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My Fallout 4 Gaming Journal

2023.01.14 22:45 Must_Go_Faster_84 My Fallout 4 Gaming Journal

I found this journal sitting in my google drive from when I did a survivor mode playthrough on ps4 back in 2016. I enjoyed re-reading it and thought someone else out there might get a kick out of it too. I remember having a ton of fun treating the game like a real experience and just struggling to survive, especially in the first couple of weeks.
Anyway, enjoy!

Day 1 - July 30, 2016
I Salvaged tons of materials from Sanctuary Hills and built a home for myself. I also found a dog at the Red Rocket gas station near Sanctuary Hills. I salvaged materials from the Red Rocket gas station as well.
Day 2 - July 31, 2016
I found an incomplete power suit outside of a downed aircraft northeast of home, brought it back to Sanctuary Hills
Found Abernathy Farm and killed the owner
Salvaged materials from Abernathy Farm
Day 3 - Aug 1, 2016
Settlers started arriving at my settlement, followed by a raider attack. I fended them off. I beefed up security to have some turrets and finished walling in my settlement.
Day 4 - Aug 2, 2016
Found second power suit on top of building in Concord abandoned Preston and crew during a Raider attack
Reached level 8
Day 5 - Aug 3, 2016
Found USAF Satellite Station Olivia, cleared it of raiders
Reached level 9
I beefed up my complete power armor set to “B” level
Day 6 - Aug 4, 2016
Killed ghouls at Bedford Station
Reached level 10
Starting to wander too far away from Sanctuary Hills, need to relocate my base soon
Days 7-9 - Aug 5-7, 2016
Moved my main base southeast to the Starlight Drive-in, which I walled in and set up machine guns turrets inside
Reached level 13
Discovered Lexington but wasn’t powerful enough to make any progress there
Can now create antibiotics, which saved my life (I was heavily infected)
Unable to build weapons, armor, chems or power armor at Starlight until I learn Local Leader 2, need to make that a priority or I’ll have to keep going back to Sanctuary Hills with the required materials
Day 10 - Aug 8, 2016
Reached level 14
Explored Mystic Pines, cleared out the raiders
Found a crashed airship in a lake behind Mystic Pines, will check it out with my power armor later
Day 11 - Aug 9, 2016
Reached level 15
Retrieved power armor (my third one) at bottom of lake near Mystic Pines
Cleared the parking garage of ghouls in Lexington
Increased defense, housing, crops and water supply at Starlight drive-in. Now have 6 settlers.
Will aim to clear ghouls out of grocery store in Lexington tomorrow as well as set up trade route to Sanctuary Hills once I'm level 16
Day 12 - Aug 10, 2016
Cleared ghouls out of the Super Duper Mart in Lexington
Suited up in my power armor and cleared most of the Corvega Assembly Plant in Lexington of Raiders. Took a long time, it’s a huge structure. Need to go back (probably without power armor this time) and find any areas I missed, I know there were a few.
I saw a huge mutant with a shopping cart on its back wandering around just north of ArcJet Systems. Looked like it would take a hundred .308 bullets to kill it so I ran.
I found a suit of power armor that I couldn’t get to. It’s locked up on a train just south of the diner. I should come back when I have advanced hacking skills.
I’m almost level 17. When I get there, I should get local leader 2 which will let me set up some shops and workbenches at Starlight Drive-in
Day 13 - Aug 11, 2016
Finished clearing out Corvega Assembly Plant, didn’t miss much
Reached level 17, got local leader 2 perk. Decided not to build stores/workbenches due to lack of supplies (mainly, screws). Might consider the scrounger perk next to get more screws, etc from weapons I find
Killed my first super mutants today outside of Lexington, they weren’t too tough
Next up on my todo list is probably to check out ArcJet Systems and explore more around Starlight Drive-in. Might want to consider moving further south-east soon and setting up a third settlement nearer to downtown Boston.
Days 14-16 - Aug 12-14, 2016
I cleared out ArcJet Systems, wasn’t too tough. A little north of that, I found the behemoth again and picked it off from the safety of an abandoned bus. Took a while but I eventually killed it.
I moved further south and came across the Cambridge Police Dept. The Brotherhood of Steel was holed up there. I helped the main guy retrieve something from ArcJet, but he was a pain in the ass. I tried killing him but it wouldn't let me. His power armor would come in handy…
I decided to set up my third major settlement in Covenant. The citizens there attacked me on sight because I busted up their little synth torture operation in the sewers. After taking them all out, I set up the settlement and moved stuff over from Starlight.
Reached level 21
Day 17 - Aug 15, 2016
I found two Deathclaws fighting each other in the wasteland today near Starlight. I ended up killing the survivor.
I found General Atomics Galleria and destroyed every robot I came across. Nothing too interesting there but I did come back with a bunch of loot.
Reached level 22
Day 18 - Aug 16, 2016
Very unproductive day. Retrieved Dogmeat from Red Rocket (he ran away a while ago) and bought some ammo from the diner. Tried exploring a bit east of Covenant but the enemies were too tough. Need to regroup tomorrow with power armor. I want to try taking on the Medford hospital, it’s infested with Super Mutants. Will need lots of ammo...Also, I discovered that with enough corn, mutfruit, tato and purified water I can make my own adhesive. Gonna try doing this in Covenant soon.
Day 19 - Aug 17, 2016
Cleared out Medford Hospital of the super mutants, wasn’t as hard as I would have expected, though there were some very close calls. I should come back here when I have expert hacking skills, there were a couple things I missed out on.
Day 20 - Aug 18, 2016
Bummed around outside the hospital. I went through Slocom Joe's - there’s a safe I couldn't open that needs advanced lockpick abilities. Reached level 23. Now have advanced hacking capabilities.
Days 21-23 - Aug 19-21, 2016
I cleared Malden Center (dilapidated subway near the hospital) of synths and raiders. I also found a half-constructed town similar to my hometown called West Everett Estates. It was taken over by super mutants, but I made short work of them. Nearby there was a suit of power armor that I took back to Covenant. I reached level 24 and now have advanced lockpicking skills.
Day 24 - Aug 22, 2016
I stumbled upon Irish Pride Industries Shipyard today. It was full of Mirelurk Hunters and Razorclaws. Made short work of them with my power armominigun combo. Leveled up to 25 and 26. For perks, chose increased Endurance and Lone Survivor level 2. I also found a leg piece that gives you 10% faster movement which is a huge benefit in survival mode.
Day 25 - Aug 23, 2016
Ventured out to the National Guard Training Yard. Lots of ghouls, nothing I couldn’t handle with ease. I’m starting to venture quite a ways east of Covenant now, which is annoying for travelling with power armor. Once I find another settlement out east, I should consider moving my operation. My corn/tato/mutfruit combo is working well back at home and providing me with a ton of adhesive. Also, I accidentally shot a resident of Covenant and the whole town tried to murder me. I had to go back to Starlight to sleep. When I came back, everyone was friends with me again. I guess time really does heal all wounds.
Day 26 - Aug 24, 2016
Travelled up North of Covenant to see what I missed - not too much. Also travelled further east of Covenant without power armor, still haven’t found another settlement. Reached level 27, chose scrounger level 2 since I’m constantly low on ammo. I’ve switched over to .50 and cell weapons because I have almost no shotgun, 308 or 10mm ammo left.
Day 27 - Aug 25, 2016
I travelled further east and found Saugus Ironworks with a bunch of raiders. Tried killing them and ended up getting chased by a really tough dude with a flamethrower. I retreated and instead went a bit south to find Finch Farm. Killed the farm owners and made it my new base of operations. When I went to move my stuff from Covenant, I was pissed to find out that the townsfolk have been stealing my shit. One of them had 6 fusion cores, another had my minigun, etc. I still haven’t found my shotgun. Sons of bitches. I didn’t have the ability to carry everything in one go so I’ll have to go back there and get back all my stuff. What a pain in the ass. At Finch Farm, i fenced off the container where I keep all my stuff so that no one but me can access it. Also, I reached level 28 but didn’t use the upgrade yet. One last thing - I found another suit of power armor just west of Finch Farm in an abandoned military trailer.
Days 28-30 - Aug 26-28, 2016
I took on Saugus Ironworks and cleared it of raiders. It wasn’t as severely difficult as I thought it might be. A lot of the enemies had flamethrowers and grenades which was problematic, but I powered through with my Righteous One laser gun and sniper rifles. I also cleared the Revere Satellite Array of super mutants. I ended up finding another suit of power armor there. Speaking of which, I realized that the T-60 Power Armor I had previously found was way better than the T-45 that I was previously using, so I swapped out a few parts on my main power armor skeleton and upgraded those pieces. Now I’m on the lookout to complete the T-60 collection. Finally, I found a bunch of settlements near Finch Farm, but going to stay where I am for now since all the settlements are so close together anyway, I figure it’s not worth the effort until I decided to move deeper south into Boston. I reached level 30, took scrounger level 3 (since I’m always low on ammo), armour level 2 and put another point into intelligence to gain experience faster.
Day 31 - Aug 29, 2016
I crossed the bridge by Saugus Ironworks today and came across the Gunners hideout. They wanted to charge me to cross the bridge and I refused. They opened fire so I had no choice but to wipe them out. Not that I wouldn’t have done that anyway ;) Just north of there I came across Dunwich Borers, a huge gravel pit with a 20 or so high level raiders. I picked them all off one by one, it took forever and used up a ton of my ammo. Tomorrow I’m going to go inside the mine and see what I can find. I reached level 31 today, took hacker level 2 so I can now hack expert terminals. I’m extremely low on ammo again, I keep switching between weapons to use it up equally but it’s getting dire. I do have a ton of flamer ammo, though, so maybe I’ll soup up my Flamer and take it into Dunwich Borers tomorrow.
Days 32-38 - Aug 30-Sep 5, 2016
Been awhile since I’ve updated this journal. In the last week I’ve been busy. I cleared out Dunwich Borers along with most areas on the eastern seaboard. I’m now level 39. I’ve put my points into Endurance (Can now run for longer without tiring), Solar Powered (giving me increased damage during the day) and Rifleman (giving me +40% damage with rifles). Now that I’ve cleared out so much of the eastern part of the map, I believe I’ll start to head south, but probably starting from the western edge of the map since the enemies seem to be weaker over there. I guess I’ll need to scope out my next settlement in that case. Some highlights from the past week:
Day 39 - Sep 6, 2016
I finished up on the northern area of the east coast today. Didn’t find a whole lot other than a bunch of mirelurks and a few houses that I explored. I reached level 40 and chose sole survivor level 3 for +25% damage. Tomorrow I’ll probably start exploring the western lower half of the map and try to find a new base of operations down there. I’ll probably also pick up my dog on the way, since he ran back to Red Rocket near Sanctuary a couple weeks ago.
Day 40 - Sep 7, 2016
Today I spent some time exploring the western edge of the map south of ArcJet. I’m looking for a place to set up my next settlement so that I can explore the lower western half of the map more easily. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anywhere to settle just yet, though I did come across a small town. I cleared some of the larger buildings and even took down a Mirelurk Queen with relative ease. I’m finding that I’m much more powerful than I ever was now that I have sole survivor 3 + rifleman level (4?). Speaking of which, I reached level 41 today and upgraded my Rifleman perk.
Days 41-44 - Sep 8-11, 2016
Over the past four days I’ve spent some time on the west/central portions of the map trying to find a new place to call home. Still no luck (although I have found some new settlements, just nothing in a decent location). I’m now level 45 and have upgraded my rifleman perk, as well as my charisma and action boy, which regenerates my action points 25% faster. I’m finding that I’m basically unstoppable at this point. I can kill most raiders with a single bullet, super mutants with 2 bullets and deathclaws with 4-5 bullets. Yesterday I found a behemoth just wandering around in Lexington, an area that I’ve visited a dozen times before. Scared the hell out of me, but I was able to put it down with about 10-15 shots. A far cry from the hundred or so bullets it took me to take down the first one I ever encountered.
Days 45-47 - Sep 12-14, 2016
Three more days of random exploration around the downtown Boston area easily killing everything I come across. I’m finding the challenge is almost non-existent at this point. I don’t even need power armor anymore, it just slows me down. To be honest, it’s making things quite boring. At this point I’ve probably uncovered 70-80% of the locations on the map and can take down any creature/enemy with ease. I’m level 48 and have maxed out rifleman and have Ap refresh +50%.
Day 48 - Sep 15, 2016
Well, this is it. The end. Today I set out for the very south end of the map. I came across some super mutents and some glowing radstags. One of the radstags ended up killing me and I realized I hadn’t saved in about an hour. Bummer. But also not a bummer because it made me realize I’m just grinding at this point for no particular goal. At this point I’m going to hang up my hat and chill in Sanctuary for the rest of my days :) Goodbye, raiders, mutents, mirelurks and stingwings. It’s time for a well-earned retirement.
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2023.01.09 17:31 lewis_swayne (Fo4)Best way to prevent crashes and bugs from mods?

