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2023.06.05 01:57 BeginningInfluence55 Asked ChatGPT for a salty description of HP characters

Harry Potter: The glorious "Boy Who Lived," or should I say "Boy Who Just Can't Mind His Own Bloody Business"? Seriously, Harry, did anyone ever teach you the concept of personal boundaries? It's like he's got a magnet for trouble, constantly sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. And that hair of his? It's a masterpiece of untamed chaos, making us wonder if he's secretly auditioning for the role of a disheveled scarecrow.
Hermione Granger: Ah, the all-knowing, rule-abiding Hermione. She's got Hogwarts' rulebook so far up her rear end, she could probably recite it verbatim in her sleep. Give someone else a chance to breathe, Hermione! You're not the self-appointed queen of everything magical. Take a break from your endless nagging and let loose once in a while.
Ron Weasley: The eternal sidekick, forever overshadowed by his best friend and his own bottomless pit of complaints. Ron, we get it—you're poor and perpetually hungry. But maybe, just maybe, if you focused on something other than your empty stomach, you might accomplish something. And those freckles? They're like a connect-the-dots map of your failures.
Draco Malfoy: Ah, the poster child for entitled snobbery. Draco struts around like a peacock with a superiority complex, thinking he's the hottest thing since the invention of Quidditch. Newsflash, Malfoy: Your slicked-back hair and silver spoon upbringing won't buy you real friends or actual talent. It's time to get off your high broomstick and face reality.
Albus Dumbledore: The wise old wizard with a penchant for playing mind games. Dumbledore, we're onto you. Your twinkling eyes and enigmatic speeches are nothing but smoke and mirrors. How about being straightforward for once instead of leading everyone on a wild goose chase? And that beard? It's like a hairy curtain of deception.
Severus Snape: The greasy-haired, sour-faced potions master who seems to have a permanent stick up his behind. Snape, we know you're nursing a heartbreak, but that's no excuse to take it out on innocent students. Maybe if you put half the effort into developing a personality as you do into brewing potions, you wouldn't be such an insufferable grump.
Ginny Weasley: The forgotten Weasley sibling who's more famous for her infatuation with Harry than for any actual personality traits. Ginny, you're like a background character desperately vying for attention. And let's not forget your cringe-worthy diary escapades. Newsflash, dear: You're not a heroine in a tragic romance novel.
Neville Longbottom: The clumsy, forgettable dork who somehow manages to stumble his way into heroics. Neville, you're like the accidental hero nobody expected. Your constant tripping and forgetfulness make us wonder how you even managed to survive this long. But hey, at least your plant knowledge comes in handy sometimes.
Fred and George Weasley: The ginger duo with a knack for pranks and a disregard for rules. Fred and George, your mischief-making is impressive, but let's face it—you're basically just two sides of the same ginger coin. And those matching ridiculous hairstyles? It's like a competition for the worst haircut in the wizarding world.
Hagrid: The half-giant with a heart of gold and a vocabulary that would make a troll blush. Hagrid, your love for dangerous creatures is commendable, but seriously, did you ever learn basic manners? Your accent is so thick, we need a translator to understand you. And those hairy arms? It's like you've got an entire ecosystem living on them.
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2023.06.05 01:35 Guswin7202 [Spoilers] Collector's Edition Artbook Writer and Designer's Comment

For those of us here, this will contain the comments from both the writer and character designer on the detectives. These are not included in the mini-artbook but is in the hardcover artbook from the collector's edition. Additionally, the hardcover artbook includes more art of the detectives, beta art of the detectives, marketing illustrations, evidence icons, cut-ins, background illustrations, event CGs, character location icons, and LINE stickers. Once again, these comments contain spoilers on the whole game! Please play it before reading.

[Incompetent Detective]
Writer's Comment:
We initially took Wato in a cooler, more handsome direction, but once Katsumata read the scenarios, he got a lot cuter. Many of the cast's female characters are the free-spirited type, so Wato ended up becoming the "mom" of the group. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
My first impression of Wato was a troublesome one. Not only was he 'incompetent' despite being the main character, he couldn't have too many or too few characteristics. I wrestled with giving him a defining trait without straying too far from a conventional protagonist... In a sense, he took the most trial and error. (Katsumata)

[Ideal Detective]
Writer's Comment:
She seems happier after she's dead. Her clothing and conduct keep in line with the "Ideal Detective" image, but her personal belongings and mannerisms have a girlish, childlike quality to them, too. I kind of want to write a story about her day-to-day life... (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I remember doing a quick sketch of her right at the outset. Jobana told me to make her albino and mysterious at a glance, so that's what I drew. The challenge was deciding how much of her childishness to let slip in her expressions. (Katsumata)

[Renegade Detective]
Writer's Comment:
This guy savored life until the very end. His hair and heels represent his attachment to his mother, whom he murdered. Like Wato and the Quartering Duke, he too was restrained, but since he actually enjoys this, there's no way he'll see eye-to-eye with Wato. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I wrestled with this design the most, wondering right until the very end how far to take it. He has a long black braid, piercing glasses, high heels... so many unique points. But at least his actual clothes are simpler than the other characters. (Katsumata)

[Posh Detective]
Writer's Comment:
It was fun to create this 21-year old. She was intended to be totally unpleasant, but she was too good a person for that to be possible. The initial idea was to have her be a classic nasty girl, but when Katsumata read the scenarios, her faded grandeur became more prominent. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Her initial keyword was "aristocratic",* so I drafted a blond princess in an evening gown-esque outfit. Since she works as her company's president, however, she ended up with a more subdued design. She's high maintenance, but a very nice boss. (Katsumata)
*Posh's original title in Japanese

[Mystic Detective]
Writer's Comment:
This was the hardest character to kill, both in terms of abilities and personality. That's exactly why the Quartering Duke had him taken out immediately- he didn't want to be discovered. Mystic takes any opportunity to buy occult goods, which always makes Booky mad. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Mystic is another character whose design barely changed from the initial draft. We just added the ragged cape to suggest he's been in battle. He's well-built for a clergyman. I remember thinking, "Does this design really work as a detective?" lol (Katsumata)

[Gourmet Detective]
Writer's Comment:
The sexpot specialist. She was at risk of being too much of a one-trick pony to fulfill her role, though (the same mistake I made with Bokuhime!). She has the same basic fighting abilities as Ideal Detective, but her origins are in amateur wrestling, so her moves all start with grabs. Unfortunately, this made her a bad match for the SPXs. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Here she is: the gag boob character. I put her in a motorcycle suit on a whim, and from there, the bike-rider-slash-rest-stop-hopper was born. She's always smiling and likes to fill the older sister role, but occasionally shows off her tough, badass side. (Katsumata)

[Workaholic Detective]
Writer's Comment:
No matter what he does, it always backfires. He trusted Doleful with all his heart. His upbringing makes him hot-tempered, something Ideal Detective chides him for regularly (like in Chapter 1). He never learns, though... (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I was sure a waistcoat was the way to go when I drew him. He's overworked, and his appearance reflects that he's too busy to get a haircut and has a habit of rolling up his sleeves. I hope players will enjoy the contrast between his kind and harsh expressions. (Katsumata)

[Doleful Detective]
Writer's Comment:
Doleful is a contradictory soul; he resents totalitarianism and sacrifices himself more than anyone else for the sake of others. His words as a detective aren't total lies, either, and his thinking resembling Wato's- hence the mixture of good will and hatred in their relationship. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I initially designed him without knowing he was the mastermind, so he had droopier eyes and looked more forlorn. His current design came from me wanting him to look pitiful most of the time, but be able to project intensity when his true nature was revealed. (Katsumata)

[Bookworm Detective]
Writer's Comment:
Booky is a breath of fresh air and a useful character. Put her next to Posh Detective, and the dialogue writes itself. Like Rowdy Detective, she's so emotionally complete that I debated killing her off. Ultimately, however, I chose not to because I didn't think Wato or the players would be able to recover.(Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Her outfit took some trial and error, since she's in elementary school, but quite grown-up inside. The rare occasions when she smiles are very cute. Since she's paired with Mystic, I made sure she wouldn't look out-of-place standing next to him. (Katsumata)

