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A subreddit for learning and teaching the art of waiting tables. Do you have a resource or a tip for learning wine pairings? A suggestion on how to read your tables expectations and adapt to them? Have you ever accidentally splashed bleach on your apron and realized you can just color it in with a sharpie? New servers and seasoned servers alike can really benefit from your experience or a new perspective, so share it here!

2023.06.04 22:53 lady_cousland My husband and the kids again

I’ve posted before about how my husband is with the kids. Now, he usually does a community garden every year and includes the kids. Which is perfect because what kid doesn’t love playing in dirt? And my kids especially love plants and flowers, so they are always excited every year.
But he always reports back that it doesn’t go well. He’s a good dad so he kept trying but always reported it was hard. I was struggling to picture it because honestly, I spent years as a SAHM and this is the kind of shit I did with them. I remember being 9 months pregnant and my oldest, who was then 3, picking strawberries for me because I was seriously struggling but I wanted to do one more summer thing with her before we had a newborn. She’s always been super helpful and chill.
My youngest is… not as relaxed but she still isn’t awful to do stuff with and she loves being outside. So basically what I’m saying is they aren’t the worst kids to do stuff with or anything.
Well. I usually don’t go. Gardening just isn’t my thing. I’m more of an animal person. But I went today since we just happened to be out and it wouldn’t really make sense to drop me off first.
Now I get why it doesn’t go well.
The kids and him just have this simmering resentment towards each other. He’s annoyed they act like kids. They get annoyed back. They just assume he’s gonna be a jerk and act like jerks first. This obviously frustrates him. And it just continues in this vicious cycle that I’m stuck in the middle of, where I tell them to stop being rude and then I tell him quietly to stop taking their comments so personally and he needs to calmly tell them to stop instead of retorting back.
He shoots down their ideas and doesn’t like to let them do things themselves. And my 10 year old especially is sensitive to this. Since I was there today, I was able to mediate them more and help her while still allowing her to do it herself. Like he apparently usually just does it for them and I try encourage them to read info about their plants, figure out how much space they need but I mostly let them do the job themselves.
He was struggling to put something up and I suggested using our oldest to help and she was so excited. We all had fun together (even my youngest helped with the bottom) but his attitude was still very Eeyore until we finished and he saw it was okay. If I hadn’t been there, I imagine he would have snapped at any offers of help from the kids and kept trying until he was mad.
I just don’t know what to do because I can’t be there every moment reminding him to chill and that the kids can help/ do stuff. He’s in therapy and I’m hoping it helps because I can see how it upsets him when the kids and him don’t get along. But he doesn’t seem able to recognize why unless I’m there.
Don’t really need advice because we are working on it. Just needed to get this out.
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2023.06.04 22:50 thedude00007 Recent Graduate Feeling Uncertain About Pursuing Master’s Degree. Seeking Advice on Choosing Between Supply Chain, Finance, Business Information Systems, or MiM Program. Overwhelmed and Need Guidance for Next Steps. What Should I Do?”

I just graduated with BBA degree last month, now idk what to do I planned to study masters abroad initially in Australia, but due to the high tuition for international students now I have shifted my focus towards European countries like Germany, France or Italy. I was stuck between choosing to study masters in supply chain , finance or business information systems or go for a MiM. Now since graduation I have been researching a lot , the plan was always to apply for the 2024 intake and get work experience through internships until the program starts, however with all the things I have learned from researching about programs, universities and countries, I am overwhelmed and stressed on what to do next, I am not sure what field I want to get my masters in(I used to be sure abt supply chain or something with IT) Idk if I should work as a management trainee or go for a entry level position (idk what an entry level position is as I am seeing 1 year exp for those with a bachelors degree and for companies with job openings without any experience requirements ask for a mba or a masters qualification) or just go for internships and study as planned in 2024 I have no clue what my strengths are , ig I have been good with numbers and coding and tech ig . I wanted to pursue a CS degree(I liked coding ,although it was just python) but due to my commerce background in highschool I wasn’t eligible for it.(this does not mean I hate my business degree, it was always between a bba and cs for me) I like marketing as well but only the advertising/digital marketing side , I hate the sales side of it as I am slightly introverted. Now idk what to do , should I stick with my 2024 plan or work and then study in 2025 I just want a career that is kinda technical for a management role idk if that’s the right word, with a good future and career scope
TL;DR: Recently graduated with a BBA degree. Feeling uncertain about pursuing a master's degree. Considering options in European countries like Germany, France, or Italy. Undecided between studying supply chain, finance, business information systems, or pursuing a MiM program. Overwhelmed by research and unsure about the next steps. Unsure about starting as a management trainee or in an entry-level position or proceeding with 2024 study plan. Interested in a career that is technical for a management career.
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2023.06.04 22:50 THeWizardOfOde Doorstops and double deckers.

