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2023.05.31 06:09 JichaelMordon Miami Meh

On his latest episode Bill defends keeping the Jays together with one of his reasons being the east will be weaker next season. He says something like Bucks and Sixers have a lot of roster uncertainty and prob take a step back. Cleveland isn’t ready. Then he starts listing off other teams that he just doesn’t seem worried about. NY, BK, ATL, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, etc.
Thought it was hilarious how Miami was swept under the rug as a non-threat on a podcast entirely about how the Heat just ended their season and are now 2-1 in the last 4 years vs the Celtics. Really!? especially after Bill was one of the few who had the Heat on his radar for sneaky playoff killers.
I think his point is mostly fair and agree Boston should keep the Jays together but thought the Heat overlook was crazy.
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2023.05.30 16:17 No-Parking-8358 How long before Uber drops Walmart?

How long before Uber drops Walmart?
Nobody is taking these orders, right? If I get within like 10 miles of a Walmart I just get bombarded with this crap over and over.
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2023.05.30 01:41 NectarineNo1778 F-16 Flybys near Cleveland on Memorial Day.

I’m looking for the sleuths on this sub to help explain this one, which could be mundane. I was doing yard work this morning (10:50-11:00 am) when I heard jet engines in the vicinity. This tends to occur during the Cleveland Airshow on Labor Day but isn’t common on Memorial Day.
I chalked it up to some flyby for a Memorial Day event and disregarded since I could only hear them. A minute or so later, the engines came roaring back and I caught a glimpse off them as they flew between a group of trees in my visual field. I live in Bay Village, OH approximately one mile from Lake Erie. They were hauling ass and flying west, northwest out over the lake towards Michigan.
This was odd because their route didn’t make sense in conjunction with flybys. While I only caught a brief glance of them, they appeared to be armed. It is possible I mistook missiles for fuel tanks but they were carrying something on their underbelly. I would estimate them to be flying at about 1000 feet.
It seemed odd to me so I jumped on flight radar but could find no track of them. I go on with my day and then see people talking about it on Cleveland. One poster commented that they witnessed a cylindrical object moving erratically above their house. They claimed shortly afterwards, the two jets flew by. According to additional posters, the jets were seen for over one hour between Medina, Mentor, Shaker Hts, Bay Village and Westlake.
Again, this seemed like an odd flight path of it was for Memorial Day flybys. I’m sure I’m overthinking this and it was nothing, but the incident seemed out of place. Any assistance would be appreciate solving this one.
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2023.05.25 23:15 Rideshare_Slave Boycott Uber. Rush hour btw

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2023.05.22 17:55 wistablssm Rain? Nope, those are midges on the radar.
Its that time of year in the Great Lakes region! The swarms arent always this big, but it seems to be happening more frequently. It still amazes me that it is picked up on radar.
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2023.05.18 12:24 shady80s_baby You guys are f'ing this up for all of us. 68 minute ride, 2 stops, $24.

You guys are f'ing this up for all of us. 68 minute ride, 2 stops, $24.
I'm kinda speechless. No wonder rates are trash.
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2023.05.16 01:31 fernwehdreamz People are going to pay to go on a cruise to...Cleveland?

People are going to pay to go on a cruise to...Cleveland?
Article link
Viking Cruises coming to Cleveland next month, as busiest ever Great Lakes cruising season gets under way
Updated: May. 09, 2023, 8:36 a.m.Published: May. 09, 2023, 8:31 a.m.
Ocean Navigator arrives at Cleveland port, May 11, 2022
The Ocean Navigator, part of American Queen Voyages, returns to the Port of Cleveland this week. This photo was taken in May 2022.
By Susan Glaser,
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland is set to welcome a record number of cruise passengers this summer, as Great Lakes cruising continues to grow in popularity and Northeast Ohio is included as a stop on more itineraries.
According to the Port of Cleveland, 53 cruises will dock downtown this summer, carrying as many as 10,000 passengers. That’s nearly twice as many cruise stops as 2019, the year before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the cruise industry in the Great Lakes and across the world.
One day this season -- on Saturday, September 23 -- there will be three ships docked in Cleveland at the same time.
Three new cruise lines will make their first stops in Cleveland this year, including Viking, the Switzerland-based company best known for its high-end European river cruises.
Other newcomers include Ponant, a luxury French cruise line, and Pearl Seas, based in Connecticut.
“We are always looking to add new ports and experiences,” said Alexa Paolella, public relations manager for Pearl Seas, which will bring the sleek, all-balcony Pearl Mist to Cleveland starting in late May. “The Great Lakes are enormously popular,”
Indeed, both Great Lakes cruising generally, and stops in Cleveland, have grown dramatically in recent years.
This year, Cruise the Great Lakes, an industry trade group, is anticipating as many as 170,000 passenger visits to Great Lakes ports – up 15% over 2022 – for a total economic impact of $180 million.
A recent report estimated that each cruise passenger in Cleveland spends approximately $150 -- or $1.5 million for 10,000 travelers -- a fraction of the total economic impact, which also includes the salaries of dock workers, tour operators and others, according to Dave Gutheil, chief commercial officer for the port.
The 2023 Cleveland cruise season kicks off this week, with the arrival Wednesday of the Ocean Navigator, a 202-passenger ship that’s part of American Queen Voyages, a company that has made numerous sailings through the Great Lakes in recent years.
A century ago, cruising in the Great Lakes was big business, with dozens of ships plying the waters, before the growth of the interstate highway system and the discovery of more exotic vacation destinations.
About a decade or so ago, tourism and economic development officials started promoting the Great Lakes again.
“It really wasn’t on their radar,” recalled Gutheil, who has worked for years to attract cruise companies to Cleveland and the Great Lakes. “The worldwide cruise industry is fairly mature. There aren’t a lot of new places to go.”
It took a while, but companies finally saw the appeal of the Great Lakes region, which encompass two countries, nine states and provinces, industrial cities, quaint islands, unspoiled wildlife and 20% of the world’s fresh water.
The region has become even more popular in the wake of the pandemic, said Paolella. “Having somewhere you could go close to home, but also a different experience, was very appealing,” she said.
These cruises are not for the frugal, with prices starting at $12,000 per person on Viking’s new 378-passenger Polaris ship, which is sailing a new 15-day itinerary through the Great Lakes this summer.
Viking launched in the Great Lakes in 2022, with an eight-day cruise from Toronto to Milwaukee that did not stop in Cleveland.
This summer, the company is adding a second ship and a second itinerary, the Great Lakes Collection, which sails between Toronto and Duluth, Minnesota (or vice versa), and includes a full day in Cleveland. The first Viking stop in Cleveland is scheduled for June 13.
Shore excursions planned for Cleveland differ based on the ship, but typically include options to stop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, University Circle or the West Side Market. Many also include a tour of Northeast Ohio’s Amish communities.
Passengers aboard the new Viking Polaris can choose among a Cleveland Highlights tour, which includes a downtown driving tour followed by a stop at the Rock Hall; a Taste of Cleveland tour, focused on the West Side Market; an Arts and Parks tour, with a stop at the Cleveland Museum of Art and a drive through the Cultural Gardens; and hike or bike tours of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Part of what makes Cleveland such a popular stop, according to Gutheil, is the central location of its port, just west of Cleveland Browns stadium, in the heart of downtown.
“A lot of people like the fact that we’re so close to everything,” said Guitheil. “It takes them 5 minutes to get to the Rock Hall. And you can pack two excursions into the day.”
In addition, the port recently invested in a new customs facility on the waterfront, which simplifies and speeds up the customs process, as most Great Lakes cruises travel back and forth between Canada and the United States.
Even with the recent growth, Gutheil says there is room for more ships and more stops.
Indeed, Paolella, with Pearl Seas, said Cleveland will likely see more stops next year. “We’re making six stops in Cleveland this summer and I expect that will increase next year,” she said. “The guests love it.”
Great Lakes cruising
A Viking expedition ship sails through the Welland Canal, which connects lakes Ontario and Erie, bypassing Niagara Falls. Viking will include Cleveland as a stop on a new 15-day itinerary through the Great Lakes.
Great Lakes Cruising
The Pearl Mist in Milwaukee.
Great Lakes cruising
View of Toronto from the top deck of the Pearl Mist.
Cruise ships coming to Cleveland this year
Cleveland will welcome as many as 10,000 passengers aboard five different cruise lines this year. Here’s what you’ll see docking at the Port of Cleveland in 2023:
Viking Polaris, a new expedition-style ship with room for 378 guests and 256 crew.
Pearl Mist, an all-balcony small ship that accommodates a maximum of 210 passengers
Ponant’s luxurious Le Dumont-d’Urville, with an underwater lounge and room for 184 passengers. Le Dumont’s itineraries that include Cleveland are part of a Tauck tour.
MS Hamburg, operated by German-based Plantours, was built in 1997 and is the oldest and largest ship in the Great Lakes, with room for 420 passengers.
American Queen Voyages, with two ships, the Ocean Voyager and the Ocean Navigator, sailing throughout the Great Lakes. Previously known as the Victory ships, these two have been sailing in the region for nearly a decade.
Read more:
Cruising returns to the Great Lakes – and to Cleveland, which has a new customs facility for passengers
Cleveland added as a stop on new Viking cruise through the Great Lakes
Ocean Navigator arrives at Cleveland port, May 11, 2022
A new customs facility on the lakefront in downtown Cleveland makes it easier for Great Lakes cruise passengers to explore the city.
If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.
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2023.05.12 18:28 Accomplished_Yam_551 “I believe a cornpocalypse scale should exist”

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2023.05.10 19:32 Cloudy_Mercury Columbus Identity?

