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2023.06.09 09:43 porker912 Reminder: Politics is not just about making "deals"

Mostly when I hear people talk politics in EDH it's goes something along the lines of, "If you do X for me, then I will do Y for you", and this betrays not only a naivety as to how politics are handled in the real world during wartime, but a lack of imagination as to how you can leverage the social elements of EDH. So here are a few ways that you can play the political game in EDH without being so explicit:
  1. Maintain the tables understanding of the current board state.
EDH is a complex game and not every player will recognize the brewing threats you might. By discussing the pieces that enter the table, or spells like tutors and card draw that have been cast, as well as their potential consequences, you can ensure that people will better assess your other opponents threats. Of course, this is propaganda, and so while you will also need to maintain the tables awareness of your board in order to be successful, you can downplay your board and threats, simply stating what each piece explicitly does, but giving no further hint as to how they fit into your plan over the next turns. At minimum, this helps players not to clearly bugger their threat assessment, but the potential to influence the table in small ways here can be very effective.
  1. Bide your time.
The Rusty nail gets the hammer, or something. Basically, weigh your options before advancing your board state. Has 0 removal or interaction been played yet and people have left mana open? Maybe just play your extra ramp, leave up some interaction, and wait for someone else to be the first lamb to the slaughter. There is a certain smell in the air before shit goes down so it can help to wait for the right moment.
  1. Ask questions
This goes along similar lines as 1, but asking your opponents questions can do a lot to direct your other opponents aggression. How many cards have you drawn? How many times have you tutored? Is that a combo piece? Do you run this combo? Your opponents can answer truthfully, or they can lie, or they can refuse to answer, and all three options carry the possibility of them drawing aggro. At best, they effectively downplay everything, which is part of the game, but having the answer come from your opponent can be huge as asking questions is a pretty neutral thing to do at the table.
What other non-explicit ways have you found to approach politics in EDH?
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2023.06.09 09:41 gcorelabs How does SSL/TLS connection work? How does it encrypt data?

Let's talk data security! Every click, every message, and every transaction we make online—yes, even those midnight online orders—need to be kept safe from prying eyes. How do we do that? Meet the dynamic duo: SSL and TLS.
What is SSL/TLS?
SSL and TLS are two cryptographic protocols, aka superheroes protecting our digital life. They ensure our data gets from point A to point B without any mishaps, like interceptions by unwanted eyes.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the OG protocol brought to us by Netscape in the mid-90s. Think of SSL as a secret handshake between servers and browsers. Once the handshake is complete, everything passing between the two stays private.
But the digital world never stops evolving. Enter TLS (Transport Layer Security,) the souped-up younger sibling of SSL. It's like SSL, but with an extra layer of security muscle.
The SSL/TLS Connection: Step-by-Step Process
Here's the play-by-play of how SSL/TLS works, from the secret handshake to secure data transmission. Ready? Let's dive in!
Step 1: The Handshake 🤝 When your browser wants to start a secure session with a website (let's say, it kicks off with a hearty “hello” message to the server. It's not a casual "hey there", but a packed bundle of crucial info—what SSL/TLS versions it can handle, and the cipher suites it knows.
Step 2: Server Response 🏓 Next, the server pings back its own 'hello'. It picks the highest SSL/TLS version and cipher suite that both can handle. You can think of this as the server saying, "Cool, I can work with that!"
Step 3: Certificate Verification 📜 The server then tosses over its digital certificate, like an ID card. This certificate helps your browser confirm that the server is indeed "" and not an imposter. The certificate's authenticity is checked with the trusted Certificate Authority (CA). It's like an online bouncer checking ID cards at the door of a swanky internet club.
Step 4: Session Key Exchange 🔑 Post-verification, your browser sends a 'finished' message, encrypted with a session key. The server decrypts the message with its private key and sends back an acknowledgment, also encrypted.
Step 5: Secure Data Transmission 📨 Now comes the sweet part - secure data transmission. Both the client and the server have agreed on a 'session key', enabling encrypted and secure communication between them. They can now chat freely, knowing their convo is safely encrypted.
And Voila! 🎉 This is how your data stays secure when it's skipping across the globe on the internet. Next time you're browsing, spare a thought for the intricate ballet of SSL/TLS encryption keeping your digital life secure. It's pretty awesome when you think about it, isn't it? 😄🔒🌐
And that’s how SSL and TLS keep our data safe while it zips across the internet. So next time you're making a late-night online order, remember the invisible superheroes keeping those card details safe! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💻🔒
Picture symmetric encryption as a vault with two identical keys. One to lock (encrypt) and one to unlock (decrypt). The catch? Anyone with the key can open the vault. Hence, keeping the key secret is crucial.
So, how do we add an extra layer of security? Enter session keys - temporary, unique keys crafted for each communication session. Think of them as a 'one-time password' for each conversation, used only once and then poof - discarded! 💥
Here's the process:
  1. Sender and receiver agree on a symmetric encryption algorithm.
  2. Sender brews a unique session key.
  3. Data gets encrypted using this session key.
  4. Encrypted data makes its journey across the network.
  5. Receiver uses the same key and algorithm to decrypt the data.
  6. When the session ends, the session key is discarded.
Result? Even if a hacker intercepts the data, without the session key, they're out of luck. 🎲
So, that's symmetric encryption with session keys - your digital bodyguard adding an extra layer of security in network communication.
In summary, SSL/TLS is your data's superhero, encrypting info and protecting it from the prying eyes of cyber villains. When we chat about data security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the MVPs.
How does this data-protecting duo work? They carry out a secret handshake (aka an SSL/TLS connection), authenticate each other with digital certificates, swap secret keys, and bam! Now your data transmission is encrypted and secure.
The bottom line? Make sure your data gets the SSL/TLS VIP treatment, whether you're running a blog, an e-commerce store, or sharing sensitive info. Trust us, it's a no-brainer! Your data deserves nothing less than iron-clad encryption! 🔐💻
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2023.06.09 09:41 magsaus Just Confused... ig you might be too👀👀👀

