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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2023.06.07 00:26 glassglacier What is the worst station & why is it truck delivery? 📦🚛

Personally I don’t hate it. I love a few hours just hauling boxes and chillin’ in the freezer, but it seems apart from me and literally one other person, everyone hates it. Not even the managers want to go neasupervise it.
Sure it’s manual labour, but it becomes draining when we have no-one. A new hire specifically for truck ghosted us after doing it twice and another is desperately trying to get off it leaving only myself and two other permanent crew. That might sound ok, but we’re a big fucking store and there’s so much shit to carry… 😮‍💨
I’m envious of the “my feet hurt” posts because as I’ve adapted to that, now I have to deal with my arms feeling like spaghetti whenever people don’t show up for truck!
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2023.06.07 00:15 worldbeverageliquor Liquor Store - 2Liquor Store Near Me Late Hour Liquor Store Best Liquor Store Top Liquor Store Beer Store

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2023.06.07 00:13 GC-FLIGHT Tram guidance and useful apps

Hi fellows visitors in my hometown !😄👋 Just a quick post which might be handy for commuters in Le Mans :
Local tram app:
Seek Setram on your app store (app may be switched to english)
App shows Guidance and schedule for commuting between town and city
There are 2 lines (T1 & T2)
Main tram line leading to circuit is T1 with directions label "Antarès" and you may want to stop at the line terminus "Antares Stade Marie Marvingt" This leads to the 24H east entrance.
T1 trams showing "Université" are the opposite way getting from circuit to town.
Last return Trams till friday included will be around midnight and around 1:am for friday
Sat / Sunday trams run all night !
Single ticket is 1.5 € ( one hour validity / as many trips on the network during this time)
Return ticket is 4.2 € (1 day validity / as many trips on the network during this time)
Tickets available on mostly every stop from automatic dispensers (Card and contactless payment accepted) and special booths opened at train station and Tram terminus near circuit.
Also be sure to seek and install the app "24H Le Mans Experience" which is the official guiding/Events app (Editor : SSP ACO)
Hope this helps ! Have a great day here for the centenary's race ! 🏎️🏁
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2023.06.07 00:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Lost Ruins, Lone Fungus, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.06.06 23:59 jupitercitylightss Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code

Go to this page for Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.06 23:52 Present-Hope4502 Update to my husband is cheating on me with my best friend

Hello everyone, I’m here with the much awaited update.

For my typing sake I’m going to give everyone (fake) names so for context
MIL & FIL: Ruth and Joe
EX-bff parents: Angie and Bob
Ex bff- Jess
STBX - Tyler
Ex bffs brother- Jake
And I’ll just refer to my dad as dad.

I have a few things I want to get through so I’ll just summarize as best as I can and if you have any questions I’ll answer in the comments.

To get this out of the way because to me it feels important. Yesterday I scheduled a same day appointment with my OBGYN and got tested for just about every STD/STI out there. I got the results for most back and they were all negative. There’s a few that take up to two weeks to get the results back for, so I’ll be waiting on those.

When I met with my lawyer I brought everything on my end financially wise, including the wills from both my dad and my mom and I managed to get my hands on his financial documents. He stores his in his office in a locked box. I also brought over everything we had set up financially for my children. While I’m not totally sure if it’s everything I am pretty confident I got most of it. My lawyer was happy I managed to get my hands on that much. Ruth even handed over her will to me from both her and Bob to ensure I was taken care of in the divorce. My lawyer understands I am wanting a divorce immediately, however she wants to make sure she is thorough and isn’t missing any key info. So hopefully I’ll have actual divorce papers to give him in about 30 days. I’m not rushing her though, I’m letting the professional do her job.

Now for the sit down. I asked Angie and Ruth to describe everything in detail on what happened. Angie, the revenge seeker that she is, forced them to sit through a SLIDE SHOW she put together of all of the texts. I know a lot of you were concerned about one of them telling them sooner than later but they were so secretive they didn’t even tell their significant others about what was happening. Once the slide show ended Tyler tried lunging for Jess and Joe actually had to force him to sit down. Tyler was shouting profanities at Jess and telling her she will “regret this”. Jess started crying and begging her parents for forgiveness. Bob looked his daughter in the eye and told her he will never forgive her for this, blood or not she is no daughter of his. He didn’t raise his daughter to be this person. Jess was always a daddy’s girl so I think that cut her pretty deep. Jess is in the middle of a divorce herself and her parents were giving her money for her lawyer and they told her she is cut off from them both financially and physically.

Tyler’s dad was irate. According to Ruth he looked like he was holding back on throttling him. From there Tyler went straight home. I know because we have a ring doorbell camera along with a few cameras in the house for our kids to keep an eye on them when we aren’t right next to them. Tyler came home and saw that most of mine and the kids stuff was gone and he lost it. Started yelling and throwing things. The house is now trashed with a few holes in the walls for decoration. When he didn’t find us there he went to my dads. While I did spend most of the day he was at work packing and moving things into my dads house, we were already at his cabin. Tyler took a baseball bat to my dads door trying, and failing, to break it down. My dads neighbor actually called the cops on him and he was arrested. His parents refuse to bail him out.

I had an appointment with my therapist today, I’ve had one for a year now since I was struggling with my dad, and it felt good to just cry it out and let everything out about how I was feeling. It was very helpful and she gave me a few tools to work through my emotions with this one. I felt very grounded and empowered leaving my session today. I’m also planning on setting up my children with a therapist when we get back from the cabin to figure out the best way to deal with telling them. I know people said I shouldn’t, but I will be telling them, just in an age appropriate way. I don’t want there to be secrets and lies between us. I’ve always been as open and honest as I can with them, again in the most kid appropriate way. Just because they’re small humans, they’re still humans and still deserve the truth.

I had a handful of comments telling me I should stay and every man cheats. I should work things out because most of our marriage was good. I refuse to believe all men cheat. My parents were married for 20 years and after my mom passed my dad never moved on. I watched my dad love my mom for 12 of those years and cherish her. I will not accept anything less than that kind of love. He never cheated nor did she. While I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to move on, falling in love is the absolute last thing on my mind at the moment, I refuse to let Tyler win and destroy love for me completely. I will move on from this.