Doorstops and double deckers.
This was my second visit to London (live in US). The first time was right out of college with my best friend in 2011. We watched the Arsenal v Fulham match and in hindsight, were probably watching the beginning of the end of the Arsene Wenger era. Then we basically walked around Westminster for a day taking "proof of life" pictures for our loved ones back home of typical British "things" both contemporary and historic to prove to them that we didn't just drink and party, then the rest of the stay, we drank and partied.
This time, my best friend and I took our families and did not drink and party (the whole time). We also obviously were at the Wolves game, and it truly felt like we were at the end of the beginning of the Arteta era. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. There was a buzz around the ground like I have never seen before (mind you I have only been to 5 games in both Highbury and Emirates). The boys gave us a fond farewell to the season. Xhaka love was felt all through the ground. The starboy signed off in style. And even the new kid got on the score sheet. What more can you ask of. Pics below.
At halftime, in order to fulfil my yearly pledge to be more helpful, I was passing out the free waters they had out for everyone and I spilt 75% of my beer on a 10 year old. His dad was a good sport as everyone around me very quickly ratted me out to him and started pointing and laughing at me. I obviously offered my condolences to the dad for his loss, and RIP to that kid, and my free beer. But worry not, I went to a different kiosk and got another free beer, and a free pint, which I quickly chugged like a college kid about have the spotlight shone on him from a cop car. At that moment I had 2 realizations, one, that I have reached an age where I can no longer do that. And two, that I no longer like the Camden "Hells Lager".
There was a brass and snare quintet that paraded through the area before the match. And as someone who sees a lot of big bands as part of the fan experience in US sports, I have to ask the Europeans in the thread...Is this a new thing brought on by American owners? Or has this always been a thing? I have never associated European sports with "fight songs" and I didn't see this the past 4 times I've been to watch Arsenal. Just curious.
After the game, my friend and I got hammered in and around the bars at Islington and we somehow made it home at 1am. The next day I had promised my son to go to the zoo, and it was the brightest day that I have ever woken up to. The whole experience was a blur or headache and nausea, and in hindsight, I should've just kept drinking. I also realized that day, that I hate the tiny little rubber doorstoppers at every freaking door of our AirBnB apartment. Why not just attach one to the door?? I kept kicking them away under the bed, or a nearby table in order to close the door and then getting yelled at by my wife. Having grown up in India...I understand the need for heavy doors and doorstoppers, but just install them on the bottom of the door you simpletons! This obviously goes out to the person who made that creative decision to not have that, not the general population of the UK, or London, or even that apartment complex.
My son wanted to ride a double decker bus, and I did not. I was avoiding it the whole time as I find them a terror to society and I don't know who would want to sit on something that top heavy, moving at speed. He got his wish when we went to visit Stonehenge. We sat at the top, and every turn I felt like we were going to mass murder an entire crop of pedestrians standing on the curb. My son is 4, so he is pretty much a sociopath who craves the wanton destruction of property.
London has amazing parks. We went to Holland Park, Hyde Park, St. James's Park, and Regents Park. As attractions that are free for the public, I hope you Londoners appreciate what you have. They are brilliant. Well done.
As a history fanatic, the Globe was amazing, so was the Abbey. And the other little pieces of history that are dotted all around the city as we walked around. A lot of people we talked to, other tourists mostly, were complaining about how dirty the city is. Its not that bad. All cities are dirty. Stop being a baby.
Now lets take a moment and talk about Heathrow airport and the workers therein. I don't know if the people who are suppose to pay them don't pay them enough. Or they are just made in a factory somewhere designed to make everyone's life a living hell. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Everyone was rude, everyone was constantly rushing us, and everyone was sarcastic. Especially this one lady at security who I know hails from the same part of the world that I come from...if you're reading this, I hope a bird poops in your mouth.
In conclusion. Thanks to the Arsenal fans/family for an amazing experience. Thanks to these wonderful players and our brilliant manager for an amazing season and final game. I fell in love with the city all over again, but figure out the fucking doorstoppers. Heathrow can eat my dick.
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2023.06.04 22:49 PsychologicalFan7749 Recommend a trustworthy landscaper?

Hi there,
I am looking to get my paving replaced in my back garden but I am struggling to find a tradesman i can trust in the Derby area. Can anyone recommend a tradesman they may have used in the past that gave a realistic quote and was a legitimate company that did a good job? I just dont want to get ripped off, thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:49 fearlessglitter13 Should I give my mentor a goodbye gift?

I’ve been working with a mentor for two years. We have been meeting once every month and she helped me tremendously with my career and personal life. She did that all for free and volunteered her time despite being busy and I appreciate it. Last year, she got herself a new house so I gave her a gift card to a home store.
This week we ended the mentorship because I got a job and she was having some health issues. I was thinking of sending her a thank you gift which is a plant because she helped me grow. And I’ve seen her have plants in her house. But I don’t know if it would be too much since I already gave her a gift card last year or if it is not a good idea I’m not sure.
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2023.06.04 22:49 leafclouds201 18yrs male failing life.