Just Confused..!!ig you maybe feeling the same👀👀👀
Hey fellas.. I'm a freshly graduated(2023) guy, currently working as a Java Dev Intern in a product based company.. Work's fine and everything's going well...but lately I have this feeling that if my internship converted into full Time, I gotta work like 9-5 may be even more ig..but I think I'm not willing to do corporate job for my entire life..I wanna explore the possible opportunities out there.. I wanna meet new people & learn new things.. Explore new places etc etc.. But Ig most of them comes down to money, also I know that running behind the agenda of earning money does no good,.. wanna do something, also that something should earn money Well many suggest to work for few years, earn few bucks then start something may be like business .. Is there any other way around..coz I want to work for achieving my financial freedom as early as possible, Like I'm ready to work af.I know this journey gonna required a lot of skills and hard work . I don't to stick to a single source of income,..I know many think this is a bit over nd may be weird but it's what I'm feeling..also I know, while many ppl are searching for a job, here I'm writing this weired reddit posts being in a job.. I'm so sorry.. No offense
I really need advice from people who have already been in this situation.. Or going through the same phase.. I really wanna step out of my comfort zone and wanna do something 👀👀👀also I wish to connect if you feel the same way I am... Hv a good day my dear reddit fellasss...!! Thanks
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2023.06.09 09:41 Mental-Solid-7903 cpu cooler light problem

