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2023.06.07 01:09 danjosefz The victim claimed that V5 Forex Global was suspected to manipulate the trading process.

The victim claimed that V5 Forex Global was suspected to manipulate the trading process.
The victim said that “the last transaction was not trading. It was automatically closed upon selling/buying. And the commission was too high.”
The forex market attracts investors with its potential for substantial profits, making it essential to choose a reliable broker. However, recent allegations against V5 Forex Global have raised concerns about the integrity of their trading practices. This article aims to highlight a victim's claims of manipulated trading processes, including non-trading transactions and excessive commissions.
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2023.06.07 01:08 Shaengar An uncomplete review about The New Light mods for Icewind Dale EE by LavaDelVortel and AionZ

I just completed my first modded playthrough of Icewind Dale EE and I thought I give a review and my thoughts about the stuff that the New Light mods add to the game for those people who think about playing with these mods as well.
I have played through Icewind Dale about 4 or 5 times. Its a game that stuck with me from my teenage days. I hold it quite dearly and replay it about every 3 years. I love the atmosphere, the locations, the battles. And I also love the Baldur's Gate series with all its banters and great companions. So I hoped that with the NPCs from this mods I would get an interesting party together that would comment on the specific situations and revelations throughout the game, that the NPCs would have interesting backstories and strong personalities and I have to say: That is exactly what I got.
I was also looking forward to the quest mods. Especially the rediscovery of Kuldahar because I always felt that the vanilla game could have made Kuldahar much more interesting. It is one of the most cozy and beautiful places that I have ever experienced in a video game but it was also flawed in a way. There could have been more quests there, or more interesting NPCs. So I hoped that the quest mods would give me that and I installed them all.
Naturally I could only take 5 companions with me so I had to choose which one I would want. I settled for L'anna, Dusky, Minerva, Karihi and Nella (from Kulyoks NPC mod). Having one character from a different modder turned out not to be a problem, because there is a crossbanter mod available that worked flawlessly and it never felt as if Nella wasn't part of the team.
That means I cannot comment on T'viy, Urchin, Oak-Maw, Tipps, Orra, Dandjelion, Hommet or Ina, because I haven't played with them.
I will no go over the different companions that I played with one by one and give my thoughts and ratings.
L'anna: She is an elven paladin that has a story connection to the Severed Hand and the Mythal magic that I found very interesting. She started out slowly and a little bit on the uninteresting side and while it definitely got much better once I reached the Severed Hand, I could not shake the feeling that she was the most bland of the NPCs. I liked her and I learned a lot about elven culture and tales from her, which was very interesting, but she didn't have a personality that stood out from the others. Her voice acting also wasn't the greatest and I had to replace her portrait with another one more to my liking, but all in all she was a good companion to have. Strong as well with pretty good unique class skills. It felt like she had very little banter with the rest of the group though and thus felt a little bit isolated from them.
Rating: 5/10 Pretty good companion but the most uninteresting of the ones I took with me.
Karihi: She is a fire Genasi and a specialist fire mage so to speak. She gets unique fire spells at certain levels that were very strong and flavorful and she gets a bonus to fire damage. Also a staff that can do a range attack from the start which was extremely good for the early game. I have to say that she was pretty much a perfect companion in every regard. Portrait, voice acting, backstory or class skills. It left nothing to be desired and she just flawlessly fit into the setting. Of course having a dedicated fire mage is a great thing to have in the frozen north where many enemies are vulnerable to fire. And she became extremely strong very quickly. I found Items for her, that raised her bonus to fire damage even further up to i think almost 100% at later levels, making her spells like Fireball do ridiculous damage to large clusters of enemies. Also there was gear that raised her casting level and lowered the cast time like the Robe of Vecna does in BG2. That made her an absolute monster of a damage dealer and made some fights trivial. Is she OP with the right gear that you will find during the game? Yes, she is. Is it gamebreaking? No. Should you use Karihi in your party because her presentation, her writing and her gameplay is incredibly great. Absolutely.
10/10 Would recommend for everyone to try her out. I haven't romanced her so I don't know how it goes but as a friend and companion I loved her the most of my companions, second only to...
Minerva: Minerva is a Gnome Artificier. That means she is a fightethief with no ability to backstab, but instead with unique traps, the ability to craft very powerful potions and later a stationary autocannon and even a Modron. Minerva is probably the most likeable companion I have ever had in any party. She is cheerful, positive, funny but she never goes over the top and has serious moments to. Her personality is great and she is a joy to have around. Just as with Karihi, everything is perfect here. Voice actress does a phenomenal job, her portrait fits her perfectly and her skills are interesting and strong. Her backstory also feels realistic and fitting and I want to visit Lantan with her now. She uses throwing knifes and is very good at it. Its a bit tedious at first when you have to craft her special knifes that can do friendly fire if your micromanagement slips a litte but once she gets a returning throwing dagger she is just simply fun in combat. She also comments on getting a returnable throwing dagger and how convenient that is for her when you ask her how she is doing in a player initiated dialogue. How great is that?