Moved from Buffalo, NY to Columbus in 2020, and a lot of people still ask if I moved to Cleveland. I get it; Cleveland is relatable for someone in Buffalo, and more often visited (for concerts, short weekend trips, sports games etc.) but it is sometimes frustrating and funny at the same time.
Do most people outside of Ohio have little idea of Columbus? Did Columbus not get on the radar of folks, even in the neighboring states? If someone is not a college football fan, what do you think they would know about Columbus?
I am a history and architecture enthusiast and not a lot of Columbus history shows up when falling down the rabbit hole of internet browsing compared to some cities established around the same time. I may be ignorant but when in Buffalo, I knew almost nothing of Columbus.
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2023.05.09 16:44 purell_man_9mm State of HSCT 2023 (My Learnings)

State of HSCT - My Learnings from 2023

I’m writing this for people considering HSCT, because:
  1. Navigating HSCT approval was a huge pain and time drain for me, and I want people who are interested to get access faster and with less agony
  2. I found that “HSCT” is not one size fits all. Different practitioners worldwide are doing it in very different ways with different chemotherapy regimens, and thus expected to get different results. Most people do not know this as it is not advertised or communicated well.
  3. (Personal Opinion) There is a lot of misinformation and ambiguity about what HSCT is and what it can do. There are also some sketchy practices going on with some providers. I think you need to be careful here and understand what you are getting into.
Please tell me if you find this useful / helpful. I’m considering writing more info about my experiences and may spin up a blog if there is interest. I have tried to clarify which areas are my own opinion/bias. Please do also let me know if any of this is out of date or off. Some of these institutions and approaches are changing and I don’t want to mis-represent anything.
Lastly, I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice - just my own opinions as I navigated the process.


I’ve been trying to get accepted for HSCT since 2017 when I was diagnosed. I have communicated with and/or applied for HSCT in the United States (Cleveland Clinic, CBCI, UT Southwestern, BEAT-MS trial, Northwestern), London, Singapore, Russia, Careggi Institute in Italy, Heidelberg in Germany, Israel, etc. I have flown around the world trying to make this thing happen and learned a lot about what people are doing, what approach I wanted, and how to get accepted (which I finally have).

Stem cells do nothing - chemo does everything

First up - HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant) is a misnomer. It’s a mistake that we’re still calling it this.
The reason “HSCT” works has nothing to do with the “HSCT” part of the procedure and everything to do with the high dose chemotherapy used before the stem cell transplant. In other words - if you did the same procedure without the stem cells you’d theoretically get the same result (though you’d be more likely to die).
The stem cells are simply a recovery mechanism which helps your immune system reboot faster than it would otherwise. This improves safety of the procedure because you have a shorter duration of time with lowered immunity. It does nothing to improve MS. The thing that can improve MS outcomes as part of this procedure is high-dose chemotherapy. This wipes out the immune system so that it can potentially reconstitute in a more tolerant way.
When you start thinking about this procedure, I’d encourage you to think of it as high dose chemotherapy or immunoablative chemotherapy, not HSCT. This is important because all places do the stem cell transplant part of this procedure roughly the same way, but they do the high dose chemotherapy part differently.

HSCT are not created equal

One thing I learned quickly as I dug into different institutions is that they have different immunoablative chemotherapy regimens. People talk about "getting HSCT" but they are talking about different things depending which institution they choose. Most people (even some doctors doing HSCT) do not know this.
Initially with HSCT I was hearing a lot about Dr. Burt’s work at Northwestern University. Dr. Burt was using what I think of as the middle-of-the-road intensity for this procedure - a non-myeloablative approach. Some providers worldwide were using this same procedure. Others were using higher intensity protocols that were myeloablative (wipe out more of the immune system). Others were using lower intensity protocols which actually used even less chemo than Dr. Burt’s approach.
Roughly in order, my impression is that there are 3 tiers of intensity (I think this is still accurate):
As you move up this ladder, mortality risk increases proportionally. It's unclear whether higher tiers of risk translate to better outcomes because these procedures have not been compared head-to-head. My gut feel was that higher intensity was what I wanted to maximize the chance of success. I liked that some of the studies of the more intensive procedures seemed to be higher quality too.
Aside: In a theoretical world, I think there is also a final even more risky tier of HSCT, which would be doing myeloablative transplants from a donor rather than using your own stem cells. They do this for certain cancers, but the mortality rate is ~30% so they will likely never do it for MS (the idea being that MS does not kill you, and that it’s too risky). Which is a shame. If they did offer this, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. I think it would potentially be curative. If I recall, there was one MS patient who got this sort of transplant because he also had a severe blood cancer and his MS stopped entirely.

Sketchiness, limited data, and limited access

This section is about the drawbacks of each approach. What's sketchy, what's limited as far as research/data, or what makes these approaches hard to access? A lot of this is my own opinion, grain of salt.
Clinica Ruiz
I mentioned above that the Clinica Ruiz approach appears to be a milder version of chemo vs. what was done with Northwestern. To my knowledge they are the only place in the world using this milder approach, and at the time I looked at them they were not doing any proper studies where they measure patient outcomes. They did publish a paper (or maybe more now) stating that self-reported EDSS scores of patients improved after their procedure for a period of a year or two. I’m glad they published something but I am also very suspect because it’s not clear to me that this procedure is even more effective than, say, ocrelizumab. It looks to me like their protocol would leave some of the immune system intact and that, thus, eventually disease activity might return. Their marketing is a lot of shots of people receiving their “stem cell birthday” or testifying how excited they are right after transplant. I did not find stories of evidence of great results in the longer-term, which was a red flag. I ended up talking to one of their patients after the fact who was still relapsing following the procedure and was going to pay them to do it again. I found it suspect that they (a) weren’t selective about patients, (b) they allowed failing patients to repeat the procedure, (c) weren’t collecting good data about what works and for whom, and (d) were using the lowest intensity chemo of any institution.
Non-Myeloablative Approach - Northwestern, Russia, Singapore, UCI
Dr. Burt did some compelling studies that started to show that HSCT was an option, but he caught a lot of flak in the neurology community. Some of this criticism appears to be valid to me. His studies generally compared HSCT to a “Mixed cohort of DMTs”, rather than to a more meaningful basis of comparison like “the most effective DMTs”. His studies would have been more meaningful if he compared to the highly effective DMTs (natalizumab, ocrelizumab, alemtuzumab) and it strikes me as sketchy that he included the less effective ones as this dilutes the evidence about whether the extra risk for HSCT is really justified or not, and also whether it's more effective than DMTs.
My Neuro a few years ago had a contact at Northwestern and his contact alluded to the fact that people at NW were trying to get Dr. Burt to stop what he was doing. I’m unsure if this was due to the structural issue with studies noted above, or some other reason. The Northwestern clinic closed in a hush-hush way years later which adds to the suspicious circumstances.
My overall gut on this approach was that it seems to have validity, that many patients definitely benefit, but that it’s a bummer that the studies were conducted in the way they were. I’d be excited to see better studies to help determine how valid this approach is.
At present, I think there is potential for sketchiness here if the institution doing this approach is (a) not selective about patients, and (b) not doing proper studies on patient outcomes. Both are red or at least yellow flags to me. If I were considering a place matching those criteria, I wouldn't rule it out totally but I’d try to suss out more independently whether I looked like a patient who would respond well (which could admittedly be hard given the state of the data).
Non-myelo felt promising to me despite the data limitations, but was not my first choice given the controversy around Dr. Burt’s methodology and the fact that I wanted the strongest procedure possible (regardless of risk/mortality)
Myeloablative Institutions - BEAT-MS Institutions, Cleveland Clinic, CBCI, Canada, Careggi (Italy), Heidelberg (Germany), Canada, Others
Finally, the big guns - these places are using the most intensive chemotherapy regimens. I haven’t found as much ‘sketchiness’ in this approach. What I’ve found instead is that they have limitations on data due to low number of patients and are way harder to get approved by. These restrictions are:
  1. These places are far more restrictive about who can get in; they are usually requiring some sort of very clear worsening (ex: MRI lesions or clinical relapse) as an entrance criteria. They are less willing to try the procedure on patients who appear (outwardly) stable or have more subjective signs of worsening.
  2. Per the above, you will have to push a lot more paper and potentially make plane trips to visit these places to assess if you’re eligible. You may also need supporting evidence of your worsening via MRI results, or attestation from your neurologist of a relapse. You will probably have to use a fax machine, which is more tragic than having MS itself.
  3. These places are usually/often performing studies, but are moving through patients very slowly so it’s taking a long time to understand results.
  4. Places in the studies (like BEAT-MS) are randomizing patients, so you may join the study only to get put back on a DMT rather than HSCT
There are some good smaller studies already published showing greater stability of RRMS patients after these procedures, but again, these are usually small numbers (ex: 10 patients). I think Careggi also published some for SPMS patients showing more stability there too.
Personally, I decided I wanted myeloablative because it’s being studied in a more rigorous way and more intensive at eradicating the immune system. This fits my high-risk personality and bad disease progression. I also failed to respond adequately to Natalizumab, Ocrelizumab, Ocrelizumab + Methotrexate, Alemtuzumab + Rituximab + Methotrexate. It is clear that even insane combinations of immunosuppressive DMTs do not stop my unruly immune system so I wanted the highest level of immune wipeout and reconstitution possible.
My big belief with MS is (a) every patient is different and (b) choosing risks based on your own disease severity and your values / risk-tolerance is important. I would not rule out other ways of doing HSCT but would make sure to choose in alignment with disease severity, values, and personal risk tolerance. There is an element of unknown with all of these procedures.

How can I get HSCT?

