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2023.05.31 17:44 chaexnnie Selling VIP12 Lv99 Shining Nikki Account

selling my shining nikki global server 1 account as im getting too busy to keep taking care of it. ive spent countless hours on the game (and also a lot of money), looking for around 500$ but open to negotiating!
- day 1 player, lvl 99 and VIP12 (~157$ away from VIP13)
- was in top 1 guild, score around 1,05 million points per week
- consistently between top 10% and top 20% in diamond arena
- index lvl 100, 76% sets, 84% reflections, 77% clothes, 49% nail art, 70% concepts, 71% decor
- every lifetime suit and chapter suit + their awakened versions completed
if interested, please send me a message on reddit or discord: aalex#1133 (and feel free to ask for pictures of the account)
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2023.05.31 17:41 Optimal_Loan_4327 Hey, can you guys help me with my next move?

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2023.05.31 17:28 Gavin_SunBreaker Party of One UHC — The Investigation 2.0 (S12): Episode 2

Welcome to Party of One UHC: The Investigation 2.0

Six seasons after our last throwback, don't you think it's time for another? Well, over here at Party of One we invite you to: The Investigation 2.0! In a throwback to our second-ever season, we will be revisiting the same premise. For those unfamiliar, PoO is a constantly FFA recorded UHC event uploaded here on the ultrahardcore subreddit. Our second season consisted of mystery scenarios being stacked up over time, and our twelfth season is going to be the same! This is also our last season played in version 1.8 — just to add to the throwbackiness of it all.

Mystery Scenarios — Players will not know what scenarios are active, only that doing certain things in the game will unlock the repercussions of said scenarios. Head over to the Reddit posts to see which scens are active this episode.
Scenario Stackup — A new scenario is added each episode until episode 7, when players meetup.

Active Scenarios (Episode 2):
Best PvE- Players gain one heart of health every ten minutes if they avoid taking damage. Getting a kill can put you back on the list to attain hearts if you had fallen off the list.
Enchanting Death- Enchant tables are no longer craftable. Instead, players drop an enchant table upon death.

Per usual, zoom mods, c-counter, arrow counter and fullbright were all disallowed. PvP was enabled after 30 minutes, and meetup was called at the start of episode 7.

The Perspectives:

Player Episode Link
-- --
Greeples Episode 2
78Ford Episode 2
Charrlottie Episode 2
Calliwags Broken Promises
DogofKrondor Episode 2
Lexi Episode 2
PatCreeperBrown Episode 2
Kaddyn Episode 2
Ghostblurr Episode 2
CodeJoshua Episode 2
Rohcket Krenzinator Check
Jahrod Episode 2
Ghaosty Episode 2
Markedbooboy The Book
Fruitlogic Episode 2
TheSoNiceJoey What’s the Scenario Today?
Brodator No Enchants?
527Max Episode 2
NikoAnimation Learning to split episodes. Late
Alan Episode 2
[21st] Fost Shot by Skeleton
Spectator Perspectives :)
Cody Episode 2
ElGavinoSupremo Winners at War


  • Intro: CodeJoshua
  • Round Hosting: ArcticMC
  • Round Logo: Codwhy
  • Organization: ElGavinoSupremo, Jahrod & TehBaconBrawlerz

”That moment when you made a diamond pickaxe for nothing”

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2023.05.31 17:27 pulgarcitaaa Monster Cock Threesome with Spa Bitches Valentina Ricci & Kathy Fuckdoll GP067

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2023.05.31 17:20 drewedin HOTEL & SPA RECS

Hey, I’m looking to book a hotel & spa break away for my sisters 30th bday. Ideally 1-1.5hr around Edinburgh. Does anyone have any lovely recommendations? Stobo is quite expensive at £600 EACH for two nights stay. Would be looking to stay over the weekend
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2023.05.31 17:15 theviolenthippy I have the thinnest nails and I can’t fix them and I need advice.

The worst part is I’m a nail tech!! I feel like I’ve done everything and tried every product I can think of to help.
My nails are so thin they hurt. I stopped using gel polish on myself all together to give them a break and was just painting with Vinylux on my days off of work. I’m constantly putting almond oil on and I even have the CND oil pen in my purse for when I’m out. I do a weekly manicure on myself to clean up my cuticles and such.
You’d think they would have been nice when I was pregnant (2 years ago) but nope! Not even with all the vitamins I was taking.
I just bought the OPI Repair Mode & Nail Envy and I’ve been using it for almost a week and see/feel no difference. It was kinda my last hope I’m not sure what else I can do. I drink tons of water and eat fairly healthy. I was drying my hands off with a hand towel earlier and my index finger nail bent in half and it was excruciating.
Am I doing something wrong? Forgetting something? I feel like I’m giving my clients the same advice and their nails are better, but mine aren’t. Help!
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2023.05.31 17:08 try_a_place ❤️ Karina's Nails in Memphis, TN 38133 Try best nail salons in Tennessee

❤️ Karina's Nails in Memphis, TN 38133 Try best nail salons in Tennessee

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Have you ever been to this beauty salon? If you haven’t gone yet, you should check it out!

About Karina’s Nails in Memphis, TN 38133

If you live in Memphis, Tennessee, and are looking for a nail salon, you might want to check out Karina’s Nails. This salon has been around for years and is known for its good service and friendly staff. Karina’s Nails can give you a manicure, a pedicure, gel polish, or nail art, and more…
❤️You can experience happiness by going to Karina’s Nails 38133, which is located ⭐at 2235 Whitten Rd # 107, Memphis, TN 38133.✅ There is the address of the business. If anything about the address, phone number, website, or fan page is wrong or has changed, please let us know… Tell us to make sure everyone knows about this favorite place. Have a good time!
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2023.05.31 17:06 Sbenny_Official Merge Animals v 3.2.8 mod with free purchases * Diamonds * Gold & More (updated)

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2023.05.31 16:59 vodkinacatto Nail salon for this saturday?