10/10 Companion. I would have loved to romance her but I saw to late that the romance required 14 Intelligence to trigger. When I EE Keepered my Intelligence up during the Vale of Shadows its seems to have been to late and the romance didn't trigger properly. Real shame. You should definitely take her with you if you want a ranged damage dealer with fun skills that will be the positive heart of the party. Minerva is great.
Dusky: He is a Half-Orc Cleric/Thief. His portrait is abysmal. You need to swap it out to a better one at the very start of you playthrough or it will ruin that character for you. I gave him Dandjelions Portrait because I thought that it fit but you can use any Half-Orc portrait that you like. Everything else about him was pretty good. He has some intersting stories from his past and his personality is very likeable. If you play a male character he will try to initiate a romance at some point. If you are not into that stuff you can turn him down and he will be a good friend for the rest of the game. He will ask you to have drinks in an inn several times where he will then initiate a dialogue. I found that to be great idea and it really enhanced the atmosphere. Nothing like having an ale together in the Kuldahar Root Cellar after a return from a deadly dungeon and have a chat. As for effectiveness I really didn't have a good role for him because I already had Minerva to take care of traps and locks. His priest spell progression is slow because he is a multiclass and so he mostly stayed back with a sling in hand and supported with heals and defensive magic. His stats are great but with only 1 APR i wanted to keep him from the frontlines. Later he became a lifesaver when I had him scout ahead under the effects of Sanctuary and made him disable traps and trigger ambushes prematurely. He was a good secondary cleric and his pickpocket skills were needed to get the three rings from Orrick, Arundel and Oswald at the start. I liked his realistic, down to earth character and he had quite a lot of banter while never going on the boring side. His voice actor did a good job as well.
So that is it for the companions. I didn't include Nella, because she is from a different modder. I can quickly say that I liked her really much and I found her connection to Arundel too interesting to not take her.
Now onto the quest mods. I am a bit torn here because my Nr.1 criteria was that those quests would fit in with the rest of the worldbuilding and atmosphere. I hoped that those mods would enhance the experience of the game while not changing how the game feels too much. Some of them succeeded in this, some of them didn't.
Tale of our Lady Dreamless: This is a pretty short quest that actually fit in flawlessly with the rest of the game. I has a few small, but extremely beautiful maps, an encounter with one of the barbarians before we meet more of them in Heart of Winter and a quick but fitting resolution. I can say nothing bad about this mod and would absolutely recommend it.
Below and Below Inn: I was really looking forward to this mod I have to say. A new cozy Inn in the Icewind Dale that I could visit and spend some time in? Yes please, But unfortunately I was really not a fan of this when I played it. That is because it really doesn't fit with the rest of the setting. The Inn is not in Kuldahar but somewhere between Dorn's Deep and the Hand of the Seldarine on the Map. Umm what? To my knowledge that means it is in the middle of nowhere in one of the most deserted places in the Icewind Dale. What would an Inn do there? There should have been no customers at all, but instead it is an Inn that has stuff like a piano and luxurious furniture in it. There are Noblemen and Noblewomen, Merchants and other people there. It just didn't make any sense to me and pulled me off of my immersion. No one mentioned why there would be rich people like this in the middle of the wilderness of the North, nobody mentioned the blocked passes to the Ten Towns. Icewind Dale is such a great game because after you leave Easthaven you are cut off from Civilisation. The people of Kuldahar are on their own, living in a desolate and dangerous area and no help is coming to them apart from you adventurer party. Below and Below Inn destroyed that Image for me. It felt like it belonged in a different area of the Icewind Dale or even further south and felt really out of place. There wasn't even snow at the entrance now that I think of it but green Grass. I would not install it again. Minus points for having a cook that does not want to throw me out of his kitchen. This goes against every RPG rule in existance and really made me question my view of the world!
Terror of the Skineater: Another short quest that made good use of the haunted forest maps from Icewind Dale 2. You are approached by a mage that tells you of that a creature that slaughters people from his village roams around in a nearby forest and wants you to kill it. (Although he never mention what and where this village is, what kinda put me off) What I liked was that it was a pretty short and interesting quest that even had a connection to a Character that we meet in Icewind Dale 2 and gives a little more backstory to that Character. 7/10 Good mod. You get a very powerful spear from it that dominates the early game if you do this quest early.
Night of the Blinking Dead: If you want to fight through yet another of the BG2 Beholder lairs this mod is for you. I really didn't. The attempt of recreating the comedy with the speaking Spectator Beholder kinda worked, but it was not enough for me to recommend this mod. It didn't fit in in my opinion. At least its also pretty short.
