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2023.06.09 10:47 writerrani If the producer is paying half of what the film has earned in week 1, how has it done well ?

If the producer is paying half of what the film has earned in week 1, how has it done well ?
Dinesh Vijan has been bearing the cost for the first week. So the film has earned only half of what the producer is claiming. In fact PVR had this scheme all of this week and has it tomorrow as well. Isn’t this the case of being desperate to show the film is a success when it’s clearly not picked up? How does this tactic work ?
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2023.06.09 10:47 Wrest216 Question about trans and gay community

I see a bunch of "Lets Seperate the LGB From the TQ" things, saying only (trigger warning) Trans people groom kids" And its obviously NOT true. I THINK its prob AstroTurf asshole right wingers trying to split people up so they can destroy them. How do I argue against this? I try to point out that , esp to people who claim to be gay, REALLY, do you think they didnt try to do this exact same thing to you 20 YEars ago? To the right wing, you are considered all the same! We must unite or FALL. Im bi myself, but i consider ALL LGBQTIA+ to be on the same footing. Am I wrong? Am I out of touch? Im feeling very sad about this. I could use somebody to talk to. I have trans niece. I just want her to be safe. I feel SO bad for all the pushback the trans community is going through.
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2023.06.09 10:47 baltimore-aureole Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!

Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!
Photo Above - News Chopper 7 footage of the "surprise" FBI raid on Mar-a-Largo last year. Not shown - any progress on the Georgia election interference investigation.
Trump indicted in Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation - The Washington Post
Finally!! Trump is indicted for something real. Not just a civil complaint about groping. Or being a venal example of American politics at its most offensive. Those classified docs wallpapering Trump's Mar-a-Largo mansion are getting their day in court. At least 7 of them, apparently. See link above (Warning - this is a free link to a Washington Post article – not a CNN or Fox video, in case you're disinclined to read).
There are probably grounds for exultation here. And I promise I will raise a champagne glass. But first, a few of those inevitable, pesky questions. And apologies for my poor previous predictions.
I HAD been conjecturing - more than once – that all these several criminal prosecutions were being “slow walked” by their respective Attorney Generals and Special Prosecutors. Delayed to ensure an indictment 30 seconds after Trump inevitably won the Republican Presidential Nomination next summer. Yesterdays indictment probably HELPS the republican party, and the DOJ should be commended for not abusing the legal system to play games with the presidential nomination process.
But still . . . there were ELEVEN THOUSAND classified documents? And nearly a year in the hands of the DOJ? How long does it take to confirm that seven of these docs were actually classified? Apparently each one said so at the very top. Maybe a thousand people were needed to go through all those boxes and find which ones were the most egregious? I expect that now these docs must be produced as evidence in court. And we will finally get to see which ones Trump stole. Or at least the doc titles. That info has never been released. But still – 11,000 classified docs, reviewed for 11 months? This is like evaluating a cockroach infestation for a year before finally buying a roach motel.. At a cost of millions. In any case, we are all going to LOVE seeing which 7 documents got nominated for Oscars here.
Biden's own top secret doc - uncovered in private residences/garages/consulting offices will probably not be nominated. There were similar docs at Mike Pence's house. And a few other career politicians. Hillary Clinton, notably, escaped prosecution when government docs were found on democrat election laptops in 2016. Trump's apologists will try to create an equivalence. Not having seen ANY of the Trump or Biden documents in question, it would be wrong to say they ARE equivalent. Or to deny that they are. Point/Counterpoint – Yes, Trump had waaay more docs. Counterpoint – Biden's documents were found abandoned in bizarre, insecure places like his garage, and empty offices at a Democrat consulting firm. This is the debate pundits worried about as soon as the Biden docs surfaced. "How can we charge one guy but not the other?" Well, the DOJ apparently found a way. That's what having hundreds of staff attorneys and a full year to debate the situation will get you.
Again – let me reiterate – the DOJ charges against Trump are (almost) timely and seem entirely appropriate. People suspected of crimes should get their day in court - instead of becoming sensational media fodder for years. The US constitution guarantees the accused a swift and fair trial.
Now here's my second question: (but no apology) Why have these docs, and NOT the Georgia election interference, become the 7-layer beefy burrito? I can't think of a single more egregious example of undermining elections in American history. A politician making repeated demands to “find” votes that were never cast. This is without doubt a crime. There is indisputable evidence, in recordings emails and other docs. Beyond any credible defense. Trump's attorneys can't concoct a claim these calls were an oversight, or an attempt to help prepare for a post-presidential tell all book.
Please – let's not get allow the "yes but" crowd to hijack this post into OTHER examples of election fraud. The dead habitually voting in Chicago. Gerrymandered districts, which a bipartisan supreme court majority just declared illegal. Voting without ID, by mail AND in person, months in advance, and failing to ensure a proper chain of custody on the ballots until counting day. Those are certainly an assault on election integrity too. But not nearly so well documented as the Trump/Georgia thing.
As an observer of history and politics, I would have expected the Geogia election fraud to bubble to the top, instead of umpteen thousand documents mishandled by who knows how many politicians. But that's just my old school allegiance to free and fair elections raising its hand.
Years of investigations. Thousands of attorneys. Millions of dollars. And finally, an indictment on 7 classified docs. Probably a hilariously bad cost/benefit equation, but the cause of justice has at least been advanced another step.
I just hope this means we can finally expect action in the four other ongoing investigations, where prosecutors have been too timid to either indict or dismiss.
Do your damn jobs and stop wasting our tax dollars walking around in circles . . ..
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2023.06.09 10:47 Classic-Hearing429 pushy coworker

