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Reactivity III: Seeing it coming

2023.06.03 20:28 RafflesiaArnoldii Reactivity III: Seeing it coming

Reactivity III: Seeing it coming
Welcome to this episode of ‘I read Enneagram Literature so you don’t have to’.
So one of the first things they tell you about deescalating conflict situations is that the number 1 thing to do is to make youre that you don’t get triggered & escalated yourself.
According to the so-called Law of Requisite Variety, the person who is the most flexible has the greatest chance to influence the outcome of a situation, and firing off your habitual pattern is the opposite of flexibility – its the best way to end up in the exact same argument with your spouse that you’re always in and that kind of feels like its the same one you had with all your exes and maybe even your parents because it’s hitting all those olf familiar pain points and fault lines.
So, how do we avoid this? The more set off you get the harder it becomes, after all these darn patterns are quite entrenched for many years with the punch of many past hurts behind them.
So one thing that’s been suggested is to try to spot your reactivity in its early stages, when it’s just starting to get going.
For this, it helps to try to note & then learn to recognize the specific emotional state and physical sensations that precede things going sideways, so that when you start feeling it you can take a deep belly breath, pause, Mindfully Observe (TM), interrupt/distract yourself with something random or whatever works for you to stop going into the usual loop.
Thus I want to note that to effectively do this you’d have to get a feel for what it feels like for you specifically, and probably on the first attempts you will only notice sort of in hindsight after you’ve already fired off – you’ve got to connect the words to the actual sensations that is meant by it & it’s more important to hone in on what ticks off you specifically than to be a perfect example specimen of your type, this is more helpful if its more individual.
That said, the book author has recorded some general tendencies based on what his clients report, so here are some general pointers of what to look for at least to start with, before you get a grasp on your individual ‘answer’ & can let that take precedence.
Maybe before you keep reading, try to stop & come up with an answer yourself first. What are you usually feeling before you get in a situation where you just react? What particularsituational cues set you off? Can you pinpoint what physical sensations this is usually accompanied by?
Maybe your being setoff or triggered looks like on of the following:
Chances are it concerned something that is flagrantly wrong that needs mentioning and correcting, or it might have something to do with unfairness, a lack of accountability or irresponsibility.
At some point, you might have launched into some kind of unrelenting, unforgiving condemnation of it. The judgement seems absolute; You feel rife with conviction. You can viscerally feel how wrong or disgusting it is.
Physically, you might have taken on a constricted, rigid stance, you might notice a tension in your face, body and jaw. Underneath it, that tension might be a long time’s worth of pent-up anger and resentment straining against its binds.
But your feelings, or anyone else’s, for that matter, are probably not on your radar, just the automatic, unshakeable judgement you have passed.
At some point, you’ve slipped into relating to the other person from a superior position, delivering the obvious, inarguable truth to them like the voice of the metatron.
It probably started as situation where you were expecting to get that good feeling of being able to help others or receive a positive reaction from them, but then it didn’t happen.
You might have been holding your breath, bracing for the others’ reaction, waiting to exhale when you would finally get the satisfaction of a job well done, but something’s in your way.
One moment youre relishing in that good feeling you get when you know just what the best thing to do is and will get to show your care & affection, and then you’re just left with this sense of tightness and anxiety in your heart.
Maybe there is what you perceive to be some frustrating impediment that kept you from helping, or, you feel that your goodwill has gone unappreciated.
It hurts. Its distressing.
Maybe to escape an underlying feeling that you’ve been rejected, humiliated or found dispensible, you slip into a kind of superior position of someone who did everything right but was unfairly slighted: You bring all this goodwill, nice intentions & dedication, and in return, you get hurt like this??
And when you feel that pain, and sense of being faced with ingratitude, you feel very much justified and rightfully entitled to react, to call out the other on all you did for them whiley they didn’t return it. At some point the attention shifted from whater intentions you had regarding the other person’s emotions to your own: Your hurt, your distress, your wounded feelings.
For once you feel justified in your ispleasure and in expressising it openly for everyone to see, because after all its the other person who wronged you, and after all you did for them...
The straw that broke the camels back was probably a situation where you saw the path to accomplishing your tasks and goals clearly before you, as a satisfying straight line from A to B… and then something got in the way. Or, you have done the thing and no one’s noticed. The approval or admiration that you’ve been expected just didn’t materialize. Or perhaps it’s a smaller obstacle, you are trying to work your charme on someone but you’re not suceeding at making the impression you were going on.
Whatever it was, at that point you probably launched yourself into some sort of impatience, agitation or frustration.
There might be a blinders-like effect when you’re focussed on the desired result. You’ve got to keep pushing, with the ellbows if necessary, and you have to come out looking good and having it under control.
Feelings and heartfelt receptivity that you might otherwise have featured in take the backseat for now in the name of competitive experience.
But underneath it all, this sweep of reactivity may be fueled by an anxious, distressed sense of impatience that is felt in your chest, and perhaps a bit of feeling unseen, ignored, not approved of.
But you don’t got time for this, or anybody else’s feelings, you gotta keep pushing, faster, harder, relentlessly, until the deed is done.
You’ve probably just been dissapointed. Again.
You don’t know how you allowed yourself to believe that this time, you might finally have been getting close to what you were looking for, but now you’ve fallen from the clouds and whatever moud you were in has abruptly and suddenly taken a plunge to miseryland.
You can’t help but notice everything that should be here but isn’t, everything that’s missing, that’s not enough, all the ways that you or others have fallen short.
Everything is terrible, it has always been terrible and always will be terrible, everything is just made of revolting terribleness.
What sparked this off was maybe a sharply felt realization of how your woes were going unheard, how you were going unseen once again, overlooked, dismissed or offensively disregarded.
Maybe you lash out and let them all hear about it and lambast them mercilessly in your spite and disgust, or you’ve stormed out, slamming the door behind you – or perhaps you’re just sitting there & sulking, marinating in your lamentations and your picking apart of yourself, the other people involved, and everything else in sight that just repulses and offends you, but in the end, when the fire has burned itself out and you’re left with the ashes, you’re left with the mournful yearning for your crushed, impossible dream that has once again slipped out of reach, longing for, and feeling yourself far from that which really matters, cut off from the ignorant bliss that everyone else seems to get to wade in.
Most likely, you are feeling hounded, pressured or put-upon.
It’s beginning to look like you may not be able to hold onto to all of your time, privacy or independence.
Or, someone’s come bargin into your personal space with jarring suddenness, is pelting you with invasive questions and/or and unloaded a bunch of demands on you that you feel inadequate to anticipate, let alone live up to.
Another common trigger is having your attempt to contribute some information blown off, (“no one wants to hear that nerd stuff!”) which on some level might register as a personal rejection.
The response is tendentially to pull away or disengage. You don’t care about all of this crap anyway and want nothing more to do with it. You need out, now. You can’t seem to get far away enough from any other living being, you can’t stand it if there’s so much as someone looking at you.
It might be felt as a sort of contracting sensation in your chest, a desire to hide, to shrink away to some corner, or into yourself if there’s nowhere else to go.
Under that there might be a lowkey panic of what you’re going to have to lose or give up, which is of course going to put you into a counterproductive defensive stance, some assumed script where you’re some tiny flimsy thing incapable of resisting and they’re going to devour you.
Others might then interpret this as you pushing them away or playing hard to get.
A common sign here that you’re going off is concern with an over-focussed magnification of something: A perceived discrepancy or incongruity, a possible danger, a nagging little doubt… whatever it is, you probably can’t stop thinking about it, thinking up pessimistic scenarios or fixating on your lack of preparedness.
Either way your thoughts are dominated by this preoccupation and the longer this goes on the more you work yourself into a frenzied state of being on-edge.
On the physical side this comes with all the symptoms of an adrenaline rush, emotionally it might be experienced as caution, anxiety, hostililty, suspicion, frustation or an explosive cocktail of all of these just waiting to ignite.
Sometimes you might touch the kindling off yourself by provoking or testing the other, confronting them with accusation or trying to take control of the situation.
(Note: Interestingly, this type 6 blogger wrote a whole article on the phenomenon of overfixating on details when worked up & her journey of trying to get from that to what she labels ‘productive thinking’ – usingStabile’s terminology here)
For 7 the characteristic reactivity is quintessentially a flight response, and as such set off by a sense of constriction, limitation, being trapped.
In an animal you might see this when there’s a concrete something to run away from but in us humans with our newfangled abstract thinking it can be caused by anything we see as trapping, caging or restraining us – such as unwanted feelings, unwelcome facts, infringements on our freedom, and what we consider part of living an unrestrained, unburdened live such as our sense of bouyancy, being able to stay positive, flexible, upbeat, stimulated, farseeing, having all the options & possibilities etc.
This includes when another person comes to you as a bearer of bad news and expresses or brings up feelings that you don’t want to engage with.
Underlying is often some anxiety about missing out & getting stuck in deprivation, sadness, boredom, helplessness, inferiority etc.
Experientially this might register as sense of anxious frustration, some constriction around the solar plexus and an influx of jittery, restless energy and heat as your body lowkey prepares to run for the hills. You might actually feel some urge to move, go do something else, change the topic, get out of the conversation etc. back to the ‘safety’ of what’s okay and positive. At this point your focus is mostly going to be on yourself and how you will avoid being caught by the figurative tiger and there is going to be far less mental bandwith to worry about the needs of anybody else.
What set you off was probably some kind of perceived violation: Someone has overstepped your boundaries and needs to be put back in line, or they are trying to overpower you and make you dance to their tune.
Another trigger might be things going against your will on your ‘turf’ – eg. someone doing the overpowering or violating to someone you care about, doing something on your watch that they’re not supposed to be doing, or otherwise going against your personal sense of justice, truth or fairness, right in from of your salad.
Physically this might feel like an intense rush of energy and heat. Sometimes there can be an outright exuberant or thrilling quality to it, a sense of relishing in the fight. Other times it’s pure survival and the response happens without thinking at all.
Either way the reaction is very fast and the resulting action almost immediate: Ready, aim, fire.
Once fired up, the effect is a bit like that of blinkers on a racehorse:
Your going to get your way and shut down what you don’t want, making use of whatever leverage you have in this situation or the weak points you might notice about your adversary (and there’s definitely a shift to an adversarial mindset) – often people don’t expect pushback and buckle right away, though this can be seen by others as steamrolling, intimidating or even domineering.
As a 9, your reactivity probably rather takes the form of inertia, of digging in your heels to stay in place rather than an activating force that gets you marching off to tear someone a new one, as many of the other types might. You’ve probably launched yourself into some kind of stubborn resistance because you feel you’re being pushed into action or forced into conflict when you don’t want it. Maybe you feel like you’re being pushed around, or that something that is really important to you personally is not being considered, that you’te being overlooked while no one seems to notice or care & just letting you & your interests be trampled underfoot.
It’s not rare for such a moment to have been preceded by situations where you had previously decided that it wasn’t worth stating your needs, asking to be included & considered & didn’t take any steps to ensure you’re on people’s priority list. You figured that it wasn’t worth it or you didn’t mind, but then something happened that really rubbed the salt in, or touched near some priority that you really don’t want to give up.
On the physical level this might be felt as a sense of leaden heavyness in your body; feelings wise you might experience despair, resignation, apathy and defeat. In any case it’s probably going to extinguish whatever motivation, vibrancy or vitality you might otherwise have had going on.
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Sticker Keyd Stars (Holo) Katowice 2015 - - 238.13 - -
★ Moto Gloves Polygon - FT - 231.95- Mon Jun 05 2023 10:00:00 -
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★ Falchion Knife Freehand - FN - 230.82- Mon Jun 05 2023 10:00:00 -
Souvenir Desert Eagle Fennec Fox - FT - 229.02 - -
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2023.06.03 20:07 KIASeth 2024 Telluride Order Books Are Open

