Is huntington bank open today

Banking for the Blockchain Era

2017.08.12 14:48 VytautasK Banking for the Blockchain Era

Bank account alternative and payment processing. Open your personal or businesses account with a dedicated IBAN today!

2013.04.05 02:25 Quantumechanic Huntington, West Virginia

A subreddit for residents of Huntington, the Huntington metro, and surrounding areas.

2018.10.15 20:09 AFRICUNIA_BANK Digital Bank based on Blockchain

AFRICUNIA Bank is fully decentralized digital bank with own Cryptocurrency called AFCASH. AFRICUNIA is the first African 100% digital CrowdFunding Open Bank based on Blockchain 3.0.

2023.03.21 01:52 JMansReddit What are some methods in acquiring coins? I’ve been told you can’t just go order some from a bank

So idk if getting coins form a bank is still in the question. I guess my only methods right now are going through my grandfathers coin jar, and my girlfriends parents coin jar. I also ask some stores to break down a coupon dollars (I kinda think they receive coins from everywhere, a rare one is bound to be past along). If there are any easier ways or if there is a way to receive coin rolls, please let me know
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2023.03.21 01:52 GiorgioJetson Found on the beach today not sure if it is a rock or what?

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2023.03.21 01:52 Anglicanpolitics123 Pope Francis is complicated(Part 1). The Pope and his approach and record on women's issues during his clerical career.

Last week I did a series of posts titled "Pope Francis is saying nothing new". This week I thought I'd do a series of posts called "Pope Francis is complicated". Basically showing that he's a very complex man in terms of his record and his views on various issues don't fit neatly into any spectrum. Which is often why some people see him as "confusing". They might try to map him unto an ideological box that he's not interested in fitting into(even though generally he has a left of centre view on things). The first topic I want to tackle for this series is Pope Francis's views and approaches on women's issues. Here we see a mixed and complex approach both in the Church and the culture at large. Here are examples.
(1)Cardinal Bergoglio's approach to women's issues in Argentina and Latin America
(2)Pope Francis and women's issues in society globally
(3)Pope Francis and women's issues in the church
(4)Pope Francis's attitude to feminism and interactions with feminists
So basically as I outline above....Pope Francis's views and record on women's issues is...complex. He has both conservative and progressive views on issues affecting women that's influenced by both Catholic Social Teaching as well as his own experiences, and he has evolved his view on those topics over the years.
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2023.03.21 01:51 Appropriate_Bag4921 my pc keeps acting up

Some notes before I get started. MY SPECS ARE rtx 3080, i7-10700KF, 1tb ssd with windows 11(not using), 500ssd windows 10(currently using) MY SPECS ARE SUPER GOOD SO IT SHOULDNT BE GIVING ME PROBLEMS. Oh and I also bought this off a guy for 1.4k. I think it was a steal. My pc recently stopped working and got blue screen. I put in my old SSD from my old pc that has windows 10. And it booted up fine. Now I have 2 storages one with windows 11 that doesn’t work but I can still access the files. I ran my pc with my old ssd that has windows 10 but it was slow. So I updated everything and went to windows 11. Now after about an hour of playing fortnite it started acting up. My pc started like tabbing out but not really. Like the screen seems like it wants to tab out but then goes back to it. Like the game gets smaller then normal. With more investigating it seems to only be happening when I try to play. Also my windows start up background turned black and I can’t change the wallpaper. It also doesn’t allow me to click on anything and when I open up virus protection, it just closes it after a couple seconds. Seems like someone is messing with it from the outside. When I go to change something it says the program is not responding. Idk what’s going on and how to fix it. I need help because this pc has been giving me issues SINCE I GOT IT 300 DAYS AGO.
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2023.03.21 01:51 mai_samanya_hoon While masturbating i fantasize being a girl. Am i trans? pls help me

