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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.06.05 12:27 Juneinthesky Spiritual questions around tarot practice and dangers

Hello everyone!
It's my first time in this sub, so don't hesitate to tell me if I do anything wrong (or if you don't understand what I write, English is not my mothertongue).
I think I should tell you a bit about my spiritual and religious background before I tell you what problem made me come here.
I was born in a family that has both christians and atheists. I don't know firsthand the christian milieu in America but where I live (France) bireligious families are very common and the coexistence is quite peaceful. My mom, once an atheist, converted in her 30s to protestantism (calvinist/lutherian church, very accepting and liberal, they did LGBTQIA+ marriages in the 90's/2000s). My parents let me explore my spirituality freely as I always felt a pull towards the unknown. I always had a strong interest about many traditions, had altars in my room as a child. I even pulled mock tarot card. After a long journey during my early formative years, I finally asked to be baptised in the same church as my mom at 19. Since then, I kept my spiritual practice quite open and hold no prejudice towards other traditions.
I share my apartment with roommates for 5 years now, and became friends with them. One of them, which I am very close to, pulls cards (tarot but mainly oracles) and says to have had experiences with spirits or dead people. She says she keeps her canal closed to keep her tranquility.
Anyway, it got me into tarot. After watching her pull the card regularly for 2 years, I bought a first oracle deck a year ago while feeling unwell mentally speaking (problems in a situationship, classic stuff to begin pulling the tarot ahah).
At some point after using the deck for a few month, I began to feel a strange and unfriendly presence in my flat and it was more present in my room. It made me not sleep well. I finally realized at some point that I got bad vibes from the deck in particular, so I heavily cleansed it (I drowned it in salt and left it under the moon and the rain for a whole week). A friend of mine whose grandmother is from a traveller's family (I don't know what is the appropriate term in English, I don't know her exact ethnia) but what's important is that she's a traditional practionner. He told me that apparently you should never cleansed anything with fire as it release the energy in the air for anyone or anything to take. So I usually use water, salt, crystals or the moon.

This year, I feel a lot better (thanks to therapy and personal growth) and in a attempt to work on my intuition and inner voices I purchased a new tarot deck. I bought at a local occultist shop a tarot from which I have good vibes from. I cleansed it first, and my first draws were very good (and made for self growth purpose). I always follow my intuition, stop the draw when I don't feel the vibe anymore and cleanse it after. I keep it in my room for it to take my energy.
The last time I pulled cards was on Saturday, the vibe was good and the night after too. But this night something really strange happened to me.
While I was doing my usual prayer (a standard Notre Père), my intuition or something told me quite sharply "it's not going where it should", so I stopped immediatly. A few moments later, when trying to fall asleep, I saw some king of dark figure (resembling a little demon or what) trying to crawl on my bed from where my deck is. I lit my light, and saw nothing. From then I kept having really bad vibes from my deck. It toned down a little when I placed my crystals (rose quartz and amethyst) on it, but I felt it wasn't enough. Luckily for me, it was the full moon so I placed the deck and my crystals on my window the whole night. I then placed salt at the four corners of my room, and even draw a line just beneath the window. The bad vibes were gone and I slept very soundly even though I was kinda spooked by the whole experience.
I also noticed that the plant I have the closer to me deck began to die, with no sign of a disease and I had it for years.
(I should precise that I don't have any mental health problem right now and that I am not afraid of the dark. As a child I used to chase ghosts and monsters in my room without putting the light on.)
Maybe I freaked out, but I thought I would ask you more experienced folks some advice. I read around in the tarot community but every one keep saying that decks, as the manufactured objects they are, can't summon stuff by themselves.
I asked my roommate, she said that maybe when I draw the cards I open a breach and I may need some protection. So I am wondering if tarot is really for me. I figure that if I open breaches each time I pull the cards it might get dangerous for me at some point? I might encounter something too powerful for me to cleanse at some point.
Maybe it's an old fear coming from my religious background?
I think something might be running in my family - my parents once saw ghosts, my mom heard voices that literaly saved my family from a car accident and she had spiritual visions while meditating. I wouldn't be surprise if my grandmother and great grandmother had stories to tell.
I would like to have a complementary practice besides Christianity, which I live more as an intellectual practice. I need something more coming from the gut. It happened that I used dance and meditation for that purpose. But I wonder if tarot and oracle are safe for me? My roommate stopped using pendulum because she had bad vibes and thought it was too dangerous.
Well that's quite a big chunk of text.
Thanks for all of you that read it! I hope you have a good day:
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2023.06.05 12:26 Commercial_Bicycle92 In the end I never mattered and will d*e like a useless human. Many people will think of me as pathetic or will forget me quickly.

