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2023.06.07 01:26 thewallishisfloor Should I buy a house in cash or get a mortgage?

Hi all
My personal situation is:
37 years old and single.
I currently live abroad and earn $15k per month in a country where there is no income tax (meaning $15k is my monthly take-home).
I've saved about £230k and plan to move back to the UK next year and buy a house.
When I move back I'll also leave my current job, and will likely become self employed where I'm targeting an income of about £70k per year (basically the same as the company that I co-built and run out here, but at a more of a lifestyle business pace, so I'm fairly confident I'll succeed at this as I've done it before - rather than being a pipedream).
I'm debating whether to buy a place in cash for about £220k or maybe put down a 60% deposit and get a mortgage.
I like the idea of living mortgage free, as apart from utility bills I'll basically have no outgoings, but I'm thinking if I get a mortgage, then I can invest the unused money into a pension (I currently don't have anything in a private pension).
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2023.06.07 01:26 Educational_Reach351 Caring for again parents in your home

My sibling, of her own accord, not asking for my opinion on the subject or thoughts about it AT ALL, decided to have our aging dad move in with her and her husband when she bought her new house.
Has she asked me, I’d have said not only is this a terrible idea but WTAF, are you even thinking??
Growing up, or alcoholic dad was never emotionally available. It goes much deeper than that. He was essentially an inconvenient piece of the furniture. He’d get home from work, crack the top of his first of twelve beers for the night and go to his chair in the living room to read the paper and watch the TV shows he wanted to watch. This would leave our mom with all the rest. She’d come home working the same amount of hours at work but then have the house to clean, laundry to do, dinner to make, and in any time left, to care for me and my sister. Ask if this without the help, thanks, or even basic acknowledgment…. Let alone a “thanks “ from our drunk dad. His contribution… he’d berate our mom if she burnt the food because she was tired or multitasking like doing the laundry while cooking. Because she was a saint, she’d always take the burnt food for herself saving the very best for dad who would never notice her sacrifice or praise her efforts. As I grew older and began to grow a conscience, I’d say mom I’ll eat that one. She’d say no, honey, I like it cooked like that. I want that one. Of course it was a selfless lie. She did it because she loved us. Always putting others first. As we grew my sister and I would help around the house ultimately doing most of the housework and laundry etc. meanwhile dad would just sit there. Drinking his beer. Never offering to help. Never offering a kind word of encouragement. Never offering to take us to a game at school. Never participating in PTA events. Never offering to help with homework. Never asking how was our day. This was our childhood. I can actually say it changed my outlook on life. I vowed to never be a woman like my mom. Please know I love my mom more than anything ever and respect her sacrifices and hardships she endured. But I feel it safe to say she was never given the option to “live her best life”. Hers was a lie a service. To her husband. To her family. To the duties of earning an income at a menial minimum wage job she hated, then raising the children by herself minus the income our dad provided. His only value or contribution to our family was that income. Otherwise, he was the furniture. Moreover, while he wasn’t “violent” there were occasions that where he was drunk he’d yell at us and our mom and once while we were crying while looking out the window, witnessed him throwing a heavy trash can on our mom while she tried to defend herself. (As an aside, our mom never drank but had to endure a drink partner every night of her life.). He would occasionally beat my sister and I with his belt or weeping willow branches if we failed in some way. We were good kids (hell we were fantastic kids— straight As, hard working, respectful… all that). I can’t remember the minor infractions that caused a whipping but I sure remember the terror of the act. The drunken yelling, then the fumbling unbuckling of his belt, seemed like time would virtually stop waiting for the belt to whirl out of his jeans and then he’d double it over and advance. Almost foaming at the mouth as he’d come to hit us. Oh, I forgot to mention… the reason he was beating mom that night… it’s because she was trying to protect us so he’d aggress towards her and spare us. Anyhow, that was our childhood. That was what living with our dad was like.
It changed me. Fundamentally. I chose not to have children. I worked hard to support myself independently and never be reliant on a man for my financial support. I even struggle with trust. I’ve learned that people you let into your life, intimately, Matt not have your best interests at heart and may wish to exploit your kindness and generosity. I can’t say these life lessons have helped me to be the best I can be. But here we are.
Our mother passed away leaving only our dad. Fast forward to now. Now where my dad lives with my sister. He’s now advancing quickly with dementia. Other than now being completely paranoid and generally having tantrums where he hates everyone and everything. He’s so racial. So angry. He hallucinates. He thinks people are stealing from him. He thinks his doctors are terrible. He wants to move back to his old house. He’s generally his same old insufferable self just now with the added grief of dementia and paranoia.
My struggle is this…. My sister is increasingly angry with me for not helping her more with his care. She constantly complains about his insensitivity, his arrogance, his disrespect. She wants me to sympathize. She wants me to be a sounding board. She wants me to take him on outings. Take him to breakfast and lunch. To give her a break and some help. I get it. And I do. Not as often as she’d like. But I do. Not every week. Mentally I can’t. I don’t like the man. Honestly, I can’t stand him. Taking him on outings I have to mentally rally and prepare, dread and eventually just come to the thought of “just do it and get it over with” so I can try and forget about it until next time. To say I dread it… having to pretend to care about what he has to say, care about his thoughts… when he has never cared about ours…
I’ve encouraged my sister to put him in a home. He’s not destitute. She refuses. “He’d hate that” she says. I counter with “He hates everything so what’s the difference?” Still she refuses but increasingly demands my help. It’s increasingly harming our relationship. She’s resentful of me for not participating in his care on her terms. She’s withdrawing and becoming bitter towards me. I don’t appreciate being made to feel guilty over participating in the care of this man that has shaped my life for… the worse… hard to say… But definitely not for the better. My achievements have been in spite of him. My decision to not have children which was so strongly colored by him in my childhood now a question in my mind. Had I made the wrong choice? Too late now.
Ultimately this man, my dad, is not yet done taking from me and shaping my life. Now he’s destroying my relationship and friendship with my sister. I only engage with him for her. Increasingly as his disease progresses she wants more and more from me while continuing to draw away from me. I hate this man. I’m also resenting my sister for taking in this burden when she did so on her own but now demands my help. I don’t know what to do. Am I just the asshole? How do support my sister on this crazy journey she never should have tan on? Letting this man continue to destroy our lives.
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2023.06.07 01:26 Automatic_Cat302 How do you manage an unhappy career when it’s providing the income to achieve your personal goals?

