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2023.06.02 03:47 superbombgamer5460 Sasha waybright VS link (Breath of the wild) who would win?

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2023.06.01 19:20 Eurobeat_Lifeblood I'm making an Amphibia x Touhou crossover

I'm making an Amphibia x Touhou crossover
Each of the circles on the map (idk who made it but I didn't) represents 1 of the Calamity trio
Pink - Sasha Waybright (was teleported to the Scarlet Devil Mansion)
Blue - Anne Boonchuy (Was teleported to the Hakurei Shrine)
Green - Marcy Wu (Was teleported to Eientei)
White - The location of the Calamity Box after teleportation (Marisa found it and snatched it bc it's Marisa.)
I don't have much yet but I PROMISE I will keep y'all updated! This has become my new passion project and I swear to frog.
If anyone has suggestions for anything plz comment
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2023.05.28 15:28 Ok_Examination8810 Sasha Waybright - Super Saiyan Rose by @popcornbee

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2023.05.26 22:48 Timely-Ad5476 so idk what to call it

my yearbook quote was from sasha waybright
And once this is over, we can finally find a way out of this crummy, gross world." - Sasha
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2023.05.25 08:18 DistortionCardOff Sasha Waybright as a demon from Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel! Who should I do next? Marcy or Anne?

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2023.05.20 07:09 Extension_Breath1407 Regina George vs Sasha Waybright

Regina George vs Sasha Waybright
Two blonde Alpha Bitches who rule their cliques with an iron fist but became less jerky people in the end. Butting heads with the not-as-cool protagonist but eventually making peace with them.
Regina George from Mean Girls

Sasha Waybright from Amphibia
What would happen if they ever meet? I feel like Sasha Waybright is the Virtuous Character Copy of Regina George. Regina George is what Sasha Waybright could have grown up to be if she was never sent to Amphibia and got some serious character development. Sure, what Regina George has ever done is total small potatoes compared to Sasha almost taking over an entire nation of amphibians and then fighting a multiverses conqueror.
But just imagine. What would happen if they both traded worlds? What if Regina George was in Sasha Waybright's place and what if Sasha Waybright was in Regina George's place? What would they have done and how would they have got along with the main characters there?
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2023.05.15 22:33 Independent_Humor_74 In defense of Sprig Planter

I’m one of those people who’s been watching the show before True Colors aired, as I started in 2019 and my favorite character has always been Sprig. I’ve been rewatching the show recently, but still haven’t finished watching season 3. Things I’ve noticed about Sprig is how much of a menace he can be in some episodes. He literally invaded someone’s house, almost got Sylvia killed all because he was jealous of her being with Hop-Pop, got his family tapped in the archives, made fun of Sasha’s attempt, and stole a food truck. But sometimes I feel like the hate he gets is undeserved. Yeah, some of the actions he’s done are unacceptable and it seems like he “never learns”, but if we look past that he has pretty good moments. He made Anne a plush of domino, he defended Anne against Sasha, and he has helped Anne grow throughout the show. There is a reason why Anne named the tiny pink frog after him. But I think I’m biased since I can relate to him. The episode where he mentioned that his mom died, reminded me of my dad who passed a few months before the episode aired. I also like his voice and think he is a good singer, and he can be funny at times. The thing I hate about all fandoms is that they would hate on a character for something they did in a few episodes, but yet they praise a character who did much worse (looking at you Sasha Elizabeth Waybright, btw I don’t hate her). I can literally name characters from the show that are worse than Sprig (and before you ask no, Sasha isn’t on the list).
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2023.05.15 15:11 magical_antics Our Amphibia Cosplay Music Video