I have about 48 hours on my current save. I have two major problems that have basically made the game unplayable for me.
Dogmeat Died: At some point dogmeat got downed, and I wasn't able to revive him, so he got sent back to red rocket truck stop. After awhile I go back to get him but when I find him he's dead. I had never installed any mods that allows essentials to die so I'm not sure how that happened.
Low fps and crashes:
Corvega, bunker hill, and obviously Boston of course. If I'm wearing power armor I can't go through any of them without crashing, at least for very far. I never travel through them with companions. Even without power armor, the moment I go to a different area within Boston it lags hard, and if enemies are nearby it crashes. If I exit a building with a companion it immediately crashes too so I've been unable to get kait or cait whichever, from the combat zone.
Music mods aren't functioning properly:
I downloaded a few music mods, sometimes they play something, sometimes they don't, I tried to download one I normally use, it didn't work at all until after I deleted it. I deleted all of my music mods, but now the game only plays music from that mod even though it's deleted. I'm not sure what I did wrong.
Starlight drive in build space:
I got the glitch that limits the area you can build in, I downloaded a patch for it, but I don't remember getting that glitch before even with mods.
Most of my mods are gun mods, sound and visual mods. I also downloaded a scrap mod that's supposed to be safe to use(sts), I also use sim settlements too.
Here's what I'm thinking. I want to try and download a few mods at the beginning that I would need downloaded before I start anyways. Then I will go and clear out all enemies in Boston, I will turn off cell refresh so no new enemies respawn assuming that's what that effects, idk I haven't played fallout 4 in years so I don't know if enemies actually respawn so correct me if I'm wrong. Next I will download another set of mods, I will ensure they are all of a similar type whether it's gun mods or sound mods etc, then I will walkthrough all areas I have problems at and see if I start lagging/crashing again. I will also double check that Dogmeat doesn't permanently die as well when I download any mods that effect gameplay. While I'm walking through the areas I will also test it out with/without power armor+companions+modded weapons. At the very end I will download any mods that are more likely to break precombines and will test that out at the end, along with mods that boost performance by removing or altering visual effects.
Is there anything else anyone thinks I should try? Am I just wasting my time? Idk what else to do at this point. I just don't remember fallout 4 being THIS buggy with/without mods. I'm unfortunately on Xbox one, no DLC too so I'm limited in what mods I can get.
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2022.11.26 23:06 FakeOrangeOJ Ok, why are these contemptuous assholes invincible? Let me kill off the entirety (or at least most of) the Brotherhood of Steel, teach them a sorely needed lesson on respect.

They are disrespectful little shits. They are underequipped to shit talk me, a General of the US Army capable of building an advanced fusion generator with nothing but a paperclip and three teddy bears. I am the one who created an inoculation against the Scorched Plague then proceeded to mass produce and distribute it when the Settlers and Raiders turned up to mooch off all my hard work. I am the one who can access three separate missile silos and launch nuclear warheads capable of devastating entire cities and bathing them in radiation. I am the one who can pick up a bog standard combat rifle and shoot down a giant flying bat with screeches so powerful they kill ordinary men, while shaking off said screams as if they were droplets of water. Using less than fifteen bullets by the way! I am wearing a suit of T-51b power armour, the pinnacle of Pre-War armour technology. I am carrying a great big fuck off gatling plasma that fires balls of plasma that explode on contact (until December 6th anyway). I am carrying a grenade that allows me to command an orbital missile system to rain down hell on a spot with such precision with which the world has never seen. I am the danger of Appalachia, I am the ONE WHO KNOCKS!
They treat me as if I'm a farmer wearing rags and wants protection from the big bad raiders with rusty shotguns and barely enough ammo to feed them, as if I'm some kind of fucking level 3 Settler who just whinged to Preston asking for the Sole Survivor to clear out Corvega. Not just the senior members either, no. All of them, from ragtag initiate to the upper echelons of power. The sheer contempt in the Initiate's voice when she said "You should get that mutation treated, before it becomes a real problem" or "I can't believe they let you in with that mutation!" You are SO FUCKING LUCKY I can't kill you right here, right now, or I would wipe you off the face of this planet with ferocity this world hasn't seen since the Great War. The fact that you can't keep a stock of missile launchers, deal with Crater (you know, the same raiders with rusty shotguns and barely enough ammo to feed them), or kill a bunch of Super Mutants would make my job even easier.
You know what I'm going to do? If I get the option to kill one or more of them, I'm going to take it. Starting with Knight Shin. And as for you patrols... Well you aren't safe outside of that insecure hovel you call your base of operations. You're going to get slaughtered like cows, only it'll happen so fucking fast you won't know it happened until you're six feet under and getting shit talked by invulnerable demons a fraction as powerful as you in your own personal Hell.
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2022.11.23 00:01 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 869 - Those Left Behind

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The day was warm, with white puffy clouds scattered across the sky. The ocean moved with a steady, calming rhythm, the dark indigo of the water washing up on the vibrant purple of the beach sand. Birds cried out in the jungle off the beach, crustaceans moved around at the border of water and land, and the wind fluttered the leaves here and there.
A massive cargo transport was sitting just over the berm that separated the beach from the jungle, in a spot that had been cleared recently enough that the smell of cut jungle vegetation was thick in the air. The cleared area was not just dirt, interlocked stones made up pads and walkways through the clearing.
There were multiple building, all looking slightly wet, as if they were coated with a thin layer of oil. As the breeze played around them glass formed in the windowframes, lifting up from the bottom, the lead edge sparkling, until the frame was full.
A huge red Mantid was staring, rubbing his bladearms together in excitement as the houses were built within minutes. First, a wireframe would appear, then options would be gone through for architecture and coloration, then it would revert back to the wireframe before rising up from the ground. The wireframe would be filled within minutes, leaving behind a solid house.
"This example of nano-forge construction is, indeed, amazing to watch with my own compound eyes, just as you had promised, Francine Frensky," the massive Red Mantid, one of the much feared Speakers, said. He hopped from foot to foot as another path rose out of the sand. "This is very much exciting and thank you for allowing me to witness it and through my eyes, the Queen."
The only non-Mantid nodded slowly, a headband on her head and her hands inside the virtual controls. Controlling construction nanites on the fly wasn't easy, but she wasn't going to plug in all the old hardware.
Francine "Call me Fran or Fanny or Franny" Frensky, twitched her wrist to move to the next wireframe and quickly went through the options. Wide doors, spaced beams within easy reach of one another, everything a chimper or Grodd would need to feel comfortable.
She peeled off the headset and relaxed, shoving it into one of her cargo pockets. She turned to look at the massive Mantid, who went by the short name "Red" instead of a name without about twenty words attached.
There was a trio of small green mantid standing in front of Red, one holding up a pebble that Franny could see was streaked with gold colored flakes. All three mantid had the blur of phasic holograms appearing between their antenna.
"It is exciting. Naturally formed, you say? How exquisite!" the Mantid was saying. "If our host says you can keep it, then the three of you can have it."
Red looked up. "They found a basalt pebble with a pleasing array of iron pyrite in it. It is pleasing to view and to their telemechanic senses," the big Mantid said. "They want to know if they may keep it."
Franny pretended to think about it, then nodded. "Of course." The Overqueen had lent her a few dozen green mantids to help her and her dumbots work. She had needed Red to translate, as the language of the greenies was new and rapidly evolving, most of it being pure mathematics.
The three green mantid rushed off.
"They are quite young by any standard, hatched less than a handful of years prior to this moment here on this beach, during the Great Escape when we fled the tyranny of the Omniqueen and her terrible Overmind, and thus easily excitable as they have never known anything but the Great Ship and this planet, that we now call home that has such a wealth of experiences and comforts," Red commented.
Franny nodded, used to Red's verbosity.
Those who spend most of their lives screaming in their own mind or only permitted to speak what someone else allows them to speak, scream the loudest and the longest when they find their voice, Franny thought, remembering a tidbit from the writings of the Mantid Biological Apostle, Gravity.
The robots had finished offloading the precious cargo.
Racks of cryopods.
"I appreciate the generosity of your Queen, Red," Franny said. "I had long planned on bringing some of my people here," she sighed. "It's just... I had it planned for better circumstances."
Red was silent for a second. "The loss of those who... umm... I do not know a polite way to say it."
"Who uplifted us," Franny said. She cracked her toe knuckles. "No, it isn't insulting. We were a primitive species, with a nebulous concept of religion. They used their technology to open our minds, then they taught us to use that intellect. Taught us speech, taught us customs, taught us society. We were only slightly better than animals, with no true sapience, and they made us more."
She sighed again.
"For over nine thousand years they were our parents. Strange, unknowable, often horribly violent toward one another, but we knew they loved us," Franny said. She wiped an eye. "Then, in an eyeblink, they were gone."
Red reached out and clumsily patted Franny with one hand.
"Your Queen's willingness to let my people settle here, with so much of the Galactic Arm Spur gone, out of reach of my people, was a generosity I did not expect in this malevolent universe," Franny said.
One of the robots moved up, its tracks clattering when it crossed cobblestone. It handed Franny a datapad. Monochrome, red on black, full of data and charts. She checked it over.
All sixteen thousand of her people were stable.
"I will thaw them out one group at a time," Franny said. "Families, clans, that way I'm not dealing with sixteen thousand shocked and terrified people."
"They do not know?" Red asked.
Franny shook her head. "They are all colonists, who had signed up for a colony mission centuries ago," she sighed. "Before that shitshow of Clownface."
"What happened during this 'Clownface Nebula Conflict', Friend Francine?" Red asked.
Francine thought for a moment. She didn't want to be rude, but...
"While I have known you for some time, Red," she said. She turned away slightly and hugged herself. "I do not know you that well."
Red nodded. "We too have things we prefer not to speak about, document, or even think about, Friend Francine. Terrible things that we were forced to do or did willingly, that are a humiliation and speak ill of us and who we now wish to be."
Franny nodded.
She went to say more when the world filled with white fire.
She was falling, flying upward through the air, pulled in a hundred directions at once.
Memories that weren't her own pummeled her. A Grodd standing on a battlefield, leaning against a broken rifle, panting as he realized he had survived the battle. A Chimper swinging through the jungle, dimly aware of the world around it, suddenly grabbed in a net that pulled tight even as the Chimper fought, snarled, spit, and bit. A Minipuchin struggling as it was held down, a needle forced into its spinal column, a cold feeling, and then sudden awareness.
Mantids firing rifles at unending Lanaktallan troops that steadily marched forward, heedless of their own casualties, their plasma rifles firing. Mantid troops shooting at Dwellerspawn as they were steadily forced back.
Franny felt herself tumble through another set of memories. Of being human, so terribly human, and watching atomic hellfire storm through a megaolopis.
Franny saw it all again, the Mar-gite, the Dark Elves, the Silencers. Saw herself in armor swinging around to slam an armored fist against the back of the human with a loud crack, seeing the human stumble forward and start to turn around, the armor just marred, raising his rifle.
He shot her in the face point blank.
She could feel another presence, a huge presence, rousing from lethargic drowsiness, reaching out to touch her, to cradle her, to subsume her will and thoughts beneath its own.
Safe you are safe I will protect you you are safe I will not allow harm to come to you
Thousands of greenies staring at the sky in fear and awe. Speakers convulsing as the white fire washed over them, their power backlashing. Warriors falling to the ground and spasming as the phasic energy slammed into them.
Franny threw back her head and screamed.
The huge presence withdrew, gently, without tearing at Franny's thoughts.
Franny found herself on all fours, her toes and fingers clenched, staring at the violet sound of the beach.
Red was slowly standing up, his antenna whipping around.
Franny slowly stood up, wiping her face. She realized from the burning in her mouth that she must have vomited but saw no trace of it.
"The Queen... The Queen wishes to know if you are intact," Red said slowly, his voice a pale shadow of the normal richness.
"I'm fine. Phasic shockwave. Are your people OK?" Franny asked. She blinked. "It was like some old Mantid War weapon," she looked around. "Did someone try to use a phasic planet-cracker on you?"
Red shook his head slowly.
Dozens of little green and gold mantids were running over to hide underneath Red's massive form.
"No. It emanated from the stellar mass. We are unsure how and why," Red said. He shuddered, opening the armored shell and fanning his wings.
Franny knew he was breathing heavily.
"The war," Franny said, hugging herself.
"Your people can do such things?" Red asked, his voice still faint.
Franny nodded. "My people, well, my parents, they always had one more bigger gun, one more bigger sword, one last piece of armor," she sighed. "Hopefully it wasn't something mad."
"Mad? Angry? Enraged?" Red asked.
Franny shook her head. "No. Mutually Assured Destruction. A belief that it is possible to kill your enemies even as they kill you or from beyond the grave."
Red staggered slightly. He leaned forward. "For a split second I was a hairless primate, screaming out my rage, beating an Atrekna to death with an empty weapon while I laughed even as the Atrekna begged me to stop."
Franny nodded. "Yeah. That's my parents."
Red shivered again.
One of the robots came up and Franny checked the dataslate.
The power output for the two civilian grade fusion generators was kicking and unstable. A quick check showed that the two generators she'd pulled from the wreckage of a Corvega class cruiser were fine. She doublechecked the stats and manufacturing specs.
The Corvega plants had military grade shielding, including phasic surge systems to ensure a phasic detonation didn't disable the power plants.
"Tell your queen to have a full diagnostic run on your fusion plants," Franny said, shutting down the civilian power plants and upping the output of the two military scrap engines. "Looks like that surge damaged the molycircs."
Red nodded, waving his antenna in an approximation of eyebrows.
Franny checked the data and cursed. Alpha and Beta waves were up in the cryopod suspended people. Their brains had been kicked pretty hard.
She'd wanted to wait. Do it by thawing out clan and community leaders first.
But the brain activity had them closer to being awake than cryodreams.
"Red," she said.
The huge Mantid Speaker looked at her.
"I have to wake them all up. Right now. The phasic surge has their brains showing more activity and active brains in cryosleep is a recipe for madness and death," Franny said.
Red closed the armored covers over his eyes for a moment, then opened them.
"The Queen encourages you to do what is best for your people. She also extends her apologies for including you in her efforts to restabilize the communal mind. She hopes you were not injured during her efforts. You rejected her quite violently," Red said.
Franny nodded. "Yeah, us Terrans, we're like that," she said. "I did not injure her, did I?"
Red fluttered his wings. "A mere pinch in a tidal wave of pummeling and rage, Friend Francine."
One of the green ones, holding a sparkling pebble, put one foot outside of Red's shadow and quickly pulled it back. When nothing happened, he did it again, then stepped out of Red's shadow.
The other greenies rushed out.
Francine looked at the little green mantids. "I'm going to need their help. Luckily, those are old industrial grade cryopods, so the molycircs aren't too bad," she said.
Red gave an order and they all ran over to stop in front of Franny in a group.
She put in the instructions on the datapad, leaned down, and set it on the ground. One green mantid ran forward, touched it, then ran back to the group.
Equations flickered between the green mantid antenna.
They all rushed off.
"Please, Friend Francine, inform me if there is anything I or my fellow Mantids can do during this difficult time," Red said. "I must withdraw, the Queen needs me. Some of the fellow traveling species that came with us are in need of comfort."
Francine just nodded.
Red withdrew.
Francine sat on the roof of the porch of her slightly larger than the others house, staring at the indigo sea that reflected the light of the two moons.
The medical bots had put everyone to bed, to recover from cryosickness.
They'd been asleep for a long time. The ship damaged, a Dandelion Fleet ship fleeing the Mar-gite attacks.
She knew, that tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe the day after that, they would have to come to grips that it was now a universe without their parents.
She didn't want to be a leader. She had planned on turning over governorship or leadership to the clan leaders and elders.
But a part of her knew that the laughing malevolent universe would take her plans and throw them away.
She didn't want to be a leader.
But the bright white light had reminded her.
There were greater things than her out there.
And sometimes, what you wanted didn't matter.
So she sipped her tea and watched the endless, unceasing, unchanging dance of shore and sea.
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2022.11.10 20:31 GalacticKiss Interesting minor location Ideas to see in the future?

