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I recently witnessed the devastating impact of a sudden death on a family in my neighborhood, and it made me realize the significance of open discussions about finances within families. In this particular case, my neighbor's husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving his wife and daughter in a state of confusion and financial turmoil. It became evident that he had never shared important details about their financial assets, policies, and investments with them.
This lack of transparency regarding financial matters can have far-reaching consequences, as it hinders the family's ability to navigate their financial responsibilities effectively. In the case I witnessed, the wife, who had always been a traditional homemaker, found herself at a loss when it came to understanding their household finances. She had never visited a bank and was unaware of her husband's current and savings accounts, policies, or investments. The burden of funeral expenses, day-to-day costs, and their daughter's college education fell squarely on her shoulders.
This situation made me reflect on my own family dynamics. While we discuss finances openly, my father has not shared all the details about his bank accounts and investments. I believe it is crucial for families to have comprehensive discussions about financial matters, ensuring that everyone is informed and equipped to handle financial responsibilities when necessary.
This issue is not unique to my neighborhood or country; it is a problem that affects families worldwide. Many women, particularly those in older generations, were not encouraged to be financially independent and were conditioned to believe that financial matters were solely the husband's responsibility. Furthermore, people in positions of power often become deeply engrossed in managing their own interests, leading to a lack of trust when it comes to sharing financial information.
The consequences of this lack of transparency can be dire, especially in the event of a sudden death or financial crisis. It is heartbreaking to see individuals like my neighbor's wife, who are already dealing with grief and trauma, struggle to access necessary funds and navigate the complex process of claims and documentation.
To address this issue, we must encourage open conversations about finances within families. Parents should actively involve their children in discussions about household finances, assets, and policies. Similarly, spouses should share detailed information with each other, ensuring that both partners are well-informed and prepared to handle financial responsibilities if the need arises. Tools like creating an organized excel sheet or using financial planning software can aid in documenting and sharing crucial information.
By promoting financial transparency within families, we can prevent the breakdown of stability and alleviate the additional burdens faced during challenging times. Let us strive to break free from societal norms and actively work towards equipping our loved ones with the knowledge and resources needed to secure their financial well-being. Together, we can ensure a more stable and empowered future for all.
1) How prevalent do you think the issue of not sharing financial details within families is in your country or region?
2) Have you personally experienced or witnessed any negative consequences arising from a lack of financial transparency within families?
3) What steps do you think can be taken to encourage open conversations about finances and assets within families?
4) Are there any cultural or societal factors that contribute to the reluctance to share financial information within families?
5) How can technology and digital tools help facilitate the sharing and organization of financial information among family members?
6) Share any personal experiences or tips you have for fostering open discussions about finances within your own family.
Remember, the goal of this discussion is to create awareness and promote meaningful conversations about the importance of sharing financial information within families.
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2023.06.09 09:37 jvc72 Orion Energy Systems Inc[NASDAQ:OESX] Financials FY/2023



Period: FY/2023
Filling Date: 2023-06-06
Revenue: $77.38B
Gross Profit: $17.51B (22.63%)
Result: $-15.99B (ebitda)
EPS: $-1 083.19
Outstanding Shares: 31.70M
Cash: 15.99M
Debt: 10.02M
Financial Score - Altman: 0.26
Financial Score - Piotroski: 2.00
Company Description:
Orion Energy Systems, Inc. researches, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells, installs, and implements energy management systems for commercial office and retail, exterior area lighting, and industrial applications in North America. The company operates through three segments: Orion Services Group, Orion Distribution Services, and Orion U.S. Markets. It offers interior light emitting diode (LED) high bay fixtures; smart building control systems, which provide lighting control options and data intelligence capabilities for building managers; and LED troffer door retrofit for use in office or retail grid ceilings. The company also offers various other LED and HIF fixtures for lighting and energy management needs comprising fixtures for agribusinesses, parking lots, roadways, retail, mezzanine, outdoor applications, and private label resale. In addition, it provides maintenance, repair, and replacement services; offers lighting-related energy management services, such as site assessment, site field verification, utility incentive and government subsidy management, engineering design, project management, installation, facility design commissioning, and recycling; and sells and distributes replacement lamps and fixture components into the after-market. The company serves customers directly and through independent sales agencies and distributors, national account end-users, federal and state government facilities, regional account end-users, electrical distributors, electrical contractors, and energy service companies. Orion Energy Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and is headquartered in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
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2023.06.09 09:36 reddekit Can a landlord end a periodic tenancy to make it an Air BnB?

Just trying to learn the situations that could lead to me needing to move at short notice. The other reasons in the legislation are a lot easier to understand (ownefamily moving in, owner selling, etc), but I can't figure out whether turning it into an Air BnB would fall under a legal reason to end things. My place used to be an Air BnB just before we moved in, so a bit more relevant to me than the average person.
The legal reason to end a periodic tenancy that this may fall into is:
The premises are to be converted into commercial premises for at least 90 days by the landlord or owner.[1]
In this Stuff article, someone from Harcourts Queenstown said:
Changes to tenancy law mean a landlord can’t just get rid of a sitting tenant to put their property on Airbnb any more. They have to wait until the tenancy ends before they can do that.”
But this Crockers page says:
A landlord would be allowed to terminate a periodic tenancy by giving at least 90 days’ notice if the premises are to be converted into commercial premises (for example, to be used as an Airbnb).
The Crockers page was written in 2020 before the bill passed, but the part they are talking about did not change in the final text. I think insurance companies at least tend to consider Air BnBs as commercial premises too.
Is anybody aware of whether an 'Air BnB' would be interpreted as a 'commercial premises' according to the Act?
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2023.06.09 09:35 tareekpetareek Byju's got sued by its lenders in the US. Then it sued its lenders in the US. Here's a fun read about what happened

Original Source: https://boringmoney.in/p/byjus-is-sued-by-its-lenders (my newsletter Boring Money -- please visit the link to subscribe and receive similar posts about finance in India directly in your inbox)
Voiceover on Spotify
Four years ago I read an article in The Ken (disclosure: I was later employed here) titled The making of a loan crisis at Byju’s. The gist of the story was that Byju’s was an edtech doing phenomenally well selling its digital courses to parents of young students. But these courses were expensive and these parents were poor. So it was also selling them loans to buy these courses. Only, without telling them. Parents would expect a course (which could be cancelled) but would end up with a loan (which couldn’t be cancelled).
Three days ago, Byju’s went to court in New York. Here’s the headline from TechCrunch: Byju’s sues ‘predatory’ lenders on $1.2B term loan, won’t make further payments.
Byju’s is a company that, arguably, made a business out of giving out predatory loans. Now it’s sued its own lenders and accused them of being predatory. I’m not saying that this is poetic justice but.. okay, scratch that. This is poetic justice! If Shakespeare were a finance writer this is the kind of stuff he would come up with.

