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2023.06.03 06:32 Bhalgulir Worrisome Pain in the Left Side of My Chest and Shoulder

Hey everyone, this is my first post so I guess I'll give a quick history of my GERD problems. The first time I experienced symptoms was October of last year. I had a burning pain right in the center of my chest while I was at work and I had to leave and go to urgent care because I thought I was having a heart attack. When I got there, they did an ECG which came back normal and they gave me a "GI cocktail" which made me feel better. After that, they prescribed me omeprazole and sent me on my way. I've been taking the omeprazole since then on and off (on about 2 weeks, then off 3-4 weeks) and it seems to help a little but does not take care of my symptoms completely.
A couple months ago, I was having a squeezing pain in the left side of my chest which radiated to my left shoulder and sometimes to the left side of my neck. When I googled these symptoms it said these could be sypmtoms of a heart attack so I immediately went to urgent care which had the same result as the first time I went. Normal ECG and an omeprazole prescription.
Last week I had an endoscopy done and I thought for sure they would find something, but they did not. The last few days I've been having that same pain in the left side of my chest, shoulder, and neck that I had before my 2nd urgent care visit, but I've been reluctant to go because I expect it to have the same outcome and leave me $40 lighter.
I don't know what to do at this point. I'm a 24 year old male and I'm a normal weight (150 lbs, which is normal for my height of 5'6"), I shouldn't be having these problems. Does anyone have a similar story? If so, what course of action did you take after having a normal endoscopy?
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2023.06.03 06:32 Ruler_J What does your club need to achieve in 2023 in order for you to be happy with their season?

I made sure to be careful with how I worded my question, because originally, my question was, "What does your club need to achieve in 2023 in order to have a successful season?". Then I realised that I don't think you can possibly put a positive spin on a 3-20 season (remember there's 23 games this season), other than "the kids got some development" (but I guess footy fans are the type to find hope in the most dire of situations, so what do I know?). I am interested to know what every fanbase has to say, seeing as every team is at a different stage of development.
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2023.06.03 06:31 Moundfreek Post-Adderall emotions

Hey friends,
I'm a 35-year old woman who was diagnosed with ADHD just last year. After trying a few non-stimulants without success, my therapist put me on 10 mg of Adderall. And it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I took it two days in a row and had the most productive workdays in.....possibly my life. I didn't panic about switching tasks, I could read pages of technical documents without getting distracted (usually I can't get through a paragraph without my mind wandering), and felt confident in my abilities. Then on Thursday I decided to not take it. I had a light work load, and my therapist said I could probably just take Adderall as needed, because other than the long hours of reading and writing in a work setting, I'm more or less able to function in the day-to-day (I recognize how fortunate I am). But on Thursday I felt like crap. I don't know if it was some dopamine crash or just general anxiety (which I have ad am on lexapro), but I felt bad about myself. My brain was back to my normal, and suddenly I noticed how spacey I am. And I despised it. Obviously, I always knew my brain was unusual (it's why I finally sought treatment), but I'd never been this down on it. I should have been happy. The Adderall worked, even better than my I could have imagined! But I kept having negative thoughts. What if I have to take it every day now to stave off anxiety (I have a fear of taking additional meds--I'm already on several for an autoimmune disorder)? What if I get addicted? What if I get withdrawal? What if I started having side effects and can no longer take this drug that can save my career?
I'll be talking to my therapist about all this in two weeks. Today (Friday) I don't feel as anxious, but I still have these worries. Can anyone empathize? Did anyone "see the light" and then get down on themselves? I feel like Frodo unable to return to the Shire. I'm mostly worried that this is a chemical thing caused by the Adderall. I hope not. I want to have days where I don't take it. I simply don't need it on weekends, and I don't want to over-medicate. Ugh. I'm sorry for the rambling. Got a lot of feelings. I've spent a lifetime hating my brain, and now I can't be happy now that I may have found the solution. I should be ecstatic
TLDR: Does anyone have anxiety or depression from stopping low doses of Adderall?
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2023.06.03 06:30 DigMeTX Adjective and Octave

