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2023.06.03 19:17 MallGroundbreaking25 Currently being sextorted

I'm (23) currently being extorted for going to meet up with a 17 year old. I said I couldn't pay him the 2000 euro he wanted, so I have until Monday. I have the money, but i have some time to think and contact more people.
I matched with a girl on tinder which was supposably 18. We had a nice chat and we decided to talk further on WhatsApp. We agreed on meeting after some talk and some sexual talk, she said she was 17, but soon 18. I, still thinking with my dick, agreed and said it doesn't matter. Than I get the horrible message, if I wanted to pay 2000 to an offshore account. I said I would have the money by Monday and they agreed. They would send my family, friends and work the chats and I'm scared af. I'm especially worried for work and what would happen if they know.
What should I do? I don't know what to do. I'm stressed, scared, tired. I can't eat a thing. Please reddit give me some good advice!
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2023.06.03 19:17 Efficient_Ad_4914 Glencourse………..

Have my assessment on the 28th can I get tips for improving my mile time and beep test currently running a 6:50 mile
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2023.06.03 19:17 Ok_Acanthocephala15 Blueface feels entitled to put women on trial for non-crimes, as if he’s the ultimate judge of how right/wrong their actions are

Blueface feels entitled to put women on trial for non-crimes, as if he’s the ultimate judge of how right/wrong their actions are
Even if she did see another man while they’ve been distanced, she obviously feels too scared to admit it, despite the fact that she would’ve been doing absolutely nothing wrong towards him, as a single woman 🤷🏽‍♀️ And despite the fact that he’s slept with half the state of California atp (and counting).
She already knows she can’t stand up for herself in any way or she’ll get the Chrisean treatment (the undisguised abuse, vs the “covert” humiliation she receives currently).
The unspoken threat of receiving “punishment” (abuse) for defending yourself or demanding equality in any way is how abusive men control your behavior (and over time, your thoughts).
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2023.06.03 19:16 nickwolfemusic Composer/Mixer Available

Music Composer and Mixer Available For Hire
Hello, my name is Nickolas Wolfe!
I am a composer of all different kinds of music, (though mostly video game music) based in Ohio in the United States.
About me: I have three years of experience in the industry, and I have worked on many different projects. I study music at the Jacobs School of Music, and I have ranked in the top 20 on an international film scoring contest. I can guarantee high quality music to accompany your project/game, film, video, etc... that will make it into a more dynamic, and unique experience. I have received positive feedback from every developer I have worked with. I always put my all into every project I work on and I love working as a part of a team. I specialize in Hybrid Electronic/Orchestral music, but I am capable of making anything you may need! I am also an experienced music mixer and if you have some music already made that you may want cleaned up, I can do that for you very well.
Availability: I am currently available full time!
Pricing: How much I charge for a project depends based on the size of the project. I typically charge between 70 USD per minute of music delivered. We can discuss pricing I am flexible.
For mixing I charge 20 USD an hour
I accept payment however you are willing to send it. Generally, I use PayPal.
Licensing: I like to retain the publishing on all of my music, but I will give you a license to use any of the music I write for your project indefinitely as long as it is related to the project in some way.
Contact Info: Email me at [email protected] or send me a dm on Discord at Nickwolfemusic#8526
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2023.06.03 19:15 iwasdusted WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023

WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023
Here is this week's weekly roundup post!
  • See a list of all the movies playing at Regal this week at the link above!
  • There are lots of new promos ongoing, including one that can get you free digital copies of new release movies, and one that gets you bonus points for purchasing Oppenheimer tickets by June 7.
  • Oppenheimer tickets are now on sale -- check it out in 70mm & IMAX 70mm at select Regal locations.
    • Standard 70mm - Bridgeport Village, Edwards Long Beach, New Roc, Union Square, Waterford Lakes
    • IMAX 70mm - Edwards Ontario Palace, Hacienda Crossings, Irvine Spectrum, Mall of Georgia, Opry Mills, UA King of Prussia
    • Have a hard time hearing Nolan films? Check it out in RPX Open Cap/Eng Sub at Bricktown Charleston!
Here's this week's PLF chart!
As always, formats and bookings are subject to change and local availablity.
Here's the link to our ongoing Chapter 11 roundup.
  • The Eighth Omnibus List of potential closures was filed in court on Wednesday, May 31 with a targeted lease rejection date of Friday, June 23. The following 25 theaters could potentially close if Regal is unable to successfully renegotiate their lease:
    • Regal Avenues, Jacksonville, Florida (#0241) - 4DX, RPX
    • Regal Binghamton, Binghamton, New York (#1732)
    • Regal Columbia, Columbia, Missouri (#1621) - RPX
    • Regal Division Street, Portland, Oregon (#0851)
    • Regal Edwards Brea East, Brea, California (#1028)
    • Regal Edwards Camarillo Palace, Camarillo, California (#1009) - IMAX
    • Regal Edwards La Verne, La Verne, California (#1012)
    • Regal Edwards San Marcos, San Marcos, California (#1034)
    • Regal Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek, Ohio (#0389) - RPX
    • Regal Fossil Creek, Fort Worth, Texas (#1317)
    • Regal Germantown, Germantown, Maryland (#1710)
    • Regal Governor’s Square, Tallahassee, Florida (#1857)
    • Regal Hollywood @ North I-85, Chamblee, Georgia (#0745)
    • Regal Live Oak, Live Oak, Texas (#0795) - RPX
    • Regal Longview, Longview, Texas (#1638) - RPX
    • Regal New River Valley, Christiansburg, Virginia (#0671) - RPX, ScreenX
    • Regal Interstate Park, Akron, Ohio (#0163)
    • Regal Poulsbo, Poulsbo, Washington (#880)
    • Regal Rancho Del Rey, Chula Vista, California (#0361)
    • Regal Royal Park, Gainesville, Florida (#1860)
    • Regal Spartan, Spartanburg, South Carolina (#1888)
    • Regal UA Galaxy - Dallas, Dallas, Texas (#1306)
    • Regal Valley View Grande, Roanoke, Virginia (#1867)
    • Regal Virginia Center, Glen Allen, Virginia (#0165)
    • Regal Warren East, Wichita, Kansas (#1444) - Warren 21, Warren Grand
  • At the beginning of 2022, Regal had over 515 locations. Regal has 455 locations currently.
  • Since Chapter 11 began in September 2022, Regal has rejected 51 leases (excluding theaters that stopped operating before bankruptcy, but had active leases).
Here's the link to the MoviePassClub Discord server, for spoilery discussion of new release movies, general movie discussion, and to chat with fellow Regal Unlimited members. Many of our mods and members are active here. (This Discord is shared across RegalUnlimited, MoviePassClub, Cinemark, with some overlap with AMCsAList.)
And don't forget to check out this week's pinned movie discussion post for spoiler-free discussion of your recent Regal experiences!
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2023.06.03 19:15 FoxQueen1987 (LF) MxM rp Via discord (Open to 3 people atleast)

