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Hayley Atwell

2012.09.25 04:23 yahoo_bot Hayley Atwell

"Born in London, England, Hayley Elizabeth Atwell has dual citizenship of the United Kingdom and the United States. Her mother, Alison (Cain), is English (with Irish ancestry) and her father, Grant Atwell, is American; he was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and is partly of Native-American descent. Her parents divorced when she was age two. Her father returned to America and Hayley remained with her mother in London, but she spent her summers in Missouri with her father." from IMDb

2014.03.12 12:36 CrayonsForBrains Corrupting children's coloring books.

Get some crayons and a coloring book to turn adorable pictures into twisted and or hilarious corruptions of their former selves.

2014.04.28 18:19 Agothro Internet Parents

Ask the internet about things your parents never taught you.

2023.06.03 07:35 SnooRegrets4878 The Lamb's Book of Life - June 2, 2023

“And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” (Revelation 21:27) God does keep books! In fact, when David was pondering the time between his own conception and birth, he said, “In thy book all my members were written, which in continuance [that is, as my days continued] were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them” (Psalm 139:16). It seems that God has a book for each person who is conceived and that all these together constitute the Book of Life, one great volume containing the names and deeds of every one who was ever given biological life by his Maker. But many will reject (or simply ignore) God’s provision that would also give them eternal life. As David prayed in another psalm, “Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with the righteous” (Psalm 69:28). Note also Revelation 3:5 and 22:19. And that will be a fearful thing, for “whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15). Those whose names will not be blotted out of the book, of course, are those who have been redeemed “with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (1 Peter 1:19). Not one person deserves to be retained in God’s book, for all have sinned, but they have “beheld,” with eyes of thankful faith, “the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29), and have therefore been redeemed by the Lamb. Finally, only these will still have their names written on the rolls of the heavenly city. God’s Book of Life will have become “the Lamb’s Book of Life” on which are written forever the names of all those redeemed by His blood. HMM https://www.icr.org/article/14062/?utm\_source=phplist10635&utm\_medium=email&utm\_content=HTML&utm\_campaign=June+2+-+The+Lamb%27s+Book+of+Life
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2023.06.03 07:35 Gaming-invisibleman What are some good ways to start as a super shy teen? who is just starting?

So ive had a offerup acount but ive never really used it, i manly just look at the lame stuff my neighbors are selling. I own alot of old junk from when i was a kid but im not sure if people actually buy junk. ive never bought anything from offerup or sold on it so i have 0 reveiws.
i would like to clean up a little bit and gain some money but im not sure how to start and im super shy, afraid to drive, afraid of getting muged. is there anything you want to share that could be usefl for a beginner who is a teen, also should i do locally or shipping? sense im shy i was thinking shipping but idk.
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2023.06.03 07:35 Competitive-242 Words to Mouth

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I communicate with others. Although I am much better than I was few years ago, I still feel uneasy when talking to others even if I’ve known them for some time. I don’t know if this is true to anyone else but in my mind I can visualize and even hear myself confidently conversing and even having a little humor but as soon as I go to open my mouth everything get jumbled and I end up sounding bland and awkward.
Does this happen to anyone else?
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2023.06.03 07:35 chaffudollasign Playing Rise Right Now and had to put down the controller to type this somewhere.

