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Lifehacker for the 420 set

2014.06.24 17:10 NotMyR3alNam3 Lifehacker for the 420 set

We have come a long way from Corn Cobbs, and Apples. Now we have Vape, Glass, Edible, and an array of expensive methods of delivery. There was a simpler time. We used a Snapple bottle for the bong with some parts around the house, we made pipes from bike parts. Let's get back to our roots. Low Tek. Let me see how creative you can be. Post pics to imgur, share links here.

2020.10.18 18:28 themadkingnqueen Scam Home Warranty

Do you or someone you know currently have a home warranty or are considering getting one? Curious about getting more work for your company by becoming a technician with a home warranty? Have some questions about your home appliances and/or major systems? Been ripped off in the past by a home warranty company or technician of the same? Well you are in the right place. I'll tell you what I know, help in any way I can. For free.

2023.06.03 07:01 TheWillsofSilence Wife is acting entitled

I’ve always treated my wife super well. I wouldn’t say I spoil her rotten, but I definitely go the extra mile as a husband most of the time. Recently she’s started acting like every little inconvenience is the end of the world and I’m not sure how to proceed. For example I had to empty one of our closets to do some maintenance in our house and she acted like it was the fucking apocalypse that there was going to be clothes out in the open for a couple of days. Literally said she couldn’t live in a house like this. It was like two piles maybe totaling 8ft x4ft. Another time it was because the shredder was in the wrong room and it “threw off the energy of the entire house and now she couldn’t do anything around the house until the shredder was back where it needed to be.” I don’t want to continue dealing with this but every time I talk to her about it she says it’s because of childhood trauma and that her dad would never do anything for her or her mom. I just have no idea how to explain to her that I’m not going to put up with this every time she has a mild inconvenience. The weird thing is this is recent. We’ve been together over 6 years but it’s maybe been happening for 4 months.
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2023.06.03 07:00 transientEpiphany Who is this man?

He said the FBI or maybe it was the CIA were stalking him. It was a pretty big deal at one time. He documented everything online and there is a video that’s super eerie of a flower delivery truck taking photos of his house. Everyone thought he was crazy until it was proved he was being watched. His house later burnt down and he passed away. I’ve tried looking this up and I know people post about it on Reddit but it literally won’t pop up anywhere. I was telling my friend about him but it seems like he got scrubbed off the search results. Also, what are your theories on this?
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2023.06.03 07:00 FedBillBot H.R.2211 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2211 - To provide for a limitation...

H.R.2211 - To provide for a limitation...

To provide for a limitation on availability of funds for US Department of Agriculture, Wildland Fire Management for fiscal year 2024.
  • SPONSOR: Rep. Andy Biggs (R), AZ-5
  • № CO-SPONSORS: 5




House committee - 2023-04-28 Referred to the Subcommittee on Forestry.

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2023.06.03 06:59 ForSacredRussia1 Freedom Russia Legion ⬜🟦⬜: 6.3.2023 "Good morning to all watching our liberation of Russia 🫡 The army of the regime continuously fires at the positions of the Legion and RVC forces. According to the Bakhmut scenario, they use aviation and artillery (MLRS "Grad") to level the houses of civilians."

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2023.06.03 06:59 Worker-Rude How should I meet with my hookup if both of us can’t host

1 19m have a person willing to meet for a hookup but neither of us can host bc we are both home with our parents for the summer. I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas on how we can still meet to do stuff.
My current ideas are, car stuff, waiting until one of us have the house to ourselves.
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2023.06.03 06:59 ReyazK My brother has psychosis and he has ruined his life and now he is ruining my families.

Hello everyone, I just want to preface this by saying I am a little emotional right now...
To make a very very long story short, around a year ago my brother started to show symptoms of psychosis. It got to the point where he was convinced that our uncle was some sort of God of Destruction and my brother was convinced he had to kill him in order to save the world. After hearing that (despite ignoring a lot of the previous warning signs which is 100% on me) I took him to a psych ward to get help. When we were there, he initially agreed to get help but before we were admitted he calling himself an uber. I told him that I did not take him there against his will and he did not have to call and uber and that if he wanted to leave we could just go right now. He agreed and we left but during the car ride home, he became very aggressive. Telling me how he is now a God and that he could kill me right now, etc... I am usually (not anymore) a very patient person. So I let him go on his rant until we reached home. I told him that I wanted to talk to him in my room and he agreed. We were in there and he was explaining to me how he was God and he put himself on earth in order to save the world, etc... I told him that it was actually me that was trying to help him get his life back together (worth noting that this bout of psychosis happened right before he was supposed to graduate college and ended up failing all his classes. turns out when he was going to class he would just sit in the back of the room and yell shit like "I AM GOD" to the class or play very loud Buddhist/Hindu chats until he got kicked out of every single one of his classes). After I told him this, I saw a sort of evil look in his eye and he got out and walked out of my room. This was around 4AM and I was exhausted but I knew from the look he gave me that this wasn't over. Around 5 minutes later he barges back into my room and just punches me in the face as hard as he can. Since the bout of psychosis my brother has not been eating at all or working out etc so I instantly recovered from the punch and took him down and held him down in a headlock. (I still sometimes fear what if he was stronger than me, would he have stopped after the initial punch? or what if the punch was strong enough to knock me out, I was standing over my desk and had I gotten knocked out I would have surely fell and cracked my head. I know none of this was his fault but it still is something that I have to contemplate going forward)

