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2014.01.06 08:19 silverwater Diamond (DMD)

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2023.06.07 00:45 DogeInaSuit Fast Fuse

I’m about to spend 35$ plus shipping for a roll of fast fuse off of I have checked all mom and pop stores near me, does anyone have another site for cheaper?? These prices are god awful, I could buy a salute cake for that price.
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2023.06.07 00:45 Asif7282002 Application

I applied to one McDonald’s near me and got the job very quickly and the hiring manager said a mail will be sent to me regarding my training date and time. But today I called back and the manager there told that no one was hired during last week. Should I be concerned or wait for the mail?
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2023.06.07 00:44 Southern_Meringue70 Need game where you play or at least can choose to be bad guy

I'm getting tired of being good guy and want to be a horrible person for no reason at all! I would generally like a game in where you are or can get powerful so bad actions are more fun, I would enjoy if the game had a skill tree so as you progress you get stronger and more dangerous. The game should be generally a good game so I don't end up playing a horrible game with the only good factor is that u play as bad guy. I DO NOT want an JRPG or RPG as I'm not interested in those genres, also if you can choose to be bad you should be rewarded with more stuff than being good. Hopefully it takes place in an modern or near-future setting as those settings feel better for me.
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2023.06.07 00:44 aww_Nic0le Frozen Embryo Transfer: Round 1 *trigger: positive*

So I hadn't been very active after my posts about my Hunger Games experience -- mostly because I had to go back the the drawing board 3 (!!!!!) Times with medication protocols, and then once we figured that out, i had an extended time on birth control (pesky cysts they wanted to follow). So, there wasn't a whole lot to update on aside from "spinning my wheels."
I am still very hesitant to post here for fear of jinxing something and breaking my own heart. But.. this is hopeful infertility, so i choose optimism, and to share my update to give others hope as well.
I had been getting these ongoing "cyst monitoring" ultrasounds for way too long, and of all days, I had another one scheduled on my birthday (may 25th). Well, instead of it ending up as yet another cyst check, it turned into my lining check.. and the doc 1000% dropped in my lap that "hmmm, okay! Well, I'll see you back in 1,2,3,4,5,6 days (counts on calendar) and it's Go Time!"
I was like, what?? Literally stunned and didn't know what to say. I was completely expecting it to be at least 2 or 3 weeks out.... and that was whenever we made it past whatever hoop was next.
My transfer day was May 31. And it was a complete blur, and very surreal. The embryologist hand delivered an utterly fantastic "first photo" of the embryo they were transfering, proof it survived the thaw and had already started expanding like crazy. She was SO excited by how great it was, it was hard not to get excited too... and By the time we were in the surgery suite, it had fully hatched, and was blowing all the staff's mind. I was foggy due to meds, which I am thankful for because I had no idea HOW TENSE I WAS until my first sigh after the Valium happened. OMG.
I had read on our forums here that some people test positive as early as 4 days post transfer, and even though I didn't put much stock in that kind of response for me, lo-and-behold, I got my faint line 4dpt. I had a bunch of internet cheapies from Amazon, and today (6dpt) I finally caved and got some higher quality ones from the store. Lines are MUCH darker, and the digital is also positive. I guess I needed that very stupid validation, to comfort my scared self. I laugh at myself because it makes no sense.
When you arrive for your FET, my fertility clinic gives you a package that includes a lab form preemptively scheduled for blood draw 9dpt, which is Friday for me. Now, I'm just super nervous about Values being high enough, or doubling, or whatever it is....
this time frame, for me, is so scary. I know it's officially there, now I'm just terrified of it going away!! Trying my best to stay on the light side!
The thoughts that trip me up the most is "how far along i am".... from transfer? 6 days.. embryo was 5 days tho. But technically I'm 3 weeks, 5 days? I can't focus.
Additional: we knew we had a day5/boy and a day6/girl, and they did ask us if we wanted to pick. We had mutually agreed it was damn near impossible to choose something like that (what if it failed, guilt, etc) so we let them pick which one they thought would be the most successful.
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2023.06.07 00:44 EMArogue I (20M) am confused by this girl (19F) I met