Snowytoes Hamlet: This mods adds a Halfling Village to the map where you can get some gear and some quests. It really wasn't bad. My biggest criticism for it was that it made you backtrack to already cleared dungeons like Kresselacks Tomb or the Temple of the forgotten God. I didn't like this. Those are locations that should be visited once and not a second time. It felt a little bit devaluation going there again and bringing some halfling boys back home from there. Also the existance of another Village in a supposedly wild and uninhabited part of Faerun was not something that I particularly needed. Its an okay mod though.
The Rediscovery of Kuldahar: Finally the mod that I was looking forward to the most. As I said earlier I always felt that more could have been done with Kuldahar. I always bothered me that all the villagers there all have the same exact dialogue. That there are very few interesing NPCs. Kuldahar didn't change as you progressed though the different chapters of the game was also something that I would have liked to see changed. Why didn't Mother Egenia show up in the temple of Illmater after I rescued her from Dragon's eye? It would have been so nice to have her back, be able to talk to her there, maybe buy better equipment from her. Where are the other villagers that were held captive in Dragon's Eye? Only Sheemish appears in Kuldahar afterwards. Big missed opportunity not having some of the other people show up, making Kuldahar seem more inhabited again, maybe have them give some small rewards or even quests when you talk to them after their rescue. The Root Cellar is the coolest and most cozy Inn that I can think of but after the Lysan story there is nothing more to do there and the guest there all have the same dialogue. So I hoped that this mod would adress all that. And unfortunately it didn't. It added some caves to the original maps where you could get two smaller quests. The one where I had to hunt a Chimera was okay, the one where I had to prepare a get together for two women (one apparently a Noblewoman in Kuldahar?) was not and I had to look for that candle that I needed to complete this quest way too long. The mod also adds a completely new section of Kuldahar that is really well designed and had a lot of potential. But the people you meet there were a little bit disappointing to me. There is a Xvart merchant there that sells you flies and eyes and chicken feet and stuff like that. In my opinion, he absolutely didn't fit into the setting. The Mushroom Café was interesting but ultimately lacked any importance and there was not reason to go there more than once. More could have been done with it. The Throne of Bhaal prophecy Stone Face that gave forshadowing about the events of Icewind Dale 2 was good, but the other stuff not so much. You get some Quests that make you search for pages of a Spellbook for a Mage (Isn't Orrick supposed to be the only mage in Kuldahar), or get a Telescope for a Stargazer that you can either steal from Oswald or get a different one later, for which this guy will reward you with a Star Atlas that raises Saving Throws and Lore. But you have to wait a whole Month until he finishes it and by that time you have either rested 90 times i a row or pretty much completed the game already. Ultimately this area of Kuldahar, while beautiful to look at, didn't give me the feeling of it being a natural extension of the existing Kuldahar. While it wasn't bad it was just simply not what I expected so it left me disappointed. There is one thing about this mod that redeems it for me though. An that is the upper Kuldahar section. Remeber Lysan telling the barkeeper of the Root Cellar that she uses to go to upper Kuldahar from time to time? In the Vanilla game we never get to see upper Kuldahar but with this mod we can. And we can see why Lysan went there and what she did. Don't want to spoil it for anybody what you find there but this part of this mod was 100% perfect. This is what I wanted to see. An extension that build upon content from the original game and built onto it. For the upper Kuldahar addition alone I would recommend to install this mod. That was exactly what I hoped the Rediscovery of Kuldahar would do and it felt like straight out of the base game.
6/10 I would have been 3/10 without the upper Kuldahar section but this part really pulled it on to a higher rating alone. The rest was just not what I expected and some people might enjoy it more than me, because it really isn't bad.
Items and others: The last mod on my list and I cannot say too much about it. This mod adds a ton of items, some of them craftable. I do not know exactly which ones of the items I found came from this mod, which ones maybe came from the NPC mods and which ones were in the base game, so its hard for me to judge. The Item crafting was very fun and gave some appropriately powerful items. A shame that you have to play Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster before you defeat Belhifet in order to get every item crafted though as it never made sense to me to play the games it that order. For me it was always defeat Belhifet, than export my characters to HoW and close out with TotLM. Overall I felt pretty much overequipped during my entire playthrough. Some items appeared way to often, like the Hands of Takkok (the gauntlets of Ogre strenght) which I found about 5 times. Or the cloak of displacement which appeard about as often. Not sure it is the fault of this mod though so its hard for me to judge. I mostly enjoyed the item variety that came with it. Its maybe a bit too much as I was closing in on having a million gold pieces at the end of the game.
So thats it. A lot to read through but hopefully you found my thoughts about these mods helpful.
I want to put out a big thank you to the creators because you really gave me a fresh playthrough, extremely well written companions that enhanced my gaming experience a lot and made me want to play with the other companions that I couldn't take along too.
Not everything was exactly to my liking, but you can't please anyone. And most of the stuff you created was extremely well done and thought out.
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2023.06.07 01:07 Easy_Significance_89 (f23) is the hurt and the loss she caused (f22) too far gone

