Is aquila favonia good for ayaka

Just took the Customs and Border Protection Officer Entrance Examination this morning. Should I consider taking the Customs Broker Exam in October?

2023.06.07 01:13 z399 Just took the Customs and Border Protection Officer Entrance Examination this morning. Should I consider taking the Customs Broker Exam in October?

Turned 24 a week ago and I finally know what I want to do exactly (which is work in some type of international customs). I have a bachelors in Geography/GIS but haven’t really had luck finding a career in GIS. I applied to be a CBP which I will find out if I passed my exam next week or so. If I pass I’m sure I’ll go forward with the officer position but if I pass or fail I think I’m interested in being a customs broker. I had a discussion with someone at the bar who has done it for years and said he loved it. I have absolutely no experience in this field. What I assume the pros and cons for a Customs Broker vs Customs Officer is:
Customs Broker Pros: good money, wear business attire, possibly work from home Cons: can be stressful, the exam is very difficult
Customs Officer Pros: good money with amazing benefits, less stressful, more authority Cons: long application process, need to go to an academy for half a year
I have the chance to take the rest of the summer and early fall to study for this test since I am still living with my parents and not working much. Anything I should know to consider?
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2023.06.07 01:13 Ok-Faithlessness-610 The current state of standup comedy

I was hearing good things about Santino's new special "Cheeseburger" so I decided to watch it last night. Only made it through the first half and had to shut it off. Didn't laugh out loud one time. Just the same old tired jokes about the same shit : covid, Trump, etc. his bit about Jesus being queer was reaching so hard, I wasn't offended or anything as I'm not religious, but it was just bad. And him talking about masturbating with fingers up his ass completely missed the mark for me. I've seen most of the new specials from the popular comedians in the last few years and I end up disappointed by everyone of them with one exception: the newer special from Stavros Halkias I actually did laugh quite a bit. So im wondering if other people have had a similar experience or maybe it is just me and im hard to make laugh? It definitely could be just me, I've asked some of my friends but none of them really watch much stand up. Seems like podcasts have ruined comedians. They spend so much time talking about how great and different they are, and have this new source of revenue...maybe that had negatively affected their work ethic?
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2023.06.07 01:13 Guimple 24M with congenital cataract and a seasonal drastic gain/lost of sight quality with apparent no explanation

I, 24M, 1,80 high, 60kg, Brazilian, have congenital cataracts on both eyes. My dad has it too. My mother has glaucoma to the point it made her blind, but my eye pressure has always been far from high, I'm mindful about it.
TLDR: My eyesight gets better and worse, it stays good for months and bad for months with no clear indication of what triggers its changes. I need ideas of what it could be and what could I do about it.
First of all, may you all have a great day and thank you for sharing your knowledge and advice here!!
The issue is, my sight quality has always been steady until 2018, when it drastically worsened in like 40% on my best eye, enough that I was thinking of getting a cane to walk on the streets as I was bumping in stuff even while walking slowly. I went to the ophthalmologist and he said it was all okay with both my eyes, including with the one I experienced the worsen.
I noticed the problem was more significant when I was in bright places. It probably had something to do with my pupil contracting and expanding to adapt to light, since if I stayed with my eyes closed for a few seconds and opened them again, I'd noticed how my sight would go from good to bad in a heartbeat.
Some time later, my sight instantly, out of nowhere, got great again! I was happy and looked for anything that could have caused it, but to no avail. Then, a few months afterwards, it got bad again, then months later, it got good, and it kept on getting better and worse with no clear reason.
On one of these occasions when it was bad, I went to the doctor again, he said everything was alright. I talked about the pupil thing I noticed and said the eye drop to dilate my pupil made me see a lot better despite the extra sensitivity to light. He prescribed me the eye drop and instructed me to use sunglasses when needed, which helped a bunch.
Some months later, precisely on February 9th of 2023, my sight got better again. I went to the same doctor so he could compare the exams of when my sight was good and bad and he said everything was exactly the same despite me telling him it was a lot better now. Seriously, from bumping into street signs, I went to "maybe I could drive a motorbike".
I stress, the doctor is a specialist in both cataracts and glaucoma.
Five days ago, my sight got a little worse again, it's not that bad, but I notice it is a bit worse. This time, I also feel a little muscle twitch under my eye sometimes. So I wonder, what can it be? Seriously, I did absolutely nothing different.
Any ideas? Please!! I really appreciate your time and concern!!
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2023.06.07 01:13 Affectionate-Gap-722 Paragliding school help