Our Amphibia Cosplay Music Video
This CMV is dedicated to Matt Braly, the creator of Amphibia.
Amphibia is an artful and emotional series that has made a significant impact on the AAPI community by exploring our unique experiences and struggles most of us face trying to coexist between two worlds.
Growing up, positive AAPI representation in Western media was hard to come by, especially in children’s programming. Amphibia stands out as unique in this regard when it comes to animation. Amphibia depicts the challenges of identity, isolation, leadership, and community through the lens of a broadly diverse Asian cast. Anne Boonchut, Sasha Waybright, and Macy Wu represent but a small portion of the diversity that Asia has to offer, but it is more than many within our communities have seen on screen in our entire lives. The girls’ identity and background reminded many of us within the AAPI community of our own stories, and as such the struggles of these characters resonated deeply with many of us. We sincerely hope that this is only the first in many more stories to come, and that the next generation of children will be able to see and identify with more characters on screen and know that they are not alone.
Through this CMV project, we have not only bonded as friends, but also connected with the Asian Amphibia Cosplay Community. We want to celebrate and uplift these amazing creators who might have been otherwise brushed aside by the cosplay community for not “looking like'' the source character. These creators have inspired and supported us throughout our project, and we will be forever grateful for their influence. Please take a moment to explore the credits featuring these talented individuals, and we hope that in your exploration you may also find a community that reflects your heritage, your values, and your stories.
Thank you, Amphibia. And thank you Matt Braly, from the bottom of our hearts.
Credits (Instagram): Anne Boonchuy: @feelsbender Marcy Wu: @han_yuleum Sasha Waybright: @magical_antics Crew: @dsninjaotaku Videographers: @justinpinedamedia @zachmleczek
Music: Kalamity Music and Karu Music (YouTube)
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2023.05.13 08:45 MetroDuna Plushies

New Marbles and Sasha plushies I wanna get them so bad!!
But anyone who wants a plushy definitely get yourself one!
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2023.05.11 01:20 BKzz12 Sasha Waybright Vs. Amy Rose requested by u/Final_Dragonfruit331

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2023.05.10 21:30 man049 Griffith vs Sasha Waybright (Berserk vs Amphibia); "A Fated Calamity"

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2023.05.09 15:22 Odd_Donut_4427 Where do you think these girls are

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2023.05.06 05:34 Frondly-Amphibian I think the Sasha bot needs help

I think the Sasha bot needs help
So I don't know if anyone here watches amphibia but it seems that the Sasha from amphibia bot seems to think in the owl house terms
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2023.05.05 14:53 Major-Eggplant-9045 Amphibia Fanfic Review #15: Cell Dates

