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A subreddit dedicated to the worship of Blood Falcon, Infinite Lord of the Outer Realms of the CPUCS

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Subreddit for HBO's Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon”.

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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2023.06.09 09:21 Barnacleicecreaman Poorly drawn The amazing world of gumball creepy pasta I made

The amazing world of Gumball lost episode
(Poorly written and rushed on road trip
Tawog last episode: the possessed
I remember watching Gumball one night before bed ending up falling asleep to it woke up to a loud scream on the tv the screen showed:
Gumball woke up one night at 5:00 wondering where Darwin was he looked all over then he checked under the bunk bed there was a skeleton Gumball screamed but noticed that the skeleton was the shape of Darwin Gumball didn’t know what happend he heard a knock at the door he went to go check but he heard a foot step at the stairs he looked behind him and a knife stabbed through the door stabbing him right in his left lung as gumball was suffering he wondering why his parents were not there (still bleeding and crying) he saw a letter at the door that said t h e y l e f t y o u gumball cried more but the town was empty the road has blood every where he blacked out and died due to his blood lost
I was scared and wondering why would they put this on the tv the screen cut to black for a good 6 minutes with a engine noise it cut to Anais locked in a car going off a river the car was slowly sinking with nobody in it the car kept on sinking then filling up Anais standed on one of the seats but she didn’t make it and drowned
At this point wondering if this was real but then I Nicole buried alive a bomb was strapped on her neck she started to suffocate and she passed out but suddenly she woke up looks down and noticed the bomb was at 60 seconds she started trying to break the coffin but then a bunch of maggots started getting on her and getting in her ears and nose she cried and then the bomb went off right where Richard was about to save her Richard also got blown up to then the episode ended
I still wonder if that episode was real I went to my tv the next morning and turned on cartoon net work it only said. “This network has been hijacked” in red text I never went in tv again just went to Theaters and YouTube
████████╗██╗░░██╗███████╗ ███████╗███╗░░██╗██████╗░ ╚══██╔══╝██║░░██║██╔════╝ ██╔════╝████╗░██║██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░███████║█████╗░░ █████╗░░██╔██╗██║██║░░██║ ░░░██║░░░██╔══██║██╔══╝░░ ██╔══╝░░██║╚████║██║░░██║ ░░░██║░░░██║░░██║███████╗ ███████╗██║░╚███║██████╔╝ ░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝╚══════╝ ╚══════╝╚═╝░░╚══╝╚═════╝░
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2023.06.09 09:21 -Rebel-502- NIRVANA CAME TO MY CITY YESTERDAY

yesterday nirvana came and played at my local civic center and kurt cobain did a singing before dave grol did a drumming and kris novelsielik did a bass and the they did lots of music and the the aduince did a clap they did a smells like teen spirirt and then a polly and the everyone got happy and sed "SLaay" and the spirit of the nirvana came out of the fiery pits of hell and the spirit of nirvana brought satan as a plus 1 and brought sum lean and everyon sipped sizzurp and kurt cobain did a music then i bought a shirt and everyone at the show sighned it even the audince members then i did some xnancax and had a good time and went to woodstock and nirvana followed me then they invited me to play at woodstack with them so i got on stage and played the accordian and did sum coke and then i went home but the spirit of nirvana followed me home with satan as a plus 1 and then i smoked crack and screamed then kurt cobain said "begone with you evil spirit in the name of the lord the son and the holy spirit jesus christ i banish the back to once you came" and the spirit of nirvana was like ok and then i did sum bathsalts and hit the bong and went to sleep the next day i woke up and huffed sum gas and went to visit kurt cobain we played mario kart 8 on the nintendo switch "purchase now at your local game stop or wallmart" and then i did a lil meth and gave kurt a handshake then i went to gamestop with kurt and i did sum molly and then i bough animal crossing and sum LSD and shrooms and DXM at the same time and then kurt was like "i gotta go i forgot we were on tour" and he said goodbye and flew to the next city THE END
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2023.06.09 09:21 TempesT_0021 Blood shall reign (M4F medieval high fantasy rp, adv. Lit)

She was the first of her kind, the first child born with both mortal and divine blood flowing through her veins. Her mother was Nyx, the goddess of the night and moon while her father had been a talented amd ambitious sorcerer. Their love was forbidden and the gods tried to force Nyx to turn her back on the mortal, Nyx adamantly refused and eventually gave birth to a daughter.
As the child grew so did her power, reluctantly the gods had little choice but to acknowledge her amd so the time came for her to be tested. They wished to see whether she was worthy of taking her place amongst them, they believed she woukd be honoured but they neglected to take into account the mortal side of her. Why should she live amongst those that considered her less? She had the power to claim the mortal world and rule it as her own kingdom.
Turning her back on her divinity, Mephala sort to take control of the mortal world and shape it in her image. Sure the mortal races would resist but she would bring them to heel. She created a new type of sorcery, a sorcery using blood. She gathered followers and taught them this vile sorcery, granting power to those not lucky enough to born with magic and creating the first blood shamans. Her acolytes weren't enough and she would need an army, one she found within a primal group of orcs. With her blood sorcery she corrupted and changed them, creating the first Urai.
Within the ranks of the Urai, she choose the strongest amd twisted them even more, these would become the blood marked. With everything in order, she brought war and started with the continent of Elythia. Divided, the mortal races were quick to be overwhelmed and driven to the brink of defeat. It was only when they banded together that they managed to resist, heroes arose and blessed by the gods themselves they were able to to eventually defeat and vanquish Mephala. They believed that defeatimg Mephala would cause her forces to collapse and they were partly right, her followers scattered and her armies fled and disbanded but she was a corruption. Whilst her physical form perished, her influence remained, at least in secret it did.
1500 years passed, history became legend and the world moved on.....
But fate would show the people of Elythia that sometimes such things couldn't be forgotten and that some powers don't stay buried.
Hey there and thanks for reading this long. Currently I'm looking to start a new Role play set in the world that I have started to create. It is a medieval high fantasy world, think dungeons and dragons style. I'm looking for a partner 21+ that enjoys world building and character development, one that is happy to throw in their own ideas to not only develop the story but the world as well. Ideally I would love to create a story that combines action, adventure, drama and romance. As for roles, well I have nothing set in mind and so an oc could be anything, open to almost ideas. Please know that I only use discord, third person and looking for a partner that writes at around the adv. Lit level. Thank you amd feel free to send a message if this interests you.
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2023.06.09 09:21 lohlah8 One week post op from ankle surgery (unknown what kind) is it normal for pain to be worse now? (dog also jumped on it yesterday)