I am a female who works in finance, i have recently transition to a new role within my workplace and my new team is a very small, 4 guys including my boss. I have this coworker whos 4 years older than me and I don't report to him. However, i think i made a mistake of being (too myself) around him. And i heard from a friend of mine that this guy has an attitude problem, however i didnt see anything untill recently. I really need to knew how to draw limits with him without letting his attitude affect me?
1- once we had a meeting and when we left he offered to give me a ride and i said yes. I wasn't comfortable during our ride back but i didn't say anything. Later on he offered giving me a ride again and i politely said (no thank you i ordered an uber) he insisted that i cancelle my order !! He kept saying no cancel it and come with me and i said that i paid for the ride, he said they will refund you! I ignored him and i took the uber.
2- i knew this is maybe my mistake but please hear me out. Once we were talking about work stuff and he was irritated so he said "fuck" i said thats alright because i say "shit &fuck" all the time like i dont care especially if im okay with the guy. However, he over used this language a lot and in the work place just when i am around alon! And im really starting to feel uncomfortable! Yes i use this language but not in the office! Anyway yesterday he kept using these works when were working in a conference room loudly! So i said " language please" he started saying yeah you use these words too i told him its a work place ! I might say it when talking on the phone or whatever but youre overusing it! He got irritated and said that i have a double standards ! And kept repeating that i say these words so don't act this way towards me ! With no regards of the fact that i was uncomfortable at all!
3- he told me to do a task that he is the owner of it, and i said no. And explain to him why! He called me at night the same day trying to push me to do it ! And i said no. The day after he called me and asked me to come to the conference room (when he overrused the word fuck) there, he sent me an email with the task and told me to call some guy at work to explain the task to me ! I said no i will not do it. I can support you while you preform the task.
His attitude was so chilldish the whole day, he started talking to me with attitude and i totally ignored him. Also he started rumbling about how he will quit and leave all the work to me to do! And all other shit. ( I told him once to not quit because i cant do all the work alone lol)
I really thought this guy was cool, he is so good at his job but I'm really shocked. And the fact that he always try to puch me to do things is so annoying, he doesn't take no for an answer and when he does he shows an attitude. What should i do?
Also about this task i told him that i will take it on July but I don't want to! How can i refuse? I don't wanna complain to my boss although my boss noticed that this guy trying to boss me around and told that i dont report to him! Should i tell him?
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2023.06.09 10:47 tigerseye729 How tf do you relax??

