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2018.09.18 19:12 free_lefthand 𝚂𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝙿𝚘𝚛𝚗 & 𝚂𝚎𝚡 𝙰𝚍𝚍𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚜

🄻🄾🅅🄴 🄰🄵🅃🄴🅁 🄿🄾🅁🄽 - sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀs ᴏғ ᴘᴏʀɴ & sᴇx ᴀᴅᴅɪᴄᴛs. ♡ WE ARE GOING TO LOVE YOU UNTIL YOU LOVE YOURSELF! ♡ sᴇx & ᴘᴏʀɴ ᴀᴅᴅɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴀʀᴇ ɢʀᴏᴡɪɴɢ ᴇᴘɪᴅᴇᴍɪᴄs & ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀs ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴀ ʀᴇsᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀs ᴍᴜᴄʜ ᴀs ᴛʜᴇ ᴀᴅᴅɪᴄᴛ. ʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ ғɪɴᴅ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀs & ᴇx-ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀs ɪɴ ᴀʟʟ sᴛᴀɢᴇs ᴏғ ᴅɪsᴄᴏᴠᴇʀʏ & ʀᴇᴄᴏᴠᴇʀʏ, ᴀs ᴡᴇʟʟ ᴀs ᴠᴀʀɪᴏᴜs ʀᴇsᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ sɪᴅᴇʙᴀʀ/ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴀʙ. ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ғᴇᴇʟ ғʀᴇᴇ ᴛᴇʟʟ ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴛᴏʀʏ, ᴠᴇɴᴛ ᴏʀ ᴀsᴋ ғᴏʀ ᴀᴅᴠɪᴄᴇ.

2023.06.03 06:57 PastorMaxSBG Lookin'4Life&LoveTX

I made it back to Austin on May 1st, 2023, and am having a difficult time finding weird people like me😀. This may come to nothing, but I thought I'd give a shot at creating a safe space for single witches of every path to drop in and say hello to one another. To often, we become comfortable in our tight little circles and miss the amazing gift that others can be if we just knew who they were. If you come here propagating organized religion and disrespecting our beliefs, of course I will block you (if that's possible here), but more than this, my magick REALLY WILL find you and upend your existence. I am no beginner, and I follow the Left Hand Path though I do not identify as a 'satanist' or some kind of 'devil worshiper'. To me, that is merely the angry polar opposite of the Christian mythos, and the TRUTH of the Old Ways both predates and transcends the quiltwork patchjob of ancient pagan philosophies/mythologies that modern Christianity is. So save it. It is both unwelcome and unwanted, and will not be tolerated here. That said, the TRUE Left Hand Path adheres to the earliest understandings of god/goddess, which is both creative AND destructive: Creative when it is fitting, destructive when it is called for. And you sow the seeds of your own crop, which YOU WILL eventually feast on (whether you like it or not). Inside every true Witch, there are two people: A King/Queen, and a damned fool! The one you talk to is the one you get. So he respectful here. Be REAL. And if you are phishing and trying too hustle others so you can steal from them by your emotional terrorism, I will warm you only ones: For times since I have been in Austin someone had attempted to play me online. For times I smelled it coming a thousand yards out, called them on it, and TOLD them the things that at midnight I would unleash in their lives. One made not reply that evening, none at all; three mocked. Within 72 hours every single one of them were blowing up my phone, apologizing, and begging me to make it stop. Two of them offered ME money if I would just recall what I had done. Their money can rot with them. Amy of my brothers and sisters that shows up here--- leave them alone! They are my Family, and I get REAL FIUCKNG SERIOUS when people abuse my Family. You have been warned.
NOW: For my Family who are led to this place, I bid ye welcome. Merry Meet! I look forward to getting to know you. My Path here in Austin is being blessed beyond my most hopeful expectations. But I am absolutely alone here, and it stands to reason I am not the only one. So, here we are. I am anxious to make dinner friends. But, despite what most would conclude about someone following the darker path, I believe in complete transparency in ANY relationship, including friendship. So before you choose to say hello, there are a couple things you have a right to know up front: I was raised by and with outlaws. 
Real one percenters. I just thought that was what I was supposed to be. In a nightmare of a night in 1989, in the throws of a nervous breakdown after putting my firstborn 5 year old child in a hole in the ground (ending his year and a half long agonizing experience with lymphoma cancer), and three quarters of Him Beam in for the day, a 44 year old man attempted to kill me and leave with both families bags of goodies. I won. And for it, because of my family and the guys I was known to ride with, the state of Texas took me down hard, going I would roll over on all of them. When I wouldn't, they railroaded me with a 35 year sentence of which they made me do 30 flat. Everytime I called up for parole, the Federal Marshals and within a week they Texas Rangers would come and "interview" me, threatening me AGAIN with parole of I didn't talk. When I let loose with whatever creative things I had came up with for that time fire them to do with their parole papers, they would indeed see to it that I was once more denied parole. I did not waste my time down there. Well, I suppose I wasted the first 11 years being angry, and young & stupid 🙄 (I was only 24 when all of this occurred). But in 2002 the Old Ways saved my life. I had practiced for years, but having grown up in an unspeakably abusive home, I carried so much repressed anger and hurt (that I had no clue how to deal with) that I wasn't worth knocking in the head. Returning to the Path of my ancestors, for the first time in my life, I found true peace. I struggled for a while to keep a promise I made to my mom that at least once in my life I would give her religion (Christianity) am honest try--- and I did. With all of my heart. But honestly, there is only emptiness there for me. And I eventually returned to the ways of the Old World where I had found Me, really found Me. I am 57, in great shape, got my education while I was down there; took every self help class and did every positive course I could get into while there as well, and have been free at last for next two and a half years now. Years which I have wasted trying to mend familial fences and help loved ones that don't really want any help (mostly meth addicts). In April, I gave up and returned to Austin, my favorite places in Texas since I first moved here in 1981. I am from Livingston, Texas originally. But when I was 16 my metal bands picked up a producer in Houston and we made a splash in the pond. We moved to Austin (the band), and the months later had a manager from LA, who moved us there, and the rest is history. But I was unable to outrun the psychological damage done, primarily, by my mom as I was growing up, I couldn't hide from Me. And I was SO frigging broken. I was never an alcoholic or a drug addict. I did my share of everything back then, but I had seen it all swallow people I had known and loved, and I had NO intentions of being another statistic for that shit. Within a few years, two of the guys in my hand were full blown addicts, so my brother and rhythm guitarist, Mike, and I (who had to handle the lion's share of the workload alone) the in the towel and came back to Texas. That was about the time we found out my son was sick, and it all went downhill from there. When the mental torment would get too much, I would lose myself in a whiskey bottle to keep from putting a . 44 slug through my skull before daylight. It was on one of these days that a bro called me and asked me to make a drop. It was an emergency for him and it was already set up. But that evening he'd been told his little 19 year old college student, straight laced, awesome little sister had been killed here in Austin in a traffic accident on the loop, and her needed to go be with his family. Though I had pulled up on ANYTHING illegal when my daughter had been born a year and a half earlier, I said yes to him under the circumstances just that once. And the guy we had done business with for a decade decided, I guess, since it was this cute kid that showed up he would make a come up. He'd BEEN told about me numerous times. I was dangerous when I was young. But his arrogance won the conversation in his head and he tried to end me. And what pathetic excuse for a life that I had at that point was destroyed, and his own ended. If I could undo it, I would. If I could trade places with him, I would. But we can't unring a bell. There are consequences for the things we do. Sometimes they are severe. They were for me. But I made it through, somehow. And here I am. Hoping to make some friends. Have an amazing rest of your day. So Mote It Be! 🌹
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2023.06.03 06:50 vonhoother Old Yiddish theater joke

