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Your weekly /r/bluegrass roundup for the week of May 21 - May 27

2023.05.28 18:05 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/bluegrass roundup for the week of May 21 - May 27

Sunday, May 21 - Saturday, May 27

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127 13 comments A photo of Sierra Ferrell performing at DelFest today
66 17 comments Hello from DelFest!
40 4 comments Skip ahead to 13 minutes to hear some of the most banging hard-drive bluegrass I've heard. Plus, look at how young the crowd is. bluegrass is in good hands.
36 55 comments Spooky/eerie bluegrass songs?
25 0 comments 90s Bluegrass
23 2 comments MIGHTY POPLAR (Andrew Marlin, Chris Eldridge, Noam Pikelny, Greg Garrison & Alex Hargreaves) - "Grey Eagle" live from Fort Collins, CO 5/9/23
20 67 comments Blue Grass Noob here. I really like Tyler Childers. What other artists might I enjoy?
20 8 comments Tony Rice fan hangout
17 5 comments Mighty Poplar tonight
15 24 comments [Discussion] Who are some bluegrass musicians you would have loved to see work together

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8 31 comments Any bluegrass songs about Rock Climbing or anything close?
0 22 comments men singing murder ballads?
10 11 comments [Discussion] Any recs for European bluegrass bands who tour?
5 6 comments Tips on talking to some older players
2 6 comments Any one know the name of this tune?
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2023.05.28 12:51 CroninChris SB360 Capital Partners, LLC Closing Sears at Friendly Center in Greensboro, NC Sunday, May 28th

SB360 Capital Partners, LLC Closing Sears at Friendly Center in Greensboro, NC Sunday, May 28th
Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK2lUx21NE0
SB360 Capital Partners, LLC Liquidations as of Sunday, May 28th, 2023
Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpSDOO2rbAU&feature=youtu.be
Current Liquidations:
Sears (Full Line Department Store) Greensboro, NC (Closing Sunday, May 28th, 2023
Sears (Appliance & Mattress) Pharr, TX (Closing Sunday June 18th 2023)
Sears (Home & Life) Lafayette, LA (Closing Sunday June 18th 2023)
Sears (Appliance) Fort Collins, CO (Closing Sunday June 18th 2023)
Sears (Home & Life) Overland Park, KS (Closing Sunday June 18th 2023)
Sears (Appliance & Mattress) Camp Hill, PA (Closing Sunday June 18th 2023)
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2023.05.28 12:15 9Lives_ The Bugatti post reminded me of a Wayne story:

The Bugatti you see in that video where he claims to be first black person to own one… That Bugatti was sold to some old car collector. In the glove compartment Wayne had left some sunglasses, weed and a copy of the carter 5 on a blank CD. Dude reaches out to Wayne who tells him to throw everything out.
At the time the carter 5 had been completely finished YEARS prior (but birdman was holding it hostage and not signing off on its release) so obviously he carried the CD to play for people in person since it was so anticipated.
Anyway the old guy forgot to throw it out as he only bought the car cause Wayne gave him a really good deal and he knew he could flip it for profit.
He then sold the car to Martin shrekli, a pharmaceutical CEO who went to jail for some corporate crime and was only famous because he was in the news for setting the price of a vital drug so ridiculously high people couldn’t afford it.
Out of sheer coincidence this martin guy had recently then paid a million dollars for a wutang album he was refusing to release. So he became relevant to hip hop news circle’s and even went on the breakfast club.
Martin gets the car see’s a blank cd, in the glove compartment and thinks hmmmm what’s this? Realises once he hears Mona Lisa (because everyone knew there was a Kendrick feature) and immediately goes on social media flexing he has it. Everyone’s like BULLSHIT so he goes on live and starts playing snippets Everyone’s wondering how the fuck this corporate white guy is getting so many highly sought after hip hop releases but it was just luck.
Now that I think about it, C5 instigated a lot of drama because it was also the reason for the fall out between baby and Wayne which lead to young thug having Wayne’s tour bus shot up (at the time no one believed thug would do such a thing that but I guess now we know)
First thug announced an album called the carter 6 as a homage to Wayne, but because baby was parading thug around like Wayne’s fresh young replacement during their beef when thug announced this carter 6 album name Wayne was NOT happy so he snubbed thugger at a nightclub, thug got pissed at what his idol did and not only changed the album name to barter 6 (since Wayne used to claim piru) but he also posed naked on the album cover (presumably as a troll)
P.S: All this is from memory cause I was so invested in the story that unfolded almost a decade ago in bits so let me know if I got any details or timelines wrong.
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2023.05.28 11:11 designassorted bus accident lawyer fort lauderdale