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2023.06.03 06:30 goldenteacher20 Pit bike to Sm conversion

I got an apollo z20 that I'm converting into a mini moto street legal. I have an idea for dual front disc setup for 2 calipers, for better stopping power and stoppies. My idea is to run a 2.5 rear rim in the front since the hub has mounts on both sides for sprocket or disc. I found the bottom part of the fork that has a brake mount and hold the axle that im able to purchase and perhaps swap it with the stock axel holder( I have no idea what the it's called). I'm able to pump 2 calipers at once with a brake line T connector. Does this sound doable? I want to try this Because I'm not able to order the actual kit I found for this due it being in a foreign country that doesn't ship internationally.
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I am a Supervisor. I have an employee under me who is a performer and I can say, someone with a high potential. Kaso lang, I have issues with his behaviors such as sleeping on shift and his attendance. I'm okay with feeling drowsy or feeling sleepy but what's concerning is that there has been some instances where this has caused mistakes in his work and resulted to some serious consquences.
In terms of Attendance, he has been tardy and absent for several times already. And by several, I mean A LOT. The past months there have been recurring patterns of 4 consecutive days of tardiness and being absent on a Monday/Friday. Reason for absence, he was overfatigued. Stating he was not able to rest because he was taking care of his wife, who's having a "risky" pregnancy and she asks him to stay beside her.
But sometimes I doubt if it's true because I know he's been partying and getting drunk during weekends. I see it in his stories. And started doubting even more when I heard from some people I know, who are acquainted with his wife, that she does not ask him to stay and take care of her as he claims. Said that he decides to be absent to drink and hangout with friends.
Some of his teammates under me even said asked me "What's going on with him? Parang pumapasok lang sya kung kailan nya gusto? It's unfair." Not verbatim but basically it.
Since I am his supervisor, of course I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. If I was someone who's "by the book", I might've endorsed him to HR for termination.
However, I did not, because in issuing and progressing a warning or sanctions, I still have the discretion when to do so. As much as possible, I want him keep his job, kasi alam kong he has a pregnant wife who's almost due and childbirth costs a lot.
I've had a one-on-one meeting with him to call him out about this and we were able to take peacefully naman. I was able to see improvements. No lates and absences. Kaso he has been out again recently without timely notification and then later informs that he accompanied his wife to the hospital. I could be wrong though but, I don't think he would have to accompany his wife to the hospital as he claims. I stand corrected po. There are other people who can accompany her wife.
How do I deal with him if he reverts back to his previous behavior?
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2023.06.03 06:29 sweetin_lo I (32F) have reconnected with my ex (32M) of 3.5 years and I’m confused about his behavior toward me.

I’ve reconnected with my first long-term boyfriend of 3.5 years after losing contact 10 years ago. I reached out to him and at first he was very happy to hear from me (he said he tried looking for me - I have very limited social media)
We maintained a good friendship for a couple years before we both lost touch so I was expecting the connection to be positive. So far I’ve experienced some hurtful behavior. 1. One day when we were reminiscing on the past (on the phone - we live in different states) I asked him why we dated for so long/why he dated me (we are both single so I didn’t think it was inappropriate to ask) he told me he dated me mostly for my looks. I thought he was just joking because the tone of the conversation was very lighthearted and silly. Afraid it was true, I asked if he can name even 1 thing else and he said he “didn’t want to tap into it” and got defensive. No further explanation was given. 2. He then proceeded to cut me off when I wanted clarification and ignored me for 2 whole months just to respond and tell me it was a joke and not true at all. 3. When he finally responded and we talked about the topic he told me I “should of explaining what I felt" despite the fact that I had already expressed my feelings in the texts he ignored. 4. He downplays and devalues our past relationship as if it was nothing just because we were young. I even asked him if it was a real relationship to him and he basically implied it wasn’t. 3.5 years. A significant amount of time and emotion. And I’m not even counted as a real relationship. I’ve moved on too but that doesn’t take away from our history like it does for him. Maybe I wasn’t memorable or good enough. So this it made me feel low for something I remember sweetly.5 He is short with me by text, take hours to respond (despite saying how much he loves texting) and doesn’t follow through with plans unless prompted. 6. He agreed with me when i called him “difficult," which suggests that he may not be willing to take responsibility for his behavior and have accountability. He also said he’s the type that people have to take in “small doses” (whatever that means) I actually think him saying this explains everything I’ve experienced since we reconnected. 7. It’s put up or shut up with him. I can’t talk about anything when it comes to the above mentioned topics without risking getting cut-off. I only continue bringing them up because it continues to bother me.
All I’ve done is be nice to him, see how he’s been and talk kindly about him and my memories.
I’ve brought up these things to him and he just shuts me down. Now he’s cutting me off again because I’ve told him it’s been hurtful talking to him. Am I overreacting?
TL:DR - Ex that I once had a great relationship/friendship with is treating me in hurtful ways and I don’t know if I’m overreacting
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2023.06.03 06:29 BodyShipAsh So Legendary Affixes in D4?