CW -- benign ethnic stereotyping.
Two men on a train -- a Gentile and a Jew.
It's lunchtime, and the Gentile takes out a loaf of bread, a jar of pickles, half a roast chicken, a jar of sauerkraut, some fruit, a fistful of cookies ... . Then he looks over and sees the Jew unwrapping the head of a herring.
"Is that all you're eating?" he asks.
"Sure," says the Jew, "this is good for me."
The Gentile starts thinking, Everyone says Jews are smart -- maybe it's the food they eat.
A conversation ensues, at the end of which the Jew has everything in the Gentile's basket and the Gentile has the fish head. He nibbles away at it, not enjoying it much, and looks up to see the Jew finishing up the last of the cookies.
"Hey," he says, "I think somehow you swindled me!"
"See?" says the Jew, "You're smarter already!"
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2023.06.03 06:49 Effective-Werewolf77 Avaya One-X Softphone issues

Hello all,
I want to start off with letting everyone know that I work for a large organization and we've been transitioning to moving over to VDI environment for many department users. I do Desktop Support and have my hands tied with troubleshooting end users having audio issues. Our systems people setup the VDI using VMWare vSphere, the software and configuration works great... Except for Avaya softphone, the specific software being used is Avaya One-X Agent as the pre-installed software, as Desktop Support I can't really do much troubleshooting, even we're restricted from doing any changes to software (install/uninstall), admin settings are restricted to us, but are expected to resolve VDI related issue.
Users are given Dell Thin Clients, different models, USB provided headsets (Poly Blackwire), if it matters, Thin Client FW versions have not resolved issues. We have from 8.6 to 9.3 and the issue happens on any FW. We shut the thin clients wireless capabilities off at the BIOS level, users are required to hardwire themselves at home. So to the specifics on issue: 1. Employees can hear the person over the phone but the person over the phone can't hear the employee.
  1. Our employees are heard with some "static" to the people over the phone. This can happen immediately on the call of after a few minutes. Ending the call and reinitiating will usually fix the issue.
I've tried installing wireshark on the VDI computer but because of lack of permissions, I can't do anything to troubleshoot that. Systems is not willing to admit issues on their end, configuration or hardware related, blaming all the issues to end-user, ISP and our "troubleshooting".
Some things that we (at desktop support) have troubleshooted: 1. Sounds are not being muted, gain levels on the Avaya software are set correctly.
  1. Reset/restore on VMWare Self-Support for the Avaya software.
  2. Ruled out users are using multiple devices or smart devices on their home network.
  3. ISP speeds don't seem to matter, or their speed, we've had COAX and Fiber users experience the same issues, people from 1Gig Down/Up or 1G Down 24 Up.
We've done some additional troubleshoot than these 4 things I listed, but I think these are more related to the issue. Any guidance so we can either troubleshoot or prove there's a configuration issue, I would greatly appreciate!
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2023.06.03 06:48 Shakinglikemilk__ I don't know what to do

I've been feeling really bad these days, like empty, I feel like I haven't done anything good for myself and that's killing me. Idk how to explain it, it's like I don't feel that I do something good like reading, painting or something, it's just so confusing.
That just got worse I'm my classes and final exams, I feel like I haven't done enough and I'm not as smart and dedicated to school as I was (I just moved to another school this year and the last year I was in a really bad depression that I think it's here again) it's so hard to concentrate and feel like doing something or I just can't read something and get that in my head even if I read that 15 times and I still have a lot to do like everyone else can. I'm so frustrated and I really want to do something about it but I don't know where to start. It's like I'm just freezed I'm my bed scrolling through reddit and Pinterest over and over again waiting for something to happen.
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2023.06.03 06:46 sohaibshaheen0 Ajman Free Zone: Empowering SMEs with Cost-Effective Solutions

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Ajman Free Zone for Your Business: Ajman Free Zone stands out as a leading free zone in the UAE, offering unique benefits for entrepreneurs and business owners. With its state-of-the-art international airport and recently completed USD 25 million marina project, Ajman has emerged as a thriving hub for international commerce. Here are compelling reasons why establishing your business in Ajman Free Zone could be the ideal choice for you:
  1. Flexible Visa Options: Ajman Free Zone provides tailored packages to meet diverse visa requirements. Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or an established business, you can choose from executive office packages allowing up to 5 visas or smart office packages accommodating up to 3 visas.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Known for its affordability, Ajman Free Zone is particularly attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises aiming to optimize their budgets. License packages start at AED 11,000 to AED 32,000 for 5 visas.
  3. Streamlined Registration: Ajman Free Zone ensures a hassle-free registration process. After signing company documents in front of authorities, the remaining steps can be conveniently managed remotely. Typically, your company can be set up within as little as two days.
  4. No NOC Requirement: Ajman Free Zone eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their current employer. This makes it an appealing option for individuals seeking to establish a side business while maintaining employment.
  5. Diverse Business Opportunities: Ajman Free Zone welcomes a wide range of industries and enterprises, including a dedicated e-commerce license. This fosters collaboration and networking opportunities among entrepreneurs.
  6. Low Entry Barriers: Ajman Free Zone imposes no paid-up share capital requirement for company setup, and ongoing auditing or bookkeeping obligations are absent, making it easier for businesses to enter the market.
  7. Simplified Banking Process: The staff at Ajman Free Zone provides assistance in opening corporate bank accounts within the zone and offers guidance throughout the application process.
  8. Convenient Sponsorship for Dependents: Ajman Free Zone facilitates quick and straightforward visa issuance. Businessmen who meet the salary and savings requirements can sponsor visa applications for their dependents.
  9. Global Presence: With offices in Dubai, Russia, Pakistan, India, and the UK, Ajman Free Zone maintains an international presence, further enhancing its status as a truly global free zone.
In summary, Ajman Free Zone offers a multitude of benefits to entrepreneurs and business owners, including visa flexibility, affordability, simplified registration, no NOC requirements, diverse business opportunities, low entry barriers, streamlined banking procedures, convenient sponsorship for dependents, and an expansive international network.
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2023.06.03 06:43 Shakinglikemilk__ I really don't know what to do

I've been feeling really bad these days, like empty, I feel like I haven't done anything good for myself and that's killing me. Idk how to explain it, it's like I don't feel that I do something good like reading, painting or something, it's just so confusing.
That just got worse I'm my classes and final exams, I feel like I haven't done enough and I'm not as smart and dedicated to school as I was (I just moved to another school this year and the last year I was in a really bad depression that I think it's here again) it's so hard to concentrate and feel like doing something or I just can't read something and get that in my head even if I read that 15 times and I still have a lot to do like everyone else can. I'm so frustrated and I really want to do something about it but I don't know where to start.
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2023.06.03 06:41 GooGooGaJoob_9 What would it take to move across the country?

