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2023.06.05 02:48 Redwater9824 Need some help idetifying parts

Hello, I have recently lost some of my scooter's parts while riding and I need to replace them but I have a severe lack of knowldge on what things are called and the place I bought it from isn't replying.
I took some photos of the parts I need to replace. This is the link to the scooter I have and the place i bought it from.
If anyone could help me identifying what I would need to buy to get this back and working that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 02:48 anactualgoodmom West Texas Trash

Amber Orton might be the trashiest, laziest, grossest “influencer” in the dirt pastures of west Texas with a cling-on, douche-canoe baby daddy. Is there anyone worse than this deadbeat who left two minor daughters in the PNW?
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2023.06.05 02:48 m0nkeybl1tz How to get my Mitsubishi mini-split controlled via WiFi?

We recently had a mini split system installed, with a single compressor and 2 air handlers (one for upstairs one for downstairs). It works fine except if the upstairs is set to cool and downstairs is set to heat, neither will work. We knew this going in, but after using it for a year it’s gotten kind of annoying yelling upstairs to get someone to switch modes.
We have MHK2 remotes for each floor, but we’d like to be able to control both air handlers from our phone. The air handlers are Mitsubishi SVZ models, and the HVAC company that installed them was supposed to install something that would make it work over WiFi, but they kept claiming it was backordered and we’ve since stopped working with them. Is this something I could reasonably install myself? If so, what part is it, and would we need new remotes as well? Or is there a third party device we can use instead of the remotes that would have WiFi connectivity?
Apologies if this has been asked before. I’ve seen similar questions posted but never found one relevant to our exact situation.
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2023.06.05 02:48 Glittering_Reading84 Can someone help please

I recently bought a launch pad off of a student on offerup. I didn't know in order to use Ableton you must have a serial code . So since I just I received the pad without the box I don't have the register code ,which is needed to get the serial code. dose anyone one have a serial code they could spare, I'd really appreciate it, thank you
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2023.06.05 02:48 Hippie459MN Just a tiny rant....

Just a tiny rant....
Just a tiny useless rant. Why do Gameboys have to be so expensive? I just can't find any decent deals and I want to build a few more. Looking for a GBC a Gameboy Advanced to more specific but would love anything. I've repaired and built a few recently and I want a few others for my collection. The one is most of what's left of my original GB I bought new back in 1989. I had to replace the head phone jack and the battery terminals but that was it. I picked up a Funny Playing IPS screen kit, shell, buttons, and got a lipo/usb-c battery for it (haven't put it in yet). This thing is amazing now. I don't have any pictures off had of the one I put together for my kid but he absolutely loves it. Pretty much the exact same set up.
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2023.06.05 02:47 Mental-One7140 Sasuke and Uchihas were the true protagonists of the series.

