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2023.06.09 09:21 Barnacleicecreaman Poorly drawn The amazing world of gumball creepy pasta I made

The amazing world of Gumball lost episode
(Poorly written and rushed on road trip
Tawog last episode: the possessed
I remember watching Gumball one night before bed ending up falling asleep to it woke up to a loud scream on the tv the screen showed:
Gumball woke up one night at 5:00 wondering where Darwin was he looked all over then he checked under the bunk bed there was a skeleton Gumball screamed but noticed that the skeleton was the shape of Darwin Gumball didn’t know what happend he heard a knock at the door he went to go check but he heard a foot step at the stairs he looked behind him and a knife stabbed through the door stabbing him right in his left lung as gumball was suffering he wondering why his parents were not there (still bleeding and crying) he saw a letter at the door that said t h e y l e f t y o u gumball cried more but the town was empty the road has blood every where he blacked out and died due to his blood lost
I was scared and wondering why would they put this on the tv the screen cut to black for a good 6 minutes with a engine noise it cut to Anais locked in a car going off a river the car was slowly sinking with nobody in it the car kept on sinking then filling up Anais standed on one of the seats but she didn’t make it and drowned
At this point wondering if this was real but then I Nicole buried alive a bomb was strapped on her neck she started to suffocate and she passed out but suddenly she woke up looks down and noticed the bomb was at 60 seconds she started trying to break the coffin but then a bunch of maggots started getting on her and getting in her ears and nose she cried and then the bomb went off right where Richard was about to save her Richard also got blown up to then the episode ended
I still wonder if that episode was real I went to my tv the next morning and turned on cartoon net work it only said. “This network has been hijacked” in red text I never went in tv again just went to Theaters and YouTube
████████╗██╗░░██╗███████╗ ███████╗███╗░░██╗██████╗░ ╚══██╔══╝██║░░██║██╔════╝ ██╔════╝████╗░██║██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░███████║█████╗░░ █████╗░░██╔██╗██║██║░░██║ ░░░██║░░░██╔══██║██╔══╝░░ ██╔══╝░░██║╚████║██║░░██║ ░░░██║░░░██║░░██║███████╗ ███████╗██║░╚███║██████╔╝ ░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝╚══════╝ ╚══════╝╚═╝░░╚══╝╚═════╝░
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2023.06.09 09:16 PatrickRedditting Feds Wouldn't Bother with LV Siting if Hoax

TL;DR: There's a major story in the Las Vegas incident because the feds are trying to cover it up. Everyone that can, please come foreward and/or investigate.
My argument:
- Local law enforcement is reaching out because they are seeing a cover-up according to James Fox.
- A person I know is friends with someone in local response. He told me on Monday, June 5th that this happened on May 1st as communicated by his contact, local response was told to stay quiet, and that later in the morining a special team came in and delted the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) 911 reports, which is highly illegal. (I'm not getting into personal details because a reddit post isn't worth potentially exposing local support team members that don't want to be identified.)
- Something happened because there is a cover-up. Human origins begs the question why some black-ops project landed in a fucking back yard in urban Vegas and why the government thinks they can bully local law enforcement over their own gross incompetence. Non-human origins also lends itself to a cover-up and, I would aruge, the same complaint about who the fuck they think they are in light of the whistleblowers.
- Very easy to punch holes in the family's story based on their behavior, very well detailed by George Knapp. I think the family's evasivness could be explained by fear. I can't explain the lack of good videos.
If you're involved:
- Please come forward. Black-ops incompetence to this level needs purging. Aliens needs exposure, for us all.
- You are protected if you come forward. Talk to a lawyer.
- H.R.2988 - Whistleblower Protection Improvement Act of 2021
Running list of sources:
Eye Witness' own account:
- May 1 2023 I had aliens in my backyard part 1
James Fox:
- States coverup exists:
Doug Poppa Podcast (Coverage in May):
8 News Now Las Vegas:
- Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky
- '100% they're not human,' Witness details alleged alien encounter in Las Vegas

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2023.06.09 09:16 DBF_Blackbull [2E] Is Nat 1 on a Saving throw roll always a failure?

[2E] Is Nat 1 on a Saving throw roll always a failure?

Is Nat 1 on a Saving throw always a failure?

If anyone has a 2E book reference then please let me know.

My own research

I came across someone mentioning that a nat 1 is always a failure, but I haven't been able to find a source for it.
I have check the Player's Handbook (both the blue, black, and premium book), Dungeon Master's Guide (blue, black, and premium), Monsters Manual, all the splat books, and the Player's Option line of books. Here is what I found in order of publication:
1E DMG p. 79 - 1979-1981:
1E DMG p. 79 - 1979-1981
Since 2E is pretty much an extension or cleanup of 1E it is a pretty good argument to make that this rule was supposed to be carried over to 2E, but some editor forgot to add it as it was "obvious to players".

The Complete Wizards Handbook p. 76 - 1990-1997:
The Complete Wizards Handbook p. 76 - 1990-1997
When discussing hows spells function on different planes it is mentioned that harmful Necromancy spells on the quasi-positive realm function at minimum damage, and saving throw of 2 or greater automatically succeed. Quite odd to pick the number 2 in this case if there was not a rule for it.