So like D1 - D3. If you wanted a particular Legendary Effect. You knew exactly what you needed to hit up, and at what level it'd drop (bare Min).

While trying to find Osseous Gale Aspect (Consume 8 Corpses; Upkeep Bone Storm) and Ultimate Shadow Aspect (Bone Storm and Blood Surge are now Darkness Skills). Found images of gear without imprinting having the same Legendary Affix (Blood Soaked Aspect. One on a Ring, one on a pair of Gloves).
Does that mean that there are no "set" Legendary Effects, and all Legendries are just going to drop a random affix? If so, how in the fuk are we supposed to have a more focused attempt at gambling for Legendaries?
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2023.06.03 06:29 eplinx 22 year old saving for retirement and potential grad school. Can I have it all or am I being naive?

Hi. I am a recent finance grad currently working in consulting at an HCOL area. I just started working 2 months ago. Here is my current financial profile
#1. Probably my longest term goal is to retire around 50-55. I don't want to completely retire but able to take my feet off the gas pedal (work less than 40hrs a week) around that time would be nice. My number would be around $1.7m-$2m.
#2. My immediate short term goal is to attend grad school 3-4 years down the road. While I did study finance, my true interests lie in international relations which I plan to get a masters in. I want to combine my interests in both finance and IR and work in the development finance space. My top options just tuition wise cost around ~$110k ($55k/yr for 2 years) in tuition only (ouch). I plan on having at least $60k-$70k saved up. While not guaranteed, one of my top options is generous with aid so may get minimum $20k/yr if i build up strong work experience plus test scores. If push comes to shove, my parents are willing to loan me for some of costs w/ 0 interest. I'm willing to loan a max $50k for this.
Are these goals compatible? If not, how can I make it compatible?
While I have ran the numbers and built in different scenarios in a retirement model (being a finance major really makes you neurotic lol) it sorta works out. Would like to hear your thoughts though
How do you reconcile a financial decision that may not make sense w/ roi but gives personal fulfillment?
I was originally going to study IR in college but my parents talked me out of it and told me to get a more practical major. While I am glad they did that, I truly want to pursue my true passion which is IR and combine it with what i studied. After doing some research, starting salaries in development finance is roughly the salary I have currently. However, I feel as if i do not pursue this, I'll end up regretting it in the long term but the thought of shelling out a pretty penny for this unnerves me at the same time.
Thanks for reading this long text and your thoughts!
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2023.06.03 06:29 iam-that-skinny-rat What does being high feel like and where do you buy vapes for cheap?

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2023.06.03 06:28 Maximum_Towel7167 TIFU and can never go back to my doctor. TW: Poop.

