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2023.05.31 18:55 palmerater Side car freezing

I have a brand new iPad and a 2 year old MacBook that I am using Sidecar with. Some days it works great and other days (like today) my iPad freezes every 2 minutes (not on the dot but just on average) and I have to disconnect and reconnect. Any ideas what could be causing this? Everything is up to date, really messes up my work flow! Thanks
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2023.05.31 18:55 msscanadianbakin Buying a new car

I'm going to be purchasing a new car at some point this year and was looking for any advice or tips you might have. Any things to look out for? Any benefit to buying at a dealership vs on the manufacturer's website?
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2023.05.31 18:54 NokCha_ [Jonathan Givony & Jeremy Woo] ESPN's Post-combine + Pro Days 2023 NBA Mock Draft (5/31)

  1. SAS - Victor Wembanyama
  2. CHA - Brandon Miller
  3. POR - Scoot Henderson
  4. HOU - Amen Thompson
  5. DET - Cam Whitmore
  6. ORL - Ausar Thompson
  7. IND - Jarace Walker
  8. WAS - Anthony Black
  9. UTA - Jalen Hood-Schifino
  10. DAL - Taylor Hendricks
  11. ORL - Gradey Dick
  12. OKC - Nick Smith Jr.
  13. TOR - Jordan Hawkins
  14. NOP - Dereck Lively II
  15. ATL - Keyonte George
  16. UTA - Kobe Bufkin
  17. LAL - Cason Wallace
  18. MIA - Jett Howard
  19. GSW - Rayan Rupert
  20. HOU - Noah Clowney
  21. BKN - Bilal Coulibaly
  22. BKN - Leonard Miller
  23. POR - James Nnaji
  24. SAC - Kris Murray
  25. MEM - Brice Sensabaugh
  26. IND - Dariq Whitehead
  27. CHA - Brandin Podziemski
  28. UTA - Olivier-Maxence Prosper
  29. IND - Colby Jones
  30. LAC - Maxwell Lewis
  31. DET - Jaime Jaquez Jr.
  32. IND - Andre Jackson Jr.
  33. SAS - Gregory Jackson II
  34. CHA - Julian Phillips
  35. BOS - Tristan Vukcevic
  36. ORL - Ben Sheppard
  37. OKC - Marcus Sasser
  38. SAC - Trayce Jackson-Davis
  39. CHA - Jordan Walsh
  40. DEN - Sidy Cissoko
  41. CHA - Dillon Mitchell
  42. WAS - Terquavion Smith
  43. POR - Reece Beekman
  44. SAS - Jalen Wilson
  45. MEM - Amari Bailey
  46. ATL - Kobe Brown
  47. LAL - Zach Edey
  48. LAC - Adem Bona
  49. CLE - Keyontae Johnson
  50. OKC - Mouhamed Gueye
  51. BKN - DaRon Holmes II
  52. PHX - Seth Lundy
  53. MIN - Bobi Klintman
  54. SAC - Coleman Hawkins
  55. IND - Terrence Shannon Jr.
  56. MEM - Julian Strawther
  57. WAS - Hunter Tyson
  58. MIL - Emoni Bates

Draft Intel - Prospects:

Draft Intel - Teams:
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2023.05.31 18:54 Lurshus1417 Is this type of work normal for someone in my position?

I've been working at a help desk for the past couple of years. I recently got "promoted" to Quality Control/lead trainer, but much of my work hasn't change except I'm on the phones less. Don't even know what my position would be classified as really.
Either way, we've been manually patching about 3000 computers each month. By this, I mean things like Edge updates, Windows, Chrome, Java, etc. Many times, this means robocopying out a ton of files, and using an install script to try and patch them, then we'll scan them and see if they come back clean. We supposedly have SCCM set up, but I guess it doesn't get very many of them at all. I'm just wondering if this is normal, because it's literally consuming everyone here when they're being told to get this stuff done each month, on top of people having to take calls (Call volume is very low though, maybe 8-10 per person granted they are usually pretty in depth issues). This is my first job and I'm just wondering what to make of all this. It kind of sucks sitting here patching 90% of the time.