Hi all!
I would like to get my nails done this Saturday morning before I go to a music festival next week. I would like to go together with my sister and get gel, nail extensions (our nails are way too short) and manicure. In particular, we would like to get something "cute" as nail decoration (cats, teddy bears.. to give an example).
Any recommendations on the beauty salon? Preferably if they are comfortable speaking English as our Dutch level is not great.
Thank you everyone!
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2023.05.31 16:42 girlswisspers Recommendations for nail artists

Hi, I was curious if anyone has any recommendations for a good nail tech/salon that enjoys (and is good at!) doing acrylics with nail design?
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2023.05.31 16:42 smithwalker00 Best Skin Care Clinic in Mona Vale

1O1 Darley Beauty Collective Want to look and feel beautiful? They help you enhance the beauty you already have. They pride themselves on being the best. At their beauty salon, they offer you a range of products & services from hair and nail care to spray tanning to eyelash extensions and various beauty therapies.
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2023.05.31 16:41 MrC_Red [Update] 100 Great Rock Albums list CHANGES

It's been over a year since the original 100 Great Albums post. Since December 2021, I've listened to 375 Rock albums in total (just for fun, I'm getting paid for this!). Looking back at the original albums, I noticed I have a few with only 1 or 2 listens, whereas now I always try to aim for 3 at the minimum. So as this is a good midpoint (as I plan on stopping at the 20th post), I decided to revisit these certified classic albums and maybe upgrade/downgrade the ratings after more listens. I'll continue to edit grades on other posts if my opinion changes on them later on, but the 100 list got so popular that I feel like it should be left unedited.
Here's the format: Album (year) original grade [orig. Listens] // NEW GRADE {additional listens}
  1. Bob Dylan - Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963) B+ [2 listens] // A- {1 listen} More time to digest his lyrics only makes it better. Hard Rain, Blowin in the Wind and Masters of War are still the best here. He had the wisdom and poise of a 70+ year old man, as a 22 year old...
  2. Bob Dylan - Bring It On Home (1965) A- [3 listens] // A+ {2 listens} I can't overemphasize how great side two is of this album is. The songs aren't as musical as side one, so the lyrics are center stage and Bob Dylan ALWAYS captivates your attention. The electric guitar side is even better than I originally thought, but man does the second side has some of his best songwriting.
  3. The Beatles - Help! (1965) B+ [3 listens] // A- {1 listen} This is the album where I think they started making legit "respectable" music. The early Pop music they made before is nice, but it's not that fulfilling. The variety made this age very well: Hide Your Love Away, Ticket to Ride, Seen a Face, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Help!, Yesterday. It doesn't help that every album that followed it is considered one of the greatest albums of all time, but at this point, it was head and shoulders their best.
  4. Beatles - Rubber Soul (1965) A++ [5 listens] // A+ {4 listens} Highway 61 Revisited gets the credit as being the album to kick off the Rock renaissance of the 60s, but imo, the "album arms race" started with this one. Without it, the musical landscape isn't the same as the concept of an entire album of worthy material wouldn't have been as widely adopted. With the praise out of the way... it's pretty one note. A great Folk Rock album, but as it's often compared to other albums (cough Pet Sounds), it doesn't hold a candle to them.
  5. The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (1967) B+ [3 listens] // A {3 listens} This is fun, bro. No it's not a legendary album, hell, it's not really a fully formed one as it's really a soundtrack compilation album. But looking at all the songs, they're just fun. Even a half assed Beatles album is still incredible (no I haven't listened to Yellow Submarine, why do you ask?).
  6. The Doors - Self-Titled (1967) A- [2 listens] // A++ {3 listens} Wow, this is why multiple listens are super important. Many of the songs I thought were "so so" are so much better compared to other Blues Rock I've heard so far. Ray Manzarek is a god on the keys and Jim Morrison is pretty magnificent on every song. It still feels dated, as it's not super complex in it's song structure (like in LA Woman), but every song is great. JUST short of a masterpiece.
  7. The Who - Tommy (1969) B [1 listen] // D++ {1 listen} I was being generous on the original post, I really didn't like this album. After one more listen, I really hate it. The story is complete nonsense and the music really doesn't make up for it. But that's not why I hate it so much; it's the length. If you're gonna be a late 60's mess, be your flamboyant mess and get in & get out. But it's an overly long, drawn out, bore of an album. It's mind boggling that anyone would prefer this over Quadrophena. Pinball Wizard is a great song tho, but don't tell anyone I said that.
  8. King Crimson - In The Court of the Crimson King (1969) A- [1 listen] // A {1 listen} listening to Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed made this album a better listen. That jazz prog rock, with a laid back feel instead of completely psychedelic. The rest of the album (outside the intro) was a better listen this time around with better context, as I remember being bored with much of it. Now that I'm familiar with early Prog Rock, this doesn't feel as foreign anymore.
  9. The Beatles - Let It Be (1970) B+ [3 listens] // A {3 listens} yea, I'm a Beatles stan. Yea, it's probably the weakest Studio Era album. Yea, I enjoy the atmosphere of this album more than the music itself; as a last who-rah of a crumbling friendship that can only be held together by creating music, as that is where the only fun is still found amongst these guys. Do I like to pretend that Don't Let Me Down is apart of this album, so I can grade it higher? Also, yea.
  10. David Bowie - Hunky Dory (1971) A+ [2 listens] // A {2 listens} this is Art Rock. Not being a glam/hard rock fusion makes it less heavy than its successor. It also suffers for not having multiple strong anthems to hold the entire thing. Changes, Life on Mars, Andy Warhol, Queen Bitch are all great songs, but I doubt any are in Bowie's top 5. The other songs don't hold up as much I remembered.