The BEAT-MS trial is one way to get in if you have active disease on DMT (ex: new lesions showing up on MRI). This entrance criteria is insanely strict that the trial is struggling because of a poor design flaw. Namely, there are very few patients who meet this criteria. Beyond this, the study design is sort of flawed. People do BEAT-MS because they want HSCT, but they may get randomized back into doing DMTs (which per the entrance criteria, are already not working for them). So they join the study, and then drop out if they get put in the DMT group and go get HSCT elsewhere. Personally this trial seemed burdensome to get in to and my belief here is two-fold:
  1. I’m glad the trial is running as patients deserve this data. I'm excited for the results
  2. From a self-interest perspective, I think it might be better to seek HSCT directly if you know you want it (outside of the trial) rather than doing the trial.
Myeloablative Treatment Outside of BEAT-MS. There are institutions that will sometimes do off-study myeloablative transplants for HSCT patients. The ones I heard are doing this are:
  1. CBCI - see here call them and explain your situation, then you send docs. They have a long wait list so it will take time to be approved and transplanted.
  2. Cleveland Clinic - Shorter wait list but they do evaluations in-person and will want to see you for an exam before any sort of approval. I was rejected here twice so there was a lot of work flying back and forth and disappointing outcomes, make sure you have a solid case and argument beforehand to maximize your chance of success.
  3. Careggi Institute in Italy - email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). They are slow to respond, often weeks or months passing between each single email.
Others also popped up on my radar which I know less about:
  1. Heidelberg in Germany also appeared to be doing the same protocol. I’m less clear on whether they are doing good studies. They had more paperwork required to get in and by the time I started I had been accepted elsewhere.
  2. South Africa - I emailed the doctor here directly and we started a conversation but he fell off on responding.
  3. Israel appeared to have a program for myelo-HSCT but I got no response here after multiple contacts. They may have stopped or shut down this clinic.
Clinica Ruiz (mildest approach) and the clinic in Russia (non-myelo, same approach as Northwestern) are the easiest places to get approved. You fill out an online form and they will likely approve you. It’s a cake walk, but again, the ease with which they accept patients and the lack of study/followup gave me pause. I was also not wild about traveling to Russia during the current conflict.
I made an appointment at UCI where they are also doing off-trial transplants, but he is booked very far out and I was already approved elsewhere before even getting to this evaluation. I don't know which protocol they are using, but mentioning for others who may be seeking options
EDIT: A couple folks transplanted at UCI weighed in via comments below (thank you!). It sounds like UCI is doing both the non-myeloablative northwestern protocol (cyclophosphamide + rATG) and the BEAM (myeloablative protocol) and giving some patients a choice there.

Making the Case

I decided I wanted to do myeloablative HSCT outside the trial, because I knew I would never qualify for the BEAT-MS study and because the study looked burdensome in a number of ways (chiefly the idea putting in a ton of paperwork and then being randomized into the DMT group where I would continue worsening).
The institutions that do myelo HSCT outside of trial are more restrictive. If you want this approach, I would:
  1. Make the most compelling case you can about why you are getting worse. Consider things like - do I have optic nerve tests showing worsening, do I have brain scans showing worsening, do I have increased physical symptoms (spasticity, etc) that have occurred while on DMT? You will need something like this otherwise I don’t think they will approve you.
  2. Get your neuro to back you up with a report documenting dates and DMTs of worsening
  3. If they say no, repeat steps 1 and 2 as you get worse, and/or consider other options. One institution initially said no to me but changed to yes when I got worse.
Anyways, I’m now approved and scheduled to do HSCT (myeloablative) this summer. Doing pre-work and labs starting next week. Happy to share more as I go and thanks for reading.
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2023.05.07 14:14 canolli Question about bow shapes

Question about bow shapes
I have noticed that sometimes I see storms that look like they should be moving in the direction of the bow shape but are actually moving in the direction of the arrow shown. How do storms moving along their storm front maintain energy for that storm? Shouldn't the rain and clouds block the energy from the sun and therefore the storms behind lose energy? Thanks!
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2023.05.04 06:03 SACSlym Ranked is Pain, What Even is Hydro

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2023.05.03 11:15 Captn_Thatch Plymouth: A WoWsL Review

HMS Plymouth


This ship was given to me by Wargaming for review.
This review emphatically focuses on HMS Plymouth, but for good measure, there will be some healthy contrast featuring Edinburgh, Belfast 43 and a touch of Perfect 10. All of these ships are based off the same hulls, and are unique from one another in a number of ways. Captains, don't fret, Perfect 10 has her own draft already in the works. This review has been sitting as a draft for a while now, and in short order captains, we have a number of reviews coming.
Plymouth is a GREAT Ship, with a MODERATE skill floor and a HIGH skill ceiling.
All stats are current to the best of my knowledge as of v5.2.1. Stats are subject to change in the future, and this review may not reflect those changes.
Nothing could honestly make me happier than to be able to bring reviews and writing to you all full-time. If this interests you and you enjoy reading my work, please support me if you can, as every little bit helps. My goal is to keep my reviews free and public for all to read; and by supporting my Patreon you can help keep me at my desk.

Matrix Rating



The Basics

16 guns and a reload that puts her in the top 6. Let's not stop there, top 5 AP DPM, excellent ricochet angles, small fuse activation threshold and short fuse.
The result? A platform with arguably the strongest gunnery efficacy in her class. Plymouth is among the best damage dealers in the game, though she is not without her own weaknesses. This is a ship that is weighed down by her additional gunnery and is often unable to break engagements without shedding significant portions of health.
Coupled with the choice of Radar or Smoke, a heal and sonar separately slotted allows Plymouth to equip a wide variety of kit from smoke spammers to all-out radar ambush tactics. This ship epitomizes the kill or be killed destroyer hunter mindset found throughout the tech tree line, ending with the coveted bureau project HMS Minotaur. Captains, if you are at all a fan of Royal Navy Cruiser Lights, this ship is an excellent choice.


Plymouth's gunnery when compared in a vacuum is downright scary. She can vomit a lot of very effective shells and has the concealment to take advantage of key contest points on the battlefield. Captains, we are going to beat this AP well beyond needlessly to a dead horse, just to drive home the sheer magnitude of its efficacy. Conceptually, this is a single shell capable dealing with a stunning array of targets. While her torpedoes are rather lame, her gunnery is rather excellent.
From the top, the bite and the DPM.

Weimar 3750 540 000
Mainz 3900 468 000
Mainz CE 3900 468 000
Plymouth 3100 457 846
Cleveland 3300 365 538
Perfect 10 2800 358 400
Bayard 3300 316 800
AL Montpelier 3200 307 200
Chapayev 3400 306 000
Edinburgh 3100 297 600
Kutuzov 3300 297 000
Suzuya 3300 297 000
AL Chapayev 3100 279 000
Ochakov 3300 273 103
Harbin 2500 272 727
Charles Martel 4900 264 600
Belfast 43 3100 282 570
Hipper 6000 250 435
AL Baltimore 5000 245 454
Celtic 4500 243 000
Wichita CE 4200 226 800
Baltimore 5000 225 000
Rochester 5000 225 000
Pyotr Bagration 4550 223 364
Prinz Eugen 5900 217 846
Wichita 4000 216 000
Riga 5750 200 323
Azuma 8650 194 625
Albemarle 4500 194 400
Mogami 4700 188 000
Atago 4700 176 250
Amalfi 5100 172 125
Sigfried 11 600 160 615
Now, Plymouth lacks HE but this really doesn't work against her as it does in Belfast 43. Before you start crying over missed fire damage, consider this ship has improved ricochet angles, leaving very small margins to where Plymouth cannot sink her teeth into one plate or other.

Range (Km) Reload (s)
Weimar 15.3 5.0
Harbin 14.5 5.5
Ochakov 15.5 5.8
Mainz 15.8 6.0
Mainz CE 15.8 6.0
Plymouth 15.2 6.5
Cleveland 15.3 6.5
AL Montpelier 13.9 7.5
Perfect 10 15.2 7.5
Edinburgh 15.3 7.5
Bayard 15.8 7.5
Kutuzov 16.0 8.0
AL Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Belfast 43 15.3 8.5
Celtic 15.5 10.0
Suzuya 15.3 10.0
Charles Martel 15.8 10.0
Wichita 15.5 15.5
Wichita CE 15.5 10.0
Pyotr Bagration 16.0 11.0
AL Baltimore 15.5 11.0
Hipper 15.8 11.5
Baltimore 15.5 12.0
Rochester 15.4 12.0
Albemarle 15.5 12.5
Prinz Eugen 15.8 13.0
Mogami 15.3 15.0
Riga 16.1 15.5
Amalfi 15.4 16.0
Atago 14.7 16.0
Azuma 15.8 24.0
Sigfried 16.2 26.0
Plymouth has a solid reload and mediocre range. She has below average AP damage but is buffered by an insane shell count and excellent ballistics. With that, down onto Ballistics.


147 shells per minute stock. Even the best cruisers in terms of DPM are still almost 20 shells short, its bonkers. That in itself would leave most awe-struck without mentioning any of the other goodies tagged along in there. Belfast 43 sports relatively normal 152mm AP in terms of comparison to the three juggernauts below her. Of those three, Plymouth wins the race by sheer volume. The short fuse, high sigma and improved ricochet angles make rather quick work of destroyers and smaller cruisers. Find some accessory plating or the casemate, and then you will eat most battleships too.

Ricochet Fuse Time Sigma Velocity Shell Count
Belfast 43 45/60 0.025 2.0 841 84
Edinburgh 60/75 0.005 2.0 841 96
Perfect 10 60/75 0.005 2.05 841 128
Plymouth 60/75 0.005 2.05 841 147


So, yeah. Plymouth does have torpedoes; however, these are amidships with extremely unforgiving angles. Using your torpedoes is more frequently relegated to area denial or ensuring your killer goes down with you. Captains, you can get a tad cheeky with these, however, you do so at your own peril. Obligatory chart included below, but this is a weapons system that is best used as an auxiliary option. You do have some range on them, however, generally angle-wise if you are able to hit your target with your torpedoes, they are able to citadel you in return. They are almost, but not quite forbidden fruit.

Range (km) Alpha Broadside Speed (kn) Reload
Albemarle 10 15 533 62 132 62 72
Belfast 43 8 15 867 47 601 61 72
Edinburgh 10 15 533 46 599 62 72
Perfect 10 10 16 767 67 068 67 96
Plymouth 10 16 767 67 068 62 96


Plymouth looks much more adept than she is defensively. It's a menacing duality. She has an average heal all things considered with solid EHP due to the additional heal, decent but subpar AA, and access to smoke or radar. Her glaring obvious weak point is her 16mm plating, which allows her to be decimated and overmatched with relative ease. Unlike Minotaur or Edinburgh, Plymouth's does not have the reprint-a-ship heal. Again, unlike Minotaur's carrier free zone, Plymouth has enough AA to shoot down some planes and worse, falls prey to the outright imbalance of carrier spotting. While we'll dig into concealment later, it's important to note that in terms of defense, Plymouth is a victim when reactive and a killer when proactive; she kills as easily as she is killed.