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2023.05.28 10:06 Geist_Lain Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached, suspended from duties; will face Senate trial

Defying a last-minute appeal by former President Donald Trump, the Texas House voted overwhelmingly Saturday to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, suspending him from office over allegations of misconduct that included bribery and abuse of office.
The vote to adopt the 20 articles of impeachment was 121-23.
The stunning vote came two days after an investigative committee unveiled the articles — and two days before the close of a biennial legislative session that saw significant right-wing victories, including a ban on transgender health care for minors and new restrictions on public universities’ diversity efforts.
The vote revealed substantial divisions within the Republican Party of Texas — the largest, richest and most powerful state GOP party in the United States. Although the party has won every statewide election for a quarter-century and has controlled both houses of the Legislature since 2003, it has deep underlying fissures, many of them exacerbated by Trump’s rise and influence.
Few attorneys general have been as prominent as Paxton, who made a career of suing the Obama and Biden administrations. One of Trump’s closest allies in Texas, along with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Paxton unsuccessfully sued to challenge the 2020 presidential election results in four states.
Attention now shifts to the Texas Senate, which will conduct a trial with senators acting as jurors and designated House members presenting their case as impeachment managers.
Permanently removing Paxton from office and barring him from holding future elected office in Texas would require the support of two-thirds of senators.
Impeachment was supported by 60 Republicans, including Speaker Dade Phelan and all five of the representatives from Collin County — where Paxton and his wife have lived for decades. All 23 votes in opposition came from Republicans.
Afterward, Paxton called the vote “illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust,” adding that he looked forward to a quick resolution in the Senate.
The move to impeach came less than a week after the House General Investigating Committee revealed that it was investigating Paxton for what members described as a yearslong pattern of misconduct and questionable actions that include bribery, dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice. They presented the case against him Saturday, acknowledging the weight of their actions.
“Today is a very grim and difficult day for this House and for the state of Texas,” Rep. David Spiller, R-Jacksboro, a committee member, told House members.
“We have a duty and an obligation to protect the citizens of Texas from elected officials who abuse their office and their powers for personal gain,” Spiller said. “As a body, we should not be complicit in allowing that behavior.”
Paxton supporters criticized the impeachment proceedings as rushed, secretive and based on hearsay accounts of actions taken by Paxton, who they said was not given the opportunity to defend himself to the investigating committee.
“This process is indefensible,” said Rep. John Smithee, R-Amarillo, who complained that the vote was taking place on a holiday weekend before members had time to conduct a thorough review of the accusations. “It concerns me a lot because today it could be General Paxton, tomorrow it could be you and the next day it could be me.”
Saturday’s vote temporarily removes a controversial but influential Republican figure in Texas and nationally. He has led an office that initiated lawsuits that overturned or blocked major Biden and Obama administration policies, particularly on immigration; sought to reverse Trump’s electoral defeat in 2020; aggressively pursued voter fraud claims; and targeted hospitals that provided gender care to minors.
The Legislature had impeached state officials just twice since 1876 — and never an attorney general — but the House committee members who proposed impeachment argued Saturday that Paxton’s misconduct in office was so egregious that it warranted his removal.
“This gentleman is no longer fit for service or for office,” said committee member Rep. Ann Johnson, D-Houston. “Either this is going to be the beginning of the end of his criminal reign, or God help us with the harms that will come to all Texans if he's allowed to stay the top cop on the take, if millions of Texans can’t trust us to do the right thing, right here, right now.”
Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, a member of the investigative committee, used his presentation time to criticize Paxton for calling representatives as they worked on the House floor to “personally threaten them with political consequences in the next election” if they supported impeachment.