i don't know if that's the place to post it but why not since i am an algerian too.
i never thought to say this, i have always been at the top of my class except this year which i am supposed to pass my bac exam, i am not taking my circumstances as an excuse i could do better and it's totally my fault.
for the past 8 months i have always suffered from serve depression and anxiety i was literally shaking sweating with difficulty to breath every time i had a new bout it's really hard to explain how tough it was, i considered suicide as a solution in almost every moment, i posted with different accounts on SuicideWatch and i had amazing people helping me, i read a lot of people suicide letters and i addicted of watching suicide gore videos i was lacking the courage to end my life i really suffered that time i slowly started to go under in life, i escaped school in order to get more sleep because i knew the moment i wake up the loop start to do it's job and i'll just wish i ended my life already, i was smoking tobacco as a way to relive but it only got worst, i even gave up going to gym because what's the point right? i spent last summer reading the works of emil cioran and charles bukowski which made it easier for me to be the nihilistic idiot i was at the time.
finally things started slowly get in order but it was to late two months left for the exam i tried my best to study i made some progress but it's not enough to succeed i had times of exhaustion i took a break for few hours and kept on studying
i don't care if i lost the bac this year all i think about is how my family and my parents were supportive and me failing their expectation, even my english teacher she was always kind to me she always told me i was one of her best students and she even bought me book in mathematics to study with i was getting good grades in her class only even though i didn't study i didn't even care to pass other subjects tests
i don't know what the next step to do with my life i always wanted to build a career on IT, i can do some basic stuff with linux terminal and basic sql injection hacking, i love the filed and i want to give my best for sure i'll need to get a college degree so i guess i'll have to redo my bac to go to a decent one, i am also looking forward to get a BTS in databases this may not be the best degree but it worth to put in my cv and why not if i'll learn few things out of it, i am also looking to study the cisco CCNT this summer, i was able to make few bucks online but it's not like i can rely on it, so am looking for a good career, am also into trading i learned some technical analysis but it's not enough to make it in this filed i need to get more knowledge in economy and statistics so it'd be a good thing to learn it as well
am willing to spend to next 5 years to get as good as i can i both fields beside getting a college degree
i feel like i am lost in life everybody is doing better with their lives and look at me i ma failing my bac as a idiot i don't thing i'll ever be able to make it in life
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2023.06.04 22:49 spidyr Boys’ haircuts?

If you have a boy under, like, 13, where do you take him in Bend to get his hair cut? Anyone have good things to say about SportClips or Supercuts?
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2023.06.04 22:48 ThatOneKirbyMain2568 Top Monthly Suggestions for May 2023! June 2023's Theme Is "Ow, That's Hot!"

Top Monthly Suggestions for May 2023! June 2023's Theme Is

Your monthly reminder that, yes, there are suggestions that do get over 200 karma from the Minecraft community. Truly riveting, isn't it?

Alongside some announcements, this post showcases all of the suggestions from the past month that have achieved beyond 200 karma, as well as the 10 closest stragglers that were just shy of making the mark.
Our New Year's resolution (not really) is to actually do these things somewhat consistently. And, like all New Year's resolutions, this will last until mid-February at best.
I should be a fortune teller.
Salvete Redditores!
What's this? Unsolicited Latin? A monthly theme that nobody asked for? Could it be?
Yes, it can be. It is I, u/ThatOneKirbyMain2568, back from the deep, dark depths of moderator inactivity. It's a truly terrible place, cursed with perpetual laziness, subreddit lurking, and the occasional warden. But luckily, I've escaped and am ready to actually do something for 3 days tops, starting with a TMS report!

June 2023's theme is "Ow, That's Hot!"

Summer starts this month, so let's heat things up accordingly.
This month's theme is about all things hot. Anything is fair game, from the pretty hot stuff like fires and furnaces to the really hot stuff like lava and villagers. If there's a lot of heat involved, it fits.
This theme is pretty open-ended. You can do the obvious stuff like Nether mobs and fire variants, but you could also look at a new cooking workstation or a temperature system. Whatever new way you want to burn to death in Minecraft, make a post about it with the Monthly Theme flair!

Monthly Challenges

If you're planning on making a Monthly Theme post, try your hand at these challenges! There are 3 this month:
  1. Include an infographic in a post! [30 points per post; limit of 2 posts]
  2. Collaborate with and credit another user in a post! [20 points per post; limit of 2 posts]
  3. Get 15 karma on a post! [5 points per 15 karma on a post; limit of 100 points]
There are 200 points waiting for monthly aspirers. Good luck!

Steps to Participate

  • Your post must be in minecraftsuggestions.
  • Be sure to check the rules before you post. Check the FPS list, and make sure you aren't suggestion listing.
  • Make sure your post has the Monthly Theme flair.
  • Post between now and the next TMS report.
u/Emma_mxyz is the MVP of this month with their 500+ karma post on green fire, which also sports some amazing art! Very well done!
u/Chippy_the_Monk won January's (yes it was that long ago shut up) challenges with 70 points, courtesy of a post on a new type of wood.
In May, 16 suggestions got 200+ karma. Oddly low compared to the 45-ish it's been hovering around since November.
Behold, the breakdown!
These bands here really show how small of a number 16 is compared to usual. Very few posts got above the 200s this time around: 4 in May compared to 18 in April. Unlike April, though, one reached the 500s.
Oh, how the Mobs flair has fa—wait, I said that last time. But here, it's even worse, with Mobs having only a third of what Blocks & Items has. Fun fact: in April, Mobs was tied for 12th place instead of being in 2nd as usual.
Firstly, in case you somehow read through all of this before checking the title of the other pinned post, the subreddit will be locked from June 12 to 14. This is in protest of Reddit planning to lock its API behind absurd costs. Not only will this kill 3rd-party Reddit Apps, but it will also screw over the bot that compiles the top suggestions for us, meaning that TMS reports could become even rarer than they already are.
Secondly, since 2023 began (-_-), there have been a bunch of changes to the FPS and Rejected lists. Here they are in their post-removing glory:

FPS List Changes

We added a couple of common suggestions to the FPS list:
  • [Blocks] Added 'Re-adding roses and/or cyan roses'
  • [Gameplay Mechanics] Added 'Setting to change how often music is played, and/or which songs are played'
Additionally, we removed some things to reflect new 1.20 additions:
  • [Redstone] Removed 'Hoppers/droppers/dispensers/etc. working with Jukeboxes'
  • [User Interface/GUIs] Removed 'Edit signs after placing'
  • [World Generation] Replaced 'Cherry or Redwood Trees' with 'Redwood Trees'

Rejected List Changes

All of the Rejected list changes relate to 1.20:
  • [Mobs] Added 'Camels equipping chests or other storage. (source)'
  • [Vanity and Decoration] Added 'Armor trims give gameplay advantages. (Source)'
  • [Vanity and Decoration] Removed 'Trims or embellishments to Netherite armor. (source)'

Implemented List Changes

To the Implemented List, we added a few things we missed in prior updates:
  • [1.17] Added 'Item in shulker boxes are dropped when the shulker is destroyed [LINK]'
  • [1.19] Added 'Mob heads placed on note blocks cause the note blocks to make that mob's sound instead of a note [LINK]'
Let's take a look at some beautiful suggestions that made this month's TMS report!
Here are the 10 that were closest to 200 karma:
All TMS reports are catalogued on the subreddit's TMS Catalog Wikipage.
That's all, folks! See you in August 2025 for the next TMS report!
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2023.06.04 22:47 karen_beck Considering Moving To Elliot Lake

Hey, everybody! I'm visiting Elliot Lake this weekend with the intention of looking to buy a house there shortly. I'm going to kind of get a feel for the area, maybe attend some open houses, and such... I've never even visited, but the price point is right on and I am desperate to find a place for my family as we're currently living with my aunt. I was hoping to get information from people who live there, have lived there, or have visited. It would be a huge help. Information about the housing market, good neighbourhoods to look at, schools, people there, fishing, job market, or anything like that would be extremely helpful to us right now!
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2023.06.04 22:46 Cute-but-bites It's time

Hello fellow Witches. After rather dark period in my life I was keeping for myself for a few years, not reaching much to the outside world or people. It was good and safe, but I feel rested enogh to step outside, to grow, to see what future holds and what world has to offer. I've cracked my safe shell and have made first steps. I have new job, new friends and even this one person I really like. But it's all new, fragile, unsure and honestly very overwhelming. So please please pretty please send good vibes and blessings for my new beginning. Much appreciated. Love you all
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2023.06.04 22:46 InfoSec-Gardener Information Security Manager / Cyber Risk Management

I'm a fairly decent and qualified cyber security manager with a broad and deep background. I've worked on some fairly large and complex projects over the last 10 years and have some fairly niche skills in NIS RDSP legislation that I'm hoping to capitalise on as the new legislation comes out over the next 18 months.
I'm wanting to get into contracting and I'm doing market research before I take the jump, but there does not seem to be a depth of infosec management jobs going and the ones that do fit me all seem to be for down south, with myself being based near Newcastle.
From jobs that are up the day rates varying from £600-£850 and I'm confident I could do these standing on my head.
My questions: 1. Does anyone have any experience with IT / infosec contracting? And can you share your experience (good or bad) 2. Is this market controlled by agencies that I need to get closer with? 3. Do roles just come and go within days and is that why I'm perceiving a dry market? 4. Any general advice for someone who has not done contracting before.
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2023.06.04 22:46 AggressiveSpatula The skill ceiling in this game is ridiculous

My Dad taught me this chess when I was younger, and I'd play once every few months or so. I was decent at the game. I feel like most people know the rules of the game, and for people who played as much as I did, I tended to win. I was comfortably better than most people. I rarely 'stomped' people, but I won more than I lost. When I joined chesscom in graduate school, my rating was about 600 rapid. Think about that. "better than most people" equates to 600 rapid. I have been consistently playing for a bit over a year now, and I just broke 1400 yesterday. I am a good player. I'm not a great player, but I am a good player. According to the percentile I am better than 95.6% of the players on chesscom. This isn't being better than 95.6% of all people, this is being better than the 95.6% of people who were serious enough about the game to make an account (granted, that's not a high bar, but it's still a bar). I'm good. I stomp people now. If I played my 600 rated self I would decimated them (me?). I have a 700 rapid friend who I'll play without a rook and pawn, and I'll still beat her more often than not.

I am not *HALF* as good as the top players. There are people in this world who are consistently breaking 2800. That is ludicrous. I am more likely to lose to a 200 rated opponent in a fair game than I am to draw Fabiano Caruana if you gave me queen odds (worth 1100 according to chesscom). People like to make fun of Giri and Radjabov for being draw prone, but they are draw prone at the highest possible levels. Giri's peak rating is 2798, and Radjabov's peak is 2793. And those are FIDE ratings, which is way more competitive, not chesscom so it's not even a fair comparison. Hikaru memes around online and is still so good at this game that he literally does "Botez gambit speed runs" to the **grandmaster** level *for content.* In-freaking-sane. It blows my mind how good people are at this game. If I plug myself into an Elo odds calculator (https://wismuth.com/elo/calculator.html#name1=Caruana%2C+Fabiano&rating2=1400) vs Fabiano Caruana The computer gives me 0.999999665 odds that Fabi wins, and 0.000000602 odds of a draw. If you put that into a calculator and add them together it comes out to a rounding error. Count the 9's on that bad boy, there are 6 of them. That is literally less than 1 in a million chance. Llyod from Dumb and Dumber is twice as likely to end up getting together with Mary. Here's a fun website showing other things that have a 1 in a million chance of happening https://www.stat.berkeley.edu/~aldous/Real-World/million.html. I can name 7 famous people, go to wikipedia, hit "random article" and have a greater chance of immediately landing on one of those people than I do at having a chance of beating Fabi.
A 600 elo difference equates to about 1 in 100 odds, which we will call "stomping territory." So if we start with my original 600 rating which is *already better than most casual players.* Then a 1200 stomps a 600, an 1800 stomps a 1200, Gothamchess stomps an 1800, and Levy gets beaten by Magnus 93% of the time. Magnus playing my 600 rated self is like my boss's boss's boss's boss coming in and telling me I'm doing a bad job. The CEO of Walmart circumventing the regional, district and general mangers to fire the greeter at the local store.
Blows my mind. Hello to any super GM's reading this.
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2023.06.04 22:45 Jd0266 Good Dick! Orgasm!