Hello everyone! For all of you who ordered a 23 that never got picked up by KIA or are waiting for the next years model to order, I'm happy to relay the news that the 2024 order books are open for the Telluride.
As a dealership we only have 37 orders for the 2024 placed so far which is about 10% from last year when the 23 books opened. This is great news because this means production is moving much faster than the 22-23 transition and anyone ordering, hypothetically, should get allocated quite quickly at our dealership and maybe, just maybe, more dealerships will fall in line with us and sell them at MSRP.
If you'd like to get an order placed for a 2024, please feel free to email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Again, all orders are MSRP guaranteed + taxes and fees($799.50 doc fee, $31.64 temp tag). Out of state customers are welcome! We can provide quality transport services, or reimburse up to $400 for a single one way economy flight to Denver so you can sign in store and drive it home.
A huge thank you to everyone who helped me have such a successful year selling the 2023 Tellurides, whether you were a customer or someone who kindly referred me or both, I sincerely appreciate you. It was an absolute pleasure serving many of you all over the US in getting one of the greatest vehicles in America and I hope you all are well.
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2023.06.03 19:58 AutoModerator Where Can I Watch "White Men Can’t Jump" FREE Online Streaming ON Reddit

White Men Can’t Jump Movie Leaked online in HD quality: Ajay Devgn’s film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ has hit the screens. However, it has also been leaked online in HD quality on Tamilrockers on the same day. White Men Can’t Jump which was released on March 30 as this big Ram Navami film, especially in the north, has received good reviews. It’s a massy film, laced with the kind of action Ajay Devgn is known for. White Men Can’t Jump, starring a gamut of talented stars including Tabu, Deepak Dobiryal, Amala Paul, and Sanjay Mishra among others, is essentially a story of a father who wants to meet his daughter in the orphanage, whom he has never seen but life has other plans for him. However, it is facing an online plagiarism threat.

Watch Now📺White Men Can’t Jump Online Free

White Men Can’t Jump, with all the good word-of-mouth, is expected to earn well on its first day. That has not deterred the notorious websites from leaking the film. There’s a lot of excitement among the audience to watch the film, there could be a little dent in this celebration as White Men Can’t Jump has been leaked online on Tamilrockers, and Movierulz in HD quality.

White Men Can’t Jump Release in the US

White Men Can’t Jump hits theaters on May 19, 2023. Tickets to see the film at your local movie theater are available online here. The film is being released in a wide release so you can watch it in person. How to Watch White Men Can’t Jump for Free? release on a platform that offers a free trial. Our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using illegal means.

Where to Watch White Men Can’t Jump?

There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch White Men Can’t Jump Movie Online.MAPPA has decided to White Men Can’t Jump the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.

As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer White Men Can’t Jump Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation , Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?

Is White Men Can’t Jump on Netflix?

The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’ We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like ‘The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.’

Is White Men Can’t Jump on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll, along with Funimation, has acquired the rights to the film and will be responsible for its distribution in North America.Therefore, we recommend our readers to look for the movie on the streamer in the coming months. White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Download Isaimini We can see people searching for White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Download Isaimini, as many fans are eager to watch the movie. But watching or downloading movies from Isaimini torrent website is illegal.

Is White Men Can’t Jump on Hulu?

No, ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ is unavailable on Hulu. People who have a subscription to the platform can enjoy ‘Afro Samurai Resurrection’ or ‘Ninja Scroll.’

Is White Men Can’t Jump on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s current catalog does not include ‘White Men Can’t Jump.’ However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months.fantasy movies on Amazon Prime’s official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show ‘Dororo.’

When Will White Men Can’t Jump Be on Disney+?

White Men Can’t Jump, the latest installment in the White Men Can’t Jump franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new movie promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you’re looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here’s an answer to that question!

White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Download Link

White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Download that too absolutely free without any extra charge. The user can easily download the film by visiting agent full movie download filmyzilla. But it violates Indian laws. So always watch the movie in theater or verified ott only. If you also watch movies by downloading them from torrent website. If you are caught doing this, then you can also be jailed.

White Men Can’t Jump movie download Filmyzilla Leaked online in HD 720p, 360p

Ajay Devgn is the Director and Producer of White Men Can’t Jump Movie Download Film. Prior to that, Ajay Devgn directed and produced many films. Just like Runaway 34 was released in his 2023, Shivaay was released in his 2013 and U Me Aur Hum was released in his 2008. Ajay Devgn directed and produced this entire film. You can download HDHUB4U in his 480p, 720p, 1080p or his 4K to watch this movie at home on his Vegamovies, Pagalworld, Hdhub4U Khatrimaza and other sites.

White Men Can’t Jump Movie Download Telegram Link

Telegram is a social platform where you can easily download any movie. To download White Men Can’t Jump Movie from Telegram, you have to join some channel. You can also join our channel. After joining the channel, you will get the download link of whatever new movie is there for free.

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How to watch & Stream White Men Can’t Jump’s free online

As of now, the only way to watch White Men Can’t Jump’s is to head out to the movie theater, but it will likely be available for rental or purchase on digital platforms such as Amazon, Apple, YouTube, or Vudu, and eventually, available to stream on popular streaming services like Disney+.

With high reviews and strong box office success, White Men Can’t Jump’s is not to be missed by fans of the original and action movie enthusiasts. So grab your aviator sunglasses, strap in, and get ready for one wild ride.

White Men Can’t Jump Movie Download in Hindi Movie Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla is a popular website that allows you to download all the Dubbed Movie/Web Series of Bollywood, Hollywood, South and other languages for free. You can download White Men Can’t Jump Movie from Filmyzilla website. Let us tell you that Filmyzilla is another torrent website providing pirated content. From where you can easily download any movie. You get many options on this site like New Bollywood Movie Download 2023. All the movies you get to watch in this are in Hd Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k Format.

How to watch White Men Can’t Jump’s 2023 Full movie in Reddit?

Watching White Men Can’t Jump’s in Reddit is a great way to enjoy the movie without leaving the comfort of your home. Firstly, you should search Reddit for “White Men Can’t Jump’s Full Movie”. This will bring up several Reddit threads which will give you access to the movie. Once you have selected a Reddit thread, you should read the comments to make sure that the link is valid and safe.

White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Download Link 2023

Both the director and producer of White Men Can’t Jump movie are Ajay Devgan i.e. the director of the entire movie is also Ajay Devgan and the moneylender is also Ajay Devgan. Friends, Ajay Devgan has already made many films and directed and produced them, many of which have become hits. You can use many pirated websites to download these movies of Ajay Devgan, you will get to download movies in many different sizes like 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K. The movies will be easily available for download, their names are as follows.

In this article, we will discuss all the information about the White Men Can’t Jump Movie 2023, Can Download New White Men Can’t Jump Movie 2023 Free Download 480p 720p 1080p HD 4K Filmyzilla Full Movie Download 480p 720p 1080p HD 4K in Hindi White Men Can’t Jump movie download mp4moviez White Men Can’t Jump movie download telegram link White Men Can’t Jump movie download vegamovies White Men Can’t Jump movie download masstamilan White Men Can’t Jump movie download link White Men Can’t Jump movie download filmyzilla White Men Can’t Jump movie download 123mkv White Men Can’t Jump movie download filmywap White Men Can’t Jump movie download pagalmovies White Men Can’t Jump download 9xmovies White Men Can’t Jump movie download White Men Can’t Jump For complete information and White Men Can’t Jump Movie Download Hindi, Watch Online on OTT Platform 2023 read the article below.

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If you’re looking to watch and download White Men Can’t Jump’s, YTS Torrent is a great place to start. To start, simply search for the movie on the YTS Torrent website.

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White Men Can’t Jump Full Movie Watch and Download on OTT Platform

Viewers who want to watch the film White Men Can’t Jump the way of water on OTT platforms such as Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV can watch it by subscribing to Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sony LIV. Some fee has to be paid for subscribing to the OTT platform. Let us tell you that White Men Can’t Jump is a Mass movie is going to be very Mass Fights .