I 22F finally decided that it was time to get an IUD after years of terrible birth control pill side effects and contemplation. I finally have insurance from my job and it was the perfect time to get it.
When I told my friend my story as we are avid listeners of THT, we just knew Morgan needed to hear it.
A lot of my friends have IUDs and I heard that the procedure is painful but I thought I had a high pain tolerance and it would be fine. I brought my mom with me for support and to be my ride home. Mistake or blessing...
I made sure to drink a lot of water, ate a good breakfast, got a good night sleep, took my ibuprofen and did everything they asked of me.
I got to my appointment and was quickly ushered into the exam room. I was told to put the gown on and lay on the table. My feet were up in the stirrups and I was thinking I was ready for what was about to come.
When the time came for the insertion I was met with the most intense wave of pain I have every experienced in my life. I was used to having really bad period cramps but this was next level. I laid there squeezing my moms hand as it felt like my insides were being ripped apart and at that moment I knew it was bad when my doctor said "this is what it feels like to have a baby". Near the end of it, I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I was fanning myself aggressively. My doctor then says "its normal to feel a little light headed". NO BABE I'M ABOUT LITERALLY PASS OUT. As the torture was finally over (or so I thought) she proceeds to tell me post procedure instructions, but honestly I couldn't even hear her because I thought I was going to pass out, throw up and shit while simultaneously having the worst cramps of my whole life. As the doctor was leaving I asked her if she could get me a bucket because thought I was going to throw up. The doctor returns with a super small basin the size of my two hands. She leaves the room again and I'm just there with my mom and the basin and at this point I turn onto my side thinking im going to be sick but nothing came out. I just continue to lay there for about 10 minutes... until I get the urge that I REALLY need to shit. So, the goal here was to get up, remove my gown, put my clothes back on and go to the bathroom. When I attempted that, I instantly threw myself back on the bed because I really thought I was going to pass out. Announcing to my mom "Holy shit I'm going to pass out". The urge to shit now has me with my elbows on the bed unable to stand up straight, clenching my cheeks together so I do not shit. Keeping in mind that I am still wearing a patient gown with my whole ass out. I knew that I needed to make some moves here, somehow I needed to get to a toilet. As I try to stand up again, I realize there is no way I am getting my clothes back on. So I think, fuck it, I will just walk down the hallway to the bathroom in my gown. All I cared about in this moment was getting this demon out of me. Thinking back on this now.. I wish I tried a lot harder to make it to the bathroom.
"Mom, hand my that basin. I need to shit.. now"
In my state of debilitating pain, I full on squated on the floor like a cave man holding the basin under me and my mom steadying it with her foot as I proceeded to release the most enormous shit I have ever taken. it did. not. stop. Every time I thought it was going to stop more just kept coming. The only thing I could say as it kept pouring out of me was "I'm so sorry" and "oh wow" on repeat. The basin quickly filled and I had no choice but to continuing shitting on the floor. Bless her heart, my mom kept trying to tell me it was okay and grabbed some paper towels and started cleaning the mess I had made. You think in this moment I would be humiliated after shitting on the floor like a dog and releasing the most vile smell into the atmosphere but I did not care. I only felt relief.
As my mom is trying to wipe my ass because I literally did not have the capability, my doctor walks in and my mom announces:
"She had an accident. She crapped".
Eventually after having a sip of water I was able to leave the clinic. Leaving behind most of my dignity, a soiled gown and an exam room that needed a complete sterilization. Needless to say, I am forever indebted to my mom and I will never be returning to that doctors office.
If you're looking for some advice about getting an IUD, please remember this post and please consider having it done under sedation.
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2023.06.03 06:28 Parkman202 [SPOILERS] Simple Jedi Survivor soundfont pack for Proffie

Hello! I've recently been messing around with creating soundfonts for my Proffie lightsaber, and After playing Jedi Survivor, I wanted to try my hand at creating soundfonts from the game!

I recommend finishing the game before clicking the "SPOILER SOUNDFONT" link or revealing the spoilered text below. Cal also has potential spoilers in two of his soundfonts, particularly his red soundfonts (I can't make links spoilered, so this looks kind of ugly. Sorry!).

Cal Kestis Full Pack (Normal + crossguard, all 10 variants for both)
Dagan Gera (Dark side only)
SPOILER SOUNDFONTBode Akuna (Blaster and heavy stances, blaster stance uses the same sounds as Dagan)
Second and Ninth Sister (The former is leftover data from JFO)

Each soundfont has some basic smoothswing. Alongside the hums and swings, they each contain blaster deflections, clashes, drags, locks, spins, and stabs. They all have unique force sounds for their respective character (e.g. Cal has his force slow). This pack does not include blade styles unfortunately.

