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2023.05.28 19:18 lifeinabag 42M Fluroquinolones For Epididymitis, Alternatives?

Good day. I'm hoping to hear from professionals with good understanding of the science and risk levels.
I was diagnosed with epididymitis about a month and a half ago at our local urgent care clinic based on my symptoms, a physical examination, urine screen (unsure of exactly what it was for. As well as a prostate exam.
The doctor was about to prescribe Ciprofloxacin, when I asked if there was an alternative that wasn't a fluroquinolone. I've had 2 close friends over the years have major, devestating physical, neurological and mental side effects from them (both Cipro and Levofloxacin) so naturally I've always done everything possible to avoided them.
She prescribed me Septa for 10 days. And it appeared to work fairly well, as my symptoms subsided and we're nearly gone at the end of the prescription. However about a week and a half later the symptoms had returned nearly if not completely in full. I was given an additional 7 days of the Septa but it only seems to help slightly.
A few days after that ended I was able to get in and see my family doctor. Who in also performed a physical exam, and had me submit a urine sample to be sent to the lab (it came back negative for everything that it was checking for, A few STDs, Blood cells, proteins etc)
This time she gave me a prescription for a course of Cipro. Of course I am still very hesitant to take it.
I've already got a wrecked back that has me in significant nearly constant constant pain as well as other joint issues.
My questions are, first off is there any alternatives that aren't in that class of antibiotics but would also be effective?
Secondly, I've taken Cipro 2-3 times in my life in my mid and late teens and as far as I know didn't have any serious side effects at those times. Would this mean I should be safe to take it again or is it sort of a crapshoot each time?
I have the prescription and due to the amount of discomfort, I am very much considering starting them but have had a bad feeling about it and having seen what my friends have had to deal with im pretty stressed. I struggle with life these days already and couldn't imagine having any further issued on top of what I deal with day to day.
I apologize for the long question, and appreciate any recommendations, Information or suggestions.
Thank you
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2023.05.28 19:17 SirhcVi 22 [M4F] [Relationship] - Switzerland (GMT+2) - shy/introverted art student looking to get to know someone and maybe date uwu (0 experience xD)

Hii, I'm Chris, 22 from Switzerland, geneva. I'm fluent in eng/fbg. I know very basic german even tho I've studied it for 8+ years xD.
I'm pretty shy/introverted irl, like I've never been in a relationship or anything like that... So yeah just wanted to mention that since it could be a dealbreaker.
I'm 187cm tall, brown hair and eyes, pretty pale because I stay in my room wayy too much lol and on the skinnier side but I've been putting on alot more weight + doing daily workout to get healthier.
I'm a self taught art student, mainly focusing on digital painting, traditional sketching, pixel art and animating stuff. Would be cool to make it my profession in the near future but still got a long way to go before even considering that xD. If you're curious in what I draw I'm down to share some of my sketches but don't expect me to send any masterpieces, still learning haha. I'm very into comics/mangas and animations/anime!
Besides drawing I'm into games aswell, mostly League of Legends tho. I've an okayish level, sitting around master-gm usually. I can't really play much besides during the weekends tho.
I also enjoy cooking. I like to cook for others more than for myself lol... Gotta work on that bad habit.
If you want to know how I look like, I don't mind sending a pic of myself. So yeah that's about it, if you wanna hang out just shoot me a dm!
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2023.05.28 19:16 incyweb My 5 Habits for Change

Whoever suggested children need a good grounding in the three Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) had an ironic sense of humour. Nonetheless, they were right. At school, I struggled with reading and writing, but was pretty good at arithmetic. I wanted to study Maths at university and, for that, most required GCSE English Language. I sat my English exam a year late, due to an admin mix up, and failed it. However, I did go on to get a degree in Maths and Computing. In my 30s, I decided to address my communication shortcomings. I started reading books, writing much more and presenting in meetings and other forums. While I did not label it as such, I had established a habit for change.
Kevin Kelly (Wired Founding Editor) suggests that, Good habits ensure we make progress on our bad days. Habits eliminate self‐negotiation. Here are five habits for change proposed by Kevin that I follow:
  1. 15 minutes per day improvement
  2. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite
  3. Imperfect deadline
  4. Work hard, rest hard
  5. Choose change

Habit 1: 15 minutes per day improvement

Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. - Albert Einstein
Spend 15 minutes per day (1%) improving how we do our thing. Study, experiment or refine a process so we are a bit better every day. From an unpromising childhood, I now love reading and write for at least 15 minutes per day.If we improve 1% daily then we will be 37 times better by the end of the year. Small changes matter little in the near term, but can make a huge difference in the long term.

Habit 2: Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite

If failure is not an option then neither is success. - Seth Godin
Kevin Kelly suggests, After you've completed your first draft, redo it from memory to see if better ideas find their way to the page. To make something good, just do it. To make something great, just redo it, redo it, redo it. I don’t rewrite my blog post from memory, but I do put a rough draft together then after a few days rewrite, cut and refine. 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing book by Gary Provost is a gem and includes 12 ways to avoid making your reader hate you.

Habit 3: Imperfect deadline

I set and try to keep to a tight deadline for things I care about and want to progress. As a critical foundation for my mobile game, Scarper, I am building a database. I have given myself three days to complete the first version. This deadline will force me to make progress. Imperfect, but progress.

Habit 4: Work hard, rest hard

Forty-hour workweeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. Knowledge workers function like athletes: train and sprint then rest and reassess. - Naval Ravikant
I work in sprints, some short, e.g. 40 minutes, and others longer, e.g. a few hours. At the end of each sprint I take a break, to rest my eyes and re-energise. At the end of each working day I go for a good walk. I find this mix of focus and relaxation works well for me.