Originally Naruto was the protagonist of the story, but from Part 1 onwards he transitioned into a supporting protagonist. Why? Because the story quit being about him despite being the main character.
Protagonists (save supporting protagonists) share a number of characteristics, notably their actions drive the plot and they are emotional focus of the story. Even more so when the story is character-driven.
Stories come in two flavors: character-driven and plot-driven. In short, a character-driven story is one where the focus will be more on character development than on the plot. In these stories, you are more likely to feel fully engaged with the character and become more focused on their personal journey. In a character-led story, the emphasis is on the character’s emotions and the reasons why they make the choices and decisions that they do.
The key difference between a plot-driven story and a character-driven one is that in a character-led narrative, the focus is more on the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist and the decisions that they make. Whereas, in plot-driven narratives, the action and occurrences that unfold will be the main point of focus. When writing character-driven stories, the plot is the mechanism used to develop character, and in plot-led stories, the character is used to view and comment on the plot.
Naruto is character-driven because the focus is on characters’ inner thoughts and feelings. And Sasuke is the leading role, with characters such as Naruto and Sakura, among others (including the villains like Itachi, Orochimaru and Tobi) focusing much of their motivations around him. Furthermore, Sasuke’s actions have consequences whereas Naruto’s do not.
Sasuke vs Naruto and Sasuke's departure from the Village was the main event responsible to move the Plot to the Part 2.
Sasuke vs Orochimaru: The fight sparked the Uchiha fight and sparked Kabuto’s madness.
Sasuke vs Deidara: The fight sparked Tobi’s decision to reveal himself as “da evil mastermind” of the story.
Sasuke vs Itachi: Self-explanatory. That fight was the driving force behind Sasuke’s characterization for the remainder of the series and introduced Madara and the Senjus.
Sasuke vs Killer B: Sparked the Kage Summit.
Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto: This fight was the driving force between Sasuke decision to join in the War and revive the Hokages. The most importante event in the entire War.
Naruto actions aren’t plot significant because he spent hundreds of chapters doing squat. Even the arc where he was the “focushas Naruto being passive for the bulk of the arc. Oh, and it’s all about Sasuke because Kishimoto felt that Naruto had to understand Sasuke’s pain, which was promptly jossed in the subsequent arc. It isn’t until the War Arc when he becomes semi-important, and even then, his actions are of secondary importance as the emphasis is on Madara’s, Obito’s, and especially Sasuke’s antics.
Naruto was intended to be nobody and a loser like Rock Lee. Naruto was so much more a likeable and a better character in Part 1 . In part 2 Naruto is like the story of a baseball hero who was said to have grown up poor and disadvantaged but in reality was actually living off his wealthy parents' billion dollar inheritance and shooting up steroids and EPO the whole time.... Plus he's the reincarnation of the god of baseball.
This is just a exemple of how the child of profecy garbage who was created specifically to made Naruto relevant in the story compared to Sasuke and Uchihas, completely ruinned Naruto's character after Pein arc.
Long story short: Naruto was originally the protagonist story, but Kishimoto switched protagonists early on in Part 2 in a two-bit attempt to tell Sasuke’s POV and keep him relevant. While this wasn't entirely intentional, Kishimoto screwed up and made Naruto a supporting protagonist whereas Sasuke became the true protagonist. This is easily seen with the arcs that had lasting consequences for the manga as a whole:
Part 1:
Most of the plots 1 can be considered manga Filler in the great scheme of the story. Lee Story, Zabuza, Hyuuga Clan and a lof Part 1 plots aren't important for Part 2. Only the Akatsuki's introduction, Orochimaru, Sasuke's departure and past were major events who leads to the Part 2.
Part 2:
Rescue Gaara Arc = Gaara died and was revived. Nothing changed at the end. Sakura got information about Sasuke in her fight against Sasori.
Sai Arc = The only important event in this Arc is literally Sasuke's appearance at the end and the first Madara's mention. Sai/Yamato are manga fillers characters. Orochimaru x 4 Tails is a terrible figh who didn’t led to anywhere.
Sakura's haters keep in your minds at this point Sakura was a more important Character than Naruto. Sakura fight against Sasori and her information about Sasuke were a major plot drive at this point.
Immortal Arc = A literal filler arc.
Asuma never was important and his death didn't affect the plot and neither Shikamaru.
But at least Naruto learned FRS.
Itachi Hunt Arc and Sasuke was finally back to the story.
Sasuke vs Orochimaru.
Orochimaru death allowed Kabuto to get his cells and become the most important villain in War arc.
Sasuke created his Team.
Sasuke fought against Deidara AND forced Tobi to reveal Himself as a Madara.
Sasuke fought against Itachi and this fight showed the lore ot Mangekyo Sharingan.
Tobi revealed the entire truth about Senju x Uchihas and the Uchiha's Massacre to Sasuke.
More informations about Madara
Sasuke entered in the Akatsuki and fought Bee and this event was fundamental to create the Kage Summit arc.
Pein Arc = Jiraiya died and that event was used only to Naruto undertand Sasuke’s desire for revange.
Nagato killed everyone and destroyed the Village.
But revived everyone. So this arc didn't led any major impact for the future. Nagato's rinnegan isn't even his.
Rinnegan isn't a pein ability but the ultimate Sharingan/Uchiha evolution who Sasuke/Madara will use in the future. Pein was just a tool for another more powerfull Uchiha villains like Madara.
Danzou took advantage of the situation and becomed the big bad of the next arc with Sasuke centric.
Kage Summit Arc =
Another Sasuke centric arc that moved the plot.
Tobi explained more about Senju and Uchihas
Sasuke fought Kages.
Tobi used the situation to declare the War.
Sasuke actions drove the entire Sakura and Naruto drama in this arc.
Sasuke fought Danzou, the true master mind of Uchiha Massacre and the first time the readers get about notion of Hashirama' cells, izanagi etc.
Team 7 Teunion again.
Kushina mini arc.
Finally a Arc focused in the character Naruto. The readers get to know about naruto's parents and a little about his clan. But the main event of the volume was the Kyuubi attack who was caused by Tobi/Obito, another Uchiha.
War Arc.
The entire War Arc were simply filler and non important fights.
When Edo Madara appears the story are finally back to the main plot.
Madara fought the Kages.
Naruto/Kakashi and Gai fought Obito
Sasuke returns and join Itachi to stop Edo Tensei.
Obito/Madara. Two Uchihas are the main responsibles for the manga events and the War.
Sasuke after the fight against Kabuto resolved to revive Orochimaru, the Hokages and finally joinned the War to fight against the main villains Obito, Madara and Kaguya until his destined final clash against Naruto.
Chapter 699, the last chapter of Part 2 is entire dedicated to Sasuke and his POV about the World and his relationships with Sakura and Naruto.
Sarada Gaiden: The entire Volume is About Sasuke's daughter: Sarada and a new villain who wants to kill Sasuke and kidnapped Sakura. Naruto was reduced to a Sarada's babysitter
Boruto: Spin Off who isn't written or drawn by Kishimoto unlike the previous volumes. So isn't important.
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2023.06.05 02:47 Quick-Fudge2523 Dog Bite - Ethics Q

