Ally bank monthly fee


2018.01.04 02:02 Valura Lockchain The First Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental marketplace With 0% Commissions Blockchain powered marketplace & Technology, where hoteliers and property owners can rent their property globally, collect money and manage bookings without paying any commissions to middlemen.

2023.06.08 07:55 dopefishhh Lets analyse an ABC article: Anthony Albanese faces questions on whether he planned with Brittany Higgins to pursue Coalition
The Australian has reported Ms Higgins and her partner David Sharaz planned with journalist Lisa Wilkinson and her producer Angus Llewellyn to recruit friendly politicians to pursue their case, naming Mr Albanese, Finance Minister Katy Gallagher and Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek as potential allies.
Wilkinson? The one who couldn't stop talking about this case but didn't mention anything about any of the named Labor members.
Also apparently it requires 3 Labor members to 'pursue the case' and not say the prosecutor who was in fact pursuing the case.
Oh and its from the Australian so pretty clear its a lie we know that, but it then gets reported on by the ABC. Why? When there are 100's of other political topics to cover today they chose this one.
In text messages between the couple, published by The Australian, Mr Sharaz claims that Mr Albanese gave him his number and offered to fly to Canberra to meet Ms Higgins and that Senator Gallagher was "really invested", with Ms Higgins suggesting they "feed everything" to the senator so that she could grill the government at senate estimates.
Two word quotes. Why bother even quoting if you're going to cut away so much. Worse its then surrounded by the journalists framing...
These are text messages, surely they aren't that long you couldn't have put the whole text message in right? If not maybe a paragraph?
The ABC has not seen the text message conversations, which came from material produced during the investigation of Bruce Lehrmann over Ms Higgins' claim.
So who the fuck are you quoting then?
They could have taken the opportunity here to point out how dubious these claims are from the Australian given how little material its made from, but alas, all Australian journalists work for Murdoch in some fashion.
So did they ask Mr Sharaz or Ms Higgins about these claims? From reading the article it doesn't look like they or anyone has. In fact Sharaz isn't even mentioned after the texts paragraph, Higgins is only mentioned in regards to the case. There isn't even a 'we asked them but they haven't responded at time of writing'...
If we accept the dubious notion that Albanese did give them his number, for the purposes of pursuing the case then wouldn't any texts from Mr Sharaz to Albo likewise come up in the investigation? These texts supposedly did.
Mr Albanese flatly denied coordinating with Ms Higgins to The Australian, and told reporters he had full confidence Senator Gallagher had acted appropriately.
While it is commonplace for journalists to discuss issues of policy with politicians, the concern in this case is whether politicians weaponised a potentially criminal matter for political gain.
Uh, yeah the coalition & media partners have definately weaponised this criminal matter for political gain, seems like the ABC didn't want to be left out.
"I think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered," Mr Dutton said.
"The prime minister obviously has to front up and provide a true factual explanation of what's going on here because there are differing accounts."
Oh Dutton... please never change... because its destroying all popularity of your party!
I suppose we should analyse this, well its pretty clear there's a very flawed 'account' by the Australian that if the account were true it would be easily referable to the NACC, no signs that's happening. Even though:
The opposition has also challenged the government's decision to settle a compensation claim by Ms Higgins, without her former bosses Michaelia Cash and Linda Reynolds being able to participate.
Senator Reynolds said she would consider referring that issue to the National Anti-Corruption Commission when it begins operating next month.
They clearly know the NACC exists.
But the biggest WTF from this article is:
Independent MP Dai Le said she was not satisfied with the government's answers so far.
"This is politics, right, and the opposition, now the government, will be always looking for things to use as a weapon against the government of the day," Ms Le said.
What the fuck does she have to do with any of this?
As if to imply only Labor has been doing this... When from the outset the LNP & media have done their utmost to try and destroy Higgins.
The ABC is trash like the rest of them.
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2023.06.08 07:52 Bluelightsmile Lower credit limit received on SBI Simply Save CC

I received a call from SBI Card agents saying you have a pre approved CC and it will be available for just a one time fee of Rs 500. I went ahead with the process and post submission of documents I received a message from SBI CC that my approved limit would be around 50-60K.
I asked the agent to not go ahead with the process as the limit was too less (I already have an Flipkart Axis Bank CC - Limit 40K and One Card - 20K).
Within half an hour I received another call from their Gurgaon HO that my limit will be increased to 2,90,000. He said you will receive a message about the increased limit.
I went on with the further process and in the Final Approval document they mentioned my limit can be anywhere between 50K to 5L.
I again confirmed with their agent and they assured me that you will get the full limit of 2,90,000.
My CC got approved and I started the onboarding process on their mobile app and was shocked to learn that my limit is 55K.
The agents are not picking up the phone nor answering any messages since 3 days!!
I haven't received the physical delivery of card yet. What should I do? Do I cancel my card right away via their app? Please suggest the course of action.
Note : CC applied was SBI Simply Save.
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2023.06.08 07:52 disheartenedagent Dear Directors, Managers & Supervisors,

Watch this entertaining video, and return when you’ve completed it: Egg Drop From Space
What is the takeaway here? Humans are not perfect. Many people have seen Mark Rober and his amazing glittering of criminals as he seeks to make the world a better place, and stinkier criminals.
A team of incredibly intelligent people made mistake after mistake after mistake. But they did not stop working together to reach their goal. They did not belittle themselves or others in the process to achieve success. They didn’t even truly hit their goal the way they expected, but they still pushed for success. Even through all the glitter bomb and squirrel obstacle redesigns, there were many failures along the way. A person who shares with the world the countless inventive ways he screws up regularly, and he once worked for NASA.
A great team and great leaders do not resort to making those around them chronically feel like shit. If Mark told the guy who built the flapping fins on the rocket his idea was worthless, do you think the guy would have stayed on the project or pushed to perform better?
If your conversations with your subordinates is not at least 70% positive, YOU are the actual reason they are not meeting their goals.
The biggest reason I don’t want to RTO is because I don’t want a team lecture and the emotional harm it causes me daily to be visible to my peers. And I don’t want to see the affects of abuse on their souls.
Create a positive team, even when you don’t want to, and we will strive to kick ass every time. We will fall short on occasion. We will unintentionally miss a MOAT offer because we were so focused on helping the customer with what they actually wanted when the MOAT pop popped at the most ridiculously inappropriate part of the conversation when the customers only concern is what the next bills are going to be after adding a car.
Side note - rather than relying on agents to cram MOAT down the throats of people who don’t want it, you need to have a really strong email campaign, and an incredibly aggressive enticing and assumptive in app pop that hits everybody once every 3-6 months. It will get to those SEVERAL MILLION who aren’t calling in. Try to offer a $1 discount on an installment fee to everyone who gets a quote in app. MOAT quotes and sales will skyrocket with effective writing and positioning. Much better than “I’m sorry your kid just died, but have you heard that you can get a great deal if you bundle…”
I overheard somebody in office say you read these, Todd Matthews. Do better. Expect better of your people. Encourage positive interactions. Sit in on team section meetings daily, and make it through every single supervisor over the next several months. Coach, modify and mold back into positive success. Remind yourselves of the pillars and mission statement.
A horse cart is driven by a person riding in the cart communicating with the horse telling them where to go, not by somebody dragging the horse by the bit.
Recognize that perfection in stats across the board is not what the goal should be. Your job is to be the leaders that help us reach our goals, not just the whip crackers. Fix yourselves. Just read through this board! We WANT to be amazing, but it’s impossible to be when we start the day told we are garbage day in, and day out - even when we are in the top 10%. A team that loathes interactions with their supervisor is not a team that will perform their best. We are broken. We are scared. We are hurt. We want you to lead. Put down the whip for awhile, and pick up the reins. If you’re not capable of this as a leader, then reconsider your fit for the role.
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2023.06.08 07:50 Itinerant-catholic Who's the Moelis Dealmaker for SRNE: Is it Igor Sokolovsky?

