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I have 2 friends who get too close to me to the point i get uncomfortable. I’ve attempted to push them away multiple times, but they won’t budge. I don’t know how to tell them that I don’t like it, and they should respect my space. It doesn’t really help that i’m a people pleaser and expect people to read my mind, since i feel like i’m being mean when i confront people so i feel extremely bad afterwards. And i have a bf who I care ab a lot, he’s the only one I want to be around, but clearly those 2 friends don’t care. I want to be more stricter. It’d be easier if they’d take a hint, i don’t know how they didn’t get it from the start, all of my wallpapers are of me and my bf, i wear every couples matching accessory i have, and i talk about him at least thrice a day. It’s pretty stupid and is easier to solve than i let myself think it isn’t. I need help. +i’m not a type of person who speaks up for myself even during blatant harassment. Any tips or advice? sorry if it’s too long btw ;-;
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2023.03.21 02:40 bigjohn14325 Sequence Marina’s Last Voyage: How WWE Should Book Bron Breakker on the Main Roster

Raw April 3rd, 2023
It’s the Raw after WrestleMania, John Cena has just defeated Austin Theory to win his record tying 6th United States Championship. John Cena comes out on Raw and he brings back his iconic US open challenge, this is when Rick Steiner comes out and introduces the product of his semen the newly renamed BRONSON STEINER!!!
Bronson Steiner vs John Cena(c) United States Championship
John Cena has defeated some of the greatest that this business has to offer, but never has John Cena been into the ring with a freak athlete who also happens to carry the Steiner name. Bronson floors Cena with a HUGE spear to start off the match. Cena is no slouch however and he begins to mount a comeback. Cena hits a shoulder block followed up by another but BRONSON CATCHES HIM WITH A FRANKENSTEINER, SHADES OF HIS UNCLE SCOTT. Bronson locks in the STEINER RECLINER and Cena is fading but staying true to his moniker “Never Give Up” and he powers out with Bronson on his shoulders and hits the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THE REF COUNTS…. ONE…. STEINER KICKS OUT AT ONE. Bronson pops back up and he hits A MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM, ONE… TWO… THREE!!! BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED JOHN CENA TO WIN THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! For the second year in a row, Bronson Steiner has won a championship on the Raw after WrestleMania.
Bronson Steiner defeats John Cena to win the United States Championship in 12:04
Raw April 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner is interviewed backstage about his recent US Title win and he is asked about carrying the Steiner name and what it means to him in which he responds that his father & his uncle were the greatest tag team in WCW history, they were both United States Champions, Scott was world champion, hell they’re former WWE World Tag Team Champions but the Steiner name doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Everyone talks about the Rhodes, Anoa’i, or the Orton dynasty but the Steiner family has been largely forgotten by wrestling fans and he aims to not only create a legacy for himself but to make the Steiner name mean something once again.
Raw April 17, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Chad Gable: United States Championship
Bronson decides that he wants to hold an open challenge for the United States Championship. The man to answer that challenge is Chad Gable who dropped the shoosh gimmick and is back to being a serious professional wrestler. Gable puts on a hell of a showing against Steiner but the younger & fresher talent proves to be too much for Chad Gable. Bronson Steiner retains the United States Championship in his first defense.
Bronson Steiner defeats Chad Gable to retain the United States Championship in 8:28
Raw May 8th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bronson Reed /w The Miz: King of the Ring First Round
In real life, it was just announced that King & Queen of the Ring will be taking place in May. We have 8 men from Raw & 8 men from Smackdown who will make up the King of the Ring Tournament. In the first round, we will have the battle of the Bronson’s as Bronson Steiner takes on Bronson Reed. The former NXT North American Champion proves to be one hell of a challenge for the young Steiner. While the referee is distracted, The Miz sneak attacks Steiner hitting a Skull Crushing Finale at ringside and rolls him back into the ring. Bronson follows it up with a top rope splash, he makes the cover, ONE… TWO… STEINER BARELY KICKS OUT!!! Steiner recovers and hits a huge military press powerslam on Reed. BRONSON STEINER ADVANCES IN THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bronson Reed in 14:08
Raw May 15th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman: King of the Ring Quarterfinal
Bronson Steiner has made it to the Quarterfinals but he has the biggest (literally & figuratively) challenge that he’s ever face so far. Braun Strowman has been on a rampage since turning heel. At the star of the match, Strowman tries to bully Bronson who shows absolutely no fear and he bitch slaps Strowman which enraged the monster and they begin to brawl but the match quickly gets out of hand. They’re trading blows in the corner, the ref is trying to break it up but Bronson accidentally floors the ref with a right. They begin fighting outside the ring and up the stage. Strowman picks up Steiner and hits A RUNNING POWERSLAM THROUGH THE LED BOARD SPARKS ARE FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! Both men have to be carried out of the arena.
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman ends in a no contest in 8:04
Raw May 22nd, 2023
King & Queen of the Ring 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Braun Strowman: United States Championship
At the PPV, before the match can even start, Steiner & Strowman start brawling and they’re fighting into the crown. Bronson has never had an opponent quite as powerful as Strowman and he knows that if he wants to win that he’s going to take risks. They’re fighting near a balcony and Bronson nails Strowman with a low blow. Steiner climbs to the top of the balcony and DIVES NEARLY 20 FEET ONTO STROWMAN. They finally manage to get back into the ring to start the match and it’s them hitting power move after power move on each other. Bronson manages to lift up Strowman and land a STEINER SCREWDRIVER!!! HE MAKES THE COVER ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Braun Strowman to retain the United States Championship in 13:13
Raw May 28th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bobby Roode: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
After toppling the monster among men, Bronson Steiner has a new challenge and that is the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It’s a concept completely foreign to the young upstart. But in order to even qualify for the match, Bronson will have to contest with Bobby Roode who only recently returned from neck surgery. Bobby Roode is a man who can make anyone look good in a match and he has previous experience facing a Steiner but that experience DOESNT pay off as Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for Money in the Bank in 12:56
Money in the Bank 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley vs Pete Dunne vs LA Knight vs Gunther vs Seth Rollins vs Solo Sikoa: Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Bronson Steiner is entering the first ladder match of his career and he’s completely out of his element here. But Steiner wants to prove that not only can he adapt, but he can win the match and guarantee himself a world title match in the near future. This match is pure anarchy, Ali is using the environment around him to take out his opponents, Pete Dunnes does ladder assisted joint manipulation, and Solo Sikoa uses his Samoan strength to batter the competition. Steiner quickly adapts to this chaotic match and starts muscling around guys such as Ali & Seth Rollins. It’s then that Steiner comes face to face with THE ALMIGHTY!!! These two big meaty men start slapping meat and BRONSON STARTS GETTING THE BETTER OF LASHLEY!!! Bronson sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring but Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin and they’re beating him down as Lashley begins to climb the ladder. Bronson just barely dispatches of Alexander & Benjamin in time to climb the ladder and meet Lashley at the top. They’re trading blows until BRONSON STEINER HIS A MASSIVE FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!! Lashley is down and once again, Steiner slowly gets back to his feet to climb the ladder but out comes OMOS. He picks up Steiner and hits a huge choke slam on Steiner through a ladder bridged at ringside. As Omos goes to pick up Lashley and help him win the match, LA KNIGHT SNEAKS BACK INTO THE RING AND CLIMBS THE LADDER TO RETRIEVE THE BRIEFCASE!!! LA KNIGHT IS MR MONEY IN THE BANK.
LA Knight wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 26:47
Raw July 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs The Hurt Business: Gauntlet Match
After being robbed of Money in the Bank, Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed off and he want to kick the piss out of Hurt Business. MVP says that he’s not going to let another Steiner humiliate Lashley, which is a reference to Scott Steiner & Bobby Lashley’s feud circa 2009 TNA. Bronson being the tough as nails fighting champion that he is, he agrees to fight all of the members of Hurt Business and if any of them can beat him, he’ll put up his United States Championship on the line at Summerslam. The match is made a gauntlet match.
