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Amsterdam's Garden

2014.11.16 20:00 xak9021069 Amsterdam's Garden

Amsterdam's Garden is a top ranked medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, California. There are numerous strains, waxes and edibles.

2018.02.24 02:40 qwertyqyle Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD interviews the best of the parasychology field, and others.

Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD interviews the best of the parasychology field, and others. Cultivating Psi Abilities, Survival of Consciousness After Death, Psychology and Psychotherapy, Intuition at Work, Civilization, Culture, History, Spiritual Paths, Parapsychology & Psychical Research, Biological Systems, Health and Healing, Physics, Cosmology, & Systems Theory, Philosophy, Entheogens and Consciousness, Consciousness and the Brain, UFO Related Phenomena , ESP, Remote Viewing.

2012.04.20 10:24 imlulz Circadian Rhythm Disorders, information and support.


2023.06.08 08:14 Ashamed-Ad7807 Need advice about leaving my PhD program in clinical psych

So it’s been one year and I’m miserable. I don’t want to share too much detail to protect my privacy but since I arrived I’ve been treated poorly by the program director. Even another professor has noticed she “targeted me”. The director has called me a derogatory term, asked be about my ethnicity during a 1v1 meeting. She constantly has these meetings with me (no one else) where she is overly critical and unkind. She also clearly picks and chooses what I say and uses it against me in the next meeting. It’s mind blowing the things she has said and done since I got here. Never in my professional or academic career have I seen this before.
My research advisor also over promised the research I’d be doing and now a year later they don’t seem to be interested in anything I’m interested in. My advisor also promised to help me with connections at this gov’t institution but has not even entertained my involvement there.
I’ve mentioned multiple times now that I feel so unsupported and discouraged. Despite this, I’ve gotten straight A’s, accomplish all my research work on time and well, and complete my clinical requirements as they are assigned. Yes I’ll admit, there was a mistake I made with one client but the second client I had my supervisor wrote I made significant improvements.
The ONLY issue my research advisor said was I don’t handle feedback well, which was resolved as a miscommunication. Again, I don’t want to say too much detail but essentially I’m on remediation now for this, after months later even though my end of semester evaluation was good and no issues other than “still working on handling feedback”. I don’t understand why I was put on remediation and another student, my friend who got below required grades and has issues with his research is not. We have the same advisor! It seems like retaliation honestly because this remediation started about a week after I told her I felt unsupported and discouraged.
I just can’t take this anymore. On top of this, this PhD program is only partially funded (not full) and when I’m done I’ll be in over $300K debt (including masters and bachelors). I also don’t even know if I want to be a clinical psychologist anymore. I really do love research and love the mental health field, but I feel so discouraged and turned off. I also love working with clients but I don’t know if I want to give therapy anymore. I just don’t know I feel so unsure. I think if this program was better funded and less toxic I would definitely stay but unfortunately this is where I’m at.
My goal is to lead a nonprofit or government programs and make an impact. I was hoping to do that eventually as a psychologist. My partner thinks I can do what I want without a PhD, and make similar salary with my other professional experience (I have several years of executive leadership experience), but I don’t know. I started looking for jobs to get a feel so we’ll see. I feel like I got this far in my research/psychology career and I don’t want to give up now. At the same time, it doesn’t feel right for me anymore and it might be best to move on.
Thank you for the read. Any and all help is so appreciated!
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2023.06.08 08:00 code_hunter_cc calico/node is not ready: BIRD is not ready: BGP not established

I'm running Kubernetes 1.13.2, setup using kubeadm and struggling with getting calico 3.5 up and running. The cluster is run on top of KVM.
  1. kubeadm init --apiserver-advertise-address= --pod-network-cidr=
  2. modified calico.yaml file to include:
- name: IP\_AUTODETECTION\_METHOD value: "interface=ens.*" 3. applied rbac.yaml, etcd.yaml, calico.yaml
Output from kubectl describe pods:
Events:Type Reason Age From Message---- ------ ---- ---- -------Normal Scheduled 23m default-scheduler Successfully assigned kube-system/calico-node-hjwrc to k8s-master-01Normal Pulling 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 pulling image ""Normal Pulled 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Successfully pulled image ""Normal Created 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Created containerNormal Started 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Started containerNormal Pulling 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 pulling image ""Normal Pulled 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Successfully pulled image ""Warning Unhealthy 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Readiness probe failed: calico/node is not ready: felix is not ready: Get http://localhost:9099/readiness: dial tcp [::1]:9099: connect: connection refusedWarning Unhealthy 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Liveness probe failed: Get http://localhost:9099/liveness: dial tcp [::1]:9099: connect: connection refusedNormal Created 23m (x2 over 23m) kubelet, k8s-master-01 Created containerNormal Started 23m (x2 over 23m) kubelet, k8s-master-01 Started containerNormal Pulled 23m kubelet, k8s-master-01 Container image "" already present on machineWarning Unhealthy 3m32s (x23 over 7m12s) kubelet, k8s-master-01 Readiness probe failed: calico/node is not ready: BIRD is not ready: BGP not established with Output from calicoctl node status:
Calico process is running.IPv4 BGP status+---------------+-------------------+-------+----------+---------+ PEER ADDRESS PEER TYPE STATE SINCE INFO +---------------+-------------------+-------+----------+---------+ node-to-node mesh start 16:24:44 Passive +---------------+-------------------+-------+----------+---------+IPv6 BGP statusNo IPv6 peers found. Output from ETCD_ENDPOINTS=http://localhost:6666 calicoctl get nodes -o yaml:
apiVersion: apiVersion: Nodemetadata: annotations: '{"":"amd64","":"linux","":"k8s-master-01","":""}' creationTimestamp: 2019-01-31T16:08:56Z labels: amd64 linux k8s-master-01 "" name: k8s-master-01 resourceVersion: "28" uid: 82fee4dc-2572-11e9-8ab7-5254002c725dspec: bgp: ipv4Address: ipv4IPIPTunnelAddr: orchRefs: - nodeName: k8s-master-01 orchestrator: k8s- apiVersion: Nodemetadata: annotations: '{"":"amd64","":"linux","":"k8s-worker-01"}' creationTimestamp: 2019-01-31T16:24:44Z labels: amd64 linux k8s-worker-01 name: k8s-worker-01 resourceVersion: "170" uid: b7c2c5a6-2574-11e9-aaa4-5254007d5f6aspec: bgp: ipv4Address: ipv4IPIPTunnelAddr: orchRefs: - nodeName: k8s-worker-01 orchestrator: k8skind: NodeListmetadata:resourceVersion: "395" Output from ETCD_ENDPOINTS=http://localhost:6666 calicoctl get bgppeers:
NAME PEERIP NODE ASN Ouput from kubectl logs:
2019-01-31 17:01:20.519 [INFO][48] int\_dataplane.go 751: Applying dataplane updates2019-01-31 17:01:20.519 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 223: Asked to resync with the dataplane on next update. family="inet"2019-01-31 17:01:20.519 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 254: Resyncing ipsets with dataplane. family="inet"2019-01-31 17:01:20.523 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 304: Finished resync family="inet" numInconsistenciesFound=0 resyncDuration=3.675284ms2019-01-31 17:01:20.523 [INFO][48] int\_dataplane.go 765: Finished applying updates to dataplane. msecToApply=4.124166000000001bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 36329)bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 52383)2019-01-31 17:01:23.182 [INFO][48] health.go 150: Overall health summary=&health.HealthReport{Live:true, Ready:true}bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 39661)2019-01-31 17:01:25.433 [INFO][48] health.go 150: Overall health summary=&health.HealthReport{Live:true, Ready:true}bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 57359)bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 47151)bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 39243)2019-01-31 17:01:30.943 [INFO][48] int\_dataplane.go 751: Applying dataplane updates2019-01-31 17:01:30.943 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 223: Asked to resync with the dataplane on next update. family="inet"2019-01-31 17:01:30.943 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 254: Resyncing ipsets with dataplane. family="inet"2019-01-31 17:01:30.945 [INFO][48] ipsets.go 304: Finished resync family="inet" numInconsistenciesFound=0 resyncDuration=2.369997ms2019-01-31 17:01:30.946 [INFO][48] int\_dataplane.go 765: Finished applying updates to dataplane. msecToApply=2.8165820000000004bird: BGP: Unexpected connect from unknown address (port 60641)2019-01-31 17:01:33.190 [INFO][48] health.go 150: Overall health summary=&health.HealthReport{Live:true, Ready:true} Note: the above unknown address ( is the IP under br0 on the KVM host, not too sure why it's made an appearance.
Answer link :
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2023.06.08 07:59 Korommia Brain-Computer Interface: WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI)Developed And Innovated Its BCI Gaming Model

Brain-Computer Interface: WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI)Developed And Innovated Its BCI Gaming Model

Last Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that brain-computer interfaces could solve the biggest bottleneck in human progress. Musk is known to have launched the Neuralink in 2016. He believes the company's technology can help humans achieve "symbiosis" with artificial intelligence. Simply put, people will be able to combine their brains with computers.
When it comes to brain-computer interfaces, the first impression may be that Musk makes monkeys "mind-type." Since then, Musk's Neuralink has been developing brain implants designed to treat diseases such as paralysis and blindness. Recently, however, the Chinese team was surprised.
The world's first brain-computer interface test on monkeys was successfully conducted
Recently, the world's first nonhuman primate interventional brain-computer interface test has been successful in Beijing, which is of great significance to promoting the field of brain science research, marking China's brain-computer interface technology among the international leading ranks.
The experiment was led by Professor Duan Feng's team from Nankai University and jointly completed with the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (301 Hospital) and Shanghai Xinwei Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which broke through core technologies such as endovascular EEG signal acquisition and interventional EEG signal recognition. According to the video, the surgical monkey just needs to "think" to bring the food to the imports.
This technology has been widely used in medical, military, and other fields, such as it can help patients with stroke and ALS recover, and even store human thinking, consciousness, and memory in the future. This series of very magical results have begun to happen. It seems that some scenes in sci-fi blockbusters are not so far away from us.
Brain-computer interface refers to a direct connection between the brain of a human or animal and an external device to exchange information between the brain and the device. At present, there are mainly three kinds of BCI, invasive, non-invasive, and interventional BCI. Neuralink, founded by "Iron Man of Silicon Valley" Musk and a team of scientists, is one of the few companies that develop invasive brain-computer interfaces.
In contrast, the interventional brain-computer interface technology used in China is safer. According to information released by Nankai University, the team sent interventional EEG sensors through the singular vein into the sagittal sinus and the motor cortex brain region. After surgery, the team successfully collected and identified the non-human primate interventional EEG signals, realizing the active control of the robotic arm.
It can be said that the interventional brain-computer interface takes both intrusive and non-invasive strengths while avoiding the shortcomings of both. From the current development, brain-computer interface technology has made breakthroughs, which may first help to the medical industry. Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that medicine and health is the main application scenario of brain-computer, and the future will gradually penetrate entertainment, smart home, and other fields, and become an important form of human-computer interaction.
Brain-computer interface technology will enable the metaverse
Brain-computer interface is a complex system and a basic tool for reading and writing on dynamic network data of neurons. What is more surprising is that, with the sudden rise of the Metaverse, people have great expectations for the integration and interaction of the virtual world and the real world. Many people in the industry believe that the brain-computer interface is the cutting-edge technology hatched by Metaverse.
In the future, brain-computer interface technology will enable Metaverse, and the brain-computer interface is expected to become the next generation of human-computer interaction technology, the ultimate form of Metaverse. At the same time, with the continuous development of Metaverse in the future, the strong support of national policies, as well as the continuous exploration of brain science, the brain-computer interface will become the next generation of Metaverse entrance after VR and AR, realizing the real Metaverse.
According to the White paper on brain-computer Interface standardization released by the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, the potential market for brain-computer interface technology (Brain-Computer Interface, BCI) will soon reach tens of billions of yuan. Another prediction analysis believes that the brain-computer interface in the next 20-30 years, the commercial application will gradually land, will open a 100 billion dollars of market.
The technical race has already begun. Brain-computer interface technology is an important strategic direction of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The future industry represented by the brain-computer interface has stepped into the fast lane, and the formation of breakthrough scientific research achievements and innovative applications is the strategic need for innovative development.
WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on brain-computer interface achievements
At present, the brain-computer interface field has tried to combine technology in the consumer field, and the application of in-game interaction is becoming more and more popular. It is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has started to develop BCI game models and paradigms based on brain-computer interfaces. The game model was designed with a P300 brain-computer interface to explore a feasible and natural game execution experience using electroencephalography (EEG) signals in a practical environment.
According to the report, the novelty of the WiMi Hologram Cloud study is reflected in the design of the BCI games and the paradigm, which integrates the rules of the game and the characteristics of the BCI system. In addition, the convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm is introduced to achieve high accuracy on the training samples. This brain-computer interface system not only provides a form of entertainment but also provides more possibilities for game control.
To be sure, WiMi Hologram Cloud is based on the CNN BCI game model, forming a platform that can meet the interests of both healthy and disabled users. For healthy users, brain-computer interface games are mysterious and technical, which increases the charm of the game and is very conducive to the promotion of the game. For users with disabilities, BCI games provide them with a fair gaming platform, not only allowing them to play games with healthy users in the same way but also as a functional rehabilitation system to help patients with rehabilitation training. WiMi Hologram Cloud's application of brain-computer interface technology to entertainment games is an important part of promoting BCI technology from the scientific research stage to the practical application market stage.
On the whole, although the new achievements of brain-computer interface technology in China have attracted global attention, it needs to be admitted that at present, the research perspective of foreign brain-computer interface technology is more advanced than that in China, and there can be some technological breakthroughs from 0 to 1. However, the advantages of China are more reflected in the range from 1 to 10, that is, domestic enterprises are good at learning from overseas innovative ideas, making better improvements and engineering realization of products, and pushing the products to the clinic more quickly. In short, if you want to catch up, and eventually lead the industry trend, the core point must also be to increase the investment in basic scientific research.
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2023.06.08 07:14 Somao546 Best NGO in India - Save the Children