Good Dick! Orgasm! submitted by Jd0266 to Fjdikd [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:45 reylomeansbalance Was Anne Boleyn a Victim of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Karen Lindsey, author of Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII puts forth a very interesting opinion on the way we should view Anne Boleyn's time at court:
I was doing an article for Ms. about sexual harassment on the job and reading about Henry's wives in my free time, but it took a while to put together the fact that Ann Boleyn's position as lady-in-waiting to Henry's wife Catherine of Aragon was her job, and that, far from trying to lure Henry away from Catherine, she had spent over a year tactfully trying to repel his sexual advances.
Today, Henry’s approach to Ann would be instantly identifiable as sexual harassment. Ann however, had no social or legal recourse against a the man who ruled the country. She continued, as so many women before and since have done, to dodge her pursuer’s advances while sparing his feelings. It didn’t work.
It was a hellish position. Could she really tell the king to his face that she had no interest in him? She could reiterate her desire to keep her chastity and her honor, but clearly he didn’t respect that. She could ignore his letters and stay away from court, but he refused to take the hint. To offer him the outright insult he asked for would be to risk not only her own but her father’s and brother’s careers at court. She undoubtedly kept hoping he would tire of the chase and transfer his attentions to some newer lady-in-waiting.

But he didn't and she was trapped; there was no chance of her making a good marriage when every eligible nobleman knew the king wanted her.
Lindsey is correct that Katharine of Aragon's court was Anne's workplace. Service in a noble court was the 16th century's version of the corporate ladder. The world of the nobility was a system of intricate social stratification where everyone sought employment from the rank above. The Babee's Book laid out this chain of service in example:
Even the duke's son preferred page to the prince, the earl's second son attendant upon the duke, the knight's second son the earl's servant, the esquire's son to wear the knight's livery, and the gentleman's son the esquire's serving-man.
Those who were charming, talented, clever, or amusing, could be promoted with additional job duties and income, or move up to the household of a noble higher in rank.
The duty of service to one's betters was bound up in religious faith. The Tudors believed that God had ordained the social order of the world. A person's status was the position to which God had called them, and so service to their superiors was as service to God.
Only those of the highest pedigree and social connections could hope to find a job serving the king or queen. Anne Boleyn was not titled, but she was the granddaughter of a duke. Her father was a very wealthy and well-connected man who had served as the king's ambassador, and Anne's mother had served Elizabeth of York. Securing Anne a job as a lady in waiting to Queen Katharine was a boon for their family.
Anne was employed in a series of royal households from the time she was a very young child, learning the social graces that would entertain those who employed her. She could dance, play instruments, engage in witty conversation, and was well-read enough to debate on intellectual topics. She was the consummate professional in her work, and remained chaste while she waited for her father to arrange a good marriage for her.
At one point, Anne took the bull by the horns and tried to arrange her own marriage with the son of the Earl of Northumberland. The results were disastrous, as far as her career was concerned. Once it was discovered what she was doing, she was banned from seeing the young man again and sent home to Hever in disgrace. She was fired, in other words.
Her family must have been livid. The match her father had been working on - perhaps unbeknownst to Anne - fell apart. Some scholars believe it might have had something to do with Anne's failed betrothal, but no records exist to explain it. The Butler family may not have wanted the union in the first place, which might have been engineered by Cardinal Wolsey to resolve an inheritance dispute. In any case, Anne now had no job, and no prospects for a husband.
Anne returned to court about a year later. We know nothing of the next two years or so, except what fragments can be deduced from the memories of Thomas Wyatt, as related by his grandson.
There was, at this present, presented to the eye of the court the rare and admirable beauty of the fresh and young Lady Anne Boleigna, to be attending upon the queen. In this noble imp, the graces of nature graced by gracious education, seemed even at the first to have promised bliss unto her aftertimes. She was taken at that time to have a beauty not so whitely as clear and fresh above all we may esteem, which appeared much more excellent by her favour passing sweet and cheerful; and these, both also increased by her noble presence of shape and fashion, representing both mildness and majesty more than can be expressed.
She seems to have been very popular at court. Northumberland's son wasn't the only man who was attracted to Anne. Thomas Wyatt fell in love with her, according to his grandson's book, and several of Wyatt's poems seem to refer to Anne and his unrequited passion for her. But Anne was cautious of her reputation, and rejected Wyatt's advances.
King Henry seems to have noticed Anne in late 1525/early 1526. His favor came with a "promotion" offer for her: an appointment to serve his wife, Katharine of Aragon. Anne wrote the king a letter, thanking him for the appointment. But this promotion came with some drawbacks.
As Karen Lindsey notes, Anne was in a very delicate situation with Henry's favor. Having his interest meant her family's advancement, and indeed, her father and brother received a steady series of gifts, grants, properties and titles, including his long-desired title of Earl of Ormond. Anne herself was showered with gowns and jewels, and fawned over by the court, seeking her favor so she might help advance them as well. Rejecting the king outright would have cut off this flow, and perhaps even set the Boleyn family back to being worse off, if the king became angry about it.