Welp, with the prologue out of the way, it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of this fanfic. That being how the hell this will work when Sasha’s both in a jail cell and is very unwilling to change. Well, it’s Amphibia and polyamory, so they’ll probably find a way. But is it executed well? Let’s find out!
First, I like how the perspectives keep shifting. And not just from one member of the trio to another. We also get to shift to the perspectives of Olivia, Andrias, Sprig, and more characters! And they are written very well, encapsulating their personalities wonderfully. Especially the trio’s perspectives, perfectly giving insight into their thought process from a 3rd-person perspective.
And speaking of character, I really like Sasha’s character throughout the story. It’s a slow burn of changes, but it is really interesting. From being incredibly bitter about her situation and not trusting her friends to taking the line “The last time I was in charge, I ruined our friendship,” making that a legitimate fear of hers, and rolling with it. And with all of that comes subtle changes in her behaviors. The bitterness in her perspectives is a great example of that, as that slowly lessens as time goes on.
In terms of the trio’s dynamic with each other, it also grows along with Sasha’s character. As Sasha’s character develops, the dynamic between the three of them gets healthier and healthier. And it’s a pretty great way to build things. Like with “Don’t Drink Unlabelled Potions” and how its tone changed slowly, this fanfic does the same, but with character dynamics and character growth. And with that, it flows naturally and is great to read!
But what is a good story without conflict? And with this story, it really works. Most of it comes from that relationship dynamic I talked about above. Whether it be an argument gone completely out of hand or a sword fight that was meant to be just fun going completely wrong, there are problems. And they are handled incredibly well. Both of these instances are incredibly heartbreaking, and there are good reasons why.
First off is what happens within them. That fight in the prison cell has a lot of harsh words shared between Anne and Sasha, with Anne saying “We don’t need you” hitting the hardest. The entire fight is a heartwrenching string of events, but that line is a gut punch, especially Sasha’s reaction to that. The 2nd instance is different from before. True, words are said beforehand, but they’re more coaxing words. The true heartbreak comes after, with the descriptions of everyone’s reactions after the wonderfully described tunnel vision. Both of these instances are executed well enough, but there’s more to it.
The 2nd reason these moments work so well has to do with the characters and the build-up to these moments. That prison fight happens in Chapter 8, which is during a time when Marcy’s trying to keep everything together. This also comes after a lot of build-up in terms of tension and other moments within those past few chapters. So this is a great case of build-up and pay-off in terms of character building and progression. With the sword fight, that happens in Chapter 19, when the character development of Sasha is nearing its completion. And that happens after the dynamic between the three was getting healthier and after their first real date. So both of these moments work as well as they do because of all that build-up.
And the 3rd reason is because of all the aftermath. This fanfic does a really good job of having moments stick with you by having these moments stick with the characters. There’s some really good aftermath where the characters reel from their actions as they try to fix things. Like with Sasha becoming cold and distant after the prison fight before taking that S3E11 line I mentioned above and rolling with it for a few chapters. Or the guilt that Sasha feels after the sword fight that is written very well. All of that is why those two moments work so well in this fanfic to me.
Aside from those two moments, there are plenty of other things within this fanfic. Like the antagonist, Redd, a newt rebel who was biding his time to get Sasha on his side. I like how the fanfic keeps this a mystery, but also foreshadows this by having him be nicer to Sasha in later. And as an antagonist, he is… pretty underwhelming. There isn’t really a lot of time spent on him after the truth is revealed, just a few lines of dialogue. That’s also compounded by the fact that he has an interesting motive for what he does, so it’s a little disappointing that his character isn’t explored more.
But going back to the good, there’s still more pay-off to be had in the form of Sasha discovering her gem power in Chapter 20. This comes after she sets aside her grudges to save Hop Pop’s life, which is a nice way to compound her character development. And speaking of the action, while there isn’t much of it, the bits of it we do get are described really well. And the lack of action isn’t a bad thing, as that means more focus on the relationship drama, which is already a really good part of the story.
Other than that, I really like how the names of the characters change depending on the perspective. Like when the fanfic is in Olivia’s perspective, Sasha’s name becomes “Miss Waybright.” Or when the Plantar family is involved, in Sasha’s perspective, Sprig’s name becomes “squeaky toy” or “friend stealer.” It’s a neat little detail that helps the perspectives feel more like you’re looking into the characters’ thought processes.
Aside from that, this is a wonderful fanfic. It has a lot of subtle build-up that works very well, the character dynamic of the trio develops naturally, the emotional moments hit very hard, the humor is great, and while all the characters are written well, Sasha’s character is written the best. Whenever the perspective of the story changes to her, you can feel the bitterness and loathing as well as all the complex emotions coming from it. It is written super well, along with the rest of the story. It's also a neat concept that is executed wonderfully.
Link to Fanfic:
Fanfics I’ll Review (in no order):
Calamity Amory
Deep Sixed*
Seven Years Too Early*
The One Who Never Really Got Away (part of Waiting On Love to Call)
Theories of Butterflies and Other Insects*
Witch In Wartwood
Sasha and the Frogs
A Newt and a Human*
Player Vs Player
Between the Beats
Time Brings All To Pass
The Wartwood Girls*
Our Second Chance is Called Amphibia*
Nom De Guerre*
The Missing Gem*
Marcy 10×* (Possibly #16 or 17)
Plantar Family Pet*
Game Over*
Owl and the Frog×*
Living in a Frog World*
Language Barriers*
Frog Kids in a Human World*
A Lost Owl×*
Moth mAnne*
Dance With Me
We're the Perfect Blend
Moonlight Promise
Calamitous Intervention×*
Wandering Star
The Plantar Sisters*
Water on my Window*
Calamity in 1-A×*
Another Friend in Amphibia*
Have any fanfics you want me to read? You can request them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list! Be sure to mark unfinished fanfics with * so that I know they’re unfinished! Crossovers should also be marked with × to let me know it's a crossover. Also, don't be afraid of how big the list ends up getting. It's actually better if it gets bigger. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review!
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2023.04.30 20:48 soyleduart Would you like to play Sasha in a DnD adventure? - What other abilities would you add?