To be clear: Not cities or unique locations, but locations that serve a more general purpose of which there would likely be multiple scattered across the country.
We've seen Nuka Cola bottling plants, so we'll probably see more of them. We've seen two Mama Dolce's: one in the capital wastes and one in Appalachia. Corvega's plants in Boston was a big deal. I liked the meat packing plant, for instance, and the way that was played with in 4. Libraries are always fun. I also liked the Boston Bugle location in 4 and the Prison in 76.
But, there are many other kinds of places that we haven't seen yet. In particular, things which play off of the "corporate excess" themes could be fascinating. Its likely many of the larger manufacturing locations were at centers of industry, which were prime locations for the bombs, but satellite locations likely survived.
I don't believe we've yet seen a vault-suit manufacturing plant, which I think would be entertaining, and is what inspired this post.
A safe manufacturing plant could be interesting, and would play well with the games mechanics.
Hallucinogenics was fun, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some absurd re-usage of a deodorant or perfume factory post war if it was ever shown in a game.
Did you realize there are two postal department/services in the fallout world? The USPS and the Post Office Department. And when the bombs fell, they co-existed even though one was replacing the other. Any remaining locations post-war would have some interesting lore in the way the two postal services interacted I think.
There are obviously an almost infinite number of ideas, but I'm curious as to what types of locations you all personally think would be interesting to explore.
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2022.08.30 20:18 Kaseffera Best Early Game Merchants On Survival?

I am level 11, did Corvega without health even dropping to half. Minigun and Power Armor did the job. I went home with tons of loot and made Sanctuary to look like a Coca Cola commercial with all lighting.
However, I have tons of water, chems I make, mines I don’t use. Ammo I don’t need. I just don’t know where to sell it. The only one I know is Abernathy and she won’t have more than 260 caps.
Plus, my inventory is almost full even though I put everything I don’t need in my safe in Sanctuary basement. I don’t carry useless ammo, fusion cores, weapons, armor. Only two guns, armor that is on me, holotapes, gun mods, some food and couple of bottles of water. Despite this, 150 of 170 inventory space is occupied.
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2022.08.10 02:44 EatTheRich246 Jared's Corvega Safe

I have had and have been playing Fallout 4 since launch pretty much, logged nearly 48 days on it, and I've just found the Corvega safe for the very first time. Consider my face palmed
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2022.05.03 17:34 bobloblawblogger FO4 - Guns Survival Guide

Obviously not a new topic, but after playing through survival multiple times, I've figured a few things out that make it rather easy that I thought I'd share:

You have a few big item/quest goals for the early and mid game that will set you up for the rest of the playthrough.
(1) Obtain Overseer's Guardian. Fantastic weapon, guaranteed, not terribly expensive. Make Grape Mentats (Whiskey, Mentats, Hubflower) to help buy it.
(2) Obtain Ballistic Weave. Acquired from the Railroad quest line, it will give you enough DER that you will be able to fight in the open.
(3) Make a Dense metal arm and a Padded chest piece. This will dramatically reduce damage from explosions. It probably won't save you from a mini nuke, but you'll no longer get 1-shotted by grenades, mines, or missiles.

The early game is the hardest part of most survivor playthroughs. Once you accomplish the Overarching Goals below, you will be much stronger and tankier, and the game will be much easier. Getting there is the hard part.
Clear Sanctuary and Get Some Levels from Crafting
Assuming you start with the stats recommended below, exit the vault, grab the items (drugs and explosives) by the Vault entrance and head to Sanctuary. Talk to Codsworth and kill the bugs. Now clear out Sanctuary of items - especially ones in containers/drawers, open all the safes, don't miss the roof you can access via a fallen tree or the root cellar. Make sure to keep the +Charisma gear for trading.
Now scrap everything in the town. All the damaged houses, the furniture, the trees, the broken cars, all of it. Open the work bench and create the stuff you need for the Sanctuary settlers (5 beds, 2 water pumps, and a turret). You should collect every bottle you see. Take them out and fill them all up at the pump. This will give you plenty of purified water.
Now start building metal signs. They stack on top of one another. As soon as you hit level 2, put a point in Idiot Savant, make sure you are properly hydrated (so IS can proc) and then keep going. When all your steel is gone, scrap the signs and do it again. Repeat until you have about 50-100 steel. Now do the same thing with Wood. Sign posts (for wire fences) are the most efficient, but paintings are easier because they also stack. By the time you finish, you should have gained at least 7 levels.
Those levels should go into: Lone Wanderer 1, Sneak 1, Rifleman 1-2, Life Giver 1-2, and Critical Banker.
Upgrade Your Weapons and Obtain and Upgrade Armor
Put a hardened receiver on your 10mm pistol, find a pipe pistol, and give it a hardened receiver and a stock so it gets the rifleman bonus. Go to Red Rocket, kill the molerats, clear the molerat den, and take all the hides. Don't miss the Charisma glasses in the den.
You can find armor for most slots on a dead raider under one of the power line towers that lead to Abernathy Farm. Any slots you don't find there, you should be able to get off of one of the raiders in the area (there are a few small camps near the start, a few groups of dead raiders at camps along the road east of Starlight Drive Inn), from raiders in Concord outside the museum, from USAF Station Olivia, from a vendor, etc.
Take Armorer 1, and max the defense on the pieces you find. Once all are maxed, put pockets in them to boost carry capacity.
Explore the Surrounding Area for XP and Items/Caps
Go to Abernathy Farm to sell off items and get the quest for USAF Station Olivia. Clear the Gorski Cabin, Wicked Shipping, and Ranger Cabin.
Go to Drumlin and talk them down. If you fail, reload, because you will need both vendors. Go to Starlight Drive In and clear it. Watch out for the mines. Build a bed and a water pump. This makes a nice heal/save/hydrate center early on.
If you feel weak, you could repeat the break down and build strategy from Sanctuary at the other settlements (Red Rocket and Starlight), but I don't.
Take Idiot Savant 2 as soon as it's available (level 11), and your other 9 perks as you level to 20 should be:
Grim Reaper's Sprint 1, Four Leaf Clover 1, Sneak 2-3 (won't set off mines), Lone Wanderer 2 (17), Rifleman 3 (18), Crit Banker 2 (17), GRS 2 (19), and Life Giver 3 (20).
At this point, single enemies should not be a problem. Against groups, you can open with a banked crit to the head of 1 enemy, probably killing it, and then shoot others in VATS to regain crit meter. Against big packs of ghouls, you'll probably need to shoot outside of VATS because your damage is still fairly bad.
You could push down south to get Righteous Authority early at this point (see below) or just keep going.
Clear out USAF Olivia and be sure to grab an Army Helmet for more DR. Save at the bed just outside, as sometimes Ack Ack can surprise and kill you with that minigun. Mirelurks have too much DR, so ignore Thicket Excavations for now - collect the items there if you want.
Concord is probably next. One way to deal with the deathclaw is bottlecap mines you should have found. Also, if you go into the hardware store, you can shoot the deathclaw but it can't get inside.
After that, you can go to Super Duper Mart in Lexington, Corvega, Sunshine Tidings Coop to get the double animal meat manual, or push south to Greygarden. The Greygarden quest (the water treatment plant) is probably too hard at this point, but you should pick up the radio signal there for Danse.
Go to Danse, kill the ghouls, clear out the police station (get the military fatigues), and do Arc Jet. In Arc Jet, you should collect 200-300 fusion cells and at the end you get Righteous Authority. RA will probably be a big upgrade over your other weapons and will likely be your best weapon until you get Overseer's Guardian. For that reason, if you're having trouble, it can be worth it to skip some of the earlier stuff and go to Danse earlier.
With RA, it should be no problem to get to Diamond City and from there Vault 81. Save outside, get to the CHR check at the door, pop a Grape Mentat, and go on in. If you fail the check, reload. Once inside, go to the commissary and buy OG plus all the .45 cal bullets they have. That's the only weapon you'll need for the rest of the game (you'll want to change the mods) though I like to carry a Hunting Rifle with a Long Recon Scope as well once I find one. Thus ends the early game.