I’ve been at my career for the past 10+ years. I’ve worked through various roles, from grunt entry level to upper-middle management. I’m now with a firm where I do a little bit of everything. It’s an easy enough job to coast on for a while but I feel like I’m at a crossroads.
I see the career path forward and it’s not something I want to walk. My work doesn’t motivate me anymore and I am jaded by my experiences with clients and management. My original aspirations were to, very naively speaking, improve the world around me. My careetitle reflects this. I now realize that I am but a very tiny cog in a giant machine. I often times balance other peoples priorities over my own. The effort it takes to make a meaningful impact is not worth it. And the wins that I do get are not enough to justify staying.
My life goals have become less lofty and have now been geared towards individual happiness. I’ve been doing my 9-5 and compartmentalizing work from life. It’s been moderately successful in improving my mental health. But I will add that spending most of the week “at work” is slowly sucking me dry. I’m not sure how much more there is to give.
I’m entering an age where I’m considering a career change. I have a plan. The issue is that while my current career is emotionally draining, it provides me with a decent paycheck. The salary allows me to save and build towards other goals in life - a home, children (very soon), and retirement savings.
If I were to change careers, it would set me and my partner back several years based on the income that I currently provide. We both are at an age where we need to make a decision on children (or not) soon.
Do I just suck it up and continue working so I can achieve my personal goals outside of work? I feel like I should just be grateful that I have a stable income and for having this privilege. I grew up impoverished so I know what it’s like to not have enough. I hate playing the “woe is me” card when there are people who would kill to be in my position. However, the thought of having to do this for another 30 years of my life makes me feel things that are hard to describe. “Doom” is a close one. “Crippling” is another.
That all said and done, I’ve recently come to a conclusion that I’m going to suck it up. Albeit it’s a weak conclusion and I find myself wavering.
I guess that’s a long way of saying — Have any of y’all been in a similar position?Any advice or insights?
How do some of you cope with the idea of doing a career you can’t stand for the rest of your life?
For those who did make a career leap at the sacrifice of something (I.e. income to support a family), what has been your journey been like?
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2023.06.07 01:25 CWalk176 Optus Unlimited Data Day Removed?

So, I'm with Optus for my mobile plan and I've recently moved house. Our home internet (different provider) hasn't been setup yet so I decided to hotspot with my phone and use the Optus Unlimited Data Day for $5 on Monday.
This morning, I get a text and email from Optus saying that the option for that has been removed from my account. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?
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2023.06.07 01:25 kgzoydkydkyd748484 Is this career change a good move, or a potentially bad one? (kinda long sorry)

Hey all, I apologise in advance for posting a topic only loosely related to this sub, although there are no other Australia specific that I can post to and receive advice on career and financial prospects from such career choices. Remove if not allowed of course but I would really appreciate if it could be left up as I am so torn.
I am about to receive a contract for training and career train driving with a passenger train company in a major city of ours. I am also a student half way through completing a computer science degree. Both of these fields are of interest to me.
I do plan on continuing the degree, part time online, if I were to take this new job (against advice of the train company) I am early mid 20 year old, currently working with one of the big two supermarkets making 45-ish k a year, not working to the most of my ability either. I am out of home many hours drive from my hometown and family.
Taking the job would see me jumping up to 70ish k straight away, 100k after a year then just shy of 120k six months from that. Now this is by no means a bad salary, it’s really good and for someone like me who didn’t even finish school I’m ecstatic. Although I worry it would put a cap on my earning potential compared to IT. Obviously still completing my degree as a personal achievement I would have that behind me to change careers down the road if I so choose. Although entry into a new field would see me taking a pay cut at first so I worry I may find myself not changing careers due to getting comfortable on a higher salary.
I’m unsure if I should take it or not, I have not really looked into IT careers I can take now without my degree and I have a support work certificate behind me so if I wanted to earn more I could now. A career in transport is not as comfortable (or free) as one in IT, although it would see me earning so much more pretty much immediately. It would also lock me into certain areas where transport jobs are available. And I keep reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be forever but it’s still a big decision that if I take it a have to commit for a good period of time.
Any questions please ask away, I’ll stay active to answer pretty quickly. I’m a lost 20 something with no one else I can really turn to for this type of advice or guidance.
Thank you to anyone who can shed some wisdom. 🙏
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2023.06.07 01:25 tokar1993 cleaner pushed my wife and stole our money

Hired a cleaner at a online site that was offering good deals on house cleaners.
Yesterday (06/05/2023) she showed up TWO HOURS LATE, when she said she would be there 30 minutes past the time she was supposed to be there. ok what ever. Come home and she has our bathroom DESTROYED... Totes of stuff dumped out etc.
She said she had been there an "hour" and could she come back and finish the job tomorrow? We told her that wouldn't be necessary and to please leave.
She became IRATE and was screaming saying "I'm taking the f*cking money"! (We had $10 sitting on the counter. AT no time was it implied or spoken this was her tip.) She put her hands on my wife and pushed her out of the way and grabbed the money, her bag and fast walked out as my wife and i are screaming at her to stop and come back with the money.
She also took my keys and left them at a random gas station down the road, idk why? But I did get those back yesterday night from the clerk there.
Reddit do I have a criminal case here? We did verbally tell her that was NOT her tip when she grabbed it and she knew it wasn't.
This happened in Indiana, USA.
And yes, I do normally tip 20-50 percent and wouldve been glad to give her a tip if she did work but instead she didn't do any work and just destroyed our bathroom Which we had to clean up (lol).
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2023.06.07 01:24 PalPubPull I've seen advisement here to shop multiple lenders, and am confused at which point in the process we aren't able to shop anymore?

We're getting our house ready for the market, made a non refundable deposit on a new home, and just figured we would go with our current lender.
Due to some advice in here we decided to shop around, but the rates they gave us were hard to figure out even after submitting everything. The ones we did didn't seem to dissimilar.
Now our original lender is sending me a few emails a day asking for required information that is time sensitive, even though we found all the documents and information they needed before this point (but now they need additional info, such as W2's from two years ago, and other things of that nature) they also learned we made those deposits and the reason it's time sensitive is to lock in rates.
My question is, is it too late to still shop? And would we go through the same process with other lenders?
Someone here mentioned even a quarter percent lower makes a difference, so I wanted to shop around still.
Sorry if this is an entry level question, my wife has bought a home before and figured it's easier to go with the bank we already mortgage through (and she might be right) but if it can make even a small difference in what we owe overall, and due to advice in this thread, I want to explore options.
Also my credit is bad but rebuilding, she is A plus. For that reason all our offers with giving lenders quite a bit of info seem high (but they need my income), like 7.3%. She added me as an authorized user as advised by one of the mortgage lenders, and we haven't tried any since then.
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2023.06.07 01:20 carlos-roca- Joel’s basement Pt.1