Speaking against impeachment, Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, called the process “wrong.”
“Don’t end our session this way. Don’t tarnish this institution,” Tinderholt said. “Don’t cheapen the act of impeachment. Don’t undermine the will of the voters. Don’t give Democrats another victory handed to them on a silver platter.”
The vote came as hardline conservatives supportive of Paxton’s aggressive strategy of suing the Biden administration were lining up in support of him. Trump — a close political ally to Paxton — blasted the impeachment proceedings as an attempt to unseat “the most hard working and effective” attorney general and thwart the “large number of American Patriots” who voted for Paxton.
Trump vowed to target any Republican who supported impeaching Paxton, adding after the vote: “What is our Country coming to?” In the evening, he called Abbott “missing in action,” asking followers on his Truth Social network, “Where is the Governor of Texas on his Attorney General’s Impeachment?”
As lawmakers listened to the committee members make their case, Paxton took to social media to boost conservatives who had come to his defense, including Trump, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, and conservative radio host Grant Stinchfield, who tweeted, “Kangaroo Court in Texas.”
About 90 minutes into the debate, the official Twitter account of the Texas attorney general’s office began tweeting at members of the committee to challenge some of the claims being made.
“Please tell the truth,” the agency’s account said.
Under the Texas Constitution, Paxton is suspended from office pending the outcome of the Senate trial. The Senate had recessed before the House voted to impeach, and Patrick, who presides over the Senate, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about a timeline for an impeachment trial.
Because Paxton was impeached while the Legislature was in session, the Texas Constitution requires the Senate to remain in Austin after the regular session ends Monday or set a trial date for the future, with no deadline for a trial spelled out in the law.
The constitution also allows the governor to appoint a provisional replacement. Gov. Greg Abbott had not weighed in on the calls to impeach Paxton and his office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.
Impeachment represents the greatest political threat to date for Paxton, who has been reelected twice despite a 2015 indictment for felony securities fraud and an ongoing federal investigation into allegations of official misconduct that began in 2020.
The impeachment vote capped a tumultuous week at the Capitol. From Tuesday to Thursday:
Paxton abruptly accused Phelan of presiding over the chamber while drunk and demanded that he resign.
The House General Investigating Committee revealed it had been investigating Paxton in secret since March.
The committee heard a three-hour presentation from its investigators detailing allegations of corruption against the attorney general.
The committee’s three Republicans and two Democrats voted to forward 20 articles of impeachment to the full House.
Paxton, who was comfortably elected to a third term last year, made a rare appearance before assembled reporters Friday to criticize the process, saying he was not given a chance to present favorable evidence. He called impeachment an effort by Democrats and “liberal” Republicans to remove him from office, violating the will of voters and sidelining an effective warrior against Biden administration policies.
“The corrupt politicians in the Texas House are demonstrating that blind loyalty to Speaker Dade Phelan is more important than upholding their oath of office,” Paxton said. He added, “They are showcasing their absolute contempt for the electoral process.”
Many of the articles of impeachment focused on allegations that Paxton had repeatedly abused his powers of office to help a political donor and friend, Austin real estate developer Nate Paul.
In fall 2020, eight top deputies in the attorney general’s office approached federal and state investigators to report their concerns about Paxton’s relationship with Paul.
All eight quit or were fired in the following months, and most of the details of their allegations against Paxton were revealed in a lawsuit by four former executives who claim they were fired — in violation of the Texas Whistleblower Act — in retaliation for reporting Paxton to the authorities. Paxton’s bid to dismiss the lawsuit is awaiting action by the Dallas-based 5th Court of Appeals.
According to the lawsuit, the whistleblowers accused Paxton of engaging in a series of “intense and bizarre” actions to help Paul, including intervening in an open-records case to help Paul gain documents from federal and state investigations into the real estate investor’s businesses. They also accused Paxton of directing his agency to intervene in a lawsuit between Paul and a charity, pushing through a rushed legal opinion to help Paul avoid a pending foreclosure sale on properties and ignoring agency rules to hire an outside lawyer to pursue an investigation helpful to Paul’s businesses.