👋 Hello everyone. As mentioned above I am looking for Paragliding school in and around Seattle. All my life I wanted to learn paragliding and make it as my habitual hobby. I started saving some money for the training and gear. I need help in finding the best school for beginners. I’ve looked online and I found out that Seattle paragliding near Issaquah is a popular one. But couple of reddit posts referred that the owner is racist and many people shared their bad experiences online. Though google has 4.8 review score. Can I join that school ? Anyone joined it recently ? I didn’t see any other schools near by.
Please help me out in recommending good paragliding schools where I can start the journey.
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2023.06.07 01:12 DaMilf_Hunter Sometimes honesty is key to meeting their hawt friend 😍

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2023.06.07 01:12 Swimnmex 34 [M4F] #dfw looking to make a deep connection.

Hello there! My name is Diego, I’m 34 years old. I’m a teacher working with special needs students. I love my job and seeing my students grow so much. I am a huge history nerd, why I majored in it. I’m a transplant from souther California. I am engaged to my best friend. We date separately and have zero desire for a unicorn.
I would love to find a local hiking buddy. Go out on small hikes on Saturday mornings. I’m trying to start a healthier lifestyle. I’m also into baseball and other sports. I’d love to find someone into sports like myself.
I would love to find someone local but I’m not opposed to anyone long distance. Good luck to o everyone and have a great day!
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2023.06.07 01:12 QryptoQuetzalcoatl Breaking lease, now housing authority subsidy?

Hello community, looking for some perspective / tips on the following hypothetical for a Seattle apartment.
Goal is to steer clear of any shenanigans or conflict between property management accounting vs housing authority
Here's the breakdown:
- any thoughts on why the housing authority got involved?
- is management doing some curious accounting? E.g. is it typical to first charge the security deposit from lease breaking agreements and then come out with a total owed, after which the housing authority gets involved?
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.07 01:12 Zealousideal_Line629 Gemini delaying BTC purchases. Not a good sign.

So out of the blue Gemini no longer accepts instant deposits(on hold until clearance now) and does not allow a trade before the transfer is finalized. And the BTC trade value drops into 25k. Sounds like a move to allow Gemini to restock their coins to trade a profits. Also makes me wonder about whales (including Gemini) manipulatimg the market for just this reason. When things settle and Gemini allows instant trades but on hold there is no doubt I will move any/all purchases as soon as allowed to cold storage. I wasn't but now I am worried about Gemini's strength. This was not a good move by Gemini.
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2023.06.07 01:12 Revolutionary-Bit678 IDK

Had no clue as what to put for a title so I’m just gonna jump right into it. I’m bisexual and non binary, i’m in my junior year of high school never had a boyfriend or girlfriend but I really want a boyfriend but there are 2 things that are stopping me 1. not being out of the closet at school since I’m not ready to be and 2. I don’t know how to get one. Obviously also want a gf but at the moment want a bf and I know good looking but nobody at my school in my grade is attractive or are not good people. This was just more of a vent but any advice on how to get a boyfriend would be great.
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2023.06.07 01:11 suburbananimal Enlisting and obtaining Top Secret with a history of drug use

