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The Official Reddit Acting Class

2018.08.15 02:10 Winniehiller The Official Reddit Acting Class

The Official Reddit Acting Class taught by a Hollywood acting coach. A supportive community taught by an insightful and caring teacher. A virtual class for learning about acting technique, auditions, monologues, show reels, marketing, agents, movies, tv shows, theater, music, musical theater, callbacks, directors, acting coaches, acting classes, casting director workshops, headshots, booking jobs, successful actor’s secrets, seminars, Zoom classes, Video Lessons

2017.09.25 17:33 LineDetail Cedar Rapids, IA Jobs

Jobs available in Cedar Rapids. Post a job here if you are hiring with [Hiring] preceding the post. For example: "[Hiring] CDL Driver" or "[Hiring] Customer Service / Clerk". If you're looking for work put [For Hire] preceding your title. For example: "[For Hire] Graphic Designer" or "[For Hire]Ambulance Driver"

2011.12.21 18:11 kingedwardxiii Truckers

The best trucker subreddit out there.

2023.06.07 00:39 pikameta Sarika's all grown up! Check out FUBAR on Netflix

Sarika's all grown up! Check out FUBAR on Netflix
I love sharing when I see actors pop up in new shows and movies. Sarika (Aparna Brielle) plays a supporting role as an NSA Analyst in the new show FUBAR on Netflix.
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first leading role in a scripted live-action television series.
A CIA operative on the verge of retirement discovers a family secret and is forced to go back into the field for one last job.
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2023.06.07 00:39 DelilahneverMore02 Am I the asshole for wanting my girlfriend? To tell her x and everyone about me.

Well, to start things off. I'm Oliver 20 nine, my fiancé is. Bailey, 28. We got together about 5 years ago for the first year. So it was okay he that we had a couple of percent Downs. I had cottered texting. A few guys told her stop blocked him, she blocked him. I end up helping her move to her. Parents 2 hours away for me. And I was going there every other Thursday until I found out I had cancer and I couldn't make that drive anymore. She decided that she couldn't live with her parents anymore and moved back with their ex while she was living with her parents. Though she ended up cheating on me with winter her access. Other exes and I find out we work it out and then I go. But an hour away where she's living now with her ex-boyfriend that I didn't have any say in her moving there or not, we? We sleep together on Christmas Eve and everything. And I find out a couple weeks later. That she's couple months later that she's pregnant with his kid. And then she cheated on me with him twice. And all I want is her to tell everybody that I'm still in the picture and I never left. But it she's giving me all these ultimatums on why she can This ex will call shithead. And she has 2 kids with her and shithead. Hasn't held a job since you got out of high school. He's twenty nine life inc like I am he's piece of shit he do Does it pay rent doesn't pay bills? Doesn't anything but I feel like I'm the bad guy like I'm the side piece like? I'm the other guy we got into arguments about it. And I gave it ultimately if she has a week to tell everybody before I do and if I do, it's going everywhere perex. Her parents were sizzbling's. My Facebook her Facebook everywhere. Am I the asshole for this? Am I the asshole for not wanting to be hidden anymore?
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2023.06.07 00:38 idkwhatimdoinghelp9 I need advice on how to move on.

