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Before & After pics of Colorado's North Clear Creek Falls after a month of heavy rain

2023.06.05 00:44 openyourmind8 Before & After pics of Colorado's North Clear Creek Falls after a month of heavy rain

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2023.06.05 00:06 nshire Permit availability is suspiciously sparse for exactly the next 3 days. Are these available as walk-up permits in the ranger station, or are they all actually taken?

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2023.06.04 22:41 cptsnydezombie [US-TN] [H] Cheap POPs as low as $3! One Piece, Rick and Morty, Marvel, Schitt's Creek, and more! [W] PayPal

All POPs listed here have been displayed Out of Box at some point in time. Some boxes are pretty beat up. Next to every price is a number in [brackets]. This is the box condition on a scale from 1-10. If you need more pictures of a particular POP, just ask!
I tried to aim for the lower side of eBay sold listings, but also open to offers. Discounts always considered for bulk purchases!
All prices are shipped to U.S. only.
Add $5 for Shipping to any orders under $30.
You can opt to have any POP shipped OOB. I will take $1 off an order's shipping cost for each POP shipped without a box
$20 Each
$15 Each
$12 Each
$9 Each
$6 Each
$3 Each
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2023.06.04 22:37 Hrose572 Missing Cat in Fall Creek

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2023.06.04 21:29 ComprehensiveLow4650 Please help me pick a drink

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2023.06.04 21:28 unearthinganna Houses for rent

Anyone know of any houses for rent in Eau Claire/Fall Creek, WI? Must be 3 bedroom and cat friendly! TIA
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2023.06.04 20:24 BrisOwnWorld Intimacy aids in romance, asexuality, and good vibes all around

Before I realized I was asexual, I was in college and the women in my senior thesis writer’s group were aghast to discover that I was not, let’s say, on intimate terms with myself. It should have been obvious when I was surprised to discover women self-pleasured that there was something other than “growing up in a conservative town” going on, but hey, that’s why we need better asexual representation in media! Anyways. Since asexuality was not a foregone conclusion to my self love bafflement, my writer’s group took it upon themselves to essentially kidnap me to buy my first vibrator. While I appreciate the intention, their tactics left a lot to be desired (pun intended). And I’ll be honest, given our introduction, me and that first toy had no spark.
Honestly, it wasn’t until I came out as asexual that I found more interest in exploring the world of sex toys and intimacy aids, because I was no longer approaching them to “fix” me and “catch up” to other women my age who had been feeling certain urges since puberty. I was approaching them as a woman with different interests and needs and a genuine curiosity. And I think, had I read some of the following books (both also set in Oregon, the state that has my whole heart), where sex toys are just a tool for pleasure and a way to discover what you like without judgement, I may have learned some things about myself a lot earlier, with a lot less shame attached. So whenever a book includes sex toys to normalize and diversify how people can give each other and themselves pleasure, I pay attention.
Walk on the Wilder Side by Serena Bell. Rachel has always had a plan. And when that plan explodes, rather spectacularly, all at once (losing her dream library job, great apartment, and almost-fiance in a single day), she heads back to her hometown of Rush Creek, OR to figure out her next steps. She’s theoretically prepared to see her long-time crush and her brother’s best friend, Brody Wilder, but the reality of spending time around the bad boy of her dreams is more overwhelming than she was prepared for.
Brody’s life fell apart recently too: the long-time bad seed of the gigantic Wilder family was ready to put his bad boy lifestyle in the past when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant, but when it’s revealed baby Justin isn’t his, he does what he does best: act out. So when Rachel, the girl he’s always cared for but can never touch (bro code), is back in town, he’s doing all that he can to keep his distance. He’s got a family business to rescue, after all, starting with finding new ways to use the fishing boat he’s in charge of to entice the less outdoorsy tourists out on the water.
Then Rachel, as a favor to her mom, brings a big box of sex toys onto his boat (think like a Pampered Chef party but with lube and vibrators), which solves his business problem (people love buying sex toys on boats, it turns out!) but endangers his ability to keep the girl of his dreams at arms length, for both of their good.
I don’t know if everything about the conclusion of this book was earned, but it was satisfying nonetheless, and I really liked how Brody resolved his parenthood crisis with the help and support of Rachel. And I’ll always be a sucker for a book where an extremely type A girl falls for a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants boy.
Rating: 4.25/5
How hot? 🔥🔥🔥

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Karelia Stetz-Waters. Cade Elgin may have been born into a rich and fabulous artistic family, but the reason they’re able to continue being rich, fabulous, and artistic is that Cade keeps things running, including her parents’ world-renowned NYC art gallery. So she doesn’t really have time to fart around in Portland, OR after attending her beloved (but kinda estranged) aunt’s funeral. Unfortunately, her aunt had other plans, because she left Cade with a project- save her business, Satisfaction Guaranteed, which sells sex toys and drag queen mermaid Christmas ornaments and also sometimes cookware. Not only that, but Cade also has a co-owner of the inherited failing shop; Selena Mathis, a out bisexual and a closet painter who’s on a self-imposed celibacy kick because she realized she was using sex as a distraction to improving herself and her life.
Cade and Selena have an instant attraction to one another, but are both keeping their cards close to the chest for their own reasons, especially as it becomes clear they have very different ideas for how to run Satisfaction Guaranteed and precious little time to implement whatever compromise they come to. There’s also Selena’s toxic ex sneaking around (leading to Cade being enlisted as her fake fiance) and Cade’s ongoing frustrations with having an orgasm yet feeling too “frigid” for sex toys or intimacy. Based on my intro… I imagine you will not be surprised how SEEN I felt by this character.
We’ve got wild child meets ice queen, except perhaps both of those descriptors aren’t as accurate as they seem, even when they give them to themselves. Selena helps Cade explore her own pleasure in a safe environment, and Cade helps Selena explore her repressed artistic ambitions in a non judgemental space. It’s a beautifully balanced story between two women who aren’t as broken as they think they are, who bring out the best and the worst in each other, and who, thankfully, eventually aren’t afraid to grow and ask for what they need without fear of reproach.
Rating: 4.5/5
How hot? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bonus: {One And Only by Jenny Holiday}
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2023.06.04 18:26 Low_Manufacturer_93 [Cedar Point] Trip Report 6/3/23

Yesterday, my friend and I visited Cedar Point. We both have platinum passes, and we purchased fast lane plus and the all day dining plan for this visit.
Wild Mouse (credit #102) x1: Luckily, Wild Mouse was actually running today. We went straight to it when we got in for early entry. As far as ride experience goes, it's OK. We didn't love Wild Mouse, but then again, neither of us is a big fan of the wild mouse ride type in general. I acknowledge that I'm not really part of the target demographic for this ride, but I do think that there are much better options as far as family coasters go. (I would've loved for Cedar Point to get a GG family woodie or a modern family Vekoma.)
I'm at least glad I got to experience Wild Mouse and that I rode it first thing in the morning when its wait was 1/2 hour instead of later in the day when it was twice that. I'd probably rank CP's mouse around the middle of the list of all wild mice I've ridden. It's better than many standard mice but isn't as unique as something like Exterminator or Laff Track.
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad x2: After Wild Mouse, the obvious plan was to head to Frontier Town. We rode the train to save us some walking. We also rerode it later in the day. On our first train ride, we were one of only a few groups of people on the train. On our second ride, there was a person in pretty much every seat to the extent that we had to share a row with a stranger. This is a decent train ride that provides views of Lake Erie and the backstage area around Millennium Force. It's a great way to relax for a few minutes.
Maverick x2: This is one of the few coasters I've been on many times where I don't have the layout essentially memorized. Maverick is relentless in the best way possible. You are constantly being whipped and thrown around, and it doesn't really stop until the final brakes. We rerode Maverick as our last ride of the night, and the darkness enhances everything, especially the tunnel. It feels like the launch is twice as fast at night.
Steel Vengeance x3: SteVe was running great. The airtime was so good that it hurt, and the ride seemed to have extra speed. The line was unusually short in the morning, so we rode it twice in a row. Then, we came back and made it our second to last ride of the night. Steel Vengeance truly is one of the greatest coasters on Earth. Even though it's not usually my absolute #1, I don't think that Steel Vengeance is overrated at all. It's one of the few coasters that truly feels "long enough", and none of that time is wasted.
Gemini x1: This classic ride is one of my favorite Arrows. There are a few great moments of janky Arrow airtime, and the racing aspect is pure fun.
Magnum XL-200 x0: We attempted to ride Magnum three different times throughout the day, the first of which was right after our Gemini ride. Unfortunately, Magnum was down all three times. I think there were mechanical issues the first two times, and the third time was due to high winds, which shut down much of the park. It sucked to miss out on Magnum, as it is usually my all-time favorite coaster, but at the same time, I can live with missing it on what is possibly our only Fast Lane Plus Cedar Point trip of the year. Magnum's line is usually quite manageable without Fast Lane.
Corkscrew x1: My friend insisted on riding this, as he wanted to ride every coaster in the park. I'm not a big fan of this ride (or most Arrow loopers), but honestly, Corkscrew was better than I remembered. The only part that I think is really awful is the eponymous corkscrews. The hills and vertical loop were actually enjoyable, and the trains weren't as terribly uncomfortable as in my memory.
Power Tower (drop side) x1: A drop tower is just about always worth riding. These S&S ones are the weakest ones in my opinion but still a good time. I simply prefer drop rides that feel like they're actually trying to kill me rather than the ones like this that gently bounce.
Valravn x1: It's a dive coaster. The first drop is one of the best in the park, but the ride kind of dies after that. The other best part is the drop off the midcourse. The rest of the ride is pretty bland and forgettable.
Blue Streak x1: I've always found this ride to be underrated. It has some pretty decent airtime, especially if you sit near the front, which we did this time. I do wish that it still had the original buzzbar restraints, as I consider that to be a big part of what makes a classic wooden coaster feel like a classic wooden coaster. Still, I'm glad they've kept this ride, and I would say that it is not to be overlooked.
Raptor, Gatekeeper each x0: I wish we would've ridden these rides right after Blue Streak, as they were still open then. We unfortunately missed out on both of them due to the high winds later in the day.
Millennium Force x1: This ride is a bit overhated. The first drop is my favorite first drop on any coaster, the sense of speed is awesome, and there are some good moments of positive and negative gs. Sure, there are a few too many tall turns, but Millie is still a great ride.
Rougarou x1: I've never been a big fan of Rougarou, and I think it might even be my least favorite coaster at Cedar Point now. The layout isn't all that great, and there's a lot of headbanging, particularly in the second half.
Iron Dragon x1: This ride isn't super thrilling, but I enjoy the aesthetics and nostalgia of it. I understand why some people dislike it or want it to be the next ride to be removed, but I disagree. I think Iron Dragon is actually Cedar Point's best family coaster. The Arrow jankiness isn't as pronounced as on Mine Ride, Corkscrew, or Gemini. Iron Dragon also doesn't have the somewhat intense airtime of Blue Streak, and it's less generic than Wild Mouse.
Thunder Canyon, Snake River Falls each x1: Even though I've been to Cedar Point many times, this was my first time riding both of these water rides. Thunder Canyon has a reasonably long course with rapids and waterfalls that will absolutely drench you. Snake River Falls has a drop that is tall and steep for a water ride, though it is trimmed. I also got soaked on it, but that didn't really matter because we rode it right after Thunder Canyon.
Cedar Creek Mine Ride x1: This one is just all right. I'm not a big mine train guy, and this is fairly unimpressive as far as mine trains go. It does have a nice setting, and there was some awesomely weird theming in the brake run that I definitely don't remember being there.
All in all, it was a good Cedar Point trip. I do wish we had gotten to ride Magnum, Raptor, and Gatekeeper, but we've both ridden all three before. The one day dining plan was definitely worth it, and I would recommend that to anyone who's considering it.
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2023.06.04 17:06 HarrisonRyeGraham Justice for Joey and the Failure of Character Arcs