Our first is Shelton Benjamin. These two have an excellent athletic contest with Shelton reminding everyone just how good he still is. Not even 10 minutes in, Steiner defeats Benjamin with a top-rope Frankensteiner. The second man to answer this gauntlet is Cedric Alexander. He starts to wear down Bronson picking up where Benjamin left off after a thrilling 12 minutes, Steiner puts away Alexander with a TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER. Bronson is really starting to tire out and it couldn’t come at a worse time because out next is OMOS!!! The seven foot three Nigerian giant makes his stoic walk down to the ring but he makes a quick stop under the ring and grabs a STEEL CHAIR. Omos enters the ring and BATTERS STEINER OVER AND OVER AGAIN BREAKING THE CHAIR OVER THE BACK OF BRONSON STEINER. Omos hits a thunderous choke bomb on Steiner RIGHT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! With Omos disqualified, there’s only one man left and that man is Bobby Lashley. When he gets in the ring, Steiner is still laid out at ringside. The ref begins the count and Steiner barely gets back in the ring before the count of ten but Steiner is too beaten up to stand against Lashley who hits Steiner with multiple spears. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and Steiner passes out. BOBBY LASHLEY WILL CHALLENGE BRONSON STEINER FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP AT SUMMERSLAM!!!
The Hurt Business defeats Bronson Steiner in 32:08
Summerslam 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Bobby Lashley: United States Championship
Bronson Steiner goes into Summerslam not at 100% after weeks of beatdowns from Hurt Business and on top of that has easily the toughest challenge of his career. They have a great big man match that sees Steiner hang in there. Near the end of the match, we have a ref bump. Bronson hits a Steiner Screw Driver, BUT NO REF TO COUNT THE PIN!!! Omos comes out to help Lashley finish off Steiner. STEINER DOES THE UNTHINKABLE AND HITS THE MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM ON OMOS THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! Steiner gets a measure of revenge for a few weeks ago on Raw. Back to the match, Lashley manages to lock in the Hurt Lock that has put so many wrestlers away for the past three years but Bronson is a special breed. BRONSON STEINER BECOMES THE FIRST PERSON TO BREAK THE HURT LOCK!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Lashley to retain the United States Championship in 15:04
Raw August 21st, 2023
After the biggest win of his career at Summerslam, Bronson Steiner is out cutting a promo about what’s next for him as United States Champion, ya know all the usual stuff. This is when the cameras cut to the backstage area and we see Rick Steiner being assaulted by none other than…. TOMMASO CIAMPA!!! Steiner makes a beeline for the backstage area but Ciampa is long gone by the time Steiner gets there and all that’s left is the brutally beaten & bloodied father of Bronson Steiner.
Raw August 28th, 2023
Throughout this particular episode of Raw, Bronson Steiner is looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Finally, we see a car pull up in the arena and it’s Tommaso Ciampa and HE MEANS BUSINESS!!! He starts making his way through the arena when Steiner goes right for Ciampa and they have an intense backstage brawl. They have to be separated by security. Bronson yells to Ciampa that “IF YOU KEEP MESSING WITH MY FAMILY ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!”
Raw September 5th, 2023
Tommaso Ciampa finally explains why he attacked Bronson Steiner and his family. Ciampa says that he helped build NXT and he was the face of that brand, that was until Steiner came in with that stupid ring name and his lineage and he took not only his spot but the only thing in this business and that’s Goldie. Ciampa says since Bronson took something he loved, now he’s going to take something from Steiner that he loves and that is the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Raw September 26th, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: United States Championship
These two have a very hard-hitting match that see them not only wanting to win the match but down right maim the other. Ciampa uses every dirty heel trick in the book but nothing is working on Steiner who has been operating on an entirely different level as of late. Bronson pays homage to his father but hitting the DIVING BULLDOG ON CIAMPA!!! ONE… TWO… THREE. BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! But what the ref didn’t see is that Ciampa’s foot was under the bottom rope.
Bronson Steiner defeats Tommaso Ciampa to retain the United States Championship in 13:44
Raw October 3rd, 2023
Ciampa is raging because he aaa screwed out of the United States Championship. He says that this is just like what happened in NXT. Steiner gets a rocket strapped to his back because he’s a Steiner then he steals Ciampa’s spot in NXT. Ciampa should be United States Champion, not Steiner and so he challenges him to ONE MORE MATCH AT CROWN JEWEL!!! Steiner comes out and he says that he’s going to put Ciampa down for good just like he put down the old guard of NXT. Steiner of course accepts the match and just to make sure Ciampa doesn’t leave with any more excuses, Steiner suggests they make it LAST MAN STANDING!!!
Crown Jewel 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: Last Man Standing Match for The United States Championship
We finally get to Crown Jewel. These two men have been feuding since Summerslam and things will finally come to a head. It’s Bronson Steiner, the man who ushered in the current era of NXT vs Tommaso Ciampa who was the last of the old guard from the Black & Gold Era of NXT. These two men go to war, Steiner SPEARS CIAMPA THROUGH THE BARRICADE. Ciampa hits a FAIRYTALE ENDING THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! But if there’s anything that Steiner has in common with Ciampa is that they both have that never say die attitude. Steiner beats the 10 count but before he can do anything to Ciampa, he is speared out of nowhere by….. GOLDBERG!!! What in the fuck. Ciampa capitalizes and he brings the US Title Belt into the ring and hits one last FAIRYTALE ENDING ONTO THE US TITLE BELT AS ONE FINAL FUCK YOU TO BRONSON STEINER. ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE… TEN… TOMMASO CIAMPA FINALLY HAS HIS FIRST TASTE OF MAIN ROSTER GOLD!!!
Tommaso Ciampa defeats Bronson Steiner to win the United States Championship in 28:55
Raw November 6th, 2023
Goldberg explains that he attacked Bronson Steiner because of his hatred for the Steiner family. He says that they made his life hell in WCW and it kills him to see fans cheering a Steiner when those same neck beards booing Goldberg for making a career out of doing the right thing. Goldberg has returned and he has just one more match left in him and he wants his final match to be the one that sees the end of the Steiner family in the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg challenges Bronson Steiner to match at Survivor Series, the same event that Goldberg made his triumphant return seven years ago.
Survivor Series 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Goldberg
Almost 7 years to the day after Goldberg returned to WWE in explosive fashion and squashed Brock Lesnar. Da man is facing is many ways a younger version of himself, both former NFL players, both had meteoric rises to the top in their respective companies. The match begins and Goldberg immediately charges Steiner who overpowers Goldberg with a huge shoulder tackle. Goldberg is momentarily stunned but goes for a spear by Steiner leapfrogs and rebounds off the tops NAILING GOLDBERG WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN. GOLDBERG STUMBLES BACK TO HIS FEET ONLY TO BE HIT WITH A SECOND SPEAR FROM STEINER!!! Goldberg is in a bad way as Steiner follows it up with his patented military press powerslam but he doesn’t make the cover instead he locks in the STEINER RECLINER AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT FOR GOLDBERG. For the first time in his career, GOLDBERG TAPS OUT. BRONSON STEINER HAS OFFICIALLY RETIRED GOLDBERG!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Goldberg in 89 seconds
Royal Rumble 2024
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
So far, 29 men have entered the Royal Rumble and Brock Lesnar has been dominating the match. Who can stop Brock Lesnar except for ENTRANT NUMBER 30, BRONSON STEINER!!! They comes face to to face in the ring for the first time ever. They go off in a test of strength with BRONSON GETTING THE BETTER OF BROCK. HE LIFTS BROCK WAY OVER HIS HEAD AND CHUCKS HIM RIGHT OUT OF THE RING. BRONSON STEINER HAS ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR IN CONVINCING FASHION!!! Bronson is slowly clearing the field, he eliminates both Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin at the same time. He body slams Braun Strowman over the top rope. Bronson Steiner seems to have the 2024 Royal Rumble on lock. Directly mirroring Royal Rumble 2004, Brock Lesnar sneak back into the ring and NAIL BRONSON WITH AN F-5!!! Bronson is stunned as he slowly uses the rope to get back to his feet. He sees Brock walking back up the ramp looking satisfied at what he has done. From behind, old rival TOMMASO CIAMPA DUMPS BRONSON STEINER OVER THE TOP ROPE ENDING THE SECOND GENERATION STEINERS HOPES OF MAIN EVENTING WRESTLEMANIA!!!
