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2011.06.26 21:30 Erzsabet Fashion Porn

Fashion! Runway and haute couture fashion images. Please do not post articles, surveys, street fashion, your newest fashion line drop, etc. Not the place to post your fit of the day or to ask who a designer is.

2023.05.28 17:52 Ok_Caterpillar_6883 It worked. Thank you!

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2023.05.28 17:52 ExpiredGuy My first brilliant move from months ago, can someone explain why this is even a brilliant

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2023.05.28 17:51 Basic-Conference-559 Looking for advice on my top rails

Looking for advice on my top rails
I picked this WASR 10 up at a pawn shop about a month ago. Great shooter, functions fine. I noticed recently that the rails are a little dinged up (maybe dropped, idk). Would you guys recommend I fix them and how would you go about it? I am debating whether to just leave them alone since they don't seem to be causing any issues, but I want the rifle to be as safe and functional as possible.
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2023.05.28 17:51 awkward_introvert_ My husband tries to compliment me but it hurts my feelings.

I don't know how to get him to understand because when I talk to him it goes in one ear and out the other. We just had our baby a few months ago and I still haven't gotten back to my old self. I find it hard to have time to put on makeup, I struggle to keep up with my hair and I still haven't lost the baby weight. I feel so unattractive but am more concerned with being a good mom than trying to get all gussied up.
For mother's day we we went out with my family and I tried to get a little dressed up and he didn't say anything , which is fine , but later that night he made a comment out of nowhere.
He said , " Babe I know sometimes you probably see yourself and wonder how could he possibly still love me when I look like this ? But I do"
I get that he was trying to be nice I guess but it really hurt my feelings . What did he mean , that I had put on weight ? That he should find me ugly or unattractive, I understand I don't look the same but he could have worded it differently. Am I over reacting ? How would you feel ?
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2023.05.28 17:51 kaptoh111 Bolt/Wolt couriers, how do you make any profits?

I've been trying doing deliveries for the last couple days as a Bolt courier as a side hussle and was wondering if there's some magic trick or something.
I've made about 75 eur working for three days 6-8 hours on average a day.
I have a super efficient hybrid car that eats about 3.5 to 4 litres per 100 KM
I've driven 181 KM according to google maps so thats 7.24 litres * 1.6 = 11.5 euro for fuel
You need internet, afaik you can get unlimited data for 2.5 euro a week with LMT.
You can probably save here getting another plan, but not a whole lot.
You need to pay for car insurance. For me it's about 60 for Kasko + octa per month.
And then there's also a 20 % tax.
So putting it all together per month
Lets say we're earning about 25 EUR per day
25 * 30 = 750 eur over 30 days
about 2.5 litres of fuel a day 2.5*30*1.6 = 120 eur
4 weeks of internet 4 * 2.5 = 10 eur
Insurance 60
750 - 120 - 10 - 60 = 560 before tax (not sure if all of these can be written off as expenses)
But basically best case scenario
We take home 0.8 * 560 = 448 (if we earn less than x amount a year)
If we work 8 hours for 30 days per hour we make about 448/30/8 = 1.86 euro or about 15 a day.
So we're earning a McDonalds meal a day, if that and we gotta eat something.
Not even thinking about what it would cost to maintain the car and any damage/accidents.
So it would actually be better to not work at all than working your ass off for less than minimum wage.
Am I missing something?
For comparisson I earn 1700 doing programming from home full time after tax.
Is doing Wolt/Bolt a straight up paying to work situation? (with a car)
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2023.05.28 17:51 tamborzd 23 M UK - Alone and simply miss the vibes