Hello! Yall can call me Sean, or whatever you'd like.
My age currently is 18 and my range to remain comfortable is 18-23 when it comes to RP partners.I am semi lit-lit but am willing to match your length the best I can, unless you are a person who only does one sentance replies because I struggle to form a reply off of a single sentance and can get a bit annoyed if i have a paragraph or two and only get one sentance.
I have ADHD and can take tones wrong, I also sometimes say stupid things sometimes because I don't always think before saying something and if anything I say makes you uncomfortable I am sorry!Right off hand I don't have any plot ideas to present out into the eather so if you are Interested send me a quick DM and we can relocate to Discord from there ^^
I may be at work by the time someone sends a DM but will get back asap. Thank you!
(i tried to edit the title but can't figure out how sorry)
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2023.06.03 19:14 raeofsunshine547 Newly Out Trans Dude

Newly Out Trans Dude
I recently realized I’m not nonbinary anymore but actually a trans guy. I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a more masc name that fits (currently go by Rae but I don’t think it fits anymore)
Any help is appreciated
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2023.06.03 19:14 aleco99 Rebuilding prebuilt acer predator

Hey all,
I was just sitting around and gaming but I am getting more and more fed up by the amount of noise my pc is generating. Also its having some heating issues which causes it to black screen (no undervolting or overclocking whatsoever). Since its a prebuilt with a shitty mobo I need to replace some parts to get it inside another case.I also want to replace the power supply to be able to upgrade in the near future to another graphics card (possibly 40 series or maybe AMD) Any advice on parts or whatever is very welcome since this will be my first time 'building' my own pc. I already upgraded the cpu-cooler with the Noctua NH-U9S cause the CPU temps were mental on this pc.
Current Hardware:Predator Orion 3000 (PO3-620) Intel Core i7-10700F / 16 GB DDR4 RAM zwart / 1024 GB SSD/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB GDDR6)
Future hardware:
NZXT H7 Flow
Cooler Master MWE 850 Gold V2
GSKILL DDR4 3200 32GB C16 AEGIS K2 2X16GB 1,35V
I am aware that this mobo will need to be replaced in the future as well if i want to upgrade my cpu. I think the nzxt h7 flow will be nice and futureproof.
All advice/comments welcome!
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2023.06.03 19:14 Obi193 Advice for going to an AD

I've been giving it some thought for some time, as a series of events worthy of marking this year as an important one are currently unfolding (getting married this summer, turning 30 this autumn, and as of this week I received a surprise promotion).
I've been toying with the idea of getting in the waitlist for a steel datejust 36 to earmark 2023 (although I am fully aware it may not be this year that said watch materialises).
Any tips for walking into an AD would be greatly appreciated! My previous watch purchases have always been readily available, but I understand there is some hoop jumping to navigate.
I'm in the East of England if people have a good AD they recommend in the region.
Many thanks!
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2023.06.03 19:14 ZionHodges Typing this without a planned outline, check out my tests