Who's the Moelis Dealmaker for SRNE: Is it Igor Sokolovsky?
I spy a Russian Comrade!
Tonight's filing was the first time that the curtains had been pulled back on SRNE's hired dealmaking gun: Moelis. We already know from past filings that it was a man named Barak (stop, I know what you're thinking) Klein who bagged this gig for this swanky M&A firm who made its name from deals like Anheuser-Busch's $61.2 billion sale to InBev (not sure if "This Bud's for you"). But a close look at the Exhibit C's Time Card report may give us a clue as to who's been working the deal desk.
Only one person worked over 100 hours in a given month and 2nd to him clocked 64 hours. That person is Igor Sokolovsky, a recent hire less than 1 year ago.
So who's Comrade Igor? Well, let's first take a look at his LinkedIn profile:
Putting aside the demise of Lehman Brothers, Igor worked for 4 or Top 10 M&A/Investment Banking firms in the world, two of which are still in the Top 5. But what's his expertise? I'm glad you asked since I did, too? Here's an article from Reuters that mentioned Igor in the same breath as two recent Moelis hires, and specifically the specific practice area for which Moelis is placing its bet on these three, and that includes Igor.
See where Moelis poached Arek and Dennis? Morgan Stanley, which in 2022 ranked #3 in global M&A deals.
Now, let's get back to what I pointed out earlier: Igor Sokolovsky punched in for 135 hours in April. That's about 6 hours per day (assume 22 business days) that he spent hatching the plan and pitching SRNE to would-be buyers. Given his relatively recent onboarding which came with great expectations, doesn't it make sense that this newly hired healthcare M&A wunderkind be the actual point man for our deal? And likely extremely motivated to prove his dealmaking bonafides and worth (surely he didn't come cheap!)?
For fun, want to take a guess which sector in 2023 saw the biggest M&A activity? Ding, ding, ding: Healthcare (Biotech)!
Yes, Pfizer leads 2023 so far with the buyout of Seagen, a cancer therapy company.
For those who have followed my contributions, you know that I stay away from reading-the-tea-leaves kind of pieces and focus on WHO are the key players. Now you know a bit more of Comrade Igor.
Доброй ночи (Pronunciation: DObray NOchee, good night!)

**Jesus is LORD**
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2023.06.08 07:49 apostilecertificate How To Get Single Status Certificate Attestation in India

How To Get Single Status Certificate Attestation in India

single status certificate in india
Has anyone asked you for a single status certificate in India to marry someone or prove that you have not married yet?
Probably not!
A single status certificate is one of the crucial documents you need to be a spouse of the citizens of a foreign country. This document is crucial as a police clearance certificate you get when you move from your native country to a foreign country.
There are many names used for a signal status certificate in different countries, and they are;
  • Non-Impediment to Marry
  • Statutory Declaration of Single Status
  • Affidavit of Intended Marriage
  • Statement In-Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
  • Certificate de Coutume
  • A Certificate of No Impediment
  • Certificate of Nulla Osta
  • A Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR)

What is the Need for a Single Status/Unmarried/Bachelorhood Certificate?

This single status certificate has one more name, an unmarried certificate, which is necessary to carry when you move abroad and prove to the foreign country authorities that “I am single and can marry someone in a foreign country”.
Various foreign countries follow a procedure to demand a single status certificate or celibacy certificate to be assured that the ex-pat has never been married and eligible to marry. Do you know that there is a vital role of a single status certificate to marry in Malaysia?
A single status certificate is one of the documents required to get an international marriage and licence by a foreign country to marry their citizen.
The list of the top 10 easiest countries to immigrate to as an expat includes a single status certificate to carry if an expat ever plans to marry someone in a foreign country.
For instance, for an Indian who stays in the UK and plans to marry a citizen of the UK, a single status certificate with attestation is what you need to prove that you have no spouse in India or any other nation.

How to Get a Single Status Certificate in India?

India is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. India is a continuously developing country, with a no-one tag in many categories. This Asian country is known for its cultural and traditional values. Along with that, India is a country that maintains a healthy and trustworthy relationship with its foreign countries. Any Indian migrating from India to any foreign country needs attestation on their legal documents for use abroad. There are two ways to apply for a single status certificate in India, and they are:
  1. If you have no time to invest in the legal procedure to get a single status certificate in India, take help from a government-authorised agency that will apply for your certificate on your behalf.
  2. To submit your application on your own, without any help from any authorised agency of the government, you can visit Suvidha Kendra or the DC office for a signal status certificate online application.
An NRI (Non-Resident Indian) in India gets a certificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR) from the Indian High Commissioner.

Step by Step Procedure to Get a Single Status Certificate in India

Getting a single status certificate in India is not a big game only played by the pro players. The procedure for a bachelorhood certificate is as easy as switching on and off a bulb.
Here is the procedure to apply for a single status certificate attestation in India.
  • The competent court has jurisdiction over your residential area to verify you and gather the information that you have no spouse in your native country and are eligible to get a single status certificate.
  • Approximately the police officer of your area will visit your place after fifteen days of filling up your application for a signal status certificate. The police officer inquires about you. The police officer, prior to visiting your place, will inform you to gather two witnesses to support your statement that you have never been married or have no spouse in your country.
  • After the police verification success with no obstacles, the unmarried certificate comes under the State Home Department’s custody for verification and certificate attestation for use abroad.
  • Document attestation is necessary to prove to the foreign authorities that an expat’s legal certificates are authentic. After the state-level verification, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirms the authenticity of your single status certificate with MEA attestation or MEA apostille, depending on your destination country. MEA attestation or MEA apostille is the final document attestation from the side of India.
  • Once your single status certificate successfully receives attestations from the State Home Department and the MEA, the last document attestation is the task accomplished by the embassy of your destination country.
The MEA accepts applications to provide attestation on documents through their outsourced agencies. For a single status certificate attestation, you can contact Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL). We are legal and officially authorised by the MEA for fast, reliable, and comprehensive attestation and apostille services.

