hard to imagine taking on such a responsibility when I’ve barely been able to hold down a job throughout my adult life so far. I’d say I’m good with kids and they do bring me some joy, and there were times with my ex where I could have imagined a smaller version of us with us out on our walks together etc but I don’t know if I’m just romanticising the idea and if its something I’d actually want.
I guess I’m wondering, where do I go from here? I want to date but I’m still not sure, possibly more toward child free but also wondering if I just feel that way because I’ve never been mature and responsible enough to seriously consider it.
submitted by Hot_Style8235 to Fencesitter [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:39 starmanziggy How do I navigate the discomfort that my boyfriend is friends with his former FWB?

I have a wonderful partner and stable relationship. I trust him completely, enjoy our time together, etc. He always conducts himself appropriately around me and spends quality time with me.
And then there's his FWB...
It's a tricky situation because their timeline, in short is that they met on Tinder, went on dates/had sex, she decided to pursue someone else (her now husband), my boyfriend and her became close friends, this woman opened her marriage and began having sex with my boyfriend for many years, and then she closed the relationship when she wanted to get pregnant. They had not been together for about 7 months before I started dating him.
My boyfriend is loyal and said feelings were never involved, and I believe him. But because of this circumstance, I have a really really hard time being around her because it's clear that she has a deep affection for him. There's technically nothing wrong, but it feels overbearing to me, like when she made him a custom mug, feels comfortable enough to sleep over at his place (it's fair: she's also friends with his roommate), and is so comfortable with him.
I'm aware that this makes him a really good guy: he has platonic relationships with a caring woman. She also must have a strong bond with her husband, who is similarly around.
Unfortunately, I hate their whole dynamic. I hate that she's so close and sweet with him. I hate that they never established boundaries and nothing actually changed when she closed the relationship... they just stopped having sex. Because there IS an intimacy here and because it has nothing to do with monogamy or being in a relationship, I feel as though you can't delineate before and after his involvement with them. It was "just sex", but to me, it seems so much more obvious than that.
I've been to therapy and multiple therapists said that I'm not crazy and I should figure out my boundaries and talk to him about being less close with her. While we've developed some boundaries, like I don't want him getting drunk around her, and he hasn't except when I'm around, I think this is actually about me processing this in a healthy way. How do you accept that your boyfriend has a close friendship with a woman in he used have sexual relations with when he doesn't do anything wrong, just her? B
submitted by starmanziggy to dating [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:38 Fast_Ad7999 i got back with my ex but i dont think he is the one for me anymore

hi! i, 18m had been dating J, 19m for about a year, we hit it off great, we met through my older brother and instantly clicked, we talked for about a month before i asked him to officially be my boyfriend, everything was amazing throughout our whole relationship, he was kind, understanding and loved me wholeheartedly and i did my best to be the same for him. i think i should note i have quiet bad anxiety and often overthink, so one day i had let my thoughts spiral and went to him for some comfort, he immediately welcomed me with open arms as he had done so many times before but once i had calmed down he started asking me some odd questions like “what would you do if we broke up?” “would you be okay if i was gone?” “how long would it take you to get over me?” stuff like that, i responded to them honestly thinking he was just looking for some reassurance that id be okay if he wasnt here, boy i was wrong. he sat me down and for around an hour explained to me that he no longer wanted to be with me, my jaw dropped. this was the man whos arms i had been crying in just an hour earlier due to paranoia of him leaving me and go goes and does the exact thing i came to him for help with. i did not understand at all why he was leaving me so i pressed and pressed and got the one answer i was hoping not to get “ive met someone else” now, i should have probably cried harder at this but the reassurance that he wouldnt be alone and hed be happy even if it wasnt with me did kind of help, i got up, told him i loved him and said goodbye. i didnt go back to my parents house where i live, i went to my brothers. me and my brother are incredibly close so after j he was the one i found most if my comfort in. i went there and it was him, his partner and his bestfriend B, i explained what happened and they were all sympathetic toward me and furious toward J, especially B, me and him were never super close but i would trust him with everything due to how close he was to my brother, B had also just got out of a long term relationship so he knew exactly what to say to console and comfort me and i am so grateful. over the next few months me and B got super close, he was flirting with me and i was flirting back, he was fun to hang around and complimented me all the time. i did start to develop a crush on him but i never planned to act on it at the time due to how close he and my brother were. a few months after my breakup with J its late and B is at my parents house to stay over, and i get a spam of messages from J, saying he made a mistake and hes been miserable without me, he cant stop thinking about me ect, it made me so happy to hear from him and after i argued on the phone with him for a while about what he did to me was terrible, i took him back. B was happy for me and hugged me tightly when i was done on the phone. its been about three weeks since then and J was just like he was before, but the spark we once had is long gone, atleast for me. i no longer blush and get shy when he sends me a goofy smile in public, when he calls me pet names i dont get that same flutter in my stomach and i find myself slightly annoyed with him at times. B has also tried sending messages to J saying how he doesnt deserve me and he left me once so he will do it again. and i do not know what to do, i do love J with all my heart but i dont think that love is romantic anymore. if anyone has been in this situation before and has some advice id appreciate it but i just needed to get this off of my chest, thank you!
submitted by Fast_Ad7999 to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:36 Impossible_Mango8115 Rejected, not surprised, but feel I need to share.