I have no clue how in depth or not in depth I’m gonna go yet. It’s 12:33 PM, we’ll see how long this takes.
Around thanksgiving, I met my little cousin who has autism. (I think he’s either 3 or 6, not really sure). Respectfully, he’s extremely annoying. He was fighting my aunts dog, and the dog was fighting back. The dog was really tiny though. I’m just gonna assume that all things considered he’s deeper into the spectrum than me (or however you would scientifically and conversationally classify that, forgive my ignorance). But finding out about his existence was the first sign that I could specifically have some like autistic genes somewhere or something. Obviously not closely connected, but I mean my Dad’s Sister’s son is bound to have some similarities to me right? And even prior to that, in 2019 I learned that mental health issues in general are very abundant in my Dad’s family. My uncle went missing one time and was having like a mental breakdown because he had a lot of debt or something. A few of my aunts have like horrible anxiety. I’m pretty sure my grandma there has anxiety also, she’s just old and old people don’t give a shit about anything so that probably was never looked into on her part.
I’ve thought I was autistic for a long time, but it was always just a random hunch (is that the right word???). Like a guesstimate based on absolutely zero facts. I took some tests a while back and they were saying like “borderline autism” but nothing solid. Granted, those were just randomly googled tests. (But I have a theory that my current tests are more alarming because I’m subconsciously making myself more autistic seeming so that I will pass the tests?) That was all until I met my cousin though. November 2022, now I know autism is in the gene pool. Now. May 20th, I find out my other aunt is on the spectrum. {For the record, my grandma had 10 kids: 2 uncles, 1 dad, the rest aunts} My aunt told me she didn’t handle that news very well. I wouldn’t have ever imagined SHE was on the spectrum though. Obviously you never really know what people are going through.
But now this means I have 2 relatives with specific autism related diagnoses. Which has of course influenced me to delve deeper into myself.
I haven’t been diagnosed with anything. I previously took Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Hydroxozine simultaneously for like ADHD and Depression, but stopped being able to pay the $80/month for my Cerebral App subscription
First off here are my tests I guess
“AQ” (32) “RAADS-R” (160) “Aspie?” (158 / 200) “Non-Autistic?” (55 / 200)
So I’ve obviously just made an assumption that people here know what all these tests are, I’ve seen lots talk about them. But it’s from
My mind is blank right now. I guess I’ll say I have a psychologist appointment on Tuesday. I’m not entirely sure what I should do or say there. I’ve had an online therapist before, (shoutout to Steve. I wish I could contact him again but I have no idea how I would even go about doing that without subscribing to Cerebral again), but I’ve never done it in person. Furthermore, though I have lots of mental things to talk about, I’ve been very intrigued by this autism thing. Autism. I show a lot of symptoms and took a lot of tests. There’s a bit of imposter syndrome at play because dumb free online tests couldn’t mean much probably without a real science person studying me or something. I’m pretty sure I read once that there’s like an autism brain scan or something. But I think it’s mostly like behavioral studying. Not sure.
I do wonder though, in my however short amount of time 1 session, I guess I should bring up my autism suspicions, but I doubt I’d be officially diagnosed then? Probably like some more costly tests or something? What’s your experience?
I’ve seen lots here say “I don’t need to be diagnosed, I know what I am” and though I sort of understand that, Nobody (parents, girlfriend, friends) would ever believe or accept the idea that I could be on the spectrum unless I had at least a professional opinion. And for certain people I’d need a specific diagnosis.
Let’s say though that I was diagnosed. How do I say “hey mom guess what I learned” I’m kinda scared that she would either - cry and feel like ‘how did I miss it’ - secretly have known my whole life - Not agree actual science (denial) - Treat me even more like a child than she already does
I’m not really sure how I would handle any of those things.
I’m not even sure I’m autistic lol. Imagine I did all this research and typed this long ass post just to find out like I need to sleep more or something dumb like that. I figured the people here would be the only people who’d have similar confusions and thoughts though.
I’m sorry about how rambly this is
I didn’t type any of this in order.
I kept going up lines and down paragraphs and back to the beginning I’m very unorganized. But also I thrive in organized chaos.
I also like to hide in closets and under blankets. That’s not relevant but I think it could be.
I don’t love reading but I love writing so I’m sorry if this is too long lol
If you have any thoughts or advice, let me know
It is now 1:13. This took more time than I thought it would.
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2023.06.03 19:14 No-Aioli-8064 Trying day 1 today - scared, could use some support

Today I am giving day 1 a shot. i’ve been a problem drinker for a while. I’ve already come so far from my prior habits where i’d tear thru alcohol. In college i would heavily abuse large doses of adderall and then drink heavily during the come downs all night. In my early 20s i was drinking a pint of liquor at work or right as i left work, and at least i wasn’t driving i was taking the train to commute. I dabbled with drinking in the mornings during this time too.
I have a wonderful partner who i’m now married too, we’ve been together 11 years total. They’ve seen my bad parts, it’s effected our relationship at points. I’m proud of reducing the harm i was doing to myself, and they were a big influence on that. Still a daily drinker right now, but i’ve reduced it to a consistent 3 beers a night. Not perfect, but i’m not chugging liquor anymore or having 8+ drinks a night.
I’m 35M, have an extremely successful job now as a founding member of this startup. Before this job though i felt so lost and hopeless trying to find my place in the world professionally and otherwise. One of my anxiety triggers is just job insecurity and financial insecurity feelings, even though currently i’m in the best place i’ve ever been in that regard.
I’ve been in therapy for over a year now trying to understand myself and work on myself. I’ve been having many challenges with anxiety, intrusive and cyclical thoughts, ruminating etc which causes challenges with insomnia and just general challenges to my mental health. I’m also going to be a first time dad next year.
I am sure alcohol has to be a part of this. Nightly i use it combined with weed. For now I don’t plan on going full sober, keeping weed around but obviously when we are further along in the pregnancy and subsequently have a new born that will just need to stop so I can be on point.
Today is me attempting day 1, and i also have to go to a family party. I am trying real hard to work thru the anxiety so i can have some other pieces of my body fall into place over time. I am scared of the struggle and change, and I’m scared of dealing with work while going thru these changes. There’s no alternative though, and at least one thing keeping my head up today is that I have countless anxious sleepless nights AFTER drinking so worst case scenario of a night of no drinking is… the same but my body won’t feel as gross.
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2023.06.03 19:14 ryuzaki3212 After much deliberation and budget management, I can purchase a 24", 1080P monitor below 10K. But which one?

At the risk of being repetitive from this subreddit asking for monitor recommendations, I could not find a plausible difference among these monitors.

I have a Koorui 24N1 and I really love the colors, but I think I want to purchase a 144hz-165hz, 1080P monitor to finally complete my entire peripheral setup for the whole rig. I've read so many comments from various posts in this subreddit regarding monitor recommendations, but I could not determine the price jump/difference between different 1080P monitors, from the suspiciously and baffling cheap Philips 242M8 to the higher echelon like the ASUS VG249Q1A, the AOC 24G2 (along with its confusing siblings like the 24G2SP and 24G2SPE), the Philips 24M1N3200Z, and the like.