i’ve been dating this girl for 2 years now. i just came out when i met her only talked to one other girl before her. i’ve also only been with her sexually. im in my 20s and sometimes i just feel like i didn’t live my life enough. i was very reserved growing up which means i didn’t allow myself to have any experiences: parties, going out, meeting people. i didn’t have my first kiss until the girl i met previously from my current relationship. i just kinda feel lost tbh. i do love the girl that i’m currently with but she’s done a lot of things that have really put me off and honestly feels like i lost my complete attraction to her. for the first year it was me begging her to stop talking to her old fuck buddy (who she cheated on her ex with).
then we both wanted to do bus life she convinced me to quit my job and sell my car and she’d work (i was the main one building our home on wheels so it made sense that i finished it full time so we can get on the road). we eventually sold our bus and go back double we put into it (enough plus more to put money towards a place of our own) i begged her to let’s settle down and once again she made the selfish decision to use that money towards a van to travel in (although i explained to her i no longer wanted to travel). she purchased the van, we went on one trip, and she decided she’s over it and now we are selling the van. but because of her decision and no one wanting to buy the van we are losing a-lot of money and now we are living on her parents basement (her parents have made several racist jokes that make me uncomfortable). i now have no car and am currently looking endlessly for a job which is hard to find because of my gap in my resume now. i feel like a loser, i was always on top of things. always had money. always had whatever i wanted because i provided myself with that. right before i met her i felt like i just became happy in life, i was going out, meeting people, i was SO confident in how i looked. then when i met her and the fact she lied so much over her ex fuck buddy and made me constantly feel like i was second i lost all of that. still to this day.
needless to say she’s made several selfish decisions throughout this relationship. i felt like i kept giving and giving and losing; and that she experienced none of that loss. i remember in the beginning of our relationship (well for the first year) every time we hung out with her friends they would just talk about the shit they did prior to her meeting me and everyone she’s been with sexually and those experience (right in front of me) not only did it lower her from me but it made me jealous. i had no one to relate to.
idk i love her and i know she’s trying now and always says “i cant believe you’re still with me you’re the most patient person” and she’s apologized so much times for decisions she’s made but idk. my heart is attracted to her in a sense but emotionally and even sexually i found myself losing attraction. sometimes i feel like i love her for who she could’ve been if she never made those selfish decisions.
but now i don’t know what to do because what do i have? i have like everything i have left to lose will be lost if i break up with her. we have a dog together, she is my best friend (just not completely my lover. i live with her now and with no job or car it’ll be hard to get back on my feet. how do you break up with someone when they’ve become your livelihood. sure i could move back in with my family again until i build my life back up but i just don’t know what to do. i’m just having a real hard time getting back my lost self esteem and getting over what she did. people can change but not if you don’t let them and sometimes i just feel like she has done one too many things.
sometimes i just wish i didn’t give it all up for her. maybe i would be happier? maybe i would be more willing to try harder with her
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2023.06.07 01:07 MountainNovel878 Guide to Sourcing Peptides 2023