Dragon Magazine #216, p. 103, Sage Advice - April 1995:
Dragon Magazine #216, p. 103, Sage Advice - April 1995
Now the Sage's (Skip Williams) word here is pretty convincing, but he has been wrong before. It might be that the nat 1 failure rule was left out of 2E by design and not by neglect (even though quite a lot of stuff have been neglected going from 1E to 2E)

Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaign p. 3 + 142 - August 1995
Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaign p. 3 - August 1995
Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaign p. 142 - August 1995
The wording on page 3 is quite interesting. It mentions a revised rule indicating that there is a existing / standard rule that is being revised. Also page 3 is the foreword of the book which is dated at April 1995, exactly the same time that Dragon Magazine publish Skip's answer regarding saving throws, so the timeline matches up pretty well here!
The only thing I am personally missing in order to be convinced is a short sentence saying: "A saving throw roll of 1 is always a failure. This was erroneously left out of the book". There are other instances of corrections where the Sage / Skip Williams have explicitly stated that stuff was removed or left out of the books.
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2023.06.09 09:14 Pina-Colada18 I’m [21F] cutting off my friend [22F] after a disaster of a vacation

I [21F] am cutting off my friend [22F] after a disaster of a vacation.
First off I know this will sound incredibly one sided, but my vacation was ruined by a friend who I suspect has some mental health problem that she refuses to address.
The vacation was planned and discussed on what we wanted to do for the week. It had a mix of mine and her ideas which were agreed to. My ideas when it came to the holiday were basically pushed out and her ideas were at the forefront. If I even tried to maybe suggest something else or anything that was my suggestion to do she would throw a tantrum. She threw a tantrum when I finally got chance to do something I wanted to do. This was on the last full day too.
She left me by myself in a bar to go hiking at night. I suggested going in the day time as we were in party/going out attire with sandals and the hiking was obviously on a huge incline. Not only that I thought it was a bad idea her going by self in the dark. I suggested walking in the day with me so I could see the landmark she wanted to go to too. She refused and walked quickly off and then told me to “find a bar” and she’ll meet me there. I found one and bought a cocktail and there were people that made me feel a little uneasy. I had one guy check up on me and asked why my friend had left me alone and if anybody made me feel uncomfortable to speak to him. We planned to eat that night. After half an hour she came back from her hiking and then threw another tantrum and said she wasn’t going to eat, I shouldn’t of been drinking (she was like this the entire trip) and we were going back to the hotel. I didn’t eat until 7am the next morning.
She had a huge issue with me having one alcoholic beverage. We were on vacation I don’t drink much anyway. She full on judged me for drinking and then the next night downed an entire bottle of wine and got wasted. It was okay for her to drink and get wasted, but not okay for me to stay in town and have one drink.
She kept calling people in our hotel room and locking me out to call them. This was for over 2 hours.
She wanted to get back to call someone on our last evening out and when I said I wanted to go to a bar for one drink for a final evening drink she full on argued with me in a street full of people who looked at her in disgust and she gaslit me in front of everyone. She tried to twist the narrative that I was horrible and I shouldn’t criticise her and how she doesn’t drink (she downed a bottle of wine the night previous) and so we weren’t to drink as it wasn’t a good idea. She went to bed early after going back to the hotel and I stayed in the hotel lobby angry at the audacity. I kept up to date with family of this vacation whilst she slept.
She then criticised the fact I do CBT for my anxiety and I should just “love myself and fix myself instead of asking others to fix me” She also said she “fixes herself and doesn’t need to be fixed” (haha clearly)
She also casually threw the N word around multiple times by singing songs that contain the slur. I was disgusted. She didn’t see an issue with it. She’s not of any black ethnicity either.
When we arrived home she accused my dad’s friend (an airport transfer taxi driver) of probably leaving us stranded at the airport and how he wasn’t trustworthy to her. He picked us up alright and got us home safe. Made her look like a fool
For these reasons. The N word is pretty standard to cut someone off in my eyes alone, but please pick your travel partner wisely.
TL;DR: myself [21 F] cutting off friend [22F] for ruining a vacation with bad attitude issues and casual racism
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2023.06.09 09:13 sub7x 33 male, petechiae? Normal?

Hello, I got COVID 5 months back and started coughing up black and stomach problems as well as intense fatigue. I have more energy now, better breathing but still cough a bit of black. Now all the sudden this patch shows up out of nowhere and it has been a week with no improvement or change whatsoever... They don't itch or hurt. Google is a nightmare if you look for info on this as it's only doom. I'm giving I another week or two but if no improvement I'm going to the doc.
Just wondering is this normal the skin issue? Or if after a week no change it's a sign of an underlying condition? Ty
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2023.06.09 09:12 Justthisguy_yaknow I just can't believe that they don't know how it really works. This is just way too dim.

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2023.06.09 09:10 poppywalker Shakira and Lewis have started their first stage of dating within their relationship reportedly.