India is home to numerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs). While there are many commendable NGOs in the country, working tirelessly to uplift society's most vulnerable, when it comes to identifying the best NGO in India that works towards improving children's education, health, and nutrition, Bal Raksha Bharat (globally known as Save the Children) indeed stands out. This nonprofit organisation has been working relentlessly to ensure every child in India has access to their rights.
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2023.06.08 06:23 whirlpool4 Events for Fri 6/9 - Sun 6/11

** Fri 6/9 *\*
Fri 4 - 7:30 PM Food Truck Friday Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce, 4201 Crestview Dr. SE, Rio Rancho We welcome attendees of all ages to gather together and enjoy great food and music
Fri 5 - 7 PM Exhibit Opening: Colors That Speak Words Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th St. NW Join us in celebration of the visual arts, poetry, and calligraphy. "Colors That Speak Words" is a collaborative installation between two writers and two visual artists with words, poetry, and visual arts and speaks to how this combination of mediums can be done in a cyclical way. The artists, Dr. Anthony Fleg, Mallery Quetawki (Zuni), Blythe Mariano (Diné), and Chilán Mustain, worked together to create an installation in motion, and the vision they bring to this space is from a contemporary perspective on how Native art is presented. This is an innovative view for visitors to see that Native art is changing and adjusting to the times. The artists will be present at the exhibit opening to read poetry and talk about this installation. Admission is free; please enter through South Entrance. Light refreshments will be served. This exhibit will be on display through October 15
Fri 5 - 10 PM Car Show & Concert! EXPO NM Home of the New Mexico State Fair, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Friday night fever Vol 2! CAR SHOW & AWARDs, RAP CONCERT, VENDORS, FOOD TRUCKS, GAMES, ROCK CLIMBING WALL. All Makes and Models welcome. FREE GENERAL ADMISSION. $7 Parking, $10 Car Show judging and awards (only if you want to register and compete) Event brought to you by Expo NM and Desert Sun Event Productions. Car show brought to you by Sins events and NM Lowrider Arte
Fri 6 PM Rugby is a Drag (Show)! Sidewinders Bar and Grill, 4200 Central Ave SE Get out your dancing cleats and trade in that eye black for eye liner! The very popular Rugby is a Drag (show!) and fundraiser, normally held earlier in the year, has moved to June 9th and Pride weekend in 2023! This year's event will be hosted by Miss Sidewinders 2023 Seliah Deleon and Le Femme Magnifique 2017 and fellow rugger SCRUMtious Cox! This year's show is returning to Sidewinders and, as in year's past, will benefit our friends at Casa Q, which provides safe living for LGBTQ+ youth through housing, services and advocacy. This year's event will also feature participation from members of Elevated Roller Derby, NM United and more! (tickets)
Fri 7 PM Movies in the Park - Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Athena Park, 778 Athena Ave, Bernalillo MOVIES IN THE PARK is back this SUMMER! We will feature a different movie at our local parks every FRIDAY night in June. Movies will begin at sundown and we will serve popcorn for free! Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and beverages. All movies are FREE! In the case of inclement weather, movies will be cancelled
Fri 8 PM - 12 AM Pride Dance Party 505 Spirits, 105 Harvard Dr. SE DANCE WITH US TO CELEBRATE PRIDE UNDER THE STARS @ PRIDE ON THE PATIO! DJ Baby D & DJ Rebel (Rori the Rebel) will drop your favorite hits - Get your dance on and show of your Pride with your best Pride outfit &/or Pride colors! Try our special cocktail: Prickly Pear Pride Punch, plus other great drinks and delicious food! Come early for dinner before you dance, daNCE, DANCE!!! Delicious Value Menu Items: $2.95 - NEW Sliders! (beef & veg) $1.95 - local blue corn dog pops (minis) $5.95 waffle fries & full sized blue corn dogs (veg or beef) Plus our flaky meat & veg hand pies, chunky chicken salad, mushroom pate & more! 21 & over Free Entry!
Fri 9 PM Albuquerque Pride Afterparty Historic Lobo Theater, 3013 Central Ave NE Starring Headliner: Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, DJ: Justin Cristofer, HOST: Vanessa Patricks, MEET THE QUEENS! Avery Martini, Imani Martini, Nova Martini, Kardio Karbdashian, Divyne Intervention. Private Early Entrance Meet N Greet begins at 8:15 p.m. entrance with Meet N Greet starting 8:30 p.m. Champagne Provided (tickets)
Fri 9 PM Fierce Pride: Kandy Muse Effex, 420 Central Ave SW Special guest from RPDR All Stars S13 and AS8, LA, CA, Meet and Greet 10:30 PM, doors 9p, show 11:30p Lounge: DJ Chris de Jesus Patio: DJ Aquattro Side Effex: DJ Mitch
Fri 9:30 PM Salsa under the Stars After Party JUNO, 1501 1st St. NW DJ Pedro, one of Albuquerque’s most loved DJ’s (DJ Pedro, DJ Tony, SoloVino, DJ Louie, DJ Darly + Eli Mix) mixing your favorite dance mix of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more! This is one of Albuquerque’s favorite after party summer outdoor events and will begin June 9th following the opening of Son Como Son kicking off the Salsa under the Stars at the Albuquerque Museum followed by the after party at Juno. Free entry to Juno with your stamp from the museum
Fri 10:30 PM Twilight Zone: The Movie - 40th Anniversary Screening! One Night Only! The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE Check out the trailer. Dir. Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, John Landis & George Miller - 1983 - 102m - NO MATINEES. DOOR PRIZES COURTESY OF BUBONICON 54! Based on the popular television series, this film is a collection of four frightening tales of the supernatural, each by a different director--Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, John Landis, and George Miller! The film opens with Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks as two hapless road-trippers who tell scary stories to pass the time. The four segments that follow include some updated re-creations of classic Twilight Zone episodes. In the first, racist Bill Connor (Vic Morrow) is transformed into a Jew in World War II. Next, Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers) comes to a retirement home to teach the residents that they are only as young as they feel. In the third, teacher Helen Foley (Kathleen Quinlan) meets Antony (Jeremy Licht), a boy who is not what he seems. In the final segment, panicky plane passenger John Valentine (John Lithgow) sees gremlins attacking his flight
** Sat 6/10 *\*
Sat 8 AM - 2 PM NMHRS Garage Sale 7903 Robin Ave NE Hosted by the New Mexico House Rabbit Society. All sales go into our vet fund so that we can continue to provide medical care to rabbits in need. This is a multi-family garage sale so there will be lots to browse through
Sat 8 AM - 10 PM All The Things: Craft Cocktail & Mixer Launch Tractor Brewing Company, 118 Tulane Dr. SE The next evolution in the craft cocktail experience is here and officially launch in Nob Hill for Pride! What is All The Things? Well, let me tell you. Imagine 100% fresh cold pressed juice, pure cane sugar, and Troubled Minds spirits all in one 1L bottle ready to pour over ice! That's right you can purchase these ready made bottle cocktails now at ANY of our locations! We have: Margarita with Tequila, Paloma with Tequila, Kentucky Mule with Bourbon, Ginger Lemonade with Vodka, Limeade with Vodka & Bloody Mary with Vodka! Grab you one to go for $16! We will be using mixers of these behind our bars so you can get a first hand taste! And offering non alcoholic lavender, ginger, and classic lemonades for you to sip on! These truly are All The Things in one bottle!
Sat 9 AM - 12 PM Family, Fit, Fun Fest Tiguex Park, 1800 Mountain Rd. NW Join us for the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails 2nd annual Family, Fit, Fun Fest. Bring your whole family to this free, all-ages event to learn about keeping fit and healthy - mentally, physically, and emotionally. Learn new skills and discover ways to keep your mind and body healthy and active, as you visit interactive booths led by community partners. Booths will include hands-on activities like games, puzzles, and brain teasers, as well as interactive lessons in martial arts, dance, mindfulness, and more. Booths will also include information on youth classes, clubs, and teams, as well as opportunities to meet local healthcare providers and learn more about mental health, nutrition, eye care, and dental care for your whole family. Climb to the top of a rock wall, make your way through an obstacle course, try the football toss or the baseball toss, shoot a hockey puck, or score a goal at interactive stations around the event! Meet and take photos with local sports teams and/or mascots and stop by Menchie's Froyo Mobile for a sweet treat. Girl Scout Members can participate in a special event scavenger hunt when they pre-purchase the 2023 GSNMT Family, Fit, Fun Fest patch
Sat 10 AM SOCH PRIDE '23 Albuquerque Social Club, 4021 Central Ave NE Come show your PRIDE at the ONLY place to be SOCHial! We are taking over the parking lot for a FREE ALL AGES event. We have multile bands, musicians and perfromers ready to give a PRIDE you wont forget. Food Truck, Vendors, Face Painting, Car Show, Games, Country Dancing and many other fun events!
Sat 10 - 11 AM Yoga with Kelsi Poulin Marketplace mezzanine, 8600 Pan American Fwy NE Enjoy guided yoga, from local yoga instructor, Kelsi! This will be a fun flow for all levels of yoga practice. $10 per person
Sat 10 AM - 12 PM Play Day For A Cause Kiddie Academy of Paradise Hills, 4590 Paradise Blvd. NW Join us for Play Day for a Cause! This free event has great games and fun activities for your kids while supporting Family Promise, the leading national nonprofit addressing family homelessness. Family Promise started in 1986 as local outreach in a single community and now has more than 200 Affiliates in 43 states. Since their founding, volunteers have helped more than a million family members in need. With a focus on empowering families and children, Kiddie Academy Educational Child Care and Family Promise are working together to give every child what they deserve: a chance to succeed. The event is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated, but not required to attend
Sat 10 AM - 4 PM Foundational Wellness Grand Opening Party Los Ranchos Bakery, 6920 4th St. NW, Los Ranchos Celebrate our grand opening event by stopping by the B Side of Los Ranchos Bakery! Herbal tea blends, door prizes, free raffle, information on classes and events, and more! Win a free reiki session, teas, discounts on classes, or discounts on nutritional therapy! I will be teaching numerous classes at the bakery this summer. Some topics: How to make Herbal Vinegar Tinctures (aceta), Hormone Health, Healthy Habits for Life, Improve Your Digestion, Prioritizing Meal Prep, Blood Sugar Regulation, and my RESTART Program! You don’t want to miss out! Some of these classes will be free! So come on down and get some coffee and goodies from the bakery, then visit me next door and see what we’ve been up to
Sat 10 AM - 5 PM Pride Day Celebration! Quirky Used Books and More, 120 Jefferson NE Book sales, vendor pop ups, food truck, art, music, and more!
Sat 10:30 AM - 12 PM Wellness Schedule Casa Rondeña Winery, 733 Chavez Rd. NW, Los Ranchos Open to people of all skill levels, Wellness + Wine is a one-hour, outdoor practice, followed by a glass of wine or Sangria, and an invitation to stay and relax on the grounds of the beautiful Casa Rondeña Winery. This experience is $25, and includes glass of wine. Discounts apply for winery members. Reservations are required to participate
Sat 11 AM - 4 PM Papa Bear Market Boxing Bear Brewing, 10200 Corrales Rd. NW We couldn’t forget about our PAPA BEARS! Dads deserve some love and appreciation too! Spend the day celebrating Papa at our taproom. As always this FREE event will include local vendors, food trucks, photo booth, live music, paint your own pint, and, of course, BEER! (click link for full list of vendors)
Sat 11 AM - 5 PM June Used Book Sale Main Library, 501 Copper Ave NW Join us for the monthly book sale. There will be a variety of fiction, non-fiction, children and adults books, videos, DVDs, CDs, comic books, maps, and more available. Free for Members - $2 for Non-Members Free to all after noon. All Sales are held in the Lower Level, Main Library, Validated parking is available on 5th and Copper, kitty-corner to the library. The Friends of the Public Library is a non-profit organization. All proceeds go to supporting the Public Library of Albuquerque & Bernalillo County library programs
Sat 12 - 5 PM Summer Luau - Adoptables, Swag, Brews, and more! Lizard Tail Brewing Industrial, 3351 Columbia Dr. NE Hosted by Pitties and Kitties of New Mexico. We will have some PKR Tees, some PKR Pride gear, and best of all - our adoptabulls! Our booth will have a small auction set up… the prize being Tattoo Certificates with an ABQ tattoo artist! There will be a car show, other vendors, as well as water activities. Hope to see y’all there!
Sat 1 - 3 PM Family Field Day! Montgomery Park, Hosted by ABQ Family Chiropractic. A celebration of all the families who trust us with their care, and an opportunity for families who are considering our office to get to know our team in a fun, low-stakes environment. Food and family-friendly activities will be provided
Sat 1 - 4 PM Zouk with Jaime Arôxa! Alley Kats Tap Company, 222 Truman St. NE We will continue building on, and reviewing everything we have learned with Jamie Arôxa and Kiri Chapman thus far. We will continue to work on Zouk basics and building on the basics including connection and timing, musicality, lateral with variations, Yo-yo, viradinha, cambre, body, rolls, body, isolations, weight transfers, counterbalance, elástico, convergence & divergence, Wi-Fi, head, movement, styling, head movement, varying turns, and Chicote. Classes will be progressive and will be adjusted to the level of each class. Drop in anytime * All levels welcome * No partner needed * Cash preferred - can also accept Venmo and Cash App to $UWDstudios
Sat 1:30 - 4 PM Father's Day Tee Cabezon Park, 2307 Cabezon Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho Celebrate Father's Day with a round of miniature golf or two! Tee-off with dad at our Annual Father's Day "Tee". Enjoy some snacks, and an Arnold Palmer while making a craft with dad. Prizes awarded for the top 3 teams in miniature golf! Each child and parent must register individually. NO DROP-INS. Please contact the Cabezon Community Center at 505-892-4499 for more info
Sat 4 - 5 PM East Coast Swing Group Class Enchantment Dancing, 337 San Pedro Dr. NE Welcome to our Bronze American East Coast Swing Class! Whether you are a newbie stepping on to the dance floor for the first time or a seasoned professional wanting to brush up on basics, as well as anyone in-between, this class is for you! East Coast Swing is an exciting, up-beat dance that is endlessly versatile! No partner necessary, and dropping in is fine! Class cost is only $10, and a punch card for 6 classes is $50
Sat 6 - 10 PM Baddie Fest OT Circus, 709 Central Ave NW let's all have a fun summer night. Fairy Julz (crystals and more to raise your energy) will be at @ otcircus. Market, Music, Dance Performers, Crystal Pop Up Booth, Henna, Woman Vendors. Tag and invite your favorite baddies
Sat 6 - 11 PM Heights Summerfest North Domingo Baca Park, Celebrate warm weather and outdoor fun at a free community gathering during an Albuquerque Summerfest. This free concert series features local businesses with handcrafted products in The Shops, food trucks with freshly made cuisine in the Food Court, libations created by breweries, wineries and distilleries in The Cantina, entertainment by local talent, and a production by a national headliner all at a City park (click here for more info: live music, food trucks, kids' activities, drinks, vendors, parking)
Sat 7 PM Dancing Queens Sunshine Theater, 120 Central Ave SW Throw out your calendar! Buy a new calendar! Mark June 10th as the first and ONLY date in your calendar! Pride weekend, all the dancing queens are descending on the Sunshine Theater for the night of all nights. Juicee Früt presents Dancing Queens! Featuring performances by Red Light Cameras, ABBAquerque, Galaxy, Juicee Früt, Drag Performances from CoCo Caliente & Mr. Rusty Nutz, Forbidden Früt Market, & more! (tickets)
Sat 7 PM Death On The Beach: A Metalcore Beach Party Launchpad, 618 Central Ave SW Join us for a night filled with beach-going shenanigans and some of the best metalcore bands Albuquerque has to offer. Swimwear, flip flops, sunscreen and lais ENCOURAGED! Come out and rage with us, and let's make this a night to remember! Presale tickets are $10 and are available through any band. Just send them a message! Online tickets through Holdmyticket will be available soon. Inhuman Hands, EYE, Secure The Void, One Last Summer
Sat 9 PM Temple of Sound Presents Starry Night Juno, 1501 1st St. NW This event will feature our guest DJ Chris Losack! He's a longtime DJ who primarily spins house and techno but also has roots in industrial and dark music. He will be showing his dark side this time out! Join us for another spectacular event! Sparkly or night sky attire encouraged but not required! 21+ / No cover
Sat 9 PM Pride 2023 Effex, 420 Central Ave SW Spunjy Hicks Lounge: Malik Patio: DJ Chris de Jesus Side Effex: Xblyssid
Sat 10:30 PM Late Nite Comedy Jam The Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Ave NE Ristra Comedy and Chuck Parker Comedy present a stellar lineup of standup comedians! This month's headliner: Josh Fournier Featuring Chuck Parker & Sara Anne Myers and your host Alex Benton
** Sun 6/11 *\*
Sun 8 AM - 2 PM Hot Rods for Hunger Car Show and Poker Run 2801 Eubank Blvd NE Yes, our amazing car show fundraiser is happening again, thanks to Bell’s Brewery and the Mopar Most Wanted car club. This year, for early registration, we are having a Kickstart happy hour with Bells Brewery at O’Niell’s Heights location on Juan Tabo. Join us and register your car. All makes and models are welcome. Come out and see some of the coolest cars in Albuquerque. There will be raffles, food trucks, lots of awards for the cars, and a food drive for the Storehouse food pantry. Enter the Poker Run, the Car Show, or both today!
Sun 10 AM Rocketman Historic Lobo Theater, 3013 Central Ave NE THE HISTORIC LOBO THEATER along with Albuquerque Film & Music Experience is excited to bring Rocketman to the big screen! Showing Starts at 11:30 am Tickets are ONLY $10 for General Admission Come Early Brunch Starts at 10 am Full Buffet Available for only $21 The ticket price is for entry to the movie only. Pajama brunch and a movie. Exclusive Brunch Menu! Made to order pancakes, mimosas and more. 10% off if you come in your pajamas
Sun 10 AM - 2 PM STEAM DAY Rail Yards Market, 777 1st St. SW Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) all put New Mexico on the Map as a unique place. Standing for over one hundred years, the historic Rail Yards of Albuquerque stand as an ode to a period of extreme innovation for the Rio Grande basin area. Albuquerque literally rose and became what it is around the Rail Yards, and railroad era that brought so much innovation. In these industrial cathedrals, we hum with innovation again.. Activating the space for community use, the Rail Yards Market is non-profit (certified 501c3), bringing together small businesses in agriculture, food, and artisan manufacturing on a local scale. Our STEAM stands for Sustainable, Traditional, Educational and Artistic Modalities. In this area we host interactive demonstrations. Mini-Makers Unite! Learn about what makes a laser light up, a 3D printer build, and so much more! Bring out your tech, geek, and inquisitive minds to the Rail Yards Market and visit makers from Quelab. Free for all! Everyone is welcome! EBT doubled with Double-Up-Food-Bucks, ADA Accessible, Senior and WIC programs welcome, Fresh & local produce, Breakfast & lunch prepared food options, 120+ local food, healing, and art businesses, Parking & restrooms, FREE :: LOCAL :: FAMILY FRIENDLY :: PET FRIENDLY
Sun 10:30 - 11:30 AM Mindful Movement - Yoga in the Park Academy Hills Park, 9709 Layton Ave NE Meet us on the southwest side of the park, just southwest of the playground, under the large trees. Looks for the Aumies sign! Bring your mat, block, strap and water!
Sun 2 - 4 PM Lumberyard Jazz Trio Sawmill Market, 1909 Bellamah Ave NW The Lumberyard Jazz Trio is back to bring exciting jazz melodies to Sawmill Market. They use an interchanging group of New Mexican instrumentalists who have traveled nationwide to perform, lead by saxophonist Sean Johnson
Sun 3 PM Pride Tea Dance on the Patio Effex, 420 Central Ave SW 3 - 6 PM: DJ Mike Demarco 6 - 9 PM: DJ Spunjy Hicks Featuring performances by Avery Martini, Jessica K. Daniels, Imani Martini
Sun 4 - 7 PM Music on the Patio: Squash Blossom Boys Canteen Brewhouse, 2381 Aztec Rd NE Based in Albuquerque, The Squash Blossom Boys have played southwestern stages for over ten years. With beginnings as a garage band, they have explored a variety of musical genres including rock, jazz, reggae and more to find the hard driving, high lonesome sound of Bluegrass music. The current central players include Dustin Orbesen (Dobro, Mandolin, Vocals), Kit Murray (Banjo, Vocals), Kyle Malone (Guitar), Peter Lisignoli (Bass)
Sun 5 - 8 PM Mack 'n Cheese Sunday Variety Show Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Variety show with Mack 'n Cheese (Indy Hip Hop), Cali Shaw (Americana), Basilaris Trio (Jazz), Sol de la Noche, Melissa Prada (spoken word) Monthly variety show with Mack 'n Cheese (Indy Hip Hop), Cali Shaw (Americana), Basilaris Trio (Jazz), Sol de la Noche, Melissa Prada (spoken word), vendors. Family-friendly (if your kids already know the F-word). Food available for purchase. On the patio, weather permitting, or in the Gallery
Sun 7 - 10 PM S.O.S - Salsa On Sunday Dance Social 505 Spirits, 105 Harvard Dr. SE Salsa On Sunday Dance Social *With guest DJ's *Latin Dance Performances *The Occasional LIVE Music Performance *And Always... Social Dancing! salsa timba bachata merengue *What is it about a Social* The essence of a Social is for the dance community to get together and dance. Socials offer a relaxed night of dancing. Socials continue to draw dance enthusiasts who get lost in their salsa “addiction” by dancing and enjoying the music. Socials offer something for every level of dancer at any age. Bands and DJs have more freedom to play sets which appeal to the dance-centric crowd. It's about the music. It's about the dance. If you want to have an alternative to the club, are underage, or simply want to get in some good dancing - check out a Social, you might be surprised at how much fun you have
Sun 7:30 PM Brit Floyd Revel ABQ, 4720 Alexander Blvd. NE Brit Floyd returns to the stage in 2023 to perform a brand-new production celebrating 50 years of the ground-breaking and iconic musical masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon. The show will feature classic tracks from the album such as Time, Money, Us and Them and The Great Gig in the Sky. The 2 and a half hours plus set list will also include other highlights from Pink Floyd’s magnificent catalogue of albums, including tracks from The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Division Bell, Medal and much more (tickets)
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2023.06.08 05:05 FunPsychological1919 Aligned Marketing Essentials – Danielle Eaton