Honestly i wasn't entirely expecting much, but still pretty disappointed.
Back in 2020, i started developing itchy of rash pretty much all over. It was unbearably itchy, covering large parts of my body and bleeding.
I thought it was just a flare up of eczema, which I've had most my life, so i got the usual steroids and stuff from the doc. But it just kept coming back and worse. For 2 and a half years it was effecting every aspect of my life from social to sleep. I saw a few different docs who just kept prescribing stronger and stronger steroids, all of which slowly helped. But then it would come back worse each time.
Until December, my doc finally referred me to a dermatologist suspecting something autoimmune. Unfortunately the dermatologist was shut over the holidays, so had to wait till they opened up again till i could booked. Thing is when they opened up again, it was all gone, figured I'd wait till it came back to book and it never did.
Now 6 months later i'm starting to get small spots come up here and there and i'm terrified that it's going to happen again, i can't go through that again it was unbearable. I'm gonna try and get back into the dermatologist as soon as possible and I'm already back on the steroids.
I was really hoping to get this prescription, it was the only thing that kept me sane last time. I get it doesn't stop the itch like it stops pain, honestly I'd much prefer pain. But at least it put me in a headspace where I could put it aside and get on with life and sleep without waking covered in blood.
Like i said, i wasn't really expecting to be approved and I'm not trying to have a winge, I just needed to share. It just sucks having to go bm, would much prefer the safety of going legit, I hope something changes soon.
submitted by Impossible_Mango8115 to MedicalCannabisAus [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:36 runtimeerrorz Kicked out of CS major: transfer or switch to Computer Engineering?

I've had two software internships, I really enjoy programming.
I go to a university where you can be kicked out of the CS program, because a professor made a Data Structures & Algorithms entrance exam that if you don't pass, you get kicked out of the CS major with no way to get back in. Admittedly, this is my fault for not taking seriously, and it's only after I failed it that I'm working on my ability to write DSA code without references. I was naive and landed both my internships without DSA interviews, so I didn't start seriously practicing it until recently. I now know most companies ask DSA interviews.
My options are to stay at the same school by switching my major to Computer Engineering, or to transfer to another school to continue Computer Science.
I know I want to pursue software, and as a result, I feel almost like I'd be "wasting" time/energy on the EE-side of the CompEng degree. I have a specific school in mind that I would transfer to, and I've talked to their CS majors, their CS program is nowhere near as difficult in comparison, which means I'd have more time to practice DSA and make projects.
However, I'd be leaving behind all my mentors and friends at my current school. And I have to figure out a way to pay for the school I'd be transferring to, I'd be able to pay for most of it with my scholarships but not all of it. I was thinking about having a part-time campus job, or seeing if my current hybrid internship would allow me to be fully remote during the school year.
Can Computer Engineering majors give me their thoughts? Are there any projects I should do to see if CompEng is for me?
submitted by runtimeerrorz to EngineeringStudents [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:36 jj_man236 DEEP after effects...( 5 months sober)