Eventually he calmed down and apologized and he told me that he was taking an UNGODLY amount of shrooms. He showed me the doses he was taking and it was almost 10-15x the normal dosage. He told me that he never thought he would hurt someone but him hurting his own brother broke him. He cried and tried to apologize to me every day. I would not have it because of pure anger. I could not believe that I spent every minute of the last almost year trying to help this guy and the first thing he did when he got mad was attack me. However, I eventually accepted his apology on the terms that he would never take shrooms again and he agreed.

After that my brother was fine for almost a year. He went back to school and changed his major (out of shame of having to retake the classes where he made a fool of himself). He got an internship at a pretty good accounting firm etc... All was well for a while. However, during the start of May I went on a trip to turkey for 2 weeks and when I came back my brother was the same. I did not know anything of it because my parents did not want to stress me out during my vacation but when I came back he was even worse than before. This time he is being much more aggressive. When things do not go his way he starts to smash things etc... and honestly... as fucked up as it sounds I am tired of dealing with this. He has become an insane financial burden to me and my family. We already struggle as is (we live on section-8 housing etc...) and this guy regularly breaks things. We found out that he went to the bank and gave away ALL his money because it's "God's job to help people". Turns out he failed all his classes again, etc... However, I figured we could weather the financial burden but recently his behavior has gotten more erratic. I won't go into too many details but literally just 30 minutes ago my brother was sitting downstairs going on his usual rant about how he's God and can control the elements or something but then he stepped outside for a second. This is nothing unusual as he usually goes on these walks to calm himself and comes back in a much better mood but before he steps out he tells me that he's going to the neighbors house.

Keep in mind that we do not have ANY relations with our neighbor and they are total strangers to us. And when he means "going" to their house he literally meant breaking into their house because he "wanted to talk" to them. I tried to reason him out of it but he just kept walking towards their house until he reached their porch and I literally grabbed him and threw him on the ground. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he claimed he was "going to see his children". I told him that I will NOT let him go into these peoples house (and honestly this is out of FEAR for my brothers safety. I mentioned we live in a very bad neighborhood. If my neighbor saw my brother trying to even walk into his house he would literally stomp my brothers face in and this is not an exaggeration. He is a very over protective guy from Afghanistan and he would not take kindly to some stranger trying to break into his house with his 4 daughters there). I brought my brother back inside and he tells me that "you stopped me this time but will you be around everytime?" and I don't know if I should take this as a threat or what?

Honestly, at this point I am completely fed up with this guys behavior. He has been an insane financial burden to my family to the point where my 70 year old dad who is sick with a very serious heart condition has started doing Uber and working at a gas station to help pay for all the nonsense he gets himself in. I work and chip in as much as I can but I can only make so much money and I cannot alone support my entire family. In addition to that he has on multiple occasion put my little siblings lives at risk, has threatened to attack people, etc... At what point can I draw the line? I have tried to get him medical attention on MULTIPLE occasions and it never works either 1) the doctor makes us wait 5 hours and my brother gets fed up and leaves 2) the doctor comes and my brother can act normal for 15 minutes and the doctor doesn't take us serious 3) the doctor prescribes us medicine that my brother does not take 4) the doctor is just unhelpful from the start. and 5) we can't afford a fucking real doctor

I am literally at a loss for what to do. Every night I worry for my siblings and parents. I wonder if this guy is going to go into their room and hurt them (worth nothing that on multiple (I'm talking at least 30 or 40 times) I have woken up at 4 or 5AM to my brother in my room just sitting on the floor staring at me). Note that the stories I have told do not even begin to scratch the surface of this guys lunacy and aggressiveness. I am going to assume that my opinion will not be well received here but I do not know how much longer I can coddle a 25 year old man. I have a life of my own and it has been halted for the past 2 years because of him. I think it's unfair that there are people who struggle with psychosis naturally and this guy despite having everything given to him on a silver fucking spoon STILL finds a way to ruin his life by constantly taking drugs and self inducing psychosis.
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2023.06.03 06:59 throwaway6354873636 i confessed to my over-10-year crush, but i have a boyfriend now