In return, the whistleblower lawsuit alleged, Paul paid for all or part of a major renovation of a home Paxton owns in Austin. Paul also helped Paxton keep an extramarital affair quiet by employing the woman Paxton had been seeing, the lawsuit said, adding that the attorney general may also have been motivated by a $25,000 contribution Paul made to Paxton’s campaign in 2018.
In their report to the House General Investigating Committee on Wednesday, the panel’s investigators concluded that Paxton may have committed numerous crimes and violated his oath of office.
Investigators said possible felonies included abuse of official capacity by, among other actions, diverting staff time to help Paul at a labor cost of at least $72,000; misuse of official information by possibly helping Paul gain access to investigative documents; and retaliation and official oppression by firing employees who complained of Paxton’s actions to the FBI.
The articles of impeachment accused Paxton of accepting bribes, disregarding his official duties and misapplying public resources to help Paul.
The articles also referred to felony charges of securities fraud, and one felony count of failing to register with state securities officials, that have been pending against Paxton since 2015, months after he took office as attorney general. The fraud charges stem from Paxton’s work in 2011 to solicit investors in Servergy Inc. without disclosing that the McKinney company was paying him for the work.
The impeachment articles also accused Paxton of obstruction of justice by acting to delay the criminal cases with legal challenges and because a Paxton donor pursued legal action that limited the pay to prosecutors in the case, causing further delays “to Paxton’s advantage.”
Taken in total, the accusations showed a pattern of dereliction of duty in violation of the Texas Constitution, Paxton’s oaths of office and state laws against public officials acting against the public’s interest, the impeachment resolution said.
“Paxton engaged in misconduct, private or public, of such character as to indicate his unfitness for office,” the articles said.
An attorney general had never before been impeached by the Legislature, an extraordinary step that lawmakers have reserved for public officials who faced serious allegations of misconduct. Only two Texas officials have been removed from office by Senate conviction, Gov. James Ferguson in 1917 and District Judge O.P. Carrillo in 1975.
If Paxton is to survive, he will need to secure the support of 11 senators. With the 12 Democratic senators likely to support his removal, any votes for acquittal would need to come from the 19 Republican members.
Several Republican senators issued statements Saturday evening warning constituents and others that their role as jurors in the upcoming impeachment trial prohibited them from discussing the case. In a television interview Thursday, Patrick said merely that he believed senators would be responsible jurors and “do their duty.”
A complicating factor is Sen. Angela Paxton, R-McKinney, Paxton’s wife. State law requires all senators to attend an impeachment trial, though whether she will recuse herself from voting is unclear.
Paxton’s political base lies in the far-right faction of the Republican Party, where he has positioned himself as a champion of conservative causes and a thorn in the side of Democratic President Joe Biden. Paxton has criticized his opponents as RINOs (Republicans in name only) who “want nothing more than to sabotage our legal challenges to Biden’s extremist agenda by taking me out.”
He also retained the backing of the state Republican Party, led by former state Rep. Matt Rinaldi, who frequently attacks Republicans he considers to be insufficiently conservative. On Friday, Rinaldi said the impeachment was Phelan’s fault for allowing Democrats to have too much influence in the House.
“The impeachment proceedings against the attorney general are but the latest front in the Texas House’s war against Republicans to stop the conservative direction of her state,” Rinaldi said in a statement.
Paxton also has maintained a close relationship with Trump and filed an unsuccessful U.S. Supreme Court challenge to the 2020 presidential election. Paxton also spoke at Trump’s rally in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, shortly before the president’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol.
Ken Paxton has plagued Texas for far too long. I'm glad to see a modicum of justice being done.
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2023.05.28 08:45 MugShots Man leaps into rushing Poudre River to avoid arrest leading to 6-hour river standoff with Fort Collins SWAT