Raw January 28th, 2024
Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed the fuck off that Brock Lesnar cost him the Royal Rumble. He says that he wants Brock Lesnar right here, right now. But there’s no sign of Brock Lesnar. Bronson refuses to leave the ring until Brock Lesnar shows his face. After a minute or so, Adam Pearce comes out and says that Brock isn’t here and he has a show to run. Later in the night, the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship is announced with Gunther defending the title against Brock Lesnar and four other competitors. The other four will be determined through qualifying matches. Bronson Steiner barges in Adam Pearce’s office and is asking why the hell was Brock Lesnar just inserted into the match while everyone else has to earn their spot. Bronson says that he has unfinished business with Brock Lesnar, and Pearce says that putting Brock in the chamber wasn’t his call but what he can do is give Steiner a qualifying match next week on Raw.
In this timeline, after Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship he retires the Universal Championship reintroducing the big gold belt which is won by Seth Rollins in a tournament at Backlash but later in the year he loses the belt to Gunther who goes on a long dominant run with the belt.
Raw February 5th, 2024
Bronson Steiner vs The Miz: Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Bronson Steiner faces the WWE’s resident loudmouth and he means fucking business. Steiner immediately drops The Miz with a double leg takedown and he’s pounding that ass the way I pound Jay Castle with rights & lefts. Bronson picks up Miz and nails him with a Military Press Powerslam but doesn’t pin him. Bronson locks in the Steiner Recliner and Miz immediately taps out. BRONSON STEINER DEFEATS THE MIZ IN JUST OVER A MINUTE TO QUALIFY FOR ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats The Miz in 1:03
Elimination Chamber 2024
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar vs Gunther(c) vs Sheamus vs Ricochet vs Seth Rollins: Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Entrant #1: Ricochet Entrant #2: Brock Lesnar
Two former rivals start off as the first two entrants in the Elimination Chamber Match. Ricochet’s career never recovered after his crushing defeat to Brock four years ago. Ricochet refuses to let Brock punk him this time around and he immediate charges the much larger opponent. Brock is caught off guard by the absolute speed & tenacity of Ricochet but it doesn’t last long and Brock is hitting German after German on Ricochet. Brock is taunting Bronson who still locked in his pod.
Entrant #3: Seth Rollins
Rollins is out next and he alongside Ricochet decide to form an unlikely alliance to take down the much bigger threat. We get a few minutes of high flying fuckery that sees Rollins & Ricochet hit Lesnar with a bunch double team moves that Lesnar sells beautifully.
Entrant #4: Sheamus
Out next is Sheamus who levels both Seth Rollins & Ricochet with a Brough Kick just in time for Lesnar to make it back to his feet. These two have an EXTREMELY hard-hitting exchange. Sheamus hits Lesnar with a Brough Kick and he does that amazing thing where he staggers back and Sheamus goes for another one but Lesnar counters into an F-5 while staring down Steiner straight in the eyes. ONE… TWO… THREE…. SHEAMUS IS THE FIRST ONE OUT!!!
Entrant #5: Bronson Steiner
We begin the countdown to the fifth entrant and it is of course, Bronson Steiner. Both Steiner & Lesnar finally are able to go at it properly and it is as JR would put it; a slobberknocker. Lesnar actually gets the better of Steiner and plants him with an F-5 but before Lesnar can pin him, Rollins floors Lesnar with a springboard knee. Rollins follows it up with a Curb Stomp attempts but similar to Randy Orton, Lesnar catches Rollins mid move and nails him with an F-5, ONE…. TWO… THREE….. SETH ROLLINS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!!
Entrant #6: Gunther
Gunther is the final man to enter the match and it’s chops for everyone. Gunther turns Ricochet inside out with a thunderous chop. He then levels Lesnar, Gunther chops Steiner over and over again who doesn’t go down and he continues fighting back, Gunther has Steiner leaned against a pod and he goes to chop him again but Bronson moves and GUNTHER DESTROYS THE POD WITH JUST ONE CHOP!!! Gunther’s hand is cut and Bronson senses this and he takes the fight to the World Heavyweight Champion but he’s worn out and Gunther manages to drop kick him which sends him flying into the chamber wall. Gunther redirects his attention to Lesnar and they start where they left off. Lesnar hoists the big Austrian up for an F-5 but out of nowhere, STEINER SPEARS LESNAR!!! STEINER FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A MILITARY PRESS SLAM. RICOCHET HITS A 630 ONTO LESNAR FROM THE TOP OF THE POD. ONE… TWO… THREE…. RICOCHET HAS DOME THE UNTHINKABLE AND ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR!!! Ricochet got his revenge for Crown Jewel 2020. When Brock recovers, he is PISSED!!! Before leaving the chamber, he plants both Ricochet & Steiner with and F-5 but he isn’t done with Steiner just yet. Lesnar locks in the Kimura and SNAPS THE ARM OF BRONSON STEINER!!! A few EMT’s enter the chamber to try and get Steiner out of the chamber but he refuses to quit and he puts up a valiant effort against Gunther but he’s in ungodly amounts of pain. He nearly collapses because the pain is so unbearable which makes him easy pickings for the current heavyweight champ. Gunther his The Last Symphony, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER’S DREAMS OF WINNING THE BIG GOLD BELT ARE CRUSHED. Gunther goes on to defeat Ricochet to win the match.
Gunther wins the elimination chamber to retain The World Heavyweight Championship in 27:57
Raw February 26th, 2024
We’re just over a week removed from Elimination Chamber and things have never looked worse for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar broke Steiner’s arm after being eliminated in the chamber so not only was Steiner robbed of the World Heavyweight Championship, but now he may miss out on his first WrestleMania. Steiner now sporting a sling has a sit-down interview with Michael Cole who starts off asking him about why this beef between Steiner & Lesnar got out of hand so quickly. Bronson explains that he never liked Brock, he is someone that doesn’t respect this business or the people in it. His father & his uncle dedicated their entire lives to this business and they didn’t get half the opportunities that Lesnar was given. Bronson says that the doctors won’t clear him which means he’ll have to work twice as hard to prove them wrong.
Raw March 28th, 2024
After weeks of working hard to get his arm back into shape, doctors still refuse to clear Bronson Steiner to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 40 and Adam Pearce says that Steiner is just going to have to sit this one out which doesn’t not sit well with him. Finally, he goes to the head honcho Triple H and he says that he cannot sanction a match between them and that’s when he says that they can only fight in an UNSANCTIONED MATCH!!!