If you want to download and watch this movie on OTT platform, then you will have to wait a bit because right now this movie is not available on OTT platform. This film will be released very soon on the OTT platform.
submitted by AutoModerator to WhiteMenJumpHdFre [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:35 AutoModerator [COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA

[COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA
Download Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.
Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!
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2023.06.03 19:34 DrEsvk Sudden Fuel Economy Drop

I was recently away from home for a little over four months and didn't have someone to occasionally run my car, so unfortunately it sat the whole time I was away. Obviously, I know letting it sit isn't ideal and would prefer not to have to in the future. Upon coming home and jumping the car (dead battery) everything seems to be working ok, but I'm getting substantially worse mileage.
I would usually get around 21 city/ 30 hwy/ 23 combined but have been getting more like 18 city and 20 combined since I got back a few weeks ago. What are the likely causes of the drop in fuel economy and what are the possible solutions?
2014 Ford Mustang 105k miles 3.0L V6 MT
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2023.06.03 19:30 fabiopigi First time buying a car, need advise

So, I’m on my Ps, in my thirties, NSW, never had the urge or need to drive, and frankly don’t know much about cars or specifically what to look out for.
My partner is mobility impaired so I finally got a reason to get a car, to driver her to appointments, rehab etc.
Anyway, I’m looking for the following “features”: * front seats should be motorised to move/recline * the more recline the better * no SUV or so, don’t wanna drive a tank * good fuel economy * Apple CarPlay and reverse camera * good safety feature * reliable and good repair options * it’s not going to be driven often, maybe on weekends and even then short distance * only couple times a year for longer distance (1-2h drive) * preferably something from 2017 or later * hybrid would be cool but probably wouldn’t be worth the extra
We have a budget of total 30k, including registration.
What we saw often in that range are Toyotas and Hyundais.
What model would you recommend?
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2023.06.03 19:18 CFUsOrFuckOff Why Ukraine is the turning point for humanity and what must be done

This is not a political position, but a thermodynamic one. The world is heading from a time of excess to a time of scarcity. With more people enjoying fewer comforts, humanity is faced with the direction it takes for the rest of our species' future on this planet and others: we can't fight each other for what's left or we can share with each other what we need.
This isn't - or has never before been - a serious question because this world has never felt universal hardship before. In the past, when any major scarcity was faced (with the exception of 536) there was always a neighboring ally to buffer the loss or an enemy to subjugate; until now, there has always been more. Climate change is a global pressure on a globalized economy. There are no external economies that are thriving to prop up the luxuries we've come to feel entitled to. When that luxury can no longer be provided, people are trained to blame each other and ask for the boss to complain about our level of service.
This is the attitude fueling the shift to the right "all this liberal 'science' bullshit has turned my country into a place i dont recognize. Time to get my country in order!", but like how the long term side effects of COVID will be blamed on the vaccine rather than the virus, humans are apparently hardwired to look for a person or institution that's responsible for their problems, because they live in a world that's manifestly run by humanity. Politicians don't help with this because they promise change that a large bureaucracy isn't capable of... every time they step in front of a mic. Politicians feed the sense that the world is divided into teams and the team that's running things is doing harm. They are the anti-vax evangelists of a world simply running out of good time as a result of spending all the good time since the end of WWII.
Humanity cannot fly. That shouldn't be arguable. It's a fundamental limit of our physiology that cannot be overcome without shedding everything about us that makes us human; brains are heavy. When we get on a plane, we are not 'flying', we are taking a bus full of people, strapping a rocket engine to it, and firing it in a ballistic trajectory toward our destination. For all the celebration of progress in the tech age, we still can't figure out how to move something forward without throwing something out the back. That's not just why planes are absurd but why they cannot continue to be considered a good invention. Think of how much fuel would need to be burned to rocket yourself across a lawn, let alone through the sky; it's an insane amount of fuel and an absurd justification for burning it, especially virtually all domestic travel can be accomplished by rail or bus... which also use the same principle of throwing out enough exhaust gasses out the back to displace the weight of the thing that's burning the fuel. When this thing is on the ground, it burns much less fuel than pushing it through the sky.
Humanity assumes novelty is benign. Im not sure if this is one of the hidden rules about capitalism that we all follow as a culture "have you seen the new x!? It's amazing and works way better than x-1!", or if we're evolutionarily programmed to assume new is good and the direction we should be heading in. In either case, it has allowed us to adopt planetary destruction as a necessary aspect of each of our lives. It isn't anything we do consciously, it is the background of our lives that feeds big industry and steals time from the future. It's our commute, our food, our total acceptance that running a furnace is fine despite getting all worked up about oil spills and fires when we see them uncontained. The maze we all run was designed to have as much distance as possible between you and the cheese at the end so you would spend half or more of your cheese burning calories to get from the start to the finish and repeat all over. It is why people feel the problem is too big for them: there is nothing one person can change in the part of the life they control that will redirect the planetary system away from collapse because it is the pattern of our lives that is the destructive part.
Since our shared pattern is so destructive, it is self limiting. We are feeling the effects of that now with COVID (forests being pushed toward ecological breakdown leads animals to look for new territory and new food, leading to conflict with species already there and malnutrition from food with an incomplete nutrient balance), extreme weather doing damage to vital infrastructure and shipping losses.
Which brings us back to Ukraine. The world needs a beacon. A Western country with the courage to model a sustainable lifestyle through active change. I assumed that would have been Canada but I was wrong. Instead, with Ukraine being forced to rebuild in a time where supplies have never been more expensive, and in a state where its people have gotten used to living without luxury, it can either be an incubator for redesigning human life to restore the environment rather than destroy it.
There is no stronger people to take on such a challenge and the world that has been paying for weapons to defend. If we can send explosives to break, we must send hands, tools, and materials to rebuild. If we rebuild the same way, the world will fall into war since the causal push of all existing conflict is space and resources or their control, and we will continue to pretend that individual human choices are to blame for war. We will continue to refuse to look deeper and will soon find ourselves in a position where taking up arms seems like the only solution left to us. If, on the other hand, the rest of us find the courage to look one step deeper and ask "why is the world falling to war? What is driving conflict?", we will see it is the same thing driving our thirst for more luxury and, hopefully, realize that the only survivable path to the future is one where we change our behavior to relieve the force that's pushing us in that direction.
When more is never enough, less is a horrifying concept. Without a model for how to happily live as a human in a self sufficient community, there will be no "green transition", there will only be more disease, more scarcity, and more conflict on the edge of that scarcity. The more each of us takes, the more we contribute to conflict around the world.
There is no way to make a car "green", just like there is no way to make a compostable battery. The problem isnt the means of conveyance, it is the distance we need to cover to survive. Whether or not we change our habits to adapt to this reality is inconsequential to its eventuality, it just seems absurd to ignore the reality of hardship until you're being strangled by it simply to "enjoy the time you have left".
If the war in Ukraine ends and the world moves in to turn it into the first net zero country, there is hope for a future for our species. If we act like everything was fine until a mad man decided to invade a sovereign country, war will spread like a fog descending on the world. Demands will be met by force as a result of people pushing for impossibly cheap access to resources. Slavery will return as the foundation of the global economy and, in all this horror, we will be hastening and worsening our own conditions.
Like a train whose tracks go over the grand canyon, humanity needs one last train stop to see what it looks like to live somewhere other than a train at constantly increasing speed. We need a model for a future that is too nebulous to explain: it must be seen and experienced, how much living can be done as humans on and with the land. If nothing else but to illustrate that a train going over a cliff was not a predetermined consequence of "human progress", and that a choice has been made to define that progress with the inventions of a few men, all of which run by stealing energy from the past and stability from the future. It would allow us to see the train from the outside and force us to question the value of a murder-suicide pact.
For the demonstration to be compelling, there can be no or very little carbon footprint for the country. Structures must be built from salvaged (cheap) material, focusing on isolated but functional communities.
We have already lost the battle to save most of what we recognize in our world but we don't need to continue to burn it all down. Since there is no more track for this paradigm, there is no consequence for trying something new and certain death and misery by doing the same. This message can be shared in every possible way, but without a demonstration of what it looks like on a cultural level, we will never have the discussion that leads to the choice to keep going or get off the death train.
We are not the creations or technology we obsess over, we are an ape descended species on a planet we're stuck with and have killed 80% of in 50 years. We cannot survive on a lifeless world because we are alive and life feeds on life to survive. I have a hard time getting people to relate to the rest of the living world as a branch of the same tree we belong to because of how separated we are from other life. The more life that's lost, the less we'll care about it being gone and the more committed we will be to our preoccupations to avoid having to face reality.
The cowardice ive encountered when it comes to facing reality has been incredibly disappointing and disturbing. We will pass laws in our country to prevent poaching and hunting in other countries where our emissions and lifestyle -guided by our laws- are pushing the same animals to total extinction. We will talk about this from a position of moral superiority, only, and will take no responsibility for the conditions our behavior has already created. There is no "border crisis", there are people being pushed out of their homes by new weather that has made those homes incompatible with survival. I've heard lots of Americans talking about moving north in response to climate shifts as if that is something completely different from what is happening on their southern border or in Europe. No one leaves their ancestral home to cause problems in another country, but if that country is responsible for the force that pushed them out, they should either stop pushing people out of their homes or open their borders. To refuse either is to accept that you live a life of evil and as the person that will one day deny you shelter to protect what they have.
These a new times with new stakes and new bad guys. The only good thing about being the bad guy is you can choose to stop, while your victims can only beg you to stop and, eventually, resist/insist on a different course. It is up to each and all of us how the future plays out. The party is over. No one gets to sit this out.
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2023.06.03 19:15 King-Azar Desync despite multiple changes!

Hey everyone, I have an intriguing story to share. I've been an avid Valorant player since the beta, I have a background in old-school CS (1.0-1.6) where my reaction time played a significant advantage. After a break from gaming, I got into MOBA games before Valorant was released, and I immediately liked it. The movement reminds me that old game + abilities and climbed till AS3.
During the past three years, however, I've been experiencing an issue that I initially thought was related to my PC. To address it, I went through multiple upgrades, investing in two new computers (2019: 5950x/3090 and 2023: 13900k/4090) and a high refresh rate 360Hz monitor. I also switched my internet connection twice, going from ADSL 30Mbps to Cable 300Mbps and finally to Fibre FTTH 1Gbps with different Internet Service Providers. As a result, my ping improved significantly, going from 80ms to 20ms on the closest server.
Despite these hardware and network upgrades, my gameplay experience hasn't improved. It feels like opponents spot me before I even see them, which I could attribute to peeker's advantage. However, even when I'm the one initiating a peek, enemies react instantly and shoot me without giving me a chance to react or evade their shots.
Another strange occurrence is when I try to pick up a gun on the ground, if a teammate is slightly behind me, they manage to grab it before I do, even if they are several feet away. This inability to hold angles effectively and successfully peek has become frustrating.
At some point, I accepted that the issue might be with me, I’m too old and I resigned myself to thinking, "It is what it is!" I moved on, but then something unexpected happened. I received an invitation to play CS2 a couple of days ago. Initially, I wasn't enthusiastic because it seemed like CSGO with better visuals and a more vibrant atmosphere, but I wasn't particularly into CSGO. However, I eventually decided to give it a try.
Late at night, despite being exhausted, my friends, who had access to CS2, were eager to play, so I reluctantly joined them. To my surprise, throughout the five games we played, even with my drowsiness, I was able to hold angles effectively and react swiftly to in-game situations. The following day, when I was well-rested and fueled by caffeine, holding angles and peeking felt effortless.
Excited by this newfound responsiveness, I immediately switched back to Valorant, hoping for a similar experience. However, to my disappointment, I found it impossible to react swiftly once again. After losing a game, I returned to CS2 for further testing, and unsurprisingly, I was able to hold angles again!
Now, I'm completely puzzled. Is Valorant simply not the right game for me? I'm hesitant to switch entirely, as I'm still drawn to Valorant. I can't help but wonder if I'm missing something or doing something wrong. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated
Update: I’ve tried all the shenanigans of best esport windows 10-11 settings, drivers clean install, tried windows custom gaming iso, network special gaming settings, regedit gaming tips and tricks and followed millions of youtube advise but none made a difference.
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2023.06.03 19:05 Kathalian [Crash Bandicoot Series] Woah!