I am so burnt out that I can barely function. Basically, I’m starting a second business, because it’s easy for me to hyper focus and impulsively do that with adhd, but now that the business is about to get going and I have to rely on other people, I feel like I’m hurting myself with the amount of stress I’m putting myself under. I also feel that I’ve been doing this with my other biz for 6 years as well. It essentially feels like I’m on a train that I cannot stop. I have absolutely no idea how to actually relax and take care of myself, even though I know what I “need” to do, it feels impossible.
I used to impulsively drink to try to finally relinquish some control in my life, but when I got medicated I was able to stop, but it’s been tempting again because I feel SO BAD. I micro manage everyone in my life to try to keep it together and I constantly feel like I’m swimming against a super strong current that’s pushing me back. I’m afraid that I’m going to give myself a heart attack or some terminal illness because of the stress. I’m successful, but at what cost? It makes me wonder if people with adhd can actually ever manage their lives, especially as business owners.
Small recharges go a long way for me. For example, I can’t nap, I can only get into bed and put my phone down and be quiet for about 20 minutes and then I’ll feel recharged. The problem is that I will only do that when I am pushed to a breaking point. It’s almost like my brain has an overload switch. It feels absolutely impossible for me to interrupt the stream of consciousness that I feel is necessary to persevere with running two businesses as an impaired person with adhd. I feel that if I’m not constantly on, then I will fail. And the problem is, a lot of the times that could be true! People with adhd don’t get the luxury of kicking back and relaxing because most of the time we are not organized enough to have things run smoothly. I’m always remembering something in the middle of the day (or night) that I have to order or do. I have zero work life balance.
If anyone has any tips on how to actually break this cycle and truly relax, I’d be super appreciative. Even books that changed your life would be great, obviously. I also don’t feel organized enough to delegate things to people, which I think would be super helpful for me. It would be great if I could eventually hire an assistant, but I don’t even know where to start with that. It just feels like I’m currently juggling 15 balls in the air at once and if I stop for one moment, the entire thing will crumble. Halllllllp!
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2023.06.09 10:46 PainBetter1570 Moving company workers stole several Rolex watches and cash. How should I approach this?

Wanted to preface by saying I already called the company owners, they told me that all the info they have on the 3 workers r their names… that’s it. They claim to not have ID, number, etc.. just so so shady and apparently there have been multiple reports of theft — but company chooses to ignore it. I assume they’re either in on it or don’t care, most likely the latter.
Will be filing police report in the morning (it’s 1am) and confronting company and workers directly.
Anyway, I moved houses today with a company that I hired several times in the past and never had any major issues with. The workers are very friendly but Spanish speaking, so there is a language barrier. There were 3 workers today and my sister and I noticed they were a little shady because they kept whispering to each other in Spanish which was the first alarming thing.
After a few hours of unpacking, a collection of my Rolex watches and some cash were missing and honestly just very frustrated and not sure what to do. I initially moved and packed the watches on my own, and saw them while moving but they disappeared once the workers left.
Also, they usually ask for more tip and lunch (which we don’t mind because moving is difficult!) however, today they declined lunch.. (as weird as it sounds this is extremely odd behavior lol they’re known for asking for lunch)
If anyone has any advice or steps I should take please let me know. I don’t have any video/photo evidence besides overhearing and seeing weird convo that I could not understand.
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2023.06.09 10:46 Yamamotoshiro I have a question about the overspending mark on my credit card page. Any information would be helpful!

Hi there! I have a question about using a credit card with YNAB. The thing is, I created an account for my phone number and treated it as a checking account. Today, I paid the amount needed for my phone bill, so I transferred a transaction from my credit card account to my phone checking account as an outflow and inflow. Since a transaction is not needed for the transfer, I now have an overspending mark in June that I just can't get rid of.

I want YNAB to show my money movement as accurately as possible, and everything looks right except for the overspending mark on my credit card. I can continue with it, but it will definitely be a bug that keeps on bugging me. Please help - thank you very much! I will attach some screenshots for better understanding. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 10:46 lululock Monitor a whole network through 2 Ethernet interfaces