[Techie Detective]
Writer's Comment:
I made the most requests for this design. It's nice having a young boy in a wheelchair for a character. The lab coat and tights are perfect. I've noticed that characters in wheelchairs either die or are the culprit in many mysteries, and wanted to subvert this trope. His presence is meant to mislead the player. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Jobana-san had a lot of requests for this character. Techie's a cute little boy, but he's quite put together, so he has a rich range of expressions, from sharp and smart to pouting and sulky. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a handsome, sophisticated young man. (Katsumata)

[Downtown Detective]
Writer's Comment:
I arrived at "Downtown"* by plugging in any word I could think of before "Detective". From there, I continued to work on her character concept with the mention of making her the "true" heroine, and as a result, she ended up killing someone right away. She decided the direction of the game in more ways than one. (Jobana)
*(Originally "Shibuya" in Japanese)
Designer's Comment:
I struggled with whether or not to put her in a school uniform until the last minute. Her friend had been killed, so I didn't want her to be too childlike. Instead, I settled on a fairly eclectic design that allowed Downtown's personality to show. (Katsumata)

[Rowdy Detective]
Writer's Comment:
Her strength of spirit is what ends up killing her. Normally, those heroic qualities would see through her safely, but this isn't that kind of game. Losing Rowdy and Downtown changed the feel of the dialogue dramatically, and I felt that loss when writing scenes. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I personally really like her. She has a nice silhouette... but what's up with that ponytail? Lol. She often appears with Gourmet, so her design is spikier to contrast Gourmet's softness. (Katsumata)

[Armor Detective]
Writer's Comment:
Armor is the rare case of a character's appearance and personality not changing at all from the initial draft. He's there as a red-herring character, but I made him too stupid... He became a livelier character for it, though. Even now, I'm sure he's off somewhere fighting whoever is behind that transcendental armor case. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
I intended him to look cool, but his words and actions made him cuter than I expected, lol. He's a little tricky to draw, but I'm pretty happy with the design. Just where is that fluffy mane attached? (Katsumata)

[Senior Detective]
Writer's Comment:
The ringleader, in a sense. He goes out of his way to deceive Wato and stuff him in a locker because, at his core, he's just that nasty. Senior Detective is a good example of how age and "seniority" alone doesn't make you a good person. (Jobana)
Designer's Comment:
Once the mustache was decided on, the rest of the design followed. He's elderly, but I wanted to give him a mischievous quality. Like, what's with his coat collar...? I've never seen an old man with a popped collar like that. He just oozes confidence. (Katsumata)
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2023.06.05 00:56 -SecondHandSmoke- I had a much better day than yesterday (reverse rant)

I have this middle school boy that comes to me every once in a while, the first time I cut him he was telling me how he liked to make comics, so I asked him what his favorite one was and he said the one where him and his friends play golf. I told him I had to see it because it was so funny sounding, he hyped it up like a superhero comic but his favorite one is playing golf...? I love it.
Next time I cut him, he brings me a copy of this comic and I about cried. I was having such a bad day, and it completely turned my day around, and it was fucking hilarious. Even reading through the whole thing multiple times I cannot explain the spontaneous golf trip.
So after he gave me that comic I felt like he shared something so special and personal that I should share something with him too. I thought about redrawing one of his comic scenes, but I didn't end up having time. I had a case of very lightly used charcoal and graphite sketching pencils, and thought he would like that to help with his art. I was pretty nervous he would just hate it, but he ended up loving it! So he's going to bring me another comic copy next haircut, and I told him I hoped to see some shading from his new pencils!
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2023.06.04 22:49 spidyr Boys’ haircuts?

If you have a boy under, like, 13, where do you take him in Bend to get his hair cut? Anyone have good things to say about SportClips or Supercuts?
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2023.06.04 22:46 Danny_Won You Need More "Masculine Edge" in Your Dating App Pics (for Hooking Up)

You Need More
Making this post because almost every “give me advice on my dating profile/pics” post could use this advice.
But basically, a lot of you lack what I would call a “masculine edge” to your appearance, or at least that’s how it comes across via pics.
And when I mentioned “masculine edge” (from here I’ll just call it “edge”), a few of you asked what I meant, so I’m making this post to answer everybody who asked.
But basically – you want to look like a guy that actually gets p*ssy.
Believe it or not, if you’re trying to f*ck a lot, you have to look like… somebody that actually f*cks.
But as it stands, a lot of you look way too “smiley” or “nice” for online dating like Tinder, etc.
Like your pics look like what you would make your Linkedin picture or something, as opposed to pics used to meet chicks.
If Linkedin and/or boyfriend pics are what you’re going for, so be it. But I doubt that strategy is leading to many matches or dates. (Hence why you’re posting on here for advice)
Also, let’s be real – whatever the dating app is, it’s basically all Tinder (hooking up).
I never go on a dating app and think, “oh yeah, I’m definitely gonna meet *the one* here”. Girls on dating apps have been around the block, or are about to go around it.
Even a girl who’s a “5” or a “6” is FLOODED with messages on dating apps, IG, etc. compared to the average guy who’s not getting shit. Don’t believe me? If you ever get the chance, ask to see a girl’s inbox. Any girl can have new d*ck THAT DAY on one of these apps, probably even within the hour.
Relevant to the above – a skill that every man needs is the ability to differentiate between:
  1. Girls you f*ck
  2. Girls you want to get serious with
Most girls on apps (but also everywhere in today’s world) are gonna fall in category 1. Just the way the world works.
I guess if anything, meeting a lot of chicks (from apps or otherwise) is good experience to increase your ability to find the rare girl from category 2.
So now that we have established that dating apps are mostly for hooking up, and that in order to hook up, you need to have some edge about you, let’s talk about how to actually get some edge in your pics.
Take a look at this picture:
Shit haircut, whatever clothes, just a normal, if not nerdy looking “random Asian dude”.
But that’s Jay Park when he was younger.
Of course you all know Jay Park now:
Forget the fact that he’s a world famous celebrity for a second.
Imagine you saw the first guy – what would you think?
Or imagine that first guy was on Tinder, Hinge, etc. Do you think he would get matches?
Of course not.
The second guy though – it’s CLEAR that he has “edge”, or that he f*cks. He’s clearly not the kind of guy that swipes Tinder all day so that he can take 5/10s on 10 dates just to get friend-zoned.
The look in his eyes, the hair, the piercings, the standout shirt, the tattoos, other accessories like necklace and bracelets.
^ These are all things that the average, boring guy does NOT have.
Or even this guy I found after searching “fuccboi before after”:

Credit: Jimmy Zhang
The guy on the left is exactly what I mean when I say “too smiley” – he just looks like a boring, nice guy geek.
While the guy on the right could use a better pose in terms of his face, just the piercings, necklace, tattoos, and abs give him a TOTALLY different vibe/image.
If you want to rack up the numbers, you need to lean more towards BAD BOY than you do “Another Asian guy with a decent job but nothing interesting about him”
Here are some things you can implement:
- Get ripped – obvious one. Preferably show off your body in a cool way. Like doing MMA or something. Example:
- Cool haircut – see the before/after of Jay Park above. No offense but a lot of you look like the before. Not gonna go into too much detail here, since there’s a post about hair every day.
- Tattoos – good for chicks but also, depending on the tattoo, could lead to less people trying to fuck with you (racism). I’m not even heavily tatted and girls will pretty much always ask what the tattoos mean and shit. Girls are into hippie shit like that – tattoos, horoscopes, palm reading, MBTI, etc. So for tats ideally 1) they make you look sexy 2) have some “deep” meaning 3) make you look more intimidating and less like a hate crime target. But for the purposes of this post, at least #1
- Edgy style e.g. leather jackets, ripped jeans, etc. - I don’t know if stuff like leather jackets, ripped jeans, etc. are still “in” where you guys live. But back in the day, I would wear shit like that and it was comical how girls would automatically say stuff like “ooh, I like your style”, “ooh, I like your pants”, and shit like that. Like it was a cheat code and they were conditioned to like it (probably thanks to media influence). Little did they know that shit was some cheap shit from Zara.
Even if the kinds of clothes I listed aren’t cool anymore, the point is – wear stuff that makes it looks like you actually get it in with chicks.
- Accessories – rings, necklaces/chains, bracelets/watches, piercings – boring nice guys don’t accessorize. As a bonus, depending on the accessory, they can be a conversation startekeep the convo flowing like tats.
- Facial hair – if you can grow it, especially if you have a weak jawline (and have already done stuff like lose bodyfat to maximize your jawline).
Note the difference that facial hair can make:
(Though I would advise against facial hair depending on your target audience. Like most Asian girls from Asia seem to like clean cut)
- Pics with girls - don't overdo it, and I'd say for certain kinds of girls (e.g. Asian girls from Asia) this can work against you. But for e.g. girls in the US, it can be good. Get like 1-2 pics with preferably hot chicks, even if you guys are just friends
Maybe controversial but great example pic by Andrew Tate:
This list doesn’t cover everything but the overarching principle is:
Will this make me look like someone that actually gets girls?
For more inspiration, look at IG, Tiktok, or any site or app that’s mainly visuals focused with a lot of chicks using it. Find profiles of guys that you could emulate (preferably without feeling too fake or try-hard) with chicks thirsting in the comments
Also just try and pick up on things from guys IRL who you know get lots of girls. For example, how they look, talk, carry themselves, present themselves online, etc.
You'll probably notice they lean towards "bad boy" or edgy. These kinds of guys are the ones getting all the girls.
You probably already know this from growing up, going to school, being at work, and noticing things about guys who actually get lots of chicks.
But if you don’t, here are some reasons why the edgy-looking guys are getting the girls on apps (or otherwise), and you aren’t:
  1. They look confident and probably aren’t afraid of:
- standing out
- saying what’s on their mind
- comfortable in their masculinity/sexuality
- are likely to show the girl a good time
- fuck her good
- etc.
2) They actually look like they get chicks like I’ve mentioned. Believe it or not – girls want a guy who KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING, especially if they’re just looking to have fun. If you’re just some boring guy taking Linkedin smiley pictures and posting them on dating apps, girls will just think you’re boring and probably have no experience with girls.
^ girls would rather be with the cool guy that has multiple chicks, then settle for some nice guy loser who is boring and doesn’t bring much to the table. Harsh but true.
In a way, giving women the freedom to choose their own partner was the worst thing to happen to your average guy in terms of dating and relationships.
Because if a girl can be with whatever guy she wants, why would she choose some average/below average guy, if she can get the above average/elite guy?
3) Edgy-looking guys are probably cooler, actually have friends, actually have a life.
And the thing is – when you look kind of “bad” or edgy – you can actually get away with being nice more, while not looking like a total simp. That is, your “nice” actions have more impact because it can be unexpected or seem out of character.
I call this kind of thing “contrast game”, and for whatever reason, it drives a lot of girls crazy.
I’ve had multiple girls say stuff like “you look like a party boy [or fuccboi], but you’re also really nice and actually thoughtful/intellectual”
When an edgy guy opens up and shows his “nice” side, this makes a girl feel special because the girl assumes that he doesn’t do that for anyone.
And being Asian, you can really ramp up the “edge” without it being a huge negative. People already assume that you’re a good guy, probably got a good job, potential boyfriend material, etc.
As a counter-example, Black guys kind of have the opposite stereotype working against them. Like girls might think they’re dangerous and shit because of media influence. Therefore, they can actually benefit by looking “more nice”.
I actually used to go out in NY with a Black guy during my wannabe pickup artist days. My approach then (and somewhat now) was very direct and “in your face”.
When I did it, it was kind of a novelty for the chicks. (This was like 10 years ago, before Korean shit got really big, so basically the main image people had of Asian dudes was that we were dorks).
Whereas when my Black buddy tried going up to girls the way that I was (super direct), a lot were actually freaking out and screaming.
(In reality, he was a totally good guy with a much better job than me. But unfortunately prejudice and racism – mostly thanks to negative media influence – affects all POC, but in different ways).
Anyway, in summary:
If your girl is to hook up with a ton of chicks from dating apps, you need to present yourself as a guy that actually hooks up with a ton of chicks from dating apps. And not boring Asian guy programmer #9999
Another thing to keep in mind:
Online stuff is ALL ABOUT THE PICS and looks.
If you don’t look like THE MAN online, do not expect to get crazy results.
As mentioned, girls are getting bombarded with messages on these apps, which are complete sausage fests. For example, Tinder is 75% dudes.
I recommend not relying on solely dating apps to meet girls.
Offline stuff like social circle, nightlife, etc. give you more of an opportunity to show what you’re about via body language, tonality, all that stuff.
And if you do end up getting good pics, you should focus more on IG than dating apps anyway.
Lastly, I know a lot of you guys are probably naturally on the nicer side, have professional jobs, etc.
While trying to “up your edge”, try to be as congruent to your natural personality as possible. You don’t want to come across as try hard or fake. People, especially girls, can sense that shit from a mile away
Like I consider myself a nice guy, but I definitely have a bit of a degenerate streak. So some of the fuccboi stuff makes more sense for me.
Anyway, hope this post helps somebody.
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2023.06.04 19:27 DegenerateStoner710 38 [M4F] #NewJersey Looking for a longterm relationship with the right person

***Hello,As so many on here demand, when sending your FIRST DM please include your Name, Location, Age and a photo. Please do not just DM hi.***

I am only interested in something longterm with the right person. I am in no way shape or form looking for, flings, one night stands, to be 1 of 12 in your rotation etc. Please no games or drama, that stuff was ok 20 years ago lol. I honestly am leaning towards NO children as I find it near impossible to find someone to take out for coffee, let alone have a child with. So atm anything child related is a hard pass unless for some reason you are in fact so different from everyone else that you completely change my outlook on life, then and only then can we perhaps entertain the thought of children ( this also includes people that currently have children, no thanks). I do work full time, just starting a new job. I do enjoy to cook and bbq and would love someone who is also capable of cooking and or can bring something new to the table. I am looking for the ride or die type, someone I dont have to walk on eggshells around, someone who doesnt support the alphabet army or go along with any of those mainstream woke psychosis. Someone with a great and very dark sense of humor, you can take it and give it right back. Just someone who's fun, likes to travel, and actually wants to build a life together.-------------------Hard NO's; 1. Cigarette smokers 2. heavy drinkers 3. History of physical / sexual abuse 4. mens haircuts 5. Anyone remotely close to any possible viral clip you can imagine 6. Single moms 7. New Profiles / BRAND NEW accounts 8. --------------------Please be 420 friendlyComedians : Tom Segura, Dave Chapelle, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Tim Dillon aka The Pig, Mark Normand, Christina P, Ali Wong, Joe Rogan, William Montgomery aka the big red machine, kill tony, etc to name a few--------------------Shows : Trailer park boys, Letter kenney, simpsons, forensic files ( anything crime related especially serial killer documentaries ), Brooklyn 99, schitts creek, Seinfeld, southpark, breaking bad, better call Saul, Shoresy , Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Banshee, Ozarks blah blah---------------------Music : literally all over the place, mostly prefer metal / edm , changes by mood.---------------------variety of podcasts : YMH, Radio Rental, Crime Junkie, Tim Dillon show, Congratulations, stuff you should know, All over the road, tuesdays with stories, park after dark , Ramsey show, JRE, chip chipperson , Haiyaa with Nigel Eng, long days, history hyenas etc
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SICK?? They watch her live every damn day to see how sick she genuinely is but a bunch of folks on Reddit is the sick ones…we ain’t the ones allowing a whole child to be violated in our household…we ain’t spending funds on cigs, makeup, and alcohol…we ain’t the ones calling children bitches…we ain’t the ones calling them kids dumb as fuck…we ain’t TALKING TO MINORS and then try to justify it later…we ain’t screaming at the damn phone with tears in our eyes…we ain’t the ones punching the damn screen…we ain’t the ones neglecting those boys…we ain’t making our kids wear dirty ass clothes everyday…we ain’t just feeding them fast food and calling that shut a meal…we ain’t on live begging constantly for money to be irresponsible with it…we ain’t the ones who didn’t get them kids haircuts…like a household dirty…dirty clothes…and no fckin haircuts nor a proper meal is literally CHILD NEGLECT they are watching her literally LIVE…FUCKIN LIVE!!!! Living her life the way she’s living it like be so fckin fr dawg I hate this big fuck ass bitch and then damn dick riding ass supporters cause the min something happen to them fuckin kids who they gon blame?? Can’t blame Reddit…can’t blame the trolls…can’t blame the fake pages…can’t blame anybody else but this bitch cause she’s the parent of that damn household and they watch her every time she get on here being the UNFIT SHITTY FCKIN MOTHER SHE GENUINELY IS…
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2023.06.04 14:54 TwinklesForFour AITA for how I handled this bullying situation?