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2023.05.28 07:24 pineappllyydaffodill Does anyone in Fort Collins have a kiln? If so, would you let someone pay you to use it? I want to do pottery so badly so I can paint it! However, it's not worth it to me if I don't have a kiln.

I am going to save up to buy one, and it would be cool to learn how to use it from someone who already has one.
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2023.05.28 04:26 lets-be-still13 Apartment Recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for nice and quiet apartments in or around the Fort Collins area? My wife and I are currently living in the Crowne Old Town North apartments and aren’t having the greatest experience. Our lease here is up in the fall and we’re looking to move to a bit of a quieter area.
Would love to hear anyone recommendations anyone has!
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2023.05.28 00:38 freezer_nutz Denver trouble

Denver trouble
Looks like DIA is having some trouble. Over a dozen planes flying circles and can’t land. Radar isn’t indicating any severe weather. I wonder what’s going on.
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2023.05.28 00:37 Specialist_Dirt3977 Should I shave my head?!

Should I shave my head?!
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do! I recently cut it to a bob and enjoy it; but I think I might go for a buzz in the future! Could I pull it off!?
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2023.05.27 22:49 JustForTodayFoco Man spent more than 6 hours hiding in the Poudre, evading police

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2023.05.27 22:26 Lopsided_Outcome_643 Not everyone is a fan of Bendy-Buses, but imo, I think they're pretty cool to ride on.

Not everyone is a fan of Bendy-Buses, but imo, I think they're pretty cool to ride on.
A bendy-bus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
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2023.05.27 22:02 cuberandgamer One of DART's Worst Decisions on the Silver Line

This is going to be one of the most frustrating and annoying topics for me, so lets just get right into it.
This is an old map of the silver line alignment:
Sorry this image is blurry, but take a look at the stations. There was going to be a station on Preston and Coit (in this image, the Coit station is called Renner village)

I might be wrong here, but this appears to be where the Preston station would be. To be honest, I'm not too upset about losing this one. Not the best land use. The NIMBYs in Far North Dallas can have this one, this station was not super necessary in my opinion.
I'm really not too upset about the Prestonstation going away. Doesn't seem to have a lot of potential.
Lets take a look at where the silver line tracks cross Coit

Pictured here is apartments, lots of apartments. Not just any apartments though, these apartments have a certain characteristic that makes them a huge ridership generator. There is a very large transit dependent population that lives here, students. Students who don't have a car, who don't have any other way of getting around. Serving these populations is how you get good ridership. And guess what, transit ridership in this neighborhood is already some of the best in the whole DART system. This neighborhood is a true success story for DART.
We can't just consider the surrounding land use though, because connections to other transit can also drive ridership at a station. Coit road, has the 883 west, which is the best performing bus route in the entire DART system. These apartments (and a few others not pictured here) are able to support a bus route that runs at 9 minute headways. The most frequent bus route DART operates runs right through this neighborhood. The route 241 also runs through the area, and would have been able to connect to this station. The 241 is another strong performer that gets lots of ridership, but since it doesn't connect to Addison, transferring to the 241 from the silver line was made impossible once DART removed the station
Why did DART kill this station? Because the NIMBY home owners didnt want it. Dallas did not want a station here. But something tells me, nobody talked to the renters who lived here. It was wealthy homeowners who opposed it, not transit dependents. The money that would have been used to build the Coit road station is gone. It went to betterments instead. And guess what, they still aren't happy with their betterments. DART killed two train stations to appease the NIMBYs and put that money towards betterments, and they still aren't happy.
Most importantly though, riders should be at the forefront of every decision made by DART, and I can't help but think riders were not at all at the forefront of this decision at all. Rider experience is what matters most, and this didn't help with rider experience. This limits the options riders have and increases trip time, while simultaneously decreasing ridership.
This was 100% avoidable. DART could have simply just axed Preston and kept Coit. I had no idea the silver line was being planned at the time, but advocates could have pushed DART to keep the stations. Comets For Better Transit exists today, and they would have tried to protect Coit station. We could have applied pressure too, but its too late for any of that.
Sources: https://dart.new.swagit.com/play/231509/8 (old Board meeting about this) https://communityimpact.com/dallas-fort-worth/plano/top-stories/2018/08/28/transit-agency-board-of-directors-votes-to-remove-coit-preston-road-rail-stations-from-future-cotton-belt-line/ (old article)
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2023.05.27 21:16 just-o_k Elm?

