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Hey stalker

2023.06.05 03:09 mywhiteflag Hey stalker

I see you, clicking "share" on my posts, trying to collect whatever you can for who knows what.
Let me tell you something. There are millions of users on Reddit. Thousands in subreddits, and hundreds going through the same ordeals nearly identical to each other.
Now, you've sent some of us harassment messages, and my guess is you've sent several other people the same. You have an unhealthy obsession and an obvious psychological problem that needs assessed. Please seek therapy. 🙏 I'm serious. You are a busy body to total strangers who you don't even know, and are of no relation to you or anyone you know. It is not healthy.
You try so hard to remain incognito, but you lurk and you copy text and you share so obsessively it is going to drive you psychotic. Seriously, get help.
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2023.06.05 03:08 liv_thelife My (21f) bf (22m) doesn’t want me to drink alcohol near strangers.

For some background, I have never been a party-24/7 type of person, but I do enjoy the occasional drink with my friends. My main friend group consists of 10 people, (5 guys, 5 girls), and we’ve been friends for 5 years. A few of the group are in relationships, including myself. We only really drink alcohol on special occasions (birthdays, new year’s, college homecoming, etc). In total, It amounts to about once every 6 weeks-ish. For example, on birthdays we’ll go out to the birthday person’s choice of bar, or whatever location they choose. For New Years, we’ll go to someone’s house and there will be a small gathering there with about 20 people.
Whenever we go out (even before dating my current bf), I never talk to anyone besides my friends. I always stay close to my group, and usually we’re at our own table or corner. I don’t flirt with anyone and have no history or intentions of being disloyal or untrustworthy. I never get super drunk, I know my limit and stay within it. I take many precautions, and I have never had any bad experiences going out with friends or otherwise.
My bf and I met a year ago, and have been dating for 9 months now. I met him through work, so he didn’t know any of my friends initially.
Since we’ve been dating I’ve invited him to every event with my friends. He declines because he doesn’t like going out and being around lots of people, which I can respect. He’s only accepted my invitation on one occasion when I told him I really wanted him to meet my friends. He came with me, but made no effort to meet or talk to any of my friends outside of me introducing him. He told me that they weren’t his vibe. He complained the rest of the night that he wasn’t having fun and wanted to leave, so we left early that night. I didn’t have a good time because I really hoped he would have fun, and I felt responsible when he didn’t. Since then, I don’t push for him to come when he declines.
If I go out without him, I have my location turned on, text him every half-hour-ish to update, let him know any time we change locations, and text when I’ve gotten home safely at the end of the night. This has worked fine for both of us up until now.
6 months into the relationship, my bf told me that he doesn’t want me drinking “around strangers” anymore. This includes bars, clubs, house parties, gatherings (even with 1 person in the room I don’t know). He told me that it has nothing to do with me specifically, just that drinking impairs judgement and he thinks that drunk strangers are unpredictable and will hurt me, and I won’t be able to defend myself because my judgement is impaired and reactions slowed, etc. He says he trusts me but doesn’t trust the environment around me. As a result, he doesn’t want me to go out the club (ever) and he says if I go to bars, house parties, gatherings, etc. I am not allowed to drink.
He’s said that I would only be allowed to drink if he is there watching me and my environment. He said it would be like having a “lookout”. He would not drink and his presence is only for the purpose of watching me and the people around me.
He says this rule is normal in relationships he’s seen but I’ve never heard of anything like this. None of my friends in relationships have to do this. He says it shouldn’t be that hard for me to give up drinking when going out, because it’s bad for me and detrimental to my health anyways. He says that drinking shouldn’t change whether I have fun with my friends or not.
Personally, I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, but I’m having a really hard time arguing my position to him without sounding like a complete alcoholic or party animal.
I’m so lost. I quite enjoy my life with my friends the way it is. I’ve talked to him about this and we always end up going in circles.
How can I go about having a productive conversation about this issue?
Please help. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.05 03:08 Fickle-Pen-2341 Questions about a breakthrough bleed on oral combination birth control

Quick question(s) to anyone who comes across this post. Thank you in advance for the long windedness of it ;)
I’ve been on Yaz for 10 months after switching from Junel Fe. Yaz immediately started working better for me in terms actually experiencing a withdraw bleed during placebo weeks and not experiencing any breakthrough bleeds. (something I experienced every month taking Junel Fe, made me crazy, constantly thought I was pregnant lmao)
That’s why last month I was surprised to find myself with typical period symptoms (cramps, tender breasts, bloating, mood changes, etc.) in the middle of my pill pack.
On day 4 or 5 of having these typical period symptoms, I had intercourse and started bleeding that night and into the next morning to the point where I needed to wear a pad. The bleeding stopped shorty after as well as all the period symptoms. I now feel back to normal.
Worth mentioning last month was very hectic and stressful. I had a big work trip, a wedding I was heavily involved in the planning of, and I moved in with my partner. I’ll admit, while it was a fun month, I was extra stressed lol. I also have started exercising more (nothing crazy) and I’ve been intermittent fasting for 3+ months and have lost about 10 lbs. I think I’m seeing why this may have occurred lol but I still would like someone to validate me.
Just wanted to ask if stress/mild weight fluctuation could have triggered this out-of-nowhere breakthrough bleed with symptoms? The back of my mind goes to this being implantation bleeding, and I’ve had these types of scares before, but I reassure myself that I am SO VERY consistent with taking the pill at nearly the same time every day. Haven’t missed a single dose. There was one morning last month where I took a pill 1-2 hours later than usual because I left my pill pack at my parents. I read though on combo BC this shouldn’t affect effectiveness. If anyone cares, let me kno your thoughts <3
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2023.06.05 03:07 Hot_Subject_1338 StarFox Alternate Timeline Story Dialogue Part I: Bill’s First Adventure & Falco’s Transformation story

