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2023.06.05 02:00 Snowysoul Found this plant growing near my foundation - Ontario, USDA zone 3

I found this plant growing near my https://freeimage.host/i/H4BJbfIfoundation today and am stumped as to what it could be. My first thought was maybe giant trillium, but the habitat is throwing me off. Anyone have any ideas?
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2023.06.05 02:00 FitnesSex 33 [M4F] Sun’s out!!! NEED my fitness minded summer lover!

I need my next summer lover, do you play intramural sports? Sign up for leagues? Ride bikes around town? Get sweaty every day and not just because of the houston heat? HIT ME UP!!!
I need someone I can workout with regularly, in bed or working out you ask? Yes.
I also need you to be near me so we can get out of breath together! I’m not far from UH, so if you’re close by say hi!
Does a 15 mile bike ride scare you? No? Really? You can do more than that? AWESOME! Then please slide in the DM!
You like someone playful, flirtatious, talkative, foodie, hilarious, and sexy? Well, let’s say I got most of them most of the time. So come on down!!!
You like someone who can go down on you, get you off more than once in a session and give you all the aftercare? Then yes, you are indeed the chosen one.
Oh yeah, please be single. I don’t want to hide around, but instead be able to come over to see you whenever possible without any worries.
If you made it all the way over here then I am proud of you, you can keep up! Now send me a message!
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2023.06.05 01:59 kitsunemily anybody near an espurr raid that you'd be willing to invite me to?

trying to get a shiny but i rarely ever see them in gyms near me and the espurr queue on pokegenie is dead because no ones hosting.
6488 9291 9584 i have two remote passes so ill join the first two i get invited to ~
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2023.06.05 01:59 clegay15 Tales of Middle Earth Flavor Critique: Saruman the White

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I re-read the books typically once a year. I also adore the movies, and find all of Tolkien's legendarium absolutely awesome. Truly one of my favorite hobbies so I'd like to offer some critiques and excitement of flavor gems from Tales of Middle Earth. I won't do every card, but I'll comment on some individual cards and how WOTC did on it. I will comment on the cards abilities but only insofar as it impacts the flavor; i.e. what the card is doing not power level, etc.
To be clear: I understand there are sacrifices you need to make for the greater game, and sometimes those come first. For these articles: I am looking at each card in a vacuum, so if I seem harsh it's because I am using a single lens.
Next up: Saruman the White!

Flavor Preface
OK, at first I thought I would judge every character together, but I've since decided to switch it up; I've come too far on some individual cards to do them together. They already spoiled another version of Saruman, which I have some problems with, but we'll get there eventually. That being said, Saruman is a complicated character and he goes through some transformations which I think are worth discussing.
First, Saruman (like Gandalf) was sent to Middle Earth by Aule one of the Valar in Valinor and was appointed chief of the order of Istari (wizards). In the beginning: Saruman was true to his mission and worked to disrupt Saruon. He traveled first East and then after his return took up residence in Isengard, a fortress built by the Numenorians. At first he was a friend to Treebeard (Fangorn) and Rohan, but over time turned to evil. Saruman's downfall was his arrogance. He used the knowledge is Isengard for his own ends and eventually used the most dangerous tool: a Palantiri left behind. It was the Palantir which brought Saruman to Sauron, who ensnared Saruman and showed him the power he had amassed in Mordor. It was this power which convinced Saruman to become a power of his own (NOT, I might add, a servant of Sauron).
Then, Saruman worked to become a power in his own right. Becoming Saruman of Many Colors, or Saruman the Ringmaker (and indeed Saruman made a ring of his own). He raises an army of orcs, breeds men to orcs to create mighty Uruk-hai and attacks Rohan. It is in this stage that Saruman attempts to capture Gandalf, raises his army and attacks Rohan. This is the version we are most familiar with, and is the most prominent in the story.
Finally, after Saruman's schemes fail his staff is broken, he is stripped of much of his power, and eventually leaves Isengard on 'parole' by convincing Treebeard he isn't a threat. He then goes to the Shire and scours the Shire making it a partial industrial wasteland. This scheme fails and Saruman is killed.
It's not clear to me what version of Saruman this is, I think it's meant to be Saruman at the beginning of the books (where Saruman confronts Gandalf), but I am not sure. If there is one thing Saruman is though: it's blue. Saruman is a learned lore master who years to discover deeply the mysteries of the world. Furthermore while Saruman is undoubtedly arrogant: his monologue to Gandalf is telling (to convince Gandalf to join him):
The Elder Days are gone. The Middle Days are passing. The Younger Days are beginning. The time of the Elves is over, but our time is at hand: the world of Men, which we must rule. But we must have power, power to order all things as we will, for that good which only the Wise can see.
And listen, Gandalf, my old friend and helper!" he said, coming near and speaking now in a soft voice. "I said we, for we it may be, if you will join with me. A new Power is rising. Against it the old allies and policies will not avail us at all. There is no hope left in Elves or dying Numenor. This then is one choice before you, before us. We may join with that Power. It would be wise, Gandalf. There is hope that way. Its victory is at hand; and there will be rich rewards for those that aided it. as the Power grows, its proved friends will also grow; and the Wise, such as you and I, may with patience come at last to direct its courses, to control it. We can bide our time, we can keep our thoughts in our hearts, deploring maybe evils done by the way, but approving the high and ultimate purpose: Knowledge, Rule, Order; all the things that we have so far striven in vain to accomplish, hindered rather than helped by our weak or idle friends. There need not be, there would not be, any real change in our designs, only in our means."
Saruman is arrogant, and believes that he (the wisest of the wise) can control or direct Sauron's new power to better ends. He is, in many ways, a deeply blue character. Other colors join him later (black most of all) as he goes deeper towards Sauron (and eventually betrays him to attempt to become the Power himself). As the initial version: blue is fine.
I would have done the opposite of what, I think, Wizards is doing. I would have made the most powerful version of Saruman mono-blue and a version of him before (or right before) his fall (at mythic rare) then made a White-Blue-Black version of "Saruman of Many Colors" as he is when he betrays everyone, and then a final version of Saruman as "Sharky" in his attempt to conquer the Shire. The most important power of Saruman is his voice. His power to persuade others, Tolkien describes it at length in the chapter "The Voice of Saruman" here is a brief description:
Suddenly another voice spoke, low and melodious, its very sound an enchantment. Those who listened unwarily to that voice could seldom report the words that they heard; and if they did they wondered, for little power remained in them. Mostly they remembered only that it was a delight to hear the voice speaking, all that it said seems wise and reasonable, and desire awoke in them by swift agreement to seem wise themselves. When others spoke they seemed harsh and uncouth by contrast; and if they gainsaid the voice, anger was kindled in their hearts of all those under the spell. For some the spell lasted only while the voice spoke to them, and when it spoke to another they smiled, as men do who see through a juggler's trick while others gape at it. For many the sound of the voice alone was enough to hold them enthralled; for for those whom conquered the spell endured when they were far away"
I don't mind the "second spell Amass 2" thing, but I think it completely fails to capture Saruman as Saruman. The other version of Saruman spoiled (Saruman of Many Colors) does not do any better in my opinion. I would have gone with a version of Saruman which steals creatures either when Saruman blocks the creature, or when Saruman attacks. Perhaps with a rider like "so long as Saruman's power is greater than the creature it remains under your control" to mimic the idea that stronger willed creatures are more able to resist his voice.
Overall this does invoke the idea that Saruman is amassing an army, and that isn't terrible, but it's a very surface level reading of the character which is not particularly appealing to me. We shall see if other versions or cards capture Saruman's voice better.
On a side note: I wish that Saruman and Gandalf were planeswalkers (perhaps even Sauraon) as they are not humans but more like angels. Furthermore, they in some ways 'travel the planes' by going from Valinor (where mortals typically cannot go) to Middle Earth and back. That's not quite Planeswalking but its close.
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2023.06.05 01:58 Sethdarkus I been stuck with these symptoms floating between 99-101.7