Got a question on a recent COMSAE about a child being bitten by a dog and the question asked who you should report it to. The parents didnt bring the child in right away bc they didnt think it was that bad but it now looks infected. Common sense would say animal control but that wasnt an option. Other choices were police, CDC, animal cruelty, child protective services cant remember the last option). Any ideas?
I would like to guess CDC but also online says that reporting it to the police could prevent another dogbite from happening but it just doesnt sound right to me. Thank you all!
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2023.06.05 02:47 kittym250 Is my cat going senile?

Background: My female cat is around 14 and physically in good health. She is happy and snuggly. Eats well but has a tendency to throw up. The male cat is around 3 or 4 now. Both are fixed.
We recently moved into a new home. When we brought the cats home from cat boarding the female cat has started hissing at the male and avoiding him. Prior to this they got along well. She even looks at him like he’s a new cat she hasn’t seen before. She sometimes even bullies him a bit.
In the past few months I’ve noticed her loudly and incessantly meowing more.
I’m starting to wonder if she has dementia?
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2023.06.05 02:47 Mysterious-Rock-1860 Digestion?

Hello! I’m new here and was diagnosed with autism late in life. 2014 and I’m currently 35. I’m only recently discovering my stims and the like, more about my diagnoses. I’m more myself thanks to the place I work at being so accepting, so I don’t have to mask as much and have a few stims that aren’t too distracting to anyone. Anyway, last month I experienced a bit of an embarrassing digestive upset while going into work. I don’t remember what I ate/drank before going in. Today, I had an even worse embarrassing digestive upset to the point that I had to get my mom to get me some new clothes. I had a Butter Pecan Crunch Frozen Coffee and a Butter Pecan donut before my shift. Afterwards, the chaos ensued a few hours later. I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant or anything. Is there anyone that has dealt with this before?
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2023.06.05 02:47 Pretend-Bat4840 My Chinese parents wants to put me in an arranged marriage. I'm horrified and completely blindsided.