I know this question gets asked often, and I have looked through many posts searching for clarity and maybe situations differ, but I’d like to ask myself and see if I can bring myself some peace here.
Is it possible, at all, to enlist in the Air Force and obtain Top Secret clearance of you have a history of drug usage?
More specifically, I’m a 30 y/o with a bachelors degree, in good financial standing (very minimal debts and decent savings/excellent credit), and in good shape, looking to enlist. I want to go the cyber route (cyber security or something within the IT field).
I have smoke cannabis, done MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, cocaine, mushrooms, and what I was told was speed.
Cannabis was more of a habitual thing, but I’ve been very selective of when I smoke for the passed 7 years. I rarely, if ever, smoke now.
Mushrooms I’ve done I believe a total of maybe 5 times. Last time was almost a year ago. Non-habitual.
MDMA maybe 2-3 times honestly don’t know as it’s been a while.
Ecstasy twice, last time being 2018
LSD 3 times, last time was probably 2015
Cocaine, not much at all can’t recall and last time was 2019
Speed was once in 2018
As you can see, colorful to your average person, but not abusive.
I have no charges legal issues regarding drugs or anything for that matter.
I’m looking to hear from people who have experimented similarly or worse, and have had success but I’m interested in hearing the failures, too.
I am considering enlisting, and I intended to be honest about my usage as I know I can sever my relationship with drugs if I want/need.
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2023.06.07 01:11 kidfandral Do you feel more the effects of edibles or joints?

Ive been smoking for a good bit of time now, but I'm getting tired of smoking and feeling nothing but tired. I've been trying to stop and I did a 2 week break, but more than that and I fail. I decided that I will quit everything related to smoking and maybe start cooking it?( I like the feeling of being high) I still live with my parents and in my country weed is currently more expensive than haxixe (I prefer weed, but im not made of money) Can u guys help me out? If you have better ideias i would really appreciate them aswell
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2023.06.07 01:11 Alljokesaside369 MCU Watch Along Order (Version 1)

MCU Watch Along Order (Version 1)
This is my current up to date list (as of 2nd June 2023) of how to watch the MCU Films, One-Shots, TV Series & Specials in a order that makes sense.
This list includes everything from my opinion that is out right stated as being in "Canon" and referenced. For example Charlie Cox's Daredevil & Vincent D'Onofrio Kingpin appear in the MCU, with slight references to previous events of 'The Defenders Saga', included in their official MCU debut appearances (Daredevil Costume is the Netflix one with, but styled after the yellow suit and Kingpin has his cufflinks from the original series when appearing in 'Hawkeye') Because of this, I've intertwined the best order to watch the Netflix shows incline with the 'Infinity Saga' Films.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Runaways and Clock & Dagger are not include currently in this list just due to no "offical" references to them (not counting Jarvis in Endgame, due to this possible being simply a 'Varient' of the one we meet in Agent Carter) So, for me they aren't part of the main canon for now.
Here's where the list gets a little tricky, with going into the 'Multiverse Saga'. Firstly, for the time being until any offical character from the 'Fox X-Men Films' or even the previous two Fantastic Four series of films makes an appearance in MCU, I've not included them. I have a good idea on where I'd put them, but with the context on where we get the information regarding the MCU explaining the Multiverse to its audience and the fact that the Quicksilver varient was actually an actor in 'WandaVision' and it was a varient of Patrick Stewart's Professor X in 'Doctor Strange: MoM' for the time being I won't included them, until the time is right.
Now when it comes to the Rami & Webb Spider-Man Films, Venom Films (even our precious baby boy Morbius) and Into the Spider-Verse and now Across the Spider-Verse theses have all been included. I've placed them in between each episode of 'What If...' due to the fact that series offers the audience to look at different perspectives and scenarios with varients of the MCU heroes. To me this made the most sense on where to place these and lead up perfectly to 'No Way Home'. Films like Morbius will be identified as 'Sony's Spider-Man Universe'. Now due to Josh Keaton's Spectacular Spider-Man appearing in 'Across the Spider-Verse' I've sprinkled his series in Phase 5 of the MCU in the build up to 'Across the Spider-Verse'. Didn't do this for 'Spider-Man Unlimited' simply because they don't have a speaking part, it's only a Custome so they could just be a varient of that version of the character.
But yes that about covers it all. I did this watch along order back in October 2022 and it ran pretty smoothly with the information jumping from Films to One-Shots to TV Series and finally the Specials. This is something I will update over time when more material comes out and the more confirmation of what is canon and what is not is further explained (after all, 'Born Again' might contradiction the whole of 'The Defenders Saga', but we will have to wait and see) But depending if enough peopls like this sort of thing, I will post a "Version 2" later down the road when there is more to add to the list. Thought I share it as a bit of fun and see others opinions and takes on their own watxhing order of the MCU. So, with that said, go wild and enjoy.
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2023.06.07 01:10 TheBossOfAll2020 Cleaned my friends vase