I 15M never mattered and never will matter.
I never mattered. I was a useless human.
My parents divorced, when I was 5 after many physical arguments between eachother which I don't remember everything about.
At 7 I was involuntarily sent into a mental hospital.
At 8 I was involuntarily sent into a boarding school for hard to parent kids. Where I was bullied physically on a level that rendered me insane being treated like a toy. Being thrown around laughed at used, humiliated and sometimes for example where I was thrown around on a metal plate on the play ground, where I hit my head multiple times and body and could have gotten a concussion or something worse and di*d.
The adults there let dogs near me as a treatment method for my phobia. They let them run to me and other things which made me scream.
The adults let me sit in my room and so nothing for hours because of a so called "3 times rule" which meant for everytime you didn't attend school did chores or didn't do any other thing you had to sit in your room for 3 times as long as you didn't do it or as long as the adults thought was necessary.
After that many other things happened like my mother sometimes telling me how i'm an a**hole and destroyed her life and doing other things.
Again I never mattered as a human. I was only here ti be a funny useless human to laugh at and use to their fun or to be a burden on my parents.
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2023.06.05 12:25 Terrible_Ad5173 Looking For Sublet

Hi! I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment / studio to sublet from June 10 to August 10. My preferred locations are near the Loop/ West Loop/ River North. Please message me if you have anything!
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2023.06.05 12:25 Terrible_Ad5173 Looking For Sublet

Hi! I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment / studio to sublet from June 10 to August 10. My preferred locations are near the Loop/ West Loop/ River North. Please message me if you have anything!
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2023.06.05 12:24 Master_Life633 i got mocked for the most stupidest thing in history (and i was right)

one day i was in class im not a baby this is proper year 5 (a few years ago im not in year 5 now) the teacher asked me name one character in greek mythology and i said thor eveyrone started laughing at me and one kid said NO YOU IDIOT THORS FROM MARVEL! and the teacher just said no to me i couldent believe how stupid and idiotic you could be to think thor was from marvel just proves i am the smartest person in the class ( thors from norse myth though so thats why she said no) another situation happened where i said hippopotatmus is the world deadliest animal and i got mocked it is! but seriously i an sitting near the dumbest collegues ever
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2023.06.05 12:24 Terri1596 Help! I think I’ve got to start again 🥲

So I was editing a podcast on Friday using Adobe audition. It kept telling me that the file wasn’t able to write to disk, so I should perform a save as of my work and close audition.
I did exactly this, loaded it up again this morning and two of my edited pieces of audio are no longer playing. I can press play, I can see a waveform, but there’s no sound level bar and no sound playing from my headphones.
There are other bits of audio playing fine, I’ve looked at audio mapping & hardware preferences and they are all fine.
Are these files corrupted? They aren’t playing in waveform or the multitrack session.
I had nearly finished and have a tight deadline so it would pain me to have to start again :(
Appreciate any advice or help you can give!
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2023.06.05 12:22 ppangcheeks New printer printing dull or pale color fix?

