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2023.03.21 02:40 bigjohn14325 Sequence Marina’s Last Voyage: How WWE Should Book Bron Breakker on the Main Roster

Raw April 3rd, 2023
It’s the Raw after WrestleMania, John Cena has just defeated Austin Theory to win his record tying 6th United States Championship. John Cena comes out on Raw and he brings back his iconic US open challenge, this is when Rick Steiner comes out and introduces the product of his semen the newly renamed BRONSON STEINER!!!
Bronson Steiner vs John Cena(c) United States Championship
John Cena has defeated some of the greatest that this business has to offer, but never has John Cena been into the ring with a freak athlete who also happens to carry the Steiner name. Bronson floors Cena with a HUGE spear to start off the match. Cena is no slouch however and he begins to mount a comeback. Cena hits a shoulder block followed up by another but BRONSON CATCHES HIM WITH A FRANKENSTEINER, SHADES OF HIS UNCLE SCOTT. Bronson locks in the STEINER RECLINER and Cena is fading but staying true to his moniker “Never Give Up” and he powers out with Bronson on his shoulders and hits the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THE REF COUNTS…. ONE…. STEINER KICKS OUT AT ONE. Bronson pops back up and he hits A MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM, ONE… TWO… THREE!!! BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED JOHN CENA TO WIN THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! For the second year in a row, Bronson Steiner has won a championship on the Raw after WrestleMania.
Bronson Steiner defeats John Cena to win the United States Championship in 12:04
Raw April 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner is interviewed backstage about his recent US Title win and he is asked about carrying the Steiner name and what it means to him in which he responds that his father & his uncle were the greatest tag team in WCW history, they were both United States Champions, Scott was world champion, hell they’re former WWE World Tag Team Champions but the Steiner name doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Everyone talks about the Rhodes, Anoa’i, or the Orton dynasty but the Steiner family has been largely forgotten by wrestling fans and he aims to not only create a legacy for himself but to make the Steiner name mean something once again.
Raw April 17, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Chad Gable: United States Championship
Bronson decides that he wants to hold an open challenge for the United States Championship. The man to answer that challenge is Chad Gable who dropped the shoosh gimmick and is back to being a serious professional wrestler. Gable puts on a hell of a showing against Steiner but the younger & fresher talent proves to be too much for Chad Gable. Bronson Steiner retains the United States Championship in his first defense.
Bronson Steiner defeats Chad Gable to retain the United States Championship in 8:28
Raw May 8th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bronson Reed /w The Miz: King of the Ring First Round
In real life, it was just announced that King & Queen of the Ring will be taking place in May. We have 8 men from Raw & 8 men from Smackdown who will make up the King of the Ring Tournament. In the first round, we will have the battle of the Bronson’s as Bronson Steiner takes on Bronson Reed. The former NXT North American Champion proves to be one hell of a challenge for the young Steiner. While the referee is distracted, The Miz sneak attacks Steiner hitting a Skull Crushing Finale at ringside and rolls him back into the ring. Bronson follows it up with a top rope splash, he makes the cover, ONE… TWO… STEINER BARELY KICKS OUT!!! Steiner recovers and hits a huge military press powerslam on Reed. BRONSON STEINER ADVANCES IN THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bronson Reed in 14:08
Raw May 15th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman: King of the Ring Quarterfinal
Bronson Steiner has made it to the Quarterfinals but he has the biggest (literally & figuratively) challenge that he’s ever face so far. Braun Strowman has been on a rampage since turning heel. At the star of the match, Strowman tries to bully Bronson who shows absolutely no fear and he bitch slaps Strowman which enraged the monster and they begin to brawl but the match quickly gets out of hand. They’re trading blows in the corner, the ref is trying to break it up but Bronson accidentally floors the ref with a right. They begin fighting outside the ring and up the stage. Strowman picks up Steiner and hits A RUNNING POWERSLAM THROUGH THE LED BOARD SPARKS ARE FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! Both men have to be carried out of the arena.
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman ends in a no contest in 8:04
Raw May 22nd, 2023
King & Queen of the Ring 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Braun Strowman: United States Championship
At the PPV, before the match can even start, Steiner & Strowman start brawling and they’re fighting into the crown. Bronson has never had an opponent quite as powerful as Strowman and he knows that if he wants to win that he’s going to take risks. They’re fighting near a balcony and Bronson nails Strowman with a low blow. Steiner climbs to the top of the balcony and DIVES NEARLY 20 FEET ONTO STROWMAN. They finally manage to get back into the ring to start the match and it’s them hitting power move after power move on each other. Bronson manages to lift up Strowman and land a STEINER SCREWDRIVER!!! HE MAKES THE COVER ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Braun Strowman to retain the United States Championship in 13:13
Raw May 28th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bobby Roode: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
After toppling the monster among men, Bronson Steiner has a new challenge and that is the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It’s a concept completely foreign to the young upstart. But in order to even qualify for the match, Bronson will have to contest with Bobby Roode who only recently returned from neck surgery. Bobby Roode is a man who can make anyone look good in a match and he has previous experience facing a Steiner but that experience DOESNT pay off as Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for Money in the Bank in 12:56
Money in the Bank 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley vs Pete Dunne vs LA Knight vs Gunther vs Seth Rollins vs Solo Sikoa: Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Bronson Steiner is entering the first ladder match of his career and he’s completely out of his element here. But Steiner wants to prove that not only can he adapt, but he can win the match and guarantee himself a world title match in the near future. This match is pure anarchy, Ali is using the environment around him to take out his opponents, Pete Dunnes does ladder assisted joint manipulation, and Solo Sikoa uses his Samoan strength to batter the competition. Steiner quickly adapts to this chaotic match and starts muscling around guys such as Ali & Seth Rollins. It’s then that Steiner comes face to face with THE ALMIGHTY!!! These two big meaty men start slapping meat and BRONSON STARTS GETTING THE BETTER OF LASHLEY!!! Bronson sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring but Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin and they’re beating him down as Lashley begins to climb the ladder. Bronson just barely dispatches of Alexander & Benjamin in time to climb the ladder and meet Lashley at the top. They’re trading blows until BRONSON STEINER HIS A MASSIVE FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!! Lashley is down and once again, Steiner slowly gets back to his feet to climb the ladder but out comes OMOS. He picks up Steiner and hits a huge choke slam on Steiner through a ladder bridged at ringside. As Omos goes to pick up Lashley and help him win the match, LA KNIGHT SNEAKS BACK INTO THE RING AND CLIMBS THE LADDER TO RETRIEVE THE BRIEFCASE!!! LA KNIGHT IS MR MONEY IN THE BANK.
LA Knight wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 26:47
Raw July 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs The Hurt Business: Gauntlet Match
After being robbed of Money in the Bank, Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed off and he want to kick the piss out of Hurt Business. MVP says that he’s not going to let another Steiner humiliate Lashley, which is a reference to Scott Steiner & Bobby Lashley’s feud circa 2009 TNA. Bronson being the tough as nails fighting champion that he is, he agrees to fight all of the members of Hurt Business and if any of them can beat him, he’ll put up his United States Championship on the line at Summerslam. The match is made a gauntlet match.
Our first is Shelton Benjamin. These two have an excellent athletic contest with Shelton reminding everyone just how good he still is. Not even 10 minutes in, Steiner defeats Benjamin with a top-rope Frankensteiner. The second man to answer this gauntlet is Cedric Alexander. He starts to wear down Bronson picking up where Benjamin left off after a thrilling 12 minutes, Steiner puts away Alexander with a TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER. Bronson is really starting to tire out and it couldn’t come at a worse time because out next is OMOS!!! The seven foot three Nigerian giant makes his stoic walk down to the ring but he makes a quick stop under the ring and grabs a STEEL CHAIR. Omos enters the ring and BATTERS STEINER OVER AND OVER AGAIN BREAKING THE CHAIR OVER THE BACK OF BRONSON STEINER. Omos hits a thunderous choke bomb on Steiner RIGHT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! With Omos disqualified, there’s only one man left and that man is Bobby Lashley. When he gets in the ring, Steiner is still laid out at ringside. The ref begins the count and Steiner barely gets back in the ring before the count of ten but Steiner is too beaten up to stand against Lashley who hits Steiner with multiple spears. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and Steiner passes out. BOBBY LASHLEY WILL CHALLENGE BRONSON STEINER FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP AT SUMMERSLAM!!!
The Hurt Business defeats Bronson Steiner in 32:08
Summerslam 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Bobby Lashley: United States Championship
Bronson Steiner goes into Summerslam not at 100% after weeks of beatdowns from Hurt Business and on top of that has easily the toughest challenge of his career. They have a great big man match that sees Steiner hang in there. Near the end of the match, we have a ref bump. Bronson hits a Steiner Screw Driver, BUT NO REF TO COUNT THE PIN!!! Omos comes out to help Lashley finish off Steiner. STEINER DOES THE UNTHINKABLE AND HITS THE MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM ON OMOS THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! Steiner gets a measure of revenge for a few weeks ago on Raw. Back to the match, Lashley manages to lock in the Hurt Lock that has put so many wrestlers away for the past three years but Bronson is a special breed. BRONSON STEINER BECOMES THE FIRST PERSON TO BREAK THE HURT LOCK!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Lashley to retain the United States Championship in 15:04
Raw August 21st, 2023
After the biggest win of his career at Summerslam, Bronson Steiner is out cutting a promo about what’s next for him as United States Champion, ya know all the usual stuff. This is when the cameras cut to the backstage area and we see Rick Steiner being assaulted by none other than…. TOMMASO CIAMPA!!! Steiner makes a beeline for the backstage area but Ciampa is long gone by the time Steiner gets there and all that’s left is the brutally beaten & bloodied father of Bronson Steiner.
Raw August 28th, 2023
Throughout this particular episode of Raw, Bronson Steiner is looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Finally, we see a car pull up in the arena and it’s Tommaso Ciampa and HE MEANS BUSINESS!!! He starts making his way through the arena when Steiner goes right for Ciampa and they have an intense backstage brawl. They have to be separated by security. Bronson yells to Ciampa that “IF YOU KEEP MESSING WITH MY FAMILY ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!”
Raw September 5th, 2023
Tommaso Ciampa finally explains why he attacked Bronson Steiner and his family. Ciampa says that he helped build NXT and he was the face of that brand, that was until Steiner came in with that stupid ring name and his lineage and he took not only his spot but the only thing in this business and that’s Goldie. Ciampa says since Bronson took something he loved, now he’s going to take something from Steiner that he loves and that is the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Raw September 26th, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: United States Championship
These two have a very hard-hitting match that see them not only wanting to win the match but down right maim the other. Ciampa uses every dirty heel trick in the book but nothing is working on Steiner who has been operating on an entirely different level as of late. Bronson pays homage to his father but hitting the DIVING BULLDOG ON CIAMPA!!! ONE… TWO… THREE. BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! But what the ref didn’t see is that Ciampa’s foot was under the bottom rope.
Bronson Steiner defeats Tommaso Ciampa to retain the United States Championship in 13:44
Raw October 3rd, 2023
Ciampa is raging because he aaa screwed out of the United States Championship. He says that this is just like what happened in NXT. Steiner gets a rocket strapped to his back because he’s a Steiner then he steals Ciampa’s spot in NXT. Ciampa should be United States Champion, not Steiner and so he challenges him to ONE MORE MATCH AT CROWN JEWEL!!! Steiner comes out and he says that he’s going to put Ciampa down for good just like he put down the old guard of NXT. Steiner of course accepts the match and just to make sure Ciampa doesn’t leave with any more excuses, Steiner suggests they make it LAST MAN STANDING!!!