Ever since grade 7th, i have fantasized about being a girl, but always in a sexual context. I am straight (not even bi), and have had many many crushs, fantasized about having a girlfriend and feel perfectly comfortable with my body and role as a male, but when i masturbate i someheow end up on some transgender feminization literoica story; or lesbian porn where i imagine myself as a girl. But as soon as i come down the orgasm, all the "feeling like a girl" feelings go away and i think "W T F! why did i just do that".
Am i trans? some king of fluid?or is this a fetish perhaps bcos of my serius PMO addiction?
I am a heavily porn and masturbation addicted 17 yrs old (like 3 hours of porn and 2-3 masturbation cycles in a single day ), and virgin obviously. This has completely destroyed my grades and i. I went from being a Straight A - to just above average student.
I am also aroused by "regular" porn (where i do not imagin myself as a girl), but at this point i've watched so much of it that it just does not hit. I remember that i was well into tg porn when i discovered HP Fanfic porn, and despite being male on female PIV, worled really really well for me. But aftr some time that too faded.
I feel tired and exhausted and a looser and just want to end all this one and for all. Help me .
I have my JEE exam (litrally worlds hardest exam) in 2 weeks and i am here on reddit.
Yes have decided to go NoFap, starting from today.
PS: i am from a developing country where LGBTQ is heavily heavily looked upon, so seeking Therapy is not really an option (thats why im on reddit in the first place).
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2023.03.21 01:51 hearthreddit Qtile resume sleep hook

I kill picom when going to sleep with my power menu because the screen gets all glitched if you leave it on when resuming sleep, even though it fixes itself after a few seconds it's ugly so i kill picom and then use the resume sleep hook from qtile to launch it when sleep is resumed.
@hook.subscribe.resume def resume(): subprocess.Popen(['picom','-b']) 
The -b argument is to run it on the background, now this works and picom resumes from sleep but if i check the picom.log:
[ 21/03/2023 00:34:32.695 session_init FATAL ERROR ] Another composite manager is already running 
Which seems to indicate that qtile is trying to launch picom several times?
As a form of troubleshooting , i changed the resume hook to this:
@hook.subscribe.resume def resume(): subprocess.Popen(['alacritty']) 
And yup, when i resumed sleep, i saw Qtile opening like 10 Alacritty windows, so my guess right now is that maybe Popen isn't the correct way to launch programs or applications when resuming from sleep?
What's the correct way of doing this?
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2023.03.21 01:51 0ut0flin3 toghetercomputer's OpenChatKit is being tested

toghetercomputer's OpenChatKit is being tested, it seems to work well, it will be implemented AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO GPT-3, What it can do is limited compared to gpt-3 but it's free. Stay up to date
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2023.03.21 01:51 Independent_Factor65 The left is just as susceptible to moral panics as the right

A moral panic is a widespread fear that a specific thing poses a significant threat to society, without evidence to justify that fear. Those who take part in moral panics make frequent use of anecdotal evidence (oftentimes warped to suit the narrative), catastrophize the insignificant, and shut down any rational discussion on the subject. Moral panics are most commonly associated with the right, and for good reason. Throughout history, they've perpetrated a number of moral panics, such as the Satanic Panic and the moral panic that rap and other forms of music were degenerating the youth. Today, there are a number of notable right-wing moral panics, such as CRT and drag queens. So it's no wonder why moral panics are most closely associated with the right.
That being said, the left can also spread moral panics. There have been a number of left-wing moral panics, especially over the last few years to today. Some examples include Asian hate, White supremacy, and Transgender genocide. In each of those cases, you had people on the left use anecdotes to spread the idea that these things were widespread threats to society. They also catastrophized absolutely everything and shut down attempts to have a rational discussion.
So moral panics aren't a uniquely right wing phenomenon. The left can be susceptible to them too, and there have been some notable left-wing moral panics over the last few years. Whether you are left or right, next time people on your side are telling you to be worried about something, stop for a little bit to think about whether it's actually rational to be worried about it.
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2023.03.21 01:51 CourseAmazing4014 CryptoTab Pool: Earning BTC is Easier Than Ordering Pizza

