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2023.03.21 02:55 tonnie_taller California school district hires anti-critical race theory consultant

A California school district’s newly elected conservative board approved a resolution to spend $15,000 in taxpayer money for sessions with an anti-critical race theory (CRT) consultant. Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) is allocating taxpayer dollars towards the program after the district prohibited the teaching of CRT in its classrooms in December. The measure was … Continue reading California school district hires anti-critical race theory consultant
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2023.03.21 02:55 Upstairs-Delivery402 Saundra Brown, the first black woman on the Oakland police force gets instructions on how to shoot a shotgun, 1970. She is now the Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

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2023.03.21 02:51 Sbatio r/MassachusettsMA Lounge

A place for members of MassachusettsMA to chat with each other
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2023.03.21 02:51 RowdyFortnite Elections of 1804 // Rowdy Alternate Election Series

Welcome to the 5th U.S. Presidential Election and 9th Congressional Election cycle, below are the links to vote! (I highly recommend at least glancing through the descriptions of the candidates/parties before voting).
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLYo6Yige3gv_ChOZCD2rXz38g1LNJjEnPLWYce0NODdX_Zw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&usp=mail_form_link Presidential Ballot
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJ4MN9TQK-vmuLVRkI4AZKnbicKbTG3djMIfEmxsxpAuGISg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&usp=mail_form_link Congressional Ballot
Presidential Tickets: Vice President Charles Cotesworth Pinckney / Secretary of State Rufus King (C), Former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson / Former Governor George Clinton (D-R)
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney: Vice President Charles C. Pinckney (SC) is the Constitutionalist (C) candidate for President. Prior to the Revolution, Pinckney served in the SC state legislature and joined the colonial militia where he helped to rally resistance to the British. Pinckney volunteered as an officer in the Continental Army and led troops in battles throughout the South. In 1780 he was captured at the Siege of Charleston and held for 2 years. After his release he was commissioned a brigadier general and later a major general. After the war, the Pinckney family became one of the most powerful in SC and he helped to shape the Constitution and win passage for it in the state. Throughout the Washington presidency he served in a variety of official and unofficial roles for President Washington before serving as Minister to France for the end of Washington's Presidency. This experience earned him the appointment to Secretary of State by President Adams who tasked him with getting a peace treaty with France. Pinckney led to envoy to France which resulted in the XYZ Affair. Pinckney then served a crucial role for the rest of President Adams' 1st term, helping the President carefully manage the Quasi-War. President Adams then chose Pinckney as his running mate for the 1800 election, where the ticket handily defeated the split D-R tickets. In the last 4 years as VP, Pinckney has been relegated to a mostly ceremonious role, however he did assist in the Louisiana Purchase by sending his brother Thomas Pinckney on the envoy to act as his representative. Coming into these 1804 elections VP Pinckney was the favorite for the Constitutionalist nomination, however when approached he declined the position. Instead Constitutionalist leaders then approached other national figures such as former Gov. John Jay and Chief Justice John Marshall. When both declined, President Adams personally appealed to Pinckney to accept the nomination which he agreed to. Pinckney has refused to involve himself in the campaign, but has written a number of letters which Constitutionalists have printed in pro-Constitutionalist papers. In these letters he professes strong support for the Louisiana Purchase and other ventures undertaken by President Adams. Campaign wise, Constitutionalist delegates have been instructed to play up his ties to President Adams in the North and play up his war hero status and support for the slave-holding aristocracy in the South. Constitutionalists hope the moderate Pinckney can channel the popularity of Adams in the North and rival Jefferson in the South to carry votes across the country.
Thomas Jefferson: Former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (VA) is the Democratic-Republican (D-R) candidate for President. Prior to the Revolution Jefferson served in the Virginia legislature and was elected as a delegate to the Continental Congress where he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Later in the Revolution he served as Governor of Virginia before being elected to the Congress of the Confederation. There he helped negotiate treaties and soon became minister to France. This experience led to President Washington naming Jefferson SoS which he served as until the end of Washington's 1st term in 1793. He left the position to help create and organize the Democratic-Republican party and served as the party's 1st Presidential nominee in 1796. Jefferson would ultimately be defeated by Adams and lost out on the VP spot to his running mate Aaron Burr because of Northern electors successfully splitting their ballots. Jefferson planned another run in 1800, however was forced to back out of the race after VP Burr threatened to splinter the party for the nomination. After Burr's coup of the nomination and subsequent defeat in the general election, Jefferson quickly re-asserted control over the party and has spent the last 4 years painstakingly micromanaging party operations. As such Jefferson has easily secured the nomination. Jefferson is focusing his campaign on ruthlessly attacking the Constitutionalists and President Adams for unpopular taxes and tariff raises which have seemed to stymy economic growth since the Louisiana Purchase (though Jefferson refuses to comment on the Louisiana Purchase itself and is said to strongly support it). In the North, Jefferson delegates have been instructed to quietly emphasize Pinckney's ties to the slave-holding elite in the South and play up Jefferson's personal aversion to slavery. Though Jefferson has been slammed by the Constitutionalists as an atheist who allegedly had an affair with one of his slaves. Jefferson has made his central campaign message one of a limited federal government that will bring about peace and prosperity.
VP Candidates
Rufus King: Secretary of State Rufus King (NY) is the Constitutionalist (C) candidate for Vice President, he's C.C. Pinckney's running mate. King was elected to the Massachusetts legislature in 1783 and served until 1785. In 1784 he was elected to represent Massachusetts at the Confederation Congress and was present at the Constitutional Convention. King was praised as a powerful orator and top leader of the pro-Constitution side at the Convention. Initially King sought election to the Senate from Massachusetts, but when this seemed unlikely he moved to New York at the urging of Alexander Hamilton and became one of his top captains in the state legislature. Shortly after he was elected as a Senator from NY and served until 1796 when he was appointed Minister to Britain by President Washington. He served as an avid defender of the Jay Treaty and was a Constitutionalist leader in both the Senate and as his role as Minister to Britain. He served as Minister to Britain until 1802, when after fierce lobbying from Alexander Hamilton, he was appointed Secretary of State to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of John Marshall to the Supreme Court. As SoS, King helped oversee the Louisiana Purchase and other diplomatic negotiations (a role in which he's a specialist). On the campaign trail, King has campaigned vigorously. His position on the ticket was already crucial to winning the North, but with the death of Alexander Hamilton, King has also now attempted to take up the role that Hamilton served in as a kingmaker and campaign manager in the North. King has even been campaigning for House candidates in the North. Though King has, in a recently published letter, expressed concern over the campaign situation and is expressing doubt that the Constitutionalist party has the leadership structure in place without Hamilton to successfully carry the North in both the Presidential and Congressional elections. King has centered his campaign message in the North around the experience of both himself and his running mate C.C. Pinckney's as SoS. King argues that the greatest issue facing the country is foreign relations, an area in which both himself and Pinckney excel. King has been the heart of the campaign and has been widely praised for it, one Northern Constitutionalist leader was quote saying "if this campaign is won, it will be won on the back of Secretary King's hard work".
George Clinton: Former Governor of New York George Clinton is the Democratic-Republican (D-R) nominee for Vice President, he's Thomas Jefferson's running mate. In the French and Indian War Clinton served on a privateer ship and rose to the rank of lieutenant in the British army by the end of the war. From 1768-1775 he served in the NY state legislature, there he aligned with the anti-British faction and was known for making anti-British speeches on the floor. He fought throughout 1775 to galvanize NY to revolution. He was elected to the first Continental Congress, though he missed most of it as he was commissioned a Brigadier General in the state militia. There he was tasked with defending the Hudson from a British invasion. During the war he was a vocal and energetic supporter of the Revolution and as a militia General he helped build 2 forts and created a defense net that prevented the British Army from traveling any further into the state from NYC. In 1777 he was elected Gov. of NY and resigned his post as Brigadier General, though he did at this time also receive an appointment as Brigadier General in the Continental Army which he held until the end of the war. During his time in the 1780's as Governor, he joined Hamilton's calls for a stronger federal government but by the time of the Constitutional Convention he railed heavily against the Constitution. His overwhelming opposition to the Constitution spurred him to run for Vice President in 1788 against John Adams. He would ultimately lose out on this bid, in part because Jefferson entered the race as well which sucked anti-Constitution votes away across the country. In 1792 he again challenged Adams and was handily defeated, his candidacy also drew ire across the South as they felt a Southerner should be the one to challenge Adams. Clinton sought the Democratic-Republican nomination for VP in 1796, however his defeats in 1792 and 1796 led to Democratic-Republican leaders refusing to nominate him, instead choosing the younger NY politician, Sen. Aaron Burr. Clinton finally retired from the Governorship in 1795, mostly due to the likelihood that he would be defeated by SoS John Jay. In 1800 he came out of retirement and was elected to the state legislature for the first time since 1775 and in 1801 he once again ran for Governor. He served once again as Gov. of NY until this year when he decided not to seek re-election after being chosen as Jefferson's running mate. Clinton faced opposition to his nomination, many Democratic-Republicans preferred a PA or NJ candidate instead of the traditional NY candidate. Ultimately though Jefferson advocated for Clinton despite his advancing age and previous defeats as he feels NY still remains the crucial state to win election. Clinton has mostly stayed in New York on the campaign, but he has campaigned throughout the state for the ticket and winning the state has been his only task on the campaign. Clinton has marketed the D-R ticket much the same way as Jefferson has and has refrained from specific campaigning, unlike Rufus King. Clinton's presence on the ticket is meant to provide a sense of stableness and experience, essentially Jefferson is attempting to pick the anti-Burr out of fear of anointing another young thunderbolt as hero of the North within the party.
Congressional Elections: The Constitutionalist party and the Democratic-Republican party are once again facing off in the Congressional elections. Coming into the elections the Democratic-Republicans control the House 86-55 and have recently taken the Senate for the first time, 18-14. The Midterms were crushing for the Constitutionalists as many hoped that the popularity of President Adams would finally buoy them to Midterm gains. Instead they got the exact opposite and the House once again fell. Of more concern though is the Senate where for the first time they lost control of the majority. These elections are now essential to proving the Constitutionalists are still a viable political power. In the North they feel they must retake their traditional strongholds, and in the South they feel they have very little hope (though they do hope C.C. Pinckney could gain them some goodwill). The Constitutionalist strategy focuses specifically on the North and retaking these strongholds, but they have struggled with a platform. They are unable to capitalize on the popular Louisiana Purchase as the taxes that President Adams imposed to pay for it are unpopular, and Northerners fear their power will be reduced by this new western frontier. Overall the Constitutionalists have struggled to organize a viable leadership structure and campaign message and this issue only grew larger with the killing of top Constitutionalist Alexander Hamilton. Meanwhile the Democratic-Republicans are firmly united behind the candidacy of Thomas Jefferson and back up his platform for President. They rail against President Adams' taxes, judicial expansion and expansion of federal power. These sentiments seem to be growing popular across the country. The perceived Democratic-Republican wave has yet taken place and the Constitutionalists still have a chance to win back power, yet many share Secretary King's view that the party lacks a popular platform, organized leadership and seems to be doomed to fail if the Presidential ticket doesn't take off in the North. Will the Constitutionalists stamp out the growing Democratic-Republican flame in the North, or will the Democratic-Republicans finally sweep the Constitutionalists out of power in Washington?
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2023.03.21 02:48 frisbeefreek Home assessment - Do I need an attorney? Newbie questions