  11. Carole King - Tapestry (1971) A- [2 listens] // A {2 listens} Joni Mitchell's Blue was the driving force this time around. That personal folk storytelling, with that lively piano yet cozy, warm atmosphere. With more listens, I don't really love the lyrical composition as I just love the tone of the thing. I can sit next to a warm fire (or on a window sill) and turn this on and relax. I understand what the genre of Soft Rock is going for now.
  12. David Bowie - the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972) A+ [2 listens] // Masterpiece {3 listens} Probably didn't give this one too much thought when grading it, as I think I just fell in love with a few songs on it and forgot about the rest. Listening to this front to back... it's flawless. I tried to find a song that wasn't good or that was kinda boring, but they're all perfect. I've listened to Ziggy Stardust and Starman COUNTLESS times in the past year, and will randomly get guitar riffs from random songs off this album to pop in my head. Of his 4 albums I've listened to, I still think Low is his best, as the atmosphere of that Side B is unmatched. But this album is what I'd consider objectively perfect, as every song is great. Easy masterpiece, and a great example of why sitting with an album is just as important as giving it a bunch of listens.
  13. Queen - A Night at the Opera (1975) A- [2 listen] // A {2 listens} Fun stuff. I enjoyed the multiple vocalists being apart of it instead of only Mercury, made it feel like a "stage play" with a revolving cast. I think I might have been a bit to harsh on this one, as most of the album wasn't that memorable, with how amazing Bohemian Rhapsody is. I didn't understand what this album "was" with it's vaudeville style, but now, I see that it's this halfway point between the Hard Rock and the Prog Rock of the 70s, with that theatrical flair to make it standout. Definitely worth checking out.
  14. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols (1977) B [2 listens] // A- {2 listens} In 1987, Rolling Stone listed this as the 2nd best album of the last 20 years (since 1967) only after Sgt. Pepper's and man, did that made it easy for me to view this as overrated. I think since listening to more Punk Rock that followed this, I start to see how much better they've done with this compared to others. The guitar playing actually changes throughout the song, Johnny Rotten is actually expressive and feels spontaneous, and the drumming is creative. But the real change in opinion is the guitar playing: the riffs on many of these songs are undeniably awesome, which gives Rotten so much to work on top of. My biggest gripe with Punk Rock is how repetitive some bands can be. Now after more listens to this, I can absolutely NOT say the same can be said about this album. It's varied and expressive; how Punk Rock should be.
  15. Steely Dan - Aja (1977) A [1 listens] // A+ {1 listen} better than I remember. The jazz rock combo is really good, it really leans into the jazz instead of simply using it as an aesthetic. It's not Prog whatsoever, just jazz with traditional Rock instruments. Honestly, you can barely tell if this would considered Rock at all. You really got to like jazz to love this tho. It has that free flowing feel of that genre, from the instrumentation to the flow of the singer. Great album! I'm assuming Steely Dan is hated by the rock community because of this heavy leaning into jazz. Which is understandable, but that doesn't mean they don't make phenomenal music.
  16. AC/DC - Highway to Hell (1979) B+ [2 listens] // B {1 listen} They haven't quite moved away from the Blues sound yet. Back in Black is a pure distillation of what Hard Rock should be as a stand alone genre, but they don't quite have that confidence in being that brash yet. Bon Scott does a lot of heavy lifting as Angus Young doesn't have that swagger in his solos yet. A lot of the songs aren't super great, but they at least still carry energy. Highway to Hell is a fantastic song, but the majority is just meddling around in this laid back blues style.
  17. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (1985) B [1 listens] // B- {2 listens} I originally wrote this off as one that I "just didn't get", with how insanely commerically successful it is. Now after listening to their Self-Titled album, it actually becomes even more disappointing as you know how much more they're capable of. There's such a signature style on it and this throws all of it away in exchange of a 80s soft rock sound. Walk of Life and So Far Away are good tunes, due to the guitar hooks; everything else is just shallow.
  18. Pixies - Doolittle (1989) A- [2 listens] // A+ {2 listens} Now, I view this band on the level of the Beatles or Velvet Underground as one of those influential bands that changed music. At the time, Doolittle was too weird for me, but with much more context from this era, this is just insanely great. Compared to Surfer Rosa, the versatility is on a different level. While it is great and varied, it's not exactly "great" in any one area, so I can see why the bands that were influenced by them are viewed as better, as their stuff would've been more focused in one style instead of all over the place. Great album, legendary band.
  19. Alice in Chains - Dirt (1992) A [2 listens] // Masterpiece {4 listens} This album is a grower. Every time I listen to it, I like another song from it. The harmonies are God tier, the guitar riffs, God Tier, the choruses, God tier. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell... peanut and jelly. I've given out 2 masterpieces to grunge albums (Nevermind and Ten), so what makes this different from those is that Dirt takes its time in developing songs. So many of these songs start slow and somber, and quickly turn aggressive and passionate! Gnarly riffs on one song, than a few minutes later, you're listening to soft vocals behind a rough, tortured voice. Not a bad song on here, hit after hit, I got to say it's a masterpiece.
  20. Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (1994) A [3 listens] // A+ {2 listen} the word "gritty" might get thrown around a ton by me, but I still haven't heard such a brutal, harsh sounding album while still having pristine production value. It's nasty and mean. Even in the slow moments, you can feel the pain, anger, or sadness in his voice. Compared to other stuff, it doesn't have that much replay value to it, as it's not exact what one would call "musical". But you got to call it what it is: art.
  21. Green Day - Dookie (1994) A [2 listens] // A+ {1 listen} It's just good music. Yes, the ceiling isn't as high as it could be, but it's so enjoyable that it is always a fun listen. The album is on point from start to finish, it's one of those "if you like one, you like it all" love it or hate it kind of deals. From Burn Out to When I Come Around is just Pop Punk perfection; the backhalf doesn't hold up compared to the start, but it's all still very good.