This community was inspired by our own frustration in navigating the unregulated peptide research community. In doing so, we have compiled information about sourcing peptides, their legality, and the regulatory paradigm that surrounds the actual transaction (payment) for research peptides. When the broader peptide research community also learns about these facets, it will contribute to maintaining the legality and thus availability of research peptides.
Peptides sold, obtained, and possessed for laboratory, research, and analytical purposes are generally legal. Laws and regulations will vary based on country and geographical location.
It is illegal to sell, buy, possess, and utilize peptides for purposes other than the aforementioned.
We’ve noticed that many peptide researchers are often inspired by information they hear about on social media, blogs, or in videos. However, oftentimes inadequate research is done in advance of acquiring or attempting to acquire peptides. This puts risk on the individual and on the broader peptide research community.
Research peptides can be obtained from online sources. They can also be obtained by a licensed professional at various clinics (both online and brick and mortar). It is very important to note that just because a clinic prescribes and/or sells peptides, they are almost invariably still sourced from overseas and there is no assurance of quality control. .
For the purposes of our research and this subreddit, we only do laboratory testing on US peptide suppliers. We also only use US testing laboratories (currently, we use two of them).
If you found this subreddit but are interested in peptides for medical use, please consult with a licensed medical professional.
The reason that many people appear not to do this, is that it can be very expensive, difficult to qualify, and not all peptides of interest may be available or indicated.
There are many online research peptide vendors, particularly lately. This is not inherently a good thing as it dilutes the pressure on any given vendor to perform rigorous quality control. Without third party testing, it is virtually impossible to know what you’re getting. Again, this was one of our primary inspirations for starting this community.
The vast majority of vendors are sourcing their peptides from China. A very small number of vendors are manufacturing them in the US. Small batch peptide synthesis has an approximate equipment (not including trained personnel) cost of over half a million dollars. Smaller or less experienced (newer) vendors are unlikely to be doing this. However, if one can identify vendors who are doing this, it is a very good idea in our experience.
Unlike testing one’s luck by ordering small-ish quantities of peptides from overseas, US vendors will provide some of the following additional benefits:
The vendor does all of the work – they do customer service and fulfil orders much more quickly than any sort of international import. They (hopefully) provide replacements when things go wrong. This gives the customer some assurance because there is an entity attached to the order.
They are also less expensive than when obtained from a clinic.
Fortunately or unfortunately, due to research peptides being unregulated, anyone can essentially be a “vendor” without oversight. At the same time, the customer is still likely receiving the same peptide they would have otherwise obtained from overseas themselves. Note – many people think that reliable overseas vendors will sell retail quantity numbers of peptides directly to consumers. This is rarely true, and often leads to being scammed.
This has left a gap for many bad actors to enter the space.
This doesn't mean that all vendors are getting quality peptides from China/overseas either. Some have been shown by researchers to either be dosed in inefficacious amounts, contain none of the actual compound that it should, and/or have completely different compounds than it claims to have.
You can read more about buying from Chinese suppliers here.
Even when a COA is posted by a vendor, it’s important that it is somehow verifiable. There is a large percentage of photoshopped/fake COAs posted online by vendors and affiliates. For this reason, some legitimate vendors do not post COAs on their website, but make them available upon request.
When reading a COA, purity tells you about the quality of the peptide. This confirms that they gave you the correct product.
Purity is usually more than adequate when comparing or testing peptides. It will give you a general idea about what is in your product and it can still be cost effective.
When also testing for quantity, it gets a lot more expensive. Vendors most typically rely on the tests they received from their Chinese suppliers instead of doing it themselves through a 3rd party lab. These tests cost several times more than purity-only tests, and are not often done.
It is easy for vendors to fake test results that they say they performed themselves. Others fake test results from labs to make it seem like they are 3rd party tested. This makes it important to be able to verify test results.
The lab tests that we have performed are done with testing facilities in the US who we can trust.
The next best place to find information about vendors would be on forums. Namely this subreddit and our website.
Search through Reddit and see what others have said about their experiences with brands. Namely the customer service, scams, and shipping. These are anecdotal reports, and while we make a strong effort to hedge against vendor solicitation influencing these anecdotes, it is still possible that “recommendations” made by users are some forms of solicitation.
We don't see anecdotal posts or comments as a credible source for dictating the quality of a vendor. There is no way to prove their suggestion.
We have been doing our own anonymous buying from vendors and sending those samples in for testing. You can view these test results on our forum here.
We prefer to keep everything evidence based and let the COAs and tests speak for themselves.
While you are looking for where to source your research peptides, you are more than likely going to see ads, chat requests, and comments/replies from vendors trying to manipulate users.
We advise you to be smart with engaging with anyone that engages with you for the aforementioned purposes. Check their post history and karma at very minimum (not always indicative of anything, but helpful).It’s likely best to just avoid blindly taking any random suggestions, particularly if made via “DM.”
A rule of thumb is that if anyone pushes in favor of, or against a vendor to a strong degree, likely has a vested interest as a vendor or affiliate.
Some vendors are not happy with the work we have been doing. They know they may be selling low quality peptides and they fear that we will randomly run a lab test on their products.
Many peptide researchers do not understand that it can be difficult to obtain peptides from a payment perspective. We have an article about this here. In short, banks are the intermediary between merchants (vendors) and the credit/debit card brands. Based on rules and guidance from the card brands, banks make policies on what types of product/service types can be offered by merchants (vendors) for card transactions.
Many vendors who offer direct traditional card payment options for research peptides are engaging in what is called transaction laundering. This is the act of misrepresenting, in one or more ways, what they are selling to their bank/payment processor. This comes with serious legal risks that in some cases, can extend to the customers unknowingly.
When customers insist on using their card to buy research chemicals, they are creating the need for vendors to heavily focus on the huge hassle of payments, instead of things like customer service and quality control. All of the payment work-arounds like CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, etc. are also unsustainable. Once those companies realize that their apps are being used to facilitate the sale of these items, the accounts will get shut down. The only sustainable method for vendors and for customers is cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is not difficult to use, and it removes middle men from a transaction so the customer and vendor can transact without requiring “permission” from an intermediary. You can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or bank account easily. You will notice that vendors often incentivize the use of this payment method with discounts or by other means. Many vendors also add fees to be able to use some kind of card payment method. There is a reason for this.
Any peptide researchecustomer should be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We don’t want a community of peptide vendors who are fixated on payments to lure in buyers versus fixated on quality control, sustainability, regulatory compliance (legal, and banking/payment compliance).
We hope that you find this community and its content valuable and helpful.
If you have had any good or bad experiences, please write up a review and post it to the subreddit.
There is a review tag you can use to help others find it easier.
Peptide Source
While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our posts, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider. You should always consult a licensed healthcare/medical professional. The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. Peptides that are available to the vast majority of consumers are for research and laboratory use only. Only vendors that strictly adhere to this legal framework should be trusted, and NO VENDOR that insinuates or promotes (directly or indirectly) human use/consumption of peptides should not be supported by anyone in the peptide community, period. Particularly if the community would like these peptides to remain legally available for research and laboratory use without further regulatory intervention.
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2023.06.07 01:05 sherlockmemes San Jose scrapyard accused of buying stolen catalytic converters to pay $2,500 settlement