In February 1526, Henry made a public declaration of his interest in Anne, hoping the fawning attention of the court would pressure her into giving into his advances. Anne was suddenly thrust into the international spotlight as Henry's love interest, and suddenly had dozens of new "friends" seeking her favor and trying to use her for their own advancement. And, of course, they encouraged her to accede to the king's wishes. But Anne held firm to her principles. She would not sleep with any man outside the bonds of holy matrimony.
Henry now spent more time in his wife’s quarters than he had in years, but it was to visit Anne where she couldn’t escape his attentions.
In May, it got so bad that Anne actually quit her job as a lady in waiting and retreated to Hever, where she refused to answer Henry’s letters and sent back his gifts. Henry’s letters to her at this point are full of pouting complaints that she won’t write back to him. He claims not to understand it.
I cannot sufficiently marvel at, because I am sure that I have since never done any thing to offend you, and it seems a very poor return for the great love which I bear you to keep me at a distance both from the speech and the person of the woman that I esteem most in the world...
Henry still wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and chased after her. He went to stay with a cousin of Anne, Nicholas Carew, whose house was a convenient distance from Hever so he could ride over at his leisure. Anne could not refuse to receive him at the house. She refused wherever she had agency, but in this she did not. No one could refuse the king admittance.
When Anne did return to court, she had to face a great deal of hostility. Those still loyal to Katharine of Aragon despised Anne for "luring" the king away from his wife. Anne had enemies she'd never even met, people who hated her for everything she represented, who twisted her words and spread malicious gossip about her throughout Europe. Courtiers who smiled at her and bowed whispered behind their hands. Families were divided as religious reformers sided with the Boleyn faction, and the conservatives sided with Katharine.
But the greatest problem was that no man would seek Anne's hand in marriage while the king was pursuing her, certainly, and not after he lost interest, either. Few people believed Anne was still a virgin, and her reputation was in tatters around Europe. Around the time the king decided he wanted to marry her, Anne may have realized herself that she would marry the king, or have to remain unwed, a burden on her family.
Thomas Boleyn has been portrayed as grasping and heartless, selling his daughters like a common pimp, but truthfully, he had little say in the matter, either. It wasn't only his fortunes at stake, but the entire future of the Boleyn family. If he'd had a choice, he probably would have wished Anne would give in and become the king's mistress, because Henry tended to find respectable husbands for the women he bedded once he was done. But Anne's religious convictions were too strong for that.
Anne was, indeed, trapped. She could not risk offending her "boss" and losing her job with her entire family's future at stake. Whether she liked it or not, she had to keep the king's favor. It was upward toward the throne or utter ruin. Anne Boleyn never really had a choice.
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2023.06.04 22:45 throwaway11-17 advice for intimacy when i have sexual disability? please help. [serious]

i (28) was born with some defects that affect my penis and i lost a testicle, and my sphincter. it affects the way i look from the front, my size, and i am not very stretchy. i identify as a bottom but i can’t do fully penetrative things, or handle large or medium sized stuff. i’m still learning what i can do, embarrassingly, and i need a partner who’s patient and willing to explore my body. i prefer to please and forego my pleasure usually and jack off alone late.
these things have taken me time to overcome fears about, but i have done a lot of work on myself to try. last time i posted i was afraid of sex entirely, and over a year later i’ve faced those fears somewhat and had some good fun. but mostly in hookup scenarios where i don’t need to explain much or where i didn’t have to be fully “exposed” or nude or have my insecure parts of my body be the center of attention.
i had mixed reviews. of the ones i was really earnest and open about these concerns with, rather than just me pleasing them, one guy asked if i was trans (nope just born with issues that surgeons tried to fix), one assaulted me, and two were gentle but got a little disappointed when i couldn’t perform with my dick or ass how they expected. but i don’t want to give up. i want to keep risking it to find someone patient and gentle.
been seeing this amazing guy for a few weeks now, and things are picking up. they’re coming over tonight. we have been building up a sexual tension and i think it’ll probably get there when we hang out because we are watching a movie and eating dinner at home. i was very honest on my first date i’m a product of a bunch of medical procedures that really affect my body and sexual abilities, and esteem, and that it would take some communication and creativity, and that i didn’t want to surprise them. they were so tender and sweet. and assured me it’s about what’s on the inside, to them, which they said they adored so far.
i am equal parts excited they’re so understanding but terrified i won’t be able to keep them interested with my limits and honestly insecurities when it comes to sex. this fear usually gives me performance anxiety and i can’t get off with someone else without being like oh god they’re looking at my scarred up mangled body right now and psyching myself out. i can do basically everything great and without fear except when it gets to focusing on my dick or giving me a bj or pleasure i stress out and get super anxious. like i don’t even want my dick out during sex bc it doesn’t bring me pleasure to have someone wanna use it or play with it at all.
does anyone have advice for navigating my nervous conversation with someone i’ve been building a great rapport and bond with? they’re so sweet , so sexy, what can i do to be honest but not buzzkill our hot night? what other intimacy acts can i try if my dicks not willing to work with me tonight? i found intense foreplay, intimacy, verbal and mental stimulation helps a lot for me. i don’t want to let my fears fuck this one up! he’s so sweet
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2023.06.04 22:45 googlgoo Whistleblower on others harassment and discrimination as well as my own harassment by HR