Mini rant incoming. If I were to write a high school essay on Friends, it would be this lol.
TLDR: Joey, Ross, and Rachel had such potential and it’s all wasted and it drives me crazy.
Joey’s character was done dirty in comparison to the rest of the cast. He had no emotional, mental, or talent development. The stupid jokes got laughs so he became a caricature of himself.
In the encyclopedia episode, it shows that he’s not stupid, he just lacks significant education. He doesn’t like being dumb and not understanding what’s going on. And he can and enjoys reading, as shown in The Shining/Little Women episode. But that’s quickly forgotten, and the rest of the series is littered with jokes about how he can’t read, or hates reading. That encyclopedia episode could’ve been a stepping stone for him going back to school or at least educating himself, but it’s wasted.
Joey’s lack of awareness steadily becomes a type of total retardation. (In the actual definition of the word, not the slur.) The French episode is one of the cringiest bits of the series.
The moments where Joey is compassionate and sweet are the highlights of some episodes, and in a lot of ways, Joey is the nicest of all the Friends. The episode where he learns to ballroom dance with Treager is great! He’s always making fun of Chandler and Ross for anything effeminate, but he falls in love with dancing. That could’ve been developed into him learning skills and maybe meeting someone at a dance class or something. But no, that’s tossed in the bin as well.
The falling in love with Rachel subplot was the only character development Joey ever gets. It was sincere and wonderful to see that side of him. Even if he wasn’t going to end up with Rachel, that should have been used as a catapult to give him a real relationship arc with someone. Erin (the girl who speaks four languages and he starts falling for but she breaks it off because she’s a “loner”) could have easily been the one for him, or even Mary Ellen, the woman Phoebe sets him up with in the Meeting Mike episode. But all the women that could have had any potential are given some inane flaw or Joey blowing them off because of his incurable playerness.
And it’s such a waste because Matt LeBlanc was absolutely wonderful in any scene where he had to be sincere. His confession of love to Rachel, when he’s rehearsing that love scene, and any time he’s being genuine with Phoebe. I really wish they’d leaned into that more.
Now onto the others. Rachel starts off as a spoiled, shallow person, who likes dating doctors. She and Ross have such drama throughout the show within an extremely toxic dynamic. It would have been a wonderful character arc for Rachel to truly fall in love with someone sweet and the opposite of who she would have gone for in the beginning. The episode where she and Joey go on a date when she’s pregnant could have easily been the start of something if they’d written it that way. It’s honestly one of my favorite episodes. They have such a sweet time together and have great chemistry. I know people hate the Rachel/Joey storyline, but I really believe it could’ve worked if they’d let it. Joey and Rachel could’ve gotten together at the hospital without the Ross drama. Or, they could’ve gotten together in Barbados, again without the Ross drama. (Though, arguably, the margarita episode is a shining comedic achievement to David Schwimmer.)
Rachel and Ross keep falling back on each other. Not because of any true chemistry, but because it’s easy. A true character arc would be Rachel being in a healthy relationship with someone she never would’ve gone for before.
Running jokes and storylines revolve around Ross being divorced. He chain dates nice women (Mona, Charlie to name the best) and drives them away with his absurdity and disregard and pettiness and jealousy. Ross should’ve realized all his negative traits, ended up alone, but working on himself. Ross, with three divorces and blowing up every relationship, would be happy being alone and focusing on being a good father (as Ben’s forgotten character screams from the the abyss).
…I realize this show was made in a time before most sitcoms had running storylines, and not all shows can be Schitt’s Creek. But it drives me nuts how dirty they did these characters, particularly Joey, when there was so much potential!
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2023.06.04 14:39 amhitchcock Pond update

Pond update
I was told shade to slow algae, a solar aerator and picked up mosquito dunks. I have only seen one mosquito so made fall and creek for more water movement. Realized the little red worms were non bitey midge flies, i am ok with that. The heat has been relentless this week, shade would have been great digging post holes for shade... lol So favorite pond plants in/out of water? Anything else i am missing or might need?
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2023.06.04 13:51 JoshAsdvgi The Lost Woman

The Lost Woman

The Lost Woman

long time ago the Blackfeet were camped on Backfat Creek.
There was in the camp a man who had but one wife, and he thought a great deal of her.
He never wanted to have two wives.
As time passed they had a child, a little girl.
Along toward the end of the summer, this man’s wife wanted to get some berries, and she asked her husband to take her to a certain place where berries grew, so that she could get some.
The man said to his wife: “At this time of the year, I do not like to go to that place to pick berries.
There are always Snake or Crow war parties travelling about there.”
The woman wanted very much to go, and she coaxed her husband about it a great deal; and at last he said he would go, and they started, and many women followed them.
When they came to where the berries grew, the man said to his wife: “There are the berries down in that ravine.
You may go down there and pick them, and I will go up on this hill and stand guard.
If I see any one coming, I will call out to you, and you must all get on your horses and run.” So the women went down to pick berries.
The man went up on the hill and sat down and looked over the country.
After a little time, he looked down into another ravine not far off, and saw that it was full of horsemen coming.
They started to gallop up towards him, and he called out in a loud voice, “Run, run, the enemy is rushing on us.”
The women started to run, and he jumped on his horse and followed them.
The enemy rushed after them, and he drew his bow and arrows, and got ready to fight and defend the women.
After they had gone a little way, the enemy had gained so much that they were shooting at the Blackfeet with their arrows, and the man was riding back and forth behind the women, and whipping up the horses, now of one, now of another, to make them go faster.
The enemy kept getting closer, and at last they were so near that they were beginning to thrust at him with their lances, and he was dodging them and throwing himself down, now on one side of his horse, and then on the other.
At length he found that he could no longer defend all the women, so he made up his mind to leave those that had the slowest horses to the mercy of the enemy, while he would go on with those that had the faster ones.
When he found that he must leave the women, he was excited and rode on ahead; but as he passed, he heard some one call out to him, “Don’t leave me,” and he looked to one side, and saw that he was leaving his wife.
When he heard his wife call out thus to him, he said to her: “There is no life for me here.
You are a fine-looking woman.
They will not kill you, but there is no life for me.”
She answered: “No, take pity on me.
Do not leave me.
My horse is giving out. Let us both get on one horse and then, if we are caught, we will die together.”
When he heard this, his heart was touched and he said: “No, wife, I will not leave you. Run up beside my horse and jump on behind me.”
The enemy were now so near that they had killed or captured some of the women, and they had come up close enough to the man so that they got ready to hit at him with their war clubs.
His horse was now wounded in places with arrows, but it was a good, strong, fast horse.
His wife rode up close to him, and jumped on his horse behind him.
When he started to run with her, the enemy had come up on either side of him, and some were behind him, but they were afraid to shoot their arrows for fear of hitting their own people, so they struck at the man with their war clubs.
But they did not want to kill the woman, and they did not hurt him.
They reached out with their hands to try to pull the woman off the horse; but she had put her arms around her husband and held on tight, and they could not get her off, but they tore her clothing off her.
As she held her husband, he could not use his arrows, and could not fight to defend himself.
His horse was now going very slowly, and all the enemy had caught up to them, and were all around them.
The man said to his wife: “Never mind, let them take you: they will not kill you.
You are too handsome a woman for them to kill you.”
His wife said, “No, it is no harm for us both to die together.”
When he saw that his wife would not get off the horse and that he could not fight, he said to her: “Here, look out!
You are crowding me on to the neck of the horse.
Sit further back.”
He began to edge himself back, and at last, when he got his wife pretty far back on the horse, he gave a great push and shoved her off behind.
When she fell off, his horse had more speed and began to run away from the enemy, and he would shoot back his arrows; and now, when they would ride up to strike him with their hatchets, he would shoot them and kill them, and they began to be afraid of him, and to edge away from him.
His horse was very long-winded; and now, as he was drawing away from the enemy, there were only two who were yet able to keep up with him.
The rest were being left behind, and they stopped, and went back to where the others had killed or captured the women; and now only two men were pursuing.
After a little while, the Blackfoot jumped off his horse to fight on foot, and the two enemies rode up on either side of him, but a long way off, and jumped off their horses. When he saw the two on either side of him, he took a sheaf of arrows in his hand and began to rush, first toward the one on the right, and then toward the one on the left.
As he did this, he saw that one of the men, when he ran toward him and threatened to shoot, would draw away from him, while the other would stand still.
Then he knew that one of them was a coward and the other a brave man.
But all the time they were closing in on him.
When he saw that they were closing in on him, he made a rush at the brave man.
This one was shooting arrows all the time; but the Blackfoot did not shoot until he got close to him, and then he shot an arrow into him and ran up to him and hit him with his stone axe and killed him.
Then he turned to the cowardly one and ran at him.
The man turned to run, but the Blackfoot caught him and hit him with his axe and killed him.
After he had killed them, he scalped them and took their arrows, their horses, and the stone knives that they had.
Then he went home, and when he rode into the camp he was crying over the loss of his wife.
When he came to his lodge and got off his horse, his friends went up to him and asked what was the matter.
He told them how all the women had been killed, and how he had been pursued by two enemies, and had fought with them and killed them both, and he showed them the arrows and the horses and the scalps.
He told the women’s relations that they had all been killed; and all were in great sorrow, and crying over the loss of their friends.
The next morning they held a council, and it was decided that a party should go out and see where the battle had been, and find out what had become of the women.
When they got to the place, they found all the women there dead, except this man’s wife Her they could not find.
They also found the two Indians that the man had said that he had killed, and, besides, many others that he had killed when he was running away.
When he got back to the camp, this Blackfoot picked up his child and put it on his back, and walked round the camp mourning and crying, and the child crying, for four days and four nights, until he was exhausted and worn out, and then he fell asleep. When the rest of the people saw him walking about mourning, and that he would not eat nor drink, their hearts were very sore, and they felt very sorry for him and for the child, for he was a man greatly thought of by the people.
While he lay there asleep, the chief of the camp came to him and woke him, and said: “Well, friend, what have you decided on? What is your mind? What are you going to do?”
The man answered: “My child is lonely. It will not eat. It is crying for its mother.
It will not notice any one. I am going to look for my wife.”
The chief said, “I cannot say anything.”
He went about to all the lodges and told the people that this man was going away to seek his wife.
Now there was in the camp a strong medicine man, who was not married and would not marry at all.
He had said, “When I had my dream, it told me that I must never have a wife.”
The man who had lost his wife had a very beautiful sister, who had never married.
She was very proud and very handsome.
Many men had wanted to marry her, but she would not have anything to do with any man.
The medicine man secretly loved this handsome girl, the sister of the poor man.
When he heard of this poor man’s misfortune, the medicine man was in great sorrow, and cried over it.
He sent word to the poor man, saying: “Go and tell this man that I have promised never to take a wife, but that if he will give me his beautiful sister, he need not go to look for his wife. I will send my secret helper in search of her.”
When the young girl heard what this medicine man had said, she sent word to him, saying, “Yes, if you bring my brother’s wife home, and I see her sitting here by his side, I will marry you, but not before.”
But she did not mean what she said. She intended to deceive him in some way, and not to marry him at all.
When the girl sent this message to him, the medicine man sent for her and her brother to come to his lodge.
When they had come, he spoke to the poor man and said, “If I bring your wife here, are you willing to give me your sister for my wife?” The poor man answered, “Yes.” But the young girl kept quiet in his presence, and had nothing to say.
Then the medicine man said to them: “Go. To-night in the middle of the night you will hear me sing.” He sent everybody out of his lodge, and said to the people: “I will close the door of my lodge, and I do not want any one to come in to-night, nor to look through the door.
A spirit will come to me to-night.” He made the people know, by a sign put out before the door of his lodge, that no one must enter it, until such time as he was through making his medicine.
Then he built a fire, and began to get out all his medicine.
He unwrapped his bundle and took out his pipe and his rattles and his other things. After a time, the fire burned down until it was only coals and his lodge was dark, and on the fire he threw sweet-scented herbs, sweet grass, and sweet pine, so as to draw his dream-helper to him.
Now in the middle of the night he was in the lodge singing, when suddenly the people heard a strange voice in the lodge say: “Well, my chief, I have come. What is it?”
The medicine man said, “I want you to help me.” The voice said, “Yes, I know it, and I know what you want me to do.” The medicine man asked, “What is it?”
The voice said, “You want me to go and get a woman.” The medicine man answered: “That is what I want. I want you to go and get a woman—the lost woman.” The voice said to him, “Did I not tell you never to call me, unless you were in great need of my help?”
The medicine man answered, “Yes, but that girl that was never going to be married is going to be given to me through your help.”
Then the voice said, “Oh!” and it was silent for a little while.
Then it went on and said: “Well, we have a good feeling for you, and you have been a long time not married; so we will help you to get that girl, and you will have her.
Yes, we have great pity on you. We will go and look for this woman, and will try to find her, but I cannot promise you that we will bring her; but we will try.
We will go, and in four nights I will be back here again at this same time, and I think that I can bring the woman; but I will not promise.
While I am gone, I will let you know how I get on. Now I am going away.”
And then the people heard in the lodge a sound like a strong wind, and nothing more. He was gone.
Some people went and told the sister what the medicine man and the voice had been saying, and the girl was very down-hearted, and cried over the idea that she must be married, and that she had been forced into it in this way.
When the dream person went away, he came late at night to the camp of the Snakes, the enemy.
The woman who had been captured was always crying over the loss of her man and her child. She had another husband now.
The man who had captured her had taken her for his wife.
As she was lying there, in her husband’s lodge, crying for sorrow for her loss, the dream person came to her.
Her husband was asleep.
The dream-helper touched her and pushed her a little, and she looked up and saw a person standing by her side; but she did not know who it was.
The person whispered in her ear, “Get up, I want to take you home.”
She began to edge away from her husband, and at length got up, and all the time the person was moving toward the door.
She followed him out, and saw him walk away from the lodge, and she went after. The person kept ahead, and the woman followed him, and they went away, travelling very fast.
After they had travelled some distance, she called out to the dream person to stop, for she was getting tired.
Then the person stopped, and when he saw the woman sitting, he would sit down, but he would not talk to her.
As they travelled on, the woman, when she got tired, would sit down, and because she was very tired, she would fall asleep; and when she awoke and looked up, she always saw the person walking away from her, and she would get up and follow him.
When day came, the shape would be far ahead of her, but at night it would keep closer.
When she spoke to this person, the woman would call him “young man.”
At one time she said to him, “Young man, my moccasins are all worn out, and my feet are getting very sore, and I am very tired and hungry.”
When she had said this, she sat down and fell asleep, and as she was falling asleep, she saw the person going away from her. He went back to the lodge of the medicine man.
During this night the camp heard the medicine man singing his song, and they knew that the dream person must be back again, or that his chief must be calling him.
The medicine man had unwrapped his bundle, and had taken out all his things, and again had a fire of coals, on which he burned sweet pine and sweet grass.
Those who were listening heard a voice say: “Well, my chief, I am back again, and I am here to tell you something. I am bringing the woman you sent me after.
She is very hungry and has no moccasins. Get me those things, and I will take them back to her.”
The medicine man went out of the lodge, and called to the poor man, who was mourning for his wife, that he wanted to see him.
The man came, carrying the child on his back, to hear what the medicine man had to say.
He said to him: “Get some moccasins and something to eat for your wife. I want to send them to her.
She is coming.” The poor man went to his sister, and told her to give him some moccasins and some pemmican. She made a bundle of these things, and the man took them to the medicine man, who gave them to the dream person; and again he disappeared out of the lodge like a wind.
When the woman awoke in the morning and started to get up, she hit her face against a bundle lying by her, and when she opened it, she found in it moccasins and some pemmican; and she put on the moccasins and ate, and while she was putting on the moccasins and eating, she looked over to where she had last seen the person, and he was sitting there with his back toward her.
She could never see his face.
When she had finished eating, he got up and went on, and she rose and followed.
They went on, and the woman thought, “Now I have travelled two days and two nights with this young man, and I wonder what kind of a man he is. He seems to take no notice of me.”
So she made up her mind to walk fast and to try to overtake him, and see what sort of a man he was.
She started to do so, but however fast she walked, it made no difference.
She could not overtake him.
Whether she walked fast, or whether she walked slow, he was always the same distance from her.
They travelled on until night, and then she lay down again and fell asleep.
She dreamed that the young man had left her again.
The dream person had really left her, and had gone back to the medicine man’s lodge, and said to him: “Well, my chief, I am back again.
I am bringing the woman.
You must tell this poor man to get on his horse, and ride back toward Milk River (the Teton).
Let him go in among the high hills on this side of the Muddy, and let him wait there until daylight, and look toward the hills of Milk River; and after the sun is up a little way, he will see a band of antelope running toward him, along the trail that the Blackfeet travel.
It will be his wife who has frightened these antelope.
Let him wait there for a while, and he will see a person coming.
This will be his wife. Then let him go to meet her, for she has no moccasins.
She will be glad to see him, for she is crying all the time.”
The medicine man told the poor man this, and he got on his horse and started, as he had been told.
He could not believe that it was true. But he went.
At last he got to the place, and a little while after the sun had risen, as he was lying on a hill looking toward the hills of the Milk River, he saw a band of antelope running toward him, as he had been told he would see.
He lay there for a long time, but saw nothing else come in sight; and finally he got angry and thought that what had been told him was a lie, and he got up to mount his horse and ride back.
Just then he saw, away down, far off on the prairie, a small black speck, but he did not think it was moving, it was so far off,—barely to be seen.
He thought maybe it was a rock.
He lay down again and took sight on the speck by a straw of grass in front of him, and looked for a long time, and after a while he saw the speck pass the straw, and then he knew it was something.
He got on his horse and started to ride up and find out what it was, riding way around it, through the hills and ravines, so that he would not be seen.
He rode up in a ravine behind it, pretty near to it, and then he could see it was a person on foot.
He got out his bow and arrows and held them ready to use, and then started to ride up to it.
He rode toward the person, and at last he got near enough to see that it was his wife. When he saw this, he could not help crying; and as he rode up, the woman looked back, and knew first the horse, and then her husband, and she was so glad that she fell down and knew nothing.
After she had come to herself and they had talked together, they got on the horse and rode off toward camp.
When he came over the hill in sight of camp, all the people began to say, “Here comes the man”; and at last they could see from a distance that he had some one on the horse behind him, and they knew that it must be his wife, and they were glad to see him bringing her back, for he was a man thought a great deal of, and everybody liked him and liked his wife and the way he was kind to her.
Then the handsome girl was given to the medicine man and became his wife.
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2023.06.04 12:14 NBeachesAdvocate Boy hurt at bike park