Documents Required for a Single Status Certificate in India

The authorities that issue you a single status certificate will request you to submit the following documents to check your identity and other required details.
  • An affidavit, with the details like your residential address, identity, and witnesses’ names, states you are single.
  • Address proof like your bank passbook, rental agreement, voter ID, or Aadhar card. Attach one of your address proofs with your affidavit to apply for a single status application online or offline.
  • Your valid passport or visa
  • Your birth certificate, NABC, or school certificate
  • Identity proofs of your parents or legal guardians like voter ID or Aadhaar card
Single Status Certificate Sample Affidavit
An affidavit declares that you are single. There is no static format used for a single status certificate court affidavit. There are some points that you need to add to your affidavit.
Start your letter with your name, father name, mother name, and your permanent residential address in India, solemnly affirm and declare as follows:
I am an Indian citizen, born in this particular place on this particular date. I am a holder of an Indian passport number— issued by —- and have a validity of —– months. I am single and have no spouse in India or any other country. I am eligible to apply for a single status certificate to happily marry a citizen of this country according to law. I am in a mentally and physically fit condition.
The content mentioned in this letter is not bogus to the best of my knowledge.
Solemnly declared at (place of signature) on (date of signature).
(your signature) (the sub-divisional magistrate’s signature)

How Long Does It Take To Get a Single Status Certificate?

No fixed duration by the authorities declared to get a single status certificate in India. It depends on the procedure, and the departments issue a signal status certificate. Moreover, a single status certificate apostille or attestation procedure also charges time.
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2023.06.08 07:45 luvly-jubbly [OFFER] Gemini for $22.50 - $15 from them + $7.50 from me [WORLDWIDE]

Hi there :)
This offer will earn you a total of $22.50. The platform is called Gemini and it is a crypto-native finance platform.
Tip: Quick offer to complete, make sure you use ActiveTrader to buy and sell for lowest fees, you can expect the bonus within 48 hours.
Gemini is a New York trust company regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). They are subject to capital reserve requirements, cybersecurity requirements, and banking compliance standards set forth by the NYSDFS and the New York Banking Law.
Residents of the following countries are eligible for this offer: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Check the steps below to understand the process to complete this offer.
Steps: 1. Comment $bid on this post and I'll send you my referral link 2. Complete your details and verify your identity 3. Deposit a minimum of $100 or equivalent in GBP, EUR, etc. 4. Make a trade (buy and sell Bitcoin on their ActiveTrader setting for minimal fees) 5. $15 of Bitcoin will be credited to your account 6. Sell the Bitcoin then withdraw your deposit and the bonus back to your bank account
I’ll send you $7.50 by by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Revolut, Cash App etc. once the bonus has been credited.
Check the terms here and for more information on the company check their homepage here.
You can also check out my other offers here, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch, and please send me a DM or message when you’re ready to start the offer.
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2023.06.08 07:38 Evil333 Brezza VXI AT quote help

Brezza VXI AT quote help
First-time car buyer here and looking for suggestions on the quote. I was looking at getting BH registration [in TN] but don't think any of the Southern states are willing to give it.

  1. The dealer told he can give a discount of 7k from the Insurance amount and offer complimentary under-chassis paint and sun film. Please let me know how much can I negotiate realistically.
  2. Is an Extended warranty required? My usage would be very mild, say less than 500 KMS a month.
  3. This model doesn't have alloy wheels and the dealer had quoted over 40K for them. Apart from the looks, would the alloys have any practical advantage?
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2023.06.08 07:31 Supperdudehasrabies My mother has $4,000 of my unemployment in her bank account. How do I get it back?

A couple years ago, I lost a job while I was living with my mother. It took me months to find a new job and during that time my mother filed for my unemployment and cashed the checks in her bank account. I only found out about this a week ago.
Luckily she didn’t spend it but she won’t give it to me either. How can I get the money/prove it’s mine?
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2023.06.08 07:29 Ill_Marionberry8518 Never have had to post anything like this before.

We are a family of 5, 3 kids (12, 8, 11 months) my husband works. I am unable to right now due to my daughter's severe, uncontrolled epilepsy. 2 months ago, we had enough to support our family. My husband generally worked 60 hour weeks but he is in the corrugated business and it's suffering this year.
Between my daughter's epilepsy diagnosi, co-pays, meds, overnight EEGs, hospital stays (I have documentation), rising cost of living and now trying to make it at 38 hour pay weeks. We are tapped and I've always been pretty resourceful.
I contribute by doing surveys, prolific, product test, Shiftsmart when possible. For PayPal funds or Amazon GC's. It definitely helps but we find ourselves not being able to afford the basics after groceries and bills.
We have visited a couple food banks, they have been helpful. They just cannot help with pet food, as our dog has an autoimmune disorder and can't tolerate different foods. No diapers or baby items recently (I do cloth diaper during the day to save.) I applied for food stamps but they go by pre-tax, pre-insurance income, and we are still over. Tried for SSI for my daughter's disability but those limits are very low. Neither of our families have money, we were usually the ones helping them when we could. I am currently awaiting a WIC appt but I've never had it.
I made an amazon wishlist and would be grateful for anything, I tried to add some of the cheapest options but most things can be substituted. Also, Amazon's selection of single items is getting smaller. We have pets as well that we can no longer afford but they are part of our family. There are a few grocery items, as this is mainly what I eat/drink to keep up my milk supply as I am still breastfeeding. I skip breakfast and lunch.
I did put a gift on there for my son, his first birthday is this month.. I really never thought I would have to do anything like this. Any questions feel free to ask or helpful suggestions are welcomed!
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2023.06.08 07:29 Cryhavok101 Lethean Theme Build - Psychic Assault in Space