Hello I’m not quite sure what to do and I need advice on the following:
Based on the information below- Is what the HR director is doing even illegal? Is HR director creating a hostile work environment? Are all of our stories enough for action to be taken against the HR director? Do I get my own counsel for this? I am worried about retaliation being the whistleblower from not only HR but potentially others in senior leadership as well.
My experience:
I work for a non profit (less than 100 employees). I started about 3 years ago and ever since I joined our director of HR (a team of 2 people) has been incredibly problematic.
For background, I’m 25f, white, I’m based in California, and our organization was originally completely remote but has now shifted to virtual.
As the youngest employee in my company for quite some time there were always comments about my age that started out fine like “your generation gives me hope” that came from the director of HR. After a while it evolved into comments about how I was good with technology and just typical gen z sterotypes. They didn’t bother me that much as they weren’t negative or derogatory, but it made me feel incredibly isolated and just very singled out. I don’t think this qualifies as harassment, but this was just the start of her impact on my experience in the workplace.
We became a hybrid organization back in September (this decision was made sometime between March and May 2022, and announced in June 2022). I believe the decision was made in early April because I was warned not to move too far away when I asked about the process of moving at that time (this is important and relates to coworker #2s experience).
A few weeks into our new hybrid model, I had to have surgery where I ended up losing a significant amount of weight. I struggle with an eating disorder and this weight loss took a very large toll on my physical and mental health. I had to take some time off of work to recover, but when I returned 3 weeks later is when my HR director started making numerous comments on my body and appearance.
“You’re so skinny” “You lost so much weight, you need to get some meat on you” “I wish I could be that skinny, everything just goes right to my stomach now. But look at you, you’ve got nothing on you” (In response to me saying my weight loss isn’t a good thing for me) “oh just come over to my house. we’re always eating” “You look great, you’ve lost so much weight” “I just don’t have that metabolism like you do anymore”
After the third comment I made it very clear that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and this weight loss was very difficult for me to deal with. And still she commented on my body after the fact. I can tell it either came from a place of jealousy, or was meant as a compliment. But it is not okay to comment on people’s physical appearance whatsoever even if you think it’s a compliment. Many people have overheard it and it just again made me feel very singled out and isolated and incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. It makes it difficult to do my job and although these comments aren’t as frequent, they have all happened since we came back into the office in the past 8 months.
Back in December I handed in my two weeks notice, but after long discussions I decided to stay as I got the promotion I had been fighting for for months. At the end of the conversation of me agreeing to stay on HR forced me to hug her, and it was extremely uncomfortable, I did not want to be touched but she did it anyways.
Over the past year I had had some funny calendar appointment names such as “leave me alone so I can be productive please and thanks”. Every single person who has seen that on my calendar has told me they thought it was funny. My HR director specifically said to me “that’s hilarious, oh you keep me young”. A few weeks ago she calls my supervisor into her office and told my supervisor to tell me to take it down bc HR director doesn’t like the language. That’s totally fine if somebody was uncomfortable with it/wanted me to take it down. But why didnt she come to me directly? And also with the gaslighting. It just all makes me feel uncomfortable coming into the office and interacting with her at all (which I have to for certain projects that she controls the budget)
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2023.06.04 22:44 Sleepytimejunktion Silently Fired for having a seizure on the job

So I had this job like a year ago now for two months, it was my first job so I don't know what I'm doing. But bassically I have seizures. They knew about this and said it wasnt an issue and I was a good worker and that as long as I come to work on time it's not a problem. I did all of these things
One day I had a seizure on the job, got a concussion on their concrete floor cuz I was alone in the backroom, had to be sent to the hospital and go on a medical leave against their wishes for about 2 weeks. I got a note from my doctor saying I could return to work which at first they said was all they needed. Then when I call to get scheduled they say I can't come to work cuz they have to talk to HR before I do. A year of phone calls and emails most of which have been ignored and I am now locked out of the employee app and have still not been scheduled.
I feel like they fired me for a medical issue and I know that's illegal but I want to know what action I can take if any to get some compensation. They didn't even give me unemployment which I think is something I was supposed to get if they fired me too. But because they did it so silently I don't have much to go off of. Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 22:44 notburneddown What is a good material for my case?

So I already have CCNA. I’m considering getting CCNP. I earned CCNA the end of last summer (9 ish months ago). I’m thinking that it would make a lot of sense for me to go back and quickly relearn CCNA material then focus on CCNP or more advanced Cisco training.
My long term career goal is cybersecurity so I’m gonna try to get a networking job when I graduate as a means of getting into security later (because I don’t have a security internship available).
Can someone recommend a good online training that can reiterate CCNA and then I can transition to CCNP material?
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2023.06.04 22:43 Dtmann15 Recently upgraded my irons. Did Ping absolutely botch this build in terms of length?