Survivor stores its audio more accessibly than Fallen Order did, so all of the audio in every soundfont comes directly from the game's files. As for Cal's different lightsaber colors, the game adds post processing effects to the audio to create unique swings and hums, which I have also tried my best to replicate for each of the variants.

Admittedly, these could be way better. I just used basic crossfading with the longer individual swinging sounds to create the smoothswings, and it can sound pretty wobbly, especially on Cal. I also used other INI files I found as baselines for my font, but I didn't adjust them much since I felt content with how the ones I tested sounded. I would really like to improve the smoothswings though, so if anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate it!

Please let me know what you think! I'm not planning on doing a whole lot of soundfont stuff, but its fun to mess around with and I would like to improve, so any feedback is appreciated!
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2023.06.03 06:27 bigthiccgiraffe Products to use before/after diffusing?

Hi all!
I’m a male with 4-6inch hair that is slightly wavy. However, since starting no-poo and using a diffuser on my hair, I’ve noticed that my hair has become a lot wavier and nicer. Looking for advice:
1) What products should I apply before diffusing? I either use a curl smoothie, sea salt spray, mousse, or combination of them. What is best?
2) Should I apply any products after diffusing to keep my waves locked in for longer?
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2023.06.03 06:27 stoneangedinosaurs Thoughts on the Play Scene

I saw Beau several times and the play scene always really gets me. It was so relatable seeing Beau become so entranced by the fiction that he self inserts himself into and essentially creates his own narrative. I feel like it comes from a place of paranoia/narcissism that everything is specificly made for you. You start to hear what you want to hear and the actual text falls to the wayside. I like how he comes to suddenly just standing there and the play is on something completely different.
Like one time I was so paranoid during a viewing of Naked Lunch I thought the movie was about me and had to turn it off (it freaked me out at the time but I laugh about it now 😅).
Does anyone else relate to this? What are your thoughts on this scene?
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2023.06.03 06:27 LucyAriaRose WIBTA if I didn’t get my sister a wedding gift?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/EarthClassic230. He posted in AmItheAsshole
Mood Spoiler: Okay-ish? Still... the audacity
Original Post: May 25, 2023
Ok so I (25M) am a wedding planner so when my sister (32F) announced she was getting married, most of our family, her included, assumed I’d help plan it for her. I initially didn’t really want to as ger wedding is right in the middle of busy season so I’d miss out on gigs that would pay but then I decided that she’s my sister and this would be a good wedding gift and would just help with the wedding stress.
She was so happy when I agreed and we started going over her plans and themes, I found some venues and we went to look at them, I took care of all of the catering so all she had to do was taste test and pick, I was also able to use my connections to get her special deals and stuff like that.
At first it was pretty smooth but as time went on it just got more and more stressful. She wouldn’t communicate with anyone and almost got her photographer to quit (I had to convince him to stay), she’d constantly change her mind on things and then get mad they were changed as I should of known she was just being indecisive and that I should have stuck with the first option.
While I was setting up the registry she told me I could have first dibs on what gift I was getting her, I looked at her confused and said that my help planning was my gift. She then said that a lot of family helped out and they are still getting gifts. I told her that other family members helped move furniture or lend me their car to pick up supplies, I was doing most of the work and was missing out on actually getting paid helping her.