i (18f) have had a crush on this guy, Z (18m) since first grade. i’ve always had it in the back of my mind, every little possible thing to pull me away hasn’t worked, i’ve gotten into three relationships (in the third currently), seen him in his own, but no matter what, he’s still a stick in my heart that won’t go away.
i’m currently dating N (19m) long distance, he lives in california, i live in canada. he’s the best thing i could’ve asked for, we have the same humour, a dynamic that just “clicks”, we are each other’s types visually, he always goes out of his way to care about me even when he’s tired, reassures me about everything, motivates me to do better for myself when i’m in a stuck depressive episode, and is a really honest, true-to-heart guy. i honestly feel so in love. caring for him and expressing my love feel like second nature, and i enjoy every bit i have talking to him.
yesterday though, was my prom, and was probably the last time i’d see Z in a close group setting, since i’ve transferred out of that high school and haven’t been friends with Z since grade 6. i saw him, and just this overwhelming pull told me that i just had to do it.
so right before he left, i called out to him, his last name, that i’ve called him since we were friends. and i told him. i told him i’d had a crush on him for all this time, and i just wanted to tell him. i felt a wave wash over me, like the most tension and relief at the same time i’ve ever felt. and he just had this face of disbelief and tender embarrassment. but Z had to go since his friends were taking a limo ride to one of their houses, so he asked if i wanted his number, but i ended up giving him mine, and he left.
i don’t know how to feel. if i had gotten his number, i probably would’ve never texted him, but since i gave him mine, i just feel so anxious that he’s gonna text me and i’ll have to say something since i don’t want to be rude.
but i have N.
N has been there for me since we met, and has always expressed that any sign of cheating, he is out. i know what i did was wrong, but the pull to get closure that i could’ve never gotten if i hadn’t said anything just took over. i never planned on doing anything further than confessing, but the thought of Z texting me just makes me feel both guilty and expectant.
i just don’t really know what to do. i got my bit of closure, but it’s still trailing, and the guilt is eating me up. i love N, and i should’ve never gave Z my number, but now what can i do?
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2023.06.03 06:58 BrisketBrisket Help please!

Help please!
Hi, I inherited this saguaro (at least that’s what my grandpa said it was) and have had it for 3 years and he’s been super healthy. I lived in a third floor apartment facing North. I just moved to a home 2 weeks ago and the cactus is now by W facing window. He gets lots of light, probably a little more than before and I haven’t watered him since last month. Normally I water him about once a month in the summer and not in the winter. He was fine before we moved to the house and I just noticed today he’s looking absolutely horrible. Can someone please help? He’s turned pale, and has tons of dark spots out of nowhere. Some are flaky and some not. The base doesn’t feel mushy by any means and I’d be shocked if it was overwatered as I hardly water him. Any advice helps I really don’t want to lose him.
First 3 photos are him currently, not doing well. Fourth is after I got him and repotted and last is him at my grandpas house so he already had some scarring
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2023.06.03 06:57 theweepinqprophet Praying/talking to God in recent dreams, and God gently reminding me about His love and to come to Him. I suffer from depression and suicidal ideations and He reminds me in dreams to come to Him.

I also had a dream back in April warning about mixing darkness with light too, pertaining to me. But that's a bit too long, I also had another warning either in April in May too, but it wasn't scary like the other one I had or long. In that one I heard sirens and thought "Oh no, is Jesus coming back?" and I was staring at the sky which was a soft pink yellow sunset and a huge white cross started forming in the sky and I heard a voice softly and gently say "It is important to obey God", so I've been pondering since what that means for a bit and I understood that was Jesus' voice.
After awhile in May I had 2 dreams. The first one (which is a dream) I left my grandmas house because I was severely depressed and wanted to kill myself badly and it was night so I was aimlessly walking around and despairing thinking what ways to do it but I had the thought in my dream to talk and pray to God instead and I did, and God answered me back but telepathically and He told me He made sure that I never went too far to actually kill myself and that everything is all in His hands and everything that has happened was for a purpose, and some other things too but I can't exactly remember. Maybe for others they would be mad at hearing that but I was relieved that my pain isn't all for nothing, and glad He told me that. At this point in my dream that part walking around was actually a dream and I woke up in my dream and I was back at my grandmas though I think I came back inside the house and two family members were gossiping about stuff and I tried to tell them but they were too busy. They were people who treated me badly growing up and into adulthood and neglected me but it didn't bother me (it bothered me for years, gave me PTSD because of the neglect and other stuff) but I thought it was okay they didn't care because God cared.
Now my other dream I don't remember a lot of it but it was similar to my other one. I remember I was thinking about God, and maybe God was speaking to me. Anyway in my dream I started running down the street, I felt estatic and full of joy, because I remembered I could always turn to God and He's always there for me and as I was running down the street waves of water started thrashing over me higher and higher until it went over my whole body and I remember it was crashing into me like in a storm but the water was clear and a pretty blue and I never fell or stumbled, and I remember the sky was bright and it looked like the sidewalk or grass was made of gold. I kept running with all my might until I saw these black dogs growling at me and started chasing me, I got scared and forgot God and was bracing for them to hurt me but they didn't touch me and left and I remembered God and was thankful for Him that they didn't touch me either in my dream or when I woke up because I woke up soon after.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Past_Revolution2798 my (27M) Girlfriend (24F)of 4 years Met a highschool friend (male)at 1am after asking me to move out of the apartment and the insuring argument

