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2023.06.02 08:36 Stoned-god Can we get better chat mods?

Got kicked from q&a for asking for a build and strategy for sister of parvos and was told to go ask in recruiting(I asked once). Asked in recruiting and was kicked and told; that is not an appropriate topic for out space-ninja game(also only asked once). Then asked in regional chat asking why mods are kicking me for only (also only asked once) and my access to in-game chat was suspended so I sent 3 messages containing no swearing and just asking for a good build since I've been struggling to kill them all before time runs out. Also if you have a good strategy or build please link it currently I'm using Harrow prime and a kuva nukor.
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2023.05.28 21:28 Shookrapt3r Kuva Nukor or Epitaph?

Which one is better at spreading status in this meta?
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2023.05.25 22:01 MintChocolateEnema How does Arcane Reaper compare to Arcane Guardian for melee-focused playstyles?

My strongest and most enjoyed weapon combo is my Kuva Nukor + Dual Keres on a CO build. I've got melee attack bound to scroll wheel and I am pretty much Diablo vibin'.
I've got an R5 Arcane Guardian that I don't use too much.. Certainly wasn't something I earned on my own so perhaps I don't respect it fully.
Much of my favorite frames, especially ones I melee with, are squishy or have lower health pools around 300.
I love Despoil Nekros and have survived some SP Fortuna antics, even without abusing Vazarin or operator arcanes like Elevate / Repair.
I love DR based heroes like Nova as well. I hear Guardian is overkill in a lot of my builds, but perhaps it works and I take it for granted and when I die, I want to claim it is a bit overstated.
Arcane Reaper looks particularly intriguing because I feel it would make my Despoil Nekros and other melee-focused frames more comfortable and borderline immortal.
Am I misinterpreting and overvaluing the stats of Reaper, or would it outclass Arcane Guardian in a case like this?
I just want to avoid transference / rolling / dashing spam like a sweaty nerd and just convert big boi damage to chip while I continue to slap, chop, and smack up my opposition.
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2023.05.23 21:06 Halasham Comparison: Kuva Nukor v Tenet Cycron

Hello everyone,
I just mentioned to a friend I'm considering getting the Kuva Nukor as a status-projector now that I've killed my previous Lich. They've said that they think the Tenet Cycron might be better, at least from their experience using it.
I know the basics of a stat-weapon but I don't exactly know them in-depth enough to feel confident in my comparison. So, between the two of these what's the strengths/weaknesses of one compared to the other for this purpose? Is one clearly better than the other?
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2023.05.22 17:54 Mr_Obvious360 Simaris what the hell did you do to this place?!

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2023.05.22 10:11 KingsCourt899 Took a break for a while and I just noticed this...

Took a break for a while and I just noticed this...
I'm just now noticing that my Kuva Nukor has a 5x multiplier? Along with the 112% stat chance? Is this why it can kill 120s in like 2 seconds?
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2023.05.21 15:00 World_of_Warshipgirl So this is Eternalism

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2023.05.21 00:07 joncording12 Noob question. Why do I see level 30+ weapons with really weird names?

I'm seeing it in game a lot and on YouTube and I have no idea what these guns are as they don't appear in the Wiki. Can anyone help me understand please?

For example on YouTube, I saw a video of a guy with a secondary (lvl 34) named "Mess Fa'thom Kuva Nukor". What does that mean?
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2023.05.20 18:38 Toomynator What are some good Weapons and Warframes to use on arbitrations?

The last couple weeks i've had been having trouble getting enough Riven Silvers to use in Iron Wake, i would barely get 10, but everytime i play 20-40 minutes of arbitrations i get them relatively consistenly, not to talk about that sweet endo.
I have been making it through with Spectrorhage Zephyr with Cedo/K.NukoGlaive P. and Panzer Vulpaphyla, but it always feels like i either lack enough survivability (specially in infested arbitrations) and i always have trouble destroying the Arbi. Drones when there are too many enemies, even though i can 2-shot him (due to shield gating on it), so, how can improve on the loadout for Arbitrations?
(alternative ways to get more Riven Silvers are welcome too, but Arbi. vitus essence can give some extra Kuva, endo and mods to sell, since i have some trouble with SP)
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2023.05.20 17:04 jerry910401 Friendship ended with kuva nukor, dual toxocyst is now my best friend.

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2023.05.19 22:43 WildAcanthocephala39 [PSN] WTS Kuva Lich Weapons (2 have ephemeras)

[PSN] WTS Kuva Lich Weapons (2 have ephemeras)
Wanting to sell all these for 125 plat minimum, in desperate need of potatoes and forma 😅
Weapons lists/liches: - Kuva Hek 25% heat w/ Ephemera - Kuva Nukor 38% magnetic w/ ephemera
  • Kuva Nukor 25% Cold
  • Kuva Hek 38% Magnetic
  • Kuva Ogris 49% Toxin
  • Kuva Bramma 30% electric
  • Kuva Hek 31% toxin
  • Kuva Brakk 29% Toxin
Pm if interested! Pics of liches are listed :)
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2023.05.19 06:53 W1z4rdM4g1c Why is the Atomos Incarnon so weak

The base mode is fine, it's worse stat wise still compared to the kuva nukor. But that statistical downside should be made up for by the Incarnon mode.
But the Incarnon mode is so bad. I was melting steel path eximus units with the base mode. But the Incarnon mode can not even get through the overguard with after unloading 20 shots on it. I fired the Incarnon missile point blank, at their face, and the grinder was barely hurt. The only things the Incarnon could actually hurt were fully stripped butchers and scorpions.
My mods were: Hornet strike Gal diffusion Gal shot Toxin pistol mod Electric pistol mod Creeping bullseye (no primed mods yet) Target cracker Lethal diffusion
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2023.05.19 01:26 ConfidentAuthor6835 Cascadia Flare works on Thermal Sunder?