I'm 24 F, turning 25 later this year. My parents were a little bit more lax compared to some of the other stories I've read on this subreddit, but I still dealt with immense emotional and physical abuse (grandparents participated too) along with raising myself and my younger brother.
My mom and I went grocery shopping recently and she made an off-handed remark about how my dad has been talking to his co-worker about setting up an arranged marriage for me. The co-worker's son is 30, single, and works in a hospital (she never mentioned his exact position). He's in a completely different stage of life. I'm still a student and will be for the next 2 years, but will be furthering my education with for a few more years while taking breaks in-between.
To say I was completely blindsided when I was dropped that arranged marriage bomb is an understatement. My parents NEVER allowed me to hang out with friends, even more so if they were male. At the age of 21-22, my mom told me I still was too young to have a boyfriend. Despite that, I've had several secret relationships over the years since I was 15 and I don't think my parents have found out. They still believe I'm "pure". My aunts have been telling me to go get married soon because I'm getting old too.
As far as I know things are just in the talking phase between my dad and his co-worker, but I never thought of my parents as the type to try to set up an arranged marriage for me. I've never met the guy, don't know what he looks like, and he lives in a different state.
I feel like I'm reduced down to the need to continue the family line. I'm so lost.
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2023.06.05 02:47 Ramychan 106000000XP in Prayer

I now have at least 106000000 experience points in the Prayer skill.
from Recent events for: Ramychan
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2023.06.05 02:47 MentalCoconut7617 Puppy scared to go outside

We have a six month old half Bernese Mountain Dog and half Saint Bernard. She’s really sweet, great with people and other dogs. We adopted her at 10ish weeks and have not had many issues other than standard puppy blues up until now. Backyard breeder, but they seemed to know what they’re doing and keep open lines of communication with all the people who’ve adopted form them (aka they care about the dogs).
We noticed she would sometimes be skittish outside (especially to loud sounds) and want to flee back home. My boyfriend and I have to walk her together otherwise if she is with just one of us, we will get a block or two, and she’ll realize how far and she is and want to come back home, despite trying to distract her with high value treats. When she flees, it’s almost impossible to get her attention or to listen.
We live in a condo building and there is construction going on outside on a busy road, and steel plates recently added to the street, creating loud sounds. Over the last week, she is so scared we sometimes can’t even make it without several treats or just having to pull her to the grass so she can do her business. Shes 65 lbs and becoming very hard to control when she wants to flee.
When she starts to flee, I try to get her to sit and distract her with treats in hopes to get her to concentrate and do a 1 or 2. When she whines and try’s to run, I don’t console her to avoid “rewarding” the reaction.
Another note: most of the time, she does fine at dog parks and has fun. Occasionally she’ll get anxiety and want to go home, but overall she likes it.
We have a consult with a professional trainer to try and fix this before she gets much bigger, but wanted to also hear this community’s thoughts and experience.
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2023.06.05 02:47 totallyexceptional Has anyone suffered from long covid while doing the job?