If you find the above too hard, one alternative is to get the abandoned power armor by the crashed Vertibird early on (or the one in Concord) and use it until you get RA or OG. As long as you don't sprint and avoid VATS as much as possible, the fusion cores you find should be more than enough to keep the armor working. You could also probably use the PA to more easily rush down to RA and/or OG earlier in the game. Personally, I just don't enjoy power armor much, and it is slower.

Recommended: S3, P5, E3, C3, I1, A5, L9.
Mandatory Minimums:
Strength 3: Armorer 1 will let you put 20+ DER on your basic armor in the early game, which will keep you alive. Later levels of Armorer are required for the Dense and Padded upgrades and for Ballistic Weave.
Perception 2: Rifleman. Eventually you will want Perception 10 for Penetrator and Concentrated Fire, but you probably won't have the points available for that in the early game, and those perks aren't that helpful in the early game anyway.
Endurance 3: Having HP will also keep you alive. Life Giver 1-3 will easily increase your total HP by 30% or more and give you regen to save some food/water.
Charisma 3: Lone Wanderer dramatically improves your carry capacity and the damage reduction and later added damage are great too.
Intelligence 1: We want this as low as possible to maximize Idiot Savant procs. Just make sure you are always fully hydrated or IS will not proc. If you really struggle with the early game, you can take this to 3 to get Gun Nut 1, but those points are largely wasted by the mid-game. It'll let you improve your pipe weapon and 10mm pistol at the outset, but you'll be replacing them soon with Righteous Authority and then Overseer's Guardian, which you can't meaningfully upgrade with Gun Nut 1 or 2.
Agility 3: Sneak will be very helpful in the early game before you get decent defense and Sneak 3 will prevent you from setting off mines - mines can ruin your day.
Luck 5: Idiot Savant.
That leaves you with 8 points plus the SPECIAL book, for 9. I would use 4 points to take Luck to 9 and put the remaining 5 in Agility (for more AP and sneakiness) and Perception (for aim). Perks like Ninja and Action Boy aren't as useful as the Luck perks in the early game. An added 0.5x damage on your sneak attacks isn't going to be as useful as Grim Reaper's Sprint, banked crits, or an 8% chance to get a crit with every hit (four leaf clover 1). You could make the case for Action Boy, but usually you'll either be fighting from cover and have time to let your AP replenish anyway or you won't have time to wait and Action Boy won't make a difference - I do take AB later, but I focus on big impact perks for the early game when things are hardest.

Max Rifleman and Lone Wanderer. Take Sneak 4 (it makes a huge difference). Max GRS and Crit Banker.
Once Armorer 3 is available, take 2 and 3 so you can put Deep Pockets on your armor and get Dense and Padded. You'll want to max Armorer eventually to get max Ballistic Weave.
Eventually, you'll want to get Perception to 10 to max Concentrated Fire and take Penetrator (lets you hit fusion cores on power armor enemies and sentry bots and other weak spots that may be blocked). You may prefer to max Endurance (for HP) or Agility (for AP) before then. Depends on if you feel like you run out of AP or HP too often.
Perks that are good but not worth rushing / getting in the early game: Better Crits, Four Leaf Clover (only goes from 8% to 14% over 4 points), Solar Powered 2 (clears rads for QOL), Bloody Mess (only 15% total, but multiplicative, so worth taking once your other damage perks are maxed), Action Boy (helpful and lets you run from A to B faster, but I'd max Agility first), Demolitionist 2 (it's not really needed for the build, but I enjoy grenades in this game, and the throwing arc makes them so much easier to aim), Strong Back 1-2 (for the QOL), and if you like to kill from stealth, Ninja.
Perks I don't take until even later if at all: Local Leader (by the point you have the points available for 3 CHR and LL, you won't really need it, I also dislike having to manage settlements). Scrounger and Fortune Finder (help get caps, but don't keep you alive in the early game and aren't needed later, I used to take these but don't anymore).

Save often! You will be tempted not to save because sleeping advances the food/watefatigue clock, but I have never regretted sleeping, whereas there are many times I regretted it when I said "oh it's not far to the next area, I'll just save when I get there." Mines, random enemy spawns, whatever can surprise kill you. Don't end up re-doing areas. It sucks and will make you want to quit.
Pick up all the bottles and animal meat. It will easily keep you fed and hydrated.
Use Rax-X when radiation is incoming. Removing rads with RadAway now makes you susceptible to annoying diseases, so try to avoid rads. Doctors at Bunker Hill, Diamond City, Covenant, etc. can remove all your radiation for 40 caps. Their 15 cap heal will also remove all your diseases.
Sneak. Especially in the early game, sneaking is invaluable. If you are running through the woods and run into 3 raiders and a dog (one of the camps) before you get decent armor and weapons, you are probably going to get killed. If you sneak up on them, you can probably kill one before the others are alert and kill a second around the time they start firing on you (or line up a good grenade toss).
Don't sprint too long. Don't let your AP get below half. Sprint a little, then rest a little, repeat, rather than sprint to 0 AP. If you run into a random enemy, you don't want to be unable to use VATS. (Nuka Cola can recover some AP in a pinch, I try to keep a few quantum in my inventory at all times.)
Drugs can help with hard encounters. Psycho is a 25% damage buff. If you're having trouble getting through enemy armor before you get OG, this can make a big difference. Jet can let you take on a lot of guys without AP (also great for fighting a deathclaw 1v1 that you weren't expecting to run into). Extra HP from Buffout doesn't hurt either. MedX DR can help a lot early on and the poison res can help against bugs and mirelurk queens even in the late game. You don't want to spam drugs all the time due to the addiction possibility (psycho addiction is probably the most dangerous early game with -10 DR), but if you need it to live, don't hold back. There is addictol to be found and doctors can remove addiction for caps.
You can get a suppressed sniper rifle from Tinker Tom once you get into the Railroad.
To upgrade the OG, I usually craft whatever receiver I can build on it (to get rid of the auto receiver it comes with) and a reflex sight (less AP cost and good for mid-range aiming), then buy or find combat rifles with the parts you want.
Carry weight is a big issue, especially in the early game. Lone Wanderer helps a lot. Be aware of the weight of drugs, food, water, and ammo. You may want to stash most of them in a central location so you aren't carrying around 5 pounds of stimpacks at all times. Try to kill the radstags you run into for the meat (+25 carry weight). After playing through Survival multiple times, I rarely pick up anything that isn't 10+ caps/lb in the early game (unless I'm going to use it). Ammo and drugs end up being a lot of what I sell. Cigarettes are pretty valuable too. Be aware of what junk you need to craft and that you pick up enough (usually screws, adhesive, oil, and gears for weapons; leather or steel, fiberglass, ballistic material, and adhesive for armor).
Legendary Items. There will be more than in other difficulties. An instigating or two-shot hunting rifle can be nice (I like to get one with a long recon scope, so I can mark enemies before big fights and snipe a few with a suppressor), but OG pretty much has you covered on weapons. On armor, I look for VATS enhanced.
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2022.03.10 00:13 Wayloren_ Another day in rebuilding the Commonwealth

Been posting the updates on my journey to rebuild the Commonwealth past week or so and here's another one!
I started with attempting to retrieve the bobble head at Corvega thanks to a tip from a comment on last post. This started alright, took some fire but managed to clear out most of the raiders until I died due to a headshot and poor positioning. After this setback I tried to solve it like I do most of my problems, running in head first! This time I managed to collect the bobble head but ran out of ammo and when trying to flee encountered a Yao Gui. Thankfully I managed to escape into the warm welcome of a gunner camp! Safe to say I was mowed down. After two attempts that went horrible I decided to simply go to diamond city, everything was going well until the wreak of the USS riptide, I died, twice. The power armor and constant Molotov spam was to much for my fragile body so I decided to take a different approach, I decided to level up and collect resources. I did a minutemen quest to take Starlight Drive in and that went very well, no close calls, good equipment and no major issues. After this I did the sanctuary quest in which I went to Tenpines to collect food, I found Lucas Millar who sold me some metal armor that helped me become slightly better protected. After completing that quest I decided to take another radial from Garvy, he asked me to clear out Sunshine tidings! I went that way, and found Walters group, everything went well until I stepped on a mine and was killed, brining my total death count to 9! (I may have skipped a few deaths in these recaps) But nonetheless I am making slow yet steady progress. I'll be making another post next week (Maybe I can actually get to diamond city)
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2022.03.02 22:38 Wayloren_ This is a lot harder lol

Soo a day or two ago I made a post here asking you guys to build me a rule set to play with and safe to say it was a lot harder than expected.Rules:
  1. Survival mode
  2. Reach max affinity with all companions
  3. Build a sniper that includes
  1. We are the Minutemen
  2. Angry Artillery
  3. Super Mutant Redux
  4. Sim settlements 2 and Sim settlements chapter 2
  5. Blacksmith's Crafting Expansion
  6. Armorsmith Extended
  7. Vivid Fallout - All in one
  8. HD Reworked Project
Now, I've only gotten to Corvega and have died 3 times in 2 and a half hours of play time, I can see that this is going to be a lot more challenging and fun than other playthroughs! I'll post more updates if you guys want to listen to my struggles lol.
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2022.02.27 01:38 TheCrowsNestTV My Idea for a Enclave Quest Line