I’ve got both a PS4 and an Xbox Series X. I recently played all 4 Uncharted Games back to back and watched tons of videos comparing the two series and most of the time people say Uncharted is better but holy sh-t do I disagree. I wanted to give Lara and Tomb Raider a fair shake since they did it first anyways (in the 90s). 2013 Tomb Raider was an awesome but flawed game, I personally think the combat was more fun and intuitive than the First 3 Uncharted Games which relied heavily on super scripted arenas or awful hand to hand. I’ll admit there are a lot of things Nate can do that Lara can’t as a controllable character (shooting while hanging or balancing etc.) but the actual world in the 2013 TR was really cool because there was actual reason for backtracking and rewards for exploring. In uncharted “off the beaten path” was taken a bit too literally in the linearity of the game. There would often be 1 smaller path that has 1 or 2 collectibles. They expanded on it a lot in each game but still felt incredibly linear. In the 2013 Tomb Raider I felt none of that restriction with most areas being semi open area with an obvious direction you’re supposed to go. I found it fun to just explore around for 30-40 minutes before heading to the next objective.
I’m not here to talk about 2013 though. I’m currently on Rise and wow they improved nearly everything to the point where this game is significantly more fun for me than even Uncharted 4 so far. The open areas are even bigger and the increased emphasis on stealth like climbing trees and a better detection system/colors to know if enemies can be spotted makes it fun to sneak around and take out enemies. There are still scripted battle arenas but there’s a LOT more player choice than the first game AND the entirety of the Uncharted series. They increased the amount of tombs and added several caves that aren’t tombs to explore. One of my biggest complaints about the Tombs in the last game was the rewards felt meaningless. Now Lara gets abilities from the Tombs, though the ones I’ve gotten haven’t been anything revolutionary I think it goes a long way towards my enjoyment knowing the reward will be more tangible for completing the tomb.
Adding crafting into the game (even though I think it’s kind of annoying) further incentivizes players to engage with the mechanics of the game. Lara had little to no reason to hunt in the first game outside of XP Gain. Giving you a reason to hunt to upgrade your weapons and use resources in the environment to craft weapons and bombs is genius and I’m sure was ripped straight from TLOU but is 100% welcome and makes sense for this universe too. I’m not too far into the story of Rise yet but these are just some of the many improvements I’ve seen over the gameplay from the first, and a lot of reasons why I think these games are just as good if not better than the Uncharted ones for me. Obviously I think Uncharted wins in terms of spectacle, and climbing mechanics (Uncharted 4) but minute to minute gameplay? I’m surprised more people gravitate towards the Uncharted Series. I was a bit disappointed with UC 1. 2 was amazing. 3 dragged on longer than it should have and 4 was absolutely phenomenal. But TR 2013 for me came out swinging attempting to fix the flaws of past Tomb Raider games and Uncharted ones. And Rise is a true return to form improving basically everything.
My only complaints about Rise is that Lara still can’t perform any actions while balancing or hanging. I understand not being able to craft/shoot while gaming but you should 100% be able to craft and shoot while in the trees. Maybe these are upgrades I’ll get later so please excuse me if I’m wrong on that critique but I tried to shoot someone with an arrow while standing in a tree branch and she wouldn’t do it, nor would she craft the arrows while standing up there. I could also do without the translation thing. It doesn’t feel as natural of a reason to backtrack as getting a new tool or weapon does. And speaking of tools. I appreciate the ability to buy old upgrades at shops but I also think it’s wild. Most of those upgrades were earned through story progression or optional challenges in the last game. Taking them all from us then making us buy then back opposing to earning them or getting them when the story provides is crazy. Once again not super far so maybe I’m wrong but like the Rope Ascension Tool should not be locked behind a purchase I should get it once it’s needed or better yet put items like those in secret areas. It’s a small nitpick I think I just appreciated Lara’s naturally progression of acquiring these tools and felt let down about them all just being in a shack in Rise.
Sorry for the novel just wanted to get these thoughts out. I’m toying around with idea of being one of those YouTube video essayists but that’s a lot of footage to edit 😂.
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2023.06.03 07:34 Badcops_Gaming I Scared of The Future

Please, this might be a long rant though I need some serious relief from this topic and any advice people are willing to give.
I've recently watched my upperclassmen friends graduate. It was a beautiful moment, but it really made me think back. I've spent my whole life trying to be the best and I've recently felt as if there's no point to doing that anymore. I've been thinking about my future and what to do with it, what can I really use "being perfect" for in the future. This sudden revelation knocked me from the top of my class to around the middle. I was shocked, I've never been less than #1. Though, it made me realize. I had been spending so much time trying to be the best to impress no one. I really haven't thought about my future. So for the past 4 months I've been taking it easy with my work and really thinking about my future. I will say, it's a lot easier to do work when you aren't going for best. I guess, I just really need to talk to someone about my future. In reality, I'm just scared. Scared of, well everything. What I'm going to do? What will I do for work? Will I be able to support myself? I want to talk to my family, but being the best kinda put a standard on me to always know what I'm doing. The moment I start to open up to them, they just think I'm joking and laugh it off. I've been ranting for a while and it's really just comes down to me being scared of the future. If you really read this far, I thank you. Please, I'm willing to take any advice!
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2023.06.03 07:34 Aggressive_Shape8597 Can you take a break between long antibiotics courses?