[Crash Bandicoot Series] Woah!
Loved playing these games. Grueling at times (especially CTR and Crash 4), but it was worth it.
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2023.06.03 18:54 mongolianapologist Advice on Mid-Size SUV

Hello I am looking to buy a mid-size SUV here. I would mostly be using it for commuting and driving around town with some medium distance (3-4 hr) road trips, not really any serious off roading. I am probably only looking to have this vehicle for around 6 years or so. My budget is maximum $30,000.00. I live in Canada so something that can handle a decent winter would be nice.
I am looking for some blend of reliability, fuel economy, interior amenities and something cool looking. I like the look of the Acura RDX/MDX, Grand Cherokee, Toyota RAV 4, I don't really care for the look of the Mazda CX-9.
Any insight would be helpful, I have never owned an SUV before and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many option on the market. Thank you very much.
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2023.06.03 18:51 AKS-04 Burnol Moment !

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2023.06.03 18:43 Dan_Stainberg [Econ][Retro]Promoting Competition & Fair Markets Across Canada

[M]/ I accidentally mislabelled this pot as an [Event] instead of [Econ], so have to re-publish it. Plus a couple extra links in case someone wants to have a read. /[M]


While being humorously "America junior" Canada has remained distinct in many respects, with its competition policy being arguably one of the starkest difference not just with the United States, but any other major economy. While remaining firmly on a more relaxed side when it comes to competition enforcement, Canada has take a step further, explicitly allowing greater market concentration in the name of market efficiency through the so-called "efficiencies defence" clause in the Competition Act.
Moreover, Canada trails many other developed countries when it comes its institutional design. Unlike other jurisdictions, such as the European Union, Canada is a highly judiciary-centred model, where even the enforcement body - Canada's Competition Bureau - first has to prove there's a formidable threat to competition, brining the matter the quasi-judicial Competition Appeal Tribunal, rather than act unilaterally, akin to the European Commission.
However, despite having CAT in place, the scope for private enforcement and complaints to the Tribunal has been pretty limited, which combined with a heavily restrained and underfunded enforcement agency made it Canada's competition regime to be arguably the most tolerant when it comes market concentration among the industrialised economies.

Taking competition off the leach

Following extensive consultations with stakeholders, finalised through an unanticipated round of bilateral talks with provincial and territorial governments, Ottawa is "releasing" the nation's competition enforcement institutions - a policy but at the centre of Canada's Fall Economic Update 2023. Namely, the Competition Bureau is being removed from under the jurisdiction of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada - previously Industry Canada - and granted full operational independence from the Government of Canada.
Aiming to give the CB real capacity to act on its own, a new funding mechanism is being introduced: in addition to direct funding from Ottawa, the House of Commons also gains right to order the Government of Canada to expand funding through a simply majority vote, including as component of a private member's bill or acting on upon recommendations of theStanding Committee on Industry and Technology (INDU).
Additionally, the Commissioner of Competition - the person leading the CB - is set to be reposing to INDU and the Parliament, directly bypassing the executive brach, with any changes to the position to be approved by the House at the same manner of the Privacy Commissioner. Notably, the Commissioner is being granted the right to sponsor amendments to the Competition Act that regulates CB's activities every parliament, including re-introducing changes that could not be passed due to the House being dissolved.
Under its newfound powers, the Competition Bureau also obtains partially adjudicative role, as opposed to a strictly investigative one. Namely, CB no longer has to bring their decision under the consideration of the Competition Appeal Tribunal, so long the opposed party reforms from contusing the decision. For its part, CAT is set to be the final decision-maker when it comes to any process relating to competition matters, including mergers and acquisitions, whenever there's a contradiction between the judgement made by the Bureau and the opposite party. Under the agreement with the provinces, CAT is set to be expanded on a two track-basis. First, the Tribunal is expanded to include an independent representative from each provinces, territory, and the Government of Canada - all appointed through a confirmatory vote in their respective legislatures every 5 years, aiming to achieve the greater possible degree of independence for the Tribunal, with one judicial member appointed from each provincial and territorial bar association, with the Chairman having no special powers, apart from nominal representation in the CAT.

Levelling the Playing Field

The Government of Canada is set to follow though with the proposals of the Competition Bureau as it relates to amending the Competition Act, making all the adjustments recommend, with a notable exception of the Efficiencies Defence.
While not removing the clause completely from the Act, the government is restricting its use to solely to export-oriented companies, namely where over 60 per cent of the its revenue comes to exported products sold outside Canada. Moreover, efficiencies defence is set to be non-applicable whenever there's a possibly of creating a gatekeeper, capable in the long-run to support the creation of new market barriers to entry, defined as a player with more than 20 per cent of sales, including those made in Canada through importing products.
Unlike recommend, rather than allowing for CB to commission market studies, this power is being grated to the newly created Competition & Markets Commission of Canada (CMCC) comprised of the Chairman of the Competition Appeal Tribunal, Head Commissioner of the Competition Bureau, as well as provincial appointed a provincial, territorial, and federal consumer protection authority is set to set direction for the CMC. Being an intergovernmental agency, whose funded and responsible to the Parliament, CMCC aims to provide better policy diffusion between consumer protection - traditionally a provincial matter - and competition considerations, through issuing policy recommendations, as well as commissioning market studies, and playing a central advocacy role to incorporate market entry and concentration concerns thought the public policy space.
CMCC gains power to "red flag" both existing and future legislation and regulations issued by governmental bodies of those may result in increased market concentration, create conditions conducive to future market entry barriers or significantly restrict supply for any purposes other than public health, safety, or existing international commitments, and appeal the matter directly to the CAT or request further investigation by competition watchdog.
Notably, the new version of the Competition Act explicitly equates both monopolies and monopsonies as per their negative impact on the market, emphasising possible repercussions for local markets, be that an employer monopsony collaborations or exerting pressure on suppliers.
Additionally, the Act is set to be automatically reviewed every 5 years, or upon the request of the Commissioner for Competition, included acting on behalf of a provincial consumer protection agency. The Act also openly permits private action and direct legal acton from private actors to the Competition Appeal Tribunal when there's a perceive violation of the terms of the Act, with CAT being able to order the Competition Bureau to pursue further investigation of the matter. Additionally, the concept of a nation-wide "level playing field" is being inserted into the Act, that both the Competition Bureau and the Competition Appeal Tribunal is tasked to protect.
LPF is defined as "regulatory, institutional, legal framework that governments a marketplace an manner that is neutral or more favourable towards new entrants, and where consumer sovereignty is preserved"
Moreover, the Act reverses the roles when it comes to competition enforcement: it's set to be up to the defender to prove their actions shall not result in immediate or long-term lessening of competition, new entry barriers, or consumer harm, with the efficiencies gain remaining restricted to export-oriented companies.
The Act also introduces the so-called "Competition Override" committing the Government of Canada to prioritising competition considerations when conducting any public policy, including problem procurement, government subsidies, and issuing or amending legislation relating to consumer protection or federally regulated industries. The override can be used by the Competition Bureau to bring the Government of Canada to CAT, and directly challenge any decision or regulation, including those issued by other independent agencies on competition grounds. However, this can only be used after an extensive enquiry by the Competition & Markets Commission of Canada has been conducted, unless the Bureau is compelled to act by a prior Tribunal ruling.
The Competition Act also allows for direct federal-provincial cooperation, permitting the Competition Bureau and the CMCC to conduct enquiries on behalf of provincial governments, as well as brining respective public agencies directly into the CAT process, treating legal proceedings launched by provincial consumer protection agencies as essentially equivalent to those pursued by the Competition Bureau.
Those enjoying such legal equivalence include:

A Canadian Single Market at last?

However, as one of the most important changes is concerned with last minute changes to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement - an intergovernmental treaty negotiated to eliminated non-tariff barriers to trade between Canada's provinces and territories. The Competition Act is now directly referencing the CFTA as a framework for intergovernmental cooperation when it comes to competition enforcement, grating the Competition Bureau the right to directly petition both Ottawa and the Provinces to support and maintain a "level playing field, through promoting free and unrestricted movement of goods, services, capital, and labour within and across Canada".
The Act also permits unilateral action by the CB through CAT or any other legal means to protect and further develop the free movement of goods, services, persons, and capital, so long those remedies "do not result into changes to the division of powers between the Provinces and the Government of Canada or legal alteration of the Constitution of Act." The Act also exempts restrictions imposed on the grounds of public health safety, or environmental protection from being challenged by the Bureau.
While otherwise possibly interpreted as an infringement of provincial rights, the clause of the Competition Bureau being explicitly allowed to bring federal and provincial governments to courts over breaking either the Level Playing Field provision of violating freedom of movement for goods, services, and capital may provide the necessary incentive to expedite further liberalisation of internal trade. Effectively, allowing the Bureau to become an additional stimulant whenever the institutions outlined in the Canadian Free Trade Agreement fail to deliver.