I recently got an Epson L805, so I’m quite new to this. I’ve recently open a small art shop business so I wanted to make sure the colors will turn out vibrant as much as possible. I was looking at other epson printers but I wanted to print in 250-300 gsm so I got this instead.
But my printer is not showing correct colors upon printing. It comes off a bit too reddish or cool toned.
Laptop: Mac Ink: Pigment Ink Printer settings: Ultra Glossy & Best Quality Paper: Quaff Glossy Paper
I tried printing it with my old HP printer which was printing the colors just fine and very vibrant.
I’ve done headcleaning about 5 times and it did not show any difference. I’ve just completed doing Power Ink flushing but It says I have to wait for 12 hrs. I’ll have to see if it works but in the meantime, please let me know if you have any other suggestions!
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2023.06.05 12:21 kewpiegirlie we lost Biden over the weekend

we lost Biden over the weekend
hello @catsofrph, this is one our 9 adopted kittens, Biden. he's an orange cute cat with a tiny tail. yes his name's like that kasi I thought he looked like the president lol 😔
3 out of 9 of them got lost last Saturday night but we were able to locate 2 since Sunday morning. if you're around Marikina (near Panorama) and if you find/see Biden, please don't hesitate and message/dm me here. he's so important to my dad and I, I can't believe he's still lost somewhere.
help us bring him home safely so he can eat all the spam and egg he wants back here. :(
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2023.06.05 12:21 Olivia_Jolie How do I know if my gas grill regulator is working correctly? 👇

To ensure your gas grill regulator is functioning properly, there are a few indicators to look out for. Check if the flame on the burners is consistent, without any fluctuations or sputtering. Additionally, listen for any unusual hissing sounds near the regulator. If you notice any irregularities, it's advisable to have your regulator inspected by a professional
Happy Grilling..!
for gas grill replacements & pressure regulators you can visit to shop for your needed replacements
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2023.06.05 12:21 4scentsin1day Does anyone else become nauseated by Santal 33

Hey guys. I recently picked up a dupe/inspired by of Santal 33 (I have only smelled the real thing in the air in a shopping centre and loved it)
But this one when I wear it on skin close up it makes my nose hurt, gives me a headache and an absolute vile urge to puke.
Does anyone else get this with the real S33 or would this just be a poor dupe?
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2023.06.05 12:21 Ok_Consideration8285 Please help me take the first step, to stop smoking weed

Hi guys, I’m 18F and live in the Netherlands. I’ve been smoking weed regularly from the ages 16 to 17 and a half. When I turned 18 I had the access to buy weed in coffeeshops (we call shops where you can buy weed coffeeshops). I’ve been smoking almost every day and right now it’s taking a toll on me.
Every morning when I wake up I feel like not smoking that day, but I always end up still smoking because ‘why not? It’s fun and it causes no harm’. It’s fun and all but I feel like it has me in a hold. I am physically not feeling really bad but i am noticing the circles under my eyes get darker. My mom even asked me if I had cried. I am mentally also alright. I smoke weed mostly alone because I just like the feeling and the chills, but it also makes me smoke more. Like some people/ most people only smoke with friends.
Now I’ve successfully reduced my smoking weed in the past, it’s also that I don’t want to fully quit. I just need to get through the first 3 days and then just not start using it again until I’m doing it with a friend.
My life right now also isn’t the most interesting, I don’t have school rn to keep me busy and I also don’t have work (1 day per week). I have some hobbies but I most likely stay in bed most of the day.
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2023.06.05 12:21 urbandogaiety3 apartments near me flats for sale near me - Urbando Gaiety

apartments near me flats for sale near me - Urbando Gaiety

Want a great work-life balance? Flats for sale near me - Urbando Gaiety is situated near the best schools & offers excellent access to key transit hubs & roads It’s easy to see that Chennai is expanding quickly in every direction. At Urbando Gaiety,you’ll experience the stability and charm of Annanagar West. Stay close to the best schools and enjoy easy connectivity to major transportation hubs, arterial roads and highways.