My (32F) husband (38M) was just offered a job in Texas and we live in WI. We’ve been together for 9 years and married for 6. We have a 5 mo old and live a little under an hour from my parents. His parents live on the east coast. I’m self employed and work from home.
The job offer isn’t life changing money but a “2 level step in pay” which is a 10% raise for him. They cover relocation. It’s the job he’s been wanting and ultimately has been working towards. He was asked to apply by his bosses boss. It could take 3-4 years minimum to have the chance to go for this job again.
It could be a fun new chapter. Our son is young enough that it wouldn’t disrupt school or friendships. It doesn’t have to be a forever thing. I’ve never lived far away from home. It’s only a 2.5 hour flight. Our friends are growing up and not getting together like we used to.
What kind of money would you need to up and start over?
For those of you that moved in your 30s to a new state.. are you glad you did? How do you get over leaving close friends? Support system? I’ve never been more torn on what to do. Start the new chapter or stay with what’s comfortable where there’s support and less stress?
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2023.06.03 06:36 BroadPoint Most of the reason feminism gets so much hate is because feminism is backed by power.

Someone into men's issues may happen to fall into a place of power and a small enough number of individuals that you could comfortably fit them in my living room have used men's issues to justify terrorism. Most of us don't really run into this though and it doesn't really shape our lives.
For the most part, the worst thing that a men's advocate can do to you is bring up talking points that challenge your worldview. If you don't want this to happen, men's advocates are banned from enough spaces that you can mostly avoid them. If you're upset by them, it's because you're consciously making decisions to look at their content or engage with them.
This is not true of feminism. Feminism informs so much policy in education and work that you really need to make some very incredible life decisions to avoid it. It even impacts things like what Google and YouTube give you in the search results. Twitter used to ban this kind of dissident thought and so now men's advocates have to basically start over with fewer followers. It's hard to avoid.
Because feminism is backed by power, feminists can speak freely without any real consequences for their social media getting banned or from being branded a sexist at work. A feminist can make very stupid talking points without facing the same social consequence of a dissident who makes very stupid consequences. Depending on the setting, they may not even get challenged.
A feminist can make it as a public intellectual without any real understanding of what men's advocates talk about and without ever engaging with the opposition. Papers can be published and taught in university without even acknowledging the asston of criticism it receives from men's advocates. These papers will even be taught in GedEd classes at university, that you basically have to take if you're gonna be an educated person.
Because powerful people support feminism, it can be treated as objectively true. A feminist perspective on someone who was active in gamergate or speaks about topics like inceldom or gender realism can be reported in major media as fact and that leads to things like how someone's Wikipedia page might be written or how the world understands them. This can all be done without the consent of the person being written about.
Whether someone individual is a good feminist, a bad feminist, a smart feminist, or a dumb feminist is not really what matters to its critics, because it's critics cannot avoid the fact that feminism from a wide spectrum of quality or intelligence will impact their lives whether they like it to or not.
For this reason, an individual feminist will often be annoyed that feminism is often criticized the way policy and power are criticized, rather than how an idea may be criticized. An idea is generally criticized in its best or truest version, but most critics of feminism are criticizing the ways in which feminism wields power over them in their day to day life.
For this reason, "good feminism" can sometimes be seen as a Motte and Bailey to avoid talking about actual policy and the things that matter. To some let's advocates, feminism can seem to take two forms: (a) things that power inflicts upon us, and (b) a head in the clouds discussion to distract from things power inflicts upon us. This causes a lot of men to just hate it.
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2023.06.03 06:35 AshAndy83 Cont. Collection of Clues S2 ep 1-2