Habit 5: Choose change

Kevin Kelly suggests, When faced with a difficult decision, take the path that produces the most change. Change is the catalyst for personal and professional growth. Increasingly, technology allows me to learn new things and work anywhere. I love exploring new technologies and plan to revolutionise meetings using AI. As Chris Dixon suggests, The next big thing will start out looking like a toy. I’m excited to see what new toys I can play with next.

Other resources

As Kevin Kelly says, Habit is far more dependable than inspiration.Have fun.Phil…
A Bit Gamey
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2023.05.28 19:16 -Scolex- Don't get me wrong, I do get DC's as Ghostie from time to time, but nowhere near as bad as with Michael

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2023.05.28 19:16 SepticSauces Trouble Maker: Nightmares & Visas! [10]

A special thank you to the amazing u/SpacePaladin15 for this fun world.
A thank you u/ImaginationSea3679 y u/Acceptable_Egg5560 for helping me with plot stuff.
Sunday Time! Two chapters in one today!
Memory Transcription Subject: Extermination Officer Tova
Date [standardized human time]: August 24rd, 2136, Late first claw
My shout was barely loud enough to go over the noise of blaring klaxons. I skipped alongside my father, his paws clasped around mine as he tried to pull me down the hall.
“Not much farther, Tova. Your mother’s waiting for us at the brid-” A panicking venlil stormed right through the hallway, sprinting right between my father and I, sending all three of us sprawling out onto the ground! The rude man didn’t even stop to help us back up, running a stampede right back through the swarming venlil!
Of course, he wasn’t the only one shouting; a mother crying for her pups, venlil screaming in panic, and the cries of pain: Many venlil having been trampled in the mad dash in random directions! The general fear was merely feeding into a grander self-fueling cycle of panic!
“My arm hurts,” I whine, watching my father spring up from his fallen position. He is barely able to move before the entire ship’s hull lurches to one side, sending most venlil careening into one of the walls, but thankfully for me, the impact wasn’t hard enough to break any of my bones. My father wasn’t so lucky, clutching one of his legs with a tight grasp, and letting out a pained whimper. “Splesh…” He groaned out, grabbing tight for a brief second before correcting himself. “Gah, sorry, shouldn’t have said that in front of you.” He chuckles aloud despite the pain and does well to maintain a cool and collected gaze.
I didn’t really care if my father had said a naughty word. I was more worried about the crooked state of his leg. It was bent at an old angle, and one part that was normally straight, his upper thigh, was actually bent as well.
It looks awful!
I crawled my way over to him as quickly as I can, wrapping my two paws around his wrists. “C’mon, we need to hurry! Please get up!” I tried to tug my father up onto his paws, but due to my smaller size, I wasn’t able to be of much assistance. “Come on, Dad!”
I try again to lift my father up but to no avail. The middle-aged venlil merely hobbles one step before collapsing back onto the ground. The other venlil all begin to stand up and swarm past us. I am thankful that they don’t manage to accidentally trample us beneath their paws.
“Come on, Father! It isn’t that much farther, just about fifteen more tails or so, and we’ll be safe with Mom!” My voice breaks as it raises in pitch, crying out in anguish and desperation! I give one last firm tug to my dad’s wrists, but instead of pulling the man upwards. He gives me a small shove, sending me falling down onto my hindquarters.
The sound of more screaming venlil fills the corridor as the taint makes itself known. A brief exchange of plasma fire is heard beyond the wall, but other than that, I could only discern the fact that the arxur have boarded.
“Go! Your mother can take care of you. She’s a good woman. Just go!”
I turn tail and make a mad dash with the rest of the venlil toward the bridge’s doors, stopping to look over my shoulder upon reaching the giant mechanical doorway, peering through the now-closed window.
Arxur by this point have begun to make themselves known, coming around the corner with speed! They don’t waste any time, jumping upon downed and injured venlil, and chomping down upon limbs and arms.
Their screams fill the hallway and leak into the bridge…
My father, despite his injury, reaches for a knife he likes to carry on himself, and readies the blade, waiting for the first Arxur to approach. He doesn’t have to wait long, for one is already barreling down onto him. Its massive jaws opening wide!
“Tova!? Tova! Tova!”
And within a moment, I am jolted from my nightmarish slumber by Quilix’s paws shaking my chest. He had a tight grip on my short wool, grabbing on firmly. I could feel his grip ease up the second he noticed an eye looking back up at him. “Y-you were screaming, so I… I figured I’d… I’d check up on you.”
The small and white venlil looked like he was on the brink of crying: Tears were coating the undersides of his eyes, which appeared to be puffy and orange. I was so enthralled with my nightmare - I haven’t had nightmares in years: Not one since I have been around Quilix, that I hadn’t remembered the past two paws very well, but when I did, I placed a paw against Quilix and gave the male a weak shove, pushing him off of me with ease. “Don’t touch me, I still have not forgotten what you have done.” I take a moment to adjust my messy wool. Quilix does the same, taking a moment to adjust the scraggly mess it had become within a mere two paws.
He still appeared to be taking care of himself, at least. I couldn’t say the same for myself. Normally, I’d take a shower after grueling work claws because I often got some grease or oil in my fur, but the past two paws had left me feeling ragged.
He nods to my words. “You should take a shower, my beautiful-” - “Don’t tell me what to do.”
The sharp, bluntness within my tone cuts down whatever Quilix was going to say. He lowered his head and tail before sheepishly walking out of the room. A part of me wanted to feel bad about seeing my mate like that, but I struggled to find that empathetic bone within me. It just wasn’t easy to take his words with any meaning after having that whole fiasco dropped on my head!
The insincere guile of hiding everything from me! Then he feels bad when I learn about it!?