Some of the other duties consist of re-imaging with PXE, guiding people through re-imaging, creating DHCP reservations when necessary, basic network connectivity troubleshooting, fixing some old lady's computer or printer that doesn't want to work, etc but I feel like these are all pretty standard.

I guess my main thing is that I really don't know where I stand on all of this. It can be literal hours of running robocopy scripts and installs, then scanning them to see if they come back clean and it's been going on for months now. Sorry if I'm not very articulate with this stuff, I'm very new and just wondering if this all is normal for most places as I want to make sure that I have marketable skills for other places. I've just been told today that my job is now to do nothing but patch until everything gets down to manageable numbers, but with the way things are going I don't see this changing very soon. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.31 18:54 maxdefolsch [Monogatari Short Stories] Tsukihi Endless

Hi ! This is one more post of a series whose aim is to share the Monogatari short stories that hadn't been translated into English yet.
Short stories masterpost here, updated regularly to show our progress with the translations.
Today's story is Tsukihi Endless (translated by Tigoris), published in the special edition of the Bakemonogatari manga volume 22, the last volume of the manga, as the story itself will remind you. As usual, it's written from Araragi's point of view.
"And so, oniichan, the comicalized Bakemonogatari has now come to a perfect end. This is yet another ending in the Monogatari Series that seems to be endlessly ending without end. Would you like to examine this repeated occurrence?"
"Don’t say that it’s endlessly ending. In fact, don’t say anything at all."
My adorable little sister, the embodiment of the idea of "pretty", Araragi Tsukihi, voiced a level of meta-commentary that was so far above normal that I honestly felt every fiber of my being become fed up with her. I was using the words "adorable" and "embodiment of pretty" in an attempt to trick myself into continuing the conversation. And to top it off, this was to be the final of these short short stories, a series of stories that appeared at the end of each of the 22 volumes of the comic version, and in this final story of the series, the character to appear was not Senjougahara, Hanekawa, or even Shinobu; no, it was her, of all people.
"Fufu. That’s because I am the character who was born to bring an end to the story."TL note 1
"That’s Ougi-chan."
"I’m not making it up! Look, the second volume of Nisemonogatari, Tsukihi Phoenix, was the final chapter of the series, wasn’t it?"
Hm, she had a point.
I see. It’s amazing what a person could forget… Well, perhaps there was a reason to examine the topic with her. I was unusually annoyed to have to go along with her idea, but if we didn’t leave behind some kind of record, then the world would have to rely on historians to piece together the answers.
"Umm, well, to start, the name Monogatari Series didn’t even exist. Hitagi Crab was published in the supplementary issue of the light novel magazine Mephisto in 2005, and at that time there was no series name… It wasn’t even decided if there would be any additional stories to create a series with."
"There must have been some plan to continue, though, right? After all, Karen and I are both in the story."
"At that time, the two of you were twins."
"A remnant of the original idea."
"Originally the plan was to tell the story of Senjougahara, then the story of Hanekawa’s Golden Week, and then the spring break with Shinobu—so each story would be another step into the past. But as you know, what actually happened was a series of short stories that continued forward in time with Hachikuji and Kanbaru. In other words, Mayoi Maimai and Suruga Monkey. And at that point, it ended."
"At the end of the first volume of Bakemonogatari? Why?"
"At this point, the magazine that the stories had been published in, Mephisto, suspended publication. That’s probably because, from an outside perspective, with the recovery of Senjougahara Hitagi, the story had reached a stopping point."
By the way, the short story magazine Mephisto went on to face a variety of challenges, and it changed form to be called MRC (Mephisto Readers Club), a membership-based newsletter that continued to publish stories.
Just what you’d expect from where I originated. It was undying.
"After that, the stories were published as a single volume, and then the second volume was written all the way through. And as I said before, the stories of Shinobu and Hanekawa didn’t end up taking place in the past, but instead Tsubasa Cat was published, and, if not for that, it was unlikely that Nadeko Snake would have existed."
"How terrifying. It’s like looking at an alternate world where my best friend Nadeko-chan never existed."
I had a feeling that Sengoku would feel terrified as well, hearing that she was considered your best friend. Let’s just ignore that.
"With Bakemonogatari parts 1 and 2 complete, the series had a clean ending point. What came next was the long-awaited story that I talked about earlier, a story taking place in the past, Kizumonogatari. At this time, it was called a two-part story."