S2 Ep. 1 Strangers in a Strange Land:
  1. Jade and Jim working together to build the tower prompted “Them” to unleash the storm and Tabitha’s digging made “Them” collapse the basement in order to sabotage their efforts to uncover the truth. Just like the patch-eyed woman said to Jade: “Do you think we made it angry? When the storm came, it’s like we made it angry.”
  2. And the bus of newcomers was also a consequence of their actions. It was intentional to add more drama and stress to an already defeated crowd. *Like let’s add more rats to the cage of water of already drowning rats.
  3. Claustrophobic in an oubliette (means to forget and is AKA a bottle dungeon, Easter egg—there’s something up with bottles!), Boyd’s “dream” is to remind us he’s sick; Parkinson’s (his major change in life).
  4. Jade sees the ventriloquist; it screams.
  5. Ethan shares to Jade they’re on a quest; Everyone has a role to play. Jade shares to Ethan his visions of symbols and shows Ethan Victor as a child in the polaroid. Ethan says, “on a quest, you have to figure out if it’s either good or bad… bad symbols make you do bad things.” This plays an important role in a later episode.
  6. Elgin seizes right as the house collapses entirely on Jim, Bar Guy and New Guy to keep them from discovering the underground. Further proves Elgin’s connection to the place or is sensitive to “Them” when they make moves.
  7. Tabitha and Victor see a completed puzzle blocks tower (Easter egg—could represent the entire design of the place itself) in the cave, sick kid ghost (has hair loss) throws a ball to knock it down (perhaps symbolizing its destruction).
  8. “They” know Kristi’s deepest sadness (leaving her fiancé behind) and RIGHT when she finally decides to go for it with Kenny, her fiancé Marielle is one of the newcomers! Tactic initiated by “Them.” This was not a coincidence at all.
  9. Despite telling the truth, the way Donna and Kenny handled the newcomers proves they’re not emotionally capable to manage the town; more weight rides on Boyd as their leader. A call back to Father Kahtri telling Boyd in S1 *it’s his duty alone** to lead the people back home. Keep this in mind when observing Boyd’s behavior and what’s happening to him.
  10. Newcomer Old Lady exhibits bizarre behavior after learning of the town, dances in the rain
  11. More mentions of “is this real? Are you real?” between Martin and Boyd. A call back to Tabitha asking Father Kahtri in S1 if “any of it is real? Are we dead?” To which he replies “does it matter? We’re still stuck. But we are alive.” This hones in that it’s NOT an afterlife nor does it have any religious themes, especially once Kahtri died as I felt his death symbolized that.
  12. Boyd being stuck in an oubliette for some time was intentional. “They” wanted him to be at his weakest point (hallucination of Ellis) and dictated meeting Martin and baited Boyd to take the rope—“I’ll help you if you help me”—hence why it magically appeared. Like a pawn, Martin was there to drive Boyd’s behavior to mercy kill him. We learn why in a later episode, but again, “They’re” creating more emotional stress and trauma for Boyd.
S2 Ep. 2 The Kindness of Strangers
  1. For the first time, we see Fatima (who represents optimism and hope) finally break—which affects Ellis (we see the impact in a later episode).
  2. The monsters are screaming again strictly for the newcomers and to continue to break the OG folks. Another tactic to induce fear and have them spiral.
  3. Under extreme stress, exhaustion, shock and acting on urgency, it’s very reasonable for Boyd to solely focus on rescuing Martin, a fellow retired marine himself (huge hint btw). People can only handle so much truth, at least at a time. Rescue first, talk second.
  4. Mentions of dreams again; Martin mocks Boyd whether Abby was right. “They” are further taunting Boyd. May further imply they’re asleep.
  5. Music box alerts arrival of/interference from “Them,” *Martin warns Boyd once music stops, they’re here and right when it does, Martin the Pawn scratches Boyd to transfer his blood to Boyd’s. “My blood is your blood now” *We can assume the worms are a means to control or manipulate further since Boyd’s now connected to “Them.”
  6. Boyd escapes and finds himself in ruins, laughs from disbelief, proof the place has many different teleportation points, dogs appear who usually accompany the Boy in White. So far, the Boy in White influences Victor, Ethan, Sara and Boyd (indirectly). “They” use the boy since he seems trustworthy.
  7. Victor speaking to Tabitha: “For a long time he went away, but now he’s back.” This adds more weight to the cycle theory. Maybe kid Victor’s cycle until the present marks the end of the cycle to start anew.
  8. Victor says he doesn’t trust Elgin. *This may hint at opposing forces. The Boy in White (Controllers of Fear Farm) vs. the Ancient Evil (red entity in cave drawings).
  9. Another callback to dreams, Victor said he thought they were dreams but his pictures remember. Confirming again it’s all real.
  10. The episode title is a paradox of the town itself. Everyone wants to do right by others, but when push comes to shove, people can easily turn on each other (diner scene). Keep this in mind for later. Also a play on Martin asking for mercy from Boyd. Mocks at how monsters take advantage of the newcomers pretending to be kind strangers (bar scene with couple).
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2023.06.03 06:33 AshAndy83 I love trying to piece this puzzle of a show together! Read on for clues and a new theory.

Here’s a collection of clues from S2 ep1-6 to help support a new theory.
((Heads up! I had to split posts several times since the first was way too long for me do so.))
But first! Let’s cover some groundwork from S1, which led to my analyses of S2.
Based on the cave drawings, we learn the place could be an entirely different world. By nature, cave drawings are meant to communicate the history and origins of a civilization, and by trope, they’re further meant to explain the source of the major conflict the characters are facing in the present. Here’s looking at GOT’s White Walker origin story and Raised By Wolves’s Sol and Serpent as both shows used the same device. In From, we see its Natives travel by river to a place where they encountered an ancient evil—the symbol Jade sees is drawn, as well as a giant red entity. It’s safe to assume they are one in the same. The symbol may be the creature’s mechanism to invoke change as we see white stick figure drawings transform into red stick figures, which highly allude to the monsters who torment the town. A monster did confirm they were made that way. The lighthouse Boyd and Sara see implies the strange land is by water which supports the cave drawing. In general, the lighthouse’s purpose is to aid in navigation to either stay away, danger beware and to come this way—all pertaining to the paradox of the town. Lastly, the painting of an Adam and Eve-esque couple with a creature terrifyingly towering over them strongly supports the different world concept—that’s where they’re From.
So here’s my theory—there are TWO forces at work on the town. An advanced civilization operates the town as a fear farm (think Maze Runner) in order to defeat the ancient evil who thrives off fear (think Pennywise creature) which plagues the real world “outside” of the town. The monsters, being a product of their creator, have a simple duty to satiate their creator’s need to feed on fear, whereas the civilization takes advantage of this—Like a cage with a snare trap function, the town is designed to psychologically house people (think Wandavision) to keep them alive and comfortable “for the most part” (electricity, running water, food) in order to continue harvesting their fear by trapping people in with monsters and manipulating them like Boyd, ultimately producing a hero serum—the “worm” blood, which killed the Smiley monster. “They” need to continue this cycle to keep eradicating monsters in the real world and to keep the ancient evil at bay from attacking their own society. Now since From is also a sci fi show, we can make things extra by adding a time element. The world may not even be alien. It could take place so, so far into the future, Earth is no longer what it is. In order to retrieve “stock,” “They” must resort to the past by plucking people from different timelines to accommodate the ancient evil’s cyclical appetite by starting fresh with a new batch of people. The glass bottles hanging from the tree also support this due to the collection of random years. We can go even crazier and say the ancient evil is a consequence of a causal loop where the future event created the past event which in turn creates the future event—I know, mindfuck —which is why this society uses and sacrifices people from humanity’s past in order to justify the agenda as it’s for the common good of humanity—or what’s left of it.
This is why the title is intentionally ambiguous, besides matching the ambiguity of the show, but because from does reference so many things regarding the plot. Also, the beginning credits song hints at the people’s fate being sealed and in general, there is no future to see because humanity's future is way too bleak: “Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera sera.” What a paradox since this song sounds so carefree.
Now let’s look back at a few S1 tea. We know the MCs all experienced major life changes, both good and bad, before getting trapped: Kenny and Tian-Chen managing the dad’s dementia, Kristi was about to enter medical school, Boyd has Parkinson’s, the Matthews lost their baby, Jade just sold his software company, etc. For the most part, they’re all holding onto heavy emotions.
As if the trap “They” created only catches certain people based on their emotional standing in order to produce more favorable fear outputs. So in a sense, the people are chosen.
In episode Book 74, when Father Kahtri found Sara, she said, “Because... they told me things, things they couldn't know (“They” chose her, of course they know about her.) They told me those two cars were coming and to stand out near the edge of town and I would see. (“They” planned to do this). They said it happened before, that two cars came on the same day and everyone died. (Implies it’s a cycle). They said it was because of the people in the cars, (Jim the mechanical engineer and Jade the software developer were chosen) but if... if I did what they said, that we'd be safe, we'd get to go home.”
For as long as Victor has been there, he’s NEVER seen two cars arrive at the same time, let alone have an accident—an important detail—perhaps the element needed to spark the next chain of events, which also prompted “Them” to manipulate Sara to carry out murder plots—the youngest and most vulnerable of them all. It’s like a formula must be followed.
In an exchange between Jim and Tabitha about the same bracelet she found from her past (psychological trigger either to drive behavior or cause more emotional stress), Tabitha said, “I was so afraid I ruined it, but then, when I gave it to you, you said, "Accidents--"
Jim: "Accidents are the best part." Yes. Why? Ah, because it makes it one of a kind. (Call back to their accident with Jade. Adding Jim and Jade together at the same time adds a unique element to the cycle).
With all that being said, there’s too much sleeping and dreaming clues to ignore, which is why I’m hoping it’s more metaphoric like what transpired in Wandavision and not a Matrix or 1899 simulation since that would take away so many supernatural elements—like I want those sick kids to be actual ghosts haunting Tabitha on a land actually inhabited by things we always thought were myth. But then again, I can see “Them” copy the real world of monsters into this simulation in order to get the best results. Contradictory, there are also many Is this real? This is real. references which does imply everything the characters are experiencing is in fact directly happening to them. Agh! The paradox kills me!
Whew! Now that that’s covered, let’s unpack what we’ve seen in S2 so far that supports my reasoning rant above. Here’s the most important details in order, along with brief scene captions for clarity.
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2023.06.03 06:30 Substantial_Tart8557 28 Female. I can't hurt him.