A boy was knocked unconscious after falling off his bike at Bare Creek Bike Park.
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2023.06.04 08:41 Gwenisiscoupe ISO: Portland Serial Killer Leads/ Victim Information

The major news outlets have yet to cover this so here I am. There have been multiple homicides in the Portland metro/ PNW area that appear to be connected. Here is what I have so far, us women are NOT safe. Kristin Smith 22
Found - Deardorff and Flavel , 3 miles from Jane Doe
February 19th
Joanna Speaks 32
Found - barn , 800 s 5th st , body moved to barn post-mortem
April 8th
Frequent locations -beginning of March in downtown Portland around Southwest Washington Street and Southwest Fourth Avenue
Found - Ainsworth Skate Park, East Historic Columbia River Highway and Northeast Tumalt Road, multnomah falls area
April 24th - Same day as Jane Doe
Jane Doe
ID - Native American or Native Alaskan between the ages of 25 and 40, county officials said. She had black, medium-length hair, was just over 5 feet tall, weighed 135 pounds and had two large scars on her left lower leg
Found - 205 & Flavel, in Lents neighborhood , 3 miles from Kristin Smith
April 24th - Same day as Perry
Frequent locations- Portland metropolitan area, particularly Milwaukie, Oregon City and Portland
Found - harmony rd Mill Creek in Polk county
April 30th
Ashley Real 22
Supposedly went missing - Burger King 12000 se division
Found - Eagle Creek , 29000 SE JUDD RD
May 7th
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2023.06.04 08:19 Gwenisiscoupe Portland Serial Killer Leads and Victim Information

We are in search of any leads or victim information regarding these cases. We’re hoping to find or eliminate a connection between these women, and possibly bring them justice they deserve.
Found - Deardorff and Flavel , 3 miles from native woman
February 19th
Found - barn , 800 s 5th st , body moved to barn post-mortem
April 8th
Frequent locations -beginning of March in downtown Portland around Southwest Washington Street and Southwest Fourth Avenue
Found - Ainsworth Skate Park, East Historic Columbia River Highway and Northeast Tumalt Road, multnomah falls area
April 24th - Same day as Jane Doe
ID - Native American or Native Alaskan decent, between ages 25 and 40, S black, medium-length hair, just over 5 feet tall, 135 pounds and has two large scars on her left lower leg.
Found - 205 & Flavel, in Lents neighborhood , 3 miles from Kristin Smith
April 24th - Same day as Perry
Frequent locations- Portland metropolitan area, particularly Milwaukie, Oregon City and Portland
Found - harmony rd Mill Creek in Polk county
April 30th
Supposedly went missing - Burger King 12000 se division
Found - Eagle Creek , 29000 SE JUDD RD
May 7th
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2023.06.04 04:06 EngagePicard [Release] Powershell script to easily find overlapping cells when installing a ton of map mods!