Fox “I like you better without your helmet on, Bill.”
Bill “Thank you Fox! But wondering to ask, how did you receive your merman form?”
Fox “Well I tried to go scuba diving at the different world, but got hit by a sudden wave and saved by a Prince of an underwater kingdom.”
Bill “Did you see anything while being underwater?”
Fox “Well had a tour of the kingdom before meeting a king, while Krystal discovered that the Corrupted Mayor had a stolen artifact hidden from the unaware townsfolk!”
Bill “Wow! Sounds like a great adventure you had…”
Fox “Hello General Pepper, is there any new missions for us?”
General Pepper “Actually there’s no mission objectives available, so you can just go to whatever you’re planning to do.”
Fox “I was thinking of bringing Bill along to see the underwater kingdom.”
Bill Grey “I don’t know if I should go with you and I might just drown when going there.”
Fox “Don’t worry, Bill! Andorf can open a portal for us and Slippy can give you a modified diving suit to wear.”
Bill “Well I guess I can come with you then…”
General Pepper “This will be your first exploration adventure to the underwater environment, so I will be waiting to debrief you later!”
Bill “Thank you General! Are you ready… Fox?” startled to see merman Fox
Fox “I’m already prepared and ready to go for a swim!”
Slippy “Hey Falco, how was the underwater excavation?”
Falco “Oh, we found some interesting artifacts at the underwater ruins, and Leon was helpful fending off those sneaky thieves!”
Leon “Happy to help out my partner and I’m still envious about your merman form…”
Female Lombax “I’m glad you were able to help them, my love!”
Leon “And I’m guessing you found your new beloved girlfriend from the enemy’s stronghold?”
Falco “Yes Leon! She does almost look familiar to Katt, but she is still perfect for me.”
Leon “If you’re done hugging her, how did you become a merman?”
Falco “Morning after visiting Fox at the Warlord’s floating fortress yesterday night, I took one of the dark-crafted smoke bombs from Maku’s apartment.”
Slippy “He brought five smoke bombs back from the visited seaside city. You must’ve taken one for personal reasons!?”
Falco “Yeah, sorry about that Slippy…”
Leon “So what happened after you took one of the smoke bombs?”
Falco “Well, I went to the beach shore near Corneria and was waiting for a few soldiers to arrive. Few minutes later as they arrived, I threw down the smoke bomb that released a transformation mist in a mile round radius.”
Slippy “What happens next?”
Falco “When the mist was released and spread out quickly from the smoke bomb, our uniforms were quickly shredded into pieces and we were instantly transformed into mermen. It’s like a sudden tsunami washing over our bodies as it twists and merges our legs into fishtails below our waists.”
Slippy “It’s just like what Maku described when he saw the human civilians transform into merfolk!”
Falco “That’s right! We couldn’t stand back up, but quickly crawled into the shallow water of the beach shoreline. Then, I used my functioning wrist communicator to call for transport to the Tower Headquarters.”
Leon “Did you ever have second thoughts before deciding to transform into a merman?”
Falco “Not really, but I did have an infiltration plan to get into the enemy’s underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold.”
Slippy “Maku debriefed us about your situation and crazy idea!”
Falco “So moments later after Maku arrived at the Tower h.q., I explained my infiltration plan to the frustrated young wolf. Then one of the servants of the Shredder slipped a stealth sleeve on my right arm and buckled a slave collar around my neck.”
Leon “You wanted to look like a captured slave? Interesting…”
Falco “After being carried to a fountain at a high populated area in the city, I asked Maku and the silent servant to find a high hidden place to observe from.”
Leon “Guessing you don’t want them to be seen or the plan won’t work easily, right?”
Falco “Yeah, the Abductors will flee from capture when they walk into a big ambush!”
Leon “So, what happened next?”
Falco “With the General’s soldiers fake sleeping at the city, the Octillean soldiers came through the portal throwing dark magic crafted smoke bombs at the fleeing civilians. While they are collecting the transformed Cornerian victims, one of the Octillean soldiers found me already prepared and waiting in the fountain’s shallow pool.”
Leon “So he picked you up and carried you through the portal to the underwater stronghold?”
Falco “Yes, I was carried into the underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold before the transformed Cornerian soldiers and civilians came through the portal to be sorted into different prison rooms.”
Leon “Okay, so what happened after that?”
Falco “After arriving at their underwater smuggling hideout, the dark Octillean mastermind recognized the enemy in front of him and appointed me as his observation guest. Good thing I didn’t get killed and I got my own private bedroom within the underwater smuggling shipwreck stronghold.”
Leon “I’m guessing you also met your new girlfriend while exploring the underwater stronghold?”
Falco “Yeah, but I’ll tell you that story for another time. Anyway, where did Fox went from here?”
Slippy “He went to Maku’s underwater kingdom with Bill, so they’ll be back at HQ later.”
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2023.06.05 03:06 shabbyshot Looking at 970.1 Turbo - talk me out of it