Most of my builds are theme builds that match a captain to a ship matching their species. Today's entry is a Lethean captain who utilizes their dangerous psychic abilities to cripple enemy ships while they fight. Most of the decisions I made on this build were based on representing that in the game, and are, in many cases, very, very not meta. This build will not win any DPS races, so if that is what you are looking for, do yourself a favor and find a different build. Like usual for me, I don't typically inflict my theme builds on other parties or elite content, so they are rarely parsed, but I don't post them until I am largely satisfied with how well they get through content. This one is no exception to that rule, though that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement, there usually is, even within my theme.
The idea of making a psychic combat ship is taken from the fact that that is how they fight on the ground in the show, at least the one episode I recall them from. I felt that they would want to capitalize on their own strengths in space as well, and this build is designed to represent that. While their psychic abilities on the ground are lethal, this build is focused on placate and confuse mechanics for the most part, since there aren't many actually called out psychic powers for ship combat.
The idea is to hit them with a placate, then give them another target to go after, and then confuse them, so they end up targeting other things, letting you attack with impunity.
The placates the ship uses are Strike From the Shadows, Slippery Target, Failsafe Scrambler, An Explosive Expert doff. Other placate sources were considered, but discarded due to lack of adequate triggers, or wanting to use the slots they would take for other things. The primary method of confusion is Attack Pattern Lambda III, which along with things like eject warp plasma can also mess with their perception, for what little that is worth.
Since I am relying on an attack pattern to deliver confusion, and can deliver placates the same way via Strike From the Shadows, I want my weapons to hit as many targets as possible as fast as possible, so I rely on beams which strike instantly and FAW, Torpedo Spread, and Entwined Tactical Matrices to deliver those effects.
Now, placate and confuse effects also enable a few other things, Abundance of Caution giving me sizable DRR against confused enemies, Strike from the shadows crit bonuses, and Concealed Repairs healing effects.
There are also a number of build elements that encourage me to get close and stay close, for example the debilitating effects of the Bajoran Defense set (which I an counting as debilitating psychic effects in my own mental fantasy of the character. Pretty much any debuff to the enemy on this build can be added to that list as well), Slippery Target's additional sizable DRR bonus, and Painful memories.
Painful memories is one of the few ship based things the game actually calls out as being psychic (via it's flavor text: "Cause a psionic energy resonance with the EPS of enemy ships"), so I felt somewhat compelled to include it, even though it isn't very efficient. It's inclusion on the build compelled me to include the only 2 engineering abilities that are both foe-affecting, and AOE: Eject Warp Plasma and Unstable Warp Field... and ironically they both have a shared 15 second cooldown, so you won't see me using them at the same time... but I largely don't need to.
I paired Eject Warp Plasma up with Coolant Ignition, which does not share a cooldown with each other, but do behave similarly in their deployment. I typically use them with the active rep trait Tethered Non-Baryonic Asteroid, which lets me pull groups of ships behind me in the clouds as they deploy. My ship's turn rate is high enough that I can even be broadsiding them with my beam arrays as I do this.
I paired Unstable Warp Bubble up with Deploy Countermeasures, together handling any small battlefield objects out there, and helping keep me pretty safe. The deploy countermeasures has the additional affect of providing more targets fro enemies to hit other than me when I confuse them.
Speaking of those additional targets, photonic fleet and aceton assimilator both also serve this purpose. However of the three, ideally enemies target the assimilator. Any drain effect it might have is really incidental. It's really there for my confuse effects to get as many enemies hitting it with energy weapons as possible. I have wracked up a surprising amount of damage doing that, even in solo play.

Captain Details

Captain Name  Usgan   
Captain Career  Science   
Captain Faction  Klingon   
Captain Race  Lethean   

Space Skill Tree

Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant  Improved Hull Restoration  Improved Hull Capacity  Shield Restoration  Improved Shield Capacity  Advanced Energy Weapon Training  Advanced Projectile Weapon Training 
Lt. Commander  Improved Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise  Improved Drain Expertise  Advanced Targeting Expertise   
  Full Impulse Energy Shunt    Control Amplification  Drain Infection     
Commander          Advanced Weapon Amplification  Advanced Weapon Specialization 
Captain      Advanced Exotic Particle Generator  Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors  Advanced Hull Penetration   
Admiral          Coordination Protocols   
          Defensive Coordination   
          Offensive Coordination   
0 Points Left  10    15    21   

Space Skill Unlocks

Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Hazard Emitters III  Science Team III  Tachyon Beam III 
Battery Expertise  Sector Space Travel Speed  Threat Control 
Feedback Pulse III  Photonic Shockwave III  Jam Sensors III 
10  Maximum Hull Capacity  Maximum Shield Capacity  Projectile Critical Chance 
12    Gravity Well III  Tractor Beam III 
15    Control Resistance  Energy Critical Chance 
17      Viral Matrix III 
20      Accuracy 

Ship Loadout: Lethean Nemosin Pilot Escort

Slot  Item 
Fore Weapon 1  Nausicaan Energy Torpedo Launcher 
Fore Weapon 2  Nausicaan Disruptor Beam Array 
Fore Weapon 3  Terran Task Force Disruptor Beam Array  
Fore Weapon 4  Experimental Romulan Disruptor Beam Array  
Fore Weapon 5  Disruptor Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Bank  
Aft Weapon 1  House Martok Omni-Directional Disruptor Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 2  Omni-Directional Disruptor Beam Array  
Experimental Weapon  Ravager Shriek Mk XV [CrtX] 
Deflector  [Bajor Defense Deflector Array ] Mk XV [CtrlX][EPG]x2 
Impulse Engines  [Bajor Defense Hyper-Impulse Engines ] Mk XV [Turn]x3 
Warp Core  [Bajor Defense Hyper Injection Warp Core Mk XV] 
Shields  [Bajor Defense Covariant Shield Array ] Mk XV [Cap]x3 
Devices  Red Matter Capacitor 
  Kobyashi Maru 
  Deuterium Surplus 
2 Engineering Consoles  Console - Universal - Aceton Assimilator 
  Console - Engineering - House Martok Defensive Configuration Mk XV 
4 Science Consoles  Console - Science - Nausicaan Siphon Capacitor Mk XV 
  Console - Science - Exotic Particle Focuser Mk XV 
  Console - Science - Exotic Particle Focuser Mk XV 
  Console - Science - Exotic Particle Focuser Mk XV 
5 Tactical Consoles  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV 
T6-X Universal Console  Console - Tactical - Lorca's Custom Fire Controls 