"The way that they talked about it, Second Season, it was more like planting and harvesting two crops in the same year."
"It really didn’t feel like that at the time. It felt like the soil might die… However, before that Second Season could take place, the aforementioned Nisemonogatari volumes 1 and 2 came out. That one was targeted to be a story taking place in the future after Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari. They were meant to be published alongside the announcement of the anime version."
That was likely the first time that the series had the feeling of coming to an end. In the next story, Nekomonogatari, the series began to change. To be more specific, it was in this part of the series that other characters began to replace me as the narrator.
"For the more hardcore mystery fans, it was a bit of a difficult change to have the narrator or point of view change around like that."
"Wasn’t that an issue from way back when for more traditional mystery stories?"
"Don’t call it ‘way back when’, Tsukihi-tan."
Well, she wasn’t wrong. Foreign mystery novels were surprisingly open-minded when it came to “point of view” in stories. It was the difference between a third-person perspective and an omniscient perspective. In any event, in the story that came after Nekomonogatari (Kuro) which showed the events of Golden Week in the past, Nekomonogatari (Shiro) featured Hanekawa Tsubasa as the narrator, and, for the Second Season of the series, the heroine herself would be the one telling the story.
"Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, and Nisemonogatari all had the radical for ‘person’ in the first kanji of the title, so there were those who called it the Ninben Series."TL note 2
"Nobody called it that, did they?"
"But in Nekomonogatari, that first radical of the first kanji changed to that of a beast instead of a person,TL note 3 because the story was about a person turning into an animal. And just as a side comment, it was at this time—in a fanbook made for the release of the Bakemonogatari anime—that the first of this style of short short story was written."
"Ooh, what a revolutionary event."
It would be nice to have all of the short short stories compiled into a single volume, but given their short length, it just wasn’t enough to make a book from.TL note 4 This special edition release came with the 22nd of the stories, and there will no doubt be more of them to come.
"Nekomonogatari (Kuro) brought with it the end of the stories from the past that had been planned, but Nekomonogatari (Shiro) brought with it the idea of delving into the minds of the heroines, and so in the following stories of Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, and Otorimonogatari the titles included the radical for ‘change’, and thus began the Second Season.TL note 5 The end of that season came with Koimonogatari."
"Which doesn’t have the radical for ‘change’."
"That was the story that broke the rule."TL note 6
The narrator for Koimonogatari was not myself or any of the heroines, and it was at that point that it became clear that literally anything could happen.
"But given the title Hitagi End that comes within the story, it definitely had a feeling of finality to it."
"No, but the story pushed ahead fairly quickly into the Final Season."
"There’s a lot of talk of ‘end’ and ‘final’, but the story seemed to have a vitality that defied coming to any sort of ending…"
"Well, the last installment of the Final Season was Owarimonogatari. Wait, no, it was Zoku Owarimonogatari wasn’t it."TL note 7
"Yes, far too much vitality."
That’s rich coming from you.
"Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari parts 1-3, and Zoku Owarimonogatari composed the Final Season, and then it was revealed that there would be an Off Season."
"Well, now that there’s an Off Season, there’ll never be an end to it."
"The Off Season consisted of Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari. The season ended with Musubimonogatari."
"That title certainly has a feeling of finality to it. But I bet there’s more that comes after, right?"
"There is. The Monster Season."
Aberrations were always largely unknown figures in the stories, so while the heroines could become narrators, you’d never see an aberration as the narrator. However, during the Off Season, the line between human and aberration began to blur and become less firm, and so that became the next new territory to explore.
Yoimonogatari, Shinobumonogatari,TL note 8 Amarimonogatari, Ougimonogatari.
And finally, Shinomonogatari parts 1 and 2.
"Well, the series didn’t end even when the titles had ‘final’ or ‘end’ in them, so now it’s come to ‘death’ huh… Aah, but surely the series did end here, right, oniichan? Even if there’s an undying vampire or an undying phoenix…"
"With the release of this volume of the manga version of Bakemonogatari they’re announcing the release of a new novel, Ikusamonogatari."
In that sense, perhaps the series itself was turning into some kind of fantastical creature… It wasn’t much compared to the 600 years that Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade had lived, but for a novel series to continue for eighteen years, perhaps it, like the short story magazine Mephisto, was undying.