So I found a Panamera Turbo, comes with full service records, supposedly meticulously maintained- interior is absolutely perfect not even a wrinkle on the leather. Exterior paint definitely looks good as well, no rash on the rims.
I'm going to look at the car (and records) this week.
47k mi, Warranty available at extra cost, not looked at it yet, even still I would be fine without (based on what I read that goes wrong with these).
I like the colour, I love the style of the 970, and I love the buttons, not nearly enough if you ask me.
I've not driven it yet, and in fact haven't driven any Porsche Turbo yet but I've heard I won't be disappointed when I do.
Any wisdom as to why I shouldn't buy this car?
I've not seen the carfax yet but won't purchase unless it's clean.
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2023.06.05 03:06 godketo Looking for recommendation on latero/ dent repair

Hello. Earlier this morning I was hit by a motorcycle. Medyo malakas tama cause basag headlights niya. He was speeding when I was making a left turn. I know it's his fault kasi nakahinto na yung jeep and other motorcycle sa left side ko and dahan dahan ako lumiliko kasi masikip yung kanto na papasukan ko. I was driving an SUV so imposible di niya ko nakita. Also this place is a school zone so may pedestrian before the kanto.
Anyway, I don't have much experience in repair shops since sa casa madalas kami nagpapagawa and no major repairs so far like this one. This car was just a hands me down from my brother, who is now working abroad. I was browsing in google for shops and I saw Reynaldos Car Care in Sumulong Highway. Is this shop legit? Does anyone have experience getting repairs from them? And lastly, can anyone recommend other repair shops in QC? I live near Commonwealth for reference.
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2023.06.05 03:05 okrrrnowwhat Thank you every active member in this sub for helping me uphold NC

Pretty much the title. Life is very stressful and in my most tired moments I miss my exwBPD terribly. I'm 99% sure if I went back he would take me, and in the past reminding myself of his behavior wasn't adequate to keep me away. Blame general abuse, sleep deprivation, gaslighting, and that cycling the thought in my mind that he was absolutely unreasonable made me feel like I was exaggerating. The external validation I get in this sub is keeping me afloat.
Thank you all for the consistent reminders of why being near him in any capacity is a terrible idea. Its current moments like these where I have to remember that I essentially need to treat myself like someone recovering from substance abuse.
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2023.06.05 03:05 harmony-rose I hope this doesn't cause a stir, but can we just agree (or agree to disagree) that homeschooling can be a great thing if done right, but is also not for every family or child?

I'm in De. and the only thing you have to do is sign an attendance sheet at the end of the year. I love that because it gives us the freedom to go at our own pace. My daughter showed an interest in chemistry for a few years, so in science that's all what we've been learning. That's one of the beauties of homeschool, you can learn what you're interested in while still learning the needed subjects and you can do so at your own pace. And with youtube videos and different book, it was fun to learn along side her the things I may have forgotten about or didn't know myself.
She knows some pop culture (she's only 11) like stranger things, disney movies, and knows damn near every song on the radio. Needless to say, she wouldn't have any problem fitting in if she were to go to p.s.
The Duggars break my heart entirely. I'm still wondering how they learned to read and do basic math under Gothard teachings. They are completely disconnected to the outside world and think what they have been told is the God honest truth, so doesn't think there is a need to search for it (the truth). Even if they did wanted to do their own research they wouldn't know how to cause they don't know how to use the internet. A lot of them, under Gothard not just the Duggars, don't even know what google is. This is one instance where cps needs to get involved and one where homeschooling is not the best option.
My only hope is that Jill and Jinger, if they do homeschool, get curriculums that are secular, or at least doesn't have too much focus on God and christianity. Maybe like me, they too can learn aside their child and have fun while doing it.
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2023.06.05 03:05 cake_eat_er Did I get scammed by my jeweler? If so, what remedies do I have?