Hello guys . I recently upgraded my pc . I got a Z790 P D4 motherboard with an I5 13400. After purchase, whenever I turn on the system, the CPU fan lights up for a moment, then turns off, then turns on again. it wasn't like this on the previous motherboard ( z390 ) and when I turned on the system, the fan light would stay on all the time . We even tried with another fan and this problem continued. Of course, I had no problem with cooling. When I asked the person who assembled the system for me, he said that this is normal for the 13th generation . I wanted to see if you think it's possible that the guy damaged the motherboard during assembly and now he's lying, or if you think this is really normal for the 13th generation. If it is damaged, do you think it might be a problem for the other parts of pc and even the health of the fan itself in the future? Thank you for your quick reply
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2023.06.09 09:41 Gattusso02 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Time: 200 hrs +
100% Clear: 400 hrs +
Difficulty: 7.5/10
The Monster Hunter franchise returns with the previously Nintendo exclusive finally getting its release on PlayStation. Prepare for one long, grindy and fulfilling ride collecting monster crowns all over again. This guide will now include the massive Sunbreak DLC complete with new monsters and better end game gear to make your platinum or 100% completion more efficient.
Trophy Guide
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Full credit to Powerpyx for the guides.
Wiki Guides
Credit to Game8 and Fextralife for the excellent wikis. Game8 has the more comprehensive guide complete with locations on where to farm certain items, along with equipment builds and other very useful information. Best to choose one of those builds as your base and swap out armors and skills along the way to find the build perfect for you. Fextralife has a more tabulated approach on the info that helps you get a quick glance on what you are looking for with lesser clicks but may have only concise information compared to Game8. For example, If you are looking for an item drop from a small monster, Fextralife will show you drop rates and which map to visit for your hunt. Game8 will give you a little more and show you the areas in the map where these small monsters are located.
If you're a beginner to the game or the series in general, the beginning sections and tutorials will naturally be quite overwhelming. Take things one step at a time, find a weapon that fits your play style best and enjoy the ride until you get a decent amount of monster hunts in to familiarize yourself with the game.
There will be tons of things to tweak and learn about on this game and no single article can give justice to the complexities of how to fully optimize your experience so additional research is recommended. Treat this article as a supplementary guide.
Efficiency Tips
Enjoy the story and progress through the main quest line as soon and as often as you can. The reason for this is as you progress through the story and your hunter rank increases, more equipment upgrades will be available to you along with the ability to upgrade the base defense of your gear further which unlocks incrementally as you increase in rank. The more defense you have means the more hits you can take and less healing items you consume which you can spend learning the monsters moves and hitting it.
Work on the 🏆 Beat-up Construction Kit as soon as possible and unlock all camp site locations on each map so you can fast travel conveniently closer to your target's location.
Materials List and Locations can be found here on Game8 to search for your gear and quest requirements. Browse it or simply drop the item you are looking for on the search bar.
Blights and Status Ailments Explained and their Cures is explained best in GadgetGabe's Top Voted answer from this GameFAQs forum. Use this wisely to cure yourself ASAP and stay at tip top shape for your fight. You can eventually customize your item load outs when hunting particular monsters.
Register an inventory and radial menu layout that is best for your hunt and tweak it accordingly if you are working on a solo hunt or are in a group. You can set up your action bar (the bar that uses the left and right d-pad) too.
Learn about monster elemental and ailment weaknesses, weak points and parts that you can sever to improve your success rate in a fight. E.g. Flash bombs work well on monsters in flight. Severing a Pukei-pukei's tail makes the monster incapable of it's wide poison gas attack.
Monster Elemental and Ailment Weaknesses and Immunities credit to Pro Game Guides. Monster Hunter Rise explains monster elemental weaknesses well but does not give too much of a description of what elements the monster utilizes against you. To learn that and build the right resistances, refer to the Fextralife MHR Wiki.
As you progress through your hunts, make sure to pick up any hunting helpers and golden/gilded spiribugs along the way. You will need 500 and 1000 respectively for the trophies 🏆 Hunting Helpers Plate and 🏆 Golden Spiribug Plate. If you want to farm Spiribugs exclusively, this video shows an excellent route while displaying some skills on speedy map traversal.
When you are in town, there will be times when you will be prompted that a sale is ongoing from the two merchants. Always take action on this prompt and participate in the lottery that is only available during this sale to progress towards the 12 room decorations you need to win as part of the 🏆 Sturdy Padlock. If the grand prize of the lottery is a room decoration, you have to roll a Jackpot (different from a Bingo) to win it. Even if the grand prize is not a room decoration, you are given a required room decoration for winning 100 items in the lottery.
🏆 Extravagant Cashbox
Awarded for earning 1,000,000 Zenny. The fastest method to earn zenny is by participating in the 2 Star Low Rank Event Quest - Gotta Hoard Fast!. It can be done with a group in 1 minute and rewards you with a Golden Egg which you can sell to the merchant for 20,000z. Use whenever you are short on money. This is also the best quest to use if you want to trigger merchant sales quickly and roll on the lottery.
Using your silk bind/aerial moves to deliver mount damage (indicated by a blue cloud background on the damage inflicted) is a good tactic to learn and master. Arekkz Gaming's Monster Riding Tutorial video explains this well. You can also scout the area where you mount the monster and bump him into special areas on the map that will deal extra damage.
High Rank Quests
An Armorcharm and Powercharm will now be available to purchase from the two item merchants. These work as permanent stat increases as long as you have them in your Item Pouch. When you reach HR7, you will eventually be able to upgrade these charms into Armortalon and Powertalon. These stack and you may repurchase Armorcharm and Powercharm and hold all four items in your Item Pouch.
Decorations will unlock from the Smithy and the Melding Pot will unlock from the item merchants. This would be a good time to study the skills you have available in conjunction with your armor skills and start creating defensive/offensive load outs based on what you are up against.
For talisman crafting via the Melding Pot, craft out the desired skill you need and use accordingly. Once you have your talisman of choice, always roll with Melding - Wisp of Mystery and Melding - Rebirth (unlocks last on a higher HR). They will cost more materials to craft, but will also have better chances of a Rarity 7 Talisman with more skills and better decoration slots.
Prepare status resistances/immunities depending on the monsters you are up against and build up defense, elemental defense and even add elemental attack against them as well. Take note that elemental attack increases on skills only increases an existing element on weapons (or elemental ammo for bowguns) and can not create an element from a non-elemental weapon source.
For more on elemental damage and elemental resistances, see Fextralife's articles linked accordingly.
Armorskin and Demondrug and their corresponding Mega version are items consumed once and will last until you faint or complete the quest. Invest in them as soon as you have the zenny to afford them. You will need to farm Pale Extract from the monster Khezu or purchased as a rare find in the Argosy to craft the mega drugs. You may also choose to deploy the meowcenaries to fight a Khezu to increase your item farm.
Master Rank Quests and Sunbreak Content
With Sunbreak comes a whole new base map and two new locations to explore. Like the base game, there are a number of trophies that involve you interacting with the townsfolk and the goods and services they have to offer. Refer to this video guide for a checklist of what you need to be doing after every quest to cover the trophies 🏆 Snowy Cohoot Minipouch, 🏆 Secret Honey Jar, 🏆 Unbreakable Bag, 🏆 Solid Padlock, 🏆Polychrome Acorn and 🏆 Sojourn Necklace.
🏆 Solid Padlock requires another set of items you need to win in the lottery but take note that the Gargolda Statue only starts appearing after you take a picture of it. Take a daytime expedition for a photo of the creature. Gamer Guru's video shows you how to do it.
Refer to Game8's Eurekacorn article for more ways on farming Eurekacorns for your Polychrome Acorn trophy. Efficiency Tip: Target an expedition with a Herb Node in the Frost Islands together with a Khezu Node for both Eurekacorns and Pale Extracts.
For efficient map traversal, unlock the alternative camp sites on the two new Sunbreak areas along with the new buddy recon points. You will have to unlock 2 recon points per map, for a total of 12 for 🏆 Buddy Whistle. Darcblade has an excellent video guide to cover this.
Crown Hunting
