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Everyday objects used as movie props.

2015.01.25 22:21 twitchedawake Everyday objects used as movie props.

This subreddit is about props being repurposed from everyday household or commercial items, things we interact with on a day to day basis being transformed and used as something else on screen. It's fascinating on both the amazing and the absurdly bad ends, so we welcome it all here. Please do abide by the rules, though. They are there for a reason.

2009.11.05 04:41 TheBiggestFaggot Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Anything and everything related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

2011.01.19 23:00 Odd Future Wolf Gang

Odd Future

2023.06.05 01:32 Paraguanera86 [OFFER] [STEAM] Warhammer 40.000: Kill Team

Just today, I was in a stream of someone I know since early 2000 first decade.. He gifted a few mystery keys that he collected over the years..
I was lucky and got one, a old one.. Don't know if still works but I know one thing: I'm not going to play it..
So.. Since this subreddit has gifted me things that I wanted and enjoyed, and I have one key that I'm not going use, it will be a shame if it goes to waste and hope a fan get it..
To get a chance to enter, just tell me: What PC game of the Warhammer franchise do you like more and why?
PS 1: This giveaway will be running for around 24h since it get posted.. The winner will be picked randomly..
PS2: Sorry for my English, I did it the best I could..
Good Luck..
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2023.06.05 01:32 Hidden_Armadillo How to write to MLA regarding BChousing / Subsidized housing

It was recommended to m to write to my MLA (or other MLAs in the lower mainland) regarding my current housing situation and fear of homelessness. Currently my landlord is attempting to evict me (for personal use) due to wanting more money from rent, I am going through the dispute process with as much evidence as I can provide from my landlords and it being in bad faith. I am on disability, I have finally found a doctor (after 2 years), and I am waiting on surgery now which will take 6-12 + months. Over the past few years my body has gotten much worse, and I am unable to work. I desperately want to but I physically cant manage to do a lot, even moving from my bed most days in severe pain is extremely difficult.
______ Ive reached out to as many resources as I can, but im terrified of being homeless and im trying to do everything I can to prevent my situation from getting worse. Disability is already not enough to live off of with my current rent, I cant afford to move to another rental which costs more, and I have no family I can go to for help.
I understand that many people are also in need of housing, in a worse situation or the same situation as I am in, but I am trying to do everything I can so I dont end up homeless or lose everything I have by being in a shelter, including general safety.
How can I effectively contact my MLA or MLAs of other areas closeby (in lower mainland) to assist in the bchousing process by requesting a support letter from them?
TLDR; On disability, waiting for further treatment/surgery, landlord attempting to evict for personal use/wants more rent money, Cant afford other rentals, dont want to be homeless, trying to contact all resources I can to prevent homelessness. How can I contact MLA for support letter?
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2023.06.05 01:31 PunchBagPlays Cant Find Prince Dungeon / maze

Cant Find Prince Dungeon / maze
Me and my friend have been searching the desert biome non stop for hours trying to find this dungeon. We found the queen one instantlly by accident

I googled where it can spawn and only says in this biome. We used the app to track the circles and places markers along our work to search across the line.

We still cant find it does anyone suggest anywhere we can look ( the bottom went down to sea, the top was lava area. Im stumped ( my friend looked the the top while i did bottom)
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2023.06.05 01:31 Over_Chocolate_8729 Walgreens coupons not given to customers

I’ve noticed some cashiers near my place, where I shop regularly, never give coupons to me or others. Some of them are pretty nice, like spend $20, get $7. I’ve noticed sometimes coupons are printed out, but they don’t bother to give it. Is it just laziness and I need to directly ask for coupons? Or they steal them for themselves?
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2023.06.05 01:30 Relevant-Feedback-33 FPS on FN is kind of cheeks

So I’m relatively new (started playing a little before season 2) and I never really worried about it until now, but my FPS kind of sucks. For the last couple months of used semi-optimized settings on a 5600x with a 3060 ti, 32 gb ram on a 1440p 144hz monitor. I don’t remember exactly what my FPS was, but I decided to go for more optimized settings and edited the registry a bit. I don‘t think it really worked though. I average about 120 FPS in the lobby, 90 when gliding out of the bus, and like 200-300 on the ground, with frames dropping below 144 pretty often. I know this chapter isn’t super optimized (especially MEGA city) but I saw YouTube videos of people with the same exact specs as me getting anywhere between 250-500.
Is there any explanation for this? Or any fix?
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2023.06.05 01:30 Leading_Release_4344 Where can I learn hot and fast?