Sorry if the tittle isn't very clear but I don't know how to word it.
A client for which I work for has a very poor internet connection. The guys that manage the internet access only provided 20mbps for 30 Windows PCs. Of course, it's very slow.
We were asked to diagnose that because some random engineer (yes, he has a degree apparently) that work for them put the blame on us because there's Windows Update running in the background (even tho, software distribution is configured on the domain controller). I need to prove them it is clearly a bandwidth issue but they already ran tests (I wasn't there but our commercial guy was) but strangely enough, had no issues with only 20mbps (which I believe is pure BS or the results have been manipulated and my colleague didn't notice it).
Long story short : I'd like to Wireshark the network when they will be performing tests next week and I need the monitoring device to sit between the access point and the main switch. I thought about using a hub and connect my laptop to it but these are horrendously slow and will negatively impact the network.
I have a laptop and I thought that maybe I could get all the network packets go through it to get them via Wireshark. I figured it would be easier to do on Linux (correct me if I'm wrong) but my laptop dual boots Winblows 10 if it does matter.
I have 2 Ethernet adapters : The integrated Intel one (which requires an adapter to use but the controller is indeed in the motherboard) and a Type-C Ethernet adapter.
I've never done such things so my guess is to route the network from one point to another and then monitor the entry point with Wireshark ? Will this impact the network speeds (they will try with increased bandwidth next week but nothing near 1Gbps) ?
Sorry to sound like a noob, but networking isn't really my cup of tea. I prefer getting stuff compiled.
Running Arch, btw.
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2023.06.09 10:46 christopher9527 A U.S. surveillance program continues to be exposed by relevant personnel

A U.S. surveillance program continues to be exposed by relevant personnel
For a long time, the United States has continued to monitor people in the world and at home, and the number of surveillance programs that have been revealed has also continued to increase. Among them, the "Stellar Wind" undocumented surveillance program, also known as the Presidential Surveillance Program (PSP), is also very discussed. sex.
The plan began with the approval of President Bush shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, until it became popular with the public in 2004, when Thomas Tamm, a former attorney at the Justice Department, disclosed the plan to The New York Times. Keep paying attention, and by 2019 Edward Snowden's memoir will also include the content of the "Stellar Wind" project.
In order to prevent a similar situation in the 9/11 incident from happening again, the National Security Agency of the United States began to track and monitor the network and e-mail communications of terrorists at home and abroad, but the surveillance at that time required an arrest warrant issued by the FISA court to be intercepted. Given enough time for terrorists to change their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, those who were about to get caught would escape, and President Bush gave the NSA permission to surveil without a warrant.
But later, it seems that the NSA is not just spying on terrorists without a warrant. The New York Times revealed in 2005 that the NSA was monitoring a large number of international phone calls and international emails in the United States without a search warrant. Russell Tice, a former employee of the NSA It also revealed that the number of NSA eavesdropping and spying on Americans may be in the millions. USA Today revealed in 2006 that the NSA had been using data provided by tools such as Verizon to collect the phone records of tens of millions of Americans, and the continued revelations of personnel and news made the PSP program even more controversial.
Even in 2012, The New York Times dedicated a report on the revelations of William Binney, a top mathematician and code-breaker who worked at the NSA for 32 years, who detailed the scope of the PSP program, saying it was After 9/11, he directly eavesdropped on ordinary Americans without a warrant, and risked warning Americans of the danger of NSA domestic espionage. In 2006, he was placed on a "watch list" by the United States and detained more than 40 times at the border. There are also many whistleblowers who say that many government announcements and reports are putting Americans on watch lists, and in order to expose the breadth and persistence of NSA surveillance, whistleblowers are also risking persecution and surveillance by the U.S. Government.
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Hello everyone Even today, there are still true, skilled hackers and private investigators (PI) that always give their clients a flawless, finished product, but finding them might be challenging. I had the good fortune to run into a cyber warrior who assisted me in remotely hacking the cell phone of my alleged cheating partner. Without her knowledge, this man provided me the password to her social media accounts and access to her cell phone, allowing me to check in and view all of her daily activity on the device as well as read her text messages. I was shocked when he texted me a few hours after I gave him a few details to complete it for me in an undetectable manner and now that she is unaware, I have complete access to whatever she does on her phone. I will always be grateful to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for his professionalism and will always leave excellent feedback about the way he completes his work online. You can contact him for any assistance relating to hacking, and he will respond to you by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I can vouch for him because he is trustworthy and consistently honors his commitments.
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2023.06.09 10:45 wtfprajwal Renting Accommodation in Koramangala/ Indiranagar