Alright so I'm writing this to i guess educate or to tell anyone who still does it to quit like RIGHT NOW. I had watched images of porn since I was about 11 or 12 and only started masturbating to it when I was 14. I did so and was addicted to it for 3 years till i was 16. I had gone on a wild journey because for about 70% of the time i abused porn, i genuinely wanted to quit. I was so frickin stupid because what i tried to do after many failed attempts was to slowly move from complete porn ( Porn hub type shit ) to jerking off to Instagram pictures and videos. In my stupidity i thought this was like a "watered down" porn cause the girls weren't fully naked. I saw myself moving from watching that to not watching at all, and it actually did work. I stopped watching porn and or any sexualized content but I still couldn't stop jerking off. I was addicted to it still and could not go more than two weeks without doing so. My thoughts were so sexualized all the time. When I was in the shower, in class, outside, and generally anywhere. It was so bad it was rather comical sometimes in a way. I remember one time i stimulated myself in the shower with water from the portable shower head for goodness sake! At this time i would masturbate but by my own thoughts like thinking about girls in my school etc... I personally believe it took divine intervention to help me stop porn and masturbation. I thanked God for delivering me out of it. God opened my eyes to see that these frequent thoughts were not only coming from porn and social media, but even the games i play ( I'm an avid gamer) which reminds me of a particular game i used to play which had over sexualized female characters led young stupid me to search porn of that game which i believe is the WORST regret of my life.... I don't know if you may call it a fetish or something along the lines of that but I was obsessed with anal sex i would imagine having anal sex with one of the female characters in the game and whilst watching this character in the game's porn videos ( imagine there's a site on this reddit just for porn about that character) i would masturbate in a way to replicate anal. I would proceed to not use lubrication and make my hand tighter around my penis( trying to recreate a bumhole) then slowly jam my penis through. I say this was the WORST regret of my life as this repeated action i believe was a factor in my current health situation... I get random pains near the tip of my penis throughout the day. I've seen the doctor a couple times and after couple tests they've not found nothing wrong ( no bacterial or fungal infection) however I'm still in pain. My quality of erection has also reduced. I am afraid it's a serious underlying issue. Despite overcoming porn for 5 months now and masturbation, i constantly have deep regret and hatred for myself. I ask for thoughts and prayers as i have been referred to a urologist and dermatologist... In conclusion this thing may not only affect you on a mental level, but also a physical level. If my testimony is not shock therapy to quit immediately I don't know what is.
submitted by jj_man236 to PornAddiction [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:36 dgfan69420 Dad, I’m moving out today

It’s been 8 months since I’ve spoken to or seen my real dad. I went no contact after my parents’ divorce made me finally accept that he is a narcissist and will never change. As someone who suspects they may have CPTSD, the divorce triggered me immensely and sent me into an emotional flashback. As a result, I became pretty much non-functional and lost my job. I had no other option but to move back in with my mother.
In the 6 months I’ve been at home, things have gotten continually worse. I am officially at rock bottom. I have sent out about 400-500 job applications, only to be rejected or ignored by every single one. Even food service and retail jobs that pay $8/hr won’t take me. Mind you, I have a degree, corporate work experience, and food service experience… I am officially out of cash or savings and am completely dependent on my credit card. Not to mention the credit card debt I’ve racked up…
Living with my mom has been a living hell. I am her parent and she is my child. She is emotionally abusive and never fails to tear me down. After 6 months of being abused like I was as a child, I’m at my wits end. I have finally realized that I will never have the parents I deserve — the only parents I’ve ever known have made me feel unlovable, selfish, lazy, and like a burden for my entire life. I’m ready to prioritize myself for the first time. I know I will never be happy as long as I live with her.
I am so lucky to have amazing friends. I finally opened up about my situation to them, and they wasted no time in helping me. Because of them, not only do I have rent money for this month and a place to stay, but also a possible job lined up as a server at a fine dining restaurant. Not only that, but I have met an amazing guy who makes me feel safe and is teaching me that I am lovable as I am.
Tomorrow, I am moving out of my mom’s house. Though I don’t have money or a job, I know I need to do this. I am so unsure of my future and incredibly stressed, but I will finally be free of the last toxic person in my life. Tomorrow is the start of living life for me. No more being responsible for mom’s happiness.
To my real dad, I wish you saw how special I am. To my mom, I wish you would just love and accept me for who I am. But now, I’m taking the power back that you have taken away from me. I am my own person with my own life to live, and I’m done bending over backwards to appease you. I hope you get help and realize the hurt you cause people, but I won’t expect that to happen.
I’m finally feeling hopeful for the first time in months. I guess I’d just like to hear some encouraging words. Thanks for taking the time to read — it means so much.
submitted by dgfan69420 to DadForAMinute [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:36 crumpet-11 A strange cautionary tale