Well as stated above im 23 and proper Bri'ish lad. Always loved vibing with my homies but as time has gone on, it's been less I've been doing that.
Things to know about me, well for one, I am a huuuuuuge film nerd, can talk about them all day with you if that's you're thing too. Love video games (I'm on ps5) comic books, just anything nerdy. Don't like to talk about either politics or sports (maybe ufc or wwe)
I don't wanna get too into it or sound like a sob story. But I lost someone close to me a few months ago, it still hurts. My point being is that having a friend to chat to and have fun with is good to take my mind off it. I'm goofy and love a good laugh so if you do too, I'll see you on in my DMs!
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2023.05.28 17:50 MerwinsNeedle $1,335 / 2br - 170ft2 - Affordable primary bedroom with walk-in closet in great location! (Rosslyn)

Lease takeover available for a furnished primary bedroom (170sqft) with a walk-in closet. All furniture in bedroom photos (queen bed, desk, chair, shelves, lamps, and dresser) are included. Apartment amenities include in-unit washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchen, private balcony, and available garage parking (for $120/month); the building has two elevators, trash chute, and gated entry. Apartment community boasts pool, fitness center, BBQ area, and package service. Utilities (watesewer and electric) average $100/month (split evenly with roommate).
Your roommate would be a a mid-20s male consultant with a hybrid work arrangement. He's super chill, outdoorsy, coffee-loving, respectful, and has been great to live with. The current lease expires 17 August 2023, with an option to renew for anywhere between 1–12 months. Video and in-person tours available!
Posting available here:
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2023.05.28 17:50 LavaMullet My (22M) Crush (21F) Went Out with Someone Else and I'm Livid

For context, I have been crushing on K for almost three years now. We've been good friends since we met, but the crush has always been a background factor. During that time I went out of my way to always go the extra mile for her. We met because we were coworkers, and I would always help her with tasks that were too difficult or painful for her to do because of her disability. When she needed to go to a mental care facility out of state that did not allow phones, I wrote her letts once a week so she wouldnt feel as alone and scared. About a year into us knowing each other, I admitted my feelings for her and she told me that she had always loved me but that she didn't want to ruin the friendship. I told her that that was okay, because I also love having her as a friend and that having her in my life in any capacity was better than not having her at all. She ended up transferring schools and we lost touch some. A year later I needed to transfer as well, and I'd forgotten what school she'd gone to but somehow ended up going to the same one. She is on a perimeter campus while I'm on the main one, but they are still very close by. We started talking more again in the summer before I officially started at the new school, and we agreed we would go on a date and take things slow so as to not rush into anything and permanently damage the friendship. Two weeks later, she sends me snaps of her on a date with another guy and a photo of them kissing. My heart was overloaded with pain, but I told her I hope she had a good time. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in that she was just telling me about it because we are friends and didn't consider the greater context. I informed her the next day that her doing that really upset me because of how I'd gotten my hopes up so recently and said that I know it was probably ridiculous that I'm upset because we arent even actually dating yet, much less any kind of exclusive, but that I wanted to let her know so this wouldnt happen again. She apologized and said she understood, and that she didn't intend to hurt me and that this won't be a recurring thing. In November we ended up sleeping together, and this caused a little awkwardness for a week or so and after trying to talk through it she said she felt guilty about sleeping with me. I'm not sure why, and I never got her to explain, but we were both single and not even really seeing other people and even recently we both said it was definitively the best we've ever had. She then got into a relationship that ended about two months ago, and a month after we started getting flirty again and I told her in a heartfelt moment that even if we don't work romantically I love her enough to still just be her friend. And that brings us to today.
When we started flirting again I told her I wanted to take her on a date, and she said she would like that. We both have been busy with work and summer classes so we havent found the time, but she is leaving for a job at a summer camp today and will be gone for a month or so. Last week when she told me this, I told her to let me know when she was free this last week so that I could take her out. She said she would but never got back to me even when I followed up. She started texting me back less in general, and the week goes by almost silently. Last night she sends me a super cute snap, which I saved in chat and gave a little joking simping message to. I always, 10 out of 10 times, do this. When it happened this time she just sent the eyebrow raised emoji and I, assuming she was playing around, said that I couldn't help it as my simping was an involuntary reaction onset by external stimuli. She then sent me a snap of her on a date with another guy and said, "Well let me kill that stimuli". I asked her if she was on a date, and she said she was. I started shaking with anger, but all I told her was to call me tomorrow and that at this point we need to have a conversation. I do not like being angry and it is not easy to get me going, and even when I do I try my hardest to not take it out on anyone. We went back and forth for a couple messages of her prodding and asking why, to which I told her that this is the same situation of something she did last year that she said she wouldn't do again, and that I need time to process so to just call me tomorrow. She sent me a paragraph saying it was ridiculous I was mad because it wasn't her fault I had a crush on her and that she's not responsible for my feelings, that we were just friends and that she claims that she at multiple points has said we will never be anything more and that she set clear boundaries that I ignored. I sent back my own paragraph, where I told her she was right that she was not responsible for my feelings but that she has been giving me mixed signals for years. I pulled up the messages where she told me she had always loved me, the multiple ones where she said we could try to take things slow and build up to a relationship, the ones where she said she would like me to take her on a date and some others. I also brought up that I had been almost begging her to let me know when she was free so I could take her on a date, to which she ghosts and then the next time I hear from her is when she's on a date with someone else and how this is exactly what she said she wouldn't do after the exact same incident last August. I also told her that if she truly just wanted to date other people that that was fine and I could live with just being friends, but that I expect she just be clear and tell me that. The last sentence was that I just want to be treated with respect and as an equal. She opened that message but has not yet replied after nine hours. Am I being ridiculous? What do I even do at this point?
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2023.05.28 17:50 Icy-Ambassador-3934 Extreme exhaustion, dizziness, migraines