Health Effective Health
Azuma 52 500 78 960
Albemarle 43 800 78 840
Sigfried 55 000 70 400
Celtic 36 700 66 020
Edinburgh 36 400 65 520
Hipper 43 800 58 517
Plymouth 41 000 58 220
Prinz Eugen 45 000 57 600
AL Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Mainz 44 000 56 320
Riga 42 000 56 112
Rochester 41 900 55 978
Amalfi 42 800 54784
Mainz CE 42 500 54 400
Kutuzov 40 700 54 364
Pyotr Bagration 42 000 53 760
Atago 40 100 53 574
Mogami 39 100 52 238
Perfect 10 36 500 51 788
AL Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Belfast 43 38 400 51 302
Suzuya 38 000 50 786
Wichita 37 900 50 634
Wichita CE 37 900 50 634
Charles Martel 38 000 48 640
AL Montpelier 36 900 47 232
Cleveland 36 900 47 232
Ochakov 34 750 46 426
Weimar 32 000 42 752
Bayard 34 700 -
Harbin 26 500 33 892


A mere 16mm plating allows for overmatch from larger caliber cruisers as well as battleships. A thin armor belt allows for critical damage even from destroyer gunnery. Captains, this is your critical weakness, everything can dev strike you with AP.

Plating (mm) Belt (mm)
Albemarle 25 152
Belfast 43 16 114
Edinburgh 30 114
Perfect 10 16 114
Plymouth 16 114

Anti-Air Suite

Technically average, however, functionally below average. 276 DPS is decent enough in terms of average, however, this is well below the magic 350/s which makes your cruiser generally a tough target from the sky. Plymouth fares better than Edinbow and good ol 43, but captains, you will find yourself having to dodge more attacks than are shot down.

Range (Km) DPS
Rochester 5.0 370
AL Baltimore 5.0 365
Baltimore 5.0 365
Celtic 5.0 365
AL Montpelier 5.0 363
Cleveland 5.0 363
Mainz 5.0 357
Mainz CE 5.0 357
Sigfried 5.2 354
Azuma 5.0 342
Hipper 4.5 288
Pytor Bagration 5.0 280
Prinz Eugen 4.5 279
Plymouth 5.0 276
Perfect 10 5.0 276
Albemarle 5.0 272
Kutuzov 5.0 264
Amalfi 4.0 225
Wichita 5.0 217
Wichita CE 5.0 217
Bayard 5.0 212
Belfast 43 5.0 207
AL Chapayev 5.0 207
Chapayev 5.0 207
Charles Martel 5.0 204
Ochakov 5.0 204
Riga 5.2 188
Weimar 4.5 181
Edinburgh 5.0 175
Harbin 5.2 170
Mogami 5.0 127
Atago 5.0 90
Suzuya 5.0 67


Plymouth is kind of deceiving. She feels a lot clunkier then she really is, and despite having the worst rudder shift out of all the RN CLs, she still manages a bold 680m radius. This means investing energy into handling will help Plymouth feel a bit lighter on the step, but it should be said; the run and gun agility style is firmly stronger with Perfect 10 than Plymouth. Plymouth is much better at ambushing and area control, where Perfect 10 lives on the flank. For reference, there are only 8 ships with worse rudder shifts, Riga, Azuma, Amalfi, Sigfried, Mainz, Albemarle and Rochester.
Her handling would best be described as adequate, she is neither a sprinter nor hopelessly clumsy. She turns narrow enough to duck salvos but turns slow enough to get caught.
Rudder Shift (s) Turn Radius (m)
Weimar 6.4 660
AL Montpelier 6.9 660
Harbin 7.2 660
Cleveland 6.0 680
Wichita 6.0 680
Wichita CE 6.0 680
Perfect 10 8.0 680
Edinburgh 8.6 680
Belfast 43 9.9 680
Plymouth 10.1 680
Amalfi 11.0 680
Charles Martel 8.9 690
Mainz 10.5 720
Mainz CE 10.5 720
Albemarle 10.7 720
AL Baltimore 7.0 730
Baltimore 7.0 730
Celtic 7.0 730
Bayard 9.3 730
Hipper 9.7 740
Suzuya 5.6 750
Mogami 6.4 750
Ochakov 7.4 750
Rochester 10.5 750
Kutuzov 6.5 760
Prinz Eugen 9.8 770
Atago 8.1 790
Sigfried 14.0 880
AL Chapayev 8.7 890
Chapayev 8.7 890
Pyotr Bagration 10.5 890
Azuma 12.3 920
Riga 11.5 920


Plymouth has excellent concealment. Tyrwhitt brings her down to 8.8, but a more functional cruiser build sees that hover closer to 9.4km. This brings in the coveted and arguably broken Stealth Radar. Plymouth may be one of the more broken ships here, not only does she sport 9.9km Radar, HotRod brings this up to a nasty 44s and the gunnery performance to kill destroyers inside 8s. This is why we build into concealment, not only does it bring the smoke fire range down to 5.7km; it allows for Plymouth to take up strategic points that would otherwise be unavailable. Plymouth may well be one of the nastier ambush predators found in this game, and it largely stems from her concealment and her gunnery.

Stock Concealment (Km)
Amalfi 11.4
Atago 11.7
Harbin 11.8
Belfast 43 11.9
Plymouth 12.0
Edinburgh 12.0
Albemarle 12.1
Mogami 12.3
Suzuya 12.3
Cleveland 12.5
AL Montpelier 12.5
Celtic 12.6
AL Baltimore 12.6
Baltimore 12.6
Rochester 12.6
Wichita 12.6
Azuma 12.7
Weimar 13.0
Sigfried 13.0
Perfect 10 13.2
Bayard 13.2
Pyotr Bagration 13.3
Charles Martel 13.4
Hipper 13.5
Prinz Eugen 13.6
Mainz 13.7
Mainz CE 13.7
Kutuzov 13.8
Ochakov 13.8
Riga 14.2
AL Chapayev 14.3
Chapayev 14.3


Fortunately, the Royal Navy is not hurting for variation within Cruiser Commanders. Depending on the build, some are better than others. I'm going to stick to the same set up I've used on the tree line and some of the other closely related ships. Like most CLs, commander inspirations should focus heavily into concealment.
AL Neptune is alright, AL Belfast works much better on Perfect 10 than Plymouth. Tyrwhitt's Smogathon works for 43 with her short smoke but is rather lackluster with Plymouth and her full duration smoke. Tennant works if you're going the agile route, but then again, I'd rather take Perfect 10 as the whole agility build is right up her alley. Perfect 10 is faster, more agile and has a speed boost. Plymouth is slower, clunkier with much better concealment. Putting an agile commander on Plymouth and a concealment build on Perfect 10 is like trying to wrestle a pig; you'll only get dirty, and the pig likes it.
First and foremost is HotRod. Ingenious tells you when you are in danger, Full Speed Ahead helps reduce clunkiness. Prescience helps whether or not you are running Radar, just for the reduction in air detection alone. Acoustic Chamber to buff your sonar, Fully Packed for extra charges of all your consumables. This build works well for Radar focused ships and builds like Minotaur, Tiger, Edinbow and Plymouth. I do regularly stay with this commander, indifferent of whether I am using smoke or radar on the ship at the time.
I'm going to go ahead and emphasize that Fraser would be my second choice here, and even then, he'd still be most likely riding the pine. I just don't see the trade-offs from HotRod to Fraser as Fraser is all about the guns where Hotrod leans a lot more into utility. The hidden bonus for Fraser is that he's free. Make Haste is a nice touch, though a tad gratuitous as Plymouth isn't exactly going to win many races. Piercer and Fixated do wonderful things for your already wonderful guns, and Fully Packed brings an extra charge of everything for you. Homerun or Before it's too Late are equally valid choices but, this build tends to be 'flightier' than the others meaning you tend to tactically withdraw before the rainy days arrive. Man, that extra 10% to penetration does give this build a lot of teeth, though.
Bruce Fraser


Plymouth is essentially a Swiss Army Knife, capable of a number of builds and kits due to her smoke or radar choice. Her radar is excellent and has a very functional smoke generator as well. This is one of those ships that has the ability to reflex around a changing map. Her armor maybe not be very forgiving, but her consumable load-out certainly is. A super-heal would arguably be quite broken here and would give Plymouth access to the best consumable loadout in her tier and class...but that would be Edinburgh or Minotaur.
  1. Smoke: 15s duration, 113s dissipation and 240s recharge. 2 charges.
  2. Radar: 40s, 9.9km. 180s reload, 2 charges


This build is extremely straight-forward. Really, for most cruiser lights this is the equipment loadout you will want. There are exceptions, but Plymouth isn't one of them. No need to reinvent the wheel here.
  1. Aiming Systems Mod 1: -7% Dispersion
  2. Steering Gears Mod 2: -20% Rudder Shift
  3. Concealment Mod 1: -10% Detectability
  4. Main Battery Mod 3: -15% Gun Reload




Plymouth is a strong ship. Though she's been out for some time now and I finally got around to clearing out some of these drafts, her review was certainly warranted. Where Edinbow takes the cake for her ability to take it off the chin and keep plugging along, Plymouth trades her armor for raw damage potential, and those extra 4 guns really do add much more bite than bark.
Plymouth has done well in random modes and will likely continue to do so. While I've grown fonder of Perfect 10's kiting shenanigans in the general random mode's anarchy, Plymouth is a resolute hunter with a penchant for dealing damage, lots and lots of damage. I'd wager her to be one of the higher rated cruisers in terms of average player outcome. It's honestly a toss-up between Edinburgh and Plymouth in terms of competitive prowess, and I'm likely to see one or the other, or both depending on team composition: I know I regularly ping pong back and forth between them in Ranked and Arena. She's easy to learn with the smokescreen but scary as can be with radar for those with more experience.
Where Belfast 43 fell flat sporting a different niche and habits from the tech tree line, Plymouth shines brightly along with them. Players looking for a strong RN CL without straying from that path or customizing builds will enjoy the tenacity Plymouth brings. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and will be taking her out of port and dusting her off from time to time.
Look out for Perfect 10, she's up next.