In January 2019, I bought an engagement ring for my then girlfriend / now wife. I paid almost $10k for the diamond itself (F VS2, triple excellent, ideal cut) and around $3k for the ring (has 10 smaller diamonds on the side)
A month ago, one of the side diamonds on the ring fell out. This is the second time that a side stone has fallen out btw. Thankfully, the first time around, I found the side stone, and the original jeweler re-set it. This most recent time around though, we didn't find the side stone, so we went through our insurance company.
I take it to Diamonds Direct (they were NOT my original jeweler), and they tell me that the ring is porous, which is why the side stones keep falling out. So they tell me they'll need to completely remake / clone the ring. They also run the GIA report for the main diamond, and show it to me. (I had no idea GIA reports were a thing until Diamonds Direct told me about them. I didn't get one w/my original purchase).
The GIA report says the diamond is I SI1 (excellent, very good, very good). That is totally different than what I thought I bought (F VS2, triple excellent, ideal cut). The only thing that's the same is the carat weight.
My original receipt from 4.5 years ago shows that I bought a "F-VS2 round diamond" but it doesn't say anything about the stone being "triple excellent" or "ideal cut." I actually wrote the words "Triple excellent, ideal cut" on my receipt b/c I wanted to remember what I bought.
I also have an appraisal from my original jeweler that says the same thing as the receipt (A X.XCT Round diamond, F in color, VS2 in clarity), but it doesn't make any reference to the cut grade/polish/symmetry of the diamond.
So my question is this: did I get scammed? Are jewelers allowed to use their own color and clarity numbers when the diamond has been graded by the GIA? If so, how can they sell me an F color when it was graded as an I color?
Do I have any legal remedies here?
Side note: I haven't called the original jeweler yet, b/c they haven't been open since I discovered all of this information <24 hours ago.
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2023.06.05 03:03 Impulsive_Explosion Does it ever get better?

TLDR: married for almost 5 yr, together almost 6, spent two years apart, been home and have experienced DB for 19 months. She’s approaching 40 and I’m in my mid 20’s. Is it over???
I have been with my partner for almost six years (married for nearly five: M24 & F39) and to put a really long story short, our sex life is nearly non existent. The first year, I was a month shy of 19, we used to have sex every single day, often multiple times. A year into it we hit a really rough patch that lasted about a year due to a really poor decision I made that sent me away for two years, but for context, we got married a month AFTER the incident happened (involved in a shooting that happened where no one was hit) By year four, I was home, life was good, our love and communication and everything was stronger than ever… except, we lived in a studio with two of her older kids and one younger. We had a big curtain blocking our side from theirs so it was minimal privacy and I was understanding, but she still found excuses not to do so, even with the offer of me paying for the hotel room. I’ve been home a year and a half and we moved into a new place with our own bedroom seven months ago - we’ve made love once. So for perspective, in the last four years we’ve had sex about as many fingers as I have on my hands. I’m not egotistical, but I also know I’m not terribly bad looking. I also know that I am the type of lover who makes sure their partners needs are met, meaning she finished too.
She turns forty this month and she’s said it’s not that she finds me unattractive, but she just doesn’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s her age or if it’s because she’s checked out… She has said that if we don’t work out, she’s done with love (I’m husband #3) and I’m starting to think she might already be done with love. There’s no intimacy. No making out, no flirting, no spark, no desire, no interest.. nothing. I don’t know if over the two years I was away if she just got used to not needing to meet a spouses needs or what, but she works from home and doesn’t shower or shave much anymore, which is another reason she’d turn down advances because she was worried about her smell. When I first came home, it happened once. Then it was only the day after her period when she’d shower, we’d have sex, and then nothing and that happened a few times but then that stopped. Now it’s nothing and we’ve become roommates with rings. It’s depressing and kills me because I remember what it felt like to feel and BE wanted, but now, that’s all it is: a distant memory. I’m worried that I’m gonna wake up one day and be in my 30’s with a DB and by the time we go our separate ways, I will have lost all my youthful years and have a whole different list of problems and obstacles I’ll be dealing with. Is this something that can be fixed with time? Is this premenopausal issues? Does it get better?? Has anyone went from DEAD to ALIVE??
It’s not like my marriage is awful - it’s just missing a really crucial piece that has me feeling empty and insecure inside… had I known this was going to be the outcome, I don’t think I would have gotten married when I did. Part of me wonders if the damage I caused is the reason she doesn’t want me, but I don’t know, because she says otherwise and does in fact love and support me. Is this inevitable with age? Someone help. I don’t know what to think, how long this will last, or what the fuck to do anymore. 😞
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2023.06.05 03:03 wildinflowers Help regarding house finch fledglings!

Hiii! I need someone experienced in house finch behavior to let me know if I seriously messed up because I’m feeling awful and panicking. We had a house finch nest in a bush outside our window for the past week that I’ve noticed them. I loved watching them grow and hearing their little peeps when momma bird would come and bring them food. I even put up a bird feeder to make it easier for her. Well today I was outside doing some yard work and noticed that the house finches in my yard were chirping like crazy and flying around. Then I see one of the babies about 20 feet from the nest hopping on the ground. It’s parents were flying frantically over it. I thought maybe it was knocked out of its nest so I picked it up and put it back in it’s nest and then noticed that the other 2 were gone as well and the nest was empty. I looked around and then saw the parents flying in circles farther away near my neighbors yard and saw another of the babies hopping in the ground. But this time when I tired to get it it actually flew! Only short distances, but it managed to get itself into a tree. Then the third baby I saw glide from a tree with its parents into the street. But then all it did was hop and a car came and almost hit it and all it could do was hop and fly/hop to the grass. So that one I caught and put back in the nest with the first one I had caught. Here’s where I’m nervous that I went wrong though: the whole time the parents were panicking and flying around above. I thought once I put them back in the nest the parents would come back once everything settled down even though the third baby was missing. But my husband said they were learning to fly and I just kidnapped them and essentially killed them now bc they’re lost from their parents. BUT then about 40 min later the momma bird came back to the nest…. But the baby birds were gone!!! And now the birds are still flying around frantically and chirping and the poor momma bird looks so distressed. Did I just doom these little birds, traumatize the mother bird, and prevent any birds from ever nesting near my house again 😭?
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2023.06.05 03:02 ThinVast Witcher 3 one of the most boring games I've ever played.

