How to beat leader arlo


2022.07.13 13:41 PiotereqYT HowToBeatAnOstrich


2019.07.09 04:43 The_hee_hee_gang

For when someone beats you to it... Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it No one wants to be defeated Showin' how funky and strong is your fight It doesn't matter who's wrong or right Just beat it, beat it Just beat it, beat it Just beat it, beat it Just beat it, beat it

2012.08.01 23:15 I want to be sugar free!

This is your place to share your stories about sugar and how it's affected your life, post links to scientific research on sugar addiction, tips for how to get sugar free, and support others who are trying to beat "the other white stuff"! We are focused on avoiding sucrose specifically (and by extension, fructose), NOT all starchy carbs (glucose).

2023.03.06 01:29 thaigameguide How to play PowerWash Simulator in Split Screen on PC via Nucleus Co-op with 2 Mice & 2 Keyboards

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2023.03.06 01:09 time_of_night Day 18- Turns out I like my Coworkers + the mirror is my new friend

I was so disconnected and withdrawn that I never realized my coworkers are actually decent human beings. I feel like I'm connecting with them for the first time. Turns out they are actually passionate, driven , and caring individuals with far too much on their plate.
Also, the only time I used to look in the mirror was when I was fixing my hair. But I must say, now I see a rather attractive man standing before me. Confidence is easy to gain when you look and feel great.
Anyone who would trade how I feel for 3 seconds of low grade pleasure during PMO is insane. Life has too much to offer, and we all have too much room to grow.
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2023.03.06 00:32 smokie_ghost I can't do anything anymore, and I'm so so ashamed of it.

I'm so tired and I'm not even sure what the purpose of writing this here is, I guess I just need to vent or have someone tell me I'm not going as insane as I think I am. I've gotten out of highschool, back where my depression and anxiety started showing. It was a very hard time, I also got in hospital so keeping up with school wasn't easy at all, even though I've been able to get out of school without even studying much (thanks god). Since then I felt as if my energy batteries were slowly dying or something... the more I go on, the more I feel so tired I can't keep up with any sort of activity. I do force myself to do stuff even if I don't feel like it, but again, everything I do has become so... little in general, but I can't help but feel tired everytime. I try to get attached to hobbies, and before I do I'm so scared that I won't like it, because I get easily tired, just immediately. And if it were only that, people around me really don't help me. They just make me feel a lot more stressful than I already am. Right now I am attending a music school, which isn't as stressful as university (I wouldn't be able to keep it up otherwise). All I have to do is literally study my instrument everyday, but I can't even do that anymore. It's not like I don't like it, but I'm so tired I can't bring myself to do it. Then again, music schools are the ones you usually attend while you're also attending university, right? In the past year, after I left university because I couldn't keep it up anymore (despite the fact that I liked it, as in learning specific subjects), and I didn't even study or anything. I just followed classes. So right now a lot of people just come up with "advices" such as "why don't you attend university?". And I can't help but replay in my head people telling me that "I should study my instrument more because that is all I do, I don't attend any other school". Yeah man, I wish. No, these people do not know that I've been depressed for the past 2 years, it almost has been 3 by now, it has gotten worse, not to talk about the fact that I'm pretty sure my anxiety has taken over my body somehow (as in somatic anxiety) I feel numb and I can't even bring myself to cry anymore. But what can I do? Go to my professor and say that I have a hard time cause I'm depressed? I'm so tired of it, and the last thing I want is to be pitied. I know that doing something like this would only bring to a brief conversation of "Yeah I'm sorry don't worry..etc". I've become so ashamed of all of this I feel like a worm who gets out of bed and eats, sometimes, or something. Also I feel like my depression has had the chance to show itself in so many ways it doesn't even have any other to try out; you know how it shows itself differently for everybody right? Through different symptoms and such. Sometimes I just realize that some symptoms are adding and it makes it a lot worse. I haven't been able to sleep, eat or take care of myself properly because of it. If I felt good at eating and going to sleep with a certain schedule, now it doesn't because I rarely can bring myself to like some food and I've grown pretty insomniac. I feel so bad about this and I know I can't get better, I don't want to search for support by the ones around me anymore because my depression got so bad that I can't bring up a normal conversation about my life without generalizing all the details about it, cause I don't want to end up saying that "yeah my life is either empty or full of shit cause I suffer from depression", cause I know it's just gonna make it awkward, I'm gonna be pitied and there's gonna be this whole atmosphere of "how are you doing". I just think about my situation a lot when I don't talk to anybody, I really don't want to bring it up when I'm trying to have a better time than usual, I'm trying not to think about it for just a second, okay? Then again I can't explain anything about myself, I've literally become my depression. And because of the fact that mental illnesses have never been neatly explained to those who have never experienced, I would also feel much weirder talking about it, so sometimes I just think of explaining it by saying that I'm ill. Cause society never acknowledged that, but WE all are ill. I wish it were treated as an illness, so that I don't have to go through explanations all the time... My energies are also dying faster because I'm so tired of this pain, that I don't want those close to me know how much in pain I am. I've gotten used to this pain, It has been like this forever, but nobody knows that I am really in pain right now. Can't really hide it to my parents, and that weights on me a lot, but at least I can hide it to other people. But, oh dear, lately I forced myself to lie so bad that I've been feeling so terrible about it. But there's nothing else I can do. My misery stays there, makes me feel like the worse person alive, but at the very least I'm not going to make others feel bad about it. At this very point I feel like leaving this world is the best choice for everybody, not only me as I've desidered this for so long, but also for everyone else. I would leave them behind without a proper reason why I did that, it would just be a mistery to everyone, but no one would need to look after the mess I am anymore.
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2023.03.05 23:49 Alarming_Fun5549 Advice on a possibility of allowing a friend

