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Am I unlikely to vomit?

2023.06.03 06:51 ihatepeople59 Am I unlikely to vomit?

I’ve had a stomachache for almost 2 weeks and have a sore throat now (got one a few hrs ago) but haven’t thrown up. I already had a tummy ache somewhat but ate a burger and fries three hours ago now (it’s currently 9:49pm) and have felt kind of nauseous since but haven’t thrown it up. I’ve had chest pain throughout these past few weeks and have finally stopped having diarrhea. I’m about to go sit on the toilet and see if I need to use it. My throat feels funny and I’ve found at points during this time frame (I started to feel nauseous first last Monday) that when I burp I may taste smthn that tastes kind r like vomit to me. It’s like I can feel things moving around in my stomach and chest. I didn’t go to school last week but returned this week. How long will my body take to throw up if I need to?
I started to feel cold a few hrs ago and put some more clothes on. I suspect I am still dehydrated as my lips feel somewhat dry. For some reason swallowing feels odd or difficult.
My chest hurts or I’m experiencing some chest pain (not on my breast exactly but near ish to it) and feel v tired.
When I asked to go to the ER last Wednesday they suggested that I am dehydrated. My tongue looks better than it did, but my lips still feel somewhat dry.
I’ve occasionally had sharp stomach pain over last couple of days
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2023.06.03 06:51 80sBev Scientific Research on Chamomile

Hello! I read a fascinating scientific research article on chamomile. I shared some of the most intriguing of the discoveries with some of my friends and some friends online one of them asked me to cite the paper or to send them a link and I can't find it in my history!!! I searched for some of the parameters of the paper, I searched for some of the specific details of the discoveries and nothing! If I had not read it to my husband and son as I discovered it myself I would probably believe I was pretty crazy right now!! I think some of my friends especially ones that cherish research and citing your work or words think I am!! SO! Does anyone on Reddit remember reading that chamomile can communicate with each other and change their makeup if there is a plant species near that is sick and they change to put off what the plant species needs to heal??? If so I would love a link? Lol thanks!!
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2023.06.03 06:50 lukeylukeluke2 A letter to my parents. I wonder if they/me are narcissistic. 50% me just shouting into the void 50% feedback appreciated. Was going to get Chatgpt to change it into a rap to keep you all interested but cba

