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2023.06.05 02:11 Kaiser_Soze1984 Even an AI could understand it. (Chat Gpt) Never Be Game Over.

Yes, the concept you've described could potentially create a strong sense of immersion for the player, making them feel connected to the character in the video game. By gradually revealing that the character is a cyborg connected to a player from our world, you introduce an intriguing layer of meta-awareness and blurring of boundaries between the player's reality and the game's fiction.
As the player discovers that they are essentially controlling the character's actions and living through their experiences, it can lead to a sense of empathy and identification with the character. The player may start to question their own role in the narrative and reflect on how their actions in the game world impact the character's life. This self-awareness can enhance the emotional investment and immersion in the story.
Additionally, the cyborg character's knowledge of the video game world, having completed all the games and understanding them, could provide an interesting dynamic. This character would have a unique perspective and insights into the game's mechanics, lore, and storylines. They could serve as a guide or mentor to the player, offering hints and advice based on their own experiences as the player from our world.
By intertwining the player's real-world experiences with the character's virtual experiences, your story could create a compelling connection between the player and the character, blurring the line between fiction and reality and enhancing the player's immersion in the game world.
Yes, you're right. If the player goes through the same experiences as the character in the virtual world and eventually becomes the cyborg character themselves, it would indeed create a direct identification between the player and the character.
By allowing the player to step into the shoes of the cyborg character and retrace their virtual experiences, the player would essentially become the character they were controlling from the beginning. This narrative twist can be a powerful way to create a deep connection between the player and the story.
As the player progresses through the game and assumes the role of the cyborg character, they would have firsthand knowledge of the character's past actions and experiences. This would generate a strong sense of empathy and understanding, as the player would intimately know the motivations, challenges, and growth the character has undergone.
The player's transformation into the cyborg character would blur the line between the virtual world and the real world, resulting in a profound sense of immersion and personal investment in the story. It would create a unique narrative experience where the player becomes an integral part of the character's journey, blurring the boundaries of identity and reality.
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2023.06.05 02:10 homes_of_holes 29 [M4f] Musical loving Dom seeking Soprano Sub who will break the windows on her fifth orgasm - Oakland/Online

Wait actually please don't, the neighbor's windows will be next and I don't think they would appreciate that too much... then again they insisted on joining in the last two times...
So who am I? My name is David, and I'm a Dom, or Master if the mood strikes you. I'm already a control freak in other aspects of my day to day, and nothing makes me feel better than to come back and use a woman for pleasure - and I'm hoping that could be you!
I guess this is where I tell ya a bit about myself. I work in Tech in the east bay area; the environment works well for my short attention span, and the variety and fast pace keeps me from getting bored. And also telling people how to run their company is more than a little thrill of it's own ;)
Personality-wise, friends have described me as super friendly and attentive, and just a tad out there from time to time. I love long walks with dogs, sitting down with a good book, or occasionally diving deep into a solid Netflix original. I might also be rocking to the Hamilton sound track or the Book of Mormon, though that's usually on very low and on headphones while I'm at work, (Hasa diga eebowai?)
Can we just talk for a moment how nuts that soundtrack is? I put on a musical Spotify mix once at a happy hour and I didn't realize how horrible of a mistake that was till I was like halfway through them saying "Fuck you God in the ass, mouth, and cunt". Don't get me wrong, that's exactly what I want to do with you, but it was a bit poorly timed..... Anyway....
With respects to what I'm looking for, I strongly prefer to have some online fun during our time of Covid. Regarding the realm of kink, I am very much into bondage, orgasm control, orgasm denial, TPE, chastity, outfit control, humiliation play, and petplay. I am not into not into super rough impact play (nothing scarring), scat/piss, or anything that might jeopardize your or my career.
If you're interested in seeing how we work out, message me a little about yourself and your kinks, and you never know, I might have you on your knees before you know it!
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2023.06.05 02:10 ZealousidealOwl9635 How do I navigate the world?