Today is the first day my fever broke at a low of 98 however I’ll now back to 101.7
I been having right eye pain, extreme cold chills, sore throat that feels kinda like there is a ball in my throat, runny nose, reduced sense of taste/smell, my ears feel like they are under pressure and I’m having reduced hearing, I been having little appetite eating as little as once a day when I force myself beyond that if I eat more I start feeling like I’ll puke, I’m noticing I’m also having some shortness of breath or breathing heavily.
I have had the 2 first doses of Pfizer in 2021 followed by the booster in September.
I returned from Africa 8 month stay and these symptoms started as soon as I got to a cooler climate, I’m currently near Phoenix AZ and these symptoms aren’t going away, I’m still taking my Malarone as directed.
I suffered a heat stroke in April a lil over 110 core temp so I’m thinking maybe it was originally my body unable to regulate core temp allowing me to get sick upon return.
I’m a 26 year old male
Gonna get myself seen tomorrow I just wanna know if I should be more concerned.
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2023.06.05 01:58 CourtneyGoof Which music artists would you want a dedicated workout playlist for?

I saw on Instagram the studio near my office will be having a dedicated Taylor Swift playlist tomorrow, so I've booked their morning class instead of my regular evening at my home studio. I am actually looking forward to an AM workout, which is shocking to me haha. I am curious what other artists you'd enjoy an entire playlist dedicated to?
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2023.06.05 01:57 CosToCoast ANA RTW Booking Report - My Learnings & Suggestions

I recently completed a RTW award on ANA and wanted to share my experience to help others with this amazing award. I spent a long time researching before going through with booking --Hope this can help the next person! I did make a few mistakes/learnings along the way hope some can take into consideration. Overall, I spent 125,000 points transferred from Amex MR & ~$950 for 8 segments going East from the US in Business.


DEN-YYZ-LHR, VIE-BKK-SIN-DPS-SIN-HND-SFO - can paste into GCMap which results in a total of 21,526 mi; within the 22,000 Business Category.

Routing CarrieClass
DEN (Denver) - YYZ (Toronto) AC (Air Canada) / Economy
YYZ (Toronto) - LHR (London) AC (Air Canada) / Business
VIE (Vienna) - BKK (Bangkok) BR (Eva Airways) / Business
BKK (Bangkok) - SIN (Singapore) SQ (Singapore) / Business
SIN (Singapore) - DPS (Bali) SQ (Singapore) / Business
DPS (Bali) - SIN (Singapore) SQ (Singapore) / Business
SIN (Singapore) - HND (Tokyo) NH (ANA) / Business
HND (Tokyo) - SFO (San Francisco) NH (ANA) / Business
The total portion of my time is about a month, with a majority of my time spent in Europe between LHR and VIE, a small portion of time in Bali to break up flights, and about a week in Japan before flying home.

Research Process

I had been targeting Spring/Early Summer 2024 for this award for awhile but hadn't nailed down a particular date. I wanted to travel during shoulder season to maximize value, crowds, and decent weather across these regions. I was just waiting for the award calendar to open up for most of the carriers. I started looking about a month out (April) and doing some random searches/looks to see what flights were coming available and possible routings. In my research I found that most flights leaving from the US to Asia booked up fastest right after being released at the edge of the booking window (ex: ANA opens up bookings on its metal 355 days out; and within say 3-4 days of release most of these flights are snatched up and go into Waitlist status in Business). I had originally been planning on flying West from the US and starting in Asia, however, after doing a few mock bookings this soon became apparent it would be near impossible (Especially since Japan in spring is peak season with the Cherry Blossoms, festivals, etc). I would occasionally find a random flight departing from the US to Asia within a month of the edge of the booking window; and try to plan flights around that going westward, but it would disappear extremly quickly and my plans would be spoiled. As a result I found for this time of year it would be easiest to go east from the US through Europe first, and then ending in Asia and snatching my return flights at the edge of the booking window when ANA's flights opened/other carriers.
I would definitely recommend being flexible and don't have your heart set on going one direction originally due to concerns about time in the Air vs. Jetlag etc. I had been reading a few articles/discussions about the best direction to take and really had my heart set on going westward originally; but would say after going through this process to ignore choosing a direction initially and try to do a few samples in either direction to see what is easiest. I think I wasted a-lot of time/frustration originally trying to go westward rather than just seeing what was easiest with the most connection opportunities.
Another research point is that domestic US Business availability/North America is extremly hard to come by. United basically was only offering Economy segments domestically; I didn't see any J fares. AC Departures from US up to Canada was nearly the same thing. I did randomly see consistent J availability from SMF - YVR on a CRJ AC was offering nearly every day, and from ORD on a few dates but didn't think going out of my way was worth it. It was at a bad time and on a relatively undesirable (IMO) CRJ so I could see why that route had wide open availability. The problem was once you made it to YVR; you usually had to connect to YYZ or YYC internationally and I had the same issue finding J space domestically in Canada; so it was a dead end. I ended up just booking my first segment in Economy on AC up to Canada - didn't want to waste valuable hunting time looking for a short segment in J domestically when the biggest fish looking for space was internationally. Don't obsess over having every segment in J especially your first flight. If space opens later you can always switch into a higher class on the same flight.
For research and booking I used FlightConnections to get routing ideas based on Star Alliance carriers. I then used United's monthly award calendar (without being logged in) to see Saver availability, and then confirmed this on ANA's website. I was going to use some other tools but didn't find them useful. I paid for a day trial of point . me but found it slow and cumbersome without the filtering I needed. I didn't find Aeroplan that useful either. If I was to do this again I would explore paying for ExpertFlyer Pro and using that to search more easily.. would have probably been faster. The trial wasn't long enough to be that useful for when I was researching/booking, but it did give me some ideas - and looking back I would have easily paid for a month or two of Pro Membership to speed up my searching. Overall though, I just stuck to FlightConnections + United + ANA confirmation.