Bought a house in October for $360k. Got a letter from the school district that says they are appealing the county assessment but haven't received any other information.
Assuming 63% common ratio is applied to our purchase price, the assessed value should be $227k.
The old assessment was $192k from the 2012 valuation.
Realistically, can an attorney fight for the $192k, or am I going to be stuck with $227k?
Can the School claim the assessment should be greater than the $227k? Our purchase price was low for the neighborhood because the house needs a ton of remodeling, so the comparables in our school district are not in our favor.
Trying to judge if I need an attorney (something I've never needed before) and what arguments I can make?
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2023.03.21 02:44 ochocinco124 Moving to Dallas (24M) in June, looking for housing recs

Hey everyone! Excited to move to Dallas in June. I will be working at UTSW’s medical center, so I have been looking for places mostly within 5-20min commute. Looking to rent a 1b1ba (would consider 2b1ba if those options are available). Budget is probably 1500-2000 depending on the best bang for my buck - willing to pay more if I can get a really solid safe place with good amenities and easy access to UTSW.
I’d say the main things on my shortlist are: large living room, solid closet space, 700+ sq ft, garage or covered parking, an actual solid gym for weightlifting (or close to a gym). Closeness to groceries/access to UTSW to avoid major traffic would be nice.
Was looking at some apartments in the medical district(?) near cedar springs/turtle creek. Seems like pretty solid deals in a good location kind of in between downtown and UTSW. Is this area safe/good to live in? Also have been looking at uptown/design district.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.03.21 02:44 Phlink75 Fellow Massachusetts Subreddit In Need of Help

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2023.03.21 02:39 jeanpeaches Long weekend trip itinerary review

Hi everyone! My husband and I are visiting New Orleans next weekend, March 30-April 2 and I want to see what you think of our possible itinerary and answer a few questions I have. Everything is pretty flexible! For reference we are both mid 30s, enjoy eating, site seeing, museums, history. I have never been to New Orleans, my husband was but it was in college. We both lived in Philadelphia for a while until recently, so we are accustomed to walking a lot and being aware of our surroundings at night.
Thursday: arrive around 1230. Lunch nearby possibly Felix’s for oysters and drinks. Walk around French quarter. Pharmacy museum possibly? Or maybe French market ? Stay at Hotel Monteleone.
Friday: breakfast at mollys rise and shine (will we need to Uber for this?). Garden district walking tour. Quick Lunch somewhere. Back to hotel to rest/change then dinner and drinks at Bacchanal (is it feasible to walk here from our hotel?) then a show at All Ways Lounge.
Saturday: city park, Ralph’s on the park for brunch, New Orleans Museum of art. Back to hotel to rest/change. Dinner at Gabrielle.
Sunday: jazz brunch at arnauds. Pack up to leave. Any last minute things we want to do. Leave 4pm.
Please let me know how all of this sounds or if you have any suggestions!
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2023.03.21 02:35 dirrtyjgrc Nintendo Switch oled with accessories for 19k all in

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2023.03.21 02:31 Friendly-Line-5056 Just excited-nothing has happened yet

We submitted my husband’s final ECF today!! Now we wait, but I am just so excited there is “light at the end of tunnel” and actually it is coming sooner than we originally thought! We thought he would hit 120 in July and and so we filed his annual ECF Jan 19th. A couple days later he had some forbearance months added to his count which means he will hit 120 in March. I know a lot has to “go right” as far as the processing of his January form and now his March form and then the final steps with Dept of Ed as we wait for official forgiveness, but he wasn’t even in the program before the waiver because he didn’t think he was eligible and so it feels like a little win😊
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2023.03.21 02:29 richg0404 Hooray for Western Mass

Underrated towns in Massachusetts. All of them are in Western Mass.
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2023.03.21 02:27 EuphoricTrilby There is gaslighting… and then there is this.