🏆 Mini Crown Plaque and 🏆 Gold Crown Plaque will most likely be the last trophies you will get in the game as these are very grindy to obtain. These entail slaying or capturing the smallest and largest versions of each monster, awarding you a gold crown on your Hunter's Notes. An alternative grouped view of all your crowns can be found in OPT -> Multiplayer -> Guild Cards -> View -> L1 for Hunting Log. Unlike MH World, Rise does not include a crown notification in the points reward section after a hunt. You will have to check your Hunter Notes manually. You do get a prompt of "Monster Size Updated" right after the kill or capture though as your best indicator of a possible crown.
Crown Hunting Tips and Drop Rates explained by Luke Albigés of TrueAchievements
Efficient Strategy
You will want to clear out all the crowns you can possibly obtain from the quests with the 100% chance or boosted crown rate quests. For everything else, learn how to crown snipe to save time and not waste too much time on normal sized targets. If your are sure that your target monster is not a crown size, abort your quest and start a new one. Take note that you need to capture/kill 10 monsters of each type for their respective monster scroll to progress on your 🏆 Sturdy Padlock so anything close to a perceived small or large crown would be worth the kill. The Sunbreak Expansion and Master Rank buffs up the crown monsters appearance rate to as high as 10% for large and 6% for minis. You are best saving the crown hunt for last as you have to tackle Anomaly Investigations for the Sunbreak 🏆 Bahari's Hand Wound Birdie, which entails you earning and spending 3000 Investigation Coins as rewards for these type of quests along with clearing out every single Master Rank quest for the 🏆 Record of Utmost Valor - Master and clearing out 1-4 star anomaly quests for the 🏆 Painting - Crimson Nightmare. There are a total of 7 1-star anomaly quests to unlock and 8 quests for 2-4 stars. There is a good chance that you will be earning majority of these crowns along your progression towards these three trophies with minimal crown cleanup.
Videos for Monster Measurements
As of this writing, there seems to be a lack of content on Large and Mini Gold Crowns for MH Rise. Below is video clips to give some clues on how these monster sizes will look when you encounter them. Monster sizes with 100% chance drop quests will be excluded from this segment.
Kiranico has an excellent large monster guide which also displays the recommended quest to participate in with corresponding crown percentages.
Anomaly Investigation quest monsters have fixed sizes and will never yield any crowns. The normal Anomaly Quests will share the same 6% small and 10% large crown chance as the MR quests.
Base Game Crowns
Anjanath Mini Gold Crown
Barioth Large Gold Crown
Barioth Mini Gold Crown
Barroth Mini Gold Crown
Chameleos Large Gold Crown
Chameleos Mini Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Large Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Mini Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Large Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Mini Gold Crown
Kushala Daora Mini Gold Crown
Lagombi Large Gold Crown
Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Rathalos Mini Gold Crown
Royal Ludroth Large Gold Crown
Teostra Large Gold Crown
Teostra Mini Gold Crown
Sunbreak Crowns
There are only 16 additional monsters tied up to the crown trophies for Sunbreak which are the monsters that were available at the original release of the game. You will need these 16 monsters along with all the base game crowns for the 🏆 Miniature Crown Shield and 🏆 Gold Crown Shield to unlock. Refer to the Gold Crown Shield segment of Powerpyx's guide for the full list.
Astalos Large Gold Crown
Aurora Somnacanth Mini Gold Crown
Gore Magala Large Gold Crown
Malzeno Large Gold Crown
Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Scorned Magnamalo Large Gold Crown
Miscellaneous Grind
🏆 Antique Bookmark
Achieved by collecting all 60 Relics scattered over the 5 available maps. Powerpyx's guide for all Relic Locations shows these well. There is a correction to the linked article however, as it is mentioned there that the Rampage Relics unlock after collecting all 10 other Relics per map but is incorrect (unsure what triggers rampage Relic availability but I had access to them at 5 star quest availability on Village and Hub quests). To track the relics you have collected already, go to OPT -> Info -> Hunter Notes -> Notebook.
Gaming with Abyss has good Monster Hunter trophy content and shows locations of each relic per map clearly on his videos.
Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Other Useful Information
Affinity vs Raw Damage is discussed well on this steamcommunity forum.
The difference between KO/Stun and Trip is explained will in this article. Note that KO and Stun status are the same (in game and articles call it one or the other so this can be confusing) but Trip status is different.
Critical Boost at level 1 raises damage dealt by critical hits by 5%. Your critical hits are already at a base amplified damage of 25% (not mentioned in-game). This could be deceiving due to the in-game skill definition.
Palamutes and Palicos you bring on the hunt increase your ease and efficiency and are best slotted with the best gear for your playstyle. Game8 has an excellent buddy guide that discusses end game builds.
Use the Basic behavior if you are running a melee focused buddy and Follow if you are using a ranged buddy. This is discussed thoroughly by CheaterMcCheat.
On solo hunts, don't let the common combo of 1 Palico and 1 Palamute mold you to run with that as there are several builds that utilize 2 Palicos or 2 Palamutes in one hunt. For example, you may want to use a double Palamute with C Jelly Travel Bag X weapon on the Best Equipment For Sunbreak (Ranged)segment. Accompanied with the Palamute Silkbinder, this build can provide excellent monster control.
Ordering Motley Mixes in the canteen nets you dango tickets as a reward. Claim it from the chef after some orders and use the tickets with hopping skewers on your harder hunts.
Latent Power skill is triggered by an internal timer upon monster encounter and attack animations and is explained here on Fextralife's wiki.
Auto-shoutouts are useful for your party and even yourself. You can program these auto shoutouts via OPT -> Multiplayer -> Chat Menu -> Triangle and click on the field under Text to program what you want to shout-out, choose the box under speech timing to choose the condition. These conditions aren't fixed and you have more to choose from. The most useful ones are the auto shoutouts for "When you set a trap" and "When a monster is limping" where the monster enters the blue icon state and is capturable if it is not an elder, apex or afflicted monster.
Weapon Specific Notes
Light Bowgun
Light Bowgun Basic Moves and Ammo Types credit to Phemeto
Pay attention to the color of your reticle. An orange reticle tells you that your ammo type is in its ideal range and will deal its intended damage. A yellow reticle means your shots will hit, but will be significantly weaker.
The Fanning Vault Silkbind skill is best used with your Wyvernblast special ammo. Press circle while you are directly under the monster to plant a bomb directly on it. You will be replacing this with the Switch Skill Fanning Maneuver for end game builds.
Ammo Details can be found by going to Items and Equipment (opt button) -> Equipment Info -> Ammo Details (square)
You will normally run out of your full magazine of your most desired ammo. To minimize returning to camp, bring the materials you need to craft that ammo and set it on your radial menu. Also, avoid bringing the ammo type you never use to keep your ammo menu as decluttered as possible for efficient ammo switching. It is encouraged to bind the ammo you use and their craft commands in your radial menu as well.
Recoil is the delay between firing shots (different from Reload delay). Lower recoil = Faster Attack Speed
Deviation is the drift of the bullets when you fire. If you have a weapon with deviation, it will travel center for a medium distance then swerve to the L or R depending on the strength of the deviation. Targeting "No deviation" is ideal.
Decorations can be crafted to reduce Reload, Recoil and Deviation.
Light Bowgun Weapon & Armor Skills
Bombardier skill does not work with any ammos, including sticky, cluster, or wyvernblast.
Normal/Rapid Up skill improves Normal Ammo damage by 5%/10%/20% and stacks with the skill
Rapid Fire Up which enhances rapid fire damage also by 5%/10%/20%
Great Sword
Recommended Switch Skills are Tackle, Rage Slash (RS), and Adamant Charged Slash (ACS). All three can tank monster attacks (no knockbacks) and negates roar effects. Tackle is the bread and butter during roars and quick monster attacks since its easy to trigger, You can use Adamant Charged Slash for positioning, and Rage Slash to land your last charged attack on your desired direction, which True Charged Slash Skill cant do.
How to Unlock:
Adamant Charged Slash - Unlocked by crafting/upgrading 8 different Greatswords, no duplicates. Replaces the Hunting Edge skill.
Rage Slash - Unlocked by completing the quest "Grasp the Greatsword" (HR5 Quest). Replaces the True Charged Slash skill.
Low Rank Entry GS - Crit Eye Build
Low Rank GS - Crit Draw Build - 80% Affinity on Overhead and Charged Slash
High Rank GS Build - 90% Affinity on Weakpoints + Focus 3
Several members of the PSTHPH team contributed to the making of this guide.
There is an ongoing issue with this article preventing further edits. Please check the comments for more.
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2023.06.09 09:40 engorbust Anyone currently completing or completed the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree Completion Program?