Joel wasn't an uncommon kind of man. He would occasionally immerse himself in conspiracy theories, driven by his insatiable curiosity about past events. However, there came a time when he delved a little too deeply, causing a profound shift in our world that can never be reversed.
(3 weeks prior)
"Hey kid. Have you heard of something called the Minor Awareness?" Joel asked.
"No, I haven't come across anything remotely similar to that. What kind of conspiracy theory have you stumbled upon, sir?" I questioned.
"Well, to put it simply, there's a belief that there are individuals in our world who are born with knowledge encompassing all of human existence, yet they never feel compelled to share this information with others."
"Well, that's quite an outlandish notion. It's hard to believe that people with such profound knowledge would keep it to themselves. Are you suggesting that these individuals are somehow controlled from birth, manipulated by a higher power?"
"I don't have all the details, just the overarching concept. It's said that those born with this knowledge possess the ability to tap into supernatural forces that can manipulate our reality, for better or worse."
"I'm not sure how to react to this. You usually present logical theories, but this one seems to lack a clear purpose or significance. Even if it were somehow true, how would it negatively impact my life?"
“You clearly didn’t understand the magnitude of what I’ve said, I hope one day you do before it’s all too late.”
I never really understood what he meant until it was all too late just as he once said it would be. Joel was a choir teacher at my high school, he was driven by a passion to teach others, wether it was through music, theories, or established science articles.
Occasionally, he would invite me over for weekends to hang out and discuss life. In a way, I felt like the grandchild he never had, and our dynamic worked perfectly. However, one particular night, his mood took an uneasy turn. I could sense the unease radiating from him, which in turn made me feel unsettled.
After some trial and error, he finally opened up to me about a secret he had been keeping from me for a while.
"Look, Adrian, I haven't been completely honest with you about the extent of my involvement in the world of conspiracies and ancient history. Why don't you take a look in my basement? It's on the far left side of my house."
Taking a deep breath, I walked down the staircase. The basement appeared to be like any other until I turned the corner and discovered a vast collection of ancient texts, artifacts, and even jewels. Most of them seemed to be related to the Amazonian culture. I was in awe. I couldn't believe Joel had amassed such a significant collection that correlated with all of his theories. Before I could delve into the details, I heard a voice behind me.
"Isn't it fascinating? I had intended to show you all of this after you graduated, but it seems time is running short for us."
"I have so many questions, but my first one is, how did you manage to acquire all of these things?"
"With time, dedication, and, most importantly, curiosity, you can achieve a lot. I know you have many questions, but I encourage you to read through this journey tonight. Everything will become much clearer."
That night, filled with anticipation, I hurried home and delved into the pages of that aged and worn journey. It quickly became evident that Joel had been faithfully documenting his experiences in this journal for a significant period of time. The entries contained vivid descriptions of numerous expeditions he undertook, including visits to exotic locations like the Amazon rainforest, Egypt, and remote tribal areas across the globe.
I understand if you approach this with skepticism, but let me assure you that the precise dates, specific times, and intricate details portrayed in the journal appeared unquestionably authentic, leaving little room to doubt their veracity.
Just as I was about to delve deeper into the journal, a bird suddenly crashed into my window with a force that startled me. Filled with a mix of curiosity and unease, I cautiously ventured outside to investigate the commotion. What I encountered was a distressing scene—a lifeless pigeon, its head twisted and matted with blood.
The sight of this gruesome spectacle overwhelmed me, causing a surge of discomfort and disgust that nearly made me retch. However, amidst this unsettling sight, something caught my attention: there, fastened to the pigeon's leg, was a note.
"Your eyes have become vessels for darkness; I shall reclaim you once more, mortal."
These haunting words were ominously inscribed on the note, which was eerily affixed to the mangled leg of the lifeless pigeon. An overwhelming surge of the most dreadful emotions consumed me, causing my legs to give way beneath me, leaving me kneeling in a state of speechlessness and confusion. I was utterly clueless about the next course of action.
Doubts began to assail my mind. Had I unwittingly fallen victim to a cruel prank? Or had I stumbled upon something that was meant to remain hidden? Countless thoughts swirled through my consciousness, each one more unsettling than the last. Eventually, I resolved to meticulously analyze every page of the journal, determined to uncover the truth behind these disconcerting events.
I got back to my room and fast forwarded to the back in hopes that I’d find the knowledge necessary to understand this whole situation. And there it was, “the minor awareness”, titled on the top on the last page of this journal.
A brief summary of my findings reveals the existence of a phenomenon called the "minor awareness." It suggests that at any given moment, there are at least seven individuals in the world who possess the entirety of human history within their consciousness. These individuals have no inclination to share or disclose these details for others to discover. However, the reasons why others are aware of the "minor awareness" remain unknown.
As I delved further into my research, I uncovered the remarkable ability of these individuals to tap into supernatural forces. According to the information I came across, there are parallel worlds coexisting with our own, existing in a separate realm.
While we remain oblivious to their existence, those who possess the minor awareness are fully conscious of both our reality and these hidden realms. They possess the unique ability to perceive these realms continuously and even establish contact with beings capable of manipulating our world in various ways.
For a brief moment, I managed to momentarily set aside my fear and the unsettling events that had just occurred—the pigeon's untimely demise, which seemed to carry an ominous warning. However, my nerves quickly resurfaced, overpowering any sense of calm.
In this state, I realized my only recourse was to reach out to Joel, but my attempts to contact him proved futile as he failed to answer. Faced with this situation, I hastily gathered a pocket knife and some pepper spray, hastily preparing myself for a journey to his house.
As I arrived at Joel's house, my hands trembled uncontrollably, engulfed by fear that left me in a state of shock. Doubts plagued my mind, questioning the reality of it all. Had the theories that had long fascinated me, hidden within the depths of my heart, now resurfaced as undeniable truths?
Gathering my courage, I stepped out of the car and pounded on his door with all my might. His car sat parked in the driveway, and all his belongings remained inside.
I continued to knock relentlessly for at least ten minutes until I decided to check under his doormat for a spare key. Although I didn't find a key, I discovered a note scattered with numbers, which I immediately recognized as a simple riddle he had once taught me. It involved matching the numbers to corresponding letters of the alphabet to reveal words. Within a few minutes, I managed to decipher his message.
The note read, "window in the backyard is open."
I cautiously crawled into the house, only to find no sign of Joel's presence. There were no notes, no lights on—nothing. Even his phone rested on the counter, displaying my missed calls. It suddenly struck me that I should check the basement. Perhaps he was there or had left some clue to his whereabouts. However, as I descended the steps, a wave of regret washed over me.
I realized I shouldn't have entangled myself in a world I was never meant to be a part of. I yearned to remain ignorant of all these revelations. But my thoughts were abruptly interrupted by commotion coming from the left corner of the basement. I crouched down stealthily, trying to catch a glimpse of who was there. To my surprise, four individuals in purple robes were thoroughly examining Joel's discoveries.
Feeling a sense of danger, I slowly retreated, making my way back to the safety of my vehicle. As I drove away, a peculiar sight unfolded before me—countless neighborhood pets, cats and dogs alike, gathered in front of my car, fixating their gaze upon me. It was clear that the unusual experiences I had encountered would not leave me unscathed.
I failed to mention earlier that I had kept the journal with me at all times, fearing that someone might come after it. Shortly after my departure from the basement, I arrived home only to discover that my front door was wide open, indicating a break-in. Anger surged through me, and with desperation, I shouted at the top of my lungs, "What the fuck do you want from me?!" I repeated this plea several times, and then proceeded to search every room of my house, meticulously examining every minor detail.
As I moved through the rooms, a trickle of blood caught my attention, seeping through the crack under my bedroom door. My heart raced with anxiety as I anxiously swung the door open, only to collapse in shock and heartbreak. There, lying before me, were the lifeless bodies of both my parents. In my father's hand, he clutched a vial of an unfamiliar drug, while my mother lay beside him, whispering her final words in a pained whimper.
"They made me do it," she cried, her voice barely audible.
"Mom! Everything will be okay. I'm going to call an ambulance! Please don't worry, Mom!" I sobbed uncontrollably, trying to console her.
"I love you, son. Leave. They'll frame you for our deaths. There's a suitcase filled with money under our bed frame. Run, my baby. Everything will be okay. I promise." Her tear-filled eyes expressed her love for me as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness and passed away in my arms.
Overwhelmed with hatred and heartbreak, my spirit engulfed, I made a solemn vow to survive—for the sake of my mother, even if my own will had waned.
I sped down the state highway, my belongings in tow, heading towards a camping site where my friends and I had always found solace. Throughout the journey, I couldn't help but unleash a torrent of curses directed at Joel, blaming him for entangling me in a world that had shattered my own. Emotions of various shades overwhelmed me, but above all, a thread of intense hatred consumed me for whatever forces were responsible for my parents' deaths.
Upon reaching the camping site, I secured my German Shepherd, using him as an alert system to ward off any unwanted guests. As a sense of safety gradually seeped back into my veins, my dog locked eyes with me, his gaze penetrating deep within, leaving me with an unsettling mix of confusion, fear, and hatred—a conscience devoid of clarity.
In a sudden turn of events, my dog's gaze broke, and once again, a pigeon descended, delivering a note. It read, "In the shadows, they sleep. In the darkness, they keep. In my view, you will sleep."
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2023.06.07 01:18 bigpearshapedbird My husband is changing and I don’t like who he’s becoming.