I tried to post this on AITA but can't respond to a bot so expect it will get deleted. Would appreciate some outside perspective, copied and pasted below. :::::::::::::::::: Yesterday my nearly 11 year old daughter and a 12 year old friend went to our neighborhood park. They returned after 30 minutes and told me that a neighborhood kid and his friends had chased my daughter, calling her dora the explorer for her sunhat (it's not my fave but it's a gift from her late Nana so she likes it. She died suddenly last February and D took it the hardest), and yanked the hat off her head when they caught her. They continued by yelling insults at her pixie haircut, then walked off to another park. These boys are all 13-14, and are known trouble makers. We have video of them clipping the strings on a tree swing, and they've targeted the neighbors before throwing pine cones, but they never get in trouble because they don't do it around adults who hold any authority with them.
Once daughter came home and explained what happened, I decided to go see if I could talk to these kids to try and get an apology or some reason why they'd pick on someone else instead of mind their own business, but the were gone. They had left their scooters though... So I took them home and posted a notice to our neighborhood board saying briefly what has happened and that when I have a formal written apology, they get the scooters back.
I've met both parents now after the kids tried to whine and get the scooters back, making threats about damaging our car. I'm not afraid of a kid, and the house is covered by security cameras, so they were forced to involve a parent. When I spoke to the dad, he was upset with his son, apologized, and told us to expect an apology later today. Then mom came over (very entitled, now I know where he gets it from) saying we had stolen the scooters and can't keep them, blah blah, going to call the cops. I told her that was fine, and they could speak with my daughter about how he had chased and assaulted her by taking clothes off her by force. That's when her family started to pull her away. I have yet to hear a knock on my door from either the kid or the police, and I don't think I was unreasonable in expecting an apology. AITA for my response to this bullying? I have no intention of damaging their property or not returning it, I just want then to accept they messed up and apologize.
Asking judgment: I think I may be the asshole because these are kids, and in fairness, I am holding their property hostage . Parents are not always the clearest sighted about their kids.
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2023.06.04 05:46 nglbut-theni-lie My mom ruined how I see myself.

As a kid I never really payed attention to how I looked. The only time I’d look in the mirror was when I was brushing my teeth, or doing my hair. Of course that changed as I entered my teen years, I would worry about how my hair looked before school or the bloating in my face after I ate dairy the day before. I never really had a relationship with my mother, we didn’t dislike eachother, and we weren’t very close either. That also changed when I was becoming a teen. Around that time my grandmother (my moms mother) had passed away, as well as us needing to move houses, causing both me and her to be stressed. As a result many arguments happened, which lead me to realize she was a narcissist. Obviously I couldn’t have realized that she was before because how is a 12yr old supposed to see the faults in their mother? The arguments would always end up with me being grounded, and shut out without her listening to me and hearing my side of the disagreement. It was you either agree with her, admit it was your fault and say you’re sorry, or get a hand to a face and a “I don’t wanna hear it, talk again and you’re grounded”. When I had just turned 15 we eventually we grew apart completely, I distanced myself from her because I realized I couldn’t build a bond with her, no matter how many times I said she was right or things were my fault. We only ever talked to eachother if we needed to. This meant I wouldn’t tell her anything, If I liked a boy or If I was upset with my friends. And many other small details you would usually tell your parent. But at the start of a new school year, I saw a boy I’d never seen before, and my 15yr old self was already head over heals within seconds. When the school day ended my mom picked me up, and we drove most of the way home In silence as usual, but surprisingly she asked me how the first day back was. I thought this was a big step, and maybe she was looking to bond like I was so desperately, so I decided to tell her about the boy. I gave her his name and told her how cute I thought he was. She paused for a second and then said “Oh, I know his parents” I saw her look at me before continuing, “I doubt a kid like theirs would like someone like you”. For context I was a very shy and socially awkward kid. Doing any social activity gave me major anxiety. So I mostly stayed to myself on my phone or reading. I didn’t have many friends, I wasnt very athletic so I played no sports, I wasn’t in any clubs or camps because the thought of having to talk and meet new people terrifed me. I basically did nothing. And because of this my mom would continuously bash me, and call me lazy and beat me down. She continued to go on, “He plays sports, and he’s hardly on any electronics,” I said “Okay”. “He’s not lazy like you”. The rest of the drive home was silent, I remember digging my nails into my thigh and looking out the window to keep me from crying. I think that was one of the worst days of my life. The feeling of my throat burning, the trees outside starting to get blurrier not just from the car speeding up but the tears starting to rise, and the heat rushing to my cheeks I’ll never forget. As soon as we pulled into the driveway I ran into my house and into my room, I looked in the mirror and studied my face thinking if I was pretty enough maybe it would make up for my laziness or my lack of personality. After that day I started looking for makeup tutorials, which haircuts would suit my face shape, and foods that would make me slimmer. Of course it didn’t stop there, I won’t go Into to much detail but I remember me & her were sitting in a line to a car wash, I was having a good day so I striked up a conversation with her, as I was smiling and making jokes I opened my eyes and saw her staring at my mouth, “Your teeth are really yellow, you know?” I didn’t say a word the rest of the car ride. And I stopped smiling with teeth after that, and a few months later I asked her to bring me to the store to get me whiting strips. I remember the look on her face, she looked sad and asked me why I would want those, I simply said “My teeth are yellow”. She’s also made countless comments on my eating habits and my weight which lead to more serious problems. As well as her comments on my personality worsening my anxiety. I still live with her now years later and still suffer from these kinds of comments.
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2023.06.04 04:51 Budget-Coast-7323 Barber or stylist recommendations needed

Can anyone recommend a barber or stylist in Henderson or Silverado Ranch for a 17 year old boy that is mixed race? He has very tight coils. He recently started staying with us and is asking for a haircut. Apparently he hasn't had a cut for 2 years. I don't want his hair to get jacked by someone that doesn't understand this hair type.
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2023.06.04 02:53 Whiskey_623 Chimmey Boy Oreo got a haircut today.