A San Jose metal scrapyard accused of trading in stolen catalytic converters and “fueling a rise” in property crimes in the South Bay has reached a $2,500 settlement with the city following an undercover operation dubbed “Cat Scratch Thiever.”
Tung Tai Group and its owner, Joseph Chen, faced a public nuisance shut-down order from the city starting in February 2022 after police targeted the business while investigating catalytic converter theft rings. A parallel criminal investigation filed against Chen was dropped because of insufficient evidence.
Chen, who has a long history of run-ins with law enforcement stretching back to the late 2000s, recently came under scrutiny after a stolen statue from a San Jose public park was found at his scrapyard in February. Police say they have exhausted all leads trying to find out who stole the 440-pound public artwork of a 1600s-era Indian ruler — and the city is currently figuring out whether it can repair the damaged statue and return it to Guadalupe River Park.
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2023.06.07 01:05 ilvukausadisngl Wealthsimple/Wealth Simple: Free Stock up to $3000 Use Code: PGVORW

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Wealthsimple Trade is friendly and straightforward to use. Buying/selling Canadian stocks is free. There is no brokerage fee.
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You can also buy Crypto.
By signing up for this app using the referral code. You will be guaranteed a stock between $5 and up to $3,000. Make sure to take benefit of this offer. My friend got a share of CSU worth 2.6k CAD in thousands.
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Refer Code: PGVORW
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2023.06.07 01:04 Blkkhead12 [H] 8000$+ Crypto: (BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC/USDT and more), Bank Transfer (SEPA), Paypal, Revolut [W] Skins / Knives / Gloves / Inventories - Paying up to 95% Buff / TF2 keys - at 1.5 USD

- Looking to buy: Skins / Knives / Gloves / Blue Gems / Crafts / Iventories for cash.

- Paying up to 95% Buff.163 prices w/ almost any method of payment!
- I am mostly interested in mid/high tier items but all kind of offers are welcome!
- Add Me on Steam or DM on Twitter.
- [B/O]: TF2 Keys at 1.5$
- Based in Europe = €

- Steam Profile

- Twitter Profile

- CSGO-Rep

-Trade Link

- Buff.163

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2023.06.07 01:03 Chakalaka206 Packaged was delivered opened and empty. GameStop support unwilling to do anything to help.

Just venting a bit. Hoping someone here can let leadership know they have an issues with shipping because I feel like was done dirty.
I ordered a switch game for my kids birthday along with some trading cards for myself. The amount came to around $132. The order was delivered pretty quick, only took a day or 2. The package though was opened and empty with a clear bag from USPS around the package that said "Sorry for the Damage". The envelope itself looked like it wasn't sealed well to begin with.
I was super disappointed but I thought "GameStop will take care of this".
I called GameStop support and explained the situation. They said they would need to do a 7-10 day "investigation". At this point I'm pretty surprised. When something similar happened with a package from Lego, they sent me a new one No Questions Asked.. Same with Amazon ... No Questions Asked. I told them.. fine ill wait and see what happens.
After a few days I just decide to call support again to check on the status. After all they still have my 132 dollars and I have nothing to show for it. Support tells me that their own team denied the investigation. They tell me the next thing I should do is file a claim with USPS instead.
I go to USPS website to file a claim and enter the tracking number. Turns out that USPS wont allow me to file a claim because the package wasn't insured. So I call support again. I even talk to a manager. All they kept saying was sorry we can only follow protocol and I should file a claim with my credit card company. So that's where I'm at now. I've had to dispute the charges with my credit card and I almost feel like GameStop will try and fight that too.
I just so so surprised and very disappointed in GameStop's handling of this situation. I'm a GameStop Pro member, Shareholder, and I buy on the NFT marketplace. I try to do my shopping with GameStop each and every time. But this time I would rate this order delivery experience as one of the worst I've ever had and I'm not sure Ill ever order from them again. Pretty harsh.
It takes a lot to build trust and very little to loos it. GameStop has got to better than this if they want to compete with Amazon or pretty much any.
Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.07 01:03 GamerPCBoy 🔥 Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Katana Inu: The Game-Changer Among Blockchain Games! ⚔️