Jess started blowing up my phone demanding I fix this situation and immediately blaming me. My lawyer told me to not block texts just in case they spill out an additional info I was missing. She was playing the poor me card very hard. The thing is though, I never influenced Angie and Bob to cut contact with their daughter, they made that choice on their own. She actually started blaming me for stealing the love of her life, I introduced them when Tyler and I started dating so not sure where that came from, and that Tyler is only with me for the kids. Honestly, I knew she was just trying to hurt me at that point. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of responding though. Between her and Tyler I have about 200 missed calls.

Tyler went from begging and pleading me to forgive him (like I said I didn’t have divorce papers to hand him so he’s stuck in this unknown gray area. I also asked Angie and Ruth to not say anything about the divorce to him yet. Purely just for my satisfaction honestly. I know it’s slightly petty but keeping him in that gray area of not knowing is my small revenge to him) to threatening to call the cops on me for kidnapping, telling me Jess wasn’t the only one (bingo, just what I was looking for), to telling me I’m a “stuck up bitch” to threatening me, to back to begging me for forgiveness. Honestly it was just a whiplash reading those texts. I’d be lying in saying if those texts didn’t hurt me and terrify me all at once, but I refuse to let them break me.

As for both of them together, I don’t think he is going to stay with her. I think he blames her for blowing up our marriage honestly. Who knows though, they deserve each other. I was initially okay to do a 50/50 split with Tyler for custody, but after his reaction I don’t feel comfortable with that, so I’ll likely be going for full custody.

Jake has about 30 days of leave he’s saved up and he’s going to be using them to help the kids and I get settled at my dads house and honestly to be there in case Tyler tries showing up going crazy again. He’s been such a big help to the kids and I lately and I’m forever in his debt for this. Last night after the kids went to bed he hooked up his Xbox and we played a game called Diablo 4 together to help me take my mind off of things. It was fun. However, he did sort of confess that he’s always had feelings for me somewhere in the midst of things, but also told me to not say or do anything back. He understands a relationship or anything like that isn’t on my mind and won’t be for awhile (he isn’t wrong), but just that he’s felt that way since we were teenagers and just wanted to get it off his chest.

Thank you again. Seriously, your comments, your support, your messages, all of it has been one giant breath of fresh air. Just knowing I have a whole online community willing to go to bat for me has kept me treading water these last couple days. Your comments have popped in my head when I felt like just giving up on leaving him because it’s so hard and gave me so many great points and helpful advice. I know I deserve more and I can’t accept his actions. And to the people who commented relating to my situation, my heart goes out to you all. This pain is awful and I hate that so many of you can relate, but your stories have resonated deep within me. You all keep commending me for my strength and my personal favorite is telling me how proud of me you are. Every time I see those words I start to tear up (I’m blaming the pregnancy hormones), but your words have helped put me at ease so that way I could do what I knew I needed to do.

So I’ll leave this here for now. If anything of importance happens when I go back home I’ll update further. Thank you all, and I hope you have a wonderful evening.
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2023.06.06 23:45 Imperceptions Question for those of you who have a Shark Hydrovac - what other cleaners can be used in it without ruining it?

The Shark HydroVac™ Multi-Surface Concentrate does not seem to be sold anywhere in stores near me, and sometimes I run out before I can reorder. Have you had any success with other cleaners? Does anything non sudsing work? Please let me know! I am in Canada.
Also as a note for this post, I CANNOT use cleaning vinegar, as my husband gets sick if I do!
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2023.06.06 23:38 wolfoperaa [friendship] what's brown & sticky? -- 32f

I'm a small gremlin who likes pink in all forms of shades, refuses to believe that her cat will no longer be around before she goes, and sounds like the penguin from Toy Story when she laughs & BONUS! sleeps the majority of her mental health issues away. I hate the heat, I'm serious. If you want to see a v v white girl melt into a vanilla cone, put me in the sun. If that's all good for you, let's talk.
If you want weird, you've come to the right place. With that being said, the weirdness and the "fake extroverted-ness" is packaged behind a pretty bow of "how can I not sound awkward // shy when I say these things?" + a bonus bow of, "oh lord, was that sarcasm too much or did they understand that it's sarcasm?" While I am very much shy and can be a bit timid around new people, I am trying to work outside of my comfort levels here & make new friends! I want friends who understand that patience is a virtue with me. Imagine me like that chinchilla that you don't want to spook at the pet store, yeah. that's me.
My hobbies are pretty computer-centered, especially since I'm in school for Graphic Design. I love gaming (pc gamer eliteeeeee here, jkjk.. or am I), & have been working on getting outside of the "shooters only" mental state that I'm usually in. I really adore comfort // cozier games, so if you're someone who enjoys vibin' with friends and being slightly roasted (I promise it's full of ♡ ) when we hang out, I'm your girl. I've been told my "vibe" is enjoyable and I'm easy to connect with me, so try me out. Consider this ya test drive, zoom zooooom.
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2023.06.06 23:37 wolfoperaa [32/F] what's brown & sticky?

I'm a small gremlin who likes pink in all forms of shades, refuses to believe that her cat will no longer be around before she goes, and sounds like the penguin from Toy Story when she laughs & BONUS! sleeps the majority of her mental health issues away. I hate the heat, I'm serious. If you want to see a v v white girl melt into a vanilla cone, put me in the sun. If that's all good for you, let's talk.
If you want weird, you've come to the right place. With that being said, the weirdness and the "fake extroverted-ness" is packaged behind a pretty bow of "how can I not sound awkward // shy when I say these things?" + a bonus bow of, "oh lord, was that sarcasm too much or did they understand that it's sarcasm?" While I am very much shy and can be a bit timid around new people, I am trying to work outside of my comfort levels here & make new friends! I want friends who understand that patience is a virtue with me. Imagine me like that chinchilla that you don't want to spook at the pet store, yeah. that's me.
My hobbies are pretty computer-centered, especially since I'm in school for Graphic Design. I love gaming (pc gamer eliteeeeee here, jkjk.. or am I), & have been working on getting outside of the "shooters only" mental state that I'm usually in. I really adore comfort // cozier games, so if you're someone who enjoys vibin' with friends and being slightly roasted (I promise it's full of ♡ ) when we hang out, I'm your girl. I've been told my "vibe" is enjoyable and I'm easy to connect with me, so try me out. Consider this ya test drive, zoom zooooom.
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2023.06.06 23:36 wolfoperaa 32f - what's brown & sticky?