Crown Jewel 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: Last Man Standing Match for The United States Championship
We finally get to Crown Jewel. These two men have been feuding since Summerslam and things will finally come to a head. It’s Bronson Steiner, the man who ushered in the current era of NXT vs Tommaso Ciampa who was the last of the old guard from the Black & Gold Era of NXT. These two men go to war, Steiner SPEARS CIAMPA THROUGH THE BARRICADE. Ciampa hits a FAIRYTALE ENDING THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! But if there’s anything that Steiner has in common with Ciampa is that they both have that never say die attitude. Steiner beats the 10 count but before he can do anything to Ciampa, he is speared out of nowhere by….. GOLDBERG!!! What in the fuck. Ciampa capitalizes and he brings the US Title Belt into the ring and hits one last FAIRYTALE ENDING ONTO THE US TITLE BELT AS ONE FINAL FUCK YOU TO BRONSON STEINER. ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE… TEN… TOMMASO CIAMPA FINALLY HAS HIS FIRST TASTE OF MAIN ROSTER GOLD!!!
Tommaso Ciampa defeats Bronson Steiner to win the United States Championship in 28:55
Raw November 6th, 2023
Goldberg explains that he attacked Bronson Steiner because of his hatred for the Steiner family. He says that they made his life hell in WCW and it kills him to see fans cheering a Steiner when those same neck beards booing Goldberg for making a career out of doing the right thing. Goldberg has returned and he has just one more match left in him and he wants his final match to be the one that sees the end of the Steiner family in the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg challenges Bronson Steiner to match at Survivor Series, the same event that Goldberg made his triumphant return seven years ago.
Survivor Series 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Goldberg
Almost 7 years to the day after Goldberg returned to WWE in explosive fashion and squashed Brock Lesnar. Da man is facing is many ways a younger version of himself, both former NFL players, both had meteoric rises to the top in their respective companies. The match begins and Goldberg immediately charges Steiner who overpowers Goldberg with a huge shoulder tackle. Goldberg is momentarily stunned but goes for a spear by Steiner leapfrogs and rebounds off the tops NAILING GOLDBERG WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN. GOLDBERG STUMBLES BACK TO HIS FEET ONLY TO BE HIT WITH A SECOND SPEAR FROM STEINER!!! Goldberg is in a bad way as Steiner follows it up with his patented military press powerslam but he doesn’t make the cover instead he locks in the STEINER RECLINER AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT FOR GOLDBERG. For the first time in his career, GOLDBERG TAPS OUT. BRONSON STEINER HAS OFFICIALLY RETIRED GOLDBERG!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Goldberg in 89 seconds
Royal Rumble 2024
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
So far, 29 men have entered the Royal Rumble and Brock Lesnar has been dominating the match. Who can stop Brock Lesnar except for ENTRANT NUMBER 30, BRONSON STEINER!!! They comes face to to face in the ring for the first time ever. They go off in a test of strength with BRONSON GETTING THE BETTER OF BROCK. HE LIFTS BROCK WAY OVER HIS HEAD AND CHUCKS HIM RIGHT OUT OF THE RING. BRONSON STEINER HAS ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR IN CONVINCING FASHION!!! Bronson is slowly clearing the field, he eliminates both Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin at the same time. He body slams Braun Strowman over the top rope. Bronson Steiner seems to have the 2024 Royal Rumble on lock. Directly mirroring Royal Rumble 2004, Brock Lesnar sneak back into the ring and NAIL BRONSON WITH AN F-5!!! Bronson is stunned as he slowly uses the rope to get back to his feet. He sees Brock walking back up the ramp looking satisfied at what he has done. From behind, old rival TOMMASO CIAMPA DUMPS BRONSON STEINER OVER THE TOP ROPE ENDING THE SECOND GENERATION STEINERS HOPES OF MAIN EVENTING WRESTLEMANIA!!!
Raw January 28th, 2024
Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed the fuck off that Brock Lesnar cost him the Royal Rumble. He says that he wants Brock Lesnar right here, right now. But there’s no sign of Brock Lesnar. Bronson refuses to leave the ring until Brock Lesnar shows his face. After a minute or so, Adam Pearce comes out and says that Brock isn’t here and he has a show to run. Later in the night, the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship is announced with Gunther defending the title against Brock Lesnar and four other competitors. The other four will be determined through qualifying matches. Bronson Steiner barges in Adam Pearce’s office and is asking why the hell was Brock Lesnar just inserted into the match while everyone else has to earn their spot. Bronson says that he has unfinished business with Brock Lesnar, and Pearce says that putting Brock in the chamber wasn’t his call but what he can do is give Steiner a qualifying match next week on Raw.
In this timeline, after Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship he retires the Universal Championship reintroducing the big gold belt which is won by Seth Rollins in a tournament at Backlash but later in the year he loses the belt to Gunther who goes on a long dominant run with the belt.
Raw February 5th, 2024
Bronson Steiner vs The Miz: Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Bronson Steiner faces the WWE’s resident loudmouth and he means fucking business. Steiner immediately drops The Miz with a double leg takedown and he’s pounding that ass the way I pound Jay Castle with rights & lefts. Bronson picks up Miz and nails him with a Military Press Powerslam but doesn’t pin him. Bronson locks in the Steiner Recliner and Miz immediately taps out. BRONSON STEINER DEFEATS THE MIZ IN JUST OVER A MINUTE TO QUALIFY FOR ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats The Miz in 1:03
Elimination Chamber 2024
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar vs Gunther(c) vs Sheamus vs Ricochet vs Seth Rollins: Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Entrant #1: Ricochet Entrant #2: Brock Lesnar
Two former rivals start off as the first two entrants in the Elimination Chamber Match. Ricochet’s career never recovered after his crushing defeat to Brock four years ago. Ricochet refuses to let Brock punk him this time around and he immediate charges the much larger opponent. Brock is caught off guard by the absolute speed & tenacity of Ricochet but it doesn’t last long and Brock is hitting German after German on Ricochet. Brock is taunting Bronson who still locked in his pod.
Entrant #3: Seth Rollins
Rollins is out next and he alongside Ricochet decide to form an unlikely alliance to take down the much bigger threat. We get a few minutes of high flying fuckery that sees Rollins & Ricochet hit Lesnar with a bunch double team moves that Lesnar sells beautifully.
Entrant #4: Sheamus
Out next is Sheamus who levels both Seth Rollins & Ricochet with a Brough Kick just in time for Lesnar to make it back to his feet. These two have an EXTREMELY hard-hitting exchange. Sheamus hits Lesnar with a Brough Kick and he does that amazing thing where he staggers back and Sheamus goes for another one but Lesnar counters into an F-5 while staring down Steiner straight in the eyes. ONE… TWO… THREE…. SHEAMUS IS THE FIRST ONE OUT!!!
Entrant #5: Bronson Steiner
We begin the countdown to the fifth entrant and it is of course, Bronson Steiner. Both Steiner & Lesnar finally are able to go at it properly and it is as JR would put it; a slobberknocker. Lesnar actually gets the better of Steiner and plants him with an F-5 but before Lesnar can pin him, Rollins floors Lesnar with a springboard knee. Rollins follows it up with a Curb Stomp attempts but similar to Randy Orton, Lesnar catches Rollins mid move and nails him with an F-5, ONE…. TWO… THREE….. SETH ROLLINS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!!
Entrant #6: Gunther
Gunther is the final man to enter the match and it’s chops for everyone. Gunther turns Ricochet inside out with a thunderous chop. He then levels Lesnar, Gunther chops Steiner over and over again who doesn’t go down and he continues fighting back, Gunther has Steiner leaned against a pod and he goes to chop him again but Bronson moves and GUNTHER DESTROYS THE POD WITH JUST ONE CHOP!!! Gunther’s hand is cut and Bronson senses this and he takes the fight to the World Heavyweight Champion but he’s worn out and Gunther manages to drop kick him which sends him flying into the chamber wall. Gunther redirects his attention to Lesnar and they start where they left off. Lesnar hoists the big Austrian up for an F-5 but out of nowhere, STEINER SPEARS LESNAR!!! STEINER FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A MILITARY PRESS SLAM. RICOCHET HITS A 630 ONTO LESNAR FROM THE TOP OF THE POD. ONE… TWO… THREE…. RICOCHET HAS DOME THE UNTHINKABLE AND ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR!!! Ricochet got his revenge for Crown Jewel 2020. When Brock recovers, he is PISSED!!! Before leaving the chamber, he plants both Ricochet & Steiner with and F-5 but he isn’t done with Steiner just yet. Lesnar locks in the Kimura and SNAPS THE ARM OF BRONSON STEINER!!! A few EMT’s enter the chamber to try and get Steiner out of the chamber but he refuses to quit and he puts up a valiant effort against Gunther but he’s in ungodly amounts of pain. He nearly collapses because the pain is so unbearable which makes him easy pickings for the current heavyweight champ. Gunther his The Last Symphony, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER’S DREAMS OF WINNING THE BIG GOLD BELT ARE CRUSHED. Gunther goes on to defeat Ricochet to win the match.
Gunther wins the elimination chamber to retain The World Heavyweight Championship in 27:57
Raw February 26th, 2024
We’re just over a week removed from Elimination Chamber and things have never looked worse for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar broke Steiner’s arm after being eliminated in the chamber so not only was Steiner robbed of the World Heavyweight Championship, but now he may miss out on his first WrestleMania. Steiner now sporting a sling has a sit-down interview with Michael Cole who starts off asking him about why this beef between Steiner & Lesnar got out of hand so quickly. Bronson explains that he never liked Brock, he is someone that doesn’t respect this business or the people in it. His father & his uncle dedicated their entire lives to this business and they didn’t get half the opportunities that Lesnar was given. Bronson says that the doctors won’t clear him which means he’ll have to work twice as hard to prove them wrong.
Raw March 28th, 2024
After weeks of working hard to get his arm back into shape, doctors still refuse to clear Bronson Steiner to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 40 and Adam Pearce says that Steiner is just going to have to sit this one out which doesn’t not sit well with him. Finally, he goes to the head honcho Triple H and he says that he cannot sanction a match between them and that’s when he says that they can only fight in an UNSANCTIONED MATCH!!!
WrestleMania 40
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar: Unsanctioned Match
We are here at the 40th edition of WrestleMania and this is going to be the match of a lifetime for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar comes out with his bun shaved off and wearing his original 2002 gear. He comes out not even wearing his ring gear, just a pair of jeans really symbolizing just how personal this feud has become. Bronson runs straight to the ring and he’s trading blows with Brock to start the match. Steiner is really taking the fight to Lesnar and it spills outside the ring. Bro son looks to spear Lesnar through the barricade like he did a few weeks ago but Lesnar gets out of the way and BRONSON WIPES OUT THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! Brock goes after the still weakened arm of Steiner smashing it against the ring post. Brock wants to inflict as much damage as possible and he removes the protective padding at ringside and goes for a German on the concrete but Bronson gets out of it and HITS A FRANKENSTEINER ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!!! Brock is out of it as Bronson rolls him back in the ring. He then goes under the ring and throws a wide variety of weapons into the ring such as chairs, kendo sticks, trash cans, and a table. We see Lesnar powerbomb Steiner through a metal trash can and we Steiner spear Lesnar through the table set up in the corner. Finally, LESNAR HITS AN F-5 ON BRONSON STEINER, ONE… TWO… BRONSON KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar does something no one thought they would see again and HE HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS AND IT ACTUALLY FUCKING LANDS!!! Lesnar once again makes the cover, ONE… TWO… BRONSON SOMEHOW SOME WAY STILL KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar is completely out of options as Steiner recovers and hits his fathers patented Diving Bulldog followed by Bronson’s signature the Military Press Powerslam. The ref counts, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED BROCK LESNAR ON THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL!!! After the match, Brock Lesnar nods at Steiner as a show of respect.
Bronson Steiner defeats Brock Lesnar in 36:07
The next night on Raw, Brock Lesnar finally retires from WWE giving Bronson Steiner the rub of having retired both Goldberg & Brock Lesnar within his first year on the main roster. At Summerslam, Bronson Steiner would challenge the ever so dominant Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship and he would go on to win the big gold belt that his uncle once held but more importantly his father never got to hold and we have a nice moment in the ring where Bronson hands his father the big gold belt that he finally gets to hold high above his shoulders.
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2023.03.21 02:18 gentletradesonly Oil edges up on historic Swiss banks deal, central banks support