Shakira and Lewis have started their first stage of dating within their relationship reportedly.
Famous singer Shakira and famous Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton were spotted recently while they are having dinner together. Shakira was very famous for “Waka Waka” rapidly and she got massive attraction of people. Shakira 46, Lewis Hamilton 38, has started a relationship, and it is said that still they are in their first stage of day outing. They also very famous couple in nowadays. Most of people attention has gathered around them in these days. Because they had gone outing many times recently. The partner of Shakira, Lewis Hamilton is younger than her about 8 years. But, as it seems the age gap hasn’t become a problem for both of them, because as it is reportedly they are enjoying their life with more love.
Shakira and Lewis has gone a series of public outing now. That means they have a strong love and feeling about each other. Shakira is a singer and Lewis is a Formula one driver, their fields are different to each other completely. But as I can see they have started to make their own path now. As it is said they are spending their lives “fun and flirty”. One time they were noticed while they were enjoying at sea in Miami on May 10 too. As it is rumored they are building up a very strong relationship between them. So most of them are telling that these days are the very earlier day outing of their relationship. After Shakira separation from her husband she has started this affair. During the late night dinner, Shakira and Lewis were together with some friends. There both of them were very adorable lovely as reportedly. Lewis has put their photo with friends to his Instagram too. Lewis lovingly has held Shakira by the waist. Also there is a big smile on his face. In that photo Shakira was wearing a black color hot dress. Shakira had participated for F1 Spanish Grand prix to see Lewis. There also she has rocked fans with her beauty and the colorful dress. One day before this dinner outing they had gone for a boat riding. According to these all things they have just started to feel their relationship with love. She announced her breakup with former soccer player in 2022. However, she has started day outing with romance again with Lewis Hamilton with much love. May be this will be a new chapter for both of their lives.
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2023.06.09 09:07 Heavy-And-Ze-Medic WD Black 8TB Clicking/Grinding Noise

WD Black 8TB Clicking/Grinding Noise
Hey, I have a brand new WD Black 8TB HDD, but on the first time of setting it up, it started making these loud clicking/grinding noises whenever it was reading data or such. I've run a S.M.A.R.T scan in command prompt and a diagnosis scan in WD Dashboard and it says it's fine, but I'm still concerned on whether this is normal or if it's defective.
I've read online of some people saying these higher capacity ones are known for being very noisy due to them being mainly meant for enterprises and servers, but because I'm paranoid, I just want to make sure before I put anything important on a defective hard drive.
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2023.06.09 09:07 sadhusband1995 AITA here for speaking my mind?

Am i the asshole for speaking my mind? I know there are some holes so just briefly heres a run down of why i said what i said.
long story short they are my cousin and his wife. They got pregnant, in their 30’s while still living with my cousins wifes mommy and daddy. Mommy and daddy gave them a house rent free because neither of them work, vehicles, and thousands of dollars in order to be prepared for a child. They basically pay for them to live and to be able to raise their kid. Fast forward, my cousins wife has the baby, the day their kid is born my cousin magically gets covid and has to qaurentine for 2 weeks so my cousins wife and my aunt (cousins mom) takes care of the baby the next day. The wife leaves and abandons her kid because “she misses her hubby and their dogs :(“ from that day on my aunt who works well over 60 hours a week to make ends meat has been taling care of and has custody of their kid with help from me and our other family. anyways the agreement was after they pulled this stunt if they want their child back they need to get their shit together. Fast forward 2 years. Nothing has changed, still living off daddies money, rarely ever visiting their child, neither have jobs everything’s the same EXCEPT ONE THING THEY GET PREGNANT AGAIN. So my aunt says “i will take this child as-well on the condition that you both get jobs and get your shit together otherwise you wont be in either of these kids lives at all no more getting to visit once or twice a week to save face for Facebook. So after being given rhat ultimatum thw wife decides to travel out of state to get an abortion. Whoch is fine its whatever im pro choice. BUT THEN DECIDES TO LIE ABOUT IT and post a whole rant about how its her doctors fault that she miscarried because her doctor told her that her pregnancy was completely healthy but then after traveling out of state to “visit family” she had a miscarriage all of a sudden and tell eveyone that doesnt already know the truth that she had a MISCARRIAGE to get shmpothy and pitty. Anyways thats pretty much up to date so am i the asshole?
Anyways heres a link to some screenshots i took of the convo im the Yellow and my cousin and his wife are in black.
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2023.06.09 09:02 tantetoni2 I extracted every Frame from the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer of FF7 Rebirth in [email protected]

Hi guys, I just extracted all frames in [email protected] from the Summer Game Fest 2023 trailer of FF7 Rebirth and saved them as png and jpg. Unfortunately there is no 4k source, as soon as it is available the 4k version will be added. The source is In the zip file all frames of each part are together, black frames are not removed. Feel free to use the images for your deep analysis :)
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2023.06.09 09:01 a1b3rt Can we get additional copies of Birth Certificate? How / where?

One of my elderly relatives was born in UP. In recent years he obtained a birth certificate -- it was given on a paper form (which has all the right government department logos etc but is just black and white paper) filled in Hindi by hand and stamped and signed by the authority.

Can they approach any government seva center and get a fresh copy of the same birth certificate -- preferably in English, and on proper colored goverment letterhead?

( I know this is a simple standard service in states like AP, Telangana, Karnataka -- but am unfamiliar with UP. These citizen service centers are called "mee-seva" or "e-seva" in southern states.)

Anyone with experience in this process in Lucknow, kindly guide. Thanks in advance!