Impact of Domestic Politics

Canada's has been going through a period of surpassingly sticky inflation, that has been in large part driven by increasing prices of food. Which in turn resulted in acquisitions the grocery sector been too monopolised, allowing retailers to extract exorbitantly high prices at the expense of already struggling households. Additionally, Canada received its fair share of negative coverage, thanks to its lacklustre productivity growth, that has also been partially attributed to far lower completive pressures in the economy. Moreover, with the Trudeau government making somewhat expensive commitments betting on repositioning Canada's during the global green transition some believed subsidy regime oversight was needed. It also may give the federal Liberals something to counter the conservative narrative, looking much tougher cracking down on "gatekeepers" across Canada.
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2023.06.03 18:37 Varro35 Varro Trading Journal 6/3/2023

Varro Trading Journal 6/3/2023
Hi All,
I am going to start turning these posts into more of a trading journal because there is a limited amount of new information to put out that I haven’t already covered in the past. In my personal life we just gave birth to a baby girl last week and I have a 20 month old son so time has become even more valuable than it was before. I have decided to take trading much more seriously. I am attempting to focus on both my career in tech sales and in trading. I am doing less of some of the things I enjoy but that are getting in the way such as video games, surfing Reddit, and watching the market. I will start keeping track of overall trading account balance, monthly performance, and log every trade. I believe I have all the tools needed to create true wealth - time to stop fucking around. Below is a collection of working notes that I am working with that some may fund useful:
Risk Management
  • Risk management is paramount and what separates the professionals from the amateurs. This has been a weakness of mine in that I have failed to reduce losses, protect profits, and take profits the last few years
  • Parameters (Work in Process)
    • Once up 20%, 10% trailing stop 1/4 of target profit. - experimenting with trailing stop. Sell 50-100% at target. Let 0-50% ride with trailing stop
    • Set time you want out by
    • Standard Equity Position 25%
    • Standard Options 1.2% (5 positions). Stop based on underlying. Real Option Player
    • Weeklies .5% (.005) 25% stop?
    • Write calls on STLD or NUE always on margin account
Trading Strategies
  1. Thetagang: Sell puts on stocks I wouldn't mind owning that are expensive vs Thetagang scraper. Sell puts every month with margin account.
  2. Steel: Buy at low valuation to mid, short at mid to high depending on fundamentals. 15% stop. Sell 50-100% at target. Trailing stop 25% of target move continuous. Own BRK.B/VOO otherwise? Or go into tech.
  3. 6% of book on options for the above
  4. Sir Jack style trading on up to 100% of book with standard risk management
  5. Weeklies: buy / sell on extreme moves and all boxes checked especially RSI and targets
  6. Buy leap calls / puts at extreme ends of ranges
  7. Buy / sell all extreme RSI events for short term tight stop trades. E.G. Buying back STLD short at 102 on sub 30 RSI and it bounced to 110
  8. Tech vs Cyclicals: They always seem to move in opposite directions. Play to my advantage.I will start watching/trading 5-10 tech stocks such as NVDA, TSLA, SNOW etc in much more depth
Trade Checklist
  1. KISS
  2. Do you know you will make money on a trade, even if you are closing another position to open this one? Worth diversification.
  3. Check charts Monthly, Weekly, Daily and go with the flow of the river if possible
    1. In: AI, Crypto, mega cap tech
    2. Out: cyclicals , energy, EV: Can cycle in when stocks are down 40-70%
  4. Fundamentals: SeekingAlpha/ Reddit / Investor Presentation / 10k / Analyst Reports / Earnings Call Transcript + Release + Presentation
  5. FeaGreed Index the opposite of what you are doing
  6. RSI (Below 35 / Above 70) / Finviz / Moving Averages / Channels / Pendants / Trends/ Elliott Wave (Fibonacci 38%, 62%) / MACD?
  7. Implied vol on options the opposite of what you are doing (High for buying calls, low for buying. puts)
  8. Social Media greed/love on things to sell, panic/hate on things to buy. More important than fundamentals
  9. Historical Trades. Did you buy a lot higher or sell a lot lower a long time ago and fundamentals improved?
  10. No more scaling into a position unless it is for a better price. I generally like being just in or just out at excellent times
  11. Last 3 months of options
  12. Options Book
  13. Buying Option = 20% chance of finishing profitable
  14. Selling Option = 90% chance of not finishing in the money
  15. Target + Stoploss + move stop up with profits. No more giving up profits. Most trades retrace. Options = 25% increments or move with underlying?
  16. Vol Trends VIX, Individual Ticker, IV for an option vs actual realized vol: https://www.reddit.com/options/comments/ulvsck/theta_without_delta_intro_to_vol_trading/
  17. ISM / Dodge manufacturing index
  18. Check upcoming earnings / guidance / news
  19. Institutional ownership
Broader Market Outlook: Bullish
  • We are like 17 months into the bear market if it keeps going it would be the longest of all time.
  • Debt ceiling: done
  • Bank crisis: done
  • Fed raising: prob done
  • On the steel side MT TX CMC X STLD all at buy areas. Commodities look like shit therefore time to buy. Though steel always had strong guides forward curve lowish. Prime scrap supportive tho and a better indicator IMO. Steel is ultimately going to follow the broader economy as a hyper cyclical industry.
Steel Fundamentals
  1. I do not have better information than what is found on steel reports, earnings calls etc and have no true edge. I do NOT have a strong view specific to steel right now on if things are looking bullish or bearish on the fundamentals but I do believe we may be entering a new global bull market in equities.
  2. I am generally just buying things that get too cheap and selling when they get too expensive.
  3. I am not taking a view on what the Fed will do, and whether or not there will be a recession but will generally be bullish, bearish, or undecided on the overall market.
  4. Generally speaking we just went through a big restocking in North America which pushed up prices very nicely but has since subsided. We still have hot rolled mills ramping such as Gallatin 1.5M, Sinton 3M.
  5. All of the steel CEOs are bullish the market in 2023 and see a ton of strength in most of their end markets
  6. There are long term trends that are supportive of North American steel equities:
    1. Oligopoly in North America with NUE, STLD, X, CLF
    2. Mexican producer AHMSA bankrupt, may come back but could take years. 5 million tons of hot rolled offline
    3. China re-opening
    4. Europe restock, will we get one here? Would benefit MT, X
    5. Turkey Situation: exporting less crap, absorbing lots of rebar etc for rebuilding
    6. Onshoring, Chips Act, Inflation Reduction Act, Infrastructure spending are all supportive
  7. Here are risks to the downside:
    1. We actually get that recession everybody has been expecting for over a year now
    2. More imports
    3. Market meltdown
    4. Russia/China being fuckboys war wise
    5. Environmental regs come out of nowhere
Steel Valuations
Selected Steel Company Notes
  1. MT: I am bullish on MT. I believe this name has been shit on for too long and getting too cheap. The CFO said flat out on the earnings call that the stock is undervalued. New 85 million share repurchase program. Cheap. I moved up my multiples. They also said restocking needs to occur in Europe. 50% of FCF will be returned to shareholders.
  2. TX: Great company, I call it the “Nucor of the South”. Dirt cheap and low float due to a billionaire owning 80% of the company. Big beneficiary from AHSMA going bankrupt, Mexico onshoring very strong.
  3. CMC: Could be the best positioned at the moment, wall street loves CMC. Two new micro mills. CEO expecting 2-3 years of a bull market for them.
  4. X: Great company completing a turnaround. I believe they are 5-10 years ahead of CLF. INSANELY profitable the last few years. Wall street hates X. Nice tubular profits last Q, hot rolled rough as it is across the board. They will have low or negative FCF for awhile as they build Big River 2 and new NGO Electrical line. Producing some Pig iron for vertical integration. Blast furnaces + EAF combo.
  5. STLD: Best run steel company globally IMO. 92% run rate vs industry 78%. Some of the highest margins. Strong culture and pay for performance. 70% of steel / fabrication are value added. Going into the aluminum business as raw steel seems played out. There has not been a new aluminum mill in North America in 40 years. I beles.ieve they could do what NUE and STLD did to the steel industry which was come in as the new low cost producer and beat everybody’s ass
  6. NUE: The king of North America. Moving much deeper into downstream and steel products. With NUE and STLD moving away from raw steel production this might give a hint as to what companies SHOULD be doing. Of course they could be wrong. 200 Quarter Dividend Aristocrat. Aiming for $10.25 EBITDA through cycle run rate which should be over $10 per share in baseline EPS.
  7. CLF: I am returning to hating the company so everybody should take this as a buy signal. The bottom line is they have a nice business with auto, HBI, electrical steel. However most of their business is on assets that have almost never made money the last 50 years. They have the worst balance sheet and margins in North America. From a purely economic perspective North America needs to continue shutting down blast furnaces and CLF might be in a position to be FORCED to do it versus X who probably WANTS to get rid of blast furnaces + union labor. MT might come out ahead on their sale of their North American assets to CLF. I was briefly derailed from my bearish views by their seemingly high locked in auto contracts but they lost money the last 2 quarters. I was long at $17 with a $24 target that was never hit as the banking crisis took hold. As an example of shitty risk management I lost money on the trade instead of taking profits on a trailing stop. There is always a story for the future and disappointing profits now. I have significantly reduced my base through cycle EPS until theory prove me wrong.
Trading Book Positions
CMC Shares + Jan 50 Calls
MT Sept 30 Calls
STLD Shares + Short STLD June 85 Puts + Long STLD June 100 Calls
TX Shares + TX Aug 40 Calls
X Shares + Oct 25 Calls
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2023.06.03 18:35 AutoModerator [COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA

[COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA
Download Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.
Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!
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2023.06.03 18:28 24hournation Want to prove the cultural and economic value of your city at night?

Want to prove the cultural and economic value of your city at night?