Im chronically depressed. And drink too much om weekends.
Steven, 38 year old male. And me, 28 year old female. We've been together for 5 years. He grew up privileged (his parents owned a house, owned land, never needed government assistance). i grew up scummy poor.
Steve thinks of himself as very progressive. He's extremely intelligent and he knows it. And most likely would have qualified for mensa. Im very average, if not below.
Its starting to feel like I'm not entitled to my own opinion. If he disagrees with my opinion, im wrong, no doubt about it.
I am not book smart. And hes not street smart. I'm good with understanding people and intentions.. Hes good with logic and being positive.
I'm tired of always being wrong. Maybe I am uneducated, but it seems like my opinion and/or thoughts are meaningless, because he knows he's 'more intelligent'. My opinions and thoughts seem to be nothing more than silly ramblings from his perspective.
Hes endlessly full of thoughts and ideas. I don't understand them all, but I wouldn't try to discourage them, or even tell him if the idea is boring or at least not interesting to me.
I have thoughts and ideas of my own, but they're not realistic, original, or have 'already been done'. Maybe some of them have.
Hes good. Hes pure. Hes sensitive. He pays all of the bills, he spends time with me (I still work, but pay for upkeep and recreational)
I'm not sure if this can be saved, and of not.. how can I end it without destroying him. His ex wife broke his heart. I don't want him to feel like its his fault.
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2023.06.03 06:24 Stunning_Web_4214 Watching too many videos

I get desensitized, I'm sure other people here have sometimes felt the same, watching too many videos makes me lose/forget human connection to the actual people in the videos, it's disturbing and also nothing compared with what the victors/survivors/defeated will suffer when they retire from combat. Different people can be much more/less affected/unaffected by it, actual combat and images of combat alienate most people from our own innate humanity and basic dignity apart from a few psychos who are overrepresented because many of them thrive in violent situations, nobody alive today will ever live in a world where someone else isn't still suffering from the physic and psychological damage of war, the pain and sadness will last for the rest of all of our living consciousnesses until we are replaced by a new generation after we pass away
War is a terrible thing, anyone who thinks he knows what can be the consequences and outcome before he starts a war is 100% misguided, and the consequences of that evil decision of course are the most bad for the civilians who didn't ask for any of this, they are just trying to live normal lives in a horrible situation, and horrible for the impoverished teenagers who are tricked/forced into killing and being killed
Seeing casualty lists of thousands of people with birth years 2004 and 2005 is fucking heartbreaking man, if you remember yourself at that age, if you forgot that that's who does most of the fighting, that's who it is, it's kids who just got out of high school, if that's not constantly at the front of your mind when you watch these videos, like if you forgot that we are just sitting here watching so many healthy young lives extinguished, watching so many videos of someone's beloved child/sibling/parent just snuffed in front of our eyes, if you forgot those parts maybe it's healthy to just take a break from watching for a few days because I am telling you, I didn't even notice how watching too much of this content could melt my brain
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2023.06.03 06:22 GooGooGaJoob_9 Are you happy you followed a job to another state?

My (32F) husband (38M) was just offered a job in Texas and we live in WI. We’ve been together for 9 years and married for 6. We have a 5 mo old and live a little under an hour from my parents. His parents live on the east coast. I’m self employed and work from home.
The job offer isn’t life changing money but a “2 level step in pay” which is a 10% raise for him. They cover relocation. It’s the job he’s been wanting and ultimately has been working towards. He was asked to apply by his bosses boss. It could take 3-4 years minimum to have the chance to go for this job again.
It could be a fun new chapter. Our son is young enough that it wouldn’t disrupt school or friendships. It doesn’t have to be a forever thing. I’ve never lived far away from home. It’s only a 2.5 hour flight. Our friends are growing up and not getting together like we used to.
What kind of money would you need to up and start over?
For those of you that moved in your 30s to a new state.. are you glad you did? How do you get over leaving close friends? Support system? I’ve never been more torn on what to do. Start the new chapter or stay with what’s comfortable where there’s support and less stress?
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2023.06.03 06:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint (

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2023.06.03 06:19 livin_butter_lettuce (TLDR at bottom) Residence Permit / Registration (non-EU)

Hi all, I've written down a list of questions I've compiled overtime. 19M from US, about to start my studies at UvA. Trying to stay optimistic about the housing -> registration at municipality -> residence permit pipeline:
- UvA states that it's important to have the residence permit application approved by both the uni and the government before travelling to the Netherlands. Due date is July 1st, then processing from the uni takes up to 3 weeks, then processing from the government takes 4-6 weeks... don't you think that's odd that you have to wait so long to even travel and look for a room? (I'm asking this question on the basis that you have to be present in NL to find accommodation because I don't think you can do that from so far away? I appreciate any info about this)
- Does registration with the municipality happen through appointment, or is it as simple as showing up online/at an office during work hours? Also, is registration required before booking a biometrics appointment for the residence permit?
- What are the consequences if you don't manage to get a residence permit in hand before the start of studies (Sept 1)? Have people managed to start going to class even if they still haven't found housing (and thus haven't received a residence permit)?
TLDR: I could use more info you have any additional links/info about this process of registering + biometrics, especially in cases where things don't go according to plan. I would also appreciate knowing what stage other non-EU students are at as of 2 June.
Thanks so much for reading!! <3
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2023.06.03 06:15 Harmoni22 Should I write a letter to the person who has hurt me the most?