Booking Process

The time had come to where the edge of the booking window was approaching the dates I wanted. I had a few routings in mind and had saved multiple variations targeting the 22,000 mileage cap. I had a few options but nothing nailed down; so I started the process to transfer 125,000 points from Amex to ANA. Even though as a "best practice" most say to not transfer until you have the flights chosen or held, I had read some conflicting points online stating ANA does not do holds, so didn't want to risk this. I was confident based on my research I would be able to piece something together as I had a-lot of backup options chosen. I attempted to transfer late on a Friday afternoon online but got the message the transfer was unsuccessful and had to call Amex; did that early Saturday morning and they completed the transfer for me manually. Turns out I didn't have a "Call Center Pin" setup; so make sure you go into your account and set one before trying and the transfer online should go through, according to the agent. This ordeal added to my stress during the process -- if you are going to be transferring MR please make note!
I was on edge waiting for the points to deposit the entire weekend, and kept tabs on my various options. US - Europe had a-lot of options on AC; and I also had a few backup options on TAP. The "riskiest" flight for me was VIE-BKK as I really needed to get out of Europe to Asia; and there weren't many options since I was booking really close to the edge of the booking window. I couldn't see any long haul availability on Turkish/Ethiopian/other European Star Alliance carriers; so I was pretty much banking on EVA with my backup as Egyptaiothers. I noticed that Singapore seemingly doesn't publish any saver J availability to partners on long haul flights; but it does have pretty decent availability in J on short haul interasia flights. It seems like the cutoff is around 4.5 hr; but found good availability from some cities in India and even Dhaka in Bangladesh to SIN I could have used to connect to with a mix of EgyptAir / Air India / Singapore if EVA didn't work out but honestly this was a last resort and I didn't want to; but at least I had a plan. During the weekend my original VIE-BKK flight selection disappeared; but luckily they had another flight the next day I was able to book into instead. They also had other options within Europe I could have fallen back on like LHR and AMS. I didn't want to depart from LHR unless absolutely necessary as the UK Departure tax would have been ~200 pounds; something that can be avoided if possible. Definitely look into 5th freedom routes for "hidden gems"; I know Ethiopian offers some too. Apart from this; within Asia there were alot of options, and I wasn't concerned about getting back to the US from Japan because I was purposefully booking on the edge of the booking window for ANA to ensure I had availability.
Points were finally deposited early Monday morning sometime between 1am - 9am EST. I saw them in my account when I woke up early which was perfect as I was targeting calling the ANA Call Center around then, some posters online had said calling around this time resulted in the shortest wait. I waited about 1.5 hours and got a nice agent who helped me. Of note; when I called the very first thing she confirmed was my point balance. It seems like they won't even entertain booking something for you (or at least this agent in particular) if you have 0 points; so I am glad I transferred my points before. She was very helpful in quickly researching and confirming the flights -- at the same time I was on the ANA website with the multi city booking tool confirming the space was there too alongside her. She questioned at first about me backtracking by going from SIN - DPS - SIN but realized I had to do this to connect with SIN - HND as there weren't any direct flights from SIN and was fine with it. At the end of feeding her the flights she said the routing I desired was greater than 22,000 miles (~23,5000 miles) and would trigger the next bucket to be 135,000 points -- my heart sank.
This is where my mistake came in... Originally I had 2 inter-european segments, and also wanted to fly from HND - IAH instead of HND - SFO. The entire time I had been researching with gcmapper to get the distances; I had been using nautical miles (nm) in the calculations rather than statute miles (mi)! The nautical mile calculation had been below 22,000 so I thought I was in the clear the entire time. The agent was super helpful and understood my mistake and I did some research in the background for a few minutes. I ended up dropping the inter-european segments and switching from HND-IAD to HND-SFO which made my routing 21,526mi which was below the 22,000 threshold according to gcmapper. She came back to me and quoted 21,523mi, so we were pretty close in our distances after this... 3 mile difference hah. Disaster averted.
After she confirmed all the segments had availability she put me on hold and calculated the taxes and fees ~($950). The majority of the taxes and fees were from the 2 ANA segments at the end of my trip; with fuel charges. I got sent to an automated phone system to input my card info, and returned back to her (don't hang up!). She told me that she had to have the fare desk ticket the itinerary and I should be getting an email or callback. Sure enough ~2 hours later she called me back and said I had to re-enter my card info as they had some issue with their system; the flight hadn't yet been ticketed. I took the opportunity to change one of the segments during this callback to a better time I had found and she helped me change it since It hadn't yet been ticketed -- I was flustered on the first call when she said the milage was too high.
Something interesting I noted is during the time between calls I was able to see the reservation on the ANA App; and an alert said "Complete Payment by *date*" which was 3 days from the present. So it looks like technically they will "hold" a reservation for up to 3 days while waiting for card payment. It sounded like the Agent was willing to work with me as well when I needed 135,000 points instead of 125,000 points; but I didn't want to spent more or risk the timing with transfers. I wouldn't bank on this at all. Just FYI though. After this second call I got an email about a half an hour later with my receipt and ticket/itinerary and PNR. I was able to select seats and finally relax after the ordeal.
After all of this, I probably spent about 12 hours spaced out during 3 days of the booking process plus my previous research over about a month. Definitely set aside some time for yourself during booking and research.

Change Process

Something I hadn't seen much of online was the process for making a change to an existing RTW booking - I ended up doing this as well, so hopefully this can help some.
About a week after booking I noticed one of the flights opened availability from SIN-HND on ANA at a better time. I was originally flying overnight but wanted to fly during the day to help minimize jetlag, and jumped at the chance. Also I wanted to spend more time in Singapore so this helped. Note you can only change the date + time of a flight; it must be the same routing and carrier and class (except you can move up a class if one becomes available and your original ticket allows for that class). I called around 2PM EST and it only took about an hour to get through this time. The agent simply told me I would owe the difference in taxes/fees for the change. There wasn't any penalty or call center charge assessed for this. I had read somewhere that apparently you'd be charged a 1,000 point fee for the change but this wasn't the case for me. The difference amounted to some small amount around a dollar or so which I happily paid. The agent shared something helpful to me -- she asked I save a card on the ANA website to my account rather than doing it on the phone. This would help the Fare Desk charge faster without needing to call me back like last time, I guess they have issues with their credit card system on the phone with some credit cards. I ended up doing this with her on the phone guiding me and she confirmed she could now see my card. The change ended up going through an hour later with a new ticket/itinerary and recipient emailed to me; no second call necessary.
According to the fare rules denoted on my PNR; you can do a similar change with date/time only up to 4 days (96 hours) before departure - also during the trip itself I believe as well. (full endorsements/restrictions on the ticket: NO MILEAGE CREDIT/NH FFP/NON END/RRT/DT CHNG UPTO 4DYS B4 NEW FLT)