"Well, I can only imagine that the next book will be Koroshimonogatari."TL note 9
"Nobody would publish such a violent title. Nobody wants to commit murder just to bring the series to an end."
"Well, I suppose Kanmonogatari is still left… Or Nakimonogatari, Momonogatari, Oimonogatari, Chikumonogatari, Naimonogatari, or Ushinaumonogatari?"TL note 10
"Stop ruining potential titles. I forgot you do that sort of thing."
Or maybe she wasn’t spoiling potential titles so much as she was advertising books that didn’t exist yet… After all, the Second Season and Monster Season had begun in a similar style.
"You know, I wouldn’t mind doing Oimonogatari one day. For personal reasons. But this and that, the anime version, the manga version, it was thanks to all of these things that the series was able to continue in the way that it has. It's allowed the series to live on. I’m very thankful for it."
"The feelings of appreciation will never run out. There definitely won’t be a Tsukimonogatari any time in the future."TL note 11
"That sounds like a story with you as the protagonist… But you know, maybe now with the definitive end of the manga version of Bakemonogatari the series has finally had its final footnote in history and will finally enter a deep slumber. Nemurimonogatari."TL note 12
"You can’t say that, oniichan. Until the collected volume of all of the short short stories is released, we need to live long lives."
True, a life should be long.
The next story in the Monogatari Series, Mijikanamonogatari.TL note 13
Don’t miss it.
TL notes:
[1] Of course, the word “story” here is 物語 (monogatari).
[2] Ninben is the name of the “person” radical, 亻. It can be seen in the first kanji of 化物語 (Bakemonogatari), 傷物語 (Kizumonogatari), and 偽物語 (Nisemonogatari).
[3] 猫物語 (Nekomonogatari) contains 犭, usually called the “dog” radical.
[4] Right.
[5] The radical for “change” is 化, as seen in 化物語 (Bakemonogatari). It’s contained in the first kanji of 傾物語 (Kabukimonogatari), 花物語 (Hanamonogatari), and 囮物語 (Otorimonogatari).
[6] 恋物語 (Koimonogatari) doesn’t contain the “change” radical, but neither does the previous book, 鬼物語 (Onimonogatari).
[7] The owari part of the title is 終 (“end”), while zoku is 続 (“continued”).
[8] For some reason, these two titles are not in the right order, as Shinobumonogatari came first.
[9] Koroshimonogatari is 殺物語 (“Killing Story”).
[10] Kanmonogatari is 完物語 (“Complete Story”). Nakimonogatari is 亡物語 (“Deceased Story”). Momonogatari is 喪物語 (“Mourning Story”). Oimonogatari is 老物語 (“Old Age Story”). Chikumonogatari is 逐物語 (“Successive Story”). Naimonogatari is 無物語 (“Nothing Story”). Ushinaumonogatari is 失物語 (“Lost Story”).
[11] Here, Tsukimonogatari is 尽物語 (“Ran Out Story”). It’s different from the first novel of Final Season, Tsukimonogatari (憑物語, “Possession Story”), and the Sangatsu no Lion crossover story, Tsukimonogatari (月物語, “Month Story”).
[12] Nemurimonogatari is 眠物語 (“Sleep Story”).
[13] Mijikanamonogatari is 短物語 (“Short Story”). Now we just have to make it our title for the book, don’t we?
One last time (for now), thank you spr-o-ckt and appointedfern for contributing to this commission.
So um, did not expect the story to go full meta and offer us an entire retrospective. It was basically a Nisio afterword at this point. It also re-confirmed something that had been brought up in Nise, the tidbit about the Fire Sisters being twins originally. I also find it funny that we got our third official Tsukimonogatari title.
Ahem. Anyway.
With this one and the recent progress on other things, I guess we're pretty much officially completely caught up with the extra content. Short stories, additional material, and even audiovisual content, we've taken care of everything we could at this point. Of course, as this story implies, it's not like Nisio intends to stop pumping more of them out, but it still feels nice to know we're not lagging behind at last.
One thing I've been preparing recently as we were running out of stuff to get translated is a little expansion on the "audiovisual" section of the short stories masterpost. I'd like to make a post introducing these semi-important / cool videos, going from the Drama CD-like stories to the little-known promotional videos like the Madogatari Manner Movie. To this end, I've also personally subbed several videos that weren't already and that I didn't post yet, so that'll be some more content for you to discover.
But I guess we can't postpone it much further now. It's time to take care of the Second Edition of the Short Stories Book, which as you may know has always been planned. This story and this moment in time feel like an excellent stopping point. So, I guess soonish (hopefully), I'll be able to share this Second Edition containing all the stories published until now (including Mayoi Welcome), as well as the Mazemonogatari compiled book. And then maybe I won't have any more excuses to procrastinate on my super-ambitious years-long ultimate project.
Thanks for reading and see you next time for another story !
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2023.05.31 18:53 Actual_Scratch_9821 Yep