So a few days ago I (20M) met this girl (19F) who I’ll call J in a theater as I came to watch my sister’s show alongisde my parents and a friend of my sis and J worked there
We immediately hit it off and she herself proposed we could exchange Insta to stay in contact, she also complimented my appearance saying I could make a good actor and we talked for about an hour between the pause and after the show; she was also interested in knowing who was the girl I was with (and was visibly relieved when I told her the girl I was with was a friend of my sister’s)
J also liked to stay close to me physically and we hugged twice before I had to go so I thought it was doing great
Once home I checked her insta and discovered she had a bf, I asked how her return home was and she said fine and that her bf lived near (without asking me anything like “how about you?” Or stuff like that) and when a couple of days later I asked what she was doing she answered me in the evening and said that she was with her bf and didn’t even try to ask about me (again)
So what the hell is happening here? When we met irl she kept talking for 90% of the time and acting interested in what I liked and disliked and now she doesn’t try to keep a conversation and keeps reminding me she has a bf like I am some sort of annoying guy trying to get into her pants
Which hey, I would have no problem with if she wasn’t the first one to suggest we’d exchange instagram to keep in touch, as she herself said; what can I say to just get to talking normally like I do with my friends?
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2023.06.07 00:44 thedeadzone2006 (F4M) A vampire and a hunter

The rain hammered down on the city of Latreor. The drops making quiet piter paters on the glass of the windows of every building, although you won't be able to tell if you where one of the many nobles in the queen's ball room. Elegant strings echoed through the large room as extravagantly dressed guests danced. Although in the corner was quite the strange sight, a woman dressed in all black stood leaning against the wall. Her eyes covered by her hat that was tilted downwards and her mouth covered my a black cloth. No one deared go near her as they all knew who she was. A vampire hunter picked specifically by the queen from the hunter's gild.
Hey! I bring you another roleplay idea. This time about a romance between the young Vampire prince and an older veteran hunter. I write in third person, only roleplay on discord and I can write up to a paragraph if there's enough to write about. But do know I have dyslexia so my spelling won't be perfect.
If your interested shoot me a DM no need to ask in the comments. Hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.06.07 00:43 Nelboss Where do you buy wood?

I understand that this may be a stupid question to most of you, but as a person who has never really done anything remotely close to woodworking/carving, I have no idea where to buy wood from. Do I go forage it or do hardware stores sell wood? I dont think I know of any specialised "wood stores" near me so I am kinda lost as to where to get wood. Im sure I could find firewood somehow but I doubt that that is wood you wanna use for carving. So yeah, where do you get quality wood?
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2023.06.07 00:42 mdlsmo I have ADHD and have been on medication for over a year. I don’t know how much it’s supposed to work and do to me. I don’t know if there is something wrong with me or my dosage.

I’ve been on 70mg Vyvanse for a while now, I think almost a year. I just got diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago after living my whole life undiagnosed and unaware of why I was the way I was. I started at the lowest dose obviously (after starting with Concerta and maxing out the dose on that and not really feeling like I felt a difference) and I finally started to notice a difference at 70mg. I think it was definitely hard for me to know if it was working until I decided to go a day without and see if I noticed a difference. And I definitely did notice some differences. I’m able to focus more than I do without it, and I’m a lot less easily distracted. Without the medication it always feels like I’m thinking about a million different things at once, and when I’m on the medication it feels like I’m finally able to just have one train of thought (that still sometimes gets interrupted but not nearly as much I think). I think I also notice a difference in my hyperactivity and a difference in how much I am stimming. However, sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me or something, because it doesn’t feel like I experience nearly what other people with Adhd say they feel when they take medication. All I see when I look at what other people with Adhd say it feels like to take medication, is that it feels like they could get hundreds of things done (like get up and clean there entire house for example) and that they suddenly have all this energy and motivation to get a bunch of tasks done. It’s like there is clearly such a large and obvious difference for them, but it’s never felt like that for me. I don’t know what’s wrong or if there is anything wrong
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2023.06.07 00:42 Immediate-Mission-13 Looking for a legit plug in Texas near me, tired of being scammed

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2023.06.07 00:42 k3llb3lll Recovery Day 8