Recently upgraded my irons. Did Ping absolutely botch this build in terms of length?
Some context and background. I’ve been gaming the i210 with S300 shafts. When I upgraded I decided I wanted to go with graphite after a fitting to help with injury management and liked that I got a few mph of club head speed back without feeling like I was going to sever my spine going after it.
I ordered i59s (blue dot standard length and lofts) with ping’s alta CB stiff graphite option and golfpride standard grips. Here is where things get interesting. They sent the clubs with undersized grips, called and they refused to give any guidance except for telling me to buy new grips and have them installed (cool, like I didn’t just spend a bunch on new clubs already)
After a range session and playing a round strikes felt good, but setup felt off. So I was checking lengths and realized they are all over the place. Is this to maintain a consistent swing weight or is this just an absolutely poor job on pings part?
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2023.06.04 22:43 jukeboxgasoline Polish bras in 60-65F-G, UK bras to fit 26-28F-GG - small band sizes!

Imgur images
Hi all! I'm trying to make room for some new bras so I'm getting rid of some I don't wear anymore. I'm including links to the bras on Bratabase so you can see the measurements. Any panties have either been washed or were only tried on over underwear.
  1. 65G Ewa Michalak CH unknown set: Bra is EUC and size 36 thong is BNWT, bought secondhand. Unlined half cup, fits true to size. $28 for bra only, $35 for set
  2. 65F Ewa Michalak SMN For You: BNWT, includes removable straps. Bratabase listing. $36
  3. 60GG Ewa Michalak custom CHP Wenecja: VGUC with no flaws and lots of life left, custom cut from BM Wenecja. Bratabase listing. $38
  4. 60J Comexim Lilly set: BNWOT, straps moved in slightly, gore overlapped, briefs are size S. Bratabase listing. $25 for bra only, $30 for set
  5. 26H Katherine Hamilton Emilie Wireless Bralette: BNWT, great for a 26GG-H or 28G-GG, shallow and wide. Bratabase listing. $21
  6. 28G Panache Ana in a mossy green color: BNWOT. Measurements. $36
  7. 30F Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports: BNWOT. Measurements - good for a 24-26 band or a smaller 28, very firm band and runs slightly small in the cup. $20
  8. 28FF Freya Active Moulded Sports Bra: EUC, secondhand. Measurements - a good option for a 26 band. Shallow and wide. $17
  9. 60G Ewa Michalak BM Kleks: EUC, secondhand. Measurements - runs VERY small in the band! Fits like an Ewa Michalak 55G or so. $28
  10. 65F Ewa Michalak CHP Fiolek: GUC, secondhand. Measurements. $22
Logistical concerns: Shipping within the US should be $6 or less, international $12-15. I would be happy to swap for an Ewa Michalak 60G-GG or 65F-FF depending on the cut. Accepting reasonable offers; happy to answer questions about whether a bra would fit you to the best of my ability. Pay via PayPal.
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2023.06.04 22:43 ThrowRA9618 I 21M confessed to a 21F and got rejected but...

I am 21M and I know this girl (21F) from 3rd semester of my college. It was the 5th semester (2021) when we had our first formal interaction in the college library where she reached out to me to ask what things to study and from where. It was our last exam of that semester and she pinged me to solve an assignment together, we did it and we didn't even talked over the phone but just whatsapp texts and a few voice texts here and there. Don't know what happened was it just the hormones of a 19yo guy or what but even after knowing she had a bf I made my mind that she is the girl and I'll approach her once I grab a decent placement. I worked my ass off for the next 1 year and grabbed a job as a SWE at a fintech firm. During our 6th and 7th semester she reached out to me several times but only when she needed something like assignments or only during exams. We studied almost all subjects together during exams but those too virtually on calls. You know we continuously talked for almost a week or two during exams and then the day our exams were over she never pinged me until the next set of exams arrived. In the 7th semester, she was already placed but her bf wasn't and she knew I was good at problem solving, so she even started to reach out to me for getting answers to the coding questions asked by companies. I very well knew for whom she was asking but always helped whenever she asked for. So, in short our 99% interaction were all on the phone calls and we had hardly talked anything else apart from academics. Our college was ending in the next few days, so during my last exam I gathered some courage and asked her for a lunch to which she agreed on. We went on a lunch talked for some 2 hours and this was the last time we met. Over the next few months, we moved to different cities started our internships. She pinged me very rarely (like twice a month) and that too just to ask if I have worked on the tech stack. I helped her with code and debugging stuff whenever she pinged. Then in March she altogether disappeared and pinged me a month later in April mid. This time she started to text me on a daily basis, we had long calls like 3-4 hours too on certain days but again all just for programming things. Talking to her like daily made my feelings for her even stronger and I decided to confess her. I am highly introvert and shy, so texted her what I feel. Now she said I am her good friend and she hasn't thought about this and not in a state of these things rn in life and told that her bf passed away in March. I was shocked hearing this and had instant regrets for my confession. But I also got my answer, I respect her decision and understand that she is already going through a lot and also maybe I am too much of a nerd for her. The issue is that I can't even leave her in such a bad phase of her life because she needs me for very small things and staying fucks up my brain because I am not okay with she just pinging me when she needs some help from me. She still calls me for help as if nothing had happened. I just keep thinking of her all the time and just wish if every notification is her message. Any ways to deal with this? I am really into her and I just don't want to hurt her by saying nasty things. Thanks
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2023.06.04 22:43 skinnyandthebeast Be a good boy, do me a favor and show me what your girl has for my dick 😉

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