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2023.06.09 09:00 classicmimi I might be the weirdest proof that you can be both gorgeous and ugly as sin simultaneously

I'm a 27 year old woman. I was always insecure about my looks as a teen, and it was confirmed to me by just being very unpopular with boys/men and being straight up called ugly etc, but as a young adult I quickly got over it and ironically one day not long ago I had a mini glow up.
At around 25 I started just looking prettier for reasons that are beyond me, BUT my face is now very strange because it's both pretty or incredibly weird depending on very little.
And no this is not in my head, because I now am asked out by cute dudes fairly often (which is funny cuz I grew to identify as gay) but I also notice some men telling me they find me super attractive at first then being uninterested in a matter of minutes. Towing the line of being considered conventionally pretty and absolutely gross is kinda nuts to me.
So about my looks : I'm Moroccan so I have somewhat tan skin, thick black eyebrows, full lips, almond shaped brown eyes that I think are my best attribute, and ...drum rolls...a deviated septum on a hooked nose (yeah I got lucky lmao) + a deviated jaw but here's the fun bit : these two things do not look the same from any angle and they therefore make or break my attractiveness by an extremely long shot with moving my face just a bit. Some angles don't reveal these oddities at all and show a symmetric pretty face but turn me just a bit to the left or right and boom. And I know everyone looks different depending on angles but I'm talking about a critical difference. I can go from a solid 8 to a 2 in seconds because my nose and jaw are so asymmetrical that I can look like 6 different people in one photoshoot.
I don't dress particularly sexy and wear only eye liner so makeup doesn't weigh in that situation, I'm almost always bare faced.
Once again my self esteem is fine because I've learned to just accept it and feel confident anyway, plus i'm gay and women tend to not care as much about looks (not always but mostly). I really just posted this like a case study of my own face as in I think it's bizarre as hell.
I would post photos but I'm scared of breaking my anonymity so if you'd like to know, DM me cause I'd be curious to have a brutally honest opinion from someone I'm not close to.
Important clarification : I have a type 3 malocclusion so my jaw is prominent and also pointing left, and i also have a deviated septum. Both of these were told to me by a doctor so really not in my head.
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2023.06.09 08:58 CursedHarrenhal A Guide to Jon Snow's friends & foes in the Night's Watch in TWOW (Spoilers Extended)