Survived a week! Abdominal pain and nausea is still there but not nearly as bad. I actually don’t know if it’s CHS today or the fact that I got my period 2 days ago. I’m still sweating my ass off at night and peeing a million times a day, but I’ll take it over puking. The intense waves of suicidal thoughts and crying hysterically kinda just… stopped? Definitely not complaining, but I thought it was weird. Could have to do with my hormones + the withdrawals. Or it could come back with a vengeance in a few days, guess we’ll wait and see. Still don’t really have an appetite and sticking to bland foods and liquids, BUT last night I was able to eat a (small) bowl of pot roast and rice. Overall still getting better each day.
Also had a happy (?) surprise today - I completely forgot I had ordered some shroom chocolates before all this happened and they came in today 🤦‍♀️ I’m not about to fuck up my stomach even more so I’m keeping them in the freezer until further notice. Whole shrooms always make me super nauseous, but I know some people get it worse than others. I did want to ask if anyone here has tried taking shrooms after quitting smoking — how long did you wait before you took them? I’ve only ever eaten them whole which literally makes me gag, or made tea which goes a wayyy smoother. This would be my first time trying the chocolates, idc if they’ll have effects closer to the whole shrooms or the tea. I remember when I tried to quit vaping for the third time, doing shrooms made my nicotine cravings go away and I was finally able to stop. I was kinda hoping it would have a similar effect with the weed cravings I’m getting.
Hope you guys are all doing well 💗
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2023.06.07 00:41 Atomic12192 [DC/Marvel] Does anyone actually believe when a major figure dies?

With how many times characters have been resurrected or faked their deaths, does anyone actually buy it when a major person kicks the bucket. Hell, Jean Grey’s near dozen fake outs alone would make me doubt it.
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2023.06.07 00:41 SrGarfy Any place to play limited formats online for free?

I recently found a discord channel organized to play commander using spelltable and it's been an awesome place for me to play online but also being able to smack some cardboard on my table (spelltable is based on camera usage so you can actually play paper magic). And this community supports proxy which is a dealbreaker for me.
But is there any similar organized place to play limited formats (sealeds/drafts)? I do realise that it's not really possible to play limited using camera... but maybe there is some good 3rd party online tool for those formats that lets you play without buying cards like on mtgo? And some discord channel or something where people actually gather to play.
Please don't judge me, it's not like I like piracy and stuff, it's just I'm nowhere near enough financially to be able afford real cards, especially for limited formats, so proxy is the only option for me to play unfortunately...
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2023.06.07 00:41 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E4 My Crow Speaks To The Cursed