I cannot afford going up to 1440P due to current budget restraints but I do want to have those high refresh rates.
I'm mostly looking for monitors that have good build quality and reliability. I don't know if I need G-Sync, if someone could educate me on that to better help me lock in on a choice, I would much appreciate it.
I'm pairing it with an RTX 2080 Super, and since I built my rig, I have been daily driving it and playing for hours if that helps narrow down choices.

The choices and their relative prices I have seen from either Shopee or Lazada are as follows:

Philips 242M8 PHP 7,288
Acer Nitro VG240Y SBMIIPX PHP 8,295
AOC 24G2E PHP 8,599
AOC 24G2SPE PHP 8,649
Acer Nitro VG0 VG240Y PHP 8,888
Philips 24M1N3200Z PHP 9,399
ASUS GP249Q1A PHP 9,695
AOC 24G2SP PHP 9,769

There is the Koorui 27E1Q, which is a 1440P monitor for just PHP 9,699 but it's been out of stock for some time now and I've pretty much given up hope to be able to purchase that monitor. It baffles me as to how the 242M8 is different from the 24G2SP when they're all 144-165hz and IPS. I have not taken into consideration their prices with deals and vouchers.
I suppose an adjustable stand would be nice for the tilt and swivel, but not really necessary as I don't see myself needing to adjust its height given that my forehead is aligned already with my Koorui 24N1 and since I'm a relatively short person. Which monitor would you pick and why?
I'm just looking for comprehensive response and review regarding *any* these monitors so that I can make a more informed choice on what monitor I am going to purchase.

For better context, the games I mostly play are:
> Dota 2 > Far Cry 6
> Civ 6
> Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
> The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
> Anno 1800
> Raft
> Satisfactory
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2023.06.03 19:13 Sweaty_Tonight8567 I think I still love my ex despite being a year now