Preface: As a general rule, ~NEVER~ blindly run code that you find online, mine included. Please read through the script itself before running to make sure it's safe, or ask someone who can. I'm providing this because I found it useful, but wanted to notate this as I don't expect anyone on ProjectZomboid to be knowledgeable on this.
Hey ProjectZomboid! This is a fairly simple powershell script that will allow you to pop in a ton of cell coordinates and see if any of them overlap.
This isn't a huge issue when you just have a few map mods, but it becomes super useful when you're adding a map to your server and don't feel like looking through 30+ workshop pages (especially where some of them leave it up to users to post the cell coordinates 😑).
The coordinate data was all hand-gathered by me, in this order of availability: 1) Mod description, mod comments, then the Spreadsheet for the Project Zomboid Maps collection on the workshop.
Powershell is specific to Windows, so you'll need to be running (or have access to) a windows machine to run this. This was quick and dirty, so feel free to steal it and use it however you see fit. If you're unfamiliar with powershell or scripting at all, here's exactly how you can use this:
1) Click Start
2) Type "Powershell ISE" and open it. (You can alternatively use VS Code or any other Powershell compatible IDE)
3) READ the script and make sure you know what it does, for your own safety. I've added comments generated from ChatGPT to explain exactly what it's doing, but you should still read through it and verify.
4) Copy and paste the script into Powershell ISE (Or VS Code)
5) Hit F5 (Or the green arrow in Powershell ISE, arrow on the top right in VS Code)
6) If there are any cell overlaps, you won't get any output. If there are, you'll see red output in the console below.
################################################### # List of all maps to compare cell data between. # To add a new map, copy one of the existing lines and replace the data EXACTLY how you see below, or use the following format: # 'MAPNAME' = @('11x22','33x44','55x66') # If you get any errors, make sure that the coordinates are surrounded by a single quote (') and not a backtick (`). Alternatively, you can use double quotes (") as long as you use the same quote on both sides. ################################################### # Define Maps to compare coordinate data from $maps = @{ 'Hopewell' = @('49x11', '49x10', '49x9', '50x9', '51x9') 'Trimble' = @('50x10','50x11','50x12','50x13','52x10','52x11','52x12','52x13','53x10','53x11','53x12','53x13','54x10','54x11','54x12','54x13','55x10','55x11','55x12','55x13','56x10','56x11','56x12','56x13','57x10','57x11','57x12','57x13','58x10','58x11','58x12','58x13','59x10','59x11','59x12','59x13','60x10','60x11','60x12','60x13','61x10','61x11','61x12','61x13','62x10','62x11','62x12','62x13') 'AdamsFamily' = @('37x31') 'Ashenwood' = @('38x38','38x37') 'BedfordFalls' = @('42x36','42x37','43x33','43x34','43x35','43x36','43x37','44x33','44x34','44x35','44x36','44x37','45x25','45x26','45x27','45x28','45x29','45x30','45x31','45x32','45x33','45x34','45x35','45x36','45x37','45x38','45x39','45x40','45x41','45x42','45x43','46x25','46x26','46x27','46x28','46x29','46x30','46x31','46x32','46x33','46x34','46x35','46x36','46x37','46x38','46x39','46x40','46x41','46x42','46x43','47x25','47x26','47x27','47x28','47x29','47x30','47x31','47x32','47x33','47x34','47x35','47x36','47x37','47x38','47x39','47x40','47x41','47x42','47x43') 'BetsysFarm' = @('30x31') 'BigBearLake'= @('16x23,17x23,18x23,19x23,20x23,21x23,22x23x16x24,17x24,18x24,19x24,20x24,21x24,22x24x16x25,17x25,18x25,19x25,20x25,21x25,22x25x16x26,17x26,18x26,19x26,20x26,21x26,22x26') 'BreakPoint' = @('42x16') 'CONResearch' = @('31x42') 'CathayaValley' = @('31x30') 'CedarHill' = @('16x19') 'Chernaville' = @('32x34','32x35') 'Chestown' = @('15x22') 'Chinatown' = @('37x29') 'FarmHouse' = @('32x25') 'Coryerdon' = @('24x18','24x19','25x19','26x20','26x21','26x22','27x19','27x20','27x21','27x22','27x23','28x19','28x20','28x21','28x22','28x23','29x19','29x20','29x21','29x22','29x23','30x19','30x20','30x21','31x19','31x20','32x19','32x20','33x19','33x20','34x19','34x20','34x21','34x22') 'DeadInHongKong' = @('44x20','44x21','45x20','45x21') 'EvacMuldraugh' = @('38x31','39x31','38x32','39x32','38x33','39x33','39x34','39x34') 'EastRiverside' = @('23x17','23,18') 'EdsAutoSalvage' = @('29,28') 'ElysiumIsland' = @('35x22','35,21') 'FinneganAsylum' = @('13x31','13x32','14x31','14x32') 'FortRedstone' = @('18x37','18x38','18x39','18x40','19x39') 'FortRockRidge' = @('22x20','22x21','23x20','23x21') 'HeavensHill' = @('25x26') 'HilltopManor' = @('10x19') 'Homepie' = @('29x26','29x27','30x26','30x27') 'Hopefalls' = @('32x22') 'Kingsmouth' = @('10x14', '10x15', '10x16', '10x17','11x14', '11x15', '11x16', '11x17','12x14', '12x15', '12x16', '12x17','13x14', '13x15', '13x16', '13x17') 'LakeIvy' = @('29x32','30x32','31x32','29x33','30x33','31x33','29x34','30x34','31x34') 'LittleTownship' = @('27x28') 'LouisvilleLakehouse' = @('48x8','48x9') 'MarshRidgeExpansion' = @('32x42') 'McCoysBunker' = @('44x14') 'MilitaryFuelDepot' = @('34x43','34x44','35x43','35x44') 'MonmouthCounty' = @('39x26','40x26','41x26','42x26','39x27','40x27','41x27','42x27','39x28','40x28','41x28','42x28','39x29','40x29','41x29','42x29') 'MuldraughShippingCo' = @('32x32') 'MuldraughFireDept' = @('35x35') 'NettleTownship' = @('22x30','22x31','23x30','23x31') 'OldParkTown' = @('29x29','30x29') 'Orchidwood' = @('27x32','28x32','27x33','28x33') 'OverTheRiver' = @('38x20','38x19','39x20','39x19') 'OverlookHotel' = @('15x21') 'Petroville' = @('35x39','35x40','35x41','36x39','36x40','36x41','37x39','37x40','37x41') 'PelesMansion' = @('32x31') 'RabbitHash' = @('30x24','31x24') 'RavenCreek' = @('0x37', '0x38', '0x39', '0x40', '0x41', '0x42', '0x43', '0x44','1x37', '1x38', '1x39', '1x40', '1x41', '1x42', '1x43', '1x44','2x37', '2x38', '2x39', '2x40', '2x41', '2x42', '2x43', '2x44','3x37', '3x38', '3x39', '3x40', '3x41', '3x42', '3x43', '3x44','4x37', '4x38', '4x39', '4x40', '4x41', '4x42', '4x43', '4x44','5x37', '5x38', '5x39', '5x40', '5x41', '5x42', '5x43', '5x44','6x37', '6x38','6x39','6x40', '6x41', '6x42', '6x43', '6x44','7x37', '7x38', '7x39', '7x40', '7x41', '7x42', '7x43', '7x44') 'RedbirdRangerStation' = @('20x36') 'ResearchFacility' = @('18x41','18x42','19x41','19x42') 'RiversideMansion' = @('18x17') 'RosewoodCabins' = @('24x38','25x38') 'RosewoodExpansion' = @('27x36','28x36','27x37','28x37') 'RosewoodVHSandGunStore' = @('27x40') 'Seaside' = @('41x3') 'Speck' = @('30x41') 'SpencerMansion' = @('21x19') 'Springwood' = @('34x26','34x27') 'SuperGigaMart' = @('12x21') 'TeraMart' = @('36x37') 'SouthMuldraughMall' = @('37x37') 'Museum' = @('35x27') 'UncleRedsBunker' = @('36x36') 'WestPointTrailerParkVHSStore' = @('38x24') 'Wilbore' = @('15x33','16x33','15x34','16x34','15x35','16x35') 'Winchester' = @('7x22', '7x23', '7x24', '7x25', '7x26', '7x27', '7x28', '8x22', '8x23', '8x24', '8x25', '8x26', '8x27', '8x28', '9x22', '9x23', '9x24', '9x25', '9x26', '9x27', '9x28', '10x22', '10x23', '10x24', '10x25', '10x26', '10x27', '10x28', '11x22', '11x23', '11x24', '11x25', '11x26', '11x27', '11x28', '12x22', '12x23', '12x24', '12x25', '12x26', '12x27', '12x28', '13x22', '13x23', '13x24', '13x25', '13x26', '13x27', '13x28') 'CorOTRRoad' = @('25x19','35x20','36x19','36x20') 'GreenLeaf' = @('21x34','22x34') 'LincolnAirport' = @('13x30') 'OverfieldBunker' = @('44x21') 'Refordville' = @('11x23','11x24','12x23','12x24') } # Compare all map data and verify that none overlap. If an overlapping value is found, it will output in the console in RED. It will output two values for each "match". I could probably fix this, but it's not a huge deal. # This line starts a loop. `$maps.GetEnumerator()` retrieves all key-value pairs in the `$maps` hashtable. Each pair is then piped (``) to `ForEach-Object`. $maps.GetEnumerator() ForEach-Object { # This line assigns the current key-value pair (referred to as `$_`) to the variable `$map`. $map = $_ # This line starts another loop. `$map.Value` retrieves the value of the current key-value pair, and each element in this value is piped to another `ForEach-Object`. $map.Value ForEach-Object { # This line assigns the current element (again referred to as `$_`) to the variable `$coord`. $coord = $_ # This line retrieves all key-value pairs in the `$maps` hashtable and pipes them to `Where-Object`. $maps.GetEnumerator() Where-Object { # This line is a conditional statement. It checks if the current key (`$_.Key`) is not equal to `$map.Key`, # and if the current value (`$_.Value`) contains `$coord`. If both conditions are true, the current key-value pair is piped to another `ForEach-Object`. $_.Key -ne $map.Key -and $_.Value -contains $coord # This segment starts after the `` operator. } ForEach-Object { # This line writes a string to the console. The string contains the keys of the overlapping elements and the overlapping element itself. # The `-ForegroundColor red` part sets the color of the text to red. Write-Host "$($map.Key) and $($_.Key) overlap at $coord" -ForegroundColor red # These lines close the corresponding loops and conditional statements. } } } 
Ideally, if the map coordinates were standardized and posted in the same place on the workshop, you could automate this process and automatically parse out which maps conflict with other maps, but unfortunately that's not the case. If you're aware of a tool that already exists that does this in a better way, please let me know!
I hope someone finds this useful!
submitted by EngagePicard to projectzomboid [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 04:00 Kazevenikov Cryptid Chronicle - Chapter 31