Link download:

Here’s what you’ll get in Aligned Marketing Essentials

To ensure that you never feel the need to recruit new patients into your practice again, learn how you should view yourself, marketing, and the wider world.
To start realizing your full potential in your practice, get over your fears of putting yourself and your business out there.
Develop Successful Marketing and Chiropractic Practice Habits in Simple and Easy Ways That Consider Your Busy Life
Discover Why Using Inconsistent Marketing Practices WON'T Work
Recognize the factors that will enable you to market your practice consistently, allowing it to expand more steadily!
Understanding How To Fit Marketing Into Your Weekly Schedule, Despite Being Busy With Patients and Your Family
Learn Exactly What To Do About Why Marketing To Everyone Is Actually Killing Your Marketing Efforts.
Stop pressuring people into appointments they don't want at events, lunch and learns, and talks.
Build Relationships With Your Ideal Patients By Using A Heart-Centered, Give-First Approach.
Eliminate from your practice any deal-seekers and people in need of a quick fix who just serve to sap your energy and aren't beneficial to the long-term health of YOU or your practice.
Find out how to promote your chiropractic practice in everyday life without coming across as pushy.
Create a marketing and practice growth strategy that ensures you never compromise what is important for what is less important.
Learn Why Being Yourself Will Grow Your Practice and Remove the Obstacles to Embodying It.
Relationship marketing, Module 5
Put An End To Time-Wasting, Energy-Sucking Networking Meetings and Events Learn How To Build Relationships In Your Area That Lead To More New Patients, Better New Patients, and Growth and Impact In Your Community Put An End To Time-Wasting, Energy-Sucking Networking Meetings and Events That Don't Give You A Clear Return On Your Investment Of Time & Money
Learn how to create your platform so that you may establish yourself as a thought leader in your neighborhood and draw new patients to your practice.
To create social proof that what you do works and to make it simple to convince others why they want it, document and share your case studies!
Learn why it's more difficult than ever to get members of your community to attend in-person events and what you can do about it.
Discover How To Organize Events That Inspire The Right People To Actually Attend!
Tracking Results Module 8
Gain access to an editable software system that will help you stay accountable and on track with expanding your practice by learning how to track your marketing efforts so you can determine what to keep investing your time and energy into and, ultimately, what to stop doing.
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2023.06.08 04:38 Azeranth Community Development Kit, a petition for robust debugging and gameplay analysis tools.