I'm a small gremlin who likes pink in all forms of shades, refuses to believe that her cat will no longer be around before she goes, and sounds like the penguin from Toy Story when she laughs & BONUS! sleeps the majority of her mental health issues away. I hate the heat, I'm serious. If you want to see a v v white girl melt into a vanilla cone, put me in the sun. If that's all good for you, let's talk.
If you want weird, you've come to the right place. With that being said, the weirdness and the "fake extroverted-ness" is packaged behind a pretty bow of "how can I not sound awkward // shy when I say these things?" + a bonus bow of, "oh lord, was that sarcasm too much or did they understand that it's sarcasm?" While I am very much shy and can be a bit timid around new people, I am trying to work outside of my comfort levels here & make new friends! I want friends who understand that patience is a virtue with me. Imagine me like that chinchilla that you don't want to spook at the pet store, yeah. that's me.
My hobbies are pretty computer-centered, especially since I'm in school for Graphic Design. I love gaming (pc gamer eliteeeeee here, jkjk.. or am I), & have been working on getting outside of the "shooters only" mental state that I'm usually in. I really adore comfort // cozier games, so if you're someone who enjoys vibin' with friends and being slightly roasted (I promise it's full of ♡ ) when we hang out, I'm your girl. I've been told my "vibe" is enjoyable and I'm easy to connect with me, so try me out. Consider this ya test drive, zoom zooooom.
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2023.06.06 23:32 AlphaMarker48 [H] Remnant: From the Ashes, DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT, Roboquest, DmC: Devil May Cry, Homeworld Remastered Collection, and others [W] Grim Dawn, Repetendium, Lego games, and others, game offers

My SteamGameSwap flair page.
I start all my trades with other users with a public comment on their trade thread. I also expect my fellow traders to start their trade offers with me with a public comment. I will ignore trade offers that do not start with a public comment.
I currently HAVE the following games available to trade (My keys are from the North American region and I want to receive keys that can be redeemed in North America. I only trade games as Steam keys, due to Humble Bundle suspending some traders.):
Humble Bundle keys:
GOG keys:
Fanatical keys:
Rockstar Social key:
I currently WANT the following games:
I will also consider game offers not listed here.
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2023.06.06 23:17 Jgrupe I'm the New Sheriff in Hollow's End. Monsters are Invading from Another Dimension