Written By: Capt Thatch
submitted by Captn_Thatch to WoWs_Legends [link] [comments]

2023.05.01 15:35 stonescoldtakes NFL Update and Draft Grades: 04/24/2023 - 04/30/2023

— Individual Team News + Draft Grades + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Cleveland
Arizona Cardinals: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Cardinals this draft needed to load up on good quality picks to allow them to build a team in wake of their recent departures, future departures, and just holes in general they had to fill. With that said I feel that they did a pretty dang good job. Paris Johnson will be a significant addition and Clayton Tune was a sneaky good quarterback pick who may end up needing to start for the first half of the season while Kyler Murray rehabs from injury. This was a very well rounded draft for the Cardinals and should set them up well again for next years draft so they have a better chance to compete in the 2024 NFL season.
Atlanta Falcons: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Definitely made things exciting when taking RB Bijan Robinson. I like the pick because it is fun but am skeptical about a running back going off the board so early. I feel like they should have gone Jalen Carter since he was still available. Either way it was a solid draft for the Falcons and they should get some good production out of these rookies. I loved that they used one of their early round picks on Matthew Bergeron, I think the key thing to note here is that they are doing everything they can to make Desmond Ridder’s life as easy as possible and if he can’t get it done with what is around him this year then it will be easy for them to move on next year.
Baltimore Ravens: DRAFT GRADE - B+
The draft kind of felt like an afterthought because of the extension Lamar Jackson signed. Great job to the Ravens and Lamar for getting the deal done. It also shifted the focus of the draft and made everyone want to watch and see what they got done for Jackson. Drafting WR Zay Flowers was something that probably made him very happy and then getting the two offensive lineman for their last two picks was a great move, especially Andrew Vorhees who dropped because of his injury but should make a fully recovery before the season and was ranked one of the top at his position prior to injury. I gave them a B+ though for their middle of the pack picks they used on the defensive side of the ball. Feel like they could have been a little smarter with those and gotten an edge defender.
Buffalo Bills: DRAFT GRADE - A
I loved their first pick. Dalton Kincaid is listed as a tight end but really probably can be considered more of a big slot receiver. He has to work on his blocking more but is a great weapon for Josh Allen because he was great at Utah in finding the holes in the defense. He was definitely the best pass-catching tight end in this years draft! Other picks by the Bills that I appreciated were the two along the offensive line. This team needed to get deeper and more there. Justin Shorter could be a fun pick to watch as well as he offers another big target that can make plays. Overall great draft for the Bills but makes me feel like they are going to be the ones who end up landing DeAndre Hopkins.
Carolina Panthers: DRAFT GRADE - A
They made the smart choice with the first overall pick and in the second round got the best wide receiver in the draft in my mind. Jonathan Mingo stood out on Ole Miss last year even while playing with erratic QB play from Jaxson Dart. He will go a long way in helping Bryce Young settle in and feel more comfortable. DJ Johnson was also a great pick and should develop nicely getting to work with some of the veterans on defense.
Chicago Bears: DRAFT GRADE - B
Underwhelming last fews days for the Bears. I feel like everyone was so excited for them in free agency and I don’t feel like they got that much better and then in the draft everyone was so excited for them because they had so many picks but definitely feel like they missed on a few picks. Only time will tell but their first pick was one I really liked with OT Darnell Wright because they need to do what they can to keep Fields from having to bail out of the pocket every time he snaps the ball. If they can help him to have a clean pocket it would show them whether he will be able to become a pocket passer or not. Noah Sewell was a great late round addition and it will be fun for him to get to play his brother twice a year. Other than that, a lot of draft picks and hopefully they make the team better this year.
Cincinnati Bengals: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Loved the early round focus here on defense after bolstering the o-line a bit in free agency. Their defense was key in keeping the Bills down in the playoffs and could be a difference maker for them in the long run. I also thought they were able to get some good value offensive picks later in the draft. It will be interesting to see what Chase Brown’s role end ups looking like depending on what happens with the Joe Mixon situation.
Cleveland Browns: DRAFT GRADE - C
Overall this was a fine draft for them but not great. I liked the pick of Dawand Jones though and getting him in round 4 was great value. Just based on size alone he was worth the pick and should prove to be an anchor if he develops properly. I know some folks are high on Cedric Tillman too out of Tennessee so hopefully he can find his way back after an injury shortened season that allowed for WR Jalin Hyatt to emerge. Feel like a tight end would have been a nice addition to have in this draft and a little more o-line help early in the draft.
Dallas Cowboys: DRAFT GRADE - A-
This was a tough team to grade because their rival probably had the best draft out of everybody. However, when I was looking back through my notes I always had Mazi Smith higher than most and think he has a never quit motor that will fit in well on the defense. Schoonmaker is a good addition at tight end even though I think a lot of Cowboys fans may have been hoping they could get Kincaid, I think Schoonmaker will fit the run heavy offensive because he is a better blocker. It was a great moment getting to see Deuce Vaughn’s dad give him the call to tell him they were going to draft him and I am excited to see Viliami Fehoko when he gets to rotate in on the Cowboys defense. These guys will be fun to see in the offseason and how things all shake out for them.
Denver Broncos: DRAFT GRADE - D+
I didn’t love what they did in free agency and was not a fan of their draft. I think that Marvin Mims was overrated and no one really jumped out to me as a great pick. Also, they still have work to do along the offensive and defensive lines and they did not spend a pick until their last one on either one of those. I am excited for Sean Payton to take over this team but haven’t been thrilled with the moves made thus far.
Detroit Lions: DRAFT GRADE - C-
I liked the Lions draft a lot less before they traded De’Andre Swift. After doing that it felt a little better to me but I still believe drafted Jahmyr Gibbs way too early. I am not saying he won’t be great but he would have been available later in the draft. I feel like there were better value picks than Jack Campbell as well but I understand that linebacker may have been their biggest need in the draft. I would have loved to see them get Van Ness at 12 and then maybe still take Campbell where they did. Then they could have taken Gibbs in the early second round or traded up to get him late in the first round and taken a tight end later in the 2nd round. Overall though I imagine the Lions will go on to prove me wrong and that they made all the right choices. I hope they do because I am a big fan of HC Dan Campbell.
Green Bay Packers: DRAFT GRADE - B-
A lot of expectations for this team after trading away long time starter QB Aaron Rodgers. A lot of rumors floating around that they would take a first round wide receiver for the first time because it was the draft right after Rodgers left. They did not and made a better move in getting Van Ness. Other than that though nothing jumped off the page to me with their draft but was definitely good in the sense that they had a lot of picks and spread them out across different needs. Time will tell though if the players drafted will actually help them meet those needs or not.
Houston Texans: DRAFT GRADE - C+
I liked the excitement draft night but it felt like a lot for them to give up to be able to have the #3 pick as well. Great first 2 picks if you ask anyone besides me but then after that I feel like things were a bit lackluster. I am still thinking that QB Davis Mills is likely every bit as good as CJ Stroud and prefer that they would have drafted and built around him which means they wouldn’t have had to trade up to #3 and could have just drafted Anderson. The other thing that I think could have helped them more was to trade back and get some more picks because they need weapons on offense and they only drafted one. There is a big hole after Brandin Cooks left and outside of him a quarterback did not really have much else last year. I imagine this team will be towards the bottom of the league again this year.
Indianapolis Colts: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Colts are going to be exciting again this offseason. I am all for the Anthony Richardson pick and I think if any coach is going to help him hit his ceiling it is going to be Shane Steichen. Also, I loved the Josh Downs pick and they got him later than I thought he would be available. I think he was a top 3 receiver in this draft and is going to be a solid day one contributor. On the this offense he will have to be with the limited number of options they have in the passing game. Blake Freeland was another great pick and should get the help he needs to develop from the current guys on the o-line in Indy. Overall great draft by the Colts and expect some excitement from this team if Anthony Richardson can catch on sooner rather than later.
Jacksonville Jaguars: DRAFT GRADE - B
Loved the Anton Harrison pick and getting another running back in Tank Bigsby. I think he is better than a lot of people had him because he played on a bad team and didn’t get the attention he deserved. Overall though this draft was one for them to load up on talent on both sides of the ball and that is what they did. Will be fun to watch things shake out this offseason and how Trevor Lawrence gels with some of the new guys on offense.
Kansas City Chiefs: DRAFT GRADE - B
Usually I feel like the Chiefs have the best draft and just make me feel terrible because they just keep getting richer. However, I have to say with this draft I felt a lot better about my team’s chances this season. They did not draft one of the big name receivers and I don’t really know how good I feel about their first pick. Wanya Morris though made a lot of sense and the rest of their draft overall made sense but didn’t make me scared like in years past. I imagine though come the start of the season I will be back to worrying for the rest of the league because of how good this team is going to be.
Las Vegas Raiders: DRAFT GRADE - A-
Feels like for the past several years the Raiders did not do well in the draft but I thought did pretty dang good this year. They have an uphill battle this season with the teams in their division but having Crosby and first round draft pick Wilson on the outside of the line should help bring some of those quarterbacks back down to Garoppolo’s level. Michael Mayer is a great pick and someone that will fit in with an offense well that is built more for Jimmy’s strengths. I also liked the Aidan O’Connell pick quite a bit and getting him late in the draft rather than the Raiders trying to get one of the top quarterbacks early. If they need a top quarterback they can try and reach next year but it was smart of them to hang back and see if they could find someone late that can be a producer.
Los Angeles Chargers: DRAFT GRADE - B
Great first pick here to give Herbert a young big bodied target to complement the older guys on the roster. The rest of the draft was not all that exciting but was not bad either. Hence the reason for the B grade. QB Max Duggan was a bit of a head scratcher for me because they have Easton Stick who appears to be a solid backup. Maybe they can use him in more of Taysom Hill type role.
Los Angeles Rams: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft overall by the Rams despite the lack of top picks. I don’t know if anyone necessarily stands out over everyone else because I feel like their task was to get as many potential players on both sides of the ball as possible. The Stetson Bennett pick was exciting because he won the national championship in LA, Stafford was also a Bulldog QB, and he provides them with a backup option and potentially someone to transition to after Stafford finishes his career. I think Puka Nacua could be a great value pick for them and complement the offense well. It will be great for him getting to work with Cooper Kupp.
Miami Dolphins: DRAFT GRADE - B
Nothing too crazy stood out here. It sounds like they are still poking around about RB Dalvin Cook but did a good job insulating themselves in case that doesn’t happen. Liked the Elijah Higgins pick as well but don’t feel like the Dolphins really had that many holes to fill going into the draft.
Minnesota Vikings: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Overall solid draft here. I liked that they didn’t try and get a QB too early and think Jaren Hall was the perfect pick because he is someone late in the draft who can develop behind Kirk Cousins without attracting all of the media coverage. Jordan Addison while not my favorite receiver this draft makes sense in this offense and will benefit from being opposite Justin Jefferson. I really like that they focused on defense with their 2nd thru 4th picks in the draft because that was the main area of need for them. It will be exciting to see how those guys drafted and the rest of the defense respond to Brian Flores.
New England Patriots: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great pick to start the draft for them in getting Christian Gonzalez. It seems like they always find a way to get or have really good corners. I love the Marte Mapu pick as well and think he is one of those guys who’s engine just never stops running at full speed. Keion White could have a big impact and should get coached up well this offseason. Overall I thought this was a great draft and the only thing I may have done differently but don’t disagree with what they did was maybe try and draft a receiver a little earlier to help out either of the young quarterbacks more.
New Orleans Saints: DRAFT GRADE - B+
I really liked Kendre Miller and think he is a great get for them especially since Alvin Kamara has had his issues legally. Otherwise, Jake Haener was a great pick and someone that was compared to Drew Brees during the draft day coverage. He will benefit a lot from playing behind Carr. This team needed to go defense early and did just that so can’t complain there. Excited to see what the offense will look like now with Carr.
New York Giants: DRAFT GRADE - B-
Great value picks for the Giants in getting Jalin Hyatt and Eric Gray. The Giants have a lot of options on offense now but none that necessarily can do it all as a wide receiver. Hyatt is someone who has a limited route tree but is very smooth and could develop nicely into a complete WR. Eric Gray depending on how things continue to progress with Barkley could slot in well with the team and allow them to have a young and healthy spark there. Wish they would have gone with a big tight end in the draft to complement Waller but overall can’t complain too much with the Giants and the draft.
New York Jets: DRAFT GRADE - B
Draft didn’t feel like all that big of a deal after getting Aaron Rodgers similar to how it felt in Baltimore. However, I thought it was smart of them to start with defense and then get Aaron Rodgers a couple more pieces on the offensive line as he continues to get older and become less mobile. I thought this was a solid draft but that after getting Rodgers there wasn’t much of a need for other positions in this draft for them.
Philadelphia Eagles: DRAFT GRADE - A+
This team won the draft and did so relying on the the national champion Georgia Bulldogs again this year. Both of their first two picks should not have been available when they got them but perfectly replace folks they lost on defense. Jalen Carter has the potential to be a top player on the d-line and Nolan Smith with his speed and athleticism has shown he can be impactful in both the run and pass game. Kelee Ringo has major upside when it comes to just refining his craft and Tyler Steen should help out along the o-line. Fantastically executed draft by Howie Roseman and co. Eagles just got scarier!
Pittsburgh Steelers: DRAFT GRADE - A
Steelers were the other team that I thought challenged the Eagles for the best draft. They did a great job early shoring up holes they had on both sides of the ball and then got Kenny Pickett a great target in TE Darnell Washington. I know that he was overshadowed last year by Brock Bowers but has the ability to be a difference maker especially since he is basically always open with the height advantage he has. The Steelers are going to be a hard nose football team again this year and should benefit from Pickett having a full year under his belt now.
San Francisco 49ers: DRAFT GRADE - C
It kind of feels like this organization is a mess all the time but still manage to win consistently. If you read the media headlines you never know who the starting quarterback is, never know who is actually happy to be on this team, and a whole lot more but somehow ownership and the coaches seem to figure it out to give the team a deep playoff run each year. I liked the Ji’Ayir Brown and Darrell Luter picks. Other than that I thought they may have been reaching a bit with Jake Moody and Cameron Latu. Can’t complain though too much about the Moody pick because they needed a kicker and probably got the best one to come out of college in the last few years. Also, Robert Beal could be sneaky good for the Niners but a lot of unknowns.
Seattle Seahawks: DRAFT GRADE - A
Pete Carroll is a great head coach and knows how to draft. It feels like every year the Seahawks do a good job with the draft. Devon Witherspoon is a stud and while I don’t think many were expecting them to take Smith-Njigba he makes perfect sense in this offense and gives Geno Smith another great weapon to attack defenses with. RB Charbonnet was a great pick and can be a great second option behind Kenneth Walker. I could go down the whole list of these guys and just be happy with where and when they got all of them. The Seahawks are definitely emerging more and more as the likely top competition for the Niners this season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Buccaneers did a great job of getting big and strong football players. The first 5 guys they got should all be able to go toe to toe with anyone they have to line up against. With their final three picks I liked it because I feel like they got some more high upside guys that need a bit of refinement but kind of flew under the radar last year due to their teams having pieces elsewhere or just not being that great. Payne Durham is going to be an interesting one to watch because I could see him really fitting in well if Mayfield ends up winning the job as most expect.
Tennessee Titans: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft by the Titans after an offseason that had a lot of turmoil and rumors. Peter Skoronski was the perfect pick for them early and the fact that they were still able to get Levis in the second round has to make them very very happy. It was an all offense draft which I did not expect from a Mike Vrabel led team and with a GM who just came over from the Niners but it appears they know what they are doing. It will be fun to watch how far Levis moves up that depth chart this offseason since he is starting out as QB3.
Washington Commanders: DRAFT GRADE - B
I know the Commander pride themselves on having a good defense but I thought this might have been the year to go offensive line and tight end with your top 2-3 picks to support a young quarterback. They did end up getting a couple offensive lineman and got a sleeper in my mind in RB Chris Rodriguez. He can be a game changer and is going to be a great complement to Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:
Restaurant of the Week: (Cleveland - Danny's Deli and Restaurant)
Not going to lie this week was one that I had to think about because it had been a while since I had visited Cleveland. Was actually there a while back to watch Lebron play during his second stint with the Cavs. This Deli though is a must visit. They are known for their Corned Beef and have both breakfast and lunch options but close at 2pm so don’t expect to go there for dinner. Here it is best to go with the Hot Corned Beef and a side of fries. The nice thing too is that this is only about a mile away from the stadium so you will have easy access on game day.
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2023.05.01 15:01 redwirelessus The low pressure 'dragon' currently encircling Michigan

