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2023.06.05 02:20 rsseosolution How To Promote Hotel and Travel Business Websites?

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Want to promote your hotel / travel business websites to increase sales. Just contact us with your website and get free quote. Contact us.
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2023.06.05 02:15 svvd Should I get a travel card for flying SoCal<->Chicago (LAX<->ORD) ~4 times per year?

I got family in Southern California, and I'm moving to Chicago soon. I'll be traveling from LAX to O'Hare around 4 times per year, and maybe another domestic flight for fun once in a while. Looks like United Airlines is my best option for flights.
Currently, I have a Chase Freedom Unlimited for general use and a Discover It for rotating categories. Credit score 784, total credit limit 13k, oldest account 3 years. As for income, I have 40k saved from working, but I'm going to be on student loans the next 4 years.
Would y'all recommend getting a travel card for my situation? Looking to just save money on flights. No need for hotels, and I don't care about lounges, upgrades, or whatever. Here's some options I looked into so far:
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.05 02:09 Several-Chip-6740 I (20M) can’t overcome sexual trauma and I am scared it will ruin my relationship

I apologize if this is very lengthy and personal. I’ll start from the beginning. When I was 16 my first girlfriend wanted a baby (16F). She would make my do things I didn’t want to, and I was too young and dumb to know better. These included public sex, very graphic videos, sex with the parents home and the door open, etc. These were all things I was very uncomfortable with. The “finale” of this was when she made me promise that I’d impregnate her, or else she’d leave me. Thankfully I did not, however she did in fact leave me as a result of this.
I was heartbroken. However, 2 months later I found a new girlfriend who was very much more healthy (sexually) in the relationship. However, I would sometimes struggle to keep an erection when it came time for sex. This resulted in very humiliating experiences time and time again. However, thankfully I was able to satisfy her with my fingers and mouth, and so she was happy. However, I was left feeling humiliated.
And here we are now. I’m 20 years old, and until last month, had not been sexually active in over a year. Last night me and my girlfriend (18F) got a hotel room, because we both live at home and she was a virgin, and I wanted to give her something memorable, since I didn’t have that. We did it all, the shower, the foreplay, everything. Then I put the condom on, laid her down, and got soft when I went to insert it. After that I got emotional and told her everything. Her special day was ruined.
This is where is gets complicated. She was SA’d when she was younger quite badly, and fingering is not really an option in this situation. I can please her with my mouth, but it’s obviously different from penetrative. Also, I suffer from pretty bad PE. So, usually we do other stuff first and then mess around for about an hour, and then I can go again. This also means I use those numbing condoms. Should I not do that if I already came like an hour prior? Maybe my refractory period is longer than I think it is, and that’s the problem? I honestly don’t know, I’m just so confused and want help.
TL;DR I can’t maintain an erection and I’m not sure if it’s because of last trauma or something else, and if so, how do I fix it?
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2023.06.05 02:08 SnooPears870 Spazzing. Paris to Mykonos

Hi all. I’m meeting my husband who’s on business in Paris for a few days, then we are headed to Mykonos. Then flying back to Paris for a night and then flying home to the US.
We have our hotel 5 nights in Mykonos.
I’m trying to plan getting there and I’m super overwhelmed.
Paris to Mykonos? Round Trip flight with big layovers? Paris flight to Athens then ferry Mykonos? Paris flight to Athens then flight to Mykonos?
All the different times that were available look horrendous by the way. Prices look expensive as well.
Any advice here would be super appreciated.
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2023.06.05 02:06 ThrowRAMelodicG I (29 F) feel like my friend (24 F) purposefully lied about being the DD to have guys pick her up