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2023.04.30 15:50 Animeking1108 (Miraculous Ladybug) If you were expecting Chloe to get redeemed, you were setting yourself up for disappointment

Wow, a rant on this sub defending Miraculous Ladybug. I hope Satan checked his thermostat.
Let's talk about Chloe Bourgeois: the second most unlikable Chloe from a French work of fiction. Chloe isn't just your typical Mean Girl. She's a Mean Girl in a city where mass destruction is a bad day away because of Hawk Moth's powers. Naturally, because Chloe can't go five minutes without being a humanoid anus, more than half of the Akumatizations are caused by her. You'd think after the fiftieth time an Akuma victim tried to yeet her off the Eiffel Tower that she'd come to the conclusion that maybe she is a git, or that somebody would Just Eat Gilligan with her.
A recent trend in Disney cartoons was having a Mean Girl who starts off as a bully, but eventually becomes friends with the hero. Pacifica Northwest? Redeemed. Sasha Waybright? Redeemed. Amity Blight? Redeemed and shacks up with Luz. Andrea Davenport? Do I need to say it? So, when we learned that Chloe was going to hold the Bee Miraculous, we all thought Chloe was going to join that club. We even learn that her mother neglected her, so she's definitely going to reform, right?
But then the end of season 3 happens, and after getting snubbed by Ladybug one too many times, she goes full Syndrome and teams up with Hawk Moth. "How could Austruc throw away Chloe's character development?" What character development? Becoming Queen Bee didn't humble her at all. If anything, it blew more air into her overly inflated ego. She even still caused some Akumatizations after that. That, combined with Chloe's tendency to brag about being Queen Bee in public, made it so Marinette could only give her the Miraculous when she was desperate. "But her mom is neglectful." Audrey was neglectful for about one episode. By the end of the episode, she and Chloe were able to bond... over how vain and spoiled they are, and Andre is too thin-skinned to stand up to them. Audrey went from ignoring her to enabling her. However, people seem to act like Chloe got the same traumatic upbringing as Pacifica or Amity.
Overall, if you were expecting Chloe to redeem, I don't know what to tell you. The signs that she wasn't were there.
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2023.04.30 12:58 soyleduart Sasha Waybright Work Out! DAY 7/7! FINAL DAY!!

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2023.04.29 13:24 soyleduart Sasha Waybright Work Out! DAY 6/7! LEGENDARY!! (sort of) (More in the comments)

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2023.04.28 12:48 soyleduart Sasha Waybright Work Out! DAY 5/7! ALMOST THERE, LET'S GO! (sort of) (More in the comments)

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2023.04.27 15:57 DrRavineOfficial [Deep Sixed] Chapter 62: You Don't Know Who I Am