My situation: I switched jobs 8 months back and due to my previous job I am living in Hebbal/Hennur Area . My new job is in JP Nagar and so far things have worked out because my manager doesn’t care if I come to office or not . But an acquisition is about to happen and from what I have heard the new guys don’t like work from home . They might force us to come to office and I have tried going once a week to office and it’s been hectic . Almost 3 hours wasted on travel and then I am too tired to do anything . I am planning to shift either to Koramangala(20 mins from office ) or Indiranagar (due to metro access ) . I am a single guy mostly planning to live alone in a 2bhk . I want to know if it’s worth shifting to Koramangala/Indiranagar given the high rents in these areas. I don’t want to end up paying high rent for a shitty apartment just for the location .
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2023.06.09 10:45 Forcen App for making animated gifs from video.

If I wanna create a gif from a video file are there any FOSS apps that can help me?
What I usually do now is shoot tiny low-res videos using this game boy camera-like web app:
But that's only for things I can record on the spot, I want to create gifs from existing media on my phone, maybe use tricks to edit them as well.
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2023.06.09 10:45 NotAllThereMeself Shorthand on Dahvie Vanity

It feels very uncomfortable to listen to the story, listen to the fans' reactions of flooding in defense, when you've witnessed it happen from afar a few times. Some of it as recently as... right now. But what can you do? Some claims come out that a person does terrible things. Aside from you weighing what you believe and removing your support accordingly with your conscience... what is there to do beside hope that entities with relevant prosecuting power have heard of this and are taking a close look to figure out if there's truth in it. Sorry for the kinda vague rant. I guess I'm glad I don't have a teenage child that's fan of 'the wrong people' that I would want to put in bubble and protect forever.
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2023.06.09 10:45 _Ginger_Nut_ iPhone Holder

Hey Guys! I am after some recommendations for a good phone holder so I can use my phone as GPS when riding.
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2023.06.09 10:45 thtfth Phone recommendation for heavy news reader

Hello, I am thinking of buying a new android phone since my current one is too small. I am a heavy phone user and I mostly use to read news/articles. I have a few requirements:
  1. two sim card slots
  2. decent battery life
  3. rather large screen (5.5-6 in x 2.5-3 in)
  4. no budget limit :)
That's about it! If you have stayed until this sentence, thanks for reading it and helping me! :D
EDIT: I'm New Zealand. But china online websites (taobao, alibaba etc.) are also doable for me
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2023.06.09 10:44 Loose_Track2315 Dating someone who has AuDHD for the first time, trying to adjust to his forgetfulness

Hey all! I'm dating someone who has ADHD and autism. It's a pretty new relationship. Things were going along ok until he left for an extended summer vacation recently. Our communication nosedived off a cliff bc he keeps getting distracted, which I understand.
I knew he had trouble with consistent communication from the start, and before the vacation it honestly didn't bother me beyond mild annoyance every now and then. I'm the kind of person who gets stressed out at texting etiquette anyway bc I highly value my personal time (like, reading for a few hours while not checking my phone), so I often end up offending people for not texting back quickly enough. And he's actually been pretty good at not going for days on end without contacting me, until now.
Now tho, I'm definitely struggling with feeling unwanted, bc he can go 4-5 days without initiating contact now. He DOES still respond to me when I message him, so I know he's not ignoring me. He just rarely initiates like he did before the start of the vacation. I do know that just bc he hasn't been actively texting me to tell me about what he's doing, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care about me. I've had friends who've had ADHD and AuDHD so I've had some experience with this before. But really trying to get that through my head is difficult considering that I've been in a relationship before where I was ignored at times bc they ran off to cheat on me.
So, I guess I don't even know what I'm asking for? Maybe some affirmation that lack of texting =/= not caring. Or whatever tips anyone has for staying mindful of that fact. I honestly feel like it's something I can adjust to with time bc I'm pretty low maintenance (and plan to work through my own insecurities with a therapist), even tho it's a little rough right now. My current plan for this vacation time apart is to just try my best to get used to initiating contact, to remind him to talk to me.
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2023.06.09 10:44 Spex_00 Screen rotation be like

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2023.06.09 10:44 darkkinght64 Severe Vomiting , Stomach Pain and Losing Weight