Darkness covered the funeral as those black clouds rained onto black umbrellas. Most of the policemen were gathered to put Sergeant Ventura into the ground. Detective Winters turned from the man's family, Police, and with a scowling cigarette, he headed back towards his car.
"Did it go well?" I asked him from where I had waited in the back seat.
"You know I told them exactly what happened?" He asked me, after a moment of silent conversation. The rain was making a soothing noise on the roof and windshield, repetitive, insistent and natural. I listened to that, instead of the rest of his monologue: about filling out a report, and then talking about the report to his superiors, and now telling me the whole story. I looked out the window as he went on and on, and watched the various policemen and their wives filing away. I noticed only half of them had wives and only one had a male partner. I wasn't sure if he was to be referred to as a 'wife'. Can't be a 'spouse' in this state. "And for all that they just made me write that I had accidentally shot the corpse-shaped booby trap that killed Sergeant Ventura."
"You finished?" I asked while he stopped to catch his breath.
"Yes. Thank you. I feel better." He claimed. He started his car and we drove back to the hotel.
"You just gonna stay here with me?" I asked him as I headed past the beds for the bathroom. I intended to have a shower, thinking: "I admit I don't get them very often, living outdoors."
"I wouldn't dream of leaving you. You are the love of my life. I can't sleep when you aren't in that bed over there, in the same room as me. Meals just don't taste as good without you." Detective Winters had an odd tone of voice as he said all of that. I decided to just leave it alone.
While I was showering, I realized I was afraid of him. I was harmless compared to him, and I could kill someone to protect something I couldn't even explain. What would he do if I tried to escape? I decided it was best to accept this path. I wanted to make recompense for taking a life. It meant something to me, even if I avoided Earthly justice.
I shaved off my beard and tied my hair back with my bandanna. I looked like a human-being. I finally put on the clothes Detective Winters had bought for me at the thrift store. I looked like a decent person. Cory tilted his head at me.
"Looks like you could find a mate." Cory complimented me.
"Think so?" I asked, blushing.
"Amen." Cory squawked supreme affirmation. I presented myself to Detective Winters.
"Thank you." He muttered, with a cigarette towering ash atop a filter on his mouth, as he lay on his back with a towel over his eyes. He was thanking me for cleaning up.
I too got some rest. It seemed like all we did was sit at the policestation and fill out paperwork. I had started pacing and found I was not allowed out of his sight. Being confined was strangely exhausting.
I laid there and started to fall asleep. It was strange, sleeping indoors again. It had taken me so many nights in that bed to get used to it. My dreams were of distant times and places. Sometimes I saw Khurl and primitive humans in my dreams. Those were strange nights. The hotel window was open, and the sounds of people softly shuffling by, or arguing in the distance, or watching an infomercial all night on full volume, drifted in with the cool breeze. The world was outside and I had learned to sleep in a new place. A strange kind of sleep.
The phone rang and I awoke and sat up. Cory was watching me in the darkness. He asked:
"What is that?"
"It's Detective Winters's phone." I told him.
After it stopped ringing he woke up and got it and called back. He was laying there half asleep.
"You called?" He sounded quiet and spoke slowly. "I was asleep. I saw that you just called. I want to talk to you. Are you okay? I miss you. Hello?"
Someone might be talking to him. He was listening, there in the darkness. Then he looked at the phone, acknowledging that the call was ended. He gently set the phone down and rolled back over. I could only presume he was trying to fall back asleep.
Then his phone rang again and he answered it and asked in a voice I only heard him use there, at night:
"Please tell me what it is. I want to hear it." And there was a pause as he waited for a response. But it was his boss instead, and after chuckling: he told Detective Winters that he was needed at the scene of a murder. I could hear it.
"Let's go." He looked over and saw I was awake. We dressed and went to the car. The cool night air greeted us and Cory outstretched his wings, loving the breeze.
We got out of the car, at those last moments of night, at a hiking trail that led up Grandfather Hill, after crossing Sunberry Creek. I've tasted the legendary sunberries. They aren't meant for human consumption. I wouldn't recommend them.
Forensics had a van near the head of the trail. The body was about to get removed. They had waited for Detective Winters.
"There is the trail they made to get to her." Detective Winters had his last cigarette and lit it with his 'little red riding hood and wolf eyes' lighter. He took a death-sucking drag from it and pointed with it while he exhaled unhealthy air. "I want us to go the long way. I want to know the rest of her story."
I stood quietly and shivered. Cory clicked that there was a path if I turned around. It was a click that meant it was only the first step. There were three or four to find the path. He'd not tell me there were a series of steps, because crows don't think of numbers in the same pattern as humans. Numbers are magical, in their symbolism, to crows. Crows can count to a degree, but they will often stop counting if the number matches the same meaning they identify with the bushels they are counting. Thus the number three, to a crow, is also essentially female, as a symbol. Therefore when counting a group of females, there would necessarily be three. Every number had such a meaning.