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2023.03.21 02:25 Extreme-Reporter135 Capitol Wood

This is just a funny little thing I came up with of the hunger games version of Hollywood where people make movies about the districts but they stereotype them beyond believe, like, this type of casting: D1: dumb & hot marvel and glimmer were described as not being the brightest bulbs in the box and both are pretty D2: violent warriors obvious D3: smart pathetic nerds again, obvious D4: Sexy siren types Finnick, much D5: sly, elusive thief’s cough, fox face, cough D11: tree hopping silent types RUE D12: strong miners The Prim reaper much
I can just imagine someone making a fanfic of the 74th hunger games tributes being casted to be in a movie and getting offended by the capital people💀
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2023.03.21 02:22 janjinx The GOP 'Q Heads' Continue Talking about Soros.

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2023.03.21 02:19 OutsideMarionberry22 How does someone get even lower karma even after he tries to go to other subs?

How does someone get even lower karma even after he tries to go to other subs?
Didn't even know that was possible 😂
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2023.03.21 02:18 icedroastpeach Afraid I’m stuck in black and white for life

Last year I moved back to my small town in Massachusetts from bustling Brooklyn due to missing my job and I’m wondering if I’m regretting it. I feel like I’ve no sense of who I am or what I want. I know I want my job here and want to move back to NYC now because it’s so slow and so boring here but I love my job I have. I’m just so afraid to go back. Afraid to make a mistake, afraid I won’t find a job I like (that’s the biggest thing) and afraid I won’t find a decent roommate if I do move back. I just want a way out of this cycle of not knowing what I want, complaining, and not taking action while being afraid of what I really want. I don’t even know myself, only what I want but won’t fulfill. And I can’t even seem to do anything with that.
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2023.03.21 02:17 icedroastpeach Afraid I’m stuck in black and white for life

Last year I moved back to my small town in Massachusetts from bustling Brooklyn due to missing my job and I’m wondering if I’m regretting it. I feel like I’ve no sense of who I am or what I want. I know I want my job here and want to move back to NYC now because it’s so slow and so boring here but I love my job I have. I’m just so afraid to go back. Afraid to make a mistake, afraid I won’t find a job I like (that’s the biggest thing) and afraid I won’t find a decent roommate if I do move back. I just want a way out of this cycle of not knowing what I want, complaining, and not taking action while being afraid of what I really want.
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2023.03.21 02:16 Inorai [Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem

[Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem
Cover Art Cover Art (Alternate) First Chapter Patreon Playlist
The Story: When a seemingly-powerless human walks straight through the wards shielding her bestiary, Aloe finds herself with a mystery on her shop floor - and with her merciless kin eager to get their hands on him, they've got a deadline on solving it.
Aloe took a step back, green eyes wide.
Behind her frozen facade, though, her thoughts raced at a hundred miles an hour. A human. Here.
That was a problem. A big one. It meant something had gone terribly wrong with all of the enchantments on the Dragon—and now, she had to move fast if she wanted to keep Secrecy intact.
The man took a shuffling step backward, going paler by the second. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Shit,” she heard him whisper. The tension building in his voice was clear.
So when he turned, bolting for the door, she was ready. A trilling whistle exploded from her throat, her lips shaping the tone to a high, looping pitch. The door of the Dragon slammed shut. The deadbolt clacked home.
The human hit the wood a heartbeat later, wrestling with the latch. “Open,” Aloe heard him gasp. “Open, dammit!” His expression twisted even as he said it. Recognition, Aloe knew.
One last slam of his fist against the wall, and he spun, glaring at Aloe from beneath a mess of sandy brown hair. “What the hell is this?” he spat. “Just- Just let me go. I’ll call the cops.” As if remembering himself, he started patting at his coat, his bag dropping forgotten to the wooden floor.
Aloe had already put a hand to her belt, running her fingers across the blocky, wood-and-metal shape hanging at her hip. A kalimba. Not the most complex instrument ever devised, but simple was all she needed. She plucked one of the tines, letting the smooth, bell-like note ring through the shop. Centering herself, she started to play, fingers flying faster as she settled into a rhythm. Her magic rose, called up by the clean, pure melody.
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” she heard from across the room. Her brow furrowed. She’d already started her lullaby—there was no way anyone should be left standing still, much less a magic-less human.
But when she looked up, she found the human man scrolling through his phone, terror steadily replacing confusion on his face. “That’s not-”
“No service in here,” Aloe said softly. The man looked up at the sound of her voice, and she sighed inwardly at the frenzied look in his eyes. She dragged her fingers across the kalimba, letting another chord sail out. Nice and slow, Aloe. It’s no different from calming a scared gryphon. “It’s okay. Nothing is wrong. No one will hurt you.”
The words were laced with another enchantment—a sedating charm, this time—but once again, her magic seemed to vanish when it brushed his skin. He shook his head wildly, wordless, and returned to wrestling with the door. The phone fell from his fingers, forgotten.
Aloe’s heart started to pound. Daisy was there alongside her, hackles raised and a snarl on her lips. When a knurl got to growling they growled, and she could already see the impact it was having on their unwelcome guest. She dropped a hand to the hound’s head, still strumming the kalimba with her other.
“You’re safe,” she murmured, reaching deeper into her well of magic. “Breathe, friend. None will harm you here.” Her unease grew by the second, even as she wove a sleeping charm over the entire Dancing Dragon. She was old, yes, and her magic was powerful enough she didn’t fear often for her safety, but it was specialized. She had sleep, and she had dreams. If they didn’t work on this human, what else could she bring to bear here?
Carefully, agonizingly slow, she inched to the side, to where her field kit sat forgotten alongside the counter.
The tension in her eased as she felt the magic start to take hold, the whole room resonating with the steady peal of the tines. The sunbirds overhead came to rest on their beams. The sprites drifted back to their crystal orb, their light dimming. Even Daisy sank to the ground with a whine, laying her head on her neatly-crossed paws.
The human, however, whirled back around to face her, face wild. “Let me out!” he roared—and he broke into a mad dash back toward her, a wordless cry on his lips.
Aloe was faster. She snatched her hand crossbow from the top of the kit, leveling it at him. He was halfway across the shop floor when she pulled the trigger.
The dart notched against its string shot forward, lancing deep into the man’s shoulder. She had a frozen moment of fear as she saw it bite home. If this didn’t work, she didn’t have any other options—but the poison it was loaded with was made from a heavily diluted basilisk venom, brewed by a dear friend she trusted wholeheartedly. She’d seen the same darts take down a charging troll.
It’d work.
The man pressed onward another lumbering step, and Aloe danced back, her breath catching in her throat. It wasn’t working. She had to-
One more lurch, and she saw the man’s eyes roll back in his head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes, hitting the ground hard.
And with that, finally, the Dancing Dragon was quiet.
Aloe took a long, shuddering breath, pressing a hand to her chest. Her other hand shook as she laid her crossbow back atop her field bag. Her heart hammered away fast as a hummingbird’s, her blood rushing through her veins. “That was too close,” she whispered, eyes still fixed to the motionless form of the human. “What in Ora’s merciful embrace was that, Daisy?”
The knurl let out a whine in her sleep, rolling over to her side. Despite the panic of the moment, Aloe let out a shaky laugh, casting a derisive look toward the hound.
And as she collected herself, she started to circle the fallen man, her mind churning away. “What are you?” she whispered, crouching down beside him. Warning bells rang in her head, screaming for her to stay back, to get away. She ignored all of them, reaching out to grip the man gently by the chin.
Well, he looked human enough. Aloe grimaced, leaning in a bit closer. Dhumir were hardy folk, and they had a bit of magic resistance about them. Maybe this fellow had a few drops from one of their bloodlines to his name. He certainly didn’t have the delightfully solid bone structure of most of them, but neither could she place him as belonging to another of the light-touched races.
Releasing him, she stood with a groan. “What am I doing?” she mumbled, burying her face in both hands. The truth of the situation was obvious. He wasn’t a dhumir, or one of the diminutive gallafi, or an erelin like herself. No matter how hard she tried to find another alternative, there was only one answer. The same one she’d been staring down from the start.
He was human. And yet somehow, he’d blasted her wards to smithereens, shrugging off every last spell she threw at him.
“Lucky I still had my kit out,” she mumbled. Her hands raked through her hair, teasing at the strands that’d fallen from her knots and ties.
Underneath it all, she recognized that she was just wasting time. She’d laid the human flat, but considering her magic had had little effect on him, she couldn’t guarantee he’d be down for long—or that she could do it a second time.