In 2077, The Enclave was formed looking into contingency plans in the event of a Nuclear Strike. In the months leading up to The Great War, many Enclave Members, including the President and Vice President decided to relocate in secret to one of many Bases across the US. One of these, of course, was The Oil Rig. Some Elite Soldiers, Elite Scientists and their Families relocated to a Space Station orbiting Earth. This Space Station was funded by the American Taxpayer and built by a joint coalition of Vault-Tec, General Atomics and Poseidon Energy with an AI developed by RobCo in the decades leading up to The Great War. As such, it's one of the best Facilities The Enclave has behind The Oil Rig. The purpose of this Space Station was to conduct Research after a Nuclear Disaster with orders from Control Station ENCLAVE and was supplied with Cryo Pods for the Personnel and would be woken up when they were finally needed. Sometime before October 2077, all the Personnel and their Families were sent to The Space Station and cryogenically frozen. During The Great War, however, Control Station ENCLAVE lost communication with all of their Bunkers and Facilities, so the order to unfreeze the People aboard The Space Station was never sent and for over 200 Years, they waited in the Sky to wake up, waiting for a Message that would never come. If The Space Station had been in contact with Control Station ENCLAVE, they would have developed and launched FEV Curling-13 much earlier. One of the many features of The Space Station is a Teleporter that was created at Big MT and installed before the War. This is how The Player would be able to come and go as they please, utilizing a modified Pip-Boy to do so. This is only available if you stay in The Enclave's good graces, however.
One day in the Northern NCR Base known as Camp Phoenix, Tech Workers notice a strange signal. It is faint, but they could track down where it's coming from. It takes a while, but they conclude it's coming from a Space Station and it looks like it's trying to connect to something. Some time later, they realize it's attempting to connect to Control Station ENCLAVE, The Oil Rig that was destroyed decades ago. It is decided that they will investigate this and if need be, destroy it. Camp Phoenix does have a Rocket Ship in one of its Hangars, but many important Parts and Components were taken by Scavengers centuries earlier. It is concluded that Junkflea would either have these Parts or someone there would know where to find them.
Arriving at Junkflea, none of the Merchants there has the Parts, but one of them mentions someone that may know the locations of the Parts, a Trader who deals in very rare and often illegal Items and they would probably know where to find Rocket Ship Parts. Only problem is they primarily do their shady dealings in The Junkflea Slums. No one knows the true identity of this Trader, but will be easy to spot, because they wear a Dark Outfit with a Plague Doctor Mask, giving them the nickname "The Dark Bird". The Courier finds The Dark Bird and can either pay Caps or do a favor for The Dark Bird for Information on the Rocket Parts. (You can also purchase very rare Items from them.) Once all is said and done, they give you a few Locations they had sold the Parts in. With no other choice, The Courier begins their journey to find these Parts.
The Courier finds these Parts and hands them to the NCR Mechanics assigned to the Rocket Ship, but there's a new problem. The Space Station has Defenses that'll shoot down any Craft not associated with The Enclave. In short, the Rocket Ship. They would need to connect the Rocket Ship's Computer to The Space Station so it won't be shot down. This means hunting for rare Pre-War Codes and the easiest way to do this is buy them from The Dark Bird, but this will cost several Caps and a few days. If you don't want to spend Caps and wait, there's a few checks you can pass by using The Rocket Ship's Computer:
  1. Intelligence 8+: Type "1C 3C R34 M" into the Computer. If the check is passed, you'll be able to travel to The Space Station safely.
  2. Luck 7+: You can slam your hand on the Keyboard and if the check is passed, it'll be the code and let you travel to The Space Station safely.
  3. Science 100: You can hack into The Space Station by tricking its AI into thinking your Pip-Boy is Control Station ENCLAVE. This will make you a High Ranking Member and name you President of the United States.
Once you've made your choice, it's time to go into Space and see what's going on. The Courier and a Squad are sent to The Space Station. You arrive and are greeted by the Senior Officer there, demanding to know just who you are, because they know you're not Enclave. You let them know who you are and for now, let you roam some of The Space Station after you explain to them it's been over 200 years since the Great War and Control Station ENCLAVE was destroyed decades ago. Some time later, the Senior Officer speaks to you in private and is impressed at your skills to get to The Space Station and offers you a position within this Enclave if you betray the NCR. You do so by tricking your Squad into entering an Experiment Chamber and they become Test Subjects. This is where The Enclave Main Quest will begin.
The first Quest would helping The Enclave set up a spot in The Wasteland. The Courier is the one who would know most about the World below The Space Station, so they would assist The Enclave in their endeavors on Earth. You need to help establish a Base on Earth. Ideally hidden away, but would be able to keep an eye on the other Factions in the area. The Portland National Bank is perfect for a new Base. After clearing out Scavs and Security from Portland National Bank, it is slowly, but surely rebuilt into the first Earth Base. A Teleporter to The Space Station is installed here.
The next Quest would be traveling to and clearing The Corvega Factory. Here is where The Enclave would begin manufacturing their own Vehicles such as APCs, Tanks, Armored Cars, etc when it becomes operational. After this, you would need to find the Tank Assembly Plant and make it operational. (Of course, you can assemble your P-8 Mouse Tank) After this Quest is completed, Enclave APCs and Tanks begin to spawn around The Frontier.
Afterwards, you need to activate Portland Enclave Radio. You have to make your way to Satellite Facility North and Council Crest Park Facility, (Satellite Facility South) clear them out and reactivate them. You can find Theo in the former and convince him to rejoin The Enclave. Once this is complete, Portland Enclave Radio begins to air and the Northern NCR catches wind to your allegiance to The Frontier Enclave and declare you an enemy.
Next, you would need to infiltrate RobCo Tower, home of The Crusaders and find a way to take down their Shields. The Crusaders are on high alert, because of the presence of The Enclave, so you may need to earn their trust a little bit. Doing a few things for them will be a good idea for the time being. After you're given enough trust from The Crusaders, you can enter their Control Room and deactivate the Force Field, allowing The Enclave to storm the Building and recover vast Prototype Technologies there, as well as establishing another Base and Research Facility there.
The Enclave is getting a better hold on the Region and that's drawing a lot of negative attention, especially from The Frontier NCR and they have begun attacking various Enclave Camps and Outposts and their making their way to The Portland National Bank Outpost. You must pilot a Enclave APC and help repel the attack. It was a long and hard battle, but you and The Enclave remain victorious and the NCR seems to have been defeated... for now.
Some time later, the AI on The Space Station begins to act strangely. Going through various Terminals on The Space Station revels some Security Footage showing that Voss had uploaded the Virus to the AI in order to gain control of it. You and a Squad of Enclave go to confront Voss, but he escapes into The Frontier. The Enclave Leader tells you that Voss had built a Secret Lab before The Great War, but he doesn't know where it is. The longer Voss stays in control of The Space Station, the worse everything gets. He begins to force Enclave Scientists to engage in unethical experiments.
After some time passes, a Enclave Patrol captures a strange Humaniod Robot carrying supplies somewhere. A Enclave Technician has a hunch and requests to install a Tracking Program onto it, which is approved. You retrieve the Tracking Program for the Technician while they make repairs to the Robot. You return, install the Program and send the Robot on its way. This proves to be beneficial, because the Robot leads The Enclave to Voss' Hidden Base near Vault 6.
You and your Squad prepare to raid Voss' Base and retrieve the Antivirus by any means necessary. Under the cover of a blizzard, you and your Squad arrive by Vertibird at the Garage near Vault 6 and make your way there. The Vault Door isn't operational, so it is decided it would be better to take the nearby Tunnels anyway. You discover a Train that'll take you to Voss' Base, Underland. You board the Train and it makes its way down the Tracks.
You arrive at Underland to find out all the Robots there are hostile. It turns out Dr. Voss had somehow found out you were coming and begins to make his escape. He taunts you as you sweep through Underland and eventually make it to his Chambers. He activates the self destruct as he enters his Personal Vertibird and takes off. Luckily for you, there's a second Vertibird in the Hangar. You and your Squad take off after him. You and Voss battle it out in the skies of Portland and eventually, you gain the upper hand and Voss' Vertibird goes down. However, the Vertibird crashes near Ostia, in Legion Territory. For the time being, you're called back to base.
The Commanding Officer back at The Enclave Base knows it would be too dangerous to attack The Legion directly and the Virus infecting The Space Station is only getting worse. A plan is devised that they will attack an empty portion of Legion Territory while you infiltrate Ostia, find Voss and get the Antivirus back.
You arrive at Ostia and make your way to the Dungeon and find Voss locked in a Cage. Knowing he is about to die, he tells you Legate Valerius has taken the Holotape with the Antivirus on it. You kill Voss and make your way to the Roof where he is waiting for you. The Courier and Valeirus fight, but is killed by The Courier. You reclaim the Antivirus and board an extraction Vertibird. You return to The Space Station and upload the Antivirus and everything goes back to normal... for now.
With The Northern Legion defeated, The Enclave Commander turns his attention to The Northern NCR. A spy placed in NCR Ranks informs The Enclave that The NCR are repairing a Pre-War Airship to utilize in battle and the project is nearly complete. With no time to waste, you and your Squad are deployed to Camp Phoenix.
You arrive to heavy resistance at Camp Phoenix, but this is barely a problem, because you have The Enclave at your back. Enclave APCs and Tanks battle it out with NCR Tanks and Howitzers. You and your Squad make their way to the Hangar where The Liberator is located. It is here you fight and kill General Blackthorne, but you know it isn't enough. You board The Liberator and find the Reactor in the Lower Levels of the Airship. There, you attach a Bomb to it and make your way back outside where an Evac Vertibird is waiting for you. You board it and are taken back to The Portland National Bank Base.
The Enclave Commander gives you a Detonator and tells you to do the honors. You press the Button and after a second, a massive explosion is seen at Camp Phoenix, effectively erasing any evidence of The Northern NCR ever existing. Camp Phoenix, once a major Pre-War Military Base and Research Facility and HQ of The Northern NCR, now is a giant Radioactive Crater. The Enclave have won and they have The Courier to thank for it. You are now free to travel to and from The Frontier and are given a Enclave Transportalponder, which allows instant teleportation to The Space Station from anywhere in The Frontier and Mojave.

Ok, this actually took a couple days to write out, but this is the best I can do for an Enclave Main Quest for Fallout The Frontier. I know there's a few changes to things, but I think they would be welcome changes. If you have any better ideas, don't hesitate to comment.
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2022.02.16 20:21 shouldvelistened Where is the safe in corvega assembly plant?

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2022.02.16 14:36 shouldvelistened Where is the corvega safe?

Where is the corvega safe? submitted by shouldvelistened to bestanswer [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:42 Natmas97 [FO4] Crashing in seemingly random areas + when looting certain objects/containers

I'll post the load order in the comments, but I recently started up FO4 again after a while away (I want to start making my own mods for it and thought it would be good to go through the game again first) but I can't make any meaningful progress because once I reach certain areas the game crashes on me. I'm also having trouble with looting either certain items or containers (I don't know which it is) either freezing the game or crashing it outright.
I tested each of these ones a few times with a fresh save and removing some mods I knew were problematic (and tgl + player.setav speedmult 1000 to save time) and it keeps happening.
The areas I found this happen in are:
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2022.01.04 18:18 TikeStet Playing Fallout 4 for the first time. Weird question on locations visited the 2nd time.

So finally got to Fallout 4. I just realized that one of the first things I did was kill all the raiders and take the loot from Corvega factory earlier. I just happened to go back to Lexington and re explore as I felt as if I probably left some gems behind. I got to the factory again, wasn't too surprised to find more raiders again. But was totally surprised by going back inside and rediscovering all the loot again available after I cleared it the first time. Like the safe was stocked again. Is this common? Will I find this to repeat at other locations as well?
submitted by TikeStet to Fallout [link] [comments]

2022.01.02 19:53 Tight-Ad-1161 AI in this game makes survival really funny and entertaining

Two instances so far in my first survival playthrough with AI for NPC and settlers to be specific. I'm playing with reduced leveling mod 3% as well as no crafting experience to get a more difficult experience.
In the first instance, didn't realize there was a bed set up outside of USAF olivia, so I went into the bunker base not having saved since red rocket. So I know Ack Ack with the mini gun would be trouble. I had 2 frag grenades saved for her and 3 molotov and a frag mine saved in case for the other folks. I put a frag mine on the right staircase to the main area where the raiders are holed up to prevent my self from getting flanked there. I have codsworth hold position on the left hall way while I try to pick off the raiders through the two open windows. Ack Ack finally shows herself and I throw the first grenade througj the window which completely misses. Throw the second frag grenade which kills her along with 2 other raiders next to her. Thinking the last couple raiders would be easy, I go down the right stairwell disabling my frag mine and run into the last remaining raider. He looks at me, runs away. I chase after him and round the corner, and see that the raider went back to pick up Ack Ack's mini gun lol. Note, I'm wearing heavy equipment and wielding only a heavy pipe rifle and my agility is low, so I can only get one 1 shot in VATS which I miss. I end up dying really quickly to the mini gun. Barely have any time to run away.
Second funny instance occurred with my settlers. I'm coming back to starlight drivein after spending 2 hours clearing out Corvega power plant quest. Didn't want to risk sleeping saving on the dirty bed on the highway and risk getting sick since I have no anti biotic. Figured walking to starlight drive in was a safe enough choice. It was close by and the path was clear.
On the way back, starlight drive in gets attacked by a bunch of raiders and ghouls. Earlier, I had put my Fatman and mini nuke into my workshop. I had no idea that one of my settlers had taken it and that it was even possible for settlers to access my equipment from my workshop. What happens next is my settler shoots the Fatman off hitting a nearby post that he was trying to aim for a ghoul. I was standing next to post, blowing me up. Never laughed harder in my life.
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2021.11.23 19:50 tdithers Atomic Shop Weekly Update: November 23 - November 30

Full dislcaimer below. TL;DR: We're not Bethesda staff, this is an automated post.

Filthy Casual Links


Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.

Free Items

Nuka-Cola is a blast of flavor! This week add the Nuka Girl Bomber Player Icon to your collection. Fallout 1st members can also claim the Blue Corvega Trailer until December 7.
Item Available Until
Nuka Girl Bomber Player Icon November 30
Blue Corvega Trailer (Fallout 1st) Deccember 7
Visit the Atomic Shop each day to claim a different reward, like consumables, in-game currencies, and more. Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.
Item Available On
Trail Fireworks November 23
Caps x250 November 24
Repair Kit November 25
Nuclear Keycard November 26
Legendary Scrip x50 November 27
Lunchbox November 28
Super Stimpak November 29

Limited Time Offers

It’s the Four Horsemen of the Nuclear Apocalypse! Bundled together for the first time, this week check out the Riders Power Armor Mega-Bundle. Also available this week, the Wavy Willards Wipeout Slide Bundle!
Item Atom Price
Riders Power Armor Mega-Bundle 3000
War Rider Power Armor Skin 1400
Black Rider Power Armor Skin 1400
Pale Rider Power Armor Skin 1400
War Rider Power Armor Skin 1400
War Rider Photomode Frame Set 200
Wavy Willard’s Wipeout Slide Bundle 1500
Wavy Willard’s Deck Lounger 300
Wavy Willard’s Round Deck Table 300
Some items from last week are still available for a limited time.
Item Atom Price
Thanksgiving Tables Bundle 1200
Thanksgiving Adult Table 500
Thanksgiving Kids Table 500
Thanksgiving Adult Chair 250
Thanksgiving Kids Chair 250
Drip Candles 250
Pilgrim Outfit 700 490(30% Off!)
Turkey Mascot Outfit 900 630(30% Off!)