I usually know surgery names and terms but this one has stumped me so apologies for not knowing the term. I had a non union fracture of the calcaneus (I think? Was talus fracture initially) where they took the bone that didn’t join back with my ankle out of my body.
I wasn’t in too much pain after surgery, but a week out today (non-weight bearing for another week) my foot started to hurt really bad. I’m also worried because my large dog jumped onto my foot when I was laying in bed yesterday. I don’t know if the pain is from that or the natural progression of recovery.
Today was also the first day that my foot wasn’t aligned with my knee or above for the majority of the day, so I don’t know if increased blood flow might be the culprit?
Any thoughts on whether this is normal or if my dog messed my ankle up more?
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2023.06.09 09:21 lordhista Lord of the Breaking Ring

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2023.06.09 09:19 Straight_Beautiful30 “Normal” test results with GI issues and no explanation

I am (17) Female, 5’7, 165lb, and am currently being treated for moderate upper stomach pain and nausea along with other symptoms. These symptoms all started around a month ago and have been progressively getting worse. These symptoms include: night cold sweats, more regular bowel movements (no diarrhea), pain worsens with food but gets especially bad with plain water, I have not been eating much as I am worried about pain but haven’t lost weight that would normally occur, bad acid reflux with vomit entering my esophagus and mouth but not out, I have also been dealing with severe day time fatigue, but I have also seen my insomnia get much worse (not going to bed until 6-8am), and have been experiencing some chills since the past few days. I have not had a temperature above 99.4 F, I haven’t had any blood in my stool or urine and I have not vomited. I am currently on sucralfate 1000 mg 4 times a day, 40mg of omeprazole 1 time per day, and 20mg of famotidine twice a day. I have an ultrasound and upper endoscopy scheduled but have gotten no explanation as to why my blood results are what they are. I understand that these things are mostly still in range but it must be pointing to something even if it’s in its early stage. I have added my blood results that were taken this past Monday as well as ones taken in December for reference. I also want to note that during the blood test on 6/05/23 I was on blood thinners for treating a few clots I have. Please also note that the current conditions I am also being treated for in status migrainosus since November, and possible POTS and EDS that I am being seen for next month! The other tests I got besides blood were H. Pylori which came back negative and fecal Calprotectant that was 128.7
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2023.06.09 09:17 mmmmmmiiiiii Jam-packed 2Q23, butas din ang bulsa 😅😅😅

Jam-packed 2Q23, butas din ang bulsa 😅😅😅
Any new games you guys excited about? Lies of P (Sept 19)
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2023.06.09 09:17 FranzSydney Hatred from homosexuals in the month of June

Frankly, although in the past I had homosexual relationships, today in present times I am a follower of Jesus Christ of whom is the ultimate love of my life.
I was in my youth misled, but at age 20; The Lord Jesus Christ was gracious in granting unto me the truth and goodness of his eternal love. I can attest with utmost sincerity that I literally have met Jesus Christ, body and spirit in the blessed sacrament.
He healed me of my infirmities, my psychological illnesses, my physical illnesses. I had damage to my body from cross-sex hormones of which I experimented with. Christ literally healed my wounds. I have gained full fertility and hormonal function.
I had a profoundly positive spiritual experience in which someone very close to me was filled with the holy spirit and was drawn to pray for the first time in years;
Conversely, I spoke with a former lover on the phone. He mentioned his lack of peace. I talked about the immense joy and love that Christ has bestowed in my life. He responded with such perverse hatred, and started talking about my own past sexual traumas in an almost erotic fashion? Clearly with the intention of harming me.
Nonetheless, Christ conquered death, I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ; I will give my life unto him and I thank him for the many gifts I have received. And we should not let our enemy dare disturb our peace.
I share this story to give context unto the sorts of interactions that people have with this topic granted it is frequently discussed on christian internet circles.
Although speaking about Jesus to those with same sex attraction, is something challenging. How can we best help our brothers and sisters, in leading them to wholesome fellowship.
God bless you all, have a lovely corpus Christi weekend
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2023.06.09 09:15 DemiNep Never understood the harsh critique of Engage's cast