I was on one very strong antibiotic for 4 weeks, my sinusitis is 95% healed, maybe even 99%. Honestly I feel ok but the CT shows there is still some affected tissue in the sinuses. Doctor prescribed me 4 weeks of a different antibiotic, but I wanna give my body a few days to recuperate. Take tons of probiotics, and detox my liver and kidneys. Then take the new antibiotic if/when I start feeling worse again. Thoughts?
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2023.06.03 07:34 Happy-Grapefruit2048 Is my toad bloated or just fat?

Is my toad bloated or just fat?
I have a female American toad named Clarice (wild rescued). she was already pretty chonk when I saved her from my cat, but she has gotten much larger since I’ve had her. I recently got her a larger tank, but she isn’t very active. She seems pretty happy, but I just hope she’s healthy bc she is thickums. ***Quarter and Nutrigrain bar for size reference 🥴
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2023.06.03 07:33 Sylvanas22 Sure you are.. plus she always leaves her kid. Just because grandma has her doesn’t mean she isn’t. She even said that had an effect on her when her mom did that to her when she was a child. Repeating trauma

Sure you are.. plus she always leaves her kid. Just because grandma has her doesn’t mean she isn’t. She even said that had an effect on her when her mom did that to her when she was a child. Repeating trauma submitted by Sylvanas22 to MarissaLaceSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 07:33 chaotic-pansexual How hard is too hard of a bump on the head for a cat?

My cat was playing with his toy mouse and was getting very into it. He was batting at it under the coffee table, and he shot up quite suddenly preparing to "pounce", but ended up hitting the top of his head on the edge of the coffee table.
My coffee table is quite sturdy/hard and I am worried. Afterwards he seemed completely fine, continued to play, and then ate and drank water. Walking normally. No signs of pain at all when I pet the top of his head. Everything seems the same as always, but I just feel like such a bump would have hurt his little skull.
I am going to buy foam baby guards for the table right away. He has no eyes, so he bumps into things a lot, but until then, I'm just feeling really anxious about the bump. Is my anxiety warranted? How much can a cat's skull sustain? How do I know if I should go to the vet?
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2023.06.03 07:33 PetuHalwaai Corporate lesson learnt: Never share your insecurities with your team seniors

I learnt this after making this mistake twice, so sharing my story in case other corporate newbies might find it helpful
1st mistake: Once production was down and we were debugging what might be wrong. I was a bit paranoid that it might be due to some mistake in my code (this is my insecurity in general). Team lead, I and one senior dev were debugging and chitchatting together, while discussing I just ended up saying, "i am afraid I might have caused this, i am just praying God it's not due to me, lol". Soon after I said this statement, the team lead stopped debugging, and instead of consoling me started questioning me things like what changes have you made, don't try to hide anything, why aren't you careful when making changes, etc. Left a very bad impression of me in front of the team. After the debugging, it turned out to be someone else's mistake, not mine.
2nd mistake: This happened just yesterday. We have a major release on Monday, in which thousands of lines of code written by me (and others in the team) will get released in one shot. I was genuinely concerned that something might get wrong due to me, though I have done everything to ensure nothing goes wrong. I was just chatting with my team lead casually, so ended up saying "i am concerned, I hope nothing breaks due to me". As soon as I made this statement, my team lead became angry and started reviewing my code line by line. He was unhappy the entire day and was trying to evasdrop all of my conversarions to figure out if i tell something wrong about my code to someone. I even confronted him that he is evasdropping and his reply was let me do this till we have released your code, I will stop once the code is released.
Basically, i messed up two perfectly normal situations for me by just sharing my insecurities even though there wasn't any mistake by me. So, my key takeaway is, even if I am not confident, I will show everyone that I am confident, so that I don't ever end up in such a situation.
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2023.06.03 07:33 Human-Attempt-8116 Update: Taco Bell RSC (HQ) Employee

Hi all! I posted on here about 100 days ago when I was just about to start my position at the RSC in Irvine. My time at Taco Bell has been nothing short of amazing! The culture, the events, and obviously the people! Everyone has been so helpful and generous with their time in showing me around and teaching me.
This isn’t necessarily an AMA, but feel free to ask me about the work life at the RSC and I will do my best to respond.
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2023.06.03 07:33 Latter-Letterhead728 My mom expects me not to cry