  22. Weezer - Self-Titled "The Blue Album" (1994) A- [1 listen] // A {2 listens} I only gave this one listen and only revisited it after listening to Pinkerton. Isn't not as dismissable as I originally remembered, as I only gave it one listen. It's more POP- punk thank pop-PUNK compared to Dookie, which led me to not care for it as much. And it's pretty good pop, with a punk style to give it some edge, I guess. I still like Pinkerton more than it, but it can definitely stand alone as a good album itself.
  23. Oasis - Definitely Maybe (1994) A [2 listens] // A+ {2 listens} Liam Gallagher is really good... but Noel Gallagher is the truth, bro. That dude knows how to make a great song. They aren't super complex, but they're all have perfect execution. Mix in that Wall of Sound effect with the guitars, it makes this stand out even more from the overwhelming stacked albums of the 90s. The non-single tracks aren't as strong compared to (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, as that album is damn near perfect imo. Great debut album.
  24. Radiohead - The Bends (1995) B+ [1 listen] // A {2 listens} If Radiohead didn't make this album, I highly doubt I would've listened to this. Which is a shame, because this is a really good album. On the flip side, being a Radiohead album also did more harm than good, as it gets massively overshadowed. I admittedly did a half assed listen to "get to the famous stuff". Fake Plastic Trees, the Bends, and Black Star are great songs. I've listened to Ok Computer so much that I come to think of it as their official "start" of their sound, when in reality, they set the stage on The Bends of what can be possible down the road. Also, they toured with Alanis Morissette with the album, so extra bonus points!
  25. Arcade Fire - Funeral (2004) A- [2 listens] // A+ {2 listens} better than I remembered. I definitely thought it was borderline pretentious, with how the song structure is when I originally listened to it. Now, without that stigma, it's not THAT abstract and I've come to admire the creativeness of it. I always love when there's women vocalists, to mix up the sound and so many different instruments add even more to the variety. It always feels like a new listen, with how many things I'll forget to notice and remember again.
  26. Lcd Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (2007) A- [1 listen] // A {2 listens} The first 4 songs are awesome; Get Innocuous with it's multirhythmic layering is my textbook PERFECT song, a 21st century "Remain in Light" homage. The rest just loses this energy and it's never found again. Compare the first track with the last one and it sounds like two different projects. I know you can call me a hypocrite with how much I love Remain in Light, but at least with that one, it's only the last song and not half of the album. Seriously tho, Get Innocuous is a top 10 song of all time
  27. Tame Impala - Currents (2016) A- [1 listen] // B+ {1 listen} Didn't expect my feelings to decrease, but compared to Lonerism, this is so mid. The lack of a real "great" song (Rihanna's Same Old Mistakes clears) makes it tough to love. It is consistent though, so it's still a good listen; just not a memberable one.
Albums I revisited, but no change in opinion. I feel like with these, I need to explain/defend myself more than I did on the original reviews:
  1. Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1965) A+ [4 listens] // {3 listens} After listening to a good chunk of their discography, I've come to two conclusions on Pet Sounds: 1) This album is truly lightning in the bottle as they NEVER reach it's level of consistency in quality from track to track. 2) Baroque Pop, while groundbreaking, came and went as fast as it arrived, mainly due to how abstract it is compared to its successor, Psychedelic Rock. Beyond that, there are a few skips that are solely due to wild creative mind of Brian Wilson. As a musical genius, dare I say better than Lennon and McCartney, but as a songwriter? Not even close imo. Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's are all great albums, while Pet Sounds can be argued to be their only great album (Wild Honey is also a good listen). I know bringing up the Beatles can be annoying, but the Beatles made great "hit singles" with their song layout, while about only half of the tracks on Pet Sounds are what I'd consider a traditional song. That's probably why I don't think it's so amazing (I kinda feel the same about progressive Rock) as I tend to favor music with a concise structure; even as unoriginal the structure may be.
  2. Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? (1967) B+ [1 listen] // {1 listen} I can't get into it. The songwriting isn't there, especially compared to the stuff that would follow it. This is him at his rawest, but it's a reason why Medium Rare is the most commonly cooked steak.
  3. The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (1969) B+ [2 Listens] // {3 listens} Thought I would flip on this album, but surprisingly didn't change at all. I still think Gimme Shelter is the best Rolling Stones song and I still think You Can't Always Get What You Want is still a phenomenal album closer, but everything in between is pretty lackluster (besides Live With Me).
  4. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1973) A [4 listens] // {1 listen} I do enjoy this album more now I know how other Progressive Rock bands sound like, but not enough to raise it a grade. I enjoy Time and the whole second side much more and the "emptiness" of the genre doesn't bother me as much. But the first half is still a little too abstract for my liking. However, I do see how people can view this as their GOAT album with how groundbreaking it's release was at the time and outside of only other Pink Floyd albums, there's nothing else in this genre that really matches the "entering another world" feel it creates.
  5. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975) A [2 listens] // {1 listen} Similar thoughts to DSotM, but this one has the more catchy "songs" and partly why I love it more. Welcome to the Machine and Wish You Were Here are fantastic, but overall not enough meat for my liking.
  6. The Ramones - Self-Titled (1976) B [2 listens] // {2 listens} I decided to give the Godfathers of Punk another try since I surprisingly came over to like the other Godfather, the Sex Pistols. And yeah... still isn't my thing. Way too one note, monotone singing, guitar takes over too much of the sound, etc. There are a few good hooks here and there, but you basically hear the entire song in the first 15 seconds. Everything I hate about Punk, stemmed from this album and made a lazier copy.