Throughout the months, the general consensus of Engage has been that it has a mediocre story and cast while having astounding gameplay. While I agree on the narrative and gameplay front, I respectfully disagree with the notion that Engage's characters are "bad" or that there's "nothing to see." I feel that, outside of personal preference, this is an absurd dismissal of the character writing presented in Engage to which I believe is a good set of characters.
I'm not comparing the cast to other characters. I am merely wanting to talk about them as they are.
There's many characters I can think of who have great supports that I can recall off the top my head. Sure, they might not be something that always goes into their past or the history surrounding Elyos, but it shows us more of the character which is the whole purpose of supports.
Louie being a good-nature guy who puts the comfort of his allies above himself.
Framme's inquisitive nature regarding Elyos's history and wanting to change it for the better.
Fogado's façade in order to bolster the Sentinel's morale and to hide his fear of losing everything and everyone he holds dear to the war.
Kagetsu's simple yet naïve desire to have friends and connect with them while getting used to the customs of the other nations.
Diamant's struggle to follow his father's legacy while wanting to bring about his own, more peaceful change to Brodia despite many other Brodian lords seeing this war as an opportunity for more land and profit.
Hortensia as a whole
There are more supports that I can think of, but I'd rather go for the more unique characters you don't hear much about and I'd rather not type a whole essay. I still have some supports left to see, but it's clear from what I've seen that this cast is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. They are a fun and enjoyable cast of characters that are just a joy to behold.
I think the player-phase only support points along with some of the C supports help to mold this viewpoint of the cast and spread it as a blanket that covers the whole cast when it really doesn't.
Course, this is my own opinion and without taking account of personal preferences. If you didn't like them, you didn't, simple and shut. I just can't agree with the cast being bad or among the worst in all of Fire Emblem.
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2023.06.09 09:12 Dayaram98 #GodKabir_Comes_In_All_4Yugas

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2023.06.09 09:12 Nervous_Minimum_2026 The Malfoys befriend the golden trio for the benefits

It could start with Lucius realizing that Harry Potter is one of the most popular and influential people in all of the wizarding world, which means being on good terms with him would only help to strengthen their influence and reach.
So the Malfoys upon hearing from Draco about his interactions with Harry and his friends decide to take him aside and have a serious discussion about his actions and relationship with Harry.
While Lucius would hope that Harry would someday regard Draco as a best friend, he'd also understand that wasn't something that could be guaranteed considering Draco's past actions. But honestly even just being considered a close friend with Harry would still be a boon for the Malfoys.
As such Lucius would make it abundantly clear that Draco would not only need to apologize to Harry and his friends and build a friendship with them but he'd also need to keep all his prejudices and controversial opinions behind closed doors.
Draco could use the fact that he and Harry are related as a tool to soften Harry up to the idea of giving Draco a chance. He could then use introducing Harry to his family history as a foundation to build their relationship upon.
Further built upon Draco extending his attempt to build a good friendship towards Harrys best friends Ron and Hermione (the two people who are most important to convince if he wants his friendship with Harry to work). He could not only go out of his way to also spend time with them but also use his familys wealth and resources to help influence a positive opinion.
Of course Malfoy and Narcissa would have to play their parts as well. Such as Lucius no longer going out of his way to antagonize the Weasleys (though im sure Ron and Harry's getting close to the Malfoys would definitely ruffle Arthur's feathers lol)
Along the way Draco begins to think of the golden trio as his friends. And while he does change for the better (like his opinions on half-bloods and muggleborns), he still has some opinions that would be frowned upon (such as his opinions about Hagrid, and muggles just in general)
Perhaps the Malfoys come to genuinely care about Harry over time, something that would make it all the more complicated when Voldemort returns. Because while they might care about Harry, I dont think that means Lucius and Narcissa would be willing to stand against Voldemort for him, unless one of their own are directly in danger. After all doing to would put their family's lives at risk (and if nothing else the Malfoys do genuinely love each other).
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2023.06.09 09:11 8ball-J I can’t get over a bad memory… (Rant)

I’m going to keep this as short as I can.
This past New Years, I (M23) and my roommates hosted a New Years party. A ton of people came, drank, and had a civil good time. Many people drank a lot so they stayed over. We had no problem with that.
Around 4AM, both of my roommates were gone to bed and I was up chatting with some of my friends there. It was calm. Until one guy comes to me and says there’s a problem.
My next door neighbor, whom id just met that night, had been approaching a girl in very unwanted, explicit ways that could be labeled as sexual harassment. Since I was the only one awake and in charge, I had to deal with it.
I attempted to kick him out. He was drunk and wouldn’t listen. I got more stern with him. He wouldn’t listen. Claimed that my roommate (who owns the house) didn’t mind him being there. I told him I don’t care, he’s asleep and he’s gotta listen to me.
This kind of back and forth went on and on. Things got a bit heated and we were probably a good 30 seconds away from a brawl before I decided to just call the cops. He got angered by this and that got him to leave in a very aggressive and loud way.
The cops showed up 6 hours later.
Anyway, the point I’m telling this story is because for some reason, this event occasionally keeps me up at night thinking “I should have beat him up. I could’ve taken him. Why didn’t I? I really wish I did.” And the fact I didn’t makes me feel weak.
However, I know in God’s eyes I probably did the right thing since he left and no one got hurt and I did not insult him or anything. After all, when all this went down I was wearing a “Jesus Loves You” shirt.
Still, for some reason that night haunts me with the what-ifs. I’m not a fighter, and I don’t want to fight him, but my blood boils when I think about what happened. (I have not spoken to my neighbor since, he apparently wanted to apologize to me, but never made the initiative.)
Tonight is one of those nights. Please pray for me.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 09:10 Mundane-Turnover-913 Rebooking/Predicting WWE World Heavyweight champions (2002-2028)

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2023.06.09 09:10 actuk 2022 - Beau-Séjour Bécot