Thanks and Credits in the Comments Section due to LONG chapter.
Chapter 31: A Whale of a Tale and it’s All True
Kalai watched in shock and awe as the two humans collectively lost their minds, hopping up and down and letting loose a series of high pitched vocalizing as she, Papa, and Mama Sakalbi stared in confusion at the two ecstatic aliens.
Andy turned and ran back to where Kalai and her parents were still staring in amazement and held his hand out, face alight and happier than she’d ever seen him before. “Binoculars! Quick! I want to see who’s out there!” Mama Sakalbi tentatively held them out, and he took them with a nod of thanks before rushing back to the bow. Kalai started as he jumped up on the bow and balanced against the roller horns to spot the black and white whales that were swimming fast towards the net.
“Eyes on Mama Shachi! Look, over there, see her?” Kalai approached cautiously as Andy pointed in the direction of a cluster of porpoising black shapes that were coming nearer.
“Eyes on! I got Grammie Slick out there too; the WHOLE POD’S HERE!” Jackie cut loose an undulating cry and waved her hands as little geysers of water and air shot out from the water on the other side of the net.
Kalai nearly jumped when a miniature version of the Orcas from the clone tank at Headquarters breached the water, leaping almost twice her height into the air before splashing back down in a massive wave.
“Look at that! Butterball’s getting some good air these days!” Andy crowed as he hopped back down from the bow and passed the binoculars to Jackie.
“Butterball?” Mama Sakalbi asked as she and Papa joined them. Kalai stared as the Orcas formed a line and charged at the middle of the ‘S’ bend in the net before diving down in front of it, sending a wave that pushed the corks back. She saw the spouts and the dorsal fins rise again for another charge at the net.
“He’s the baby, only about four years old. Grammie Slick’s taking the family hunting, see how they’re flattening the net out? We’re about to have a great fucking day!” Andy took Jackie’s shotgun and took it back to the cabin as Kalai and her parents crowded the rail.
“What are they doing?” Mama Sakalbi’s question was directed at Jackie and the woman turned to answer with a gigantic smile.
“Herding! See the ones circling around the net?” Jackie pointed to the two dorsal fins that were almost invisible in the fog that was starting to burn off in the morning sun that had started to clear the eastern mountains. “They’ll be starting to round up small schools of salmon once they’re done turning our net into a reef. Right now, they’re running along the line and probably seeing what they have to work with.”
Mama Sakalbi did a double take, “You must be joking, that level of intelligence would almost be-”
“Human?” Jackie interrupted with a smile, “Yeah, that’s our original teachers out there. We learned to fish from them.”
“I was going to say ‘sentient’, but I take your point. What I want to know is, what are they doing?” Mama Sakalbi gestured out at them, with a bewildered look on her face.
“They’re using the net as a sea wall. Thing is, the net’s hard to see in the water, but the fish can feel it. They’ll put their heads into the net, but that doesn’t catch them. They’ll try to swim around it so that’s why we put an ‘S’ bend. That’s where most of the fish get tangled.” Andy returned and picked up the explanation. “See in the center of the line? That fin with the black and white little checkmark behind it? That’s Grammie Slick, the Matriarch. She’s around sixty now, and grew up out here LONG before you all came down. They don’t always do this, but I guess with you all keeping the fishing fleets docked, she saw the net and wanted a big meal for the family. They’re going to keep pushing the net until it’s in the shape of a crescent and herd a bunch of small schools into a big baitball with pickets to keep the fish pinned in the middle. You watch, there’ll be salmon jumping all over in the middle as they school up.”
“That’s when you’ll see them charge up the center and take big old mouthfuls of salmon. It’ll be a smorgasbord for ‘em!” Jackie pulled up Andy’s omnipad and started recording.
“Wait, but you hate seals for competing with you for food, why are you this excited about Orcas who take so much more?” Papa asked as he also took out his omnipad and started recording as the pod of Orcas finished repositioning their net just as Andy described.
“Because they’re using the nets as a reef to trap the fish! See? Look! There they go! The wolves are out scaring every salmon in the area here!” Kalai dug her own omnipad out at Andy’s words and watched as the dorsal fins sank below the waves, with only a faint and fading wake to tell where they’d gone.
“Now watch ‘em set pickets! They’re going to start patrolling the outside of the net. When they get enough salmon in the middle, they’re going to charge. When they do, watch the entire middle section of our corks go under from the salmon trying to get away. They get whole heaping mouthfuls of food and we get a full net!”
Kalai watched the Orcas swimming in circles around the net like Helix Sharks, and felt a pang of fear seeing the big predators that seemed so gentle and inquisitive in the tank. “But what if they get caught in the net?”
Jackie suppressed a laugh before sweeping an arm out at the net. “I’ve never seen that happen before, and I haven’t even heard of it happening before… at least not here in the Salish Sea. All our Orcas grew up around these nets, so they’ll either avoid them or use them like they are right now.”
“I think it’s because they can see them and the fish can’t. Either way, we’re in for a show!” Andy patted Kalai on the back before pushing Kalai and Mama Sakalbi forward.
For a long while, the surface was calm, save for the circling Orcas as they all watched. Then, by degrees, there was movement on the surface of the water as fish the length of Kalai’s arm started to jump and kick in the baitball. Kalai watched, fascinated, as Orcas seemed to appear and disappear along the edges but never approached the middle of the net.
All the fins disappeared from the surface and an eerie stillness settled over the water. Suddenly, the water in the middle of the crescent erupted, with hundreds of fish shooting out of the water and a sudden surge that hit and pushed the corks outward before they sank completely out of sight. Jackie and Andy started vocalizing those strange undulating cries again, raising their fists in the air before shouting something in their language. From as best as Kalai could guess, it was encouragement as the Orcas started breaching and jumping. In those moments, Kalai could catch glimpses of their mouths full of salmon.
Kalai watched as the terrified fish swarmed towards the net, and watched as many seemed to jump over it and swim away as the Orcas gorged themselves on the enormous school of salmon they had trapped. It was an awe inspiring sight to see, and Kalai lost herself in the moment watching the amazing display of symbiotic hunting and fishing between them and the Orcas.
The engine of the boat turning over broke the spell they were all under as Andy moved the boat at a dead slow pace back towards the net. “Alright, let’s haul it in and reset for ‘em! Jackie! Get on the bow with the billhook!” Jackie whooped in agreement and gently pushed passed Kalai to grab a long pole with a small metal hook at the end.
“We’re gonna have to work fast. They’re hungry, and we all want salmon today,” Andy called over the sound of the engine as they approached the giant buoy that marked the end of the net. “Doc! Open that hatch back there and watch your step! Mrs. Vaida, stand clear in the cabin; I want no accidents today, and three on deck’s going to be a crowd with how many fish we’re going to be taking in. Kalai, I want you back in the-”
Kalai shook her head as she put her omnipad away. “I can do it! Let me help!” she was riding the high feeling of watching the Orcas, and seeing Andy and Jackie preparing to go to work while she was to be just a passenger galled her.
Kalai saw Andy give Jackie a look that she couldn’t quite interpret. “Alright, but you’ll work with me picking fish. Jackie, you’re on the Drum; trade places with me!”
Kalai saw Jackie huff and give Andy a piercing look as she handed off the billhook. “Watch out for jellies, they tend to explode,” the native woman muttered to Kalai as she took over at the net drum’s controls. Kalai was about to volunteer to grab the line with the hook, given her longer reach, but Andy had already leaned almost all the way over the side. Kalai had a momentary scare as Andy seemed to dip forward, seemingly in danger of falling overboard, until he seemed to almost levitate himself using his lower legs back into the boat and pulled the line over the roller horns. She stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do when Andy braced a foot against the side and began to pull on the line and feed it back towards Jackie.
“Way, haul away, we’ll hang and haul together! Way, haul away, haul away Joe!”
Though she didn’t understand the words, Kalai knew a sailing song when she heard one and didn’t wait for any instruction. She moved forward opposite Andy and lent a hand, pulling the heavy line in to the cadence of his chant. After two verses, Kalai heard the whine of hydraulics and the slack in the line behind them went taught.
“Stand back! Here we go!” Andy called to her and the line began pulling the net back aboard. Kalai looked back to see that Jackie had wrapped the line around the center pole of the drum, with the wheel turning to pull the line and net in out of the water. A small set of guide poles that moved when Jackie twitched the controls kept the line evenly distributed on the drum as the first corks and the dripping wet net began to appear out of the water.
“Put your hoods up!” Andy yelled at her over the noise of the machines, and demonstrated the motion. “It’ll keep the water, seaweed and Jellies out of your face and eyes, and take this!” Andy tossed her what appeared to be a handkerchief and he mimed the act of tying it around her face like a mask.
“What about you? You’re sleeveless!” Kalai’s voice was slightly muffled from the cloth as she tied it around her face before pulling up both hoods.
Andy didn’t respond, except to grin at her as he leaned out to watch the net coming up out of the water before it got pulled aboard.
From behind her, Kalai heard Jackie start singing another human sailing song. It was a bit fast paced, and Andy joined in for the chorus. On the third time she heard it, she joined in too.
“Blow ye winds in the mornin’, Blow ye winds, high ho! Haul away your running gear, And blow ye winds, high ho!
“Coming up!” Andy shouted as there were several loud thunks before six large salmon appeared in the giant fluorescent green tangle of the net. The drum stopped, bringing the fish to a halt as Andy pulled on the corkline and scurried his hands back and forth, gathering the net up as he did until he reached the first fish. Kalai watched in awe as he seemed to magically pull the fish from the tangle and shake it out onto the deck. The second one seemed to be resting on top of the tangle and he flipped it over the corkline and shook the fish out onto the deck.
“Just watch these first few. When you get a feel for how I’m doing this, jump in. Until then, slide these beauties back towards the stern. Jackie’ll pitch ‘em into the hold.”
Kalai nodded and watched Andy’s movements intently. It looked like sorcery, with how fast he moved his hands and zeroed in on a fish. As soon as he was done, he’d whistle to Jackie, who kept singing the cadence out to pull more of the net in, only to stop when more fish were pulled up and over the horns.
The song changed twice before Kalai felt confident enough to jump in. She almost got tangled in the net herself trying to pull out her first fish, but Andy gave the net a quick tug and she was free again. Maddeningly, the fish had simply fallen out of the net without any help from her, and she fumed just long enough for Andy to point to one that was closer to her.
“Hoist up the thing, batten down the whatsit! What’s that thing spinning, somebody should stop it! Turn hard to Port! That’s not Port, NOW I GOT IT! Trust me, I’m in control!”
On the second refrain, Kalai managed to dig her first fish out and drop it to the deck. She let out a whoop, and Andy paused for a moment to give her a quick applause.
“That’s one, girl! There’s a thousand left if we’re lucky!” Jackie called out as Andy sang a verse and tackled another fish in the net.
“Keep an eye on the lead line; make sure it doesn’t go over the corks!” Andy called as Kalai ran down her second fish and was about to throw the excess net over the other side. She stopped, and Andy helped her get the fish without tangling the net.
It took until the end of the song for Kalai to find her rhythm, and soon she and Andy were running down fish in the net in a crisp and quick manner. Kalai felt like she could go faster, but Andy had cautioned her to keep pace with the songs, as there was still a lot of net to go. When Kalai spared a glance at the length of net still in the water, she saw that Andy wasn’t kidding. It looked like they hadn’t even really started to reel it all in. Ok, it’s hard work, but so is sailing, and he’s my size so I should be able to keep up with him. If he can do it, I can do it!
“Haul away you rollin’ kings! Heave away, Haul away! Haul away you’ll hear me sing, We’re bound for South Australia!”
Andy was impressed. Kalai had jumped in without complaint, and she was very coachable. He could feel himself start to flag as they were starting to come to the last third of the net, but Kalai’s persistence, even though she was sweatier and more haggard than he was, kept him going.
The pile of salmon was almost as deep as their calves, and the deck was getting slick with fish slime. For that matter, so was Andy. In a momentary lull in the fish coming over the horns, Andy caught a glimpse of himself shimmering with all the scales that had flown off the fish as they scraped against the net to hit the deck, flopping. He took a big gulp of air and Kalai groaned as she straightened up, cracking her back as she twisted and bent to relieve her aching muscles.
Andy groaned a bit and looked back towards the stern. It was getting hard to see over the amount of net they’d pulled back in, but he could see Doc and Mrs. Vaida doing their best to help throw and shove the piles of salmon into the hold. Everybody’s getting their hands dirty today. Andy smiled and heaved a happy sigh. This, this is what I want. Being out on the water and doing good, hard work.
“SHIT, JELLYFISH!” Kalai shouted as she twisted away to hide her face behind her rain slicker hood. Andy blinked just in time as a wet squelching sound sent a spray of disintegrating jellyfish exploding all over the bow as the net bunched up and got squeezed together.
Andy felt it splatter all over his arms, neck, and face, before he felt it start to slide down his shirt to his chest. Almost immediately, he started to feel the burn. His arms, neck, and chest he could stand, but the blossoming pain on his lips, eyelids, cheeks, and most horribly the inside of his nose overwhelmed all his conditioned pain tolerance.
“FUCK!” Andy screamed. “FUCKING FUCKER! RIGHT IN MY FUCKING FACE! GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! FUCK!” Andy only barely avoided bringing his hands to his face. It was a hard fought thing to deny his instinct to try and scrape it off, but he felt his boots loose purchase and his feet slide out from under him. He hit the pile of fish that surrounded him hard. He was aware of Kalai yelling for her father and Mrs. Vaida, while Jackie’s braying laugh carried over everything else.
Andy felt Kalai trying to grab him, but her gloves were too slick to get a grip and all she did was spread the stingers more evenly over his arms. Andy kept his eyes squeezed shut as he heard Jackie start to direct the confused and panicking aliens.
“Hold your breath, cuz, vinegar incoming!”
Andy felt the bitter stinging splash as Jackie poured a steady stream of vinegar out from what he assumed was the giant jug he kept for these occasions underneath the little kitchenette in the cabin. Though nothing about the intensity of the burn changed, in the back of his mind, Andy knew that it was killing the stinging cells.
“Alright, Kally, take that bucket and fill it with seawater from over the side, then dump it on him.”
Andy sputtered a bit and spit as he scrabbled onto his knees. He steadied himself with one hand on the rail beside him and the other which found the corkline. He kept his eyes shut and growled as the burning spread from his hairline down to his navel. A sudden bracing splash of cold water nearly bowled him back over. Without warning, Andy hadn't had time to get a breath and he sputtered and yowled as the water soaked down under his rain gear.
Andy shook his head like a dog, whipping his braid back and forth before daring to open his eyes. “Son of a BITCH!” Andy growled as he got a look at Kalai holding an empty bucket, while Jackie was shoo’ing Mrs. Vaida and Dr. He’osforos away to give him some room.
“Jesus, quit your bawlin,’ you big baby, you’re acting like you’ve never been stung before!” Jackie called back to him as Andy ripped the gloves off his hands and plunged them over the side to clean off the stingers.
“It’s in my fucking nose you horse’s ass!” Andy shouted back as he splashed his face. A few strings of purple stingers fell into the water and Andy reared back aboard. “Ugh, get another bucket of seawater! I can still feel this shit!”
“Andrei, as a medical professional, I advise you to cease work and-”
Andy looked over as Dr. He’osforos spoke but waved him off mid sentence. “I appreciate it Doc, but I’ve had it far worse than this. There’s a brown and yellow bottle in one of the drawers under the bench that says ‘Motrin’. Get me the bottle or enough to tranq a cow, and I’ll go back to work just fine.”
Kalai let loose a piercing scream and Andy looked over just in time to see her rocketed herself backwards, dropping the bucket over the side. The Doctor caught his daughter before she fell into the hold, but he too had a look of fear plastered on his face. Andy and Jackie moved to the side to see what had scared her so badly, and the two of them couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
Grammie Slick and two of her daughters were there, sticking their heads out of the water with their mouths open, while Butterball was playing with the bucket.
Jackie laughed and stuck her hand out, rubbing the Orca matriarch on the snout. “Raggedy Andy’s fine, Grammie Slick! He’s just milking it for sympathy from these gullible hwun’eetums!”
What in the Balance of Nature is going on here?” Mrs. Vaida’s shocked voice caused Andy and Jackie to look at her as she stared dumbfounded at the Orcas that were gathering alongside the boat.
“Oh they’re just saying ‘hi.’” Andy shrugged with a smile, despite the burning.
“More like ‘What the hell, cousins, you still got fish to pick. Quit loafin’ around and get another set in!’”
“Jackie, MotrinNOW!” Andy growled at her. Jackie blew a raspberry at him before diving into the cabin.
“They’re pretty friendly, if you’d like to be introduced,” Andy held out a hand and motioned for Kalai and her father to step forward. Andy dipped his hand in again to make sure it was clear of any stinging cells, before he gently guided the hesitant Kalai to stick her ungloved hand out toward Grammie Slick.