Heard this game get praised to almighty heaven so many times like no other games. I attempted to play the game 2 times when it first came out. Then decided to give the game another chance once the next gen version was out. Made myself finish the game in 40 hours and I can say it wasn't worth finishing the game at all.
One of the main things I can't stand about the game is the amount of dialogue interactions and cutscenes. So much talking back and forth. Character A: blah blah blah. Then Character B: blah blah blah and so on back and forth. stfu and let me play the game. I don't give a damn about watching tons of cutscenes and dialogue in a game. The only game that should have tons of dialogue back and forth is if you are trying to play telltale game which its main purpose is storytelling. The problem with witcher 3 is that it attempts to be storytelling game while having subpar gameplay mechanics. If you don't care that much about the "storytelling" in witcher 3, aka all the cutscenes and dialogue, the gameplay won't keep you hooked to finish the game. ai/movement is garbage and combat is dull. Let's be honest, majority of people who praise the witcher 3 game do so because of the story. Everybody agrees the gameplay is not as entertaining and could be much better. In fact, a majority of people who like the witcher 3 also like reading the novels. They play the game because they just like the story and lore in witcher 3 not because the actual gameplay is fun. I couldn't care less about how good the storytelling is if the gameplay is jank.
Now let's talk about the "storytelling" part. I know people say they like the witcher 3 because of the "storytelling" but I did not find what was so spectactular about the storytelling. In fact I believe the storytelling isn't even that strong. For instance, in the beginning of the game in velen, the game doesn't do a good job explaining who the Wild Hunt is, why they are after Ciri, and why it's so important to keep going after Ciri. After all, the main campaign is to find that special girl. I guess I was supposed to read the books to understand this?? Beginning of the game should be strong so someone can get hooked in and keep playing which the Witcher 3 doesn't. I keep hearing people say, "but it gets better when you get to the Baron part or when you play the DLC or when you play a 2nd time." Nobody says you should keep watching a movie if it only gets better near the middle. The same applies for games. Anyway, the game didn't even click for me despite finishing the entire game. I was trying to finish the game because I kept deluding myself that it will get better since people keep praising it as one the best game of all time. To my frustration, I finished the game but did not wholly enjoy it.
To add on, I don't really care about doing sidequests in a game and don't care how much content or how long the game is. People also praise the witcher because they say " it has 100+ hours of quality content". That's way too long for my taste. Part of the reason I didn't like so many cutscenes/dialogue is because it made the game go on too long for me. I like to finish a game in one sitting or over the weekend. I don't like having to take a break, play the game again and try to remember where I left off. It's okay if the sidequests are optional and add an extra 80 hours, but the main campaign goes on waayy to long and forces you to do some sidequests.
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2023.06.05 03:02 thebananahotdog [Brian Burke] on Brad Treliving, from Burke's autobiography:

"...Brad owns a couple of Boston Pizza outlets himself, and he stands to inherit millions and millions of dollars someday. But still, he’s got a tremendous work ethic. When I was an assistant GM, I was known for always being on the road, turning up in one rink after another to scout players. But Brad may have outdone me. You’d see him at a college rink one day, then the next day you’d walk into an AHL rink, and he’d already be there. He worked like a dog. When the league was running the Phoenix Coyotes and Brad was part of the front office, Bill Daly used to rave about him, talking about how much he had his shit together.
"So, Brad was a great hire for us, not just in terms of his hockey IQ, but his values as well. He’s a good family guy. He’s fair with players and employees. He has a really big heart to go with a really big brain. He’s a joy to work with—we still text or talk to each other nearly every other day. We also have a similar vision of what winning hockey looks like. Brad doesn’t like it quite as crude as I like it, and he thinks the style of game I like is outdated—and to be fair, there’s some truth to that. But he’s a terrific person, and in Calgary we formed a very strong partnership."
Burke, Brian; Brunt, Stephen. Burke's Law (p. 278-279). Penguin Canada. Kindle Edition.
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2023.06.05 03:02 Different_Ad_8779 My (32M, gay) husband (42M, gay) invites mutual friend (21M, closeted bi curious) to camp with us. Husband wonders if friend is trying to have a threesome with us.