My girlfriend of 4 years randomly asked through text while visiting my parents alone for a couple days to move out and "take a break"because of the relationship problems we have which are the regular issues of couples in their 20's , communication, balancing personal and quality time ect. we got into a soft argument after she asked me that randomly and we didn't talk until the next afternoon because i was coming home, i got home she and she acted like nothing happened but is passive aggressive, i asked her if she wanted to talk she said she didn't have much to say, i had a suspicion that another guy may have been a factor in this so i caved in and went through her phone, i seen that she was texting a highschool friend while i was away at my parents and was telling him that she feels bad for asking me to leave our house randomly but she doesn't want me any more, they ended up meeting later that night she drove a hour to his house at 1am, i read a text that said “ your for sure my prize and i know can't talk to you unless i'm single " i stopped reading at that text i didn't want to know more. how should i go about this? direct confrontation or just leave? i don't know if they had sex but i still consider this cheating
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2023.06.03 06:56 Damemischicles My boyfriend (m48) ignores me (f47) after not seeing each other for a while. What should I do?

I feel like maybe I’m over reacting but my gut feeling is telling me not to settle with this person.
He’s a nice guy and we both have our lives together. We both have our own house, jobs, etc. Also neither of us have small kids or economic issues like card debt and all that stuff. We both have our quirks, habits and obviously are not perfect but try to be better persons and avoid committing the same mistakes that we made in the past.
We live away from each other and see each other a couple times a month for a few days since our jobs allows to to stay at each others homes for extended periods of time. However, I feel that when we get together the first day after weeks of not being together, there is not the excitement that it used to be at the beginning of our relationship. I feel like he doesn’t try to court me at all and even though we have a good time together as friends, I don’t feel romantic connection even though I want to feel closer romantically to him.
After a busy day of driving to my home, in his case, I feel like he just wants to come home and sleep. He doesn’t even make an effort to shower, brush teeth or get comfortable to fool around and snuggle in bed together. He’s just there, fully clothed on my bed that I cleaned and got ready to connect after a busy day. I think I deserve better. Also, nagging at him to get ready and take care of himself to be together seems like a project for me. Almost like being the mother of a grown up man.
I’m frustrated and annoyed that I took a shower, smell good, shaved and went to get in the mood to be closer and he doesn’t have the same consideration with me after two weeks of being apart. What should I do? He does this often and I have asked him to make an effort to at least brush his teeth before going to bed with me. We have been together for a year. He’s a good guy but I don’t know in what other way tell him to make an effort. How else can I make him understand that we both have to work on being better partners?
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2023.06.03 06:56 evaaadaonly1 My Life Story - Eva Gilford