TLDNeed to know Tips

I hope this was helpful - pardon the length - just wanted to be as detailed as possible and give back to the community after all the help I received. Since this is all fresh in my mind please feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer. I sincerely feel all the effort was worth it for the value I received - best of luck booking!
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2023.06.05 01:57 Ok-Counters I just got assaulted at my job (possible tw)

About an hour ago a man that was around my age (early 30s) came into my place of work and put his hands on me and left fingernail marks on my arm. It was completely out of nowhere and he was very obviously high on some sort of upper and also possibly drunk. I was working alone I immediately went into fight mode and started screaming at him to gtfo and I called the cops and filed a police report. It happened just off camera, and the entire interaction was only about 45 seconds, but his face and outfit is seared into my head. I love my job and I’ve been there nearly a decade and never had anything like this happen to me. It’s a very safe area but now I’m terrified he’s going to come back and attempt worse. I got very big and loud and screamed at him to get out and he just kept saying “i just want to buy you everything in the world! I just want to buy you a gift!” Very stalker-like behavior but I have NEVER seen this man before and I have a really impressive photographic memory. His face/appearance are seared into my head and I gave a very accurate description but the cops weren’t able to find him. My partner lives a little farther than the police station and he arrived ten minutes before the cops. I’m just disappointed, scared, and really shaken up. I’m okay physically, I just can’t stop shaking. I had been in an extremely physically relationship a few years ago and now im mad because those scared feelings were brought back by some fucking creepy stranger. I’m aware it could’ve been so much worse but i am incredibly nervous to go back to work.
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2023.06.05 01:57 girlbloggerinluv “shade match me to a tan that i don’t have but i will have in the near future and if you get it wrong i will be upset because i have to return it because of you”

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2023.06.05 01:56 Grouchy_Raccoon_6681 Fangs of Flames: Feathered Serpent chapter 10

“MOTHER OF CLEARSIGHT!” Poison Oak yelled as the massive dragon rose.
Firefly couldn’t say anything. She stared as the dragoness shook dirt and debris off herself. She was mostly green, with a red ruff and golden wings. She looked at the two dragonets.
“Oh, sorry I almost crushed you.” Quetzalcoatl said. “What are your names?”
“I-I’m Firefly and this is Poison Oak.” Firefly said. “I’m guessing you’re Quetzalcoatl.”
“Why, yes I am!” Quetzalcoatl said. “Excuse me.” The massive RainWing quickly shrunk down to the size of a normal dragon. “I’m sorry if I scared you, and for the mess I caused.”
Firefly and Poison Oak slowly drifted down to land. Firefly, in her best queen voice, asked, “What do you plan on doing here?”
Quetzalcoatl chuckled. “You sound like my friend Iris.” She said. “Don’t worry. I promise I come in peace.”
“You better.” Poison Oak said. She extended one of her wings between Firefly and Quetzalcoatl. “If you hurt my girlfriend, I’ll kill you.”
Quetzalcoatl held her front talons in the air. “I won’t hurt anyone, I promise! By the way, what year is it?”
“It’s been 5,022 years since the Scorching.” Firefly informed her. “You’re the eighth Mother of the Scorching to resurface in modern day. Dragons and scavengers are mostly at peace. This is the Rainforest Kingdom.”
“I never thought we’d ever be at peace with scavengers.” Quetzalcoatl said. “Leviathan’s probably furious about that. She only likes scavengers as snacks.”
Firefly remembered what Gill, Magma, and Beetle had said about Leviathan. About how absolutely massive and unstoppable she was. About how she could destroy a human village by stepping on it.
Before she could say anything about that, the trees near her thrashed, and Magma fell out of them.
“Found them!” She yelled. Almost immediately after that, Beetle, Sandshard, Listener, and Gill fell out of the trees as well.
“Hi.” Sandshard said, popping up. “We saw her emerge. Talk about a dramatic entrance!”
“That was less scary than the first time I saw Leviathan.” Gill said, looking at Quetzalcoatl.
“Gee, I wonder why,” Beetle commented, straightening her glasses.
Listener gazed at Quetzalcoatl intently, then said, “She has absolutely no ill will toward anyone.”
“I see you’re a mind reader.” Quetzalcoatl said. “Have you met Nyx?”
“I have.” Listener said, smiling.
“I think we should go back to the RainWing village.” Firefly said. “My mother will want to know that we found Quetzalcoatl.”
As the others prepared to take off, Poison Oak whispered to Firefly, “Are you feeling better?”
Firefly smiled at her girlfriend. “You know what? I think I am.”
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2023.06.05 01:56 brineNshine Something horrible in the woods was watching me sleep...