I am currently attending therapy and my work with them has made me more conscious of uncomfortable feelings that have led to a feeling of resentment and loss that stems from my childhood.
What follows Is my account of my experience, feelings, interpretations, memories. Whilst yours might be different, I am telling you mine and how it is real to me, sometimes from the perspective of the child that experienced these things where things are a lot more significant than they might be for an adult and not even register.
I get that some things might be remembered wrongly
i currently pay to attend psychoanalytic psychotherapy therapy 14 hours a week, 5 days a week. This is following a near lifetime of attending various other therapies, medications and being imprisoned by various coping mechanisms I learned to help me survive since childhood.
I feel you have already acknowledged that you have let me down. Yet you still wish to be connected with me. I would like to be connected with you too but I feel angry.
I want to connect with you both, my siblings, people in general and even myself but it seems I am deeply angry/resentful for being presented in my childhood with an environment where I felt scared and ashamed of expressing my needs and feeling deprived of emotional connection. My physical needs were taken care of but emotionally I think that people were not present and short of temper, time, attention and other resources.
I felt bad, guilty, ashamed for having needs and even felt fearful that my body would express a want for its needs to be fulfilled (e.g. crying).
I feel that I am expected to trust the excuses of the absences, the uncertainties, the short tempers, the half families and have learnt to feel shame/guilt to feel unsure, insecure and resentful of fully emotionally connecting.
I have curiosity about what the family/work secrets are, I don't need to know them but the message that family secrets have is that your loyalty sides with protecting these things at the expense of trust with your son as inherent in secrets is a lack of congruence. And with a lack of congruence you get gaslighting; you get a lack of trust in both the people you depend on for your survival and development (both personal and social) and emotional intimacy, connection cannot exist in that environment.
I feel that through various bits of information this caricature of you being some sort of James Bond/secret service/military/government (whatever) character has been allowed to be associated with daddy however all I have experienced of him is me feeling him being a tyrant in my childhood and being a broken man waiting for god whilst mummy waits on him in my adulthood. Of course I would like to see my father as James bond but he is a fictional/exceptional character that is unrealistic to try to emulate and the feeling of me having to live up to that has caused issues in it's own right. For me, nothing I can do is good enough as it is in the shadow of this fictional character. If I take away the fantasy (IE what I feel like I have been led to believe) and I just look at what I have experienced, I don't see a James Bond, I see a failed inventor with very childish defence mechanisms including using stories and the art of ambiguity (like poetic CV writing) and the idea that the threat of physical violence is the only way to assert ones strength.
I gave up trying to get a convincing account of various anomalies as the responses I get are very far fetched and just begat more questions, it's utterly hopeless. For example, I feel that whoever these half siblings are, whatever grandiose reasons there might be to justify doing things the way they have been done, they on the other hand are humans, apparently your children, who might be afforded more dignity than they have, especially in the light of finding out that the person they consider is their natural father is rather than dead, has actually been living with another family in the next city.
All during this, I have felt alone, not actually stood up for. When I brought all this to your attention previously I was told "we're sorry, we have let you down, but this is how we were brought up ourselves" as if to absolve yourselves of any responsibility for either the past, present or future.
I find it troubling that I cannot get myself to talk about this stuff, to express my feelings, to criticize or to enquire. I find it troubling that I would feel guilt, shame, fear to do so.
When bringing up my experience of things and it happens to not be in a favourable light, instead of acknowledging these things, 'the messenger is shot' and I am told I am ungrateful and 'only remember the bad stuff'
I remember receiving wonderful gifts, I loved playing with Lego etc. I wonder what was going on at the time I started to receive gifts that were more challenging than I could deal with yet didn't get help with completing them. I felt alone, unsupported. I felt it set me up for failure.
I am curious what was going on around 1990 when according to my doctors notes it was reported that I was having mood and behaviour problems. I don't know if it is because of the death of granddaddy, the move to a new school and city, the birth of Leah, the birth of a half sibling, me being stuck on a school coach vomit comet or something else that I was picking up subconsciously through whatever was going on in the environment I was being brought up in.
I wonder why for as long as I can remember, even before socialising with other children I was seen as polite (fawning/walking on egg shells) and I was shy.
I wonder what might have lead me to being anxious about vomit. It has been proposed that it is a fear of the act of involuntarily expressing something that I cannot digest. For example, being shamed for crying.
My coping mechanisms of stonewalling, ignoring could be interpreted as narcissistic behaviours. However, I do these behaviours out of anger, and fear, the combination or which would be resentment. I choose these behaviours because I am fearful of expressing my needs either aggressively or assertively. I fear this because as a child, I believed that physical violence, spanking, or much worse was always a potential.
I remember people, particularly daddy getting offended at things whether they were disrespectful, neutral or innocent. The safest thing for me was to just shut up and hide.
The sound of screaming, slamming doors, the feeling of the stonewalling made me feel frightened, shocked. The physical symptoms were very uncomfortable and I experience these same symptoms whenever I hear a door slam, whenever someone is short with me, whenever I'm in a car and countless other situations.
I feel that daddy's attempts to assert boundaries with Lyndsay (if that was what was going on... I don't actually have any idea what was going on other than perhaps this to explain Lyndsay's horrifying screaming) were undermined by mummy withdrawing and ignoring him (going to bed, sulking). This is mummy's way of expressing her anger and manipulating daddy and others into getting what she wants. This technique is used by people who are up against people who cannot fight physically as they are physically weaker than the other person and cannot communicate assertively in this situation for whatever reason. I have learnt to do this myself and have learnt that this is called passive aggressive behaviour and is often associated with narcissistic behaviour.
With my father being away for most of the time, both physically and mentally, it was left to my mother to bring me up. In this situation I have learnt to be protective of my mothers needs, to make her happy, often at the expense of me expressing my needs as this would have led to a painful drain on her limited resources. Daddy's way of asserting his strength through what I perceived as an unspoken physical threat taught me that masculinity is disgusting and 'not the way' that you ingratiate yourself to women and not a way that leads women to feel safe and treated with respect. This however has lead me to neglect to develop masculine traits and this affects me in all types of my relationships. I don't think I ever learnt to be assertive, I learnt that having needs met would lead to conflict and that conflict requires aggression and winning rather than discussion and perhaps compromise. Thus I have bizarrely become spoilt as I have never had my expectations questioned and not learnt to be happy with compromise. I instead sulk. The tragedy is that I am spoilt yet left with nothing.
I feel my mother should have been the source for nurturing and through unconditional love I would be given an innate sense that I am worthy of love no matter what the world says otherwise and my father for feelings of harnessing the world through my strength of assertiveness.
Instead I feel love (or in this case, approval, or just 'not being chastised') was on condition that I am mummy's rock, I please her, I fawn by not asking too much of her, whilst my sister demands everything, resulting in me being fed scraps.
I feel perhaps resentful of the general feeling of unease I have due to not being fully protected from what was going on in the family environment
I am frightened of every member of my family. The feeling of someone snapping at me cuts me deeply to this day.
The fact that I have felt that I am only comfortable to express all this with the distance of an email, at the age of 41 after decades of intensive therapy that I have been too ashamed to confess to having is very telling about the severity/enormity/entrenchment of my feelings.
The feeling as a child of waiting as if it was an eternity, wondering if my dad would ever come back to share some real connection knowing over time that I would only find when he did come back, he wasn't 'there'. he was in a violent stupor, the shrieking from my sister would start followed by the choking oppressive withdrawing from my mother; the 'performative' playing 'happy families' once daddy had sobered up as if nothing had happened (look again at those Christmas home videos, my smile is a grimace, and it still is. I suspect Lyndsay's is too. Poor Leah, floating around, I assume genuinely happy as she hasn't yet had things subconsciously filter in); only for the cycle to be gone through again and again.
This doesn't even touch the feeling that I have of Lyndsay acting out her frustrations on me.
I think self-diagnosing her with some sort of personality is a way of excusing yourselves from her childhood environment having an influence on her behaviour. It also condemns her to a lifetime of her being the way she is.
I felt like I could not depend on my parents for my security and development and had a sense of pride in being independent compared to my siblings yet have realised that I am just as dependent on others as my sisters are, in fact I am hiding the fact that I feel my needs would be too much for people (perhaps where me being afraid of puking comes from as I can't control it). we just have different ways of dealing with being dependent. Fortunately for my siblings that means they get to grab everything (I'm sure they have their pitfalls), yet for me it results in me shooting myself in the foot and I get scraps or nothing. I wait for attention, I get proof that I am loved by waiting for the person to give it and feeling resentful at the person for them not reading my mind.
That time when I was crying in my room and daddy asked me "if there was ever anything wrong you would tell me right?" And I said "no". That was an act of defiance. I was furious (for being absent; for being temperamental (triggered to snap at people and take things as a personal criticism whether they were or not); for not being an inspiration; for having the expectations of someone who was qualified/deserved the benefits of being a father without actually fulfilling his responsibilities of being a father) with you by then yet also terrified. I feel what you were asking was for me to emotionally connect with you so knowing that that's how I have power over you.
I do not intend for this to be a slagging match. I wish to just communicate my experience of things and how I feel. And honestly right now I feel ashamed, guilty and scared for any number of the "Four Horsemen" to have their input for having dared to express my needs or to have criticized. I probably won't pick up any phone calls or texts for now and will respond to an email when I feel ready in order to avoid an emotional interaction that, whilst I wish I could bare, I cannot.
The damage is done, no one can go back in time to fix this and I am not sure that I will see anyone putting in the amount of work into finally curtailing this intergenerational trauma, if that's what it is as much as I seem to have devoted my life to. I have experienced what I have experienced and had developed the methods of coping that I had available to me at the time and I now feel trapped by them. I don't know what to do for the future. Perhaps I need to go through some grieving process and develop the confidence that I will be able to express my needs, the acceptance that I will not always get what I want and no longer sulk. I have become aware of my feelings of anger and fear, I have been resentful, now I am attempting to express my feelings. What happens next might depend on the response I get but I will need to do things at my own pace. As for if you want to do anything, that's up to you. I feel safer to not be dependent on yourselves, or others in general however, like I said, despite this, I am dependent on people whether I like it or not. This area I am hazy with.
I am still working on myself, perhaps my feelings might change entirely. As for how things could work going forward, I don't yet know, I am yet to work it out, but maybe this is a step out of a cul-de-sac and towards somewhere closer than us just mutually switching our brains off and staring at the same corner of the living room and me 'performing'.
I need to learn to be comfortable expressing my feelings and needs, even if this means I am being critical. Then I need to let go of resentment and the idea that although you want connection with me I feel it is later than when I needed it.
I am preoccupied with a painful, discomforting sense of emptiness, a sense of deprivation, a hunger, a longing that I constantly, in one way or another seek to resolve or distract myself from. I would like to one day no longer feel this however I'm not even sure if I will be afforded such a luxury and finally get on with my life.
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2023.06.03 06:50 Peanut1105 A theory about Mr Sacks (Spoilers for Fallen London Ambtitons, SMEN and Sunless Sea)