I 21 F started a dating this guy 21 M, which lasted a year. I’m going to make this short because there are a lot of details. Our relationship screamed bf/gf, but we knew we weren’t ready for a serious commit to each other. We laid out ground rules one of which being “you can’t be intimate with someone else. If you are you have to let the other person know”. I created this rule to obviously protect myself from possible STDs. The beginning was the best (I guess the honeymoon stage). At this point we only knew each other for 2 weeks, but we were so close. He needed a place to stay before his new lease started, so I offered he could stay with me. So he did for about 2 weeks.
One night, my friend was having a birthday party. There I ran into one of my friends and she told me she hooked up with him a couple of times, while him and I were still together. One of those times being on my birthday, another was while he stayed with me for a couple of weeks. He’s the one that asked to be exclusive but still continued to flirt and hook up with other girls.
Another terrible thing he did was not caring when I was deleting our fetus. Yea he took me to the doctor appointments, but he left as soon as my pain from the pills started. He told me he would call to check up on me after, but he did not. The next day he apologized for not checking up on me. As he took an edible and knocked out. Then went to a party, while I was struck dealing with the aftermath of the procedure. He got me pregnant a 2nd time and didn’t even help to pay for deleting the fetus.
There’s more but you get the point. Over the span of our relationship I just got sadder and sadder. I had to make the final decision to end our relationship because of the toll it took on me. Being around him hurt but learning to be without him hurt even more. After things ended I almost didn’t recognize myself. I lost 20lbs, I started therapy, and started seeing a psychiatrist. Anytime I saw him on at school, I would have panic attacks.
We don’t communicate and I don’t care for a response, but I just wanted to give myself closure. It’s not fair that he’s able to go off and not suffer the consequences of our actions, but I do. It’s not fair that he got to speak how he felt about us, but blocked me before I even got the chance. I feel like if I tell him how I felt, I can start my healing process.
Should I write him a letter?
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2023.06.03 06:13 TheRogueNarrative Have You Developed Vices/Coping Mechanisms While Being with a Narc Long Term?

The reason I ask, about 11 years ago I was a casual drinker. I began drinking to calm myself down at night and to reduce my irritability.
I had gone for counseling because of the stress and irritability. The most she recommended was Lavender Oil. Needless to say, saturating my pillow with Lavender hardly countered the effects of living with a Narcissist. So I started self-medicating to short circuit my issues.
There came a point when I told my wife I needed to stop drinking because it was getting out of control. We literally fought about me wanting to quit drinking.
I have been drinking nightly for all of those 11 years since. At issue, for me anyway, I want to quit. I separated from my wife over a month ago and cut my drinking in half (which I am happy to have accomplished that milestone).
Now she is in the smear campaign phase. She claims that alcohol is what caused me to want the divorce and that if everyone realised my drinking has corrupted my mind, they would understand the situation I've put her through.
The way alcohol effects me, it removes my inhibitions about expressing how I feel. It also makes me stubborn. I tend not to back down when she starts heaping on the BS. I am more reluctant to apologize (the only acceptable way an argument can end).
To be clear, I am not violent with her when I drink. I'm just less filtered. When I'm less filtered, she tends to get more violent. Even if I am fully drunk, I know when I am transitioning to wanting to hurt her feelings and try to create distance so as not to violate my primary function of protecting her. Unlike a Narc, I can admit my shortcomings...alcoholism.
Am I alone in turning to substance abuse to cope with a Narc Spouse?
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2023.06.03 06:11 MarkOneUp2 What to do?

Sorry for the format of this I’m on my phone atm.
I’m at my wits end here, the coach of our department has started targeting our department worse than she already does.
This week one of my coworkers had put in a ethics report on our coach for racism and other things that I don’t know every detail about but the main thing is for being racist, suddenly this Wednesday our coach tells said coworker that they were terminated, the coworker says they want to open door the termination with the store manager and the coach tells them that “the store manager said they don’t want to hear it” which doesn’t sound like the store manager at all (they are a super nice and open person)
Coworker left for the day but came back in that Thursday and clocked in because they weren’t actually terminated because that coach couldn’t get other managers to sign off on the termination (coach went to our team lead who didn’t agree to terminate and then to a different team lead in a different department and they also said no)
That day the SM heard about what was going on and said they hadn’t even known the termination was going on nor heard about an open door request, but for some reason my coworker got suspended with the reason being that “it’ll force the investigation to be completed faster” but yet the coach is still working not suspended (someone make that make sense for me please)
So now that the coach didn’t get their way they are now watching the cameras (even more than they already do) and “investigating” our time and such, today pulling me to the back questioning and making me write a statement about why I clock in for work in the parking lot before I’m inside and why I’m buying a drink when not on break then later in my shift looking for me a second time to either talk to me again or to talk to a different person in my department
This coach does things like this often so much that they have been made to move stores twice but now that they are here nothing is ever done like I thought retaliation was one of those major things that gets people fired for doing but this coach does it and the person they do it to is the one who gets suspended, they openly lie to someone about an open door request that I didn’t think could be denied when requested gets caught lying about it by multiple people and nothing is done about it
Like I feel like this coach can get away with anything just short of actual crime without any consequences or accountability and I just don’t know what to do anymore, we’ve talked to ethics we’ve talked to the SM nobody does anything
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2023.06.03 06:10 Similar_Soft4108 Multiverse version of me