Okay so this a continuation of a post from about a year ago. In short term I had broken a friendship due (let’s call her Alyssa. Not her really name) Alyssa drinking uncontrollably and harming herself all while blaming me at the same time. There was at a time where we both thought about being a relationship would be a good idea but we decided not to. After that night happened I completely cut all communication with her and told if she contacted me again I’d expect the money she borrowed ($400) back. I knew this would be a impossible for her because she was paying for college and couldn’t keep a job down for more then a year.
So now the present. Thanks to a great job I have I was able to get a very cheap therapy and go to it about once a month. I always wanted to go to therapy because of the physical and verbal abuse I was dealt by my father, it also didn’t help that I saw my oldest and closest friend cut herself and blame me. Anyway I’m in a better mental health space and I have a good work out routine. Yesterday I received a FaceTime call from an unknown number, I of course answer and the minute I did I saw her face everything rushed back good memories along with the bad ones. Alyssa started by asking if it was okay to talk and I could hear her daughter run around in the background. I said yes and she started by apologizing how she was a bad friend, she missed me and missed how close we were. I mean we would talk almost everyday about everything, playing pigeon games, and just send dark humor jokes. I couldn’t lie to myself I did miss her but she definitely messed me up. We talked on the phone for over an hour. I asked her about college, her sobriety, and her daughter. Her daughter (let call her Anna again not her real name) use to call me uncle and when she heard my voice she came over to see who Alyssa was talking too. Immediately Anna start say how she missed me and if I would come visit them again. Of course her attention didn’t last to long when Alyssa put on frozen so that we could keep talking. Towards the end of the call she told me if there was any chance in me forgiving her and being friends again. I told her honestly I had forgiven her because I didn’t want to live my life holding grudges but I didn’t know about being friends. I asked her to give me some time to think and she agreed and understood.
So if anyone could tell me your advice or opinion that would be great and I’d appreciate it a lot. Thank you and I hope you’re all doing well
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2023.03.05 23:39 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle Courses (Complete List)

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2023.03.05 23:31 roberto_sc Some tips on Containers setup, please?

Hi. I work in two organisations that use Gmail/Google Suite.
I created two containers as I believe it's the suggested approach. I also have two Slack workspaces, each one using its corresponding Google account for logging in. However, I get links on messages from one Slack workspace for documents that are accessible via the other account.
How should I set this up? Use one container for both accounts?
Example: Slack1 logged in using GoogleAccount1 receives a message for a document that only GoogleAccount2 has access.
So to sum up in a more generic question: how should I set up the containers when accounts must be used in conjunction with each other?
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2023.03.05 23:15 AutoModerator Andrew Tate - The Real World (Full Access)

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2023.03.05 23:00 ronneezau Joe Lampton's Pussy Money (full course)

I have Pussy Money course by Joe Lampton.
In Pussy Money you can learn how to manage Onlyfans accounts, Webcam businesses and more online businesses with women.
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2023.03.05 22:02 NuMotiv 3 way smart switch buzzing at switch

Hey gang. Was wondering if I could get some assistance. I’m currently setting up a Feit smart dimmer. I bought a few packs from Costco and had no issues hooking up the single pole ones. They turn lights on, off, dim etc. No problems.
My issue is now I’m on to the 3 way switches and I’m having issues. This is how they are currently installed and what happens:
The main 3 wire (white, black, ground) switch has the Load and black traveller tied together into the black screw terminal. The red traveller is in the gold screw on the opposite side of the switch. The new smart dimmer switch has the red traveller going into the yellow/red terminal. The black traveller is going into the ac-l terminal. The Load from the lights is going into the load terminal and I have a neutral going into a bundle of neutrals from the other three switches in the box.
What happens is when I have the dumb switch in the off position and turn on the lights from the smart switch it’ll buzz loudly. Interestingly if I hit the button to increase the brightness even though it’s already at 100% it’ll stop buzzing.
Alternatively if I have the dumb switch in the on position and turn the lights on via the smart switch it works perfectly fine. No buzzing.
Both switches work independently to turn the lights on and off.
picture of instructions
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2023.03.05 21:38 Born-Expression6806 how difficult do you feel it is in India to build a life fir ourselves?