Don't be kept in the dark about the full economic and social potential of your city. Join four international experts, Thursday, Jun. 8, for a FREE and online discussion on proving the cultural and economic value of our nighttime economies.
DETAILS AND REGISTRATION https://24hournation.com/webinars/prove-it/
PANELISTS Paul Broadhurst - Greater London Authority Adam J. Fowler - CVL Economics Dr. Genna Styles-Lyas - Americans for the Arts Alistair Turnham - MAKE Associates
ABOUT This webinar is a service of 24HourNation, a free news and information resource for nighttime advocates and adventurers. Our strategic partner for this presentation is the non-profit Business Council for the Arts.
#Webinar #Economics #Marketing #Data #Community #City #Business #Jobs #Culture #Economy #WagesAndSalaries #TaxBase #SocialImpact #NighttimeEconomy #EconomicImpactStudy #CulturalImpact #Workforce
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2023.06.03 18:21 Azimovikh [Mini-lore] Outreach : Money, Currency, Trade, Barter, Mind-trades

Post-scarcity economies and development from the First Era had dramatically changed the economic models of pan-human civilization, new variants and systems are made to try accomodating with this chance. Currency and money are aspects of it, and as pan-human civilization grows to outreach interstellar distances, they further evolve to more advanced systems.
Most currency systems work in a multidimensional system. Economic systems in most civilization, due to the relative richness and post-scarcity status, flows within them to improve themselves and to sustain their economy. On-demand changes to economic flow reinforces a freer aspect of economy in these groups. Significant levels of currency past that are instead used to formulate over economic activities and trade in larger-scale investment, or interactions between different systems of communities or societies.
Fiat Currency, while many polities and empires have their own, the Unity Directorate maintains the fiscal dominance of the 2nd Era. Backed by their energy, resource acquisition, transport systems, computational power, paracausal-engines, and political history, their economic power was the most powerful and influential. To create a more unified and centralized economic system, they establish the "Universal Unitary Credit" currency, (or commonly called Eute, Eucredits, or Credits) and as a regulatory function across their territories. Further secured and facilitated by cross-referenced banking systems and local outlets.
These credits are used and transferred in varying forms, with digitalized money being the most common. In form of cards, chips, gadget, or any wearable gear containing a protected smart substrate with emitters, having the purpose of processing transactions, storing multiple amounts of currencies with id, uplinking with other devices, their own facilities and methods of monetary validation of various registered currencies, and with equipped safeguards and backups to prevent tampering, including destruction or crashing of the device, as well as multilayered secured verification on each device. Single-use, patterned money tokens which periodically burn their cash signature when they are used, are used alongside as credit transfer medium. Server and bank matching and computation adds to this network of transactions.
In terms of regular and interstellar monetary flow, both have their own separate systems. Interstellar currency utilizes mass-flow data transmissions and very large storages, and acts as a different medium of exchange than regular local money, and backed up by overarching, stacking economic factors, such as power, costs, and debt. It flows in seams to regular and localized currency, and then interchanged in more secure and complex systems to allow truly significant economic activities.
Of course, there are other factions or polities that establish their local currencies. They would be accounted by intelligent agents running out economic infrastructure or banks in respective regions for currency exchange. Nevertheless the eucredits remains the most dominant fiat currency in the interstellar Pan-Human civilization of the Outreach Era.
Commodity money, while fiat currencies remain dominant as the controller for the economic ecosystem, trading commodities as a form of currency is still done on a lot of parts of the Pan-Human realm. Commodity money presents as an option in barter-like transactions, trade with unconventional societies, or an option in the rare scenario of lacking credit facilitation. These currencies are usually materials or items that are versatile in use in most situations, can synergize with other technologies or items to create better uses. Commodities in these terms include battery, omnites, antimatter currency, or in the latter stages, monopoles as currency.
Battery currency works with the value of both the energy contained and the battery itself. Battery currency uses superconductor-core energy storages as money. Optimized nanofabricated superconductor-core batteries can have power densities of 2-digit megajoules per kilogram, and can be extended to their high-ends as a part of their value. They would be fitted with interfaces to connect with most electrical systems and to adapt to them, as well as protection and covering to keep the battery safe itself, as violent damage would result in plasma-arc explosions from the battery cores. The materials and composition of these batteries also provide as value, as superconducting metamaterials can be scrapped and then retrofitted to create many high-tech electronic components. So, both in value of stored power, and the materials and components of the batteries itself.
Omnites, or omni-nanite or omni-nanobot currency uses masses of nanobots and nanites of various types, clumped and coordinated together to make a practical omnipurpose nanosystem seed. These masses can perform as a shapeshifting, smart, omnipurpose tool, composed of apt amounts of computronium, electronic components, molecular manipulators and effectors, and various other parts to perform. Omnites can transfigure themselves to act as mining devices, chemosynthesizers, nanofabricators, photoelectric generators, repair systems, sensors, transceivers, industrial feedstock or component, self-replicating neumanns, and much more ;albeit with lesser performance than dedicated constructs or tools. Value of the omnites varies with elemental combinations, general capability, nanotech performance, and self-replication or growth potential.
Antimatter currency works by the raw mass of antimatter, with a side value of their container. Mass antimatter production requires not-so-common production facilities to create these particles. A favorable trait of antimatter is their high energy density, at a near-100% mass-energy efficiency rate if they interact with regular matter. Antimatter can be used as one-use catalyst triggers for nuclear reactions, or as conversion-annihilation fuel, thus setting its value in energy or nuclear reaction potential.
Monopole currency uses magnetic monopoles as a commodity currency. The mass-energy that each of these particles have provide different abilities, thus different values. Monopoles can act as conversion catalysts, boosters in fusion reactions, providing further into reactor power and performance. Monopoles also allow for further reproduction in breeder reactors, in decently sized particle accelerators. They are also able to be used for ultratech, and as to delve into the territories of femtotechnology, or exotic technologies with far more potential than classical high tech. This currency puts value on their unique properties as exotic matter, as well as for further reproduction and research.
Commodity money, while remaining a secondary to the primary centralized currency of the higher powers, is still effective outside these social areas. Commodity money ultimately derives itself from the usability and potential each commodity has, with the three: superconductor-battery, omninanobots, and antimatter as primary commodity money due to their potential. Of course, many other commodities can be made as currency, hydrogen or helium isotopes for fusion, CHON, heavy elements, heavy metals, post-transuranic alloys, and much more. An extension of that - mass-scale bartering, would be discussed later.
Massive-scale bartering, exchange of goods, commodities, items, and services exist in abundance. With the existence of more effective communication systems (lightlag and comm problems would be discussed later), intelligent trading agents, mass-transport, arrays of facilities optimizing industry, mass barter became a prevalent economic method.
A massive array of goods can be available for bartering. Classic hi-tech goods or items, engineering ingredients or materials, massive amounts of raw elements, claims or deeds over a location or a territory, intelligent agents or seeds, usable information, or non-fungible sociocultural products.
Bartering can be done more easily, as with streamlined communication and expert systems usage, two parties that wanted to exchange their wares and their demands, searching for what they need, and to trade with what they have. Or with two active parties, they can communicate and negotiate over distances in varying terms; use representative intelligent envoys over long distances; localized markets, trade embassies, and conventions. The presence of FTL-equipped ships, as well as FTL-gates exist as ramps that can further increase trading speed and factor, as they mitigate lightlag and trading distance.
The aforementioned economic method of commodity money trade is practically a method of bartering, just instead with more common, more versatile goods as a stock for economic exchange. Their degree of usability gave them a more universal value. Yet the bonafide method of exchange would have negotiations for a truer and a more optimal result for any party exchanging their goods or services.
Mass-scale bartering and exchange-trade is practically a system of economic centering and dealing via negotiations. For involved parties to assess their demands and available items, and to figure out the best values and deals to satisfy their own sides. While maybe slow and less universal, the value of transactional negotiation and diplomacy gives an applicability to it, to many groups, classes, powers; small or large, weak or powerful, in need; all in civilized space.
And there's nounomics, an economic system where mental aspects are exchanged and flown fluidly to their participants. A more esoteric form of currency, something cryptic in technological nature, some even may equate it to cryptocurrency. Decentralized in nature, generated by the flow of minds, backed by the aspects of the mind itself, in soft conceptual aspects, or in harder and more direct mental power form. An economic network that's inherently chaotic and enigmatic, yet for some, a proper investment for something greater.
Nounomic participants interface their minds with systemic information networks, which spreads throughout, through their local station or planet, star system, or even higher to the interstellar scales. Sharing dynamic noetic systems as an investment. Static noetic aspects as simple memories, experiences, or records are more aptly shared in more stable and orderly systems; with nounomics, they use dynamic systems instead.
Sending out recorded pacts or aspects in a flown network, adaptable and expert mind-systems shared through a blockchain route and interacting with other participants, other computronium systems, or higher influences or powers. Or perhaps, giving mindspaces, a part of their mental capacity as to create a room for investment, as others connect or insert nounomic miner nodes, altering, recording, or giving feedback based on their mindspace. Nounomics are virtually a trade of the dynamic mind and self.
The value of a nounomic unit, as with their nature, is dynamic and changing based on different factors and influences. A factor is their usability and potential, as for example, an expertise mind with cryptographic cracking capabilities as inserted and grown as an investment, shifts to accommodate their users. Attachments and add-ons to memories and information processing systems change and alter the value of the nounomic unit. Their return and their spread also adds to their value, as they travel distances through lightlag, or through FTL-comms.
Or as the intrinsic values or nounomic power a participant has by their mindform, can further influence or affect their levels of nounomics. Cryptographic signs, securities, and computronic potential and integration continues further to factor in the economic value of a nounomic unit. In the end, the value of nounomic units correlate with many factors, such as cryptographic security and prestige, computronic potential, adaptability and function, and aspects one can expect from trading units of minds.
Memetics or mental frameworks working over societies also count as nounomic units. As information transfers and changes mind, it gives influence on greater scales of societies, which adds to the value of the nounomic unit. As to add influence or effects on the world. Sharing an individual qualia through chains spreading effects of entire societies' minds.
Nounomics are a relatively uncommon economic procedure in civilized space. A lot have pointed out it's chaotic nature, yet it's complete decentralization paves way for certain parties to have interests. Those who are interested in noetics, patronees of superminds, unique traders or economic agents use this to connect the flow of economy and mind as one flow.
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2023.06.03 17:39 littleratofhorrors I have 15 refined metal. What should I do with this?

I'm a Primeval Warrior who hasn't played since 2014. I know the economy is in complete shambles and I'm not expecting to turn some kind of great profit, but my greatest goal is to get a Max's Head for cosmetic reasons alone.
With the prevalence of bot-oriented trading websites overtaking in-person server trading, what does trading for profit even look like in 2023? Should I give up hope on earning a key nowadays from metal alone? I'm not going to pay any real money on this if I can help it, regardless of anything else.
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2023.06.03 17:35 AutoModerator [COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA

[COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA
Download Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.
Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!
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2023.06.03 17:26 Anonymous6339 Is this real ? !!!!!