For a long time I have believed dreams were alternate reality’s, I rarely have a crazy dream leading me to believe such things, but this dream I just had has lead me to firmly believe it. I was in somebody’s house and my family was there as well, I looked at my hands and was throughly confused because I could feel the wind blowing on my hand. I looked up and my mother was there, I walk up to her and say “it’s nice to see you mom.” She looks at me and says “what do you mean?” “Well you live Ohio and it’s nice to have you back in texas.” She looks at me confused and I can physically feel my face scrunch from confusion. I walk around the house for a bit and realize we are at my great grandfathers house and he has unfortunately passed and my aunts and uncles are all there deciding who gets what, it doesn’t take long before a fight breaks out and I get tired of being there, so I grab my phone and it’s passcode locked and I stare at it for a second and punch in the passcode on my phone and it unlocks. Funny even in a parallel universe I still use the same passcode. I go to my contacts to call any of my friends and see if they want to hang out but I notice a contact named “babygirl❤️” So I call it and my ex picks up.(let’s call her emily) I am genuinely so confused at this point. “Hi baby what’s up?” “Uh hey what are you doing?” “Im just with my sister right now,but she said she wants to see you, do you want me to come get you?” “Uh yeah sure.” “Okay be there in five.” “Okay I’ll see you then.” “Love you.” “Love you?” For five more minutes I sit and listen to my family argue and get a text saying I’m here. I walk outside and there enough it’s her and her car her and her daddy where building that he said would be done soon. The door swings open and I immediately notice its her sister, but instead of giving me a rude look she gives me a hug and tell me it’s nice to see me, I crawl into the backseat of the car and look around she ask how my day has gone and I pause for a second “I don’t really know it didn’t start when you would have expected it to.” She looks at me funny and starts to drive off asking if I was hungry, I say yes and we get sonic (disgusting I know) and we sit and talk for a while her sister says she needs to go so we drive back to her house and drop her sister off and finally she asks me the question that made me realize I’m probably not dreaming. “(My full name) Whats wrong?” It makes me turn my neck so quickly I pop it For context I never told her my middle name “I don’t know who you are we haven’t seen eachother in months emily and now suddenly your in my phone saved as babygirl I’m very confused right now.” She looks at me confused as well and ask me to tell her what I mean. “Well first of all you cheated on me with your ex (call him mike) mike and got pregnant with him and it was a huge deal for nine months wether it was my or his.” She looks at me with shock “D me and you had a baby together she’s almost 6 months old mike hasn’t talked to me in almost a year, do you mean to tell me you don’t know what our daughter looks like?” “No, because it’s not my daughter.” At this point I don’t know how to explain I think I feel into a different universe so I simply tell her “I think I’m not from here emily I haven’t lived the life the man you know has I believe I’m asleep right now- She immediately pinches me and I feel the pain in my arm which confuses me to no extent “Did that hurt?” “Yes.” “Then you aren’t dreaming.” I build up my chest to tell her “Emily, I’m sure I love you but I don’t love you, I may love you on this world but where I’m “from” we haven’t spoken in months.” She looks heart broken I can’t handle it “I think I’m understanding now you are you but you aren’t you. You a copy of yourself in a different world?” “Correct.” “One where we aren’t together?” “Correct.” “What a shitty world.” “Semi-correct.” She looks at me with big sad puppy dog eyes and ask what’ll happen when I leave “I don’t know but I’ve theorized that when a event like this happens it’s almost like also being asleep so your version of D should just feel like he’s was asleep.” “Neat.” We have a little pause for a second “Do you want to see your daughter?” Another pause “No, because if I wake up it’ll drive me insane.” We look at each other and try to cherish what could be our last moments together and she tells me she has a idea and pulls me in and kisses me on my cheek “Not on the lips i dont know how to explain to you that I kissed you, haha” we sit in the car for a bit more in silence and I nod off and suddenly hear my name be called loudly and I open my eyes and I’m back in my room on my bed I look around. Back to my life. I check my phone there is no “babygirl❤️” nobody in my family had died and my mom is still in Ohio. The only logical explanation I have i I somehow traveled the multiverse and ended up in the one where me and my ex did work out and had our baby together. Or I could have just had a dream were I could feel things on my skin and feel the pain of a pinch and distinctly remember conversations but hey who knows?
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2023.06.03 06:09 Rocdaric Turn on pc remotely without WOL and with a UPS

After having informed myself a bit on the subject, the solutions I found to start a PC remotely were 2: WOL and using a Smart socket.
Personally I would prefer to avoid leaving my pc "on" in low power mode for a matter of consumption, and I've also read that many people have trouble getting it to work from outside the household (aka through different networks).
For the option with the smart socket i think is just not applicable with a connected UPS (correct me if I'm wrong).
So I was wondering if anyone had any other methods to recommend. Thanks in advance for any response😊
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2023.06.03 05:56 seagreenshark i had issues with my brothers girlfriend

for a while i (f19) suspected my brothers girlfriend, Sarah, (f23) to be distancing herself from me which is really weird because we’re in the same friend group. i just brushed it off because everything i drew conclusions from seemed extremely minor. for example, she stopped commenting under my posts and only commented under the others posts. another example is that she would only provide her attention with the other girls in the group and disregard me. i honestly just figured she was developing some kind of sister-in-law dynamic with me since talks of marriage was in the works and our culture takes respect towards our elders extremely seriously.
however, i found out that i was right. for context, my best friend (f19), Claire, is in the friend group as well. every time the friend group made it out of the group chat, Claire was unable to make it or she would have to leave early so i do my best to make sure she’s included especially in photos or in conversations. she recently asked the group chat if anyone would be able to come over to her house for a board game to which Sarah responded with, “why would we want to play a board game?”
this is basically how the conversation went:
me: why wouldn’t you //
sarah (to claire): just play with OP //
me: wow two people playing monopoly, you’re so smart! //
sarah: you don’t have any other friends? //
me: you mean the ones we’re talking to right now? //
sarah: other than us //
me: who tf else would there be //
Sarah ended up PMing me and asking me why i’m being so passive aggressive and that if anything Claire should be the one who’s upset to which I told her that her responses were unnecessary and rude. i’ll admit that i was definitely being hostile and passive aggressive and could have gone a better, more mature way. but i was so angry that she thought it was okay to text Claire like that.
apparently this became an opening for Sarah to let me know about all the issues she’s had with me thus far, telling me that i’ve made comments that she didn’t like and she never lashed out or said anything. i told her that i would rather her lash out than stay quiet because at least then i would be able to develop and respect her boundaries. she told me she didn’t say anything because i’m like a ticking time bomb and that my mood is unpredictable.
now i honestly have no idea where she’s coming from because whenever someone brings up an issue with me about my character, i try my best to respect their boundaries and she’s seen this firsthand with my brother. i’m sure i get extremely upset when i am being directly attacked or when my friends are being attacked but definitely not about something as important as boundaries. i’ve also brought up issues i’ve had with her and i would hate to be hypocritical and not expect people to do the same.
she then tells me that she started to distance herself from me and limit interactions which in all honesty hurt me really bad. by doing so, she leaves me out of a few conversations within my friend group and treats me differently than the other girls. i pointed out she’s not even close with some of these girls but she still treats them better than me. i honestly don’t care how she treats them, but i would have liked to be on equal footing with the rest of them.
i’m just so confused why she thought this was her only solution but she straight up assumed i would blow up on her. her explanation was that in all her 23 years of living she never had an issues with anyone other than me and never had to communicate such issues until me, so she didn’t know how to go about it.
i don’t know. i definitely agreed to fix my hostility and to just let her know where my boundaries lie, but the fact that she created this distance without letting me know makes me feel so icky.
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2023.06.03 05:52 Big_Assist4950 LU BU is still the STRONGEST human (excluding adam)

LU BU is still the STRONGEST human (excluding adam)

He is still the strongest

Lubu is incredibly underrated, but what many don't realize is that he still remains the strongest human since Adam. In this image of the post I put everyone who is defeated by Lubu, and I intend to give an explanation for each one of them about how Lubu is among the strongest of the verse.