Hey all,
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and studying of bbq techniques. One thing I saw was that on pitmasters, Myron Mixon was using a hot and fast technique to cook his brisket. Most of the resources Ive been told to use are low and slow. Does anyone have any good resources on learning this? I haven’t done a brisket yet because tbh it’s too big for me to make and eat myself and mess around with experimenting right now. I may try soon. Also, does this technique work for all smokes or just brisket? Is it harder? Reddit posts in the past about it seem to have positive views of it.
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2023.06.05 01:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University (

[Download Course] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University (

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2023.06.05 01:30 MerelyAnArtist Trouble logging in

I’ve been having issues with Mercari for a while. It prompts me to log in, so I log in through Facebook and then I go to look at the marketplace, my profile, try to list something, anything I try to do, it prompts me to log in again. I go through and make a listing, and I click list and it prompts me to log in again. Then I try clicking list again and same thing. I can’t list anything, look at messages, or update my profile through my phone. I tried logging in with my personal email rather than my Facebook account and it said I can’t have multiple accounts on one device. I don’t have a personal computer, but my online sales through another platform have been getting super low lately and I was just hoping for the boost because everyone has been talking about Mercari lately.
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2023.06.05 01:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (All of them)

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2023.06.05 01:30 Haunting-Set-2784 Dehydration/Bicarb

I'm mostly just curious.
How severe is a bicarb of 12? How quickly do these numbers drop/dehydration happen in the case of a stomach bug/some puking and diarrhea?
3 year old came down with a stomach bug 2 weeks ago. Got better. Got very sick again with what they suspect was a bad case of rotavirus (he is vaccinated). He was seen Thursday and my concerns were mostly dismissed because he had "enough" wet diapers. By Friday night he was still miserable but all the things the doctor the night before told us to look for weren't an issue and by Saturday he was completely unable to stay awake so was rushed to the ER. He was on IV fluids for about 18 hours and bicarb at admittance was a 12. He has a whole slew of dx that make sickness normally so much worse (autism - limited functional communication, severe aversions/sensory, failure to thrive). We pull out all the tricks on a good day to be successful so on a bad day it escalates so quickly and he has needed IV's before when sick. The nurse kind of scolded me at discharge today and gave me tips so this "doesn't happen again." We do the best and use all the tools in our toolkit. Previously his bicarb had never gotten below 20 so the 12 was shocking...I don't know what more we could have done but I'm just trying to gauge those numbers and take notes.
We see the ped for a follow up and I will discuss this with her further but I want to try and have a game plan to better address his very specific needs. He does still nurse and that was what was sustaining him and he had regular diapers. That said, they said since breast milk was low sodium his body just couldn't fight it more. In hindsight, we could have tried to push more regular fluids.
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2023.06.05 01:30 enhancedadrenaline How far would you go?

How far would you guys go to avoid social interaction?
For me, I have 3 grocery stores around my area all 5-10 minutes away. None with self checkout, tho I’m willing to travel 40 minutes to the other store that has a self checkout so I don’t have to speak to the cashiers. Also drive thrus- there’s some right near my house yet I would rather have them doordash’d with no contact than drive 2 minutes to get a burger 😭
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2023.06.05 01:30 whodatbfromreddit Salvage title?

Hey guys, I've been riding a 2023 Surron LBX for about 2 months now and my girls moms moped occasionally and I'm ready to buy my first legit street bike. My 2 bikes I'm looking at are the Rebel 300 and the Rebel 500. The Rebel 500 is just out of my price range but I feel like the 300 is gonna be too slow for me and I'm gonna end up selling it in a few months. I found a bunch of rebuilt title Rebel 500s in my area for the price of Rebel 300s. My question is, are rebuilt titled bikes just as risky to buy as rebuilt title cars? I figure they wouldn't be as bad because there are less parts to be damaged in a collision, they have relatively basic electrical systems compared to cars which I am used to, and I would assume bikes would be cheapeeasier to fix if something weren't repaired correctly from the collision. Is it worth it for a first/second bike that I'll only have for a few years at most? Or should I just throw the extra few thousand at a clean title bike? This is in CT where I would only be riding ~7-8 months in a year.
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2023.06.05 01:29 Big_Sexy__ Radio frequencies