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2023.06.04 02:47 sscactus02 Updated topster(Ik lots of gybe)

Updated topster(Ik lots of gybe)
Recommend me anything especially things that aren’t in this realm of genres
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2023.06.04 02:11 Dr_Gingerballs The Sneaky Long: Why VIX is broken, the market is going up, and the bear market isn't over

The Sneaky Long: Why VIX is broken, the market is going up, and the bear market isn't over
I've been involved in a number of discussions with folks who follow the market and are confused by what is happening. And who wouldn't be confused? Half the country says inflation is rapidly declining, while the other half says it's rising. Half say public companies are crushing earnings estimates, while the other half says earnings are abysmal. Hell, we can't even get a straight narrative out of the Federal Reserve Board Members, where half of them think rates are high enough, and the other thinks they need to hike more. Everyone speaks about the future in bizarre neutered language so as not to accidentally scare people, leaving us with word salads filled with "skip not pause", "immaculate disinflation", and whatever the hell JPOW says during his press conferences when he's trying to avoid saying the word recession.
The bulls and the bears have been locked in a battle of narratives for the entire year of 2023, where bank failures, sticky core (but declining headline) inflation numbers, and a tight labor market were lobbed back and forth as the SPX danced around 4200. The 4200 level on the S&P 500 is symbolic. It was the point at which JPOW emerged from Jackson's Hole to smite the bulls in August of 2022 in an effort to tighten liquidity and control inflation. We have been dancing around 4200 for two years now. It has become the "no man's land" between the trenches in this colossal financial war.
And on Thursday and Friday June 2nd 2023, the bulls decisively crossed 4200 in a full frontal attack, smiting the bears and declaring fiscal victory. The bears cried wolf too many times, inflation is solved, the economy is rocking, and now the bulls just took the bears' lunch money and gave them swirlies in the girls bathroom.
However, I'm going to lay out a case--based on data and market mechanics--to say not only that the battle isn't over, but that the bulls are being loaded up with the fattest bag in 3 years.
The Macro Situation
To make my case, I have to start with some macroeconomics surrounding inflation. I think it's well accepted that the Federal Reserve--taking lessons from the inflation batter in the 1970's--considers entrenched inflation to be more dangerous to our economy than a recession. Indeed, JPOW has said this many times in his FOMC pressers. Tightening too little is worse than tightening too much. Although it appears that the media has a bias toward pushing the "inflation cooling" narrative, implying the Fed will pause or even begin cutting rates this year, I would like to quickly dispel this myth.
First, wages. The Federal Reserve of Atlanta wage growth tracker shows that wages are sticky at 6% YoY. This is consistent with the stubbornly tight unemployment rate, which has essentially been flat near 3.5% throughout the inflation saga (albeit the most recent data came in at 3.7% but it may be noise).
Second, inflation. There are many measures and certainly people like to choose the flavor that confirms their bias. Let's look at the PCE inflation that the Fed has signaled they are weighing heavily. Headline PCE rose in April from 4.2% to 4.4% YoY. Core PCE, which excludes food and energy, has been flat since December of 2022 at essentially 4.6%. When you dig down into the details, it's hard to deny that a lot of the high inflation from last year was driven by high energy prices, and vise versa this year. Without the tailwind of low energy prices, our core inflation would likely be even higher. Regardless, inflation is at best sticky, and at worst slowly rising again. No bueno.
Third, corporate financials. Although the labor market is strong, the megacap tech companies that are currently holding up the markets are struggling financially, although they have done well hiding that fact. Revenues are down 10-20% (or more!) YoY for many of these companies, and their margins are shrinking. They are currently attempting to hide some of this by repurchasing shares to boost EPS, issuing bonds to stay liquid (META issued 40 year bonds YIKES!), etc. You know, all the tricks that can be played. Banks are still sitting on a load of underwater bonds and bills that creates a significant liquidity risk and caused 4 US banks to fail. They are currently being propped up with liquidity from the Federal Reserve, but for a steep fee. What narrative do all of these struggling companies have in common? So long as rates don't stay high for too long, we can smooth out the bumps with accounting tricks, layoffs, haircuts, etc. It comes as no surprise then that the financial media posts some eye-rolling levels of spin to try and push the Fed pause story. Almost as if they can will it into existence just by saying it enough times (If you say Volcker in your mirror three times he magically appears and refinances your mortgage rate to 20%). Everyone needs the rates to go down. Now. If we don't start getting pauses or skips or cuts or whatever, all of those happy, rosy Q3 and Q4 earnings projections are going directly in the toilet (we are all looking at you NVIDIA).
Although all the bears cried wolf dozens of times in 2022, given this macro backdrop, it doesn't appear possible for the Fed to pause or cut rates this year, and will likely have to go to 5.5-6.0% rates or even higher to successfully tamp down inflation. Yes, this will crush corporate financials and likely cause a recession. We are dangerously close to being in a recession already. The bull argument to 2023 is that inflation is cooling and labor remains strong, so rates can come down and save everyone. Unfortunately, the data does not support the cooling inflation narrative. Although I once was hopeful a soft landing was possible, I have since changed my view to be that our own irrational exuberance demands a hard landing, as nothing else will rip our credit cards out of our hands. In the face of increased aggregate demand, someone has to hold the inflation bag.
You might be thinking: "alright Mr. smarty pants, if we are on the brink of recession then why are people piling money into the equity markets?!?!" Well read on...
The Sneaky Long
Most people think of the stock market as simply a place to invest in businesses, provide them capital, and be rewarded by the growth of that business. In reality, most of the activity on the stock market has nothing to do with this goal, but is instead aimed at allowing large entities to manipulate prices to serve their interests at the expense of "dumb money." After all, what do micro-second high frequency trading, options, ETFs, dark pools, naked shorting, etc have to do with giving money to businesses to grow? You could certainly make a case for many of these things in niche applications. But are options a niche application, for example, when an estimated $1-3T worth of equivalent shares are traded each day with 0 day to expiration options (keeping in mind the total market cap of the US equity market is $40T)?
In reality, most of the stock market was not built to ease corporate capital raising endeavors, but to allow the largest investors to move extremely large amounts of shares with dramatically exploding or crushing the price of stock. When you buy or sell a few shares, you can easily purchase them at about the current price of the stock. But what if you want to buy 1M shares? If you put in a market order for 1M shares, the stock price could explode 10x or more during the time it takes you to purchase the first share and the last. You'd probably get more than one trading halt in the process. The same thing happens to the downside when you want to sell a 5-20% stake in a company. Now what if you wanted to unload 5-20% of the whole market? This would simply result in a market crash, and you would get pennies on the dollar for your shares. Even bleeding the position out over months could provide enough downward pressure to trigger a mass selloff anyway. So how the f*** do you actually get rid of those shares?
The answer to this is: options, ETFs, dark pools, etc! These market instruments provide "liquidity." Put simply, liquidity is trading volume. The more trading volume that is occuring at a given price, the more you can buy or sell at that price without changing it. More trading = more liquidity. This is actually the primary purpose of retail investors for institutions, and why a quarter of our lives are reliant on participating in this system. You are liquidity. Your pension, 401k (which is probably all ETFs, not by accident), and your personal trading account. This infrastructure to link you to the market is for the sole purpose of accumulating the bags that institutions slowly amass over time.
So how might institutions use these tools to sell equities without crashing the market, say, in a macroeconomic environment where a crash is likely coming? Wouldn't it be great if you could sell the top, wait for the crash, and buy the bottom? Yes! And I'm proposing that is what is occurring now, and likely what occurs before every market crash (except volmageddon. you could tell that was a surprise to the big boys because they changed the rules of the market to prevent it from happening again). Currently, it appears that the strategy relies heavily on index options, primarily on the SPX. To understand how we need to describe some market mechanics.
The Option to Take your Money
the primary mechanism is market maker hedging. A market maker is an entity that has promised to take the other side of every trade for an instrument in an effort to provide liquidity. So if I want to sell an option, I don't need to find a buyer, I just sell it to the market maker. He will either find a buyer and net out the trade on his books that way, or he will hedge that position. If I sell the market maker a put option, the market maker is now short the underlying. The market maker just wants to make money on transactions, he doesn't want to take on directional risk. To hedge that short risk, they will buy shares (or futures in the case of index options) to stay "delta neutral." Staying neutral is complicated, but market makers are constantly trading throughout the day as options are traded and prices move to maintain this delta neutrality. As a result, a large amount of volume flow in the market is just hedging. If someone were to buy and sell enough options, then eventually the price of the underlying would be controlled by options and not conventional trading. The nice thing is that options give you leverage, effectively allowing you to dictate lots of trading volume without putting up enormous sums of money.
Do you see where this is headed? What if I could sell options to a market maker, and force them to take the other side of the trade? Then I could slowly over time unload a lot of shares without dropping the price. Then at the end of the process, just let the remaining sold options expire, releasing the market maker from his purgatory of perpetual buying, and then allowing the market to plummet in the absence of any remaining large buyers in the market. This is one of the reasons you see a market rally just before a market crash, coupled with the dynamic that longs have to recall their shares to sell them, squeezing out all shorts before a drop.
Okay, this sounds like a crazy conspiracy. What evidence do you have that this is actually occurring?
tHe VIx iS brOkEN
Anyone who follows the markets probably remembers the trading community up in arms since about December of 2022 about how the VIX was broken. The VIX is thought of by a lot of people as a "fear gauge" as it typically inverses SPX price. In December, that dynamic changed, and indeed the melt up in late December through January was highlighted by a rise in VIX. So what was going on?
What the VIX actually measures is market demand for options, more or less. the implied volatility, or expected future volatility, of an options contract is essentially just the knob the market maker can turn to change the price of an option. And depending on demand, they do. If a lot of people want to buy calls, just jack up OTM IV to capture those sweet, sweet premiums, then crank it down at the top of the pump and pay back pennies on the dollar.
To highlight this effect, let's compare the current SPX options chain to the SPX chain back at the height of August. We were around similar prices, had similar total delta on the SPX chain, meaning the effective weight of the options chains were similar, and were similarly in the middle of a large move upward. The big difference between now and then? VIX. In August, the VIX was around 20. Now? It has been pushed down to 14.5. If VIX is simply a fear gauge, this would imply that there is much less fear in the market now than back in August. But hold on! This can't be right, because VIX was only about 20 just a few weeks after the bank failures in March. There's no way there was less fear in the market in March than at the height of the peak in August. So what is going on? More options are sold now than they were back in August. Figuring out which options are bought or sold is very difficult; the CBOE doesn't release that information. But there are tricks you can play to "guess" and we have done some work on these guesses that coincide quite well with price action.
So lets look at the change in market maker delta risk between the peak of August and today. The x-axis has the SPX strikes. The blue data corresponds to the left y-axis and represents the total change in delta at that strike in $B from open options. Positive delta implies bought calls or sold puts. Negative delta implies sold calls or bought puts. The dotted red line is the price as of close on friday. The orange line and right y-axis show the total aggregate amount of delta the market maker has to hedge as a function of spot price. It's perfectly balanced where it crosses zero (delta neutral).
Change in delta the MM must hedge from August 2022 peak to June 2, 2023.
So what is going on here? A massive amount of positive delta was added to the chain. From 3850 up to about 4200. So either these must be bought calls or sold puts that are now on the chain that weren't there before. A closer analysis shows that these are largely sold puts, consistent with the theory that sold puts are propping up the market currently. A large majority of these started flowing in after the march bank failures, precisely at the time when you would expect fearful participants to not make bullish bets. Keep in mind, these puts are far out of the money, so each contract contributes a small amount of delta to the chain. There is a massive excess of sold puts on the chain that weren't there in August. This delta adds up to trillions of dollars worth of positive hedge positions on the index. Note, however, that the delta around 4300 isn't that much different than it was in August of 2022.
Typically, index options are used to hedge underlying long positions on the index. Most puts are bought from market makers to hedge a long portfolio against downside. So if we were actually in the beginnings of a new bull market, you would expect the market to be pushing new highs on the back of long positions (and the associated long put hedge). Instead we see a bunch of short puts. Alternatively, we don't see all that many fewer sold calls above us than in the past. If market participants were bullish, they would certainly want to remove their sold calls (although the short puts have done a good job the last few months squeezing out short calls periodically, something that occurred last week).
If this is a bull market, where are all of the bulls? Perhaps pumping tech megacaps by raising price targets to objectively absurd price targets, while providing a tailwind with sold puts, is just a way for the big boys to sell us their shares before it all comes tumbling down.
They'll be ready at the bottom to buy them back.
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2023.06.04 00:21 MegamomTigerBalm Managing long hair on boy during summer camp, sports, swimming, etc.