I met my ex about two years ago in university and we started dating about a year later. We were bestfriends, would see and talk to eachother everyday and developed feelings for eachother. We knew everything about eachother, our lives, past relationships etc and I trusted him with my life. We started dating and I fell deeply in love.
About four months into our romantic relationship things started to go downhill fast. I tried to save the relationship and did everything i could for about a month until I couldn’t emotionally take it anymore. He told me he wanted to work things out but I could tell something had changed and he didn’t want the relationship anymore. I pushed him hard and he decided we should break up. He told me he wasnt ready for a serious relationship anymore and was struggling with his mental health.
I still supported him and we decided to remain close friends since it worked well for us before. Because of university we saw and talked to each other every single day. We share the same group of friends in a very small town, we are both 5h away from our families and other friends.
After we broke up he immediately started acting normal, the way he did when we were (happy) together. He continued pursuing me, told me he loves me and called me every night for three months. He called it friendship. I was extremely confused but still head over heels in love, so I just let it happen. Every one of our friends thought we were just friends and he convinced me this was only friendship. This continued for months until i eventually got sick of it and asked for a real relationship or space. He told me he loves me but chose space and wasnt ready for a relationship. We still remained friends…
I had to see him everyday at uni (we have a tiny class of 9 people) so we never stopped talking and my feelings never faded.
After a few months he got into a new relationship. I confronted him about this and he told me the relationship was serious and that he was sorry. I watched as he gave her everything I asked for and I had a mental breakdown. I didnt want to remain friends after this and I now pretend he doesnt exist.
This was my first ever serious relationship so I know I made alot of mistakes. Its been 3 months since i last talked to him and I just want to move on. All my thoughts are consumed by him and I feel like a shell of a person.
I can’t wrap my head around how a person I was friends with, knew so well and trusted with my life could do something like this. My days consist of imagining what i would say to him and typing out messages that I will never send. I can think about him for hours at a time whilst doing nothing. The worst part is that I still love him and have to resist the urge to reach out and cant imagine being with anyone else or not having him in my life.
I need help and advice, if anyone has been in a similar situation please tell me how I can move on.
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2023.06.07 00:38 bacct13579 Django Crispy Forms / Tailwind help

I'm looking for some help in styling a form. It's fairly common to see radio select in Tailwind to look something like the example in "Advanced Layout" on this page where the selections are buttons.
The docs suggest that custom widgets should only be created by overwriting the class name through the attrs on the widget, but I haven't gotten it to work since the customization needs to be a bit more detailed I think.
The form in question is just this:
class SizeChoiceForm(forms.Form): size = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Size.objects.all(),widget=forms.RadioSelect) 
I can post whatever other code will help as well.
I'm a dunce at CSS and any frontend stuff, and ChatGPT was unfortunately hallucinating on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 00:38 Doingmybestinlife Bard vs DPS Punika pass?

Hey all,
More of a casual player, been thinking about which character to use Punika pass on. I was thinking initially bard since I heard you generally don’t need to invest that much into them to be accepted in parties, but after testing the class in Trixion I didn’t quite enjoy it (and found the sound effects annoying). Does bard gameplay get much better? Not a fan of artist and paladin, so otherwise I may go for sorc, striker, or assassin. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 00:38 AssignmentIcy6348 I am making a mistake in this Job market leaving my Good Job at Large Company just because I don’t Want to move to Arkansas? I have 75 days to find a job or be unemployed

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2023.06.07 00:38 drainzxy Are You A Victim Of A Bitcoin/crypto Scam, Our Fund Recovery Experts Helps You To Recover Your Stolen Funds. I How Can I Recover My Lost Usdt/ Ethereum From A Crypto Investment Scam?

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2023.06.07 00:37 alilaccat 2.2 GPA and bad mental health, where do I go from here?

I’m a psych major, minoring in Japanese. I just finished my second year of college, and I failed 3 classes and withdrew from the 4th one. My GPA was already low, but now I’m scared. My mental health has been really bad, I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff outside of school and I’m convinced that I also have some kind of ADHD. My dad won’t let me go to therapy because he thinks self help books can fix everything, and I don’t know how to drive. I’m going to learn how to drive so I can take myself, and I’m taking next semester off. But I have no idea where to go from here, both in terms of fixing my mental health so this doesn’t happen again, and fixing my GPA. I was supposed to be a premed student but my GPA dropped too low. I live in a home that makes my mental health worse and don’t have the means to move out, and I don’t have a single friend. Any advice?
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2023.06.07 00:37 AdComfortable1624 The evolution of combat in the last 2 years…

Say what you like, when ZOS gets it’s act together, it does it in style.
Blackwood- You can’t LA weave, too bad, you can’t do crap. Vet content is not for you. But here, have a companion to make easy overland much easier.
High Isle- Hey Heavy Attacks are a real thing. Don’t need to weave to get through previously elitist content. It’s cheesy but it works.
Necrom- What’s a Light Attack or Heavy Attack, someone please explain? I just spam skills. ——
The really brilliant part is that all three are very viable playstyles right now in almost all content. I’m more of a ZOS armchair critic, definitely not a fanboy, but i just realised that they’ve managed against the odds to make multiple playstyles work instead of how it was done in the past- the meta has shifted, get with the program or die.
Thought i’d say…. course that doesn’t get them off the hook for lag, riding lessons, no class change, furniture limits etc etc. But credit where it’s due :-)
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2023.06.07 00:37 cesia_c New Environment