WrestleMania 40
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar: Unsanctioned Match
We are here at the 40th edition of WrestleMania and this is going to be the match of a lifetime for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar comes out with his bun shaved off and wearing his original 2002 gear. He comes out not even wearing his ring gear, just a pair of jeans really symbolizing just how personal this feud has become. Bronson runs straight to the ring and he’s trading blows with Brock to start the match. Steiner is really taking the fight to Lesnar and it spills outside the ring. Bro son looks to spear Lesnar through the barricade like he did a few weeks ago but Lesnar gets out of the way and BRONSON WIPES OUT THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! Brock goes after the still weakened arm of Steiner smashing it against the ring post. Brock wants to inflict as much damage as possible and he removes the protective padding at ringside and goes for a German on the concrete but Bronson gets out of it and HITS A FRANKENSTEINER ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!!! Brock is out of it as Bronson rolls him back in the ring. He then goes under the ring and throws a wide variety of weapons into the ring such as chairs, kendo sticks, trash cans, and a table. We see Lesnar powerbomb Steiner through a metal trash can and we Steiner spear Lesnar through the table set up in the corner. Finally, LESNAR HITS AN F-5 ON BRONSON STEINER, ONE… TWO… BRONSON KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar does something no one thought they would see again and HE HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS AND IT ACTUALLY FUCKING LANDS!!! Lesnar once again makes the cover, ONE… TWO… BRONSON SOMEHOW SOME WAY STILL KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar is completely out of options as Steiner recovers and hits his fathers patented Diving Bulldog followed by Bronson’s signature the Military Press Powerslam. The ref counts, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED BROCK LESNAR ON THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL!!! After the match, Brock Lesnar nods at Steiner as a show of respect.
Bronson Steiner defeats Brock Lesnar in 36:07
The next night on Raw, Brock Lesnar finally retires from WWE giving Bronson Steiner the rub of having retired both Goldberg & Brock Lesnar within his first year on the main roster. At Summerslam, Bronson Steiner would challenge the ever so dominant Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship and he would go on to win the big gold belt that his uncle once held but more importantly his father never got to hold and we have a nice moment in the ring where Bronson hands his father the big gold belt that he finally gets to hold high above his shoulders.
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2023.03.21 02:24 DarkZealousideal3747 Missing my grandkids

There is some back story to this situation.
I moved back to Ga from California in 2007 when my daughter started having grandchildren so I could be near them, see them, etc.
I have only 1 child, a daughter. I had to have a hysterectomy after her birth (I was 25) to keep from bleeding to death. As parent and child often are, we've had our ups and down but had settled into a good relationship.
C was born in 2006. My daughter got married in 2007. He was a new person in her life, and I didn't really like him, but he was her decision, not mine, so I said nothing bad about him at all. When she moved in with him in July, she was pregnant again. They got married in October of 2007.
My sister had lost her house due to becoming disabled, and moved in with me in 2010. During that recession I (even working full time as a nurse) lost my home as well, so in March of 2010 we moved to property my sister owned in north Ga. (Actually closer to where my daughter was then living.)
My sister baby-sat almost daily for my daughter. I and her Dad (her step-father from age 2 upward) often kept the now two kids on weekends. I needed back surgery so couldn't handle both kids, nor could he. (We're divorced but still good friends).
We went to the kids birthday parties, were there on holidays, and so on. If my daughter needed me for something, I went to help her. (Putting up wallpaper, being with her at the hospital when she hurt her knee at C's soccer game, etc)
Her husband and her Dad came to help my sister and I move from the house I was losing, to the North Ga property. My daughter and the kids were on the way to the house bringing us all lunch.
I was still packing as fast as I could, crying and mostly sitting down because of a herniated disc in my back from catching a falling patient. I was in agony!
Now we jump ahead to 2013. My daughter was pregnant again, and on bed rest due to a threatened miscarriage. She asked if my sister and I could come up and watch the two kids for her. So same hour drive each way, we went and took care of the kids, cooking, and so forth that day. Her MIL was majorly ticked that I had been called instead of her. I could NOT keep my daughter (she's 35 in 2013) in bed, nor even lying on the sofa. This was March. In May, she had the threatened miscarriage. I had told her in March that if she were going to lose the baby, it was better to have it happen while she was a few weeks pregnant than 7 or 8 or 9 months pregnant. (I've been there, done that.) Her husband called me from the hospital to tell me she'd lost it. That child was my grandchild too.
She didn't talk to me for the next month or so, as she said they were grieving. I was also sad about the loss, but having worked Labor and Delivery, was more pragmatic but kept that to myself.
Suddenly in July of 2013 she send me a several page letter telling me what a horrible person I was, ad nauseum. That I was not going to ever be allowed to see, talk to, send gifts to my grandkids who I love dearly. At the time, the youngest of the 3 kids was a year old. Her reason?
She said her husband had told her that I'd said that the loss of the recent pregnancy was "One less mouth to feed." I'd NEVER, EVER say anything like that, nor did I. She said that he'd also told her that wile helping my sister and I move 3 years earlier, that I had made passes at him. That I'd grabbed his crotch, rubbed my boobs in his face, etc. I don't and never have even liked the man, plus HE'S MARRIED TO MY DAUGHTER! Of all the accusations he could have made, that is the least likely to EVER happen with anyone. Plus remember, during that move, I was in agony, crying and dragging my right leg because my back was so bad.
I tried to tell her that I never did any such thing and she refused to even listen. Her Dad and my sister (all there while moving) also told her that such a thing never happened. I understand she was caught in a problem. If she believed me, it meant the man she was married to, slept with every night, had kids with... was lying to her. But believing him, mean believing I could do such horrible things as he'd accused me of...
I've not seen my grandkids since April of 2014. My sister and I went to their home to see the kids, and her, because we were moving to Phoenix. There was a new baby I didn't even know about (There are 5 kids now. Five grandchildren, and I only KNOW two of them)
Her Dad has talked to her repeatedly trying to straighten things out. My other sisters (her Aunts) have tried to talk to her only to have letters returned unopened and phone calls denied. I've sent gifts anonymously only to have her return them to the company they were purchased from. She had told me in her letter that she'd make sure the kids never wanted anything to do with me.
The oldest, C (her husband is his step-father) is now 17. M is 15. They are the only two I know. I love all of them, even the ones I've never met, and I miss my grandkids terribly. I offered to pay for their plane tickets if she'd allow them to come visit for a week once they were 14. I didn't even get a reply.
My sister and I now have a home in SoCal for the last 3 years and she still refuses any interaction. I have no clue what to do and am open to suggestion.
Desolate in SoCal.
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2023.03.21 02:07 Panda_Marie88 How do I deal with this? - Long read sry

My mother-in-law is unbearable. I've been nothing but nice and helpful to her no matter what, but she always tells my husband that “We're against her,” and that she's always “evil.” Not once has anyone called her evil but she constantly says that. She always has to be the victim in every circumstance and will never take any responsibility for causing problems. She will purposely nit pick at my husband for ridiculous things, even when she knows it's going to piss him off and end in a huge screaming argument between them and then act like she has no idea what she did to start it, despite him telling her numerous times. She's 63 and acts like a petulant teenager. She never stops talking, and I MEAN NEVER. If she's alone she'll talk to the pets or mumble criticisms under her breath about us. Yet she treats us both like we're still children. I'm 35 I don't need to be led around and told what to do. I have been doing my best to remain silent and not engage w/ her b/c she never listens to anything you tell her anyway. My husband has no problem defending me or telling her that she's being a bitch or that she just needs to stop w/ the arguing or the whole victim thing but she doesn't hear any of it. He acts more mature than she does and he's only 27. I'm at a loss for what to do. I was raised by 2 wonderful parents in a Christian home. I'm not equipped to deal w/ this, but my patience and kindness is running very thin as of late and I can have a very bad temper once it's released. I unfortunately tend to hold it in until it explodes. Wtf do I do??
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2023.03.21 02:04 Nocturnal_Owl_Monkey Help

I need help
Hello community! I am recovering from cancer. My girlfriend is dissociating from the horrible stuff we went through in the last months, she trades all day (,not her work) and high risk, I think she is in debts and lost all her money again. Due to medical negligence I was manic and psychotic during chemo and I was a bitch to her to say the least. She is Chinese and doesn't "believe in therapy" she doesn't feel ok with it because she feels it implies she has "the mental problem" which I already have a collection of so I guess she is afraid of being batshit like me.