So I 13f cried about the fact we have we have to give my dog a new home because we’re moving and can’t take him so when we were driving home my brother was saying how i didn’t see him for a week and now he’s going tomorrow and he’ll be sad like I was trying not to cry because my mom doesn’t do ANYTHING and when my brother said that I just started crying she didn’t even care she just full on ignored it and then she said well you have another dog so why ar you crying over this one like we had to give my other dog to a new home and now we have to give this to a new home LIKE IM OF COURSE IM GONNA BE SAD
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2023.06.03 07:33 Slipslime Lost my queen before finals week, pretty sad :(

Was playing chess and made a stupid move while not paying close attention, losing my queen before losing the game. Always look out for your queen because you never know when you might lose her.
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2023.06.03 07:33 LoveMangaBuddy Read I'll Raise You Well In This Life, Your Majesty! - Chapter 75 - MangaPuma

When Ellisa opens her eyes and sees her young son, Leon, staring at her with eyes full of love and concern, she realizes that, by some miracle, she's been given a second chance. In her past life, she thought making Leon emperor was the only way to ensure his safety. But if she had known Leon had never wanted the crown, or that laying a crown soaked with the blood of his enemies and beloved ones at ... Read I'll Raise You Well In This Life, Your Majesty! - Chapter 75 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/ill-raise-you-well-in-this-life-your-majesty/chapter-75
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2023.06.03 07:33 Strong_Ad2025 They Live Among Us

Ok so Im a military vet but also a man of faith, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune military base. Anyways this had to be in the early 2000’s if memory serves me correctly. I was driving along one of the main roads of the city…I forgot where I was heading that particular day. Theres an intersection where two of the busiest roads in town cross at. As I’m driving the light turns yellow and I slow down, as Im coming up to the light I notice a car in front of me, there was what resembled a woman sitting in the car…I didn’t think much of this so called woman or the car, as the light turned red we both came to a stop. And then thats when it happened, I looked through her back window and looked at her rear view mirror. (You know how sometimes you can see peoples eyes looking at you through the rearview mirror when you are behind them) well i saw this “womans” eyes. If I was not very strong in my faith I would have been really mentally messed up to this day. When i looked into her /its eyes, I could NOT see or discern that a soul was there, its hard to explain but I did not even detect or sense she / it was a real person. I’ll never forget what I saw, she had dark yellow eyes with black pupils, Ive never seen any woman with eyes like her to this date. I mean golden yellow not bright yellow. And she stared at me through that rear view mirror for what seemed like days, she did NOT blink at all , nothing in her facial expression moved. We locked eyes and I stared back letting it/her know that I was not afraid of it. The even stranger thing was God normally tells me things or lets me discern whoever it is that Im looking at. God wouldn’t even let me speculate or discern what i was really looking at, the first thing I thought was she was a demon, the second was an alien. She could have been a high level witch or priestess. As those moments went on I looked away several times and when I looked back it was still staring at me…it seemed to be analyzing me, but we both were at a stalemate. Every time I looked away and looked back it was staring at me. Finally the light turned green and it hit the gas and drove on out of town accelerating into the distance. The whole experience was eerie. To this day I have never met or seen anyone like that. No blinking, no facial expression, no nothing , just a lifeless soulless stare, I cant even fathom to think of what it was. But i will tell you this it new how to look like a woman and it new how to drive. Do what you will with this information.
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2023.06.03 07:33 laughherring Wellbutrin OD

I have been taking 50mg Pristiq for a couple months and just added wellbutrin. Started with 150/mg day for a couple weeks, then increased to 300mg. I started taking 2 300mg tabs a day thinking they were 150s I needed to take 2 of. Went back to 300 mg when I noticed the dosage. Feel OK, was just on edge when taking too much. Anything to worry about? Is psych likely to be mad atme for such a stupid mistake?
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2023.06.03 07:32 BareFootBandittt This man at my theatre leaning into the urinal for over 3 hours

This man at my theatre leaning into the urinal for over 3 hours
To explain, I went the the movies and I arrived an hour early. I go to the washroom and I see a man leaning really far into the urinal. I don’t think much of it but then I came back around 30 minutes after my movie started and I see the man in the exact same position, unmoved. I could see he wasn’t sleeping because he kept looking over his shoulder. This was when I got really suspicious because it had been 1 and a half hours since I last saw him.
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2023.06.03 07:32 DidneyWorlSoFun [M4F] DC/Maryland/Virginia(?) Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

Hey there! Apologies in advance for this really long-winded post.