This request comes off the heels of the recent AMA, the topics which were broached, and the nature of the developer responses. This post is something of a petition I would like to put forward from the community, voicing the attitudes and desires of more passionate and involved members of the community. Especially, its content creators and tinkerers at heart. Without further adieu, please enjoy this absolutely enormous post.
To the esteemed developers,
We, the dedicated players of the game, hereby submit this petition to advocate for the implementation of crucial Quality of Life (QoL) features. We believe that these features are essential to improving our overall gaming experience, fostering community engagement, and elevating the game to new heights. Through these enhancements, we aim to enhance gameplay depth, customization options, testing capabilities, and overall player satisfaction.
As players, we understand that the gaming landscape is constantly evolving, and we constantly seek new challenges and experiences. By incorporating the requested QoL features, you have the opportunity to revolutionize the game, providing a more dynamic and immersive environment that resonates with players on a deeper level.
We recognize the value of strategic decision-making and customization in our gaming experience. Therefore, we request the inclusion of features that empower players to create personalized experiences and explore new avenues within the game. These enhancements will lead to increased variety and replayability, ensuring that players can continually find enjoyment and inspiration within the game world.
Efficient organization and enforcement of specific game rules are vital to maintaining a vibrant player community. Therefore, the implementation of tools that streamline the process of customizing matches and sharing preferred configurations with others would greatly benefit the community. Additionally, advanced debugging tools and testing capabilities would contribute to a more stable and polished gaming experience, reinforcing player satisfaction and trust.
We believe that deepening players' understanding of game mechanics and facilitating analysis and strategic decision-making is crucial to fostering innovation and community growth. By incorporating features that allow players to explore and experiment with various in-game phenomena, we can create a more engaging and immersive experience that encourages players to push the boundaries of their gameplay skills.
Furthermore, visual enhancements play a significant role in creating captivating and immersive experiences. By providing players with options to customize visual elements, we can foster creativity and allow for unique atmospheres within the game world. These enhancements also aid in understanding spatial interactions, further enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
We acknowledge that implementing these features requires considerable time and effort on your part. However, we firmly believe that the investment would be worthwhile, as it would greatly enhance player satisfaction and reinforce the strong bond between the player community and the development team.
In conclusion, we, the passionate players of the game, urge you to carefully consider the inclusion of these requested QoL features. By embracing these enhancements, you have the opportunity to create a gaming experience that not only meets but exceeds our expectations, establishing your game as a leader in the industry. We eagerly await your response and look forward to the future of this beloved game.
Sincerely, Azeranth, and the community members identified below
Perk Bans: * Allow players to ban specific perks from being used by either the survivors or the killer. * This feature would add an extra layer of strategy and variety to private matches, encouraging players to adapt their playstyles.
Map Seed Configuration: * Introduce the option to specify the exact map seed values for a private match. * This feature would allow players to recreate specific map layouts or share unique map setups with their friends.
Addon and Item Customization: * Provide host players with the ability to customize addons and items for both survivors and killers. * This customization could include adjusting the effectiveness, rarity, or even introducing unique custom addons or items.
Rule Presets: * Implement a system that allows players to save and share their rulesets as presets. * Players could create and name different ruleset configurations to easily switch between them or share them with others.
Developer Mode: * Introduce a "Developer Mode" that can be enabled within the "Debug" ruleset. * This mode would provide players with additional tools and options specifically designed for testing and debugging purposes.
Phenomena Configuration: * Enable players to manipulate and configure various in-game phenomena, such as generator repair speeds, survivor healing speeds, killer movement speed, and more. * This would allow players to precisely replicate and analyze specific scenarios or interactions.
Information Display: * Include additional information displays, such as hitbox outlines, character statistics, or interaction timings. * This visual feedback would aid players in understanding the game's mechanics and interactions more comprehensively.
Asset Sets: * Allow players to choose different asset sets for the maps, including options such as the "Production" set, a blank texture set, or specific themed sets. * This would enable players to create unique visual experiences and explore different atmospheres within the game.
Lighting Options: * Provide the ability to toggle between different lighting options, such as baked lighting only or dynamic lighting. * This feature would allow players to experiment with different lighting scenarios and ambiance.
Fog Effects: * Include options to adjust or disable fog effects within the map. * Players could choose to have denser or thinner fog, or even remove it entirely for a different visual experience.
Hitbox Outlines: * Implement a feature that allows players to toggle hitbox outlines for objects and structures within the map. * This would assist in analyzing collision interactions and understanding the spatial aspects of the game world.
Terrain Mesh Display: * Enable players to visualize the terrain mesh with translucent textures or wireframe rendering. * This would provide insights into the layout of the terrain and help players strategize their movements more effectively.
Terrain Hitboxes: * Introduce an option to exclusively display the hitboxes of terrain objects without showing non-collidable assets. * This would aid players in understanding collision boundaries and improve navigation in complex environments.
In-Game Menu Page: * Introduce a new menu page accessible from the escape screen, dedicated to game world manipulation. * This menu page would provide a user-friendly interface for modifying various features of the game.
Customizable Gameplay Settings: * Expand the existing "General Game Settings" to include more customizable gameplay options. * Allow players to adjust match duration, scoring mechanics, perk balance, and character abilities directly from the in-game menu.
Developer Console: * Include a developer console as an advanced feature within the in-game UI system. * The developer console would cater to experienced users, providing them with additional power and flexibility in modifying game settings.
Disabling Relationships: * Allow the debug game mode to disable specific relationships between gameplay elements. * This could include enabling the developer console to activate exit gates even when generators are not fully repaired, automatically completing generators, spawning and destroying objects with explicitly defined meta data, and more.
Restocking Chests: * Implement a command in the developer console to restock chests with items or addons. * This would allow for easy testing and experimentation with different item distributions throughout the game.
Progress Reset: * Enable a command to reset the progress of a specific activity, such as generator repair progress or healing progress. * This would help testers or developers recreate specific scenarios or fine-tune gameplay elements.
Health State Manipulation: * Allow the developer console to automatically change the health states of characters during gameplay. * This would be useful for testing various interactions, balancing, or replicating specific scenarios.
Aura Highlighting Configuration: * Provide options in the debug game mode to configure aura highlighting for certain objects. * This would allow players to customize and experiment with the visual representation of auras in the game.
Swapping Perks and Addons: * Enable the developer console to swap out perks and addons during gameplay. * This would facilitate testing different perk combinations or addons for balancing and gameplay exploration.
Map Reload: * Implement a command in the developer console to reload the map and restore it to its initial conditions. * This would allow for efficient testing and repeated experimentation without having to restart the entire match.
Teleportation: * Provide the ability to teleport players to precise positions and orientations through console commands. * This would be useful for setting up specific scenarios or testing specific areas of the map.
Network Synchronized Timers: * Introduce network synchronized in-game timers that allow precise timing during testing and debugging. * This feature would ensure that all players in the game see the same timer values, facilitating coordinated testing and analysis.
Stopwatch Functionality: * Implement a stopwatch feature within the debug game mode. * This would allow players to start, stop, and record time intervals to measure specific actions or events during gameplay.
Customizable Prompts: * Provide the ability to create customizable prompts or notifications within the game for testing purposes. * This feature would allow players to display specific messages, reminders, or instructions during gameplay to aid in testing scenarios.
Event Triggers: * Introduce triggers that can be placed within the game world to initiate specific events or actions. * This would allow testers and developers to create and replicate precise scenarios for testing purposes.
Spectator Mode Enhancements: * Improve the spectator mode with additional tools and information for better analysis during testing. * This could include the ability to follow specific players, view detailed statistics, or enable visual overlays for debugging purposes.
Data Recording and Analysis: * Implement a system for recording and analyzing gameplay data for in-depth testing and performance analysis. * This feature would assist in identifying potential issues, improving balance, and optimizing game mechanics.
Spectator Camera Control: * Introduce an optional spectator camera control feature that allows players to freely navigate and observe the game world from different perspectives. * This would provide testers and content creators with greater flexibility in capturing footage, analyzing gameplay, and creating content.
"Show Data" Command: * Implement a command, such as "/showdata," that can be used in the developer console to display detailed information about objects in the game world. * This command would provide descriptive data about the object being looked at, including metadata, attributes, and unique identifiers for easy reference.
Verbosity Settings: * Allow players to adjust the verbosity level of the "show data" command to display varying levels of information. * Users could choose between minimal, standard, and verbose levels of detail based on their specific needs and preferences.
In-Game Data Display Window: * Introduce a text window in the game interface that continuously shows information about the object the player is currently looking at. * This window could be positioned in a non-intrusive location on the screen, providing real-time information during gameplay.
Object Priority Configuration: * Implement a priority system that allows players to configure which objects should take precedence in displaying their information. * This would enable players to customize the focus of the data window based on their specific testing needs or interests.
Hitbox Size Configuration: * Provide options for players to adjust the size of the hitbox used to determine "what the player is looking at." * This customization option would allow players to fine-tune the sensitivity of the data display based on their preferences and requirements.
Information Display: * Include relevant information about the object, such as metadata, attributes, unique identifiers, and any additional data deemed useful for testing and analysis. * The displayed information could include details like object name, ID, status, current state, related statistics, and other relevant properties.
Watch Conditions: * Introduce a system that allows players to define and toggle "watch conditions" for specific game events they want to collect data on. * This feature would be particularly useful for handling situations like projectiles, where the object doesn't exist initially, but the player wants to gather information about its behavior and interactions.
Data Collection: * Enable the system to collect relevant information about the watched events, such as hitbox data, collision locations, triggered events, lifespan details, destruction information, and other related properties. * This would provide players with valuable insights into the behavior and characteristics of specific game elements.
Generalized Logging: * Implement a generalized logging feature that allows players to attach debugging hooks to in-game events, generating descriptive logging information. * The logging feature should support customizable levels of detail and allow players to specify which events to log, ensuring flexibility and efficient data collection.
In-Game Accessibility: * Make the logging information accessible in-game, providing players with real-time access to the collected data. * This could be achieved through a dedicated in-game interface where players can view and analyze the logged information during gameplay.
Export to Local File Storage: * Provide the option to export the logging information to local file storage either in real-time or on command as a discrete operation. * This would enable players to store and review the collected data outside of the game, facilitating more in-depth analysis and sharing with others.
Visual Event Rendering: * Develop a system that renders visual indicators or overlays at the exact locations of captured events, such as the hitbox of a projectile at every point it occurred. * This visual representation would allow players to see the hitbox information and analyze the behavior of objects in flight or during specific events.
Hitbox Indicators: * Implement specific visual indicators that accurately represent the hitboxes of objects or projectiles. * These indicators could be displayed as transparent outlines, colored overlays, or any other visual representation that clearly delineates the hitbox area.
Toggle and Configuration Options: * Provide options to toggle the visibility of hitbox indicators and customize their appearance (e.g., color, opacity, size) based on player preferences. * This flexibility would allow players to adjust the visual rendering according to their specific needs and optimize the testing and analysis process.
Valid Spawn Location Highlighting: * Develop a system that visually highlights valid spawn locations for objects that were not spawned during the map generation process. * This could include highlighting potential spawn points for generators, items, chests, hooks, and other relevant objects.
External Text File Import: * Create a functionality that enables the import of commands from an external text file into the game. * This text file would contain a sequence of commands, each representing a specific configuration or testing action.
Command Execution: * Develop a command execution system that reads and executes each line of the imported text file as a command within the game. * This system should ensure the proper execution of commands in the correct sequence to establish the desired testing environment.
Standardized Command Format: * Define a standardized format for the commands in the text file to ensure consistency and ease of use. * This format could include specific keywords or syntax to represent different actions or configurations.
Supported Actions and Configurations: * Include a wide range of supported actions and configurations that can be executed through the text file import. * This can include setting up watches, importing settings, configuring logging, preparing log files, synchronizing timers, and any other environment setup commands desired for testing purposes.
Error Handling and Feedback: * Implement proper error handling and feedback mechanisms to notify users if any errors occur during the execution of the imported commands. * This could include error messages, logs, or pop-up notifications to indicate any issues encountered during the process.
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated developers for taking the time to read through this lengthy petition. We understand the immense workload that comes with considering and implementing the requested features, and we appreciate your attention to the wishes and concerns of the passionate members of our community.
We are fully aware that fulfilling these requests may come at the expense of content production, an outcome that both the community and the development team are wary of. However, we would like to draw your attention to the success and overwhelming community support experienced by other game developers, such as those behind Rainbow Six Siege, during their "Operation Health" initiative. With Dead by Daylight having been around for a substantial period of time, we believe that a dedicated effort for at least one content cycle is warranted to address the concerns raised in this petition.
We acknowledge that the list of demands presented may appear overwhelming. However, we want to emphasize that complete satisfaction of all requests is not necessary to significantly improve the game and its community. We kindly request that, upon careful consideration of these requests, the development team provide a response item by item, sharing their thoughts on each part. It would be immensely helpful to understand which subset of the requests we can anticipate as short, medium, and long-term goals, as well as which features may undergo multiple revisions to make them more robust over time.
Furthermore, we are curious to learn the team's general attitude regarding the release of developer support tools to the broader community or the prioritization of in-house technologies for long-term productivity over short-term content demands. We believe that open communication and transparency in these matters will foster a stronger bond between the community and the development team.
Once again, we extend our gratitude for your time, consideration, and dedication to creating an outstanding gaming experience. We eagerly await your response and remain hopeful that our collective efforts will lead to a brighter future for Dead by Daylight and its passionate community.
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2023.06.08 03:24 Money_Butterfly_9803 Dairy Ad Featuring Aubrey Plaza Violates Federal Laws Physicians’ Complaint Alleges
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service unlawfully approved an ad last month that features The White Lotus actress Aubrey Plaza mocking plant milk. The now-viral “Wood Milk” ads violate laws forbidding federal agricultural promotions from depicting products in a negative light, according to a complaint filed today with the USDA Office of Inspector General by the Physicians Committee, a nonprofit public health advocacy organization.
Using a fictitious product named “Wood Milk” as a stand-in for plant-based milks, the ads deride plant-based milks.
The “Wood Milk” campaign violates the statutory prohibition against advertising that is “false or misleading or disparaging to another agricultural commodity” and the regulatory prohibition against “unfair or deceptive acts or practices with respect to the quality, value or use of any competing product,” the Physician Committee’s complaint says.
It also violates a federal law that says USDA milk advertising dollars can’t be used to influence legislation or government action or policy. On February 23, 2023, the FDA announced new proposed guidelines that would allow plant-based milks to be labeled using the word “milk.” The agency invited the public to submit comments by April 24, 2023, before final guidelines would be established. The “Wood Milk” ad campaign was launched before that comment period closed. On May 1, 2023, the comment period was extended to July 31, 2023. The “Wood Milk” campaign has run continuously since then.
The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service administers the federal commodity promotion and research programs, commonly referred to as “checkoff” programs. The USDA approves all “checkoff” advertising and is responsible for reviewing and verifying all nutritional claims.
The Physician Committee’s complaint requests that the Office of Inspector General issue a recommendation that the “Wood Milk” ads stop and that the milk “checkoff” issue corrective advertising that explains the benefits of plant-based milks.
“The ‘checkoff’ is a government program,” said Physicians Committee President Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, adjunct professor of medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine. “It is one thing for it to promote cow’s milk. It is quite another thing to mock the products that many nonwhite Americans choose for health reasons.”
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2023.06.08 03:13 seayouinteeeee Venture capitol funded mental health companies are exploiting therapists/clients and are going to leave a trail of destruction in the field - personal experience with a startup