I found a stone and when I stepped upon it I knew the path across the roots. It appeared when we got to the top of the hill. It led down to where the creek was. I stopped to get Detective Winters and heard him behind me:
"I'm following." His voice sounded like he had his eyes on me and couldn't really see the path. Cory kept urging my steps and then told me:
"This is where it first found her." Cory hopped down and pointed with his beak. "I think it is like a man. See its funny footstep?"
"What happened?" I asked.
"How should I know, my Lord? You always task me so." Cory flitted up to my shoulder and trembled and whispered into my ear: "It killed her, I am guessing. What do you think?"
I listened then. I had heard the forest once before. I knew this place, it could whisper, in that same tone. For just a moment it was almost a glimmer of a feeling, a childish emotion, a very crude and simple feeling, like just one note of a song. I glanced up and smiled.
"Cory." I said softly, smiling. He drilled a long series of clicks that was his most hilarious laugh.
"My Lord?" Cory wanted to hear what I was thinking.
"It is like Beauty and the Beast. This footprint, that is like a man. It is a man that is like a beast. He wanted her, loved her, followed her."
"Killed her." Cory added.
"That wasn't the plan. See how carefully it hid." I pointed where the shafts of sunlight lit each footprint perfectly. Such a thing could not step out of the bounds that were set for it by nature. Each of its movements in the forest was perfectly synchronized. Until something on its trail changed. Its movement pattern changed. It was following her, although still very careful as it went.
"What godless beast saw this woman and looked so intently?" Cory sounded interested. I could not guess, while I studied its saddest footsteps.
"This is where it retreated." I pointed to the path of its egress from the kill site. The sunlight danced through the trees as though the light were floating through the forest. In those strange shadows I could imagine the rest:
Hunched and breathing in the moonlight it had watched her approach. She had seen its eyes and perhaps she had screamed, fled, panicked. On instinct the beast had forgotten its fascination and attacked. Her fragile body stood no chance and it left her there and fled this direction. I was walking its path.
"I am going to get dogs out here. Wait!" Detective Winters called after me. He sensed the terrible danger and wasn't driven to it as I was.
"Must go now." Cory was insisting. My crow was also afraid.
"I want to see for myself." I also insisted. I was afraid too, but the quality of my fear was merely a sail to the fears lurking upon my path. I could not turn back and face those darker gazes. They could see into my soul and ignore me, cosigning me to the void.
The full moon still stood overhead and shone down in the lighting sky. In the eerie green light of the forest I found a clearing. I had followed the trail, losing the policemen and the detective. They would eventually find me.
The clearing was ringed by mustard colored toadstools all around its edge. A man lay in the bloodied pelt of a wolf as it peeled from his body. His claws held the earth and were caked in gore. Now I only felt the terror of my action. I had ignored my fear, for fear of being ignored by my own lucky stars. Now I was terrified of the thing before me, the deadly and unnatural visage of it.
The beast was breathing a painful mist onto my hand. He was a little more man, than creature, as his stillness grew; from moment to moment. He looked up at me.
"Know we see you." Cory spoke in his most sincere and clearest English.
"Why have you come to see this?" The man-wolf asked in a voice, broken by remorse, tired by rage, shamed by murder and driven to isolation. Besides the inhuman growl that its voice was composed of. Its yellow eyes stared, bleeding tears across a face not yet human and no longer an animal.
"Did you love her?" I asked. "Before she saw you, nothing happened to her."
"Melody! Oh god no! She followed me!" He exclaimed. When he said 'me' he began to howl dismally. This broke into an unearthly and almost inhuman cry of agony, straight from his soul. Hearing it, and knowing the fruit of his lamentation, is what turned a streak of my beard and hair white, and the white feather on Cory drained of color at that same time.
We stood in the morning light and waited. The cursed creature in front of us sobbed miserably. He said:
"I should be dead, not her."
"Death will always happen." Cory told him.
"Not for me." He wept bitterly.
"He understood you." I noticed.
"Indeed. I think it shows he is not so bad. You listen well enough to understand an animal." Cory spoke to me and then to him. He just stared at my crow. Then he confessed:
"It is the beast that is evil."
"She loved you too." I was sure. "Twas the beast that killed her, for that love."
"She did love me." He told the truth and the hot tears washed some of the blood off of his face.
Dogs and policemen arrived. The moon was gone and the sunlight was warming the forest. They trampled the toadstools and put the decomposing wolf's skin into evidence bags. They put the cursed one in handcuffs. An irony that the cuffs could only hold him while he was relatively harmless, not when he was the beast, of course. I was sure of that too, as I looked at a tree he had struck in his bestial fury, cutting into it like the wood of oak were soft.
"What will happen?" I asked Detective Winters.
"You know as well as I do." He replied. "Crazy guy like that will get the best care of modern medicine."
"That's probably for the best." I surmised.
"Yeah?" Detective Winters complimented me, as he lit a smoke he had bummed off of someone. "I believe you. You know I do."
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2023.06.07 00:39 absdevops Hire a musician for a bday surprise west london?