More Memes at :
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2023.05.31 18:53 tvchase Kota Ibushi rescues Kenny Omega from Cody Rhodes & Hangman Page (NJPW 1/28/18)

From night two of The New Beginning in Sapporo. Cody had spent months driving a wedge between the Bullet Club and their leader, trying to claim power for himself. Adam Page fell to Cody's manipulation, and on this night when Kenny prevented Hangman from challenging Jay White for his new IWGP US championship, amidst the tension Cody seized the opportunity to strike.
Kenny had prevented Cody from mauling Ibushi four weeks earlier at New Year Dash, but it wasn't until this moment that the Golden Lovers reunited after over three years separated.
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2023.05.31 18:53 ksimps25 Should I Apply this Cycle?

Hi, I've had mixed advice from the pre-med advisors at my two alma maters and am trying to determine whether I should apply this cycle or wait another year. Here's some details about my application.

I'm quite non-traditional. Graduated from undergrad in 2014 with a 3.59 GPA (3.7ish STEM) with a major in chemistry. I played division 3 women's ice hockey for all 4 years and was all-conference my senior season. My other ECs in were tons of tutoring and working at our rock climbing wall. I did research for two summers and won our schools ACS analytical chemistry award.

After college I went straight into an analytical chemistry PhD program and finished that in 2019. I didn't publish any papers, but completed 4 years of research and presented at a couple of conferences. My coursework in graduate school was all pass/fail essentially, so I don't have a GPA from those 5 years. While in graduate school I continued to play hockey and also did some science education volunteering.