CryptoTab Pool: Earning BTC is Easier Than Ordering Pizza
CryptoTab Pool: Earning BTC is Easier Than Ordering Pizza
What seems more difficult for you — ordering pizza in an app or earning BTC? By inertia, the crypto industry is still associated with obscure technology, an infinite number of currencies and, of course, expensive crypto farms. But wait, in fact, Bitcoin mining is much more affordable and easier than ordering pizza!
Welcome to CryptoTab Pool, a service available on any device and in any browser. No installations, no use of device power and no complicated settings. Hashrate up to 20 million h/s is available on an old laptop, a brand-new smartphone, a tablet that you only use to watch movies...
Open the page, choose the Pool Mining parameters, start the process and... And watch your Bitcoin account grow steadily. And since there are no limits for mining, there are no limits for withdrawal - you can withdraw your earned BTC any number of times a day without any commissions
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2023.03.21 01:51 little500HondaCBR Exile and rescue: a craft room strategy that's working for me!

I've done cleanouts of my craft room about four times now, and have the process down pat: vacuum and lay down old sheets in the hallways, pull out and Sort every pile of clutter, Group like with like, keep "only the best" and Cull the rest, and Re-stow neatly. I'm kind of a pro at it ;-)
...But the tidy doesn't last, and the clutter creeps back within a year or so, until each work surface is covered in piles and it's an unusable space. So disheartening! And I can only blame myself!
This winter I caught myself resenting my craft room as a chore and a burden -- instead of a blessing, a dedicated space full of resources to help me make arts and crafts which is a reliable source of joy for me. Every time I opened that door, the clutter overwhelmed me. I hated stepping over boxes and piles of stuff, and being unable to quickly lay hands on what I wanted. My gratitude was MIA and I never went in there if I could help it.
I got fed up and started another cleanup in early March, working on the weekends. But I was fed up enough to change the Cull phase pretty radically, by changing one assumption.
As soon as something left my craft room and got Grouped onto those sheets, I considered it exiled and already gone, on its way to recycling or donation. Already Culled, buh-bye.
I looked hard at the storage still available in the craft room, and made sure everything still in there was truly wanted and would be used. Then I prowled my hallways looking for the activities/supplies that I couldn't bear to lose and had to rescue. And only THOSE went back into the craft room...but only if there was space for them -- and a box on the floor or a pile on the tabletop is not "space".
I amazed myself with how much "Oh someday this will come in useful" stuff I was able to just leave on those sheets, walk past without feeling compelled to rescue. Donating or recycling the exiles (and getting my hallways back!) is going to be much simpler now -- the decisions kind of "made themselves" if you know what I mean.
So for me the question now isn't "Does this spark joy?" 'cause I'm ADD and frankly everything artsy/crafty sparks joy of some kind LOL The questions are:
-- Do I need to rescue this, because this activity is too fun and important to give up?
-- And is there a good, accessible home here for it, if I need to rescue it?
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2023.03.21 01:51 Expert_Diamond8099 Worth living in a camping trailer?

Hey everyone. I’m 18 years old and am planning on moving to another state in the next year or year and a half. I live in Texas and am wanting to move to Oklahoma because I have a lot of family and friends there and want to live away from my parents.
I will graduate High School in may and am going to change jobs after graduation (I’m going to try to get a bank teller job) and I’ve been told tellers make $12-$15 in my area. So about $600/week pre tax. So the plan is to start college (an online college and I’m going for Finance) in August, and save as much as possible while living at home and then at somepoint secure a job in Oklahoma City and move up there.
However, an apartment lease would take up the majority of my monthly income. So, im contemplating buying my parents travel trailer from them and living in it until i can get a job in Finance.
will living in a travel trailer save me money?
bad idea?
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2023.03.21 01:51 unisonnn [OFFER] 𝕀ℕ𝕊𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕋 ℙ𝔸𝕐𝕆𝕌𝕋𝕊: Earn $𝟔! $5 from 𝙍𝘼𝙄𝙎𝙀 and $1 from me! [Deposit Required] [US Only] [Over 300 𝙲𝙾𝙽𝙵𝙸𝚁𝙼𝙴𝙳 transactions!]