My 8yo son just wrapped up 2nd grade and is starting summer camp next week! That means being outside all day and swimming every afternoon. He wants to grow his hair long, and it's at sort of a weird, in-between stage (about chin-length). My husband and I are fine with him growing it out, but I am hoping to get some advice or hair hacks since I don't have much practice with maintaining longer hair on a kid (he's our only). I gave him some of my cloth headbands that I would wear when washing my face. They work well and make him look pretty cool...sort of like a karate kid wannabe, which is right up his alley. Ha!
If you have boys with longer hair, what do you do to help them manage the hair during sports, summer, etc.? Are there other gender-neutral hair accessories that work well to keep hair out of their face? What are some good haircut styles for long hair on boys that you've had good luck with (maintenance-wise)? He is firm on not getting his hair cut short again but seems to be open to having the sides shaved. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 21:29 Infinite-Objective80 Nika definitely gets a check where is she getting all this money ??? And her boys still don't have haircuts..

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2023.06.03 04:11 ParkingLotParks I Was Harassed Outside My House

I live in Utah. I specifically live in a progressive community apartment complex. People have all sorts of pride flags hung in their windows, there are protect trans kids, blm posters, abortion finder flyers up all over. I feel safe in my complex for the most part.
For context, the complex is situation between a gas station and a Fiz. Fiz is one of the many fountain drink drive thru chains that are advertised to Mormons who can’t drink coffee or tea for their caffeine intake so they instead cannot live without soda. I took my dog out to go potty one afternoon though. I get out my door and onto the grass latch by my parking space and I heard a boy yell “Kill Your Self F****t”
I don’t pass so I know I look like a woman right now, I’ve just gotten my first gender affirming haircut and it’s not shorter than a bob would be. It is so strange because after the fear of being screamed at so vulgarly, and taking the long way back inside so they don’t know where I live, I also felt dysphoric. I knew they saw me as a lesbian when I am actually just masc presenting and married to a man. I took note of the car and saw that there were 5 men of all ages in the car.
After this I’ve been more diligent about my safety, but it’s getting worse. I am getting harassed all the time. People who drive on my street will make a point to honk, stare, make a very dramatic face of disgust or mockery at me. I didn’t think I was even visibly trans yet. I feel like this is the repercussions of unsafe laws and rhetoric. I know women who look like me and are cis and straight. I worry for myself and others with everything getting so hateful.
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2023.06.03 04:10 ParkingLotParks I Was Harassed Outside My House

I live in Utah. I specifically live in a progressive community apartment complex. People have all sorts of pride flags hung in their windows, there are protect trans kids, blm posters, abortion finder flyers up all over. I feel safe in my complex for the most part.
For context, the complex is situation between a gas station and a Fiz. Fiz is one of the many fountain drink drive thru chains that are advertised to Mormons who can’t drink coffee or tea for their caffeine intake so they instead cannot live without soda. I took my dog out to go potty one afternoon though. I get out my door and onto the grass latch by my parking space and I heard a boy yell “Kill Your Self F****t”
I don’t pass so I know I look like a woman right now, I’ve just gotten my first gender affirming haircut and it’s not shorter than a bob would be. It is so strange because after the fear of being screamed at so vulgarly, and taking the long way back inside so they don’t know where I live, I also felt dysphoric. I knew they saw me as a lesbian when I am actually just masc presenting and married to a man. I took note of the car and saw that there were 5 men of all ages in the car.
After this I’ve been more diligent about my safety, but it’s getting worse. I am getting harassed all the time. People who drive on my street will make a point to honk, stare, make a very dramatic face of disgust or mockery at me. I didn’t think I was even visibly trans yet. I feel like this is the repercussions of unsafe laws and rhetoric. I know women who look like me and are cis and straight. I worry for myself and others with everything getting so hateful.
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2023.06.03 04:09 ParkingLotParks I got harassed outside my home