Everyone wants to lend to Byju’s

In 2021, interest rates were low, loans were cheap. Tech startups were doing great, edtech startups were crushing it. Byju’s, not one to be left behind, had raised a lot of money but money was cheap so it also wanted to borrow. It wanted a $500 million loan from lenders in the US, which it wanted to use to acquire companies there. Instead, it ended up borrowing more than double—$1.2 billion—because lenders practically wanted to throw money at this overachieving edtech startup from India. [1]
The way a term loan such as this works is:
  1. A company goes to an investment bank and asks for a loan
  2. The bank syndicates this loan to investors, who become the lenders. Everyone comes together in a room and negotiates the specifics of the loan (which can be quite complex, as we’ll see)
  3. The loan goes through and everyone’s happy. Presumably, the company likes its lenders, the lenders like the company
  4. The original investors might sell the loans they own to other investors. The company’s only talking to an administrative agent representing the lenders, so over time it might not even know who its lenders are
In November 2021, prominent investment managers such as Blackstone, Fidelity and GIC had gone overboard to lend money to Byju’s. By September 2022, Byju’s lenders were desperately selling [2] their loans at a 36% discount on the principal. (Today, Byju’s debt is at a 20% discount, which is also bad.)
It’s likely that Blackstone, Fidelity and other of the OG lenders aren’t Byju’s’ lenders any more. They’ve almost certainly sold off their loans at a loss. Better get paid something than get paid nothing.
Dealers of the dead
If a company’s debt is being sold at a 36% discount, it’s because investors think that the company is unlikely to repay its loans. If you buy such a loan, you potentially stand to gain a lot—because of the discount—but well, you might also just lose everything.
If you’re a regular investment management company, like Blackstone, you don’t want to invest in such a loan. Your investors gave you this money to get predictable returns. If they wanted risk, they’d ask you to buy stocks. You don’t want to get into a fight with your borrower. If you feel they will not pay you back, you take a loss, sell the loans, move on.
If you’re a distressed debt investor, your entire business is to buy such distressed loans from regular investment managers like Blackstone. You’re going to get nasty borrowers who are unlikely to want to repay their loans but that’s okay. Because you’re nasty too. You spend less time on financial models, more in courts and around lawyers. You like to fight to get your money back. Sometimes you might lose, but the times you win, you win big. The wins cover your losses and some more.
Blackstone and the others sold Byju’s’ loans in desperation, and they were almost certainly bought by distressed debt investors. We don’t know who they are exactly, but Byju’s has indicated that one of them is Redwood Capital, a New York-based distressed debt investor.
If you’re a distressed debt investor, this is how it works:
  1. You get a loan for super cheap
  2. If the company repays its loan, great! You make a lot of money
  3. But the company isn’t likely to repay, which is why you got the loan for cheap in the first place
  4. So it’s in your best interest to not let the company die a slow death. Instead, you want to kill the company quick. You take the company to court ASAP and take all the money you’re owed while it’s still there
If the new investors waited, say, for a year, and took Byju’s to court after it had actually defaulted on its repayments—there might not be any money left! Byju’s may have given all the money to Lionel Messi or maybe laundered it away someplace the lenders wouldn’t find it. If you’re a distressed debt investor, you want to get Byju’s to court and get the court to force it to do whatever it takes to pay you back.
Last month, Byju’s’ new lenders sued Byju’s in the Delaware Court of Chancery [3]. We’ll get to the official reasons for this lawsuit in a bit, but what’s important is that Byju’s was not being sued because it defaulted on a payment. It hadn’t. It was being sued because the distressed debt investors expect it to default sooner or later, and they would prefer dealing with it sooner rather than later.

Lenders go for the kill

Usually, the finer details of corporate loans such as Byju’s’ aren’t public. But thanks to the multiple lawsuits we know quite a bit here.
The loan was made to Byju’s’ US entity and it was secured with guarantees from multiple Byju’s companies. From Byju’s’ lawsuit this week against its creditors (which I will get to), here are the guarantors:
  1. Byju’s entities in India and Singapore
  2. Byju’s’ US and Singapore acquisitions; companies including Oros, Epic, Great Learning, and Neuron
  3. Whitehat India, Byju’s’ famous Indian acquisition
That’s a lot of companies guaranteeing a loan! Byju’s’ Indian entity is the parent of all the other guarantor companies, so having it as a guarantor should’ve been enough. I guess the rationale here was that it would be nice to have some non-Indian companies in the mix too, we do know how efficiently Indian courts work.
Apart from Byju’s the parent company itself, Whitehat was the only other Indian company guaranteeing this loan. The problem was that Whitehat itself, on paper, had negative net worth. It had probably taken loans of its own and did not have enough assets to cover them. In practice, this would be irrelevant, because Whitehat was owned by Byju’s and it would cover any of Whitehat’s liabilities. But, apparently, RBI regulations require Indian companies with negative net worth to take its approval before guaranteeing a loan. So even though Whitehat was a guarantor, the guarantee was meaningless until RBI granted its approval.
Yeah, well, RBI didn’t grant its approval. From the lawsuit:
Plaintiffs, Borrower, and Lenders had a call on or around October 6, 2022, to discuss the Whitehat Guarantee. In a good faith effort to negate any impact of the new regulations, Plaintiffs and the Borrower offered to move all assets out of Whitehat India into other subsidiaries of the Parent Guarantor that are Guarantors to the Credit Agreement, or are owned by Guarantors of the Credit Agreement. Lenders rejected this proposal without justification.
In October 2022, after Byju’s’ debt was already sold to the distressed debt investors, the company spoke to its lenders and informed them that it was unable to get RBI’s approval for Whitehat to be a guarantor. Instead, it offered to move Whitehat’s assets into other companies and then use those companies to guarantee the loan. Which would really have been the same thing. But the lenders refused! Why?!
Continuing from the lawsuit:
Lenders subsequently asserted that an event of default under Section 8.1(e) of the Credit Agreement (an “Event of Default”) had occurred due to the failure to procure the Whitehat Guarantee.
Oh, that’s why. Byju’s’ lenders—distressed debt investors that wanted Byju’s dead ASAP—used the fact that Whitehat couldn’t be a guarantor of this loan to claim a default and use it as a reason to take Byju’s to court in the US. Honestly, I’m impressed. The Whitehat guarantee was redundant to begin with, but the lenders had found an out and their official reason #1 to take Byju’s to court.
Oh, there’s another thing. In June 2022, The Ken reported (disclosure: I once worked here) that Byju’s’ financials for 2021 had been held up by its auditors because of certain, umm, creative accounting. By this time, Byju’s should have ideally filed even its 2022 financials. It was very late! From the lawsuit:
The FY’21 Audit was delivered to the Lenders on August 30, 2022. It did not contain a “going concern” qualification or any similar qualifications about the Parent Guarantor’s ability to continue into the future. However, the FY’22 Audit could not begin until the FY’21 Audit had been completed, and the Parent Guarantor’s business has continued to grow rapidly
Byju’s’ 2021 financials were held up because auditors weren’t giving the company their go ahead, so of course its 2022 financials were held up as well.
On or around August 29, 2022, Shearman & Sterling, LLP (“S&S”), counsel for GLAS, sent a letter to Byju’s Alpha and Think & Learn requesting certain financial disclosures from Plaintiffs and Borrower, and asserting that the failure to deliver this financial information was a breach of the Credit Agreement. … Rather than actually suffering any damage from the delayed FY’22 audit, Lenders opportunistically used this unintentional and non-material delay to exert pressure on Plaintiffs and the Borrower to extract onerous economic concessions.
I love it! Byju’s’ financials were delayed. Its agreement with the original lenders said that the company must share its audited financials with them. Byju’s wasn’t able to do that. The lenders found their official reason #2 to take Byju’s to court.

Byju’s sets up a defence

Before the lenders sued Byju’s last month, Byju’s tried its best to negotiate a deal. It gave the lenders an assurance of the company’s financial health, gave them concessions worth “tens of millions of dollars” and requested (pleaded) to take back their claims of Byju’s defaulting.
The lenders refused. They asked for either the full principal back or two-thirds of it, with an increment of 7% (!!) in the interest rate. Byju’s, of course, said no.
At this point, Byju’s knew that the lenders weren’t going to negotiate realistically. So it prepared its own defence. From the lawsuit:
The Credit Agreement prohibits transfers or assignments of the Lenders’ interests in the Term Loans to “Disqualified Lenders.” The Credit Agreement includes in its definition of Disqualified Lender “[a]ny [] Person (including an Affiliate or Approved Fund of a Lender) whose primary activity is the trading or acquisition of distressed debt,” and “those banks, financial institutions and other Persons separately identified by name . . . on or before the syndication . . . (which may be updated . . . from time to time . . .)”
In its agreement with the original lenders, Byju’s had put in a clause restricting its loan from being transferred to distressed debt investors. This is a risky clause to agree with, because it’s only these folks that buy loans that turn sour, but the original lenders had gone with it.
On information and belief, the entire course of Lenders’, and Defendant’s, bad-faith conduct has been driven by these distressed-debt lenders, who were never meant to have been lenders in the first place, and who acted with the intent of causing harm to Borrower and Plaintiffs. Meanwhile, Borrowers and Plaintiffs were initially unaware that the lenders were in fact being controlled by distressed debt dealers, and were therefore unable to take action to prevent their bad-faith plan from being implemented.
In its lawsuit this week, the crux of Byju’s’ argument is based on the fact that its loan is owned by distressed debt investors who were not eligible to be owning its debt in the first place. Also interesting is that Byju’s doesn’t seem to know who these lenders are. In its post-lawsuit statement, Byju’s named Redwood as one of the lenders, but it’s not named anywhere in the lawsuit.