Since graduate school, I've been working at a New England prep boarding school as a chemistry teacher. At these schools, faculty do far more than teach, so I've also coached hockey, mountain biking, and white water canoeing, advise a group of 5-7 students, and work as a "dorm parent" which essentially means I am a parent to about 40 15-year-old girls. Since deciding to switch gears and go to medical school, I have started volunteering as a home visit volunteer for new low income mothers in the area and volunteering in the emergency room and oncology department at my local rural hospital. By August I expect to only have about 80 volunteer clinical hours.

Other ECs I plan on including in my application are Wilderness First Responder certification and serving on various leadership committees at my school.

I just received my MCAT score today, which is why I am wavering, it is better than I expected (515 after 2 months of studying about 1.5 hours each day - so I can still bring it up) it to be and part of me is wondering whether I should just shoot my shot for this cycle and see where it gets me or if I should just wait. My app is close to being finished and I feel like I have a pretty good story to tell through my ECs and personal statement but don't know if I would be wasting my time given my lack of clinical ECs this round. Let me know what you all think!
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2023.05.31 18:53 buildsandgames How to find my best class?

Most people will stick to one class for any and all Rpgs. I was no different, I enjoyed playing the rogue because a common mechanic in many games is the rogue can pick locks thus accessing the most loot.
However, in recent years I’ve been craving other classes and play styles. So I’m increasingly more trouble starting a game because I no am sure in my choice of class. This leads into constant replaying which in turn leads to boredom, and I then I give up and never even start the game.
So what do I do? How do I figure out my new tastes? Are there resources to help?
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2023.05.31 18:53 Actual_Scratch_9821 Does paralyzing palm work on the legal system?

More Memes at :
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2023.05.31 18:52 MishaalRahman A look at Android's hidden "forced themed icon" feature: Is it any good?

When Google released Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 back in January, I spotted a new launcher flag named "ENABLE_FORCED_MONO_ICON" that "enable[s] the ability to generate monochromatic icons, if it is not provided by the app."
The existence of that launcher flag got quite a few people excited, because many popular Android apps have yet to implement Themed Icon support, as shown by the replies to this post.
But is this feature actually any good? Could it replace developers having to make monochromatic icons on their own, or is it just good enough for users to enjoy until they do make one?
I put together a few images that showcase what a couple of apps that don't supply monochromatic icons look like with this feature enabled compared to ones that do.
Okay, so first of all, here are the apps I'm working with. On the left we've got apps that support the Themed Icon feature (ie. they supply a monochrome icon). On the right we've got apps that don't support the feature.
For this little experiment, I applied 3 different wallpapers and noted what the background & foreground colors of each icon should be. (I looked at Launcher3's source to find out exactly which R.color values it pulls from to theme icons.)
Here is what it looks like when you theme icons of apps that DO supply a monochrome icon. As expected, it looks fine because the developers themselves created a monochrome icon rather than an algorithm doing it.
And now here's what it looks like when Android generates a monochrome icon for apps that don't supply one, ie. forcing themed icon support.
Will this feature be available to users in Android 14? While it's true that the launcher flag has carried over from the QPR betas, there's no evidence Google will expose it to users.
At the moment, this feels more like a one-off experiment, something a few OEMs (and custom launcheROM developers, it's open source) might expose to users in developer options, if we're lucky.
By the way, if you have a rooted Pixel running Android 14 Beta 2 and want to try out this forced themed icon feature as well as the new app cloning feature I've talked about before, you can do so with the latest version of AOSPMods by siavash79.
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2023.05.31 18:52 Classic-Row4130 Need help with starting.

Hi everyone, kinda new to tboi (saw a couple of videos here and there over the years but really vague ones). I was planning on buying the game but i was wondering if i should start from just rebirth or rebirth plus all the other dlcs up to repentance.
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2023.05.31 18:52 ritneytinderbolte Movie report.