I (23M) think that I'm still in love with my ex even though I've found someone who treats me like I begged her to...
I feel like I'm drowning. I'm currently sitting in bed with my girlfriend as I type this because I have no one to turn to on this, for context I'm 23M, I was in a relationship with someone about a year ago who I genuinely thought I was going to marry.
She was so smart and pretty and had a great sense of humor. I loved her for her. We only spent 7 months together, but she made me feel like I actually had a family or someone I can turn to. Around the 7-month mark, near the end of that month we broke up. I had just moved to her same state because we were long distance for a few months, and I decided to take the leap because I trusted her and thought she would be there to catch me.
She had messaged me this last year in February when we were dating after a few months. I think it was around 4.
"I wish you were here. I don’t even need you to be awake I just need you physically near me. I keep thinking about the joke [friend] made and I’m not mad at her because she didn’t know and that’s totally okay but I haven’t been able to recover like I usually do. For the first time I was actually tempted. I wasn’t going to do it but. That was the first time after a joke that I was tempted. The last time that it actually crossed my mind was when [her ex] broke up with me and I was convinced that there was no more life for me and I could never be loved again. I had built a life for us in my head because he basically forced me to and when that life was cut off I didn’t think there would be a way to live. I never thought there would be a way to recover. Lo and behold I did but that’s the last time it actually crossed my mind. And then today I kept wondering what it would feel like and thinking of how free I would feel if I just didn’t exist anymore. I don’t know why im sending this message honestly because I don’t want anything to happen because I sent the message ya know. I don’t want anything to change in the slightest but I just. Idk I guess communicate feelings? Just say something so im not holding it in anymore? Say that I love you so much and I can’t wait to be able to hug and cuddle and kiss and cry while you comfort me."
This message me fall more for her, it was the first time someone had been so honest and loving towards me. I come from a broken household where I was abused emotionally and didn't allow me to express my feelings safely. This caused me to be unable to process really well what I was feeling, and it really damaged my ability to communicate my emotions. We had both just gotten out of bad relationships and when we first started talking, one of the questions I asked her was "what are you looking for in a relationship?" And she wanted something long term and so was I. I made sure to say that communication was something I really love and wanted, something that really made me feel safe. I didn't get that in my childhood. I got it in the form of screaming and fights so I'm not really scared of confrontation or disagreements, but I can handle them calmly because of it now.
She's neurodivergent and has some ticks and ADHD and other things that would make her a difficult partner, but I comforted her best I could. After she sent me that message, I flew out (against my controlling parents' wishes) to see her and spent 3 weeks with her. She was in college at the time and was finishing her degree and I had just changed career paths from nursing to computer science because I loved coding more. The thought of creating something in code really makes me happy. We both had similar goals and ideas and saw a future together.
Once she finished her degree she moved back home and about a month later we talked seriously and she had mentioned how if the relationship was to move forward, we need to find a way to close the distance. I had enough money saved to move and my family situation had gotten really abusive the more independent and defiant I got towards the abuse.
I decided to take the leap of faith. I moved to a state near hers, about 30- or 40-minute drive because we had talked, and she wanted to move there since it was close-ish to home. During my stay with her the first time, she had a break down and opened up to me about how she might be using me to cope, those were her words. I comforted her and said I wasn't going anywhere but if she ever felt like she didn't love me anymore or that the relationship wasn't good for her, she could leave, I explained that it would be okay because then she wouldn't be with someone she didn't love and how that would not be fair for her or me in that scenario. A few months later, I was very vulnerable with her and told her how my greatest fear was someone not loving me anymore and leaving me for someone better, months had passed by this point, I think 2 and I opened up about my abuse and even how a teacher took advantage me sexually when I was in first grade and another time in college when a roommate placed their genitals on my face while I slept and took a video and photos (as a prank).
I had never told anyone that. She comforted me and I loved her for it. I had spent a month in the new state before she decided to break up with me. I was honestly having trouble adjusting, it was truly the first time I was alone and supposed to adult with no guidance, no one taught me anything or how people can take advantage of you. I found a job that paid 200 a week (it was 9 to 5) and had a job at GameStop that paid decently well but I didn't know how to manage money, and this was a big stressor for both of us. When I first moved there, she wasn't there to pick me up from the airport because she was busy having just moved in with her parents and there were 3 other occasions she would be "too tired" to drive up to see me, I didn't have a car or license because my parents weren't keen on teaching me or letting me try to drive so I never learned. Anyway, we started having more disagreements, small things like how she spent more time with her friends and we didn't get to see each other as often even though we were closer. I saw her maybe once a week or every two weeks. She stopped wanting to fall asleep on call because she felt weird and I explained that it was fine, I just liked it because it was nice seeing at least her name on screen when I woke up. It gave me comfort during a difficult time.
I remember when she was still studying and she had gotten really depressed and suicidal, I was worried and stayed with her on call until she fell asleep, I guess I gotten used to it. Fastforward and its been a month with me in this new state and I had used my money on her because she had driven so long to see me and I wanted to spoil her and show her how much I appreciated it. We got groceries and we had a talk in the car about what was happening and if I was lying about my money troubles. I explained that I wasn't lying but she then asked me if I had ever lied about anything and I said yes, small things like saying I'm okay when she asked because I knew she would be worried or some poems and things I sent her that quite frankly I passed off as my own. I wanted to impress her, and I couldn't communicate very well what I felt before but the poems and things I found online did and felt that it would be more special to her if it was something "I made". I see how dishonest it was now and how it was one of the many things I did that tipped over my relationship.
Eventually, on one of the few days I had off from work. I asked if we could meet and hang out, we hadn't done it in a week or two and I really wanted to. I asked to meet at a McDonald's that was nearby, and she tells me she doesn't love me anymore and my heart sank. She had already packed my things in a bag, they weren't a lot and after sitting in silence for a moment, we went to the car to get it. I hugged her and I still remember the details. It was 2 weeks before my birthday and she broke up with me at 1:30pm. I remember glancing at my phone and looking around, like I was in a bad dream.
I know I had done some stuff to push her away, I was too clingy and probably asked for too much. I remember asking her if she could send me a check in text once and while because I always checked in to see how she was doing around 12:00 midday and then later at 7 to remind her to take her meds because she had some problems remembering it.
Looking back, it was a lot to ask and shouldn't have. I simply wanted to feel like she cared, and she was getting more and more distant. She did it for two days and I never got them again. I also remember telling her about my past and my abuse and acting like it really didn't bother me because I didn't want her to think of me as a victim or feel bad. I feel so lost. After she broke up with me, I got into a really bad headspace and the landlord kicked me out so I was homeless and spent that way for months, struggling to cope with losing her and the things I had done wrong. I know I wasn't perfect but I tried, her birthday was 4 days after mine and I sent her happy birthday and she never responded but saw it. I found out that 3 days after we broke up she was telling everyone that she had moved on. She's been one of those people who don't stay single for long and I was scared, I was working on getting better and doing better. To work on my mental health, my trauma and communication, my toxic behaviors and clinginess but she found someone, and I was alone. I eventually got back on my feet, got an apartment and decided to jump back on the horse about 7 months later after that. I met this wonderful, amazing girl. She treats me like I begged her to and communicates with me like I wished her would because my ex would shut down and not talk to me about how she was feeling, I gave her the spaced she asked for but I'm sure I let my anxiety get the better of me and invaded that space which probably didn't help her.
But the girl I'm with is amazing. She is what I begged for, and I'm lost and drowning because my ex is still on my mind. When I started dating again, I thought I was over her but today I got curious and looked her up and she had posted. She has a Twitch and watching her smile and play games really brought back memories of how we used to be and how much I miss her and love her still.
I feel like shit because here is this amazing, wonderful person, we just moved in together and I feel like I could never love her like I did my ex. She doesn't know a lot about my past or my fears or my insecurities because I feel like those negative things about me were that tipped over my previous relationship, and I want to do better. I feel horrible because I feel like I don't truly love her, with my ex I felt it and knew it, but I don't see that kind of love or future with my current girlfriend.
I wish I was over her, I wish I didn't feel anything towards her so I could move on truly and build a life with this woman because she really makes me feel safe and loved and I try really hard to do the same and it seems like I have because she's told me everything and has opened up to me about things she hasn't told anyone and trust me entirely. I'm just... lost. I don't know what to feel but I feel so horrible, and she deserves better but now I'm again in a position where I've moved for someone, and they truly love me, but I feel scared to give myself fully again like that.
I feel scared to hurt her like my ex did. That pain she doesn't need to feel because I can't get my emotional shit together and move on from someone who didn't bother checking in or wishing me happy birthday or even bother to call me.
I don't know what to do. How does one move on, it's been a year. I feel like I should.
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2023.06.03 19:13 911ThatCrazedFangirl I feel trapped in my current job