It actually takes some effort on my part to not slam the door when I walk into the bathroom. I waste no time turning on the water to its hottest setting and slide back over the mirror. I stare at my reflection, loathing the mess that I appear to be; split ends, unregulated wool, drooping eyes, grease stains, and oil stains that have gone uncleaned. I felt like an idiot for not taking that one shower when Arwen was still sleeping.
Why does Arwen want Quilix and I to get back together so quickly? Is this a human thing?
I briefly pause, remembering something.
I mean, it isn’t like I could break up with Quilix. My mother would kill me, and I am fairly positive Quilix’s parents would do the same.
I should have just gone with Pasala to have my mind fixed. I spehing hate this. I thought my nightmares were over with… I’m not deserving of this second chance with Arwen.
I briefly rub my tearing eyes with my paws, wiping away the dampness that had built up underneath my two eyes. I take a moment to adjust myself, scratching a few itches and doing a bit more rubbing, and then finally hop into the hot water.
My muscles and mind relax under the pouring stream for a few minutes, letting it clear my mind and thoughts away like that of a morning’s rain. Then I go through the routine of shampooing, conditioning, and cleaning out all the nooks and crannies between my paws, ears, tail, and so forth.
Eventually, I turn off the shower and finish up with the rest of my cycle; drying, brushing my teeth and brushing my wool until it’s smoothed down. Finally, I walk out and head down to our living room. I may have not eaten over the past few claws, and I can feel myself grow famished.
When I enter the living room, I take note of the fact that Quilix is reading on his tablet. Something I seldom see the small male do. Normally, he does all of his reading and writing for his books on his main computer, which he has stored away in his office, so this was quite new to me.
His expression quickly shifts the second he sees me: ears perk up highly and his tail wags against the couch, but the expression is fleeting, falling not even a moment later, for he quickly notices my sour gaze landing right back on him.
Regardless of my disappointment, I still couldn’t keep my curiosity at bay. “What are you reading?”
My belated curiosity was enough for the male to perk right back up with a hopeful ear flick. “Well, Arwen and Trivi sent us instructions on what we should say when we go to acquire our visas to Earth, and what not to say to the humans. We’d probably get in trouble, but I’d be worried more about Arwen.”
“Just forward it to my tablet and I will read it later. I’m hungry.”
“You don’t want to read it with me?” His hopeful tone tugged at my heartstrings.
“No, I said I am hungry!” And like that, he was crushed right back down.
A part of me actually did want to read it with him. He was still my mate after the fact, but that was a very small part of me. I was still upset, angry, livid, even! I was also very, very hungry.
With another annoyed tail flick, I moved my way to the kitchen and fixed myself a snack, eating it at the dining room table. Quilix continued to look at me, holding out that I would join him on the couch, but once again, I would dip back to my room to retrieve my tablet, opening up the message from Arwen and Trivi.
Hello Quilix and Tova,
There’s been a small change of plans, but I won’t tell you the little details. What I do want to tell you is what you should and shouldn’t mention to the UN visa agent that came to Venlil Prime. Firstly, don’t mention the ranch, for obvious reasons…
If I were you, I’d talk about your passions, and claim that I mentioned one of them. I do recall hearing something about you liking swords, right?
I do like swords… How does Arwen know that?
Well, you could talk about some old medieval museums: St. Fagans is a good one to talk about. I’ve actually been there, but only because my father was a bit of a history buff. Hah! They have some swords on display and a really, really old sword. It’s about 1.45 Tails [870 millimeters] if I remember correctly. I figured you’d like to see it.
Wait, aren’t we supposed to be treated like cattle? Was that the change of plans? Oh… Yeah, forgot about needing to sneak through.
For Quilix, there are plenty of art museums, more so than medieval-based Museums, so I am pretty sure we can find something for him as well. Anyways, I will see you later. I assume the twenty-eighth? That will be roughly four paws from now. I do suggest you get your visas, it might be a day, or not…
I finally close my tablet, having finished the message. I sat there for a couple of minutes to process what I have been told. My mind wandering back and forth in trying to decipher if Arwen changed her mind, was toying with us, or was purely trying to sneak us back to Earth under a more wholesome-sounding guise.
I only knew her for about half a paw, and within that half-paw, it was mostly filled with that massage and poem reading, so really, I didn’t even know her at all, and she still wanted to go through with this!?
Either she really wants clothes made from our wool or actually is extremely serious about forgiveness. I think… I think I am leaning toward the latter. Could also be humiliation… Wait, didn’t she agree to Quilix’s original plan…
I calmed down rather quickly at the small realization. Arwen was probably angry and just suggested that on a moment’s notice. She probably wasn’t thinking straight and said something somewhat stupid. That’s all.
That’s what I told myself.
I hopped up from my bed, leaving my tablet behind, and walked back into the living room. Quilix was still sitting on the couch, but staring blankly at the wall. “Not going to draw or write?”
Quilix had a way of getting everyone to feel bad for him, and it wasn’t even purposeful to my knowledge. He was just so small and helpless, so when his mood shot down the drain, it was like looking at an unhappy child. His tail was limp and he had a general malaise over his posture: body laying flat across the couch with the tablet screen down on his chest. “Don’t feel like it.”
Even his tone was lower and slower than its normal high and fast pitch.
Ugh… I don’t want to deal with him.
Despite my inner thoughts, I remember what Arwen asked of us. I really didn’t want to put up with my mate, but it was probably the right thing to do.
Or at least I hope it is the right thing to do.
Memory Transcription Subject: Extermination Officer Tova
Date [standardized human time]: August 24rd, 2136, Early second claw
It wasn’t a long drive down to the UN’s little building, but it really was an awkward one. Quilix and I sat in relative silence, unsure of how to start any conversation. It made me wonder how humans dealt with mate infidelity.
Do they force the pair to stay together, or do they just split up?