I tend to go camping a few times between May and October. I've been as far north as Acadia National Park and as south as the Great Smoky Mountains. Like everyone else who has ever been camping, I've been caught in rainstorms where the tent advertised as weatherproof starts leaking at the seams. Then the wildlife-- bears outside my tent rummaging for food, then leaving as the scent leads them to a backpack strung to a far-reaching branch high up a tree. Despite the uneasiness these scenarios create, it's part of what makes camping special: exposure to the wilderness. This vulnerability has never bothered me much-- that is, until recently.
I packed my backpack the night before with everything I'd need for a 7.5 mile there and back hike. I woke up to a call from my buddy who would be joining me, saying he caught a stomach bug and couldn't make it. I was bummed to hear it, but I've been solo camping a dozen times before. I had a protein bar to curb my appetite until I got to a diner in a small town by the edge of the national forest I would be going to. I've been once before and couldn't get enough of their blueberry pancakes. For a town named Sandwich, you know they know food. I accounted for Memorial Day traffic and gave myself plenty of time to leave, and in fact, arrived at the diner before my ETA. A weather-tattered missing child flyer was posted on the entry door. A 14-year-old girl, last seen in November, walking home from the bus stop. It noted, "a hundred yards from her home."
I sat at the counter and by my second coffee, was talking Red Sox with a local beside me. Looking better than last season, we both agreed. We talked about Bogaerts leaving and traded stories of Fenway. "I'd take my kids down to see them when they were younger..." He paused. "Well, Becca goes to games sometimes. She goes to college in Boston now." He seemed like he was going to go on, but got lost in his thoughts. I tried lightening things up and asked him what he thought of Devers' batting. "I don't want to talk about baseball anymore." The food was great and I stayed for another cup of coffee, but the atmosphere was heavy. I'm sure losing a child with no sense of closure will rattle a small town.
My car almost bottomed out on the road to the trailhead. Rocks bulged from the ground as I navigated the narrow passage with a steep drop to my right. The sign to the trail was up ahead. No other cars were parked. Though it was a holiday weekend, as the sign explained, this is a seldom used trail. "Be mindful and be safe." The first mile is a relaxing stroll that eventually comes up to a pond with a beaver dam stretching across. The ground becomes extraordinarily soft here. There's a meadow up ahead where I took a break and enjoyed the view of nearby Algonquin Mountain. A mile further, the woods become dense. Here, a sign reads, "The following portion of this trail is poorly marked. The route can be treacherous. Proceed with caution." Though I wasn't far from the lean-to I'd be camping at, there were portions where I questioned whether I was on the trail at all. I looked at my map, then at my compass. I felt assured and kept walking. I was right-- I came to the brook that crosses the trail. A fresh moose print in the mud. I clapped to let my presence be known. As I gained elevation, the trail became exceedingly narrow. To my left were boulders; to my right was a hundred-foot drop. There were steps carved into the dirt ahead. I took a moment to self-assure my balance and continued. The elevation plateaued and just ahead I could see the lean-to.
While gathering wood for a fire, I found some wintergreen that would be great for making tea. With the campfire crackling and my tea beside me, I opened a collection of Hermann Hesse fairytales I brought. I could still hear the stream faint in the distance. The middle of the forest is peacefully noisy. The whistles of songbirds, the caws of crows, the breeze through the trees. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it's like a symphony. The forest gets darker sooner than town, and by now the sun was largely blocked by trees. Baked beans simmer in my camping pot and are gone soon after. I lie in my sleeping bag under the lean-to without much on my mind. Then, the bellow of a moose echoed off the trees. I listened intently for footsteps, but the sound had probably traveled from a mile away. As the hours passed, I extinguished the fire and continued reading stories with my book light until I fell asleep.
A call from the woods woke me. I figured it was another moose. It's not unheard of for them to be roaming around at night. Then, it called again. This time as I listened more closely, something was off. It had an almost human quality to it, like a hunter's call. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but it didn't sound close. Several minutes of quiet passed, then again. This time right outside my camp, followed by footsteps. Moose sound like big animals on all four-- these steps were bipedal. One after the other through the brush. A branch snapped and I shot up and grabbed my flashlight. I called out "Hello?" in case it may have been a hiker. I checked my watch. 1:00 AM. Shining my flashlight in the direction I heard it, there was nothing. Ten minutes went by as I listened for more footsteps. Whatever it was I figured must still be in the area. I took my bear spray from my backpack pouch and with my flashlight in the other hand, searched the perimeter of camp. I didn't find anything and went back to the lean-to. I turned on my LED lantern and lie quietly, unable to fall back asleep. I checked my watch again: 2:15 AM. Then another noise, this time hooting. Animals, I told myself. It could be an owl, but again I had my hand on the bear spray. Another hoot, followed by a cackle. Then the footsteps. "Who's there!?" I called out. A cackle responded. Suddenly, from the direction of the noises, a flashlight was shined on me. Out of fear, I sprayed the bear spray toward the light, but whatever-- whoever it was didn't retreat. The flashlight turned off, followed by human laughter. I shined my flashlight towards it and it did stand on two legs, but its proportions were off-- its thin legs seemed too tall for its body. Its eyes reflected the light like a cat's as it receded back into the darkness.
I would hear its demented calls throughout that night, never sure whether or not it was near or far. I'm not sure whether it was human, animal, or something entirely different. I wish my friend was able to make the trip, because sometimes, like this very moment, as I type these words, it's hard to believe them. But it wasn't a dream, as I never fell back asleep that night. The moment the sun rose enough to see, I hit the trail. And with each ambiguous path, and each carved cliffside footstep, the sights and sounds of the night rattled through my mind. My car was a sanctuary-- still the only one parked by the trailhead. When I think about the town that lines that forest, the same heavy feeling that surrounded me in the diner hits. I hope that child is found, but I know something more than a bear or moose lurks in those woods. I hope it's not human, but I shudder to think what else it could be.
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2023.06.05 01:56 abbaschand I understand the other 4, but the fact that there are more people wanting to watch that trainwreck of a show and not some wholesome true romance is a big disgrace.

I understand the other 4, but the fact that there are more people wanting to watch that trainwreck of a show and not some wholesome true romance is a big disgrace. submitted by abbaschand to Horimiya [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:55 KoniginAllerWaffen Am I progressing too slowly? (not to ignite a civil war but a GAMMA post)

Loner, started @ Cordon. Veteran 23001. 33 days elapsed. 550 Mutants Killed, 350 Stalkers, 200 Stashes. 45 Emissions. 250 Tasks. Few hundred thousand in the bank with like 800kg of shit stored the Train Hangar, but no Expert Tools to repair anything requiring them (so Med Armour and a KS23/Kriss Vector and M4 Tactical atm but Ash12/Scablah blah just waiting)
But...only 14/33 levels visited. I only disabled the Brain Scorcher the other day, like 28? days in, still yet to go further North than the Army Warehouses or Yantar, because I'm subconsciously avoiding Dead City and Red Forest despite wrecking most things down South. Not entered any underground areas apart from X16. I seem to be in a loop of ''set out from base at Garbage > find cool shit to store or sell and get overburdened nearly > return back to Garbage > complete tasks that involve me heading even further South like gigantic 12kg shipments to return to Cordon > repeat". I've been in that loop around the South West almost this whole time -- and that includes barely any time in Darkscape, Dark Valley and Truck Cemetery.
Am I insane and literally going at snails pace up the map? I have no frame of reference really, so I wonder how the 'average' players would stack up at this point, but tbh I play most games in a similar fashion taking ages to build up be it strategy games or getting hugely over-leveled, so yeah. Still massively enjoying myself though.
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2023.06.05 01:55 Macheebu To all the melee builds—what's your key to soloing bosses?

I gotta know, what's your personal secret to finding success when you're on a dungeon solo run to slay the boss all by yourself at the end?
I'm a level 19 bear druid and I recently fought through the Defiled Catacomb near Nevesk, only to reach the spider boss at the end and soon give up as it seemed like my bear druid just didn't have a chance when overwhelmed by sticky traps, enemy crowds, and poisonous AOE. I've found this a few times, when a dungeon doesn't pose an issue whatsoever, until suddenly the boss whomps me time and time again.
I'm no ARPG gamer God, but I sometimes feel like the bosses make me want to experiment with a different class entirely. Maybe I should just turn the World Tier back to I? It's only been a few bosses that have given me real trouble...
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2023.06.05 01:55 Ill-Inspection-6257 Ive taken in a stray kitten and want some advice