Now what?

If push comes to shove, does Byju’s have the cash to pay off its lenders?
Last month, Byju’s transferred $500 million out of its US entity. The lenders had filed their lawsuit and there was a chance the court would freeze Byju’s’ US entity’s assets, so this was a precautionary move. So Byju’s has this $500 million. But that seems about it. Byju’s has been in the news saying that it’s trying to raise $700 million to pay off its debt. Yeah, between the horrible edtech market and the colourful lawsuits Byju’s is in, good luck with getting investors to donate their money to Byju’s.
But of course, Byju’s is now suing its lenders too. It does have an agreement that says that its debt can’t be held by distressed debt investors. So it’s not a frivolous suit.
Can Byju’s win? Sure. It would still have to pay its debt eventually. And it’s not straightforward. There are probably tens or even hundreds of lenders. It’s apparent that the distressed debt investors are the guiding force behind the lenders’ lawsuit, but it’s definitely not necessary that they form the majority of the lenders. In which case, Byju’s’ whole lawsuit falls apart.
The lenders are saying Byju’s defaulted by not keeping its part of the agreement, even though it had technically paid its dues. [4] Byju’s is saying that the lenders shouldn’t be the lenders in the first place and must be disqualified. We’ll see who’s right.
[1] It was a 5-year loan with a floating interest rate of 6% over Libor. Think of it as 6% over this magical interest-rate called Libor that some fancy-pants banks set amongst themselves everyday. Back in November 2021, Libor was at 0.25% and this was a 6.86% interest loan for Byju’s (the floor for Libor was 0.75%). Today, Libor is at about 5.64% and it’s an 11.6% loan.
[2] Multiple reasons for the investors to sell. One, interest rates went up and cash became more dear. If they had money stuck with Byju’s, it was money not being lent out to someone else. Second, edtech all around the world was in trouble. Kids were back in school and people didn’t think much of them anymore. Third, Byju’s as a company was showing its red flags.
[3] What a cool name!
[4] Until now, that is. Byju’s filed its lawsuit this week the same day it was supposed to make a $40 million interest payment.

Original Source: https://boringmoney.in/p/byjus-is-sued-by-its-lenders
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Whether you’re in Stage 1 of building your empire; or ready to scale the sh*t out of it; we’ll walk you through the exact CRM systems you need to confidently double down on your marketing and enrollment efforts; knowing that every prospect that enters your ecosystem is well accounted for and given the best chance to convert.
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about implementing an intelligent, growth-minded CRM that your current business coach was too afraid to show you. How to create a pro-level pipeline that gives you “real time” insight as to where every lead is in your enrollment process; allowing you to forecast revenue, identify opportunities; and finally feel like a real business. Why “lead-scoring” isn’t just for enterprise-level companies, but a must for reaching out to potential customers in the moment they’re most ready to receive it. Why configuring your sales and enrollment systems the way we show you; will give you crystal clarity over every lead in your business; allowing you to make smarter, more data-informed decisions rather than feeling lost, overwhelmed, and acting on impulse. MODULE 3
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 1): The Enchanting First Encounter
Back in 2009, subscribing to an email list meant something.
In 2023. urm. a bit less so.
In many cases, it’s a response to FOMO (of closing a landing page and not getting a lead magnet). The end result; prospects are more oversubscribed and under-committed than ever.
That’s why, In Module 3, you’ll be given two powerful playbooks for creating an enchanting first encounter that instantly sets you above any other coach or course creator they may be following or considering along with you.
2 next generation “top funnel” conversion playbooks for accelerating trust, encouraging engagement, and amplifying resonance. The simple, 45 second protocol to do immediately when a new subscriber signs up that has been proven to boost opens, clicks and conversions by up to 300% How to seamlessly integrate your fb group with your email CRM to create a holistic view of EVERY potential customer in your business Why your traditional “welcome sequence” is dead, and doing little-to-nothing to ascend your lead; and what to do instead to accelerate the transformation from Point A to Point Buyer Why normal “engagement posts” do nothing but satisfy the algorithm; and how to create “ROI-Rich engagement experiences” that help you segment your list while synching valuable voice-of-customer data into your CRM. How to use Social Singularity™ to create a seamless experience between your facebook group and your email list. MODULE 4
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 2): The Ascension Amplifier
The second Automated Conversion Ecosystem you’ll be working through overlaps with what’s traditionally referred to as “the middle of the funnel”.
A murky, purgatory state that’s often the longest, most confusing, and challenging to do effectively.
Many coaches and course creators have a bulk of their email list who will sit in this “in-between” state for 2, 3 or even 5 years before either becoming a customer or unsubscribing from the list.
With the strategies and playbooks you’ll implement in Module 4, you’ll help “pre-customers” cross that chasm much faster; and come to clearer, more confident, and more empowering decisions about you and your program.
Conversion Playbook #3 – Social Singularity Pt. 2 (Channels: Fb Group, Email, DM) Conversion Playbook #4 – Webinar Registration Rev Up (Channels; Webinar, Email) Conversion Playbook #5 – The Lead-Score Lift Up (Email, DM)
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2023.06.09 09:31 throwAwayyy0100 My bf acts like he wants to break up but is coming to see me in a few days