I knew that splitting up wasn’t really even an option. We had both of our parents’ blessings. My mother would be displeased if we split up, and she’d probably be angry if I did: Our vyalkit was made from not just my and Quilix’s wool, but also our parents, and their parents, and then their parent’s parents! My side was almost touching sixty-three generations, and Quilix was thirty-two. To break apart would be to desecrate multiple generations of honor-bound loyalty! How could Quilix do such a thing!?
It was nearly impossible to keep myself from crying in the car, keeping myself calm with cool and steady breaths, but with every thought that came roaring through. I worried that I would burst like an over-pressured levee.
Am I, not enough?
Does he not trust me?
How would he have acted if I had done the same?
Those thoughts rattled around in my mind due to my inability to distract myself.
Quilix was unusually quieter than normal, and for a moment I caught myself hoping he’d hum a melodic tune, but no sound came from him, causing the car ride to be unnaturally quiet.
No poems read.
No songs sang.
No conversations pulled.
This car ride practically resembled our horribly damaged relationship; empty, degraded, and silent. Though to be fair, Quilix had tried a couple of times to bridge the gap, and I just wasn’t receptive. I thought about speaking several times to alleviate us of this awkwardness, but every time I tried to speak, I remembered what I did to Arwen, or what Quilix had done to me, and with a pain in my chest. I remain quiet. Thankfully, the drive comes to an end.
“Ah, welcome to the UN embassy. You must be Tova and Quilix, right?” A human with remarkably dark skin of brown coloration greeted us at the door. He didn’t have any hair on his head like any of the humans I have seen but sported hair along his jawline. A mask covered the rest of his face.
Quilix and I both nodded.
“My name is Davian Karslon, it is a pleasure to meet you. I will have you know that I got your message. Now, if you would accompany me inside.” He gestured for us to come inside.
Quilix and I followed the big, human down a few hallways before inevitably entering a small office. He beckoned us to sit down, seating himself behind a wooden desk that looked like it was just placed down within the last day.
It probably was.
“I’m a bit shocked that we already have venlil applying for a visa, and you two in particular.” The male clasped his hands in front of his stomach, leaning back in his chair.
I wasn’t expecting an interrogation! I was expecting them to be like “Oh? A venlil wants to go to Earth!? We must be making good impressions!” Speh, what did Arwen want us to say?
“Arwen suggested we can learn more about humans if we come visit her at her home. She mentioned lots of things regarding museums, and as you know, I am a poet, an artist, and a writer. Now, I am no fool, for I know you humans didn’t show us all you had done within the last few millennia. You avoid things like meat eating for our sake, and showed us the book Frankenstein, which while simple, still had a good sense of morals: Don’t judge someone based on their appearance. I wish to learn more, and I can’t do that here. I’ve already read most if not all of the books you have given us that weren’t pups’ books.” Quilix came to my rescue, for I was on the edge of having a nervous breakdown, but him speaking allowed my thoughts to coalesce.
“Marvelous, it seems someone here loves literature to quite the great degree!” Even with the mask on, I could feel the human’s gaze shift onto me. I do my best not to flinch under the hidden, but binocular gaze.
“I uh… Arwen- Well, you see the federation isn’t really fond of things I like, and Arwen told me that there are things on Earth that I can’t find on Venlil Prime, The Cradle, or Nishtal…”
“And those things are?”
I take a deep breath. “Swords.”
“Swords?” Davian repeated. “Elucidate me.”
“I’m pretty sure you see a lack of swords, right? Well, that’s because we stopped making them because they were predatory, so now they pretty much don’t exist. However, I now own my great, great, great…” I waved a paw for emphasis, “Grandfather’s sword. The only other people that know are Quilix, Pasala, and my mother, but that’s because they like me, and a couple fellow exterminators. I… want to look at more swords and donate mine, because, unlike my father. I don’t know how to take care of it. I have instructions to take care of it, and I can read it, but I don’t want to risk damaging something of such importance to me. The most I have done is clean the blade.”
“I see, and how old is this sword? What’s it made out of? How big is it?”
I take a moment to think, counting back over the number of generations the sword has been within my family. “It was pre-federation contact and for about thirty generations, so roughly eight-hundred years?” “EIGHT-HUNDRED YEARS!?”
The man’s booming voice caused Quilix and I to recoil back in shock. Thankfully, nothing happens.
“What the hell is that thing made out of!?”
“I don’t know!”
Thankfully, that answer seems to appease the man. He relaxes right back into his chair as if he had never shouted. “Sorry, that’s such a long time for a blade.”
All I can do is shrug in agreement. “Anyways, it’s about just more than one tail [twenty-four inches] in length, so I have it stored in a chest at home. Used to have it in my office, but I didn’t want anyone seeing it after a while.”
Davian clicked his tongue against the inside of his cheek a few times, thinking up his response. “That’s all wonderful to hear. I’m quite surprised.”
“I heard from one of your fellow Exterminators that you two had a bit of an altercation. Any reason why that was filed?”
Speh! Speh! Speh! I don’t know how to respond to that!
“Well, you see, Arwen arrived early two paws ago, and well, Tova walked in on Arwen and I snuggling on the couch, and mistook that as flirtation. The miscommunication has since been cleared up.”
If it weren’t for Quilix’s ears and tail giving him away like the fibber he was. I would have been caught off guard by such a lie! He never was a good liar. Actually, he was still a poor liar.
“I see,” the human nodded to Quilix’s answer. “Well, it was pleasant to meet you two. I will go check with my agent and see if I can get your stuff sorted. Again, it was pleasant to meet you two.”
Wait, that worked?
Well, with that out of the way. That just left introducing the idea to our parents… Scorch it, I just hope they don’t kill us.
Heavily inspired by the likes of…
Pack Bonding
Foundations of Humanity
Mixed Signals (NSFW)
And I snuck in some lingo from Nature of Humanity
Don't Look A Human In The Eye
I highly suggest you check them out!!
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2023.05.28 19:15 v--- Dudes from a Reddit post