I'm broke, and weak, all I could think about was that I need to make her stop somehow to gain time and try to get some help somehow. I know only when she accepts she has a problem and when she wants she can receive help. My bright idea was: I made a bet, if I can make a YouTube (we talk about the chanel for months already, not really my thing to film myself) channel and gain 100 followers in one week she will stop the trading for a week and will spend this time in her actual work or studying English. If I lose, I will shut the duck up about trading for 28 days, and if I dare mentioning it I will give her 10 euro for each time I mention it (like if I have that kind of money lol).
I haven't started and I am feeling like this was a very bad idea, to encourage the betting behaviour. At the end the gambling adiction will not go anywhere.
Has anyone had a similar situation. It's super frightening to me that I'm the financially responsible person in the couple. This is a family trauma thing, and it can go baddd like her brother almost lost a house to an internet scam!!!
It's affecting me, my oncopsychokogist and psychiatrist advice distance which I'm trying to do, and I'll never give her money again. Its so insane that I need to hide money I. The house like wtf she is very good at keeping money until she goes and loses e 18k to high risk day trading shit.
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2023.03.21 02:03 Nocturnal_Owl_Monkey Help

I need help
Hello community! I am recovering from cancer. My girlfriend is dissociating from the horrible stuff we went through in the last months, she trades all day (,not her work) and high risk, I think she is in debts and lost all her money again. Due to medical negligence I was manic and psychotic during chemo and I was a bitch to her to say the least. She is Chinese and doesn't "believe in therapy" she doesn't feel ok with it because she feels it implies she has "the mental problem" which I already have a collection of so I guess she is afraid of being batshit like me.
I'm broke, and weak, all I could think about was that I need to make her stop somehow to gain time and try to get some help somehow. I know only when she accepts she has a problem and when she wants she can receive help. My bright idea was: I made a bet, if I can make a YouTube (we talk about the chanel for months already, not really my thing to film myself) channel and gain 100 followers in one week she will stop the trading for a week and will spend this time in her actual work or studying English. If I lose, I will shut the duck up about trading for 28 days, and if I dare mentioning it I will give her 10 euro for each time I mention it (like if I have that kind of money lol).
I haven't started and I am feeling like this was a very bad idea, to encourage the betting behaviour. At the end the gambling adiction will not go anywhere.
Has anyone had a similar situation. It's super frightening to me that I'm the financially responsible person in the couple. This is a family trauma thing, and it can go baddd like her brother almost lost a house to an internet scam!!!
It's affecting me, my oncopsychokogist and psychiatrist advice distance which I'm trying to do, and I'll never give her money again. Its so insane that I need to hide money I. The house like wtf she is very good at keeping money until she goes and loses e 18k to high risk day trading shit.
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2023.03.21 02:03 Nocturnal_Owl_Monkey Help

I need help
Hello community! I am recovering from cancer. My girlfriend is dissociating from the horrible stuff we went through in the last months, she trades all day (,not her work) and high risk, I think she is in debts and lost all her money again. Due to medical negligence I was manic and psychotic during chemo and I was a bitch to her to say the least. She is Chinese and doesn't "believe in therapy" she doesn't feel ok with it because she feels it implies she has "the mental problem" which I already have a collection of so I guess she is afraid of being batshit like me.
I'm broke, and weak, all I could think about was that I need to make her stop somehow to gain time and try to get some help somehow. I know only when she accepts she has a problem and when she wants she can receive help. My bright idea was: I made a bet, if I can make a YouTube (we talk about the chanel for months already, not really my thing to film myself) channel and gain 100 followers in one week she will stop the trading for a week and will spend this time in her actual work or studying English. If I lose, I will shut the duck up about trading for 28 days, and if I dare mentioning it I will give her 10 euro for each time I mention it (like if I have that kind of money lol).
I haven't started and I am feeling like this was a very bad idea, to encourage the betting behaviour. At the end the gambling adiction will not go anywhere.
Has anyone had a similar situation. It's super frightening to me that I'm the financially responsible person in the couple. This is a family trauma thing, and it can go baddd like her brother almost lost a house to an internet scam!!!
It's affecting me, my oncopsychokogist and psychiatrist advice distance which I'm trying to do, and I'll never give her money again. Its so insane that I need to hide money I. The house like wtf she is very good at keeping money until she goes and loses e 18k to high risk day trading shit.
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2023.03.21 02:02 Nocturnal_Owl_Monkey Help

I need help
Hello community! I am recovering from cancer. My girlfriend is dissociating from the horrible stuff we went through in the last months, she trades all day (,not her work) and high risk, I think she is in debts and lost all her money again. Due to medical negligence I was manic and psychotic during chemo and I was a bitch to her to say the least. She is Chinese and doesn't "believe in therapy" she doesn't feel ok with it because she feels it implies she has "the mental problem" which I already have a collection of so I guess she is afraid of being batshit like me.
I'm broke, and weak, all I could think about was that I need to make her stop somehow to gain time and try to get some help somehow. I know only when she accepts she has a problem and when she wants she can receive help. My bright idea was: I made a bet, if I can make a YouTube (we talk about the chanel for months already, not really my thing to film myself) channel and gain 100 followers in one week she will stop the trading for a week and will spend this time in her actual work or studying English. If I lose, I will shut the duck up about trading for 28 days, and if I dare mentioning it I will give her 10 euro for each time I mention it (like if I have that kind of money lol).
I haven't started and I am feeling like this was a very bad idea, to encourage the betting behaviour. At the end the gambling adiction will not go anywhere.
Has anyone had a similar situation. It's super frightening to me that I'm the financially responsible person in the couple. This is a family trauma thing, and it can go baddd like her brother almost lost a house to an internet scam!!!
It's affecting me, my oncopsychokogist and psychiatrist advice distance which I'm trying to do, and I'll never give her money again. Its so insane that I need to hide money I. The house like wtf she is very good at keeping money until she goes and loses e 18k to high risk day trading shit.
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2023.03.21 01:58 Ambitious-Mind9040 How do i learn to love myself

hi all, i would like some help. i think i hate myself. i nitpick everything i do, and everything i think. i continue to make unhealthy decisions because they’re easier to make than the healthy decisions, and i hate myself for it. i think im either too weak or too pathetic to actually change. i want to lose weight, i got a gym membership, went on monday of last week, i mean to return but going there alone is so stressful, and i don’t have anybody that can go with me. i hope that maybe once ive lost weight i’ll finally be able to love myself. i just want to be loved but before that can happen i have to love myself first, so that way i could love others better. do i just need to suck it up and stay dedicated to the gym, or is there something mental i need to work on. or am i just a pitiful bitch begging for sympathy points? i’m sorry i know this whole paragraph is dumb and has bad grammar. any help is greatly appreciated
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2023.03.21 01:32 PsychologicalCover65 My mom is kinda a selfish bitch??? But I also just feel bad for her.

She’s not happy in her marriage so she leaves my dad. Moves to New Jersey for like 2 years, struggles the entire time. Realizes she can’t make it on her own even with assistance from her mothe her oldest son for rent EVERY month. So she moves back here to this apartment me my brother and dad stay in. Unemployed, isn’t trying to find a job nothing. Dad pays rent, I help out when he needs it, provide food, and transportation since him and I are the only ones with cars. Constant passive aggression from her, bitching how there’s no food, bitching how the place is dirty, just bitching and nagging over everything possible. She needs money for laundry, she needs money for this, she’s hungry she’s bored she needs wine whatever… I really try my best to keep my mouth shut when I can, but I’m so aggravated with her nagging my dad calling him a shitty person, a shitty father, useless, when he’s literally sitting there just trying to paint a god damn painting, like while simultaneously trying his best to house his wife who’s making things miserable here. All they do is fight and bicker over their personal bullshit issues.