We’re both in our early 20s. Im sorry for the long post, just want everyone to get a clear picture of the situation. You can skip to the end if you want.
I’ve been with Cam for a few months now. When we met, it was like sparks were flying. It was an instant connection and we would always say we met at the right time. We both were getting out of our party stage and buckling down on more important aspects of our lives.
3 weeks ago we had an amazing weekend. We opened up so much to each other and just stayed inside the house enjoying our presence. He told me he wouldn’t be able to see me during the week bc of work and i understood. We work opposite schedules and he lives far away so i didn’t ask to see him at all during the week. 1st weekend came and he told me he couldn’t see me bc he had to help his friend with his mom. His friend mom had cancer so again, no trying to convince him to come. Memorial Day he only texted me good morning and then when he got off work but was silent. The next day, he came into my town because he had to give his brother something (his brother lives in my town) and stopped by. He told me that over the weekend he went to say his final goodbyes to his friends mom and she passed away on Memorial Day. He started crying and i comforted him. I only saw him for maybe 20 minutes before he said he had to go to see his friend. We kissed bye and he said he would see me soon.
That week he had a tooth removal procedure and the funeral but Saturday told me he had his bag packed to come over. But suddenly he tells me his mom is freaking out on him and he can’t come. He lives with his parents and i can tell they have a big say on what he can and can’t do. I mean i get it, one we’re both Hispanic so that’s a whole different story when it comes to parents and 2. You live under their roof, you follow their rules no matter how old you are.
I got annoyed bc since Wednesday, he was telling me he would come see me everyday but then something would happen that he couldn’t but i never showed annoyance towards it. I didn’t put any blame on him, i just said i was sad bc i kept getting my hopes up to then feel let down but i understand it’s been a crazy + tough 2 weeks so to just not tell me that he’s coming until he knows for sure. The comment he made after i said that just made me feel like his parents had something to do with it. He told me that i do live far so he understands why his parents be tripping out on him. Then he said to just give him a good day to drive his truck down here and he’s sorry, that he’s not trying to bail on me. When he comes to see me, he always drives the “family car” which is a newer car and never his truck bc it’s old and he’s nervous to drive it so far. He drove it here once and told me he had to fill it up twice and it was almost $100. For him to tell me he needs to find a good day to bring his truck here just tells me his parents don’t want him driving to my city so they probably aren’t letting him use the family car knowing he can’t take the truck to see me. That would be $100 everytime for just a few hours. He had also been a little distant, he was taking longer to respond and wasn’t being as expressive, he would always send me snaps and voice notes but stopped and just being closed off.
The next couple days we were okay, but then Monday night, things just started to feel off. On Tuesday our communication was basically none and he just didn’t seem to be all there. Wednesday i asked if we could talk and just said i noticed he was being distant and if he still wanted to pursue something with me. That I’m wondering if there was anything he wasn’t telling me and i just want to be able to support him in any way possible but feel like I’m in the dark. I’ve just had this intuition feeling that part of his behavior had to do with his parents and wanted to see if he would tell me.
It took him 6 hours to respond and he told me I it’s been a difficult few weeks and has been dealing with everything. That i haven’t done anything wrong and been great and he doesn’t want me to feel like I’m on the back burner but he needs to change some things about himself and thinks it’s best if he stays to himself. He would feel bad dragging me along and I’ve done nothing but show him love. It’s just not good timing and he doesn’t want to lie and string me along.
He caught me off guard. He did this once, about 2 weeks in, he got in trouble with his dad because we were on the phone at 4am and he tried to run away but we talked about it and he admitted he was scared but that we were in this together. He says i deserve a lot and he wants to give it to me so he needs to focus on him so he can focus on us. Since that conversation, he didn’t try to run away until now.
This time feel like that but only this time, he didn’t engage with what i said back. The only part he responded too was one of me saying that i needed my game console back as family is visiting and i needed it to distract the little kids. He told me he would give it to my friend who lives in the same city as him. That to me also just showed signs that he either can’t or isn’t allowed to come to my city. But then I said why couldn’t he bring it, he took it so he needs to bring it back and he said he works doubles the next few days but will stop by on Tuesday.
I just said okay and we haven’t talked since then. That was earlier today and idk. Something inside of me just says this isn’t over. Who knows if he’ll come on Tuesday but i don’t plan on reaching back out to him until then. I’m not going to post on social media and try to make it seem like i want him to notice me. We have each others locations and he hasn’t turned his off for me either.
I know Aquarius has a tendency of running away when things start getting serious and with all the stuff he’s had going on, i just think he feels overwhelmed. I still also feel like his parents are playing a heavy role. The thing about cam, he won’t tell me things over text, only in person. Like with his friends mom, i just thought he was helping his friend out and it wasn’t until i saw him that i found out it was to say his last goodbye.
When he comes over, I’m not sure how to act. I want him to come inside but i don’t want to push him too hard. I know once we’re in person, he’ll most likely open up. I think the no communication until then is a good idea but it’s the seeing him in person that i don’t know how to approach. Is this just him pushing away because he stressed? What is my best course of action right now. I just don’t believe this is a case of losing feelings, this is something deeper than that.
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2023.06.09 09:30 MK_Martian Lost my virginity mid exam , is what happened common?

I’m 17 years old , consider my self a attractive person , well built but I don’t talk to much girls , any girl who tried to approach me I ended things quickly with her . Some people might find this odd but I believe all my focus should be on myself at this age , this is how I lost my virginity 3 days ago :
This was my last exam as a senior student , it was a government exam or whatever you call it , we went to another school in another state to do it , it’s a 4 hour exam . Mid exam I noticed this girl looking at me , we exchanged eye contact for a bit then I thought to myself I should not look at her anymore because I know it’s not gonna workout between me and her since she live in another state , but I’m not gonna lie she was probably one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen .
I went to the washroom after sometime ( btw only 1 person can go to the bathroom in all the building at a time since it’s an exam ) , after like 2 min I heard knocking on my stall , I thought it was the examiner checking in on me but as I opened the door I saw the girl from class right in front of me , I was curious how she got out but didn’t care at all because after we talked for a bit the se*ual tension was unbelievable . I never kissed a girl , I’m not experienced in that field but I do have allot of knowledge about it , we started kissing and things quickly escalated from that .
After what felt like 5 min , we finished up and I went back to class , of course there was some questioning about the 2 of us but we acted like we don’t know .
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2023.06.09 09:29 bangbangboomboom19 The Chronological Telling of Amnesia: The Bunker’s Story for Those Too *Scared* to Play It