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2023.06.03 17:26 disciplesglobal THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH

The inhabitants of the earth represent the men and women who are omitted from the Book of Life because they submit to the Beast. This group is unrelenting in its hostility to the “Lamb” and those who follow him “wherever he goes,” even rejoicing in the violent deaths of his “Two Witnesses.” Unlike the “nations” and the “kings of the earth,” they are beyond redemption, and their names are excluded from the “Book of Life.
The term rendered “inhabitants” translates the Greek verb katoikeô, meaning, “to dwell, inhabit.” In Revelation, it occurs only with negative connotations, and almost exclusively is used for “INHABITANTS of the earth,” a group that is always hostile to Jesus.


The first use of the term is in the “letter” to the “messenger” of the church in Pergamos. In many interpretations, the phrase “where Satan dwells” is applied either to the seat of the Roman provincial government that was based in Pergamos or to its temple dedicated to the veneration of the emperor. Either view may be correct. However, there is something larger in view. (Revelation 2:12-13).
In Pergamos, “dwell” is applied to Satan and to the church, and the latter certainly did not reside in the governor’s residence or the emperor’s temple. Likewise, ‘Antipas,’ would not have been executed in either location. Most likely, he died outside the city walls. And members of the congregation dwelled in the city. Yet Jesus assured them he was certainly aware that they lived where “Satan dwells.”
Jesus promised the church in Philadelphia that he would keep them “from the hour of trial, which is going to come upon the WHOLE HABITABLE EARTH, to try the INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH.”
The terms “whole habitable earth” and “inhabitants of the earth” are applied to the same situation. Implicit is the wider geographical area that will be affected by this coming “hour of trial.” It will involve populations beyond the confines of Philadelphia and Pergamos– (Revelation 3:10).


The term, “inhabitants of the earth,” is derived from a passage in Daniel. After his downfall and restoration to the throne, Nebuchadnezzar declared to the residents of his kingdom:
In Chapter 6 of Revelation, the “Lamb” opened the “fifth seal” and John saw the “souls of them who had been slain for the testimony they held” underneath the “altar.” The image is based on the altar of burnt offerings detailed in the Book of Leviticus. The blood of sacrificial victims was poured out at its base.
And that is the picture behind the vision of the martyred “souls” found at the base of the “altar,” where they plead for vindication against the “inhabitants of the earth” – (Revelation 6:9-11).
Similarly, after the first four trumpets sounded, John saw an “eagle” pronouncing a warning - “Woe, woe, woe, for the INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH, because of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels who are yet to sound!” – (Revelation 8:13).
The first four trumpets unleashed “plagues” against the economy of the empire – its seaborne commerce, fresh water sources, and the like. The last three harmed the “inhabitants of the earth” themselves. “By these three plagues was the third part of men killed.” Nevertheless, they “repented not of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.”


When the “Beast from the Abyss” killed the “Two Witnesses,” the “INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH rejoiced over them and made merry… for these two prophets tormented the inhabitants of the earth.” While it was the “Beast from the Abyss” that carried out these violent acts, the “inhabitants of the earth” certainly took pleasure in the deaths of the “Two Witnesses.”
In Chapter 12, after the “son” was “snatched” to the “throne,” Satan was expelled from heaven and “cast down to the earth.” While heaven “rejoiced,” the “great voice in heaven” declared an ominous warning to the “inhabitants of the earth”:
Here, two groups are contrasted, and this is indicated by the two verbs used: “tabernacle” and “inhabit.” “Tabernacle” or “tent” indicates something temporary, such as a “tent” pitched during a journey. “Inhabit” or “dwell” suggests something more permanent. And note the expansion of the expression to the “inhabitants of the earth and THE SEA.”
Unless the passage is a warning to sea creatures, the references are not geographical. Elsewhere in the book, the “sea” is associated with the Abyss, and is a source of great evil that must be pacified.
As for the men who were “tabernacling in heaven,” the expulsion of the Devil meant rejoicing. For the “inhabitants of the earth,” it signified something far more ominous. The identity of the ones who were “tabernacling in heaven” is provided by the context - the “brethren” who “overcame the Dragon by the blood of the Lamb.”
Precisely why the downfall of the “Dragon” meant “woe” to the “inhabitants of the earth” is not stated in the immediate passage. More relevant is the reaction of the “Dragon” to the knowledge that he has a “short time.” He vents his wrath, but NOT against the “inhabitants of the earth,” but instead, against “those who have the testimony of Jesus.”
And the last clause links the latter group to the martyrs who were seen “under the altar” in the “fifth seal,” the ones who were slain on account of “their testimony.”


The same two groups are found again in Chapter 13, those who “tabernacle in heaven” and the “inhabitants of the earth” - (Revelation 13:4-10).
The rhetorical question concerning the “Beast from the Sea,” - “Who is like him, and who can make war with him” - is reminiscent of Nebuchadnezzar’s declaration - “He does according to his will in the host of heaven, and among the INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH, and none can stay his hand or say to him, What are you doing?”As is now clear, the literary source of the two contrasting groups, those who “tabernacle in heaven [HOST OF HEAVEN]” and the “inhabitants of the earth,” is the same passage in the book of Daniel - (Daniel 4:34-35).
In Chapter 13, the “slander” of the “mouth that was given to the Beast” is directed against “those who tabernacle in heaven.” The reference is NOT spatial. These two terms differentiate between two groups based on their allegiance either to the “Lamb” or to the “Beast.” The followers of the “Lamb” have not taken up permanent residence in the present age, on the earth, or in the sky, therefore, they are described as “tabernacling.”
The term “slander” refers to accusations brought against the saints by the “accuser of the brethren,” presumably, in the earthly courts of the Empire. A parallel is found in the letter to the church at Smyrna where the congregation is “slandered” before local authorities by Jews from the “synagogue of Satan.”
What identifies a person as a member of the “inhabitants of the earth” is not his physical location, but whether his name is excluded from “the Lamb’s Book of Life.” In other words, all those who render homage to the “Beast.”


The second “Beast from the earth,” the “False Prophet,” is seen ascending from the “earth” to deceive the “earth and its inhabitants.” This demonstrates that “earth” means something beyond the physical planet.
Just as the “Sea” and the “Abyss” are sources of evil, so, also, is the “earth.” This explains why the expulsion of Satan from heaven means “woe” to those “inhabiting the earth and the sea.” It will mean disaster to the unrepentant since his unleashing to persecute the church will culminate in the final judgment on all whose names are not “written in the Book of Life.”
This “False Prophet” has two horns “like a lamb,” and performs the same “signs” done previously by the “Two Witnesses.” Thus, he imitates the “Lamb” and his “witnesses.” Similarly, the “first Beast” received the “stroke of death” but lived, a parody of the death and resurrection of Jesus.
This suggests that the deceptions propagated by Satan’s earthly agents mimic and counterfeit the true faith. In response to the “signs” performed by the “False Prophet,” the “inhabitants of the earth” take the “mark of the Beast,” sealing their ominous fate.
In Chapter 14, an angel “flying in mid-heaven” proclaims the everlasting gospel to the “inhabitants of the earth,” AND to “every nation and tribe and tongue and people.” This means the “nations” and the “inhabitants of the earth” are not necessarily identical.
The angel summons his target audience to “fear God and give him glory; for the hour of his judgment is come.” Rather than to the “Beast,” they must “render homage to him that made the heaven and the earth and the Sea and the fountains of waters.” Two more angels follow and pronounce judgment on “Babylon.” This means God has provided the “inhabitants of the earth” ample opportunities to repent - (Revelation 14:6-13).
Babylon, the Great Harlot” is described in detail in Chapter 17. She is the one with whom the “kings of the earth” and the “inhabitants of the earth” commit “fornication.”
As with the “nations,” so the “kings of the earth” are distinguished from the “inhabitants of the earth,” though both groups are corrupted by “Babylon,” she who is drunk with the “blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.”
This “Great Harlot” is carried by the “Beast” that has “seven heads and ten horns.” It “was and is not; and is going to ascend from the Abyss,” references to the previous slaying and revivification of the “Beast from the Sea,” and to the ascent of the “Beast from the Abyss” that destroyed the “Two Witnesses.”