I (22F) was hired while I was on my last year of college a year ago. It's a supervisory position with strong potential for more growth and I'm the youngest to have ever been hired in such a role. I have to admit I'm doing pretty damn great and the pay is above average.
However, the past few weeks, some things have changed up in management and we're being pretty overworked in my department. We're expected to do work not in our job description and we aren't being compensated well for it. Essentially, the company is growing at a rate we cannot sustain with the manpower we have and finance keeps saying we cannot justify hiring more people at this time.
Big as an achievement my being hired at such a position may be, I don't stand for this shit and I want to call it quits and move along. I'm confident I can find a job with better pay based on my skillset alone. The thing is, having a Bachelor's Degree is ridiculously important in my country (Philippines) when it comes to applying for a job.
I put a pause on my last semester of college because I wasn't functioning well on virtual classes (this was in 2021) so I didn't graduate. I was hired at my job because my boss (38M) doesn't look at educational attainment when he hires people; he looks at their skillset and potential, and we love him for that. Our department has a higher median salary range than others, and about 40% of us are hired full time with benefits, and don't hold a college degree.
Anyway, I want to apply to a new job, but can't because I don't have a college degree, so I'm stuck at my current job for at least another year or so while I get back to university and work at the same time to support myself. I'm just feeling really trapped right now and it has been very tempting to ride on the mass resignation train going on at work.
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2023.06.03 19:13 Lolindir_Surion SWGEmu Finance Update June 2023

The team has finally recovered some from our infrastructure move in January, and we decided it was time to review our finances in light of the new expenses related to our move.
As previously mentioned, we had a very nice deal from (about 60% off list price), which expired in November, and we were forced to find a new hosting provider. Our primary focus was to keep the project online and move to a provider with flexibility and high stability. We've managed to migrate successfully, and our systems are starting to stabilize.
Now as we look back, we are focusing on the survival of the project under these new circumstances. We ran a 12-month analysis of our costs (see below) and realized we have been running in the red too long. At this rate, the project would run out of funds by July!
In response to that, lordkator wrote a system for in-game pop-ups to remind active players about donations. This had a very positive impact, we received $3,080.00 in donations in May (200% over April).
However, since our move in December, lordkator has also carried some costs directly on his own personal account (TC-Prime, Sauron, Nova, Jenkins), so in reality, we're still a bit under water.
With this in mind, we decided to reduce the size of the server Finalizer runs on by 1/2 (ram and cpu), we made that change on May 3rd and while we're still waiting for all of May's costs to clear, we estimate we saved about $1,400.00 of cost.
Our estimates are if we can get our donations to about $2,500.00 we can move the rest of our services into the primary account. If we could hit $3,200.00 per month, we could move Finalizer back to a bigger server to help with lag and uptime.
The most striking result of our analysis is that in April, we had 2,352 active accounts playing on Finalizer. However, only 30 of them actually donated, and overall we averaged $0.43 (43 cents) per active account in donations.
We also launched an in-game survey for people who don't donate. The current results as of this post are as follows: [monospace] Count % Response 499 42% - I can't afford to donate. 187 15% - I'm just visiting. 180 15% - Don't know how to donate. 170 14% - I don't use paypal. 137 11% - Yes, but I don't want to donate. 1,173 100% - TOTAL [/monospace] These are distinct accounts, also, the survey updates automatically here each hour.
And last but saddest of all, our trailing 12-month financial analysis:
We are still whittling away at some costs, but the bulk of our costs are not fungible, and thus without community support, we will have to make more hard decisions, including shutting down some or all of our services.
Thank You
~SWGEmu Staff
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2023.06.03 19:12 dmontease Plumeria cutting, is there a way to safely break down sap sticking around growth?

Plumeria cutting, is there a way to safely break down sap sticking around growth?
It is ready to go, but there's some sap that seems to be restricting/clogging its ability to break there a safe solvent I could spritz? Currently misting a couple times a day to give it some relief, but I'm worried it'll run out of energy before it's developed roots and whatnot.
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2023.06.03 19:11 Forgotten_Bones Pious Sin: Sundering