Which meant that as little as she wanted to, she had another job to take care of before he woke up.
Heart leaden, she eased her phone from its pocket, staring down at the blank screen. She wouldn’t have service here any more than the human did. Cell phone towers hadn’t learned how to penetrate a seemspace yet, Mother be praised. But she still had options.
Her nostrils flared as she eyed the device like it’d leap from her hand and attack. Do it, you coward. Finally, she dragged a finger around the phone’s outer edge, clearing her throat. “Heed me,” she mumbled. No song required—it was just a sliver of Rote magic, like any light-touched child of Ora could perform. “Sing out across untold distances.”
The magic took hold—and as the phone started to glow in her hand, she raised it begrudgingly to her ear.
Daisy whined, fixing a red-eyed, mournful look on her.
Aloe shook her head. “No.”
The knurl let out a low whuff, barely audible.
“I said no.” Aloe raised an eyebrow, turning her gaze more fully onto the beast. “I’m sorry I enspelled you. But you already had your dinner.”
Daisy’s flank heaved with a heavy sigh. She dropped back to the floor, laying her head on Aloe’s leg, grumbling all the while.
Aloe smiled to herself, thoughts a thousand miles away. Rat was still curled up on her shoulder, where he’d ridden out the whole boondagle. Her phone lay abandoned across the room. It’d bounced when she’d thrown it. It might even be broken. She’d regret it later, she was sure.
Right now it was all she could do to sit there, trying desperately to will away the sick feeling in her stomach.
The human hadn’t moved. That was the one blessing through all this. She’d pulled him into a more comfortable position after giving him a once-over, and fetched a pillow from her room over the shop. He’d snored away through all of it, totally unbothered.
“You’ll be fine,” she whispered, her gaze lingering on his face. He was young. Too damned young to be mixed up in something like this. “The district mages will get you sorted out, and you’ll toddle on your way none the wiser. You won’t even-”
Right on cue, she felt something prickle at the edge of her freshly-reapplied wards. Her skin prickled.
“Stay,” she said, laying a hand on Daisy’s shoulder. The knurl’s eyes snapped open—but she stayed where she was, lifting her head from Aloe’s leg and laying it back down on her paws. Aloe smiled, ruffling the hound’s yellow-green fur. “Good girl,” she murmured. “Just stay here.”
The fact Daisy was out in the open at all made her gut twist a little. Knurl weren’t exactly domesticated, generally. On the contrary, they were usually considered an aggressive breed. She knew what the prickling at her magic meant. Her visitors had arrived. The thought of them panicking and attacking her hound sent shivers of fear through her.
She stood, though, rocking a bit unsteadily on her feet. The tingle of magic against hers came again, more insistently, and she scowled. “Impatient bastards, as always,” she muttered, swiping a hand across her kalimba again. The Dancing Dragon filled with the clear notes, carrying her magic with them, and she felt her wards come open.
The others wasted no time. A blade of light lanced through the air at the front of the Dragon, tearing wide a breath later. A trio of figures piled out through the brilliantly-lit gap, emerging to gape, blinking, onto the Dragon’s shop floor.
Aloe grimaced at the sight of Willard among their number, his slicked-back hair recognizable even at a cursory glance. He’s Kyran’s advisor. You knew he would come. The other two mages she’d never seen before, but their gear was sturdy, padded out with thick leather and kevlar over their rough canvas uniforms, and that didn’t leave many options. So he sent his soldiers, too.
The pair of soldiers stiffened at the sight of Daisy lounging on the floor—then sprang apart, grabbing brass-and-elm wands from their belts. “That’s-”
That is one of my registered and approved familiars,” Aloe said, darting forward to place herself firmly between the soldiers and Daisy. Rat raised his head alongside hers, letting out a strident chatter. “This is my bestiary, gentlemen, not your damned shooting range. I have a license with the kingdom. If you harm anything here, I’ll-”
“Peace, Miss Aloisia,” Willard said, holding his hands up. He stepped past the two goons, offering her an easy, friendly smile. “No one intends a fight. It seems you’ve, ah…” His gaze dropped to the slumbering human. His eyebrow arched. “Run into a snag?”
“You could say that,” Aloe mumbled. She pressed her fingers to her temples for a moment, pressing gently. Calm down. Just do what you have to do, and they’ll leave. Pulling away, she stroked Rat’s head, taking a slow breath. “He waltzed straight in here.”
“And he saw?” Willard said, arching one eyebrow. He bent over with a groan, crouching beside the man, and started to probe for a pulse.
She was forced to nod. “I’m afraid so.”
“Haven’t you heard of wards?” one of the soldiers muttered under his breath. “Damned big shop like this, and you haven’t even-”
“I had wards,” Aloe snapped. She folded her arms, drawing herself up to her full height—however much good that did. She wasn’t exactly large, and Kyran’s troops both towered over her. “He walked straight through them, shredding the whole lot in the process.”
All three of her new guests stopped in their tracks. “Pardon?” Willard said. “You’re certain?”
“Absolutely sure of it,” Aloe said. “All of my lullabies bounced right off him, too. I had to stick him with basilisk poison to put him down.”
One of the soldiers snorted, a towering erelin with cobalt blue hair. Not a bloodline she recognized, that one. “A lullaby?” she heard him say, a derisive laugh under the words. His eyes swept up and down her form. “Will you sing somethin’ for us too, love? I wouldn’t mind seein’ you-”
“Watch your tongue, Jarlon,” Willard said, not looking up from his search of the downed man. “You’re biting off more than you can chew, and I won’t be the one to save you.”
The soldier stopped, surprise flashing across his face. He gave Aloe another look, then edged away.
“I don’t know what exactly he is,” Aloe said with a sigh, turning an admonishing look back on Willard. She pulled a bundle from her pocket—the man’s wallet. “I found this while disarming him.” Flipping it open, she showed them the ID within, labeling the man as one Rowen Cole. “It’s just basic human stuff. Nothing magical.”
“Very interesting indeed,” Willard murmured. He took the wallet from her, nodding along. “I’ve never seen a human who could do…well, anything like this.”
“Neither have I,” Aloe said. She pressed her lips tight together, starting to frown as one of the soldiers took the sleeping Rowen’s arm. “You’ll see to him, right? You won’t harm him?”
“He will be safe within Kyran’s territory,” Willard said smoothly, gesturing for the other soldier to join the first. “Worry not. We do have a protocol for such breaches, you know.”
Memory wipes and a toss back out onto the street. Aloe nodded, relieved. “Right. Good.” She’d feel more than a little bad if her duty to the kingdom’s precious Secrecy wound up getting the poor fellow killed. She hadn’t opened the Dragon to cause more bloodshed.