Oil prices rose on Monday after suffering their biggest weekly loss in months as UBS struck a deal to buy Credit Suisse and some of the worlds largest central banks sought to reassure and stabilise global financial markets. Brent crude futures rose 35 cents, or 0.5%, to $73.32 a barrel by 0007 GMT after a near 12% loss last week, its biggest weekly fall since December. https://www.wikifx.com/en/newsdetail/202303202884509648.html?gip=TGal90
U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude was at $67.11 a barrel, up 37 cents, or 0.6%, after a 13% decline last week, its biggest since last April.
Switzerland‘s largest bank, UBS, announced late on Sunday it will buy the country’s No. 2 lender Credit Suisse in a historic deal. Following the announcement, the U.S. Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and other major central banks pledged to enhance market liquidity and support other banks.
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2023.03.21 01:34 Scrudly What Should We Do in Switzerland When It's Raining/Snowing

I will be traveling to Switzerland March 26 - April 6. Looking at the weather forecast, it will be raining and/or snowing every day that we're there. A lot of what I had planned I'm not sure will be doable in inclement weather, so I'm trying to research alternatives.
My first question is whether these will be worth it to do (or even open/accessible) if it is raining and/or snowing:
My second question is whether you have any suggestions for anything specific to do that is indoors or still fun in bad weather. We will have a Swiss Travel Pass, so anything that is a reasonable train/bus/cable car ride from any of the cities we are staying in:
We're not on a strict budget, but I would love any suggestions on museums or places that are included with the Swiss Travel Pass.
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 01:20 Ruth-Willi Money management tips: step by step

Money management tips to Help You Save and Invest Wisely (beautyaal.com)
Do you ever feel like your finances are out of control? You’re not alone. With the rise in living costs and stagnant wages, it’s no surprise that so many people have trouble managing their money. But don’t despair; there are plenty of ways to get your financial situation back on track. Here we’ll explore some useful money tips that can help you make smart decisions with your hard-earned cash.
Financial management is an important life skill, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. In fact, with just a few simple strategies and tools, you can easily take control of your money without feeling overwhelmed. We’ll look at how you can create a budget, set savings goals, identify wasteful spending habits and more – all things that will help put you on the path towards greater financial security.
By following these money tips, you’ll learn how to manage your income responsibly and use it wisely to meet both short-term needs and long-term goals. Ready to start taking charge of your finances? Let’s dive in!