If you play Fallen London you might know that Mr Sacks comes around at Christmas time and is always one of the Masters of the Bazaar just wearing the incarnadine robe, it's obvious that the Mr sacks in Sunless Sea is a Noman, but which Master is it a Noman of? (it has to be a Noman of a Master because it makes reference to a certain infamous storyline that only the Masters could know)
My theory is that it is Mr Veils. Wines might seem the most obvious because Jervaise is Wines' servant and he's the one who comes onto your ship to deliver the other blood vial (which basically HAS to be the blood of a Master) near the end of the Mr Sacks quest. However, I'm more inclined to believe it's actually Mr Veils, because Mr Veils is the Vake and the Masters have been blatantly trying to find some way to replace Mr Veils when it is hypothetically killed, as evident by the fake Mr Veils you find in one of Mr Fires' warehouses in the Bag a Legend Ambition in Fallen London. Also to be considered is the first "gift" Sacks has you deliver, it seems to me that it's description of the "gift" directly references the betrayal of Mr Eaten though I haven't finished the SMEN story myself and the wording in Sunless sea is technically vague enough he could be referring to anything. If it is indeed a reference to Mr Eaten, that supports the theory of Sunless Sea's Mr Sacks being a Noman of Mr Veils. Which would mean this attempt with the noman making a "gargoyle" looking monster is another attempt by the Masters to have a backup Mr Veils, so to speak.
Thank you for coming to my extreemely spoilery TedTalk
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2023.06.03 06:50 cs-living Master Room at Awana Puri, Cheras