I'm a weirdo looking for a fellow weirdo to share his life with (then again aren't we all weirdos in our own little way, eh?!).

I tried to keep the details as bullet points so it's easier to read while providing as much info as I could without turning the post into *too* much of a clod of text pollution, but I know it's still a lot!

About me:
- 29M, 5ft9in (175cm), and fluctuate anywhere between 135lbs-140lbs (61-64kg). I would describe my body as thin but muscular
- Asian-American (American born Chinese, to be more specific)
- Non-religious, but agnostic
- Strictly monogomous
- ISTJ (if that matters to you)
- Liberal/left-leaning/progressive
- Working as a statistician, and also pursuing my (second) Masters while I work! I formerly worked as a biochemical engineer, but I grew to learn that I hated working in the labs and the overall culture of that field.
- Superficially, I have been often described as "what every Asian parent wants their daughter to date," if that helps to paint anything helpful. I'm not really that...especially being childfree and all.
- Snipped and confirmed sterile! Drug and disease free, and fully vaxxed with booster (with proof for all to boot!)
- Can't drink due to crappy genes (but I don't mind if you do in moderation), don't smoke.
- Bilingual, but working on being trilingual with Spanish! I currently can communicate at a CEFR B1 level, which means I still need to suck quite alot less.
- Outside of Reddit, I don't use social media, especially anything owned by Meta/Facebook. I find it's a lot better for my mental health, plus not a fan of the lack of privacy. With the new policies Reddit is implementing, it may be another one I'm going to be allergic to.
- Instead of the weird cat lady trope you hear about, I'm the whacky chicken man! Yes, I do raise chickens (as pets, but eggs are an added bonus!), but I like both cats and dogs too!
- I really enjoy cooking! While my cooking style originates from Chinese and Asian cuisines, I really like trying and cooking different foods, especially traditional Mexican and Peruvian dishes. To say the very least, I am NOT a picky eater at all
- I exercise. A lot. By that, I mean exercise at least 2 hours a day, distance/trail running, skateboarding and (poorly) surfing. For me, exercise (especially the running aspect) gives me time to meditate and self-reflect, and being out and about while doing that really helps me to do that and understand/control my emotions. Distance running allows me to do trail running as well and enjoy the sceneries that are otherwise harder to access. I'm slowly trying to get back to my old distances after a nasty fall lead to a broken ankle 🥲.
- I still enjoy spending time indoors, however! Once I have more time, I'd really love to get into sewing my own clothes to suit my wonky tastes, and I'd *love* to grow my own garden of produce and natives.
- My humor can probably be best described as a bit...crude and "degenerate." Think "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", toilet humor and farts
- My main love language is quality time, followed by a balanced mixture of acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Not really a gifts person
- I take hygiene very seriously. Some may consider me as a bit of a clean freak, but I sweat a lot because of exercise, and because of my sensitive nose! Consequently, that also means I take COVID rather seriously. With a lot of my hobbies requiring me to be at a certain level of fitness, I'm not particularly willing to find out whether or not I will be affected by potential long term effects of COVID, especially with how little understanding we have of it. That means I still do mask up in indoor areas, and especially planes. If that bothers you, please move on.

What I am looking for in a partner:
- Child free (I think that's rather obvious though...or I'd hope it would be)
- Age 24-34. While I can be somewhat flexible about this, I would prefer not deviate much as people tend to be in dramatically different stages in their lives. This is in particular with the lower end of the age limit.
- Relatively liberal/progressive
- Someone who is relatively physically active/fit. As a person who really values physical fitness and quality time, it would be nice to travel and spend time together exploring trails and going the distance to view great sceneries in the outdoors. That being said, I have absolutely no expectation for one to exercise at the level that I do, as what I do is quite extreme
- BIG plus if aren't afraid to express yourself! This can be through means such as tattoos, the way you dress or present yourself, etc. Confidence and self-expression is sexy~
- Someone who is open with their communication. Please, please, please, if something is bothering you, let me know and don't let it fester and worsen over time. Being communicative with each other and dealing with the problem together is paramount for a healthy relationship. Likewise, if something were bothering me, I would do the same, and communicate it as well
- Someone who is independent and describes themself as self-sufficient. Self-care both internally and externally is important, and it's important to love yourself! Otherwise it won't be healthy for the mind or body
- Someone who also self-reflects and values self-reflection. It's important to examine our own shortcomings and continue to grow ourselves as individuals.
- Drug and disease free
- I have just a *slight* preference towards Asians due to similarities in culture and upbringing, but I'm honestly open to anything as long as we both are open and willing in learning each others' cultures and backgrounds!