Grabe attachment issue ko sa part time work ko, hindi dahil sa management pero sa mga kasamahan ko. Whenever, I think about getting a new job, it scares me, because, i know na mawawalan na ako ng connection sa naging friends sa part time job ko. But I also I wanted to quit na, it's tiring. yung sahod? grabe sobrang baba, to think halos itaob na namin yung store kakalinis, yung manager sobrang toxic, ayon lang skl.
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2023.06.07 00:37 Awesome_Pancak What do I do after I get her snapchat? (14M)

Today, I asked a girl to add me on snapchat and she did (first time Yay!). She wasn’t like super interested, but she didn’t reject and added me back, but what do I do now? Do I say something? Do I snap random photos like a friend? Should I give her my number? Do I say ‘hi’? Also, we didn’t have a coversations. (Just “talking to neighbors” as the teavher said) because I’m kind new and only have one class with her,
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2023.06.07 00:37 yeoubix_ tips for incoming freshmen

hellooo incoming freshie here! to all sophomore, junior, senior, and alumni, what are things po na you wish you knew before college for incoming freshies po? please drop some tips and reminders hehe
also, im a cics-it student, required bang mag dala lagi ng laptop for every class po?
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2023.06.07 00:37 Actual_Enthusiasm_70 Regaining focus in college

I’ve always been a good student and pretty smart, but ever since I got to college, it's been so hard to get myself motivated in classes. I feel like I don’t retain any information, and I feel like it’s hard to mentally keep myself motivated. This involves attending classes too. Similar to a lot of people, freshman year was challenging for me, and I made a lot of mistakes, but I’m just worried I’m going to keep the same habits. I’m starting to take harder classes this year, and I’m scared I’m not going to do well. I have a lot of self-discipline, but it’s like whenever I got to college, it just kind of went away, and I’m just not as passionate as I used to be. How do I fix this? I really want to do well in school, but I just feel like I have this block in front of me that’s like, "Meh”
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2023.06.07 00:36 Readitandlaughed Drove by a sign today…

It was a congratulations sign to the 2023 highschool grads. It said,”Congrats 2023 grads, you did it!” “Now get a job.” Funniest thing was it was the sign on one of those really big multi floor storage places. Wtf is wrong with people?
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2023.06.07 00:36 breweryjobs Check one of the latest brewery jobs available, Rick Thomas Distillery is hiring a Distiller (Black Hawk, CO, USA) #breweryjobsdotcom #breweries #craftbeer

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2023.06.07 00:36 No_Mycologist9474 Former 302x writing from beyond the bar

I suppose this is a message of hope for those still in the trenches and a reminder for those who have never walked behind the bar. Nothing that no one has heard before, but I want to write it anyway.
I left Starbucks a few months ago for a career after graduating college. I was dreading it, as I expected it to be just as stressful as Starbucks. I figured any job would be--work isn't supposed to be easy, right?
Let me tell you this, partners and custies--I look back on my time as a partner with great pride and astonishment for what I was able to do every day. I managed constant stress, movement, harassment, and mess while still putting my best, friendliest face on to everyone in that store. I busted my ass every day and came home exhausted, soaking wet, and in pain, and still got up the next morning to do it again. I spent many a 10 locked in my car in tears.
People call my new job stressful. It's supposed to be. But oh my god, is it a cakewalk compared to the abuse food service puts you through.
Those who have never set foot behind a food service counter, it is worse than you think. All of those who complain about "this generation crying about an 8hr shift at Starbucks," I want you to work a month behind the bar. I want you to get pushed around, spilled on, barked at, degraded, and reminded to smile through it every day.
I salute you, partners--it gets better.
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2023.06.07 00:36 After-Bet3191 Manager hires people based on their style and not qualification meaning that someone who is qualified enough could have gotten rejected because she didn't like their style i mean i know i would be pissed if a job rejected me because they didn't like my font

Manager hires people based on their style and not qualification meaning that someone who is qualified enough could have gotten rejected because she didn't like their style i mean i know i would be pissed if a job rejected me because they didn't like my font submitted by After-Bet3191 to facepalm [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:36 Ok_Specific_819 Jobs you can get with any bachelor’s degree?