To know more visit our website : https://urbando.in/gaiety/neighbourhood/
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2023.06.05 12:20 peliccancars12 Pre-bookMinicab Hire from Stansted Airport CM24 to Stansted Airport LU2


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2023.06.05 12:18 Starrylake I'm scared of my therapist. How do I fix that?

It's so exhausting. I'm trying really hard to open up but I'm so scared. I'm coming out of a string of bad experiences of therapists and I'm so scared this one will be like my last one who I worked with really long and trusted.. If she uses any kind of similiar methodology, it start triggering the feeling that they're the same.
Though this therapist is genuinely brilliant and managed to do a lot of good work with me since October despite not having most of my history. But it seems we've reached this point where she needs more context.
Yet I'm so scared, I can't sit in the chair near her, I dissociate and beg her to hurt me. I tell her I'll take my shirt off if she needs me to but I don't really want to.
I think I was attention ?? I feel so fucked up.
How do I build trust. Should I just tell her things and build trust off her reactions? I feel like I'm trying to make sure she's safe to open up to before doing it but I'm not getting anywhere. I just end up keep asking if she's mad and if she wants to stop working with me
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2023.06.05 12:18 Gold-University5060 350z Auto To Manual Question

350z Auto To Manual Question
How much would it cost me doing an auto trans swap vs doing a cd0009 swap? Are there any kits out there going from auto to manual? Can I do this myself or a shop? How much would a shop charge and would they swap it auto to manual?
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2023.06.05 12:15 Haunting_Look_6314 Me (18F) and my BF (18M) have different love language’s

This isn’t long at all but just need some advice? So a few years ago, I was in a really toxic/ abusive relationship. I’ll spare you the details but it’s made me HATE physical touch. My boyfriend’s (18M) love language is physical touch. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cuddles and playing with his hair etc but I hate when he randomly grabs my butt or my boobs. I just can’t stand it. It makes me feel a certain way. I don’t know how to explain how it makes me feel but I just don’t like it. I’ve spoken to him a few times about how I can tolerate/ don’t mind him doing it every now and then, but it’s honestly like 10 times a day.
I guess the advice I’m asking for is: how do I find the proper words to express to him that I don’t like when he does it? I don’t want to break up because it’s not THAT big of a deal and we’ve been together for nearly 2 years, but I do want it to stop.
Thank you for reading:)
PS: can somebody let me know if this is an NSFW kind of post. I’m not too sure if it’s appropriate to add that tag🤣
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2023.06.05 12:15 qUxUp (OC) Old-school text review of the NYXI Wizard controller for the Nintendo Switch OLED, accompanied with photos (imgur album). Based on 27 days of testing. More than 3220 words. I was bloody surprised by the A/B/X/Y buttons.