Cleaned my friends vase
First I flood it with the hottest water my sink can produce. Leave the stem side bowl in the peice so the water runs through them too. I usually leave it under the running tap for about 5-10min. Then I take it apart, rinse the stem, bowl, and peice individually. The key is to TRY AND GET EVERYTHING AS CLEAN AS YOU VAN WITH JUST HOT WATER BEFORE USING ALCOHOL.
Then I throw the stem and bowl in a sandwich bag with isopropyl alcohol and corse salt and shake like crazy. YOU WILL LET THESE SOAK OVERNIGHT AND GIVE A GOOD SHAKE AGAIN IN THE MORNING.
Now we work on the peice. I like to use a WINE CORK, to plug up the down stem hole. I will then pour some salt into the peice and put just enough hot water to get all the salt moving; shake vigorously! Then drain out the water and salt, give it another good rinse. Finally put more salt in there and iso alcohol, about the same amount of alcohol as you had water in the previous step. IF YOU DONT HAVE MUCH ALCOHOL YOU CAN CUT IT WITH SOME HOT WATER. Shake vigorously with the alcohol and salt until clean.
Finally rinse with water and let air dry.
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2023.06.07 01:10 Dear_Fox_3650 Still having issues after changing setting

Still having issues after changing setting
I'm having issues with that adhesion on a PEI sheet that is textured. I've cleaned it with rubbing alcohol prior to printing and the bed temp is at 70 and I'm printing at 200 c. This is the eryone tri-color filement. I even slowed down the first layer to 18 mm per second and made it 0.4 instead of 0.3. I think the z offset is pretty good for the test line I have
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2023.06.07 01:10 Sea-Use2150 Giveaway Time! DTE & 101 are both based on positivity, manifestation, compassion, and community. To enter: TELL US A GOAL YOU HAVE FOR YOURSELF IN THE NEXT YEAR! 1st place is a Kilo. 2nd 500g. 3rd 250g. All new DTE strains of quality goodness. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! 💚💚💚

Giveaway Time! DTE & 101 are both based on positivity, manifestation, compassion, and community. To enter: TELL US A GOAL YOU HAVE FOR YOURSELF IN THE NEXT YEAR! 1st place is a Kilo. 2nd 500g. 3rd 250g. All new DTE strains of quality goodness. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! 💚💚💚 submitted by Sea-Use2150 to kratomreview101 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 01:10 grecianviolet A little sad, a little scared