Hey guys, I was planning to transfer to McMaster for the Manufacturing Engineering Degree Completion Program after my college education.
I was wondering if there are any alumni or anyone in the program currently that can help out with some questions that I had:
Do you think it's doable to complete the program in 2 years while working full-time?
Were the co-op placements taken at the same time while the classes were in the evening?
How have the job opportunities been in the field for you? Are BTech graduates limited to certain positions based on your experience?
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2023.06.09 09:40 AutoModerator [Get] Rasmus & Christian Mikkelsen – NEW Audiobook Income Academy Download

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2023.06.09 09:40 hoodieninja86 Ok sleep time soon I was feeling kinda ass today and I did a good job of being kind to myself and that obv helped so progress, it's still hard and I still don't believe myself but it's something

Ok sleep time soon I was feeling kinda ass today and I did a good job of being kind to myself and that obv helped so progress, it's still hard and I still don't believe myself but it's something submitted by hoodieninja86 to adultsnew [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:40 Jun1nxx We just beat the sandworm in PTR

We just beat the sandworm in PTR submitted by Jun1nxx to newworldgame [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:39 Conscious-Trade2776 Contemplating if this is the right decision….

Hello. I know I’ve only recently made a post about pursuing PA therapy with my partner, but I had decided to end things with him after consideration. He has been lying to me, from what I know, about using porn in a way that disrespects my boundaries. At the beginning of our relationship, I had actually said that it was okay to watch porn since I felt that it was normal in moderation. Even I had seen some porn, and had enjoyed artists who drew suggestive art. To clarify, from what I know, he had primarily looked at hentai and had this on his computer. I thought it was fine because it was just a drawing. I don’t know if allowing this leeway was a mistake or not.
Two years ago, he had admitted to me that he was watching a very sexual twitch streamer who drew suggestive art of herself. She had also posted many thirst traps of herself. I had immediately confronted him about her and told him that this wasn’t okay, that it’s not the same as just porn, and that this was something that seriously hurt me. It was too far and too close.
This may have been invasive, and he said it was, but I immediately made him prove to me that he wasn’t paying for her Patreon access. I later found out that he may have been paying for it all along on a different website she uses. During this, he lied and gaslit many times about what content she really made, and said it was all an accident, just a joke, not his fault, etc. I told him I was not okay with parasocial relationships and following thirst traps at this point, and especially not paying for it. He would have to stick to drawings and pornhub content.
From then on, I grew completely insecure and invasive. I checked his following many times, and confronted him many times. A few weeks after the first incident, he privated his account. He always said he wasn’t doing anything disrespectful, yet never unfollowed them (verified with doesfollow). I genuinely believe that he had much worse going on, since he STRICTLY hid his photos, text messages, history, etc on his phone and computer when I was around him. I also know he has a throw acc on Twitter and most likely on Reddit to look at things he knows I’m not okay with. I’ve also felt like he was sharing porn with his friends on Discord, but when I confronted him about this and said this wasn’t okay either, he said he wasn’t. I never saw him speak to his friends on Discord again after the confrontations. Each time I confronted him, he would make up new lies and stories and gaslight me. There was even times where I was having panic attacks because of how he would hide his phone from me right in-front of my face. At this point a year ago, I tried to tell him that he couldn’t hide anything from me or act this way with his phone if he was to continue with me. However, this behavior never ceased and he had even asked me to “have patience with him.”
All of this back and forth behavior between us has bubbled up to the point where he had asked me if I needed to go to couples therapy for the anxiety and insecurities I was feeling in the relationship. I immediately reacted to this the night he suggested this and asked him how long he was doing all of this with the thirst traps. He had stated that it was when he lost his job two years ago. During this time, I felt like since he wasn’t working, that we could spend more time together. But he never did, despite me bringing up wanting to see him more. At that time, I had a deep feeling it was because of something like this. Once he admitted this, I stated that if we were to get therapy that it would have to be CSAT certified and he would have to work on his PA. He had gaslit me, lied to me, and let me feel terrible for two years straight for thirst traps. The whole time, all I wanted him to do was just respect a boundary, even if he watched porn and he couldn’t even do that. It was an addiction at this point, to me.
Despite all of this happening, I brought it up with some classmates who knew him and had told me they felt he had been somewhat manipulative with me from their experience with him. I had also brought it up with his mom, in which she told me it was a serious problem and to take space away from him and that she would do the best she could to help us with CSAT therapy.
I was ready to go to couples counseling very soon to work on this. But the whole time I’ve been contemplating if it’s even worth it. If he’s already gaslit me about everything before trying to recover, how will he be during actual recovery? At this point, I think he must stop watching porn entirely due to how addicted he seems to be from my perspective. It doesn’t feel like he will ever be able to do that. We’re not married, we’re both young, and we both have our whole lives ahead of us.
It was once he texted me that he suddenly wants to move out next week, no plan, just straight move out because all of this is happening that I chose to break it off with him. Our plan was to move in together, but I immediately felt all loss of trust when he chose to make this decision without me due to me confronting him about a porn addiction. I’ve always felt uncomfortable about the thought of moving in with him due to my lack of trust in him because of these issues. I had never really revealed that I knew he was lying all this time until very recently. He has shown no remorse, has given no apologies, blamed it on his anxiety, taken no accountability for his actions or how he has affected me for so long, and says that it’s entirely up to the therapy to teach him how to do these things. Even after I begged his mom to take it easy on him, and kept telling him that I just want him to believe in himself. I feel like I still love him, and will always love him. I may still go to therapy with him as well, but not with the intention of preventing separation. At this point, I feel like it’s more up to him to stop this behavior for himself. I know this has been a very long post, but it’s been a very long process in feeling okay again. I appreciate everyone on this sub for being so supportive of each other, and would appreciate response and advice from you guys when considering this situation I’m in. I just want to be happy with myself again, despite everything that happened between us.
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2023.06.09 09:39 Eat-chugjug-repeat Nice guy looking for REAL love

Hello fellow ucsd-ians 😋 My name is Jerrick and I’m looking for a beautiful gal who will love me and NOT betray me. I’m a veteran Redditorè, senior Discord moderator, and all around good guy (Jinx main in LOL💣). I’m making this post as a last effort to meet a real woman who can handle my alpha/sigma style. I am the nicest guy you will ever meet in your life, definitely nicer than your last man (beta) and will show you the world from my 2009 Nissan versa 🏎️
What I’m looking for: -Big booty/big boobies (non-negotiable) -Has a sense of humor (if you watch Joe Rogan or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you should be fine) -works a full time job (I’m a full time discord mod so I don’t have time for pointless jobs)
I’m just so tired of girls being selfish and self centered so please don’t waste my time. Just last week I helped my co-worker move and I specifically left the mattress for last (so she could pay for my services in other ways since I knew she was broke) and she was so confused and angry when she came back and I was naked (with my fedora still on obvi). I told her I was saving her money and she should be thanking me! After that I can’t afford another restraining order so please someone lock me down before it’s too late 😇
Let me know if you have any questions, I expect my replies to fill quickly so I’m sorry if I can’t respond
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2023.06.09 09:39 Emotional-Word5808 Update on the celica

Update on the celica
So a few months ago I posted about my first car which is a st202 Celica and I wondering if there is any tips I could get with what I plan on doing next. I plan on buying another Celica to fix this Celica up. Mechanically my car runs although according to my dad it feels like it isn't running well(it has been sitting for a long time so it could be old fuel or clogged air filter. The car needs a paint job, some help in the interior so hopefully this other Celica will solve those issues. Im also losing battery charge which I assume has something to do with the wiring for the turbo and exhaust gauges inside the car or whatever the previous owner did with wiring. Anyways if you have any questions just ask and if you have any tips I'd love the help.
PS I might have forgot some stuff so I might edit/make a part 2
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2023.06.09 09:39 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 09:39 Writing_Maestros How can I (26F) move on from my boyfriend (25M) cheating on me two years ago?