Buying radios soon for a milsim and general game use and was wondering what frequencies me and my friends should use so the fcc or whatever doesn’t shoot my dogs
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2023.06.05 01:29 ExtremeLifeEnjoyer How to Check Used Bike Condition If Sellers Live Far Away From You

I'm looking to buy a used trail bike (either full susp / hardtail) on Pinkbike. Some bikes look brand new to me and the price is $700-$1000 more lower than its original price. Unfortunately, none of these sellers live near me, so I don't have opportunity to check the bike in reality. I'm afriad of buying a bike that has problems. What should I do in this conditions?
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2023.06.05 01:29 Chasehat1 [Hersheypark] Trip report 6-2-2023

[Hersheypark] Trip report 6-2-2023
Got back down to Hershey for the first time since 2020 for Wildcat’s Revenge opening weekend. This was my 3rd trip to the park and definitely the best. Fast Track came in clutch for sure as it was quite busy for most of the day.
Wildcat’s Revenge (x3) I will very much admit I’m a massive Intamin fanboy, they just make what I like. While I do love all the RMCs I’ve ridden I’ve found a few of them pretty overrated. This RMC on the other hand is a whole different animal! It’s just a non stop blur of ejector airtime, sideways ejector, laterals, and inversions. This is definitely my new favorite RMC and is now my favorite coaster at Hershey, which as an Intamin fanboy, is incredibly rare for me to say for a park that has an elite Intamin. Cracked my top 5 overall.
Skyrush (x3) This ride is so stupid lol. I absolutely love it for it’s ridiculous intensity and crazy ejector air, but it is just so uncomfortable between the restraints and the general feeling of being in a car crash the ride has. It probably would be a top 3 coaster if it was just slightly uncomfortable instead of bordering on torture. Still love the ride as it’s my #7 overall but it’s not a coaster I can re-ride.
Candymonium x3 I love B&M hypers, this is no different. First half is outstanding, love the drop, two large floater hills, and the flojector on the speed hill. It does die out a bit following the helix turnaround which keeps it from thr upper echelon of B&M hypers I’ve done (Nitro, DBack) but it’s a B&M Hyper it’s still awesome.
Storm Runner x1: Hadn’t ridden this since 2018 as it was closed on my trip in 2020, forgot how legitimately awesome it is. Insane launch, great ejector filled top hat, flying snake dive is just fucking nuts, and those transitions at the end had much stronger laterals than I remembered. I’m really debating whether or not I think this is the 3rd best coaster in the park over Candy, Storm Runner is truly one of the more underrated coaster out there.
Fahrenheit x1: Crazy how this great little ride gets completely lost in the mix at Hershey. Great drop, surprisingly strong positive G’s, really whippy inversions, and one big moment of ejector at the end of the ride. It does have a really noticeable vibration that seemed to be focused squarely on my crotch, which made for an odd sensation throughout the ride lol.
Sooper Dooper Looper x1: This was closed on my other two trips here, not much to say about it, vertical loop is really fun, it’s really smooth, and that’s about it.
Great Bear x1: Love a good B&M invert and while this is one of the weaker ones it’s still great. Funky but intense layout and still glass smooth.
Laff Track x2: This ride is just an acid trip, rode it twice because my girlfriend thought it was hilarious. One our first ride we were the only two in the car so it spun like crazy and damn near made me nauseous. This is fun in a it’s so bad it’s good way so it gets a thumbs up from me
Lightning Racer x1: I like this ride, my girlfriend hated it lol. Fun GCI not one of the best ones out there but it has a couple solid moments of floater and some decent laterals mixed in. It’s also pretty smooth (although my girlfriend would vehemently disagree). We rode thunder side and just barely beat lightning on our lap so that was cool.
All in all, an absolutely terrific day at Hershey. This place is truly one of the best parks in the country.
The only con I have is obviously the operations. They weren’t as bad as my last trip but they were really all over the place. Ranged from outstanding (Wildcat’s Revenge) to pretty good (Candymonium) to solid (Skyrush, Storm Runner, Great Bear) to full blown terrible (Fahrenheit, Lightning Racer, Laff Track). It’s odd how a park of Hershey’s stature is so hit or miss with operations but it certainly didn’t put a damper on an otherwise outstanding day!
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2023.06.05 01:29 pizzasplice 2012 3.6 Buying Advice