First thing to know: I teach internationally. I'm an American-licensed ELA teacher for middle and high school, but I prefer to teach abroad. My parents live in Tennessee, and I'm home visiting them over the summer.
Today, I went out to the Salvation Army to buy some shorts, as last academic year was a little stressful and I ate a bit too much takeout for things to fit the way they used to. So I'm browsing the shorts, feeling generally good about myself (I'd found a cute sunhat already) when I noticed a man staring at me.
Second thing to know: being an English teacher, I have a small collection of English-related T-shirts that I wear to work. These shirts are slightly subversive, but only if you squint. I happened to be wearing one that said "Diversify Your Shelf".
I realize the man is trying to read my shirt, so with a smile, I tell him what it says and explain that, as an English teacher, I want to encourage my students to read from a variety of sources. I did not mention cultures, or backgrounds, or anything like that (even though that is definitely also what I mean by wearing this shirt). The words out of my mouth were 'variety of sources'.
Y'all. This man takes steps back from me like I'm contagious. Raises his hands and says, "Oh, no. I know what you English and Social Studies teachers do. You take out real stuff from the curriculum and put in nonsense."
I stare. Of course, despite not living in the US, I know what the rhetoric is surrounding teachers (especially in Southern/Bible Belt states). But I'm struck dumb; I can't quite believe this is happening to me when I'm out trying to find some damn shorts to fit my chubby ass.
The man's daughter scoots over to his side and says, "Yeah, that's why I'm homeschooled. That's why I know the truth about the Holocaust."
Now, while I don't doubt that, sooner or later, some states will absolutely try to remove Holocaust instruction from the curriculum, I don't think it's happened yet. I teach from US-made textbooks, so I know that the Holocaust is still very much part of our curriculum. I taught The Diary of Anne Frank a few weeks ago!
I did not want to ask what 'truth' she meant, exactly. I suspect I know. And I know there is no point in debating someone so far gone that they can't bring themselves to acknowledge that the Holocaust happened.
So what comes out of my mouth to the dad is this: "Yes, we're all monsters and demons, I know. Thanks very much and have a nice day." To the daughter, I say, "One day you're going to grow up and read for yourself." Not even sure what I was trying to say there, but the dad called after me, "Not you personally!"
Thankfully by the time he said this, I was already at the front of the store paying for my hat and the one pair of shorts I'd managed to find before this all went down. The silver lining is that I like them very much and only paid $5 for both, so overall I'd say it was a win, even though I cried in the car on the way home.
It's disheartening. We as teachers try so hard and have so little control over what we do and don't teach, what we can and can't say. We work hard, we care about our subjects and our students' learning. I want my students to love reading both the traditional and the new! My shirt was just a way of encouraging people to read other perspectives, and think of lives outside their own. How has something so basic, so milquetoast, become so polarizing? I can't imagine working in the US if this is even a fraction of what many of you deal with every day from dumbass parents like this.
In hindsight, I could have said all this to that man. But I suspect he wouldn't have heard it. Also, how is it our responsibility as caring teachers to be emotionally and mentally prepared for a debate when we're just existing out in the world? How has teaching become a profession to spit on and disrespect so casually?
What I do know is that I'm going to keep wearing my 'subversive' T-shirts.
Because fuck people like that guy.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Littlerobber Jaguar XE 2017 reliability?

How is the reliability on the Jaguar XE 2017? I've heard they made the XE to try and make a more reliable car and that the 2017 to 2019 versions are pretty good. Is this true? Could I make it as my daily driver for at least 4-5 years?
There's a 35T for sale with 62k miles for $20k near me, which seems like a not bad deal.
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2023.06.07 01:09 MrTambourineBro Heartwarm open letter to those in suffering