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To get your bonus:

Please $bid if interested.

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2023.03.21 01:51 _v_2saccvg Who is Marlene Santana? Watch Marlene Santana and Viral Leaked Video on Twitter and Reddit – Today Leaked

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2023.03.21 01:51 b-ball13 Need advice

I just finished my second season. Won both super bowls. With the app reset in a couple weeks, should I start a new season or no? Also, should I open the premium packs that I got for winning the Super Bowl? Or no since I’m gonna lose all of the players in a couple weeks anyway? Im not really sure what the best strategy is at this point. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.03.21 01:51 Leather-Astronomer15 24 [m4f] NYC/anywhere looking for someone to play games and watch stuff with

A little about me I have B.A. in Accounting but i know absolutely nothing about it and have little to no passion in the subject.
For those who care my mbti whatever is ISTP if you'd like to tell me about it or something go ahead lmao.
Half Asian half white wahoo.
Videogames: The games I play mostly, are league, tft, Minecraft, terraria, valheim, maplestory and a bunch single player RPGs. Chances are I'm familiar with whatever games you may play and I'm open to suggestions.
Music: I play a couple musical instruments so if you play any I'm interested in hearing about it.
Outdoor activities: I often go biking and like to go to new places any chance I get.
We don't need to necessarily have the same hobbies and I'm down to learn more about whatever you may be into.
Last thing is I use discord mostly and If you'd like to vent or just need an outlet to get stuff out I'm fine with listening so don't hesitate if something is on your mind.
Prefer if you add me on discord:
Also I'm only comfortable in talking to people who are 18+ thanks.
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2023.03.21 01:50 NineTheEverBreather [REQ] ($60 USD) - (#Philadelphia, PA, USA) (Repayment of $80 on 3/23/2023) (Cashapp or Venmo)

This is the month where the bills are getting me! Would like an extra bit of money between today and payday (03/23).
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2023.03.21 01:50 vmq Insurance paid me for a brand new roof but I got a second opinion and a roofing company said mines in great shape

So my brother in law works for a roofing company and recently we had really bad wind storms and I noticed one shingle at the very top of my roof next to a vent was flapping in the 60mph wind. Just bought this house almost 2 years ago and to me the roofs age is unknown. So anyways I told my brother in law and he was like you should definitely file an insurance claim and see about a full replacement. He came and looked at the roof. And then an insurance adjuster came Saturday, the adjuster didn’t even bring a ladder. He just looked at the roof and called me and said they’d cover a new roof and sent me the money to my bank account that my brother in law told them would be enough for the roof replacement. Around $10,000
So initially I thought the insurance would just pay the roofing company themselves but now since I actually have the money I’m wondering if I should explore other companies to get other estimates to possibly save some money. So I had another company come today to give me an estimate and this guy is like “look I’m going to be honest your roof is in great shape aside from that one spot, and that's an easy fix" i told him after he said that, that the insurance company already paid me 10k to cover a new roof. and he still insists that my roof is in great shape and that he wouldnt be running an honest business if he told me to replace the roof. he then mentioned that if i was him i could put the money into an investment account with my bank, like a cd, and draw interest on it until i actually need a roof. lol. i wasnt expecting a roofer to say that, especially with him knowing i have the money to pay for the roof. figured id ask what peoples thoughts are here.
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2023.03.21 01:50 Momwell182 Name for third Baby Girl

Which of these do you think is best for a baby that can grow as she becomes a kid and eventually adult?
This is our third baby, older children are a girl and boy. Both have a long version name and nickname. Our style is classic/traditional but not too common. Also open to suggestions if anyone has any names they think would go with our style. It’s very hard now that our older kids are in school so we hear a lot of names.
Names we like: Mairead (Gaelic name, we like nickname Mara) Isabel (nn Izzy) Violet Daisy
Names we both like but can’t use (so you get a sense of our style) Phoebe, Florence, Frances, Annabel
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2023.03.21 01:50 Gender-Phoenix Light Fall after open heart surgery is intense even on easy mode.