I caught covid for the first time last December. I never really felt I was ever 100%. Around February, I started to suffer from off and on health problems. Since March, when my problems got more severe from ignoring them, I've been trying to figure out the root cause. I've concluded it was likely stress related. I never used to be someone who easily got stressed out/ had major anxiety. I never really thought I was suffering from long covid until this weekend. And it totally makes sense. After looking into it more, others who have been suffering seem to have the same problems as me.
Now for why I'm posting in this sub. Our job can be extremely stressful. I never found it to be too stressful until recently. I've been struggling a lot with my mental health. It seems like there's a two to three week cycle where I will hit my breaking point. And this past weekend I hit it bad. I think the tipping point was my horrible afternoon home session with a 6 year old boy. I meet with him for 2 hours twice a week. For the past seven weeks, he tantrums for at least an hour and usually extremely easily triggered during session. For example. something falls off the table, he tantrums. When he's having a tantrum, I do have to keep some distance otherwise he might attack me. He's a pretty big kid for his age and can easily take me down. He has with his father.
Wednesday was the worst session with him. Actually, it was my worst session with anyone. His tantrum lasted an hour and showed many new behaviors. During session, he would easily get upset. I came home that night and broke. I couldn't even go to work Thursday or Friday because I couldn't stop crying. I cried all day yesterday too. Today is actually the first day where I haven't cried, but I haven't been feeling entirely the best either, likely because I've been crying nonstop for three days. I'm dreading my work week, mostly because I have to make an hour commute to see one kid for 2 hours 3 days this week, this particular kid twice. Then my commute home is usually 2 hours.
I believe I've been struggling with long covid, and I'm wondering if anyone else has/ is currently struggling from it because I'm having a really hard time. I don't know if I can continue doing this job while suffering from it. I've been missing so much work and considering quitting just so I can focus on myself. For me, it's mostly all mental. I'm definitely depressed and unhappy. I'm thinking about asking to be taken off the 6 year old's case because the constant tantrums are taking a huge toll on me. I realized that Wednesday. The BCBA has no advice for me other than to let them happen. I'm currently in horrible place mentally, and I don't think continuing working with this kid healthy for me.
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2023.06.05 02:46 Maleficent-Ad-4624 My dna test result