She said she’s greatful for my help but that this wouldn’t really constitute a gift unless I was paying for things like her dress or the venue. And she said it didn’t matter when I brought up that my connections have literally saved her thousands when you add them up.
She’s now calling me cheap and is getting our family involved. I don’t know what she told them (they won’t tell me) but they keep saying how selfish I am to make my sister’s big day all about me.
If I could afford it I wouldn’t mind getting her something, but the cheapest thing in the registry is almost $200 and I’m not well off, plus my loss of income I can’t afford something like that rn. I want to support her but I don’t think I’m gonna get her a gift, WIBTA if I didn’t?
OOP is voted NTA
Update Post: May 27, 2023 (2 days later)
I took some of your advice but didnt go as extreme as I think some of you were hoping I would, sorry but I can be of a people pleaser and I dont want to ruin what is supposed to be a happy moment in her life.
I put together a list of everything I had done, including all the discounts I had gotten her, I'm not sure if she knew they were discounts as I didnt say they were discounts, I was saying things like “I have been able to get you a quote of x amount from y for z”. Aswell as stating what I would normally charge for a wedding this sized. I then texted her to ask if we could get some lunch and talk.
When she arrived I showed her the list and explained that I'm not asking her to pay this but I wanted her to see how much I'm helping her and how much money I am losing by doing her wedding instead of taking on a client who would pay. At first she was shocked at the amount and accused me of lying to try and make her feel bad, I was able to show her bills from other weddings I had done before and a quick Google search showed that my prices are pretty average, she had never looked up any wedding planner or their rates bc she assumed I was always gonna do it.
She said she thought it wasnt that much as I didnt seem to be well off, I told her that while it does pay well I cant take on crazy amounts of clients since I need to give quality service and that I might not always get clients all year, plus I have a few medical expenses that can take out a large chunk.
She said I still must have some money saved up, I said I do but that I would be having to use it to cover my bills and stuff since my income is taking a hit due to taking on her wedding, after a while of insisting that some of the items on her registry arnt that expensive she relented, I wouldn't have to get her anything since I had gotten her enough discounts to qualify as a gift and that she was grateful for my help and services.
Honestly, I didnt know how much this was stressing me until that relief washed over me, I was thankful that this was over and we could continue with planning her wedding. I asked her to clear things up with our family as they wont talk to me about it, she agreed and sent a group text explaining that the gift incident was just a misunderstanding and that we had talked it out and cleared things up.
For those who are saying that her registry seems very expensive, her new husband, his family friends, and alot of her friend are very wealthy, and she makes sure our parents and other close family are taken care of so she kinds has become disconnected from people with “normal” financial status like me. There are alot of things on the list like designer handbags, clothes, shopping sprees, dinners, and even a car and second home on there. The cheaper items are some simple jewelry she liked.
She paid for my part of the lunch as an apology and since I'm struggling and things are all good now I think, thanks, everyone. Marked as ongoing in case we get any info on the wedding
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2023.06.03 06:27 ApartChampionship865 I am sooo fed up with this crap. I wear one of these because I sweat at night and my hair mattes by my neck. But apparently white people aren’t allowed to wear a bonnet. 🙄