NYXI Wizard is unique due to it's Gamecube controller inspired design and A/B/X/Y button layout. It's ergonomic for medium or large hands. The D-pad could be improved upon. Currently there is no way to turn off the blinding indicator lights, hopefully it's something that will be fixed in a firmware update. The shape, combined with mechanical triggers, mappable back-paddles, turbo and gyro make the NYXI Wizard a versatile primary or secondary controller. Lastly, the NYXI Wizard's conductive adhesive switches used in the A/B/X/Y buttons are just smashing. They are responsive and pressing them feels perfectly weighty. Whether it's GRID, Crysis, Super Smash Bros or something else NYXI Wizard has got you covered (as long as it fits in your hands).
Here are the photos that are part of the review (imgur link).
This is my second Nintendo Switch related text review in our community. The previous review was received quite well and people asked if I could do a joy-con comparison and so I asked NYXI if they are interested in providing me with their NYXI Wizard controller with the purpose of writing an exclusive review intended for the /Nintendo, /Switch/ & /NintendoSwitch/ subreddits. They were. My condition was that the review would be a pure oldschool text review with eight photos taken by me. I get to keep the controller. I won't be receiving additional compensation in any form (no commission fees, affiliate marketing or ad-revenue etc). As my Nintendo Switch controller collection grows, I might write more reviews for our Switch-related subreddits. This review is based solely on my experiences with NYXI Wizard and 27 days of testing.
About me.
Born in 80s. I've been playing videogames since the early 90s. A NES clone was my first console followed by GameBoy and a PC etc. I'm a freelance copywriter. Professionally I've been a part of the gaming tech field & tech journalism for about two decades (Europe/Estonia). It's a interesting field, but it can have an affect on how you view or enjoy videogames.
On PC my favorite videogames were Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Rainbow6: Siege & DayZ. On Nintendo Switch it's either Mario Kart 8 or Door Kickers: Action Squad. Now comes the "heartbreaking" story. I lost the ability to enjoy PC gaming about five years ago. A few years ago I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for my fiancee. She was getting burnt out at university. The users of /switch and /nintendoswitch were kind enough to answer all sorts of questions I had regarding the Switch console. So I bought her a Nintendo Switch OLED. She loved it (once she got used to the controls) and it helped with the stress. At some point I thought that I'd try one of her switch games with no expectations. Fell in love with the ability to play on a couch and less serious tone many Nintendo games have (GameBoy flashbacks). And here we are, I don't have to "borrow" her switch anymore. I have my own Nintendo Switch and too many games and controllers :)
Cheers :)
What this review is and is not.
The NYXI Wizard will be reviewed as a Nintendo Switch joycon and compared to other Switch joycons that I own. A major portion of the review will be dedicated to real life use scenarios. A limited amount of technical details will be included. This review will not cover every detail about the NYXI Wizard (such as how to change all of the settings, pair, turbo etc). The manual has all that information and can be found online.
What's a NYXI Wizard and what do I think about certain marketing?
According to some a major selling point of the NYXI Wizard you will never buy another Nintendo Switch controller again and it will never develop joycon drift. We should always be skeptical when it comes to claims that cannot be backed up by any testing or examples. How do you prove the part of "forever"? While I was never sold on the promise of forever, the NYXI Wizard intrigued me enough with its unique button layout.
The box & what's in the box?
The box for the controller itself is a sturdy blue cardboard box. Inside there is the controller, a small manual, a 127 cm regular plastic charging cable and an extra set of interchangeable joystick rings. Maybe I'm spoiled by past experiences, but I would really have wished to see some sets of interchangable joysticks inside the box (more on these later).
How's the manual?
The NYXI Wizard's manual is decently written, but it's one of those rather small manuals.
Luckily you can find the manual from NYXI's website https://nyxigaming.com/pages/nyxi-instructions.
Lets talk about the interchangeable joystick rings & potential for modding.
The controller comes with round and octagonal rings. Octagonal rings can be helpful in 2D or fighting games for example (Mortal Kombat). The round rings are suitable for all games but octagonal rings have more limited use. It's a nice extra to have, but it is an extra. It can be tricky to change the joystick rings for the first time. Once you replace the rings about five or more times it gets easier.