I am a 1st gen full blooded hmong in USA. My parents immigrated from Thailand in the 1980s. They were both born in Laos and were refugees.
My son is half hmong. I decided to take a test on him instead of me so we can know both the parents origin. We went with crigentics so we can have access to health along with ancestry.
The results came back. Cri genetics has an interesting way to display. Recent ancestry(past 5 generation) and advance(older than 5 generations. Maybe couple thousand years)
Recent: 41% east asian Dai chinese: 11% Southern han: 9.2% Northern han: 9% Vietnamese: 5.8%
Advance: 35% east asian Dai chinese: 12% Vietnamese: 9% Japanese: 8.6% Southern han: 6.5% Northern han: 5.3%
I think I have my own scientific theory but I would like some explaining if anyone can.
I see that alot of hmong people test and get Dai, south & north han, Vietnamese quite regularly. Those are common. I am confused about Japanese
Also, crigenetics show recent and advance. Recently, I seem to have been more northern hans than Vietnamese. Evidently, Southern han and Vietnamese don't have alot of difference in their dna though considering most modern Vietnamese are descended from Southern hans so I'm not sure why I have less Vietnamese recently than hans. I boiled it down to one conclusion.
Crigenetics probably doesn't have alot the dna of other south east asian groups. Most of those countries probably blend their genetics alot in the past so its hard to distinguish between the differences of Vietnamese, Laos, Thai, etc. They probably have more Vietnamese taking their dna test. So if they get samples of more dna that are found in that region, they group it there. I even read the Vietnamese category. They tell a brief history of the ethnic group, they give a list of country where the genes are found and it listed: laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau. So they are estimating that anyone who tested Vietnamese can be from any of the country. This gives me the assumption that I am not necessarily mainland Vietnamese but just ethnic minority commonly found in Vietnam.
As I said earlier, I don't get why if modern Vietnamese have alot of southern Chinese dna, why is the recent sample more hans, but less Vietnamese? I guess they know the difference between modern and ancient vietnamese?
If I had more Vietnamese but less hans dna thousands of years ago, then my ancestors who used to inhabit that region were distinct from modern veit.
The Dai part is pretty straight forward. They inhabited a large territory in Yunnan to Myanmar and many chinese minority lived there. I do think most genetic test only know the Dai group and not the other ethnic tribes. If they find other hill tribes in you, they just label you as dai. I will have to retry a company that has 56 ethnic.
I believe the northern hans might have been from the manchu people who ruled over a good part of the southern states for an extended period even up until the hmong migrated into south east asia.
I'm not sure about Japanese. It doesn't show up in recent dna. Only advance. So we can throw away the WW2 era. I have a few theories
  1. The chinese, Korean, and mainland Japanese shared an ancestor. The Japanese who migrated to Japan came near the Korea and China area. They probably share similar dna. This probably happened 3-4 thousand years ago. Some of Our ancestors dispersed from there. But if that's the case, then the northern hans part I have wasn't recent but may be from that region too.
  2. Some Japanese show results of south east asian. Ancient Japanese probably had contacts or share something with south east asians. Japanese does have some similarity in linguistic with austronesians, who migrated from south china/south east asia. The problem is not a whole lot south east asians test for Japanese.
  3. This is a mixture of my 1st two theory. But goes back even farther. It was said that the early sino tibet derived from northeast near Beijing area as early hunter gathers and farmers some 7 thousand years ago. The early east asians prior to modern chinese must have been darker skin people that diverged or intermixed into different regions(korea, Japan, central & south china, west tibet, myanmar south east asia). Maybe that's why some south east asians still have Japanese test results. Going back far in time, most east asians were alot more similar in culture and looks. If this is the case, this is a dam long time ago during stone age and hunting gather.
Edit: So that last paragraph has made me researched alot. Going back in time, alot of east asians had more traits and culture in common due to hunting gathering lifestyle although not as homogenous as East asian countries like it is now. I found out most early proto chinese settlers in Central, south and even north were darker skinned resembling that of south east asian, pacific islanders. Which means that southern part of China even up to central was likely inhabited by ancient khmr l, thai, burmese, or viet(not the exact same people today). They probably intermixed alot of culture. The northern tribes probably migrated downward and mixed and traded ideas and culture and it happened for thousands of years until the newer gene pool hans chinese took over. This explains why some tibet burmese tribes(part of sino tibet from the north) like naga, zaiwa, Dai have similarity with some austro asiatic or austronesian tribes who were already existing in Yunnan, Myanmar and Vietnam when the tibeto burmese came. They both had body paint, totems, similar embroidery, wore animal part as clothing, Ancestral worship. These practices even expanded far out to pacific, Siberia and Japan.
Sorry for the long rant. If anyone can give more thoughts that'd be nice. FYI his mom isn't asian so there is no way the test would confuse the paternal and maternal.
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2023.06.05 02:46 LuminousUmbra Good Source of Environmental Hazards? (Official or Homebrew)

So, I've started running a new campaign semi-recently and have been reaching the point where I've needed more and more supplement to encounters with hazards to ensure they reach just the right level of difficulty I'm looking for. The only problem is that this campaign is taking place in a very natural setting (by and large) and most of the hazards I've seen from official sources don't really work for such a setting, beyond a few like hampering web. I've resorted to homebrewing a few hazards (either entirely or by reskinning existing hazards that are close), but I know this will increase the workload for the campaign more and more as it goes on.
Is there a good source of environmental hazards, either in official material that's less well known or homebrew that is well made?
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2023.06.05 02:46 vesper_285 Recent Graduate, how to fill out Resume Builder

Recent graduate with a Bachelor's in Mathematics, been searching for tips on filling out the resume builder. I have my own, but preliminary searches show this is a pretty contentious topic and that I should use the USAJOBS builder to make sure the information is the way it should be. I would appreciate tips on that as well I suppose.
But to get to the meat of the issue, I do not have any relevant job experience at all, and so I need to show off my coursework and my undergraduate research.
Coursework: I see the section for it in education, but I don't know how to fill it out. Should it be the name of the course, then a short description of how what I learned applies to the job? Should it be all of the courses I've taken, or only the most relevant, say 5 or so.
Undergraduate Research: I'm not even sure where this goes, I suppose it could go in education as well. The research I was performing didn't have a "conclusion," that can be stated without going too 'mathy.' Is there something I can do to get around this, since just saying "I did research" isn't really enough.
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2023.06.05 02:46 NoFondant1331 Limited tag customization on Macbook