98-100 Vinous - Antonio Galloni
The 2022 Beau-Séjour Bécot has a bit more Cabernet Franc than most years, which comes through immediately in the wine's aromatic profile. Dark, rich and expressive., the 2022 is seriously impressive. Crushed flowers, herbs, mint, blood orange and red-toned fruit all build into a sumptuous, majestic finish that just explodes on the back end. The 2022 is one of the very finest editions of Beau-Séjour Bécot I can remember tasting. It is a great, great wine.
96-98 WA - William Kelley
With the 2022 Beau-Séjour Bécot, this estate has taken another step up the ranks in Saint-Émilion, producing a wine of breathtaking perfume and harmony that will be worth a special effort to seek out. Wafting from the glass with aromas of wild berries, violets, lilac, raw cocoa and forest floor, it's medium to full-bodied, seamless and complete, with an ample and enveloping core of weightless fruit, beautifully powdery tannins and a long, saline, resonant finish. Recently planted massale selection Cabernet Franc is now producing meaningful yields at this address, so this cépage now represents 22% of the blend, complemented by 2% Cabernet Sauvignon and the balance Merlot. The team harvested only in the mornings, picking Merlot from 5-18 September and Cabernet from 13-23 September, sub-block by sub-block.
96 - Jane Anson
This has double the amount of Cabernet Franc in the blend as of this year after vineyard restructuring, and the chalkiness of the limestone helps underline the curling peony and violet floral character on the opening beats, balancing the intensity of the vintage. Plenty of blueberry and damson fruit, with bitter cocoa bean and coffee, saffran and smoked dried herbs. Highly successful. No irrigation, instead used cover crops, and reduced the height of the canopy by 15cm to limit the transevaporation. Cold maceration for 10-15 days, 55% new oak, 30% oak casks, and amphoras. Jean de Cournuaud technical director. 33hl/h yield after frost impact, harvest September 5 to 23. The new cellar will be ready for the end of August for the 2023 vintage.

What are the thoughts on this?
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2023.06.09 09:08 Gots2KatchEmAll Red eyes

I’ve been drinking for a long time, and I’ve recently stopped and started the long run. So as title says
Will my eyes ever go back to being white and full of life? Or will I always have the blood shot red eyes
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2023.06.09 09:07 Straight_Beautiful30 “Normal” test results with GI issues and no explanation

“Normal” test results with GI issues and no explanation
I am (17) Female, 5’7, 165lb, and am currently being treated for moderate upper stomach pain and nausea along with other symptoms. These symptoms all started around a month ago and have been progressively getting worse. These symptoms include: night cold sweats, more regular bowel movements (no diarrhea), pain worsens with food but gets especially bad with plain water, I have not been eating much as I am worried about pain but haven’t lost weight that would normally occur, bad acid reflux with vomit entering my esophagus and mouth but not out, I have also been dealing with severe day time fatigue, but I have also seen my insomnia get much worse (not going to bed until 6-8am), and have been experiencing some chills since the past few days. I have not had a temperature above 99.4 F, I don’t have any blood in my stool or urine, and I have not vomited. I am currently on sucralfate 1000 mg 4 times a day, 40mg of omeprazole 1 time per day, and 20mg of famotidine twice a day. I have an ultrasound and upper endoscopy scheduled but have gotten no explanation as to why my blood results are what they are. I understand that these things are mostly still in range but it must be pointing to something even if it’s in its early stage. I have added my blood results that were taken this past Monday as well as ones taken in December for reference. I also want to note that during the blood test on 6/05/23 I was on blood thinners for treating a few clots I have. Please also note that the current conditions I am also being treated for in status migrainosus since November, and possible POTS and EDS that I am being seen for next month! I was tested for H. Pylori and it came back negative and my fecal calprotectant was 128.7! Please feel free to ask any questions and I will take any input/advice!
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2023.06.09 09:06 allives1028 For the [Creative Arena] event - Astraia Sipra and Achlys Alice Line-up building explanation, heroes review, and beginner guide

For the [Creative Arena] event - Astraia Sipra and Achlys Alice Line-up building explanation, heroes review, and beginner guide