I personally perform better in games with the more modern round joystick rings. Obviously it's a matter of preference here. However I made more errors in movement with octagonal rings. The difference was about 7%, but to me the difference was there. Currently I have round rings installed and I don't see myself switching back to octagonal rings.
When it comes to modding the NYXI Wizard the interchangeable joystick rings make it easier to replace the thumbsticks. You can even install original GameCube thumbsticks with some effort. A youtube video explaining the process is titled "I Made The NYXI Wizard Better..." (shoutout to 128KB).
The NYXI Wizard has A/B/X/Y buttons that are backlit and it's possible to change their brightness. Even if you turn the background light off, it only has an affect on the A/B/X/Y buttons. There are two indicator lights on top of both joycons and those cannot be turned off. It would have been a nice feature to have where the indicator lights turn off or at the very least are slightly less bright.
Note: I reached out to NYXI about the indicator lights. They informed me that while currently there aren't any such plans they might be able to fix this issue in a future firmware update.
Lets talk about the A/B/X/Y buttons.
In comparison to Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, joycons or Hori Split Pad Pro, the NYXI Wizards buttons feel more responsive. They require a bit more force to push and it's a pleasant feeling. The 8BitDo SN30Pro has similar buttons but still not quite as good. Overall the buttons have a solid feel to them and are on the heavier side when it comes to the amount of pressure you have to apply. Among the Nintendo Switch joycons and controllers the NYXI Wizards A/B/X/Y buttons have a unique place.
Note: I reached out to NYXI for more information about the A/B/X/Y buttons. Here's the reply:
"The A/B/X/Y buttons on our controller use the conductive adhesive switches. We chose these switches for their durability and responsiveness. As for the force required to press the buttons, we wanted to create a tactile and responsive experience for our users."
The layout of A/B/X/Y buttons.
One thing is for sure. The button layout of NYXI Wizard is different. My favorite feature of this layout is the massive A button right in the middle. In the games I play often, A button is one of my most commonly used buttons. Because the buttons are largehave a different layout, it also brings a small challenge to re-learn the locations. It took me about 2 or 3 days. If you end up wanting to use the controller but want to make the layout a bit closer to traditional Swtich joycons then there are a few ways to approach this.
  1. Remap the buttons in the game.
  2. Remap the buttons in Switch.
  3. Assign one of the A/B/X/Y buttons to the remappable back-paddle.
What about the D-pad?
I really like the looks of hard plastic they have used to make the D-pad. But pressing the D-pad really isn't very enjoyable. The edges feel a bit too sharp, so to speak. I'm not a fan of the D-pads position either. The D-pad is the hardest to reach out of all the Switch controllers I own.
Note: I think that a potential upgrade here could be to make the D-pad edges just a tiny bit rounder and move it slightly closer to the left stick.
Lets talk about joycon drift and thumbsticks.
Joycon drift is an issue where the thumbstick starts to give false signals to your console and move your character in a direction that you didn't intend. It happens due to dust getting into joycons or joycon wear. NYXI Wizard has addressed this by using a hall effect joysticks which is a technology that is supposed to never get joycon drift. Setting the technology itself aside, the thumbsticks feel good to use. Their movement is smooth and responsive. The Wizards thumbsticks are similar in size to Hori Splitpad Pro but bigger than the regular Nintendo Switch joycons. A standout of these thumbsticks is the rubbery finish which is very pleasant to hold. It has a nice grip and has a slightly soft feel to it. Out of all the Switch joycons and controllers I own, this is the best thumbstick finish.
With confidence I can say that NYXI missed an opportunity by not including extra thumbsticks that are taller or shorter. In the end a thumbstick is a rather cheap component but it can add extra value to the gamer. My hope here is that NYXI might release additional thumbsticks of different sizes as optional accessories. The good news is that I got confirmation from NYXI that they plan to release accessories like thumbsticks with various sizes soon.
The triggers.