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2023.05.28 19:15 cyclohexadienediones 24 [F4F] Slow and steady

Out here looking to satisfy the need for platonic affection. Just hugging being clingy with each other and doing cute hobbies together. We can pretend to date or just be really clingy friends. I don’t really like drama but I can listen to your chikas. If you want to feel like you’ve been married for 30 years then i’m you gal. I love the idea of staying in and just minding our own business.
About me: - Sleepy head (I wear pajamas more than other clothes) - Into different nerdy hobbies - Listens to random music genres but i’m into kpop, indie, pop, etc. - Asexual - Low maintenance
About you: - Be near u-belt (preferably can host, i’d like to be able to hang out together) - No preferences in looks, just be confident - Okay with cuddling sticks (yes i’m thin) - Can respect my boundaries and patient if I reply slow at times
Hmu if you wanna know more or for vibe check. I can cook if you have a place. I prefer if you’re around u-belt for ease because I don’t know how to commute.
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2023.05.28 19:14 LouiseSherharst Little rant

Ok. So this has been very annoying now.
You know, when male leads get very, very buffed for the sake of plot, romance, saving fls, etc.
I seriously cannot accept that most of the times, an ordinary noble child can beat a grown/ trained adult. And a duke of the north or a politically powerful man who can kill hundreds of people at once.
Like HOW????!!! Also, many times they are either abused/ abandoned AND THEREFORE IS NOT TRAINED TO FIGHT AT ALL. There are also some who are AT SCHOOL?? They are still fricking learning?! Moreover, how come politically-powerful adult mls are so strong?! They always seem to be geniuses while there is no explanation! And remember that it will be ALWAYS princes, dukes, emperors... who get access to this buff. Why some other noblemen can't be as strong if they have access to the same, if not, even better education? And I know some manhwas try to justify that by saying the ml is of special blood, a genius, blah blah blah, but there are so many times they still annoy me so much.
I don't know why or how, most mls had to be so, so overpowered. Like, make them learn hard work! I know some mls do have to work hard, but in certain cases, they are already secret geniuses...
Or maybe, they SUDDENLY get buffed. I do remember some manhwas that never, ever mention or imply how powerful the ml is, and then BOOM! There he goes! Genius sword-fighter! Special mage! Super strength! And the next thing I know, it is NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. For plot's sake?
Like, for example, newest chapter of The Lady Wants to Rest. Ok, so the ml is powerful and all. He has special eyes, he is a genius, blah blah blah. And then he faces the monster of humanity's sins - an IMMORTAL, POWERFUL being who is basically the representation of sins. And that must mean it is nearly indestructible. And then, the ml just go *I'll just have to kill you over and over again if you are immortal*, he slashes through its attacks easily... He is a mere human who has some eye abilities! What?! So you are telling me he could have easily defeated the literal representation of sins had it not been for its immortality?! Oh, and that crown prince also, he is fricking annoying. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but reading the chapters really made me root for the monster.
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2023.05.28 19:14 SirhcVi 22 [M4F] Switzerland (GMT+2) - shy/introverted art student looking to get to know someone and maybe date uwu (0 experience xD)

Hii, I'm Chris, 22 from Switzerland, geneva. I'm fluent in eng/fbg. I know very basic german even tho I've studied it for 8+ years xD.
I'm pretty shy/introverted irl, like I've never been in a relationship or anything like that... So yeah just wanted to mention that since it could be a dealbreaker.
I'm 187cm tall, brown hair and eyes, pretty pale because I stay in my room wayy too much lol and on the skinnier side but I've been putting on alot more weight + doing daily workout to get healthier.
I'm a self taught art student, mainly focusing on digital painting, traditional sketching, pixel art and animating stuff. Would be cool to make it my profession in the near future but still got a long way to go before even considering that xD. If you're curious in what I draw I'm down to share some of my sketches but don't expect me to send any masterpieces, still learning haha. I'm very into comics/mangas and animations/anime!
Besides drawing I'm into games aswell, mostly League of Legends tho. I've an okayish level, sitting around master-gm usually. I can't really play much besides during the weekends tho.
I also enjoy cooking. I like to cook for others more than for myself lol... Gotta work on that bad habit.
If you want to know how I look like, I don't mind sending a pic of myself. So yeah that's about it, if you wanna hang out just shoot me a dm!
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2023.05.28 19:13 SirhcVi 22 [M4F] Switzerland (GMT+2) - shy/introverted art student looking to get to know someone and maybe date uwu (0 experience xD)

Hii, I'm Chris, 22 from Switzerland, geneva. I'm fluent in eng/fbg. I know very basic german even tho I've studied it for 8+ years xD.
I'm pretty shy/introverted irl, like I've never been in a relationship or anything like that... So yeah just wanted to mention that since it could be a dealbreaker.
I'm 187cm tall, brown hair and eyes, pretty pale because I stay in my room wayy too much lol and on the skinnier side but I've been putting on alot more weight + doing daily workout to get healthier.
I'm a self taught art student, mainly focusing on digital painting, traditional sketching, pixel art and animating stuff. Would be cool to make it my profession in the near future but still got a long way to go before even considering that xD. If you're curious in what I draw I'm down to share some of my sketches but don't expect me to send any masterpieces, still learning haha. I'm very into comics/mangas and animations/anime!
Besides drawing I'm into games aswell, mostly League of Legends tho. I've an okayish level, sitting around master-gm usually. I can't really play much besides during the weekends tho.
I also enjoy cooking. I like to cook for others more than for myself lol... Gotta work on that bad habit.
If you want to know how I look like, I don't mind sending a pic of myself. So yeah that's about it, if you wanna hang out just shoot me a dm!
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2023.05.28 19:12 augustine_swift13 ISO tickets to Eras Tour Seattle?