Not sure who to ask on this, but anyone play an instrument that wants to help me sing happy bday at a doorstep as I hand a cake?
I'll pay! Negotiable!
Need for tomorrow evening lol, near Hounslow station.
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2023.06.07 00:39 Key-Engineering3134 The History Of Derek And The Dominos P1

After the dissolution of the band Delaney and Bonny and Friends, Bobby Whitlock visited Eric Clapton at his house in London where the two began an impromptu jam session and wrote most of The Dominos catalogue (many of which reflecting the infatuation Eric had at the time with Pattie Boyd, wife of George Harrison). Wanting to form a new band to record these new tunes, the two contacted Carl Radle and Jim Gordon both also former members of Delaney and Bonny and Friends asking them to join them. However Gordon was already asked to record on George Harrison’s new solo record “All Things Must Pass” and so the band comprised by all agreeing to work as backing band on the album. Eric actually saw the experience as worth while as the 4 “Got their bones” during the experience instead of just getting stoned and writing songs. At the end of the album sessions, Dave Mason another former Delaney and Bonny guitarist joined the Dominos and now a 5 piece, Derek And The Dominos performed for the first time live on the 14th June 1970. Later, as thanks for helping Harrison on his solo album, Phil Spector cut a single for the group. Joined By George the Dominos recorded 2 songs “Tell The Truth” and “Roll It Over”. Mason would leave the band sighting anger over the fact Clapton was busy working with Harrison instead of focusing on the band. After getting the rest of the Dominos London accommodation and more live shows (where Clapton refused to use his name and did them as as anonymous as possible), the band flew to Miami to begin work on their debut album “Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs” (Seeing that for me at least it’s nearly midnight I’m going to post a part 2 tomorrow or maybe just edit this post to add more)
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2023.06.07 00:38 EMArogue Why would this girl share her insta if she doesn’t wanna talk with me?

So a few days ago I (20M) met this girl (19F) at a theater as I came to watch my sister’s show, she worked there
We immediately hit it off and she herself proposed we could exchange Insta to stay in contact, she also complimented my appearance saying I could make a good actor and we talked for about an hour between the pause and after the show; she was also interested in knowing who the girl I was with was (and visibly relieved when I told her she was a friend of my sister’s) She also liked to stay close to me physically and we hugged twice before I had to go so I thought it was going great
I checked her insta and discovered she had a bf, I asked how her return home was and she said fine and that her bf lived near (without asking me anything like “how about you?” Or stuff like that) and when a couple of days later I asked what she was doing she answered me in the evening and said that she was with her bf and didn’t even try to ask about me (again)
So what the hell is happening here? When we met irl she kept talking for 90% of the time and acting interested in what I liked and disliked and now she doesn’t try to keep a conversation and keeps reminding me she has a bf like I am some sort of annoying guy trying to get into her pants
Which hey, I would have no problem with if she wasn’t the first one to suggest we’d exchange instagram to keep in touch, as she herself said; what am I supposed to do exactly?
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2023.06.07 00:36 Plane-Letter My haunted dolls experiences

I have a collection of 3 haunted dolls. They are in my house. I have stated to them to be respectful to people in the house.
My first experience with one of them was asking to knock if your present. I got a knock. I wanted to confirm this so I asked again. Knock. Ok I'll ask one more time, before I finished the sentence Knock....
Great experience.
I put one doll on a dresser in the summer, very warm in the house. I put my hand near her and it was ice cold. Like she was a tiny air conditioner.
I put all 3 dolls in front of my audio recorder and asked questions. The first question, how are we doing tonight? Response, a drawn out deep voice saying Okkkkk....
I installed cameras in the room the dolls were in and my phone would get notifications if something happened. Sometimes I would lose connection to a camera. I'd have to reset it. Other times I would watch from one camera and see the others flip to night vision and back to daytime vision.
Edit: I forgot to mention I bought those balloon lights or whatever they are called. You can set to barely turn on, like the flashlight game. I would ask them to try and turn the lights on and sure enough I would get some to turn on.
That was a great experience.
Now this is why I created boundaries.
One night I was about to go to bed. I walked into my room and started having a panic attack. Sure I have a history of them but this was different.
I said, if your are in my room. I beg of you to respect my boundaries and not be in my room when I go to bed.
I felt as if a person filled with anxiety walked right past me and out my door. My anxiety vanished.
This was the most intriguing experience I just encountered.
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2023.06.07 00:36 TigerBest7382 My chick fil a gave me a written warning…