One of the daughters blew a spout before sliding back under water, but Grammie gave a few clicks before briefly touching Kalai’s outstretched hand. “Kalai, this is Grammie Slick, Matriarch of J-Pod. Grammie, this is Kalai… a purple hwun’eetum.” Andy laughed a bit at the look of incredulity on Kalai’s face and the concern on her father’s.
There was a series of shutter clicks from behind Andy, and he turned to see Sakalbi snapping pictures as fast as she could. Kalai was clearly torn between fear and wonder as she held perfectly still and silent for Grammie, who was letting her touch her before she slid back under the water herself. Andy laughed as several clicks and whistles from the pod reverberated through the hull of the boat and he leaned back in.
“Alright, break’s over,” Andy called as he caught the flying bottle of pills Jackie threw at him. He popped two and swallowed them dry before washing the gloves off and putting them on. The extra rinse would have to wait, and he’d have to tough it out until they got back to shore. His boots squelched as he picked his way through the fish on the deck to get back to his station and nodded for Jackie to restart the drum.
It was another twenty minutes before the last of the net was pulled aboard and they were able to clear away all the fish into the hold. Andy stuck his head in and smiled. In a single set, they’d filled three quarters of it, and they had more than enough fish for the gathering and to feed another ten to fifteen families besides. The spouts and the clicks of J-Pod hanging around the boat, however, told Andy that they wanted their reef back and were still hungry.
Andy ordered them to prep the net for another set and helmed his boat again, only to bomb out in a straight line and let J-Pod take care of the fishing from that point on. Once they’d finished, Andy moved the boat out of the Orcas’ way and stood outside the cabin with Jackie while the three aliens crowded the bow, watching and recording the whales going to work a second time.
“Ok, I think we might get a moment to talk,” Andy muttered to Jackie in Salishian. “New orders from the Council. There’s going to be a raid.”
Jackie sucked in a breath and looked at him, all levity gone. “Cambrians, Militia, or the Dummy Bunnies?”
“Militia and the Interior.”
Jackie whistled softly in surprise as her eyebrows shot up. “Really poking the bear, cuz… When and where?”
“Uncle Willy wants us to hit the Militia Supply Depot out by Tanner on Saturday,” Andy growled quietly as he watched Kalai pointing to Grammie Slick’s dorsal as she swam out on the picket around the net.
“You mean the one close to the Snoqualmish?”
“Yeah. Full raid, we’re to hit it and take any supplies, especially military, that we can and destroy what we can’t. The messier we can make it the better. We’ll meet up with the Resistance on the old Bessemer Logging road by Hancock Creek and they get half for taking the credit. Me and Chuck’ve been assigned to ‘lead’ you.” Andy nodded and tried to flick some of the fish scales off himself, but got nowhere.
Jackie sat down on the rail with a groan before looking back up at him with a smirk. “You mean babysit on overwatch while we do the real work.”
Andy pursed his numb lips together and considered the ramifications of folding his arms on the jellyfish burns that had started to go quiet thanks to the Motrin. “Grandma and the Council want me to ‘get my hands dirty.’” He gritted his teeth in frustration.
“What? I’m sorry, that sentence made zero sense.” Jackie shook her head like she’d just been slapped.
Andy couldn’t keep the frustration and anger out of his tone when he spoke. “Apparently there are doubts about my loyalty to the tribe and whether or not I’ve lost my way.”
Jackie huffed in amusement. “Everyone knows the Council’s fucking stupid, but this is a new level of dumb. You got us land back, you got them to allow you to break the rules to feed our people, they’re fixing the fuck ups on our waterways because of you and they think you’ve gone to the dark side?” Jackie started laughing at the nonsense of the politics.
“Last time we talked, you thought I was playing with fire and-” Andy started to throw back at her before she snorted loudly.
“Results talk, cuz. Three of our Hatcheries returned, and my whole family drawing good money in Imperial Credits? Fuck, even if you had sold out, we need more Clan Heads doing the same thing.” She smiled as she nodded towards their guests on the bow.
“They still don’t trust that I know what I’m doing,” Andy growled as he folded his arms unconsciously and immediately regretted it.
Jackie snorted. “Of course they don’t. You didn’t talk to them or get their permission first. Hell, I’m surprised your grandma didn’t chuck you out on your ear for even suggesting that you should work for the dummy bunnies.” Jackie stretched and hopped up and around Andy to grab a water bottle. “But it’s working out. There’s land being returned, money in our hands, and food about to be on our table. You’re doin’ what a Chief is supposed to do.”
Andy scoffed and started to object. “I’m no Chief-”
Jackie gave his shoulder a slap and grinned evilly as a starburst of pain and burning cut through the painkillers, shutting Andy up mid-protest. “You keep saying you aren’t, but that don’t make it true.” She resumed her seat as Andy fought the yowl of pain back so as not to give her the satisfaction. “I mean, case in point, what are you going to do with all these fish Grammie’s catching for us right now?”
Andy blinked a few times as he regained his composure and thought seriously about his answer. “We’ll pull fifteen for the gathering they got invited to… Then all the fish you can pack into the truck goes to the Exiles. The rest? I’ll call Chuck and get some folks from the Council to claim the rest and distribute it to the families that need it.”
Jackie deepened her voice and adopted a cowboy drawl. “He never eats until he sees the pots are full of meat in the lodges of the widows and orphans-”
“That’s Comanche Law, not Salish, and that’s from a John Wayne movie, you ass.” Andy huffed and Jackie giggled wickedly, flipped him off.
“Still haven’t refuted my point, cuz.” Jackie’s singsong voice caused Andy to glare spitefully at her, until she raised her hands defensively. “Alright, you’re not a Chief. So, Not Chief Tsu’titsi’uqw; you need to get your hands dirty and lead a raid. I’ll scrape up what we need and scout the target. You just meet up with us Saturday night at the Snoqualmish Casino and I’ll put a gun in your hands. Don’t worry, we’ll only get dirty enough to make the Council happy.”
“I’ll be a bit late; I’m escorting them to the Hwatcom Family Gathering on Friday.” Andy took a step back as Jackie stood up and twisted a bit to stretch out.
“No surprise there, grandpa’s an old school traditional Indian. They’re dummies, but they’re trying to do right by us, finally. Again, thanks to you, Chie-” Andy slapped the back of her head hard and growled at her, but she just started laughing, making him even madder.
“Alright, enough. Let’s get on the bow and not look like we’re sketchy Indians plotting to attack an Imperial fort.” Andy snarled, shoving her past him while she just kept laughing.
Andy stomped forward, aware of the wet sounds his boots made as he walked. Kalai turned and smiled at him as he moved to stand beside her and her father. “So how are they doing out there?”
“They just started their attack. This is fascinating! Their coordination, their ingenuity, and adaptation to human activity is astounding! I wish I had brought observation drones!” Sakalbi was glued to the binoculars and holding her omnipad up while she muttered observations into the speaker. Andy was content to watch as the pod put on a repeat performance and the net sagged again until they all came up and started swimming lazily around the net and the boat. All of them except Butterball and one of his older brothers. The two seemed to be getting into a jumping contest.
“He’s feeling a bit hyper. Must be nice to be full,” Jackie commented as the two whales took turns jumping out of the water and twisting in the air. Andy smiled and nodded and felt a hand go to his shoulder. He looked down and saw it was Kalai making eyes at him. Andy hid the grimace at the burn and gave her a wink.
“That one’s getting closer, should we be concerned?” Andy looked over at Dr. He’osforos and Kalai quickly moved her hand as they watched Butterball getting closer and closer with each jump.
Jackie hopped up and straddled the railing as Andy and Kalai shared a concerned look. Jackie hooked a hand around one of the roller horns and peered down into the water. “I don’t think so, I mean he knows we’re-”
The sudden appearance of a flying adolescent Orca only a scant few feet away from the boat right next to the lot of them cut Jackie off. Most of them only had enough time to watch the little playful bastard hang in the air for a moment before he twisted to almost shoulder punch the water as he came back down. Andy had just enough presence of mind to pull Kalai and her father down, and braced himself as the plume of water rose from where Butterball landed.
“Oh shi-” Andy heard Jackie say before water cascaded down on them and drenched them all, sending the boat rocking violently.
It took a moment for Andy to recover and he helped the two Shil back to their feet. “Quick check, is everyone alright?”
A camera shutter sounded and a dripping wet Mrs. Vaida stood, wide eyed in fear, staring out over the water.
Andy started laughing at the sight of his boss soaked to the bone, her hair and her fur a dripping mess. “That picture right there? You can title it: ‘Angry Native Woman Yells at Whale.’”
Kalai looked like she was on Krek’s doorstep. Akil’eas knelt next to her as he finished his examination and was looking over the readings on his omnipad. His daughter sat in front of the cabin on the little step, legs splayed out in front of her while she leaned against the railing on the side of the boat. Her father stood next to her as he finished a quick check of her vitals and her viral load.
“Unsurprisingly, you’re a bit elevated, but given your numbers over the last week, that’s saying that you’ve come back up to your normal levels.” Akil’eas had been worried. When they’d hauled in the net the second time, Kalai had stayed on the bow with the boy, Andy, while Akil’eas’d stood over the human woman’s shoulder and studied the controls.
Akil’ieas had also pitched in and helped fill the hold, but when he and Sakalbi could no longer stuff them in, they’d given up and stood out of the way. His old friend and colleague had spent the rest of the time recording, either the large predators that continued to circle and play around the boat, or the seemingly inefficient fishing practice of Andy and his people. No wonder he was so big, and his brother had been that strong. It beggared belief that their people worked at that backbreaking pace for so long, but there Andy stood, proud and tall at the end of it, while he and Sakalbi struggled to stay standing.
Akil’eas had to focus on keeping his hands from shaking and retrieved another water bottle for his exhausted daughter. Andy had them moving at a slow pace back towards a different harbor from the one they’d left that morning. They’d stopped briefly at the pier they’d started from to allow Jackie to disembark. The two humans packed all the fish that couldn’t fit in the hold up to Jackie’s truck and filled the bed of it without any help. She drove off with close to a hundred fish.
Now with the deck cleared, Andy told them they were on their way to the harbor most of his Band used. The trip had been slower going than the morning had been, but only because they were riding much lower in the water than they had been.
“King Triton’s farewell,” Kalai muttered looking up. Akil’eas followed his daughter’s gaze up to see a flock of white and gray seabirds calling out loudly as they kept pace with the boat as it headed towards the docks.
“It means work’s almost over. It’s a great sound, isn’t it?” Andy called out from the cabin where he sat at the helm.
Kalai shifted herself with great effort to look around the door to the cabin. “It sounds amazing.”
The smile Andy gave Kalai caused Akil’eas to have a pang of fatherly protectiveness, and only fatigue kept the scowl off his face. “Just wait, we’ll clean a few once we’ve off-loaded to the families. Fresh salmon tonight for everyone, and I’m cooking! Doc, we’d love to have you, too.”
“I’d love to but-”
Kalai grabbed his arm and stopped him. “Trust me, Papa, you don’t want to miss it.”
Akil’eas chewed his tongue for a moment, looking from Andy to Kalai. Sakalbi caught his eye and nodded emphatically. “Alright, if you’ll allow me to help. You must be exhausted.”
Andy beamed at Akil’eas, “You won’t hear me turn down free help.”
“Vaascon fellas don’t have no frills, Haul away, haul away! They’re plain and skinny as a lodthfish gill, And we’re bound away for Vaasconia!”
Kalai sat back and started singing between sips of water. Akil’eas sat down next to her and joined in the chorus for a Vaascon sailing song. It was strange to think that these humans also sang to their sea gods to placate them and coordinate the work. What else could you expect from a sailorman? Some things call to the soul across time and evidently even the gulf space and peoples.
“So heave him up my Turry Turry girls, Haul away, haul away! Heave him up and let the sails unfurl! And we’re bound away for Vaasconia!”
Andy’s voice joining in on the chorus startled Akil’eas and Kalai and they both turned to look back at him.
He gave them another wide grin, “I started learning some of the sail songs after Kalai told me about sailing on Shil.”
“Akil’eas, a word?” Sakalbi motioned with her head towards the bow and offered him a hand up. He followed her to the bow, leaving the two children singing together.
The harbor mouth was coming up fast, and between the noise of the engine and the net drum keeping them out of sight, there was some privacy. “I’ve heard some rumors about your feelings toward humans…” Sakalbi leaned against the railing, giving him the look that every teacher and professor had when questioning a belligerent student. When Akil’eas didn’t answer her, save to throw her back his own look, she continued. “Kalai is quite taken with Andy. It’s been quite a refreshing thing to see her come out of her shell.”
“It’s a vacation romance, nothing more.” Akil’eas felt his stomach clench and couldn’t stop himself from looking back.
“I don’t think so, Akil’eas. This is the first time I’ve seen her so on thorns and thistles around anyone, much less a male. She’s been very keen around him.” The smile she gave him was a bit galling, but he had to admit, he didn’t really know Kalai as well as Sakalbi and her spouses.
“He is… I’m sure he is a very nice young man, but as a fit consort for a soon to be Duchess? No, and I’ve yet to meet a human that is.” The thought of a human becoming the next Duke He’osforos was absurd. Sure there had been the occasional non-Shil Kho-liebhaberin or even the one Duke Aurar’ian He’osforos who was a Triki, but a human? “They’re far too individualistic and self centered to rise to the responsibilities of the Peerage.”
“That’s not exactly as large a sample size as you think it is, Leas. If you had Andy in your class, or on your crew, disregarding the fact that he’s human, what would your read on him be?”
Akil’eas locked his jaw and pursed his lips, defiantly. “I don’t know.”
“Come on, Leas, you’re better than me at reading people, and I’m damn good at it.” He hated how Sakalbi’s eyes flashed and her right ear would twitch when she thought she had the upper hand in an argument. He huffed a sigh and decided to play her little game, just to humor her enough so that she’d drop the subject.
“Dependable, fastidious and competent, judging by the state of his equipment and his boat. Self sacrificing, diligent, hard working, given what I’ve observed today. He’s got a temper, but it takes a bit to get there, and he’s carrying some pretty heavy emotional scars.” He’d not seen very much of Andy, but the old Sailing Master and Professor in him started to come out and assess the boy just as he would any of his students or junior sailors.
“That’s my read, too. Doesn’t sound so individualistic and self-centered to me. Blighted Nature, Leas, from what I’ve learned about him and his people, he broke with several of their traditions and customs to help us. He’s stuck his neck out far further for us than we would have for him and his people, for no other reason than to try and save his homeland. Were he an Erbian on Myr or even back home in Vaasconia, there’d be Groom-War over his hand.”
Akil’eas was a bit piqued about her statement, “What about your daughter? Kalai made no secret about little Sitry mooning after him, and her disapproval of their courtship.”
“She thinks she’s in love, and it very well might be that she is, but Kalai’s disapproval should tell you what it tells me, given your own rather astute assessment of the man.”
“HEY DOC! TAKE THE WHEEL, I GOTTA DRUM US IN!” Andy’s voice cut their conversation short as Akil’eas turned to look back around the drum. Andy waved him back as he slowed their approach to come in. “Take us to Dock 5, straight back and to port.”
“Straight back and to larboard, aye!” Akil’eas rattled off as he traded places with Andy at the helm.
Kalai heaved herself up to stand as Andy grabbed a large leather circle and ran forward to jump up on the bow. As Akil’eas piloted the boat into the harbor and made the turn, he saw a large crowd of humans gathered on the pier and the shore. As soon as they were in sight, he watched as Andy, standing tall, began to drum a beat and vocalize, projecting his voice over the water to those on shore. Akil’eas sputtered a bit in surprise as he guided the boat slowly towards the open mooring.
“That’s their call. His family’s song lets the people on shore know who he is and that he’s friendly.” Kalai looked back at Akil’eas before moving inside the cabin to stand next to her father. “All the families know it, but only he is allowed to sing it. It’s their version of a family crest and coat of arms. Elder Hwatcom taught us about those. There’ll be a reply in a second granting us permission to come ashore.”
There was indeed a response of drumming and singing from the assembly of humans as many started to crowd forward carrying what appeared to be coolers. Andy reappeared and took the controls back and reversed to kill their forward momentum as Sakalbi threw out their mooring lines to the waiting humans. Andy killed the engine and moved quickly out of the cabin to speak in a language that Akil’eas did not recognize. There seemed to be a bit of confusion from those gathered on the dock, but Andy opened the hatch to show the hold full of fish.
“Don’t thank me, thank them. Sockeye and Kings to all comers, courtesy of the Vaidas and the Vaida Warren!” Andy shouted happily in Vatikre as he pulled two giant fish out by their gills and handed them off to the applauding humans.
Sakalbi managed to shoot Akil’eas a smug look before she plunged her hands into the mass of fish and began helping Andy hand them out to the people.
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2023.06.04 03:58 thirsteefish Where are people referring to when they say Fairfax?