As an avid reader of this community, I wanted to contribute by sharing a personal story that sheds light on a time when I acted as a less-than-ideal individual. I understand that my actions may garner significant criticism, leading to downvotes, but I believe in owning up to the truth, regardless of the outcome.
I (30f) made the decision to open up our relationship, much to the dismay of my partner (33m). With seven years of commitment and six years of cohabitation, we experienced the typical stages of a relationship, including the honeymoon phase and power struggles, all while grappling with poor communication and emotional intelligence. By the third year, animosity had taken hold, causing a significant strain in our bond.
During our conflicts, he would often retreat to a garage, leaving me emotionally tormented for the eight long hours until our reconciliation. Feeling unheard and alone, my sense of emptiness grew. Seeking solace and answers, I stumbled upon poly forums, which led me to the concept of ethical non-monogamy (ENM). This newfound understanding resonated deeply with me, as I believed our close entanglement was causing us to repel each other. Despite the mistreatment I endured, I cared deeply for him, and ENM seemed like a logical solution.
Recognizing the terror associated with proposing this idea to him, I understood his horror and reluctance. Here, my regrettable actions came into play. Aware of our mutual reliance, the thought of both losing him and transitioning to monogamy pained me. Exploiting this vulnerability, I coerced him into accepting ENM, knowing it was crucial for the continuation of our relationship. I admit I behaved poorly, hurting him in the process. Although my motivations were driven by a desire to fill the void within me, I never intended to replace him. I simply sought separation and personal growth, both for myself and for him.
For over a year, I forced this arrangement upon him, causing further harm. While I empathized with his pain, the thought of a monogamous relationship left me feeling empty and desolate. As time passed, he began to comprehend the concept of ENM and discovered he actually enjoyed it. The freedom to explore different connections, including with sex workers, allowed him to develop interesting bonds with other women. His natural charm, consideration, and charisma flourished, and I genuinely cared for him deeply.
In the midst of our relationship struggles, I, an introverted individual, struggled to find people who truly understood me. During this period, I met a man who became a friend with benefits for the past three years. I cared for him and offered support whenever possible. While I went on a few dates and had one-night stands, I realized that casual encounters did not fulfill me. Instead, I craved deep, vulnerable connections where I could both teach and learn from others.
Now, three years later, what initially seemed like a horror story has culminated in a closer, more loving, and carefree relationship than ever before. This intense learning curve has led us both to personal growth and self-improvement, enhancing our individual journeys. Had we not embarked on the path of open relationships, our situation would likely be far bleaker today. We are grateful for the transformative power of our experiences.
Thank you for taking the time to read our story.
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2023.06.05 12:35 CommeDePapu125 [WeWantOut] 30F teacher Indonesian, 33M illustrator Romania -> Spain, Italy, Portugal

My boyfriend and I are looking to move out of Ro. He's a citizen, I'm a third national, which makes it such a hassle every time we want to travel. I have a permanent residency in Ro, and I've lived here for about 8yrs, give or take, and I think it's high time for me to move on. I'm actually eligible for a citizenship and I do speak the language. Just that I must let go of my native citizenship if I want to get a Ro passport and that's a different kind of discussion for a different day.
So I'm a school teacher working in a private school. I just got a better qualification from the UK govt so I think I'm more confident in the job market now. He's a freelance illustrator so he can work from anywhere. We've been wanting to move out for about a year now. We also figured with about at least €3000 between us monthly, we should manage living in Spain, Portugal, or Italy. The reason is because we'd like somewhere warmer and the language fairly friendly to us. We're looking forward to move next summer so that I can start working when the school year begins.
I firmly believed I should enter the country with a job already and work on the work visa. My bf believes it's easier to get a job when we're already living in the country - but that opens to so many other risks. I mean, he can enter and exit whenever he wants; I can't.
I have a few questions: Which country would be better for a private school english teacher, salary-wise? Which one would be more affordable? What options do I have to make immigration and bureaucracy less of a hassle, or is it a given if I don't wanna change citizenship or get married? I mean, I hope I don't have to do either one and just get on with documents and work visa process. Has anyone got a similar experience or is considering similar thing? Thank you.
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