Greatest Hits - The First Helping

Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while. Add these items to your collection starting on November 23 at 12:00 p.m. ET and snag them before they head back to the Vault on November 25 at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Item Atom Price
Big Game Hunter C.A.M.P. Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Grelok Villain Bundle 1500 900(40% Off!)
Communist Bunker C.A.M.P. Bundle 1000 700(30% Off!)
Minecart Cooking Station 500
Grelok Cackle Emote 250
Communist Fence 500
Hunting Lodge Chair 300
Grelok Sorcerer Staff 500
Communist Military Safe 250

Greatest Hits - Coming back for seconds

Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while. Add these items to your collection starting on November 25 at 12:00 p.m. ET and snag them before they head back to the Vault on November 27 at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Item Atom Price
Fourth of July Parade Bundle 1000 700(30% Off!)
Down Home Dweller Bundle 1000 700(30% Off!)
Invasion from the Stars Bundle 1500 900(40% Off!)
Patriotic Paint – The Fixer 500
Rustic Stash 500
The Invader Combat Knife Weapon Skin 400
Rocket Ceiling Fan 250
Wire Spool Table 300
Satellite Dish 300

Greatest Hits - Three helpings isn't enough!

Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while. Add these items to your collection starting on November 27 at 12:00 p.m. ET and snag them before they head back to the Vault on November 29 at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Item Atom Price
Responders Rescue Bundle 1800 990(45% Off!)
Welcome to Helvetia Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Junkyard C.A.M.P. Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Responders Backpack 500
Swiss Flower Cart 250
Fusion Flea Stash Box 500
Responders Pip-Boy 400
Swiss Area Rug 250
Mothman Cultist Tripod Altar 250

Greatest Hits - Just Desserts

Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a little while. Add these items to your collection starting on November 29 at 12:00 p.m. ET and snag them before they head back to the Vault on November 30 at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Item Atom Price
Nuka-Cola Secret Door Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Plushie C.A.M.P. Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Ole Timey Diner Bundle 1200 840(30% Off!)
Nuka-Cola Red Staircase 500
Rabbit Plushie 300
Gumball Machine Planter 250
Nuka-Cola Projection Lamp 250
Sheepsquatch Plushie 300
Barbershop Pole 250


Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on November 30.
Item Atom Price
Thanksgiving Kitchen Bundle 2250
Wildwood Den Bundle 1000
Wildwood Den 700
Stainless Steel Refrigerator 500
Thanksgiving Display Case 300
Camden Park Woodstove 500
Thanksgiving Corn Wreath 200
Vault-Tec Wall Shelving 300
Contemporary Wallpaper Set 500

Weekly Offers

Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit 1200 600(50% Off!) November 23 November 24
Tough Gal Photo Pose 250 125(50% Off!) November 24 November 25
Rad Opossum Hat 400 200(50% Off!) November 25 November 26
Red Wide Curtains Set 300 150(50% Off!) November 26 November 27
White and Red Tiles 500 250(50% Off!) November 27 November 28
White Shag Carpeting Floor 500 250(50% Off!) November 28 November 29
White Wallpaper 300 150(50% Off!) November 29 November 30
Nuka-Cola Cooler (Fallout 1st) 500 250(50% Off!) November 23 November 30

Previous Posts

Title Post Date
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2021.06.09 00:24 TI99Kitty One More Tomorrow - Chapter 2

Beginning - Previous
Chapter Two:
I was having a nice dream about riding in a flying car, heading to a settlement on the moon, where they mined green cheese, when some dumbass turned on the lights.
I was a bit irritated to find I was not in a nice, shiny new 2077 Chryslus Corvega that was modified for flight, but rather in the rusted-out bed of a pre-War Pick-R-Up, being pulled by a brahmin, one of the two-headed bovines that were so prevalent throughout the wasteland. It was a fairly smooth ride, considering the state of the roads, which hadn't been maintained or repaired for more than 200 years. But then, brahmin weren't noted for their speed, but rather for their bulk and sheer muscle power. There was a reason traders used them to haul their wares everywhere, and that reason was that Brahmin could carry or pull many times their own weight.
I was having trouble figuring out how I got to be tied up in the back of a pre-War pickup truck (Oh! My hands are tied behind my back! my brain helpfully informed me), as the last thing I remembered before my aborted cheese-finding expedition was coming back from a patrol around the Rodriguez Park wall. I looked around, trying to get a grasp of what was going on, and I saw Ruth, still rolling along beside me, still not talking. Why was I being abducted? And why wasn't Ruth doing anything to stop it?
I finally became aware of a man in a dirty, ragged, blood-stained set of Army fatigues sitting directly behind the cab of the Pick-R-Up, facing me, rather than forward. Apparently, the brahmin knew its route well enough to not need the Army guy's guidance. The uniform guy looked to be in his 30s or maybe early 40s, square-jawed, with dark-brown hair liberally peppered with gray, and beard stubble that was also dotted with gray. He looked to be in good shape, but I felt like I could take him, if I wasn't tied up (and if my head wasn't throbbing so badly).
He was glaring at me, as if something was my fault, and he really wanted to do something about it. Besides the military uniform, he also had something around his left wrist, like a really bulky wristwatch. It took me a moment (my head was still reeling from... something), but I finally recognized it as a Pip-Boy 3000, the portable, wrist-mounted computer that was usually issued to Vault inhabitants. It was just like the one my dad kept in his office. In fact, it was my dad's Pip-Boy! I recognized the custom paint job he'd given it after he and my mom had left Vault 53. It had been painted to look like the feathers and scales of a raptor, with several hatch-marks Dad had said represented how many raptors he'd killed in hand-to-hand combat. Given that raptors were seven-foot tall lizards with feathers, hooked beaks, and razor-sharp claws, and given that there were something like 12 hatch-marks on his Pip-Boy, I figured he had to be making that part up. Maybe. I mean, Dad was a bit of a badass.
"That doesn't belong to you," I managed to croak. My mouth was about as dry as the deserts I'd read about in one of the books my parents had brought from the Vault.
Mister Uniform (his name tag said "Roberts," but I had no idea if that was really his name, or if he'd stolen the uniform like he'd stolen my father's Pip-Boy) narrowed his eyes, as he realized I was awake. "It does now," he growled, holding up his arm, as if daring me to take the Pip-Boy from him. Well, that wasn't happening anytime soon; not as long as my hands were tied behind me, and Ruth was making no move to do anything about it. So I changed the subject.
"What's going on?" I demanded. "Where are you taking me?"
Maybe-not-Roberts managed to narrow his eyes even more, somehow not closing them completely, and curled his lip in a snarl. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he spat. I had no idea why he seemed to hate me so much. What had I ever done to him? I'd never even seen him before.
I forced my still-dehydrated mouth to speak. "What the hell is your problem? I didn't do anything to you. You kidnapped me, remember?"
He actually started to get up, raising his right hand like he was about to backhand me, but then he seemed to rethink that, and sat back down again. Maybe-Roberts glowered at me some more. "I lost twenty good men back there," he snapped. "And all I've got to show for it is you and a bastardized Assaultron."
The events before my unconsciousness started to come back to me, slowly. I remembered the pitched battle. I remembered all the little things that didn't add up. The weapons. The magically-appearing not-merchants. The Protectrons motionless in their charging pods. The lack of turret fire. The disappearing settlers. The pain of being clubbed in the back of the head. The disorientation as I was dragged away from the only home I'd ever known.
"And whose fault is that?" I managed to ask. "No one asked you to turn off our defenses." I was guessing, but I felt sure I was guessing correctly. "No one asked you to abduct people. In fact, we'd all be better off if you'd just minded your own damn business!" The last bit come out as a strained whisper, sort of a hoarse shout. Apparently, my dry mouth and throat had had enough and were giving up.
(?)Roberts(?) looked down and a bit to his left, and spat over the side of the truck. He was quiet for almost a minute as he obviously struggled to compose himself. "Goddamn super mutants," he grunted. He sighed. "Goddamned Banditos. Goddamned Militia." He drew a long breath, then let out another huge sigh shaking his head. He seemed to deflate a bit, some of the rage leaving his eyes. "Shitty bad timing. If we'd gotten there half an hour earlier -- even five minutes earlier--" He leaned back against the cab of the truck and looked up at the sky. That's when I noticed how late it was getting. The attack had been in the morning, but now it seemed to be early evening.
"Just five goddamn minutes," he continued after a few moments. "We'd have been out of there, and the goddamn Banditos and Militia could have fought over whatever was left, and the goddamn super mutants could have blown them up."
I wanted to feel bad for him, I really did. No, not really. He'd said all he got was me and Ruth. I remembered the "thump" sound and put that together with "and the goddamn super mutants could have blown them up," and realized that, for whatever reason, super mutants had attacked and wound up setting off some kind of explosive. That most likely meant that everyone I had known in Rodriguez Park, everyone I'd grown up with, was dead.
No, I didn't feel bad for "Roberts" at all.
"Where are you taking us?" I asked.
"Lackland," he said disinterestedly. All the fire had definitely gone out of him, and he looked much older than I'd originally guessed. "We would've been there by now, but I had to hide you and the 'bot from whatever was left of the goddamn super mutants. Sure took their time losing interest in the settlement after they blew it all to hell." So help me, I wanted to strangle him. He shook his head again, seeming to come to a decision. "Ah, screw it," he said. "No point in taking you back now."
He reined in the brahmin, bringing it to a halt, then suddenly lunged at me and spun me around. I heard the sound of a large knife being drawn from its sheath. Well, I thought, resigned, that's that, then. Then I realized "Roberts" had cut the ropes tying my hands. But before I could spin around and throttle him, a gunshot rang out, and he dropped dead behind me. When I turned to look in the direction of the shot, I saw a big damn 'bot with a gun, some kind of combat rifle.
No, wait, not a robot. It was a tall, really bulky suit of armor. Power armor, I realized with a start. Brotherhood power armor. And sure enough, there was the emblem, an up-thrust sword with wings, seeming to pierce a set of gears. Symbol of the Brotherhood of Steel. I quickly made to retrieve Dad's Pip-Boy, without letting the person in the power armor see what I was doing. "There was no need for that," I said, trying to distract the Brotherhood knight, or paladin, or whatever they call themselves. "He was letting me go."
"He was Enclave," said a voice that was electronically filtered. I couldn't tell if it was male or female. "He wasn't letting you go, he was making it look like an escape attempt."
I shrugged. I really didn't think he'd have bothered making an excuse like that. All he had to do was say he hadn't managed to capture anyone before the super mutants had attacked. "Well ,whatever. Thanks for the rescue. 'Bye, now." I desperately hoped the armored figure couldn't tell what I was up to, as I strapped the Pip-Boy around my left wrist.
"Not so fast," it said. "I'll take that Pip-Boy, and the Assaultron." And it actually reached out the hand that didn't have the gun, like it thought I was just going to hand over my tech.
I shook my head. "Uh-uh," I said. "Ruth decides where she goes. And this Pip-boy is all I have left of my parents." I gestured at the Pip-Boy with my free hand.
"I'm sorry to hear that," said the Brotherhood whatsit, not sounding sorry at all. "But I'm afraid I have to insist. Hand over the Pip-Boy and the robot."
I finally found the control I'd been looking for on the Pip-boy, and pressed it. "And I'm afraid I have to insist 'no,' " I, um, insisted.
Ruth whirred to life, and turned to face the power armor, her left arm (the one with the sentry bot minigun) leveling itself at the armor's helmet. "I'm afraid I have to insist 'no,' too," she said in her deceptively feminine electronic voice.
The power armor did a double-take when it realized that Ruth was in control of herself again. When the helmet focused on me again, it noticed that I now had Roberts' 10mm pistol in my hand, also pointed at the helmet. "Anyway," I added, "Ruth's not really 'mine' to give."
"I see," said the armor. Its inhabitant seemed to be weighing its' options. If it went after me, Ruth's minigun could do it some serious damage. If it went after Ruth, Ruth's minigun could still do some serious damage, plus I might get a lucky shot on a weak spot on the armor. The hand reaching for the Pip-Boy turned, fingers pointing up, palm facing me. The hand with the gun also raised up, pointing the gun barrel upward. "You win," the armor conceded. "This time."
As the Brotherhood stooge turned and stomped off down the road, in the direction we'd been heading, I managed to get the Brahmin to turn around, then shoved what was left of Roberts out of the Pick-R-Up's bed. "Are we going back to Rodriguez Park, Nat?" Ruth asked. "That doesn't seem to be a good idea. The super mutants are probably still there, trying to figure out what happened to the--" She caught herself. "To everyone," she finished lamely. "Besides, there's no way we'll get back before nightfall, and it would be bad to get caught outside of a settlement after dark."
"No choice, Ruth," I said as I snapped the reins to signal the brahmin to start walking. "I'm not going anywhere until I see for myself. Besides, I don't know of any settlements nearby, and the only thing back there," and I hitched my thumb in the direction of the departing power armor, "is Enclave and the Brotherhood."
"I see your point," Ruth said, and didn't argue any further.
* * *
We arrived back at Rodriguez Park after sunset. Well, not exactly at the settlement. When we started getting close, Dad's (dammit, my) Pip-Boy's Geiger counter started clicking, alerting me that the background radiation level was going up. Not good. I reached into the pocket of my jeans, expecting to find nothing, but apparently Roberts hadn't seen fit to search me before tying me up. I found my bottle of Rad-X still in my pocket. I opened the bottle, shook a couple of the bright red-and-yellow capsules into my free hand, and popped them into my mouth. I managed to dry-swallow them, then capped the bottle and shoved it back in my pocket. The dose I took should protect me from most radiation, for about an hour or so. I mean, it sounds like voodoo magic to me, but I've always been told it boosts the body's ability to fight off the damaging effects of radiation, and to take it if I was going into an area where radiation was higher than normal. And who am I to argue with people who supposedly know about these things?
Still I kept an eye on the Pip-Boy's readout as I drew closer to the settlement. Ruth and I had left the brahmin behind, hitched to a stunted branch sticking out of the ground that we laughingly called a tree. The Geiger counter ticked faster, but the rad-counter was still within the safe limit, for the dose of Rad-X I'd taken. Still, it was way too high for how far out I was. The rad-counter was getting dangerously close to the magic number that meant I'd have to turn back, when we got close enough to see the crater. Damn.
Ruth's spotlight played over the area. Rubble from the protective wall lay just outside the blast crater. The crater wasn't deep, but the blast radius was more than large enough to cover all of Rodriguez Park, as well as some of the surrounding area. I felt a huge lump in my throat, making it hard to swallow or breathe. My eyes began to blur with tears as I turned away and wordlessly headed back to where we'd left the brahmin tied. I guided the Brahmin away from what was left of where Rodriguez Park used to be, eradicated by a small yield, high-powered explosion from a mini-nuke, most likely wielded by a so-called super mutant suicider.
Everything -- my friends, my family, my home -- was gone forever.
submitted by TI99Kitty to TheFalloutDiaries [link] [comments]