And as the two soldiers hoisted the human’s slumbering form up between them, Willard straightened, turning to Aloe. “Thank you for contacting us,” he said.
She shrugged, even as her skin crawled at the feel of him there in her shop. “Something like this needs to be dealt with promptly,” she said softly.
“Just so,” Willard said. He smiled, drawing back toward her. “Kyran was pleased to hear you’d contacted the district.” A moment of long hesitation, and his eyebrow quirked. “He speaks of you often, you know. I know he would be gladder still if you returned. If you’re ever of a mind to reconsider-”
“I made my decision clear,” Aloe said. The sentence was sharper than it needed to be, and she softened her expression not at all. Perhaps she’d be better served by demurring, here, but she’d told the bastard she wasn’t interested. It was time for him to respect that.
Willard waited a heartbeat longer, but sighed, nodding. “As you will,” he said. “Just know that door remains open, if your mind should change.”
It won’t. “Thanks,” she said, not an ounce of gratitude in the word. “Is there anything else I can help you with? I need to reopen my shop.”
“Yes, of course,” Willard said. “Thank you again, Miss Aloe.”
Her expression twitched. Her nickname, on his lips? She almost lost her cool then and there. It’d feel very good to finally tell the greased-up bastard where he could stick that presumption of his.
She nodded once instead, lips tight, and said not another word. The trio seemed to recognize they were on thin ice because for once they let the silence stand. Pulling their cargo a little higher, they trudged back toward their portal.
Aloe didn’t relax until they vanished through it, the magic sealing up as though it’d never been there at all. When the Dragon was dark again she sagged, suddenly more exhausted than ever. “Well, that’s about enough excitement for one day,” she mumbled.
Daisy lifted her head, letting out a low whine. Rat hopped down from her shoulder, trotting over to press his face against the hound’s, and earned a sloppy lick for his troubles.
She really should reopen the shop, like she’d told Willard. There were a lot of critters living inside the Dragon, and all of them liked to eat. She couldn’t afford to pass up the chance of a walk-by. At a minimum, she should just call Kanna, tell her about what’d happened, and keep her doors open.
But the odds of running into another Child of Ora out here randomly were low enough she couldn’t quite muster up the effort, and as much as she loved her friend, the thought of trying to rehash, just…everything, left her more tired than she already was. She turned away instead, trudging over to her field kit.
The dart she’d fired off had to be replaced and reloaded, of course. It wouldn’t do to leave herself unarmed in case something else went wrong. Then there were a whole mess of dens that needed to be mucked out. There were feathers and sheddings to be collected after that, nails to be trimmed and coats to be brushed.
She went through the motions, her head lost somewhere in the cloud of unease that still hung over her. It’d just all happened so quickly, started in a flash and ended with a bang. She had so many questions—and she’d let that bastard’s people tromp around in her shop.
That wouldn’t do either, so she mopped the place down for good measure, arms aching and eyes starting to go bleary. With every shove of the fibers, she drooped a little lower. The water splashed back and forth, roiling in its bucket like a miniature ocean. Her breath slipped from her chest, her eyes misting over. The waves crashed on, back and forth. The water was beneath her too, buoying her up with every breath. Back and forth, until-
Daisy barked.
Aloe jerked upright. Her eyes snapped open. Her chest ached, her lungs burning as she refilled them with sweet air.
Shaking her head, she started towards the Dragon’s shop closet, tucking the mop and bucket away. “That’s about enough of that,” she mumbled. Her eyes drifted back to her desk in the back, and the narrow drawer mounted beneath it.
It…was probably time. She really should call it a night.
With Daisy padding along at her side, she finished closing the front door up tight, wrapping her illusions snugly enough about the store that not even a light-touched would be able to spot it. The lantern, she pulled from the ceiling, blowing it out. The creatures quieted as the wick smouldered, recognizing the signs of their day ending. Rat ran circles around her feet, chirping in protest.
And with the shop darkened at last, she strode back to that desk. The drawer came open at a touch. Aloe stared down into it, eyes vacant as she scanned the rows of neatly-wedged vials.
There was no getting around it, though. Not tonight, with the stink of that bastard’s court still lingering in the Dragon and the ocean lapping at her mind. The dreams would have her tossing all night if she didn’t shut them up. Sighing, she pulled a vial out, popping the lid off. Down it went, swallowed in a single shot before she could taste the horrible bitterness of it.
Aloe felt it immediately, though. The heavy weight that settled across her shoulders, the cold numbness that spread through her veins. She grimaced. Daisy sidled over, ramming her head into Aloe’s leg, and she couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m fine, dearest,” she murmured, giving the knurl’s head a rub. Stepping back, she held an arm out for Rat to jump onto. “Ready?”
Together they rounded the corner in the back of the Dragon, pushing through a set of swinging doors to the stairs beyond. Aloe waited, pausing a step at a time, as Daisy clambered up the stairs, whining. The sight and sound of it all made her sigh. The leg must be bothering her. She’d have to find an ampoule of salve for it soon.
By the time the two of them trudged down the hallway through the living quarters, the edges of her sight were starting to go fuzzy. She grimaced, rubbing at her eyes, and pushed through the door into her quarters. “Damn stuff works fast.”
As she flopped down on the mattress, though, vanishing into the well-worn covers, that same unease still lingered at the back of her mind. She stared up at the rafters. When Daisy crawled up alongside her, Rat taking up a position on her nightstand, she only gave the knurl a good rub.
But how had a human gotten into her shop in the first place?
That was the question that still burned at her, stuck in her craw. Who had that man been, and just….how?
“Rowan Cole,” Aloe whispered, and sighed. Kyran had him, now. That should relieve her, and yet…she’d met Kyran before. More often than not, being somewhere far, far away was preferable. A twinge of sympathy ran through her for the poor kid.
Well, he wouldn’t have to suffer it long. She allowed herself a tiny smile, eyes drooping closed. Her face sank into Daisy’s thick fur. The district’s mages worked fast. Rowen would be off and back to his business by the time morning came.
No reason at all to be worried.
Exhaling, Aloe curled up tighter against Daisy, succumbing to the waves.
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2023.03.21 02:15 Pyroski The War of 1839, Part II │ Pine & Liberty

