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2023.06.04 23:13 mediumbonebonita No baby shower

Im a FTM. I’m not having a baby shower cause I don’t have any friends where I live and my very small family lives very far away. No one has offered to throw one for me or even help me do it and honestly my family and friends are poor and can’t afford to fly out and gift me something. I also can’t afford to fly out to them. I have a registry but I Ive seen the general consensus that it’s tacky to like post it on social media or send it out via email. We don’t have a webcam for a virtual shower. Should I just not even have registry? I am unemployed and struggling to find a job and my husband doesn’t make a lot of money so we’re thrifting and buying used as much as we absolutely can but being gifted anything would tremendously helpful. Nothing in it would even cost over $100 since we’ve successfully gotten all the big things used. Is it always tacky to like email it/post it or are there nuances? I was thinking of pairing it with a thing where people could submit nice notes I will print out and put in a baby book. Like a virtual baby shower but without the webcam event part.
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2023.06.04 23:12 No_Bobcat4811 Has anyone noticed more flies than usually?

Sitting outside, no food around and still flies everywhere. Even in the house we are getting flies. Just got on Amazon to order an and everything they have to minimize all these flies.
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2023.06.04 23:12 Nearby-Philosophy758 You're a bus driver

Driving on a road full of potholes, You take a hard right turn and everyone currently sitting down goes flying towards the left side of the bus. The force on the left side becomes so unbalanced that the entire bus is now starting to roll over. What would you do in this situation?
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2023.06.04 23:12 DigiKumako Recommendation for custom tour agency

Hi, I am planning for a trip to Turkey for about 12 days. We're planning to go to the following places.
Istanbul / Ephesus / Cappadocia /Pamukkale /Antalya (cruise) /Bodrum /The Bosphorus Strait /Sumela

I would appreciate any tips/recommendations for the following
1) travel agency for custom tour with great ratings and good price
2) is 12 days reasonable to hit these places?
2) transportation from places to places : I want to avoid spend more than 4 hour on Train or Bus. Should I assume we would fly from places to places?
3) Weather : we're going in Sep. Is it a great time to go? Should we worry about rain?
4) Anything else I should be careful of? Is it safe to go there now?

Appreciate your help!
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2023.06.04 23:12 Appropriate-Stop-353 Please ID they BITE

Please ID they BITE
So I’m in north western Arkansas and getting devoured by these micro monsters. They don’t seem to fly but do have wings? They can jump. They’re not lice, but they bite and it itches. They are easy to squish.
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2023.06.04 23:12 Professional_Self535 Im so done.

This is probably the most pointless post ever but i don’t care. I have one week left with my shitty NF (parents are the worst the baby is my bestie) but very suddenly 2 weeks ago MB decided to go on vacation for a week, she told me on Thursday that i wasn’t needed the next week. i was excited to finally have a break but i thought it was inconsiderate to do this right before i leave, she can do whatever she wants but i feel like it makes more sense to go the week after i leave? its left a weird gap in my mind because i could’ve planned something if i had more notice. Anyways thats all fine but this last week has been horrid. On Thursday i broke my right foot so now driving isn’t really a option , then my fish died, and now i have a nasty cold thats making me feel like dying. I go back to work tmrw and i’m absolutely dreading it. I was leaving my current NF to go out of the country for a month before school starts and now i cant because my foot is broken and its a fly fishing trip but i really cant fish with a shattered foot. Thinking about staying with NF until i get my cast off but that also makes me sick to think about. Anyways really hate my life rn
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2023.06.04 23:11 Goldenpico If you accidentally take a healthy crow fledgling for a period of time, but then returned it to where it was found, will the parents still care for it?