The Basics of Money Management

Money management is an essential component of financial success. According to a survey by Bankrate, only 41 percent of Americans have a budget and track their expenses regularly. This statistic emphasizes the importance of understanding how to manage money in order for individuals to reach their goals. The first step towards effective money management is developing a plan that works with your lifestyle and income level. Creating monthly budgets can be intimidating at first, but it sets you up for long-term financial success as you get into the habit of tracking your spending. As part of this process, evaluating what areas are consuming most of your finances can help identify which bills should be prioritized over others. Additionally, setting aside funds from each paycheck will ensure that you always have some savings on hand while also making sure all regular payments are made before anything else.
It’s important to remember that managing one’s finances means more than just looking at numbers; there needs to be balance between short-term wants and long-term needs in order to make sound decisions when it comes to money. Having realistic expectations about how much money you need and want, as well as being mindful of any unexpected costs or fees related to banking products or services, can help keep things running smoothly financially. With these tips in mind, anyone can create an actionable plan that puts them on the path towards financial freedom — no matter where they start out! From here we’ll look at how to create a budget that best fits individual needs and circumstances so they can begin reaping the rewards of better money management skills.

How To Create a Budget

Creating a budget is the foundation of good money management. It’s essential to understand your income and expenses, and having a budget will help you do just that. To get started, start by writing down all of your sources of income as well as fixed monthly expenses such as rent or mortgage payments. Next, add non-fixed costs like transportation, entertainment, groceries, and other miscellaneous items. Once you know where your money goes each month, it’ll be easier to make adjustments if necessary. Now that you have an idea of how much money is going in and out every month, create categories for saving and spending within reasonable limits based on what’s available after paying bills and setting aside savings. This way you can ensure that all of your needs are met while still being able to enjoy life without breaking the bank!
By creating a budget, tracking spending patterns becomes simple which allows more control over finances. Now that we’ve discussed how to create a budget let’s explore when it’s best to save versus spend.

When To Save And When to Spend

Do you ever find yourself unsure of when to save and when to spend? It’s a difficult line to walk, especially as the cost of living continues to rise. Making smart financial choices is essential for both short-term and long-term success, but it can be hard to know where to start.
When considering whether or not something is worth spending money on, ask yourself if it will benefit you in the future. Is this purchase going to help protect your finances down the road? Will it lead to further investments that will build wealth over time? If so, then saving up now could pay off later. On the other hand, some purchases are necessary right away even though they may be costly. From replacing an appliance with safety issues to having enough food on the table every night – these types of expenses often need immediate attention.
It’s also important to think about how much debt you’re taking on. Credit cards should always be used sparingly and paid off each month whenever possible; otherwise interest payments will quickly outweigh any rewards points earned from their use. Additionally, refinancing loan terms into those with lower interest rates can greatly reduce the amount of money spent in interest over time.
Making conscious decisions about what we save and what we spend is key for developing a secure financial footing regardless of our current situation. Managing debt wisely requires us to stay aware of our purchasing habits while actively seeking out ways to reduce costs wherever possible — all without neglecting basic needs or sacrificing potential opportunities for growth ahead.

Managing Debt Wisely

Debt is a reality we all face at some point in our lives. Whether it’s student loans, credit card debt or something else entirely, managing debt wisely can be the difference between financial stability and an endless cycle of fees and interest payments. It’s important to understand that when it comes to debt, different decisions have different consequences. For example, I once knew a friend who was overwhelmed by her credit card bills with multiple cards maxed out. She decided to take on more debt and consolidate those cards into one loan with lower monthly payments – but she ended up paying much more money in interest over time!
This highlights the importance of making smart choices about debts. Before taking any action, make sure you understand how much your total payment will be each month as well as how long it will take to pay off the balance completely. Also consider seeking professional advice from someone experienced in personal finance if needed – they may be able to offer helpful strategies for reducing your overall debt load while minimizing extra costs associated with repayment plans or consolidation.
With careful planning and budgeting, staying on top of your debts doesn’t have to mean sacrificing other goals like saving for retirement or having fun experiences with friends and family. To find success in this area requires discipline and dedication – but establishing good habits now will help ensure financial security later down the road. Now that we’ve discussed managing debt wisely, let’s move onto exploring ways to save money…

Money Saving Strategies

Making the most of your money doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few simple strategies, you can get started on the path to financial success while avoiding debt and saving for future goals. One approach is to create a budget that’s tailored to meet your needs. Start by calculating all monthly expenses and dividing them into categories such as housing, food, entertainment, transportation, healthcare, and other items. Once you have an overall picture of how much money goes out each month, it will be easier to prioritize spending and identify areas in which you could save money.
Another way to improve your finances is by cutting down unnecessary costs whenever possible. Take time to review recurring bills like phone plans or subscriptions that may no longer be necessary or more expensive than alternatives available on the market today. You might also look at ways to reduce energy consumption – something as small as unplugging devices when not in use can help lower electric bills over time!
There are plenty of creative solutions if implemented correctly can aid in managing funds properly – from carpooling with neighbors or colleagues instead of driving alone, packing lunch instead of eating out at work every day or shopping around for cheaper yet quality products online.
Finding clever methods to stretch income while still enjoying life isn’t always easy but it pays off big in the long run. Making smart choices now will put you well on your way towards achieving greater savings later on – whether it’s for retirement, buying a house or going on vacation. As an added bonus, taking steps toward reducing debt means more chances for investing wisely too!

How To Invest Your Money

Investing your money is a great way to build wealth. It can be intimidating for those who have never done it before, as there are many different options and strategies available. But with the right guidance, you’ll soon discover that investing doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. The key lies in understanding what investments suit your needs best – whether that’s stocks and shares, bonds, mutual funds or other types of investment vehicles. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your money, consider working with an experienced financial advisor who can help guide you through the process step-by-step.
Taking charge of where your money is invested will give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken control over your future wealth. And while investing comes with certain risks associated with it, taking calculated risks now could lead to greater rewards later on down the line. With this knowledge at hand, transitioning into strategies for building your wealth becomes much easier and more accessible than ever before.

Strategies For Building Your Wealth

Building wealth is an important goal for many people, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily, there are strategies and tips you can use to help grow your savings. With careful planning and a little time, anyone can become better at managing their money and building their wealth.
One popular strategy is investing in stocks or mutual funds. Investing allows individuals to take advantage of compound interest over the long term – meaning that even small contributions can add up significantly over time. Another option is diversifying investments by spreading out risk into different asset classes such as debt instruments like bonds, real estate properties, commodities or other lucrative opportunities.
Another valuable avenue for growing your wealth is budgeting wisely. Developing a budget plan helps track expenses so that more money can go towards financial goals instead of unnecessary purchases. This may also include reducing spending on luxury items and setting aside automatic deposits each month into savings accounts so that money builds without having to think about it too much.
In addition to these ideas, researching tax breaks or deductions from employers could be beneficial when trying to build wealth with limited resources. In some cases, making smart decisions around taxes may save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually – allowing those extra funds to put towards retirement plans or investment opportunities down the line. As we move onto discussing tax planning tips next, remember that utilizing all available options will ensure maximum return on personal finances while adding security across multiple assets along the way!

Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning is an essential part of wealth building. Knowing how to maximize deductions and credits on your taxes can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. It’s important to take the time to understand the various tax rules, exemptions, and regulations that apply in your situation so you can make savvy decisions when filing.
If you’re self-employed, it’s especially crucial to stay up to date with changing laws since they could have a big impact on what you owe at tax time. Start by researching business expenses that are eligible for deductions – such as travel costs related to work – and look into any special incentives that may be available in your state. Additionally, if you plan ahead and pay estimated taxes throughout the year instead of waiting until the due date rolls around, you might avoid underpayment penalties.
When it comes to retirement savings, consider setting aside pre-tax funds through methods like individual retirement accounts (IRAs). You’ll lower your taxable income now while also taking steps towards financial security later down the road. Tax planning isn’t always easy but understanding these strategies will give you a leg up in achieving long term success with your finances. And from there, we move onto retirement planning advice…

Retirement Planning Advice

Retirement planning is a crucial step in financial security, one that should be taken seriously. After all, the earlier we start to plan for retirement, the easier and more successful our journey will be. Allusion can be made here to an old adage: ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ To take this metaphor further – just like a garment needs timely mending or it could fall apart, so too does proper retirement planning ensure you have enough money when your working days are over.
When looking at retirement plans and advice there are several considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, look into what type of savings accounts are available and which ones offer tax advantages. Consider any employer-sponsored plans offered by your workplace as well as other options such as IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). Secondly, explore different investment opportunities tailored towards long-term goals and make sure they align with your risk tolerance level. Finally, review budgeting strategies to help plan ahead on how much money you need to save each month.
Having laid out these steps, it’s important to remember that professional guidance from qualified advisors may also prove invaluable when navigating the complexities of retirement planning. With their expertise and experience they can provide valuable insight into the best ways to prepare financially for life after work – setting yourself up for success when you finally do retire! Taking all this into account leads us naturally onto considering insurance considerations…