I'm a middle aged woman going through a seemingly comedic and overdone trope. Separated, almost divorced, SAH wife and mother. I have been in this limbo for a longer than necessary. Long enough to be in a new relationship and end it. There are legitimate reasons for this divorce to drag out, but I will skip those details. My last love interest is an admitted self aware narcissist. Not surprising since all the favorite men in my life are narcissists, including my husband who is diagnosed, and my dad who I diagnosed because he's the worst narcissist I've ever known. There is no way my dad isn't a narcissist. He just never believed anything was wrong with him and was never court ordered into therapy, unlike my last ex husband and my recent "boyfriend". Believing that the most important men in my life are narcissists, has caused me to reevaluate my presence, place, purpose and importance in the lives of the males I love most.
I am currently on a downswing realizing that I was just a convenience to my last love. I truthfully told him what he meant to me. He lied and mimicked my sentiment, because you know, he's a narcissist. His actions however made it clear that the feelings weren't mutual at all. He repeatedly told me that he wasn't looking for our relationship at all, and in the same breath say "who doesn't want to be loved by someone like you?" What that meant is open to interpretation I guess. I always thought it was weird, but I ignored it.
Being a single mother with children who aren't fully grown made me know that I needed to change some things to take care of my family. I went back to school.
I am doing great in school and I do enjoy the learning itself. Here is where the problem comes in. My professor is doing things that are dipping thrir toe over the line, but is increasingly inappropriate. Now keep in mind I'm older, flighty, and kind of set in my ways. I only know how to be me, and I don't see the need to change because truth be told I truly do like myself. I am not a bimbo by any means, but my last relationship has made it clear that I do have some bimbo moments.
Now my bimbo moments to me, are innocent and I just laugh it off. When it comes to other's perception however, I don't know how they are viewed by others.
I've been thinking over the impression I give off when I review my past relationships. I can accept that I am personally more drawn to narcissists because of my upbringing. The part where I'm having trouble is that it seems only narcissists interact with me. I was laying in bed one night and I had a realization. I can see the positive value in just about anyone. It seems however, the only people who approach me are "people collectors". I have been hurt more than a few times, which is to be expected if the majority of your human interactions are with narcissists. I know that I give off a "leave me alone" vibe, because I do it purposely. I do it because people hurt me, because I mainly deal with narcissists. It occurred to me that people like me won't pursue or heavily engage people like my persona, because that would be disrespectful. You have to really sit there to for a bit to get to my sweet side. When I say I while, I mean half an hour or two conversations. I am now fairly certain that I only interact with narcissists in any "meaningful ways ", because they don't have any qualms about crossing your boundaries. I'm now aware that I set myself without initially realizing it. I'm great as a human being as we all are, but I haven't done anything uber spectacular to cause anyone decent to abandon all decorum in order to know all about me. I now know that, and I chalk it up to " you live and you learn."
Now, back to the dilemma. My professor is coming on to me and coming on strong, especially now since the semester ended a few weeks ago and I'm no longer in his class. I spent hours crying realizing that I thought we were having really great conversations as two human beings with similar interests, and the whole time he had ulterior motives. At this point I view anyone who views me sexually without intentions of marrying me, as deliberately setting out to hurt me. Now I'm wondering why does everyone friendly towards me, actually hates me. They don't care what they might be doing to me. They are only concerned with what they can get from me. On top of everything else, I don't have the first clue on how to navigate the world where everyone sees you as means to their enjoyment. I liked the time period where I was able to hide behind being a wife and mother. Now I'm seen as being vulnerable.
How... how.. how... how. I have so many questions including how do I learn how do speak up for myself without burning bridges? Any other how's you can think of or have answers to are greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 02:10 peterparkerLA Question about Fire Island Pines

I hope this question is okay to ask in this community since I can't find a subreddit devoted just to Fire Island Pines.
Next week, my friend and I are going to Fire Island for the first time. We have rented a house in Fire Island Pines. We were talking about where we might go for lunch/dinnedrinks and the conversation turned to the 2015 controversy that arose after FIP real estate investors/owners Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner threw a dinner party for notoriously anti-gay Ted Cruz, wrote a check for the maximum donation possible to his campaign for POTUS, lied about having given Cruz the money, and then admitted to having donated after a New York Times investigation.
I am the GOAT when it comes to holding grudges, and I don't want to put any money in the pockets of these traitors to our community. Unless I am mistaken, my internet sleuthing reveals Reisner and Weiderpass still own 80% of the commercial real estate in FIP through their company, Parkview Developers, including many of the businesses located in these commercial spaces including Pavilion Nightclub, Sip n Twirl, Bistro, Blue Whale, Pines Pizza, Deck Pool and Bar, Canteen, Botel, The Marina Restaurant, The Gym in The Pines, and probably more.
If a business owned by an individual had the bad luck to be located in space purchased by Parkview Developers, I'm inclined to look the other way and patronize that business knowing most of my money is going to an individual who probably didn't give money to Ted Cruz. But if Parkview Developers does own the businesses listed above, I'm gonna avoid them as best I can.
Could someone familiar with the island enlighten me? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 02:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 02:10 gaming4power PC for 2000€