I (26F) started dating my now boyfriend (25M) in 2019. It was a long distance relationship and we had many issues. I never suspected him of cheating even though he would always suspect guys around me. A year into our relationship (June 2020), I started having feelings that he was cheating or he was going to cheat. He denied this and eventually (2 weeks later) he decided to break up with me 'because I didn't trust him' and other underlying issues. I blamed myself mostly for the breakup believing I was wrong for accusing him. Six months later and we decided to give it another try (January 2021) and it's been quite blissful since then. I corrected everything he accused me of to ensure out relationship worked this time and it has been good. However, I always had this feeling that something had happened with a certain girl while we were broken up even though my boyfriend denied it. One day, I was alone with his phone and my curiosity got the best of me. I went directly to her chat and scrolled all the way to the beginning. It was quite long. Turns out I was right after all. There was a lot of flirting and exchange of nudes happening while we were still together (around the time I said I had suspicions). It got even more serious while we were broken up but the worst part is that it continued when we got back together. He constantly expressed his love for her and one time she saw my picture on his phone, he told her how I was just some girl pestering him. One event that made me cry was that early into our getting-back together, he wanted to go to the movies and I paid for it as a gift. Now, I know he took her along and they were making out there... On my dime! The affair... Or whatever it was continued for months after we got back together but eventually fizzled out. I stopped reading at some point because I couldn't take anymore. I did confront him that night and he apologized so much for everything. He called our close friends and family to beg me and everyone told me to forgive him, it happened 2020/2021, so I should move on. I love him, so I chose to forgive him. But I can't get it out of my mind. I don't bring it up with him but sometimes, it flashes through my mind and I'm sad again. Even worse, I can't shake the feeling that if she wanted to be with him, he wouldn't have come back (she didn't want to date him because her parents wouldn't approve but they were still involved sexually). These days when he says he loves me, I wonder if he loved her more. He says I'm beautiful and I wonder if he finds her more beautiful. He talks about a lady and I wonder if she's next. It's killing me and I just want to forget it all and move on? How can I do this??
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2023.06.09 09:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 09:38 insane-banda [23M] Need some advice on LDR, never met her in person, she [20F] is my colleague (other caste) in a WFH startup

Hello everyone,
I've known her online for 1.4 years while working in a remote company. Our conversations deepened around 1.5-2 months ago, and we've been in a long-distance relationship for a month now.
I really like her, and she feels the same way about me. It's my first experience with love, so I often find myself lost in thoughts about her. This has made my parents suspicious. One day, while on a video call with her, my mom caught me from a window. I had no choice but to confess the truth, and she informed my dad. They scolded me for about 4-5 hours, expressing disappointment and labeling my behavior as wrong and characterless. They made me promise that I would only talk to her for work-related matters. They also insisted that if I stopped talking to her and ignored her, my feelings would eventually fade away, and I would return to normal.
The next day, I texted her to break up, but I was devastated. I couldn't forget about her, and I found myself crying multiple times in the bathroom. The thought of leaving her was unbearable, and I felt suffocated. Later that same day, in the evening, I texted her again, retracting what I had said in the morning. I assured her that I wouldn't leave her and that I see her as my future partner. She was upset about the breakup conversation and had hoped I would ask her to wait instead.
It's been 10 days since I was caught, and my perspective on my parents has completely changed. They now complain every day that I'm not spending enough time with them and that I don't laugh at their jokes. I'm trying to push myself to secure a better job in a non-remote company. My goal is not only to be financially independent but also to make my parents financially dependent on me. This way, I hope to have a stronger position in the future when I go against their values regarding love marriage. Their biggest concern, as they expressed during the scolding, is that love marriages are like fairy tales—they appear good from a distance but often fail due to the lack of social pressures present in arranged marriages. The negative portrayal of relationships in the media has further contributed to their negative perception of love marriages.
I'm at a loss for what to do. I feel stressed and haven't had time to watch movies, web series, or YouTube videos like I used to when I wasn't in a relationship. My days consist of work, study, gym, talking to her on the phone, and sleeping. It feels like a never-ending cycle.
I decided to patch things up with her because I remember my dad saying, "Become worthy, and we will arrange your marriage with whomever you choose." This gave me hope that if I become more successful in my career in the next 2-3 years, I'll have a better chance of convincing them about us if things go well between me and her. I truly love her and I'm willing to give my 100% to make her mine.
I watched some YouTube videos, and most of them suggested becoming financially independent as the first step to have a stronger stance against conservative parents. However, I also came across a few examples where even that didn't work. This has left me feeling hopeless, thinking that all the effort I'm putting into this relationship might be go in vain.
I met a girl online(coworker in a same WFH startup), started a long-distance relationship, and fell in love. My parents found out, scolded me, and made me promise to only talk to her for work related stuff. I tried to break up but couldn't forget her, so we got back together. Now my parents complain that I don't spend enough time with them. I'm working hard to become financially independent and hope it will strengthen my position to convince them about our relationship. I feel stressed and uncertain about the future.
To all the folks who have overcame this phase can you give me some advice as what to do, last 2-3 weeks were stressful for me. I can't concentrate on anything fully and I have started enjoying sad songs:)
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2023.06.09 09:37 MsStoneHeart 51F [Chat] Hello. Hope people are still awake at this hour, only time I get free time it seems.

Hi. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have a degree in education. I was a high school mathematics teacher and also a part time college professor. Since then I have moved to Florida and became a home owner that transition into aviation as a career. Currently working from home as an air traffic controller. This shift started when I had free time to study during the pandemic.
I like going to the beach. But unfortunately as a teacher you often stumble upon students and it is very weird and inappropriate to be seen in non professional clothing. I’ve been trying to stop drinking beer. I have a problem with drinking it as a beverage all the time. But now I limit myself to 1-2 cans a day. Now it’s just a nice refresher for when I’m at the beach. Also make sure you clean after yourself and keep the beach clean.
Im married. I don’t have any kids. I can’t actually have kids due to some issues on my end. We are trying though through other methods. Been married for 9 years. I nerd and geek out over mathematics and anything with numbers.
Husband and I are discussing the idea of potentially exploring involving another person (male) in our relationship. Not sure if that’s a weird idea or oversharing. Just at our age, we kinda figured it wouldn’t hurt to explore and be open minded. Have a few ideas. If anyone wants to engage in that topic. Also goes in line with if anyone wants to play Pictionary game. Getting random pictures of me and making comments on it with questions I might have on it.
If anyone wants to converse, I hope you read this whole thing and write back hitting every single point I shared. Dislike getting low effort messages. Hope that’s not to much to ask for.
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2023.06.09 09:37 unfinishedmango Narcissistic and bipolar Mother