Master Room at Awana Puri, Cheras
CK 60122082780
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/ck_l2BL
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_pbetK
Awana Puri Condominium @ Taman Mutiara Barat
Room includes:-
-Queen/single size bed -Aircond -Wardrobe -Study table
Unit facilities include:-
-Washing machine -Dryer -Wifi -Cooking allowed
Condo facilities include:-
-Swimming Pool -Gym -24 hour security -Mini mart -Squash court -Sauna
  • walking distance to MRT Taman Mutiara (800m)
  • near EkoCheras (350m) and Leisure Mall (1km)
  • MRT 3 stops to Sunway Velocity
  • MRT 6 stops to Pavilion
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2023.06.03 06:49 WilliamWyattD What is hypergamy?

One thing TRP got right was to ask whether there were any evolved psychological traits in women that supported the near universality of what anthropologists called hypergamy: marrying up in class or status or resources. Simply noting the existence of the dynamic seemed like insufficient investigation to me.
I do not really agree with how many TRP thinkers have answered the above question, though. Too many very specific conclusions about female biology have been drawn with insufficient evidence, particularly when it comes to parsing nature from nurture. That said, I do think there is a very real, biologically instantiated hypergamous instinct in women that has evolved in them over time. We can get into what I think more specifically. But what do you think?
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2023.06.03 06:49 FuckBarcaaaa Trip to goa to trip in goa

Going to goa for a week this monday. Will be staying at north goa near vagator. Any nice homestay there. Also any help regarding scoring? Travelling via flight so cant take it with me.
Also whats the weather and party scene in general rn
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2023.06.03 06:49 LFDT Has anyone encountered a freeze during opening cinematic?

image froze near the end of an intro but the sound kept going. I didn't wait to see what happens and killed the process after few seconds. What helped me get through it is the option in the config file that allows to skip the intro completely. Wondering if it's just me or is that a known issue
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2023.06.03 06:48 Electrical_Clerk_665 Letting go of resentment 27M

I've been bottling up my feelings about my mother for as long as I can remember, but today I’ll try to let some of it go.
Growing up with a single mother and an older sister, my early years were pretty great. Despite my mom barely graduating high school, she always provided for us, and our involvement in the Jehovah's Witnesses congregation provided additional support.
Everything changed after a trip to California.
When we got back, my mom spiraled into heavy drinking, which had been an ongoing struggle for her since before I was born. She had gone through things before I was born that I don’t think she ever had the chance to deal with in a healthy way.
My older sister eventually moved away, leaving me alone with my mom. We stopped going to the congregation, and my mom lost her job.
For nearly two years, we hopped between different houses, with me sharing a room with her. I vividly recall trying to be a carefree child, playing video games, while she drank in front of me. I always believed it was my fault and that I had to be a better son.
Though we eventually found a new place, her drinking got worse, resulting in multiple hospital visits. I even had to drive her to the hospital myself when I was in 7th grade. That memory will forever be etched in my mind.
Eventually not long after I confronted her about her actions and, for two months, ignored her while we still lived together. At that point I was already cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry because I couldn’t count on her to do it for me all the time. We eventually got back on good terms when she finally quit drinking, but the love I once had for her was never quite the same.
In 2016, she suffered a major stroke from the years of alcohol abuse and poor health choices, leaving her disabled for the rest of her life. Today, she's just a shadow of her former self.
Now, I see my mother as a flawed human being who was doing her best, but I can't deny the resentment that lingers within me from those years of hell and the negative patterns I acquired during that time.
Even now, when I talk to her on the phone and hear her slurred voice due to the stroke, it takes me back to all those moments when she was drunk, and I wondered if she would be okay and when it would all end. I'm doing my best to let go of this resentment. It's not easy, but I believe that by acknowledging my feelings and sharing my story, I'm taking a step toward healing.
If anyone else has been through a similar experience or has any advice, I would appreciate your thoughts.
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2023.06.03 06:47 One_Company_3332 May move in with GF who's parents own her property. What am I in for?