I saw a movie about 25 years ago on TV. It was in french with subtitles. The main character is a Philosophy professor and he is just about to take a sabbattical. His collegues ask him what he is going to do in his time off, and he tells them that he is going to abstain from having sex in order to 'sublimate the libido' into his philosophy writing.
Then shortly after that, he is walking past a bar and there is a commotion about a bar bill and they throw an old man out of the bar for non payment. The professor intervenes and pays the bill. The old man is a painter and he has some of his paintings with him and he gives the professor one of them and also his address and he says that if he brings the painting to him tomorrow - he will give him the cash he owes.
The professor goes to the address the next day, since he is intrigued by the man, but when he gets there, a young woman aged 16 is there, and she tells him that the painter has that morning died. The professor interrogates the girl who seems shy, yes, she was his model. Yes, they had been having a sexual relationship.
This is the beginning of a new relationship between the professor and the girl. The girl turns out to be confident, manipulative and mercenary. The relationship quickly reaches a point that the professor has to accept that she is only having sex with him because he is paying her so that she and her real boyfriend, who is also in on this scheme can live it up.
The professor, instead of sublimating his libido, has become totally desperate and sexually obsessed. He goes to see his ex wife and he tells her about his problems and she is listening to him, but then he describes to her that having sex with this girl feels as if he is being absorbed into a world of infinite luxury. When his wife hears this she snaps and tells him she doesn't even believe him, it is absurd. At that point the professor is sexually aroused and he tries to grope and undress his ex wife and she beats him off and throws him out.
At some point in the movie after that, the professor picks up a prostitute in his car, because he knows that the girl and her boyfriend have gone away on a romantic holiday with money that he gave them, and while the prostitute is giving him a blowjob he drives his car into a wall at high speed.
I can't remember what happened in the end, but it was damn good.
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2023.05.31 18:52 No_Exchange_ Please help there’s something wrong with my grapevine.

Please help there’s something wrong with my grapevine.
This grapevine came with the house I bought three years ago. The previous owner of the home told us that that grapevine has been there since the late 80s. This year as the vine started flowering, I noticed some of the leaves, turning red/brown and dying along with the new flowers. Anyone know what can be causing this?
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2023.05.31 18:52 The_Fixer_69 Canadian Customers

Hi Coinbase.
With the recent exit of Binance and Bybit from Canada, Canadians are worried that more exchanges will follow.
I understand that Coinbase has applied for regulatory license?
Although Canada is a small country it is estimated that we will buy $1.5B of crypto in 2023 and this number should only get bigger in years to come, assuming adoption is not quashed.
Please fight to stay in Canada and help us preserve our rights to freedom of choice for how we invest our money. The global crypto community needs every soldier we have for exponential growth across the globe.
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2023.05.31 18:52 No-Direction-8364 AITA for asking my family for help?

I'm a research scientist. I love science and I'm so fortunate I found my calling at age 12. I was learning physics and chemistry, acing every exam, and knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.
I got my PhD in physical chemistry and had a great career until age 49. I realized I was underpaid and overworked. I went part-time and then quit at age 55.
By then, my wife had gotten promoted to manager and made $70K with great benefits, so I got to stay home and focus on my new interests in business and finance. I love it and I'm great at it! I've made $50K for my daughter in just 1 year!
However, my wife and I are paying $2700 for a 3 bed 2 bath, and we're worried we can't afford it when my wife retires at 75.
I asked my daughter for help, like even just $200 a month, and I asked my brother-in-law, "Luke," if we can move in with him when we get old.
My daughter and Luke refused. My daughter had the audacity to tell us to move to Oklahoma or something and to buy a cheap house there! I don't want to live there!
I'm so upset my family isn't helping me. I don't see what I've done wrongly.
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2023.05.31 18:52 Ok-Draw-2730 On call for apprentices?