Introduction: Your favorite writer (or not) is back for another guide post about the latest two new heroes in MLA, Sipra and Legendary Alice. I will focus more on Sipra though since as of writing, the Legendary Alice is limited for free-to-play players and only has it at 8-star on average so Soul vessels and other features aren’t unlocked yet. Meanwhile, many players have Sipra at 9-star on average which means those who participate in this current mirage event have her soul vessels unlocked.
Let’s review Sipra’s skills first: (read TL;DR for the summary and you may skip the long descriptions)
TL;DR: Her ultimate skill makes her summon a support hero. Her passive reduces a random enemy’s attack. And her active skills makes her summon a common support character and provides buff like energy regen, cc immune, and atk plus def buff.
Astral Wish Ultimate
Sipra summons a support hero who inherits 100% of basic attributes from her and fights for 30s. While casting this skill, Sipra is immune to charm. Only 1 support hero can exist at the same time, during which Sipra cannot use her Ultimate.
Lv.2: The support hero acquires 300 points of Initial Energy when coming out.
Lv.3: The support hero acquires 400 points of Initial Energy when the arrive.
Lv.4: The support hero acquires 500 points of Initial Energy when the arrive.
Help at Hand Skill
Summons a common support character for 12s, who inherits 100% basic attack and 50% basic HP from Sipra. Up to 3 common support characters can exist at the same time.
Lv.2: Allows the common support character to can an Ultimate when they arrive.
Lv.3: Increases inherited HP to 60%.
Lv.4: Increases inherited HP to 70%.
Aiding Chant Skill
When there's a support hero, all support heroes and support characters gain 30% attack and defense, stacking up to 3 times.
When there's no support hero, Sipra gains 200 points of Energy.
Lv.2: If there are no support heroes, Sipra gains immunity to control effects while casting the skill. If there are support heroes, Sipra grants support heroes and support characters immunity to most control effects while casting the skill.
Lv.3: Increases Energy that Sipra gains to 300 points.
Lv.4: Increases Energy that Sipra gains to 400 points.
Elven Acumen Passive
Debuff Buff
Every time a support hero deals a total of 600% attack damage, Sipra reduces a random enemy's attack by 30% for 6s, stacking up to 3 times.
Lv.2: Every time a support hero deals a total of 600% attack damage, Sipra reduces a random enemy's attack by 30% for 6s, stacking up to 3 times.
Lv.3: Increases Damage Increase to 35% and Attack Reduction to 35%.
Lv.4: Increases Damage Increase to 40% and Attack Reduction to 40%.
Skills review: What is weird about Sipra is that she is a support hero that more on supports her own support heroes and characters summoned than allies. Her passive is great though despite it being random and her summoning heroes is also random. This makes her heavily RNG need to be favored and thus in PVE like camp, expect to retry a lot.
Soul Vessel, Orlay, Gems
(you may skip to TL;DR too)
TL;DR: SV reduces the dmg output of enemy while increases dmg of ally based on highest atk. Also gives dmg reduction to support heroes and characters. Orlay gives Sipra shield and damage-triggered energy regen. Gems give shield to an ally whenever she ults and provides healing.
Wishing Crystal Soul Vessel
Dodge: 30% HP: 22% Attack: 20% Defense: 24%
LV0: Soul skill: Crystal Gleam
Support heroes gain Soul Skill bonuses. The bonus level is decided by that of Sipra’s Soul Vessel
LV10: Support heroes and support characters gain 50% Damage Reduction when coming out, which decays by 10% every 5s.
LV20: At the start of the battle, reduces the damage of the enemy with the highest attack by 40% and increases the damage of the ally with the highest attack by 40% for 8s.
LV30: At the start of the battle, reduces the damage of the enemy with the highest attack by 80% and increases the damage of the ally with the highest attack by 80% for 8s.
Orlay: Romantic Benefactor - Pyxis’ Guide
O3: Support heroes gain Orlay Skill bonuses. The bonus level is decided by that of Sipra’s Orlay Skill
O6: Sipra gains a shield equal to 50% of her Max HP and has Damage-triggered Energy Regen when the shield is active.
O9: Sipra gains a shield equal to 100% of her Max HP and has Damage-triggered Energy Regen when the shield is active.
Glory Gems - Spirit Class
200pts: Heart of Solace - When casting the Ultimate, adds a shield equal to 300% attack to the ally with the lowest HP, the shield lasts 8s (can stack)
400pts: Spell of Healing - Increases the healing effect by 3.5% every 5s in battle, stacking up to 5 times.
600pts: Heart of Sanctity - Gains 4.3% Extra HP, 4.7% Extra attack, 4.7% Extra defense
800pts: Arrival of Holy Light - When the ultimate is cast, selects the area where the most allied heroes stand to restore their HP by 60% attack and deals damage equal to 60% attack to all enemies in the same area. Has a 20s cooldown once triggered.
Summary: To be fair, her Glory gems makes her support her allies more now at least. SV10 and SV20 effects are good power spikes. Orlay 6 effect is also a powerspike. Gem 1 is also a powerspike. So I’d say her minimum investments will be around SV10/20 which are both quite easy to do, orlay 6, and then just 1 gem for 200pts. SV30/O9 gives more spike of course but other heroes might also need those investments. I’ll prioritize investments on Silvanna, Selena, Pharsa, and Clara first before Sipra to name a few.

First line-up: Triple A plus Pharvex comp
Triple A coz Legendary Alice is AAlice xD and Sipra is Astraia. Pharsa is a great partner with Sipra because of Sipra’s SV20 effect synergizes with Pharsa’s Crow Feathers and ultimate skill.
Crow Feathers Skill
Pharsa lets the Crow fly in the air when the battle starts. The Crow attacks a random enemy once every 3 seconds, dealing damage equal to 150% Attack and silencing them for 0.5s.
Lv.2: For each allied hero whose current Attack is higher than their base Attack, the Crow gains 10% Damage Increase and 10% more Attack Speed.
Feather Storm Ultimate
Pharsa temporarily gains Attack equal to 25% of the total Attack of all allied heroes, dealing damage equal to 140% of the Attack to random enemies 4 times one by one.
Lv.2: For each allied hero whose current Attack is higher than their base Attack, Pharsa deals damage 1 more time.
TL;DR: The attack buff is amplified.
Argus is the choice of tank and Vexana is also here because this is intended for Dark Tower. This means the other team’s core will be Selena plus Lylia with Clara support which balances the core-support distribution.


2nd Line-up: Fanny Sipra jokes to sleepers
Get the pun in the line-up name? xD Odette core here since the other Light tower team will be Silvanna plus Mecha Layla. Natalia supports Odette too with her hypnosis while Uranus is the choice of tank ‘til the player already has a decent second copy of Silvanna.