My boyfriend has a narcissistic and bipolar mother. We have been dating for almost 3 years and when I lived with them, it was a nightmare. After living with his family for only a couple of months, it was clear that she played favourites and manipulated everybody to get her way through guilt and shame.
For context, she is divorced, and her daughter and her son (my boyfriend) live with her. She kindly opened her home to me when I was having family issues, however, that turned into a quick transaction for her. I paid rent, but there was an emotional transaction. Near the end of my stay at their house, she started to blame me for all of their family issues. She blamed me for my boyfriend and his sister not being able to get along, even though they never had a good relationship to begin with. She continues to shame, guilt and her victim complex to abuse my boyfriend.
My boyfriend is currently still living with her due to his financial situation, but he has come to terms that his mother is a narcissist, and will never have the same empathy as a normal person. He continues to defend me and respect my wishes to not have a relationship with her.
I no longer felt welcomed and returned to my home where I was able to rebuild my relationship with my family. Fast forward a lot of traumatic events, I have blocked her on all social media, and I do not want a relationship with her.
Recently, my boyfriend had heat exhaustion and drove to my house because it was the closer option. He left his car at my house under the impression that he would grab it the next day. Unknowingly, his mother took it upon herself to pick up the car at my house. My boyfriend pays for the insurance, gas and the car itself. He got this car when he was 17 years old and I don’t think he’s a principal driver on it but he is the primary driver.
She rang the doorbell four times even though she knew I wasn’t at home. It was all caught on video and it was creepy since my boyfriend said he would pick it up tomorrow but she still came anyways and took it upon herself to pick up the car.
I don’t want my boyfriend’s mother to go to these lengths to keep controlling him. It’s difficult due to his financial situation and inflation but what do you think should be the best course of action? For the most part, as long as my boyfriend is working and making money, she stays off his back. But from time to time she goes crazy and becomes unhinged. She also hates the fact that I’ve set a boundary with her and will do anything to keep a relationship with me, despite how much she shit talks me and calls me derogatory names to her friends.
His mother is 64 years old. I have tried to repair the relationship multiple times but everything that comes out of her mouth is different than her actions.
Should my boyfriend just get a new car under his name?
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2023.06.09 09:37 Global_Tree_Careers How to apply for New Zealand Student Visa

How to apply for New Zealand Student Visa
The New Zealand Student Visa is a temporary visa for international students who are coming to New Zealand to study at a tertiary education institution. This guide will help you understand the application process and requirements of this visa so that you can apply smoothly.
The application process
The application process is quite simple and straightforward. You can apply online or by post, but the latter option requires you to send your documents by post.
  • To apply online, you will need to pay an application fee of NZ$330 via credit card or bank account (there are no other payment options). If you choose not to pay this fee online, then there are several banks where it can be paid at a branch near you.
  • You will also need to submit some documents with your application: - Your passport photo page; - A copy of your passport; - Proof that you have enough money while studying in New Zealand; - Two letters of recommendation from previous employers/teachers/professors who know about your academic achievements; - Proof that there is space available on the course(s) that interest them;
(Read more: Top Universities for Study in New Zealand)
Requirements for New Zealand Student VisaTo apply for a New Zealand Student Visa, you must:
  • be accepted by an approved New Zealand university or tertiary institution. To find out which institutions are approved, see the list at http://education.govt. nz/international-students/Australian-council-for-accredited-courses/approved_institutions;
  • have a valid passport that can be used to enter and leave New Zealand (i.e., it must not expire within six months of your arrival in New Zealand);
  • be aged 18 years or older at the time of applying; and
  • Meet certain health requirements including having no medical condition that could put others at risk if they came into contact with you (such as tuberculosis)
Documents needed for New Zealand Student VisaTo apply for a student visa to Study in New Zealand, you will need to submit the following documents:
  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Letter of acceptance from a New Zealand education institution
  • Certificate of good conduct (if required) - Medical certificate - Immigration history and character check - Evidence of funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses and return airfare
Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Student VisaTo be eligible for a New Zealand Student Visa, you should be under 24 years of age. You must also have a valid passport and a letter of acceptance from an educational institution in New Zealand. You will need to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in New Zealand, as well as proof that you can meet the costs of returning home at the end of your studies. To be considered for a student visa:
  • You must be enrolled at an approved tertiary institution at level 4 or above on all courses except short courses lasting less than three months;
  • Your course must lead directly towards gaining qualifications which are on NZQF (New Zealand Qualifications Framework);
  • Your program must continue for more than six months;
  • If English is not one of your first languages then you must pass an approved English language test before submitting an application;
New Zealand Student Visa fees
The New Zealand Student Visa fees are different for every country, education level, and application type. If you want to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa, you must pay the correct amount of money depending on these factors:
  • The country you are applying from (New Zealand is a member state of the Commonwealth so there is no extra charge)
  • The level of study and program length that you wish to enroll in (full-time or part-time)
New Zealand Student Visa processing time
The New Zealand Student Visa processing time is 6-8 weeks, but this does not guarantee that you will receive your visa within that time frame. Processing times can vary depending on the visa type and whether or not you have any supporting documents to submit with your application. Some visas take longer than others, so if you are applying for a specific course or program at an institution in New Zealand, it's best to check their website for information about processing times before applying.
How to fill out New Zealand Student Visa application form
  • Fill out the form as accurately as possible.
  • Make sure you have all the documents required.
  • Make sure you have filled out all the fields.
  • Make sure you have attached all the documents, including passport photos and fee receipt, to your application form before submitting it online or by post to a New Zealand embassy or consulate in your home country.*
As you can see, there are many steps involved in applying for a New Zealand student visa. However, with the right information and guidance from our team of experts, we hope that this process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible for you!
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2023.06.09 09:37 theupper_epidermis30 WIBTA for excluding my friend from a choir I am heading?

I (18F) am a pianist and I have two close friends, Nishi and Ramona (both 18F as well). We have known each other since the seventh grade and a lot of our friendship revolved around music related activities, as they are both avid singers. I enjoy jamming with them but unfortunately we haven't been doing much together in the last couple of years. Nishi quietly moved schools one day to pursue better academic and extra-curricular activities - mainly music - but she never told me about it. I heard it first from Ramona. I was a little upset that Nishi didn't tell me directly but I just kinda brushed it aside, it wasn't a deal breaker for me.
I was recently requested to play at someone's nuptials (church wedding). I also have the task of getting a few singers on board. Naturally I took this as an opportunity to involve Nishi and Ramona since it has been a while we have done something like this together. They both happily agreed and Nishi especially told me how excited she is about it. We are due to start practices any day now, the wedding is in July. But I've run into a problem now and feel like I don't want Nishi part of this group anymore.
I saw a post on her insta that she had gotten accepted into xyz university, which is my dream uni. She knows it's where I want to go, I had told her weeks ago. But when I asked her about herself; she made it look like she didn't even know what stream she wanted to pursue, let alone which college she would do it in. Which is all a big lie. I know she isn't obliged to spare all the details of her life but IMHO friendships are based on honesty. And I tell her everything about myself. She somehow finds the time in her 'busy schedule' to inform her other friends (Ramona included) about all her accomplishments: vocal exams, other exams, performances, projects; anything really. It's not the first time she's withheld information from me. And even her acceptance into xyz wasn't told to me directly, I saw it on an Instagram post.
Leading this wedding choir is an accomplishment for me and one I'm proud of. I feel like Nishi is a liar and a gatekeeper (it's not like I could impede her chances of getting into xyz or something). I feel I'm being nice and including her in everything but she isn't reciprocating it. I want to remove her from the choir now, she has other opportunities. WIBTA for doing this? Am I overreacting or am I justified for feeling this way?
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2023.06.09 09:36 Psychology1421 Sunlight Powered Chargers-eco-catastrophe already in work