I never replay games. I’m more of a one and done it kind of guy, but something about ATB’s gameplay and story compelled me to play it not once, not twice, but four times at the time of writing. It certainly helps that the game is short (although I think the universal praise of The Outer Wilds demonstrates that this isn’t a bad thing).
My latest playthrough clocked in at ~35 minutes at the time of writing in order to get the Toot Sweet achievement. Ironically, this exact pursuit of achievements led me to get the Librarian achievement and, ultimately, finally read all the story notes chronologically.
Notwithstanding, ATB is a nauseatingly haunting game on harder difficulties. The monster is deadly, the resources are scarce, the tone is grim, and the darkness encompasses it all. Above all of this, the story is worth telling and I posit that the game’s genre, coupled with the Amnesia brand being notoriously terrifying if PewDewPie is to be believed, will prevent a lot of people from playing it. That’s such a shame.
Without further obfuscation, I want to encourage you to play the game; immerse yourself in its world and discover its truth for yourself. Your appreciation for the story will only compound the more time you spend stalking the halls of the unnamed bunker it takes place in.
For those of you that don’t care to play it, but appreciate a good story, read ahead. SPOILER WARNING.
ATB’s story begins before the player ever takes control of the protagonist, Henri Clemont, a Soldier in the French Army at the Battle of Pozieres during World War I.
April 1916 – Toussaint Beaufoy – What Could Be Worse than War?
On 2 April, 1916, Henri’s embattled unit receives orders to dig their bunker deeper so that their chain of command can laud it as a symbol of French patriotism and eventual victory in the war.
The calamity of World War I, having already wrought havoc on the bodies and minds of Henri’s unit, is only intensified by these foolhardy orders. This bunker is destined to become “a rancid, stinking pit. A void, a hole. Full of men, scared and confused.”
Eight days later, on 10 April, Henri’s compatriot, Toussaint Beaufoy, pens a poem We Whirl the World that reflects on the grim events of the war and foreshadows the events of the game.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a terrible twirl
Can’t see the sun for all the smoke
Can’t see the ground for all the dead folk
Can’t see the ocean, can’t see the trees
So I stay here down on my knees
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a binding twirl
A snarl in the dark
A sad day in the park
A stone reminder
A horse’s dirty blinder
A child’s empty hand
A friend’s stained armband
The news of the day on the stand
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a bloody twirl
What comes next around the bend?
Maybe it’ll be some kind of end
More likely another shrill, shrill whistle,
Magic that turns men into gristle.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost and still we twirl
Henri’s unit begins digging and on 30 April, another soldier, Alex Noyer, extrapolates on why the unit has been ordered to dig: the bunker lay atop Roman ruins that extend towards the German lines. The command wants to use these prebuilt tunnels to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. However, Noyer’s interest lay more in the archaeological significance of the dig.
With the dig well underway, the other soldiers begin to experience haunting symptoms. Notably, Beaufoy, who witnesses some horror on the night of 5 May, that shatters his psyche. He refuses to discuss what he witnessed with anybody, yet he revels in it; “I want to go back to that place. I want to feel that way. I want the violence and the ecstasy and the pitch-black darkness.”
May 1916 - Alex Noyer’s Journal - Digging Up a Dark Secret
A week later (9 May), Noyer is presented with archaic texts uncovered during the digging. He begins to read them and discovers the texts are not of typical Roman writings. Rather, the texts are religiously significant repeating the phrase “to cross into darkness and beyond.”
These texts originated from a people that believed they found the key to immortality, a blessing bestowed upon them from some “other world… dominated by darkness… ruled by something…” These damned texts went on to describe this world as “full of spirits, monsters and that the air there was endlessly alive with cries of torment and the sickly rattle of souls near death.”
The tunnels that the men were digging were used by this ancient people as a portal to this “pagan hell.”
This manifested in our world as the need for the followers to commit sickening acts that appealed to the primal instincts of humanity; “blood orgies, of sadistic spirits, of the awful things these men and women would do to each other in worship of darkness” and a magical liquid that would grant the believer’s immortality in darkness.
Noyer enters the tunnels sometime on 14 May, and discovers more of the cursed history of the tunnels. “The Romans used these tunnels to hold sadistic bacchanals, great festivals of cruel combat, torture and worse... held in an arena over a great pit.” His command writes him off as paranoid, and Noyer resolves to enter the tunnels.
On 25 May, Noyer is recovered after screaming in the damp excavation sight until his vocal cords were annihilated – alive but utterly terrified.
June 1916 - Farber - Am I Out of Touch? No, It’s the Soldiers Who Are Wrong.
Noyer warns his brother-in-arms about the texts and truth of the ruins they are excavating. As the truth and panic spread, the Command begins punishing those who speak of the more sinister presence that is permeating the halls of the bunker.
Throughout the month of May, the soldiers are gripped with a waking terror that seeps into their dreams, all the while having to fight a war notorious for its brutality. Noyer writes, “we’re stuck between the Germans in front of us, high command behind us, and some other horrible force that seems to lurk in shadows all around us. I fear we are now truly beyond God’s reach.”
Rumors of the truth that Noyer uncovered begin to spread amongst the men. Despite taking the assertions of the malevolent presence seriously, the command chooses to contain the panic through force.
Incensed by Noyer’s ominous warnings, a rebellion is formed on 28 May with a soldier only known as “Farber” at its helm. The mission is simple: contain the evil of the tunnels by sabotaging the digging efforts with a cave in. Farber notes that each of the five recruits is exceptionally eager to end the waking nightmare, particularly Beaufoy.
Their efforts are successful and the soldiers experience a brief abatement from the ever-present fear, only to be discovered and subsequently tortured by their Commanding Officers, Reynard and Delpy. None are spared the persecution, save for Beaufoy, who is presumed to have been killed in the blast that undoes the dig. The last thing any other soldier saw of him was Beaufoy telling them he had “other work to do,” whilst pointing to his own eyes.
Despite the ordeal, no participant reveals Farber as the mastermind, and Farber is forever indebted to the brotherhood.
The officers of the unit do four things in the wake of this unthinkable act of insubordination: (1) abandon the tunnel, (2) punish the conspirators, (3) send the remaining men on dangerous combat patrols and (4) order more wine. No lesson learned, no warning heed.
Of minor note, on the evening of 30 June, after one such combat patrol, a German prisoner is captured. Small recompense for the men routinely thrown into the meat grinder of enemy machine guns and command tribunals.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – Buddy Fucker with a Conscious
Another such raid is ordered on 8 July, and Henri has a plan to not go. Henri and his best friend, Augustin Lambert, decide that the winner of a game of chance will not have to risk their life this evening and the other will go in their friend’s place. Henri cheats, rationalizing it as a harmless prank, condemning Lambert to endure the battlefield once more. Henri is sure Lambert will return, unscathed, and cannot wait to see the look on his face when he learns what Henri did.
Only, Lambert doesn’t return. As the dusk of 8 July turns into dawn, Henri is wrought with guilt. He resolves to recover his friend. It is here, that the player finally takes control of the protagonist.
Henri discovers Lambert at the bottom of a pit. Not a crater from artillery, a borderline incomprehensibly large depression. Henri makes his way down and renders aid to his battered, but alive, compatriot. Henri gathers water from the pit, and nurses his friend before they attempt to escape.
Patrol Report – 10 July 1916
Odd occurrences last night. Sdt. Lambert, thought dead after his patrol on the 8th, returned to the barracks in fine health. He carried with him Sdt. Clément – severely wounded from an explosion.
Lambert reports the following:
-That midway through his patrol on the 8th he fell into a deep crater and was unable to escape.
-Clément, his close friend, snuck out after him last night, located him in the crater, and carried him out.
-They were spotted and in the ensuing attack, Clément was injured by an explosion. It fell on Lambert to carry him back.
Very odd that Lambert was neither injured from the fall nor the explosion AND that he ended up saving the man who came to save him.
But battlefield luck is an odd thing. In every life, fate’s winds blow erratic.
Judging by Lambert’s description, the crater he fell into seems to have been located very close to the Roman tunnels we unearthed. It may have been a result of work down there.
Recommend a future patrol to investigate and make sure we have not opened a backdoor into our own bunker.
Henri remains comatose for ten(?) days.
July 1916 – Augustin Lambert – The Nightmare Is Only Beginning
Lambert, having dodged death, reflects on the events of his ill-fated patrol. His loss of hope at the bottom of the inescapable pit, and the angelic reprieve he received from Henri. He notes how the water Henri nursed him with “was cool and crisp, with a strange, sweet taste. Never has water felt more nourishing than that, administered by a dear friend’s hand.
Despite surviving, Lambert’s survival is dampened by the loss of a toy he bought for his son – the toy he believes to be in the pit where he almost lost his life.
Lambert grows stronger by the day. However, with Lambert’s return, so do the haunts that plagued his fellow Soldiers. Scratching at the walls and an overt ghostly howling emanates throughout the halls at night.
July 1916 – Stéphane Joubert – Oh Yeah, The Murders.
The first to fall Reynard on 15 July. Hardly a loss after his treatment of the soldiers, but certainly a catalyst for even further distrust.
Stéphane Joubert, another officer, reflects on the evening of the murder in his journal. He had heard a commotion in the hallway, but assumed it be Reynard drunk on his secret stash of wine. No one was aware anything was wrong until they heard the screaming. He is concerned for the harshness in which his fellow officers treat the men, particularly in the wake of this death.
The remaining officers interrogate the men, after all, a murderer was so clearly amongst them.
Paranoia grips the men, who are the prime suspects due to their contempt for Reynard. But the brutality and sadistic nature of the murder was beyond the pale? The autopsy read:
Body of Sgt. Reynard.
Multiple lacerations. Chest cavity torn to shreds. Every rib cracked. Skull cracked open by repeated blunt force trauma.
Who could have done this to him?
Amid the violence, Farber, driven mad by the resurgence of the haunting presence, resolves to kill it himself to atone for being the only man left unpunished for the tunnel sabotage. When the evil presence, emboldened by the murder of Reynard, returns, Farber is there. He shoots the Beast and it retreats into the shadows.
But it did not forget. It returned ten minutes later and pulled Farber into the wall, “screaming… praying for salvation.
The men note something familiar about the Beast as it continues to hunt them; like it knows who they are.
The officers abandon the men, escaping and blowing the entrance to the bunker behind them – condemning the soldiers to evisceration by an unkillable force. Joubert, the only bastion of morality amongst the officers, is among the escapees all the same He leaves the men one chance at salvation.
Fournier, our commanding officer!, cowers next to me now. He’s lost his mind to an abyss of fear…
He wants to run, to blow up the exit behind him.. Sealing the demon down here… The demon AND our men.
His constant refrain, it is getting to me… and that same void of terror… it is also overtaking me.
To any of my men who see this: once we’re free of this place, I will get the arsenal code from him. I will get it and I will radio it back to you.
Trapped down here with that beast, the arsenal may be your only hope. It’s all I can do. All I have courage to do…
Get to the communications room in the Soldier Quarters. Hide there. I’ll broadcast the code to you.
The men, responded to such hollow words:
The officers have abandoned us! They ran from the beast and blew the exit closed behind them. Even Joubert…
They called us cowards and traitors and worse… Hypocrites. Now they’ve doomed us.
Whatever hell we suffer now, it is on them. God will punish them for what they’ve done.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – The Game Begins
The game begins with Henri awakening in the hospital bed from comatose state. He doesn’t remember the past, but that’s why we have spent about 2400 words going over that. The gameplay of Amnesia is self-explanatory – gather resources, avoid the monster, escape.
In order to accomplish this goal Henri has several sub objectives that, for convenience, we’ll cover in two parts: Get the Dynamite and Get the Detonation Handle. This isn’t a walk through, every playthrough of the game is different, but you learn the fates of several characters through extrapolating on the relationship between the notes and the game itself. Play the game and get stalked by the monster for the horror experience.
Get the Dynamite (Located in the Armory):
· Located in the armory, Henri first needs to retrieve a code to unlock said armory. The code, you recall, Joubert promised to broadcast to the soldiers. After solving the daisy chain issue in the Soldier’s Quarters and finding the requisite key, Henri makes his way to the communication room. Joubert is true to his word, he is still broadcasting the code. Henri can now retrieve the dynamite.
Get the Detonator Handle (Located in the Tunnels):
· First order of business is to recover a ratchet wrench that allows access into the Prisoner Control room in the Prison section of the bunker. The wrench is in Foreman Stafford’s locker, but you’ll have to find the code. Henri discovers that Stafford made his way to the Bunker’s Pillbox as a means of escape. However, the Pillbox is locked with the only key being in the bunker’s Chapel. Henri makes his way to the chapel to uncover an unholy display of twisted bodies – an achievement pops up revealing this is the Beast’s nest. In the confessional, Henri discovers the priest (otherwise insignificant to the story) nailed to the wall. He recovers the key and returns to the Pillbox. At the top, Stafford is there, a bullet through the eye from an enemy sniper – a grim reminder that you’re still fighting a war.
· The wrench is to help gain access to the Captured German Prisoner’s cell, left abandoned; Geneva Convention be damned. What we want in the cell is a pair of bolt cutters that had been used to torture the prisoner. Opening his cell alerts the monster, whom promptly murders the poor prisoner (although there is a slightly happier disposition in which you retrieve the bolt cutters before the Beast gets to him – are you quick enough to save his life? Do you even want to?)
· The bolt cutters grant access to the chained-shut tunnels. The haunted tunnels. The Pagan Hell. Ghostly apparitions due exist down here skulking the fog teasing you with the evil you’ve read so much about. Impossible rock formations alongside Roman statues and columns, this place is truly unearthly. But then you hear a voice, the first voice you’ve heard since the prisoner you couldn’t understand died. “We whirl the world…” Its Beaufoy, whom has gouged his own eyes out and roams the fog with a shotgun and homicidal intent – still more work to do. He will kill you, so you must put your fellow soldier down. Is it better this way? At least that shotgun is yours now *finger guns*.
· If you explore a little more, after finding the detonator handle, you’ll find a small tunnel that leads to the pit. The pit the game began in, the pit with the small rabbit toy Lambert lost. Shit, what happened to Lambert?
You retreat to the beginning of the game. Hook up the dynamite and blow it. Make your way to escape. You find yourself at a grand arena above a bottomless pit. With the Beast standing between you and salvation. Is there really a boss battle in this game? Winning it reveals the final truth.
Lambert is the monster. Your best friend, corrupted by the water you nursed into him to save his life. Presenting the toy to him prior to the final battle when he tries to kill you causes him to take it, run to his fucked-up chapel nest, and place it on a pedestal. There is still humanity there, and that’s why he recognized those he killed.
But this is a grand arena over a great pit, and losers go into the pit. Use the toy to hold the monster up on the destructible bridges and, while he plays with it, blast the bridge itself – pulling the literal floor out from underneath him – eternal darkness awaits.
Now flee, make your way to salvation. You see sunlight. You breach the rocks and roll down a slope into a pit of dead comrades. At least you’re free of that beast.
As you bask in the light you hear “SCHNELL, SCHNELL” and searchlights beginning to scan where you just fell from.
Fuck, you’re still in a war.
A grotesquely unsettling story of overcoming shitty circumstances and still losing. What’s that like an 8? Probably an 8.
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2023.06.09 09:28 larryking923 What is a demon?