I don’t know how I should approach my mom because she’s also in denial about everything and just cries and plays victims over everything. Every time I witness her belittling him and tell her to stop it’s “I didn’t do that /say that!” I’m on my way out the door in the next year or so but how the hell do I navigate this living with my parents right now under these circumstances, I feel super triggered cuz they fought like this when I was a small child.
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2023.03.21 01:32 vndin I hate my ex and her bf... and my wife and i had dinner with them on accident

Ok, this is gonna be long, im sorry. The last girl i dated before meeting my wife, we will call her B, i thought was "the one." I literally loved her with every fiber of my being... we had close friends and always had a blast with each other. One of our friends, we will call him C, had a car (i had a suspended license) and was the "boss" at the business we all worked at but he and i were very close, he even dated B's neighbor. Everything was great or so i thought. One day B just kinda dropped it on me that she wanted to break up.... i was shocked to say the least... everyone was. She left me and went no contact for a month before inviting me over to her house w a bunch of our mutual friends. I went to the party and at one point she pulled me into her and kissed me more passionately than she ever had.... i literally had no idea wtf she was doing... but in my heart i kind of got excited that maybe we would be back together soon and the nightmare of losing her was over. It wasnt.... 2 days later i find out shes been secretly dating C since literally the day we broke up. I was distraught.... i was broken. I yelled at them both, screamed at her for doing this to us.... i quit my job and never looked back... I got into a skilled trade (unionized), i dated minorly but eventually met my current wife, we will call A. A was nothing like any girl id met before, she knew of how hard i had taken the break up w B and she was more help than she will ever realize in me getting past it all.... within 2 years we were engaged to be married on our 3 year anniversary. Six weeks before my wedding a old friend, we will call T, messages me through Facebook and ask to meet with me. It was odd but i agreed and we met at a olive garden near our homes.
When i walk in T is at the first table and is facing towards the bar area and stands to greet me... we exchanged hellos and i sat, back to the bar, as we continued.
I instantly knew something was off about the situation. He makes minor small talk always kind of looking past me. Then he did it....
"Look man, i really am hapoy to hear youre getting married, i really am. But someone wanted to see you and she knew you wouldn't come if she asked... you are both my friends... i hope you understand." He motioned to someone and stood up and excused himself.
B approaches from the bar and goes in for a hug, i deny it. She looks hurt but moves to the chair T had been sitting in and smiled across the table from me.
"What do you want?" I asked and she made small talk and acted like nothing was odd about her request to see me.
She proceeds to tell me how shes made a lot of bad choices in her life and she regrets having left me for C and she knows im engaged but she wants to know if we can work it out and go back to how it was.
I was speechless.... I was angry.... i told her No in no uncertain terms but she continued to tell me how i was a great guy and she was mistaken for chosing C and how hes an asshole and she cant have a life with him bc he has left her... then she says shes 3 months pregnant and he isnt returning calls and doesn't want to be a dad... that id be a great husband and father and how we would have a beautiful family and she'd spend every day making up for what she had done to us
I was enraged at the nerve of this woman... a woman whom i had loved w all my heart and who discarded me with no explanation or thought at all.
I saw red.... i stood up from the chair and she reached and took my hand to stop me. I yanked my hand away as hard as i could.
"You did make mistakes, one was tossing me away for someone who only wanted to use you for sex and another for thinking id be dumb enough to destroy the life ive built w my fiance to take you back." I glared at her and she pleaded for me to sit down, by now pople were staring at us, i started to walk away then stopped and turned back to her. "Hope you have fun being a single mother you fucking heartless bitch." As i walked out i heard her let out a horrid cry and lound ugly sobbing. I caught a glance at her as i walked by the windows outside on the way to my car, she was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. That was 20 years ago... no contact. Nothing.
Saturday evening my wife and I go to a local restaurant for dinner in the next town over. The restaurant has large tables and you will sit w all kinds of people if your party isnt over 6 people.
We set down and a elderly couple is placed to my right, no big deal. Then to my wifes left B and C are sat. I froze and had no clue what to do. B perked up and was suuuuper happy and excited to see me and meet my wife. (My wife knew who she was but had never met her or C before) C acts like a complete douche all through dinner... B is very social with my wife and i try to remain civil for the sake of the elderly couple to my side. She ask my wife tons of questions about us and our kids etc... but things i would never have openly told her. Apparently her and C have thier son (22yo) and a daugter (3yo) and she was excited to show pics and everything. She also conveniently mentioned that they are not married and just dating. My wife was social with her more so than i wanted her to be but again i figured it was for the sake of the situation. B actually asked us to a cookout at their house, said we should hang out and even do double dates. My head was spinning. Why would she think id want that.? Hell what would make her think id even humor that...? The elderly couple got up and left so now it was just the 4 of us. C literally said 5 words maybe the entire time. Most conversation was w B and my wife. But B tried hard to pull me into the conversation as often as she could. Eventually C got up and said he was going to go warm up the car and just left. B looked annoyed and made the comment that hes a real piece of shit. She paid their tab and stood up and hugged my wife all the while smiling from ear to ear. I had stood up bc my wife had and B came over and just snatched me into a hug. Her face was on the side of my head opposite my wife and she whispered "ill leave him today if youre interested." She squeezed me tightly and smiled told A she was happy to meet finally and again said we should "do this again."
WTF.... my wife told me she thought she was nice and when i said she was wrong she gave me a wierd look. On the way home i told her about the olive garden incident (id never told her bc i didnt want to stress her before our wedding) and I told her what was whispered to me before she left. My wife was pissed at how two faced B was.
I just had to vent.... wtf is wrong w people? I am so beyond angry even still (todays monday). That entitled bitch..... i am so pissed.
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2023.03.21 01:19 micahsaurus I think the rock I picked up in Mesa Verde park in 2002 gave me bad luck and I need to return it.

I am in my 30s now, but when I was younger my Mother, Father and I took a road trip out to Durango, Colorado. My mother and I had never been out “west”, she was born in Missouri and had moved to East Texas with my Father after I was born. We had a great time, we “people-watched” in downtown Durango, “rafted” the Animas River, went to the Great Sand Dunes and went to the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park.
The cliff dwellings were absolutely amazing. My parents bitched about the steps but I loved it. So much, I saw a very smooth round rock by the buildings. Slightly larger than the size of an American quarter. I slipped it in my pocket of my camelpak and forgot about it.
Fast forward until recently, I am cleaning out my childhood home because both my parents passed pretty early in life, and I come across my camelpak from that time in my life. The rock is still there! I packed it away in a box.
Looking back my family had pretty bad financial and health issues shortly after. I’m not a superstitious person, at all, but I think that rock has something to do with it. I plan on taking my kids on that trip in the very near future and plan on “replanting” the rock.
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2023.03.21 01:19 Throwingthisaccounty My mom is just THE WORST.

I tend to believe that the jokes people make sometimes are rooted in a truth. Therefore when I feel disturbed or offended by them in ways I cannot fully explain I try to examine what the possible intent would be.
My mom does not have a winning track record with me anyways but in the last few years she and I have been better… so coming home to a scathing b**** was a little bit of shock to me. She was “joking” she says dryly about how I wasn’t hungry and it’s a good thing I already ate and so on and so forth while my dad was making my favorite food…But her attitude was dismissive and rude okay. She did not smile or laugh. I’ve been in the family a long time I know a sarcastic harmless joke. Something was off with her. But I was trying to play along. However I despise to have words put into my mouth.