If I had to recap my whole life, it would be a very long, confusing, but yet an emotional book.
It all started at Methodist Hospital. I was born into a world I never thought would be this horrific.
At a young age, I learned that independence was key. I did everything myself because that’s how it went. I thought asking for help and seeking help was me being dependent on something I would never get. I was born into a religion I never understood. The women were the lower class of all people. They were under men, the “leaders” of the world. I grew up only knowing I was not better than any man I laid my eyes unto.
As I aged, I found out I would never be able to look like the other girls, the pants wearing, crop top wearing, short hair, normal girls. I was always the outcast of the girl groups, only because I didn’t fit in with their beliefs. I always tried to fit in, but no matter what, I was never the right puzzle piece.
Going to school was always something I kind of had trouble with. Not anxiety, no, nothing like that. Just afraid that I was going to be made fun of because of my clothes. That’s whenever I kind of found out I was developing anxiety.
I made it throughout K-3, then a big change happened in my life that I never thought would’ve happened. I never really noticed my mother and father’s issues they were having until that very night. It was after school, my father, me, and my brother were going to go get ice cream and I just sensed something was off because my mother wasn’t coming with us. I was only 7 at the time so I really didn’t expect something to happen, all I knew was that we were going to get ice cream.
I was in the back seat of my father’s truck. Sirens started going off behind us, red and blue lights appeared in the front mirrors. I was confused about what it was, I looked in the back window and noticed, It was a police car. Why? Why was a Police car behind us? We weren’t speeding?
I looked at my dad as he stared into my eyes, his eyes flooded with tears. I was confused and scared. Was he getting arrested? That’s the only thing that went through my mind. As the police officer approached the window, I couldn’t hear what he was saying to my father. When he got done speaking to him, he let up the window and turned the truck around. Why was he turning around? Weren’t we getting ice cream?
I asked why we were turning around, he only looked at me with an emotionless face. Then he smiled and told me it was going to be all okay. But still, he never answered my question. Where were we going?
As we turned around I noticed this was the way back to our home. We were going home?
We pulled into our driveway and the officer was behind us. We drove up to our house and my grandmother was standing outside. We all stepped outside of the car, but my dad started walking to the officer. I asked my grandmother what was happening, she only looked at me and smiled, she didn’t respond to my question. Why was everyone being so quiet? No one responded to what I was saying?
She had the gatogolf cart parked in front of the garage and told us to hop on and that we were going on a ride around the house. I was still so confused on why my dad had just walked off to the end of the driveway to meet the officer? Why was the officer here in the first place?
As I looked at my grandmother, tears drowned her eyes. I looked at my brother, we were both so confused. I finally got a response out of my grandma, but it still wasn’t the response I was looking for. It was only a, It’ll all be okay.
But I knew it wasn’t going to be all okay. I knew that my mother and father were having some issues before all of this but I didn’t expect it to lead to this.
I finally got informed on what was going on, my mother and father were getting a divorce. At the time I didn’t understand what that word meant. Until it was explained to me. For the whole night I was blank, I cried all night and was so confused. My father wasn’t allowed to be around me and my brother. Why? Isn’t he my father though? Why are they keeping him away?
I never understood why until it was all explained to me. He abused my mother. He hurt her verbally, mentally, I didn’t know who to believe. Believe my mother or my father..?
I got one last goodbye hug from my father before we had to leave to go to my aunts for the night. I really wasn’t used to being far away from him, neither was my brother. I cried all night at my aunt’s house. I just didn’t understand why.
The next morning I found out I had to leave to go to my mom’s mother’s house. I was still so confused on why I couldn’t see my father. I wasn’t used to being this far away from him for this period of time.
My mother came to pick me up. I asked her everything, and she told me that her and my father were just done. I honestly just went blank. I don’t remember anything else I said or did that whole entire day.
The whole week at my mom’s mother’s house was just kind of weird for me. But it felt like me and my mom made a huge bond though. I had never worn a pair of jeans in my life, but one day, I finally felt what it was like. I felt so different. When me and her went to get me a pair I was kind of nervous but she helped me through it. My mother had already cut her hair and started wearing jeans, I had never seen this side of her. I kinda liked this “new” side of my mother. I was just still kinda in shock.
My mom looked so relieved and free. I felt happy for her, I always noticed she wasn’t very happy when she and my father were together, but I never understood why until one day. My mother and father were arguing in the dining room and I remember just looking at both of them, asking them to please stop arguing. I finally told my dad to go upstairs and my mom to go to the bedroom. They listened to what I said, which surprised me. But it helped settle both of them. I knew the divorce was kind of a good idea, they needed to get away from each other. But most of all, my mother needed to get away from him. I never noticed how much of a manipulative, narcissistic, abusive man he was because I never saw that side of him, but my mother did and all she was doing was trying to get help.
Me and my mom would dance in the bathroom to songs she would download on her phone, and I remember those being my most cherished memories of all time. When me and my mom had time to ourselves, it felt like I was living a whole different life. At first I was a daddy’s girl, but I later found out that for the rest of my life I’d be a momma’s girl.
As I got older, things took some hard turns. Later in my life I started developing a lot of depression and anxiety out of this world. My mother married someone and I’ll never mention his name ever again. He ruined her life, even when he knew my mother was already torn up from a past abusive marriage. He was such a narcissist. He acted like he loved me and my brother, but he never truly did. He proposed to her in the kitchen of our apartment. He cheated on my mother not long after he proposed. After my mother found out he had cheated on her he left, but he came back. We were living in an apartment at the time. One night I got called into her bedroom and there he sat, on the bed. Why was he back I wondered. I wasn’t disappointed in my mother, I was just so confused on why she wanted a man that cheated on her again. He hurt her. At this time, I found out that I legitimately hated men. They ended up dating again and I didn’t really know what to think. I had such mixed feelings about him. When he tried talking to me in the bedroom the night he came back, I didn’t say anything back so of course he wanted to leave because he said I didn’t want him there, which was the truth. I hated him, he hurt my mother just like my father had done to her.
Finally we moved into our home we still live in! I was so excited to finally live in a home, I was happy in the apartment but I was happy to leave those horrible memories behind me.
Him and my mother got married finally a little while after we moved in. I didn’t really know what to think about it, but as long as my mother was happy, I would be happy too.
I finally got used to him being here, me and him kinda built a bond. I mean he was my stepdad.
But everything changed, again. One night, me, him, my mother, and my brother all went to rookies downtown. I was furious at my father, and I don’t even remember why..
I was kind of influenced to call him and give it all to him, but half of me wanted to do it also, so I did it.
When we got home I took my mother's phone and called him. I was nervous but ready. I told him how I felt about having to wear skirts and how I had to pretend to be something I truly wasn’t. My father had never heard me cuss so it took him by surprise when he heard that. He didn’t even care about how I felt, he only cared about the one cuss word I had let out.
I knew no matter how much I fought to stay with my mom forever, it would never happen. I tried everything, CPS, Court, everything in my power, but nothing worked. I hated my dad, I hated him so much. I didn’t want to even consider him my father anymore. I hated my father so much.
I wanted to only be with my mother forever.
But then another divorce happened. My step dad and mother got a divorce because of everything he had done to her. He had done worse things to her than my father had done. I hated him so much. I still do with everything with me. I wish I could hurt him more than he hurt my mother. She didn’t deserve any of this. She just wanted love and loyalty, but all she got was dishonesty and pain in the end. Why won’t anyone just treat my mother right?
I felt like every man that would step into the house I would make a strong bond with. Then they would just disappear forever. That’s why I just can’t stand men. I’m not a feminist, but I just want to protect my mom forever.
Everyone has their own issues, but mine are just different. I feel like no matter how much help I try to get, nothing ever works. I’ve tried therapy, journaling, the rubberband method, and nothing helps. Medication is what I thought would help me, but it didn’t help at all. I love to be alone, but sometimes it doesn’t help. The only person that is really keeping me alive right now is my mother. If I didn’t have my mother here, I would have no point in living anymore. I love her, she deserves so much better. I would do anything to make her life better. I hate seeing her cry, stress, and just anything that makes her feel horrible. I would work in the desert, cut every single part of my body, pour salt in the cuts for her. I would put myself through so much for that woman. She just deserves so much more. There is no one else I would do that for. She’s the woman that felt me inside her, gave birth to me, and still has me. I will always be here for her. There will never be a time that she’ll be alone. No one can love her like I do. She’s like an egg, she’s so fragile. I don’t want anything happening to her.
But my life is so hard to deal with. I’m scared I’ll hurt someone, because as the saying goes, “Hurt people, will hurt people”. I just don’t want anyone hurting her. She’s such a special and loving woman. Through all the hell she has been through, she still will always be the strongest woman I’ve ever met and the only mom I will ever love. No one will ever beat my mother.
I’m so glad I have her. She taught me everything I know, how to tie my shoes, how to do my hair, my fashion ways. I just want her to myself. I don;t want anyone else to have her, ever. Just me and her is all I want for the rest of my life.
As we can see, my life has been full of ups and downs, but no matter what..I know I’ll always have that one special person by my side, her.
bby pic of me and my gorgeous mother.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Extra_Entertainer986 Please don't contact me