There’s a few theories on what exactly a demon is. 1) The Book of Enoch which was found in the Dead Sea scrolls says that 200 angels were sent to watch over and guide humans. The angels started noticing the women were looking attractive and each wanted to take a wife for themselves.
Samyaza, the leader was told and he told them that he felt like this would all come back on him if they defied God’s orders. They all made a pact to where they would all take the blame. They take wives and have children. The children (Nephalim) are half angel/half human and are huge. The humans tried to feed the giants but couldn’t keep up. They start eating all the cattle, livestock, animals and start eating humans when there’s nothing left. They start acting like gods and making humans worship and sacrifice to them.
The spirits of the humans cried out to heaven for justice and God sends a powerful angel to earth to gather up the Nephalim and make them turn against each other until they’re all dead. The angel tells the fallen angels that for their defiance of God they would watch their children die a human death but their spirits would forever roam the earth and be known as evil spirits. God removed their good angelic qualities and put a veil around them so they wouldn’t be seen. God cut off the fallen angels and their children’s souls from being able to feel him or talk to him. It’s the spirits of the Nephalim that we know today as demons.
They’ve taken many different forms and names throughout time adjusting to that time period.
2) Nag Hammadi library These are a mixture of papers found in Egypt and contains some things that are from some of the disciples so it has to be taken into consideration.
In the beginning it was just God. Formless, nameless, invisible, unlimited power. He creates Jesus who the angels call the ancient one. God creates a whole lot of different spirits. Different types with different personalities and powers. Aeons, archons, angels and lets them realize on their own what they are. They come to the conclusion that they are from a greater source and they are powerful. Jesus makes himself known to them and teaches them about God. The angels call God the invisible one, the ineffable, nameless. God eventually makes himself known to them and they are floored and awestruck by how powerful he is. They immediately bow and honor his holiness.
One spirit named Pistus Sophia had the power of creativity and wisdom. She looks into the abyss and creates all the dark spirits. Many different types. She goes down to let them know what they are and where they came from and they turn on her. They steal her power and turn her into a prostitute. Who we know as Satan takes her power to create and now he can create. Satan thinks he’s the god of this world and who knows how many dark spirits he’s created. We eventually get to humans and the Book of Enoch.
Satan was known to have taught sorcery so maybe he can create demons without having to make them through humans. I think it may be a combination of both.
3) The fallen angels are known to have crossbred animals with humans. I’ve seen 5 that looked more like some mutated animal than human. In fact, they didn’t look anything at all like a human. Are the fallen angels the Annunaki? Who knows? There is evidence that the Annunaki tampered with our dna but the facts point to an alien civilization coming in craft. Spirits don’t need spacecraft but that doesn’t mean they can’t take those forms and act like them.
We’re dealing with powers beyond our understanding. Good, neutral and bad. There’s no timeline in any kind of scripture or anywhere else to when things began so we have to look at science. Earth is estimated to be between 2.3 to 4 billion years old. It’s really hard telling what all has lived here and still is. I’m not saying that all spirits are demons, they’re not. I’m not even going to say that all demons are evil because I don’t know. I only know what I’ve experienced.
Demons are spirits that have actual magical abilities. I’ve never felt a good power but I’m not going to say they can’t do it. They surprise me all the time with different things they can do.
We should respect them but not fear them. We are just as powerful as demons but we have to believe in and work on our spiritual journey to understand that. The power of the mind and pure will is an amazing thing.
They are their own entity like us. They are fully conscious. It’s not like a ghost where they can only manifest or mess with physical reality for a short amount of time. They have their own energy. They don’t eat, sleep or have their own lives. We are their lives, they enjoy toying with us. It’s time we toy back.
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2023.06.09 09:27 ps487 Is it worth purchasing

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2023.06.09 09:27 Few_Yogurtcloset9220 Injury at work?