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We’ve been exclusive since the start. As time has gone on, his sex drive has dropped tremendously, which he is incredibly self-conscious about. It bothers me, but hey, we love each other and when we do have sex, it’s always great. Overall, my husband is very body-negative, and hypercritical of how he looks. He won’t even walk around without a shirt on inside our home. I’m the opposite. I’ll walk around the house nearly nude because he says he likes ir when I do, and I legitimately don’t care about being seen nude! My husband is very ‘vanilla’ when it comes to sex and has never had more than 1 partner in an encounter. I’m more adventurous (toys, etc) and have been involved in a couple of group encounters (none at all since we got together, and I’m ok with that). Cutting to the chase, we own a beautiful rural property about an hour from our home. We frequently invite friends and family to join us for camp outs, and always have a great time. Sometimes it’s just us, sometimes there’s 2-3 additional families/groups camping with us. A mutual friend/acquaintance of ours mentioned he likes to camp, so of course, my husband extended an invite. This friend is a college kid who we’ve known for several years, and he’s a great guy. He and my husband were texting back and forth about the property, and the friend brought up how he likes to sunbathe nude with his friends he usually camps with (male and female) and asked if there was anywhere on the property he could. My husband told him that there’s plenty of space and that if he wants, he was sure I’d join him. The friend replied that he’d try not to get aroused if I joined him. My husband started to wonder if the friend was trying to hint that he’s interested in us. Husband asked me if I’m ok with possibly doing something with the friend, to which I replied that I’m fine with it only if he (my husband) was ok with it too. I told my husband my limits with an outsider, and that our limits/ground rules needed to be made clear if we start to move toward any sexual activity with the friend. In this entire situation, my husband has been the one to make the suggestion that something might happen with the friend, and I’ve only responded with my potential interest. Sure, the thought of having a third join us for some fun is a bit arousing for me, and I made that clear to my husband. I also made it clear that I don’t want to have sex with the friend alone out there, and only wanted it if my husband was willing to join in. It won’t bother me if nothing happens while we’re camping. While I’m open to the idea, I don’t want anyone feeling pressured at all into doing something they don’t want to do, whether it’s myself, my husband, or our friend. At the same time, I wonder if an experience like this might help my husband break out of his shell and be more positive about himself, his body, and maybe even jumpstart his sex drive a bit?! Has anyone else experienced a similar situation where their SO has created the situation, hinted at your willingness to join, and then gotten to the verge of backing out while you sit there caught in the middle?
TL;DR Husband invites mutual acquaintance/friend to camp with us. Friend is a horny college student who just discovered he is bicurious. Husband and I both find friend incredibly attractive. Husband dropped hints to me that friend wants to have sex with us. Husband liked the idea at first, but seems skeptical now. I don’t care either way. If we’re all consenting, I don’t view it as an intruder into our relationship, husband struggles to grasp that concept.
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2023.06.05 03:01 throwRAboyfrnd My (23F) boyfriend (26M) threatened my abusive father and now my friends and family are convinced he's bad for me.