Im trying to predict what's gonna happen with everyone at Castle Black in TWOW. I have ideas, but one problem keeps coming up; we dont know how the brothers of the Night's Watch will respond to Jons murder.
I believe Jons murder will cause a lot of division in Castle Black; between the NW vs the Wildlings, the NW vs Mel & Selyse... but it will also cause division WITHIN the NW. Some seem to support Jon, others appear not to. For the majority of the NW, theres no indication one way or another. But I wanna know who's on which side, so heres what I've come up with so far:
- Ghost
- Dolorous Edd
- Hareth (Horse)
- Rory
- Satin
- Iron Emmet
- Leathers
- Jax
- Arron
- Emrick
- Pyp
- Grenn
- Toad
- Bowen Marsh
- Wick Whittlestick
- Othell Yarwyck
- Septon Cellador
- Alf of Runnymud
- Left Hand Lew
- Ser Alliser Thorne
- Mully
- Fulk, the Flea
This list only includes NW brothers who are still alive by the end of ADWD. It's hard to say who supports Jon and who doesn't with certainty. So let me give a brief explanation for each of these guys and why I think they will be either pro- or anti-Jon:
- Ghost - Obviously he's on Jon's side. He arguably IS Jon. And yes.. Ghost is a brother of the NW
- Samwell Tarly - No explanation needed. But Sam is far away, in Oldtown, so he's irrelevant to Castle Black in the TWOW opening
- Edd Tollett - No explanation needed. But Edd has been sent to Long Barrow along with Iron Emmett, so he isn't at Castle Black either.
- Hareth (Horse) - Horse is guarding Jon after the Shieldhall speech, right as the assassination is about to take place. If Jon trusts him enough to guard his life, this probably indicates Horse will stay loyal to Jon:
Horse and Rory fell in beside Jon as he left the Shieldhall. I should talk with Melisandre after I see the queen, he thought. If she could see a raven in a storm, she can find Ramsay Snow for me. Then he heard the shouting … and a roar so loud it seemed to shake the Wall. "That come from Hardin's Tower, m'lord," Horse reported. He might have said more, but the scream cut him off. (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Rory - The same goes for Rory, he was with Horse guarding Jon as the assassination took place. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn in TWOW that Horse or Rory were killed in the assassination attempt. But if they survive they'll probably be Team Jon
Val, was Jon's first thought. But that was no woman's scream. That is a man in mortal agony. He broke into a run. Horse and Rory raced after him. "Is it wights?" asked Rory. Jon wondered. Could his corpses have escaped their chains? (Jon XIII, ADWD)
Jon saw the flash of naked steel a few yards away. His own bowmen nocked arrows to their strings. He turned in his saddle. "Rory. Quiet them." Rory lifted his great horn to his lips and blew. (Jon V, ADWD)
- Satin - Seems to be close with Jon. Is picked by Jon to go on missions. Jon defends Satins positions as his personal steward and squire after Edd. Satin is the only one of Jon's friends who doesn't get sent away to the Shadow Tower. Satin also adopts the old gods, indicating his closeness with Jon. Also it's clear the anti-Jon faction hates Satin. Satin probably has the most evidence of anyone to show he'll support Jon. Satin's whereabouts at the time of the assassination are not known
His friends laughed—Grenn, Toad, Satin, the whole lot of them. (Jon III, ADWD)
Septon Cellador spoke up. "This boy Satin. It's said you mean to make him your steward and squire, in Tollett's place. My lord, the boy's a whore … a … dare I say … a painted catamite from the brothels of Oldtown." And you are a drunk. "What he was in Oldtown is none of our concern. He's quick to learn and very clever. The other recruits started out despising him, but he won them over and made friends of them all. He's fearless in a fight and can even read and write after a fashion. He should be capable of fetching me my meals and saddling my horse, don't you think?" (Jon VIII, ADWD)
Whatever Satin may have done in Oldtown, he is our brother now, and he will be my squire. (Jon VIII, ADWD)
- Iron Emmett - He is picked to be the master-at-arms for Castle Black. He spars with Jon. He is selected for the mission to the weirwood in ADWD. There isnt solid proof he would support Jon, but he seems to be a prime candidate as an ally. He was sent to Long Barrow with Edd Tollett, so he isnt at Castle Black
- Leathers - Leathers almost certainly supports Jon. Leathers is a Wildling who became a brother of the NW. Jon makes him the master-at-arms after Emmett. The anti-Jon faction does not approve of Leathers appointment
"Is it true that you mean to replace Emmett with this savage Leathers as our master-at-arms? That is an office most oft reserved for knights, or rangers at the least." "Leathers is savage," Jon agreed mildly. "I can attest to that. I've tried him in the practice yard. He's as dangerous with a stone axe as most knights are with castle-forged steel. I grant you, he is not as patient as I'd like, and some of the boys are terrified of him … but that's not all for the bad. One day they'll find themselves in a real fight, and a certain familiarity with terror will serve them well." (Jon VIII, ADWD)
"How many men are enough?" he asked Leathers. "A hundred? Two hundred? Five hundred? A thousand?" (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Jax - The same as Leathers. Jax is a Wildling who joins the NW. He isn't mentioned as often as Leathers, but given that Jon's murderers were in large part motivated by Jon's relationship with the Wildlings, I imagine any Wildling NW-brother will have to be pro-Jon
- Arron & Emrick - Two brothers from Fair Isle who are recruited by Jon. They both swear their oaths before the Weirwoods, even though they were born following the Faith of the Seven. There is little information about them, but what little we have seems to suggest they may be pro-Jon
- Pyp, Grenn & Toad - These guys are Jon's friends who he sends away to the Shadow Tower. They are certainly pro-Jon, but they aren't nearby enough to matter
- Bowen Marsh - Stabbed Jon
- Wick Whittlestick - Tried to slash Jon's throat
- Othell Yarwyck - The First Builder of the NW. He is one of the leaders who is increasingly antagonistic towards Jon leading up to the assassination. He was seen at the Shieldhall meeting, standing near Bowen Marsh. Almost persuaded to support Janos Slynt for Lord Commander in ASOS. He doesn't attend the Thenn-Karstark wedding
As for Borroq, Othell Yarwyck claimed the woods north of Stonedoor were full of wild boars. Who was to say the skinchanger would not make his own pig army? (Jon XIII, ADWD)
But others had chosen to absent themselves to show their disapproval. Othell Yarwyck and Bowen Marsh were amongst the missing (Jon X, ADWD)
"I summoned you to make plans for the relief of Hardhome," Jon Snow began. "Thousands of the free folk are gathered there, trapped and starving, and we have had reports of dead things in the wood." To his left he saw Marsh and Yarwyck. (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Septon Cellador - A part of the council that becomes increasingly antagonistic towards Jon's command. There's not a lot of evidence to support him being anti-Jon, except he hates the Wildlings and assoiactes with the anti-Jon faction
"These are godless savages," said Septon Cellador. "Even in the south the treachery of wildlings is renowned." (Jon XI, ADWD)
- Alf, of Runnymudd - Alf appears to be heartbroken when Garth is killed by the Wildlings. Some have theorized this indicates Alf and Garth may have had a gay relationship, but there is no other evidence for this. Alf is seen hanging with Bowen Marsh during the Shieldhall meeting. He likely blames Jon for the death of Garth. He is one NW brother I feel certain hates Jon
"Who is it?" asked Owen the Oaf. "Not Dywen, is it?" "Nor Garth," said the queen's man she knew as Alf of Runnymudd, one of the first to exchange his seven false gods for the truth of R'hllor. "Garth's too clever for them wildlings." "How many?" Mully asked. "Three," Jon told them. "Black Jack, Hairy Hal, and Garth." Alf of Runnymudd let out a howl loud enough to wake sleepers in the Shadow Tower. "Put him to bed and get some mulled wine into him," Jon told Three-Finger Hobb. (Melisandre I, ADWD)
Othell was surrounded by his builders, whilst Bowen had Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew, and Alf of Runnymudd beside him (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Lefthand Lew - There is no evidence for him being anti-Jon... except he is standing with Bowen Marsh and the anti-Jon faction during the Shieldhall speech. I have no idea what his beef with Jon is, but I feel certain he is with Marsh
Othell was surrounded by his builders, whilst Bowen had Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew, and Alf of Runnymudd beside him (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Mully & Fulk, the Flea - Right before the Shieldhall meeting, Jon is told by Mully and Flea that Ghost is acting aggressively. This is obviously a warning that Jon is surrounded by enemies who will try to kill him. But it could additionally indicate that Mully and Fulk the Flea are specifically Jon's enemies. This is the only potential hint I could find that might suggest Mully & Fulk are on either side
"That'd be sweet, m'lord," said Fulk the Flea, "but your wolf's in no mood for company today." Mully agreed. "He tried to take a bite o' me, he did." "Ghost?" Jon was shocked.
- Spare Boot, Kegs, Halder, & Albett - These men are part of part of Othells builders. The builders are seen with Othell and Bowen Marsh in the Shieldhall
- Ser Alliser Thorne - Alliser hates Jon, but he isn't at Castle Black right now. Although I predict Ser Alliser will return and maybe even be elected new Lord Commander in the beginning of TWOW, some theorize he may even seek justice against Jon's conspirators
Please tell me what you think of my list! I'd like to hear arguments about why should anyone be added or removed from either list?
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2023.06.09 08:58 eblake0 My best friend drugged me