I recently met up with my friend in person for the first time. It was a long drive for me, around 6 hours, but I prepared for it. Before I made the trip, I asked her what the plans were on what we were doing. She wanted to go out. I said okay sounds great.
Then I find out, just from her talking casually about it, she wants to go out 1.5 away to a very large city. I say okay, but how are we getting there.
She says that she will drive and she will be the DD and will "sober up" by closing. I tell her that the only way I'm comfortable is if we stay in her town, which is also quite large, to drink or we get a hotel in the city. I explain to her that I will be too tired to be driving around a large city.
She asks me again and says that she will be alright because of her bad experiences blah blah she won't drink that much so she can drive blah blah. She then agrees to look into hotels.
I drive to her house and she tells me that she didn't look into hotels and is just going to drive us because she respects how far I drove that day and that she only plans on having a few. We get in her car to go, she informs me she's NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE and is nervous. And I ask, do you know where we are parking? And she goes, oh I didn't think of that, guess we will wing it!
Then, she's driving erratically, texting, while we are on the way - explaining to me that she took special driving classes and knows how to handle the road. Meanwhile, going off the road and speeding.
At this point, I'm incredibly frustrated. We get to the bar / club and it's a good time. I'm making sure to only drink one drink because I don't really trust this girl to be good on her word. What do you know, after two drinks she tells me she's "super drunk and will need a ride"
Wait, excuse me?
So, she starts texting all these guys. Leans over to me and says "So and so is going to pick us up!". I flat out tell her NO. She goes "whatttt? I should call my ex!" and I tell her "I'm really not comfortable going to a strange man's house right now" At this point, I'm internally panicking because I am engaged and cannot be going to someone else's house. I'm also trying to figure out how I will get to her house for my belongings and my car, as well as get somewhere to sleep if she gets picked up.
I go over to the bar and get us both waters. Then, we are chilling and both dancing. I'm extremely bad with conflict, so it was very awkward for me to then ask again what the hell was going on.
She shrugs and says, "The boys said no! But I'll keep asking!" so I say "okay are you ready to go?" and she goes "Not yet!" And I say "I think we better get going".
Now she's disgruntled and we walk out the door and she KICKS her shoes off in front of everyone and says "I'm just toooooo drunk" and is hanging on random people and cat-calling guys. I'm extremely embarrassed at this point.
So I'm like what are we doing? And she's like "well should we look at hotels?" And I'm like "are you joking? It's 1 in the morning and I'm not prepared to pay for a hotel. I could pitch in, however, if you find one". And she is just staring at me and I'm like "I'm extremely exhausted right now, but I'll drive" and she goes "oh, my car has a tail light and head light out" and I go "I'm not driving then, sorry, you can drive". She didn't have more than two drinks the entire night, over the course of 4.5 hours, but I also did not want to risk having myself get pulled over for her car issues. It felt like she purposefully was doing this with the intention of staying at a guy's house the entire time.
TL;DR: I feel like my friend purposefully didn't tell me our plans for the night when I was 6 hours from home so she could meet up with guys, convincing me that she would be good to drive and not bothering with a hotel.
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2023.06.05 02:04 Ok_Computer4846 Hotel living

They're live now living in a hotel. Aprox 550/week. What did they do with the $ they saved on rent while with family?? They'll be pushing hard now.
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2023.06.05 02:02 JohnDoet247 Housekeeping is the toughest job in hotels or in residential scene, and one of the toughest, even if compared to other jobs outside the industry.

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2023.06.05 02:02 Proof-Umpire2035 Hotel Recommendations

Has anyone stayed at The Claridge Hotel or Best Western Atlantic City Hotel and can tell me if they would recommend it and their experience ? Trying to decode between the two for a weekend trip later this month for my mom birthday. It would be me my mom sister all adults and little brother who’s 11. I also saw a couple of inn’s but didn’t know if those would be the best place to stay in if magpie had a good experience in any please share.
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2023.06.05 02:01 glockbuttdog First race @ New Hampshire!

Attending my first NASCAR race this summer at New Hampshire. Any recommendations? We’re staying at a hotel nearby and sitting high up in Concord Grandstands. I know the usual sunscreen and ear protection. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 02:01 blukat28 This highway name... Why would you name a highway after that?!?