Ive taken in a stray kitten and want some advice
Evening all! I hope you're all well but I'm seeking some advice as is said in the title I have just taken in a stray kitten.
For a little backstory, I was on a hike in a woodland near me and was about 10k away from civilisation when I hear what sounded like whimpering from a cat and when I went to investigate I found her laid down in a small creak in the ground seemingly unable to get out so when I gently got her out I realised she had her little legs all cut up so I took her back. (Yes I checked for a collar.)
She had been semi responsive to me holding her and did not freak out too much.
Now we are both home, I've bathed her in warm, hypoallergenic soapy water and she had been bottle fed lactose free milk and in the last couple hours I booked her into a vets trip tomorrow morning but my main question is there anything I need to do tonight and if anyone has any advice on taking care of her, id really appreciate it!
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2023.06.05 01:55 hallmonitorx "yo I spam this message to everyone near me, desperate for a bite"

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2023.06.05 01:54 Ill-Inspection-6257 Ive taken in a stray kitten and want some advice

Ive taken in a stray kitten and want some advice
Evening all! I hope you're all well but I'm seeking some advice as is said in the title I have just taken in a stray kitten.
For a little backstory, I was on a hike in a woodland near me and was about 10k away from civilisation when I hear what sounded like whimpering from a cat and when I went to investigate I found her laid down in a small creak in the ground seemingly unable to get out so when I gently got her out I realised she had her little legs all cut up so I took her back. (Yes I checked for a collar.)
She had been semi responsive to me holding her and did not freak out too much.
Now we are both home, I've bathed her in warm, hypoallergenic soapy water and she had been bottle fed lactose free milk and in the last couple hours I booked her into a vets trip tomorrow morning but my main question is there anything I need to do tonight and if anyone has any advice on taking care of her, id really appreciate it!
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2023.06.05 01:54 JoshAsdvgi The Man-Eating Wife,

The Man-Eating Wife,

The Man-Eating Wife,
the Little Old Woman and the Morning Star

A man and a woman lived by themselves in a clearing in the forest.
The man hunted; the woman raised beans and corn.
One day, when the woman sat in front of the fire baking an ash cake, a large spark flew out and burned her.
She rubbed the spot with her finger, and when it began to blister she wet her finger in her mouth and rubbed the blister; in this way she got the taste of her own flesh, and she liked it.
She took a flint knife, cut out the burnt piece of flesh and ate it.
The taste was so agreeable that she took a coal of fire, burned another place on her arm, cut out the flesh and ate it.
The desire grew upon her and she kept burning and eating herself till she had eaten all the flesh she could reach on her arms and legs.
The man had a dog that was wise and was his friend.
The dog sat by the fire and watched the woman.
When she was about half through eating herself, she said to him, “You had better go and tell your friend to run away and to take you with him.
If he doesn’t hurry off, I shall eat both of you.”
The dog ran as fast as he could and when he came to where the man was hunting, he told him what had happened, that his wife had become a ONGWEIAS (Man-eater) and was going to eat herself and then eat them.
The man and the dog started off. The dog’s legs were short, he couldn’t run fast, so the man put him in a hollow tree and commanded him to become punk. The dog was willing, for he wanted his master to save himself.
The man went on as fast as he could till he came to a river with high banks. By the river sat an old man.
“Grandfather,” said the man, “I am in great trouble.
Put me across the river; save me, my wife is following me I she wants to kill and eat me.”
“I know she is following you,” said the old man, “but she is still a long way off. I will put you across but first you must bring me a basketful of fish from my fish pond.”
The man went for the fish.
The pond was enclosed.
On the bank was a basket with a handle.
The man caught a large number of fish, filled the basket and carried it to the old man, who cooked the fish and then said, “Sit down and eat with me.”
They ate together, then the old man said, “Now you must bring me a basketful of groundnuts.”
The man ran to the old man’s garden, dug up the groundnuts as quickly as possible and carried them to him.
After he had cooked and eaten the nuts, he said, “Now I will put you across the river.”
He lay down at the edge of the water and, leaning on his elbows, stretched his neck to the opposite bank, and called out, “Walk across on my neck, but be careful, I am not as strong as I used to be.”
The man walked over carefully, then the old man bade him, good-bye, saying, “Far off in the West you will come to a large bark house; that house belongs to your three aunts; they will help you.”
After the women sent the dog away, she took a stick, and pushing the marrow out of her bones, ate it.
She filled her bones with pebbles and the pebbles rattled as she moved.
Every little while she stopped eating and danced and when she heard the stones rattle in her legs and arms, she said, “Oh, that sounds good!”
The woman devoured everything in the cabin, meat, bread, skins, everything that could be eaten, and when there was nothing left she started off to find her husband.
She came upon his tracks and followed them.
Once in a while she stopped and danced and listened with delight to the rattle of the pebbles in her bones; then she went on again.
When she came to the bank of the river and saw the old ferryman she screamed to him, “Old man, come and put me across the river; I am following my husband.
Be quick!”
The fisherman turned slowly toward her, and said, “I can’t put you across.
There is no crossing for a woman who is chasing her husband to catch and eat him.”
But the woman urged and begged till at last the old man said, “I’ll put you across, but first you must bring me a basketful of fish, and dig me a basketful of groundnuts.”
She brought the fish and the nuts, but when they were cooked she wouldn’t eat with the old man.
She would eat nothing now but human flesh.
After the old man had eaten the fish and the nuts he stretched his neck across the river but in the form of a horse’s neck, very narrow and arching.
The woman was angry, and asked, “How do you think I am going to walk on that?”
“You can do as you like,” answered he, “I am old.
I can’t make my neck flat; it would break.
As it is you must walk carefully.”
No matter how the woman raged, she had to stay where she was or cross on the arched neck.
At last she started, picking her steps and scolding as she went.
The water was deep and full of terrible creatures.
When the woman reached the middle of the river the old man, angry because she scolded, jerked his neck.
She fell into the water and that minute was seized and devoured all except her stomach; that floated down the river and past the house of the three aunts.
The woman’s life was in her stomach.
The aunts were watching, for their nephew had been at the house and they had promised to help him; they caught the stomach, chopped it up and killed it.
The husband hurried on till he came to a forest where he found a young woman gathering sticks.
“Where are you going?” asked the woman.
“I am going on till I find pleasant pleasant to live with.”
“Stay here and be my husband,” said the woman.
“We can live happily if you can manage my Grandmother, who is a little old woman and very troublesome.”
The woman was good-looking, pleasant and young; the man was glad to go home with her.
When they came to the cabin the little old woman was sitting outside, she was not half as tall as an ordinary person and was very thick.
As soon as she saw them she called out, “Oh, you have brought a husband! Give him something to eat.”
“Ask him in, Grandmother,” said the young woman.
The old woman said, “Come in!”
They followed her into the cabin and sat down, then she picked up a club and began to beat her granddaughter, saying, “You want a husband, do you?”
She struck and struck and the woman endured the blows without saying a word.
The next morning the old woman said to her grandson, “We must go to the island and hunt.”
They went—
The island was low and in the center of a deep lake.
They landed and drew up the canoe, then the old woman said, pointing in a direction away from the landing, “Take your place over there, I will drive the game toward you.”
When the man had gone some distance he turned and saw that the old woman was in the canoe and paddling off as fast as she could go.
He called to her, but she didn’t answer.
He stayed all day on the island; there was no way of escape.
After a while he noticed water marks very high up on the trees and then he knew that at times the island was almost under water.
When night came the water began to rise; the man climbed the tallest tree he could find ; the water kept rising and he kept climbing.
About half way between midnight and morning, when all the smaller trees were covered, the man was at the very top of the high tree and around was a crowd of creatures waiting to devour him.
All at once the man saw the Morning Star shining brightly.
Then he remembered that in his youth the Morning Star had promised him, in a dream, to help him in time of trouble or peril, and he thought, “If the Morning Star will hurry the day and make light come quickly, the water will go down and I will be saved.”
And he called out, “Oh, Morning Star, hurry on the day; Oh Morning Star, hurry on the day!
When I was young you promised to help me if I were ever in great peril.”
The Morning Star lived in a beautiful house and had a small boy as servant, hearing the voice he called to the boy, “Who is that shouting on the island?”
“Oh,” said the boy, “that is the husband of the little old woman’s Granddaughter.
He says that when he was young you promised in a dream, to help him.”
“Yes, I did promise,” said Morning Star. “Let day come right away!”
Day came immediately and the water on the island went down at once.
When the ground was dry the man slipped down from the tree and going to the landing place buried himself in the sand, leaving only his nostrils and eyes exposed. Early in the forenoon the little old woman came in a canoe and pulling it up on the beach, she said to herself, “The flesh of my granddaughter’s husband is eaten up, but maybe his bones are left; they are young and full of nice marrow.
I’ll find them and eat the marrow.”
And she began to search for the bones.
When she was far enough away, the man crawled out of the sand, sprang into the canoe, pushed out, and paddled away.
When he was some distance from the island the old woman turned, and seeing him, cried out, “Come back, my Grandson, come back ! I’ll never play another trick on you. I will love you.”
“Oh, no!” called the man, “You’ll not play another trick on me,” and he hurried on. When night came and the water began to rise the old woman climbed the tall pine tree.
Halfway between midnight and morning, when the water was near the top of the tree, and the creatures in the water were waiting to eat her.
She screamed out to the Morning Star, “When I was young, you promised to help me if ever I were in distress.
Help me now.”
The Morning Star heard the voice and called to his boy, “Is that man on the island yet?”
“Oh, no!” answered the boy.
“He got off yesterday; that is the little old woman herself.
She says that, when she was young, you promised in a dream that if ever she were in trouble you would help her.”
“Oh, no!” said the Morning Star.
“I never had any conversation with that old woman, I never made her any promise.”
The Morning Star went to sleep and let day come at its own time.
The water rose till it reached the top of the pine tree, then the creatures of the lake seized the little old woman and ate her up.
The man went home to his wife and they lived happily ever after.
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2023.06.05 01:53 Successful_Plastic46 Ive been putting off having sex with this girl, and now she likes me.