3rd Line-up: Sipra is camping with supports
Camp line-up cores and structures are already established like Odette-Lylia, Esme-Apostae, Shar-Lunox, and Mono martial teams. So Sipra can only camp and squeeze in the Pharsa Akagela comp which looks perfect! Again, Pharsa is a great partner coz their abilities synergizes. But instead of having another damage dealer with Pharsa, Pharsa here is the damage dealer with bunch of supports.
Achlys Alice is featured in the first line-up and here is a quick skill review about her.
TL;DR: Her ult deals dmg while healing allies and weakens random enemies. Her active skills deal dmg while her summon makes her untargetable when she is about to die. And her passive gives her attack buff and lifesteal plus dmg reduction when her hp is low. The realm effects are easier to understood and has diff effect per line so makes sure to read those too.
Eternal Darkness Ultimate
Summons a circle that lasts 5s, dealing damage equal to 110% of her Attack per second to all enemies and healing all allies equal to 55% of her Attack per second.
Lv.2: Weakens two random enemies, preventing them from dealing damage for 3s. Weaken effects ignore most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Lv.3: Increases damage per second to 130% of her Attack and healing to 65% of her Attack.
Lv.4: Increases damage per second to 150% of her Attack and healing to 75% of her Attack. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 3)
Abyssal Sanction Skill
Deals damage equal to 180% of her Attack to two enemies. The damage next time is increased by 50% of her Attack each time she uses Abyssal Sanction. Stacks up to 4 times.
Lv.2: Base Damage is increased to 215% Attack.
Lv.3: Deals damage to one extra enemy after it is cast 3 times.
Lv.4: Base Damage is increased to 250% Attack.
Crimson Call Skill
At the start of the battle, summons an Abyssal Messenger at the cost of 30% HP that continuously grows and deals damage to enemies. The Abyssal Messenger returns to her side the first time she is about to die, nourishing her and making her untargetable for at least 1s.
Lv.2: The untargetable effect provided by the Abyssal Messenger is extended to 3s.
Lv.3: Reduces the HP cost to 25%.
Lv.4: Reduces the HP cost to 20%. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 1)
Blood Fiesta Passive
Achlys Alice acquires 200 points of Lifesteal, and gains 20% extra Damage Reduction when her HP falls under 50%.
Lv.2: Every 5s in battle, Achlys Alice gains 5% extra Attack Bonus, stacking up to 505 Attack.
Lv.3: Increases Lifesteal to 250 and Damage Reduction to 30%.
Lv.4: Increases Lifesteal to 300 and Damage Reduction to 40%. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 2)
Abyssal Realm Realm Effect
[Realm Skill I] Achlys Alice deals damage equal to 100% of her Attack to a random enemy once all allied units have been healed equal to 100% of the team's Max HP average. The effect can only be triggered once every 1.5s.
Lv.2: [All HP Boost] All allies in the same team gain HP +3%.
Lv.3: [Realm Skill II] Skill Damage is increased to 150% Attack. (Unlocks at Star level 8)
Lv.4: [Realm Skill III] Weakens the target while dealing damage to them. Meanwhile, prevents them from dealing damage for 1.5s. The Weaken effect ignores most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Lv.5: {All Attack Boost] All allies in the same team gain Attack +3%.
Lv.6: [Realm Skill IV] Weakens the target while dealing damage to them. Meanwhile, prevents them from dealing damage for 2s. The Weaken effect ignores most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Skills review: She also has attack buff which makes her great partner to Pharsa and Sipra too. She is tanky and can provide healing which synergizes with her own first realm skill. Once Sipra unlocks her Gem 2, her synergy will AAlice will be better as it provides extra healing which also means more damage potential for AAlice.
That’s it for my post. Hope the line-ups and my heroes review helps. I'll do a more in-depth review once I got to learn more about these two heroes so see y'all later!
Account ID: 8554763
Server: 30152
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2023.06.09 09:06 Quickbeamed Help regarding abilities

My friend and I are playing together and having a good time. We are near the end of act 2 and have the best geapotions/jewels we think we can get. We are starting to struggle with bosses so thinking about our abilities and would like advice.
From our reading, chaos dash and unholy ward shield seem mandatory. I like the double dash and illusions as they create space and give you time to reset but I do miss the life leech from the blood dash. The unholy ward shield is just amazing and I have empower+knockback jewel too.
I tend to play melee so I have opted for a second shield (chaos shield) and the illusion gollum ultimate. I am not convinced on the shield choice but dislike the alternatives. The ultimate gollum seems great for bursting down the add phases for bosses (weaken, shield).
Any advice regarding abilities for us? Our next boss is the toad guy.
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2023.06.09 09:05 SuperbAge533 Jane Cotter’s testimony - prurient question

Cotter: I am employed as a chambermaid in the Savoy Hotel. I remember Mr. Wilde staying at the hotel in March, 1893. At first he occupied No. 361 and Lord Douglas the room adjoining, No. 362. I found it necessary to call the attention of the housekeeper to the condition of Mr. Wilde's bed. The sheets were stained in a peculiar way.
I believe this line is what was being referenced in the 2018 film ‘The Happy Prince’ when a group of upper class English schoolboys bully Wilde around in France. The reference they made was to shit stains left by Alfred Douglas.
But surely that would’ve been distasteful in real life to the refined sensibilities of Wilde, and he’d have washed the stuff off himself (did they not have enemas back in the day, though?)
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2023.06.09 09:04 RFStarTechnology Height-Adjustable & More: BLE-Enabled Smart Desks Make You Healthier

Do you often feel exhausted all day sitting with a single rigid posture at work? I believe most of you may say “Yes”. No matter what you answer, it is absolutely uncomfortable for me to work a day sitting at a traditional desk.
Is there a perfect solution to solve that problem? Of course, the article will introduce how a smart height-adjustable desk embedded BLE technology to make you healthier and more comfortable.
Firstly, let’s explore why you feel miserable when prolonged sitting at work. Here are the cost and hazards of prolonged sitting.

The Cost &Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

Unhealthy sitting habits such as bad sitting posture and prolonged sitting will cause terrifying harm to everyone’s body. They not only affect blood circulation but also cause a series of physical disturbances, such as poor eyesight, curved spine and heart disease, etc. Look at the picture below, you will know more about the hazards of prolonged sitting.