Part 1
Part 2
We were driving rapidly down Main Street as a horrible creature from another dimension followed behind us, its long strides keeping pace and making the car shake with each step it took. The engine roared as we sped away from the butcher shop. Randy was sitting in the seat next to me and it took me a minute to realize he was eating something.
It was a bucket of KFC.
"Seriously!? How can you be hungry at a time like this?? We're about to die, Randy!"
"We got bigger problems than that right now," he said, patting down his pockets with greasy fingers and leaving stains as he searched for something. "We're all out of booze! We need to make a pit stop as soon as you get a chance."
Normally this would be an absurd statement. But unfortunately the lack of alcohol was a bit of an issue, since there were plenty more monsters ready to come through into our world, and the only thing keeping them out was our ability to stay intoxicated so we didn’t see them. I had kept my percentage down below the legal driving limit, but I was starting to feel like that wasn't cutting it anymore.
"You need to start drinking more," Randy explained. "You're the one who saw it first, remember? If anything, this is kinda your fault."
I gripped the steering wheel with white knuckled rage and continued driving.
Regardless of what he said, I want to make sure it's on the record that this was all Randy's fault. He had admitted to making at least one wish using a cursed magic monkey paw - and we all know how that usually plays out.
I saw a convenience store and immediately slammed on the brakes. Reaching over Randy, I threw open his door and kicked him out. It was easy since he wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was already beginning to fall asleep.
"What the fuck, dude?" He yelled as I pulled away.
"Get us more booze! I'm gonna circle the block," I shouted at him out the window, picking up speed.
Then I took out my gun and aimed at the monster which was getting closer by the second. I took three shots at it over my shoulder and missed two of them. But the third caught it squarely in the neck and it began to howl a guttural cry, dripping black blood all over the street from its fresh wound. It slowed down momentarily, but then picked up its pace again, coming after me with renewed rage.
My goal had been accomplished, though. I’d been trying to keep it away from Randy, since he was on foot and more vulnerable. We would need to abandon the car, though, I realized. If I was going to start drinking more I wouldn’t be able to drive safely. As bad as things were getting, I wasn’t about to start breaking the law - especially that particular one. I’d seen enough death and destruction caused by drunk drivers over my years on the force. I wasn’t going to go down that road.
I looked back to see the creature still gaining on me.
My mind was racing trying to think of a way to evade it, to outwit it. I needed to do something to kill it. But what?
Suddenly my cell phone was ringing. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Jay, the delivery driver. He was in the car ahead of me and I had kind of forgotten he was there.
“Listen,” he said quickly. “I got a plan. We need to lure that thing to the swamp. Just follow me and keep up the pace.”
“It’s a cop car,” I said dryly. “I’m pretty sure I can keep up with your piece of shit-”
My words were cut short as the line went dead and the car ahead of me began to accelerate rapidly. I floored it but found the guy was still gaining distance between the two of us.
Whatever he had under the hood was making that little car go a lot faster than I would have thought possible.
My phone dinged and I looked down to see a text from Jay. It was an eggplant with a water spray emoji.
This fucking town…
We reached the edge of the city limits of Hollow’s End to find a parking lot which sloped at an unnatural angle downwards. At the bottom of this strange gravel lot was a murky-looking swamp full of brackish green water. A small copse of trees stood to one side near the shore.
No other cars were parked there which was good, since the creature was still close behind us.
I was following Jay as closely as I could and imitating his car’s movements, although my vehicle was sluggish and clumsy by comparison. He was still driving at top speed, and I figured it was important that I keep up with him for whatever he planned to do.
When we reached the edge of the water, near that little grouping of trees, he hit the brakes and swerved to the right. His tires stayed on the gravel, but just barely. The entire parking lot was sloped so severely towards the water that the force of gravity was insisting on taking us into the swamp.
Realizing that my bigger vehicle wouldn’t make the turn in time, I hit the brakes early and tried to slow down, knowing that otherwise I would crash right into a tree or go into the water trying to make the move.
As soon as I slowed down I could hear the creature’s breath and its movements just behind the car. I avoided the temptation to look back, since I knew it would be my death if I did. Instead, I yanked hard on the wheel and turned it to the right, skidding to a stop on the grass, my fender just inches away from a large pine tree.
The creature’s brakes were not quite as good as mine, since it was desperate to kill me and hadn’t really slowed down. Instead, it went skidding into the green water, coated with algae and looking much thicker than was normal. It was like a giant bowl of pea soup. The creature was thrashing around, looking as if it were in pain, and then I noticed the tendrils of swamp water moving on its skin, pulling it in deeper, like an enormous squid wrestling with a shark.
My phone rang again and I picked it up, my eyes still focused on the creature trying to get out of the swamp. It looked like it would not be able to escape from whatever was holding it there, and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t gone in with that wild last minute maneuver.
Then it was as if an enormous hand reached up from below and pulled the creature under. Despite the fact that there were only dark empty sockets where eyes should have been, I could have sworn I saw them widen as it was dragged under, and then was gone.
“Problem solved,” Jay said when I answered the phone. “You can thank me later. And we’ll definitely owe Swampy a favor. Now let’s get back into town and grab Randy. Maybe the three of us can figure out a solution to this whole mess.”
I managed to convince Jay to let me ride shotgun in his car, telling him that mine was having engine trouble. This was partly as a ploy to make him our designated driver, but also to cover for the fact that he was clearly the superior driver of a far better automobile than my cruiser. And who knew when we’d have to outrun one of those monsters again?
After applying copious amounts of duct tape to all of the mirrors on the vehicle, we were off, heading back towards the convenience store where I’d left Randy.
We found him out front with a large paper bag full of bottles in his arms, sleeping in the grassy ditch near the road. There were several children taking turns at poking him with a stick.
“Okay, beat it, kids!” I yelled at them as we approached.
The children ran off and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a few of them looked very odd. One had a furry face and ears like a dog, while another had red eyes, and yet another was running on all fours. They scattered in every direction, making it difficult to pinpoint any other discrepancies.
“What’s the deal with this town?” I muttered to nobody in particular.
“How much time do you have?” Jay asked, laughing. “This place is weirder than you could possibly imagine. There’s a lot of history here. Sorry to say, you didn’t really know what you were getting into when you moved to this place.”
“Can you give me a quick summary?” I asked, kicking Randy gently in the ribs. He snored and swatted the air like an annoyed cat, then rolled over on his other side. His right leg began to pump up and down as if he were chasing a rabbit in his dreams.
“I’m not really at liberty to discuss all of it. People in Hollow’s End prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. But if you get to know them, you’ll find most folks are nice enough. As long as you live here, anyways. Tourists do tend to occasionally go missing if they stay out past sunrise. And if you meet anyone wearing a hooded robe your best bet is to avoid them. Oh, and there’s this guy named Frank who-”
Randy sat bolt upright, screaming at the top of his lungs, clutching the bag of liquor bottles so tightly against his chest that I thought they would shatter.
“It’s okay, man,” I said, leaning down to pat his shoulder in what I hoped was a comforting gesture. “It was just a nightmare.”
He was breathing heavily for a few moments and didn’t respond. But then finally he unscrewed the cap of one of the liquor bottles and took a long gulp.
“Right. A nightmare. That’s all it was.”
He didn’t seem entirely convinced.
“Alright, what’s the plan, guys?” Jay asked. “I’m happy to help out if you need me to.”
I took one of the liquor bottles from Randy and took a long drink from it. After wiping my mouth, I screwed the cap back on and stuffed the bottle in my pocket. Thinking hard about the next lead to follow up on, I came up short. We didn’t really have anything.
“Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying a monkey paw?” I asked. “Is there anyone in town dumb enough or reckless enough to take ownership of it? Because I feel like that fucking thing is at the center of all of this. It’s like a murder investigation - if we can find the weapon used to commit the crime, we might be able to solve it.”
Jay looked at me and Randy looked at the ground between his legs.
“I know just the guy,” Jay answered. “You know how I was telling you to stay away from Frank? Well, we might need to disregard that advice, just temporarily.”
The three of us pulled up outside a house a short while later, now with Jay behind the wheel, chauffeuring us around town.
We went up to the front door and he continued explaining the protocol for how to deal with this Frank individual.
“Remember, whatever you do, don’t stare. And don’t go inside his house - whatever he wants to tell us he can tell us outside. People who go in there are usually tourists, and they’re never, ever seen again. That’s like guaranteed death just stepping into that place.”
I tried not to think about how many rules I was breaking, how many vows in my oath as a Sheriff were completely null and void now.
“You know I’m a police officer, right? Most people don’t speak so freely about the kidnapping and murder of tourists.”
Randy slapped my arm.
“Come on, man. Just when we’re starting to think you’re cool, you go and say something like that. Killing tourists is a proud tradition in Hollow’s End. If you don’t like it then you shouldn’t have moved here.”
I didn’t have time to debate the subject anymore, as Jay was now knocking on the front door of the house.
The door swung open on the first knock, as if it had been slightly ajar.
“Hello,” Jay called into the darkness. “Frank? Are you there? I need to talk to you about something.”
He stuck his head into the dark gap afforded by the open door. For a moment I had a horrible mental image of it slamming shut on his neck, squeezing and choking him as blood poured from wounds created by the pressure of sharp wood on his flesh.
But instead, something worse happened.
Jay let out a gasp and then disappeared through the gap. As if he had been picked up by his hair and was dragged inside by a hungry bear.
My heart was pounding fast as I realized I was going to have to ignore all of Jay's warnings if I was going to save him and the town. Despite the dangers, we were going to have to go inside after all.
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2023.06.06 23:14 No_Landscape_1019 I am regretting accepting this role so bad right now.

This is literally just a rant so if you don’t want to hear me ranting don’t keep reading 🤣
I booked a non-union feature film. Low pay, thought it would be fun. It was shooting near my family’s cottage and I decided to apply and I could visit there for a while.. we’ve been shooting for 5 nights so far, 10 hour shoots, all outside. Day one I arrived and there was no bathroom, I asked if they were getting one and they didn’t really answer.. no bathroom came, the boys all said they would all be fine to pee in the woods but since that’s not as easy for us we had to make a bathroom trip for the girls to Tim hortons once in the middle of each shoot. (12 minute drive) I ended up getting my period last night, and another girl on set also got hers so we talked to them about it and they were not happy about us going to the Tim hortons every two hours to get cleaned up.. like how are you going to set up an almost 3 week long shoot with multiple women and expect none of us to get our period? Not too mention we were all running and moving around a lot so we were all drinking a ton of water. One of the actors on set made a joke last night “haha girls need to go change their tampons again” and suggested we just change it in the car, as we were leaving.. at least the majority of the cast/crew have been just as mad as we are but a few of the boys thought it was so funny that we had to ask to leave for it.. also to make it worse I had a makeout scene with the one making jokes😖
Also there were like 25 people in total on set so what if anybody had an emergency? Got sick? This might have been enough of an experience for me to not do any more self submitting on the side of my agency work, only a few more nights to go🙃 hope I get some good reel footage out of this. I have done so much unpaid/non union work in my life and I’ve actually been so lucky to never had a bad experience, everything was organized & everyone was really nice but man I want this too end🥲 last night was so uncomfortable
ALSO they changed my lines and forgot to send me the new script for my scenes on day 2 & 3, so I literally had to learn them when I got there
Use this as your reminder sometimes if you don’t book that role it might be better off lol
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2023.06.06 23:03 holmxs How to shake the feeling that you aren’t good enough to stand among the best in your state?