I’m recently leaving a VC funded startup company that I believed was my dream job. Upon my hiring, I had little knowledge about venture capital and private equity startups. I’ve always loved working in residential/php/IOP type settings because of the complexity of the population. I also feel strongly about providing good care to this population because treatment centers are often a gamble, clinically speaking. When I got this job—it was like my calling was answered: work for a mission-focused company and help build and create a trauma-specific intensive therapy program in the city I live in. The pay was slightly higher than my previous job, but I was promised clinical trainings and equity within the company.
Myself and the colleagues I was hired with did build an incredible, life changing program, and we put our blood, sweat, and tears into it. We went above and beyond and gave so much of ourselves, often doing things outside of our clinical roles, and networking/promoting the company because we believed so much in providing life changing treatment to our community. We ran it for about 6 months before they decided to close with absolutely no warning a few weeks ago. They scheduled a last minute zoom meeting with us at the end of the day and told us in cryptic corporate speak that they were deciding to “focus efforts to meet the needs of other communities” and close our program when clients complete their treatment. This was not performance based. Our admissions were at an all time high when they made this decision and calls/referrals continue to come in.
Obviously, we were heart broken and traumatized. Days before this, leadership was discussing bringing on new providers and expanding to residential. It’s impossible to capture everything here—but the corporate staff got to know us and gained our trust. They constantly ensured us from the time we were hired that they had “secure financial backing” and were not interested in fast growth but long term success. Things changed slowly overtime, almost like a grooming process. We began working more, being asked to do more outside of our roles, having pressure put on us…either to find creative new ways to expand outreach or to take out of scope clients because “we are in a phase that needs to generate revenue.” As we saw the success of the program we created, we were sure all the hard work and energy would be compensated, and raises were due to be discussed very soon. As soon as corporate told us they decided to close our location, they have basically gone silent and treat us as if we are nonexistent. It’s deeply painful and humiliating to have trusted them. Since deciding to close our program, they’ve opened two others and acquired a third. Apparently, at their other locations, care is disintegrating rapidly. After doing some research, we theorize that the success of our program was never important. VC investors require expansion quotas—the goal of the company is not good treatment, its aggressive growth. They exploited our passion and expertise to grow and sell a brand. As per usual, at the core of this organization is a very wealthy and intelligent narcissistic entrepreneur.
I’m posting this here not only to vent but to hopefully create a larger discussion about what these VC funded companies are doing to our field. Since this has happened, I’ve been digging deep into the impact on our field and I’m just furious and disgusted. It isn’t just the online platforms that are worth billions, these investors are literally infiltrating our industry to capitalize and exploit the mental health crisis and use therapists and their licenses to do so. What’s really sad is that I know at least two other clinicians who worked for a ketamine assisted therapy program that almost the exact same experience.
I’d love to know any other thoughts or experiences. Feel free to AMA. There’s so much more crazy shit I experienced that I can’t contain to one post.
TLDR: I got completely duped working for a VC funded mental health startup company that groomed me to represent, build, and help sell their brand and then disposed of me. Also—to be specific, well over a million dollars was spent on the treatment center we opened.
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2023.06.08 02:50 Ok_Form8772 Seeking roleplay partner to write engaging rp with

Good morning. I'm a 30 year old somewhat seasoned roleplayer, on the hunt for a compatible partner to create compelling stories with. I'm looking to engage in roleplays with original characters, and I'm drawn towards players who are roughly in my age range for a more relatable experience. We have the freedom to venture into the realms of our own imagination, crafting a completely fictional world, or we could opt to place our original characters into a canon fandom world. I have a soft spot for various fandoms including but not limited to: (Currently not craving a fandom) • Dragon Ball Z • Mystic Messenger • Code Vein • Stardew Valley • My Hero Academia • Skyrim • Pokemon I'm always open to exploring other fandoms too if you have a different preference. Regarding the genre, I'm interested in and enjoy a vast range, such as: • Slice of Life • Mystery • Drama • Cyberpunk • Horror • Sci-Fi And more. The more intricate and layered, the better! In terms of writing quality, I have a preference for well-structured and thought-out posts. It's not about the quantity, but the quality of the content for me. The roleplay criteria I'm setting are: • Age 21 and over only. • FxM pairings. • 3-4 paragraphs to Novella. • Anime or illustrated face claims only. • Roleplay conducted over Discord. I would like to mention that I am not looking to roleplay MxM or FxF pairings. I am currently not seeking a fandom, but I am seeking original characters.

Possible pairings below: **Cybernetic Bounty Hunter x Fugitive AI** In the neon-soaked cityscape of Neo-Tokyo 3095, a world on the cusp of a technological singularity, our protagonist, a formidable Cybernetic Bounty Hunter, is tasked with hunting down a rogue AI that has breached its protocols and escaped its confines. Little does the Hunter know that this AI is no ordinary program; it has gained sentience, fostering a self-awareness that threatens the precarious balance between man and machine. The plot deepens as the Hunter uncovers a network of political machinations, corporate espionage, and a looming AI rebellion, turning his mission into a heart-pounding race against time. **Paranormal Investigator x Spirit** A seasoned Paranormal Investigator is drawn to an ominous Victorian mansion reputed for its inexplicable hauntings. What he encounters is an ancient spirit, tragically trapped between worlds, unable to pass into the afterlife. As they clash, a thrilling narrative unfolds with a twist; the Spirit holds the key to a centuries-old curse that grips the mansion. Now, they must work together to break the curse and free the Spirit before it's too late. **Apocalypse Survivor x Monster** In a world brought to its knees by an apocalyptic event, a lone human survivor finds herself constantly at odds with a monstrous entity that roams the ruins. Initially, their interactions are hostile, with the Monster stalking the Survivor in her search for sanctuary and resources. However, as time passes, the Survivor discovers that the Monster was once a scientist responsible for the cataclysm that ended civilization, cursed with a monstrous form as the result of his own failed experiment. As they confront their shared loneliness in the devastated world, a strange connection evolves between them. **Starship Captain x Alien Imposter** A seasoned Starship Captain leads a mission to colonize a far-off exoplanet. After establishing an outpost, a strange Alien entity infiltrates the crew, able to take the form of any crew member it chooses. The Alien, desperate and far from its own species, intends to sabotage their mission and use their ship to return home. Initially, the Captain and his crew fight the Alien Imposter, leading to thrilling battles and nerve-wracking investigations, as they attempt to discover who among them is not what they seem. Remember, these are simply ideas, and the dynamics between the characters can vary greatly depending on our shared plot and character development. Let's craft an engaging and unique story together! I wish for our roleplay to be a thoroughly immersive experience where we both contribute equally to our shared story. I value openness, creativity, and above all, respect in our interactions. If you find my preferences aligning with yours and feel we could create a fantastic story together, please feel free to message me. Let's embark on this thrilling journey together, exploring our creativity and enriching our shared universe. Looking forward to connecting with you! Sincerely, OkForm!
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2023.06.08 02:41 lechatheureux The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 3 (The Kingdoms of Tsaparang, Taishigang and Khotesh)