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this so forgive me and tell me where to go if it is not.
My girlfriend and I have been talking about moving in together. We live in Southeastern, PA just outside of Philly. It's just talk now and we're not planning on doing this any time soon (i.e., not within the next year) but I've been thinking about the financial and legal complications it might bring because of our circumstances. I'm just trying to plan ahead. Any advice would be appreciated. So, here's the situation:
I currently live in a condo that is in my name and I've been paying the mortgage on for 8 years since I moved in. My girlfriend lives alone in a bigger townhouse about an hour from me. Her parents own the property and bought it for her when she became legally disabled and could no longer work outside the house with the idea that she'd never have to worry about housing. We've talked about a lot of hypotheticals - she could move in with me (but my condo is way too small for two people and three cats between us), we could buy a place near me since I work at a local university (but financially, we'd never be able to afford something bigger than my current condo on one income and her disability payments), I move into her townhouse and commute to work.
The last option seems to be the most realistic and we've talked about that. I'm not sure what to do though. Since I bought my condo, I've never seen myself living somewhere where I was a "tenant" again. We've talked about getting lawyers involved to create a cohabitation agreement before we would do this. Her father, who owns her townhouse, is her lawyer which I thought would be worth mentioning. I'd have my own representation separate from him in this scenario, of course.
Has anyone ever dealt with this sort of scenario? If so, what am I missing or not thinking of?
I've also thought about keeping my condo as a rental/investment property if I do move into her condo. I've never have a property like that so any advice on how that works or what I'd need to know would also be appreciated.
I just want to be prepared if and when the time comes. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 06:43 throwaway384748387 Can a new traumatic event trigger ptsd about older traumas too?

Had a terrifying near accident while driving today. A semi truck tried to run me off the road. Ever since I’ve been alternating between having anxiety attacks and feeling really disassociated. I feel the same as I did years ago after a different traumatic event (that was more serious than what happened today). I’m having flashes through my mind of what happened today and what happened years ago. Is it possible what happened today could cause my ptsd to come back? I’m 28 and I haven’t felt this way since I was diagnosed with ptsd at 15. I’m freaking out, I can’t feel this way again
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2023.06.03 06:43 babybillyselixir Feeling frustrated with myself and my relationship

We've been together 10+ years and there's been ups and downs but we were always able to work through it and become stronger in the process.
I know exactly what I need to do in this situation but I'm avoiding it and only prolonging my anguish to my own detriment. I know the things I need to work on for myself. I used to be in therapy but could no longer afford it. Which is why I'm here instead I guess.
Lately our intimate life hasn't been great. We've never had issues like this before. I'm more LL and he's HL, so I'm okay with him having his own time to do his thing. Some days of the week that's staying up late and just having a night to himself which I'm cool with as I can also do the same. But lately during sex, I noticed he's been frequently going soft, and/or wanting to put porn on in the background. I'm not inherently against this (the porn), but the combo of it has been making me feel shitty. So I've been feeling angry constantly.
He says he knows his limits and when to control himself when it comes to his porn consumption, that he can stop and take breaks whenever he feels he's going over the edge, but lately I'm wondering if the frequency is now nearing on an addiction. I know everyone is different with their libido so I didn't want to jump to addiction straight away as this was never an issue before. Even if he does lose his erection, he still makes sure I'm taken care of.
But when he's in the other room having his time, and I see that closed door, I feel bitter and start thinking negatively about him, imagining whatever he's doing in there and and dramatically thinking maybe this is the end of our relationship. That anger also makes me want to hurt him as retaliation for how our issues have hurt me in the past, which I realize I may have never gotten any kind of closure from. Maybe some of it is dormant anger from then I didn't realize was still there that's snow balling into the frustration now. I acknowledge this is petty and not a healthy emotional response.
He does spend time with me both emotionally and physically so I'm not being totally neglected or anything. I know if I speak up about this, he'll listen. When we're hanging out, I forget those feelings and remember why I still love him and then think those other feelings weren't that big of a deal. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm also depressed and have been struggling to get back onto my own hobbies and independent life so without those, I dwell and agonize more than I should. I know I just have to talk to him, but my upbringing has made me conflict averse and afraid of rocking the boat. So instead I shut down and distance myself. He always notices and asks if I'm ok, need space or if there's something I want to talk about and I stupidly reassure him that I'm fine, and then go and sulk. Why do I have to be like this?
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2023.06.03 06:43 h3artbreak_weather I can’t get the ACOTAR hype i’m sorry