So I submitted photos/videos to the wildlife rehab centre and after initially finding it (had to bring the dog home) I came back to watch it for an hour and a half before I took it in, so I got their approval.
The situation was basically, i found it at 1 pm, 2 fledglings right beside a trail were dogs and people frequent, i didnt bother with the other one because it basically looked like an adult and was flapping it's wings learning to fly.
But the one i took in looked much younger, didn't move or try to hop away when me and a few others approached it, it's eyes also weren't fully open. Well, at least at the time. I left the bird there for about another hour after watching it to charge my phone because I assumed I'd be waiting in the Rev for a bit, which was already a 30 min drive away, and when I came back to retrieve it the eyes were fully open.
Anyways, thankfully the fledgling ended up being healthy, even the vets at the hospital thought it looked lethargic at first but when they did the actual inspection it started getting angry.
But now I feel pretty guilty for taking it away, I think we were gone for around an hour and a half, maybe more? And when I brought it back, the crows that were making lots of noise just above where I found it were no longer there (it was 7 pm but still light out)
So now leading to my question.. will the crows come back to take care of it? I feel pretty bad now for taking in a fully healthy fledgling, and I hope I didn't prevent the parents from taking care of it in the future. Another issue is that the place where I found it was very active, and the whole time watching it from a distance I saw the crows fly above it but never actually face to face with the fledgling, and I suspect that's because they were right by a trail with people walking past or even staying near it unknowingly.
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2023.06.04 23:11 MarketingNervous8918 Here is a collage of my bp and hr. I have an appointment with a heart doctor the 22nd of June. Anyone else experiencing this? Share your experience/thoughts!

My heart rate stays high. Sometimes my bp is higher, but it used to stay 110-120 top and bottom 75-90, but pulse is sometimes higher than my top and bottom number. Like it stays 90-120 now. I seen it go to 130 at the doctors and I was like “don’t be alarmed lol it does this”. Psych gave Clonidine (until I get into heart doc) but it bottoms it out too low and feel dizzy, like I’m going to pass out asleep 24/7. Makes it so low I can’t take my Restoril for sleep.. I could stop breathing in my sleep haha.. I’m stumped. Guess I’ll just wait it out. Here’s a collage of all my readings within the same month. I go to heart doctor the 22nd of June. Just seeing what others think. High bp and heart attacks run in my WHOLE family. (Papaw and dad died of major heart attacks) btw I’m 19, female. I have severe (social) anxiety, so I assume that’s it, but I still feel like something is wrong with me physically.. I thought I had POTS but idk now.. I’m no doctor. Also, when it goes high I feel like I can’t get a breath in and I get very dizzy in the heat or doing things. Pristiq (antidepressant) was playing a role in it, but i stopped it and it’s the same.. I try to exercise some, hike, swim and do things I love, but wow if I don’t feel like I’m going to just drop and my heart flies, I feel it beating out of my chest.
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2023.06.04 23:10 baitboy25 Looking for Kitchen Knives on the way to Anchorage from Kenai

Hi! My family and I have been visiting Alaska the last few weeks. We are in Kenai for lunch and are flying home from Anchorage this evening. One thing I have been looking for while I have been here is an authentic Alaskan-made kitchen knife, preferably one with an antler handle or something similar. I’ve been trying to find a good shop on the map, but can’t find an open one. Does anyone know of a place we should stop to look? If there aren’t any shops in our area open today, what stores would ship to the lower 48 that we should check out?
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2023.06.04 23:10 PuzzleheadedLaw6571 Is it normal for toddlers to never have tantrums?

My daughter is in daycare and has learned some pretty negative behavior as a result. She’s also learned very wonderful things, and the good usually outweighs the bad. Our daycare does their very best to rectify negative behavior tactics. She got bit once; and became the biter. She was hit once, and became a hitter. These were all phases we have gone through throughout her toddlerhood that have been worked out of her. Recently she has learned to throw herself on the ground and lose her cool when she doesn’t get what she wants. We don’t reward this behavior, and it frequently presents itself when she’s tired, hungry, or bored with too much energy. She’s three and my spouse and I find this to be normal and like everything else just a phase.
My mom is watching both my daughter and my nephew this week. My spouse and I are away for training for work and my sister is on a planned vacation with her husband. My mom offered to watch them both at my house for the week as it’s closer to her and she hasn’t seen them since Christmas. I spent most of yesterday with her before flying out today just to show her how I set up my nephews room and also to help out before leaving.
The entire day my mom kept talking about how difficult my daughter is and how my nephew (who is not in daycare) doesn’t have any temper tantrums or outbursts. It was pouring rain outside and my daughter needs exercise, so I took her to an indoor park to let off some energy and she was fine after that. Until my nephew (who is severely speech delayed) walked up to her and took a toy out of her hand that she was playing with. My mom said that my daughter needs to learn to share. I disagreed, gave the toy back to my daughter, and said nicely to my nephew that he needs to ask before taking the toy.
He’s just..emotionless. Nothing phases him. He really only cries when he wants to be held. It’s not even a real cry, just whining. My daughters outburst caused him to start crying too, and it upset my mother. Is it normal to have a toddler that just doesn’t become upset ever and doesn’t have at least one emotional outburst a day? I find it to be a bit alarming. Everyone wants a “chill” kid, but is it normal or is the lack of emotion something that should be considered concerning?
TLDR: My mom often makes comments about how my nephew is easier to “handle” than my daughter because he never has temper tantrums. I find that to be a developmental red flag, but could be off.
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2023.06.04 23:08 HouseOfData Just got an Apple TV free trial and after binging The Morning Show I went into Severance…