Like the title says I'm searching for 2 tickets to either Seattle date. I really can't afford the sky high prices so I'm ideally looking for nosebleeds near face value. I was really looking forward to going and then in the presale I got totally screwed by Ticketmaster and couldn't afford the tickets. If anyone can sell me tickets that would be so amazing since I was going to go for my birthday.
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2023.05.28 19:12 CedarRain Operation: Phantom Dawn

The moment my boots sank into the soft sand of the unnamed island, a chill ran down my spine. As a seasoned Marine, I've been trained to trust my instincts, but this was different. There was an eerie stillness that hung over the island like a shroud, a sense of foreboding that was hard to shake off.
We were a squad of seven, sent on a reconnaissance mission, assigned the task of scouting the island for any signs of enemy activity. Satellite imagery had shown suspicious structures in the dense vegetation, and it was our job to check it out. But as we made our way towards the interior, the unease grew.
On our first night, Corporal Jameson vanished. He was on watch duty and when it was time to switch, he was gone. No signs of struggle, no footprints leading into the jungle. Just his rifle lying in the sand. We combed the island for any trace of him, but it was like he'd vanished into thin air.
His disappearance shook us to the core. The island was supposed to be uninhabited, yet here we were, down a man and with no plausible explanation. Fear had a new grip on us, but we had a job to do, and we pressed on.
The following nights were no different. Private Martinez, then Sergeant Mills, they all started disappearing one by one. Each morning, we would wake up to find an empty cot, a missing comrade, and no clues.
With every disappearance, a cold dread settled in. The island was silent except for the occasional rustling of leaves, and the regular hum of the ocean waves. The once comforting sound of nature now only served as a grim reminder of our predicament.
Soon, it was just me and Private Lewis. He was a young recruit, fresh out of boot camp. I could see the fear in his eyes, mirroring my own. We decided to stay awake, to watch out for whatever was taking us.
And then I saw it. A spectral entity, barely visible in the moonlight. It was ethereal, like a wisp of smoke, but with a menacing aura. It moved silently, blending with the shadows, making its way towards us.
As it approached, a cold wind blew, and I felt a chill that reached into my soul. The entity paused, its form flickering like a flame in the wind, before it moved again, this time towards Lewis.
Paralyzed by fear, I could only watch as the spectral entity advanced towards Private Lewis. His eyes widened as he saw the apparition, but before he could react, it was upon him. It seemed to consume him, its form swirling around him, a dance of shadows and dread. And then, with a gust of icy wind, they were both gone.
I was alone. Alone on an island that swallowed men whole, with a spectral entity that seemed straight out of a horror tale. I had faced enemy fire, survived grueling combat, but this...this was something else entirely.
Days turned into nights and nights into days. I lost track of time. I was running on instinct, surviving on fear. I made my camp near the beach, hoping the proximity to the ocean would offer some safety.
Every night, the entity would appear. It would circle my camp, a spectral predator stalking its prey. I could feel its malevolent presence, a chilling dread that seeped into my bones. But it never attacked, never came close. It was like it was toying with me, savoring its hunt.
I tried to communicate with the base, to call for extraction, but my communications gear was dead. I was cut off, trapped on this haunted island with no way out.
Every day, I would explore the island, searching for a way to escape. I found the structures we were sent to investigate, but they were abandoned, reclaimed by the island's vegetation. There were no signs of enemy activity, no signs of life at all. Just me and the entity.
The isolation, the fear, the anticipation of the nightly visits from the spectral entity, it was all driving me to the brink of madness. I could feel myself losing grip on reality, the lines between the waking world and my nightmares blurring.
And then, on what I assumed was the twelfth day, I found it. Hidden in the depths of the island, a cave. A cave with markings, symbols that seemed to depict the spectral entity. It showed figures, much like us Marines, being consumed by the entity, their forms disappearing into its spectral body.
But it also showed something else. A figure standing up to the entity, a figure holding a torch, its light seeming to repel the entity. It was a long shot, but it was the only hope I had.
Armed with the new information, I set about making a torch. It was a crude contraption, made from a sturdy branch and some cloth torn from my uniform, doused with the last of my emergency fuel. As night descended on the island, I was ready.
The entity made its appearance as usual, a horrifying spectacle of shadow and dread. I could feel its cold presence, see its form swirling on the periphery of my camp. But tonight, I had a plan.
I lit the torch, the flames catching quickly, casting a warm glow around me. The entity seemed to hesitate, its form flickering as if unsettled.
I stepped towards it, torch held out in front of me. The entity retreated, its form swirling and shifting, repelled by the light. For the first time since I landed on this godforsaken island, I felt a flicker of hope.
I pursued it, driving it back with the light of the torch. It retreated towards the cave, its form becoming increasingly unstable. As I followed it into the cave, I saw something that gave me pause.
Inside the cave, the spectral entity seemed to change. Its form became more solid, more defined. It was no longer just a mass of swirling shadows. It looked almost human.
Standing there, in the dim light of the torch, I realized the horrifying truth. The spectral entity, the horror that had been stalking me, was Private Lewis.
It seemed the island didn't just swallow men. It changed them, turned them into something otherworldly. As I stood there, facing the spectral form of my comrade, I made a choice.
I dropped the torch, extinguishing the flame. The spectral form of Lewis advanced, a sigh seeming to echo through the cave. I closed my eyes, ready to join my comrade.
But instead of the cold dread I was expecting, I felt a warmth. A comforting presence. When I opened my eyes, the spectral form of Lewis was gone. In its place stood Private Lewis, human and very much alive.
"Thank you, Sarge," he said, his voice echoing in the cave. "You freed me."