The low pressure 'dragon' currently encircling Michigan submitted by redwirelessus to RyanHallYall [link] [comments]

2023.05.01 14:59 redwirelessus The low pressure 'dragon' currently circling around Michigan

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2023.05.01 03:02 AegisPlays314 Introducing the All-Preller Trade Team

We all know that AJ Preller is a sort of semiannual whirling dervish (Darvish?), spinning up trade after trade every January and July as if standing pat might literally kill him. But almost every time you bring a guy in, you've gotta send (at least) a guy out, and the Padres have waved goodbye to a veritable murderer's row of sluggers over the years. I thought I'd assemble an MLB roster of guys that the Padres could have under team control right now, had they only chosen to follow the authority of a man rather than an animate pile of good ole Colombian white lightning.
Some names that didn't make the list for eligibility reasons:
First, I thought these guys were worth mentioning; couldn't include them because they've hit free agency since Preller let 'em loose, and thus are no longer albatrosses hanging around his neck.
SS Trea Turner: Traded away for Wil Myers, and accumulated 31.7 fWAR on his rookie contract.
C Yasmani Grandal: Traded away for Matt Kemp, and accumulated 19.7 fWAR on his rookie contract.
SP Zach Eflin: Traded away for Matt Kemp, worth 8.7 fWAR.
2B Jedd Gyorko: Traded away for Jon Jay, worth 8.5 fWAR.
RF Steven Souza Jr.: Traded away for Wil Myers, worth 6.8 fWAR.
RP Craig Kimbrel: Traded away for (basically) Margot, worth 5.7 fWAR.
Now, on to our All-Preller Team:
Catcher: Francisco Mejia, Tampa Bay Rays
Part of the Snell return, Mejia isn't very good, so we don't really start off with a bang. He's produced below-average results for the Rays in a few seasons of work. Soon, he'll be replaced on the All-Preller team by Endy Rodriguez, the Pirates' 55-FV #2 prospect, part of the return for Joe Musgrove. Other options: Victor Caratini, Austin Hedges, Luis Torrens.
First Baseman: Josh Naylor, Cleveland Guardians
Don't let his .612 OPS fool you: Naylor's been a great bat so far this year, with an xwOBA of .363 and a slick glove at the not-hot corner. He also plays a bit of RF, as a treat. He was traded away for Andrew Cashner. Other options: Ty France, Luke Voit.
Second Baseman: Tucupita Marcano, Pittsburgh Pirates
Marcano's been mashing this year after a lackluster 2022 campaign, and he's definitely played his part in the Pirates' rise to the top of the National League, which is sustainable and will last until 2050 at least. thinks he's a 50 FV, Fangraphs a 35+. Opinions are certainly divided. Padres return: Adam Frazier.
Shorstop: CJ Abrams, Washington Nationals
His 60 FV prospect ranking is pulling a lot of weight here; he hasn't done much of anything in the majors so far, but he's only 22. Juan Soto is pretty good, in other news. Other options: Slapdick Prospect Xavier Edwards.
Third Baseman: Luis Urias, Milwaukee Brewers
Urias is a steady role player at 3B, putting in slightly above average work the last couple of years. He's currently out with a hamstring strain.
Left Fielder: Brent Rooker, Oakland Athletics
He's literally the best hitter in baseball this year not named Matt Chapman. Is it gonna last? Who knows? Who cares? Padres traded him for Cameron Gallagher, and I doubt even Padres fans know who that is.
Center Fielder: Jack Suwinski, Pittsburgh Pirates
There's no overstating how good Suwinski has been so far. Elite defense, elite offense, and elite speed are all there in a heck of a start to his 2023. Do I think he's the next Trout? No, but this is a foundation for greatness regardless. Traded away for Adam Frazier.
Right Fielder: Taylor Trammell, Seattle Mariners
Trammell hasn't played much in Seattle so far, and returns on the field have been about average. He has a decent pedigree as a prospect, though, and a grand slam in his first PA of the year, so that's something.
Honorable mentions in the outfield: James Wood (FV 55), Robert Hassell (FV 55), Esteury Ruiz (FV 45).
Max Fried, Atlanta Braves
His xERA each of the past four years: 2.88, 3.47, 2.85, 1.81. He's one of the undisputed best pitchers in baseball. His most notable accomplishment, though? Being "more of a Lucchesi-level guy than a Paddack-level guy", per one Padres fan in my comments. Traded away for Justin Upton.
Luis Castillo, Seattle Mariners
He's signed an extension, but this would've been his last arbitration year. He's reliably put in low-3's xERAs for the Mariners since ending up there, but the Padres actually "traded him away" by revoking his participation in a trade with Miami.
MacKenzie Gore, Washington Nationals
He's probably the best player on the Nationals already, sporting a 3.35 xERA and a 31% K-rate with plenty of room to grow and mature. He was part of the Soto package.
Joey Lucchesi, New York Mets
He's a regression candidate, sure, but the early returns sure are nice in New York. The Dads traded him away to get Musgrove.
Luis Patino, Tampa Bay Rays
This rotation just ain't that deep right now. He's got the prospect pedigree (FV 60), but the results have ranged from below average to pretty terrible in Tampa so far.
Honorable mentions: Eric Lauer, Cal Quantrill, Logan Allen (FV 50), Jarlin Susana (FV 50), Joey Cantillo (FV 45), Robert Gasser (FV 45)
David Bednar, Pittsburgh Pirates
After excellent 2021 and 2022 campaigns, Bednar has emerged this year as a candidate for the best reliever in baseball. The Pirates got him in the Frazier trade, which was pretty much just highway robbery.
Andres Munoz, Seattle Mariners
He was acquired in the Nola deal, one of the worst trades in the history of baseball. He's only pitched a few innings this year but was night unhittable the year before; the Padres would trade quite a lot to acquire his replacement in Hader, and it's arguable if it was even an upgrade.
Emmanuel Clase, Cleveland Guardians
His 2023 campaign has been merely very good, a step back from his usual excellence. The Padres traded him away for, uh, "Brett Nicholas".
Phil Maton, Houston Astros
Maton is an under-the-radar relief ace, pitching to a 1.81 xERA on a 36% strikeout rate. He was traded away for cash considerations.
Matt Brash, Seattle Mariners
Brash strikes out 43% of batters he faces and doesn't let them do much with the pitches they do hit; his 5.25 ERA is a complete farce and the M's should enjoy watching that figure regress to his 2.73 xERA. He was acquired when the Padres traded for Taylor Williams.
Mason Thompson, Washington Nationals
Traded away for Daniel Hudson, Thompson has blossomed in Washington, putting in a 2.65 xERA while only walking 1.4% of batters faced.
Emilio Pagan, Minnesota Twins
The Padres shipped him out for Taylor Rogers and Brent Rooker and then flipped both of them. The K's haven't come yet in 2023, but his results are excellent anyway.
In Conclusion:
Is it the best team in baseball? No. But it's a solid lineup, a good rotation with an absolutely killer top 3, and easily the best bullpen in baseball. Was it worth it to acquire the murderer's row the Padres have right now? Time will tell, but the amount of former-Padre talent around the league is frankly absurd. Remember, these are just the guys that are still on the contracts the Padres traded away; include the ineligible names too and you might have a World Series squad on your hands.
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2023.04.29 13:15 bacchys1066 Radley Balko offers podcast suggestions

Substack link.
Here's what he wrote about Serial:
The podcast that launched a thousand podcasts. The first season of Serial is, famously, about the Maryland conviction of Adnan Syed. One mischaracterization you’ll often seen of Sara Koenig’s reporting in season one is that it all hinges on Syed’s innocence. That is, if he’s guilty, the entire premise of the show falls apart. I happen to think the evidence strongly points to Syed’s innocence. But this was never the point of the show. Koenig was transparent — admirably so — about her own questions about his guilt throughout the podcast. But the season is about the flawed way police and prosecutors went about assembling evidence for Syed’s conviction conviction. We can learn as much about the unfair, unjust conviction of a guilty person as we can about the conviction of an innocent one.
I wasn’t as taken in by the second season, which looked at the case of Taliban-captured Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.
But I think you could make a strong case that the third season, documenting a year in the criminal court system in Cleveland, Ohio, is the most important podcast season yet recorded.
Reported criminal justice podcasts tend to focus on the big injustices — the wrongful murder convictions and death sentences. Those cases are important, and can tell us a lot about the system’s inadequacies. But heart of the criminal legal system’s destructiveness are the thousands of smaller, more mundane injustices inflicted every day in courtrooms around the country. The people aren’t necessarily innocent, but they end up suffering far more than their crimes should merit.
So it’s piling charges on someone who is very likely guilty of just one of them. It’s the kid who mades a couple wrong turns, wants to get back on track, but is now in the system, and thus on the radar of cops, prosecutors, and judges, so he really has no chance. It’s the guy who can’t make bail for a minor offense, and thus loses his apartment, job, and a couple child support payments before the charges are dropped, and now must figure out how to put his life back together.