Hi everyone. I’m 25f, 5’5 and weigh about 125lbs and I’ve been struggling with my health for the past few years. Since I was a teenager I’ve always had very low energy but in the past year it has gotten drastically worse to the point where I can barely leave the house as I’m too exhausted. Even if I’m stood up for a few minutes I begin to get dizzy and have to sit down. I even have to take breaks during showers just to sit down for a minute. I’ve been to a doctor many times and done blood tests and wore a heart monitor for 72 hours but the only thing they found was my thyroid is slightly under active and I was put on levothyroxine around three months ago but I haven’t noticed any changes. I try to go for short walks to build up a resistance but this hasn’t helped. I sleep about 10 hours a night and wake up stiff and sore and even more tired. I’ll give you a little symptom list. Any advice is appreciated
Extreme exhaustion (made worse by even small activities) Dizziness when I stand or bend my head down Joint pain in shoulders and knees Recurring infections in ear piercing that I’ve had since I was a baby, my nail cuticles and gums (Not sure if this is relevant but it stuck out to me) Very sensitive to temperature and swing from boiling hot to freezing cold Excessive sweating Out of breath from basic tasks like walking to the bathroom Very bad migraines that lead to vomiting, a spinning sensation and blurred vision I often feel the spinning sensation even without the migraines when I’m just lying in bed Terrible short term memory and forming sentences Bad concentration Blood pooling in hands and feet
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2023.05.28 17:50 tamborzd 23 M UK - Alone and simply miss the vibes

Well as stated above im 23 and proper Bri'ish lad. Always loved vibing with my homies but as time has gone on, it's been less I've been doing that.
Things to know about me, well for one, I am a huuuuuuge film nerd, can talk about them all day with you if that's you're thing too. Love video games (I'm on ps5) comic books, just anything nerdy. Don't like to talk about either politics or sports (maybe ufc or wwe)
I don't wanna get too into it or sound like a sob story. But I lost someone close to me a few months ago, it still hurts. My point being is that having a friend to chat to and have fun with is good to take my mind off it. I'm goofy and love a good laugh so if you do too, I'll see you on in my DMs!
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2023.05.28 17:50 EtsukoTomioka Therapist told me I am too young to decide I am aroace.