Ok so I’m kinda pissed tf off. So I wasn’t able to work this Saturday because I had to go to a meeting with my mom that started like 30 minutes before my shift & it lasted like nearly half of my shift. So I told my manager two days ahead of time and looked for a replacement and no one picked up. Well apparently both of my managers got pissed, and one of my managers (who’s known to gossip) was talking shit abt me this Saturday behind my back saying “he really don’t gotta go there.” And whatever, it wasn’t that big of an deal because I told them I could do extra hours this week but they said no. They said “I need to let them know two weeks before hand” but that makes no sense because I wasn’t informed of the meeting until two days before.. and I literally told them that. But their not listening. Idk I’m just a bit pissed about this. Like I did my best & it’s not my fault my mom scheduled a meeting randomly that I had to attend…
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2023.06.07 00:36 bobacrest Broken spidey arm

Broken spidey arm
This is such a great figure I’m willing to buy it again and I have the marvel legends 3 pack on the way so I’m not going to be getting another any time soon but my Raimi Spider-Man’s right arm just snapped off. It was really tight and I guess I just bent it too much this time. Any recommendations on fixing it or on how to loosen a tight arm joint in case the next one is the same? I own a few other shf figures and haven’t had any break on me but I also haven’t played with one nearly as much.
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2023.06.07 00:36 SpecialistLiving8290 Weird ache/pain near belly button?

Hey friends, so I am 27 weeks today with my first baby. I work a desk job and today I was not really able to take as much of a break so I’ve been sitting from like 8-3. Most of the time I sit cross legged in my chair if that matters
I started feeling really big and tight and round and just uncomfortable so I got up and walked around and I just feel this dull pressure ache near my belly button that feels like painful but not too painful?
I look very huge and stretched out right now so I’m wondering if this is normal or if it’s something wrong with my abs or a hernia?
I am laying down and the pressure is gone and I feel fine. Baby moves a ton when I lay on my back and he is putting on quite the show while I type this. But the tight pressure kind of freaked me out
Like 2 days ago I ate shit while taking my dog on a walk near the river but my arms and knees took the fall. No impact to stomach but I do have soreness near my pelvis on one side, it feels like muscle soreness similar to how the rest of my body feels right now. No bleeding or decrease in movement, called my OB and am waiting on a call back. Pretty sure it’s unrelated but the more info the better!
Thank you in advance, freaking out about every new thing these days as I know nothing 😂
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2023.06.07 00:35 AzGunnin Worth trying to sell 14k gold private party?

Worth trying to sell 14k gold private party?
I’ve got some gold jewelry I want to sell in order to get a bigger 14k necklace. Today I visited 3 local jewelers to see what they had in stock and what they’d offer me for my jewelry.
What I have:
Necklace 1- 20" 2.4mm 14k diamond cut solid rope necklace. 11.5 grams
Necklace 2- 17" 1.75mm 14k hollow rope necklace. 4.6 grams.
Pendant- 14k roughly 2.0 grams.
Total weight was 18.09 grams and the best cash offer I got was $525. One store offered up to $700 in trade-in depending on what I bought, but they didn’t have anything near what I was looking for. All 3 stores tested the gold and confirmed 14k purity. Both necklaces have Italy stamps but the colors are quite different. The bigger necklace has maybe a slight orange to it. Hard to describe, but none of the jewelers seemed concerned about it. Now I understand the price I'm being offered is basically scrap price, but I feel like the bigger necklace has a lot of life left and could maybe be resold? I've owned it a long time but hardly worn it. Or is it not even worth messing with?
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2023.06.07 00:35 Mojo-Filter-230 Somebody is pissed.

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