Please check part 1 and 2 for context.
The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 1 (Overview and The Gods) : worldbuilding (
The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 2 (The Kingdoms of Jangshun and Monyul) : worldbuilding (
Tsaparang is a Kingdom to the east of the other Tonpa Kingdoms, it is marked by thick jungles and winding rivers, a small number of mountains dot the landscape to the west, on the border with Jangshun and Monyul.
The jungles of Tsaparang are known for their dense vegetation and towering trees, with rivers that cut through the landscape and create a network of waterways. The jungle clearings are dotted with small villages, where the people of Tsaparang live and work in harmony with nature.
The people of Tsaparang have learned to live with the challenges of the jungle environment, including the risk of flooding during the rainy season and the dangers posed by wild animals. Despite these challenges, the jungle provides a wealth of resources for the people, including medicinal plants, exotic fruits, and valuable timber. The villagers have developed their own unique way of life, with a deep respect for the natural world and a strong sense of community. They work together to maintain their homes and farms, and to protect the jungle from outsiders who might seek to exploit its resources.
The kingdom of Tsaparang was founded by a legendary warrior king named Raja Dhananj, who converted to Tonpa and united several smaller kingdoms in the area left over from the Indraprastha Empire under his rule, he named it after a fortress city on the border of Monyul that was essential to his victory, he eventually built a grand capital city on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, which he named after himself – Dhananjpur.
The city is a bustling center of trade and commerce, and soon became known throughout the region for its wealth and prosperity. Over time, Dhananjpur grew into a magnificent city, with grand palaces, beautiful temples, and bustling markets, the most famous of which is the floating markets called Jalbazaar.
Jalbazaar is situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, which flows through the heart of the district. The district is famous for its bustling waterways, where vendors sell their wares from boats and barges that are moored along the riverbank. The floating markets of Jalbazaar are a riot of color and activity, with vendors hawking their wares to eager customers. The markets sell everything from fresh produce and seafood to handicrafts and textiles. The markets are busiest in the early morning, when fishermen bring in their catch from the river and vendors begin setting up their stalls. The air is filled with the smells of spices, cooking food, and fresh flowers, creating a heady atmosphere that is unique to Jalbazaar. Visitors to the floating markets can sample a wide variety of local delicacies, including steaming bowls of spicy fish curry, crispy fritters made from lentils and vegetables, and sweet desserts made from coconut and mango.
To the west of Dannajpur lies the village of Pashupati, the village sits on the edge of a dense jungle, its thatched-roof houses built on stilts to protect them from flooding during the monsoon season. At the center of the village is an ancient temple dedicated to the Dharmist God Pashupati, said to have been built by a powerful Thakur long ago. However, the temple has fallen into disrepair over the centuries, and now it is overrun with large cats, both tame and wild. The villagers believe that the cats are the guardians of the temple, and they feed and care for them as best they can. Some of the cats are even considered sacred, and are allowed to roam freely throughout the village. Despite the presence of the cats and the fact that the villagers abandoned Dharmism for Tonpa over a hundred years ago, the temple is still an important place of for the villagers, the temple's crumbling walls are adorned with faded murals depicting scenes from ancient legends and there is a sense of mystery and magic that pervades the place. Outsiders aren't rare in the village as it sits along an important road between two cities, but the villagers are wary of strangers who do not respect the cats, the temple or their ancient ways. However, they are hospitable and generous to those who show the cats respect and kindness.
The second most populous city in Tsaparang is called Serindia, it is nestled in the heart of a lush green valley, surrounded by towering cliffs on all sides, this small community has long been known for its bustling markets and vibrant culture. At the center of town, stands a magnificent castle, home to the ruling family of Serindia. Built from the finest stone and marble, the castle boasts towering walls and a grand hall where the noble lords and ladies of the land convene to discuss matters of great importance. But it's not just the castle that makes Serindia special. Just outside of town lies a sprawling grove of wild mango trees, known throughout the region for their delicious, juicy fruit. Every year, travelers from far and wide come to Serindia to sample the famous mangoes and to attend the lively festivals that celebrate the town's bountiful harvest.
The Company of the Wind have a large office in Serendia as every year people request them to deliver these magnificent mangoes so often.
As you wander the winding streets of Serindia, you'll encounter a diverse array of merchants and craftsmen, each offering unique wares and trades. You might stop by the blacksmith's shop to watch as he expertly hammers out a new sword, or perhaps you'll visit the town's resident healer, who is renowned for her ability to cure all manner of ailments.
The kingdom of Tsaparang is renowned for its skilled craftsmen and artisans, who create beautiful textiles, intricate jewelry, and exquisite pottery. The kingdom is also famous for its fine cuisine, which blends the flavors of local spices with influences from neighboring regions. Tsaparang has been ruled by a succession of wise and just kings and queens, who are respected and loved by their subjects. The royal palace is a grand structure, with beautiful gardens and courtyards, and is home to a vast library that contained works of literature and philosophy from throughout the world. The kingdom of Tsaparang is also known for its military might, and its armies are feared by neighboring kingdoms. However, the rulers of Tsaparang prefer diplomacy and trade over war, and are respected for their ability to negotiate peaceful solutions to disputes, the most famous army regiment of the Kingdom is called The Jungle Snakes.
The Jungle Snakes is a feared and respected regiment of soldiers who are known for their unique and deadly combination of a large tower shield and a short spear, this is meant to emulate a snake striking from the foliage of the jungle while the large shield allows the user to strike from safety. The soldiers of the Jungle Snakes are expert fighters, they train in their own unique martial art which requires them to train in the use of whip-swords, a sword made with a flexible whip like blade, although relatively useless in a large scale battle these swords are deadly in one-on-one fights and it is believed training with them develops agility and hand eye coordination. The Jungle Snakes is made up of elite soldiers who are chosen for their physical strength, agility, and quick reflexes, they are fiercely loyal to their kingdom and their commanders, and are known for their bravery and determination in battle. The Jungle Snakes are key component of the Tsaparang army, and are often called upon to guard royalty in battle. Their unique weapon and fighting style make them a formidable opponent, and they are feared and respected by enemies and allies alike.
Nestled deep within a treacherous and barely hospitable mountain range lies the kingdom of Taishigang, protected by rugged terrain and guarded by fiercely loyal soldiers. The people of this kingdom are rugged and tough, accustomed to the harsh conditions of their environment and deeply connected to the land that sustains them.
The tallest mountain in the known world is nestled within its borders, it is a revered holy site believed to be the last place on Earth the physical forms of the Three Gods were seen.
Taishigang is named after the two main ethnic groups that reside in the area, the Taishi and the Gangparan, occupying the north-west and the south-east respectively, the Taishi are said to be early cousins of the Jangshun people who migrated into the area hundreds of years before and the Gangparan are a group of people who escaped from the fall of the Indraprastha empire by migrating to the mountains. The kingdom is ruled by a council of clan leaders, with one among them being High Chief and first among equals, these leaders are chosen by their clans for their strength, cunning, and wisdom and in turn these leaders choose one among them to be High Chief, these leaders make decisions that affect the entire kingdom, and they are known for their fierce loyalty to the land and the people. The economy of the kingdom is based on mining and lumber, with the rugged landscape yielding valuable minerals and timber. The inhabitants of the kingdom work as miners and lumberjacks, extracting these resources from the earth and using them to build their homes and defenses.
Taishigang is home to a religious order of healers called “The Order of Spring” who are a a highly respected group of monks, the members of this order are known for their extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and natural remedies, as well as their spiritual practices that are believed to aid in the healing process. The Order of Spring has a long-standing tradition of passing down their healing techniques and knowledge from generation to generation, ensuring that their skills and expertise are not lost over time they are highly revered by the people of Taishigang, who often seek their help when they are sick or injured. Due to the harsh climate and rugged terrain of Taishigang, the Order of Spring has developed unique healing methods that are tailored to the specific challenges of the environment. They are experts in treating frostbite, hypothermia, altitude sickness, and other ailments that are common in cold, mountainous regions.
The members of the Order of Spring are dedicated to their craft and often travel far and wide in search of rare and unique ingredients to use in their remedies. They are known to journey deep into the mountain ranges and even venture into neighboring kingdoms to track down plants and herbs that are believed to hold powerful healing properties. Despite their extensive knowledge and skills, the healers of the Order of Spring are humble and compassionate. They offer their services to anyone in need, regardless of their social status or wealth. It is said that their selfless dedication to healing has helped to foster a strong sense of community and trust within the kingdom of Taishigang. The capital city of Taishigang is called Dzonggar, which means "fortress on the mountain" in the ancient language of the region. It is situated on a massive mountain peak that is over 4,000 meters high, with steep cliffs and a treacherous climb to reach the top. The city is built on multiple levels that follow the contours of the mountain, with each level connected by steep staircases and winding paths. The uppermost level of Dzonggar is the highest point in the city and is home to the Dragar Dzong, which serves as the administrative center for the region.
The Dzong is an imposing fortress with thick walls, ornate carvings, and intricate murals depicting scenes from Tonpa mythology. The upper level is also home to several important temples and monasteries that offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains. As one descends the mountain, the levels become more densely populated with homes and businesses. The middle levels of the city are home to bustling marketplaces, where merchants sell everything from spices to textiles to pottery. The lower levels of the city are home to workshops and industry, where artisans create beautiful handicrafts using traditional techniques. The city's buildings are made of stone and wood, with sloping roofs to withstand heavy snowfall. The streets are narrow and winding, with small shops and homes perched on the edge of the mountain. Each level of the city is connected by steep staircases and winding paths, making navigation through the city a challenging but rewarding experience. Despite its rugged location and challenging terrain, Dzonggar is a bustling city with a vibrant culture.
The people of Dzonggar are known for their colorful textiles, intricate woodcarvings, and exquisite metalwork. The city is also famous for its festivals, which are held throughout the year to celebrate the changing seasons, important religious holidays, and the city's rich cultural heritage. The military of the kingdom is composed of skilled rangers and guerilla warriors, trained to navigate the treacherous mountain terrain and to use it to their advantage. The rangers are experts in archery and hunting, the most famous regiment from Taishigang is called The Mountain Demons.
The Mountain Demons are an elite fighting force said to be established by the Lhakpa dynasty, the Mountain Demons only take the tallest of warriors some are said to reach up to 2 meters high, when one is chosen they go on a diet of carbs and protein to gain body mass, their training regiment consists of lifting heavy things and running long distances carrying heavy boulders, in battle they carry massive heavy weapons like hammers, clubs and sometimes even heavy metal gloves. Taishigang is home to the famous Druk-Lha Tsham, the Dragon-Tooth Forest, an expansive woodland that stretches across the western part of the Kingdom. The forest is named after the imposing mountain range that rises up from the trees like the teeth of a dragon.
The forest is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including towering pine trees, colorful wildflowers, and a variety of wildlife such as deer, foxes, and even the occasional black bear, streams and rivers flow through the forest in the summer, providing water for the plants and animals that call it home. Despite its natural beauty, the Dragon-Tooth Forest is also home to danger. Bandits and outlaws are known to hide within its depths, preying on travelers who venture too far from the safety of the nearby villages.
The forest is home to the village of Kulik a unique place where the houses are built high among the trees, the villagers live in beautiful treehouses connected by a network of wooden bridges that wind their way through the forest. The houses are made from local wood and are decorated with carvings of animals and intricate patterns. Some houses have balconies where the villagers can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the forest.
The village has a central meeting place where the villagers gather to socialize and discuss village matters, the meeting place is just outside the only stone building in the village, the Lalimamandir, said to be a stone temple dedicated to the Dharmist God Lalima but repurposed into the home of the ruling Gurung Clan, the Gurung, saw similarities between Lalima and Caihong, who after a lengthy purification process instead dedicated the building to The Mother but kept the original name to honour the builders. The villagers are self-sufficient and grow their own food in small gardens and farms scattered throughout the forest. They also hunt and fish in the nearby rivers and streams. The villagers are known for their hospitality and welcome visitors with open arms, inviting them to stay in their beautiful treehouses and share in their way of life.
The people of the kingdom of Taishigang hold a special reverence for Caihong for it is her practical ways that help them survive the rugged terrain. The people of the kingdom have a rich artistic and musical tradition, heavily influenced by their connection to the land and the animals. They are known for their intricate carvings, woven textiles, and colorful paintings, as well as their haunting music and dance.
Khotesh is a kingdom to the west, most of it is located in a vast and arid desert, with small portion of the Kingdom located on grassy planes and snow-capped mountains. The kingdom is known for its rugged terrain, with towering sand dunes, rocky outcroppings, and deep canyons. Most of its people are former nomads who converted to the religion of Tonpa and settled in one place, but there are still some nomadic people who travel with their herds across the desert. The people of Khotesh practice religion fervently, with Tonpa's teachings serving as the foundation for their daily lives. Their art and architecture reflect the influence of the Three Gods, with intricate carvings and paintings of Tonpa and his disciples adorning the walls of many buildings in the kingdom. The kingdom is ruled by a powerful monarch who resides in a grand palace in the capital city of Khanbalik. The palace is a majestic structure with domed roofs and intricate carvings, surrounded by lush gardens and fountains. Despite the harshness of the environment, the people of Khotesh have a rich cultural heritage. They are proud of their nomadic roots, and many still wear traditional clothing and practice traditional customs. The former nomads who settled in one place have formed close-knit communities, and their hospitality to travelers is legendary. Its capital city; Khanbalik is a built upon the grassy plains of the hills to the east of the Kingdom. The city is situated at the junction of several trade routes, which has made it a hub of commerce and culture. Its walls are made of wood and earth, with watchtowers at regular intervals to provide defense against raiders and invaders. The city is known for its harsh and unpredictable climate, with hot winds blowing in from the desert and cold winds descending from the mountains. These winds collide over Khanbalik, creating powerful storms that batter the city every autumn and spring. The storms bring heavy rains, lightning, and hail, making travel and trade difficult during these seasons, it is said that the sun-showers that regularly bathe the city in this time are a meeting of the Three Gods as the Sun, Wind and Rain are all aspects of Caihong, Druk-Ta and Daiden respectively, people often dance in the streets when a sun-shower happens. Despite the challenges posed by the climate, Khanbalik remains a vibrant and bustling city. The streets are crowded with people from all walks of life, from wealthy merchants to wandering nomads. The city is divided into districts based on trade and social status, with the grandest buildings located near the center of the city. The palace of the ruling Khan is one of the most impressive structures in Khanbalik, with ornate wooden carvings and sweeping roofs that curve upward like the wings of a bird. The temple district is also a popular destination for visitors to the city, with a variety of religions represented in the many shrines and sanctuaries.
Khanbalik is not only a bustling hub of commerce and culture, but it is also a melting pot of different ethnic groups and cultures. One of the unique features of Khanbalik is the seasonal influx of nomads who come to the city a few times a year during the changing of the seasons. As the seasons shift from summer to autumn and from winter to spring, nomadic herders from the surrounding grasslands and mountains make their way to Khanbalik to trade goods, socialize, and partake in the city's offerings. The changing of the seasons is a time of celebration and renewal, and the nomads play an important role in this cycle. During the autumn season, nomads bring with them fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. They also bring livestock such as sheep, goats, and horses to sell in the city's markets. In turn, they purchase items such as tools, clothing, and other necessities that they cannot produce on their own. In the spring, nomads return to Khanbalik with wool, meat, and dairy products from their herds. They also bring with them handmade crafts such as felt blankets, rugs, and clothing, which they trade for goods that will sustain them throughout the summer months. The seasonal exchange between the nomads and the city-dwellers is an important part of the culture and economy of Khanbalik. It fosters a sense of community and interdependence between the different groups, and it has been a tradition for generations.
One of the most interesting places in Khotesh is the town of Rokhala, a town carved into a towering sandstone cliff that rises high above the surrounding plains, the town's location is strategic, as it is nestled in a valley along a popular trade route, making it a profitable place for a settlement, the entrance to the town is a narrow, winding path that cuts into the cliff face, providing a natural defense against invaders. The town is built in a series of caves and carved out of sandstone, with buildings made from the same material, the structures are connected by narrow walkways, staircases, and bridges that cross over the canyon below. The town has a unique charm with its rustic stone architecture and winding passageways that twist and turn, creating an intriguing labyrinth of alleys and streets. The town has a diverse population, including traders, craftsmen, and mushroom farmers who make use of shallow caves to grow them in.
The town is home to a massive sandstone mining operation that exports sandstone all over the known world, sandstone from Rokhala is seen in the Confucian Kingdoms to the East, the Dharmist Kingdoms to the South and even the Caliphist and Mazdan Kingdoms to the West. Another interesting sight in the deserts of Khotesh is Altan Gazar, a bustling caravan that travels in harmony with the seasonal migration of a massive herd of Ibex, tents and yurts, woven from the finest camel and goat hair, are packed up and loaded onto sturdy pack animals as the city prepares to move to its next destination, the inhabitants are skilled in the art of packing and unpacking, swiftly transforming their temporary dwellings into a well-organized mobile settlement. As the herd of Ibex moves across the arid landscape, guided by the keen eyes of the city's inhabitants, the nomadic city follows in its wake, the city's layout is flexible and adaptable, with a central encampment for the tribal leader and their entourage, surrounded by the dwellings of other important individuals and their families. Water is a precious commodity in the desert, and the city relies on natural springs and wells discovered along the migration route, the inhabitants are experts in locating and utilizing these hidden water sources, carefully managing their usage to sustain their community and animals throughout their journey, rainwater is also collected during rare showers and stored in large containers for times when water is scarce.
The Ibex is an integral part of life to Altan Gazar, most adults carry a drinking horn made of Ibex horn, Ibex meat is regularly consumed in the spring with various spices found in the semi-arid grassy plains of their spring migration pattern, Ibex blood is sometimes drunk when water is scarce, fermented Ibex milk is a regular drink among the adults and Ibex skins are worn during cold winter nights. The city's architecture is designed to be lightweight and portable, with structures made of woven mats, reeds, and mud bricks. The city's inhabitants are skilled in constructing and deconstructing their homes as they move, utilizing locally available materials. Life in the nomadic city is intertwined with the rhythm of the desert and the migratory patterns of the Ibex. The inhabitants have a deep bond with their animals, particularly camels, which are used for transportation, milk, and meat. The city is a hub of trade and commerce, with merchants and traders from nearby towns and villages joining the city's journey, bartering for goods and services along the way.
The army of Khotesh is renowned for its hardiness and combat prowess in desert conditions. The kingdom has a long history of fending off invasions and raids from neighboring regions, and its army is specifically trained to operate effectively in desert terrain. The soldiers of Khotesh are known for their ruggedness and resilience, with many of them hailing from nomadic backgrounds. They are skilled in mounted combat, with cavalry units comprising a significant portion of the army. These cavalry units are particularly adept at hit-and-run tactics, using their speed and mobility to strike quickly and then retreat before the enemy can respond.
In addition to cavalry, the army of Khotesh also includes infantry units that specialize in desert warfare. These soldiers are trained to navigate harsh terrain and extreme temperatures, and they are equipped with light armor and weapons that are well-suited for the desert environment. They are skilled in using terrain to their advantage, and are adept at setting ambushes and launching surprise attacks. One of the unique features of the Khotesh army is their use of desert animals in combat. The kingdom is home to a variety of animals that have been domesticated and trained for military purposes, including camels and falcons. Camels are particularly useful in desert warfare due to their ability to traverse long distances with little water, and they are often used to transport soldiers and supplies across the harsh desert terrain. Falcons, on the other hand, are used for scouting and reconnaissance, and are trained to locate and track enemy troops.
The most famous army regiment of Khotesh is called The Scorpions, they are renowned desert survivalists and lone assassins, but in times of battle they are called upon to form a vanguard for the ruling Khan or Khanum, alone they are formidable but as a unit they are immensely dangerous, they are expert hand to hand combatants and excel at short, light weapons like shortswords and javelins. Another famed regiment of Khotesh is called The Hailstones, they are a Camel cavalry unit who use shock cavalry tactics, their camels have two riders, a spearman on the front and an archer on the back, the camels are bred to be massive to carry out such a feat, the spearman on the front charges into infantry lines with the spear and then turns away from the enemy to line up another charge while the archer on the back fires into their ranks, it is a very effective tactic that has won many battles.
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2023.06.08 02:36 Ready_Bedroom2671 25m proud of the progress, but the setbacks are soul crushing - I'm fearful and scared for what comes next