Hi, I kinda need an objective perspective and advice from people that weren't involved. And asking random strangers on the internet seems as good a place as any. Sorry if this is a little long.
So some background; My father(?), Matt, and I have never gotten along well. In fact he hates me. I'm the product of an affair my mother had years ago. He did forgive her and as far I know they've had a fine-ish relationship since. My childhood was hell. My siblings got whatever they wanted. I didn't. Nothing I ever did was good enough, and I'd constantly be berated and insulted, but never anything physical. All my past relationships also went tits up in part because of him.
Due to all this I moved out as soon as I turned 18 and went minimum contact. (Minimum because I still loved my Mom, so inevitably I'd sometimes get in contact with him.)
When I was 21, I met and fell in love with my current boyfriend. We live together. The man has become my rock. He's helped build up my self-esteem and self-worth. He's caring, supportive, loving, handsome, and I find it difficult if not impossible to find any flaws.
A thing I've noticed early on is that he never gets angry. NEVER. (Important later.) For things that will 100% piss off anyone, he'll only get mildly annoyed, say something like "it can't be helped" or "such is life". Apparently it's because he practices something called taoism.
Over the last two years he's only met Matt a few times briefly, but he gets along with my mother and other relatives.
Hopefully that's enough backstory.
Now, the weekend two weeks back my mother invited us to a get-together with the entire family to celebrate my older sister's 30'th birthday.
I immediately declined, foreseeing a horrible outcome. You see, a thing about Matt is, he only gets courage to REALLY speak his mind when he's had a few drinks. Sober, it's mostly snarky remarks and pettiness. So given this history and the fact that I know there'll be alcohol at this event, I did NOT want to be anywhere near that vicinity.
But my mother was super insistent. Emphasizing how important it was to my sister that I be there. So with that, along with my boyfriend's assurance that he'll keep me safe if I wanted to go, regrettably, I caved.
So we went.
The first half was alright. I avoided that thing like the plague, and he stayed away from me. My sister and her husband looked so good and happy together. It was great to catch up with my grandparents and family members I haven't seen in a long time.
While I was getting lost dancing in my boyfriend's arms and talking, I felt really good and was happy we came.
After the dance though, my boyfriend excused himself and asked me if he could quickly go grab something from the car. I was a bit reluctant because we'd parked in a lot quite a distance away.
But I reckoned since Matt hasn't pulled any shit yet, he probably won't do anything. So let my boyfriend go.
As soon as he left, my mother and aunt approached me while Matt was kinda just lurking nearby. We talked about miscellaneous things and I was gushing about my boyfriend. My mother started asking about marriage and future kids. As a side note; none of my siblings or I had kids yet. That's when Matt for the first time, opened his mouth. "It would be good to finally have grandkids, even if they are from someone like you."
I should have just ignored it like all the other times he said shit about me, that was my mistake. I said something like "Keep dreaming old man, my children won't ever be near someone like you."
He gave me this look and said "what the fuck did you just say to me?"
I said "You fucking heard me." Then he tried to start with his usual insults, but I cut him off. I don't know what got into me, if i was just tipsy or what, but for the first time I spoke up for myself. I really layed into him about what a pathetic excuse for a father he was for treating me like he did my whole life, what a spineless hypocritical loser he was for always spouting crap about forgiveness when he always treated me like shit for something can't control. (he always liked to brag about what a better man he was for forgiving a cheating wife.)
Before I could say anymore, he grabbed by the shoulders, and violently started shaking me while shouting in my face, "Who are you talking to? You thing you can fucking talk to me like? You're nothing. Nothing! Your mother should have killed you before you were born!"
I burst into tears.
Nobody was doing anything to help me. I don't know if they were in shock or what, but I was really scared about what this lunatic would do.
That's when my boyfriend came back.
"Matthew!" he shouted. Everything went quiet. "What do you think you're doing?" Matt just froze and before he could respond, my boyfriend continued. "Let go of her now, or I'll fucking kill you."
It's hard to describe, but the look of fury in his face, and that coldness in his voice was really fucking terrifying. Everyone there including me, fully believed him. I don't know how, but it didn't come across like those bullshit threats people sometimes make. He was going kill him.
Matt looked about ready to shit himself. He dropped me like I was electrocuting him, and slowly backed away with his hands up.
My boyfriend didn't even have a weapon or anything, he was just glaring at him. Then he looked at me and his face softened. He held out his hand, and my own paralysis wore off. I ran into his arms, sobbing all the way back to our place.
He held me in bed as I asked him over and over again why did he leave me? He just kept apologizing with tears in his eyes. I finally asked what was so important that he had to get from the car. He gave me a sad smile and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box.
I just said "Yes, yes, yes!" as I cried again. I was just an emotional sobbing mess but was so happy something good at least came out of that day.
Now this is where things get a little crazy. For the next two weeks my mother, and other family members have been blasting my phone with messages concerned for my safety .
You see, while they agree that that thing was out of line, the situation has been twisted into my boyfriend being a psychopath. He is not! There's been a bunch of failed interventions, they even got some of my friends involved, and the police were even called once. Apparently no one can just switch personalities like that, that was the real him, he'll hurt me eventually, bla bla bla...
The whole thing has been stressing me out, and I've had several breakdowns. I don't even have the energy to be happy about my engagement. Sometimes I've even been questioning it myself. Are they right? Will he hurt me? I've never seen him like that, and for a moment it did scare me as well. But for fucks sake he just saw his girlfriend get attacked by someone, and now that fact has just been slid under the rug and forgotten by everyone.
My boyfriend even picked up on it and said he'll understand if I want us to take a break. I nearly broke down again and assured him he's the love of my life and I'll never leave him.
But now I'm just so fucking confused and can't think straight. The stress is killing me, and every time I think even for a second if everyone is right and I'm just seeing through rose tinted glasses, the guilt starts crushing me. It's all just getting too heavy.
What can I do? What advice can you all give me? Is there something I'm missing? Is everyone just gaslighting me? But for what reason?
If I can just get some guidance, advice, anything really, I'd deeply appreciate it. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 03:01 xHeartbre_ak_erx Kh and Gh questions

Hi! I currently have amanos, a mystery snail, and a betta.
I was going to get neos but I recently checked my water and I noticed the parameters are high. I've read it causes molt failures, but so far my amanos seem to be molting perfectly fine and I'm worried that if I got neos they may struggle.
Gh is around 120 Kh is between 180-300
I'm using strips since the api kh and gh test isn't available near me (I have the api master kit though)
Will these parameters hurt any of my current residents and my potential future ones?
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2023.06.05 03:00 REMA5TER Greatest day of my collecting life. Discovered a toy shop in my town has a basement filled with HW.. filled 3 of my 5 remaining grails.. unbelievable.

Greatest day of my collecting life. Discovered a toy shop in my town has a basement filled with HW.. filled 3 of my 5 remaining grails.. unbelievable.
I've been searching for a reliable spot near me for a while and drove a ways to check out two new places that were completely dry. Came home dejected but then spotted a toy place literally down the street that I live on.. turns out the owners true passion is Hot Wheels and he has an entire basement filled from floor to ceiling with everything.. the latest and 20+ year old mainlines, supers, premiums, even RLCs!! I went home with THREE of my bucket list cars, including the CP77 911 (930) that I never thought I would score, as I don't purchase from online scalperesellers. I'm genuinely pinching myself. This is THE dream.. Here goes my bank account...
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2023.06.05 02:59 celestialsaturnn [A4A] Roleplay partner search