  7. The Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dreams (1993) A+ [2 listens] // {1 listen} apparently the Smashing Pumpkins aren't considered grunge? If that's the case, comparing them to a Noise Rock band like a Sonic Youth or a Faith No More, they don't they don't rock out as much as I'd like. Also, I don't like how a few of these songs sound similar to each other. Today and Hummer of course are all top tier songs, but it's just not as much of a comprehensive project as Mellon Collie. Yea, it's definitely not grunge, as it would be much harder if it was.
  8. Radiohead - Ok Computer (1997) A++ [2 listens] // {4 listens} Close, but no cigar. The first 3 songs and the last 3 songs are PERFECT, it's the stuff in between that makes it fall just short. The run of Karma Police into Fitter Happier to Electioneering is also a great moment in the album. Honestly, it's just Exit Music being "okay" that really stops it from being considered a masterpiece in my eyes. Still one of the greatest albums of all time, but not perfect in my eyes. This album is my perfect barometer for an A++ grade; it's objectively a perfect, but on the subjective level, there's nothing that makes me "adore" it. I completely understand how anyone thinking an A++ album I graded is a masterpiece, as I have to personally love it that extra step for it to get to that level.
  9. Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007) A++ [3 listens] // {3 listens A+/A+/A++} Let me end it on a positive review: I didn't really give a thorough listen to it at first, as I don't remember much from it. Over time, my opinion on it dropped as I truly didn't see why people find it so special as they do. Ok Computer easily has the better individual tracks, Kid A is easily the most experimental. After finally revisiting it, maybe because it's a great midway between the two, with a weird electronic-rock-jazz fusion. Feels like there's not a single wasted second; every beat and note is meticulous. It's more chilled and laid back, which threw me off on the repeat listens. The hodgepodge of electronic and experimental sounds, being used in this traditional lofi style instead of being a fast paced one, was the curve that made it hard to love it at first, but now I think that's what makes it unique in its execution. A LOT of these rhythms could have been large and bombastic, and I kinda admire it's restraint in remaining "down in Earth". Also the album cover is noteworthy, where it feels completely spontaneous, never fully knowing what to expect going in. Definitely deserves its high praise
Albums I also revisited, but no change in opinion. Don't have too much to add on these, but listed them as my grades are concrete on these compared to the ones I didn't choose to listen to:
  1. The Velvet Underground & Niko - Self-Titled "The Banana Album" (1967) A+ // Venus in Furs maybe one of the greatest songs ever composed
  2. Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967) A+ // It still holds up, so damn awesome
  3. Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding (1967) B+ // yeah, he's kinda rambling on this one
  4. The Stooges - Fun House (1970) A- // it's "the Stooges", possibly their best
  5. The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street (1972) B+ // Nope, still didn't love it, still a mess
  6. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1972) A++ // One I thought wouldn't have held up. I shall never question Sir Elton's greatness again
  7. The Eagles - Hotel California (1975) B // Great start, gets worst as it goes on
  8. Patti Smith - Horses (1975) A- // labeling this "Punk Rock" is a nicer way of calling this weird af
  9. The Clash - London Calling (1979) Masterpiece // Not only is there not a bad song here, but every song is perfect. Not great... PERFECT
  10. U2 - Joshua Tree (1987) B+ // I can't deny that there are some good songs on here, even if I'll never listen to it again
  11. The Cure - Disintegration (1989) A // after 375 Rock albums, Plainsong is still the greatest opening track
  12. U2 - Achtung Baby (1991) A- // you gotta admit Bono is pretty cool on this one
  13. Nirvana - In Utero (1993) A // love the Bass guitar's tone on this one, rawer contrast to Nevermind. I'm glad I didn't grow up in the 90s, as this will always sound so new and fresh to me :)
  14. System of a Down - Toxicity (2001) Masterpiece // Similar to Hybrid Theory, if this wasn't labeled as "Nu-metal" (and maybe didn't get so overplayed and copied), even the most pretentious critic couldn't deny how great this is
  15. Green Day - American Idiot (2004) A+ // Feels almost like a different band, the songs are much more nuisanced in its lyrics and its musical structure. That transition from Holiday to Boulevard still gives me goosebumps, such a great song.
  16. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever You Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006) A++ // a tour guide to the UK nightclubbing/pub scene, way better than it has any right to be honestly
Bonus: Ween - 12 Golden Country Greats (1996) A [4 listens B/A-/A-/A] Country is still a somewhat foreign genre for me and I've been kinda bored with the concept of it. But it's Ween, so they've fully earned my trust at this point so I'll give this a try. This style is more or less my biggest indifference with the genre: it's not heavy enough to be impactful as rock, yet not soft enough to be as intimate as Folk. It's in this inbetween grey area where it's just not super captivating for me. With that said, it's rarely has been the "so bad, I can't stand to listen to it" levels of boredom that it has been made out as. That signature tongue-in-cheek humor of Ween is here and it makes the project more enjoyable. With Ween, whether it's supposed to be satirical or serious, the quality of songwriting is always top tier, so it's very easy to take whatever they're doing with my full respect rather than viewing it as just a joke. Japanese Cowboy, Mister Richard Smoker, Powder Blue, Piss Up a Rope and You Were the Fool (the best one) are my favorites; but other than Fluffy, every song is a good time. What really sells this album in particular, is that none of these songs would sound out of place on one of their other Rock centric albums, which allows me to extend a lot more grace towards it. Pretty good listen. For what it is, it's pretty consistent, but there's of course better Ween albums out there.
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2023.05.31 16:37 yournailsupplier Expert Advice for Hairstylists: Keeping Hair Healthy