Insurance Considerations

Time is of the essence when it comes to retirement planning. Unfortunately, many people forget about something equally important: insurance considerations. With a chillingly persuasive tone, let’s explore why this is essential for your financial success now and in the future.
One key factor is that insurance provides protection from risk – like health issues or accidents – which can cause serious financial hardship without the right coverage. It not only helps you stay afloat if disaster strikes, but also ensures peace of mind so you can focus on achieving other goals instead of worrying about what would happen if… That’s an invaluable feeling!
Another critical point is that having enough insurance may even help you reach those long-term objectives faster by providing funds in case of emergency or allowing you to invest more money than expected into building wealth. In short, being adequately insured gives you greater control over how and when your hard-earned cash goes to work for you.
So, while retirement planning should certainly be at the top of your list, don’t overlook insurance considerations as well; they could make all the difference between reaching your dreams or merely dreaming them. Let’s take a look at what else we need consider with unexpected windfalls…

What To Do With Unexpected Windfalls

Unexpected windfalls can be a welcome surprise, but they also present an opportunity to make smart decisions. One of the first steps is to think about what you want to do with it: will you put some away for a rainy day or pay off debt? It’s important to be mindful of how spending this money might affect your overall financial health and goals. If you’re looking for something more long-term, investing in mutual funds or stocks could potentially help grow your wealth over time.
No matter how much money you receive, make sure that whatever decision you make aligns with your long-term financial objectives. Consider talking to a financial advisor who can provide tailored advice specific to your needs — they may even suggest strategies that are outside the box. Taking into account all of these elements will ensure that any unexpected windfall won’t slip through your fingertips—it’ll become part of a larger plan towards achieving financial success. Ready to take your finances one step further? Making the most of credit cards could be the next move…

Making The Most Of Credit Cards

Using credit cards is an effective way to manage your finances and reap the rewards that come with it. Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available when choosing a credit card, making it difficult to know which one would be best for you. Fortunately, there are some key factors to consider before selecting one. It’s important to look at interest rates, fees associated with the card, any reward programs offered, as well as any other benefits such as travel insurance or cash back. By researching these features thoroughly and understanding what type of spending habits you have, you can find a credit card that will fit your needs perfectly.
Additionally, being mindful of how much money you’re spending on your credit card is essential in order to avoid racking up unnecessary debt. Setting limits for yourself and utilizing budgeting tools like setting aside small amounts from each paycheck towards paying off the balance can help keep your finances under control and make sure everything stays within your means. This will also allow you to take advantage of all the great deals that come along with using credit cards without going overboard or getting into financial trouble.
Being financially savvy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing things you love; it just means being more aware and thoughtful about how you spend your money. With this knowledge in hand, shoppers can feel confident they’ve made smart decisions while still having access to valuable perks through their chosen credit cards. Now let’s move onto tips for shopping smarter!

Tips For Shopping Smarter

It’s easy to get swept away by the world of shopping, but it’s important to be smart about how you spend your money. Learning tips for shopping smarter can help you stay on track with your finances and make sure that every purchase counts.
The first step is understanding what kind of deals are available. Knowing when and where to shop can save you big bucks in the long run if you take advantage of discounts and promotions. It also pays off to do research before buying something so that you know which stores have better prices or offer more value than their competitors.
When making a purchase, think twice! Weigh out all your options before deciding whether it’s worth investing in an item or not. This can mean checking reviews online, comparing products side-by-side, or even asking friends for advice – anything that helps you decide if this particular item is really worth it or not.
How To Save Money From Salary
Making informed decisions while shopping isn’t always easy but having a financial plan in place makes it easier to stick to budgeting goals. Budgeting apps are great tools to keep track of spending habits over time and identify areas where they need improvement. By setting limits ahead of time, shoppers will be less likely to impulse buy items they don’t need and end up regretting later on down the line.
Being mindful of purchases doesn’t just apply when hitting the store – it applies online too! Shopping online requires extra vigilance since there are often hidden fees associated with certain transactions or other tricks retailers pull off to increase their profits at our expense. Staying alert during checkout can go a long way towards protecting our wallets from unwanted surprises afterwards. Nowadays, we must learn how to guard our financial information as carefully as we would guard any other valuable asset; otherwise, we risk losing control over our hard-earned cash without even realizing it until it’s too late.

Protecting Your Financial Information

In this day and age, protecting your financial information is essential to maintaining a secure future. With the prevalence of cybercrime and identity theft, it’s our duty as responsible citizens to take any measures we can in order to safeguard our finances. Thankfully, there are now several tools available that make doing so much easier than before: it’s almost like having an invisible shield around us at all times.
One way to protect your personal data is by using strong passwords for online banking accounts and other sensitive sites. A great password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that’s hard enough for hackers to crack – but easy enough for you to remember! Additionally, consider activating two-factor authentication whenever possible – this means logging into a website requires both something you know (your username and password) and something you have (like your phone).
Moreover, be mindful of phishing scams where fraudsters attempt to trick victims into giving away confidential information through fake emails or links. These malicious messages often look very realistic on the surface level – however, if you pay close attention to details such as grammar mistakes or unusual requests from “trusted sources” then you should be able to spot them quickly.
By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that your financial records will remain safe and sound. And with peace of mind comes confidence – which will serve as a powerful asset when choosing the right financial advisor for your unique needs.

How To Choose a Financial Advisor

Choosing the right financial advisor can be daunting, yet it is essential to ensure that you make sound investments. To pick an ideal professional for your needs, there are a few key things to consider.
Firstly, evaluate the credentials of potential advisors; look for certification and experience in their field.
Additionally, ask about any education or training they have undertaken recently so you know their knowledge is up to date. It’s also important to gain insight into how they approach investment decisions and strategies – after all, this person will be helping shape your financial future!
Then comes fees: what do they charge? Will fees vary depending on certain services? Are there any other hidden costs? Knowing these details ahead of time makes sure you’re not surprised by unexpected expenses later down the line. As well as this, check whether they offer advice beyond investing too, like tax planning or estate planning. These may come at an extra cost but could help set yourself up financially for the long term.
Finally, conduct some research online regarding customer reviews and testimonials from previous clients – this should give you an idea of how reliable and trustworthy the individual is before committing to them. All these steps together will guarantee you find somebody who meets your criteria when choosing a financial advisor that best fits your needs.


Tax planning is a crucial part of financial success. It can help you save money and make sure you’re taking advantage of all the deductions and credits available to you. With careful tax planning, you can reduce your taxable income and keep more of what’s rightfully yours in your pocket.
According to statistics from 2019, about 70% of Americans took advantage of some form of deduction when filing their taxes that year. This highlights how important it is to be aware of the different deductions available so that we can ensure our hard-earned money stays in our pockets instead of going to Uncle Sam every April. Planning ahead for your taxes will give us peace of mind knowing that we won’t have any unpleasant surprises come tax season!
Money management tips to Help You Save and Invest Wisely (beautyaal.com)
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2023.03.21 01:06 Kiwi_and_Koalagirl Future in-laws enmeshment?

I'm having trouble discerning if I'm overreacting to my fiance's relationship with his mother and sister.
Background information: I met my fiance two years ago and found out a month or so into dating that he father had stage 4 glioblastoma. He passed away 10 months later. Which, for context has been 14 months now. His family also immigrated from Russia 26 years ago. I'm American so I'm unsure if this is also partly a cultural difference. I've tried very hard to be understanding of this hard situation that my fiance and family have gone through the past two years.
The reason for my post: My fiance and I live about 5 minutes from his mom and sister. Both mom and sister live together. The sister is my fiance's twin. They are almost 37. I understand that people have differing ideas of closeness but, my fiance works from home and frequently goes to his mom's house through out the week to work and sometimes help her with stuff and eat lunch etc etc with her. This probably amounts to seeing her 4 times a week at a minimum because he's always helping with something.They have no family whatsoever here aside from the three of them. I know that makes things hard. I'm starting to get really frustrated because there is always something to help with and it seems to be my fiance's job to help. His sister is single and lives there. I try my best to cope with that since I know he worries about his mom. The main issue that I'm having is that he frequently (imo) wants to take day long or occasional weekend trips driving for hours on end with us and his mom and sister. He has these discussions with them and then "informs" me what we are doing. I don't mind compromising and doing this maybe once a year but, taking either a road trip overnight or at the minimum aday trip is usually occuring once a month. I already spent a week in the Outer Banks with them in August and have had multiple day trips since then at least 4 or so. Now, this weekend we're going to Virginia. I feel like I'm in a relationship with these people. My fiance seems really oversensitive about any topic involving them. He tells me I don't have to go which isn't the response that I'm looking for. I just want some understanding and empathy of my point of view. Am I overreacting or is is kind of over the top? And is there anyone to nicely bring up this topic to him?
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2023.03.21 01:02 nbarlam Itinerary Check: 14 Days in Tokyo/Kyoto (plus side trips)

Hi all,
Me and my wife will be traveling to Japan in April to celebrate our 30th birthdays this year. I think we have a pretty solid itinerary, but wanted advice if any days seem overbooked or could be better spent.
We plan to have the JR rail pass to cover most traveling, but may also get a local transit card (especially for Kyoto). We'll be visiting after the peak of the cherry blossom season, so we don't expect to see much but are also hoping some of the crowds die down. My wife has some dietary restrictions so she can't drink and must avoid raw fish, but she's practicing her Japanese so I'm hopeful we can convey this at restaurants to avoid any issues.