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some input.
I currently have a Toyota Tundra, with a 3" lift and 34" tires. I absolutely love the truck but 11mpg in the summer and 9 in the winter months is a bit insane. Especially because I don't regularly need the bed space (but it sure is EXTREMELY convenient).
Anyways, I'm looking at moving into a SUV. Ideally, I wanted a V6 RAV4 but they are impossible to come by around me. Before the Tundra I had a 2011 Dodge Journey 3.6 AWD, so I am familiar with the 3.6 Pentastar motor and I do like it.
What can you guys tell me about these early wk2 Grand Cherokees? I'm looking at one with 220,000km on it, which scares me a bit. What kind of problems have you guys come across during your ownership? Common problems? Would you be scared of such mileage?
Off-road worthiness isn't a huge concern for me. I need to be able to drive through the occasional snowstorm, which I'm sure the jeep would handle just fine. MAYBE, on an extremely rare occasion, I'd have to use a mild foresty style road to access fishing locations, mtb spots, etc. Otherwise, no offroading.
Let me know what you guys think please!
(Sorry for the long winded post)
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2023.06.05 01:29 Common-Lobster-1939 I’m trying a new dinner for the first time in 7 months rn.. pray for me.

I was making my husband pasta tonight, and decided I was tired of my banana every day. I’ve been able to eat bagels lately, and I tried chicken and rice the other day as well. They sat well. I’ve been playing it SUPER safe, despite it being time for me to test out and incorporate other foods, (7 month long journey). I’m sitting with it in front of me… and I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified. Food scares me now. I made regular pasta, drizzled olive oil on it, as well as some parm, (gluten and dairy don’t bother me). I used a little bit of sun dried tomato oil, and put a leftover one from his pasta on mine. Apparently sun dried tomatoes are low fodmap. I think that fact that the word “tomato” is in it, it terrifies me. I’m praying this doesn’t hurt… I don’t want to be scared of food anymore.
I’ll keep you updated :)
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2023.06.05 01:29 TakenAccountName37 As a 27M trying to finally become independent, how do I deal with a mother (66F) who is overprotective and seems paranoid?

I started working full-time about six months ago. I finished grad school last year so I just worked part-time at the same company. Since I am full-time now, I realized that I need to get stuff done that I am behind on or just never experienced. I'm trying to become independent. For example, I started listening to Dave Ramsey more for knowledge on how to handle my income. I also have been planning on taking a solo vacation 860 miles away this fall. To prepare for this, I took a trip in-state on my days off. I bought a hotel, visited some spots, etc. It was fun! While on the trip though, she was freaking out. I was at the movie theater and she called twice and left voicemails saying how I needed to communicate with her better. She said that I never stated exactly why I decided to go out of town. After the movie, I texted her where I was, then she calls me immediately, but I can't answer because I'm driving and using Google Maps to find a restaurant there. She wanted me to call when I got back to the hotel. She was telling me to make sure that I not only locked the hotel door, but that I had the chain over it. I was also bothered because a day after I came back, my dad (my parents are divorced) was talking to her and he told her that I said that "I needed to take this trip." I don't recall saying that to him at all. I feel like he was exaggerating and my mom agrees, but she sounded mad about the possibility of me saying that. I mean I did go on the trip because I am getting up and age and haven't experienced a lot. I do need to be independent. I allowed myself to be enabled for a long time, because I was shy. I am trying to change that now though. If okay, I really would appreciate some advice about dealing with her especially with a BIG vacation coming up.
TL;DR: I went on an in-state solo trip last week (one hour and 20 minutes away) to practice independence. My mom seemed to freak out about it, because I never did anything like this before. I did stay an hour away four years of college though. I want to fly solo from Louisiana to Ohio this fall and I know that will freak her out even more. How should I deal with her being so worrisome?
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2023.06.05 01:29 LordDamager Some MBT Ideas