My husband has become a very selfish, self important person. He feels that everyone should cater to him and perform at a level he expects, without clearly expressing his expectations. I’m really starting to dislike him.
FWIW - he was always kind of like this but was able to keep it in check. As time has gone one, he’s decided that he just deserves to be treated with respect despite not treating others respectfully. He deserves to have people cater to him. He deserves to get what he wants, when he wants.
He’s used to talk me up amongst friends and family but now he just puts me down. How I’m hard to love and can’t get off my lazy ass, despite the fact that I do about as much as he does, I make a similar amount to what he does, and my job is flexible while his is not, so I’m the one who has to take off from work to watch our kid when he gets sick. Usually when our kid is sick I have to balance working full time while also taking care of a sick baby, at home, alone.
We tried counseling after he lost his temper with our child. He told the therapist that everyone is stupid and he shouldn’t have to deal with it. When I bring up issues and wanting to resolve things, he’ll agree but nothing sticks long term.
I need to know when it’s enough and when trying to fix things is no longer worth it.
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2023.06.07 01:17 chocolatinedream It gets better

I've been working for an UHNW single mom with two boys for almost 6 months. I knew from the get go it would be challenging- they both demonstrate severe behavioral issues, but I was confident I could handle it. What I didn't know was how deep the issues would run. I have a very strict "no child is bad, there's just undesirable behaviors" mentality, I NEVER yell or raise my voice, and I always try to promote autonomy and kindness, but these kids and their mom put me through the RINGER. I was unaware for months 8M was kicked out of several schools for bullying and abusive behaviors, and his mom only blamed the teachers (yikes). Once on a trip with them, the boys physically fought each other and I felt so unsupported and overwhelmed I cried while recapping it to my boss, she just sighed, looked at me, and said: this NEVER happened with our last nanny, she ALWAYS knew when to just give them the phone (ie put on a video to placate them). I really should have quit after that but I was determined to make a positive impact. I eventually grew close with 5M as I spent the bulk of my hours with him, only seeing 8M for like one or two hours after school, so honestly I had no idea how bad he could get. On one day (he was upset because he cracked his iPad) he locked his brother and I in a room for hours, threatening to unalive us in graphic terms, banging on the door with a hammer, etc. When his mom got home, she basically scoffed at me and told a story about some kid 8M's therapist helped who threatened a school with scissors and the therapist was like, it's just a 5 year old with scissors, take them away! Ummm, okay. Your kid isn't 5, and he hurt me and tried to hurt his brother. Not really the same thing. I went home distressed and when I came back into work after the weekend, there were newly installed nanny cams in the house. We live in a two party consent state🫠. Days go by and she mentions NOTHING about it. She starts micromanaging me via the camera and never acknowledging it. I quit on Friday and NEVERRRRR went back.
Just got my new contract working for two dads. Everything I could possibly want in a position. Amazing pay, one baby, exactly perfect location. I'm so glad I was able to leave my last job so abruptly, I feel so HOPEFUL. i just went to go visit my last NK's before my nightmare NF and I just felt so energized all day. Like, I forgot how much I could LOVE working. I've been so depressed and I didn't even realize.
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2023.06.07 01:17 No_Investigator1163 Remote jobs

I just applied for a cvs work from home job after working in a retail store for years. (can’t wait to get out of the store!!!) I have a vacation planned later this year and the person I talked to about my application said it’s 20 weeks of training with no PTO days off. Has anyone gone through this before? I told her I need 3 days off and she said she’ll have to call me back another time to let me know if that’s possible
Also if anyone has any insight to what the job is like day to day, would be appreciated!
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2023.06.07 01:16 TrickyEstate4158 Work from home jobs in education/counselling?

Hi all!
I have a masters degree in education, undergrad in psychology and I work in a university as a Guidance Counsellor. On the side, I freelance making educational content, curriculum and courses (just the content, not the designing part). My background stems from program management, information and referral, formal educational counselling and admin.
I’d like to stay in the education field, but want to work from home. Any ideas on companies or roles I could look into?
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2023.06.07 01:15 Cape-Happenings Roof Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning in Bellingham, WA - Mt. Baker Window Cleaning Co.