So me (20M) and this girl (19F) met a few months ago from working at the same restaurant. We started off as friends and then grew closer and closer. We started kissing and then i started eating her out and fingering her. I got pretty good at it that i continued just doing that, with the usual foreplay. I always make her orgasm with this method and she hasn’t made any complaints. We’ve always been on many “dates” as our mutuals would call them, but to us its just 2 friends hanging out. Even though we haven’t had sex, she has caught feelings for me and i don’t know where i stand with her. Recently, she finally asked why i haven’t tried to have sex with her. She said that she was too scared to attempt to push me for it. The reason i’ve been putting it off for a few month is because i’ve only had sex one time before and im scared to perform. I can get an erection by just slightly touching her when she comes and hugs me, when we are kissing, or when im grabbing her butt. But once i get near her vagina, i start to lose it and my heart starts racing and my head starts. I start thinking “what if’s”. I really want to have sex with her, but im afraid she wont like it and also embarrassing myself. Im not embarrassed of my penis size, im 6.5 inches and slightly thick, but when i lose my erection and get anxiety, it shrinks and gets pretty small from my perspective, so i don’t want her to see that. I just want to be able to please her intensely, any advice for my specific situation?
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2023.06.05 01:53 MrHatesThisWebsite One hit kill attacks ruin the game for me. I am close to abandoning this game right before the final boss.

I am playing on hard mode and the Okita boss fight in the barracks right before the final boss has frustrated me to the point where I'm ready to stop playing the game after 50+ hours and not experience the ending.
No, the boss fight is not hard. Yes, I'm pretty sure I could win with a few more tries. But when I can execute a flawless battle with full health and then be killed by a one hit kill move that's extremely hard to dodge, I just feel like the game isn't respecting my time and hasn't been properly balanced. I breeze through most combat encounters, but a single attack from this boss fight has resulted in my enjoyment of this game cratering to near zero. I already have not been enjoying the combat compared to previous LAD games, but this is probably going to be my limit (which is a shame because the story is so incredible in this game).
Have others had a similar experience?
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2023.06.05 01:53 ElectricQnA My (24M) Girlfriend (26F) thinks she’s ugly and it’s so emotionally draining…