2021.04.28 17:25 WretchedWyrmGT So after many many years of playing fallout 4, I finally put together Preston's story of the "yesterday we were 8, now we're 5."

Upon arriving in Concord, you find Preston's group under attack from Raiders sent by the Corvega gang to capture Mama Murphy so they can use her gift of the Sight to track caravans and become the dominant raider gang.
You'll have seen the first of the 3, the man by the door whose Laser Musket Preston tells you to grab.
If you turn right at the Museum of Freedom and continue down the road past the church, the second house on the left has the 2nd minuteman body, a woman.
Continuing down the road into Lexington will lead you to the Super Duper mart, where you'll find the corpses of two minutemen, Josh and Emma.
Each corpse contains a holotape.
Josh's tells you that the 3rd minutemen to die was a man named Anthony, and that "something bad must have happened for them to leave his body like that." And that Emma is waiting in the loading bay.
Emma's states that the "Group already thinks we're in concord" meaning Emma and Josh were scouts sent ahead to find safe passage, and Preston is in fact unaware of their return to the groups last known location and death there.
submitted by WretchedWyrmGT to Fallout [link] [comments]

2020.11.10 19:30 tdithers Atomic Shop Weekly Update: November 10 - November 17

From FC Mods

Need help with something? Pop by our Discord! Note: We have a bouncer bot. You may be asked to verify your account to prevent spam.
Disclaimer: This is an automated post pulling Bethesda's news page. FC Mods are NOT Bethesda staff, responses to this post likely won't reach Bethesda staff. For official feedback, go to the official fo76 subreddit, Bethesda forums, or Bethesda support page.


Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items and offers that are currently available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s free items.

Free Items

As the Brotherhood of Steel approaches Appalachia, it’s best to be prepared for their arrival! Claim the Vault 76 Military Beret for free in the Atomic Shop this week to show your support.
Item Available Until
Vault 76 Military Beret November 17
Blue Demon Power Armor Paint (Fallout 1st) December 1

Limited Time Offers

Appalachia is filled with dangers; it is important to stay safe and secure in your C.A.M.P. to protect yourself from its horrors! Set down some defenses and stay protected with the Encampment Fortress Bundle. From a Bridge Kit to Fences and Gates, this bundle has everything you need to deter unwanted visitors.
Item Atom Price Available Until
Encampment Fortress Bundle 1,200 November 24
The Flying Fortress 700 December 1
Encampment Bridge Kit 500 December 1
Encampment Fence & Gate 250 December 1
Defensive Hedgehog 250 December 1
Camo Military Utility Cap 250 December 1
Corvega Turret Skin Set 700 560 (20% Off!) November 17
Blackbird Hunting Rifle Skin 700 420 (40% Off!) November 17
Satellite Dish 300 150 (50% Off!) November 17
The Encampment Fortress Bundle includes: * Concrete Dragon’s Tooth – Bonus Item included in the bundle. * Flying Fortress * Encampment Fence and Gate * Encampment Bridge Kit * Concrete Hedgehog * Military Utility Cap
Several limited time items that made their way into the Shop during previous weeks are still available for a little while longer. Claim them for your collection before they leave on the dates below.
Item Atom Price Available Until
Viking Costume 700 November 17
Postal Service Backpack 500 November 17
“No Thank You” Emote 250 N/A

Anniversary Sale!

We are celebrating two years in the Wasteland! To kick off the Reclamation Day party, enjoy some added deals to the Atomic Shop this week, ending at 12:00 pm ET on November 17.
Item Atom Price
Red Scare Power Armor Paint 1,400 1,120 (20% Off!)
Liberty Prime Power Armor Set 1,800 1,200 (30% Off!)
Flyboy Bundle 1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Big Game Hunter C.A.M.P. Bundle 1,200 960 (20% Off!)
Blood Eagle Bundle 1,200 720 (40% Off!)
Starlet Sniper Bundle 1,500 375 (75% Off!)
Red Rocket Statue Bundle 1,500 375 (75% Off!)
Hero of the Wasteland Statue Set 500 250 (50% Off!)
Scrap Kit x 20 and Repair Kit x 20 1,000 500 (50% Off!)


Some of our favorite items have returned to the Atomic Shop for a brief visit, and many of them are on sale while they’re here. Add these items to your collection before they head back to the Vault at 12:00 p.m. ET on the dates listed below.
Item Atom Price Available Until
Grognak Hero Bundle 1,500 975 (35% off!) December 1
Mothman Outfit Bundle 1,500 1,200(20% Off!) November 24
Rustic Wallpaper Set - Black Ceramic Wallpaper 700 560(20% Off!) November 17
Thanksgiving Feast Chair 200 November 17
Thanksgiving Feast Table 200 November 17
Thanksgiving Display Case 300 November 17
Turkey Mascot Outfit 800 November 17
Thanksgiving Cornucopia Backpack 500 450 (10% Off!) November 17
Thanksgiving Corn Wreath 200 180 (10% Off!) November 17

Headed for the Vault

Some existing items are heading out of the Atomic Shop and into the Vault this week. Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on November 17.
Item Atom Price
Spooky Ghoul Bundle 1,300
Feral Ghoul Costume 700
Night Terror Gauss Rifle Paint 500
Spooky Doorbell 300
Ghoul Player Icon 150
Red Rocket Lamp 250 150 (40% Off!)
Mr Pebbles Plushie 200 120 (40% Off!)
Vault- Tec Protype Generator skin 500 300(40% Off!)

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Camo Secret Service Power Armor Paint 800 640 (20% Off!) November 10 November 17
Blackbird Super Sledge Skin 700 420 (40% Off!) November 10 November 11
Ink of the World Player Icon 50 25 (50% Off!) November 11 November 12
Mole Miner Stash Skin 500 400 (20% Off!) November 12 November 13
Rock n Roll Pose 500 300 (40% Off!) November 13 November 14
Stalker Outfit 900 450 (50% Off!) November 14 November 15
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Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV Player Icon 50 25 (50% Off!) November 16 November 17
War Rider Power Armor Skin (Fallout 1st) 1,400 1,120 (20% Off!) November 10 November 17

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2020.11.06 21:20 ComradeCatastophe ITT a new player who is hooked on the game will vent about his frustrations even though it serves no constructive purpose and is a complete waste of time

Installed it a few days ago and haven't played anything else since, safe to say I'm hooked. Which just makes it all the more frustrating that this game may be the worst overworld experience I've ever had in a game. I never thought I'd say this, but... Corvega Assembly Plant, hang your head in shame. At least with that you have the option of getting the V.A.N.S. perk to give you guidance through the maze, but with Vampyr the game gives you zero feedback on where you are going. So you open the map and try to memorize the street pathing to where you are going. Lol nope, locked gate. So you backpath and try to find another way around, and lose yourself in the winding labyrinth of dark roads and enemies until you are well and truly lost, and you open the map again and find that you've wondered into a completely different borough from where you are trying to go. I honestly feel like a moth repeatedly hitting a glass window trying to get to a light, but instead of a moth its a vampire, and instead of a light its the ever elusive quest marker that is seemingly impossible to reach. UGH.
This is not a constructive post. I'm just whining about my frustration. Carry on, lol
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2020.10.25 07:54 siempreviper THE OFFICIAL FALLOUT 4 YOLO BETTING POOL