Roof Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning in Bellingham, WA - Mt. Baker Window Cleaning Co.

Roof Cleaning in Bellingham, WA
Welcome to Mt. Baker Window Cleaning, the premier provider of quality roof moss removal and roof cleaning services in Bellingham, WA. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to keeping your roof and the exterior surfaces of y0our home in pristine condition.
Roof cleaning can be a challenging task, but with our expertise, we make it effortless for you. Whether you require a routine cleaning or a deep clean to remove stubborn moss, we have the skills to deliver exceptional results.
At Mt. Baker Window Cleaning, we prioritize the longevity of your roof. That's why we utilize the gentle yet effective method of soft washing. Our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques ensure a thorough cleaning while safeguarding your roof against damage.
We take environmental responsibility seriously. That's why our roof cleaning service employs eco-friendly products that are safe for your home and the planet.
Say goodbye to a dirty, unappealing roof. Contact Mt. Baker Window Cleaning today and schedule our professional roof cleaning service. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest. Trust us to make your roof look its absolute best.
Mt. Baker Window Cleaning Co.
2200 Queen St STE 10
Bellingham, WA 98229
(360) 305-4086
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2023.06.07 01:15 FarKaleidoscope795 Starting to resent my partner

We have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations since we got together. We've been married five years, together 10. I'm a SAHM of two small kids, which definitely fuels the resentment as I'm feeling more and more like I need to set myself up for financial independence in case this feeling grows. I'm just going to write it all out here to vent and maybe figure something out or someone will relate, because I'm starting to feel crazy.
Four years ago, I got sober thanks to reading about codependency and addiction. Two years ago, I insisted he cut back on drinking as I was ready to leave. He did, but then he got a promotion in a different city, which has led to a whole host of other issues. As I've learned more about myself and the low-key lifestyle I want, he's gotten more caught up in the rat race and his network. He's debating applying for new roles now with even more responsibility as he's frustrated with his job, and it's all he can talk about. He has worked 70 to 80-hour weeks regularly for the last few months. I'm honestly so bored of it all and disappointed. When we met, we were outdoorsy, loved local restaurants and small towns, and felt strongly about traveling and moving abroad. Now it's just his job and the fucking suburbs. I feel like he's constantly talking at me, rarely listening to me. I finish a sentence and he doesn't verbally acknowledge it at all before moving on to the next subject. My most recent frustration is that he's always late to get home, usually by an hour or more, which has made it impossible for me to consider working because I can't count on him to be here for me or the kids. I know it's because he's can't stop talking to people once a conversation starts. Most of the time, if I call, he's in the middle of just "shooting the shit" with his coworkers, which he says is important for his job but why not do that the rest of the fucking day and plan to be home in time to help with the dogs or dinner. I've talked to him about all of these things and he always apologizes and promises he'll get better. He's even ok with spending money on a nanny so we have someone here for the kids in case he can't get out of work on time and I'm still at my potential job. But like, I wish that wasn't our family situation. I want him to be dependable, to not work as much, to be around physically and mentally. Maybe that's my own shortcoming. He earns a great income and seems like he tries to be here, it just never really comes to fruition. And I think it's ok that I don't like it. But is it enough to leave?
I guess I'm just feeling really stuck and confused. My personal and business network is in our old town, and I've drifted so far apart from everyone that I don't know who to talk to for advice. My parents are obsessed with him, so that doesn't help. I've tried to make therapy appointments but can't get anyone to call me back.
I need to get back into the literature, maybe there are answers there and I'm just out of practice. But any advice would be appreciated. I feel like these issues sound so trivial, but somehow it's still that familiar cycle of not being able to depend on someone over and over again, and then getting mad at myself for falling for it again.
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2023.06.07 01:14 dismal4wombat [CA] I gave notice at my job, I'm burnt out from HR.

I've been miserable with a micromanaging supervisor - a Director, who has to have every decision reviewed by the CPO.
There are so many insane things that I've had to put up with, I look back and wonder why did I think this would get better. When I put in my notice, both the Director and the said they knew I was unhappy. I tried to address my unhappiness many times and gave up.
I have years of experience, and have been working on migrating and implementing payroll / HRIS / benefit platforms, fixing long standing issues with state tax accounts, building automated file feeds for benefits, re-building a non existent LOA process, managing 401k, er... 401(k) plan, audits for WC, 401k and compliance. I also have to answer employee emails, troubleshoot timecards, oversee payroll changes, benefits, and other tasks. I never have enough time to do all of these. I'm also supposed to be creating SOPs for all of these things (I want to do that, I just haven't had the time).
I am not an entry level worker.
Here are a few examples of how I've been managed:
It got so depressing that if I made a mistake I'd panic and not want to say anything because I knew I would be scolded. I got so I'd just stare at my computer in a depression and couldn't concentrate to do work ... which made for more mistakes. This is the burnt out part. I don't have any interest in working in this field anymore.
Also, it's not just me. Before I was brought in, they CPO was hired and she brought the Director with her. There was a HR Manager they fired because she wasn't meeting their standards, ok, I buy that.
They recruited in another Director and that person started creating content and got locked out of access to the system because the CPO wanted something different, but didn't give direction. So that person tinkered around for a few months and was laid off. Also, another member of the team who had been with the company for years started getting the scolding and being shadowed to watch all their work. I watched that person stop engaging and looked unhappy all the time. They got laid off too.
So I gave notice. I gave 6 weeks, which is way nicer than necessary. I'm still depressed. Now they are asking me to work harder than ever to "leave everything great for the next person." Ugh.
Thanks for reading my vent of crappy job.
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2023.06.07 01:14 Comfortable_Note_978 Informal Ways to Get Hired in Project Management, BA or MC?

I'm in the US, in NYC. MBA grad, with a metric fark-ton of informal self-taught lessons in consulting, project management, business analysis and IT. I am VERY well-read.
I'm apparently stuck in a P/T non-profit job, and I want to transit to a F/T for-profit position in or outside of NYC or the US, preferably in management consulting, project management or business analysis. I have applied to probably thousands of job postings online without success. I now suspect that most job postings are employer grifts designed to take advantage of the federal government paying employers to post job listings, but not checking to see whether postings are filled.
People contact me on LinkedIn about positions, but I suspect that they are just data collectors who want my resume for data. The formal job-hunting process seems broken. My dad did no favors for me, so nepotism is out. My other family members are distant from each other, as Americans tend to be. Networking events are just wannabe employees or prospecting soloists, and no employers.
What informal ways of securing a junior small-to-medium firm MC, PM or BA position are open to me? Does anyone reading this earnestly want a junior assistant or employee? It can be off-books if meeting Fed or state requirements freaks you out about hiring people. The current formal Apply Online system is broken, my life is passing me by, and I don't know what to do about it. How do other people establish themselves in a society which actively seems to try to prevent people from achieving take-off? I am sick and tired of being looked through by people who spout the "people these days don't WANT to work!" bilge.
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2023.06.07 01:12 Man0fTheLand Automate Excel with only powershell?