Long story short I have been accepted and am going to be starting recruit school for my state police in the next few months. The state police are the best in my state and very strict and strive for near perfection. I guess the issue I’m running into is I don’t have a great background like some other people may have. I know I have the heart and drive to do what my state needs. but I still worry about how people may view me, I feel like I don’t look the part, I have a full sleeve tattoo & I know people really don’t care but I feel like I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb. I guess this whole process is something that is new to me and I don’t know what to really expect.
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2023.06.06 23:02 JDVene Somebody please take my glass!

My HOA subscribes to a waste management company that does not accept any kind of glass as a recyclable material? Why? No clue.
Anyway, I don't like the idea of throwing glass away, especially since it's so reusable. For the last month, I've been storing used glass bottles and jars in a box. The plan was that once the box were full, I'd empty it in a glass bin by a Publix or Walmart. Turns out, neither Publix nor Walmart have glass bins anymore (at least not the ones near my location).
Anyway, I've emailed some waste companies to see if they'll let me drop of my glass at their location, but I'm still waiting on responses.
IN the meantime, do any of you have any other suggestions? Maybe you folks know local glass blowers looking for extra material? I come from Germany where we have what's called "Pfand", where empty glass bottles can be given to businesses for a few cents in return. Is there something like that in Orlando that I can do? I need to get rid of this glass, but I don't want to throw it away with the rest of the rubbish.
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2023.06.06 22:59 jupitercitylightss Purple Mattress In Store Near Me Coupon Code

Click the link for Purple Mattress In Store Near Me Coupon Code. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.06 22:56 Ask_me_4_a_story Trip Report: Using my Go Wild Pass to Get to Costa Rica (Spoiler Alert I found Wild Sloths!)