I've never really talked about this with anyone because I've been known to be kind of a venty person. If I'm having a bad day chances are someones going to know about it. And I know its okay to vent about things if I need to but when it comes to things like this it just feels so gross to put on other people and I wouldn't even know how to begin if this was a real life conversation.
So last year, I (20F) met a guy (26M) and we really hit it off with each other. There was a reasonable age gap that I did take into consideration but up until the last year I knew him he had never tried to pressure me into anything so I felt safe with him. When I turned 21 he became my primary drinking buddy and we pretty much went out maybe every other weekend, usually it would end with me staying over at his apartment out of convenience. I can't emphasize enough how much trust I put into him for my safety and wellbeing, he really was my closest and most reliable friend. We talked about everything and included each other in most social events.
To get to the real shit I guess, one night he and some of his friends were drinking at his apartment and I chose to smoke weed instead because I don't usually drink in large group settings. At the end of the night he was practically blacking out and I was extremely high myself and we ended up going to sleep in his room. That wasn't uncommon, he'd typically sleep on the floor and give me his bed. But that night I guess he assumed I was asleep and climbed into the bed with me. He started rubbing his thing up against me and begging me to touch him. He had never done anything sexual like that to me until this point. At some point he grabbed my hand and forced me to touch him which I immediantly pulled away from. He's very tall and muscular compared to me so it was physically difficult to pull my hand away from him, let alone the rest of my body. This went on for most of the night and in the morning he made the excuse that he was just really drunk and didn't know what he was doing. He seemed to feel bad about it so I (stupidly) let him get away with it. He also played the "you were really high too" card even though smoking weed has never clouded my sense of reality.
For the next couple weeks afterward he was overly touchy with me in a way I made it very clear I didn't want. He tried to kiss me, put his hand on my thigh, pet my hair, etc. He was important to me so in the moment I guess I just let it happen, it wasn't enough to lose him. I also do think that he was manipulative about it at times and made it seem like it wasn't as weird as I thought so I believed I was being dramatic.
One night we went out to a bar just like we usually did. I had two drinks along with finishing off his two that he didn't like the taste of. I want to say now that I have always been able to hold a drink, on a typical night I can have 6-7 drinks before I need to slow down so there was no reason that I got as intoxicated as I did after 2-3 drinks. About an hour into being there, which would usually be a warm up drinking time for us, he had the idea to go walk down to the nearby gas station and get a pack of cigarettes. He asked me to come with him and after a drink I liked to walk around so I went. I made it to the gas station perfectly fine, could walk straight, kept a conversation, no problem. A couple short minutes after leaving I was practically blacked out. I couldn't walk at all, I couldn't even hold onto him as he carried me. I remember falling off of him at one point and onto my back because I had lost consciousness. It hit me like a truck out of no where. I had never felt this drunk before in my life and I could not figure out why if I'd had so little to drink. The last thing I remember is throwing up in his car and waking up in his clothes on his bed. I felt awful everywhere, all over my body, my head, everything hurt. I hadn't processed what had happened until a couple days later. By then I didn't know what to do, so I didn't do anything.
A couple weeks went by and I wouldn't see him, I didn't feel safe with him anymore. I eventually talked to one of his ex friends and apparently he had drugged people before me as well. I blocked him on everything without discussion and haven't talked to anyone that knows him either. I occasionally get flashbacks of moments with him and they make me terrified and sick to my stomach. I haven't been able to even think about alcohol since either. Its just all incredibly fucked up.
submitted by eblake0 to Vent [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 08:58 lilreaverbutt I had a traumatic c section