I've started a job doing data entry and I'd like to automate the process. In order to do so, I'd need a software tool that can read an excel file and run different scripts according to the data. The scripts would involve creating folders, copying files, creating new excel files and populating them with data. Can I do all of this with powershell and batch? Or will I need to involve programming languages such as python?
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2023.06.07 01:10 whistlersurfer $GSPT volume and price up

$GSPT moving up out of nowhere on decent volume. New business model and management now in place.
Super Fresh Foods Inc. is a direct-to-consumer successful meal subscription company which uses a customized proprietary software to manage its logistics by tracking meals from ordering, ingredient acquisition, meal preparation, delivery, and payment across a broad platform of meal delivery assets.
Super Fresh Foods was established in 2022 and operates through a partnership with All Your Foods in the Vancouver, British Columbia metropolitan area to deliver meals under its “All Your Meals” brand.All Your Meals is for people who want to eat healthy food without sacrificing taste and without the hassle of preparing every meal at home. Using proprietary Super Fresh recipes, the All Your Foods kitchen delivers our delicious meals for clients to heat and eat, without sacrificing the freshness or flavor we expect from a home cooked meal. Please visit
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2023.06.07 01:09 Blue_Astronomer_33 My latest project, a "Dogs In Danger Daily" Twitter Bot

Hello everyone, I'm here to share a NodeJS project I've been working for the past day - a 'Dogs In Danger Daily' Twitter Bot! 🤖🐶
Apologies in advance if this is not an appropriate post for this subreddit
What it does: It scrapes data from and posts a random dog in danger of euthanization, raising awareness and increasing the chances of adoption. It grabs the location of the adoption center and includes appropriate hashtags to give Twitter users who live in the state a higher chance to view.
It also posts every few hours a memorial tribute to a fallen dog (name and picture), who never got the chance to a better life.
DogsDangerDaily Twitter
Why I created the bot: As an animal lover, it pains me to see countless dogs in shelters with uncertain futures. Determined to help anyway I can, I channeled my passion for programming to create this twitter bot. As a junior developer, I have troubles finding valuable project ideas and figured something like this not only helps me grow my skills but can help make a difference.
My mission and seeking support: I genuinely believe that every small effort counts. If you're also passionate about animal welfare, I'd greatly appreciate your support—be it feedback, suggestions, or even spreading the word.
By joining forces, we can make a tangible impact in giving these voiceless creatures the love and care they deserve. 💙
Thank you for taking the time to read about my project
GitHub repo:
A big thank you goes to is an award winning website founded by two dog lovers. The website was launched in October 2007 with the goal of:
Getting as many of these dogs adopted into loving homes as possible, before their time runs out; and
Raising awareness of the number of dogs being killed in shelters.
The co-founders dedicated their respective skills and the shelters list the dogs.
The founders have many more ideas to implement, all aimed at eradicating the needless killing of those we call our best friends.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Dangerous-Search2956 AITA for not wanting to babysit my autistic brother

I 17F have a autistic brother 6M he's not a bad kid he's non-verbal but is vocal. Now that it's summer we're both out of school. His Father sometimes takes care of him and provides for him.
His father doesn't usually take responsibility outside of what the court has ordered and sometimes even goes against it.
Now that he doesn't want to be responsible, my mother relies on me to provide (paid)childcare for her. But I don't want to seeing as though it is my last summer ever and I wanted to make the most of it seeing that I work in the afternoons(6-10) and my mother gets home at 5 from her job.
On Monday morning I woke up to a text message from my mom telling me to take care of my brother for day because his father didn't show up. Which happens a lot when we have school breaks and I usually take care of him. My mom Always parades me for being selfish for not wanting to watch him and I understand that it lowkey is but it does take a toll on me
On spring break I had an internship that was virtual and in person and it was especially stressful trying to juggle watching over him and trying to be on my zoom call. I just feel like im missing out and sometimes I cry because I feel so bad that I don't want to do it . AITA?
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2023.06.07 01:09 lowriskshighrewards Passed my PMP! Seeking advice on next steps

I have a background in writing (education), teaching (2 yrs), and communications (5 yrs). I recently got my PMP certification.
I’m trying to transition out of my communications/social media job and into PM. Any advice on newly entering PMs or position that values a PMP (doesn’t necessarily have to be PM position).
Other positions I’m looking at are gaming producers, positions in internal communications, communications managers, writeeditor. Any advice in applying for these fields or other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
My experience with PMP exam:
3x ATs, English degree, work exp in teaching and communications.
Test: Difficulty and confidence felt exactly the same as when taking SH full practice exams. Only flagged questions when answer seemed 50/50. Only reviewed flagged questions. Felt like all 3 sections were the same difficulty. Took all 3 breaks (10min each) just to stretch and walk around. Finished with 40min remaining. Tested in person at center.
Studying: Pretty much the same method as everyone else: AR 35 (score: 54%), DM Agile (score: 79.5%) and PMBOK7 (score: 60%), SH all mini quizzes and 2x full practice exams (score: 64%). Played AR mindset videos while commuting from/to home/work.
Day before exam: Had 5 SH mini quizzes left so I just dove into them. Took my dog to the beach. Watched fireworks at night. Slept 2hr earlier than usual and got a good 8hr of sleep.
Application: AR’s section on how to apply and write job exp was very helpful. Use it. I got audited but was able to clear it in under an hour. Super easy, no need to stress about the audit unless you’re lying on your application. It also doesn’t have to be your boss/ex-boss who signs off on audits. Could be a coworker who worked/works with you.
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2023.06.07 01:08 Shaengar An uncomplete review about The New Light mods for Icewind Dale EE by LavaDelVortel and AionZ