Hi Go Wild Friends! In case anyone wants to know about beautiful Costa Rica I went there using my Go Wild pass so I thought I would do a story about what happened in Costa Rica. There aren’t really a lot of travel tips in here, its just the wild shit I got into in Costa Rica. I did another write up with actual tips about South Beach in Miami on a budget here if you want to read that one.
Okay, Costa Rica, so fuckin amazing! I want to fly to all the international places Frontier goes so I decided to do Costa Rica second (Cancun is an easy trip for me in Kansas City, they go nonstop there every weekend). The hardest part about Costa Rica is just getting there, I took a bit of a circuitous route.
I always take a big vacation each year after tax season, its fun for me to turn my phone off and go somewhere off the grid and not even think about work. Last year I went to Argentina and Uruguay and it was wild but honestly, this year was even better! I first wanted to stay with my brother and see my nieces and nephews in Orlando so I booked a one way flight from St. Louis to Orlando for only $19 with my Go Wild pass. I got to take a train from Kansas City to St. Louis, it was only $37 and I loved it actually, something about trains is so fun for me, probably because I took one to Chicago in college and stayed in a homeless shelter, my first real experience solo traveling, I loved it!
I spent the afternoon in St. Louis riding around downtown on those fun scooters and eating chicken wings and walking around the baseball experience place they had, it was a good afternoon. I had a late flight to Orlando but I fucked up the terminal (don't google which terminal is Frontier, its wrong). I went through security and bag check only to find out I was in the wrong terminal so that stunk but I had plenty of time for two security checks so no big deal. The flight was delayed so I didn’t get into Orlando until almost 2am and there was a long line for the rental car. I regret not doing the one you can pick up without talking to an agent so much, it was only like $5 more, do the self check car rental if possible. Orlando was fun, got to see my nieces and nephews and my brother and his wife put a little guest bedroom in the shed, easy to get into at 2am without waking anyone up.
After two days in Orlando it was time for my big flight to Costa Rica! So excited! This flight was only $51 with my Go Wild pass, an absolute steal. It stopped in Atlanta and then I was in Costa Rica in no time. On the plane a bunch of us were excitedly talking about our Go Wild passes, its kind of fun to do the spiderman meme thing and be like, you have a Go Wild pass? Me Too! The ringleader told me there were wild sloths if I went to a place called Manuel Antonio. I said what the fuck did you just say, wild sloths? Oh yes! I literally had no plans for a whole week so I mentally added sloths to the list of things I wanted to see. I have a travel buddy I met in Mexico to visit in San Jose and I wanted to see the volcano and the beaches of course but that was it.
At the airport you will want to get some cash, they have an ATM right there when you walk out. Don’t do the currency exchange, those people were giving really shitty rates. After you get cash walk around outside the airport to the backside, it’s a short walk and that’s where all the city buses come. There are buses to San Jose every 15 minutes, just jump on one of those its only like $1.50 and it goes 25 minutes to downtown. I have a huge aversion to taxis in Latin America, I’ve been ripped off a lot and airports are especially bad.
Once in San Jose you can walk most places, it’s a fun city to walk around. I stayed at the Costa Rica Backpackers hostel which I do not recommend for one big reason. Its so fuckin hot. I didn’t even think about checking for air conditioning, most places have it now. Also, I like hostels and the common areas and the hammocks and I always set up my chess board and play at night with beers. But I really like to have my own room at a hostel. This private room was I think $35 a night which is pretty good but it did not have air conditioning, just a fan recirculating hot air and it was right off the street so yeah, no recommendation for that one, I only stayed one night. That’s the fun thing about how I travel though, no reservations and no plans, if its not great I just go to a different place. I hung out with my travel buddy that night and we smoked a lot of um… cigarettes and went to this place where locals hang out. It was like some fuckin fast and furious movie but with Ticos, guys were just flying around on motorcycles on wheelies. I bought a huge meal for my friend and me, empanadas, a bunch of other Costa Rican food, it was so fuckin good and the whole meal was only $7, ha!
The next morning I set my chess board out at the hostel and I put $10 out on the money clip like I normally do when I travel. It’s a fun way to get people to play, if you beat me you get $10 if I win, nothing. My chess is kind of like a parlor trick too because I play in less than 5 seconds every move so everyone is thinking through it and Im having beers and going quick, usually at a hostel there gets to be a crowd and Im playing four dutch people on warm night in Mexico, so fuckin fun. On this morning a kid came up to play and I was teaching him chess for awhile nervously, I didn’t see his mom anywhere and secondly who brings a kid to a hostel? I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen one. He starts just taking my pieces off the board and then he takes the $10 and says welp I guess I won. I laughed and I said alright then, good job buddy. Just then his mom hobbled over, a Danish hippy with a broken foot. She thanked me for hanging out with him and told me the doctor said not to walk too much but it was hard with a six year old. I said sit down, sit down and I got her breakfast and helped her out. We talked for a bit and I told a funny Mexico story and helped them get their stuff together and she said oh you have to come to our hippy community in Puerto Viejo, you can stay in our shack by the ocean. I said oh that sounds fun today Im going to see a volcano but maybe later. She said they are the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, one is entirely black sand. I said Im listening. She said they were poor in a little shack by the rainforest and they have monkeys and sloths in their backyard. I said um what the fuck did you just say? Wild sloths? She said yeah, tons of them. I booked a ticket right away for the 6am bus the next day. I went with my friend to the active volcano and then he dropped me off at my hotel. I booked the Radisson the second night because I really wanted Air Conditioning. Im soft like that, sorry. And it had a hot tub. I’ve never seen that many people in one hot tub, ha. At night I did a Tinder date, I found out all the cabs are pretty much $6 in San Jose so it was easy to get there and back and I went out with a fun lady who told me in Costa Rica they eat chicken wings with gloves, did you guys know that?
I got up at 4:30am and packed up for my 6am bus. At the front desk I asked them if they could call me a cab and they said its an additional $30 US. I was like nah, fuck that, $30? What a ripoff, I’ll just walk, its only 2 miles. So I walk pretty far into downtown San Jose and whoooooooosh, a bottle explodes near me! I go what the fuck and look up, theres a drunk Costa Rican man in a soccer jersey like two blocks away screaming at me in Spanish! I had so many questions, the first of course was who is balling out of control at 5am in the morning? The second was, who the fuck is that Latino Roger Clemens? I could barely see the guy from two streets away and he was (presumably) drunk getting that close to me with a full bottle of beer? The last question of course was who is drunk and throwing FULL bottles of beer? I walked away from his direction and then saw that there was a whole bar full of drunk soccer fans like him and I noped the fuck out and ran to the taxi stand and got a taxi. I said you know what, a taxi isn’t such a bad idea!
I regretted not Googling anything because my phone didn’t work at all in Costa Rica. They said I could buy a sim card but I didn’t want to, I kind of liked being off the grid. But I really wanted to find wild sloths. Maybe the person beside me will help I thought as I stood in line for the 6am bus. Damn, I hope its not someone rapid firing Spanish at me though, my Spanish is not great. Most of my Spanish I’ve learned from the music of Bad Bunny. I was relieved to see my seat in 44 was next to a Japanese man in 45. Oh that’s awesome I thought, he will struggle with Spanish too and we can find wild sloths together. Nope, turns out Im a racist asshole, he was a Japanese Argentinian who spoke perfect Spanish and no English, none. His phone worked too and he was putting all these upside down house letters in Japanese and beautiful beaches were popping up, I really needed his help. I tried to befriend him but they speak a different kind of Spanish in Argentina, cajes instead of calles and so fast, so fuckin fast! His had like a little stall in it before it winded up too, like a UUUUUU mi esposa no esta aqui! His wife was either sleeping back in San Jose or dead, I couldn’t really understand. I noticed he had a bear avatar on his phone so I knew he liked animals so half way through the ride I decided to try to tell him they had sloths there. Hay peresozos en Puerto Viejo I said but he didn’t understand what I was saying. I said peresozos again and put up three fingers mimicking a sloth and then I panicked, I was like shit, what do sloths do? Its an animal famous for not doing anything. I pretended to hang up side down and he is (loudly) guessing animals in Spanish and Im like no, peresozos! Maybe I was saying it wrong but I had no Google so I said es posible tu telefono? And I typed in sloths and all these upside down houses came up and the words Oso Peresozo. And he goes UUUUUU OSO PERESOZO! I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a bus traveling through rural Costa Rica and seen a Japanese Argentinian get excited in Spanish about wild sloths but it is… ADORABLE!