I recently switched over from a Windows laptop to a Macbook for my work laptop, and quickly realizing that MANY things are very different across apps.
I noticed that in Windows, I was able to add highlights and font colors to my customized tags. But on the Mac, I can only choose a symbol. I use tags frequently in OneNote as I take my daily notes, for categorization (Meeting Notes, To-Do's, Quick Notes, etc.)
Anyone know how I can further customize tags in OneNote on Mac?
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2023.06.05 02:46 Kikomori2465 Spacing in my Behance portfolio when viewed on mobile

I like to format my behance projects in photoshop and then upload it to behance as multiple jpegs. Recently I've noticed that there is a little bit of spacing in between the jpegs when it's viewed on mobile which ruins the flow of the entire project. I have the content spacing set to 0px so I don't know what's wrong so I'm hoping somebody here can help me fix that
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2023.06.05 02:46 Practical-Rope2526 Cry for help: scrupulosity/existential OCD and despair

Hi, I am in midst of crisis on going about 3 months with OCD and I am the lowest point o my life. I can't find joy in anything, life honestly doesn't make sense for me, I am hopeless and completely dysfunctional. I need help, so writing here is a last resort.
Just a bit of context, I am 21M studying in college ( physics ). I've battled with OCD for 3 years, but right now it's the worst i've ever been. I've had Pure O, contamination OCD which ruined my 1st year of college and my grades, which were good in the beginning. I am in my 2nd year now, and again at the start of this year everything was going great, I was getting the grades I was aiming for, I was beginning gainning self-confidence in my academic abilities ( I think I've had pure O thoughts concerning this also) but it all went downhill again, it started with OCD about counting calories and it's now the worst theme I've ever had, Existential/Religious OCD ( although I know when we're stuck in a particular theme it always seem the worst at the moment).
I was already doing therapy before college however it really didn't work as it was a form of CBT but without ERP ( kinda like socratic dialogue in albert ellis style, which worsened my symptoms in some part). During the final 1st year of college I went to my present therapist, we began doing ERP together with ACT, which worked great for me. However, ACT has philosophical basis or similarities with eastern religions, and after I read some spiritual books recommendations that my therapist gave me in order to help me I began researching obsessively about this topic. I'd been exposed to eastern religions before, particulary buddhism. I was meditation a lot, realizing about metaphysical doctrines as sunyata (emptiness), anattã, personal ego, dukkha and samsara, but this time was not moved by curiosity/intereset but by anxiety/worry. I began reading all the main suttas of buddhism as well researching in buddhismstackexchange, every single day for hours, I was even loosing sleep.
I quickly tried to rationalize ways of proving ways of why buddhism couldn't have the ultimate truth because of logical/doctrinal inconsisties: the myth of creation in the aganna sutta, the misogny present in sectarian buddhism, the fact that buddhism as an intentional system of ethics whilst also believing in a kind of deontological moral theory given by karma/rebirth, the fact that rebirth was something born out of the human desire to atribute make sense of life ( missfortune or good fortune are based on past karma etc.), however then a conter thought appeared "what if this is actually true and you're wasting your life studying while you could be preceving absolute truth", or the scholars opinions about texts like the aganna and other suttas being later addictions rather than buddha's own doctrine. I've also read about Refrational frame theory, skinner, the historical development of ACT, academic papers of Steven Hayes, some relating buddhism and ACT. The problem is, while ACT hasn't been explicitly developed based on buddhism ( it was on based on radical behavourism and some work of Aaron T Beck, initially) it is a 3rd wave cognitive behavioural theory movement which began with it's roots in buddhism, namely MBSR and gestalt. Because all of this, added to the fact that I attached myself to buddhism in the past, as belief system ( OCD wasn't getting better with CBT therapy so in order to survive I told myself buddhism has all the answers I need, and meditation really worked for me), I developed severe scrupulosity, fear of going to hell, of not following dharmma etc.
Added to this is the fact that I genuinely think buddhism has a robust philosophy, the 4 nobles truths, dukkha, the unstatisfactorianess of life, the boredom and repetition inherently present in the human condition, and also I myself have found utility in it's framework of understanding and training my mind, I think I've developed strong cognitive bias added to the OCD. It's driving me crazy, to the point I dont know what I actually believe anymore or what is OCD distorted thoughts, it's eating me alive. My biggest fear is "what if buddhism is true", then what I am doing right now is actually useless because it would not lead to nirvana, cessation of becoming, this perpetual cyle of life/death. I can't study because I am constantly having panic attacks about this possibility, I loose sleep and I am completly depressed by this, because whether people admit it or not buddhism core philosophy is really pessimistic, as it basically defends the meaning of life is to cessate further life (nirvana).
I've talked to my therapist about this, but he did not give me any reassurance ( as he should) and quickly dismissed my premisses, however I've just thought " he really doenst understand buddhism as well as I do" so he wouldn't know any better. This question is eating me alive, because I've this thought in the back of my mind " You know buddhism is true and you're just making excuses to not do the hard work, leaving pleasures and being an ascetic". I think OCD is kinda taking advantage of my personality trait of being extremely diligent ( to the point Idc how I feel as well I acomplish a higher goal) to harrass me, but its just a guess.
Please I need help, someone. I don't know how to deal with this, and buddhist scrupulosity is quite rare, as I didn't find any materials. Kind regards everyone.
PS: english is not my main idiom so sorry for any mistakes
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2023.06.05 02:46 boringmom My (39F) bf (39M) wants me to stop smoking weed if he quits drinking.