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2023.06.05 01:56 bnmcc932 Help with Itinerary - Asia tour - 2.5 weeks

I (29f) am going to be solo traveling for work for a few weeks in July and will be stopping in 7 countries and spending 1-2 days in each place. Looking for some help on my itinerary. Please note that I cannot change the days/times I'll be working each of my work events, so I'm trying to plan around them the best I can where I can see some cool things in each country without getting too fatigued/burnt out. If it's helpful to know, I'll be traveling from east coast, USA. Currently, I've tried to plan one "event"/tourist attraction to see each day, and whatever other free time I have in that country, I figured I'll casually explore the city, find some good food, stay at the hotel pool, etc. But I have a 5 day gap between HCMC and Tokyo and am trying to decide between a few options listed below. Also looking to see if my itinerary seems doable in the time I have. Additional info: I enjoy nature/scenery, beaches, cultural stuff, art/architecture, honestly just wanna see some beautiful places. I'm not into drinking so don't care for nightlife kind of things. Not super concerned with travel & transportation budget as my job is paying for most of it, but would like to keep activities to $100ish USD max a day.

July 19 - arrive in Jakarta
July 20 - walk and explore city during the day
July 20 - 6-10pm work event
July 21 - fly into Singapore, walk around/explore city
July 22 - 11am - 3pm work event/relax rest of day
July 23 - Gardens by the Bay (all day)
July 24 - fly into Kuala Lumpur midday, relax for the evening
July 25 - Batu Caves/waterfall 9-3pm; 6-10pm work event
July 26 - fly into Bangkok (land 8am), check into hotel 11am, take cab at noon to ethical elephant sanctuary in Pattaya for a tour from 2-5pm
July 27 - work event 6-10pm
July 28 - fly into HCMC Vietnam, explore city
July 29 - work event 11am-3pm
\July 30-Aug 2 - SEE OPTIONS BELOW**
Aug 3 - work event in Tokyo 6-10pm
Aug 4 - Fly into Seoul (I've lived in Korea so I will end the itinerary here as I don't need any further insight into this country).

Option 1:
- July 29 fly to Northern Vietnam in the evening, and spend July 30 & 31 seeing one or two of the following places: seeing Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, or Sa Pa. From my research, these sound more interesting to me than the options I'm finding in HCMC (not really interested in the war museum or Cu Chi tunnels)
-Aug 1 fly into Tokyo, spend Aug 1-3 exploring Tokyo
Option 2:
-July 30 fly into Okinawa, spend Jul. 30 & 31, and head into Tokyo July 31 night. Aug 1-3 explore Tokyo
Option 3:
- July 30 head straight to Tokyo and spend 5 days exploring Tokyo

I love the idea of seeing more of Vietnam because I've heard how amazing it is, but if it's a hassle to get to the places listed from HCMC, then maybe it's worth heading straight to Japan. If I head straight to Japan, is it too much to try and do Okinawa and Tokyo in the time allotted? Is 3 days enough to get a good feel of Tokyo? Would also be open to hearing suggestions of other good beaches within an hour or so from Tokyo if there are any.

Also, does my itinerary as a whole sound doable? I know I have extremely limited time in each country and ideally wouldn't want to move around so much, but can't change the work schedule unfortunately. Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.05 01:53 Scout_It_Down Dog-friendly hotels where dogs can be left unattended in the room?

Hotel websites don't share their expansive pet policy, most just simply state whether they accept pets and if there is a fee. An example of this is The Hotel Clio in Cherry Creek. Their website says it's an extra $150/dog but they don't say your dog can't be left unattended until you check in.
Does anyone know of pet-friendly properties that aren't a Kimpton hotel?
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2023.06.05 01:49 CannedPeas_1 Does Paul still die later in the game even if you defeat everyone in the hotel?

I killed pretty much everyone in the hotel, but Paul still died. Not from being shot at, but from the kill switch. Unless I missed something in the story?
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2023.06.05 01:47 Vast_Emergency 30 [M4F] - Istanbul/Anywhere - British guy looking for contractions and maybe more.