On may 23 I(M23) got poked by a needle at my workplace (vet clinic) in my right leg just above the knee to the right slightly. To preface, our clinic is a bit small so I often have to pass behind people and sometimes touch shoulders with them. As I needed to pass behind my doctor to reach the medication cabinet, I say “excuse me doctor” however he is unresponsive as he is looking at the computer. I squeeze behind him saying sorry and I felt the sharp poke and immediately look down and see a needle. To explain, he held the needle in his hand with arms by his side like how a normal person would stand. However he held the needle, uncapped, with the sharp point pointing to behind him.
I know it’s a used needle that was used to conduct vaccination. I know this because I observed the doctor vaccinate an outdoor cat that we just performed a neuter on however I thought it was disposed of or at least capped. NOT lingering around his hand for 5 minutes with the sharp point uncapped. Doctor noticed the poke. I know this because when it happened, he immediately looked back and then threw the needle away immediately and pretended nothing happened. As I am desperate for money, I continued to work my shifts there after the date of injury all while posting my resume to different job posts.
I have submitted a worksafebc report already and I have a blood work appt this week.
Today, he confronted me abt the worksafebc report and tried to shift the blame on me, stating that I don’t do the things he tells me to do like closing a door, even went as far as asking “how come you don’t complain about the scratches from cats or dog bites?”. I replied those things are incomparable as one is acting on instinct/nature while you are a trained, and licensed professional who has been in the industry for a long time and should understand safety precautions such ad immediately disposing of a used syringe or capping it at least, NOT, holding onto it with your hands by your sides and the needle point pointing behind you. This is negligence. He continues to say it’s my fault and being a veterinarian is not for me as getting poked by needles is common and normal and I’m making a big deal out of it. I quit and walked out after this argument as it seemed unsafe to continue my employment here based on that sentence.
I have pictures of how he leaves the work environment after an appointment. He leaves a bunch of used, uncapped needles on the examination table and sink countertop. The sharps bin is located right behind the sink. Less than 1 meter away from the examination table.
As well, there’s a signed document stating I began my employment from may 17,2023 and will finish may17, 2024 however I was unpaid for my training shifts which I believe is illegal. I have witness
Is there anything else I can do beside the worksafebc claim? To the representative of worksafebc, he said I was a trainee and I bumped into him and I got poked accidentally. Im unsure about my rights. This is the first time it’s happened to me and I’ve worked in other vet clinic setting as well as research labs that involve sharps and chemicals. I’m happen to answer any questions and provide more info. Thank you
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2023.06.09 09:27 Lorgid can someone give me advice with my pc components pls

I decided to make a pc for the first time in my life, and those are the components I decided to choose (all the links leading to amazon) if you know about this can u give me advice what to change or add. Also, if you can pls reccomend something cheaper because it's already expensive. (I am trying to make gaming pc) thanks for attention :)
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2023.06.09 09:27 ps487 Is it worth purchasing

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2023.06.09 09:24 Barflyswatter My personal 2 cents on the whole battle bs…

So I intentionally did NOT go running to watch the videos or comments regarding the whole Brandon v. Debbie thing MT made a couple posts about. Until HOURS later. After watching Debbi and Brandon separately… I don’t feel bad for either one. 1) Debbi was playing a part during the ‘battle’.
ppl gift Debbi when she acts like that bc ppl apparently LOVE to see ppl have meltdowns and having a ‘come apart’ as my mamaw would say. That’s how Debbie makes her $ is by acting a fool.
2) Brandon was also playing a part.
Brandon makes his money by being this meek and mild character bc most ppl don’t understand it’s a CHARACTER and they feel sorry for him so they gift him.
3) both Debbie AND Brandon were playing their roles perfectly during the battle.
4) if you watch the VERY beginning of their battle when Brandon REQUESTS a battle from Debbi… she actually TELLS him it’s a game and to get ready bc she ‘goes crazy’ and such. She even says things like, ‘we love you Brandon’ ‘I hope you’re ready for this’ ‘it’s a game and we are here to PLAY to win the game’ and so on. All the while, Brandon is agreeing with her.
5) after the first part of the ‘game’ she STOPPED fussing at him and said, “ok here we go again, get ready.” Then while she’s screaming at the people… in between screams of ‘hit me!’ ‘Give it to me!’ She is telling Brandon… “It’s ok. We are passed that’ ‘this is a game’ ‘we just want to win’ and saying things like ‘I’m back on the game ok’ when Brandon says to her ‘I don’t mean to upset you’. And when he said to her, “I’m not using you. I don’t want to use you” she says, “you’re not using me anymore Brandon”. He then keeps on and she says, “you’re using me for attention, that’s what you do. Go!”
As in, ok it’s game time get back to playing your role.. ‘go’ as in: ok it’s time for you to tell ppl to gift you.
She even told him before the battle started, “I’ll be in your room later and gift you” Meaning she would gift him after their battle.
And she’s like that with EVERYONE she battles bc that is what ppl want to see when they watch her battle ppl.
Is it right? No. But they are both ADULTS and they both KNEW AND AGREED to do that in the battle.
Then MT saw it, again she had no clue what she was looking at, and had to make a huge deal out of it.
Go watch Debbie’s other battles and go watch Brandon’s other battles- they are BOTH playing a part! It’s how they make their $.
It just so happened that polar opposite characters battled each other. One extremely aggressive and one extremely meek. So of course when those opposite ends of the spectrum meet- it looks exactly like that battle.
And now, Brandon is going to be MT’s pet project and make a few quick bucks while Debbie gets attacked, abused, harassed and bullied by MT and her cult members.
Please don’t buy into this whole shit show.
Those two were playing a role just like MT plays a role on TT.
MT seriously needs to stay in her own fucking lane!
It’s just yet, ANOTHER example of MT ‘not bothering a soul on that app’ and ‘not bothering nobody on that app’.
Ffs MT, get a fucking life outside of your damn phone!
Btw: where has mini Tot been lately? Not around her, that’s for sure. I wonder if she kicked him out or if he left her…?
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2023.06.09 09:24 Warpath_Napoleon Valkyrie: Officer Pairing, Skill Upgrade Priority, and Unit Pairing

Valkyrie: Officer Pairing, Skill Upgrade Priority, and Unit Pairing
  • Recommended Officer Pairing: Golden Eagle, Professor Pain
Valkyrie grants Troops superior attack capabilities. That's why she pairs well with other offensive officers like Golden Eagle or Professor Pain. The goal is to take out enemy troops on the field as quickly as possible.
  • Recommended Skill Upgrade Priority: 1 3 4 2
Valkyrie deals more damage by upgrading Skill 1. Upgrade Skill 3 next to inflict more Dmg Resist Reduction. Skill 4 can be upgraded for the Dmg Buff and Skill 2 for Firepower and Troop Speed Buff.
  • Recommended Unit Pairing: Helicopter, MBT, LT
Valkyrie's 4th skill decreases its load time by 5% if Valkyrie is in a Tank HunteHelicopter. Other suitable units are the Main Battle Tank and Light Tank.
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2023.06.09 09:24 PasanNotFound How's my deck?