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power 
Commander Tactical-Pilot  Kemocite-Laced Weaponry I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Deploy Countermeasures II  
  Attack Pattern Lambda III  
  Coolant Ignition III  
Lt. Commander Universal  Emergency Power to Weapons I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Emit Unstable Warp Bubble I  
  Eject Warp Plasma I  
Lt. Commander Science  Very Cold in Space I  
Engineered Soldier (Space)  Photonic Officer I  
  Destabilizing Resonance Beam II  
Lieutenant Universal  Beam Array: Fire at Will I  
  Torpedo: Spread II  
Ensign Engineering  Emergency Power to Shields I  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description 
Personal Traits  Advanced Rapid Support  Your Career-specific Fleet ability has a reduced Recharge Time. This applies to Engineering Fleet, Tactical Fleet, and Science Fleet. 
  Failsafe Scrambler  When your hull drops below 20%, automatically Placate all foes within 10km for 5 seconds and reset Threat vs. all nearby NPCs (max once per 90 seconds) 
  Psychological Warfare  +20% Bonus Control Ability Effectiveness 
  Fragment of AI Tech  Improves Control Expertise. Improves Energy Weapon Damage based on Control Expertise (maximum 30% at 300 Control Expertise)Many of Control's ships were left behind after the battle, positively riddled with technology gained from its portion of the Sphere data. Despite Starfleet's best efforts, it proved impossible to keep all of these advances under wraps. :+__% Energy Weapon Damage based on Control Expertise (Max +30% at 300 Control Expertise) : +50 [[Skill: Control Expertise
  Particle Manipulator  Improved Criticals for Exotic Damage, based on Particle Generators 
  Inspirational Leader   
  Abundance of Caution  Space Trait. You are just paranoid enough to protect yourself from surprise engagements, whether they be from confused allies unable to tell friend from foe, or from sudden ambushes of decloaking or suprise enemies that initiate combat while already in close proximity. 
  The Boimler Effect  Space Trait. Provides a chance for using Bridge Officer Abilities to recharge all other Bridge Officer Ability recharge times up to their respective Shared Cooldown Categories. 
  Intelligence Agent Attaché  Weapon Critical Strikes partially recharge Captain AbilityWeapon Critical Strikes restore a small amount of Captain Ability recharge time. Cannot reduce an ability below its minimum recharge time. Maximum one reduction per 1.33 seconds.Having an observer from intelligence can be taxing, but the advantage in access to information has tempted many Captains into such an arrangement :On Weapon Critical Strike, restore 2% of Captain Ability Recharge 
  Photonic Capacitor  Space Trait. This trait causes the activation of your Science abilities to reduce your remaining cooldown on Photonic Fleet by 20 seconds. This effect may only be triggered a maximum of once every 10 seconds, and will only trigger if Photonic Fleet is currently in cooldown. 
Starship Traits  Emergency Weapon Cycle  - While this starship trait is active, using Emergency Power to Weapons will also reduce weapon power cost and increase your weapon fire rate moderately. 
  Entwined Tactical Matrices  - While this trait is slotted, activating Beams: Fire at Will or Cannons: Scatter Volley causes your next torpedo attack to be a Torpedo Spread. Activating Torpedo Spread causes you to gain Beams: Fire at Will and Cannons: Scatter Volley for a short duration. 
  Strike from Shadows  - While this trait is slotted, attacking a foe that does not have you targeted will placate them for a short duration, and you will gain a significant boost to Weapon Damage and Critical Hit Chance, in addition to a decrease to your outgoing threat generation. Additional attacks on any foe who does not have you targeted will refresh the duration of these buffs. You cannot placate the same enemy more than once per 60 seconds this way. 
  Slippery Target  - Pilot abilities and Auxiliary to Dampeners grant damage resistance and placate foes within 3km. 
  Painful Memories   
  Concealed Repairs  When you Cloak or Placate an enemy, Heal and recharge Bridge Officer abilities. 
Space Reputation Traits  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat. 
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat. 
  Energy Refrequencer  Heals Hull when Dealing Damage 
  Enhanced Rending Shots  Weapon Non-Crits increase Crit Chance 
  Enhanced Armor Penetration  Ship weapons have increased Armor Penetration 
Duty Officers  Conn Officer  [SP] Recharges Evasive Maneuvers when Emergency Power to Engines is activated. 
  Matter-Antimatter Specialist  [SP] Chance to immobilize enemies when activating Eject Warp Plasma 
  Space Warfare Specialist  [SP]'''Weapons Expert''': chance on using an energy Weapon Firing Mode I or II to trigger the II or III version instead 
  Explosives Expert  [SP] Torpedo Taunt/Placate (based on Threatening Stance) 
  Sensors Officer  [SP] Debuff target's offensive damage with Sensor Scan 
  Entertainer  [SP] Chance to inhibit target's [[Perception]] on use of beams and cannons 
submitted by Cryhavok101 to stobuilds [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 07:26 ebenezerlepage Mississippi Coast business couple Ted and Julie Cain are trying to avoid paying a $32.6 million civil judgment against him for defrauding Medicare, the U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges in a lawsuit filed to collect the money.

Sun Herald paywall. Anita Lee article. Copy/Paste
Mississippi Coast business couple Ted and Julie Cain are trying to avoid paying a $32.6 million civil judgment against him for defrauding Medicare, the U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges in a lawsuit filed to collect the money.
Julie Cain is liable for repayment of $27.4 million of the total owed for her part in the fraud. The jury found that the couple billed Medicare over a 12-year period for work they never did at the former Stone County hospital, which Ted Cain owns and now leases to Gulfport Memorial Hospital.
The Cains had not paid a dime on the judgment by November 2022, government filings show. They are appealing the jury’s verdict in the civil case tried in U.S. District Court in Gulfport.
Attorneys for the government say the Cains tried to conceal their assets six months before their trial started because they were “staring down the barrel of a multi-million judgment.”
Before the trial, they transferred most of their assets to two trusts set up for their children, a son and daughter. Records show the Cains transferred 25 companies to the trusts, including LLCs that hold property. But Ted Cain controls those trusts through a management company, the government says.
“Hence, by the stroke of a pen, Ted Cain — who minutes prior was the owner of dozens of LLCs and real properties — became almost penniless,” the government said in a legal filing.
The government is asking the judge presiding over the case, Henry T. Wingate, to find that the transfer of assets was fraudulent, or assess damages against the trusts and its holdings. The government also wants to investigate the financial status of the Cains and the trusts.
The government’s ultimate goal is to collect the money the Cains owe and to prevent the Cains from drawing down assets from the trusts.
Wingate froze the couple’s assets before the civil case was decided. Ted Cain denies in legal filings that the assets transferred belong to him.
The Cains, represented by former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, say they transferred the assets to the trusts “for legitimate estate planning purposes” and no fraud was involved. They also say that they are able to pay the judgment against them, despite the transfer of assets.
The fight over the assets is set for trial in March 2024 before Wingate in federal court. The Cains, their childrens’ trusts and companies and property held by either the elder Cains or the trusts, are defendants in the case. Cain assets: from Biloxi to Hattiesburg
Cain bought Stone County Hospital in 2001, after it had closed three times. He testified during the trial that the 25-bed hospital would not have been successful and residents would have been without an emergency room had he not overseen its operation.
He paid himself more than $15 million for the oversight from 2004-2013 and his wife $2.3 million as hospital administrator. But testimony during the trial showed they did little work for the money, with the government insurance program Medicare reimbursing them $13 million of the total.
Government attorneys said in a legal filing: “Ted Cain’s ‘work’ failed to meet every single condition of payment and evidence at trial established that Ted Cain’s visits to the hospital were to the cafeteria for the fried chicken and catfish on Wednesdays and Fridays, respectively.”
The jury found the Cains collected more than $10 million of their salaries through fraud. Judge Wingate then tripled the damages, as the law requires.
As a young man, Cain, who was born and raised in Wiggins, followed his father into the nursing home business. He soon branched out, becoming the owner of companies such as The Focus Group advertising agency in Biloxi, Cain Cattle Co. in Perkinston and Quest Pharmacy in Hattiesburg.
Ted Cain owns hundreds of acres in Stone County, where he was born, including this cattle farm. The government maintains Cain is trying to shield his assets, including dozens of companies that he owns, from a $32.6 million fraud judgment he’s been ordered to pay in a civil case.
Ted Cain owns hundreds of acres in Stone County, where he was born, including this cattle farm. The government maintains Cain is trying to shield his assets, including dozens of companies that he owns, from a $32.6 million fraud judgment he’s been ordered to pay in a civil case.
He also owns multiple properties, including a waterfront home in Ocean Springs.
His companies, with the exception of Stone County Hospital and Corporate Management Inc. in Gulfport, were transferred to his children’s trust. Both the hospital and CMI were also defendants found liable in the Medicare fraud case. Medicare fraud under appeal
The Cains appealed the fraud verdict on multiple grounds to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
They say the government bypassed Medicare’s administrative process for recovery of overpayments. Taking the Cains to court allowed the government to recover damages that tripled the overpayment.
They also say the government failed to prove the Cains “knowingly” submitted false claims because their hospital salaries were reported annually to the government.
Government attorneys argue the verdict should stand.
They say Ted Cain accomplished his fraud through a “sweetheart contract” between Stone County Hospital and Corporate Management Inc.
Ted Cain and co-defendant Tommy Kuluz, right, leave the federal courthouse in Gulfport during a break in a 2020 civil trial where a jury found they committed Medicare fraud by paying Cain and his wife salaries they did not earn at his Stone County Hospital. Kuluz is chief financial officer of a Cain company that managed the hospital, now leased to Gulfport Memorial as Memorial Hospital Stone County.
Ted Cain and co-defendant Tommy Kuluz, right, leave the federal courthouse in Gulfport during a break in a 2020 civil trial where a jury found they committed Medicare fraud by paying Cain and his wife salaries they did not earn at his Stone County Hospital. Kuluz is chief financial officer of a Cain company that managed the hospital, now leased to Gulfport Memorial as Memorial Hospital Stone County.
CMI charged the hospital “exorbitant” management fees to disguise the size of Ted Cain’s executive compensation at Stone County Hospital, which was 15 times the average, the government attorneys contend.
They also say Medicare was billed for “hundreds of hours” that Julie Cain did not work, first as hospital administrator, then as a consultant and director.
The Cains’ Medicare fraud appeal is still pending. Leasing to Memorial Hospital
Through legal filings in the assets case, the government has tried to establish a pattern of concealment on the Cains’ part.
When he leased the hospital building to Memorial in late 2019, Ted Cain did not disclose the Medicare fraud lawsuit pending against him, his wife and the hospital. The government says the lease terms required disclosure of pending litigation.
Cain also identified himself as the owner of Wiggins Acute Care, his company that owned the hospital building and would be leasing it to Memorial.
But Wiggins Acute Care was one of the companies transferred to the Cain childrens’ trusts created months earlier.
In its initial lease with Wiggins Acute Care, Memorial agreed to rent Stone County Hospital, now Memorial Hospital Stone County, for $129,000 per month. Fourteen days after the lease was signed, the Cains finalized paperwork that created the trusts months earlier, further indicating their attempts to hide assets, government lawyers say.
Cain paid himself the difference between Gulfport Memorial’s rent payment and the monthly mortgage of $94,503.37 that Wiggins Acute Care owed on the hospital, government attorneys say.
In addition to Cain’s own spending, government attorneys are also concerned because, they say, his children have access to, or are benefiting from, the appreciation of assets in the trust funds.
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2023.06.08 07:25 Aldys1427 4 Car Buying Tips For Teenage Drivers