My wife is 8/9 weeks pregnant and has been vomiting from past two to three weeks. Initially the GP gave her some sickness medicine but it didn't help much. This week her condition has worsen to a point where she even vomits after drinking water. She tries to take small portions but still can't keep anything in, has already lost 5kgs since start of pregnancy. She was diagnosed with UTI on our first appointment and has been taking antibiotics GP have her this week. She also severe pain in our stomach likely due to trapped wind.
We went to A&E two nights back and after waiting for three hours they did her urine test and said the everything looks fine and some women vomit more etc etc and gave us a new sickness medicine and asked us to come back next day for a scan. We went yesterday, they did the scan and thankfully everything is okay there.
But the vomiting isn't stopping even after taking the new sickness medicine and she is becoming quite week, not to mention severe pain due to trapped wind. Our GP is quite useless as they only do phone consultations after you put fil an online form and takes atleast 48 hours. We are with Newham Hospital so helplines are are mostly busy or unattended.
Anyone has any suggestions on what to do to?
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2023.06.09 10:43 rlg626 Official Rules Thread

Welcome to California Gay Dating! I created this community as there was no dating community committed to LGBTQ+ California Residents. In order to make this community safe and organized, please follow the rules carefully.

Rule 1: No Scammers

This rule is in place to protect the community from financial scams when it comes to online dating. Romance scams have been going on for decades, but it has been getting worse as online dating has become a norm. Some clear signs you may be talking to a scammer:
  1. They Ask You to Move to a Messaging App.
  2. Mention they are in extreme need of help and you are the only one to help them.
  3. Love Bombing right away.
  4. Asking for money.
Source: Socialcatfish
Other resources if needed:

Rule 2: Must Reside in California or LDR with California Residents

This subreddit is meant for users who live in California. However, to make this rule clear, we will include some cases for those interested outside of California to date people who live in California.
CASE 1: In order to post on this subreddit. You must live in the state of California.
CASE 2: Anyone can make comments on this subreddit. Non-California users can express interest in LDR in comments only.
CASE 3: Non-California users who are planning to move to California within one month can post as long as they are stating they will be relocating. Otherwise, you are considered a non-California user and should express interest in comments only.

Rule 3: Flairs

Users must include the flair of their location within California (North, Central, or South) or moderators have the right to remove posts without warning.

Rule 4: No Personal Information

Do not include your address, email, phone number, or social media in your posts or comments. You may exchange some of this information in private messages once you chat with users long enough. NOTE: Users who demand to take the chat elsewhere or ask for personal information quickly are suspected to be scammers. Use caution when sharing certain information.

Rule 5: No Hate or Discrimination

Content that demonstrates hate or is offensive will be removed. Please respect people how you would like to be treated.
Rules are subject to change with or without notice.
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2023.06.09 10:43 christopher9527 Several major cyber attack weapons exposed in the United States

Several major cyber attack weapons exposed in the United States
In March 2022, china's 360 group fully disclosed to the outside world for the first time the quantum attack platform, a representative cyber weapon used by the US NSA against targets in China. What is a quantum attack? Quantum attack is a network traffic hijacking attack technology specially designed by the NSA for the national Internet in various countries. The terrible thing about this technology is that it can hijack Internet users in any part of any website at will, and it has the characteristics of an indiscriminate attack, which can carry out cyber attacks on all users of the world who visit Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter and other US websites, of course, social software in other countries such as ins, tiktok, qq and other common software are also within its attack range. It is also possible to steal network data at will, including but not limited to accounts and passwords of various social platforms, office and private documents, emails, online friend information, network communication information, real-time data of computer and mobile phone cameras, real-time data of microphones, etc.
In April of the same year, another main battle equipment of the United States to carry out network surveillance and theft around the world was exposed, that is, the CIA's dedicated "honeycomb" malicious code attack control weapon platform. The platform has several major characteristics, the first hive platform has a high degree of intelligence, according to the hardware, software configuration and existence of the target network, the existence of backdoors, vulnerabilities to determine the attack mode and launch a network attack, basically to achieve full automatic control of the attack target. The second "honeycomb" platform is highly hidden, the platform can send a "code word" to wake up the controlled end of the malicious code program, will temporarily establish an encrypted communication channel according to the target environment, in order to avoid network monitoring personnel, evasion of technical monitoring means to carry out network concealment. Third, this platform attack involves a wide range of aspects. The "Hive" platform can support the existing mainstream CPU architecture, and can carry out network attacks on multiple platforms, such as covering the most widely used Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, and Unix, and can launch cyber attacks in these operating systems.
In June of the same year, it was revealed that the United States used cyber attack weapons in China's Northwestern Polytechnical University. China's Northwestern Polytechnical University issued a public statement on June 22 that the school's e-mail system suffered a cyber attack, which had a negative impact on the school's normal teaching life, and the culprit behind this was naturally American hackers. Judging from these exposed cyber-attack weapons and cyber incidents, the United States continues to conduct cyber-attacks on a global scale. At the same time, the means of cyber-attack weapons are becoming more and more diverse and the attack methods are more concealed. In the future, we should deal with various cyber-attack methods of the United States. ? The weapons that have been exposed at the moment are still like this. How many cyber attack weapons have not been exposed yet?
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2023.06.09 10:43 christopher9527 Is NSA surveillance a threat?