Heya folk.
I'd like to share with you my story, in a hope to lighten the heart of those who might still be suffering from this troubled situation. Jump to the last 5 paragraphs if you want no story.
We met through a dating app, and after aproximately 2 months dating, I asked her to be my gf. I was 23, she was 21.
The first 6 months were amazing. She would accompany me through all the activities that I invited her for, spent all the weekends together and had overall a great time. Whenever there was something to discuss, we would do it so in a peaceful conversation.
I went from interested to mad in love. I started to think at that moment that she was probably the one, the woman I'd marry, who would have my kids. And so, I started slowly but increasingly seing her as such.
Everything was perfect. Until that day.
6 months into the relationship, we went to spend the weekend together by ourselves. It was a house in a mostly rural area, with almost no neighboors in the area.
She started an argument with me over something I can't recall, acting super sad out of nowhere, claiming that I did something to hurt her feelings, or that I wasn't being good to her.
I tried my best to reason with this, but just couldn't understand. After some time, I got stressed and yelled. Things got sad but after some time, we made peace.
Now I understand that I was love bombed, and was tested to see if I would stick to the crazy. Well, I stuck, and it was the beginning of one and a half year more battle against myself, and against the love of my life.
After this first episode, another episodes would be more frequent.
Her general mood oscilated between her being my best friend and my worst enemy. In 2-4 weeks, she would love bomb me, there were no problems, she just wanted to be with me disregarding any problems. Then, the demon would flip, and any and everything could be a reason for another fruitless and pointless conversation, only for the sake of stressing things out.
In the meanwhile, I was still trying to understand why did she acted like that. I began studying a lot of psychology, behavioural conditions, etc, and began to see patterns on her that fitted the BPD description. For heavens or hell's sake, there was even some people that claimed that even having BPD, they could live a normal life, minimizing the impact on their loved ones.
Now, I had swore my love to her, and I was ready to fight any battles necessary for us and for our future. She claimed that she went to the psychologist and psychiatrist maybe twice a month, and I even volunteered to participate in such sessions, so I could give the doctor my observations on her behaviour. I was never in a session. To this day, I still have my doubts if she ever set foot on a clinic.
As time passed by, she would be more aggressive with her approaches. Never physically violent, but always trying harder to hurt my/our feelings. I, on the otherside, was always trying to improve my patience so that her senseless arguing would come to a peaceful solution. Sometimes, my perseverance won, other times, her annoyiance did.
Fast forward, almost two years into the relationship, she was already in a bad mood for around 2-3 months. I went to pick her up for our weekend together, and in her house I already noticed that she was stressed, but we went to mine anyways.
On this weekend, I was mostly ignoring her attemps to annoy and stress me. At night, I and my roomate ordered food and I called her to join us.
"Food is here babe. Wanna eat?"
She nodded negativelly.
"Okay, If anything, I'll be there".
Me and my roomate were eating and laughing our asses off at random memes. She got out of the room with an empty bottle to fill it up with water. I asked again if she wanted to join us, she just nodded and filled her bottle. When she got back into my bedroom, BAM! She slammed the door, with some might, may I say.
Me and my friend kinda froze at the situation, looking at each other and to the door. It was his appartment, she did that.
That was when I thought to myself, I can't do this no more. On the next weekend, I gotta meet with her and end things.
On monday, however, after some good morning texts, suddenly she sent me a random girl nude video from an alt subreddit and asked me if I tought that girl was hot. I said "yeah, she is, but why are you asking me this?".
She flipped.
Said that I should probably go search for this kind of girl, being such that I found her hot, and other nonsense that I can't remember well.
Her body was kinda different from the random girl.
I just said "look, you're tripping. Calm youself down and later we talk."
After some minutes, she sent me another text.
She was breaking up with me. Said that she was setting me free, cause if I find other type of body like that attractive, I no longer had a reason to not chase what I wanted.
Funny enough, all that I wanted was her with me, in a peaceful manner, in a house together with kids, and a beautiful future.
As I was reading the text, on a brim to be in shock, or rather in disbelief... I thought ok. She is breaking with me by text, and that was simply unexcusable. Maybe once I told her so already, which may explain why she did it, to test if I would still stick with her, but I didn't. I just thought "ok". Thats it. It's over.
Boy, it hurt. I knew I was gonna need some time. It devastated me for around long 8 months. I, that was always shining with joy, fell in a long and heavy blue mood.
She begged me to return for a little bit of time after the breakup, finding me in every social media she could, asking for forgiveness, but I just couldn't.
I missed her so much. I swore her my love, and that devastated me. For a long time, i thought that I had failed.
On some rare ocasions we would start talking again, but it would take no longer than a week for her to start hurting my feelings with unecessary comments again.
Time went by. I've met new people, opened my heart to meet some new lovers, and the memories of what I spent with her always stood with me. For a long time it tormented me, cause I just wanted to forget everything that I had with her.
I spent so long trying to understand everything that happened, and why she acted the way she did.
While knowing that BPD exists, I still wonder why it does. To this day, I'm still not sure if she ever went to the clinic, to any psychic or neural doctor.
Today, however, I am grateful. On the bad side, it crushed my heart and my dream of a beautiful family. On the bright side, I am ready to love like I've never been before. I know what I want and what I do not want.
If you ever heard that phrase "Love yourself before you love anyone else", it comes to this.
It becomes harder to find another one, but also easier, as it becomes more clear what kind of things you tolerate on a partner.
All those mistreatments and rude behaviour had no excuses. It is supposed to be your loved one, why would you settle for someone that mistreat you with so much ease?
Please be kind to yourself, and to others.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Spirited_Program3315 I need to steal audio from a fiber optic line, I think