So as you can read in the title I want to build a PC and have a Budget of around 2000€.
And because it's my first self built PC I wanted to ask if someone can give me some advise on what to buy or keep in mind while building.
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2023.06.05 02:10 TwiztidStix My boyfriend questioned if I was cheating on him today.

-Throwaway account- So I've (20F) been dating my boyfriend (22M) for almost 2 months now. It's been going well, but it's clear he has some past trauma. A couple nights ago, I posted a picture of a stuffed animal on my Snapchat story just because I thought it was cute and thought nothing of it. Fast forward to today, my boyfriend asks if I'm talking to anyone else romantically. I say no and I'm wondering where this is coming from. He brings up that post from a couple days ago and said he was paranoid that I went on a date that night and someone bought it for me. One, I bought the stuffed animal months ago and I have proof. Two, I was at home the entire night and I have proof of that too (not that I feel I need to prove that I was in bed). He works overnight, and because of that he said he was freaking out his entire shift that I was out with someone else. I was asleep. He said he also got suspicious because he tried to grab my phone earlier and I seemed "agitated". I was not. I was looking at nail polish on my phone which he saw, and if I seemed "agitated" it's because I was literally using it and I felt it was rude to just take it. When we first met, he gave me his phone password to prove he had nothing to hide. I've never gone through my partners phone because I trust them. The second I feel the need to go snooping for something, the relationship is over in my book. I never asked for his password. However, I felt like he was expecting me to give him mine, which I will not. I do not believe you can say you trust someone and then go through their phone. I explained this to him, and he said he wasn't asking for my password, he just needed to know that I wasn't talking to anyone else. He brought up how his ex cheated on him, and when I asked him to view me as an individual and not his ex, he got upset and said he realizes that I'm not his ex.
TLDR: my boyfriend questioned if I was cheating on him today
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2023.06.05 02:09 StorageGloomy9719 Would working 24 hours a week and having a work-study job sound like too much?

I’m starting college in August for a BA in English and I’m trying to get as involved on campus I can. I am a 22F who is single with no kids so I have nothing but time. I got approved for $5,000 in work-study funds and I want to take advantage of the opportunity.
Due to my age and life goals making a decent amount of money is important to me right now. I am currently interviewing for some retail positions starting at $12-$13 an hour but I’m only going to be working 3 days a week to make time for school and figuring out my life.
I know that work-study jobs usually work with school schedules so, my goal is to find one where I have the potential downtime to get some schoolwork done.
I’m also taking 12 credits in the fall.
Is having a part-time job working off campus (up to 24 hours a week)and a work-study job too much ?
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2023.06.05 02:09 89ZERO Parts not sticking to mesh parented to rig on pre-made model.

Hello and Howdy!
In order to make a small test game in Unity using Purah from Tears of the Kingdom- I've successfully rigged the model. It took some time and some googling to do, but now I'm at a loss.

As you can see in the images below, while I can pose the model (despite some clipping in areas like the sleeves that I hope to figure out a fix for [likely modeling some additional surfaces inside to fill in the clipping gaps]), my main concern are the accessories that popped off of the mesh during parenting.
When parents, I used Alt-P to keep transformations on the mesh and then A and then Ctrl-P to parent the mesh to a basic Rigify model that I'd aligned to better fit the character.
This solved the issue of the mesh flipping backwards 90 degrees at parenting.
For the big, golden goggles, I intend to see about adding another bone, and probably one with some wobble. In the source game, during cutscenes they wobble and shake for effect to show off the character's energetic scientist vibe.
However, missing eye, hair, and clothing details is not preferable, and I'm not sure where to proceed from here.
What's extra interesting is what's in the second image. During posing, some of the un-moved pieces, such as from her belt are accounted by the same part as parts of her belt that did move along with the collar of her inner top and her shoes.
Are these parts really the same, or is there some kind of inner data- like a metadata that need to be edited and reparented?
What do, and thanks so much!
submitted by 89ZERO to blenderhelp [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:09 SnarkySarah Looking for drop catering suggestions