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2023.03.21 00:27 19neo91 Nothing Matters Anymore

There you have it folks: Welcome to the New Economy.
There's no going back now. The milestone here, besides the historic bank failures, is the (re-)creation of the Swap Line facility system through the US Fed that will allow other central banks to turn on the American money printers daily until the end of April, at least. This scheme has only ever been put online twice in history: for the 2008 crash and for COVID. The household investor must realize that the world is now in a 2008/COVID-like scenario even if the news and other media are trying to control the panic for now since it is in their best interest to prevent any further bank runs. But even this historic third turning-on of the worldwide counterfeiting mechanism doesn't hold a candle to the new paradigm shift that has occurred: which is the US Fed cavalierly, brazenly, and recklessly creating a banking ecosystem which now expects the FDIC insures virtually all customer deposits. And wait there's more: Simultaneous with this sweeping use of America's spending power to protect banking depositors comes an all-out crush on banking investors, everyone from retail to institutional holding things like $SBNY, $SVB, $CS---those who now find that their holdings are nothing; so too (for the first time ever) are bond-holders getting cleaned out, something which the governments and central banks recognize is illegal for everyone but them (as illegal as completing a bank sale without shareholder approval).
Here's what you can expect in this New Economy:
I expect to many readers that there is something in this post that bothers them. It's not about $CENN, is it? What's with all this Superstonky stuff? Swaps and what not, I've never heard of any of that here. Yes, all true. The fact is that this community has for over two years shied away from the $GME and $AMC core for whatever reason; the result is a feeling of disconnect from the canonized DD with respect to the current state of Cenntro. Perhaps many here don't know the vindication of your friends and relatives realizing that after your spouting what seemed like conspiracy theories for years about Archegos, Credit Suisse, Swaps, and bank collapses, that all those "stories" would come to fruition and that one of the oldest and strongest banks in the world would disappear overnight for $3.2B (around what I'd say is the fair value of Cenntro). It feels good to be right, but it can feel panicky to be on the sidelines and realize that the information was there all along about the truth of this cabal and that you didn't delve into it because it came from another stock community, because it included useful info about DRSing, or because it just seemed too complicated and far-off when your attention was on the daily drama of UP-OR-DOWN.
The truth is the stock market is rigged---rigged for retail investors.
If it is possible for the bag-holder to forget for a second about the unrealized losses and just look at the big picture: RETAIL PAYS NOTHING TO HODL. INSTITUTIONS ARE COLLAPSING BECAUSE OF THEIR OBLIGATIONS IN FEES AND SHORING-UP THEIR BALANCE SHEETS AGAINST NEGATIVE EQUITY AND LIQUIDITY HOLES. Just try to think from their perspective. It is you who are stealing. You get to hodl a position without paying fees as they do on FTDs and shorts, you don't have to pay commissions for using a darkpool or other professional trading mechanisms each of the millions of times daily they perform a large transaction you don't have to shell out for social media distortion campaigns and hit articles. From the perspective of the suits, from how they see it you have already bled them x amount by hodling and to them that ought to be counted against any potential tendies pile: to them, you've already robbed them and so they are given a carte blanche to rob retail investors, as has been seen now with the pilfering of anyone with banking stocks.
In this sort of environment, the numbers are all meaningless gaslighting and all that matters is time; if it took around 2.5 years since the frenzy of speculation begun in 2021 to come to a crisis of valuation and confidence, then how long will it take for the stock market to shake out the bad actors? 2.5 more? Less? Who knows: no one knew (though many tinfoilists foretold) that this financial mayhem would happen and now that it has everyone seems to have their own reason for the cause and their own narrative about what comes next.
Here's what I can tell you: $CENN and every single ticker on the market remain as risky an investment as can be in the terra incognita of the New Economy. When you see the bank moat fall as it has, it may be wise to wait on the sidelines. I'm not here to tell anyone to buy anything. Money (A) for me is one goal of my investment along with (B) fucking the suits and (C) seeing the company I like come to fruition. I've found that often when what I want triangulates in this way that if I push too hard on one side of the structure (i.e., A. money) then that force tends to be transferred and realized along the other two sides: (B) The Suits Are Fucked; and (C) Cenntro Is Now A Full-fledged EV Company.
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2023.03.21 00:27 PuzzledDreamer007 Legal advice for motorcycle.

Hi all, sorry in advance if this isn’t the right place to post this.
So basically I (22M) bought a motorcycle 2 years back in NC for about $6k and I make monthly payments on it. When I moved back to FL I brought my motorcycle and decided to let my dad (48M) have it because he said he would make the remaining payments which would be a total of $3,532. I gave it to him on April 2022 and told him he can pay me the $195 monthly… he never did. At one point I didn’t even notice the automatic payments for the motorcycle but after 8 months I text him letting him know that he needs to pay me for the last 8 months which would be $1,564 and that he should transfer the title to his name because I was ALSO paying for the insurance on it. And then he went off on me saying “why should I pay for the motorcycle If it barely works” And I told him that he knew it wasn’t running and that the deal was that he could have the motorcycle because he wanted to work on it. He accepted it as it was when it was convenient for him but now that he has to pay up, all of a sudden he doesn’t want the motorcycle even though it’s been 8 months?? We got into a major argument and have been no contact for a while. I don’t even know what to do. I either want my motorcycle back and work on it myself or to have this dude pay it off since I’m literally STILL paying for it and only have $1,273 left.
I know the dating might seem odd since the last time I spoke to him was in November of 2022 and I’m getting around to it now March 2023. I have tried reaching out to him to see what he will be doing with motorcycle but he hasn’t answered me.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.21 00:21 thykarmabenill Anyone want to exchange tips on organizing/prioritizing?

I'm thinking that someone can list the things that they can't figure out which to start on first, and I can list my pile of projects that I don't know which to start first, and maybe we can kind of help each other out that way? I don't know, just an idea.
Okay I'll start with a list of some of the things I'm procrastinating because I don't know which should be done first:
That's a lot. Kinda turned to brain dump. But if I could make progress on even one or two of these things I'll feel good about my day.
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2023.03.21 00:19 LurchoTree Thought some of you might like this little relic here

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2023.03.21 00:14 mlninparadise #Recaps EOS – Monday 2023-03-20

#Recaps EOS – Monday 2023-03-20 - (Post 1 of 2) - https://t.me/Recaps_EOS/154
#Bank_Failures - Yves La Rose - 19 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/208174 : "‘Be Your Own Bank’ Mantra More Relevant Than Ever - Bitcoin was introduced to the world right after the 2008 financial crash, and fifteen years later, we’re witnessing anew the failure of reserve banking and a debt-based system ... " - https://blockworks.co/news/be-your-own-bank
#USDT_EOS - 12 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207607 : --Question-- : "... USDT (in addition to EOS) on the default bridge implemented between EOS mainchain and EOS EVM?" --Answer-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207653 : "Only EOS supported at launch by the trustless bridge. ... - ... discussed around 20 minute mark this podcast. You Tube -1hr12m- : https://youtu.be/Fb4bzVj7B90"
#ENF_Health_reports February - Program and Operations Health - 03 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/208149 : "ENF monthly Program & Operations Health Report 📊 Read: https://eosnetwork.com/blog/monthly-program-operations-health-report"
#ENF_Marketing San Francisco - March 20-24, 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207719 : "@BlockchainZack, @WanderingBort, @AregHayrapetian and others at @Official_GDC in San Francisco 🌉" - https://twitter.com/vadym_everstake/status/1635677178149871616?t=kx7Wn1rIhxtk-La4mlI8jg&s=35
#ENF_Marketing Paris - March 21, 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207591 : "ENF CEO Yves La Rose, CMO Patty Fisher and team Zaisan.io at Paris Blockchain Week to represent EOS ecosystem 🚀 Let us know if you'll be there Mar 21. 💬
#ENF_Marketing Washington - March 21, 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207640 : "ENF in attendance at the DC Blockchain Summit 🔥 If you're attending, we'd love to meet and tell you about EOS! Keep an eye out for our Digital Marketing director, Valerie, and come say hey 👋" - March 22-24, 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207675 : "ENF also at International Women of Blockchain Conference in DC. Meet Valerie & Virginia to learn about #TheNewEOS 🚀 - More: https://www.womenofblockchain.org"
#Yield+ Report February 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207976 : "📣 Yield+ Update 📣 After listening to feedback, a decision has been made by the Yield+ working group requiring all participating protocols to receive an audit by April 15 to continue being eligible for this program 📆 Learn More: https://eosnetwork.com/blog/february-2023-yield-report"
#EOS_Node_Operator Roundtable - 08 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207566 : "⚙️ Software Development, 💻 Special Purpose Nodes, 🛠 Wire Guards + More. - Watch latest updates: You Tube -56m- : https://youtu.be/bJ-HIPjwrSs"
#EOS_Node_Operator Roundtable - 15 Mar 2023 : 💻 Software Development Update 🗒 Leap 4.0 Release Overview 🖥 Ubuntu 18.04 Support + More. - You Tube -43m- : https://youtu.be/44D3v15kkAA
#Antelope_Coalition meeting - 09 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207594 : "Topics discussed included: 💻 RAM Limitation Fixes 🖥 P2P Peer Discovery 🗳 IBC Milestone 7 Vote + Instant Finality, Wallet SDK, Ledger app support and more!. 📺 You Tube -41m- : https://youtu.be/KtV-Bxl3GZs"
#Antelope_Coalition meeting - 16 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/208150 : "Antelope Coalition discusses the progress made with P2P Peer Discovery, P2P delegates, Antelopeibc.io portal, Wallet SDK, Ledger app support, and more! 📺 You Tube -47m- : https://youtu.be/kVyMOoUj0LI"
#Around_the_Block - IBC - 5 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207909 : "Douglas Horn from Telos, Yves La Rose from EOS, Lukas Sliwka from WAX and Guillaume Babin from UX Network talk about current goals and future aspirations for Antelope ecosystem 🚀- You Tube -45m- : - https://youtu.be/1WOM5Eyr21o"