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2023.03.05 21:18 please_leave_34 Pain in chest and back when breathing

I’ve had alot of stress and anxiety the last few days and my chest and back has started hurting when i breath deep. This has happend before but i was wondering if anybody has any tips for how to reduce pain and or how to breath normaly when this happens?
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2023.03.05 21:10 DreusOfficial How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 for FREE!

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2023.03.05 21:05 DrhoveI How do I post selfie ? The flair seems to not work

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2023.03.05 21:00 down_with_the_cistem Need help with ram.

Google is giving me conflicting information. So I just rebuilt my pc. I'm using 2 ram sticks from my old tower (2x8). In the appropriate a2 and b2 I believe. So I just ordered 2 more of the exact same kind, and I put them in a1 and b1. My pc started turning on and off constantly, so I looked up trouble shooting. I took canned air to the ddim slots and put them back in. Same issue. I watched a video tutorial where it said you had to remove the original ones and put em back in. Did that, same issue. Then I saw on Google someone said to put pairs together in the first 2 slots and the second set in the second slot. Same issue. Keeps resetting. Now I'm seeing an article saying NOT to put them in that way, to put the pairs the way I originally had them. Which way are they supposed to go? Once I get an answer about that, I'll try another thing mentioned on an article on google: testing 1 at a time. If that doesn't work, I'm sending them back and getting 2 16s lol.
I also saw someone say that too much ram memory for a PC isn't good. So my next question would be how much ram is too much for this build.
Ryzen 5 Msi b450 gaming plus max mobo
And I have an RX 580 coming.
Thanks yall for your help.
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2023.03.05 20:50 throwaway36628127 Abusive ex & his friends are threatening me because he r* me

Hi guys, I’m kind of at a loss and need some advice or space to just vent. I don’t know what I should do in the situation and honestly I’m quite scared. Basically I dated this guy for a little bit and I am a virgin by choice, I’m trying to wait for marriage. He is an insane drunk, drinks ruthlessly no matter the situation, I’m talking 12 packs a night. He understood this for the entirety of our relationship, and waited for me to get drunk for him to stick it in me, basically, for lack of better words. I try not to tell many people, but I will not hide the fact that he is abusive. His new girlfriend has been hitting me up, she’s pretty crazy, and I’ve been trying to help her to figure out a way out of the relationship with him because she has told me that he verbally abuses her. I basically said to her “I care about ur well-being. He is extremely abusive & I care for you” despite how mean she’s been to me, I rlly only care. I didn’t think much of this message, but the next morning I get blown up with messages from his best friend & cousin, calling me delusional, a liar, fishing for drama, that I’m trying to ruin maxs life etc. I don’t even know how to feel, they don’t know what he did to me & it hurts to know my names going to be connected to these hurtful words, all because I got r***d. Some of their messages felt almost threatening. Out of respect for myself, I explained to them my side of the story. Of course they both had nothing to say & left me on read, I’m sure deep down they know he hurt me, but they can’t admit it to themselves. Then my ex calls me at night screaming at me, saying he put it in “as a joke” & I need to understand that. He said how dare I spread rumors about him on the internet & I was trying to tell him I literally haven’t told anyone about what you did to me I just called u abusive, I started being so submissive & telling him it won’t happen again. He said to stay out of his life (I haven’t reached out to him in MONTHS, & he has blown up my phone with hurtful messages about once a month that I don’t take the time to reply to) despite him calling me about 10 times last night. The last call ended with him telling me he loved me, & he was obviously wasted. After we got off the phone he started blowing my phone up again with texts with just drunk nonsense. I’m so scared these people are gonna ruin my reputation by telling people I’m a liar & completely disregard the personal information I told them about my trauma. I want to cry, why do men do this to women.
Screenshots for context:
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2023.03.05 20:48 boboyyikes don’t know where to start with sex with my boyfriend. Advice?