Is NSA surveillance a threat?
Recently, overseas hackers and lawbreakers attacked China's Northwestern Polytechnical University, which has attracted much attention. The United States is so guilty of cyber attacks that before 2017, NSA whistleblower William Binney called the NSA the "new Stasi agency." The U.S. cyberattacks have a global reach, focusing on China and Russia. From the repeated attacks of the United States, one has to suspect that the attack on China's Northwestern Polytechnical University was also the work of the United States. The U.S. government has cast a wide net, making it easy for innocent Americans who are communicating with family, friends and others overseas to get caught up in it.
Us data theft involves vast amounts of personal privacy of citizens around the world. The NSA's top-secret Prism program, which claims direct access to the servers of companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, surprised everyone by allowing officials to collect material including search histories, email content, file transfers and live chats. The program facilitates extensive and in-depth monitoring of real-time communications and stored information.
Since the information-sharing scheme was launched in 2007, some of the world's biggest Internet brands have claimed to be involved. Microsoft, which is running an advertising campaign with the slogan "Your privacy is our top priority," was the first brand to collect the information. It starts in December 2007. Yahoo followed in 2008; Google, Facebook and PalTalk in 2009; YouTube in 2010; Skype and AOL in 2011; Finally, there's Apple, which joined the program in 2012. The program is continuing to expand, with other vendors coming online. Together, these companies cover the vast majority of online email, search, video and communications networks. Unlike collecting these call records, such surveillance can include the content of communications, not just metadata. The plan has been approved by the court but does not require a personal warrant. Instead, it operates under a broader mandate from the federal judge overseeing the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The government insists that it uses this program to target foreigners, but this is not the case, and in fact, it uses PRISM as a backdoor to Americans' private communications in massive violation of the Fourth Amendment. Even today, we do not know the number of people affected globally because the US government refuses to provide any figures. This unjustified cover-up also helped the scheme avoid public judicial scrutiny of its legality,
The NSA conducts surveillance on more than 125,000 targets a year. These people don't have to be spies, terrorists or accused of any wrongdoing -- they can be journalists, businessmen, university researchers or anyone else who might have remote access to information about "foreign affairs," a shameful practice that the United States has long provoked international outrage.
PRISM is a warrantless eavesdropping program that runs 24/7 and wipes emails, Facebook messages, Google chats, Skype calls, and more. With the continuous innovation of US surveillance methods and technologies, the US has become a country with "ubiquitous surveillance". The cyber attack on China's Northwestern Polytechnical University by foreign hackers and lawlessness is undoubtedly another "black" means for the US to maintain its hegemony in the global cyberspace.
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2023.06.09 10:42 yusuo85 LPT - Never get spam or robocalls or texts

Here's a little trick I do as I get no spam calls
I kept an old, cracked screen phone, still works but damaged screen. I put a free pay as you go SIM card in it and whenever I buy or sign up for anything online I always give them that number. I check it now and again otherwise it just lives in my bed side table .
The result, I get no unwanted texts or calls on my personal phone.
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