Long story short. I(14 f) am aroace and decided to come out to my therapist. As I told her 3 months ago on sesion that I have crush, she asked me about it and I told her I was just trying to force myself to fall in love. She told me I am too young and girls my age still don't have crushes. Ironic how she talked about her grandson who is 7 and had 2 crushes already moment before. Anyway, I told her most of them does and all of them at least had crush. She told me not everyone is mature at same age, but I am way more mature than them. She told me I am still young to decide it and that some people get their first crush at 20s. She is in her 70s, so she might not understand this whole LGBTQ+ thing, but yeah. Idk, it just really pissed me off, it was month ago and I am still mad about it.
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2023.05.28 17:49 Less-Possession1854 Gyms in hsinchu, taiwan

Hello all!
I’m actually moving to hsinchu, taiwan for 6 months for work & would not want to miss out on trainings.
Anybody who stays there have any experience training there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance :D
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2023.05.28 17:49 Apprehensive-Ad-6890 Open for giving out loans from 2500-10000 $/€/£ - Major payments options: Cryptocurrency, UK bank transfer, Sepa transfer & N26 all are instant. ALL TERMS BELOW must be accepted & read before pming me.

  1. 1. There will be no asking of your ID or personal information the loan will be paid out uppon agreement.
  2. 2. There will be a 5% upfront fee this will be to see that the current borrowers are not hit and run scammers. The fee will be refunded to you when you get the loan.
  3. 3. Your repayment plan should include of date & time for the current monthly amount to be repaid, your full legal name and what you currently do for work and located.
  4. 4 .There will be no response to anyone attempting to negotiate any of the terms failure in repayment of the loan will lead to official reports within authorities.
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2023.05.28 17:49 Barefoot_to_stars Graduation Sale - pick up by 5 pm today

Hey guys! I'm selling a few items with huge discounts due to moving out. Everything was bought 9 months ago. You have to pick them up by 5 p.m. today (I also have a bunch of kitchen stuff that I can give away for free)
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2023.05.28 17:49 fizzkalifa123 Riot wtf

Riot wtf
I lost 36 lp?? I thought it was capped at 32
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2023.05.28 17:49 ThrowRA67373 My (25M) girlfriend (25F) doesn’t support my dreams and halts my pursuit of them

We’ve been dating for three years now, living alone together for around 6 months.
I’ve always told her about my filmmaking and creative dreams and she’s always shown some degree of support. However I have this passion project that I’ve been wanting to get off the ground for about 8 years that to put it vaguely would be a web series involving a video game, and I’ve always imagined that this project would give me the experience I need to eventually start making actual films. It’s a project that I am deeply passionate about and have already put a metric ton of work into over the years through scripting, character work, and all sorts of other written planning, I’ve also contacted voice actors in the past but never had the means to make it happen until now. Me and my girlfriend are in a very steady place financially with two very secure jobs, we weren’t in this place this time last year which is why I would give in to her shutting down my ideas, because we couldn’t spare and money or time.
When I bring up wanting to actually start working on my project and buying some of the equipment I need, she either becomes quiet, very clearly not saying how she feels, or she just flat out goes off about how she thinks it would be a bad decision money-wise and because she knows it will take personal time away from us. This is a worry of hers that I have always tried to validate because I am aware that working our regular day jobs on top of working on this would take our time away from each other, but I always try to reassure her and tell her that it would only be temporary and I will always make time for her (also because this is a web series all of the work would be remote so I would be working on it while we do the things we already do like sit on the couch and put something on the tv, most of the time only half paying attention to it). I want to put in the hard work on my show so that one day I can drop my regular day job when it’s financially viable, and I would be happier doing what I want to do in life. Also we work at the same job with the same hours so we quite literally are always together, or at least in the same building.
Well last night she finally told me how she actually feels, that she thinks my show idea isn’t original because it’s based off of an existing thing and she thinks I should just focus on making a movie, “something that would be actually yours”. I wasn’t surprised because I could always tell that she doesn’t really get it, and in my mind finds it to be stupid. I’ve compared my show idea to the web series “Red vs Blue” to her to try to get her to understand it a little better, and explained to her how the guys that made it built a whole company from it, she told me last night that she thinks that show is unoriginal too and “would have before we met if she knew about it”. I tried and have always tried to tell her that this is what I want to do and that it would be a stepping stone into doing movies, she still just doesn’t understand. It doesn’t feel good to have the one person I want support from not understand or support my dreams.
What do I tell my girlfriend to get her to understand that this is what I really want to do, and that I just want to feel her unconditional support in my dreams?
tl;dr, My girlfriend thinks my web show idea is unoriginal and doesn’t support my pursuit of it because it would take time away from each other, even though I reassure her that it would only be temporary until it’s viable to drop my day job and do it full time and eventually work my way into doing films.
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2023.05.28 17:48 _Salty_Spitoon_ All of the sudden, Hitfilm has VERY slow exporting.