Expert Advice for Hairstylists: Keeping Hair Healthy
It is more than just doing their hair or putting on cosmetics; it involves getting to know them, establishing connections, and fostering a sense of self-worth in them. Whether you're an established stylist or just getting started, you need to have the skills and resources to change the hair of your clients and improve their whole beauty experience.
In order to make our clients look and feel nude nail art their best, let's explore the world of beauty together.
To give their clients the finest service possible, hairstylists must stay on top of the most recent trends, methods, and products. You should be aware that your work is more than simply a job; it is a calling that has the potential to significantly impact the lives of the people you serve, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started.
In addition to looking beautiful, having healthy hair can increase your self-esteem, enhance your overall appearance, and prevent hair-related issues like dandruff, hair loss, and breakage. For everyone who values a fantastic hairdo, maintaining healthy hair is essential.

1. The Formula for Healthy, Shiny Hair

Are you sick of having clients approach you for advice on how to maintain healthy, shiny hair? As a hair stylist, you are aware that there is no secret to having healthy, luscious locks. However, you can assist your clients in maintaining their gorgeous hair in between salon visits by giving them some useful hair care advice. The best hair care guidance you can give your clients is included below. These suggestions will not only assist them in maintaining the health and beauty of their hair, but they will also establish you as the most in-demand stylist in the area. Prepare to impart some hair knowledge now.

trending nail designs 2022

2. Identify hair type

Understanding your client's hair type, which varies greatly from person to person, is the first step in providing proper hair care. Each variety of hair, whether oily, dry, curly, straight, or colored hair, needs a certain kind of care to stay healthy and beautiful. others with oily hair, for example, need to wash their hair more regularly than others with dry hair. The buildup of extra oil on the scalp can cause itching, flaking, and a bad feeling. On the other hand, people with dry hair should refrain from over-washing it because doing so can remove the natural oils from their hair, making it brittle, frizzy, and prone to breakage.

3. Use a Premium Shampoo

To maintain healthy and attractive hair, selecting a high-quality shampoo that is suitable for your client's hair type is imperative. It's essential to stay away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens to avoid depleting the hair of its natural oils. Choosing hair care products with natural ingredients will help nourish and protect the hair while delivering the vital hydration and moisture for healthy, lustrous hair. Examples of such substances include essential oils, botanical extracts, and proteins. Choosing the ideal shampoo is a quick and easy way to guarantee that your client's hair is healthy and gorgeous.

4. Avoid Washing Too Much

A common hair care error that can harm the general health of the hair is over-washing. Too many washes can rob your hair of its natural oils, which serve as a layer of protection, leaving it dry and brittle. As a result, hair may be more nail designs for spring vulnerable to external influences damaging it and breaking it. Therefore, depending on their hair type, customers should only wash their hair two to three times per week. This not only aids in preserving the hair's natural oils, but also gives the scalp time to refill and restore its natural balance, giving the hair a healthier and more vibrant appearance.
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2023.05.31 16:37 Snoo-85259 Can a 1.5 inches drywall nail & anchor hold up 16 lbs worth of weight?

This is a dumb question, so please bear with me.
We bought a mirror that weighs 16 lbs, but only has one hole in the back. It also came with a screw that is 1.5 inches long with a drywall anchor. We don't have a stud finder, so we are essentially hanging this thing on a drywall. Is this Okay?
I am kind of scared it will fall and injure someone over time..
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2023.05.31 16:16 trancegreenfield Dive into Relaxation and Rejuvenation: Swimming Pool & Spa at Trance Hotels, Moinabad Hyderabad

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2023.05.31 16:13 ExchangeOk8283 the nails of upper class vietnamese

upon learning about america’s healthcare system my mom tells her younger brother if you get in a car crash you better die

at home we boil pig intestines, liver, kidney we dip them in hoisin and palate cleanse with rau ram my dad says it reminds him of his dinner trips to the butcher to and from the men’s dorms of the harlem ymca washing dishes in the summer while he got his master’s degree from mit

we are not nail salon vietnamese we do not associate with nail salon vietnamese

so if we are not nail salon vietnamese then why can’t i wear abercrombie & fitch? it’s ok we can find designer at tj maxx, at ross at the chinese mini mall in sharpstown we can get coach for $10 the nail salon vietnamese can give us facials in the fluorescent backroom of a strip mall between the headshop and the laundromat windows decorated with metal bars

my mom holds out hope i will one day go to harvard meet a lawyer who wears polo ralph lauren

my mom’s best friend owns a flower shop owns a flower shop she is decidedly not nail salon vietnamese


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2023.05.31 16:09 naturalgoth Why's Diamonds & Pearls listed as an EP when it's clearly an LP?