This controller uses mechanical triggers. These are responsive if you compare them to joycons or controllers that use non-mechanical triggers (such as the official Nintendo Switch joycons or the Hori Split Pad pro). It takes very little force to press these triggers which may be beneficial for longer gameplay sessions. The travel distance of the triggers is pleasantly short and the trigger makes an audiable click when its activated. The short travel distance makes it easier to rapidly press the trigger. The Mobapad M6 Gemini has similar triggers. Hori Split Pad Pro, official Nintendo Switch Joycons & Pro Controller have slightly less responsive triggers in comparison.
If your hands are big enough then the Wizard is an ergonomic controller. One of the main advantages of NYXI Wizard is that while holding it, your finger position is different than when holding a Hori Split Pad Pro or the official Nintendo Switch joycon. Using different styles of controllers can be one little thing that you can do to take care of your hands and fingers. I've used it as my main controller for 27 days and am happy with the ergonomics. This means that it's my main joycon for now. At some point I will go back to Mobapad M6 and then something else or return NYXI Wizard.
Gyro, mappable back-paddles.
Gyro works well, even in FPS games such as Crysis. There are also mappable back-paddles present on the the Nyxi Wizard. The paddles themselves aren't very well placed in my opinion as they are a bit hard to reach, but they have a nice texture on them and a responsive feel. Among other buttons, you are able to map the back-paddles to triggers (which isn't possible on all joycon back-paddles).
The vibration motor.
The vibration motor is decent. It isn't HD-rumble, but in a way that's to be expected as the only joycons that have HD-rumble are the official Nintendo Switch joycons. All vibration settings work well, I personally liked playing on low or medium setting. The highest vibration setting was nice when the Switch's volume was louder, otherwise sound of the motor broke gameplay immersion.
Bonus content: what may people with smaller hands think of NYXI Wizard?
As a new part of the review I asked my fiancee (who has small hands) to test the NYXI Wizard and share her impressions. She was fond of how the triggers felt. The amount of force you had to apply and click of the triggers appealed to her. Another one of her favorite features was the way joysticks were textured. Obviously the yellow one got more praise due to its cute color. NYXI Wizard was wa-a-ay too big for her hands. She pointed out that if she had to play something that requires faster reactions, it would be nearly impossible with this controller. The size of the controller, the distance between buttons is just too great. For games like Picross it was okay, but after some gameplay time the NYXI Wizard made her hands hurt. So what's the verdict here when it comes to the NYXI Wizard if you have smaller hands? Try it before you buy it. It's likely that controller might just be a too big.
Most common questions:
Can the NYXI Wizard be used to wake up your Nintendo Switch? Yes it can.
Will it fit inside a carry case that's meant for Nintendo Switch OLED + Hori Split Pad Pro/Mobapad M6 Gemini? No it won't. NYXI offers a case for the Wizard on their website: https://nyxigaming.com/products/nyxi-carrying-case-for-wizard-hyperion-athena
Can it be used as a controller? Yes it can.
Final thoughts.
The NYXI Wizard is a Gamecube inspired joycon/controller that is executed well with room for some improvement. The asking price of $69.99 seems to be fitting. It doesn't have a direct controller to compare to due to the unique features such as the layout and interesting A/B/X/Y buttons. In my opinion the A/B/X/Y buttons are among one of the best features of the Wizard. Yes, these four buttons aren't mechanical but they have a very pleasant resistance and travel distance. The price is worth it to those who like the size & layout of the controller and value features such as mechanical buttons, triggers & unique A/B/X/Y buttons.
Will a gamer benefit from the features that come with the pricetag? Yes, we will (most of them).
Will a newecasual gamer benefit from the features? Yes, some of the features (like the mechanical buttons and different layout with good ergonomics).
And here is a comparison table. Rating 1-5 (5 being the best).
I did my best to rate various features of the Switch joycons that I own. Keep in mind that such comparisons are subjective and ratings might vary from person to person (mostly depending on shape & size of your hands). All of these are rated as joycons and are not rated as a controller.
The price is for the regular model of any controller and is based on the official pricing I found/received. This does not include sales or limited edition color schemes that may cost more.
Model Nintendo Joycons Mobapad M6 Gemini Hori Split Pad Pro NYXI Wizard
D-Pad 3 4 4 3.5
Thumbsticks 3 4 4 4.5
Triggers 3 4 3.5 4.5
Buttons 3 4.5 4 4.5
Build 5 4 4 4
Ergonomics 3 5 5 4.5
Features 3.5 3.5 3 4
Included accessories 4 3 3 4.5
Vibration 4 3 - 3.5
Price $79.99 $55.99 $49.99 $69.99
Weight 99g - 152g 229g