So i’m like 60% through A Court of Mist and Fury rn and i’m dragging myself through it at this point. maybe this is more of a personal thing but SJM’s writing style is just not really for me. I like fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi and had high hopes for it. I read the first book and actually enjoyed it a lot, only because of the end part, the rest of it was a lot of world building. HOLY F I AM SO CLOSE TO DNF-ING THIS!
ACOMAF is like worshipped on booktok and people say it’s the best of the series. i’ve expressed my frustration and people say it’s the best of the series and keep reading cause it gets sooo good so i kept going. Rhys and Feyre have some very cute moments but like so much of the book is just forgettable. The plot picks up for a chapter or two and goes back to being painfully slow. I’m on chapter 40 rn so if it gets great near the end and i’m being too hasty i apologize
THE WRITING OMG it’s like she takes up three paragraphs describing a damn room! I do love vivid descriptions in books they’re necessary to really paint the scene but so much of it is just…not my taste. Two sentences and I get the idea. don’t say it’s because i’m a dumb American with no literacy my SAT and English professors say otherwise. my grammer may not be good in this because it’s a reddit post not an essay (i’m just bracing myself because the acotar fanbase is an army that will attack at any criticism).
I really want to just pick up another series at some point but people say the plot of the next book is a lot so maybe i should keep going? if you haven’t noticed i need plot i’m not a “no plot just vibes” kind of reader. please tell me i’m not alone or it gets better i love when it picks up but that only happens like every 30 chapters or maybe i am just too dumb to get it idk
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2023.06.03 06:43 WhiteWren010 I am so frustrated and upset and nobody seems to care.

. I spend a lot of time outside. I live in a rural area of Oklahoma, with lots of trees and wildlife. My special interest is everything that grows and lives outside. I love it all, the trees and the creek and all the animals, even the snakes. It's my sanctuary and it just makes me happy. Well, a couple of months ago the county started working on a main road near my property. As a result traffic has been re-routed down my road. The excess traffic was bad enough, but the construction vehicles caused so many potholes that they tore up the entire paved road and now it is a dirt road. With so much constant traffic there is a perpetual cloud and dirt and road pollution in the air over the road, the land across from me, and in my own yard. The flowering plants aren't blooming at all, and many of them are dying. The birds I used to watch out my window have gone elsewhere, I don't even blame them. I have only seen 1 deer in the last month. There are no more beavers, and their were a family of mink I would see on occasion, but they are gone too. I look over the underpass where a creek runs and there is a film of oil and dirt on the water and the gar fish I would see near the surface are gone. I see a turtle here and there. I haven't seen a single diamondback water snake. Even my barn cat is looking unwell. I don't have any friends but that was okay because I talked to every animal I would see. I know it seems childish, but I'm autistic and I would get so excited to see a new critter. This was my world. Now, every time I go outside I want to cry and I can almost feel the pain of the wild plants. I called my county commissioner, and he told me to be patient. It would only take 18months to get to my road. I think maybe I should call an environmental group. IDK. Right now I'm just very sad...😞😞😞
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2023.06.03 06:43 No_Establishment131 How To Get Through A Sleepless Day? I Have An Exam And Only Slept 2 Hours.

(Maybe this info is useless, but I'm 18) So to cut it short, I'm a person who can't survive the day on 5-6 hours of sleep.
Thinking that today is a holiday, I decided to sleep late to study Georgian, but I forgot that I have an exam today (don't ask me why, i'm capable of forgetting nearly everything). I drank coffee before-hand and so now I had to wake up, thus I only slept for 2 hours. I feel awake right now, but I know this will bother me later. And I've never slept this late because I know my body can't stand it. I am generally a very distracted person and can create great problems during the day. So I'm afraid this will lead to something very bad.
Anyway, I need your advice. Thanks in advance 🙏
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2023.06.03 06:42 DuncanStudios2000 This is part 1 of Chapter 11 of my book Dragons of Fireborne...