So I'm recovering from Open Heart Surgery.
It will be a while before I can return to work.
I played Light Falls campaign twice. Once before Surgery and once after I was finally home after a week in the hospital.
That post surgery trek was intense. The meds and recovery messing with my equilibrium and all that. I inevitably stopped using Grapple. Felt like I was gonna hurl.
Ive played a Warlock since Taken King but now that Lance has passed I'm gonna play a Titan to honor his memory.
The term eyes up Gaurdian Now has a new meaning to me. I got through the surgery and now just got to build my strength and recover.
Peace and love be with you all Sincerely Azoth's Gambit.
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2023.03.21 01:50 Rehallow I just wanted to say I’m very grateful for this community

It’s so refreshing to see a place that isn’t like the rest of the “community”, a place where people are just legit and don’t bullshit. So many people in the community throw their ideals around but rarely do they ever live up to them, kind of reminds me of Christianity from the late 90s/early 2000’s.
It’s so easy on Reddit to just set rigid rules and ban people for some kind of arbitrary bullshit. But I’ve seen time and time again that this is one of the few places where people are allowed to openly question and debate things. I think it’s “non-safe spaces” like this is what truly gives me hope for the gay community.
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2023.03.21 01:50 almond3238 Everyone has betrayed me.

tw/// emotional and physical abuse
I don’t know what to do anymore, i am so totally alone. Around 5pm tonight I was finishing an online class when my mom knocked on my door demanding to talk. My therapist had texted me earlier today and said my mom wanted to talk to her, so I was nervous. Mom knocked on my door upon getting back from the meeting. She was crying, and claimed my therapist told her I said she was abusive and couldn’t believe i had said that. Later however she admitted that during the day she had found my diaries, “skimmed” them, and saw the word “abuse” and immediately called my therapist to ask who was abusing me. A very likely and believable story! She forced me to recount for her one of these “abusive” events, and after sitting in silence for a while I finally admitting (like I had done something wrong) that when I was 4 she was angry at me and threw a metal water bottle at my face and my nose bruised. She said she didn’t remember this happening and she’s sorry i believed that. She also claimed my she had to stop my dad from hurting me several times when he got angry, so I should be blaming him too. I don’t remember this but it’s possible this is true. I remember one incident. My therapist is not being helpful here when I am actively in a crisis. Before my mom blew up at me, I had texted her “how’d it go”, and she responded “Your mom’s in bad shape. Try to talk to her.” I replied that we talked, and she said “Ok good. You are both very compassionate and caring underneath your “tough” exteriors”. I had no idea what to even say to this so I asked if she knew about her reading my journals. She said: “I was in a tough spot. A crisis is an opportunity”. I am so angry and hurt and hopeless right now. I don’t know what I even do next. I can’t keep living like this, I feel so small.
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2023.03.21 01:50 GamesOnAToaster Dealing with disappointing reviews

I'm doing a PhD in the Deep Learning field, and recently submitted a paper to a big international conference, and I'm just so ANGRY. The reviews just got released today....
I've published at smaller local conferences before, and the reviewing process has for the most part always been very pleasant for me. But this is unlike anything I've encountered before.
Before submission I had already braced myself for failure, but I just wasn't expecting this. It's as if 3 of the reviewers barely read the paper!
From requesting things that are already in the paper, or claiming my method is too simple (isn't it a GOOD thing if you can get good results with a simple method?) or completely misunderstanding the goal of the study...or even disagreeing with things that are established precedent.
It's all a bit frustrating, it really seems like most of the reviews were very rushed and/or half-assed. I'm generally a very calm person, but at the moment I feel like strangling someone.
Maybe tomorrow, or next week, I'll calm down and start working on the next iteration of the paper. Hell, who knows, I might even admit that some of the points raised are valid. But tonight, tonight I'm just going to let the rage flow through me.
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