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2023.05.31 16:07 Metal_Florida Day U. Florida rock community’s top voted song starting with U.

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2023.05.31 16:07 Cultural-Injury-7804 Refresh Spa in Green Park Main Market Delhi

Refresh Spa in Green Park Main Market Delhi
Delhi High Luxury Massage Center in South Delhi.

Total Spa Rooms – 8 with Jacuzzi Bath And Steam Shower.

Refresh spa is a massage center located in the center of Delhi. At Refresh spa we believe that dealing with people is as important as mastering the technique. We do it through a personalized treatment adapted to your needs, in a comfortable and quiet environment where you can enjoy your massage. Therein lies the secret of our work and our success. Discover our massage menu and book your experience.

Call us: 9560819807

To achieve a unique experience, you can find treatments designed and adapted to the needs of each client through exclusive and personalized attention, which will transport you to a state of Refresh BEAUTY.

Post & Pre Massage Services (Complementary)
-Welcome Drink
-Steam Bath/Shower
-Good Ambiance
-Cool Music
-Internet/WiFi Facility
-Quality Time


Female to Male Body Massage by Trained Therapist
Full Body massage by Female in Green Park, Delhi
Olive Oil Massage with Steam Bath Facility in Parlour
Deep Tissue Massage Parlour
Stress Free Massage for Corporate
Helps in Reducing immune and blood circulation
Luxurious Feeling with Meditation feeling
Pain and Stiffness Relief
Hot Oil body Massage
10.Full Body to Body Massage with happy ending

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2023.05.31 16:06 Sbenny_Official Merge Elfland Magic Merge Game v1.8.5 mod LP with free purchases* Diamonds & Much Much More

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2023.05.31 16:02 FelicitySmoak_ Song Of The Day Discussion : "The Girl Is Mine"

Song Of The Day Discussion :
"The Girl Is Mine"
October 18, 1982 - 1st single from Thriller
Written by Michael Jackson. Produced by Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson. Duet with Paul McCartney. Recorded April 14-16, 1982 at Westlake Studios
This was the first single released off the Thriller album. Although it was one of the weaker songs, it was released first because it was guaranteed airplay thanks to McCartney's contribution, and if they didn't release it first, radio stations would play it anyway and wear it out. Also, it was the first song completed for the album, which they were still working on. This was released a month before the album came out. The next six singles all came after the album, and were all Top 10 hits as well.
At the time, many big albums contained a song with a prominent guest vocalist to attract attention. Released ahead of the album, this song gave no indication that Thriller would become the best-selling album of all time. Listeners were not impressed by "The Girl Is Mine", and thought that Jackson's Thriller would also be a disappointment. The public felt that Jackson and the producer, Quincy Jones, had created a song for the white pop audience

The lyrics are mostly friendly banter about who has dibs on the girl. The song was a very safe choice as the first single, since it was very conventional and easy to understand. Jackson was afraid that if he released an edgy song like "Billie Jean" or "Beat It" first, people wouldn't give the album a chance. McCartney was 40 years old and well into one of the most stable marriages in rock (to his wife, Linda, who was present at the recording session), when this song was released. Hearing him bicker with the 24-year-old Jackson over a girl was kind of ludicrous, but there are only so many homosocial duet topics out there.
According to Jet Magazine, Jackson wrote the song with McCartney while watching cartoons. Jones had apparently approached Jackson about writing a song featuring two men fighting over a girl. Liking the idea, Michael, woke in the middle of the night one evening and sang the song into a tape recorder. “I sang exactly what I heard in my head, starting with the melody and the keyboard and the strings and everything,” Jackson said. “So, I just orally put it all on tape.”
The song was recorded at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles, from April 14 to 16, 1982. The year before, Jackson and McCartney had recorded "Say Say Say" and "The Man". Several members of the band Toto participated in the recording of this song, including David Paich (piano), Jeff Porcaro (drums), Steve Lukather (guitars) and Steve Porcaro (synthesizer programming). Although "The Girl Is Mine" was released as a single, Jackson and McCartney never performed the song live. The single's cover photograph was taken by McCartney's wife, Linda

Michael Jackson said:
"One of my favorite songs to record of all of my recordings as a solo artist is probably 'The Girl Is Mine' because working with Paul McCartney was pretty exciting and we just literally had fun. It was like lots of kibitzing and playing and throwing stuff at each other and making jokes.We actually recorded the (instrumental) track and the vocals pretty much live at the same time, and we do have footage of it, but it's never been shown. Maybe one day we'll give you a sneak preview of it."
Thriller engineer Bruce Swedien told MusicRadar about one of Jackson's studio quirks:
"Interestingly, we always recorded with Michael in the dark - he hated light. I mean I would have a little bit of light for him, but the studio was absolutely dark. I think one reason why he wanted this - and why it works so effectively - is that through my study of acoustics and so on, I found that the human being is primarily a visual animal, hearing is our second sense. People can be distracted by too much light in the studio to the extent that it can take away from the music."
Despite the song's success, it received generally mixed reviews from critics who considered it to be the weakest song on Thriller. Journalist Robert Christgau described the pairing of McCartney and Jackson as "Michael's worst idea since 'Ben'". Rolling Stone stated that the song was a "wimpoid MOR [middle of the road] ballad" and that McCartney was "tame". Billboard called it a "breezy lighthearted love song capped by some playful superstar banter at the tag." Stephen Erlewine of AllMusic noted that the song had a "sweet schmaltz". Jackson's breakdown with the "irrepressibly silly Paul McCartney" was "disarmingly goofy", according to Stylus Magazine. Salon.com later described "The Girl Is Mine" as a "sappy duet". They concluded that McCartney had become a "wimpy old fart".The song garnered a favorable review from Jackson's biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli. The writer stated that the song was "cute" but lacked substance. He added that the track had a "middle-of-the-road calm" and was the antithesis of the "rambunctious" "Beat It".