So anyways I expressed my discomfort and she keeps going. Again I express my discomfiture, but she continues on anyways putting me in a state of emotional overstimulation. Anyways so my dad is like your mom isn’t being mean. But my mom does have a mean girl vibe to her sometimes and if she was just joking lightly as she says she was she would’ve laughed and told me she was joking instead becoming defensive and accusatory… telling me that I shouldn’t have anything.
So I asked her what her purpose was flat out, because if it was for me to laugh she would have stopped when I asked her too. But instead she plays the mom card and makes me leave the room before I “start something”. Which evidently already existed before I walked in the door… because the only thing I actually asked her was “Why are you being so mean?”
I just feel like if someone expresses discomfort for whatever reason and you are not in fact a bully ALL JOKES SHOULD STOP RIGHT THEN.
The only reason I’m actually mad is because I’m the bad guy for asking her to stop.
She bullied me then used a power move instead of apologizing for being a bitch. I was in a good mood when I got home but I can hear her downstairs saying I brought the attitude in with me.
I want to yell down there so bad that shes the one acting funny.
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2023.03.21 01:15 JacobsSadder Come Find Me

Tyler and his kid sister sat at the kitchen table and ate uncooked pop tarts with milk. He glares across the table at her, right at the bright pink Hannah Montana shirt she wore all the time, the image of that teen idol's plastic smile burned into his brain. "So is Taylor still messing with you?" He asked. "No, not since you beat him up." "I wouldn't have had to if you hadn't of pissed him off. What did you do to him anyway..." "Oh you're gonna think I'm evil for this," She smiled with that same shit eating grin she knew annoyed him. He shook his head, "You are evil." He said taking a bite of poptart. "I kinda started a rumor that he had a crush on that guy Josh." Tyler made a *thump*on the table with his glass. "Well I'd kick your little ass too if I were him!" She busts out laughing, unconcerned with waking their hungover parents. They knew an earthquake wouldn't wake them after date night. "I didn't mean for it to get around as fast as it did. Me and Katy were joking around and I mentioned that I thought I saw Taylor trying to kiss Josh!" She washes some pop tart down with milk and wipes her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket. "Somebody must've overheard us talking and started spreading it around, so it was just an accident." Tyler shrugged just as he heard the bus pulling up. Then he turned his glass up, enjoying the cold milk falling down his dry throat. He threw his backpack over his shoulder and said, "YOU ARE AN ACCIDENT...let's go." Her grin turned upside down as she followed him out the door. "Well I'm mom and dad's favorite so BLAH."
They walked through the front yard heading toward the bus. Tyler comes to a halt and reaches his hand in front of Angel and stops her. "What?" she said. "You see Taylor right there don't you..." He nods toward the middle window of the bus where She recognized the chubby pale freckled face of Taylor Barns. "Yeah, so?" "He's not alone." Then she notices the other two boys glaring right at them. "Crap! they're gonna try and jump us! What do we do!?" She imagined herself getting beat up by Taylor's big ass while his friends beat up Tyler. "We're gonna walk to school. I don't feel like dealing with these assholes today." "We can't! That'll take forever to walk!" "I know a shortcut through the woods. We'll get there before they will." "I've never been in the woods...what if we get lost!" She insisted. Tyler grabbed her wrist and lead her away from the bus as it's doors closed and moved away. On the same block, stood the remains of a condemned house. She thought they were going inside, but then Tyler cuts and walks around it. Behind the old house was the beginning of thick brush and tall trees that had dead limbs hanging above. In front of them, leading through all of the fading green red and yellow colors of autumn, was a walked down path that stretched forward as far as She could see, and fallen leaves covering the ground every step of the way. "We can cut right through the woods and come up behind the school. It's only about a mile walk."
Tyler stepped into the edge of the forest and made it several yards out before he realized he was alone. He turned around to see his little sister standing still with wide eyes. "Come on! we gotta hurry or we'll be late!" He yelled. "I don't want too..." Angel said, her voice shaking. "We don't have a choice, now come on!" "It's scary in there! I'm not going..." "Don't do this to me angel, not now goddammit..." He groaned hard, already feeling groggy from poor sleep, and more than pissed about the long terrible day he predicted would end with him fighting off three overweight kids with bad breath. Angel folds her arms and says with a smart ass tone, "I won't do it! and you can't," Tyler all but leaps over to her and grabs her by the scruff of her coat. "You listen to me you little shit, because of you I'm gonna have to deal with those assholes probably all year!" He growled through his teeth. "I don't want to walk through these woods either and because of you I don't have a choice. Now follow me or I'll leave you here!" She starts welling up with tears, but Tyler didn't buy it. She did that all the time with their parents just to get her way. "You won't leave me here! mom and dad will kill you!" calling Tyler's bluff. "FINE!" Tyler pushed her down on her butt and leaving her behind. "Tyler if you leave me here I'll go wake mom and dad up right now!" her confidence faded when he didn't look back or slow down as he marched forward on the trail. She didn't want too, but she knew she didn't have a choice. So she followed. "Oh God...I don't like this...HEY LET ME CATCH UP!" she began running through the brush trying to catch up to her brother.
He didn't want to talk to her or let alone even look at Angel. All he did was try to tune out her complaining for most of the walk. He kept a quick pace to stay ahead of her, and still kept track of her by listening to her bitch about the woods and how mean he always was to her. She dragged her feet through the leaves, sounding as though they were hissing at her for disturbing them. He could hear every step she took and knew she was still right behind him. *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of her. *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of her getting everything that he wanted . *CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of being her caretaker. *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH* He was sick of his parents treating her like a princess and treating him like a workhorse. He was so tired. The injustice of his situation was getting to be too much. He did most of the chores around the house and always after a full day at school. He wasn't a slacker academically either. He maintained a B average and could even score an -A- in math when he felt like it. Sleep was a problem lately. Now it was bad dreams. They started over a few weeks ago and he had been dealing with the grogginess and fatigue from it everyday. As he followed the path, he made wishes that his parents would stop dismissing his complaints and would actually try to help him with his sleep problem. Maybe they could take a little bit of that money they blew every weekend on weed and booze and get him some medicine that'll help him sleep. That's all he wanted. Maybe he'd Just skip school today, go home and lay back down in his bed. He didn't care if he got yelled at. He didn't care if he had another nightmare; bring on the damn SPIDERS! He started to enjoy the walk some. The weather was cool and the woods were grey and beautiful today. And It was quiet. Not even the birds were chirping like they do in the summer. Save for the sound of shuffling leaves under his feet, it was calm and tranquil out for the sound of leaves.
He stopped in his tracks. Now it was almost silent out there. After he enjoyed only a few minutes of a relaxing walk through the woods, he realized something terrible. Dread came crawling up in his guts as it dawned on him that he hadn't heard a second shuffle in the leaves this whole time; he had blocked it all trying to escape this day. He turned around to see that Angel was nowhere in sight. As far as he could see, she was gone.
He kicked up leaves and dirt running back down the path. He reached the spot in the trail where he thought he last heard her. He looked all around, but saw nothing; no evidence that she was ever here. He looked at all the rotting crumbling leafs and sticks littered on the ground everywhere searching for a trail she might have left behind, but he couldn't even find his own tracks in the cold dried dead earth that blanketed the area. He took a deep breath. "ANGEL!!! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS WHEN I FIND YOU!!!" He yelled as loud he could in the slim hope that she was pranking him for earlier. "THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANGEL! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE US LATE!" He heard nothing but the little cracks and twitches of nature. He took another deep breath. "FINE THEN! I'M GOING HOME AND WAKING MOM AND DAD UP AND TELL THEM EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID, LIKE HOW YOU GOT ME INTO FIGHTS AND HOW YOU AIN'T LISTENING AND HOW YOU WANDERED OFF AWAY FROM ME!" He took a quick breath to yell even louder; he was crying now. "GOD DAMN IT I HATE YOU!...YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!!" He hurt his throat yelling so hard. He knew he'd be blamed for losing her as he was nearly hyperventilating. Then something merciful occurred to him, and it made so much sense that he immediately calmed down.