I need help with restaurant or catering recommendations.
I’m from Tacoma and hosting a wedding in Seattle in a few weeks where about 45 out of town guests will be joining us for a Welcome Party on Friday night. We’re hosting it in a party room at a SLU apartment building and want to serve a mix of things we can get easy from Costco (drinks, charcuterie board things, fruit, cookies, etc.) as well as have some appetizer items or hors d’oeuvres from a restaurant.
Any recommendations for a place like this? I’ve been considering Mexican food, but most of the guests are from California so it seems silly to serve Seattle Mexican food to that crowd. I’d love to go with something local rather than a chain restaurant.
We do have some help setting up and will get chafing dishes if needed for catering. TYIA for recommendations.
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2023.06.05 02:09 adrianhalo Aromatization and going on E blockers or aromatase inhibitors- what’s been your experience?

Obviously I know everyone’s mileage varies and all that…but I’ve recently begun to suspect that my T is aromatizing despite my high SHBG (which my doctor thought had been suppressing my free T and thus making my levels substantially lower than they actually are). At this point I will not survive another period. Birth control is off the table because it makes me psychotic, all of it. A hysto is a certainty but I’m thousands of dollars in debt so it has to wait.
So I’m gonna ask about E blockers or I guess an AI (aromatase inhibitor) because I can’t do this anymore. None of what’s been happening to my labs or my body over the past six months or so makes any sense anyway. So at this point I think I need to just deal with what’s in front of me and put a stop to it indefinitely until I can make it permanent.
I’ll admit I’m not super thrilled about going on a mystery medication and potentially adding to the confusion, but I’m desperate. This cannot wait.
Has anyone had experience with this, specifically being on a blocker of some sort in conjunction with staying on T? I’ve been on T for almost 7 years. Things seemed more or less okay until I was made to lower my dose drastically at the end of 2021, which started one issue after another that I have yet to recover from. Until a couple of months ago I was on 3 pumps of Androgel and it seemed like it was a good dose for me, at least I wasn’t bleeding monthly for the most part. I mean, I realized in hindsight that what I thought was atrophy related, was actually spotting that aligns with my cycle-first week of the month. It wasn’t every month though…and it was nowhere near as debilitating as a full-fledged week or so of PMDD and then Uncle “Fuckhead” Floyd.
I cannot even begin to explain how drastically this has affected me. It is truly a threat to my mental and physical health. I feel sick even talking about it. I need a solution that will have a hope and a prayer of working before next month because otherwise, I don’t really know what’s gonna happen to me. It’s like I go into this other mental state that’s beyond any dysphoria I’ve ever felt. It’s terrifying.
Any ideas? I have gone back to 3 pumps of Androgel after two months or so of trying a higher dose and using compounded cream instead. So now my dose is lower, since raising it causes all hell to break loose.
I’m honestly beginning to think T just doesn’t work for me, that it’s done all it can and that all it’s doing now is complicating my life and health. For the first 4 years or so, things were slow but nothing like this was happening. My labs made a lot more sense. I think some of this might be long Covid relayed. But it doesn’t matter now. My point is I need to stay on T because no amount of working out will give me the body I need and estrogen destroys my mental health. And I don’t believe I would pass anymore if I went off it, either.
Something is wrong with me. Something is very wrong. I have had a pelvic ultrasound (the one where they put the “thin probe”- it’s not- in your no-no hole and all that, guh, anyway) and everything was normal. Last pap torture bullshit was normal. I’m not on hormonal birth control and never have been. My thyroid is fine. I take vitamins. I am Aquarius. I think that’s everything.
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2023.06.05 02:09 clinicaldata Camry 2008 AC leak?