Hi. I’m 22 F and my bf is 27M. I’m a virgen and he knows that and he says that we won’t do anything that I don’t feel comfortable with. I was actually planning to wait until marriage, but idk honestly. It’s complicated. I feel like I want to have sex, but I want to take it slow if anything. I have no experience with anything sexual, so I also don’t know where to start. How do I please my boyfriend without moving too fast? Where do I even start? I just don’t want to regret anything and do everything on the first day.
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2023.03.05 20:47 kobazik First Meshlicious water cooled build

I'm about to build my first water cooled PC inside Meshlicious case and I'm not sure about how big radiator I should pick and will it fit.
I'm planning to use 7700x or i5-13600k (yet to be decided) and for GPU I already got Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6900XT.
I would like to use new pump+res combo EKWB EK-Quantum Velocity2 DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB and for GPU I saw EK got EK-QUANTUM VECTOR N+ RX 6800XT/6900XT D-RGB - NICKEL + ACETAL on sale now due to old gen GPU.
Will something like EK CoolStream PE 240 Performance Series Dual 120mm Fan be enough for both CPU and GPU or should I go for EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Surface S280 Dual Fan Radiator ?
In terms of tubes will 12mm be ok I should I go 14mm?
I got Corsair SF750 SFX PSU so I think there should be enough space for 280mm rad and cables.
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2023.03.05 20:43 stevemyers001 I want to talk about an inspiring couple, Steve and Mackenzie Brewer, who are the parents of two autistic children

I want to talk about an inspiring couple, Steve and Mackenzie Brewer, who are the parents of two autistic children
I want to talk about an inspiring couple, Steve and Mackenzie Brewer, who are the parents of two autistic children, Theus and Loki. They have created an autism parent support network to help other families going through similar experiences.
In their videocast, Steve and Mackenzie emphasize that every child with autism is different and has a wide range of symptoms. It's not just about non-communicative behavior; there are also OCD tendencies, overstimulation, and more. For example, their non-communicative son, Loki, communicates with them through gestures and noises. As parents, they have had to adapt and find effective ways to communicate with their children.
They also touch on the issues faced by special needs children in the education system. They mention how schools often do not meet dietary needs or lack PTA/PTO for special needs schools in Michigan. Furthermore, the speaker argues for a change in how special needs children are grouped together in facilities and highlights the difference in how people treat them compared to children without special needs.
It's important to recognize how having a child with special needs affects various aspects of life, such as being mindful of over-stimulation and being careful in certain environments. They describe incidents involving their child's sensory issues and behavior, including playing with feces. They criticize the "bruma dustpan method" used in some schools and advocate for a more individualized approach based on the child's interests and strengths, such as computer programming.
Steve and Mackenzie also discuss how education about special needs children is necessary to prevent people from staring and making derogatory comments. They explain that autism is classified into categories based on the level of involvement and that progress is possible with therapy and development over time. They started a podcast to raise awareness about the issues faced by children with special needs and their families.
The couple also expresses frustration with the government's requirement of special needs children to do hours of ABA therapy every month to maintain their insurance coverage for therapy. They plan to organize a march to voice their concerns and invite doctors and school staff to discuss autism and solutions. They recommend the Autism Parent Support Network website as a resource for those seeking support.
Finally, they discuss the issue of integrating special needs children into the education system. They mention that there are different rules and guidelines in school compared to home and express frustration at the idea of people having to pay taxes for schooling even if they do not have children.
Steve and Mackenzie are inspiring parents who are doing everything they can to support their children and other families in similar situations. Let's all take a page out of Dr. Seuss's book Green Eggs and Ham and be open to trying new things and accepting differences.
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2023.03.05 20:40 DanDez At CPAC, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's former secretary of state and former CIA director opined that conservatives shouldn't follow "celebrity leaders with their own brand of identity politics — those with fragile egos who refuse to acknowledge reality". Trump's reply:

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2023.03.05 20:39 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha👌yes

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2023.03.05 20:27 Jabre7 How would you want iconic MUs to end?

For Joker vs Giorno, I don't think there's any other right way(if Joker wins) than summoning Satanael and destroying GER with Sinful Shell. As for a Giorno win IDK.
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2023.03.05 20:18 r0bynr_ advice on an argument pls

this is an argument that took place between me and my mother. my grades have been slipping since around 2019. i just found out i got a 3.6 in my last maths mock exam (just under a pass for those who don’t live in the uk) and she snapped at me for it. she said i hadn’t revised enough and i needed to try harder. i tried to explain how i had revised and continue to revise maths as it is my weakest subject, and she yelled at me, even when i tried to show my notes as proof or whatever. she then said she wouldn’t let me go to a college i really want to go to and she wouldn’t fund the £2 bus fare to said college.
this was a few hours ago and she’s still angry, what can i do? and i want to know, am i in the wrong? if i am, please tell me how i can damage control this :(
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