Hello yes I am tanker. As a tanker of planetside, I have a few ideas that i think would be cool to or change for some tanks to help with their gameplay or experience. Let me pre-face this with saying that im not against wrel or anyone, but i just want to suggest a few things.
Magrider -Increase fuel supply by like 10%~ ish there about. Give it a bit more fuel to work with when zipping around, because it just feels like a clunky once and done deal, i'd like to see it get a bit more value out of it when it has to go against two other actual tanks in the form of the beefguard and the bullethell that is the prowler.
-Remove the Perihelion's recent 3 second hold limit change or at least buff it to 5 seconds to help with mid range encounters and ducking behind cover, just so theres a bit more leeway to its usage.
Prowler -Honestly more of a topgun thing, and applicable to all vehicles, I just wish the TR Vulcan would go from 143 - 100 damage to 123 - 80 damage range. This thing is pretty good solo and pretty deadly in groups, a 20 damage drop would be nice given the prowler's main cannons reload at a good pace and get good dps out in most fights as it is.
Vanguard -Remove the Nimitz shield buff. I genuinely feel its overkill on the bulky high health frame that it is and it does not need a quick parry/refill on the f key imo. It was a better used ability when the vanguard is used less aggressively and not just chucking itself wherever, just feels like its added for the sake of "here's your buff" because it was not being used appropriately imo.
Chimera -A way to make it harder, at least while the chimera is stationary rolling in reverse, to have a vehicle just wedge itself underneath, or an ability to deal damage to anything directly underneath as a deterrent against its weakness.
Light Assaults -Nerf C4 down to 1 per light assault. Given that C4 just gets easily chucked around, especially with momentum from LA's jetpacks, and it's ability to get implants to disguise approaches and approach from up high with drifters, I feel LA's should at least only get 1 c4 to compensate, instead of being a guranteed tank killer thats more effective landmines, especially when you cant spend your time looking up constantly when you have ground threats coming after you. In exchange, I wouldn't be against a rocklet rifle buff to become more of a threat against armor, with the single C4 being quick big burst damage.
Ace damage 125 -> 150 Typhoon 140 -> 160
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.05 01:29 Americasworstprivate Leaving Army Guard for Air Guard

I am currently enlisted in the Guard and have been in for just over 4 years. I have two years left on my initial contract.
Recently I graduated college and have been thinking about commissioning. I have used the guard for all their education benefits. I have an enlisted infantry, but I feel the AF has more to offer me personally.
Is this a change I can make? If I stayed in the same state would I pay back education benefits since they’re both guard?
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2023.06.05 01:29 thosenight_ My iPhone 11 Pro flagged for Depot

Hey Everyone,
I don’t know is normal or not a device flagged for sent back to depot repair? Long Story short, I’ve an iPhone 11 Pro for about 1 years this is my first replacement and original one had SIM card reader issue. Fast forward, today 6/4/2022 I brought my phone in to Apple Store get a battery replacement and check there any software issue.
About 3-7 ago my 11 Pro was acting up there time when I was middle of using a black screen and spin circle appeared random restart my phone every twice of the day. I don’t know understand I tried software update and factory reset none of those helped. It’s could be battery issue since it’s at 79% battery health.
Apple technician had my phone take a look run some diagnostic apparently it’s need a new battery but thing took the worst turn, he told me that my phone is flagged for Depot need to sent back for service I don’t know he didn’t tell me specific and It’s was cover my Apple Care+ and he told me that it’s going to about 5-10 business days to get back. I don’t know is that normal and has anyone experienced before with Apple?
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2023.06.05 01:29 Emotional-Bed-1025 I reached the end of my life at 30

Hi, I don't even know where to start. I think I'm severely depressed, since my parents and family abandoned me over a decade ago.
I won't go into details, but my family was very traditional and religious and I am not. I've been aware of our differences since a very young age, and my goal to escape was to study abroad at 18. I managed to do that, but my parents never accepted it and gave me an ultimatum. Either come home to get married and start a family or I'm no longer their daughter. I refused to come home, and true to their word, they cut all ties and financial support.
I was left to fend for myself in a country I didn't know. I couldn't complete my studies because I had to work full time so I don't end up homeless, but since my visa was depending on said studies, I lost it, and had to stay undocumented. The only work I could find was for a monster who abused me sexually for all the years I worked for him (6 in total) knowing I had no other choice. I moved in a house with 5 strangers, until one of them attacked me and I no longer felt safe.
I met my ex and managed to have a visa through him after 7 years of being undocumented, but I lost it again when we broke up. I tried to find another solution with the help of a lawyer, but I'm still fighting for it. In the meantime I have a very hard time maintaining friendships, and my romantic relationships always seem to be one-sided, where I'm always the one in love and chasing the other, but never loved in return.
All of this broke me. I tried everything to fix myself, but nothing worked. I recently turned 30, and I completely lost all will to live. Nothing brings me joy anymore. The hobbies I used to love no longer matter to me. My life has no purpose, no meaning, nothing to get up to in the morning. At 30, I feel like I lived all I had to live and it's time for me to go. I just picked the wrong straw at the game of life I guess.
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