I got pregnant right before the pandemic so when it was time to give birth I was lucky enough to even have my husband in there with me. I was at a birth center and I had a gut feeling that I needed to go to the hospital instead so we did, and as soon as I got admitted and in my room they couldn’t find my babies heartbeat. They rushed me to have an emergency c section and neither I or my husband had a clue what was happening I just remember how terrifying it felt I kept begging that my husband would be there but they insisted I would be put under and luckily last minute they were able to keep me awake. This is where it got bad for me, they were trying to give me the epidural but it took 3 tries with sharp pains into my spine that caused my leg to kick out unwillingly before they got it on the forth and I remember screaming through it all because the pain was just so awful. They laid me down on the table and explained how they were going to begin and it’s honestly so weird to explain but you cannot feel the pain but you can feel the cuts and all while they were about halfway to my baby my husband came in and held my hand. Things are a bit blurry from here as my epidural stopped working and I remember feeling every cut and movement I was loopy and crying to my husband that it hurt but they wouldn’t give me anything until my baby was out. Once baby was out I only got to look at him for what felt like a few seconds and then everything went black, as they had knocked me out for the rest of surgery. I honestly don’t remember the first day or two after but I do remember waking up and they told me I had to move rooms so I needed to get up and into a wheelchair, it seemed easy enough until I actually moved and it felt like a hot knife went into my abdomen and all I could do was fall limp or else using my abdomen to lean back or stay forward would hurt so bad. I managed to slowly get to my new room and bed and I couldn’t even hold my baby without help. I remember I cried silently 75% of my stay (about 5 days) I think around day 3 in the evening I felt nauseous and started throwing up, luckily my incision stayed closed. I had a spinal fluid leak from my epidural and it caused dizziness and nausea which set back my recovery since I was supposed to be up and walking. Finally on day 4 things were resolved and I was back to feeling like all my firsts with my baby were stripped from me like holding my baby or the first bath and I’m forever thankful my husband was there doing everything he didn’t even sleep the first 3 days but I was very heartbroken it couldn’t be me. From then to getting home things went smoothly , my mom and family helped me with everything and I’m blessed and thankful for it. I still cried a lot and my husband had to help me shower and use the bathroom which was strengthening our bond and felt equally humiliating to me, along with the fact I hadn’t really been able to care for my baby aside from feeding and holding with occasional help. About a week from getting home I was walking much better and felt lots of improvement , until I started getting pain in my chest and through my back and I spent the whole evening and all night rocking on the floor in pain. The next morning it seemed to stop and I thought that meant I could avoid the hospital but around noon it came back just as bad but I was throwing up so I went to the er. I soon was sent to a hospital out of my city alone in an ambulance for gallstone surgery. I cried almost every minute of my stay there, I was separated from my baby again, I was scared and alone and wasn’t given anything for postpartum bleeding so I was stuck laying in my own blood. Needless to say I was a crying mess when my husband parents and baby picked me up. I didn’t have much breast milk due to being away and having drugs from surgery in my system so I didn’t even have that, it took a while to feel emotionally better and I’m still to this day traumatized from it, I have pain in my epidural spot and incision area that make me cringe at the memory. But I can say without a doubt my sweet toddler has filled my husband and I’s hearts and lives and I’m healing slowly but surely. I just needed to say this somewhere in case someone else going through something like this needs to know they aren’t alone . Birth trauma comes in many shapes and forms but it doesn’t mean you are any less of a mother.
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2023.06.09 08:57 theSaltySolo Let’s talk about THAT twist in ROTB

Man I was shook when:
Can’t believe that this film is indeed canon!
I can’t cope!
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2023.06.09 08:57 AutoModerator [] ✔️Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree ✔️ Full Course Download

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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
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2023.06.09 08:55 AutoModerator [] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

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I even critique (and edit) a few of my students’ BFCM emails during this call.
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2023.06.09 08:54 Archeidos The Las Vegas Case IS NO JOKE - Footage found of an 'alien' found in released video - This seems to be the real deal

Listen guys, I know we're focused on the Grusch case and we're attempting to build credibility and not endorse anything too 'out there' -- but there IS something to this. It's *serious* and here's why.
I initially wrote this off as a clear stunt/hoax/psy-op. I was completely fucking wrong with my first impression. You guys need to keep digging around on this sub and elsewhere -- because I'm now firmly in the camp that this is real shit, and I'm not the only one.
We know that James Fox has reported that he's been contacted by the Las Vegas PD and that Knapp is reportedly going to interview the family and investigate it. Fox has reported that the Vegas PD is claiming the FBI scrubbed body cam footage -- and this corresponds with exactly what we see in their official YouTube channel. The vast majority of it is black and audioless -- and we've been given an explanation by some media officials that the "police didn't want to expose private property". The family was anything but unwilling to disclose and help. The kid even fucking made a YouTube channel about this just the other day.
What better REASON is there to investigate a CLEAR cover-up, when in the middle of a world-wide investigation of a whistle-blower who's claiming the government has been covering up for decades. There is something here; and we're just scratching the surface of what's to come.
The landlord of the family's property has reportedly told a local Las Vegas news agency that he has or had possession of legitimate footage from cameras on the property. Put together what James Fox has told us about the FBI involvement, and the other components -- and do the math.
This is shaping up to be one of the clearest cover-ups AT THE EXACT same time of a global claim of governmental conspiracy. Let's keep our eye on the ball -- this is an important case to everything else going on right now.
Isolated/enhanced photo's from the original video which this kid posted on is channel. These are from separate users on this sub I was able to find:
This video -- I consider to be the smoking gun for myself. The way the eyelids move so fluidly on its big black eyes -- it's almost frog-like in the movement. It does not look animatronic at all. It looks very 'organic'.
If you need help being able to identify what you're looking at, reference the images above. Judge for yourself... it's not great quality -- but guys... It's the only fucking thing that survived an alleged scrub, and that makes this BIG (in my estimation).
To help contextualize where you're looking in reference to the source video -- please take a look at this. It suffers from image compression badly -- but it gives an idea of where to look, and how quick and subtle of a find this was
I'm still digging -- but if this post gains traction, I will clean this up with sources of the users referenced, and all of the receipts -- as much as possible.
submitted by Archeidos to UFOs [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 08:54 OGPenguin14 Selling BK acct Full Access DM