These stories aren’t sexy. They involve people who may not always be sympathetic. They aren’t about villainous prosecutors who hide evidence or evil cops who frame people (although sometimes they do). And they aren’t primarily about a system hell-bent on punitiveness (though there’s some of that, too).
Instead, the primary cause of the destruction wrought by these courts is the need to churn through overloaded dockets with as little delay and hassle as possible. It isn’t that the system goes out of its way to single people out and punish people. It’s that it doesn’t treat them as people at all. They’re names to cross off a docket. This is what slowly breaks people, families, and entire communities.
It was wildly ambitious for Koenig and the Serial crew to think they could pull this off. For all the work that goes into a podcast about a wrongful conviction or police brutality, this is a much more difficult story to tell, let alone in a way that will appeal to podcasts audiences accustomed to titillation. How do you make people care about how the courts treat habitual low-level offenders with whom most listeners have very little in common?
They pulled it off.
I enjoyed the second season. I learned things about Bergdahl I didn't know, and I'd had a young NCO in my platoon who had been part of his platoon in Afghanistan. I think the third was the best of the three Koenig seasons, but it also doesn't seem to be as much a spark for discussion and disagreement.
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2023.04.27 12:18 BeautifulProgrammer7 binar - best of 2013 to 2022 underground junglist mix 260423
I made the switch from vinyl to digital ten years ago - back in March 2013 - following a chat with someone working downstairs at Blackmarket records, ironically enough. He said that the number of tunes coming out on vinyl was so small then - that there was way more choice buying digital files - and there were huge savings to be made.
So - following that trip to Soho I bought a Rane SL2 box and some control vinyl - and yes was able to afford way more tunes than before. I wanted to keep the realism of mixing with vinyl - so I set Serato up to play on 'absolute' - as close to the real thing as you can get - the BPM indicator wobbled slightly and I had to get the tracks in sync in my phones first, just like vinyl - but otherwise yeah, that was it, no turning back.
I made my first 'best of year' mix at the end of 2013 - and did a few more up until 2022 - all of those mixes are on my page, lower down.
To commemorate - here are my pick - a 'best of best of' - from each of those mixes - roughly 12-15 per year. I have bought literally thousands of tunes over the last 10 years - these are the best of the best, to my ears.
To all the artists listed below - thanks for producing such greatness - keep it up.
See you for the next mix - in the meantime please DL and share with your mates - peace x
intro) jubei : the middle of nowhere [metalheadz]
  1. inja : hands, lights, flames, phones (feat fox/drs) [hospital]
  2. fre4knc : little things [flexout audio]
  3. dj hybrid : badboy (bish remix) [deep in the jungle]
  4. hoax : crowd control [onyx recordings]
  5. fourward : yung bongo [shogun audio]
  6. molecular : who goes there (feat mc gusto - original mix) [sofa sound]
  7. levela : elyse [critical music]
  8. dj hybrid : diggin through the archives (feat taja) [liondub international]
  9. dr meaker & suv : it's the new shit [jungle cakes]
  10. sam binga/particle/oneda : rude girl [critical music]
  11. a.m.c : brazil [drum & bass arena]
  12. inja : smile & wave [hospital]
  13. conrad_subs : codebreaker [nuusic]
  14. harry shotta feat metal work : all mazza [showtime music]
  15. lockerz : mashed [cryptik]
  16. inja : not bad [inja music]
  17. rockwell : rave cult (feat phace) [shogun audio]
  18. dj hybrid : boom in 93 (feat navigator - part 2) [liondub international]
  19. gest : inertia [shogun audio]
  20. break : conversations (feat mc fats & cleveland watkiss - breakage remix) [symmetry recordings]
  21. xav : take a trip [audio addict]
  22. posk : run dem (feat natty d) [sub:stance recordings]
  23. current value & prolix : fake [trendkill]
  24. document one : hybrid [together with ukraine]
  25. rockwell : back again [shogun audio]
  26. conrad subs : slab [formation]
  27. dj marky : hard hands [symmetry recordings]
  28. current value : vicious circle [souped up]
  29. policay : maestro [break-fast audio]
  30. current value : vigilant minds [critical music]
  31. profile x replicant : ghetto hot [octave recordings]
  32. current value : serum x [othercide]
  33. damageman feat conrad subs : gone but not forgotten [murky digital]
  34. motiv : ground work [dlt9]
  35. danny byrd & general levy : blaze the fire (rah!) (stray remix) [hospital]
  36. levela : axium [critical music]
  37. dj hybrid : call that rewind (feat diligent fingers) [boom 93]
  38. klimate : mr cowboy [audio addict]
  39. djrap : digable bass (aries & stivs remix) [propa talent]
  40. basstripper : lightspeed [radar]
  41. fade featuring 2shy : blind spot [faded music]
  42. current value : pulverized [blackout music]
  43. gella : the next shit [super sharp recordings]
  44. conrad subs : come selecta [deep in the jungle]
  45. breakage : as we enter (break remix) [index]
  46. spy : runaway dub [hospital]
  47. zerozero : live 'til 86 [sofa sound]
  48. rockwell : detroit [shogun audio]
  49. veak : chemist ina dis [deep in the jungle]
  50. rockwell : 1_2_3_4 [shogun audio]
  51. dabs : granulair [dispatch recordings]
  52. current value : phaselock [critical music]
  53. chromatic : warp [new playaz]
  54. current value : rocket science [blackout music]
  55. mob tactics : unbalanced [c4c recordings]
  56. monty : decisions [1985 music]
  57. spy : breathing underwater [hospital]
  58. technimatic : bristol [shogun audio]
  59. dillinja : hard noize (break remix) [valve recordings]
  60. dj ss & isaac maya : born in the ghetto (feat dvotion) [formation]
  61. total science : all massive [metalheadz]
  62. philly blunt : red eyes (feat inja) [philly blunt]
  63. break : whispers in my ear (feat mc gq) [symmetry recordings]
  64. current value : subconscious [terminal]
  65. jaydan : brock it up [smokin riddims]
  66. alix perez : the raven [1985 music]
  67. dillinja : i selassie i (bladerunner remix) [philly blunt]
  68. conrad subs & dj hybrid : wings [deep in the jungle]
  69. mob tactics : dot matrix [viper recordings]
  70. conrad subs : heavyweight slice [deep in the jungle]
  71. encode : aught [paperfunk recordings]
  72. ennessy : run run [philly blunt]
  73. digital/spirit : stolen desire [function]
  74. martyn nytram : hot 2 nite [deep in the jungle]
  75. optiv, cza : sub surface [bad taste recordings]
  76. quadrant & jamal : hyperloop [dispatch recordings]
  77. serial killaz, dem 2 ruff : nice tune (serial killaz vs marvellous cain remix) [riq yardrock]
  78. sr : squat rave [locked up music]
  79. aspect, gremlinz : armshouse [demand records]
  80. quadrant, iris, mc fats, kid hops : dirty 78 [u understand me music]
  81. spy : dubplate style [hospital]
  82. quadrant, dstruct & iris : reflector [dispatch recordings]
  83. seba : fade to red [soul:r]
  84. rms : no matter [deep in the jungle]
  85. spor : if you cry [sotto voce]
  86. digital/resound : shadows and dreams [function]
  87. dlbreak : hit the target [sofa sound]
  88. total science : lightweight (break remix) [computer integrated audio]
  89. teddy killerz : big blow [program]
  90. digital & spirit : creeper [metalheadz]
  91. scar : all i see [metalheadz]
  92. paradox : rockdown [paradox]
  93. total science : squash (break remix) [computer integrated audio]
  94. epicentre : bruk up [deep in the jungle]
  95. kiril : hoovers don't judge, people do [thirtyone recordings]
  96. krome & time : the licence (break remix) [streetlife]
  97. paradox : drum machine [paradox music]
  98. future cut : whiplash (verb remix) [renegade hardware]
  99. silent witness : being human [invisible]
  100. ulterior motive : tape pack [metalheadz]
  101. chroma : intermission (break remix) [computer integrated audio]
  102. cool hand flex : the return (feat mc singing fats) [mac 2 digital]
  103. symptom : on my mind [chronic records]
  104. dextems : fission [abducted records]
  105. dabs : adenosine (ft. quadrant & iris) [dispatch recordings]
  106. dextems : vacuum [rise audio]
  107. skitty : fire town [foundation x]
  108. current value : traktion [the sect music]
  109. nolige : sekkle [foundation x]
  110. audio : a.r.p. [virus]
  111. dj hybrid : badboy vip [jungle cakes]
  112. dbr uk, a.m.c : break [proximity recordings]
  113. paradox : breaker [paradox music]
  114. billain : autonomous [bad taste recordings]
  115. dramatic, lenni dee ice : we are ie (dramatic rmx) [mac 2 digital]
  116. billain : safety hatch [underslung audio]
  117. technical itch : progress trap [tech itch digital]
  118. optiv, cza : hindsight [subtitles music (uk)]
  119. gremlinz, ahmad : nibiru [paradox]
  120. silent witness, survival : noise 3 [dispatch recordings]
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2023.04.26 18:59 ResponsibilityAny935 Kelly Cass at WKRN 2015