#Recaps EOS – Monday 2023-03-20 - (Post 2 of 2) - https://t.me/Recaps_EOS/155
#Blockproducer Meeting - 08 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207855 : "#EOS Block Producer's met for Top 30 Monthly Block Producer Call 💻 Topics included: 🦌 Antelope Release Cadence 🕹 GameFi Strategy 🚀 EVM Launch Details 📆 Upcoming Events + More. Read: https://eosnetwork.com/blog/march-block-producer-meeting"
#EOS_Fee burning? : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207731 : --M1-- : "The fees off evm are going to be peanuts even if the entire chain switched over to using EOS through the evm itself instead of directly. I think the more valuable thing will be the mind share of a burn mechanism. --M2-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207734 : "Burning historically has done nothing IMO. It isn’t going to do anything here if we burn it" --M3-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207737 : "Burn mechanism will rebuild the confidence of the market." --M2-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207747 : "Resources cannot and will not always be cheap though, they are affected by usage even in the system we have today." --M4-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207785 : " ... to me 1/1000th and 6/1000th is still nearly zero to me." --M5-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207832 : "I've been asking the question, what is the value proposition EOS offers, and how much are our resources actually worth to any given business?" --M2-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207839 : "A large draw for many developers to other chains is how their resource models (not the price) operate and how easy they can build/support their app/users. "
#BBS_EOS : Bulletin Board - 13 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207645 : "BBS is an application that gets back to the ethos of the internet by decentralizing content sharing and allowing anyone to make a bulletin board hosted on the BBS Directory that publishes content to the EOS blockchain. 📝 - https://eosnetwork.com/blog/bbs-powered-by-eos"
#EOS_Logo versions? - 17 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207977 : --M1-- : " ... The EOS network logo is not the ENF logo, and vice versa. There should be clarity to prevent partners from using the ENF logo instead of the EOS network logo and vice versa. ..." --M2-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207983 : " ... you raise some excellent points and ask some great questions. ... " --M3-- : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/208104 : "... I think we should stick with the Chestahedron. It has been used too long and too much. ... "
#Giveaway_Show - 16 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/207950 : Thursdays 17:00 UTC Livestream with chat : "✅ EOS EVM Talks ✅ Eos Network Foundation at Crypto events ✅ Yield+ Report - TVL Rises! 💰 50 EOS + NFT! 💬 AMA - You Tube -1hr51m- : https://youtube.com/live/0RIWM3E8huc"
#Hot_Sauce - 17 Mar 2023 : https://t.me/EOSNetworkFoundation/208032 : Fridays 17:00 UTC : "🌶Hot Sauce 191🌶 - ✅ Let’s Talk EOS EVM! ✅ Zack Gall @ BGA ✅ EOS Visual Rebranding? ✅ Introducing SpyGlass ✅ Pomelo Fireside Pitches ✅ Pomelo: Season 5, Ordinals ✅ Yield + Report Feb 2023 ✅ EOS Community Poker Tournament: 3rd Edition 🃏🃏 - You Tube -27m- : https://loom.ly/bnJDXag 📺

#Recaps - regularly posted (weekly)****:EOS - Mondays: https://t.me/Recaps_EOSEden Fractal - Tuesdays: https://t.me/Eden_Fractal_recaps
#Recaps - Topical:Commitments - Eden election 07 Jan 2023 - https://t.me/EdenDelegateCommitmentsAd Hoc : https://t.me/recaps_ad_hoc
Donations to https://pomelo.io/grants/therecaps most appreciated.
= END =
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2023.03.21 00:11 Grand_Eye Update to those who had a technical error recently during the AAMC PREview exam. Email from the AAMC is provided below.

This was sent by the AAMC at approximately 6pm today to those who haven't seen it just yet:
"On behalf of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), I would like to apologize for the technical error that occurred while you were taking the AAMC PREview exam on Thursday, March 16. You were among a small number of examinees who experienced this error, and we truly regret the inconvenience and additional stress you may have experienced as a result. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the error and determine next steps.
Due to the error, we are refunding your PREview exam registration fee in full (for those who did not receive AAMC Fee Assistance). You should see the refund reflected on your original form of payment within the next 10 days, depending on your bank. You do not need to take any action to receive this refund. If you have not received the refund within 10 days, please email.
Regarding the exam you submitted for a score, you have a choice. You will not have an opportunity to see your score before making your choice, and may not change your choice after seeing your score. The deadline to choose one of the below options is Friday, March 30, 2023.
1. You may keep your score. The AAMC determined that eliminating the affected scenarios will not affect the validity of your overall score and, if you choose, the AAMC will report your score to your selected schools. If you choose this option, you will not have the opportunity to void your exam after seeing your score or to retake the PREview exam again during the 2023 testing year. If you do not tell us of your decision by Friday, March 30, 2023, we will keep and report your score. Upon request, the AAMC will provide you with a letter to share with schools confirming that a technical error occurred during your exam.
2. You may void your exam and take it again at no charge. No information about your original exam will be sent to schools. The only PREview score from the 2023 testing year that will be reported to the medical schools to which you apply will be from the retake, if you choose to have it scored. You may take the exam again at no additional charge. If you choose the May 10 or 11 test dates, your score will be available on June 18, well before AMCAS begins transmitting verified applications to medical schools. However, if you would like to test earlier than May, we have scheduled a special make-up date: April 13, 2023. Scores for this make-up date will be released on May 16.
If you are unable to take the exam on April 13 or in May, you are welcome to choose any other available 2023 PREview test dates. All testing rules and procedures as defined in the AAMC PREview Essentials and on our website, including registration deadlines, will be in effect for whichever test date you choose.
3. You may void your exam without retaking it. No information about your original PREview exam will be sent to medical schools, nor will it count toward your 2023 PREview exam testing year limit. You may request that the AAMC provide a letter for you to share with the medical schools explaining why a PREview score is unavailable for your application. Please review the application requirements of the medical schools to which you are considering applying. If one of those medical schools requires the PREview exam, we recommend you choose option #1 or #2."
What are you all planning to do? I think Option 1 would be the best choice. The score is still reported, the AAMC will eliminate the affected scenarios, and no need to take it again. They'll also provide a letter to share with the schools that a technical error occurred. Any reason not to choose this route?
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2023.03.21 00:08 Tetonicus NYC Ultralight April Meetup - Boone's Birthday Bash

What: Get your feet under you with a relaxed, middle mileage, low vert, early season backpacking trip in the local state park. And celebrate the second adoption day of our mascot, Boone, in the process!
When & where: April 15-16, 2023. Departing from Dutch Doctor Shelter in Harriman State Park at around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. I and I’m sure a few others will be at Dutch Doctor on Friday night. If you are using public transit I would recommend arriving at Dutch Doctor on Friday night as the first train on Saturday arrives in Tuxedo at 10:29 a.m.
Weather: April is usually one of my favorite months for Harriman backpacking since it’s not too cold but not sweltering. A NOAA point forecast is here.
Map: https://caltopo.com/m/A2AGL
Who should come: Anyone who likes backpacking and is down to do an 8.5 mile day! Ultralight is not a prerequisite.
Who shouldn't come: If you’re looking to push big days this probably isn’t the trip for you. Though you are welcome to meet us at the shelters.
Transit info: If you’re taking the train, download the NJTransit app. Round trip tickets are less expensive. You’re going to want to grab the train from NY Penn and transfer at Secaucus, or go straight to Hoboken for the train toward Port Jervis. Return trains are less frequent, with trains out of Tuxedo at 8:35a, 10:13a, 12:13p, 4:20p and 6:44p.
Boonus activity: Boone and I will be doing sunrise trail runs prior to the hiking section. You are welcome to join if you dare ;). They are likely to be around 90 minutes long, but exact schedule and length are TBD.
Additional details:
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2023.03.20 23:59 Willing_Grape_614 Please San-Check My Plan