While they are being advanced all over the planet as a pivotal weapon in decreasing fossil fuel byproducts, sunlight powered chargers have a typical life expectancy of 25-30 years. Specialists express billions of boards will ultimately all should be discarded and supplanted. "The world has introduced more than one terawatt of sunlight based limit. Customary sunlight powered chargers have a limit of around 400W, so in the event that you count the two roofs and sun based ranches, there could be pretty much as numerous as 2.5 billion sunlight based chargers.," says Dr Rong Deng, a specialist in sunlight powered charger reusing at the College of New South Grains in Australia. As per the English government, there are a huge number of sunlight based chargers in the UK. However, the expert framework to scrap and reuse them is deficient. Energy specialists are calling for pressing government activity to forestall an approaching worldwide ecological debacle. "It will be a waste mountain by 2050, except if we get reusing chains rolling presently," says Ute Collier, delegate head of the Worldwide Sustainable power Organization. "We're creating an ever increasing number of sun powered chargers - which is perfect - yet how can we go to manage the waste?" she inquires. • BBC Sounds - The Environment Question - How sustainable are renewables? It is trusted a significant step will be taken toward the finish of June, when the world's most memorable production line devoted to completely reusing sunlight powered chargers formally opens in France. ROSI, the expert sun powered reusing organization which possesses the office, in the Elevated city of Grenoble, trusts in the end to have the option to concentrate and yet again utilize the vast majority of a unit's parts. As well as reusing the glass fronts and aluminum outlines, the new manufacturing plant can recuperate essentially every one of the valuable materials held inside the boards, for example, silver and copper, which are normally the absolute hardest materials to separate. These uncommon materials can in this manner be reused and reused to make new, more remarkable, sun oriented units.
Regular techniques for reusing sunlight based chargers recuperate the majority of the aluminum and glass - yet ROSI says the glass, specifically, is of somewhat inferior quality.
The glass recuperated utilizing those strategies can be utilized to make tiles, or in sandblasting - it can likewise be blended in with different materials to make black-top - yet it can't be utilized in applications where high-grade glass is required, like the creation of new sunlight powered chargers.
Blast period The new ROSI plant will open during a blast period for sunlight based charger establishments.
The world's sun based energy age limit became by 22% in 2021. Around 13,000 photovoltaic (PV) sun powered chargers are fitted in the UK consistently - the majority of them on the tops of private houses.
As a rule, sunlight based units become moderately uneconomical before they arrive at the finish of their normal life expectancy. New, more productive plans advance at customary spans, meaning it can demonstrate less expensive to supplant sun powered chargers that are just 10 or 15 years of age with refreshed variants.
On the off chance that ongoing development patterns are supported, Ms Collier says, the volume of scrap sunlight powered chargers could be colossal.
"By 2030, we believe we will have 4,000,000 tons [of scrap] - which is as yet sensible - yet by 2050, we could wind up with in excess of 200 million tons all around the world."
To place that into viewpoint, the world right now delivers a sum of 400 million tons of plastic consistently.
Reusing difficulties The explanation there are scarcely any offices for reusing sunlight based chargers is on the grounds that there has not been a lot of waste to process and reuse as of not long ago.
The original of homegrown sun powered chargers is simply now reaching the finish of its usable life. With those units currently moving toward retirement, specialists say earnest activity is required.
"Right now is an ideal opportunity to ponder this," says Ms Collier.
France is as of now a pioneer among European countries with regards to handling photovoltaic waste, says Nicolas Defrenne. His association, Soren, accomplices with ROSI and different firms, co-ordinating the decommissioning of sunlight powered chargers all over France.
"The greatest one [we decommissioned] required three months," Mr Defrenne reviews.
His group at Soren has been trying different things with various approaches to reusing what they gather: "We're tossing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks."
At ROSI's cutting edge plant in Grenoble, the sunlight based chargers are meticulously dismantled to recuperate the valuable materials inside - like copper, silicon and silver.
Each sun powered charger contains just small pieces of these valuable materials and those parts are so interwoven with different parts that, as of not long ago, it has not been monetarily suitable to isolate them.
But since they are so significant, removing those valuable materials productively could be a unique advantage, says Mr Defrenne.
"More than 60% of the worth is contained in 3% of the heaviness of the sun powered chargers," he says.
The group at Soren are confident that, later on, almost 3/4 of the materials expected to make new sunlight based chargers - including silver - can be recuperated from resigned PV units and reused - to assist with accelerating creation of new boards.
At present there isn't sufficient silver accessible to fabricate the large numbers of sunlight based chargers which will be expected in the progress from petroleum derivatives, says Mr Defrenne: "You can see where you have a creation bottleneck, it's silver."
In the interim English researchers have been attempting to foster comparative innovation to ROSI.
Last year, specialists at the College of Leicester reported they had worked out how to separate silver from PV units utilizing a type of saline.
However, up until this point, ROSI is the main organization in its field to have increased its activity to modern levels.
Besides, the innovation is costly. In Europe, merchants or makers of sunlight based chargers are answerable for discarding them when they become superfluous. What's more, many blessing pulverizing or destroying the waste - which is far less expensive.
Mr Defrenne recognizes that escalated reusing of sun powered chargers is still in its early stages. Soren and its accomplices reused just shy of 4,000 tons of French sun powered chargers last year.
However, there is potential to do much more. Also, he's making that his central goal.
"The heaviness of the multitude of new sunlight powered chargers sold last year in France was 232,000 tons - in this way, when those wear out in 20 years, that is the amount I'll have to gather consistently.
"At the point when that occurs, my own will likely guarantee France will be the innovative head of the world."
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2023.06.09 09:36 FullResponsibility63 Understanding The Benefits And Risks Of A Loan Against Property

Understanding The Benefits And Risks Of A Loan Against Property
A personal loan is not the only option to rely on during a financial emergency. You can apply for a loan against property and acquire emergency funds. It is the right choice for borrowers who want to use their properties as collateral.
If you repay loan EMIs timely, your property will stay protected. The best part is that you can use your property for residential or commercial purposes throughout the loan tenure.
Lenders can offer large loans in India based on your property's price. However, you must also understand the risks associated with property loans in India.
For instance, the loan against property interest rate depends on market valuation. The interest rate might be high if your property is in a remote location with a low market value.
Also, the title deeds of your property will be in control of the lender throughout the repayment term. However, you can repay the property loan in full to remove your property as collateral. Apply for a property loan right away!
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