Dragons of Fireborne is a book I have recently finished and I'm working on getting it published... So here's a snipit of the book, tell me what you think!!
-Warning, there is brief innuendo in the story!!
They were nearing the camp when a bell sounded. A group of Hunters fled out and stood guard at the entrance, out came a large burly man on a Death Eater. He rode up to them. He had a blade for a hand. It was Shack-RA. He trodded up to Draco and the others. "Well, if it isn't my Queen!" He said mockingly. "And what do I owe the pleasure?" Draco stepped forward. "We just simply need to pass through the valley to enter the Border city..." She told him. Shack-RA jumped to the ground. "Your kind is not welcome here!" He said. Dagon inched forward. "He's right..." He said quietly. "Listen to the plucky bastard! LEAVE!!" Shack-RA shouted. Dagon gained composure. "Don't call me plucky!" He said. "I don't even know what that means..." He said quietly. "Let us pass through and we'll give you some food and drink," Draco said. Shack-RA stalked around his beast. "We do not need your poison!" He said angrily. "We do not need your filth OR your wealth!!" Draco stepped forward. "Then just let us simply pass through," She said calmly. "Why don't you go around the valley?" Shack-RA asked. "It will take several days longer" Draco replied. "We need to get these supplies to White Willow..." Shack-RA looked surprised and stepped forward from his drake. "I didn't know you two were friends..." He said slyly. Draco stood straight. "We aren't, they just need our help..." She said calmly. "Give to those who ask and to those who take-" "Quiet Quim!" Shack-RA interrupted. He walked closer to her until he was right in her face. "You best leave now, because my pets get VERY hungry, and they haven't had breakfast yet..." He threatened. The two biggest Death Eaters stood on either side of him. They peered down at Draco and the others. "Your beasts do not scare me, boy," Draco said. "A little..." Dagon said quietly behind Keith. Shack-RA pointed his bladed arm at Draco. "YOU CALL ME BOOOYYY!!!!!????" He yelled. "YOU WILL SEE WHO TRULY IS MORE POWERFUL!!!" Draco stared down his blade calmly. "You do not scare me," She said quietly. Shack-RA took a few steps back. "I bring fear into the hearts of man!!" He shouted. "I am not a man..." Draco replied calmly. Shack-RA roared. "YOU MAY BE QUEEN BUT I AM GOD OF THIS VALLEY!!!!" He shouted louder. Draco narrowed her eyes sternly. "You are no God, you're a parasite..." She said. Shack-RA glared at her. "My Hunters will eat you alive!!" He said. Draco kept her composure. "You will kill no one today, or ever again," She told him. Shack-RA snarled. "Perhaps if I introduce you to my Eaters you'll beg for my mercy!" He threatened. Keith unsheathed his sword. "HOW DARE YOU THREATEN YOUR QUEEN!!" He shouted. Shack-RA looked at Keith. "It is not a threat, just an apprise..." He said. "My Eaters just eat people because they smell fear..." The Eaters took a step closer and stared at Draco. Draco looked back at them then returned her gaze at Shack-RA. "You do not scare me..." She said. Shack-RA chuckled. "Of course, I scare you, why else would my Eaters want your flesh?" He said.
Draco looked at him unhindered. "You-do-not-scare-me..." She said. "Then why bring your army?" He asked her. "To protect those I can not..." She replied Shack-RA scoffed. "Your army is pitiful and not with power!" He said. "You see my army?" "THAT'S an army!" Draco looked at the army. "Yes, I guess it is..." She said. Shack-RA looked back at her. "What power do you have that can stop them?" He asked. Draco gazed at them. "I have a power that's far stronger than any man..." She said. Shack-RA snorted. "You have no power here!" Draco looked at him. "Maybe... But he does..." She clapped her staff on the ground. A dark shadow loomed over her. Shack-RA looked up at the clouds but saw nothing. A low distant bellow sounded through the air. He looked at the camp as a large 20-foot dragon swooped down and blew a pillar of fire at the camp burning it to the ground. "Nothing is hotter than dragon fire," Draco said as Shack-RA looked in shock. The dragon pitched upwards back to the sky and turned back to the camp. The dragon blew another pillar of fire at it finishing it off. Shack-RA turned to Draco in anger. "SWINE!!!" He shouted. "You will now feel death!!" "I am not afraid..." Draco said calmly. Shack-RA chuckled. "If you are not afraid, then what are THEY doing here?" He said pointing to the Death Eaters. Draco shrugged. "I am not afraid of them..." "Perhaps it's your fear they smell..." She said. They were staring at him. "You can tell a lot about someone's biggest fear by what weapon they choose..." She continued. Shack-RA looked at the drakes. "You... Fear death..." Draco finished. He jumped back and attempted to run, but one of the drakes pushed him down with its snout. Shack-RA started crawling away, but the other drake grabbed his leg with its mouth and then bit down crushing his bones. Shack-RA howled in pain. He turned to look at them as the drakes stepped toward him He raised his hands and screamed. The first drake bit down around his upper body and lifted him up, and the other drake bit down on his lower half as he screamed. The drake pulled him in half he continued his blood-curdling scream, then the drake with his upper half crunched his body between its jaws and it fell silent. The drakes crunched on his corpse and ate him up. Dagon looked in disgust and gagged. Draco stared sternly, ensuring he was dead. The drakes lapped his blood up off the snowy rocks and then licked their mouth. The drakes turned to Draco and stepped forward. Draco stared at them sternly. The drakes sniffed her for a moment and growled. Draco stepped forward and unlatched the collars off their necks. The drakes sniffed the collars and looked at Draco. They bellowed and ran off. They stared as the drakes disappeared in the distance. Draco calmly turned toward the group and saw them staring. "What?" She asked. Keith stared at her. "You just released those beasts into the wild..." He said. Draco stepped forward. "Yes, yes I did..." She said. Keith was confused. "But why?" He asked. "Because they're better in the wild than with murderous Hunters..." She said.
-I hope you've enjoyed this short snipit of my book!
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2023.06.03 06:40 vinsanity1603 2k monthly ETF Budget: CMC vs Pearler