For reference, I’m currently at the part in the 6th episode where Evil Arquette is introduced to Mark’s sister and kid…
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2023.06.04 23:08 Wolfofwallstreet_99 Anyone from Islamabad who can invest in our drone project

Hello, we are final year students of Aerospace Engineering from a reputed university in Islamabad.
Our Final year project is a quadcopter for agricultural purposes. A pesticides spraying quadcopter.
At the moment we’ve completed initial phase of our project. We’ve this quadcopter that’s flying perfectly smooth via remote control. We had to invest 55K for this. However, what we want now is to improve our quadcopter to be fully autonomous. For that we need a further investment of 110K for further parts like we need to upgrade controllers, add sensors etc. The parts got expensive exponentially recently as the dollar increased as some parts need to be imported.
The project will get completed IA in at most a month.
Of course, we’ll handover the drone to you once it gets done. And you could be able to sell it too in an expected 2x profit
Please let me know if you’re interested, we can meet and discuss. You are welcomed to research for the genuineness, talk to our department HOD etc.
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2023.06.04 23:07 junipearss It’s getting so bad I can’t do day to day activities. I’m paranoid all the time, I think I need to get help

I check all the corners of my room repetitively before I am comfortable enough to sit down. I have to sleep completely covered to avoid any spiders touching my bare skin. I sleep under the covers in fear. When I see one indoors i immediately enter fight or flight, which has caused real issues. I could not enter the laundry room to get my washing when I saw a flying spider inside. Had to get someone to do it for me. I have been willing to call (campus) security if I ever saw a spider large than a button in my room.
If I see 2 or more together in one space I get physically sick like actually vomit, no clue why? Thinking about multiple of them together just makes me feel violently ill.
I often have panic attacks from fear, and nightmares. I’m shaking typing this just because I have to use the word ‘spider’.
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2023.06.04 23:05 JoshAsdvgi THE MAN AND THE RAVENS


An Anishnabe Legend

There once was a man that enjoyed watching the black Raven's fly around, play, squawk, and chatter.
He enjoyed them so much he would climb trees just to be closer to them.
For many months the Ravens ignored the man, but after a while, one of the Ravens flew from a nearby tree and landed directly next to the man.