I'm going to be making this post and then updating it to accord peoples predictions, and update the betting pool if people want to add to it. Feel free to do both!
The Rules: 1. The winner takes the whole pot unless otherwise agreed upon 2. The more accurate bet wins over the less accurate one 3. No repeats of the exact same bet 4. I'll be checking the comment timestamps to determine who has dibs to a certain prediction in case it's repeated 5. No more than one bet per person 6. Bet must be about the outcome of the series, that being either a death or how he survives/how it ends More rules can be added later if it is needed
The Pool: - A copy of Hades or Pyre from me (depending on which one the person doesn't have/want) - b00gizm is throwing in a Steam code for Vampyr - singingship is joining in with an embroidery piece, shipping included! - Tyolus will be joining in with a Humble Bundle of the winner's choice (highest tier) - Grandpa_Edd is adding an old humble bundle key for Psychonauts to the pool (keys are old and may not work, but probably will) - MarkMkI will be chipping in with a steam key for Factorio for the lucky winner - Fleudian "I am willing to throw in any game on Steam of the winner's choice, up to a maximum value of 50 USD." - echasketch2010 will grace the winner with a Obsidian/InXile cRPG of choice, e.g. Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland! - WubWubMiller is throwing in a key for Dragon Age: Origins! - FedoraFinder is joining in with a $20 Steam game of choice! - Flashpoint_Rowsdower is chipping in with a Steam key for Sonic Generations! - Lungomono is adding a steam key for Satisfactory! - jakulfrostie is also adding another Steam game up to $50 to the pool!
The Bets: siempreviper (OP): I think he'll die to a mininuke from the raider at Lexington
TypicallyThomas: He'll succeed with around 45% health left. He goes for a brotherhood run. Doesn't lose health to rads in the glowing sea, rather opting to use his lost health as a buffer to absorb the radiation
Chipperz1: Based on past performances, I reckon he'll make it to the end on less than 5% health, at least one crippled limb (probably leg) and basically looking like John McClane at the end of Die Hard. I DO think he'll survive, but only just.
timfromsluh: I want to see him succeed so badly. But I think he dies to a rad scorpion popping up out of nowhere in the Glowing Sea and his -1 perception making him miss it come up behind him and stab him to death.
b00gizm: I’ll go for the low hanging fruit: He’ll die in the Glowing Sea by a random Deathclaw spawn. The Glowing Sea is a) mandatory, and b) I simply believe you cannot have a real strategy here due to all the random spawns and constant inflow of RADs. And when things get hectic, Jon gets sloppy.
AlexLong1000: Other people have taken my actual predictions, so I'll say he'll die to an Assaultron
Daendrillix: I think he’ll die in the first few episodes to a physics object (but he’s already said he’ll continue if that happens) but then he’ll make it to nuka world, the gauntlet will take a lot of his remaining health then he’ll get killed by a random spawn of a raider or super mutant in nukaworld (something with range that isn’t always there or something he just misses with his famous perception)
logantauranga: Won't die on the first run; will instead stop it early (or effectively suicide) when he cripples a limb and it makes the game too annoying to play/watch.
singingship: The jet tells me ... I think it will be at least seven episodes in. I think he'll be tired and in the Boston ruins. It'll be an enemy positioned up high that will be unseen and explode a car he's walking past. //Mamamurphyvoice
Tyolus: Molotov to the face from a Raider he missed while exploring.
DaglessMc: i bet he dies in the nukaworld arena fight against the old raider boss
ThrowAwayehay: He'll die from the Children of Atom in the glowing sea.
LurzKesh1138: Fall damage from falling off of one of the overpasses
YaBoiCommandair: my bet is him dying to a mechanist robot patrol from Automotron, they're really chunky for level 15
meepein: He'll get through it all with less than 10% health, with the last fight being a nail biter.
Jaleou: My guess is a Super Mutant during Trinity Tower.
TheRealBlackfur: I think a vertibird will end it by crashing into him about 30 episodes in.
Hanidalon: A legendary will spawn with a rad weapon and the unexpected hit of rads ends it.
Grandpa_Edd: The "Minerat" A Molerat with mines strapped to it.
Knightfall2: He'll make it through the game. He'll end up with the minutemen but stay friendly with BOS and institute until the last few episodes. glowing sea will not be an issue.
WheeKnight: He will make it through base game, automatron and then do nuka world. He will finish with far harbor but with enough rads to almost be a shambling ghoul walking back into the commonwealth
MarkMkI: I think he'll do an institute run AND survive to the end of all the dlc with between 10 & 15 health points.
audreysjackets: I haven't played Fallout 4 since launch (just didn't like it) so I'm trying to come up with something: I say he will die to a raider, probably one with a minigun. Maybe to Ack-Ack, since that's the only death I remember from my run.
flyfart3: I think he'll die to a super mutant suicider. I'm guessing 20+episodes in
Zahfier: Kiddie Kingdom’s rad exposure kills him.
pchlster: Ghoul gets the kill.
Kua_Rock: I bet he dies from a Rust Devil patrol, they fucking HURT
libertine1: He will finish the base game plus all DLCs with about 16% HP left.
Aalmus: He'll die in Far Harbour, killed by one of the island's larger enemies like the fig crawler or hermit crab
Blindpugh: He'll die from the splash/area damage from one of his own throwables. God knows I have enough times.
Killerwhale303: he will get killed by a glowing sea bug (stingwing bloat fly etc) itll probably sneak up on him and land some nasty poison or something, plus we know Jon's incredible aim when panicked
Icebrick1: Dies due to an explosive weapon wielded by a Gunner in a boat/by water.
Kcholcher: I’m thinking he’s gonna get unlucky At Cambridge police station when he helps out Paladin Danse. I think he is going to get rushed by multiple ghouls and they end up taking him out. (Sincerely hope I’m wrong and he completed the game. Good luck Jon!)
posborne2: Due to aqua boy he will rush farharbor because with no rads in water it’s easier to complete the story. However I think he will be at such low health when he gets to the Crucible in Nuka world that the crucible will be his end
PB_Enthusiast: He'll die while invading the institute after siding with the minutemen, as its the one where the only faction you have to eliminate is the institute
Fleudian: I bet that he will make it to the end successfully, with fewer than 20% of his HP remaining, having lost a big chunk to a radscorpion ambush as well as another big chunk to a double exploding legendary robot.
Daddldiddl: Killed by a shot from a rad gun.
TigerXtrm: Since rads are extremely dangerous compared to 3 and NV, I'm betting that he'll die of rads, is unable to continue without dying of rads, or dies in the specific process of working around the rads (taking an alternate path or trying to find a specific piece of gear), before meeting Vigil.
Moeparker: My bet is Rust Devils. Once Ada wins that fight they seem to replace over 50% of the random spawns on the map, and they are so fast and so dangerous. The robots will run him down, and end his human life.
HighwayCraze: He dies to his own molotov splash damage during a panic
ScFirestorm: [M]y bet is he dies to splash damage due to either minutemen artillery or the Yangtze's missile.
Jyd98: I think he'll die during a settlement attack. I just have a hunch.
davery67: He'll die after forgets that legendary robots explode and legendary sentry bots explode twice.
vlt111: He will die to a random molotov thrown by a Raider in the first half of the game while screaming "Flip!".
M0sesMan: I think that he will die to rads in the fog when he eventually goes on land in far harbor.
BobbyClanMember: I’m betting he will die ultimately by rads, most likely in Nyla World
Mr-Pugtastic:I think he will die while retaking The Castle from the Mirelurk Queen’s acid/poison attack
AwesomeMatrix: He'll die to the nuke by waiting in Sanctuary at the start for the memes, and then continue as if nothing happened. He'll probably go Railroad as that allows him to craft Ballistic Weave. He'll survive with exactly 69 health left and his playstyle will probably be high perception high luck VATS Sniper.
KC_Wandering_Fool: I think he dies to a mine, specifically during Tradecraft as he goes for ballistic weave with the Railroad.
joej33: I think he’ll make it to Far Harbour and die to a random encounter with a fog crawler
Forow: I think Jon will die close to the end due to the radiation taking its toll over time. A death by a thousand papercuts.
TheWizardsVengeance: Jon knows this game like the back of his hand. I bet he finishes everything with 28% health remaining.
CKL777: Super mutant suicider. I think he'll nail the bomb/arm in VATS but will be too close to the explosion and that'll get him!
anadvancedrobot: He'll lose (sic) track of ammo fighting Super mutants and get blown up by a suicider.
ianwk40: I bet he will die to an explosion from a BoS patrol, either a car or the vertibird itself, after completing main story. Sorry Jon.
mjcevans: My bet is that he dies by bumping into a car, a very avoidable glitch that has caught me out many times
ElipsedEclipse: Jon will die specifically at the weston water treatment plant to one of the mutant hounds at that plant while trying to shoot the suicider.
togro20: Dies to the deathclaw on second meet (coming back and forgetting about it)
MacDerfus: He will complete it with roughly half health and less than half rads. Yeah, I'm betting hard on him.
SuperFreakonomics: I think he'll do a minuteman ending and succeed with about 10% hit points, a crippled limb and some form of chem addiction.
WubWubMiller: I’ve got a Dragon Age Origins key that says Jon dies in episode 15 to an explosion.
HijabiKathy: I don't think he'll go with the Institute or Railroad, but if he does, I'm going to go with he'll die somewhere in the web of boats around Libertalia, or on the Libertalia itself
AlaskanNinja: I think the super mutants inside Fort Strong will kill him during the Show No Mercy quest, a mutant hound will distract him and a super mutant will get the final shot on him.
Ophelia_Grey: I think if he makes it to Nuka World he will be stuck at the gas chamber during the gauntlet, won’t have enough health to rush through.
FedoraFinder: You know what? I'm going with the Triggermen, I bet he gets got out of nowhere by a bunch of those bastards in the subway. I dearly, dearly hope not, but hey.
ambreyan: My bet is the sentry bot/assaultrons in Mass Fusion while getting the beryllium agitator, avoidable but only with high hacking which he prob won’t take
FlashbackTherapy: The assaultron that spawns when you unlock DiMA's memories in Far Harbour, is my guess. Remembering the troubles that gave both Bacon and Grills Bears, as well as my theory that he'll do Far Harbour pretty early and thus potentially be under-leveled.
Flashpoint_Rowsdower: I think he'll die when he forgets a turret exists and it shots him dead.
deadeyediqq: I'm calling death by unexpected missile launcher spawn. Extra points if it's a super mutant in the fort strong basement when he's doing the brotherhood quest line early for power armour and safe transport.
DaRealAmana: I'll make the bet he dies in far harbor after beating the base game with about 20% health left.
SwarleyStinson-: Because it's Jon I reckon he'll manage to do it somehow but he'll end up with about 30 HP left.
Gerbilpapa: Nukaworld sandworm thingies !
MrWaterplant: Jon's gonna get over half his health bar covered in rads and beat the game with the minuteman ending after hiding in a corner and letting the settlement defenses deal with the brotherhood counterattack.
waterkitty-: Less than 50 health, screaming and crying, but less than 400rads. Takes down the institute with the BOS, evacuates the survivors (bonus points if he says "on this day, nobody dies" or something to that effect). Took one really heavy hit in Nuka World or automatron that made him panic for the rest of the run screaming at the drop of a hat. Spares Danse cuz hes a softie at heart. Has at least 1 chem addiction. Also just for good effect, his first legendary is a melee weapon and hes really annoyed about it, just for my own amusement.
Captainoob72: Super Mutant Behemoth?
talk_vedalken: Uhh, he somehow triggers Swan and gets yeeted out of Boston
Coldguy03: Personally very worried it will be a random molotov from a raider inside a Boston building insta killing him
Nozomin: I'll make an unusual bet: The forged will either get him or at least take a chunk out of his life.
twistedwolfheadCSGO: I genuinely believe the ending will be somewhat similar to that of New Vegas assuming he does dlc, will probably end up doing a minutemen ending for the base game based on how much he’s talked about settlements during episode 1, probably above 70% depending on how much planning he’s done. Far harbor will probably be where he loses most of his hp, probably going below 30% or so by the end of it, and he will leave Nuka world with about 8% or less hp.
timo103: A rust devil spawn (possibly with scrapbots) kills him.
echasketch2010: It'll be during Dry Rock Gulch due to a bloodworm or a cave cricket.
Lungomono: I am going with that he will die from poison damage from a radscorpion ambush. (specified in their comment)
Ringlord7: I think he will die during the battle with the mirelurk queen while retaking the Castle because of the mirelurk hatchlings rushing him while he's busy with the queen.
ThrowaHeyNow: Jon dies by being shot by someone
Genesis13: I guess Im taking Gunners as his cause of death since no has claimed them.
GamesterPowered: An irradiated attack or weapon from an enemy
manchild-perso: He’s going to die in the Gauntlet in Nuka-World. If I had to guess how exactly, he panics and forgets a trap or something behind him. It’s been a while since I played Nuka-World so I can’t remember everything in there
ItsRainbowz: I'm saying he dies to an automatron spawn. Since a few people have said that, I'll go specifically death by tankbot.
svrdm: Death by the raiders of the Corvega assembly plant. Specifically in the room with Jared.
Azikt: The pair of Nukatrons at the bottom of the disabled escalator.
Charlesthepimpfalcon: Ambush somewhere in Boston city centre. A few good hits from raiders/super mutants. The verticality of that part of the map means he could easily be attacked from multiple angles at once and picked apart.
Klisurovi4: My bet is he'll try to throw a molotov around a corner and it will clip the wall. It almost happened at the diner in the first episode.
RoboPup: You can make a super vague bet that gets lowest priority right? If so I'll say the he gets killed by a creature.
jakulfrostie: I'll throw in any steam game up to $50 that says he survives until he has to fight the courser, and then thats when he dies.
RikitheNopon: I think Jon is going to die while attempting to lower Rust Devil spawns by tackling Headhunting as soon as its available. Lots of tight corridors with brutally tanky robots, it will be a tough fight. But I truly hope Jon can complete it.
loganhutchinson5: He’s going to die of boredom doing quests for Preston, or for bettings sake a mirelurk will kill him.
GoneRampant1: My bet is: Victory on a Minuteman run, with the special caveat of having under half health.
Franksta1403: He'll die after fast travelling from the glowing sea, so taking rad damage, fast travelling into a random event that kills him, ghouls or rad scorpions or such
Agent89Panthers89: He dies by a super mutant attack(not the suicider but the subsequent shots) right around the corner from hangman's alley (we all know the spot) after getting off a BOS vertibird... god I hope im wrong
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