If you are only in your teens, the prospect of driving a car you actually own is certainly a huge milestone in your life if it indeed becomes true. Having a vehicle at such a very young age is a rare achievement. Not only does it come with a ton of bragging rights, it likewise symbolizes an individual's growing independence as well as maturity. It paves the way to a more assertive journey. You now have a hand to steer your future to greater heights and way farther distance. To be entrusted with a vehicle is no easy feat, as it also implies the growing trust a parent or guardian has in a kid. To a certain extent, you now have the freedom to plot your own destiny.
For whatever reason, receiving a vehicle should and must feel rewarding. Similarly, the process should be as painlessly effortless as possible. One way of guaranteeing this is by checking vehicle history beforehand to ensure that a car is worth purchasing.
While a teenager will need their parent or guardian's written signature when finalizing a car deal, it is important to discuss their preferences and needs with those who already have experience in motor vehicles to make a wise decision on the matter. Since the teen will be using the car, they must be asked what they think is the best fit for them. The parent or guardian’s goal is to ensure proper guidance to arrive at an educated decision. Without further ado, here are the used car buying tips for teenage drivers:
Work on a financial plan
Having a sound financial plan is the start of getting a good car. The buyer must carefully consider the available options to reach the best bang for their buck. Then, there is an estimation for a probable long-term cost—the series of payments that has to be made by a new car owner not only on the amortization aspect but also on everything else that comes with the car. On top of the price tag, there are the miscellaneous fees from registration and titling. Plus, insurance, gas, maintenance, detailing, repairs and others of note. All these expenses can be a significant dent in personal earnings.
The trick to lowering overall cost is to invest a lot on initial payment. Pay more on a downpayment, and you will have to pay less on interest during the period of amortization. If you can not afford to pay a significant amount of downpayment, you may opt for a shorter mode of payment. Your monthly amortization may be big, but a good portion of your payment goes to the principal instead of the interest. Both options are healthy for your own personal finances.
Another important point of deliberation is the vehicle type. Obviously, different vehicle type works in varying circumstances. There is no one size fits all shoes. On the one hand, SUVs are great on rough roads because of their superb performance and functionality. On the other hand, city cars work well on heavy traffic, narrow streets due to their size and agility and fuel consumption is a lot more economical. It has been a proven rule that everything else (even and the same) the smaller the car is, the less the maintenance becomes. But of course, the brand of car is also of important consideration. There are cars that are very expensive to maintain because of the scarcity of parts and service stations that are knowledgeable of the type of automobile.
If the need is short-term and the budget tight, another good option is to opt for a leased vehicle.
Do your homework
Looking for the right car may take time and may run contrary to one’s impulse. Yet, one must look beyond the what-ifs and pay more attention to the actual circumstances to be in touch with reality when making a decision.
You have to go out and see cars you like in person. Check their details first hand with your own eyes. Pay considerable attention to each car sale post being checked since many of them could be fraud waiting to happen. They are not necessarily ‘best buys’ just because their sellers said so.
In addition, knowing whom you transact with can help you avoid trouble. Being diligent in conducting a background check on sellers can pay off. Who knows, unless their personal identification can be authenticated, their online identity might be bogus. You might want to give them a call to gauge their sincerity before meeting them.
Red flags may not be apparent online. However, the buyer must not lower their guard on tricks the scammer may pull off, especially when meeting the seller and the car face-to-face. It might be prudent to bring a trusted companion with you as a protective measure. Should the need arise, they may also offer a sensible second opinion on your purchase. As much as possible, meet the seller halfway on neutral ground, preferably in a public space that is safe and visible to the public, so that you will have fewer things to worry about.
Don't let your being young affect your assertiveness and prudence. Don't allow the seller to bully their way just because you are young. Remember that you are the buyer, and buyers should always be in the position of power in any transaction. Alternatively, you may also meet the seller on their business or home address as a way to confirm their authenticity. A fly-by-night site is easy to notice.
Test drive the car
Test drive is a crucial part of the car buying stage. This is where you attempt to get the feel of the vehicle you plan on driving for a long time. Depending on the situation, the driving impression can either make or break the car deal. At this stage, issues that are not put into words or unrecorded by vehicle reports at the time of the testing may be discovered.
Test driving a car is probably the last chance a buyer may confirm if the seller were not dubious and was honest with disclosed vehicle details. For this reason, it is crucial to allot an hour or two of testing since a brief driving experience may not reveal the full extent of the driving experience.
Test the vehicle in as diverse terrain and environment as possible. If the seller can accompany you, that would be great. You can ask them any questions that may come to mind. Clarify any doubts you have before you forget them.
Consider safety
No matter a person’s car driving experience, safety will always be of paramount importance. It must never be compromised for the sake of low price. Even if a car has a good body styling and multimedia system, it is as good as a garage display if it is not safe for road use.
To ensure that you don’t go by that route, it would be in your best interest to dig deeper into prospective cars. Read auto expert reviews on the model—review customer feedback on the vehicle and the seller. Subject the unit to a professional mechanic’s diagnostic test. Only then can you confidently say that your decision is well-thought-out and founded on many facts about the vehicle.
Making intensive preparation for a vehicle is a tenuous job, but it is totally worth trying to ensure that the earliest driving experience will be memorable and enjoyable. This is more important if you are just a teener and it is your first time owning an automobile.
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2023.06.08 07:21 SuryaG2022 How does a small accounting firm make money?