While I would prefer to remain local, I understand that the child free pool is quite small, and mine and everyone else's preferences and characteristics are unique, so I am not opposed to the idea of long distance, with the intention of closing the distance. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I don't intend to stay in the DMV area long term, and plan on moving to the West coast in the few coming years (or even past the West coast). A lot of my hobbies (both current and future) I have found in my experience were more suited there.

For the sake of privacy, I won't post pictures of myself in this post, but I am happy to share pictures together through DMs/private messages! (either by Discord, Signal, or Reddit while I use it, etc.).

Although I absolutely do not intend on having children, I'm not the sort of person that hates children. Rather, I'd prefer to be the cool uncle. The only exception is if a kid is really badly behaved, but that's also on the parents for letting their buttheaded kid act this way.

Again, I am strictly monogamous. I'm not looking for anything regarding polygamous relationships, and I'm not interested in anything casual/FWB.

While it would be nice to find partnership and share each others lives with each other, I will note that I am happy single, and by the end of the day I'd rather have no company than bad company.

I know that this post is really long, but if you managed to read through all of it and if this post resonates with you, feel free to reach out! Or if you just have shared hobbies and walk to shoot the shit about that, feel free to hit me up too!

P.S. A note to those others also looking: I know that searching for a partner is hard, especially as child free, so hopefully this can inspire some hope to you all. Stay persistent, but remember to take care of yourself and make yourself happy! I actually did meet and was in a relationship with someone from this sub, some time ago, and while in the end it didn't work out, we ended it on friendly terms, and I still do truly wish the best for her. What I'm trying to say is that if you persevere and remain patient, you can find success!
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2023.06.03 07:32 Serious-Break-7982 She posted a vid of her and Josh for their 23 yr anniversary since their first date. When was she supposedly in an abusive relationship? Didn't she say something about that? Ironically he grabs her

aggressively in the video she posted. Something so off about them and how they relate to each other. She shows him zero affection or warmth and he looks like he's attracted to her, but doesn't know what to do with her. Smh.
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2023.06.03 07:32 exo_universe Thinking of putting carpet in our garage

We are thinking of putting garage carpet down soon. Our only concern is that sometimes with heavy rain, the existing concrete gets quite wet when we drive the car in.
Has anyone been in a similar situation and can advise how the garage carpet was with the cater coming off the car? TIA
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2023.06.03 07:32 urfriendtina [Routine Help] how long does glycolic acid last on armpits?

i used the ordinary’s glycolic acid toner on my armpits earlier after my shower. it was my first time using it and i didn’t feel any irritation and still don’t. do notice a bit of odor tho but nothing crazy. ik it’s mainly for odobrightening and not sweat itself so i still wanna use my antiperspirant. i use a dove spray which is pretty strong i think so i skipped it for tonight but would it be safe to put it on in the morning? it’s pretty hot where i am rn so i can’t really skip it but don’t wanna risk getting a crazy irritation😭
(i’d still use it again tbh. prolly just every few days when i shower tho so i don’t overdo it.)
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2023.06.03 07:32 Puzzled-Laugh2682 AITAH for not ditching my friend when there was conflict between him and my partner?

A couple months ago one of my closest friends—a friend who helped me out of an abusive relationship in the past—told me that he doesn’t like my partner for various reasons. They had only interacted in person twice and I personally didn’t feel as though his concerns were something I needed to worry about. I set a clear boundary then that if my friend couldn’t view my relationship in a positive light, it could not be a topic of our conversations. At one point, I asked my friend if he would be interested in resolving his issues with my partner and he agreed. Well, when they did talk, my friend didn’t want to see my partners side of things, it seemed as though he just wanted to tell my partner his perspective. So they halted communication. My friend said that he would understand if I also halted communication with him because my partner and him cannot be friends. I didn’t feel the need to with the boundary that I had previously set. Now my partner is upset because he can’t resolve conflict with that friend and that friend is still in my life. Is it wrong of me to still be friends with this person?
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