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2023.06.09 09:24 poopbrainape Need help with 2.0 TDI Audi A3 (8V)

I have a manual, 2.0 tdi Audi A3 from 2014, land of quattro model and sometimes it acts really weird. My car has 160,000 kilometers driven at the moment.
What happens;
- Idle rpm goes to 1k and stays there and car's responsiveness to throttle is a bit delayed. Normal is around 850.
- Clutch and gas pedal feels a bit "softer".
- Radiator fan is spinning, even when shutting down the car.
- If I push the gas pedal really well the car will go kinda like on and off, so it will accelerate but it somewhat "disconnects" for lets say 0.2 seconds, then accelerating for 3 seconds and then doing it again.
- Sometimes restarting the car fixes the problem, but usually if I shutdown the car and go somewhere, couple hours later this doenst happen.
- This happens in a random pattern, can be once a week, or once in 3 months.
- Diesel cabin pre-heater that is controllable from MMI system is turned off, it was turned on and when it ran it would give me the smell of a burning plactis. So maybe a wire shortcut over there?

What I have done;
- Every maintenance on time
- Chip tuned to stage 1
- K&N Air filter
- Spark plugs for diesel (whatever they are called)

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
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2023.06.09 09:21 Naturalsplash Role of Almond Soap in Your Skincare Regimen

Role of Almond Soap in Your Skincare Regimen

Role of Almond Soap in Your Skincare Regimen
Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret potion that may change your skincare regimen into a lavish treat? Imagine a skincare superhero that’s gentle yet powerful, natural yet effective. Well, there is, and it is called almond soap! Yes, that’s right! This little bar of greatness can transform your skincare routine into something special. It can give you radiant, glowing skin that will make heads turn.
But you may question how can almond soap transform your skincare regime. Well, this article will examine the role of almond soap in your everyday regimen. So, get ready to discover the fantastic benefits of almond soap for your skin.

How can Almonds Help Your Skin Stay Healthy and Young?

Packed with nourishing properties, almonds have been cherished for centuries as a skincare secret. Here are some powerful ways almonds can work their magic on your skin:

1. Nourishment from Within

Almonds contain vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fats that nurture your skin. Incorporating almonds into your diet or skincare routine can give your skin the vital building blocks to stay healthy and radiant.

2. Moisture Locking Marvels

Dehydrated skin can make you look older and dull. Almonds have natural emollient properties that lock in moisture and hydrate your skin. Moreover, it can help you repair your skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it smooth, supple, and young.

3. Gentle Exfoliation

Bid farewell to dead skin cells and hello to a fresh, glowing complexion with the exfoliating power of almonds. Ground almond powder or almond-based scrubs gently slough off dead skin cells, unclog pores, and reveal smoother, brighter skin underneath. It’s a natural and effective way to achieve that enviable youthful glow.

4. Youthful Elasticity

Your skin loses elasticity as you age, forming fine lines and wrinkles. Almonds can help combat this by stimulating collagen and elastin production. These two proteins are responsible for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity. Regular use of almond-infused products can promote a more youthful and toned complexion.

5. Skin Repair and Protection

Almonds boast potent antioxidant properties, protecting your skin from harmful free radicals contributing to premature aging. These antioxidants and almond vitamins and minerals repair damaged skin cells, decrease inflammation, and keep skin healthy.

6. Dark Circle Diminisher

Those pesky dark circles under your eyes can make you look tired and aged. Luckily, almonds come to the rescue once again! The vitamin E and other nourishing compounds in almonds can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, leaving your eyes refreshed and rejuvenated.

Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar: Get a Glowy Skin

The Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar is the best body soap, formulated with the goodness of almonds and honey, creating a powerhouse combination for your skin. This body soap is a delight to use. Its creamy texture glides over your skin, smoothly enveloping it in a gentle, luxurious lather.
The almond-infused formula gently exfoliates as you cleanse, removing dead skin cells and impurities and revealing a fresh, glowing complexion underneath. Its commitment to natural and skin-loving ingredients sets this body soap apart from other natural soap. It is ideal for all skin types as it contains no harsh chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.
To experience the magic of the Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar, simply lather it up in your hands or a washcloth and gently massage it onto damp skin. The rich and moisturizing mixture cleanses, nourishes, and revitalizes your skin. Rinse thoroughly, and voila! You’ll be left with a refreshed and luminous complexion.

What are the Ingredients Used in Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar?

Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar is prepared using nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling pampered and radiant. Some of them are:
  • Almond
  • Honey
  • Shea Butter
  • Purified Water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Steric Acid
  • Milk

How can Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar Help Reviving Your Skin?

Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar is here to breathe new life into your complexion, leaving it refreshed, rejuvenated, and vitality. Here is how this magical almond soap works its wonders and revives your skin:

1. Honey

Honey is a true skincare superstar with its antimicrobial properties that help prevent pimples and breakouts. It soothes inflammation, heals existing blemishes, and promotes a clearer complexion.

2. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a luxurious ingredient that rejuvenates and revives your skin. Its deep nourishment and moisturization properties reduce dryness and dullness, leaving your skin supple and refreshed.

3. Purified Water

Purified water is a vital component that hydrates and cleanses your skin. It provides a refreshing base for the other ingredients to work their magic.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is renowned for its intense hydration abilities. It restores moisture balance to your skin, creating a protective barrier that locks in hydration, resulting in a plump and radiant complexion.

5. Castor Oil

Castor oil has antibacterial properties preventing bacterial growth on the skin. It aids in maintaining a healthy complexion by keeping acne and pimples at bay.

6. Palm Oil

Palm oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to skin rejuvenation. It helps restore elasticity, nourish the skin, and promote a youthful appearance.

7. Glycerin

Glycerin acts as a powerful humectant, attracting and retaining moisture in your skin. It revitalizes dehydrated skin, restoring its softness and smoothness.

Rejuvenate Skin With Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing Bar

Almond has long been recognized for its numerous benefits. It has essential nutrients, antioxidants, and moisturizing properties. It can effectively nourish and hydrate your skin, helping to restore its natural radiance.
Moreover, if you wish to add almonds to your daily skincare regime, then consider Natural Splash Almond Moisturizing is the best body soap that offers a range of benefits for your skin, including deep hydration, nourishment, and a rejuvenating experience. Its selected ingredients work together to leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. They also promote a healthy and radiant complexion.
So, buy this today and get youthful skin.
Source Link[naturalsplash.in]
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2023.06.09 09:21 PVLocalization Update on my journey to become a game translator + seeking further advice

Hello everyone!

About 2 months ago, I wrote a post on this sub asking for advice on how to start my career as a game translator. You can find the thread here: https://www.reddit.com/TranslationStudies/comments/128uo9h/aspiring_video_game_translator_looking_for_help/

It’s about time I updated you!

In the last 2 months I’ve contacted slightly more than 100 agencies, and these have been the results:

— Most of them didn’t even get back to me;
— About 6-7 asked for my rates, and they told me that they’ve added me to their database, but they haven’t contacted me since;
— 3 of them had me do a translation test. For one test I haven’t heard back from them yet (it’s been more than a month); I’ve passed the two other tests, but I haven’t received any projects yet (again, this was more than a month ago).

Also, I’ve noticed that agencies reply without a clear logic. For example, yesterday a friend of mine who completed the localization course with me got the chance to do a test for an agency that I had contacted 2 months ago and that hadn’t replied. Since my friend and I have basically the same CV in terms of experience, I was wondering why this is the case.
Talking about CVs, I’ve translated a couple of games to get some extra practice, including the LocJAM 5 game, which I’ve added to my CV.

All in all, I wanted to ask you the following questions:

1) Is this in line with your experience as someone starting out?
2) Considering what happened to my friend, I would like to contact again those agencies that didn’t reply at first. How much time should I wait before I do so? I was thinking about 3–4 months.
3) Can I contact again those agencies that told me they’ve added my data to their database, but I haven’t heard back from for months?

Thanks in advance!
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