Are you tired of mundane gaming experiences that offer little more than entertainment? Get ready to dive into a whole new world where blockchain meets cutting-edge gameplay! Introducing Katana Inu, the game that breaks boundaries and sets new standards for quality and innovation in the blockchain gaming community.
🌟 What sets Katana Inu apart from the rest? Let's explore its extraordinary features:
1️⃣ Revolutionary Gameplay: Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey like no other. Katana Inu offers a unique blend of action, strategy, and breathtaking visuals that transport you to a realm of epic battles and daring adventures. Get ready to immerse yourself in a gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! #RevolutionaryGameplay #UnleashTheWarriorWithin
2️⃣ Play-to-Earn Revolution: Say goodbye to the days of gaming solely for fun! Katana Inu embraces the Play and Earn model, allowing you to earn real-world value while indulging in your favorite pastime. Engage in thrilling battles, complete challenging quests, and unlock valuable in-game assets that can be traded, sold, or used to enhance your gameplay experience. It's time to turn your passion into profit! #PlayToEarnRevolution #EarnWhileYouBattle #PlayAndEarn
3️⃣ Immerse Yourself in a Dynamic Economy: Katana Inu boasts a vibrant in-game economy that breathes life into every interaction. Trade, buy, and sell items on the integrated marketplace, where your virtual assets hold real-world value. Whether it's unique weapons, rare collectibles, or powerful armor, you have the power to shape your destiny and build a digital gaming world. #DynamicInGameEconomy #ShapeYourDestiny
4️⃣ NFTs and Blockchain Integration: Witness the future of gaming with Katana Inu's integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. Unlock the full potential of your characters and abilities with exclusive NFTs, each with its own unique attributes and value. Embrace the transparency and security of blockchain as you forge your path to greatness. #NFTIntegration #BlockchainRevolution
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🔗 Website:
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2023.06.07 01:03 max_lombardy Wanna trade puzzles

Wanna trade puzzles
I feel like it’s kinda dumb to buy puzzles, I only ever use them once. Anyone want to trade 1:1? Hit me up with a DM!
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2023.06.07 01:01 AutoModerator [PS5] GTA MONEY AND ACCOUNTS

Do you want to buy from the only legit seller? I sell 100 million to 1.5 billion added to your account. I have even crazier GTA accounts. DM me or add my discord: GankKi#4922
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2023.06.07 01:01 AutoModerator Weekly Rules Reminder

This is a weekly reminder post of the rules for this sub.
This is a public forum, if you decide to share your address, you are also sharing their contents and transactions. It's advised to have a separate wallet just for NFTs.
Accounts must be older than 1 day and have a minimum of 5 comment karma to be able to post. Using subs dedicated to free karma will be a reason for removal from this sub. PLEASE ENGAGE WITH THE COMMUNITY BY COMMENTING ON POSTS.
If you have any questions, ask a moderator through modmail!
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2023.06.07 01:01 NFTgameLoving Introducing Katana Inu: The Future of Play-to-Earn Gaming! 🚀🎮

#KatanaInu is revolutionizing the gaming industry by combining blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs into a groundbreaking ecosystem that rewards players and investors like never before. Prepare to embark on an epic journey where you can earn real value while enjoying thrilling gameplay!
🔥 Immerse yourself in the Katana Inu game, a Play-to-Earn battle royale experience on Ethereum's cutting-edge layer 2 solution! Engage in open-world adventures or face off in intense 5v5 arena battles. Unleash the power of NFTs to unlock special abilities and upgrade your characters with epic gear. #PlayToEarn #BattleRoyale #PlayAndEarn
But the excitement doesn't stop there! Katana Inu goes beyond traditional gaming boundaries, offering earning opportunities and real-life rewards! 💰🎁
💎 Trade and sell all your in-game items, including unique skins, outfits, and powerful artifacts, on the integrated NFT marketplace. Your virtual assets hold real-world value, allowing you to profit from your gaming prowess. #NFTMarketplace #EarnRealValue
💰 Accumulate $KATA, the native token of Katana Inu, and unlock exclusive NFTs and in-game items. The more you play, the more you earn! Prepare to take your gaming journey to the next level and amass a fortune in digital treasures. #KATA #EarnWhileYouPlay
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Sharpen your blades, warriors! Katana Inu awaits, where legends are born and fortunes are made. Join us now and become a part of gaming history! ⚔️
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2023.06.07 01:00 Special_Risk_5522 so i am trying to buy some jojo abc trading cards and there is a seller that has some goods cards but all of his holographic cards got some white spot and i need help identifying those. i think it might be dust,dirt or damage. i really need yall help
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2023.06.07 01:00 AutoModerator What Is It Worth Mega Thread - June 06, 2023