What jobs are available to anyone with Bachelor’s degree no matter the type?Also, what are some jobs that offer a trainee program or is relatively easy to get if you take certification courses? Thanks
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2023.06.07 00:36 SpecialistLiving8290 Weird ache/pain near belly button?

Hey friends, so I am 27 weeks today with my first baby. I work a desk job and today I was not really able to take as much of a break so I’ve been sitting from like 8-3. Most of the time I sit cross legged in my chair if that matters
I started feeling really big and tight and round and just uncomfortable so I got up and walked around and I just feel this dull pressure ache near my belly button that feels like painful but not too painful?
I look very huge and stretched out right now so I’m wondering if this is normal or if it’s something wrong with my abs or a hernia?
I am laying down and the pressure is gone and I feel fine. Baby moves a ton when I lay on my back and he is putting on quite the show while I type this. But the tight pressure kind of freaked me out
Like 2 days ago I ate shit while taking my dog on a walk near the river but my arms and knees took the fall. No impact to stomach but I do have soreness near my pelvis on one side, it feels like muscle soreness similar to how the rest of my body feels right now. No bleeding or decrease in movement, called my OB and am waiting on a call back. Pretty sure it’s unrelated but the more info the better!
Thank you in advance, freaking out about every new thing these days as I know nothing 😂
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2023.06.07 00:36 jamesbronson123 Being part of "the club" needed to get into "top" academic journals.

I won't say which discipline I am in, but in my field there are three journals that are considered "top". I'm at a R2 school and I've learned over the years from experience and from talking to people that getting published in those journals means being part of "the club". You have to know the right people as they are the AEs and reviewers. It doesn't mean someone like me won't get into those journals, just that it's a lot harder than someone from a R1 or already part of "the club" or their advisors are part of "the club".
Is this true in other fields as well? If you are not part of "the club", how do you deal with it (the frustration)? Do you just accept it (as there's politics in any job) or are you trying to change or subvert the system, somehow?
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2023.06.07 00:36 jooshbro /r/berkeley will be going dark on June 12th to protest Reddit's egregious new API terms

As most of you have probably heard, Reddit recently announced new API terms and pricing that affect virtually all third party app developers that depend on Reddit's public API (for example: Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader). The effect of these changes, intended or not, will be to make the continued operation and development of these apps a financial impossibility for the people who created them. This means that, unless the admins change course, most third party Reddit apps will be forced to shut down, leaving mobile redditors no alternative to the, ahem... esoteric official Reddit app.
Even if you don't use these apps, this move arguably represents another step toward curtailing and eventually removing other ways to customize users' access to Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite and (which has an awesome design, by the way!). In addition, the loss of these apps will take away moderation tools that a ton of subreddits, including ours, depend on to operate day-to-day, and many of these tools have no equivalents in the official app.
In response to these developments and after discussing with the other mods, /berkeley will be going private from (roughly) the morning of June 12 through the evening of June 13. Access to the sub will be blocked and no-one will be able to post. We hope that the combined impact of various subs joining the blackout will be enough to stop these changes before they take effect.
If you have questions or concerns, please post them here and not in new threads if possible.
More info:
The admins' original announcement
Open letter from various mods to the admins
The Apollo dev's detailed breakdown of how the new pricing will kill third party apps
The previously-stickied questions megathread (this will probably be re-stickied once this is all over)
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2023.06.07 00:35 now_watch_me_trip Best jobs for actors?

Hi! Recently graduated with a theatre degree and making my transition into Film/TV. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on the types of jobs to apply for that are sustainable while auditioning. I know serving is an obvious one, but I've been doing it for a while and I was hoping to get into something else. Any tips appreciated. (Moving to ATL area, if that makes a difference.)
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