The War of 1839, Part II │ Pine & Liberty
Otis' Final Months in Office and Webster's Inauguration
From the end of August through the middle of September in 1841, the presidential election was held. Harrison Gray Otis, who had pledged to serve only one term at the party's 1836 convention, kept his promise despite facing opposition from his own vice president, Gideon Tomlinson, and other officials who urged him to rescind the promise. Despite efforts to renominate Otis, it was Daniel Webster, the cousin of President Noah Webster and the incumbent Secretary of State, who would emerge as the party's nominee.
During the general election, Webster campaigned on a platform of continuing the policies of Otis and the Federalist party while also pledging to end the conflict with the United States. Despite receiving the endorsement of incumbent president Harrison Gray, Webster failed to secure a majority in the electoral college. With the nation already embroiled in the War of 1839 crisis, Otis used his "lame duck" period to involve himself in a campaign in support of Webster. Using his influence, Otis wrote to various representatives responsible for voting in the contingent election, to advocate for Daniel Webster as his successor hoping to avoid a crisis.
On November 12th, 1841, the contingent election was in the House of Representatives chamber, in Boston, Massachusetts. Webster soon emerged victorious, as the majority of the delegates of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island would all vote for him, giving him the needed majority for the presidency.
Nearly three weeks later, on November 30, 1841, President-Elect Daniel Webster succeeded Harrison Gray Otis. Like his predecessors, Webster was inaugurated behind closed doors to a private party of close allies and party officials. Webster largely kept key figures in the Otis administration, including Nathan Appleton, Samuel Appleton, and Webster's rival in the 1841 presidential election, Edward Everett.
Incoming President Daniel Webster, the fifth president of New England, entered office amid the War of 1839 crisis
Dorr's Rebellion