Hi all!
And welcome to our weekly refreshed What Is It Worth mega thread where you can ask all questions regarding the worth of LEGO® products.
As always, Bricklink and the SOLD listings on eBay are the best sources for a value of items, but if you have had no luck there, then ask away below.
NOTE: please no buying or selling on lego.
Happy building! Happy redditing!
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2023.06.07 01:00 AutoModerator Part Identification Mega Thread - June 06, 2023

Hi all!
And welcome to our weekly refreshed Part Identification mega thread where you can ask all questions regarding the identification of parts, minfigures, and/or sets.
Make sure you check out the following two links for how to find bricks and minifigures on
NOTE: please no buying or selling on lego.
Happy building! Happy redditing!
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2023.06.07 00:59 jfromeo Bought 4x20TB drives from e-shop, got sent OEM ones (2y warranty instead of 5y)

I just bought 4xWD HC560 20TB drives from a well-known european e-shop.
I checked the warranty of the drives on the official WD website with the serial number and I found out they are OEM drives, not retail ones (PDQ Drive ASM OEM-STD) and therefore "No limited warranty" is applied (Product was originally sold to a system manufacturer. Please contact the system manufacturer or the place of purchase for warranty service).
Obviously the e-shop is not a system manufacturer and it may have done some sort of dropshipping with my money to a distributor that sells OEM drives to manufacturer brands (Dell, Asus and such) as the benefits are higher this way.
I guess I am out of the 5 year limited warranty from WD as an end-user, but at least I should be getting the 2 year warranty from electronic goods bought in the EU.
Is this normal? Getting OEM drives (2 year warranty) as an end-user buying from an e-shop which should be sending retail ones (5 year warranty)?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 00:59 Antonycrypto Do not miss this! rewards + burn + safe team = moon 1% burn 4% rewards $MBR

Moon Burn Reflect is a hyper deflationary token, with minimal supply and a 1% burn THIS could quite possibly be a red market moonshot! Huge community support, safe and committed team! Experienced and respected in the space! Moon Burn Reflect was launched as a fun community driven token, hold and receive rewards in $MOON! Using the super safe BitBurnReflect contract fork gives a huge degree of flexibility in which direction the token can go!
🤫 secret telegram bot in development to increase value 🤫
Tokenomics 12% tax on buy and sells 1% burn 4% rewards 7% split between marketing and liquidity
Why buy? 4% Cake moon rewards are distributed automatically. In turn holding $MOON tokens produce $CAKE rewards! 2 for 1 on rewards The addition of a 1% burn on every transaction helps push up the price per token potentially even on a dump!
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2023.06.07 00:58 seleryumcoin Introducing Katana Inu

The Ultimate Play-to-Earn Battle Royale Game on Ethereum Layer 2! 🎮🔥
#KatanaInu is the game-changer that combines blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs to create an immersive gaming ecosystem for players and investors alike. Get ready for the most thrilling battle royale experience where your skills and NFTs unlock special abilities and gear upgrades for victory!
🌐 Join open-world adventures or dive into intense 5v5 arena battles - the choice is yours! Compete against other players, rise to the top, and earn real-world value in the process. #PlayToEarn #GamingRevolution #FreeToPlay #PlayAndEarn
But that's not all! Katana Inu bridges the gap between virtual and real-life rewards! 💰💪
💎 Trade and sell all in-game items on the integrated NFT marketplace - from stylish skins to powerful outfits and unique abilities. Your gaming prowess can translate into financial
gains! #NFTMarketplace #EarnRealValue
💰 Accumulate $KATA to unlock exclusive NFTs and in-game items. The more you play, the more you earn! #KATA #EarnWhileYouPlay
📺 Showcase your skills and become a gaming superstar by streaming your gameplay on our dedicated platform. Share the excitement and build your own community! #StreamingPlatform #BecomeAGamingStar
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Get your swords ready, warriors! Katana Inu awaits you on the battlefield! ⚔️
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2023.06.07 00:57 ilvukausadisngl Wealthsimple/Wealth Simple: Free Stock up to $3000 Use Code: PGVORW

For Canadians only 🇨🇦
Wealthsimple Trade is friendly and straightforward to use. Buying/selling Canadian stocks is free. There is no brokerage fee.
You can also buy and sell American stocks.
You can also buy Crypto.
By signing up for this app using the referral code. You will be guaranteed a stock between $5 and up to $3,000. Make sure to take benefit of this offer. My friend got a share of CSU worth 2.6k CAD in thousands.
Refer link:
Refer Code: PGVORW
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