So ik the sub is supposed to be internet based but I'm hoping I might be able to get a hand anyway.
My car (2005 saab9-3) has a fiber optic line that runs through all of the audio components, CD changer, head unit, amplifiers.
The stock amplifier is no good, I bypassed the fiber optic saftey by sticking the fiber optics going into and out of it into each other. Great! Solved! Nah.
The amplifier only had speaker outputs and those fiber optics, I assume it gets the audio signal from them, i want that there signal. My amp in the back needs the unfiltered signal, and the head unit only puts out 4 lines with a high pass filter on em.
Any idea how i can get that fiber optic signal over to analog that i can feed to my amp? I assume there is an adapter for this? Your my experts, please guide this lost child to low frequencies.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Idontknow5654 ‘Good’ PC commits multiple evil acts, player is convinced they are still good.

Hey all, in need of some advice. Might be a bit of a long one here:
Also a brief warning, some pretty graphic depictions of violence below. Read at your own risk.
So a player in my campaign is playing a ‘Noble assassin’ style PC. They are from a secret organisation where their sole mission is to depose tyrants. They try to do so via legal means first (like exposing their crimes) but are not above murder as a last resort. They also place great emphasis on the self-preservation of the group, and they will not hesitate to murder ‘innocents’ if they risk exposing the organisation.
Now over the last few sessions, the party has been trying to gather evidence to depose a tyrannical lord who has been drugging his population to keep them obedient. However, while attempting to steal some of this evidence, the party was caught by some of the noble’s guards and one of the other PCs was killed. In a fit of rage, the PC tortured one of the two surrendered guards and burnt them alive, threatening to do the same to his wife and child. The second prisoner, at witnessing this, said they would be more than happy to testify against the lord who was drugging his people. However, he would also speak out about the PCs torture of a prisoner. After hearing this, the PC claimed the organisation’s safety was at risk (even though they weren’t acting under the direction of this organisation, but instead another Lord) and executed the prisoner.
Since then, other members of the party (and NPC members of his own organisation) have made it clear that they felt he went too far and he only killed the second prisoner for his own sake, not the organisations. Whilst I feel this would be a really interesting conflict for his PC, where he would have to contemplate his true morals, the player is adamant that his character has done nothing wrong. It got to the point where he was getting genuinely confused as to why other players weren’t happy with his characters actions. I’ve attempted to explain both in and out of character how his actions could be interpreted as evil and he still isn’t convinced.
Next session, I intend for his character to be faced with a choice. The good lord could depose the tyrant with the evidence collected, but could only do so if they punished the PC for their crimes (meaning they would likely have to switch characters), or they could pardon them, but in doing so being forced to abandon the evidence to convict the tyrant. I feel this would be a great choice for his PC to have to make. Does he fulfill his organisations mission at the cost of his own life, or abandon his mission to stay alive. I’m just worried how the player will react, as he doesn’t even think his character has done wrong.
Is this ultimatum going too far? Any other ways I could go forward? everyone, both in and out of character, feels what he’s done is evil, but I feel bad for giving the player this option to kill his character, or make them publicly viewed as evil when they don’t understand what their character did was very morally dubious.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Legendhate Should I swap these heroes?

Should I swap these heroes?
Is this the best hero to swap for? I know antandra isn’t that good so I was wondering
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2023.06.07 01:09 SilverCyclist RSS needs it's own Brawl rotation

RSS has a few problems. It's been stated more than a few times on this sub. Its not clear to me why obvious changes to things like healer incentives haven't been added but that's another topic.
RSS should have its own Brawls. Game modes that operate as RSS does but without rank as a means of gathering data on possible alternative designs. For example:
  1. RSS but with 3/4 DPS instead of two (one healer)
  2. Three DPS only modes (common spec is the anchor)
  3. 5v5 with 2 healers per team
  4. RSS but without dampening/more delayed dampening/less severe dampening
I think we need to try new things but remove the pressure of rank while me try them out. They could be terrible, but lets try them. There are some Brawls I ignore because I hate them. But it's good that options exist.
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