"The Girl Is Mine" has been the subject of two plagiarism lawsuits, the first in 1984 and the latter in 1993. Both instances required Jackson to testify in court, and each lawsuit was decided in his favor. The first legal trial occurred in 1984, with Fred Sanford claiming that Jackson had cut a tape of his song, "Please Love Me Now". Jackson, however, insisted that he composed "The Girl Is Mine". The $5 million copyright suit was closed after the jury of five men and a woman reached a verdict in favor of Jackson. Their verdict was reached after a three-day deliberation. Jackson was not a defendant in the trial but testified to maintain his credibility.
James Klenk, Jackson's attorney, praised the singer upon the jury's verdict. "The man is a genius. He doesn't need anyone else's songs. His own words were the key." During the court proceedings, Jackson revealed how he composes his songs. "I put them in a tape recorder and I orally sing them into the tape, and that's how it happens." One juror stated, "His presentation indicated that he was well able to develop his own songs."
The song's second plagiarism trial was in 1993. Reynaud Jones and Robert Smith alleged that "The Girl Is Mine", along with "Thriller", written by Rod Temperton & "We Are the World", resembled their musical works. The pair added that they had been childhood neighbors of the Jackson family when they had resided in Gary, Indiana. Jackson, Lionel Richie (co-writer of "We Are the World") and Quincy Jones were named as the defendants. The plaintiffs asserted that Joseph Jackson had received a demo tape from them. From the tapes, the defendants were alleged to have stolen the three hit songs. Reynaud Jones also claimed that he had considered suing Jackson over "Billie Jean". Jackson appeared in court via a taped testimony. Following the testimony, the nine-member jury found Jackson to be the writer and composer of "The Girl Is Mine" in early 1994. They also ruled that the defendants had not plagiarized "Thriller" or "We Are the World"
In 2008, for the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am remixed "The Girl Is Mine", featuring an original solo demo of the song by Jackson without McCartney. will.i.am added his own vocals and new verse. The song reached #12 in New Zealand, #22 in France, in the top 50 of Denmark and Sweden, and #51 in Switzerland.
The remix received generally unfavorable reviews from music critics. Journalist Christopher Rees stated that will.i.am had "done a fantastic job of murdering a classic song". Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone wrote that at will.i.am's production was "dumb-thug bluster" and criticized him for trying to hide the "goofy 'doggone' hook"—"the whole point of the song". Music journalist Aidin Vaziri wrote that will.i.am "completely erases Paul McCartney's vocal track from the original duet to make room for himself spouting nonsense". Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic claimed that will.i.am had turned "The Girl Is Mine" into a "hapless dance number". Kelefa Sanneh of Blender wrote that "will.i.am contributes beats (why?) and rhymes (why, oh, why?) to 'The Girl Is Mine 2008'". IGN's Todd Gilchrist stated that will.i.am's "The Girl Is Mine" remix was an offense. The offense was made even more "egregious" by the insertion of his own "atonal vocal presence" in place of McCartney's.
Pitchfork Media added to the unfavorable reviews, stating of will.i.am, "He takes Macca off 'The Girl Is Mine' but decides it can't work without someone sounding like an idiot and steps manfully in himself." The Times stated that whoever thought it was a good idea for will.i.am to participate in the song ought to be "locked in a windowless cell with nothing but those songs on a continuous loop".PopMatters, however, praised Thriller 25 and the remix of "The Girl Is Mine". They wrote, "Any album good enough to make you forgive (although maybe not forget) a song as bad as the Paul McCartney duet 'The Girl is Mine' has got to be damn good." They added that will.i.am had put a "breezy spin" on the track and that the song's omission of McCartney did not suffer because of it.
Though the remix sampled the demo, The Daily Telegraph alleged that McCartney was omitted because he and Jackson had fallen out over Jackson's purchase of Sony/ATV Music Publishing and the Beatles' song catalogue in 1985. However, the original version of "The Girl Is Mine" was included on Thriller 25 with McCartney's vocals included.
Fifteen years after this song was released, Brandy and Monica teamed up for a lyrically similar duet, "The Boy Is Mine," which drew inspiration from this song.
It has been covered 28 times
And sampled in 11 songs, including:
  • "Good Good"(2008) by Ashanti
  • "Shakiyla" (1991) by Poor Righteous Teachers (1991)
  • "Fun Day" (1991) by Stevie Wonder (1991)
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2023.05.31 16:02 LoveNikkiMods Maintenance + New Wish Court: Spring Garden Café

From Facebook:
1.📧Maintenance📧 We will have maintenance on Jun.1(UTC-8). The estimated time is from 4:45 am to 8:45 am (server time/UTC-8)
What's new:
*NO players will be able to log in during the maintenance!
  1. Momo's quest:[Dancing Wheat]
-Complete Momo's quest, and get rewards directly.
Rewards - Stamina120+Diamond30+Gold26666+Starcoin*15
Time: 6.01 - 6. 07 11:59 pm (UTC-8)
  1. Time-limited Wish Court & Home Chibi
-Visit the [Spring Garden Café] court and collect all the exclusive furniture to unlock the Nikki Chibi- [Pastoral Fairy Tale].
Time: 6.04 5 am - 6. 10 11:59 pm (UTC-8)
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