From what I understand, a small accounting firm serves other small businesses in the locality and helps with their accounting needs - bookkeeping, tax planning, filing taxes, etc. I assume this is a very time consuming process because the accountant is basically trading his/her expertise for the professional fee, while the monthly retainer would not be very high. As the client base grows, the firm will need to hire additional accountants, so the profitability of the firm is never very high.
Am I understanding this correct, or are there other ways where an accounting firm can become significantly more profitable?
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2023.06.08 07:17 GullyBall BC - Can the Strata charge for fees that they missed?

Back in 2019 I had gotten an EV car and applied to get access to the charging spots in my apartment complex for a monthly fee. I gave the void cheque as well as a key deposit to the building manager who told me that the amount will be added to my monthly strata payments.
The sign up just so happened to coincide with an increase in my strata fees and I unfortunately never went to do the math to see if it added up correctly.
I ended up getting an email recently from the property management company saying that they just realized that they never set up the monthly payments correctly, and are now asking me for ~3.5 years worth of fees at once.
My question is, are they allowed to backdate their fees for such a long period of time? If so, am I allowed to request for any sort of payment schedule as opposed to paying it in full?
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2023.06.08 07:16 txguy1979 Hostile nurse

Thought I would share an ongoing issue with a night shift ER nurse. For the past 7 months or so this nurse is down right hateful to the techs and phlebotomists when she calls the lab or we have to call about her patient. Backing December she kept calling us asking where her results are (talking about add on testing for chem). Nurses are told if there are any add on tests to either call or or just send the label to us through the chute system. She just couldn't comprehend this and got extremely rude with the chemistry tech. Unfortunately I'm the shift supervisor along with working heme, blood bank and micro. I call down and ask her to please call or send the labels because the orders don't always cross over to us when patients are in the process of being switched to inpatient. She hung up on me. A little while later we get a stack of labels in the chutethis nurse gathered everylabel she could find, even stat lab labels and sent them to us in the main lab with a note saying "you eant labels, here you go". So called the house supervisor and had him go talk to her. Jump to a few nights ago, she calls and start demanding I give her UA results "now". I told her those results were released over an hour ago. She said she couldn't see them and to "give them to me now!" I told her I'm giving a verbal on a UA with microscopic but I'll fax it and she replied "I didn't ask you to read them I asked you to fax them". My listening comprehension skills are good, I know what I heard but I told her I would fax them. Ten minutes later the house supervisor calls and asks why the ER says we haven't released UA results to them. I explained what happened. He said they must not have received the fax so I told him I would fax them again but I was going to out a note that if they continue having problems seeing results that they will need to call I.T. and open a ticket and that he might want to tell them the same. About ten minutes after that, an ER tech came up with a note for me written by the nurse. Before giving it me he said he and other nurses told her not write it because they knew that what I wrote was not written to be taken the way she interpreted it. The note said " If you feel like me calling you ONE time for ONE result is the issue then you need to call your therapist. Thanks!" I called the house supervisor and he couldn't believe she'd be that unprofessional or that stupid to actually write something out and kept others know she did it. So he went and told her to stop being unprofessional and don't do it again. My lab manager also spoke with the nurses supervisor.
I really just don't get the hostility from the nurses and doctors that we havebto deal with sometimes. This is the same nurse that when I was giving out blood to her she made a comment that " you actually had to go to school for this?" Seriously? You're going to ask me that?
Sorry for the rant lol!
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2023.06.08 07:14 jonspire [H] [Lifetime] Fub0 - F1TV - N3tflix - D1recTV - Hu1u - Sling - HB0 - Disney Crunchyroll - Funimation UFC - NBA MS Windows - Office Keys N0rd - ExpressVPN - IPVanish Tidal - Sp0t1fy Codeacademy & More Over 12000+ Customers 1200+ Feedbacks [W] Pay.Pal & Crypto

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2023.06.08 07:13 SuperSaiyanPan A deeper explanation of the Reddit API change and Reddit Wide Black Outs

So, what's happening?

Last week, reddit announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious negative effect on many users. There is a planned protest across more than a thousand subreddits to black out and go private for 48 hours (at least) on June 12th.

Why This Is Happening?

In case you didn't read our previous thread or many of the others around the site from other subreddits already announcing their participation, the "Explain Like I'm Five" version.
In short, reddit's trying to close down their platform by limiting API access and there can be a variety of reasons attributed to why. They're trying to assure mod teams that our tools will have minimal disruptions, but this post on /AskHistorians shows that the admins don't have a great track record with their promises and have continued to make our work as moderators more difficult.
There was a call between admins and some developers earlier Wednesday with the general outcome there being no willingness to change; reddit's planning on making another public post about it on reddit later this week.
An open letter to reddit
In lieu of what's happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning a subreddit will be taken private and users will be unable to see any posts) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
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2023.06.08 07:11 New-Tomorrow2606 I (21F) slapped my (22M) husband