Fort Collins, CO USA This has been chillin by my hive stand for a couple of years but now it’s grown up such that i need to address it. I want to know what it is before I decide what to do with it/how to trim. It’s quite young so I’m struggling with the bark but I’m thinking elm, not sure what kind. TIA!
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2023.05.27 20:59 PhobosTechnologies A Very Special "Thank You" To The Fort Collins Residents Who Donated To Our Pups Heart Surgery Fundraiser ... She Is Doing Just Fine :)

First - I was pleasantly surprised to find so many of the residents of FC to be so willing to help out with our puppy's heart surgery fund.
Lavender's recovery is going incredibly well!
The doctors and veterinary students at CSU's veterinary hospital were incredible and loving and caring and highly professional ... they did such a brilliant job!
For those of you who would like to meet our little Lavender, here is the short as we were picking her up the day after her surgery: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/EEgsmdCoM4Q
She is such a special little puppy - again - thanks to all of you I met (and didn't meet) who helped us out in this journey.
Here's the most recent short (just a few days ago) - she is doing just amazing <3https://www.youtube.com/shorts/aUbwWIQf62U
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2023.05.27 20:06 zneave A couple locos moving by themselves south thru Fort Collins, CO yesterday.

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2023.05.27 19:12 Brave-Pop6730 More questions!!

17F. Like I said before I’m going to be going from a state on the east coast down to Texas. I’ll likely have to get on a Greyhound bus and then an Amtrak train if I want to buy the tickets in person and within a day or two before I leave. Amtrak tickets sell out basically a month out from the date they are scheduled. I looked and saw that it would work best if I caught a train from either Cincinnati or Chicago to then get to either Fort Worth or Dallas after the greyhound bus. At first I was planning on only taking a train but it wouldn’t have worked. Trains to Dallas from where I am only come once a day on the days that they do at all. I hope this is all making sense.
I don’t want to buy the tickets online. Scared my mom would see the transaction from my account. To buy these tickets I would need to show my ID (school ID) that has my face and name on it. I fear this may be an issue because if my parents alert the police I am missing, will the person at the ticket counter know I’m being looked for? Will they alert the police? I have no choice but to show them to get the ticket. But I’m also hoping that if I leave as soon as possible I make it onto the train before my mom can call the cops anyway.
If I do have any complications or Greyhound or Amtrak workers asking me questions I’ll just say I’m meeting my dad in whichever state I’m going to.
  1. If I run away to Texas (where it is illegal to run away from home) will I actually get in trouble if I was to be caught?
  2. I heard someone on here say that Greyhound bus stations have a lot of police lurking around, does anyone know if that’s true?
  3. Would it be a bad idea to sleep on playgrounds at night? Like the big ones?
As always I’ll make another post if I have more questions :)
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2023.05.27 18:14 rkymtnhi62 Knee replacement

I'm having surgery here in fort Collins the end of June to have a knee replaced. I am in need of a recumbent bike, shower chair, walker, perhaps toilet seat extender ... Where is the best place to obtain them here in town? I've looked a bit on Facebook marketplace but ran into a few scams or them not being available so I thought I would ask here :)
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2023.05.27 16:36 Dapper-End183 Quinn (2000’s) vs Quinn (2020’s)

Quinn (2000’s) vs Quinn (2020’s)
It’s just a joke, but if Quinn kept her same young girl mindset and mentality from the 2000’s, I could see her looking like this in 2023. I just wanted to share…
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2023.05.27 14:27 generaldesignllc Things to Consider Before Leasing Your Property

Things to Consider Before Leasing Your Property
In conclusion, if you are looking for a rental property, you can check the above suggestions that will be your greatest guide before signing a lease. Examining your lease in great detail will prevent any disappointments if the deal falls through. For professional assistance, you can consult experts like Leasing & Property Management Services Fort Collins.
Things to Consider Before Leasing Your Property
Visit - https://generaldesignllc.wordpress.com/2023/04/14/things-to-consider-before-leasing-your-property/
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2023.05.27 07:31 Half-infinity My band Private Prisons is doing our first west coast tour.

My band Private Prisons is doing our first west coast tour.
Please come though to a show. Follow my band on instagram @PrivatePrisonsBand. We’ll have limited merch but tons great riffs and good hangs.
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2023.05.27 05:58 nobobthisisnotyours My friend was sold this “High end solventless rosin cartridge” but I’m suspicious of the quality

My friend was sold this “High end solventless rosin cartridge” but I’m suspicious of the quality
This doesn’t have good flavor and it look’s just like the cheap ass $18/g distillate carts I used to buy. Are all of these just hype/marketing words?
How do we identify a good quality cartridge? My friend loves the convenient small dose cartridge medium in addition to methods of consumption.
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