Si SI! Oso Peresozo! I yelled. People are turning around now, they are like why the fuck are the American and Japanese guys back there in 44 and 45 playing charades two hours into a 6am bus ride? I said juntos? (Together) and he said si si! He told me where we could get bikes to rent and what to eat, he was the perfect travel partner! He said Yelp dices Jerk Chicken is the best to eat here. I said thanks Juan, you are my favorite travel partner! We had an amazing day in Puerto Viejo, beautiful beaches, monkeys, wild sloths, God damn that was an amazing day. He even showed me where my hostel was and I dropped off my bag. This hostel was called 456 hostel which I also do not recommend because no AC and there are weird animals running on the roof but I didn’t care, I just wanted to throw down my bag and get back to looking for wild sloths. The lady said we can’t just take your bag you need to check in first, I said listen lady you see that God damn excited Japanese man out there? We got wild sloths to find! I had no desire to spend one second in that hostel but Juan goes “Esta bien, cerveza” and then he had a beer by the ocean while I checked in. I joined him for a beer and it turns out that is a beautiful setting for a hostel. Still don’t recommend though, so fuckin hot.
Juan and I had an amazing day in Puerto Viejo, God damn that place is beautiful. We saw wild sloths, monkeys, and had an amazing time on the beach. I was sad to see him go, what a great travel partner! He pointed to where my hostel was but I said I would ride back into town with him. To be honest, I forgot to write down the name of the bike rental and there was like a hundred in Puerto. I turned my bike in with his to his surprise because we had rented for a full day but I told him I wanted a motorcycle. He used his expert Googling skills to get me to the cheapest motorcycle place. It was only $30 a day for a motorcycle which I thought was very reasonable. And I didn’t have enough cash on me and they didn’t take cards so the rental guy just said no worries man, take de bike to the ATM. That was pretty trusting! I came back with the money and got the bike and I can’t tell you guys the drugs part because the mods said no talking about drugs.
That was such a fast motorcycle. I turned my Bluetooth speaker up all the way and floored it and zoomed down the coast in time for the sunset, so God damn beautiful! Something about that warm Costa Rican sun on your shoulders and the sound of Khalid and the smell of salt in the air riding along the beautiful ocean, it will change your life. After the sunset I went to Cat’s house and her beautiful German friend Alina was there. There were three kids too and as soon as I got there they went riffling through my bag looking for candy. I had two caramels but was one short so I gave the little kid my chips. This was her sad face for not getting candy!
Cat was hobbling around on crutches so Alina and I said sit down we will take care of dinner. I went to the store down the street and got so much stuff for that poor family- toilet paper, rice, peppers and Barbies for the kids and a soccer ball for Marcello. Gringo santa claus when I came back, both the ladies cried, Alina said her girls had never had a Barbie doll. Alina and I cranked up the music in that little hippy house by the ocean and made dinner and drank wine and laughed while the kids played with their new toys and Cat relaxed and finished her remote work. We ate the food and drank the wine and smoked…cigarettes and had an amazing night. Alina asked if I wanted to share the Tuk Tuk and I said yes. She said it in kind of a mischievous way so I thought maybe she wanted to make out. And she was very beautiful so I said yes. We got in the Tuk Tuk and rode back towards town passing my hostel, she winked and said your hostel was back there you know and then put her hand on my arm.
I thought Cat was poor but Alina was super poor. She told the tuk tuk driver to turn left by the trash dump and we pulled up to an even tinier house right next to the rainforest. She said wait out here and I’ll put the kids to bed. So I waited on the porch. The kitchen was actually outside, a little refrigerator and a little stove and a sink. I sat in the chairs and she came out and we smoke a um cigarette together and then she said wait here. I was like fuck, wait her for what? Is she going to rob me or something but she didn’t seem scary, she seemed sweet. She came back out with a big giant mattress and threw it on the porch floor. Then she took off her shirt and said in her German accent, “Un now we share our bodies.” I thought that was a pretty sexy thing to say so I took off my shirt too and joined her except I didn’t want to have unprotected sex with a hippy so we just made out.
Sometime after she slipped back inside so I was alone on the mattress on the backporch by the rainforest. I thought that was a pretty good place to spend my first night in Puerto Viejo and I looked up and saw a hundred million stars lighting up the sky and fell asleep. But not too many hours later, God damn I awoke to a caucophony of jungle sounds! So many monkeys, just fuckin howling. And there were these weird rat things running around, they weren’t small at all, if you’ve ever seen the Princess Bride fucking ROS. (Rodents of Unusual Size). I honestly thought the monkeys were coming on the porch, that’s how loud they were.
I jumped up and leaned the mattress against the house and started walking, past the trash dump and out to the ocean. The first beach I came across was the black beach, it was amazing and I sat there until the sun came up. I had no watch or anything and my phone was dead so I walked for a long ways until I found a Tuk Tuk driver who took me to Cats. I got my motorcycle and went back to the hostel but when I charged my phone I found it was only 6am so I went back to sleep. But the hostel had no AC and there were some fuckin animals on the roof right over my head so I couldn’t sleep much. I went to the beach and found more wild monkeys and then sent Cat a WhatsApp message to see if she needed my help since she had the broken foot and Marcello was home, it was some kind of Costa Rican holiday.
She said sure come over and so I drove my motorcycle back down the coast and went back to the store and got more supplies and cooked them a big lunch. I had asked before if they eat meat because some hippies don’t and she said sure but its expensive here I don’t know if you want to buy it. It was $4 ha, I got some ham and rice and peppers and made a huge lunch and drank some beers and cooked while Cat did her remote work. She took a picture and I asked if she mind taking a short video of me cooking. IT wasn’t for social media or friends or anything, that video was for me so I could remember when I could be happy. A trip to Costa Rica for only $51 with my Go Wild pass and I got to be by the ocean and I met new friends and I was actually helping someone, I realized that day that’s what made me the most happy, that’s why I wanted the video.
After lunch I cleaned up and then Marcello and I played some chess. She asked if I minded watching Marcello while she ran to town with a client and I said sure, no problem. I was wrong, it was a huge fuckin problem! She said she would be back in an hour and then we could go to the hippy get-together on the beach. She was NOT back in an hour and I fuckin panicked. I didn’t know this lady’s last name, I didn’t know Marcello really, I called Cat and she didn’t answer and I tried texting her, nothing. I thought fuck, she must have abandoned me with this kid. And I don’t know how to get ahold of the authorities and it was a holiday, this shit was basically the plot to the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. I started pounding beers because I was so nervous. I asked Marcello if he knew Alina’s number and this little dude said, and I quote, “Who’s Alina?” What the fuck? I said buddy, the lady that was here last night with the kids? He said he didn’t know them very much. Oh my God I thought, I’ve definitely been saddled with a kid. But then I was thinking, you know what, I could raise this kid, wouldn’t be that bad, live in this $400 a month house by the ocean, sounds good. But I have my own kids back home in Kansas City and that made me panic even more, now Im fuckin slammin beers so worried. Every car that goes down this little side road Im like oh please be Cat. Now this kid is starting to yell at me to come back out in Norwegian, I don’t know Norwegian and he wants me to read him books, which are also in Norwegian, Im full panicky at this time.
Finally Cat came back I said Cat, I wasn’t comfortable with that, I don’t even know your last name or anything. She goes, why, whats wrong? And goes running in to see Marcello, I said oh no, he’s fine, nothing happened its just that I thought you left and weren’t coming back. She said why would I leave my kid I love him more than anything in the world. I said I know, okay, its just that I was panicking. She said calm down, all good, lets go to the hippy fire circle. I was not going to go, I was going to get the fuck out but I really wanted to go to the fire circle, I was hoping they would let me spin the fire. So we went to the fire circle, Marcello and Cat with the client and me following behind on the motorcycle. We relaxed on the blanket and then up came beautiful Alina looking like a million bucks in the sun tucking her brown hair behind her ears. She got on the blanket with us close to me and I retold the story about how I thought Cat abandoned her kid with me and we all laughed and smoked again and had beers and then watched the sun go down. I didn’t know Marcello didn’t know how to swim so I showed him how to swim a bit, a little lesson in front of the beautiful sunset. After the sun went down it was time for the fire circle and the main guy said brother, thank you for helping Cat, you are in our circle now, whats ours is yours. I said oh man thank you so much can I do the fire spinning? And he said that you can not do. Damn.
So I watched the others spin it jealously and then I got us some appetizer snacks from the restaurant. After the fire circle and the singing and everything we decided to have a picnic at the black beach. They went to the store to get the food and I went to go get my motorcycle. When I got back I guess Alina had stolen something from the store because the workers were all around her and the police were coming. It was equally sad and scary. They took everything she bought away and Cat said its okay she had enough so we all walked to the black sand beach and I gave Alina a hard time for being a thief until we all were laughing. We had a great night by the ocean and then they both got Tuk Tuks and I got on my motorcycle and drove back to the hot hostel and fell asleep and I never saw those hippies again. The end.
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2023.06.06 22:53 TheMonsterHunter [H] April Choice and Other Random Bundle Leftovers [W] Remnant: From The Ashes, Luck Be A Landlord, Wingspan, Wishlist, Offers