The gloved hand wipes off a layer of dust from a machine older than her people. Behind her is the curator of this museum. He keeps an eye on the strange specimen of humanity. Arrived here a few weeks ago, wanting to learn more about not only her species but what happened to 'the human'. This place was filled with paraphernalia of the single most important event of not only his people, but the other two as well: The Sundering. The day that one became three. The two 'humans' move unlike each other. One moves with purpose with each step, almost mechanical and preserving energy. The other move with a motionless grace, their legs hidden under robes. The clicks of the curator's 'feet' echoes through the place. Today the museum is closed, the woman is here for a mix of business and pleasure.
"So... what is all this?" The old woman spoke, waving around a blue-steel right arm.
The Curator smiles, "Promotional material for the First Deep Space Colonial Fleet. Posters, panels, commercials, the apex of human's understand of mass manipulation for market value. Something our shorter cousins can learn from. Maybe then I will stop seeing naked people on my television." The disgust from the man was palatable.
The woman raises a brow, "Huh... so what's it all about? How is this 'fleet' important?"
He doesn't answer, instead walking forward to the next room. The old veteran rolls her eyes and follows the tall man. She's tall herself but this guy has a few feet on her. She moves into this next room and is presented with something that dominates the while room; three massive spaceship models. It was strange to see them, each one is dominating a corner of the room, the ceiling painted to show the proper scale of each ship. One of them looks a bit familiar. The man stands in the middle of the room and turns to the woman.
"The fleet in its glory! Minus a few hundred auxiliary frigates that supported each. We never found those ships... maybe they were cannibalized into the flag ships? Maybe they crashed and there are more human species? Who knows?" The man's mouthless face flexes into what should be a smile, "You're ship is that one, the smallest of the three. Matches your current population as well being the least of the three."
His long, four jointed finger points to the ship on the right. It was more of a gun than a ship from the looks of it. The familiar ship as well, she can guess what this means. The ship itself is labeled as a Centurian class warship, specifically a 'planet invasion' ship with drop pods for orbital bombardment of troops as well as some space fighter capabilities. More in-line with the idea of dropping troops on hostile planets to secure area for the other ships, the whole ship was manned by the United Sol Military, the USM, from various navies and armies. These are her ancestors... makes sense how she turned out. More advertisements for this ship, everything from guarantying citizenship on planets served on as well as more benefits for families. There is even a list of those that served on the ship. This scroll was something that drew her attention. The name at the top is know that she knows well. She tears her eyes away from that name, the curator standing behind her.
"Strange is it not? Looking at names deemed to be myths? Your people were born on that ship. Warriors in heritage, seeped into the very bones of your society and faith. Fascinating how much things change yet remain the same, no?"
The woman huffs, "And I assume the others...?" She points to the other two ships.
"Yeah, my people came from that one, Tycho's Pride. It is where I found most of these things and paid our more industrious cousins to reproduce for display. Originals are kept in the vaults below to protect them. They're value is beyond imagining and this place is a constant target of thieves." His smile seemed crueler now, "The final people, no matter how much they call themselves the 'first', were born on the largest of the fleet. Look at this gilded chariot! The Golden Bazaar! Oh, how I would give to walk in those automated halls and speak to the machines that stewarded so many of our people. Alas... the corruption of time, hubris, malice, and greed shaped us all into new forms."
The curator becomes lost in wistful thoughts and daydreams of a body less... taxing. The woman was told that this individual is an ancient soul, thousands of years old in fact. She's only in her fifties but felt like she lived a full life. Thousands of years seemed like torture. However, she looks at her metallic arm and understands that she might suffer the same fate given her own choices. She takes the moment to look at the ship of her people. There is no doubt, this was the Mountain, the resting place of this once mighty warship as it laid itself to a final rest. She was told it was a ship but seeing it in its former glory was something else. A weapon of war... much like the people that call the place holy now. It's a strange thing to learn about your past, the half-truths made into myth. The Curator soon twirls around, gazing down on the old soldier with hungry eyes.
"Now... I do ask for some questions. Why are you curious about this part of the past?"
"Hmm? Oh, right. I just... well... I found something. Just a reference to something. What does Terra mean to you?"
The man's eyes widen as he leans into the veteran's face, "... Terra? Earth? Birthplace of humanity. What did you find?"
She pulls out her speculum, a device that his people created with the other species to link up their augmented reality with the reality of those unaugmented. The man's head twists and tilts as he reads the words. A location? To an archive unknown to him!? His heart rate sky rockets as the marks on his skin, once unlit and dull, start burning a vibrant purple. He plucks the device and looks at it closely, scrolling though the words. The veteran smirks.
"Looking for a sponsor for an expedition to that planet. Seems like there's a lot of... work that might need to be done."
The creature that is the Curator looks at the soldier species of Man, "How much money do you need?"
"Enough for food, gas, and ammunition."
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2023.06.03 19:11 Odd_Pixie Is there tech available to help manage ADHD deficits?

I am wondering if you think there is a possibility that technology can help us manage different aspects of our struggles with ADHD?
Might there be some existing or emergent technology that could be adapted to help manage our deficits?
I was officially diagnosed earlier this year with combined type ADHD. I had a full psychoeducational assessment done which was enlightening and drew attention to my poor working memory, and slow processing speed.
I also realize I have some severe time blindness, which I have tried to manage my whole life with digital calendars and alarms which only work if I remember to use them and don't lose my device or forget to charge it. But half the time I remember to use them (on my phone), I am distracted by a text message or a notification for something.
So I guess I sometimes wish there was a watch or something which would vibrate at some set time interval, and pulse twice for on the hour and once on the half hour. But then I'd also want to be able to adjust the interval easily. And, wouldn't it also be cool if it was a Fidget toy which charged the battery while you fidgetted with it?
So that's where my questions come from.
-Is there anyone else out there who has a wish list for gadgets that would help manage their ADHD?
-What would you ask for or which aspect would you want help with?
-Is there existing tech you know about or currently use?
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2023.06.03 19:10 throwawayakuza1 How to create and persist browser sessions in db with new app dir?

Long time Node + React developer here learning Nextjs for the first time and starting with 13.4.
I’m rebuilding some of my old MERN projects in Nextjs but currently stuck on an e-commerce app.
I need to use req.session of unauthenticated customers during the checkout process and via chat ( tried to in database)
Previously I used express-session to handle persisting session cookies in my mongodb sessions collection but I’m unable to figure this out with Next.
I have tried next-session but doesn’t seem to have support for 13/new app dir.
How can I implement this workflow or is there an alternative method I’m unaware of?
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2023.06.03 19:09 SalimHakeem Abandoned as a Transfer Student