I have a Kuva Nukor with the arcane Cascadia Flare and every time I use Thermal Sunder (I have it on Nekros) I see the arcane activate but I don't know if it applies to the damage of the ability.
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2023.05.16 23:07 OtherBear This is a new one for me.

This is a new one for me.
Every member of the squad chose to continue the circuit. Then for no reason host migration and suddenly I'm alone I'm stuck as the drifter and I have my Kuva Nukor it was fun flying the horse around tho.
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2023.05.16 21:38 Aqua3441 Kuva Nukor Progenitor

I've heard u should be going for a magnetic nukor so what element should I be going for to start it?
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2023.05.15 20:48 skyrider_longtail Archon hunt for just returned player?

I just recently picked up warframe again to try out duviri paradox and decided to try out an archon hunt yesterday. It was hard. Spent over an hour for the spy section but that was just me forgetting all the routes.
The archon itself tho, is such a bullet sponge.
I watched kengineer's video on archon hunts and they've got a ton of damage reduction (attenuation, he calls it). It sounds whacked tbh, basically works better as a solo hunt, which I'm not that keen on
What's the setup for an archon hunt these days for pugs?
I'm super rusty, and don't remember much of the game tbh. My favored and most kitted out frames are Titania Prime, Loki and Octavia Prime. Have a Limbo prime that I used for index and some defense missions
Used mostly the Nataruk and kuva nukor before I quit. (Was the nataruk nerfed? I remember being able to get 8mil+ on a headshot red crit, but the damage is really sadge in archon hunt, but maybe my mods are set up wrong)
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2023.05.15 04:35 MythicalDawn Accidentally converted my first Kuva Lich

Just went through the whole process, defeated my level 4 Lich in a squad with a bunch of other players, and accidentally converted it without thinking as everyone was in a rush to get the mission done and defeat all of their liches as well, and I misremembered that conversion voided the weapon reward... it was a magnetic Kuva Nukor too, I am so mad with myself, aren't even any available on warframe market under 500 platinum to streamline the process of getting one again.
Can't even use the converted lich rn either because my command intrinsics aren't levelled up... anyone else fucked up with the lich/sister system like this?
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2023.05.14 19:15 StyryderX Your Steelpath Circuit run that went better than expected Story

We've all seen those posts about people snapping the game in halves with OP Decree stacking, I thought how about posting a middling run (bad/default Warframes or guns, conflicting decree rolls, etc) that nevertheless you have decent/great success with or simply having great fun at.
I'll start with mine:
Was expecting the worst since judging my teammates don't have a great loadout either other than Wisp. Round 1 Exterminate takes forever since no one can kill things quickly + constant revs (and we missed one Decree fragment), round 2 was where things started to get better (for me at least) with the +damage on headshot decree. Round 2 was Defense, and boy is it frantic; I have to use my Operator for priming damage (Naramon school skill 1), back to Voruna spamming 2 for more status priming, then shooting them point-blank for energy, each-time I lost my shield spam 1 to relocate/regen shield, then back to business. It's by round 3 did Voruna's playstyle fully clicked with me; one moment I'm a (lousy) archer dumping diseases on someone then shooting them point-blank, the next I'm a wolf, hidden, prowling the weak (for strengthening 4) or killing their alphas.
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2023.05.14 01:24 Rain_C0ld i was in a mission, which started to get insanely buggy near the end, and when reaching for the extraction point it got stuck like this fer 10 minutes, had to alt f4

i was in a mission, which started to get insanely buggy near the end, and when reaching for the extraction point it got stuck like this fer 10 minutes, had to alt f4 submitted by Rain_C0ld to Warframe [link] [comments]

2023.05.12 21:52 Lucifer_Graves God I love this game

God I love this game
Prank him John
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2023.05.05 02:34 SurroundTop5915 [Psn][prc][q] can you guys give me help on how these are worth or what to do with them please

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2023.05.04 11:03 pennysaver911 Damage, am I missing something?

So, I've been playing for about 2 years now, with a break of about 9 months last year. I enjoy the game as it is now and I am having fun which is why I continue to play, but I figured I'd finally ask.
Am I missing something when it comes to damage? What I mean by this is I see videos of people with awesome builds showing "red" crits and 1million+ damage shots, yet here I am with the most damage I have ever gotten is only into the 10's of thousands; with my Kuva Nukor I consistently see 20-45k damage, that's it. I'm not breaking 100's of thousands and still struggle at level 90+ enemies.
Some background. MR 17 with several prime weapons and frames. I am lucky enough to be able to afford platinum if I see something that is in almost every build for a mod or weapon and just outright buy it.
Here's an example of a Glaive Prime build of mine that "should wreck steel path":
Astral Twilight R3
Sacrificial Steel R10
Sacrificial Pressure R10
Killing Blow R5
Power Throw R5
Corrupt Charge R3
Gladiator Might R5
Volatile Quick Return R3
Amalgam Organ Shatter R5
My heavy attack is hitting for only 1,000's; I think the max I have seen is 4k, even with Roar being used.
I know I don't have a weapon adapter but would that really make such a huge difference to bring my numbers to the 100's of thousands?
It's to the point that I don't know if I am completely missing a game altering item/frame/mechanic/etc. Can someone provide me a weapon build that hits in the 100's of thousands so I can look at it and learn. My goal is to start on steel path. I can dodge and survive based on my frame but I just can't damage anything.
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