Obvs answer is Fairfax County. I get that.
But, McLean, Great Falls, Tysons, Vienna, Reston, Springfield, etc are in FFX. A chunk of FFX adjacent to Alexandria proper is referred to as Alexandria. You usually hear those place names referenced (I've never heard someone say Fairfax to refer to those geographies).
Is it like when people in DC refer to NW and mean anything between Capitol and Rock Creek that's north of DuPont/Logan Circle and the rest of downtown... But then would call out/name drop specific neighborhoods like Georgetown, West End, Spring Valley, or "Upper NW" if that applies even if it's also technically NW?
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2023.06.04 03:36 QxV Revel Rockies Half - going downhill vs. altitude

TL;DR course is beautiful, race is super well organized, would recommend.

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Have a good time Yes
B Sub-90 Yes


Mile Time
1 6:50
2 6:46
3 6:26
4 6:50
5 6:52
6 6:46
7 6:52
8 7:13
9 7:12
10 6:27
11 6:35
12 6:31
13 6:10
13.1 1:28:52


This was my 4th half of the year. In January, I ran the Kaiser Half in San Francisco and finished with a 1:30:24. This race - Revel Rockies - was the last in a series of three, over 2 months: The Get in Gear Half in Twin Cities, MN (1:31:07), and the Brooklyn Half in NYC (1:30:02).
Between all these races, I followed a weekly schedule of one speedwork day and one long run, with lots of easy miles thrown in.
Because I had come pretty close in Brooklyn, and the Revel Rockies course has a net downhill of about 1,700 feet, I thought I’d have an excellent chance of going sub-90, and maybe it’d even feel easy! (it didn’t)


I got to Denver Wednesday that week. This year, I planned my race calendar around cities where I have friends; in this case, Denver is where the designer on my team lives, so she and I worked together for a bit, but we also hit up the kid’s casino (Round1) to play some claw machine games. Obviously, the house always wins, but we did win a bunch of soft toys for ourselves and a children’s hospital nearby, so let’s call it a draw.
While we were working together on Thursday, I was nursing a headache, and it suddenly dawned on me to ask: “Are we at altitude?” (lol). Being a mile up from sea level explained why I was feeling so trashy for the last 48 hours - that, combined with the person in the next door hotel room deciding to smoke throughout the day/night (???)
On Friday, I went for a short 3 mile trail run and was significantly more winded than I should/would have been for the route. Still, I was pretty confident the significant downhill would win out - it’d just feel a bit sucky.


To get to the start line, everyone had to park near Bandimere Speedway and take a bus up the mountain so we could run down it.
With a 6:30am start, the first bus left at 4:30am, which in turn had me waking up at 3am to eat 3 bagels and drink a triple espresso. I went to bed at 8pm and had a pretty decent sleep, all things considered.
In terms of organization, I didn’t really know what to expect, but as I pulled into the parking lot and saw a long line of neatly parked school busses waiting to take runners up, I started to get excited - the whole scene had the vibe of a school trip; one where you’re either up super early or super late to go somewhere fun.
I had originally planned to nap on the way up, but I happened to sit next to a really nice lady and we chatted throughout the ride. I’m not sure I would have been able to fall asleep after all that coffee anyway.
We got to the starting line around 5ish and it was a little chilly, but the organizers had provided everyone with heat blankets, gloves, and arm sleeves, which was super thoughtful, and definitely came in handy. I used the bathroom, warmed up, went to the bathroom again, before lining up at the starting line.
Unlike my last race in Brooklyn, where I had a pretty detailed pace plan, I was going to take the first couple of miles easy (1:30 pace at most), and then run the rest of the race by effort. The course has a couple of rolling hills, but the elevation profile pretty much looks like a right angled triangle, starting at about 8,000ft and dropping to around 6,000ft, so it’s not really that complicated. Having said that, there was some mild elevation gain in the course: 174ft (for reference, Brooklyn had 236ft).
The course actually started with some rolling hills, which helped me stick to my plan of not going out too fast; I took my foot off the gas when going uphill, and let some faster runners pass.
The rest of the race consisted of winding roads downhill, with a couple of smaller hills (the 7min+/mile splits). Running at altitude definitely felt different. I usually race with a heart rate in the 170s-180s, but I was getting winded in the high 160s, and my heart rate never made it above 176, despite me feeling like I was pushing plenty hard. Also, the small hills felt like a lot more work than normal. I’m not sure if it was because I’d been running downhill the rest of the time and my muscles were thrashed, or I didn’t have the cardio capacity because of the altitude, or both.
In any case, the course was gorgeous - you’re surrounded by mountains pretty much the whole race, and they closed one of the road lanes, so you’ve lots of space to run.
This was a smaller (~1,200 people for the half) race, so there wasn’t a lot of passing/being passed going on. A small group of runners took off at the start, and other than a handful of times I was passed/passed someone, I was running by myself.
For the last few miles, the gradient got even steeper, and so I managed to clock some faster miles, and by the time mile 11 came around, I knew that unless something stopped me from putting together two 7:10-7:20 miles, I was going to come in at under 90 minutes. The last 200m though, was actually uphill, but I had enough in the tank to sprint to the finish line and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’d come in 3rd in my age group.


I have to say that this was one of the most well organized races I’ve run. The finisher’s area was right next to a creek and really picturesque. They had lots of great snacks and vendors offering samples. There was also a beer garden (that I didn’t check out). After checking out some of the booths, I took the bus back down to the parking lot and went back to my hotel.
In addition to doing a great job with the logistics, the organizers also put together many small touches that made the event special. For example, immediately after the finish line, you could get your results printed on a nice card. Also, the age group awards were a white embroided band that they attached around your medal ribbon, which I hadn’t seen before and thought it looked really cool :D There were also lots of photo opportunities, including a cool “R E V E L” sculpture-thing that lots of people (myself included) were taking photos in front of.
It definitely felt like they went out of their way to put on a great race!
Overall, I had a great time and would definitely consider running another Revel event.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.04 01:13 lmariecam13 Northern Alabama

Northern Alabama
Sweet little 5 mile in and out! Loads of blue and black berries and grape vines! Looking forward to going back when everything ripens. Took High Falls to Nubbin Creek.
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2023.06.04 00:20 kak1154 This menu

This menu
Take your pick.
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2023.06.03 20:57 urfenick Fioretta: any thoughts?

We're headed there for my partner's birthday and are curious for any early reviews or recommendations.
It's a new, swank steakhouse in Fulton Market. Looks and feels like a more thoughtful/tasteful Adalina, maybe. Which isn't to say I'm biased: Swift is our favorite steakhouse right now, what with Bavette's falling off a cliff, so if it's anything like S&S, we're all in.
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2023.06.03 20:52 MillanFS Open fanfic focused on writing redemption character arcs