Figure 1 The Hazards of Prolonged Sitting

How To Ward off Such Habits Especially When You Work in the Office?

Frankly speaking, it is extremely hard if you keep using traditional desks, as they have shaped your sitting posture ever since. As we all know, traditional desks are usually fixed at a defined height and it is quite difficult for you to arbitrarily change them. These desks cannot be ergonomically adjusted to fit everyone’s body needs. But there comes good news-- a type of innovative desk will usher in a big change to that.
It is named a smart height-adjustable desk.

What Is A Smart Height-adjustable Desk Embedding BLE?

The height-adjustable desk is an ergonomic office desk solution. It allows you to work in a wide variety of postures, in which you can adjust the desk to a higher or lower position, to change the desk’s gradient via your back, or even to sit-stand alternately. Therefore, the smart desk helps you create a flexible workstation for a more energizing and productive working day. Only what you do is press a button or two to alter the intelligent desk as you like.
The trends of smart height-adjustable desks flashed from Europe and North America to the whole world. Those desks adopt such mechanisms as pneumatic, manual, or electric, etc. to actuate adjustment.
In the early stage, height-adjustable desks adopt a button or touch display for the user interface. It made the desk difficult to work if the input devices were damaged. Furthermore, the physical interface was designed at a designated part of the desk, making it clumsy and uni-functional, and impossible to meet diverse needs.
The introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy technology makes the desk smarter and more considerate ergonomically. With a BLE smart desk, you can select from different postures or modes from a designated App backed by a service library stored in a cloud-end server. Smartphones can also function as a user ID to access different patterns or services stored for particular phone users.
Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. supplies the BLE modules with enabling working logic for the whole solution to support such smart desks. The solution consists of an MCU, a wireless transmission unit (BLE device), a power supply unit, and a driving unit. In the following working diagram, the BLE module RSBRS02ABR is used as the wireless transmission unit, and it is connected to the MCU through a UART serial port. A mobile phone, tablet, or BLE remote controller is used to establish a connection with the BLE module, and commands are sent to the MCU of the desk, thus controlling the driving circuit to complete the lifting function of the desk. See details in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Architecture of BLE-Enabled Smart Desk
The BLE communication mentioned above is in a peer-to-peer mode that can be widely used in homes and offices. However, the application is not popular in most schools because it is not practical for students to carry mobile devices, and also it is clumsy to have teachers adjust the desks of all students one by one. As a result, a BLE remote controller comes to the public. Using a BLE remote controller can massively customize all smart desks simultaneously.
Now, BLE smart desks are popular in a wide range of scenarios.

The Scenarios of Bluetooth Smart Desks

1. BLE Adjustable Desk Applied in the Office

An adjustable office desk lets you freely switch postures between sitting and standing to avoid sitting for a long time and work healthily. On the other hand, it also can relieve physical pressure, and improve work efficiency.

2. BLE Smart Desk&Table Used at Home

A versatile household desk or table with a Bluetooth lifting function is able to meet family needs and improves space utilization.

3. Electric Study Desk for Students

The desks in school or at home can be adjusted freely to ease the sitting stress according to the ergonomic factors of students.

4. Lifting Desk for Speech

The BLE remote controller of the smart lifting desk for speech helps speakers avoid an awkward situation where the speaker is too tall or shot to reach the desk appropriately.
When you know the applications of the BLE smart desk, You should get more knowledge about these embedded Bluetooth Low Energy modules. Here show premium BLE modules available for these desks.

Advantages of RSBRS02ABR Modules

  1. Rich AT commands and functions. It is with a large number of open commands of configurable parameters, such as customized broadcast data, broadcast UUID, and transparent transmission UUID, as well as the automatic connection of paired devices. Those functions can meet the needs in most scenarios.
  2. Cost-effective. RSBRS02ABR BLE modules adopt RF-star's proprietary Bluetooth IC, which is tailor-made for the designated functions whose cost was well under control by amortizing over own IP expenses.
  3. Direct-driven function. The direct control of some IOs can be achieved by writing commands in the corresponding channel through the App.
  4. Good customization. The self-developed modules can offer you a good customized service to satisfy different customers’ requirements.

Advantages of RF-BM-BG22A1 Modules

  1. High performance and low power consumption. Its power consumption is as low as 15.12 μA at a broadcast interval of 1000 ms.
  2. Supporting one master connection to 8 slaves simultaneously.
  3. Equipped with powerful AT commands.
  4. Maximum UART transmission rate of 50 KB/s.


All introduced above are what is BLE smart desk and how it makes people work more healthier and comfortable.
If you are interested in more IoT wireless modules and solutions, such as BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Thread, Matter, Wi-SUN, Sub-1G, etc., please kindly visit https://www.rfstariot.com/ or contact us at [email protected].
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2023.06.09 09:03 Raiden127456 Introducing my incredibly stupid P5 OC (I can't draw, so i unfortunately don't have any art for him, sorry) Also long wall of text warning!

Also, quick explanation, this character was made more in turn with the story and world of P5 instead of gameplay, so while i did try to add a couple gameplay mechanics into this post, he wasn't made in that way. Just so you know (Also, the character names don't actually mean anything, i just realized that i didn't have any and quickly used a name generator just so i would have something for this post).