I'm writing to share the deeply frustrating and disheartening experience I've had as a transfer student at my current university. I am facing multiple challenges stemming from the unprofessional conduct of a specific professor, which has been exacerbated by the lack of support from faculty members. Additionally, I received misguided advice from Dean Ozment, further complicating my financial situation. I'm reaching out in the hope of finding guidance, support, or advice from those who have faced similar challenges.
To provide some context, I recently had to contact a professor from another section of my class to rectify an issue with my final assignment. Despite meeting all the requirements and having confirmation from various sources, the professor continuously disputed my concerns until I cited the rubric. It was only then that the professor reluctantly made the necessary corrections. However, their behavior turned rude and retaliatory, resulting in the deduction of points from old assignments, some of which were before the withdrawal period. This unprofessional conduct has put me in an incredibly difficult situation, jeopardizing my academic standing and future prospects. Despite seeking assistance from faculty members, I have encountered indifference and referrals that fail to address the issue effectively. On a side note, my actual professor, whom I met with multiple times, assured me that my grades were final and that if there were any issues with prior assignments, they would have been addressed during the semester.
However, there appears to be a significant miscommunication between the professor from a different section and my actual professor. Despite my prior submissions being accepted and reviewed by multiple teaching assistants, points were deducted without valid justification. I have taken additional steps to address this issue. I have reached out to the ombudsman and emailed the relevant individuals, but unfortunately, I have not received any responses. The lack of communication and support adds to my frustration and leaves me feeling unheard and abandoned.
Compounding my frustrations, Dean Ozment advised me to change my major to cognitive science drop my summer classes, and enroll in just one class over the summer. Unfortunately, I later discovered that financial aid does not cover the costs of a single class. This conflicting information has placed significant financial strain on me, leaving me uncertain about the best way to proceed. It is disheartening to receive guidance that exacerbates the challenges I am already facing.
As a transfer student, I had hoped for a smooth transition and a supportive academic environment. However, my experiences have left me feeling disheartened, abandoned, and isolated. The lack of willingness among faculty members to assist me has forced me to navigate these difficulties alone.
I want to stress the urgency of this matter, as the consequences of the professor's actions are already impacting my academic standing. It is disheartening to feel let down by the very faculty members who should be dedicated to fostering a fair and supportive learning environment.
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2023.06.03 19:09 Darthgusss Entry level Wildland Firefighting position

We're looking for those interested in starting a career as a Wildland Firefighter in the state of Washington.
We currently have entry level Wildland Firefighter positions open for the 23' wildland season in the PNW. A little bit more about this job:
We are a privately contracted with USSA insurance and we deploy our units to major wildland fire incidents across the country. -During peak season(May-September) were on call 10 hours a day/7 days a week. As long as you're within a two hour call back time to our station. We train once a week to keep sharp. - When called to a fire, you're on the clock the moment you leave your house. Most assignment can go from 2 weeks to a month depending on the severity of the fire. On a fire you're working anywhere from 14-16 hours a day(some 24 hour shifts when it's really kicking) - Hotels and per diem are provided when on assignment - We have great benefits packages that include great insurance, PTO, 401k, advanced training stipend(EMT courses provided by our company whe you're with us for a certain amount of time) and boot stipend.
This job is great for those that love the outdoors, those looking to get their foot in the door into the fire service.
If you're interested please DM me as there is a process to applying. We're looking to fill spots quickly as summer is around the corner.
Please contact Gustavo Rivera at [email protected] or 8186331030 for more information.
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2023.06.03 19:09 LadyStormLove TIFU..How I Lost my LOVE LIFE in One Weekend...

MR. L: (STBXH) 20yrs known/7yrs married (3yrs separated) father of my only child. Contentious but now amicable. Love of my old life.
MR. A: Current BF of 2.5 yrs (now ex, because of me), wonderful, fantastic, love of my new life. Amazing.
STORY: My kid's HS grad weekend. Everything is wonderful, MR. L and I are getting along, everyone family flew in. Everything is happy. Nostalgic and bittersweet. Good times. Drinking involved.
After all events, sit down with MR. L in our former home, drinking and talking, more drinking, and laughs reminiscing, about our lives together, pending divorce, our kid, etc...
At some point, things get heavy, hugging, kissing, then a handjob attempt, stopped before things escalated. No other sexual acts. We both realized we can't do this. Won't replace all the hurt, anger, pain of the past....need to focus on the next chapter of our lives..more hugging and then crying... mourning the end of our marriage, peace, etc.....MR. L flies out next morning...gone...
Now, later, the next day. Still drunk (been drinking all weekend) I realize I fucked up with STBXH. Inappropriate very much so, im still "intact" though..
Panic...texted MR. A, to confess. Unavailable. Wait. Get reply from MR. A, drunkenly but im able to text ok..., tell my sins with MR. L, my talks with MR. L., how I am now able to move on with MY LIFE (I know MR. A took this out context to mean my life alone w/o him) I'm finishing the divorce papers and getting the house. I can't ask him to understand, but I felt powerful, so I took that power. I got closure. I knew I needed to tell him everything immediately, I love him, but made a mistake...just this one time, it's just for me (meaning pls excuse this just for me), but MR. A, I know prob misunderstood my whole text as selfish (I was) and no remorse (I am soo very remorseful and regret)...I reread my texts later, sober, I sound so out of character...MR. A was probably shocked....
So, ofc no response, blocked, ghosted dumped by MR. A. and now we are up to the present... I have been sending messages, I have anxiety attacks. Silence. Nothing. I lost MR. A. 😞
Don't know what to do, but I have not drank since then (11 days now) Can't entirely blame the alcohol, but definitely a factor, I always been a heavy drinker..but I need to be accountable for my actions...thats why this is on my main account..not a throwaway...yup. FML. I know its drama...
TL;DR...Alcohol and careless/reckless behavior cost me a great love. Now I'm alone...
Edit 1: Haven't seen/rarely spoken to MR.L in almost 3yrs (lives in another state) he came only for the grad.. really think we got swept up in our kid's graduation and kid being all grown up now. So it was emotional....
MR.A left state 3 months ago, to another state, we was trying the LDR thing with us...
Edit 2: Most told me to take it to my grave. Yes, maybe. But I rob MR. A of choice, then everything would be a lie. I love him to tell the truth, I thought honesty would at least get me audience with MR. A to discuss, even to end it. But ghosting was his choice.
Edit 3: Women forgive more than Men, though I hope one day MR. A can forgive me. This is not a repeat pattern of behavior for me. This is a one time mistake. My gaurd was down, due to long past history with MR. L, and the milestone for our kid. Getting the divorce finalized (been filed over a year ago) will be the final tie cut.
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