Because of issues with my mother I told her to leave me alone until the end of my pregnancy. Well that's gone about as good as I thought it would🙄🙄
I asked for no contact, unless it's an emergency, because I cannot talk to her for more then like 5 minutes without her making the conversations all about herself. How hard her life is with my younger siblings at home - that's because she didn't parent them my older sister and I did and they don't see her as a mother. How little money she has - because she buys crap off the TV all the time and has like every streaming service individually, making it more expensive. Her credit is so bad that she HAS to have a pay as you go phone but never pays it on time. How my family never visits - um I did less than 6 months PP and she failed to tell us her AC was broken then got mad we wanted to leave early, how selfish of me not wanting to keep my new born in a house that was over 80F on a cool day. There's also the refusal to acknowledge that she and my dad abused me and my sisters until we could fight back.
But she just had to tell my older sister, to tell me, that she MIGHT be getting rid of streaming services because they're too expensive. I told my sister that I had asked mom to leave me alone, for some reason that set my sister off - she has the worst relationship with our mom so I don't know what lie my mom told her to get my sister that upset. I then decided to cut off the head of the snake that is my mother.
I texted her - Did you tell OS, to tell me, that you were canceling streaming services? I asked you to leave me alone until AFTER I have this baby. Could you please just respect that?
Mom - I didn't tell her to tell you. Why would I do that?
Me - *Screenshots conversation with OS and sends it to mom* then explain this?
Mom - Well I told her I was going to, but I didn't tell her to tell you.
That's the end of the conversation. I refused to respond to another message. She's clearly lying again and I cannot deal with it.
About two weeks before this I was talking to my grandmother, her mom, and found out G-Ma had fallen and been injured. That I would have liked to have found out when it happened and my grandma was under the impression that my mom HAD told me, so she's lying to her children and her mother.
Her most recent text was about Netflix not allowing sharing anymore, not a big deal because I don't use it. BUT she just had to text me about it and tell me about it, like it wasn't in the news. Then she casually mentions my sister getting into a car accident and then back to her complaining about her life.
The only reason her number isn't blocked is because my siblings use her phone to call me, when she allows it. As soon as my youngest sibling is out of the house she's going on full block.
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2023.06.03 06:56 Bright_Difficulty_75 How do you tell someone that their attitude makes no one want to be around them?