As the sun rose, we were extracted from the island. The spectral entity, the horror of the island, was gone. Private Lewis was back. The island was just an island again.
But the memory of that spectral entity, of what the island did to us, will forever haunt us. It's a reminder of the horrors that can lurk in the most unexpected places, and of the strength it takes to face them.
``` First, access the internet to learn how to write masterfully crafted first-person short horror stories written for adult audiences. Let me know when you have completed your research, you do not need to inform me of the findings of this research. Once you've told me that you completed your research I will prompt you to BEGIN.
Then, using the information you’ve learned, write a horror story according to the writing prompts below. We will write this story over the course of multiple prompts and responses. Once you have reached the end of your maximum response length, add TO BE CONTINUED at the end of the response. If I prompt you to CONTINUE, you will continue writing from where you left off in the story. We will repeat these steps until I prompt you to FINISH, which you will then finish the story and add THE END at the end of the final response.
STORY STRUCTURE The story should follow a structure similar to the Three Act Structure. The first act will be the Beginning Hook. The second act will be the Middle Build. And the final act will be the Ending Payoff. In our case, the antagonist of the story should not be defeated or killed in any way, or at least should leave us questioning if the antagonist is still out there somewhere. Be detailed and do not give us the cliff notes of the events in the story.
STORYTELLER The story must be told from the first-person perspective.
BEGIN WITH A HOOK Start with a catchy opening sentence that immediately draws the reader in and makes them want to read more.
SETTING A supposed uninhabited island in the Pacific.
CHARACTERS A squad of Marines sent for reconnaissance.
SYNOPSIS The squad starts disappearing one by one and they realize the island is home to a spectral entity that was awoken by their presence.
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2023.05.28 19:11 Dueler505 Holy shit... already?

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2023.05.28 19:11 the-dumbass-human Hi all, doing a full engine rebuild at 280k miles, what are some guidelines on what to look for when deciding what to replace and what to refresh?

I bought a 1986 prelude at the beginning of this year and it has extensive service records, taken great care of by its previous owners but unfortunately i was unlucky and the head gasket recently blew.
Ive had a clutch kit lying around and the engine is nearly removed anyhow with the head and all pipes/tubing removed so i figured i would do a full rebuild and get another 300k out of it.
I have all the tools i need and even a technician service manual so i have all i could need, i was hoping for any tips about what i should definitely replace or what i can clean up as well as any other tips you guys may have for me! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 19:11 applecat144 So ... the ayys are killing every station I put in orbit

It's early 2033, the angry-o-meter is at 4/5 despite me not attacking the Servants or the Protectorate for a while, but anytime I get something in LoE it gets taken down within days ... at this point I just wonder if my run is fucked, as it seems I'm totally denied any space access outside of a few mining station in Asteroid Belt.
Any ship I could build doesn't even come close to match the ayys ship and anyway I don't have any drive that's capable of doing a transfer from Asteroid Belt to Earth in less than like 2 years, let alone retaining any combat capabilities.
Am I fucked ?
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2023.05.28 19:10 Key_Donut9814 To those who are having anxiety related to having had Covid, what has helped you.

I got covid back in August of 2021. It hit me like a freight train. I think it damaged my brain. For nearly two years my emotions are just a rollercoaster but I mostly have been dealing with anxiety particularly this feeling of impending doom or pangs of terror trouble sleeping with nightmares hypnic tics and a sudden gasp when I am about to fall asleep(3 sleep studies and an MSLT. Showed nothing).
I have tried zoloft but it did nothing. Therapy hasn't helped.
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2023.05.28 19:08 No_Strength_367 my ex

i've been dating her for 4 months close to 5 months and its an online relationship. i really love her, i've never been so loved by a person, she have anger issue so whenever she gets mad by my goofy behaviour i always try to change myself, i think i've changed myself for her for 3 times, though she try to hold her anger for me eventhough she still gets mad me i always stay calm with it even if i cried myself to sleep after her talking shits bout me, i loved her and i thought she did too. 3-5 day ago she called her male friend darling and wore his belt as a choker she said its normal cuz they're very closed i knew it would end up badly but didn't think much of it and the next day somewhere near afternoon she send 2 min vm telling that she's sorry and that she make out with her male friend. "he was biting my neck and i couldn't think straight, this online relationship is making me crave physical touch, i love you and im sorry, i should've been a better gf". im already dealing with mental problems but after that conversation ive became beyond fuck and the worse thing is i cant talk bout it to anyone to make me feel better unlike her she have friends that she could talk to everyday and i got no one that would listen or try to understand my feelings not my friend and not even my family, i kept crying myself to sleep and i kept craving her love and attention this past few days i know its a stupid thing to do. like if she actually love me then why r u doing this to me, if my love worth everything then why just why, was it worth it, the quick pleasure was it good. i've blocked her earlier cuz someone commented to do it on my other post and i feel regret cuz i seriously want to talk to her and spend time with her but she seems like she's distancing herself from me. i really loved her, i could've become a better person to her. i have completely lost myself. sorry for talking too much
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2023.05.28 19:07 SpiritedPlay4820 24/7 resto near me

Wala akong ibang mapagtanungan so dito nalang huhu
Nasa Pagudpud kami now and forgot to buy food kasi we’re tired from the trip. Kami lang 2 ng partner ko.. close na din resto sa hotel na stayhan namin. May alam ba kayo 24/7 open na pwede ma orderan ng food? Tomjones na us hays