It is surprising how much Lubu is underestimated by the fandom, even though he has already shown feats that make him the most balanced fighter of humanity. Strength, stamina, durability, speed, explosiveness, reflexes... Its spinoff literally starts with the narrator saying that Lubu is the strongest under the sky, besides that he has reached the apex of human potential. Lubu's physical attributes are extremely well-balanced, which allows him to perform well against everyone in the squad, winning most of them. Characters like Jack, Heracles and Zero I think I don't need to elaborate too much to show that Lubu wins, so I'll just pass them by.

Raiden: With volund he is physically stronger than Lubu, but that's about it. Raiden has already shown that he can't compete in stamina, speed and damage potential, as well as having the substantial disadvantage of fighting unarmed, consequently converting to a range disadvantage. Raiden can't dodge all of Lubu's blows, his muscles aren't stopping the halberd's blows.

Hajun: Many may feel that Hajun is stronger than Lubu, but the manga doesn't show enough evidence of this. Hajun might have the advantage in attack speed and durability, but a fight between two fighters so physically fit would inevitably be decided by the strongest blow of each. Although Hajun is fast, he is not fast enough to overwhelm Lubu, as Buddha with no Future Sight was managing to block most of the hits, which remained even when he only had one eye. Going for Hajun's strongest attack (said by him), Buddha managed to block completely. We know that Buda doesn't even come close to Lubu in the physical aspect, so if someone so inferior in that aspect managed to hold back Hajun's strength, there's no doubt that Lubu could. Lubu fully defended Thor's Hammer, which even he already had a remarkably higher energy release than the Flames of Glory. Furthermore, Sky Eater managed to counter the strongest blow of the physically strongest god and with the strongest divine weapon, all of which are eclipsing Hajun by a good margin. Sky Eater > Flames of Glory.

Shiva: Extremely tough fight, perhaps the most 50/50 here. Shiva undoubtedly has the speed to pressure Lubu, and his flames can definitely hurt his tough physique. Raiden with his muscle manipulation can create a defensive wall, but in a normal condition it is not possible to say that he is objectively more durable than Lubu, and if so, there is no way to quantify how much. Anyway, Lubu has already reacted to many quick strikes in his spinoff, and his halberd would certainly be more effective in blocking Shiva's attacks, as they better prevent the flames from coming into direct contact with Lubu. However, the main reason that I think is decisive here is personality. Shiva is very arrogant and proud, it is likely that he would try to decide in a direct contest of strength. Given how Shiva behaves, he would choose to face the Sky Eater... That's how he fights.

Sasaki: Sasaki is a versatile fighter, but lacks some attributes that would allow him to hold his own in this fight. We don't know how Sasaki would fare against fighters with the profile. Blocking with the sword wouldn't work, it would immediately break under Lubu's strength. Unlike Poseidon, Lubu starts his fights with the intention of finishing off the first strike, meaning Sasaki wouldn't have the extra time he had to analyze. Sasaki starts out much weaker than Lubu, this fight is all about who gets to the other first. In other words, is Lubu going to throw a Sky Eater before Sasaki fully adjusts to his style? It's unlikely, as the spinoff showed that lubu has excellent resistance to cuts (being able to block with his arms blades that cut bears like butter, this when he was only 8 years old), while Sasaki has no resistance to massive blows, being one of the weakest fighters physically. Analyzing the fighters, Lubu would be able to do better, as he doesn't need time to reach his peak.

Qin: Lubu is a direct counter to Qin due to the nature of its volunds. Considering that a simple halberd strike would destroy one of the shoulder pads, it would be difficult for Qin to continue since he can't just use his volund to block. Even if Qin switched to the sword, it wouldn't do much good, his volund is still defensive and would remain at the mercy of the shield breaker. The air bubble would be an issue, as Lubu has no direct response to them. In practice Qin would only be postponing an inevitable defeat. Without the deflection he cannot break the halberd, it would be a matter of time before Lubu manages to connect a Sky Eater from afar. Not only that, Lubu is canonically declared above Qin, he is often called the strongest in the history of China, and the beginning of his spinoff says that no emperor deserves the title of strongest more than Lubu. It's not about opinion, Lubu is above Qin narratively.

Beelzebu: Same reason as Qin, the shield breaker is a strong counter to Bel's ability. The caos god can have its impact reduced by the Sky Eater, whereas any attack from the Lubu would consistently destroy Bel's shield. Without Hell's Gate to defend and with the caos God severely reduced, Bel couldn't do much else, it would be a matter of time before Lubu destroyed the staff or slashed Bel himself. Sorath's variations are no stronger than Lubu's strongest attack, and we saw in its spinoff that more than one Sky Eater is possible if needed.

Hades: Basically the same thing as Hajun, where the fight is decided by the stronger attack of both, and again the lubu attack stands out. Ico Desmos doesn't have any feats or citations that could scale to Sky Eater or higher, just thinking it can isn't enough. Destroying a Qin volund is equivalent to accepting Geirrod head on? From the scale of feats it doesn't seem like it, as a volund being destroyed happens more often than a Geirrod scale feat. Lubu is also faster than Hades, tougher and more durable. Something that is often overlooked by the community is that Heimdall was having trouble narrating the first round, whereas with others besides poseidon vs sasaki he doesn't seem to have that problem. It goes to show that first-round fighters are often underestimated in speed, but the spinoff does well to fill that gap.

Tesla: Lubu can destroy the zone with the sky eater, and without it Tesla cannot keep up. He's not as fast without tesla steps, his teleport doesn't work without the zone. Basically he cannot make use of his best strategies. In this situation, any massive attack from the Lubu could damage the armor's functioning, the absence of maximum acceleration would weigh heavily here. Even if Tesla managed to recover the zone eventually, Lubu would not be lost. He has the durability to take a lot of Tesla's punches, in addition to being able to destroy the ground with his attacks and limit the tesla steps again. Nothing works well for Tesla, it's a bad combination.

You can question many results here, but first of all check if your belief in Lubu's defeat is based on logical reasoning with the power scale or if it's just because you don't like Lubu. What makes this character so standout is how well balanced his strengths are. Sasaki has hax, but lacks strength and durability. Shiva has speed, but lacks durability and reaction. Tesla also has speed, but lacks experience and firepower. Beelzebu has attack and defense, but its durability and strength are lower. Hades has the same stat distribution as Lubu, but on a slightly smaller scale and with a time limit because of the suicide technique. Regardless of skills or tributes, Lubu manages to exploit many of the disadvantages that these other fighters I mentioned have, but not all have to exploit anything in lubu, he is monstrous in everything. It's hard to compete for strength, it's hard to compete for durability, it's hard to compete for speed. In the spinoff we see lubu casually having all kinds of demonstrations, he is a warrior formed on the battlefield for decades, it is not because the first round had less demonstration of speed that he is slow. If you look at the lubu without a bias, you'll quickly understand why it is said to have reached the peak of humanity.
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