The book of Revelation pulls together themes from the preceding visions. The constant factor in the several visions is the hostility of the “inhabitants of the earth” to the “Lamb” and his servants, and their choice of the “Beast from the Sea,” his “name,” and his “mark”:
Their consistent refusal to render homage to the “Lamb” explains why their “name is not written in the Book of Life.” At the final judgment, “Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire, the second death. And if anyone was not found written in the Book of Life, he was cast into the lake of fire” – (Revelation 20:11-15).
Their history of unrelenting hostility to the “Lamb” explains why the “inhabitants of the earth” are nowhere found in the “city of New Jerusalem” in chapters 21 and 22. In Revelation, at times, the “nations” and the “kings of the earth” resist the “Lamb.” Nevertheless, both groups are found at the end of the book in the holy city, therefore, they are not without hope:
But, as a group, the “inhabitants of the earth” are beyond redemption, not because God is powerless to save them, but because they refuse His every offer. No matter how many plagues He sends, they refuse to repent, nor do they respond to His summons to repent. Like the Pharaoh of Egypt, THEY ONLY HARDEN THEIR HEARTS in response. They continue to “fornicate” with “Babylon,” and they celebrate the deaths of God’s servants.
Rather than follow the “Lamb,” the “inhabitants of the earth… render homage to the Beast” and welcome its “mark.” They prefer the counterfeit faith offered by Satan’s earthly agents.
In short, their names are excluded from the “Book of Life” due to their own decisions. God’s condemnation of the unrepentant to the “Lake of Fire” is fully justified.
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"Fuck it all!" said Stalin. "Atomic bomb! Beria modestly lowered his eyes. Kurchatov was a little late, but he also lowered his gaze and nervously tugged at his beard.
"So, does it explode?" Stalin asked, tapping the pipe against the iron side of the bomb.
"Of course, Comrade Stalin!" Kurchatov replied, feeling that the question was directed at him. "How... How it will!"
"How it will fucking blow!" Beria chimed in.
"They've really invented something," Stalin said, exhaling. "And tell me, does it explode powerfully?"
"I'm telling you, Comrade Stalin, it will blow as much as it can!"
"How it will fucking blow!" Beria supported again, making scary eyes behind his glasses, as if to say that if it blows, it will really blow.
"And what does Comrade Zhukov think?"
Zhukov seemed to have dozed off, but woke up just in time.
"It's a useful thing," the marshal said, jingling his medals. "The army needs it."
"Right," Stalin wisely remarked. "But it needs to be tested. Right, Comrade Voroshilov?"
"Definitely, Koba," the iron commissar supported.
"And on whom? The Jews?"
"It's not worth it on the Jews," Beria boldly said. "We've already tested gases on them. It's not fair."
"Indeed, indeed," Stalin pondered, releasing puffs of smoke. "The Jews might take offense. Thank you, Comrade Beria, for the timely remark. By the way, will you yourself not be a Jew, Comrade Beria? Stalin, as usual, made a successful joke, and everyone laughed. Kalinin and Kurchatov laughed, shaking their beards, Zhukov giggled, Voroshilov laughed out loud, and Beria smiled subtly and said:
"No, Comrade Stalin, I'm Mingrelian."
"Mingrelian, warmed his cock on the stove," Stalin joked again successfully, and the company laughed a little more. Finally, Stalin tapped the bomb with the pipe and remarked:
"It's good that we had a laugh, but we haven't decided yet on whom to test our atomic bomb."
"On the Japanese?" Voroshilov asked questioningly. "We have plenty of Japanese prisoners, and the war isn't over yet, we can catch more. There are still Germans left from that war too."
"Germans and Japanese are a well-tested people," Stalin said. "We've already fought Germans and Japanese. But the atomic bomb should be tested on a nation that we haven't studied yet from the perspective of a battle. Am I right, Comrade Kurchatov?"
Fuck would Kurchatov object.
The bomb was loaded onto the plane and they set off to drop it. In the plane, there were pilots: three-time Hero of the Soviet Union Comrade Kozhedub and three-time Hero of the Soviet Union Comrade Pokryshkin. Kozhedub was the commander of the crew because he shot down 62 enemy planes during the war, while Pokryshkin only shot down 59. That's why Kozhedub rudely told Pokryshkin, who was talking to the technicians:
"Stop talking nonsense, Comrade Pokryshkin! It's time to fly and drop the bomb!"
"Sorry, Comrade Kozhedub," Pokryshkin said and climbed into the plane.
Kozhedub turned the ignition key, pressed the pedals, pulled the levers, and the red-starred plane sped along the concrete strip of the secret airfield.
"They've taken off," Voroshilov said, wiping away a tear.
The plane flew very high. Kozhedub even dozed off from the monotony of the scenery outside the window, while Pokryshkin, out of boredom, started reading poetry:
Late autumn. The crows have flown away. The forest is bare, the fields are empty. Only one narrow strip is not compressed. It brings a sad thought...
"What kind of poetry are you reading, Comrade Pokryshkin?" Kozhedub asked without opening his eyes.
"Poetry by Comrade Stalin, whose else," Pokryshkin replied.
"Well, well. You take the controls for now, and I'll take a nap. Is it still a long way to fly?"
"About a thousand five hundred kilometers," Pokryshkin said, checking the map.
"Alright, then I'll doze off. Wake me up when it's time to drop the bomb."
"And fuck you," Pokryshkin thought vengefully.
The decision was made to drop the bomb on America, it was a great idea of Comrade Stalin. However, he had no idea that Truman had also built an atomic bomb and they were bringing it to drop on the USSR. Not just on the USSR, but on Moscow, to kill Comrade Stalin and the Politburo. But Truman had no way of knowing that Comrade Stalin and the Politburo had already left for a large underground bunker that was built precisely in the hope that the bastard Truman would decide to drop an atomic bomb. The plane, under the control of American pilots, named "Enola Gay," was flying directly toward the Soviet plane. It was called "Enola Gay" because there were faggots on board. That's not surprising, because America has always had many faggots, so finding suitable ones among the pilots was not a problem. It was Truman's subtle mockery of the Soviet people. Like, the Americans would fly in, drop the bomb, and Stalin and the entire Politburo would perish. The Russian people would learn about it from the newspapers the next morning and say to each other, "Did you hear? The Americans bombed Comrade Stalin and the entire Politburo!" - "What faggots!" And indeed, there were faggots there. What a humiliating incident. In short, the faggots were flying toward the Soviet plane of Kozhedub and Pokryshkin, listening to Glenn Miller, and the Soviet pilots had no idea. The flight paths of the planes intersected somewhere over Japan.
"Look, Comrade Kozhedub!" Pokryshkin said, nudging his commander with his foot. "Look... a plane!"
"What is this?" Kozhedub wondered, opening his eyes. Indeed, a large plane was flying towards them, seemingly American.
"These are Americans flying, Comrade Kozhedub," Pokryshkin reinforced his suspicions. "They're flying in our direction! And behind us is Moscow!"
"Let's ask them," Kozhedub decided and opened the window.
"Hey, guys!" he shouted in English, sticking his head out. "Where are we headed?"
"That's what we'll tell him," the Americans thought, but said aloud, "Just around. Taking a ride."
"So are we," Kozhedub lied, and to himself, he noted that there was a big bomb hanging under the tail of the American plane, probably atomic. After hiding back inside, he said to Pokryshkin, "They're bringing an atomic bomb, those faggots. Call Comrade Stalin."
Comrade Stalin sat in the underground bunker and argued with Voroshilov whether the bomb would explode or not, when a telephone operator approached and said, "It's for you, Comrade Stalin."
Stalin asked sternly, "Who is it?"
"It's Pokryshkin, Comrade Stalin!" the pilot hurriedly spoke on the phone. "The Americans are here, Comrade Stalin! Those bastards are also carrying a bomb!"
"Why did you become dumbfounded over it?" Stalin asked.
"We're flying, Comrade Stalin! We just got delayed. It doesn't look good..."
"Hmm... Well, wait a little there, I'll consult with my comrades."
Covering the phone with his hand, Stalin said, "Pokryshkin is calling. He says the Americans are also carrying a bomb, bastards."
"We'll shoot them down," Voroshilov said. "We'll send the fighter squadron immediately."
"I wish you'd shoot them all," Stalin grumbled. "Even a fool can do that."
Here's what we'll do. Get Truman on the other line for me. And he opened the line himself and said to Pokryshkin, "Keep them detained for a while, and we'll make a decision."
"Yes, Comrade Stalin!"
Pokryshkin covered the phone with his hand and said to Kozhedub, "Do whatever you want, Comrade Kozhedub, but we need to detain the American plane. Comrade Stalin will make the decision."
Kozhedub leaned out of the window again and said, "Hey, guys! What's hanging under your tail?"
"A bomb," the Americans said.
"Why is it so big?"
"Just because," the Americans replied, "no big deal. What about you?"
"We have one too," Kozhedub said.
Down below, the Japanese were gathered, wondering what was happening. They tried firing their anti-aircraft guns, but it was all in vain—the planes were too high. Emperor Hirohito called upon the kamikaze pilots, ordering them to fly and shoot down the enemy planes. But the kamikaze, as expected, took their time with the ritualistic songs, drank sake, and tied headbands... The Japanese, what can I say.
In the meantime, Stalin was connected with Truman. "Hello, Mr. Truman?" "Mr. Stalin? How are you, and how's the weather?" "Thanks to your prayers. Here's the thing—a little plane of ours was flying over Japan..." "Well, that's good for you." "But then yours was coming towards it..." "Well, we're at war with them." "But why the bomb?" "Well, we're at war with them! And besides, you have a bomb too." The Americans, those bastards, also called Truman, of course. "We're at war with them," said Stalin. "We'll drop a bomb on them now." "Then go ahead." "No, you go first!" "And you'll deceive us." "We?! Have we ever deceived anyone?!" "Oh, plenty." "And you, even more so." "And you communists, one can't trust communists." "And you bourgeois, one can't trust bourgeois either. Lenin said so. " "Your Lenin is an idiot!" "And your Lincoln is a Jew and a faggot, and Washington is a fool, and Jefferson is a moron, wipe your ass with your constitution on Independence Day. And in general, fuck off." Stalin wisely said, "I'll hang up now." Truman couldn't find anything to say and fell silent. "Alright, Mr. Stalin," he said. "We'll drop the bomb. But you drop one too!" "We'll drop it, we'll drop it," Stalin assured him. The Americans did drop the bomb, and they flew back home. The bomb fell, and it exploded! The next morning, the Japanese went out all over the country, reading newspapers and telling each other, "Did you hear? The Americans dropped a bomb on Hiroshima!" - "Those bastards!" And indeed, they were bastards. What a shameful incident, even for the Japanese, despite being a yellow-faced people. And our planes kept flying over Japan. Then Truman called Stalin and said angrily, "Hello! Mr. Stalin, this isn't fair!" "You got screwed! You got screwed!" Stalin rejoiced. "This is unworthy," Truman said. "Well, who cares." "We didn't agree on this." "So what?" "You promised to drop the bomb too!" "But we didn't. We'll drop it on you now, haha!" "Then we'll drop another one on you! We still have it!" "Wait a moment, Mr. Truman, I need to consult with the Politburo," Stalin said, getting serious. "It's quite possible that they have another bomb," Beria said, after listening. "Don't we have one?" Stalin asked. "Not yet, Comrade Stalin," Kurchatov was scared. "But we'll make one soon!" "Too late," Stalin waved his hand. "So, what should we do?" "Let's drop it there. I suggested testing it on the Japanese," Voroshilov proposed. "Alright, but not right away. Let Truman squirm a little," Stalin said and contacted Truman again. "Hello, Mr. Truman? Well, we're considering it."
The Red Star plane circled above Japan, running low on fuel. The heroic crew finished their last can of canned meat when a message finally came from the ground: "Drop it closer. Stalin." "What do we have there?" unshaven Kozhedub rejoiced, pulling the map closer. "Let's see... Osaka... Yokosuka... Nagasaki..." "They're all bitches and bastards over there," Pokryshkin said, licking the can from the inside. "Which bastard was the last one?" "Nagasaki," read Kozhedub. "Well, fuck 'em then," said Pokryshkin, pressing the button.
Thus, in 1945, there was no nuclear war between the two great powers.
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