Kelly Cass at WKRN 2015 submitted by ResponsibilityAny935 to KellyCass [link] [comments]

2023.04.22 09:02 anonreasons Bullet Points re: Cavs - Now, and Looking Forward

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2023.04.20 13:50 bigbear0083 (4/20) Thursday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News

Good morning traders and investors of the StockMarketChat sub! Welcome to the new trading day and a fresh start! Here are your pre-market stock movers & news on this Thursday, April the 20th, 2023-


Stock futures fall as investors parse corporate earnings: Live updates

Stock futures dropped on Thursday morning as investors appraised the latest batch of corporate earnings.
Futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 157 points, or 0.46%. S&P 500 futures shed 0.74%, while Nasdaq-100 futures slipped 1.01%.
Investors parsed a bevy of reports released from companies after the bell Wednesday.
Tesla, a favorite of retail investors, lost 7% in the premarket after the electric vehicle maker’s net income and GAAP earnings both fell more than 20% from a year ago. IBM rose 2% after the company said margins were expanding.
Elsewhere, investors got another clue into the health of the consumer before the bell, with results from American Express. Shares of the payments dipped 1% as earnings per share fell short of estimates.
Just over a tenth of companies in the S&P 500 have reported earnings as of Wednesday evening, according to FactSet.
The S&P 500 finished Wednesday’s session slightly below its flatline as investors digested the latest batch of earnings, including Netflix and Morgan Stanley, which are both members of the broad index.
Though investor focus has largely moved to these quarterly results, the reporting companies alone have not driven the broader market, according to William Northey, senior investment director at U.S. Bank Wealth Management.
“Earnings reports have been mixed thus far, with individual stocks responding to specific company results relative to expectations rather than broad index directionality,” he said.
The Nasdaq Composite ended Wednesday slightly higher, while the Dow closed 0.2% lower, posting its first back-to-back declines in more than a month.
Beyond earnings, investors will keep an eye on morning data on jobless claims and existing home sales. Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic and Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester are among central bank speakers slated to give remarks on the economy around the country in the afternoon and evening.
In remarks late Wednesday, New York Fed President John Williams said inflation is still too high and the central bank needs to hold policy tight.


































  • TSLA
  • TSM
  • T
  • WINT
  • JD
  • AAPL
  • TFC
  • AXP
  • KEY
  • FITB


Tesla — The electric vehicle maker tanked about 7% after reporting net income and earnings that fell more than 20% from last year. CEO Elon Musk said an uncertain macroenvironment could impact people’s decisions to buy cars.


IBM — The tech stock rose more than 1% in premarket trading after the company reported an earnings beat. IBM posted adjusted earnings of $1.36 per share, compared to $1.26 per share as expected by analysts, according to Refinitiv. However, its revenue came in below expectations as parts of the company’s infrastructure business showed a slowdown.


American Express — Shares dipped 1.3% after the payments company reported adjusted earnings per share of $2.40 for the first quarter, below StreetAccount’s estimates of $2.66. However, revenue topped expectations, coming in at $14.28 billion compared to the $13.98 billion expected.


F5 — The cloud-based software company’s shares were down about 7% after a mixed second fiscal quarter earnings report. F5 posted $2.53 adjusted earnings per share and $703.2 million in revenue. Analysts had anticipated earnings per share of $2.42 and $698.4 million in revenue, according to FactSet data. The company also announced it would be reducing its global headcount by 620 employees, or 9% of its workforce.


Bath & Body Works — Shares dipped 3.7% following a downgrade to neutral from overweight by Piper Sandler. The Wall Street firm said persisting margin pressures are limiting potential upside.


Las Vegas Sands — The casino operator added 5.5% after posting adjusted earnings per share of 38 cents for the first quarter, beating the 20 cents expected of analysts polled by Refinitiv. The company also topped revenue estimates.


AT&T — The telecommunications giant fell 4.6% after reporting mixed earnings for the first quarter. Its revenue of $30.14 billion missed analysts’ estimates of $30.27 billion, per Refinitiv. However, adjusted earnings per share came in at 60 cents, slightly above the 59 cents expected.


Zions Bancorporation — Shares tumbled 4.5% after the regional bank reported earnings per share of $1.33, missing analysts’ expectations of $1.53, according to Refinitiv. Zions also reported $679 million in net interest income, below estimates of $687.5 million, per StreetAccount.


D.R. Horton — Shares popped nearly 5% in the premarket after the homebuilder reported an earnings and revenue beat for its second quarter. Earnings per share was $2.73, versus the $1.93 expected by analysts, per StreetAccount. Revenue came in at $8 billion, compared to the $6.45 billion expected.


Alaska Air — Shares of the mid-sized airline fell more than 1% after Alaska reported wider-than-expected losses for the first quarter. The company lost an adjusted 62 cents per share on $2.20 billion of revenue. Analysts surveyed by Refinitiv expected a loss of 48 cents per share on $2.19 billion of revenue. Alaska’s net loss was flat year over year.


KeyCorp — The financial services company’s shares declined about 3% after posting an earnings and revenue miss in the first quarter. The bank reported per-share earnings of 30 cents and revenue of $1.71 billion. Analysts polled by FactSet had estimated 44 cents earnings per share and $1.79 billion in revenue. KeyCorp said that its average deposits decreased by $2.3 billion from the prior quarter.



Join the Official Reddit Stock Market Chat Discord Server HERE!


What's on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at StockMarketChat?

I hope you all have an excellent trading day ahead today on this Thursday, April 20th, 2023! :)

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