I'm a British guy, tall well spoken with the accent because that's a thing I found. I travel a lot for work, currently in Turkey for a bit. In Asia next so I'm looking for people in that area... or you know just anywhere really!
Mostly here as finding people to talk to is hard as I don't get many opportunities to meet people given I move around a lot. Overall I am fairly open minded looking to talk to others, we can see how it goes from there! Also open to meet up and do IRL stuff if our paths cross and have contracts in Asia and Europe coming up in a few weeks if you happen to be there.
Given everyone asks a few bits; I'm 188cm tall, dark hair, green eyes, we can exchange pictures if you like. My work isn't as fun as it sounds from the travel and usually I get to see the inside of airports and hotels of the places I visit. Hobbywise, right now I want to get back to reading and writing extensively as it is something I always liked before. I also enjoy finding new places if we ever meet up. Oh and I have part shares in some cats when it comes to pets and do enjoy animals in general.
For openeres tell me something interesting you found out, I've a wide range of interests and enjoy learning new stuff whatever it may be. Or recommend me a good book/film/show, I've got a fair bit of travel to get through so need a distraction! I also do board games when I get a moment so recommendations welcome. Cat pictures also appreciated. Like a lot. I'll share mine back. Also a lot.
Contact me here via DM or the links on my profile.
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2023.06.05 01:45 Full_Worry_7313 Accommodation for back pain? Standing desk?

About 2 years ago I experienced back pain and saw a chiro that cracked my lumbar. That crack completely messed up my nerves in that area. Since then, I’ve been seeing a physio and am on the road to recovery but am unable to sit more than 4 hrs in a day before I experience a flare up.
During the pandemic some depts allowed $500 for WFH equipment and I purchased a standing desk that helps me with my day to day - I mostly stand to avoid flare ups. Now with RTO (NHQ staff but hoteling to a region off) I am wondering if anyone has ever obtained an accommodation (I.e. a standing desk) for this sort of injury/something similar? I haven’t been to the office yet since they just found space for me locally. Just curious if anyone knows if this is possible or not. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 01:44 yoyogogo111 Recommendation for good village to visit for dinner within 20-30 minutes of CDG?

We will be road-tripping around for a few weeks and will be spending the final night of our trip in an airport hotel due to an early flight the next day. We can turn in the car whenever, so after we check in, I’d love to drive out to a cute or historic village and stroll around and grab dinner. Within 15-20 minutes of the airport would be great, but up to 30 minutes is fine too. We’re thinking about Chantilly, maybe Senlis - any suggestions? And any specific restaurant recommendations for dinner? Merci!
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2023.06.05 01:42 Crafty-Roof-6630 Best area to stay for 2 day LA trip?

Planning a 2 day trip to LA. Wondering what would be a good area to stay? I mainly want to do the tourist things (walk of fame, Walt Disney concert hall). I'm not really interested in the beaches, so Venice/Santa Monica doesn't seem like a good fit. I was thinking downtown (perhaps citizen M hotel) but seems close to skid row and have heard mixed things.
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2023.06.05 01:40 kimberbonita Japanese small beauty gets wrecked in hotel after interview

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2023.06.05 01:40 vickylanguila Horny maid want to fuck with me at hotel in Berlin

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2023.06.05 01:32 pirategal99 AITA for Not Cleaning My Apartment (I have two roommates)

