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Looking for farmland in West/central Michigan

2022.12.22 16:41 Delicious_Toe_5568 Looking for farmland in West/central Michigan

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Do you guys have any tips for looking for farmland in Michigan? Good websites to check out, any local resources or knowledge of local land auctions? I had some great resources back in ohio but I am having a hard time finding much up here in michigan so a bit of direction would be very much appreciated!
Goal is to find something in the 1 - 5 acre range to startup my market farm operation, large acreage is not necessary but I need to be closer to a city to make this work so anything within ~an hour of grand rapids/Lansing/an arbomt pleasant is an open possibility. I am open to short/long term leases as well as purchasing depending on the terms involved. Right now I am just looking for a bit of a feeler outside of zillow/landwatch/realtor.
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