I don't do a lot of editing for my YouTube videos, so exporting has always taken about double the minutes of the length of the video.
All of the sudden though (about 2 weeks ago) with no update or anything, exporting has been taking about 5 or 6 times as long! I have no idea why. Is there a setting I can look into? I literally haven't changed anything!
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2023.05.28 17:48 griffiegrrl Never lose a remote again?

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2023.05.28 17:48 ms_globgoblin should i stop taking my SSRI a day or two before a planned (borderline ego death) trip?

my birthday is the 30th and i don’t want to dull my trip down at all. i want that shit to hit me like a train. i want all the experiences it has to offer. i take sertraline 50mg a day. should i skip a dose or two just to be sure i’ll trip? i increased my meds about a month ago, appointment on the 6th of june to check on it. i tripped once before (almost 3 weeks ago whcih was my first time) and it went WONDERFUL. but i tried again a week later and it was a dud, barely any visuals at all. idk if it was my tolerance or my meds or what but i’m nervous this trip won’t work either. i’ve waited almost two weeks to try again.
any advice? i want to experience the full force of nature.
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2023.05.28 17:48 CookieMonster69696 What’s a good starter bike?

I’m gonna be 18 next month. I’m interested in buying a bike, something that can handle Florida rain, I’ve been riding dirt bikes for 4 years. I stopped a while ago because I moved out of state. All suggestions will be very helpful. TIA
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2023.05.28 17:48 Puzzleheaded-Soft435 Docker images ?

3feab819e03e 9 months ago 1.64GB d7b70f727ffa 9 months ago 1.64GB b42247172f64 9 months ago 1.63GB 1ecf4158b48d 9 months ago 1.58GB 9ad08a3ac1fa 9 months ago 1.58GB 8decf3d41f93 9 months ago 1.58GB 0a8e5930256b 9 months ago 1.58GB 213c0d07494f 9 months ago 1.23GB c60f3daca54a 9 months ago 2.34GB 1ac50764e653 9 months ago 56MB 151c141510c6 9 months ago 2.34GB dbff516bc5ea 9 months ago 2.27GB c079498bcbdb 9 months ago 56MB 7429afe6eb88 9 months ago 2.27GB fc182b18a5e4 9 months ago 56MB 2cb7a26d3c07 9 months ago 2.19GB 56fc8d12d289 9 months ago 2.27GB 593f3d0681c6 9 months ago 2.27GB 746279b70886 9 months ago 1.58GB

what is this thing?
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2023.05.28 17:48 NiPaMo Looking for business ideas

I've been unemployed since I was laid off almost 4 months ago. I was a software engineer with 5 years of experience. This job market is killing me though. I'm so tired of interviewing only to be rejected. Plus I don't really feel motivated to just make someone else rich.
I've been thinking about starting my own business where I could utilize my software engineering skills and help the animals. I don't want to just make a website or a single purpose app. I want to do something that will make a lasting impact. I've recently found out I'll be receiving a large sum of money that I could utilize for this. I don't know where to start though so I need some ideas. What do we really need on the world right now to push the animal rights movement forward?
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