I am a apprentice in TN. I have worked for the firm I am with for 4 years and I'm working on school.
We had a old manager who had been here for years retire, and a lady who has been here for 10 years took manager spot. Used to we all rotated on call now since the new lady took over she says she will not take call at night because she has a hard time going back to sleep so I take call every night and 24/7 Saturday and Sunday. During the week she leaves at 3-3:30 everyday and I have to stay till 5 to get my hours and then I drive 1hr and 15 mins home. When i get home usually after 20 mins she text and says your on call see you tomorrow.

She hardly is ever at the funeral home and we have a retired licensed lady come in so I can work without manager here.

I meet all the families and do all the paper work and during the week the manager is either gone mostly with her kids or is playing with her dog. Its very stressful because I know have no time for a life at all.

We do about 1k cremations a year and its only the two of us full time and the retired director but shes not technically paid as full time person and a currier who goes to bank and post office.

Any advice?

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2023.05.31 18:51 griefwitch PCOS bloodwork, confusing values, please help!

PCOS bloodwork, confusing values, please help!
PCOS Bloodwork, Confusing, Please Help!
Hi, 27 Female, significant for obesity, anxiety, ADHD. I take vyvanse and propranolol. Had ectopic pregnancy in June 2022 that was believed to be due to mini-pill use. Prior to ectopic, Had 1 Live Birth and 1 Surgical Abortion at 5 weeks. i got depo shot and 3 shots of methotrexate for ectopic- resolved in SeptembeOctober 2022. Started menstruating January 2023 but somewhat irregular (cycle between 25-29 days), periods range from 3-7 days. Having frequent unprotected sex but no pregnancy. Dr did PCOS profile. I had it done May 20th, which would be on Day 10 of my cycle. things definitely don’t seem right and i don’t understand some of it. my % free testosterone is high, 1.8 (says normal is between 0.8-1.4). but my free testosterone serum is 3.8, which is pretty normal (says normal is between 1.1-6.3). for the stage of my cycle, my 17-Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone is somewhat low, mine was 14 and it says during my follicular phase it should be 15-70? all my other results are WNL. SBHG is on low end of normal according to references (women between 20-40 years normal is between 24.6-122) is any of this indicative of PCOS or other reproductive failure/issues/problems or any issues in general ? i am so worried. please help!
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2023.05.31 18:51 AffectionateStep5001 Simplii Referral Reddit - $50 Referral Bonus + Possible $400 sign-up bonus 🍁 :)

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*If you have any questions, feel free to message. Thanks for considering this referral :)
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2023.05.31 18:51 ZehnFakten Proposed Function of the Brain

I just uploaded a new video about:
Proposed Function of the Brain
Here are the links to ...
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2023.05.31 18:50 -Keep-Going- New Tires

The tires on my car are pretty much bald at this point and my inspection has been out for about 2 years now. Tried to get new tires but I couldn't.I can't manage any of this shit. I guess I'll just keep driving until I can't anymore
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2023.05.31 18:50 Edv100 This is getting out of control. By recent data 5% of young adults in USA are transgender??

This statistic shocked me, from 18 to 25-year-old Americans, 5% are transgender. Wow the agenda PR machine works, the promotion of trans, gay, and other unusual "genders" is getting way too extensive and people are going insane. Latvia today elected a new president that is openly gay. I feel that it's being normalized by the people, and here's what I think is behind it...
Why do they promote it? Here are the reasons IMHO :)
  1. Population control, gay people cannot reproduce, plain and simple.
  2. Why feminism is being pushed as much? So that they could tax the women, way more money to the governments at the end of the day. And wait, then they have control over the children in the schools and they can push their agendas there.
  3. Gay people are emotionally weaker and more easily manipulated and controlled. Throughout history, if governments are abusing their power, men go to the streets, take control back over and revolutions happen. Feminine people won't do that.
  4. They divide people once again, divide and conquer, the good old strategy that moves people's attention again to conflict so that they could hide the real problems.
I'm not homophobic, but you cannot promote trans and being gay to people, give the same rights but stop the normalizing and promotion. Things are getting out of hand here, prove me wrong.
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