(To clarify we’re not truly married, I call him my husband because boyfriend sounds childish to me and we genuinely treat each other as if we’re in a family and we’ve long dropped the idea of other people. We’ve decided it’s for the long run. )
TLDR; we got in one our most heated arguments and he snapped so did I but I slapped him. And he kept pushing my arms away and we just kept pushing each other back. Haven’t talked since he left to work. I don’t know how to feel about it.
We both crossed boundaries
So for context. We’ve been really stressed out paying the bills. So I decided to find a job and I might start in two weeks (I have to give them the ok). With that income we’ll lose our food stamps but we’ll make more and save more. I’m thinking we can always go to food banks and use whatever they give us as well to cut costs.
I just moved to a different state and the only family I have is my aunt and hers. I’ve known her since I was little but can’t say I truly have gotten to known her until now. And so far no read flags besides an on n off thing with her husband but they’ve never given me any reason to feel uncomfortable with them or them around my son. So I mention this because my job interferes with my husbands on one day. Thursday he goes in at 6. I get out at 6. Someone needs to take care of the the baby until then. Not to mention I’m having another in about 2 months. So someone has to take them both for at least 30-1 hr until I get home. I asked my aunt she said that’s fine. Me and my husband have talked about it and we both agree we don’t really know how we feel about her husband being there. Or watching him. Again, they’ve never given us any reason to feel uncomfortable, they don’t even hit their kids, but I just idk I guess it’s just me being protective as well. Like anything can happen in 30-1hr. To clarify, it won’t be us leaving my son with him. It’ll be her watching them. But he’ll be there. I’ve known him since I was a kid too and can’t say he’s ever done anything to make me feel uncomfortable either.
So back to what happened. I haven’t been sleeping the past few nights because I’ve been so stressed out. Finally I went Fuck it I need to work (I’ve been waiting until the baby comes but I feel like it can’t wait) so I applied and called and got a job offer basically. So I tell him, and honestly I’m excited. I get to socialize again and we make more money. I can sleep better at night. He says it’s his allergies which I’ll admit HAVE been making him look more grumpy and done. But to me, he just kept having an attitude. Like negative. He kept saying “is there no way to change Thursday to Sunday ? Damn why does it have to be Thursday?” I started getting frustrated because if they would’ve offered me a Sunday I would’ve taken it. Obviously it’d be easier. And i kept saying no but this is what we got so we’ll just have to make it work. I even called my aunt and she said Thursday is no problem she can watch my son for a little until I get home. Even the new baby. To be honest now looking back I guess I should’ve clarified this som more. But I did say she’ll pick him up and I’ll go pick him up once I get there. So I’m assuming he understood “pick him up from HER HOUSE” why would I pick him up from my own home.
Basically I have mentioned many times if she were to take care of my son it’d most likely be at her home as she has her own baby to take care of as well. As I’m typing this I’m realizing it could’ve been easily resolved by me asking what is he comfortable with and simply asking my aunt if she’d just come over to our home and watch my son for a little until I get back. My husband was concerned about leaving him around her husband for the simple fact we don’t know him too well.
Honestly I just snapped. He asked me “wait he’s going to be there ?” And I was like yes obviously that’s his home. And he just sighed again like was doing the whole time and it just set me off. I feel like instead of thinking proactively and trying to find a resolution he kept just shaking his head sighing. And I was getting irritated giving him solutions and it felt like he still was just not having it. Not having it, yet not saying much, and the only things he would say was why can’t the day be Sunday or Monday. I already told you.
So I leave pissed off after yelling at him that I’m so tired of repeating myself and dealing with his negative attitude, basically at the top of my lungs. I started being a smart ass when he asked me to clarify and I just started pushing buttons. My husband is very calm. He may not get it the first time but he does try. He resorts to anger the very last and he lets it go fastest. This time he snapped. And just started yelling I mean his voice has never been deeper. And i just realized I have to go. I leave into another room and he follows still yelling and I try to close the door and he pushed it open as I’m pushing it back but I’m pregnant and can’t really do it. I just started pushing him telling him to stop and leave I’m not going to talk to him. I’m sure he’s been fed up with all the other times he just kept saying why am I always the one who has to leave etc. I was getting a little scared because I’ve never seen him this mad and he started pushing my arms back and just yelled whatre you gonna do punch me punch me then. I slapped him and then we both just started crying. He kind of gave up and just said this is terrible. I just kept saying fuck off. And he just kept proceeding into the room saying let’s talk and I just said we’re not talking right now. I don’t want to talk.
He left to work and we haven’t talked. I don’t know what to think. I feel like we both crossed boundaries and I feel like it’s my fault. I know someone can only take so much and he takes a lot. Personally I’m doing my best to work on my anger. At least controlling it. Today we just both snapped.
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2023.06.08 07:11 SuperSaiyanPan A deeper explanation of the Reddit API change and Reddit Wide Black Outs

So, what's happening?

Last week, reddit announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious negative effect on many users. There is a planned protest across more than a thousand subreddits to black out and go private for 48 hours (at least) on June 12th.

Why This Is Happening?

In case you didn't read our previous thread or many of the others around the site from other subreddits already announcing their participation, the "Explain Like I'm Five" version.
In short, reddit's trying to close down their platform by limiting API access and there can be a variety of reasons attributed to why. They're trying to assure mod teams that our tools will have minimal disruptions, but this post on /AskHistorians shows that the admins don't have a great track record with their promises and have continued to make our work as moderators more difficult.
There was a call between admins and some developers earlier Wednesday with the general outcome there being no willingness to change; reddit's planning on making another public post about it on reddit later this week.
An open letter to reddit
In lieu of what's happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning a subreddit will be taken private and users will be unable to see any posts) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
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2023.06.08 07:11 SquareDogDev Got my Citibank CC today!

Got my Citibank CC today!
Applied online with the help of a Unionbank agent from Powermac. I agreed coz I would get 10k discount for any purchase on Powermac if I get approved the same day… which I did! It was so surprisingly fast. I got approved less than 2hrs upon application and I got a 95k CL!
I bought an iPhone and used the online card right then and there to avail the 10k discount.
Question tho: since I used the card for a 60k spend but on 24mos installment payment method, will this still be eligible for the 20k minimum purchase to waive the annual fee?
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2023.06.08 07:10 Mountain_Position_62 Cheapest source to send money from Japan to USA?

I often send money to my mother and sisters back home. I've just been doing bank to bank xfers, and hadn't really verified the transaction fees. I assumed they'd be a little high, but when checking my statements, I became physically ill when I discovered I'm being charged $1.25, for every fkn dollar xfered! I feel like a fkn idiot for not noticing since I've been sending large sums of money; 2-5million yen at times. Anyways, are there any safe, trustworthy services people would recommend? WISE, ToFer, etc?
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2023.06.08 07:10 SuperSaiyanPan A deeper explanation of the Reddit API change and Reddit Wide Black Outs

So, what's happening?

Last week, reddit announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious negative effect on many users. There is a planned protest across more than a thousand subreddits to black out and go private for 48 hours (at least) on June 12th.

Why This Is Happening?

In case you didn't read our previous thread or many of the others around the site from other subreddits already announcing their participation, the "Explain Like I'm Five" version.
In short, reddit's trying to close down their platform by limiting API access and there can be a variety of reasons attributed to why. They're trying to assure mod teams that our tools will have minimal disruptions, but this post on /AskHistorians shows that the admins don't have a great track record with their promises and have continued to make our work as moderators more difficult.
There was a call between admins and some developers earlier Wednesday with the general outcome there being no willingness to change; reddit's planning on making another public post about it on reddit later this week.

An open letter to reddit

In lieu of what's happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning a subreddit will be taken private and users will be unable to see any posts) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
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