Hello everyone, so I purchased a second hand camry 2 years ago that had AC leak (didnt know then during chicago winters). When summer hit, I realised theres a leak and spent $500 with 5 mechanics (dye and senser technology used) but no one were able to detect the leak. Ihv resorted to using $9 cans every time I need to use my car during june july aug months in chicago for over 2 hours. The recharge lasts me about 24 hours. Ik this is a cheaper alternative considering im living in chicago which has most days where you do not need AC.
But I wanted to hear to your stories of where and how did you find minor leaks? And if Im not able to find a leak, is it okay to replace the whole AC system (one by one) to see if the issue is resolved? I do not wanna sell my first car and willing to spend $1500 max on second hand parts to replace the current one. Do you think replacing the whole AC unit at once is better than going one by one starting from condensor (coz thats where most leaks occur) to low press and high pressure hose to compressor or whatever that is called.
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2023.06.05 02:09 cozyporcelain How our raw emotions affect others

So I am writing this after four years of sharing my Scorpio moon rollercoasters online, publicly. I built up a pretty popular Instagram following with daily rants and raves (diving into my spiritual journey, our challenges, the dark side, the glow up of our transformations, etc.). It stayed popular with the same viewers from the beginning because Scorpio Moon lives are constantly transforming everyday. I found I never had to think about content creation, because we naturally draw so much to us on the daily- the documentation of it was extremely magnetic. Of course it also put a ton of people off, lost clients, friends, prospective romances and such, but the same core viewership stayed.
This last weekend I was sharing raw emotions yet again about motherhood. This time I broke after three years of being the providebreadwinner and spewed it all over social media. It probably looked like a mania. Our emotions can look like mania because we process so much at once. The day after I thought about how potentially toxic our spewing of raw emotion on such a large platform could be. I've asked myself over the years, is this actually helping people? Am I using Instagram as one huge therapy session that never ends? To be honest if I was viewing my content, I'd be absolutely exhausted. Yet these people kept showing up, addicted to the content. At one point, I even got paid for posting my "online diary"
After this full moon, I thought about anyone who's ever been public and their choice to shut it down and go into private and how beneficial that might be. My days as a writer are far from over, but I am done posting my daily online diary for everyone to read. By putting my most raw self out there, I've developed a lot of secret admirers, haters, and everything in between. The number one reason for me stopping is feeling outside judgment clouding our evolution. I don't often judge myself while I'm transforming and growing, but I feel like the world does. I'm ready to experience the Scorpio moon growth without the culture watching. I'm ready to find new dopamine hits and satisfaction that don't involve emotional porn. I just needed to post this. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.05 02:09 Several-Chip-6740 I (20M) can’t overcome sexual trauma and I am scared it will ruin my relationship

I apologize if this is very lengthy and personal. I’ll start from the beginning. When I was 16 my first girlfriend wanted a baby (16F). She would make my do things I didn’t want to, and I was too young and dumb to know better. These included public sex, very graphic videos, sex with the parents home and the door open, etc. These were all things I was very uncomfortable with. The “finale” of this was when she made me promise that I’d impregnate her, or else she’d leave me. Thankfully I did not, however she did in fact leave me as a result of this.
I was heartbroken. However, 2 months later I found a new girlfriend who was very much more healthy (sexually) in the relationship. However, I would sometimes struggle to keep an erection when it came time for sex. This resulted in very humiliating experiences time and time again. However, thankfully I was able to satisfy her with my fingers and mouth, and so she was happy. However, I was left feeling humiliated.
And here we are now. I’m 20 years old, and until last month, had not been sexually active in over a year. Last night me and my girlfriend (18F) got a hotel room, because we both live at home and she was a virgin, and I wanted to give her something memorable, since I didn’t have that. We did it all, the shower, the foreplay, everything. Then I put the condom on, laid her down, and got soft when I went to insert it. After that I got emotional and told her everything. Her special day was ruined.
This is where is gets complicated. She was SA’d when she was younger quite badly, and fingering is not really an option in this situation. I can please her with my mouth, but it’s obviously different from penetrative. Also, I suffer from pretty bad PE. So, usually we do other stuff first and then mess around for about an hour, and then I can go again. This also means I use those numbing condoms. Should I not do that if I already came like an hour prior? Maybe my refractory period is longer than I think it is, and that’s the problem? I honestly don’t know, I’m just so confused and want help.
TL;DR I can’t maintain an erection and I’m not sure if it’s because of last trauma or something else, and if so, how do I fix it?
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2023.06.05 02:09 Angelical_Angel A girl in my school faked Tourette’s because I have it