The Big 3 have always had a problem with rushing redemption stories, they rushed Hawk in S4 giving him way less time than he deserved for a redemption arc and an AVT champion arc, and they rushed Robby making him a yesman to Johnny in Mexico and destroying his independent, rebellious and lone-wolf nature. In Season 6 they have to write Tory’s and Kenny’s redemption arc and I feel it might be a disappointment again. They shouldn't sideline redemption characters like Hawk or Tory nor give them a reduced role but the opposite.
So I have decided to write a fanfic focusing on redemption characters arcs (whether failed or sucessful) and their rivals, specially Hawk-Demetri, Tory-Sam and in a minor way, Robby-Kenny (because they’re master and apprentice, not rivals). I’ve given less protagonism to Miguel and Robby on purpose because this is supposed to be only the first half of the season, and as they are the two main contenders for winning the Sekai Taikai, I want them to give room to other characters in the first half of the season and then Miguel and Robby could be the focus on the last part of the season. I also don’t want the Sekai Taikai to be the main narrative drive in the first half on the season, it should only be focused on the last part.
I've left multiple paths open so the readers can choose their favourite scenarios in a "make your own adventure" way, but I've still develop more the one which I prefer because I can't develop everyone.
Hawk should have a conflict over Robby being Daniel's favourite student, and Hawk should complain to Daniel that he's not being fairly treated as he tried to save Miyagi-do and is the male champion in S4 AVT while Robby was in CK trying to get Miyagi-do banned. Daniel won't realize he's playing favourites by prioritizing Robby- Daniel and Hawk had barely had any interaction in S4 and S5, compare this with Daniel close connection with Robby in S1, S2 and reopening the dojo in S5-.
Hawk could have two arcs, one (worse) that regresses his character into being jealous and reignites his rivalry with Robby and one (better) in which Hawk is more mature and he's instead disappointed with Daniel lying to him or denying he has favourites, in both of them Hawk could join Johnny's Eagle Fang, quit karate or maybe even joining Kreese's CK if he's demoralized and manipulated (specially if he's jealous).
Demetri could have a mediator role, trying to improve the relation between Hawk and Robby, as he's friendly with both, may try to keep Hawk in Miyagi-do, attempt to convince Daniel to spend more time with Hawk
Also, Demetri is the moral compass and the most Miyagi-like on the show so he could have also an unique conflict arc with Daniel, opposing the idea of joining the Sekai Taikai with the only purpose of stopping or destroying Cobra Kai once and for all, pointing out to Daniel that joining a world tournament to destroy another dojo -change CK name for Topanga Karate or Locust Valley- sounds insane or evil and having his first mayor fallout trust with Daniel as Demetri consider Daniel is going against Miyagi-do principles.
And maybe feeling disappointed with Daniel and Hawk conflict, or by his own conflict with Daniel, Demetri could end quitting karate with Hawk (at least for a time), which could cause Daniel to rethink and reflect on his ways.
Tory should try to redeem (and possibly fail, a failed honest redemption attempt would be new and interesting) herself and join Miyagi-Fang, but Amanda should tell her in a conversation that she only learned about her family situation in S4 thanks to Kreese. So Tory would be on a quest to find about Kreese whereabouts and would be loyal to Kreese, not because she's evil, but because she's grateful for all Kreese did for her. Tory would be the first to find Kreese and 3 scenarios may happen: that Kreese let her go and join Miyagi-fang, that Kreese recruits her into Kreese's Cobra Kai and she openly abandons Miyagi-fang or that Tory joins Kreese in secret and acts like a mole in Miyagi-fang trying to recruit some members.
This plot influences and interacts with each other, and everyhing is linked. Maybe Tory subverts Hawk, who no longer believes in Daniel, and fills him with more doubts regarding Miyagi-do (most interesting scenario), maybe she fails and get exposed. If Tory is raising any suspicion, Sam would notice it and be extremely paranoid, so I could see Sam trying to expel Tory out of Miyagi-do
Sam trying to expel Tory out of Miyagi-fang and getting into a "purge mode", trying to find all potential CK moles and casting shadow and putting blame on old CK's like Kawk, Robby or Kenny.
Tory gets expelled by Sam so Tory openly joins Cobra Kai, which causes an argument between her and Robby, with Robby threatening to break their relationship. There are three options here, whether Robby breaks with her again, Robby decides to keep their relation secret and pretend they’ve broken in public lying to the Miyagi-fangs or Robby stays with her. I’d prefer the second one, because it opens two other options, whether Robby is discovered or not. I prefer a paranoical Sam in spy mode discovering Robby for the sake of the story, but maybe the audience has any other preference.
Silver should be out of jail, he only got exposed of bribing a ref, and that's no major crime to end-up in jail. They have no evidence on Silver being behind the burning of Barnes furniture store and Stingray testimony isn't reliable. Silver should try to rebuild Cobra Kai and he could blackmail Kenny telling him that he can free his brother Shawn Payne from juvie using his lawyers if Kenny becomes a mole at Miyagi-fang and steal Miyagi-secrets and Miyagi’s medal of honour. (Silver had an interest about it in his first encounter with Mr. Miyagi in KK3.)
Kenny goes to Miyagi dojo, but watches Robby training Anthony, so he decides to go back, when in that moment he collides with Hawk. Hawk ask him what is he doing, if he's spying or has any trick upon his sleeve. Kenny apologizes to him for calling him Fauxhawk and tells him that he came to talk to Robby but he found Robby training Anthony LaRusso, who was his bully.
Hawk tells him that Kenny was acting like a bully the last few months, Kenny replies to him that he got corrupted by Cobra Kai, which leads to Hawk showing empathy, telling Kenny that he was also in CK, that he trashed the dojo and that he stole Mr. Miyagi’s medal of honour and tells Kenny a lesson about forgiveness, about how you must forgive your own enemies and they will show forgiveness to you. Hawk tells Kenny that he should talk with Robby Keene as he’s always cared about him and he’s worried about Kenny’s future.
Kenny talks with Robby in an emotive talk, thanking him for being his teacher and apologizing to him for failing him and Kenny joins Miyagi-fang, but Silver reminds him of the deal they made and Kenny feels forced to steal the medal of honor in a night training session with Robby. Kenny uses his stealth and in a moment Robby goes to drink or to the bathroom and he steals the medal.
The next day, everyone realizes Mr. Miyagi’s medal is missing and Sam, who thinks that Hawk was arguing with his father because he’s reverting to his defiant CK ways, publically accuses Hawk of stealing the medal of honour, and this causes a massive uproar. Miguel tries to descalate the conflict between his best friend Hawk and his girlfriend Sam but his efforts are useless and fails. Miguel is in a hard spot in the crossfire between them.
Hawk doesn’t feel trusted nor wanted at Miyagi-do, so he gets angry and quits, which is the moment Tory uses to tell him to give Kreese a second chance as Kreese’s a changed man and convince Hawk to join Cobra Kai. Kenny feels absolute regret and he’s completely remorseful after realizing what his actions have caused, so he thinks about confessing his secret to Robby and asking him for help, here there are two options, whether Kenny tells Robby in exchange for Robby keeping his secret and helping him (which it’s the one I prefer) or Kenny doesn’t say anything to Robby.
Demetri trust in Hawk’s innocence, but he feels desolated when Hawk’s defect and tries to get Hawk back into Miyagi-fang. Hawk tries to assure him that everything is alright, that “despite everything, you will always be my Binary Brother” and that being in opposite dojos doesn’t mean their friendship had to end but that he’s not going back to Miyagi-fang. Demetri is still not convinced, and he’s scared of Hawk getting manipulated by Kreese and could be reverting to his bully ways and end up breaking his arm again. Demetri also feels that he failed Hawk by not clearing his name and by letting him slide into CK again. Demetri also realizes that Sam is becoming way too overzealous.
Miguel is extremely disappointed at Hawk, says to him that Kreese has got into his head again. Hawk tries to defend his innocence and says that Kreese’s not in his mind nor he stole the medal of honour but Miguel trusts Sam’s words as he’s blinded by love and under Sam’s influence. Hawk also recriminates Miguel to be bonding with Robby more that with him and replacing him with Robby as his new best friend, so Miguel thinks Hawk is jealous and in the end Miguel leaves to avoid any conflict, stating Hawk is no longer his friend.
Hawk wants to ensure to Demetri and Miguel everything is alright and tries to persuade Kreese to make peace with Miyagi-fangs stating that they must first deal with Silver CK and that “the enemy of my enemy is your friend”. Kreese only agrees because he’s in inferiority (only has Tory and Hawk) and he sees the "peace as nothing more than a lull between battles" that could allow him to reinforce his position and gain time. They go to Miyagi-dojo to make the offer, but it gets rejected because Daniel doesn’t trust Kreese and Sam says it’s all a trick so they lower their guards. Demetri sees this as another abandonment of Miyagi principles and is worried on the negative effects this rejection and the continuation of hostilities may have on Hawk.
Hawk wants to talk in private with Demetri to ask him why are they rejecting the peace offer, and convinces Tory to stay a little bit longer, but he gets gang- surrounded by Sam and the Miyagi-fangs including Robby. Hawk point to Demetri that this is gang-assault and that if he’s gonna help him defend or side with his attackers, and Sam will say that if Hawk wants to escape unwounded he only have to give back Mr. Miyagi’s medal of honour, that’s very important for her, and that she will let him go. Hawk replies he doesn’t have the “fxcking medal, princess” but Sam doesn’t believe him as Hawk and Toryin Kreese’s CK, so Sam is going to attack him. Tory tries to intervene and gets ready to fight against Sam, but...
Demetri tries to stop Sam by talking and asking her if this isn’t too extreme, but Sam’s replies something like “Radical situations need severe punishments” and tries to attack.
Robby thinks (or knows) that Hawk didn’t do it as he was training that day and knows Hawk isn’t stealthy enough due to his previous experience, and wants to stop any fight from happening because he still has feelings for Tory and Tory might get wounded, so Robby has four options: Robby could say that Hawk wasn’t stealthy enough and that he was training alone to protect Kenny and keep his secret, but it would put him as the main suspicious target, as Robby has no alibi and her girlfriend Tory is in Kreese’s CK; Robby could say that Hawk wasn’t stealthy enough and that he was training with Kenny, putting a massive target on Kenny and Kenny could feel betrayed and maybe falling even more under Silver influence; Robby could say that he’s sure that Kenny did it as he confessed, which would guarantee Kenny feeling betrayed, getting expelled out of Miyagi-fang and completely falling into Silver influence or Robby could remain in silence.
If Robby decides to say nothing, Demetri would face three options: siding with the Miyagi-fangs and attacking his Binary Brother therefore betraying Hawk trust and fully throwing him under Kreese’s influence, defending his Binary Brother and betraying Miyagi-fang, therefore getting expelled of Miyagi-fang, or pretending “Not be there” therefore doing nothing. But there’s a more important Miyagi-do principle above “Not be there”, which it’s Miyagi-do Rule number 1 “Karate is for defense only”, and because pretending “Not be there” is apathy and “Apathy is death” (let’s see who catches the reference of the original conundrum a long, long time ago in a faraway story).
Miguel isn’t at the scene at first, but he could appear in any moment if the conflict drags and could try to mediate between Sam and Hawk, but he didn’t believe in Hawk but Sam, what could he do to solve the conflict? Miguel faces two options which are like Demetri’s: siding with the Miyagi-fangs and attacking his ex-best friend therefore betraying Hawk trust and increasing Kreese’s influence or defending Hawk and betraying Sam and the Miyagi-fangs, therefore getting a massive conflict with Sam and risking ending their love relationship.
After that, I’ll leave it with a “to be continued” because I’ve left a lot of possible routs and doors open, but whatever it happens, the mid-season should be focused in the conflict between Kreese’s CK and Silver’s CK in the CK civil war they’re having. Kim-da-eung could be conflicted and maybe she’ll play both sides, supporting both and will only choose siding openly with whoever ends up being the winning side. This should happen in the mid-season breaking-point to see who will triumph, absorb the other CK and represent CK in the Sekai Taikai. My personal preference is Silver, he has more resources than Kreese and the Sekai Taikai was his idea and his project, but I want to know your opinion.
The way I see it, a full unhinged "cocaine" Silver traps a vengeful Kreese by luring him into a meeting at Coyote Creek in a picnic like area, makes his CK (Shawn and Kenny) climb the trees and remain hidden and once Kreese’s CK arrived they throw Molotovs at them. Kreese, Tory and Hawk find cover under a stone bench, Silver makes them a phone call them asking them to voluntarily betray Kreese if they don’t want to end being burned alive and shouts with a maniac and sinister laugh “Do you remember the napalm days? Back to ‘Nam, Kreese, back to ‘Nam oh I liked that John, I liked that”. Kreese’s Vietnam PTSD is triggered massively, and he has a breakdown while he and his students are at risk. Tory is able to snap him back to reality and Kreese advises them to fully cover in mud to avoid major burns and thinks in giving up and surrender himself in order to save Tory (and Hawk, but mostly Tory), I leave the ending of the mid-season open here, use your imagination.
Something you may have noticed is that none of the CK kids are evil, Hawk is a dovish peacemaker who wants to keep his friendship with Demetri and Miguel, Tory joins CK due to loyalty to Kreese, not due to revenge or any evil intention and Kenny is forced to join in order to get his brother out of juvie. This is done on purpose so they can fully redeem in the second part of the season and leaving the door open to the teens to be able to redeem Cobra Kai, specially Tory after Kreese's sacrifice to save her. I've decided Kreese to sacrifice to save Tory and not Johnny because Kreese had a toxic relation with Johnny in which despite loving him, he choked him twice, and Johnny wants to close CK in S5 "Cobra Kai is the problem" but Kreese has never been violent or dangerous towards Tory on purpose, so I think any Kreese's redemption/sacrifice should focus on Tory.
See, that is how you write a compelling story for at least half of season 6 at without not focusing on the Sekai Taikai, because the ST shouldn’t be the main drive of the plot of S6 at least until the very end. If this season is going to have 15-16 episodes, as some people speculate, the Sekai Taikai shouldn’t become the main narrative focus at least until episode 10.
(There is no Fanfic flair, so as it's open I picked the discussion one)
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