In utter amazement, the bird spoke to the man and asked, "You have been watching us for a long time.
You have tried to get close to us.
Why do you do this?"
The man replied, "I mean no harm.
I have become enchanted with you and all your relatives.
I enjoy the play, the squawking, and I wish I could learn your language so I could understand more about you."
Then the Raven responded, "We are honored that you want to know us, as long as you do not cause harm, we will teach you our language."
For many months the Ravens taught the man all about the language and how the Ravens lived from day to day.
The man became so educated that he knew everything there was to know about the Ravens.
Many of the Ravens saw the man and accepted him as a friend.
One day, an older Raven was flying far over the man, dropped a walnut perfectly on the man's head.
It was done on purpose and all the Ravens almost fell off their branches laughing so hard the way they do.
One Raven was flying and was laughing so hard he had to crash land right in front of the man.
The man was feeling bad and was hurt by being made fun of, so he asked the Raven in front of him,
"Why are you all picking on me."
The Raven stopped laughing and became very serious.
"We thought you understood us, but apparently you don't.
If you did you would know that we are not mocking you... well maybe a bit, but it is done in our way of having fun.
We are 'playing' with you and that is all.
It is not to be taken seriously.
You should know us better."
The man took sometime to understand this and over time a few more practical jokes were played on the man and he in turn pulled a few "good ones" on the birds.
A good time was had by all and the man became even closer to the Ravens.
Then another event occurred.
A young Raven swooped out of the sky and pecked the man on the head.
Then another young Raven swooped down and did the same thing.
The man ran across the field and into the woods but the Ravens kept chasing him and very skillfully they flew at high speeds through the woods tormenting the man.
Finally the two stopped and started to yell mean words, fighting words at the man.
Again the man did not understand, but he knew the two Ravens were very mad at him, so he decided to leave and let the Ravens be.
The man went away for many months.
As he did his duties in the his tribal village, he told all the people about his adventures and what he learned about the Ravens.
Some listened with intent, others just thought the man was a fool to study the Ravens so.
The villagers gave the man a new name of "Black Feather" because of his close relationship to the birds, but the man objected and said, "I am no longer close to the Raven people."
From above there was a squawking sound of a single Raven. Some of the people looked up and were surprised that they could understand the Raven, others just looked around because they could hear nothing but squawking.
The Raven was speaking to the man and said, "It is true, you are closer to us than any Anishinabe (Human) has ever come. You are close, but you still don't understand us fully.
I invite you to return to us, many miss you."
Black Feather started to follow the Raven but then stopped at the edge of the village.
He looked around to make sure no other Anishinabe could hear then asked the Raven, "why do you ask me back when the two Ravens where fighting with me and were mean."
"The Raven landed at Black Feathers feet and said, "See how little you understand us.
The two young Ravens did not fight with you because you are Anishinabe, it is because they accepted you as a member of the Raven people.
You should know that we fight among ourselves too.
It is a part of our way of life.
Instead of sulking and leaving you should have fought back."
Black Feather stood in silence and said, "There is much about Ravens I don't understand.
Maybe we are too different people to ever understand each other.
I should stop and return to my people in the village."
The Raven again shook his head and told Black Feather, "That is your choice, but again I tell you that you have come closer to us Raven people than any other Anishinabe.
Would you throw this all away just because you can't understand us yet?"
Black Feather responded, "It's useless, how can I ever understand you, I can't even fly!"
A thousand bursts of laughter was heard from all the surrounding trees and Black Feather knew that all the Raven People were there, hiding and listening.
"Of course you can't fly.
You are Anishinabe and we are Ravens.
But we accept you as one of us.
We play with you.
We fight with you.
We love you and want you back.
We also recommend you don't try to fly in order to be like us, because then, you would not be Anishinabe nor a Raven but something else.
We like you as an Anishinabe that understands us as Ravens. Join us or not the decision is yours."
Black Feather returned to the Anishinabe village and bid everyone farewell because he had decided to live with the Raven people.
After all the farewells and such he started to leave the village. All the Anishinabe people were there to see him off, and high over head was a thousand Raven's.
Then from high above one of the older Ravens dropped a walnut shell and again with remarkable aim, plunked Black Feather right on the head.
All the Ravens started laughing hard and all the Anishinabe were laughing too.
Black Feather laughed and looked up at the old Raven and said,
"Good one."
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2023.06.04 23:05 Southern_Breakfast25 If you had to choose between being able to fly or being able to turn invisible, which would you choose and why?

What's the most meaningful song you've ever heard and why is it so special to you?
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2023.06.04 23:05 OishiiMankoHime "The Curious Case of Natalia Grace" is one of the most irresponsible docs I've seen

I watched this entire series and am aggravated for a multitude of reasons. Obviously, the content is very aggravating, but the way the docuseries was edited and paced was also fucking horrible. It's honestly on-par with the quality and care of true crime mukbangs.

The entire first half of the series is from the father's point of view. Having seen the latter half, where it's basically been confirmed that she was indeed a child, I think doing this was horrible. Either they were actually entertaining his ideas, or they were using him as bait of sorts so that people can be shocked when they present the supposed truth later on. Not only that, but they do not pursue enough expert opinions throughout the entirety of the series. They show a discussion with a doctor near the end.