I live in Utah. I specifically live in a progressive community apartment complex. People have all sorts of pride flags hung in their windows, there are protect trans kids, blm posters, abortion finder flyers up all over. I feel safe in my complex for the most part.
For context, the complex is situation between a gas station and a Fiz. Fiz is one of the many fountain drink drive thru chains that are advertised to Mormons who can’t drink coffee or tea for their caffeine intake so they instead cannot live without soda. I took my dog out to go potty one afternoon though. I get out my door and onto the grass latch by my parking space and I heard a boy yell “Kill Your Self F****t”
I don’t pass so I know I look like a woman right now, I’ve just gotten my first gender affirming haircut and it’s not shorter than a bob would be. It is so strange because after the fear of being screamed at so vulgarly, and taking the long way back inside so they don’t know where I live, I also felt dysphoric. I knew they saw me as a lesbian when I am actually just masc presenting and married to a man. I took note of the car and saw that there were 5 men of all ages in the car.
After this I’ve been more diligent about my safety, but it’s getting worse. I am getting harassed all the time. People who drive on my street will make a point to honk, stare, make a very dramatic face of disgust or mockery at me. I didn’t think I was even visibly trans yet. I feel like this is the repercussions of unsafe laws and rhetoric. I know women who look like me and are cis and straight. I worry for myself and others with everything getting so hateful.
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2023.06.03 04:01 smithtable15 Bingo Card: How well do you know specific OI tropes?

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2023.06.03 00:58 MjolnirPants Gary and the Nightmare: Part 3