I just completed my first modded playthrough of Icewind Dale EE and I thought I give a review and my thoughts about the stuff that the New Light mods add to the game for those people who think about playing with these mods as well.
I have played through Icewind Dale about 4 or 5 times. Its a game that stuck with me from my teenage days. I hold it quite dearly and replay it about every 3 years. I love the atmosphere, the locations, the battles. And I also love the Baldur's Gate series with all its banters and great companions. So I hoped that with the NPCs from this mods I would get an interesting party together that would comment on the specific situations and revelations throughout the game, that the NPCs would have interesting backstories and strong personalities and I have to say: That is exactly what I got.
I was also looking forward to the quest mods. Especially the rediscovery of Kuldahar because I always felt that the vanilla game could have made Kuldahar much more interesting. It is one of the most cozy and beautiful places that I have ever experienced in a video game but it was also flawed in a way. There could have been more quests there, or more interesting NPCs. So I hoped that the quest mods would give me that and I installed them all.
Naturally I could only take 5 companions with me so I had to choose which one I would want. I settled for L'anna, Dusky, Minerva, Karihi and Nella (from Kulyoks NPC mod). Having one character from a different modder turned out not to be a problem, because there is a crossbanter mod available that worked flawlessly and it never felt as if Nella wasn't part of the team.
That means I cannot comment on T'viy, Urchin, Oak-Maw, Tipps, Orra, Dandjelion, Hommet or Ina, because I haven't played with them.
I will no go over the different companions that I played with one by one and give my thoughts and ratings.
L'anna: She is an elven paladin that has a story connection to the Severed Hand and the Mythal magic that I found very interesting. She started out slowly and a little bit on the uninteresting side and while it definitely got much better once I reached the Severed Hand, I could not shake the feeling that she was the most bland of the NPCs. I liked her and I learned a lot about elven culture and tales from her, which was very interesting, but she didn't have a personality that stood out from the others. Her voice acting also wasn't the greatest and I had to replace her portrait with another one more to my liking, but all in all she was a good companion to have. Strong as well with pretty good unique class skills. It felt like she had very little banter with the rest of the group though and thus felt a little bit isolated from them.
Rating: 5/10 Pretty good companion but the most uninteresting of the ones I took with me.
Karihi: She is a fire Genasi and a specialist fire mage so to speak. She gets unique fire spells at certain levels that were very strong and flavorful and she gets a bonus to fire damage. Also a staff that can do a range attack from the start which was extremely good for the early game. I have to say that she was pretty much a perfect companion in every regard. Portrait, voice acting, backstory or class skills. It left nothing to be desired and she just flawlessly fit into the setting. Of course having a dedicated fire mage is a great thing to have in the frozen north where many enemies are vulnerable to fire. And she became extremely strong very quickly. I found Items for her, that raised her bonus to fire damage even further up to i think almost 100% at later levels, making her spells like Fireball do ridiculous damage to large clusters of enemies. Also there was gear that raised her casting level and lowered the cast time like the Robe of Vecna does in BG2. That made her an absolute monster of a damage dealer and made some fights trivial. Is she OP with the right gear that you will find during the game? Yes, she is. Is it gamebreaking? No. Should you use Karihi in your party because her presentation, her writing and her gameplay is incredibly great. Absolutely.
10/10 Would recommend for everyone to try her out. I haven't romanced her so I don't know how it goes but as a friend and companion I loved her the most of my companions, second only to...
Minerva: Minerva is a Gnome Artificier. That means she is a fightethief with no ability to backstab, but instead with unique traps, the ability to craft very powerful potions and later a stationary autocannon and even a Modron. Minerva is probably the most likeable companion I have ever had in any party. She is cheerful, positive, funny but she never goes over the top and has serious moments to. Her personality is great and she is a joy to have around. Just as with Karihi, everything is perfect here. Voice actress does a phenomenal job, her portrait fits her perfectly and her skills are interesting and strong. Her backstory also feels realistic and fitting and I want to visit Lantan with her now. She uses throwing knifes and is very good at it. Its a bit tedious at first when you have to craft her special knifes that can do friendly fire if your micromanagement slips a litte but once she gets a returning throwing dagger she is just simply fun in combat. She also comments on getting a returnable throwing dagger and how convenient that is for her when you ask her how she is doing in a player initiated dialogue. How great is that?
10/10 Companion. I would have loved to romance her but I saw to late that the romance required 14 Intelligence to trigger. When I EE Keepered my Intelligence up during the Vale of Shadows its seems to have been to late and the romance didn't trigger properly. Real shame. You should definitely take her with you if you want a ranged damage dealer with fun skills that will be the positive heart of the party. Minerva is great.
Dusky: He is a Half-Orc Cleric/Thief. His portrait is abysmal. You need to swap it out to a better one at the very start of you playthrough or it will ruin that character for you. I gave him Dandjelions Portrait because I thought that it fit but you can use any Half-Orc portrait that you like. Everything else about him was pretty good. He has some intersting stories from his past and his personality is very likeable. If you play a male character he will try to initiate a romance at some point. If you are not into that stuff you can turn him down and he will be a good friend for the rest of the game. He will ask you to have drinks in an inn several times where he will then initiate a dialogue. I found that to be great idea and it really enhanced the atmosphere. Nothing like having an ale together in the Kuldahar Root Cellar after a return from a deadly dungeon and have a chat. As for effectiveness I really didn't have a good role for him because I already had Minerva to take care of traps and locks. His priest spell progression is slow because he is a multiclass and so he mostly stayed back with a sling in hand and supported with heals and defensive magic. His stats are great but with only 1 APR i wanted to keep him from the frontlines. Later he became a lifesaver when I had him scout ahead under the effects of Sanctuary and made him disable traps and trigger ambushes prematurely. He was a good secondary cleric and his pickpocket skills were needed to get the three rings from Orrick, Arundel and Oswald at the start. I liked his realistic, down to earth character and he had quite a lot of banter while never going on the boring side. His voice actor did a good job as well.
So that is it for the companions. I didn't include Nella, because she is from a different modder. I can quickly say that I liked her really much and I found her connection to Arundel too interesting to not take her.
Now onto the quest mods. I am a bit torn here because my Nr.1 criteria was that those quests would fit in with the rest of the worldbuilding and atmosphere. I hoped that those mods would enhance the experience of the game while not changing how the game feels too much. Some of them succeeded in this, some of them didn't.
Tale of our Lady Dreamless: This is a pretty short quest that actually fit in flawlessly with the rest of the game. I has a few small, but extremely beautiful maps, an encounter with one of the barbarians before we meet more of them in Heart of Winter and a quick but fitting resolution. I can say nothing bad about this mod and would absolutely recommend it.