Invasion of *?*
The Tecumseh-American War concludes...
In this depiction of the signing of the Treaty of Tippecanoe, the Indian chiefs appear defeated as Keokuk announces their agreement to the deal.
Invasion of *?*
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2023.03.21 02:07 Deadly_Davo [Recruiting] The Borg #2YYYPOUC2 TH6+ Clan level 19 Capital Hall 10 Clan Capital/Clan Games Independent

NOTE: This is recruiting for Clan Capital Raids only!
Who are we...
We are The Borg. Ranked 81 Globally. 5072 trophies. Currently in Legends league. Primarily a Clan Capital/CWL focused clan. We no longer do regular wars.
What we offer...
1650-1700 Raid Medals each weekend, Maxed Clan Games
Who we want...
Players that can 2 shot districts like Balloon Lagoon, Builder Workshop, Golem Quarry, Wizard Valley and Skeleton Park. You will know how to use the graveyard spell and be able to consistently 2 shot weaker districts. The tougher districts like Dragons Cliff, Barbarian Camp and Capital Peak I don't expect you to attack. I generally do these districts myself.
After you raid, your capital gold is your own to do with what you please. You can take it back to another clan if you wish or spend it at this clan.
We don't have to be your main clan. You can be in another clan but want to raid here for better medals. You can jump in, do your raid and go back to your main clan. What's important to us is you 2 shotting districts. it benefits everyone with more raid medals the more 2 shots you do.
Also interested in a couple of clean up players. They can be average players unable to 2 shot districts. The role is to clean up bases left at 80%+. It is an important role as it means better players in the clan don't have to waste an attack on clean up. Everyone gets the same amount of raid medals so doing this role has no effect on how many medals you get, but it will allow more medals to be earned as you free up better attacks.
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2023.03.21 02:06 ProgressiveDemocrats BREAKING: Democrat Dan Goldman just made a complete fool of Kevin McCarthy after McCarthy criticized Democrats for “targeting their political opponents.”

BREAKING: Democrat Dan Goldman just made a complete fool of Kevin McCarthy after McCarthy criticized Democrats for “targeting their political opponents.”
Goldman was the lead counsel in a 2019 House impeachment of Trump.
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2023.03.21 02:06 A_Lountvink Do any of you know why my industry won't grow in one location, but office will?

When I started to design the city I'm working on, I put an industrial district on a mountainside. I've let it sit for a while now, but the industry growables just haven't grown. It's all zoned, but for some reason almost none of the industry will grow, just a few isolated structures, but other zones (including office) will grow just fine. It doesn't seem to affect the rest of the city either, just that district. Do any of you know why almost no industry will grow there?
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