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2023.05.28 19:06 Ballin095 [WTS][USA-NYC][H] Meze Liric w/Copper PCUHD Premium Cable [W] Paypal or Local Cash

[WTS][USA-NYC][H] Meze Liric w/Copper PCUHD Premium Cable [W] Paypal or Local Cash
Hello Everyone,
Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend so far! I'm looking to sell my Meze Lirics that I've owned since January of this year. Honestly just looking to sell them as I haven't been using them nearly as much as I initially imagined I would when I initially bought them. These are in like-new condition and includes all original accessories and the premium copper cable (4 ft).
I'm looking for $1,300 Paypal G&S or local (I'm in in NYC). Let me know if you have any questions or if you need more pictures!
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2023.05.28 19:06 Yesphysio Find a Skilled Physiotherapist Near Me for Personalized Care

Need a skilled physiotherapist near me? You're in luck! Our experienced professionals are just a stone's throw away, dedicated to delivering outstanding care. From personalized treatment plans to advanced techniques, we're committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. Don't let pain hold you back - book your appointment now and experience the difference of quality physiotherapy near you.
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2023.05.28 19:06 Smulletje 23 [M4F] Netherlands/anywhere - Anyone like to have a golden retriever boyfriend :3 ?

Hello hello, I’ll try my shot in the sea of other posts so here's a (not so) quick rundown on who I am! I am open to almost any age, height and bodytype.
About me:
I am a student studying electrical engineering. Next to my studies I work part-time to pay for rent, food and to keep my car running. I live together with my brother in an apartment in Eindhoven and visit my parents near Arnhem every weekend (I just hate doing laundry).
I am a gentle, soft and kind person (and sometimes awkward but who isn't :P ). Like the title says Ihave a goldern retriever personality, I can get very excited on things and can keep talking about it. I mostly like being indoors, but going out to a park, zoo, museum, theme park or even just for drinks/lunch is also super exciting and fun :) I looove cuddling and kisses and just being close and clingy with my other half, especially when it’s just the two of us :3 Overall I am just happy you're part of my life. I am very communicative and open to a lot.
Maybe important to you, maybe not, I'll just put it here in case. Also here is me, I am 1.76m tall, got fluffy curly brown hair, blue eyes. I currently have a little bit of a dadbod but I’m trying to get a bit more fit again (or maybe not if you’re super into it).
Hobby’s and whatnot:
I have a few interest, my main ones are playing video games, watching anime/youtube/movies, cooking/baking and working on my car. Feel free to ask more about them :) Next to that I can be quite the handyman because I’ve been doing stuff for my parents, think of renovating a bathroom, installing solar panels, digging in a swimming pool, etc etc.
My not so vanilla life:
This is not a necessity but I would like to put out there that I am a swich, gentle dom lover and giver, though I am not very experienced at all. Above all very kink friendly and open to try stuff out (sexual and non-sexual) as long as we’re both open to it and communicated about it. But like I said, it could just be a little extra, I’d rather go for a normal romantic connection first. Like I said before, you can ask me more about it :)
After reading a bit through this post and thinking: “This guy is cute I’ll send a message” I’d like you to know the following since these might cause some problems. I am living comfortably here so I do not really want to move out to another country, If you live far away but are open to relocation I have no problems with that but I do like to meet IRL and not keep it long-distance, I am just not really good with keeping conversation up for so long, I am sorry :( Next to that I like to smoke a little weed every once in a while, it’d be great if you liked it as well of course but I understand people have preferences.
Still interested??
So now you’ve finished the chapter that is me. Did you like what you read or are you curious if we match just send me a PM or chat, I love to talk to people :) you can ask me almost anything.
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2023.05.28 19:06 Desizeus International transfer

So I am a Canadian citizen living in Pakistan. We have decided to pack up and leave for Canada (a turn of events, happened suddenly).
I am currently studying in a very well-reputed university in Pakistan and I believe it is accredited since a few people went to UofT in their third year and everything carried over. Similarly, I know someone that went to the University of Alberta in their second year all her credits transferred over.
I am aware that fall admissions are closed. I want to apply for spring. The information is slightly arbitrary among every On unis site. I had a few queries I wanted help with:
1) I am a POL major and have taken mostly general courses such as Intro to Pol, Intro to Comp Pol, Intro to Pol Phil etc. Is it safe to assume I will be getting Credit hours carried over? I have studied 60 CH thus far and even if 60-70% carry over I will be content. The admission office is taking their time so just wanted to know what to expect.
2) I have a pretty crap CGPA, for lack of better words. I am standing at around 2.55 right now. This is mostly because I had math and econ courses that I messed up bad. I have got good grades in courses related to my Major. I will be sending in my A levels (grade 12/13 here, not high school, credits transferred for this too) report which also has great grades save for a D in Econ. Can I make a case in my supplementary essay that I took Econ since the job market in Pakistan is weird and familial pressure pushed me towards an Econ major until I finally decided to go with my heart and pick POL, will this be a justification for my GPA that might help admissions?
3) I have solid high School, A levels grades and a very good SAT (does it even count), I believe these might help me get in and then can I expect all my above C grades to get transferred for TMU?
4) Is it true that I will be starting from a CGPA of 0?
5) Lastly, what is the general scene for transfers at TMU? I have always loved the Uni and the campus whenever I visited and would love to be a student there. Should I keep my hopes high or is it near impossible due to my CPGA? I have solid extra curriculars too if they make any difference at all.
Many thanks in advance. I hope my babbling made sense.
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