What could be improved upon:
  1. The interchangeable joystick rings are a novelty item for most users. I would recommend them as an additional extra item/accessory that you can add to your order.
  2. It would be beneficial to have thumbsticks of various sizes. The groundwork is already done and NYXI has made it very easy to swap the sticks. Adding short/medium/tall stick options in the store would make sense.
  3. Nintendo Switch has a dedicated fanbase and a decent amount of them really enjoy changing the way their console looks. The ability to order sticks of various colors (such as yellow, pink etc) would be a treat to those who like modding their Nintendo Switch and the joycons.
  4. Additional color schemes and designs/transparent or semi-transparent casings for the controller might appeal to gamers. For example the recently released Zelda themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller proved out to be a massive hit. Bonus: I got confirmation by NYXI that more colors will be released soon.
  5. Adding a way to lower or turn off indicator lights would be a welcome change. It's possible to turn off the A/B/X/Y lights but you cannot disable the indicator lights. Be warned: the indicator lights are BRIGHT! If you are gaming in a darker room and have turned down your Switch brightness to preserve your eyes, the indicator lights will stick out like flashlights. There is an easy fix: put a sticker on your NYXI Wizard and cover the indicator lights. However most people don't want to put stickers on their joycons for basic functions.
  6. Outside of the colors themselves, the plastic used in the controller is a major factor in how the controller feels in the users hands and if users consider it to be "premium". It's worth looking into different kinds of casing materials. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a premium semi-glossy finish and the plastic smooth. Another good example is the 8BitDo SN30Pro which uses a matte plastic casing and also feels solid.
  7. Making the D-pad edges just slightly more rounder would make it more pleasant to use.
  8. Moving the D-pad closer to the left stick would make it more ergonomic.
  9. Placement of the back-paddles could be improved on in terms of ergonomics.
  10. A compact version of the NYXI Wizard might appeal to many.
  11. Adding adjustable analog triggers might be considered.
  12. HD-rumble would make gameplay more enjoyable.
  13. A larger manual would benefit many customers.
  14. If interchangeable joystick rings ever become sold as accessories then increasing the color and finish options would be a welcome addition to the NYXI selection.
Photography equipment used: Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera, Fujinon XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR lens, Fujifilm MCEX-11 macro extension tube, Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f/2.4 35mm lens. helicoid extension tube.
Closing notes:
I hope you liked the review :) Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end! Any and all thoughts about the controller are welcome. NYXI employees will read this post and the comments. So you can use it as a easy way of giving your own personal thoughts regarding this controller (and features you would like to see).
Mods if you need me to remove anything from the post that is against the rules, please message me. I will edit as needed.
What are your impressions of this controller if you already own one?
My personal thanks to Lyra & the entire NYXI team!
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2023.06.05 12:13 Themperror Force walk/pickup? (Priority over attacking)

I've had several occasions where I wanted to pick up some item or walk over to some health orb but an enemy is nearby.. but then clicking on the item/near the ground for healthorb would result in my character just using its primary attack on the enemy rather than walking.. either nearly or resulting in a death of me because I wanted to move, not attack.. (I guess same applies for wanting to move out of an attack)..
In D2(R) you'd hold ALT and enemies wouldn't become targettable, but I can't remember this ever being an issue in the first place as items would have priority over enemies (iirc?) or something just feels.. different/odd..
In the end I'm not sure why this feels like an issue or problem to me..
Anyone else have similar? (and/or decent solutions to this?)
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I know symptoms can come and go and that for some people they start to fade right around now. AND I still feel sick after I eat anyway (last night I nearly threw up my sushi) but them subsiding certainly makes me nervous given my past experience! I’ve been thankful I still have other symptoms and never been so thankful for like a migraine or random pains when I move in my life haha.
Feeling ‘normal’ is weird now lol
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