Hi! Huge thanks to the people in this sub. I'm nearly done with my setup to start my FIRE journey. Just created both Pearler and CMC accounts (I'm gonna go with whichever will verify my identity first, would love to know your thoughts between the two as well).
The strategy I'm looking at right now is maybe a VAS/VGS 50/50 split for like a year or two. Then will try to add NDQ and VGE. Make it 40/40/10/10 perhaps.
Now, I have a situational question for both Pearler and CMC users to fully get a grasp on which is the better situation for me.
Suppose I save $2k per month for ETFs.

Lastly, feel free to drop any insights.
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2023.06.03 06:40 goptindia2 Prehab physiotherapy near me

Prehab physiotherapy near me — GOPT India is one of the best physiotherapists, Physiotherapy service provider, dry needling, neuro rehabilitation, weight management, cupping therapy, spinal care, a sports injury. Book your online consultation now to get rid of your pain. https://goptindia.com/
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2023.06.03 06:39 slippylippies Fell off for 8 months, should I weigh myself yet?

Last year I lost 50 lbs but I fell off hard maybe around November 2022. I am emphasizing my health again I know I deserve to live a long healthy life but college and work had me reaching for coping mechanisms.
I now know its because I was over working myself doing full time work along with an 18 credit semesters and 16 credit semester in engineering and quitting adderall.
I was getting drunk nearly everyday, smoking pot everyday and eating anything I want. I feel like I gained at least 60 lbs during this period of time, but Im scared to know. All I know is nearly all my clothes don't fit anymore.
Is it worth it to weigh myself now that I am back to caring about myself, or should I pay attention to how my clothes feel and worry about weight later?
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2023.06.03 06:38 IDislikeLife_173 AITA for not letting my daughter leave her room for 16 years?

A little context, this happened 13 years ago so ages are mentioned as they were 13 years ago. So I (34F) have had these yellow flowers for since I was in my early 20's. They were given to me by a very special person in my life. I took care of my flowers by doing basic plant-care stuff and also by singing to them everyday. I always feel younger when I sing to the flowers, so I've always connected them with my youth. Then this stranger had stolen my flowers as they were unguarded placed near an open window on my house. I told him not to take it, but he said he needed it for his pregnant wife who was craving... yellow flower stew or whatever. I didn't give a shit and wanted to take it back, but the guy runs off. I couldn't catch him. Luckily I found out that they were related to the "mayor" of where I lived then so they lived in the mayor's mansion. Obviously, what better revenge for theft of flowers than kidnapping their infant child. I took their daughter and hid her in a high tower with no stairs or doors. I took care of the girl by doing child-care stuff and also by singing to it everyday. The girl's hair was yellow like my flowers, if it were yellow like corn I would've hidden her in the woods instead. Anyway some motherly love and manipulation here and there, i never let her leave until she was 18. She meets this thief and thinks she knows love now, she runs off to go see some light show near the old place I lived in. I tricked her into thinking her suitor stole some hat or something then I murdered the guy when he tried to stop me from completely holding my "daughter" hostage. Anyway then the guy cut her hair and I was so shocked I jumped off the high tower and died. This was written in hell, anyways that's my story. I'll leave now, my earphones got TANGLED up. So AITA?
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2023.06.03 06:38 MaleficentBobcat9059 23M Looking for foreign romance [relationship]

Hello, I’ve always had a bit of a fixation. I love foreign women, women from places like North Africa, Japan, Russia, Australia. Not sure why, I just love hearing about different cultures and ways of life, and I have found myself nearly exclusively romantically attracted to foreign women. I’m an American myself. About me, I’m tall, very much an academic at heart. I’m in great shape, I walk about four kilometers a day, I have broad shoulders, and muscular thighs. I’m looking for something long term, leading to a deep connection and children. I am happy to work and help provide financially, and I love taking care of children, I have a 3 year old cousin I adore. I play pc games, I read a lot, mostly nonfiction, and I am obsessed with American football. I would describe myself as a rational, considerate, and compassionate person. What I would like from you is kindness, intelligence, and curiosity. I like different qualities in different people so I am very flexible in regards to the traits I admire. I would prefer you to be at least somewhat physically fit, I enjoy hiking and going to museums and do active things and would enjoy your company doing that. I’m happy to answer any questions if needed
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