My idea on what is Sashas father is:
To Molly's POV...
So me and Sasha were going home after picking her up from Anne's hangout.
Sasha: So about your future plans, who do you want to be?
Molly: I think Jonathan influenced me about something.
Sasha: So what did he want you to be?
Molly: I don't know, I can be anything in the future. But then... I decided to follow Jonathan's dreams, it seems fun.
Sasha: Oh... What does he want?
Molly: Meteorologist, and he might likely to go to ground zero on weather phenomena.
Sasha: That seems dangerous.
So we decided to continue, and we crossed paths to a hobo, begging for money.
Hobo: Hey kids, can you spare me some money?
Sasha: Hey, can you give that hobo some spare bucks?
Molly: I got a dollar, should it be fine?
Sasha: Anything that works.
So I gave the hobo some money, and this person feels alike to someone before.
Hobo: Thank you...
Molly: Sasha, do I feel that this hobo looks alike to someone before?
Sasha: Yeah, and she looks like my original dad... Is that... Him?
Molly: I don't know about what my dad looks like, let's just ask him.
So we ask him about his past. This is where we found out about that it's actually our dad.
Sasha: So, do you have a house before?
Hobo: I did have a house before.
Molly: Did you went into divorce?
Hobo: Yes.
Sasha: Do you have kids before?
Hobo: I had two, but I gave one to a war vet because he is rendered infertile after his balls got hit with a shrapnel so he can't have kids.
Molly: War veteran?
Sasha: Robert was a war vet, he told me that, but I'm not sure if he became like that after the war. Although he did say that he got injured so bad that he can't have kids, which is likely.
Molly: I think he is, but we just need to confirm that we are related. Mayber we should look for defining features.
So we have to look on what he has.
Sasha: So, he has blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Molly: My mom had green eyes, and the result is I have heterochromia. The other thing is were both half Germans.
Sasha: Are you German by any chance?
Hobo: Yes, I love a Serbian women and our relationship fell apart after an argument.
After asking questions about him, we only need to ask one final question, which if he has my dad's name.
Sasha: So, is your name Müller Johannes Waybright?
When Sasha ask that question, he recalls all of the things in his past, realizing what have happened to him.
[Hobo] Müller: Hold on, I know you! You must be my kids!
Molly: So what's our names?
Müller: So her name is Sasha Elizabeth Waybright, and you are Molly Joplin Waybright!
Molly: Then why did you gave me away!?
Müller: We were supposed to only have one child, but one day she got breganat for the second. To avoid huge expenses for raising a child, we decided to give you to that person that can't have one due to the reproductive system being disabled.
Sasha: Oh, well now we have our own dad.
Müller: You mean Robert?
Molly: Yeah, he's trying to work hard unlike you.
Molly: Oh, you worked in a high paying job?
Müller: Yes.
Sasha: Maybe we should bring him to our house. We can have two parents and then we double the salary. Müller used to work as the high ranking geologist on a mining company before, and maybe we can bring his old job back.
Molly: That sounds like a great idea.
Müller: Yeah that's a good idea, but the problem is I just don't have the strength to do it again.
Sasha: Let's just do it.
So we bring our supposed to be father into my house.
Molly:* On the door* Robert I'm back.
Sasha: He got homeless after divorce, and we found him on the streets.
Robert Otto: Ok, that sounds bad. Goes to Müller Müller, I think it's best to stay with us. You can still get a job right?
Müller: Yeah but I can't go to high ranking jobs because I just don't have strength to do it.
Robert Otto: Well why don't you take easy jobs for now, soon you will look for your own job once you get your old self back.
Müller: Oh, by the way, are you unemployed?
Robert Otto: No, I worked in a farm, two hours away from this house.
Müller: Maybe I can work over there.
Robert Otto: Yeah you could. Besides, Basil needs some help because he is currently understaffed, with few slots open for job.
Müller: If I worked on a farm, I should be the one to check the soil composition, that way it should help the place to tell if this soil needs nutrient enrichment.
There's one thing, I decided to ask if it was actually our dad.
Molly: Robert, is that actually our dad?
Robert Otto: Yes it's you dad, 100% legit. I remember when you were given away to me, he had a tattoo of NATO logo on his arm.
Sasha: Müller, did you have a NATO tattoo on your arm?
Müller: Yeah I did, look shows tattoo. I got this a year before marriage.
During the dinner, I ask why Müller got a divorce.
Molly: Müller, about the divorce, what happened before it did?
Müller: Well, we have an argument, which in paper it wouldn't be that bad, however it manage to get violent and we had to do it. I lost the case though, and my wife got it all.
Sasha: So what things did you argue before it happened?
Müller: Well, remember your mom is a Serbian?
Sasha: Yes, she is...
Müller: Well Is started to mention about Kosovo, which doesn't sound bad. However your mom is a Serbian and she doesn't like Kosovo as a country. Problem is, half of the world knows Kosovo is a country and it became a catalyst of our divorce. Eventually it became so violent that we had to break up.
Molly: That doesn't sound smart, how come it escalated this far?
Sasha: Molly, if you didn't know, telling that Kosovo is either a country or not, both sides got lit up in the comment section to start a long debate that got too violent. Also, Balkans hate each other.
Müller: Oh... I wanna check that in the internet for a while just to see if you are right.
The next day, Müller got a job, thanks to Robert Otto, but he didn't get what he wanted, at least he got some job to gain money.
Müller: Oh man, I didn't got what I wanted. At least I got a job though.
Robert Otto: Yeah I know, well you better start working or else you won't get paid.
Müller: Got it, now where is the silo?
Basil: Over there.
So Müller was working like he was a geologist, but he never forgets on what he is currently doing.
Müller: This one is dolomite, I'll keep that, and the soil is fine for planting!
Robert Otto: Ok, that's not hard but do you know how to drive?
Müller: I know how to drive a tractor because my dad taught me how. I still remember that time I manage to farm in the fields of Bosnia. Too bad my dad passed away from a landmine. I wish he never drive on it.
Robert Otto: Ok, but let me see how you did on things like that.
So Müller rides the tractor and plow the soil, and he is doing so well at it.
Müller: I knew my dad is doing things the right way.
Robert: Just make sure you don't jam up the equipment.
Müller have a great time in his new temporary job. One day, he will get his old life back.
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2023.04.27 13:46 soyleduart Sasha Waybright Work Out! DAY 4/7! WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH! (sort of) (More in the comments)

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2023.04.26 12:57 soyleduart Sasha Waybright Work Out! DAY 3/7! DON'T GIVE UP! (More in the comments)

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