Part 2
It's coming, Inanna sent to him. Gary looked up from where he'd been peacefully sitting on the bench, waiting for everything to go down. He used his limited skill to push the mental connection to her into a different shape. He carefully followed the instructions Jerry had given him, adding knowledge magic in a certain shape until his awareness of Inanna's words expanded into an awareness of the area around her.
He had to know the girl was okay.
From there, he spotted Suzanne and expanded the magic further. A little love magic, a little knowledge magic, blended together just right, and he could feel her fear. His heart broke for the poor thing, but there was nothing to be done for it. She had to live with the fear, and the danger. With no way to alleviate her fear, he instead sought to understand it a little better.
There was a new fear; strong and vibrant, filling her body and making her nerves sing. But he could also feel the old fear. A face that was the source of it, as well as something the poor girl desperately wanted.
He dug into the old fear, knowing that time would slow in the real world as he did so. This magic moved at the speed of thought. His concern for the girl drove him to dig, until flashes of memories, the source of the fear, began to reach him.
A leather jacket with the sleeves cut off. A woman wearing it, long scars running up and down her arms. The face belonged to that woman, Gary saw, as she turned to Suzanne. Even twisted into an expression of disgust, Suzanne knew every detail of that face.
"Motherfucker," she said, "You filled your diaper again, didn't you?"
There was a man. He was the biggest man Suzanne had ever seen, with muscular arms and a fat belly. The man was nice, but still scary. Suzanne liked his kind of scary, though. He had scars on his face, one of which gave him a permanent sneer. His name was Mister Liam. He had a leather jacket like mommy's, but his was covered in patches. He had a big skull on the back, and numbers and letters that didn't make words all over. Mommy used to tease Mister Liam that he hadn't earned his jacket, and Mister Liam would tease Mommy the same way.
"Where's my fucking car keys, you little shit?!" Mommy was angry, which was scary. A stinging slap that made her see stars filled her awareness. "My keys, Suzanne! I saw you playing with them!"
Flash. Mommy was asleep on the couch. It was one of the deep sleeps that she had when she put the rubber band around her arm. Mister Liam opened the door. "Hey Stace, you want to..." he stopped when he saw Mommy on the couch and ran over to her.
"You stupid bitch," he muttered, taking the rubber band off her arm and slapping her in the face.
"Why are you hitting Mommy?" Suzanne asked.
"I need her to wake up, punkin'," Mister Liam said. He shook Mommy's shoulders until she started moaning.
Mister Liam was standing over the man who'd climbed in the window. Both of them were covered in blood. The stranger was crying, like a little kid, and Mister Liam was breathing heavily. Mommy burst into the room. "What did you do?!" she screamed at Mister Liam.
Mister Liam was kneeling in front of her. "This doesn't mean we can't still be friends, punkin," he said quietly. "It just means that Mommy and me aren't going to be the same kind of friends we were before."
Suzanne curled up on the bus stop bench as the rain poured down. It took a long, long time for the bus to come. The doors opened and she got up and ran inside. Even the few feet from the bench to the bus soaked her.
"Can you take me to Mister Liam's?" Suzanne asked. The driver, a heavyset black woman, drew her brows down in concern. "Do you know where Mister Liam lives, honey?"
"Suzanne!" Mommy's voice sounded angry as she ran up. "Suzanne, get off that bus!" Mommy grabbed her by the arms and yanked her off. "I'm sorry!" she said to the driver, whose frown changed as she regarded Mommy.
"I'm sorry, Stacey, but you're not in a position to raise a little girl. She needs to go into a foster home." Suzanne looked up, wondering what that meant.
"Do we tell her?" Miss Beth's voice could be heard through the walls from where Suzanne was playing with a doll.
"Jesus, Beth. How do we tell her? It's her mother."
"She deserves to know, Percy."
"I know, I just... Let's not tell her right away, okay?"
"How long do you want to wait?"
"I don't know. Maybe until she asks about her."
He pulled back out just in time to catch Inanna's next words. -ou ready?
Born ready, he sent back.
Okay, I'll try to give you a head's up-Shit!
What's wrong? Gary sent.
Percy and Beth are back, shit, this isn't good...
Gary cursed and prepared to teleport back.
Shit, Inanna sent, right before he left. It's here. We're all coming to you. Me, Suzanne, Percy, Beth and the bugbear.
Gary cursed under his breath. He prepared a wet blanket and brought his sword and shield out of hammerspace.
It only took a second for all of them to appear. Well, almost all of them. The three humans and the former goddess appeared next to the illusory bed. Suzanne was crouched down, clinging to Inanna's leg with a look of abject terror on her face.
The two adults both looked startled, knees bent, eyes casting about.
"Holy shit," Percy said.
"Get the fuck out of here!" Gary barked. "Now! Now! Now!" Both of them reacted to the force with which he shouted the command and took off.
They hadn't gotten more than a half dozen steps before an indistinct black shape appeared in front of Beth and she screamed. The black shape lunged at her, and her scream turned wet and then cut off. Gary rushed forward as Inanna collapsed from the effort of teleporting multiple people who weren't in physical contact.
Beth fell to the ground, a mess of blood and meat and the shape surged at Percy.
"Beth!" he shouted as he drew back a fist and punched at the bugbear's head. The thing flashed into solidity for a second, and Gary caught a glimpse of a white, demonic face before Percy's fist slammed into it. The thing had glowing red eyes, deep creases all over its face, large prominent fangs and a head of snarled black hair.
The thing flinched at the punch and growled, a deep, inhuman sound, its face fading back to indistinction as soon as Percy hauled his fist back for another.
"Kill you," it intoned in a sepulchral voice. Percy hit it again, and for a brief second, Gary thought the enraged man might actually take the beast down.
Percy had a good stance, and he threw his punches from the hip, hitting hard. But the bugbear wasn't an opponent in a boxing ring. When Percy swung the fifth punch, the bugbear flashed into solidity a split-second early, its maw stretching open wide and clamping down on Percy's fist with its fangs.
The man screamed as the bugbear bit his fist right off. Blood sprayed, a heartbeat pulsing it out right as the bugbear pulled back. Gary reached the beast and swung his sword, igniting it with a thought as he did.
The bugbear screamed this time, adding its unnatural voice to Percy's as the flames licked at its smokey form. The fire seemed to catch on it and the flames flowed out, engulfing it and making the silhouette more distinct.
Percy fell back and the bugbear fell on him. Gary heard his scream get cut off, and then watched his head bounce away, face still wearing an expression of shock and pain.
Gary growled and slashed again and again, each cut drawing a screech from the beast and making the flames engulfing it burn brighter. The creature jumped away, and then turned to face Gary. Its glowing red eyes bored into his and Gary felt... Something, happening.
"Take the shot," Boss said. Gary's hand trembled, making the crosshairs jump.
"You okay, Johnson?"
"I... I can't. It's my friend."
"Fuck it," Boss snapped. He raised his own rifle and sighted in.
"No!" Gary shouted, grabbing his barrel and yanking his aim off.
"God damnit!" Boss shouted. Chris ran up and grabbed Gary by the shoulders. "What the hell, Gary?" he asked.
"He's my friend," Gary said. "And the other one's Nat, babe!" He looked around, confused. How could they not know this?
The two running figures made it to a wall and climbed over.
"FUCK!" Boss screamed, then he grabbed his radio. "Everybody romeo tango bravo, right fucking now. Split up and get back north. We're fucked." He grabbed Rog, their RTO and spun him around. "Call it in. Mike foxtrot."
"Shit," Chris barked. Gary turned to see Boss bringing a spotting scope up to his eyes. Gary raised his rifle as Boss said "No way they didn't see us."
They were a couple of boys. Just kids. Running away from the men with guns.
"Drop 'em, Johnson," Boss said.
"They're just kids," Gary responded. Boss' hand came down on Gary's shoulder. "I know, brother," he said, his voice soft. "But you know the deal."
Gary sighted down the first one, but his hand began to tremble. The crosshairs jumped around, ruining his shot.
"They're just fucking kids, Boss," he said. The two figured reached a wall and climbed over it. They were gone.
"Shit, what do we do?" Chris asked.
Boss rubbed his face and thought for a second. "Fuck it," he said. "Charlie mike. Most likely, those two were just scared."
They picked back up their course. They made it almost all the way to the high point that was their destination when the first mortars fell.
"Scatter!" Top shouted, grabbing Boss' strap and yanking him away from where he'd been talking to Rog. Gary looked quickly around, spotting Chris and running in the same direction he was.
Another mortar fell behind him with an ear-splitting crunch, followed by a shout of pain that drew itself out into a scream. He spun to see Top laying on the ground, bloody. His right leg was a couple yards away, and the stump was pumping blood in a great big spray.
"Top's down!" Gary said, squeezing the transmit button on his radio.
Another mortar hit and Gary saw Rog cartwheeling through the air. This was bad, they'd dialed in directly on them. Gary froze, unsure of what to do. He looked between the spot where Rog had fallen and the direction where Chris had stopped to wait for him.
"Fuck," Gary muttered. He turned to Chris and ran, but then a mortar fell right on top of the man he loved in secret.
"Noooooo!" Gary screamed.
Chris' shout of "Shit," caught Gary's attention. He turned to see two small figures running away as Boss watched them through a spotting scope.
This was wrong, Gary knew.
"This..." he said. "This already happened."
"What are you talking about, Gary?" Chris asked.
"This already happened," Gary said again. "This isn't real, it's... It's a memory or something."
"What are you talking about?" Chris asked. Gary heard the suppressed crack as Rog took the shot. He looked up to see both figures mounting the wall. Rog had missed.
"Fuck," Boss muttered. "Come on, let's get the fuck out of here."
They made it less than half a mile when the trucks appeared and bullets began to whiz past them. Gary and Chris found cover behind a small shed and the others scattered. Gary leaned around one corner and dropped the man running a truck-mounted PKP before he could light up their cover.
"Shit, they stirred up the whole fucking valley," Gary muttered. He turned to coordinate with Chris, but found him laying on the ground, a neat hole above his left eye.
"Fuck," Gary said, then a hot explosion on the side of his head cut off everything.
"Shit," Chris shouted, causing Gary to spin. Boss already had a spotting scope up, and he was tracking two figures running away from them.
"What the fuck?" Gary muttered.
"Gary, you need to drop them," Boss said.
"This is some kind of trick," Gary said.
"It's not a trick, those two spotted us!" Chris responded. He raised his rifle and sighted in on one of them. Before he could shoot, an indistinct black figure appeared and rushed them.
"What the fuck?" Chris shouted as the blurry figure fell over both boys. A second later, Gary heard the screams.
"What in the hell is that thing?" Boss asked as it rose and began to move towards them.
"Whatever it is, fucking shoot it," Rog said, raising his rifle and firing. Gary, Chris and Boss joined in, followed a second later by Top and the rest. They unloaded full magazines into the thing, but it never even slowed. It hit Boss first, throwing him back like a rag doll with his armor and the flesh beneath it shredded. He crashed into Top and the both of them went tumbling in a tangle of limbs.
Gary swung his rifle butt into the creature, but it passed right through. A clawed hand lashed back out at him, easily carving through the ballistic plate in his armor and sending a spurt of blood arcing out. The blood passed through the creature to splatter Chris in the face.
"Gary!" he shouted. Gary stared at him, his arms no longer responding to his brain's commands to move. The creature spun on Chris and rushed forward. As the blood splashed back through the beast again to drench Gary, a word came to him.
"Bugbear," he muttered. Then he fell over and darkness took him.
Chris shouted "Shit," making Gary turn.
Anger flooded through him. This was bullshit.
"How many fucking times?" he asked. The two figures in the distance were so small...
"What the fuck am I supposed to do?!" he shouted. "I didn't have any fucking choice! If I let them go, we all fucking die!"
Growling deep in his chest, he raised his rifle and quickly sighted down. He recognized Jerry's haircut on the boy, a brown mop atop a face much younger than he remembered, but familiar nonetheless. But it didn't matter. He fired, causing the figure to throw up its hands and fall.
He lined his crosshairs up on the bouncing braids that terminated the cornrows of the other figure and pulled the trigger the instant the crosshairs swept onto them. That figure dropped, as well.
"You fucking happy?!" he shouted, making his teammates wince and stare at him in confusion.
"Is this what you wanted, you blurry little shit?! You want to make me fucking shoot them? To kill two fucking kids?"
Gary spun, searching for the indistinct figure. All he saw was Afghanistan, his team and two small, dead bodies.
"I did it fucking once, you sad excuse for a boogyman!" Gary shouted. He pulled the magazine from his gun and angrily slapped in a new one, stuffing the old one into the empty slot the new one had come from.
"I fucking did it in the real fucking world!" Gary shouted. "You know that, you vicious shit-stain? And I'd do it again, too. I didn't have any goddamn choice, you hear me?"
Chris and the others looked concerned, now. None of them had said a word, but Gary was beyond caring. Gary was furious in a way he hadn't felt in a long, long time.
"GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, MOTHERFUCKER!" he roared. He glanced at his rifle, which was wrong. This was the rifle he had carried back then, not the one he carried now. He unclipped the sling and threw it down, then reached into hammerspace for his gun. But then he stopped.
Not the gun.
He drew his sword, instead. The moment the blade appeared in his hand, it lit up with an intense heat. The flames weren't even visible, only the shimmering distortion in the air. Gary felt his eyebrows and beard singing, so he called up his energy shield, adjusting it to block heat and claws, instead of bullets.
There was still no sign of the beast. Gary drew his shield out of hammerspace.
"You gonna make me find you, motherfucker?!" he yelled through a sneer of disgust and rage. He got no answer.
"That's it," he muttered. "I'm coming, you motherfucker. Fee Fi Fo Fum, Gary's coming to get him some."
He stomped off in search of the bugbear.
Part 4
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2023.06.02 22:02 eriles311 First haircut for our boy 15 mo

Our boy is about 15 mo old and we are looking for Des Moines area recommendations for haircuts.
Any info or Recommendations would be appreciated.
In an ideal world this would be for a cut tomorrow
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2023.06.02 17:10 MoeKara Fellas trying to grow their hair out, where you you get your hair cut?

No matter what barber I go to in West London I get the same haircut. All I want is the sides slightly thinned and the top tidied so it's more uniform. All I ever get is the same stock haircut, fade into short sides and a fair bit of length off the top. I work in education so I end up having the same haircut as most of the teenager boys.
For those of you looking to grow your hair a bit longer how do you do it?
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