Did anyone else feel like it was seriously disappointing that they don't consult with any doctors that have been removed from the situation? Doctors that work specifically with different kinds of dwarfism? Psychologists? CHILD psychologists? I'm not even in the psych field but a lot of the behavior described is very clear to me that she definitely had behavioral issues due to the environments she has been in! Orphanages and being adopted multiple times would no doubt cause some sort of abandonment issues at the very least. No less in a family that sees their son as a cash cow. Along with that, the entire thing about her being physically developed made me so angry. Is it possible she was a few years older than claimed? Maybe. It is also possible that dwarfism (a condition that impacts development) could also contribute to a slightly earlier puberty? I think so. But we can't know because they don't even question what is told by this Shane Dawson-adjacent father. They don't even get a child psychologist to talk about the potential developments that occur from childhood SA (which conveniently line up with a lot of Natalia's actions).

I also found the conversations with the neighbors to be ridiculous. All of them talking about how evil and eerie and abandoned special needs child is. Letting this old hag go on for almost an hour about how crazy she was and how she was preying on her grandchildren very much aggravated me. All of the behavior they are describing is soooo self-explanatory for a child-- let alone a child in the environments she was in. She knew no boundaries because she was never taught them and had no adults in her life. Even when the old lady caught her in her house, all she was doing was looking for food? If she was a grown adult looking to be malicious, why would she be getting food, and why would she just accept that she was wrong when getting caught? It doesn't make sense. The editing of this doc, and keeping so many of these people's comments makes me sick. It is so disrespectful to this little girl who has been through so much. The entire thing about this that doesn't make sense is that even if Natalia was indeed 22, mentally it was VERY clear to me even in the short videos we see that she was mentally still a child. It makes absolutely no sense why they have all these people coming on camera to talk poorly about someone that was an abandoned child. Was the intent to villainize them as well?

Another layer of this is just the gall of opening these wounds for Natalia. This girl was gaslit so much throughout her childhood. And now we are giving a platform to her abusers. Millions of people are tuning in to hear the "perspective" of her abuser while he abdicated all responsibility. It makes me sick to my stomach. I've seen so many people discussing this docuseries that have seemed to miss so much information; there are many discussions I've seen misrepresenting parts of the doc and saying "well I think this is proof she's a grown adult." Just sooo irresponsible.

I don't know. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.04 23:04 Flimsy-Union1524 The FAB documents about gigantic UFOs that flew through the Brazilian skies - Archives of the Brazilian Air Force record the appearance of giant UFOs over Brazil. Objects measuring 100m, 1,500m, 3,700m and even larger ones, over 10Km in length.

Records by the Brazilian Air Force detail giant objects
On May 19, 1986, on the so-called Official Night of UFOs in Brazil, more than 50 objects, some gigantic, were seen in 10 Brazilian states and neighboring Uruguay. One of the objects seen by people on the ground, from aircraft and captured by Brazilian Air Force (FAB) radar, was approximately 1,500 m long, being, at various times, accompanied by other smaller objects.
This was not the only episode recorded by the FAB, of colossal objects in Brazilian airspace. Ten days later, on May 29, 1986, another object, even larger, was sighted by people on the edge of the city of Santos (SP). This object was also captured by CINDACTA and APP-SP radars and its size was estimated at 11 km in length.
According to statements by flight controllers on duty that night, there were several other smaller objects, at different points in the Southeast region. At one point, such objects headed towards this larger object, on the high seas, which possibly collected them, disappearing at high speed, towards the sky.
Years later, on April 26, 2003, around 3:00 am, people in the southern region of Campinas observed a gigantic flying object, circular in shape and reddish in color, crossing over the region, heading towards the city of São Paulo. This object would have the approximate size of 1,500m in length and moved at high speed.
The Brazilian Air Force recorded the fact on a standard UFO sighting registration form. The official documentation is already publicly available on the National Archive website and on the Fenomenum Portal. Less than a year later, on March 1, 2004, another case involving colossal objects occurred. Around 06:15, an object, with an estimated size of 3,700m, was observed 46Km south of the city of Goiânia (GO).
The object, which remained in the region for approximately two hours, was observed with the naked eye and with the aid of binoculars. It was shaped like a raindrop and white in color. At the same time, radars at Anápolis Air Base (GO) captured another UFO, to the right of the first, which had an estimated size of 10Km, having a semicircular shape. A TAM pilot, passing through the region, visually confirmed the presence of the object and provided additional details. The UFO had three spikes on its bottom and two lights at its ends.
This fact was also registered in the registration form of ufological facts, adopted by the Brazilian Air Force. Official documentation on this incident is also available on the National Archives of Brazil website and on the Fenomenum Portal.
These cases are not unique. Several similar cases were recorded by the Armed Forces of different countries throughout history, confirming the unequivocal reality that part of the ufological phenomenon is of an intelligent nature, supported by very high technology not yet available in our humanity.
By Jackson Luiz Camargo
Google Translation
Source: (Portuguese)
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2023.06.04 23:04 cedricaca Need a new letter patch asap