Below and Below Inn: I was really looking forward to this mod I have to say. A new cozy Inn in the Icewind Dale that I could visit and spend some time in? Yes please, But unfortunately I was really not a fan of this when I played it. That is because it really doesn't fit with the rest of the setting. The Inn is not in Kuldahar but somewhere between Dorn's Deep and the Hand of the Seldarine on the Map. Umm what? To my knowledge that means it is in the middle of nowhere in one of the most deserted places in the Icewind Dale. What would an Inn do there? There should have been no customers at all, but instead it is an Inn that has stuff like a piano and luxurious furniture in it. There are Noblemen and Noblewomen, Merchants and other people there. It just didn't make any sense to me and pulled me off of my immersion. No one mentioned why there would be rich people like this in the middle of the wilderness of the North, nobody mentioned the blocked passes to the Ten Towns. Icewind Dale is such a great game because after you leave Easthaven you are cut off from Civilisation. The people of Kuldahar are on their own, living in a desolate and dangerous area and no help is coming to them apart from you adventurer party. Below and Below Inn destroyed that Image for me. It felt like it belonged in a different area of the Icewind Dale or even further south and felt really out of place. There wasn't even snow at the entrance now that I think of it but green Grass. I would not install it again. Minus points for having a cook that does not want to throw me out of his kitchen. This goes against every RPG rule in existance and really made me question my view of the world!
Terror of the Skineater: Another short quest that made good use of the haunted forest maps from Icewind Dale 2. You are approached by a mage that tells you of that a creature that slaughters people from his village roams around in a nearby forest and wants you to kill it. (Although he never mention what and where this village is, what kinda put me off) What I liked was that it was a pretty short and interesting quest that even had a connection to a Character that we meet in Icewind Dale 2 and gives a little more backstory to that Character. 7/10 Good mod. You get a very powerful spear from it that dominates the early game if you do this quest early.
Night of the Blinking Dead: If you want to fight through yet another of the BG2 Beholder lairs this mod is for you. I really didn't. The attempt of recreating the comedy with the speaking Spectator Beholder kinda worked, but it was not enough for me to recommend this mod. It didn't fit in in my opinion. At least its also pretty short.
Snowytoes Hamlet: This mods adds a Halfling Village to the map where you can get some gear and some quests. It really wasn't bad. My biggest criticism for it was that it made you backtrack to already cleared dungeons like Kresselacks Tomb or the Temple of the forgotten God. I didn't like this. Those are locations that should be visited once and not a second time. It felt a little bit devaluation going there again and bringing some halfling boys back home from there. Also the existance of another Village in a supposedly wild and uninhabited part of Faerun was not something that I particularly needed. Its an okay mod though.
The Rediscovery of Kuldahar: Finally the mod that I was looking forward to the most. As I said earlier I always felt that more could have been done with Kuldahar. I always bothered me that all the villagers there all have the same exact dialogue. That there are very few interesing NPCs. Kuldahar didn't change as you progressed though the different chapters of the game was also something that I would have liked to see changed. Why didn't Mother Egenia show up in the temple of Illmater after I rescued her from Dragon's eye? It would have been so nice to have her back, be able to talk to her there, maybe buy better equipment from her. Where are the other villagers that were held captive in Dragon's Eye? Only Sheemish appears in Kuldahar afterwards. Big missed opportunity not having some of the other people show up, making Kuldahar seem more inhabited again, maybe have them give some small rewards or even quests when you talk to them after their rescue. The Root Cellar is the coolest and most cozy Inn that I can think of but after the Lysan story there is nothing more to do there and the guest there all have the same dialogue. So I hoped that this mod would adress all that. And unfortunately it didn't. It added some caves to the original maps where you could get two smaller quests. The one where I had to hunt a Chimera was okay, the one where I had to prepare a get together for two women (one apparently a Noblewoman in Kuldahar?) was not and I had to look for that candle that I needed to complete this quest way too long. The mod also adds a completely new section of Kuldahar that is really well designed and had a lot of potential. But the people you meet there were a little bit disappointing to me. There is a Xvart merchant there that sells you flies and eyes and chicken feet and stuff like that. In my opinion, he absolutely didn't fit into the setting. The Mushroom Café was interesting but ultimately lacked any importance and there was not reason to go there more than once. More could have been done with it. The Throne of Bhaal prophecy Stone Face that gave forshadowing about the events of Icewind Dale 2 was good, but the other stuff not so much. You get some Quests that make you search for pages of a Spellbook for a Mage (Isn't Orrick supposed to be the only mage in Kuldahar), or get a Telescope for a Stargazer that you can either steal from Oswald or get a different one later, for which this guy will reward you with a Star Atlas that raises Saving Throws and Lore. But you have to wait a whole Month until he finishes it and by that time you have either rested 90 times i a row or pretty much completed the game already. Ultimately this area of Kuldahar, while beautiful to look at, didn't give me the feeling of it being a natural extension of the existing Kuldahar. While it wasn't bad it was just simply not what I expected so it left me disappointed. There is one thing about this mod that redeems it for me though. An that is the upper Kuldahar section. Remeber Lysan telling the barkeeper of the Root Cellar that she uses to go to upper Kuldahar from time to time? In the Vanilla game we never get to see upper Kuldahar but with this mod we can. And we can see why Lysan went there and what she did. Don't want to spoil it for anybody what you find there but this part of this mod was 100% perfect. This is what I wanted to see. An extension that build upon content from the original game and built onto it. For the upper Kuldahar addition alone I would recommend to install this mod. That was exactly what I hoped the Rediscovery of Kuldahar would do and it felt like straight out of the base game.
6/10 I would have been 3/10 without the upper Kuldahar section but this part really pulled it on to a higher rating alone. The rest was just not what I expected and some people might enjoy it more than me, because it really isn't bad.
Items and others: The last mod on my list and I cannot say too much about it. This mod adds a ton of items, some of them craftable. I do not know exactly which ones of the items I found came from this mod, which ones maybe came from the NPC mods and which ones were in the base game, so its hard for me to judge. The Item crafting was very fun and gave some appropriately powerful items. A shame that you have to play Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster before you defeat Belhifet in order to get every item crafted though as it never made sense to me to play the games it that order. For me it was always defeat Belhifet, than export my characters to HoW and close out with TotLM. Overall I felt pretty much overequipped during my entire playthrough. Some items appeared way to often, like the Hands of Takkok (the gauntlets of Ogre strenght) which I found about 5 times. Or the cloak of displacement which appeard about as often. Not sure it is the fault of this mod though so its hard for me to judge. I mostly enjoyed the item variety that came with it. Its maybe a bit too much as I was closing in on having a million gold pieces at the end of the game.
So thats it. A lot to read through but hopefully you found my thoughts about these mods helpful.
I want to put out a big thank you to the creators because you really gave me a fresh playthrough, extremely well written companions that enhanced my gaming experience a lot and made me want to play with the other companions that I couldn't take along too.
Not everything was exactly to my liking, but you can't please anyone. And most of the stuff you created was extremely well done and thought out.
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