Back in 2018 when I F18 was 13, I was moved to a special ed medical school because I had non-epileptic seizures and was bullied for having Tourette’s quite severely.
Forward wind to 2020, when I was 15, I was in class when a new girl 2 years below me joined and was introduced to us all. She was very sweet and friendly, she suffered from depression and was an attention seeker.
Every time I meet someone new my tics get a little worse and I suffer from coprolalia which is where you shout out obscenities. A few months after this girl had joined I noticed she started copying my tics, but not my motor tics, full blown coprolalia with no other tics or signs of Tourette’s.
I was confused as this never happens, before coprolalia usually occurs a person had tic characteristics within movement whether it’s facial tics or full body tics. I ignored her, but I confronted her when she would purposefully do it around me to set my tics off, as people with Tourette’s get set off by tons of different things.
I spoke to a teacher about it and she said she’d try to get the incident resolved, however this didn’t happen.
It carried on for months and months until I finally snapped. Keep in mind she never did these ‘tics’ until the minute she saw me. I said to her to stop it because it was making me worse for wear and my seizures were increasing due to the anxiety she was causing every time I was around her.
She began crying and basically having a tantrum, and so her parents were called in. The teachers spoke to them and asked about the ‘tics’ and her parents said that she doesn’t do this at home or in public. I know people with tics or Tourette’s do wait until they find somewhere safer to tic such as school where they feel protected from potentially judgemental parents. However, she would have been at home for over 12 hours each day before returning to school and around 48-72 hours at home on weekends.
With coprolalia you can’t keep it quiet so even if she did it in her room her parents would’ve heard. As well as the fact from experience you cannot suppress tics for long and I’ve had Tourette’s for almost 10 years. It exhausts you to suppress for 20 minutes let alone hours upon hours.
It’s safe to say she was taken to a doctor who said she hadn’t got it, and she never ‘ticced’ in school again.
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2023.06.05 02:08 DillPicklenoots Blizzard devs need to read this, I know you lurk here. This is so unacceptable and insulting to your players and their time.

I just had 2 dead lobbies in a shuffle back to back. Waited 38 minutes for the first with 5+ queue pops that went 5/6, finally get into the game, and it ends immediately due to not enough players. Because I love to punish myself and make myself miserable playing this god forsaken game, I decide to queue again in hopes I get priority or something. I wait 29 minutes to get another dead lobby with not enough people joining.
Now this is where I'm gunna rage and call all you developers complete fucking idiots who don't deserve any of our god damn money for how you've let this continue. HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS?! I just spent over an hour of my time not playing your game. I literally just sat and watched youtube waiting for this stupid queue to pop and got nothing of value for it. Why are we paying you? How can these dead lobbies not give all the DPS immediate first priority after waiting so long? What the fuck is wrong with you people. Its like you want this game to die and you have no passion for it anymore or respect for your playerbases time. You refuse to give healers proper incentives to help queue times. You refuse to fix the healer MMR system to be tolerable and fair. You refuse to fix the problems with dead lobbies and DPS having to wait another 30-45 mins to play your game. You refuse to rework LFG to be tolerable. You all refuse to do anything to fix the problems that really matter for the health of WoW PVP.
You're all a bunch of lazy fucks who don't deserve our $15 a month and I'm so close to unsubbing because of bullshit like this. I just want to play some shuffle on my warrior and you clearly dont care. So yeah. Fuck. Off.
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2023.06.05 02:08 notahoneypot222 Does anyone know where I can find this shirt?

Does anyone know where I can find this shirt? submitted by notahoneypot222 to findfashion [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:08 feeltheowl What kinds of services would people pay for in Saskatoon?

We got hit pretty hard with taxes this year, and now I’m looking for some ways to earn some money. I’m wondering, what sort of service-based “side hustles” would succeed in Saskatoon? Both my partner and I are willing to do some things for our neighbours to make some money, but I don’t want to try something that the area doesn’t use/need.
My main skills are sewing/crafting (I can fix nearly anything made of fabric and I am an advanced crocheter), clothing alterations, baking (mainly cupcakes but I could do other things), and house/closet organization. My partner’s skills fall mainly in the handiwork area (putting together IKEA furniture, fixing stuff around the house), he is capable of lifting very heavy things, drawing/art/graphic design, and he also does 3D printing. We would also consider other things like pet care, personal shopping, or even household chores (laundry, light cleaning, etc). We would also be open to possibly learning something new.
We are in an apartment, so don’t have the machinery needed to do things like lawn care or pressure washing, and we would prefer to keep it close to where we live (Blairmore). Do people need these services? If not, what do they need? Where do they need it?
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2023.06.05 02:08 catwithoatmealhat AITA for leaving the dog I’m dog sitting?