Howdy there! I’m Ivan, a queer 18 year old artist/roleplayer!! Recently I’ve been feeling super inspired to write with my ocs, it’s been a big minute since I’ve had a good roleplay going. 18+ tho, no minors. ❗️
I only roleplay with original characters, I’ve never really been into canon roleplays heh.
All of the ocs I use for roleplaying atm are male and apart of the lgbtqia community! Me being queer I typically do non straight rps, gotta love fruity characters!! All of my ocs have drawn faceclaims that I created for em that I can send over >:]
Please keep this in mind if you’re interested in roleplaying with me, I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of experience writing. I’ve been writing since I was young, I would say I’m a literate to novella roleplayer. Though ngl I tend to get inspired really easily and tend up typing a lot- I’ve always been super passionate about my ocs heheh. So please give me effort back, be similar in literacy. Also! I’m usually down to make new characters by scratch, that’s always fun!
Like I mentioned I'm pretty passionate about my ocs, I tend to ramble and gush about em a lot. I'm a talkative fella, that's for sure! Over the years and different experiences I've had rping with other people, I've noticed that nearly 100% of the time it's a lot easier for me to enjoy and have fun roleplaying when my partners are cool with ooc chatting!!
I enjoy a lot of different genres/plots, I'm fairly open but I do adore fantasy, supernatural, romance, angst, sci-fi, and occasionally slice of life. Tbh, just my preference but I really like adding romance into the roleplay in some shape or form!! With that said, I don't mean that it's gonna be the entire plot pffft. I love slowburn, I hate rushing things bc it usually ends up getting boring quicker :<
Also! Something I'm gonna clarify just so ya know, my characters are typically switches. Not necessarily (you know what) but in general. We won't work if your characters are overly dominant or submissive, no thanks homie.
Anyways! My timezone rn is est, and I don't have a lot going on at the moment so my replies should be fairly frequent depending. So, don't be shy to send me a message! I'm pretty laid back and friendly heh. ♡
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2023.06.05 02:59 Plus3d6 Lost Dog Near Me, PM if you know her.

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2023.06.05 02:58 bug_mama_G Two inexpensive stock stack pieces. Finding these two simple mois rings means the world to me.

Two inexpensive stock stack pieces. Finding these two simple mois rings means the world to me.
The twist band is for reminding me of the unwavering support of a loved one, and the four stone ring is for my 4 children!
Finding this sub has been a lot of fun, but it’s also let me explore beautiful jewelry that makes me happy in a way I never expected.
Also, shoutout to my doggo Duke for providing the velvet backdrop.
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2023.06.05 02:57 dressinbrass Being able to say "Thank You"

The last like, eight years of my life have been this weird mix of really good things happening, but with this undercurrent of everything being terrible. My family (brother, sister, parents, etc) are all estranged from each other in various capacities, and I've just felt kind of.. untethered because of that, and rethinking a lot of my past.
The National got me through a lot. A bad election, family dysfunction, seeing my kids grow up, a pandemic and the emergence from it.
Quiet Light, Where is Her Head, Dark Side of the Gym, Once Upon a Poolside, Your Mind is Not Your Friend, Not in Kansas, Send for Me, Light Years... it goes on and on.
All of these really helped, because it was nice knowing that even in loneliness I wasn't really alone. Just over the hill from me, by the beach, someone else was also up at 5AM, watching the sky turn from black to grey. Like a baby.
At the LA show, second night, for various reasons I got to go to a pre-show and after-show thing. I haven't really met Matt before (even though we've crossed paths, and have a few mutual friends), but I saw him with Carin and decided to say hi. And say "thank you."
Thank you for being frank about things, for writing them down, for putting them into words and music. Thanks for sticking with it, for being honest, for pushing through and surviving, because it helped me do the same.
Then we talked about our mutual friends, our kids graduating middle school, and he was lovely and kind (as are the other guys). But it felt good to just say thank you. I think too often we treat art as this abstract thing, or a thing that we enjoy. But art is a refraction of the artist through our own lens, and in some cases the work for an artist to exercise those demons is near fatal or too much to bear for them, as good as it is for us.
It was nice to be able to tell the artist: thanks for letting everything out, so I could take it in, and through that keep going. On with the show.
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2023.06.05 02:57 captain_fl I wish I wasn’t found when I overdosed

I accidentally overdosed on pressed fentanyl pills thinking that they were legitimate pills about a year ago. I was found and was given narcan so I made it. I had been in denial about my addiction and didn’t care if I lived or died. Afterwards, I spiraled further and ended up going to rehab and eventually turned my life around. I got on meds for my mental health issues, got a new job, and tried to be optimistic about the future.
Everything has been a living hell since then. All of my relationships with friends and family have fallen apart. I cut my father out of my life for the things he’s done to me and my siblings, lost a friend who screwed me over and nearly left me homeless, my sister fucked the person I was trying to be in a relationship with and now I lost my two best friends and my sister.
I spend every day alone. All I do is go to work and go home and I can barely afford to live. I don’t feel like I can trust anyone anymore after being betrayed by everyone closest to me. I have tried so hard to stay positive and stay sober throughout all of this and I just don’t want to do it anymore. I just keep going back to thinking about the overdose and I wish I had just been allowed to die. Living like this doesn’t feel like living and I just don’t see what it is that I’m trying for.
I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired.
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