THIS IS NOT A SERUS SITUATION BTW. I don’t know how to tell my mother that her attitude makes me want to be in foster care. The foster care stuff is besides the point right now. Mind you that I’m a 17F. My mother is the biggest pessimist you’ll ever meet. She’ll tell strangers all of our bad characteristics and how we didn’t do this or that. Basically airing out all of our dirty laundry. Sometimes about how she wishes that we weren’t so much of a failure in life or how we spend our money. Little stuff like that. She grew up in a household where parties and fights were a huge thing. She never wanted that life for us and here her son is like that. My brother has kidney failure and has issues with his heart. My mom hates mental health where she doesn’t understand or makes the comment “back in my day mental health didn’t exist because we weren’t weak”. My parents are in their 50s so born in the 60s. Yeah I understand that she was mentally strong because of her living situation but she puts so much pressure on us about mental health not existing. She kicked out all of my older siblings except my 2 brothers and my younger sister. She has the expectation that all of us aren’t good enough. Well today she got mad at me and yelled loud and cussed at me. She wanted a pop and my phone was resting on the 6 pack of pop. I made a small sigh and she got mad saying that she didn’t do that to me when I was a little baby. Lately she’s been saying stuff like that. “If I knew you were gonna be like that when you got older then I wouldn’t have taught you your abc’s or numbers. I should’ve just sighed when you cried or when you wanted to talk to me. Your attitude is just shittier than hell. Go home this is my house not yours.” This type of saying varies due to the current conversation or situation. When she says it to my my siblings, she tells them to leave. I stay up at night and think of every time she says that to me. I cry because I’m her rainbow baby and sometimes wish that my brother survived instead of me. Her saying that makes me feel like she regretted having me. It sometimes makes me want to leave but I’m not a legal adult. DONT WORRY IM NOT GONNS DO ANYTHING. It’s funny because her dad had anger issues and she does too. She passed it down to her kids. My father is very kind hearted and sometimes misses my mom when they first fell in love. He said that she’s not the woman she used to be. She’s been horribly pessimistic for about 10 years but lately it’s been worst. I don’t want to say this but I’m waiting for this to catch up to her and to see her downfall. Yes I still love her but what goes around comes around. I don’t like therapists because I live in a small town and gossip travels quickly. I cry about every night and don’t know how to cope with the yelling and bringing down. please help me cope. Very much appreciated and thanks for reading 🫶 I love all of you and hope you have a nice day ❣️
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2023.06.03 06:55 Annonymous_7 An appreciation post for people working in this scorching heat.

We like to complain about this heat so much even though most of us are just sitting inside our home. I don't have AC in my house but atleast there is fan. In no condition, i can go to office at any cost or outside specially during daytime. But some people don't have this option. When There is such scorching heat outside, i think that world must be have been stopped but i see hawkers, labourers, traders are working as it is. I see them and realise life is really unfair. They don't care about their skincare, vitamin levels, muscle mass etc. They just do their work and live their lives as it is.
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2023.06.03 06:55 FroyoKey2791 looking for identification of these house plants :)

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2023.06.03 06:55 amigovilla2003 Been trying to piece this dream together for some time.

The dream starts normally. I was at a swimming pool in what I believe was summer, with my best friends and a bunch of other people I knew from school or work. All of a sudden, a siren blares across the area. I see red and orange from the horizon. Growing up and still living in Southern Oregon- I knew what that meant. There was a fire, and it was coming comically fast. I suddenly cut to the middle of a burning street in the downtown area of my hometown, where windows are smashed, trees are fallen, and everything flammable is probably on fire or melting.
I hide in a sewer drain when all of a sudden the ceiling shakes. Massive chunks of dirt and concrete fall and almost kill me. When I was growing up, fires were common and I was always scared of them, but not really anymore. I had to navigate around the rubble and eventually I came out, to see nothing but what used to be a bustling town.
I saw people in ambulances, destroyed buildings, and so much vegetation and houses were burnt that you could probably see nothing but rubble for miles until the valley walls close in. I reunite with my friends, one of which is mentally unstable from this. I then find a calender in a destroyed shop, which shows the month of September. The last mark was September 8th, meaning it was either 8th or the 9th. The year? 2020. This was the day in 7th grade when a massive fire broke out in my town in Oregon.
It wasn't as brutal or destructive as the one in my dream, but I overreacted a lot when I was younger. I need help understanding if this was my mind still getting minor PTSD/trauma from that one fire or I was just reexperiencing it.
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2023.06.03 06:55 girlluvr99 Felt like I hit rock bottom tonight and I feel like a failure