He is an alcoholic, and recently, I have had concerns about him drinking every single day. We got into a spat over something silly tonight, which I 100% believe was caused by him being an asshole because he'd been drinking all day, and it came up in conversation that I would like him to stop drinking. He threw all his beer away, but said he wants me to stop getting high also. I refuse to do so because, unlike his alcohol, I don't feel it's had any negative affect whatsoever on our relationship and I only use THC for the medicinal benefits a few times a week. He feels like this is unfair since he is giving up a vice at my request, but I disagree. He also smokes, which I hate, but I am not making him to stop because it doesn't negatively affect our relationship (besides the smell). Advice on how to move forward?
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2023.06.05 02:46 Horrible_eggplant Best mower for 1 acre?

Hey folks, Just recently jumped on the electric yard tools bandwagon and was wondering your opinion on the best mower for an acre of land. Pretty uneven terrain, a little hilly with lots of obstacles.
With the gas push mower I currently use, it takes about 2 hours. Not being able to finish all in one charge is not a dealbreaker! I really enjoy the ego brand and want to upgrade to an electric mower.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 02:46 skysong5921 Family is talking about a hallucination like it's a good thing

My Aunt "Anne" died recently after a long battle with brain cancer. A few weeks before she passed, Aunt Anne thought she saw a woman standing in her living room in front of her small year-round nativity scene. Aunt Anne, whose speech was one of the first abilities she lost to this tumor, just called her "the lady". My very Christian family is now convinced that she saw the Virgin Mary who was telling her that it was time to go to heaven, and that Aunt Anne just didn't have the ability to think of the words 'virgin mary' to tell us that. My other aunt (Anne's sister) took the small nativity scene home and now displays it on her fireplace mantle as a reminder of the "vision" Aunt Anne received.
It's creepy to me that a tumor-induced hallucination is being remembered fondly. One of Aunt Anne's most prized personality traits was her intelligence, and she told us countless times while she was sick that she hated not being smart anymore. Now she's being memorialized by an event that proves that her brain was failing her. It just seems so creepy in ways that I'm struggling to articulate.
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