I (F23) lived with two roommates recently (M22)(F22). Purposes of this post, I will refer to them as John and Mary. This was my second year living with Mary and the first year, Mary had a lot of problems when it came to our previous third roommate who moved out at the end of the year. The problems Mary had with her mainly pertained to cleaning and the overall lack of interest the girl had in hanging out with us. That is when John moved in for this year. We had this cleaning schedule where we would rotate cleaning shared spaces such as the hallway, the kitchen, and the living room. Mary was the one that wanted the cleaning schedule, however I would be the only one that actively kept up with it, as every sunday I would be the one that would rotate the schedule, and Mary would get mad at me for doing that when John hadn't yet cleaned his space. Eventually, life got in the way, I dropped off the cleaning schedule so everyone fell off it. Mary and I shared a bathroom which we rotated cleaning each week. I always felt the situation was kinda unfair about her bathroom cleaning expectations. If I were to have a friend over, despite if they used the bathroom or not, she would expect me to clean it, regardless of whose week it was. This led me to stop inviting people over. Now I would be fine with this arrangement normally, however Mary had a boyfriend, (M22) Joseph who was over practically every single day for the last two years. In simple terms, I was always expected to clean up after Me, Mary, Joseph, and my guests, but Mary only ever would clean up after herself, Joseph, and me. In the month of May, we all graduated college and I had my two parents and a friend come to visit for the week to be there for the graduation. I went to college out of state so it was a lot for them to come. My parents got a hotel while my friend crashed with me. But my parents did come to the apartment several times. The next week, we talked about doing a deep clean of the apartment since we would be moving out soon. I said I would clean the bathroom since i believed it was my turn anyways, to which Mary corrected me saying it was her turn. I had no real problem with this since thats just how things went so i was expecting it. Flash forward to the day we decide to deep clean and Mary and I get into a screaming match where Mary gets mad at me and John for not cleaning for the last three weeks and I get mad at her about the fact that I was the only one she was mad at and I was the only one that kept up the cleaning schedule. She told me that she could at least talk to John and that I wasn't worth a conversation. After that I haven't spoken to her since, unless she engages with me first. I cleaned my spaces and moved out/sold all my things and got onto a flight without cleaning our shared bathroom. AITA for not cleaning the bathroom? I felt justified in not cleaning it since I cleaned up after her boyfriend for two years without complaint.
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2023.06.05 01:31 Hefty_Fox5207 I need help with housing

I made a post before asking for help and still haven't had any luck. I have a toddler and in desperate need. I have a full time job been there awhile and I also have a side job working on cars. I don't do any drugs other than smoke cigs but not in the home due to my toddler. I'm a very honest hard working man just trying be the best father I can be. We currently stay in a hotel. It's breaking my bank BIG time. All bills we pay currently is
Car payment Car Insurance Day-care Gas Food Hotel storage fee
That's not counting all other bills and the hotel fee alone is $865.93 every two weeks is killing me I'm always broke. I'm looking for a private home owner. Someone willing give me a chance in life and a nice or decent place for my toddler to play. I don't have much money to put down on a place if any however I'm willing work something out for that rather it's fixing something that may need fixed at the home or another home you may own I'm pretty handy with that type of stuff as well. We had a nice apartment we have lived there almost 3 years. We had to move out for the fact I'm a felon dated back from 2010. My record DOES NOT include anything to do with guns, drugs, robbery nothing sexual. My charge has something do with my ex and I arguing. I could've beat the charge if I had the money to afford a good attorney which at the time I couldn't because I was a single father. Therefore I took the charge to be home with my kids. If I had tried to fight the charge with a court appointed attorney I may have lost the case went to jail and lost custody of my kids. I'm looking for a 2 or 3 bed home, mobile home / tralier for around $1500 to $1700 a month or maybe less if possible please. I work at a hospital and and my toddler goes to daycare in West Knoxville so I kind of perfer somewhere in the West Knoxville area so I'm close to the daycare and work. I'm in my 40s I do have bad credit which I'm trying to fix but I can't do that until I find a place to live that's reasonable so I'm able to save money to put towards it. Which my credit is bad only due to hospital bills. So please can anyone help me? Also I do NOT want apartment my toddler has ADHD very hyper active so they have loud outburst that they can't control. Also the last place we did rent from is also willing vouch that we was very good renters never caused any issues stayed to ourself and everything. Thank you all if anyone is able to help. I'm sick and tired of this place and want to see my toddler have their own room again vs a hotel.
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2023.06.05 01:30 ForteSP33 [USA] [H] Chrono Trigger (SNES), SNES Games, DS Games, 3DS Games, Switch, Pokemon, Ps1, Horror, jRPGs, Dragon Quest, Playstation Longboxes, XBOX 360 High End Sports, NES, CIB Mike Tyson Punch Out, Graded Games, Factory sealed games, other titles, systems too! [W] Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp

NES Games
Nintendo 64
Sega Genesis
DREAMCAST (all disc only)
PSP (all CIB)
Xbox 360
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