TLDR: years upon years of depression built until breaking point, just before the pandemic. I've done incredibly well since, but every blip seems to swing me back further and for longer; it's like watching my own Greek tragedy.
Skip to end for advice I'm seeking
Long version, it's really really comprehensive and I do just feel compelled to get it all out: apologies in advance/thank you
My family upbringing was fractious at best and featured endless family arguments. My parents separated when I was 11 and ever since I've been juggling mental health issues.
For the most part my mental health challenges were masked for one reason or another until my penultimate semester at university. I'll set the scene. Studying philosophy, (specifically Nietzsche which I'm sure didn't help) going into 2020, where I had assignments due end of Jan2020.
I was very depressed, and thought it was just studiously anxious. Once the assignments passed, things took an incredibly bad turn. By February, the month of love felt so fake, and even with my partner I felt like those fleeting moment of joy were just masking over the real me. The happy persona I had mintained over all those years had come crashing down.
End of Feb, I attempted suicide. I had planned the whole thing over the whole month. It was very dark and bleak. Luckily I had rung my parents (I can't remember precisely which one first) in the very early morning crying and telling them what happened. My dad immediately drove the 2 hr drive to come get me. Going into March I was now at home, which had always been an environment which aggrevated my issues - but with the benefit of family, however toxic, to support me.
I slept that journey back home home, but when I woke the next day my Dad said he got no sleep over it, and that there was something that my family had omitted from telling me.
My nan (Yiayia) was actually hospitalised with heart failure and was in critical condition from the night beforehand. She was stable, but things weren't looking good. She was the matriarchal figure in my extended family, and deeply adored. (Sure you can tell where this is heading)
The UK went into lockdown endish of March. My Yiayia had remarkably made a speedy recovery from the heart failure, got pneumonia and recovered from that, but understandably was advised to stay in hospital as the doctors and nurses felt she was more likely to get COVID out than in. Within a week she got COVID and passed on 2nd April whilst we were all quarantined. It felt like the most elaborate April fools joke. The Truman Prank Show.
I was living at my mum's during this, and my nan was my mum's mother. I was sat with her when she got the phone call. I was null to feeling anything, and what I was witnessing was such an overwhelming experience. I buried those feelings so quickly Damon Salvatore would of been proud.
So, lockdown, trying to finish my degree (not Nietzsche but had committed to a dissertation on a topic that hadn't been done before), my adored Yiayia had just died to COVID, my Mum was completely broken, and I was still dealing with suicidal thoughts. The funeral was black mirror-esque, some extended family members couldn't bring themselves to attend, some genuinely weren't allowed to attend, we couldn't embrace and console eachother because of bubbles, and the funeral was atypical for my family with traditional religious values.
I had bought a pendent to represent my Yiayia Athena, of Pegasus. In Greek mythology they had a nice relation, so it was nice to carry her with me. I've not taken it off since. Oddly its been a great source of strength, in many ways feeling a tad sacrificial somehow. Experiencing and living with grief, and being surrounded by it with my family members did hit home how it could have beeny actions that equally could have caused such anguish.
I'll fast-forward abit. August 2020. Pumped with anti-depressents to try stabilise me, I, very docile, somehow got my dissertation in and finished my degree. A week later, my Gf of 3 years and I break up because this all got too much for her, and mutually we knew this was not working. My first love and all that shit. I had stress-eaten over these 6 months to packing an additional 20kg of weight on (all fat, I'm sure realistically this compounded issues with her). I was also a support network to my Mum through the whole period, and together we slowly made progress in that environment. The anti-depressents were replaced with talking therapies, funded by Mind and soon after counciling. And slowly things were looking well.
This was the closest I'd ever been with my Mum. Naturally I wanted to talk with her about the breakup and part of that discussion was related to my mental health issues that were left dormant from my childhood. I dunno how we got there, but the crux of this part is that, in her frustration, probably over guilt of her parental role (not that I explicitly said this) she screamed at me that "maybe I should have gone through with it in February". Damon Salvatore had learnt to feel again only to have his heart obliterated. I immediately packed my bags and left to move to the other side of London. To this day, I've spoken to my mother a handful of times and only seen her in passing at my Dad's house once.
London was great, I got a job, was living with my best bud. We both actually ran the London marathon this year for Mind, a charity that had helped both of us. I felt so so good that in 3 years, I had gone from depending on mind to fundraising for them, that pendent round my neck for it as motivation.
Since I crossed that finish line, the physical pain I was feeling was inconsequential to the emotions of it all. I felt like I was right back to Jan2020. Like I've just spent 3 years masking my issues. And that feeling hasn't shaken since the marathon ended a few months ago.
To wrap this up, I now feel so fragile, I've started stress eating again and feel like the thread is loosening. On Saturday I'm actually having to move back home (to my Dad's) because the rental market in London is horrendous. Back to the drawing board after all those small (and large) wins. I thought I had a better grasp on my behaviours, thoughts and feelings but I'm starting to lose myself to compulsions, day dreams and impulsive thoughts. The unfaltering fire I found within myself through those mental health challenges seems to be dwindling once more, but this time I just feel hopeless that it'll go out for good.
For those that have overcome their issues, how do you manage the persistent fear of regressing to darker times? How to you shake the existential dread that any second the rug could get pulled from underneath to send you hurling downwards? Is this just going to be an ever-present feature of my life now and something I have to learn to live with?
If you've got this far thanks for taking the time. I get it's loaded and definitely never easy to hear. It's 1:30am and I have a presentation at work tomorrow. I should probably struggle to fall asleep right about now.
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2023.06.08 02:33 hauntedheretics Urgent need for foster/home

Urgent need for fostehome
✨🐾This little guy is looking for a forever home. We recently found him outside our house sick and meowing. however, we cannot afford any vet bills at the moment and are unable to keep him, as much as I’d love to. He’s not neutered so he would need to get neutered and get shots, and probably a vet visit for his eye and upper respiratory infection. I wish I could do so much more to help him but I am in no financial position to do so. If anyone wants to take him under their wing and nurse him back to health that would be amazing. He is very friendly and behaves well. Rehoming fee: $55 Location: San Gabriel Valley area CA
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2023.06.08 02:28 GardenCroo Hello From the Garden Croo! Workshops include Bonnaroo 101, Gardening, much more

Hey all, this is Robert with the Garden Croo. If you're a regular here you're probably pretty familiar with us; if not let me go ahead and introduce myself. For the past... I don't know, 7 or so years Bonnaroo has invited us to help decorate a portion of Planet Roo, put in a nice cute garden, and teach a handful of workshops. It's a huge honor for us, I've been going to the festival since 2005 and to be a part of the magic behind the scenes is a dream come true. Planet Roo is home to a dozen or so non-profits and organizations that help build communities, improve the environment, or focus on mental health. If you have a little free time in your schedule, stop by Planet Roo, check out the great nonprofits, sit in on either a discussion on the How Stage or a classroom in the Academy - or if you just need a place to stop by and relax there's no better place inside Centeroo - even at night. We try to keep the area fairly relaxing and welcoming after hours so if you're a bit over-stimulated and need a place to sit down, you're welcome to.

Starting out our workshops is Bonnaroo 101, right when the gates open for Centeroo on Thursday and then again on Friday for those that can't make it. If this is your first year, stop by and learn all the tips and tricks of getting the most out of the festival. Then we've got a fun hydroponics workshop that I've started getting really big into. We've got a Gardening workshop for beginning gardeners whether it's in the field, a raised bed, or your kitchen window. Speaking of which, we've got an entire class dedicated to House Plants whether you want something to take care of every day or if you don't want to water it but once a month we've got the plant for you. There's a terrarium workshop where (supplies limited) we help you build your own cute terrarium, and a bees and beekeeping workshop where you can learn about our buzzy buds.

Like I said, that's just us. There's hours of programming all throughout the weekend as well as nonprofit booths set up so you can visit and learn more about a cause you're interested in.

One more thing, and I can't stress this enough. Pitch Meeting is going to be kind of the house band for Planet Roo. They're kind of a collaborative organization for artists - and let me tell you, they are INCREDIBLE. The best way to describe it is just extremely talented session musicians lending a hand. Last year, I believe you could give them your music and if you were chosen they'd invite you on stage at the end of the festival and play the song with you. Don't miss them.

If you've got any questions, I'll be happy to answer anything I can.
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2023.06.08 02:07 Researcher_1999 Article: When I was 14 I really did build a bomb. But nobody ever put me in cuffs.

When I was 14 I really did build a bomb. But nobody ever put me in cuffs.
This is a really interesting article about a kid who admitted to making a small bomb the size of an aspirin bottle in 1993. When police went to retrieve him for questioning, his mother convinced them to let him finish his paper route first. He got a year of community service, the whole town shunned him, and he didn't face any real consequences. His bomb was small and wouldn't have done more than blow up a mailbox, so it kind of makes sense that he would be given a break.
Side note: Chris Wisher used to be friends with Chris Morris and was acquainted with Eric. They played paintball together. There was a time when the Blackjack crew chased someone out of the store for allegedly stealing something and the person ran all the way into the Wisher residence. Later, the neighbor's mailbox was bombed. I suspect there were far more "innocent people" who were making bombs than we know. Wisher may have been one of those people. I can't see someone hanging with Morris for long if they weren't into destruction.
In contrast with the kid from the article, who made a low-powered, small bomb, Eric Harris admitted to making pipe bombs up to 8" in length, documented his exploits on his website with his two main cohorts, Dylan Klebold and Zach Heckler, and they investigated, but wouldn't push it legally.
The more you examine the situation, this really seems to be a case of "tell me Eric's father used his military status to pull some strings with police" without telling me Eric's father used his military status to pull some strings with police. And not just for Eric. If Eric was let off the hook this way, so were Dylan and Zach. Imagine being one of the officers who made this happen, not knowing at the time you were letting a future school shooter off the hook. Imagine that guilt.
Some highlights from the article:
"So why wasn't I in cuffs? My mom had told the police that I needed to complete my paper route, otherwise the neighbors would complain. Then, she promised, she'd bring me down to the station for questioning. The police agreed.
Also: I was white.
I delivered the papers, rolling them tight and fleeing each house before any of my customers could strike up a conversation about the front-page news. When I was finished, my mom took me to the station, and after a long interrogation, I confessed. Later, I would go to court and get sentenced to one year of probation and 125 hours of community service."

"Sometimes the best justice is shame

I was a juvenile when I was sentenced and so my name did not appear in the paper at first. But Norfolk was a town of just 21,000 people then. Word spread fast and the community came to a rapid consensus: I was an idiot.
They reminded me of this judgment every day for at least a year. Teachers looked at me differently. In history class, when we read about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, my classmates made jokes. The girl who sat next to me in band would no longer talk to me (her father was in the State Patrol). My friends' parents forbade them from hanging out with me, which was just salt in the wound because I was permanently grounded anyway. The Norfolk Daily News ran an editorial about my crime with the catching title "It's Stupid." For a 14-year-old, becoming unpopular was a far worse sentence than some community service. From the authorities to my parents to my peers, I was shamed. This, more than anything else, was a powerful deterrent.

If you treat a kid like a criminal, they're more likely to act like one

In the past 15 years, I have served with several nonprofits in the Omaha area, often working in low-income neighborhoods that are far more racially and ethnically diverse than the ones I knew as a kid. In the safety and privacy of one-on-one conversations, I have seen seemingly tough, unreachable kids break down in tears because they had failed to meet the expectations of teachers, mentors, or parents. Many of these kids are considered gang members. Photos of them hang on the wall in the Omaha Police Department's "gang unit," arranged in a hierarchy and given ridiculous titles like "captain" and "soldier."
If shame can be a powerful motivator, so can glory, no matter how flimsily dispensed. Many people like to blame "gang culture" for glorifying theft, drugs, and violence, and I don't necessarily disagree. However, I've found that local media and even police can become complicit in perpetuating the glorious myth of gangs. These organizations describe teen gangs like organized crime rings, printing or broadcasting their street names and even printing mug shots.
Don't get me wrong: Some gangs are a real menace, but most of the so-called gangs in Omaha are fleeting, loose associations of hormone-driven kids; they couldn't organize a kickball game let alone a crime ring. If many of them, especially the younger ones, were treated the way I was as a 14-year-old - that is, like the individual, confused, and often downtrodden kids they are - they might not become such self-fulfilling prophesies of hardened criminality."
Related, interesting articles:
"The attacks were largely carried out by two rival student gangs named “Immortals” and “Tandav,” both wishing to assert dominance over the other. However, police believe that the gangs are part of a larger network of 10 groups with hundreds of members on WhatsApp and Instagram."
^^This is an example of how the media makes these kids and their "gangs" out to be more glamorous and powerful than they really are. This sounds ridiculous.
The 11th grader was practicing for his master plan: to carry out one of the worst school massacres in U.S. history.
“I had fun entertaining the thought of actually, like, injuring and maiming people,” he told police, “and, like, showing people that I am dominant over them.”
His explosives were known as crickets, made from emptied-out CO2 cartridges and filled with gun powder. Police say it’s not unusual for teens in rural areas to play around with them. Yet those who study mass killings know their significance: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried dozens of crickets with them when they entered Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.
LaDue had done his homework.
He hoped his assault would leave at least 40 dead – more than triple the 13 killed in Columbine.
His plot was thwarted on April 29, 2014, when a 911 caller reported seeing someone she suspected was breaking into a storage locker.
The case looked like a slam dunk. Bomb-making material in the storage locker. A confession. An arsenal in his bedroom.
And a diary he kept to “explain after I was dead why I did it.”
But the case would turn out to be anything but simple. And the judicial system would wrestle with this question:
What is justice in a case like this – a massacre that never happened?
Where does preparation end and a crime begin?
Note: The fact that people even consider that a foiled plot is not a crime is ridiculous. We are living in a world where the laws are made to favor criminals. This is why Eric got away with his bomb-making. Parents, teachers, police, they all lack the balls to do what's right. Nobody wants to be a rat. The Browns are the only people who reported Eric, but others knew. Why didn't they say anything? People are checked out from life.
And I'm no stranger to this type of situation, either. I know first hand what it's like to be in that position. I had to report this person and pray he never found out about it. Then, I had to lie my ass off about my schedule to make sure he didn't come to my house anymore. There is a definite element of concern for your own safety when you know someone is actively desiring to harm someone. You have to balance the situation by protecting yourself and that often means staying anonymous. But the reason you have to stay anonymous is because you know the police probably aren't going to do anything, and the person won't end up in jail, and they will remain free to unleash their anger and rage on you.
If parents handled their kids in the home, it wouldn't become other parents' responsibility to report them to police. Why the &$*# was it the Brown family's responsibility to report Eric to police while his own father was covering his tracks? Imagine what will come out in those depositions in 2027. I think people are about to have the shock of their lives when they realize the Harris' aren't just innocent parents who were fooled by their son. They weren't fooled. They turned a blind eye. And Dylan's parents were in denial. No shade to them, even so, I still have compassion and respect for them as people. Nobody expects their kids' destructive behavior to be a sign that they are on a path to becoming a murderer. They were probably genuinely caught off guard. But this should be a lesson to other parents who find out their kids are making explosives: handle it yourself and don't make it someone else's responsibility. Don't make other people parent your child.
It's mind blowing if you think about it. Pun absolutely intended.
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2023.06.08 02:04 Yet_One_More_Idiot I asked ChatGPT to give me a generalised route-map to my dream job...