I love my girlfriend to death. She’s beautiful in every way I can imagine but she doesn’t see herself that way. She hates everything about herself. She’s not overweight by any means but she’s got a little bit of weight and that’s totally fine. The problem is that now she is starting a diet to starve herself and only eat a tiny lunch and that’s it. I told her that weight loss is not about starvation but she’s really stubborn about it. On top of this, she hates every single picture of her and us ever. She hates them all. Calls them hideous. Whenever I take a pic of her her first instinct is to ask me to delete it. I usually don’t but lately it’s been getting to the point where she makes me.
It’s draining as we’ve been together for nearly a year and a half and she hasn’t always been like this. Like she has, but not nearly as bad.
She complains about her small belly and hardly noticeable double chin. She also complains about everything else like her eyes and nose etc.
I asked her if she compares herself to other people and she said no. The only social media she has is Twitter for memes and tik tok. I told her that 90% of the things she worries about can’t be changed and shouldn’t be as she is beautiful the way she is. And I told her straight up that if her weight bothers her then it’s fixable with exercise and diet. She kind of agreed but went back on herself and is now starting this starvation diet of tiny lunches and she wants to do it for the next month.
I’m worried she’s running down into an eating disorder and I don’t know what the fuck to do.
TLDR girlfriend hates how she looks and her weight. Makes me delete pictures of her because she hates the way she looks and starting to starve herself.
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Two brothers went on a hunting expedition.
After they had been quite a while in the woods and had good luck in finding game, they built a bark house.
At first they had everything in common, but one day the elder said to the younger, "We must live apart for the future.
We will make a partition in the middle of the house and have a door at each end.
You will always go out of the door in your part of the house and I will go out of the one in my part."
The younger brother agreed, and they made the partition, then the elder brother said, "Now each one will live by himself.
I will not go to your part of the house and you will not come to mine.
When we want to say anything we will talk through the partition.
You can hunt birds and animals, but I will hunt men and kill them.
Neither of us will marry or bring a woman to the house.
If I marry, you will kill me if you can.
If you marry, I will try to kill you."
Both agreed to this arrangement, and for a long time lived according to it, but one day, when the brothers were out hunting, a woman came to the younger brother's part of the house.
The elder brother tracked her, caught her at the door, dragged her into his part of the house, killed and ate her.
When the younger brother came home the elder said, "I had good luck to-day, near home."
The younger knew what his brother had done, but all he said was, "It is well to have good luck."
A second time the elder brother tracked a woman to his brother's part of the house.
This time he knocked at the door and called out, "Give me a couple of arrows; there is an elk out here."
The woman carried him the arrows and the minute she opened the door he killed her.
He dragged the body into his part of the house and ate it up.
When the younger brother came, he talked through the partition as before, but said nothing about the woman,
The next woman who came to him he warned against opening the door, told her not to open it for anyone, even for him; he would come in himself.
The elder brother ran to the door, knocked and called out, "Give me a couple of arrows; there is a bear out here."
The woman sat by the fire, didn't move.
Again he called, "Give me the arrows; the bear will get away."
She didn't stir, and after a while he went into his own part of the house.
When the younger brother came the woman told him what had happened.
While they were whispering, the elder brother called out, "Brother, you are whispering to someone. Who is it? Haven't you a woman in there?"
"I am counting my game," answered the young man.
There was silence for a time, then the young man began whispering cautiously to the woman.
He said, "In the morning my brother and I will have a life and death struggle.
You must help me, but it will be difficult for he will make himself like me in form and voice, but strike him if you can."
The woman took a small squash shell and tied it in the young man's hair so she might distinguish him.
The brother again called out, "You have a woman in there.
You are whispering to her," but he got no answer.
In the morning the brothers met and began to fight with clubs and flint knives.
When their weapons broke, they clinched.
Soon both were on the ground. Sometimes one was under, sometimes the other.
The elder brother was exactly like the younger and repeated his words. Whenever the younger called to the woman, "Strike him!" the elder cried out, "Strike him!"
The woman couldn't tell which one to strike.
At last she caught sight of the squash shell.
Then she struck a heavy blow and killed the elder brother.
They put the body on a pile of wood and burned it up, then scattered the ashes.
But the young man knew his brother would come to life.
He put the woman in a cattail, put the cattail on the point of his arrow and shot it far away to the West.
Then he ran through the heart of the post of the house, sprang after the arrow and coming to the ground ran with great speed till he found where the arrow had struck and the cattail burst open.
Then he soon overtook the woman and they traveled on together.
He said, "We must travel fast, for my brother will come to life and follow us."
The next morning they heard somebody whoop.
The young man said, "That is my brother; he will destroy us if he can."
He changed the woman into a half-decayed stump; hid himself a short distance away, and, taking off his moccasins, told them to run on ahead; to go quickly through swamps and thickets and over hills and mountains and come back to him by a round-about way.
When the elder brother reached the rotten stump, he looked at it and was suspicious but he followed the moccasins and went on swiftly all day and all night, then he turned back.
When he came to the place where he had seen the stump, and it wasn't there, he was awfully angry, for he knew he had been fooled.
He found his brother's tracks and followed them.
When they heard him whoop, the young man took out of his pouch the jaw of a beaver, stuck the teeth in the ground, and said, "Let beavers come and build a dam across the world so water may rise to my brother's neck, and let the beavers bite him when he tries to cross the dam."
When the elder brother came up, the dam was built, and the water was neck high; his brother's tracks disappeared at the edge of the water, and he said, "If they have gone through, I can."
When the water reached his breast, beavers began to bite him. He was forced to turn back and look for another crossing.
He ran all day, but could find no end to the dam.
Then he cried out, "I have never heard that there was a beaver dam across the world," and turning he ran back to the place he had started from.
The dam was gone, all that remained was a beaver's jaw with two teeth in it.
The man-eater hurried along as fast as he could and again the man and woman heard his whoop.
The man took a pigeon-feather from his pouch, placed it on the ground, and said, "Let all the pigeons in the world come and leave droppings here."
All the pigeons in the world came and soon there was a ridge six feet high, made of droppings.
When the elder brother came to the ridge, he said, "Their tracks are here; if they have gone through, I can."
He tried, and when he couldn't get through he turned back and ran eastward to look for an opening, ran all day.
The ridge was everywhere.
He went back to the place that he had started from and slept till morning.
When he wakened, the ridge was gone; all he found was a pigeon feather sticking in the ground.
After dropping the feather, the younger brother and the woman ran till they came to where an old man sat mending a fish net.
The old man said, "I will delay the man-eater as long as I can.
You have an aunt living west of here, beyond her house the trail passes between two rocks that move backward and forward so quickly that whoever tries to go between them is crushed, but beg of your aunt and she will stop them."
The two hurried on, came to the woman and begged her to help them.
She stopped the rocks long enough for them to spring through, then she said, "You will soon reach a river.
On the other side of the river you will see a man with a canoe, beckon to him and he will come and take you across.
Beyond the river are the Frost people (SHAGODYOWEQ GOWA) but they will not harm you. A little animal will come to meet you.
Follow it and it will lead you to an opening. In the opening you will find your mother's house."
When the elder brother came to the old man, who was mending a fish net, he pushed him, and called out, "Did anyone pass here?"
The old man didn't answer.
He struck him a blow on the head and asked again, "Did anyone pass here?"
The fisherman threw his net over the man, entangled him and he fell, but after struggling a time he freed himself and hurried on.
When he came to the woman who guarded the rocks he begged her to stop them and let him pass.
She refused and he watched for a chance to spring through.
At last, when he thought the rocks were moving slowly, he jumped.
He was caught and half his body was crushed; but he rubbed it with saliva and cured it.
Then he hurried on. When he came to the river and saw the man on the opposite bank he shouted to him to come with his canoe and take him across, but the man didn't look up.
He shouted again and got no answer, then he swam across.
On that side of the river was a forest where all of the trees had been stripped of bark and killed by the hammering of mud-turtle rattles.
The hammering had been done by the Frost people in keeping time while they danced. These people turned upon the man-eater, killed him, hammered all the flesh off of his body, then hammered his bones till there wasn't a bit of them left.
When the mother saw her son and his wife she was happy, and said, "I am glad that you have come.
I was afraid that your brother, who stole you away from me, would kill you.
Now you will stay with me always."
They lived happily ever after.
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