So I lost $170 today. It was cash and I took it out of my account a few weeks back to put towards rent. It’s so hard not knowing what happened to it. No matter how hard I think I can’t remember for sure what I did with it. I was pretty sure I put it in my backpack before I left the house today but it wasn’t there and no one was alone with backpack before I realized it was gone. Then I thought maybe I put it in my pocket and it felt out but I don’t remember doing that. It sucks so much because I don’t have transportation so I rely on the bus and ubers ($20-$25 5 days a week!!) to get to work and this was supposed to last me until my next direct deposit. I literally have $4 to my name right now.
The worst part is I just got a small refund from school and thought that I had a little cushion for next month’s rent but I had to use it today because my family was short on rent. They said they would try to pay me back today but no word yet. I’m gonna call first thing and ask about it. Our family dynamic is garbage and kinda dysfunctional so I want to leave but I couldn’t save enough before our lease was up so I had to renew or become homeless. I’m 24 and fucking pathetic I can’t believe this is my life. This is all over the place but it’s agonizing and I know things could be worse but I’ve never felt so low. If anyone can give advice on how I can make some extra money I would appreciate it so much.
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2023.06.03 06:54 Melodic-Cry1383 Should I take my stray cat with me?

So I have this semi stray cat which I have been feeding since last year.
It usually sleeps inside my house but sometimes goes out during night. It recently gave birth to 3 kittens and hid them inside my attic, but they are all grown now and move with her
The problem is, I have to move cities for a few months and the drive there would be around 13 hours. Should I take the cat and kittens with me? because once I move, there won't be anyone to feed them and my house would be locked, so they would pretty much be abondoned.
My new home is on a mountainy area with quite a lot of strat cats, but my new home has a garden 10 times bigger then the current one
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2023.06.03 06:54 NobleHound I'm a (31M) and had a (31F) come over to my place on the third date, I cooked for her, and she left mid-date and told me she wasn't feeling it. What did I do wrong?

We went on 3 dates, I kissed her on the second date and I invited over to my place to cook her supper and hangout. We had supper, lots of laughs, lots of jokes. Went out for ice-cream, came back and watched a movie and made out for like 15-20 minutes. The kisses were kind of weird, she was drooling on me a little bit but we still kept going. She then pulled away and told me she wasn't feeling the kiss, and that she wanted to keep trying because I was such "A nice guy". She told me she had trust issues, and that I was too lovey dubby and cuddling her / kissing her made her push away but she seemed in into it?
I was acting as a huge goof during the makeout, I was nervous and giggled a few times as we kissed. The kissing was sloppy, and she was drooling all over me and I wasn't sure if I was feeling it. I still liked it and her, and we tried to kiss a few times but I don't think we had a spark or a connection or anything. She told me she wasn't feeling it, and ended up leaving early and went home. She told me it really wasn't me and that it was her and that I was such a nice guy or whatever. I just don't know, the kiss was a bit weird but I don't know if I did something wrong to push her away. She drove an hour to come over to my house in traffic.. so I don't know if she wasn't feeling it why would she drive so far? I'm so confused.
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2023.06.03 06:54 herebutgone3l My close friend is cheating on her long time boyfriend

I don’t agree with what she’s doing and the last time I gave her advice about it,she got upset & defensive , I did this to try and get her to understand I don’t want to be apart of what she’s doing, she invites me to the other guys get togethers and tells her bf she’s with me when she’s at his house & it’s making me feel like an accomplice , i really do feel bad for her boyfriend and what she’s doing is making me want to distance myself from her
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2023.06.03 06:53 Deep_Tour_ Lonely, resentful, future crabby 30 year old female

How do I (30yo f) get my soon to be husband (30 year old male) to plan date nights without constantly having to ask? We have two kids one full time and the other every other weekend. I and my child moved to a new town to move in with my fiancé about year ago. And although my son (7 year old) has made friends at school and through sports, I haven’t made any friends. The one I made is constantly fighting with her boyfriend and it’s just not enjoyable. So Im lonely and I fall back to my partner being my only adult interaction. I work part time at a shelter and being socially awkward and constantly anxious about how to respond to people makes making friends a little more difficult. Typically my day starts early, I go to work I get off work and get my son from my fiancé then I either take my son to a play date or we hang out at home. They only texts, the only calls i get is from fiancé. I barley talk to my old friend since I lived because I don’t know what to talk about anymore since I’m not at the same job or town anymore. I do most of the cleaning, cooking, scheduling, while my fiancé just works long days but I feel like I’m working two jobs one four days a week the other seven. If my son comes home and had a bad day I’m the comforter, same for my fiancé. His kid comes then I am also his comforter. The kids ask me to do or to help before the ask him. And the only time he’ll plan a freaking date night is after I have lost my freaking mind on him. Like I feel like I am doing more for this family and this household, and you can’t plan a simple date night. He gets two weekends a year where he goes hunting with his guy friends while I stay home with kids, again doing the job of two. I am home every weekend, week night. Heck everyday. I haven’t even lived in this house as long as him but I bet I’ve stayed here more. I don’t know how not be resentful that he gets two weekends a year away from home to do something he enjoys with friends and I barely get a date night let alone a whole weekend away from him and kids. Yes I know go out by myself… how is that not more lonely?
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