Selling BK acct Full Access DM submitted by OGPenguin14 to FortniteAccountsSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 08:51 Kindly-Trouble7351 CamVid Review 2023 ⚠️ Full Reviews Details + Coupon Code - Anugerah Syaifullah

CamVid Review 2023 ⚠️ Full Reviews Details + Coupon Code - Anugerah Syaifullah
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CAMVID Review: Templates For Studio-Class Videos

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But now you don’t have to worry about these potential issues, I will walk you through an amazing product – named CAMVID which allows you to create and edit studio-quality videos with ease. With CAMVID, everything is done for you, and you just need to know what you exactly want, then use the suitable templates.
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CAMVID allows individuals or businesses to create high-quality videos. It offers templates with all the video footage, images, animations, layouts, text, effects & transitions in place.
You can start creating intriguing videos in a fraction of the time:
STEP 1: Choose a Template
Choose from a large variety of pre-formatted templates, for almost every video type.
STEP 2: Drag & Drop Your Media
The templates are flexible to be used for any niche or topic and you can easily replace the placeholder images or videos for your own.
STEP 3: Type In Your Text
Copy and paste (or type in) your own text into the text placeholders. And if you want you can also change text size, fonts, colors, bold, italics, letter spacing, etc.
STEP 4: (Optional) Customize
If you want you can also fully customize the templates to match your branding. Change colors, add your own music, move things around, etc.

CAMVID Review – What Are Its Features?

It includes done-for-you templates for all these video types:

1/ Clean Promo Videos
Create sleek, modern, and clean-looking promo videos. This template comes with multiple different scenes with sidebars, lower thirds, titles, and more.
2/ Video Sale Letters (VSLs)
Create videos that sell. This template is heavily based on the text on a white or black background. Plus scenes combine text with matching images or videos for a specific concept.
3/ Explainers Video
Explain certain concepts with animations and text. You’ll get all kinds of different scenes that you can mix and match.
4/ Video Ads
Have a special discount sale coming up? Let your customers know that they can save money on your products with a video ad.

5/ 3D Animation Videos

Want to REALLY grab your viewer’s attention? Add these eye-popping 3D animated scenes to your videos!
6/ Fancy Text Animations
Make your text stand out and POP. These templates are great for titles, trailers, section headings, etc…
7/ Tips & Lists Videos
Create short videos that give your viewers tips or instructions on something.
8/ Device Mockup Videos
Place your videos inside different device screens like laptops, desktops, and TVs. All of these mockups take place in the real world with real people using the devices.
9/ Photo Slideshow Videos
Show off your photos in style. Create photo slideshows with captions out of any images you have saved on your computer.

10/ Particle FX Videos

Create magical-looking videos with particle FX. You can add these special effects on top of any video or image.
11/ Logo Reveal Videos
Show off your logos in style with clean and modern logo reveals. Simply drag and drop your logo image into a placeholder, and type your text.
12/ Pre-Keyed People Videos
These templates feature people doing all kinds of different actions and gestures along with text animations that match the action. The background of these videos has already been keyed out (so you don’t have to mess with green screen settings).

CAMVID Simplifies The Video Creation Process

Each scene is nicely formatted with text, images, animations, transitions, etc. You can take these scenes, and arrange them in any order you want. Creating your own multi-scene videos.
Position text where ever you want, position images where ever you want, and move anything you want anywhere on the screen. Create your own unique layouts.
The cool thing about these templates is that they’re super flexible. You can mix and match everything to create your own unique hybrid scenes. Combine real footage videos, with animated text, explainer elements, 3D animations, etc.

Why Should You Choose This Product?

=> Assets in Multiple Formats
If you don’t use Camtasia you can still get value from this package since it comes with 100’s valuable “assets” like animated icons, 3D animations, particle FX animations, and many more.
The assets come in industry-standard formats which are compatible with pretty much every graphics editor, video editor, website builder, etc. So no matter where you want to use these assets, you’ll be able to add them to your projects without a problem.
=> Included Commercial/ Developer License
With this license you can use the product in your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients. Thus, you can charge your clients money for the projects you create for them using the assets in this product.
Just pay for it one time, and you can use it in an unlimited number of projects.

CAMVID Review – How much does it cost?


This product is given to you for a one-time payment of $37, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you will have a nice experience with CAMVID. If you’re not completely satisfied, just send an email and they will send you a refund. Therefore, you have nothing to lose, don’t hesitate for too long.

Discuss The Pros And Cons

Who Is This For?
CAMVID is beneficial for those who want to create highly effective video templates effortless, especially digital marketers, affiliate marketers, content creators, bloggers, graphic designers, freelancers, social media marketers, online tutors, etc.

The Conclusion

With the aforementioned information, I believe that you already have an overall look at CAMVID. Therefore, you should take this high-quality product into consideration, and grab it home as soon as possible.
Thank you for reading my CAMVID review!
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