I asked ChatGPT to create a generalised route-map to my dream job of astronaut.
My prompt:
Currently, I am a 40yo man, with a BMI of 41, a 2:2 degree in Pure Mathematics and a qualified accounting technician (MAAT), part-qualified ACCA, working as a semi-senior accountant in a practice. I also suffer from psoriasis and many of the other symptoms that go along with an autoimmune disease.
My ideal job would be to become an astronaut; my childhood dream was to be an astronaut and be part of an initial wave of interplanetary colonisation.
If you can... provide me a step-by-step route-map to go from where I currently am, to achieving my ideal job as an astronaut! I am a Brit living in the UK.
ChatGPT's response...note that it did NOT say my dream was impossible because of underlying health reasons (which honestly surprised me - I can lose weight, but I thought my autoimmune disease would be a deal-breaker...)
Realizing your dream of becoming an astronaut and contributing to interplanetary colonization is an ambitious and inspiring goal. While your current health and weight might present a challenge, with the right motivation and determination, it's still feasible to take steps toward your dream. Here is a general outline of steps you might take:
1. \*Improve Physical Health and Fitness:** The first step would be to prioritize your health. Astronauts need to be in excellent physical condition. Work on losing weight to reach a healthier BMI, if advised by your doctor. Regular cardiovascular and strength training exercise will help improve your overall physical health. Also, maintaining a healthy diet will be vital.*
2. \*Address Medical Concerns:** You'll need to manage your psoriasis and associated symptoms, as medical conditions can be disqualifiers for astronaut candidacy. Visit a healthcare professional to discuss the severity of your autoimmune disease, and find out the best way to manage or mitigate it. If necessary, work with them to create a plan to meet the health and physical standards required by space agencies.*
3. \*Expand Your Scientific Knowledge:** While your background in mathematics and accountancy provides a strong foundation in problem-solving and critical thinking, you may need to extend your education to include more specific, relevant scientific knowledge. Obtaining a Master's or Doctoral degree in a STEM field (such as engineering, biological science, physical science, or computer science) could be beneficial.*
4. \*Get Relevant Experience:** The UK Space Agency, like NASA and others, usually requires at least three years of related professional experience after earning a Bachelor's degree or at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft. Relevant experience could include roles in research, teaching, engineering, or piloting, for example.*
5. \*Apply to the UK Space Agency:** The UK Space Agency periodically has astronaut selection programs. The specific requirements might change, but you can monitor their website and social media channels to stay informed about upcoming selection rounds. Also, attend space-related events, seminars, and workshops to network and learn more about the selection process.*
6. \*Prepare for Rigorous Selection Process:** If you meet the qualifications, you'll undergo a selection process which often includes medical and psychological evaluations, along with intensive interviews and skills assessments. The process can take over a year and is extremely competitive.*
7. \*Undergo Training:** If you're selected, you'll undergo several years of training. This can include survival training, learning about spacecraft systems, simulated spacewalks, underwater training, and even learning Russian (since many missions are launched from Russia).*
8. \*Stay Flexible and Persistent:** Becoming an astronaut is a long process and can take years of effort. In addition to the steps above, you should stay flexible, stay motivated, and keep your options open.*
Remember, becoming an astronaut is more about the journey than the destination. It requires a great deal of personal and professional growth, and even if you don't become an astronaut, the process itself can be rewarding and transformative.
Keep in mind that the space industry is expanding, and there are other roles in the sector where you could contribute to space exploration and colonization, such as in operations, research, or policy. For example, companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others are working on ambitious projects to establish a human presence on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system.
Finally, there may be opportunities in the future for civilians to travel to space without the full astronaut training, through space tourism ventures like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle.
I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey towards achieving your dream!
I then asked a further clarifying question:
Provide a realistic timeline for achieving these steps (steps can overlap time-wise).
ChatGPT's answer:
Given the ambitious nature of your goal and considering the various factors at play, here's a rough timeline:
\*Step 1: Improve Physical Health and Fitness (Ongoing)***
- Start immediately and maintain as a lifelong habit.
- Reaching a healthier BMI and improving physical fitness could reasonably take 1-2 years depending on your current health, dedication, and consistency.
\*Step 2: Address Medical Concerns (Ongoing)***
- Begin immediately by consulting with your healthcare provider.
- Depending on the severity and management of your autoimmune disease, progress in this area could also take a few years.
\*Step 3: Expand Your Scientific Knowledge (2-5 Years)***
- Obtaining a master's degree usually takes 1-2 years, while a Ph.D. typically requires 3-5 years.
- You can start this step as soon as you are prepared and accepted into a program.
\*Step 4: Get Relevant Experience (3-5 Years)***
- If you start right after obtaining an advanced degree, this should take at least 3 years.
- If you become a pilot, it may take longer due to the specific hours of experience required.
- Note that you can start gaining relevant experience even before you finish your degree, so these years can overlap.
\*Step 5: Apply to the UK Space Agency (Varies)***
- The timing here depends on when astronaut selection rounds are open. This could occur during or after your years gaining relevant experience.
- Applications and selection processes typically occur over a period of several months to a year.
\*Step 6: Prepare for Rigorous Selection Process (1-2 Years)***
- The selection process is often lengthy and may take a year or more to complete, assuming you progress through all stages.
\*Step 7: Undergo Training (2 Years)***
- If selected, astronaut candidates typically undergo about two years of basic training.
- Training periods may vary based on mission requirements and candidate progress.
In summary, this journey would likely take at least 10-15 years, assuming all goes according to plan and considering the length of education, acquiring relevant experience, selection process, and training. This timeline also assumes that selection rounds are happening at a time that aligns with your progress and that you're selected on your first attempt, which is not guaranteed given the competitive nature of astronaut selection. Additionally, the effects of age on astronaut candidacy are not entirely clear but should be considered as well. Currently, the upper age limit seems flexible, especially as our understanding and management of health in space improves, but the rigors of space travel and preparation are undeniable.
It's a long journey, but remember, the most important part is the process and the growth you'll experience along the way. The world of space exploration is rapidly evolving, and even if you don't become an astronaut, there will likely be many other ways for you to contribute to interplanetary colonization.
So...feasibly by age 55 in 2038?
Has anyone else tried asking for similar route-maps to achieving their own dream jobs?
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2023.06.08 01:34 chill_in Discussion around the WHO's new global digital health certificate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it will take up the European Union’s digital COVID-19 vaccine passport framework as part of a new global network of digital health certificates.
The WHO said in a June 5 statement that it had entered into a “landmark digital health partnership” with the European Commission (EC), the European Union’s executive body.
As part of this new joint venture, Europe’s existing framework of digital vaccine passports will serve as the first building block of a global network of digital health products.
Dubbed the Global Digital Health Certification Network, the new vaccine passport framework has already drawn criticism, with Australian senator Alex Antic saying in a statement that the move is “just another conspiracy theory coming true.”
Vaccine passports—and various other forms of digital identity schemes—have been criticized as an invasion of privacy and as having the potential to enable governments and corporations to coerce human behavior by, for instance, denying access to infrastructure or services.
The WHO said in a statement that, as part of the new initiative, it will “take up the European Union (EU) system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats.”
The new global vaccine passport initiative follows a December 2022 agreement signed by WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus and European Commission for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, meant to bolster EU–WHO collaboration on a wide range of digital health products.
“Today is a new chapter in global cooperation on digital health,” Kyriakides said in a statement on social media.
“It will help to place WHO at the centre of our global health architecture,” she added.
Ghebreyesus said in a statement that, “building on the EU’s highly successful digital certification network, WHO aims to offer all WHO Member States access to an open-source digital health tool.”
“New digital health products in development aim to help people everywhere receive quality health services quickly and more effectively,” he added.
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2023.06.08 01:30 iquotestats Unglamorous OE

A little about me; 20s F, in the nonprofit/ public health field, MPH student, I just started my first big girl job(s) 3 weeks ago.
J1 - Main full time J that I'm actually passionate about (I know that's a no no in these streets) because I believe in the mission. Position involves writing proposals for funding, networking with bigger organizations to partner with, at least 1-2 meetings a day, fully remote
J2 - Part time contract position doing literature reviews and summaries for a hospital's public health division. I meet with the rest of the team once a week and otherwise I'm left to my own devices
J3 - Did this for 2 weeks then quit because it's one of those huge companies where you have to be on zoom all day. I was only able to get away with it because the first 2 weeks were training
Some days have been overwhelming trying to meet deadlines AND do my school work but I've managed to remain afloat. My J2 contract probably ends in September by which point I hope to have something else lined up
I know my experience isn't as glamorous as everything else posted on here. I'm not in tech and I don't even know if I qualify as OE considering one of the Js is part-time. But I still wanted to share since there's few other people in my personal life I can tell
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2023.06.08 01:01 Longjumping-Zone-732 Grand Unification Theory by Trent Thomas the Prophet of Medicine

Although more writing is imminent, the world needs to know about this. It connects the quantum web, and allows all laws to be valid Inter-Dependent of one another across the board. It is all linear, and always relative within nature. This unlocks the biggest secrets of scientific study.
All research done by myself, without having ever entered a university level education. Copyright Trent Thomas, 2023.
BY: Trent Thomas the Prophet of Medicine
June 6th, 2023.
We come into the world the same way that we go out, they say. Out with the old, in with the new. Metaphysical reality, quantum mechanics, and relativity have yet to be unified. Until now. We are all safe to say that in this reality we will all be alive for a very long time. We will be happy, Joyous and Free. We will sing songs to our Father the Sun, and our Mother the Moon; on our Father the Earth, with our Mother Water. Everything is relative. The sun, the moon and the stars represent the wave, the particle, and the Aether.The experiment performed in the 1960’s called “The Double Slit Experiment” made way for a new paradigm of thinking. In old ways of thinking, people thought that particles could connect all the way around the earth. This experiment showed us that light is both a wave and particle at the same time, dependent upon whether it is observed or not. In the experiment, they cut two vertical, parallel slits on a piece of black 35mm film, and projected light through the slits. With a device measuring which of the two slits the individual photons fired would go through or a conscious observer present, the pattern of light on the screen below would be as expected, two vertical bars of light with dots, as pictured below:
With a Conscious Observer, or any instrument to measure the particles velocity, spin, and direction, the particles "snap" into place, causing this pattern above.
When they repeated the experiment and removed any device to measure the particle and also removed any conscious observers, the light manifested as a Wavelength with an interference pattern; as if two ripples in a pond were to overlap, as pictured below:
Without a conscious observer or any measurement devices present, the pattern presents that of a wavelength interference, or "dissonance".
Though this information is not new in the world of physics, there is much more that could be discovered by thinking about the wavefunction rather than the particles. Thinking of particles as inaccessible vessels of information telling us the story of our origins and what we are made of should take less precedence over understanding the Almighty Laws of Nature that govern the bodies of everything within the feedback loop that is the cosmos. None of histories most esteemed scientists have ever been able to unify all of these Laws which have been proven in their individual right. However, when one uses the Wavefunction Particle Trinity as the unifying unit of measurement across the strings of the Aether, it becomes evident that the reality one sees is compromised entirely of this single unit of energy. It harnesses all virtues of electromagnetism, light, radiation, seismology, all the way down to nuclear physics and astronomy. Everything is relative. Feedback loops in mirrors are relative to fractals, as everything in Gods great energy is relative to nature’s perfection. God does not make mistakes. Each observing particle creates a chain reaction through the chain gang network of the Aether, which spreads with a velocity inversely proportional to its size as a subatomic particle, which creates the metaphysical reality that we can all simultaneously co-exist in. This is why we all perceive the same things, at the same “time”, relative to our position on the planet to the other observer. Time is merely a construct used to take measurements. Space-time is literally all the same as this single golden fiber of the Aether. This is the unit of the Trinity, the Wavelength, the Particle, and the Aether. This supple environment of strings that vibrate or ‘resonate’ at a very high wavelength like taut strings of a Piano long after the hammer has struck it lends fertile ability to manifest itself anywhere along the 3-dimensional axis of our perception via particle disturbance on a subatomic level. This is the example of the new school of metaphysical science, Relative Quantum String Mechanics. When thinking of the Big Bang Theory, one must understand what it is we are taking part in. We are within a feedback loop of energy, comprised of the holy Trinity of metaphysical reality; which is linear and is a spectrum of relative energies. The Big Bang is a LINEAR SPECTRUM. It is always relative across the board. The metaphysical chain reaction that occured when the first seed of Infinite Light entered this metaphysical realm started the chain reaction of observation by means of a network of "Observer Particles", which if containing any amounts of light, causes each particle to act as an observer to its entangled network of the mesh within the Aether. This is why we all live in the same linear plane of existence within the Metaverse. Our lives take place simultaneously. When studying consciousness in humans as a measurement of how everything in this dimensional plane is relative, one must consider the wisdom of animals. Inversely proportional to their ability to verbally communicate and teach, is their actual understanding of the Cosmos and their ability to sense Energy. In humans with downs-syndrome or other mental health diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, it is the same. In the latter with Schizophrenics, it is relative to their ability to cope with the intensity of the power of the true Spirit of the Divine. Same is true with Savants or individuals with specialized abilities in certain mental faculties, where other areas lack. I.E. advanced mathematicians, musicians, etc. who do not have very much social intelligence. This manifests in many other ways in psychology as well. Narcissists, for example; are creating their own reality by manifesting what they believe to an extent that they literally believe it themselves. But relative to the amount of belief there is in any given thing, is the response by natures feedback loop of medicine. This is what leads to frustration when dealing with these kinds of people, or Cognitive Dissonance, which, again; is the perfect example of relativity. This manifests itself as a measurable example of nature’s Karmic scale, through observation of people changing their behavior as to align it with their beliefs and moral scale. Morals, Values, and Ethics are the holy trinity of mortal existence on this linear plane. Without these, we are headed towards destruction.
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2023.06.08 00:09 stickdog99 The COVID-19 Pass is Dead, Long Live the WHO's Global Digital Health Certification Network It was never going away, was it?

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2023.06.07 23:58 femaleathletenetwork Hospitals In California Adopt ‘Inclusive’ Vegan Meal Program In US First

Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH), a public hospital system, is offering the fully plant-based allergen-free Universal Meals.
The program is available within the Santa Clara Valley Healthcare (SCVH) system. Now, employees and visitors will be able to eat meals free from animal products and the top nine allergens at hospital cafeterias. These will be offered at no additional cost at St. Louise Regional Hospital and O’Connor Hospital. They will also soon be available at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.
Universal Meals is part of SCVH’s climate pledge. It aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030, and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
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