Character information

Real name: Hiruma Hachiguro
Codename: WIP (I considered "Demon" or "King", but didn't like either enough to actually choose them)
Firearm: None
Weapon: Chained arm blades (I don't know what it's called, so i improvised)Hiruma's weapon is a single blade attached to the side of each of his arms (Imagine the arm blade from Doom Eternal, but less bulky and on both arms), which are attached to chains and can be launched towards enemies. This fills in for his lack of a firearm, resulting in a much higher ranged attack count in exchange for much lower average damage output.
Persona: Shuten-DōjiHiruma's Persona takes after the "Demon king" of Japanese mythology, Shuten-Dōji. It holds a large Kanabō club in its right hand and large Gourds in its left hand and waist, which it uses do deal Fire damage to enemies.


Born into the famous Hachiguro family, Hiruma grew up surrounded by brilliant minds, and of course, he was no different. His older sister, Mitsuyo, was one of the greatest engineers of her time, having designed and engineered his filtering mask and special locks only usable by him. You see, Hiruma was born with a strange disease that made him lethally allergic to certain chemicals which are highly common in today's air, which has forced him to wear the special mask designed by Mitsuyo in order to have a chance at living a normal life. The mask covers his mouth and nose, and has many visible fans and filters all around it. As for how it's powered, Mitsuyo calls that an engineer's secret. Having loved watching his sister design and engineer her ground-breaking projects, Hiruma decided to follow in her footsteps, and after she left Japan to work abroad, he eventually transferred to Shūjin academy.
There, Hiruma met the Phantom thieves, and after only a couple weeks, was confronted with the Metaverse, and his first palace, which looked like an ancient temple combined with large amounts of heavy machinery. In this strange realm, he experienced the Phantom thieves' skills first-hand, and was eventually confronted with his first Palace ruler - A Shadow form of his older sister, Hachiguro Mitsuyo. The Shadow explained that she used to be the smartest engineer alive, but when Hiruma was born and everyone discovered how much smarter he was than her, she was abandoned by many companies, and eventually even by their own father. She designed his mask and then left the country to prove to their father he still needs her, and that she was sick and tired of hearing about Hiruma's life over and over.
Having heard those words for himself, Hiruma was able to unleash his Persona, but as it came into sight, it was clear that something wasn't right - The Persona appeared "incomplete" of sorts, like a canvas without a painting, or a song without a melody. This type of Persona would become known as a "Shattered Persona", a strange phenomenon in which someone releases is capable of releasing their rebellious spirit and unleashes a Persona, but still remains bound by something, which prevents their Persona to achieve its full power.
Despite this, the Phantom thieves defeated Shadow Mitsuyo, and Hiruma officially joined the group, yet still unaware of what is holding him back from unleashing his true power.
After some time, the Phantom thieves and Hiruma come across another palace, yet this one was beautiful. The further they pushed into the palace, the more obvious it was that this one was different from the others. After some time, they finally came face to face with its ruler, but just like the Palace, they were different from all the others. The Shadow was oddly kind to them, showing next to no hostility and treating the Phantom thieves with respect and addressing them as "Honored guests". After some time, the figure apologizes for its lack of manners, introducing itself to the Phantom thieves as Hachiguro Naizen - Hiruma's father.
Upon hearing this, Hiruma yells out at his father's Shadow, demanding to know the reason for this Palace's existence. He explains that when Mitsuyo was revealed to be a genius, he was as proud as a father could ever be, but when she left abroad, the company's associates began pressuring him about when she would return, and eventually, the company was at risk of bankruptcy. Then, just as he was about to give up, Hiruma was born, and they soon found out that he was even smarter than his older sister. Naizen was overjoyed with his son, but after the pressure of his company got under his skin, he was prepared to do whatever it took to keep him by his side.
To achieve this, he took advantage of a pollen allergy Hiruma had when he was young and forged a medical report to make it seem like he was unable to breathe regular air, hoping that he would be able to use this to keep Hiruma dependant on him.
After realizing that the mask he has been forced to wear his entire life is pointless, Hiruma loses it and begins ripping the mask off his face with all his might. But since his sister truly believed their father's story, she made sure the mask could never be taken off, essentially fusing it with his skin (Not literally). Despite this, Hiruma continued to pull at the mask, and when the Phantom thieves noticed blood coming from his face, they begged him to stop - But Hiruma just continued to pull the mask off, tearing his skin off with it.
His blood sprayed everywhere as he tore the mask off, yelling out in pain with all his voice. But he knew that if he stopped now that it would only get worse, so he continued pulling at the mask, until he eventually managed to tear it off his face, the mask taking half of his face's skin and most of his bottom jaw along with it.
Through the intense pain, he summoned his Persona, placing his mask on its face, which was a perfect fit with the Persona's shattered face. Upon placing the mask, blue flames erupted from both of them, and Shuten-Dōji was finally whole, Hiruma having abandoned the thing he held onto for so long. As the Phantom thieves watched in awe and terror, fearing for Hiruma's well being after what he'd done, he turned around to face them, his face having somehow been repaired, as they saw his real face for the first time.
Having fully awakened to his new power, Hiruma had now fully joined the Phantom thieves, and with his the Demon king Shuten-Dōji at his side, they managed to defeat the Shadow of Hiruma's father, and upon leaving the Metaverse, Hiruma finally takes in his first breath of fresh air in over a decade.
"Heh... It's absolutely hideous. I love it"
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2023.06.09 09:03 subarunights Pushed out tonsil stone and now i have these two white sores on my tonsil?? What is this?

the photo isn’t too clear but a couple days ago I was finally wanting to get this one tonsil stone that was deep in a crevice out. I used my pinkie and pushed it out. It didn’t bleed too much but small little traces of blood did come out. the next day i see streaks of white. the next day and they hurt much more and look almost like little canker sores or something since they’re tough, have a small spot in the middle like a canker sore. what could this be?
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