I am sooo fed up with this crap. I wear one of these because I sweat at night and my hair mattes by my neck. But apparently white people aren’t allowed to wear a bonnet. 🙄 submitted by ApartChampionship865 to u/ApartChampionship865 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:27 bigthiccgiraffe Products to use before/after diffusing?

Hi all!
I’m a male with 4-6inch hair that is slightly wavy. However, since starting no-poo and using a diffuser on my hair, I’ve noticed that my hair has become a lot wavier and nicer. Looking for advice:
1) What products should I apply before diffusing? I either use a curl smoothie, sea salt spray, mousse, or combination of them. What is best?
2) Should I apply any products after diffusing to keep my waves locked in for longer?
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2023.06.03 06:27 GaryGaulin Agnostic Neil deGrasse Tyson versus Intelligent Design and Atheists. Example of Scientific Method of Thomas Huxley. And a promising future for Agnosticism for All. Enjoy!

Neil previously became very stuck in religious politics, and had to explain why he is fully Agnostic not Atheist. Here is a short video:
People try to bring him down with lists of everything he said that is wrong like "blind as a bat" and others. I myself left a comment on one of his YouTube videos to cool it on the "Theory of Intelligent Design" being scientifically impossible, because I have one and resources are now at Reddit IDTheory.
I could have held a grudge for indirectly making my work look unscientific. But in science a person has to get used to the science arena accidents that can happen, especially during a wedge war. Have to lick our wounds then get back into battle.
The universe likely always was and always will be, as in modern Cyclic Models. Big Bang Theory is wrongly believed to be suggesting energy came out of nowhere when the model uses math to squeeze the already existing energy into a tiny point in space then lets it go bang. Physicists including Albert Einstein have for decades been working on what happened before any "bang" or "whoosh".
You may have not known all this either, in which case everything you ever said about this was was wrong. You have to add all that to your list, for yourself. How long is that one?
I have to go by the percentage of time a person is right, and how they self-correct. In that case Neil is way ahead.
I'm also very much an Agnostic. In my case mostly because its founding father (Darwin's Bulldog) Thomas Huxley describing the methodology I was using, to write the 100% scientific ID theory. I have to be separate from the philosophical Theist versus Atheist arguments like "bad design" versus "good design" reasoning. Testable scientific grounds only. Agnosticism makes this easy:
Agnosticism is of the essence of science, whether ancient or modern. It simply means that a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe. Consequently, agnosticism puts aside not only the greater part of popular theology, but also the greater part of anti-theology. On the whole, the "bosh" of heterodoxy is more offensive to me than that of orthodoxy, because heterodoxy professes to be guided by reason and science, and orthodoxy does not. --- Thomas Huxley
Emerging Systems Biology led to an emerging Cognitive Biology and we all now need to understand cell intelligence, just to conceptualize how biological development works.
The biofilm in your toilet tank is now known to be wired up much like a brain. Bacterial cells grow their own long relatively high speed electrochemical communication pipelines, share genetic information too. I would not be surprised by some of them detecting our arrival then letting the rest know they just heard the seat go down, and prepare for another flush! While you thought you were all alone eh?
Being current in science as of 2023 is a whole new world view, where a theory that even Neil thought was impossible is no longer an issue. Became part of the science fun of Thomas Huxley level Agnosticism where there is a (scientific) method.
The scientific community putting all the thought they could into proving my hypotheses concerning "intelligent cause" to be false, is in a way like me using them to find out what can on scientific grounds be professed about such a thing. In turn helps to write the theory. The "scientific method" on steroids. No shame in that, at all. And I have to thank them, thank you.
Neil can roll his eyes and be thankful for the way it helped leave the past behind, while winning a wedge war with their own damn premise for a theory, using the same methodology Thomas Huxley was using by inviting heated debates with the best around. A traveling scientific arena, for before the communication age.
Agnosticism is this way destined have a very bright future. What it was, is now history.
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2023.06.03 06:26 StarWarder Ideas of things to do between Ellsworth and Rockland?

Already spent time in Acadia and was curious about this section of Downeast Maine.
In this region I’ve explored Camden and done the beautiful trails around Meguntikook. That’s about it.
I’ve thought about visiting Deer Isle for instance but was unsure exactly what to do there or around there.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2023.06.03 06:26 blurrednightss Is it easy to switch specialty?

I accepted a position at KPMG that’ll begin in a few months and I’ve been doing lots of research to see what type of career paths it could lead to if I do decide to move from kpmg or public accounting and it seems like I may be pigeonholing myself by a lot. Does KPMG make it easy for associates to change their specialty after a year?
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2023.06.03 06:26 bigthiccgiraffe Products to use before/after diffusing?

Hi all!
I’m a male with 4-6inch hair that is slightly wavy. However, since starting no-poo and using a diffuser on my hair, I’ve noticed that my hair has become a lot wavier and nicer. Looking for advice:
1) What products should I apply before diffusing? I either use a curl smoothie, sea salt spray, mousse, or combination of them. What is best?
2) Should I apply any products after diffusing to keep my waves locked in for longer?
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2023.06.03 06:26 LWI5 🕯️Candle run tips? 🕯️

Hello! New(ish) player here! So, I've been playing for about two months (not sure if I'm still a new player then), and just recently i fell in love with the new outfit! (The one with the rainbow straps). However, it's very expensive, around 90 candles, and I'm not sure if i can save enough before days of color ends (rn i only have 5 🥲).
So I wanted to ask, does anyone have any cool candle run routes to get candles fast? I've never done one and i wanna know what's the best. I'm a very busy guy and i doubt both me and my phone's battery can afford to go through every single realm every day, so can anyone help me? Thanks! 💖
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