Spirit breaker, wind, magnus, void spirit and nyx needs to be severely toned down.
Spirit breaker: nerf his 1 shotting creeps, it was a recent change and i argue he really shouldnt be able to farm so quickly considering he is always benefitting from kill and assist gold.
Wind: atos nerf would probably be good enough, her aghs also needs a small nerf
Mag/void: change the harpoon skewer interaction or increase harpoon cost/ buildup. Harpoon and gleip in general are too good anyways.
Nyx: mind flare cooldown nerf, as well as it not scaling with intelligence anymore.
Honestly, im sick of some heroes being overtuned while others never getting to be strong because of how favorable they are in pro games. If a hero is below 47% in immortal it probably needs a buff, and 53% needs a nerf . Why do heroes like np sit at 41% global and 38% in immortal while meta heroes can fly at 55% global for months? U could literally give np a whole new ability for free as well as 50 attack speed lvl1 and still not break the winrate windrangers are getting.
Meanwhile druid who only builds 5 branches on the hero gets changed to universal, but wind who builds gleipnir aghs also can be universal?
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2023.06.04 23:04 Aaucheam009 Green and flying. What would you add?

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2023.06.04 23:03 lurkerwho Change my mind: streamer fishing feels like bait casting.

Seriously, I’m new and am drawn to the sport because it’s awesome watching fish gulp down a floating dry fly but want to view streamer fishing differently
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2023.06.04 23:02 Final_Biochemist222 Is this sort of situation a trap?

I start hanging out with this group of friends. Im actually not that close to most of them, so it's more of a 'tag along' situation.
We went on a trip together a week ago. During one time where we were just hanging out. The group start gossiping about who they dislike in the class. I stayed silent and just observe the conversation, but they urge me to include myself in as well. I picked the safest option, the unpopular slacker nobody likes (though in reality i dont really don't know him that much). There's a guy who is an asshole to me that I want to mention but he seems to be on a good term with most of the people in this group.
So in hindsight idk if this sort of situation is a trap or not. Like if they were trying to bait me. I could be overthinking. Even if it's not, should i have told them the truth?
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2023.06.04 23:02 mconk FT videographer moving across the country & seeking advice on how to rebuild!

In 2020 I quit my job to pursue videography full time. I had been networking in my area for a while, building up my resume and making myself known in the area. Over the past 3 years, I have really solidified my name and business, becoming one of the go-to videographers for high quality video in my area. As many of you know, it has taken a LOT to build my business up to this point, and letting it go is slightly terrifying.
Long story less long, I am moving to another state in a few months, and am seeking some advice on how to go about marketing. I will have to completely rebuild my network of contacts, clients, studios, gear rentals, industry professionals, etc etc etc.
At this point, I’ve got a video resume for just about anything…tons of references for positive reviews, and a solid network of professionals in the industry here. I just don’t know how to transfer this to another city/state…or where to start. I’ve considered flying back here once a week a month, for some of my recurring client work. I need to establish my name in this new city though, since we will be there for a minimum of three years.
If any of you guys have been in this position, I’d love to hear your feedback!
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