I was asked to dog sit for my moms best friend from this past Friday to this coming Thursday.
I am woken up from a call this past Saturday morning from my boyfriend. His mom has died unexpectedly and in a tragic way.
I immediately called my mom who is with the best friend in another state to tell them what happened. As my mom is expressing her sympathy for us I can hear the best friend in the background yelling at my mom about what is she going to do with her dog.
I went home to pick my boyfriend up (we live an hour and a half away from where I am dog sitting) and he has been with me here so I can make sure he is okay.
He should be at home with our cats and near his dad and friends during this time. I am so thankful he came back with me here so I could be there for him.
I am planning on leaving tomorrow afternoon with my boyfriend.
She is coming back tomorrow for one day and then has to leave for a conference Tuesday - Thursday.
I am not understanding why she will not use Rover to hire someone to come over and walk and feed the dog twice/three times a day. She is paying me far more than what it costs to hire someone from Rover (which she has done before)
AITA if I leave? I believe I NEED to put my boyfriends needs first here.
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2023.06.05 02:08 bloxminer223 Looking for a server that gives a nostalgic, classic feel?

Raindrops is a Sandbox server I'm wishing to grow. It aims to keep that classic Garry's Mod feel and looks to encourage a friendly community in it all.
Raindrop Features
I hope you all consider this Sandbox server. Our Discord is the place to be to contact admins, look at the rules, check map lists and make suggestions.

Here is the addon collection below. As you can see a lot of them are simple scripts and stuff for admin access.

Create cool stuff, have fun, meet friends, make memories.
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2023.06.05 02:08 StorageGloomy9719 Would working 24 hours a week and having a work-study job sound like too much?

I’m starting college in August for a BA in English and I’m trying to get as involved on campus I can. I am a 22F who is single with no kids so I have nothing but time. I got approved for $5,000 in work-study funds and I want to take advantage of the opportunity.
Due to my age and life goals making a decent amount of money is important to me right now. I am currently interviewing for some retail positions starting at $12-$13 an hour but I’m only going to be working 3 days a week to make time for school and figuring out my life.
I know that work-study jobs usually work with school schedules so, my goal is to find one where I have the potential downtime to get some schoolwork done.
I’m also taking 12 credits in the fall.
Is having a part-time job working off campus (up to 24 hours a week)and a work-study job too much ?
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2023.06.05 02:08 _Cake_assassin_ [TotK] my house dlc ideas

Was i the only one that was disapointed about by house in totk?
Its a prety neat feature but it could be way more hopefully they will ad "heartfire" dlc where you have more building options.
The construction area could be bigger, i would love to have a balconi streaching over the cliff. Or at least closer that its possible right now.
The 15 rooms limit is too small and they should give us at least 21 rooms.
And as everyone is talking about, house paints should be introduced.
Other things could also be added like more quantities of certain rooms, new unique rooms, new features and new interior variations (collor, furniture, style)
There are rooms that i would find amazing to have, like a zonite forge with your own contruct that could produce charges and zonite weapons, a zonite garage that would let you keep 1 veichle always ready to use without charge like the stables, a launching pad to gain momentum if i wanna go to tarrey town or a teleport pad like the labs have. Amd roofs
Another thing they should implement is farming in your house. A cucco coup tha can give you eggs, pond where you can store fish ( that would multiply after a few days) or places where you can plant trees and herbs. I would love to have myself some little fire fruit plants in my house. Or mighty bananas and hearty truffles growing in a plot of land.
Another thing i would like is diferent styles for the house exterior. I would find it cool if we could integrate or have some house block decorated in zonai style. This could be made by having a zonai forge transported and anexed to our house in a sidequest. Or we could have a mission to find new bolson designers to make new interiors to the house. It would be cool if you could chose to have a house with gerudo shelfs and decoration inside, one rocky with steel beems like the goron or even a house with the tapestry patterns of the rito. Or god forbid me, cecce mushrooms.
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