I'm in the PNW just north of Seattle. I bought and moved into a home with a lawn that has been brown since last summer and I've conceded it's not simply dormant. I've been doing lots of reading on how to get rid of the dead grass and plant new seed. I am sharing my plan here in hopes that more experienced lawn care experts can call out any potential red flags/issues:

  1. Dig up any and all weeds sprinkled in with the dead grass
  2. Dethatch the entire lawn using a lawnmower dethatching blade attachment. Planning to do this next weekend (3/24 - 3/25)
  3. Clean up all the dead stuff from step 2 using a rake or a lawnmower w/ bag.
  4. Aerate lawn on 3/25
  5. Wait until weather is regularly around 60 in early-Mid April to overseed. My lawn faces west and is on a slope so am intending to plant Perennial Rye (would fescue be better?). I know the fall season is better for planting but I just can't stare at this dead brown grass for that much longer.
  6. Water, water, water.
  7. Fertilize about 2 weeks after seeding and roots have taken hold
  8. Pray we don't have a summer like last year and water, water and water.
  9. In the fall, patch any bare spots by laying down more rye seed.
What do you think? Thanks!
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2023.03.20 23:48 Square_Topic_2112 Is FBI involved with "Dirty Deeds" in Shelby NC? Linked to HUNT heir Towery M Burris-Hunt & Historical First National Bank?

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2023.03.20 23:38 Big-Ad-1641 Binged on credit cards recently

I binged a little on credit cards recently. Got Marriott Boundless, United Quest, and Amtrak Preferred in the last two weeks. I got the “we will contact you as soon as we can” from both Chase applications, but was approved the next morning on both. Importantly, I had gotten 5 credit cards (counting Marriott) when I applied for United quest, but Marriott had not yet reported so I was not technically 5/24. I got an instant approval from FNBO/Amtrak. I am now at 7/24.
Travel a lot domestically for work, via plane for long trips and Amtrak for local trips. Home airport is ORD and also at a major Amtrak hub. Work allows me to put work expenses (meals, travel, professional dues, etc.) on personal cards and get reimbursed. Make $550k+ depending on how clients are doing. Credit scores range from 784 to 815 depending on scoring system and bureau.
I’m barred from outside business activities by my company, so business credit cards don’t make any sense for me. I might think about CO Venture X in October or November, but I read all the CO data points on here and it seems that there is often no rhyme or reason to them. Thoughts?
Otherwise, imma go work on these SUBs. Greatly appreciate all the posts, data points, etc. on this subreddit!
My lineup: * US Bank (10/10) 20k limit * CF (the OG one, 8/14) 12k * CFU (opened 10/15 as Slate, unsolicited product change in 2020 and they recently upped my limit from 16k to 26k, also unsolicited 🤷🏻‍♂️ not mad) 26k * CSR (3/17) 10k * Amex Plat (7/21) * Apple (7/21) 10k * Bilt (11/22) 24k * Amex Gold (11/22) * Marriott Bonvoy Boundless (3/23) 23k, 100k SUB on $3k in first 3 months; I’m product changing this to Ritz Carlton next March/April * United Quest (3/23) 15k, 70k SUB on $4k in first three months * Amtrak Preferred (3/23) 11k, 40k SUB on $1k in first three months
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2023.03.20 23:35 Such-Page-5563 Storage unit

I need emergency assistance with my Storage payment. I have my stuff stored in a friend of mine's garage. I lost my parents house in 2021 and the reason why because me taking over the house payment was unexpected I lost my mother and father in 2019 my mother was sick so we was prepared for her death but not my father he was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and passed away March 2019 and then my mother followed July 2019 I was a caregiver for my mother for two years so I took a huge pay cut stay home but at that didn't matter to me I wouldn't change that for anything but when my father passed away I had to take over things that I wasn't prepared for and still was taking care of my mother I tried my best to keep up with the house but it fell through so I lost the house September 2021. Due to the setback of me being home with my mother it was hard for me to get back on track especially losing my parents so close together. So what I'm getting at is in September of 2021 when I lost the home I had a friend of mine let me store my personal belongings and lots of my parents' personal belongings in his shed because I could not afford to get a storage unit I still can't afford it. In April he came to me with some unexpected news but he wasn't prepared for either his daughter was going through a divorce and she needed to store her stuff in the shed so I had to get my stuff out with that being said I had to find a storage unit still expensive for me but I can't afford to lose my stuff and I had to leave a lot of stuff behind because I couldn't fit it in the storage unit. The reason why I'm behind on my storage unit in February there was money stolen out of my bank with some online transactions in the amount of $2,000 dollars so therefore identity theft I canceled my card and I'm waiting on my new card to arrive and I knew what day it was coming because I had it expedited so on the day that the card arrived I was out running some errands I get home to check the mail and there's no card so I quickly get on my phone call the bank and ask them where my card is and they said what do you mean it's been activated and there's been two $500 withdrawals and $50 varo charge. I was so Furious and confused on what in the hell is going. So the bank tells me all I need to do fill out some paperwork and the investigation that could take up to 90 days so I do all that about a week later I called check on the status of the situation and I now have to go down and make a police report so I did that and I still have not received my money, that's why my storage unit is behind I have a lien on my storage unit I kept in contact with them about this and they were okay with it and now they're saying that there's nothing they can do so at the end of June if I do it will be going up for auction sometime in July and I do not want to lose what I have left it would be greatly appreciated if someone can find it in their heart to help me there's a lot of memories in that storage unit. I'll show police report you can even call the police station I have the police officer's name who I made the report and if anyone's willing to help me the payments could directly go to the storage unit so you know it's going for a good cause. Thank you in advance have a blessed day!
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2023.03.20 23:34 CrumbsThatWasAce Why is opening a bank account so hard

“Sorry but you need an ID with a picture on it” I have never needed an id for anything before, the dmv 50 minutes away is booked until April/May, and my local dmv opens at 9, closes at 5, and is closed on weekends (I’m at school at 9 and my mom doesn’t get home until 5) Okay, let’s go to the other bank, well will you look at that both their bankers are busy today because it’s closing time (again my mom comes home at 5 and they also close at 5) so you need to make an appointment. Mom has to log in to her account to make the appointment online, doesn’t remember her password, says she’ll make the appointment on Friday and refuses to talk about it further.
All of that and I still have to wait a month to get a debit card, this is absolutely frustrating to me. I feel like I’m never gonna get this done and my paychecks are just going to be collecting dust because I have no bank account to cash them into and there’s 832753 obstacles preventing me from creating one. My own money, that I made myself, that I can’t do anything with. I’m losing my mind
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2023.03.20 23:29 kingischris Best bank to use?

Hey all,
28 y/o male in Alberta here. Made some bad decisions ignoring debt when I was 20/21. Used to be with RBC. They were good but I burned myself, I take full accountability for dumb choices I made previously.
Have been banking with Scotiabank since 2016, no credit with them, just chequing and savings accounts.
Long story short, I had 1 remaining delinquent written off account in my name last April. I went to Scotiabank to apply for some credit. They seen this account on my bureau. It was for $400 in 2016. $737 now owed due to interest. I’ve had bad credit long enough because of my 1.5 bad years that I know what’s what. I know that if I ignored this old statute barred debt alone for 8 more months, it would’ve been cleared from my bureau because of the 6 year law. The rule is 6 years from date of last activity, paid or not. I didn’t make the rule, I’ve just seen it first hand a few times.
However, Scotia told me at this time they could not provide credit with this on my account. They asked me to pay it (restarting the 6 year clock) and provide them a release letter, then they would push my application through. Keep in mind this is for $15,000 line of credit. No other debt, $100,000 salary employed. 2 clean credit cards, 5 years clean payment history, 2 previous vehicle loans completely paid off with no missed payments. Then they denied the application.
Fast forward 1 year to now, attempted to obtain the same credit. Same exact story.
Scotiabank is the reason I have to live with this old (paid) delinquent account now for the next 5 years.
Does anybody who has ever been in a similar situation have a recommendation for a bank/credit union that will actually respect my current and recent credit history and provide credit?
Is this Scotia being prudes or am I out of touch here?
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2023.03.20 22:59 Jadenp_1518 17, applying for first job. When should I apply?

I can’t start until early may. I want to work at my local Walgreens. I have volunteer experience (from my local good bank). Should I apply now, or wait until April? I went in & talked to a guy who said he’d hire me if he could so I feel a bit confident.
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2023.03.20 22:59 Spiritual-Ad-2641 Bitcoin just gad its highest weekly gain since 4 years ago (!), in April 2019 and over the last 7-days BTC a Bull Market alike gain of 35%. All that in a week where banks collapsed.

Bitcoin just gad its highest weekly gain since 4 years ago (!), in April 2019 and over the last 7-days BTC a Bull Market alike gain of 35%. All that in a week where banks collapsed. submitted by Spiritual-Ad-2641 to u/Spiritual-Ad-2641 [link] [comments]