Steam Profile
Steam Wishlist

Recent Additions

Steam Link Price History & Bundle Info Notes
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Info
Founders' Fortune Info
Life is Strange 2: Complete Season Info
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Info
Revita Info

Main List

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1993 Space Machine Info
A Case Of Distrust Info
American Fugitive Info
Amnesia: Rebirth Info
Asdivine Hearts Info
Aven Colony Info
Beyond Eyes Info
Bionic Commando Info
Boundless Info
Bulb Boy Info
Chasm Info
Choice Chamber Info
Colt Canyon Info
Command & Conquer Remastered Info ORIGIN Key
Crazy Pixel Streaker Info
Crying Suns Info
Darksburg Info
Dead In Bermuda Info
Death Rally (Classic) Info
Divekick Info
Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive Info
Driftland: The Magic Revival Info
Dungeons II Info
Epic Chef Info
Felix The Reaper Info
Flat Heroes Info
Fluffy Horde Info
Forged Battalion Info
Freedom Force + Third Reich Info Both Games
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard Info
Fun With Ragdolls Info
GARAGE: Bad Trip Info
Genesis Noir Info
Gods Will Be Watching Info
Golf Gang Info
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero Info
Guts and Glory Info
Hiveswap Friendsim Info
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Info
Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! Info
Horace Info
If Found... Info
Iris and the Giant Info
Journey of a Roach Info
Killing Floor Info
Kingdom: New Lands Info
Knight Squad Info
Little Big Workshop Info
Love is Dead Info
Lovecraft's Untold Stories Info
Maid of Sker Info
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Info
Morphblade Info
Mountain Info
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin Info
Opus Magnum Info
Popup Dungeon Info
Raiden V: Director's Cut Info
Railroad Corporation Info
Raji: An Ancient Epic Info
RC Mini Racers Info
Regency Solitare Info
Road to Ballhalla Info
Rover Mechanic Simulator Info
Runestone Keeper Info
Sakura Agent Info
Sakura Magical Girls Info
Sakura Nova Info
Sakura Shrine Girls Info
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice Info
Shenmue III Info
Shining Resonance Refrain Info
ShipLord Info
Silence of the Sleep Info
Simulacra Collection Info
Smile For Me Info
Spaera Info
Still There Info
Struggling Info
StuntMANIA Reloaded Info
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Info
Sudden Strike 4 Info
Surviving The Aftermath Info
Terra Lander Info
The Dwarves Info
The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game Info
The Haunting of Billy Info
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia Info
Through the Darkest of Times Info
Tools Up Info
Townsmen - A Kingdom Rebuilt Info
Train Station Renovation Info
Tsioque Info
UnMetal Info
Vikings - Wolves of Midgard Info
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Info
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Info
Youropa Info
Zwei: The Arges Adventure Info
Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Info
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2023.06.06 22:52 SubjectInevitable329 just bought a set of clubs but think i paid too much

I was previously a caddie, working at a private course from the time i was 14 to about 28 so I've been around the game quite a lot. I only golfed about once a week through that time but never bought clubs for myself, just took the course's demos that were a set of AP3's.
I went to several stores, including PGA superstore, 2nd swing, and golf galaxy. I felt the service was best at golf galaxy and had one of their fitters take me around. After swinging many different clubs he set me up on:
A set of irons, Ping 425's
A Taylormade Stealth driver and 3 wood
A ping hybrid, I think it's a 4 (they didn't have any stealth 5 woods available, which I suppose I can add later)
A Ping putter, which I will probably return.. I don't hit it nearly as good at the course as I did in the demo room... it's a Ping DS72 C, and I'm thinking I'd do better with an Anser that's not Center-shafted.
A Ping bag, which I will probably return bc the club snake grabs my grips and is a chore to use...
All of this came to about $2700 with tax. I had $1500 to spend from my company as part of a fitness program, so that helped, but still I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse from the whole thing. I've played two rounds with them, the irons are sick, and while my distance is shit I can hit them predictably straight. The driver is very nice too, I get the same responsiveness as I did in the sim. Not sure I needed as nice of a 3 wood or the hybrid, though I have hit both and they did alright.
All of that to say I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse, especially with how expensive I'm discovering the green's fees are near where I live. But maybe that's just the world we live in. And that's my TED Talk.
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2023.06.06 22:52 Single_Pea9478 The London Bus is finally completed

The London Bus is finally completed
I finally had the opportunity to finish this amazingly designed and detailed Lego London Bus, set number 1686 and it looks fantastic. The set comes in two different sections from top to bottom, one of many detailed features I love about this set is the front signage on the bus you can be able to change, as well as the many rows of seats. I like that they went with a fire engine red color for the bricks, I think it stands out very nicely, you also have some of the smaller features such as the ticket box, the umbrella near the steps, and the bubblegum that is under one of the seats of the bus. Overall this is a fantastic build and I even have the smaller version of this set that looks just as well built especially its bigger brother. I was able to get this set before it retired on clearance at the Lego Store for only 111.99 which I think is a very reasonable price for how many pieces you get. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this set, I really enjoyed building and reviewing this set, if you wanna see more content like this follow me @thegoldenbrick on instagram where I post all things lego.
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2023.06.06 22:46 lulurevamped Random drawings I found while moving

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