(That little brat turned around and went home! He turned around and started walking back down the trail. Thank God!)
He could make it to class and not have to deal with her, and if he saw Taylor, he could just walk wide circles around his fat ass. Then he could go home and maybe his Mom and Dad will hear him out and Angel will get scolded for once in her spoiled rotten little life. The best part of it all was that he could go back to bed and sleep; nightmares be damned. He'd grab the biggest fattest spider and use it for a pillow! He'll sleep and... and... then... Then he heard it. Something, a voice, a whisper, dancing through the silence of the woods. What is that? Faint, far away, but he heard it. It almost sounded like a person singing a note, dangling in the air like it was tied to a string. It was resonating with him, within him. He thought of a fishing lure in the water, flickering beautifully for any big mouth that might bite at it. That memory coming from fishing trips with his father. Yes. Think of a little fish swimming around in the bottom of the ocean, the pitch blackness of the deep. As black as space, minus the stars as not even the sun can be seen in the deep waters. What would you do if you were down there alone and scared and then suddenly you spotted salvation? A light! A little bulb of light just floating there in the nothing; Beautiful, Warm and just for you; would you have the sense to question it, or would you just chase it? And he chased it.
The voice sounded light and female. Sweet and calming. He didn't understand, but somehow he's whole mind was calm, yet his thoughts were clouded. His judgement subdued, but he was okay with it. Where is it? Where is it coming from? He could almost figure out the direction, but it still felt like it was in the air dangling just above his head. The longer he listened, the more it sounded to him like a woman singing. No words; just harmony. For a moment, a small opening in the dark clouds in his head, allowed for pessimism to shine through.
(What's happening to me... This doesn't make sense... I need to go home...)
Above him, the voice began to fall, creeping down, leading off the trail and deeper into the woods. The song was all but a lustful taunt now, beckoning him to give chase.
"Who's that!" He heard it. It was in his head, an alien voice spoke so loud that he actually heard it more clearly than if it was spoken aloud. The opening in the dark clouds were closing and becoming darker like heavy storms with only glimmers of light showing through.
And with that command, he obeyed.
He pushed through the dying forest. A machete would be handy. Either way, he was hell bent on finding her, or whatever it was calling him. He forgot about school, about Angel, about getting in trouble with his parents, and about Taylor's fatass. He wasn't studying anything else except,
There she was again. There was no mistaking it: this was the voice of a woman. He imagined her features that went along with that sweet voice. Long dark flowing hair, a perfect glowing face with almond eyes and a bright smile. Breasts, hips and long legs, Yes; there was a woman in these woods. Maybe she needed help? Maybe she needed a young man to come save her! Tyler knew none of that made sense, but he still had to find her no matter what. He reached a thick bush that seemed there was no getting around it, and there was a deep ditch on the other side that he hadn't noticed. He pulled his hands into his jacket, got down and fought and crawled through whatever openings he could find through. And what if he did find some weird woman out here; what was going to happen? It was unlikely that he was going to lose his virginity to some sexy siren out in the middle of these woods. He figured he had made it at least a mile or two away from the trail, and considered the trip back. The bush and brier patches annoyed him, as cracks in the dark clouds were letting more light shine through; then the voice would repeat itself:
And the dark clouds would regain control over him. This voice was engaging his adolescence with promises limited only to his imagination, and he had a healthy imagination for his age. She'd be waiting for him on the other side of this shit, he'll emerge all cut up and bleeding, he'll see her standing there, she'll turn and see him down on all fours exhausted and go to him, drop to her knees getting dirt on her angelic white dress, he'll look up at her and see the most beautiful face he'd ever laid eyes on, she'll smile at him and put her soft warm hands on his face, he'll lay his head in her lap and she'll gently pet his head. Then she'll bend down to tell him something as her bosom squishes against the side of his head; her lips will move and,
The ground he reached to grab wasn't there; he fell forward and rolled down the sudden drop into the ditch on the other side, landing flat on his face, hissing at the scraps and cuts. "that hurt..." The lights were on and he escaped the clouds; whatever had him, lost its hold in the fall. He couldn't hear her anymore. He didn't feel tired anymore, just slightly dead inside. Face down in the dirt, he thought about how there was no chance at making it to school on time, how horrible this day was, how things would be if Angel hadn't started shit with Tayler. Better yet, what if she had never been born? The day started off bad enough, and now here he was laying down in the dirt, in the middle of nowhere miles away from home and not sure how he was going to get back. Hell, he wasn't sure how he made it this far. He turned his head and saw more woods, then he turned the other way, resting his cheek on the cool dirt: The sun was setting. Already? How long had he been,
His head lurched up to the loud metallic shriek. He saw nothing, Almost. He would have missed it otherwise, but he remembered now: the dream; there was something from it that this place conjured up. Right in front of him was a hill where the noise came from. At a first glance, there's nothing remarkable about it, yet somehow, Tyler knew the secret. He pushed himself up to his feet. He'd seen it before; that's what it was. He couldn't think of it that morning; he had to see it play out in front of him before he could remember it: There was a faint outline in the hill and Tyler reached and grabbed the side to feel around for..."There!" He pulled with all his strength, then he let go of the big rusty metal door as it fell open, unveiling metal stairs leading down into darkness. He knew this was here! Maybe an old cellar or a storm shelter, but how did he know it was here? He looked down and thought of going in, but then thought better of it. He stepped back away from the entrance, then lights flickered over the stairs defeating the darkness that covered them, leading down to a metal door. Tyler realized that it was dark all around him; the sun had finished setting and the daylight was over. The woods around him now scarier than the hole with lights reflecting off the steel walls and stairs. He took his first step following them down careful to not make a sound. He wasn't trying to sneak, but was ready to turn and run back up the steps and into the woods in case he might jump an animal or a homeless man living down here. The metal door wasn't closed all the way, as if someone left it cracked. He pushed and it swung open, revealing a long hallway with more lights flickering on. He went forward, and wasn't so afraid; now he was just curious.
(Some kind of bunker maybe? Old and abandoned, but still has electricity?)
The hallway made a sharp right turn, then there was another metal door left open as well. The lights were already on inside. Tyler peaked through the crack and saw a room filled with lab equipment.
(Some mad scientist's hidden laboratory? How the hell could something like this be here?)
None of the equipment was like anything he had ever seen before; even the tech displayed in science fiction movies did this stuff justice: it was all shiny and well kept. Whatever science project that was going on down here was serious, and obviously, a secret. He passed a file laid open and couldn't resist taking a look.
"1973 The M.A.W. Project. by Dr. Les. Entry##113 submitted at 4:54 AM 'On behalf of the staff at NEW CELL research LAB #13, we require further funding: This project must be finished. It is necessary to do this at the site of where this strand of the NEW CELL anomaly, was located and is where we need to conduct our work. We do not know how to make CELL grow on its own yet, but this environment seems to encourage a reaction. It takes the form of a gas, reduced to a molecular level and singled it out. That's how NEW CELL's R-strand was discovered. It infects organic tissue with a compound never seen in history. It's proven to have high mutative properties, like other NEW CELL strands, but the R-strand has an amazing effect: psychokinetics is developing in the subjects! The R-strand will catapult Bio Engineering to places never thought possible!"
Tyler skips a few pages.
"It was necessary to have built 'Lab #13 at the sight where R-strand was discovered; It is imperative that our research continue, and is the opinion of this department and myself. The location isn't ideal, but this is also closest to civilian life that NEW CELL has been found to inhabit. It is costly -and risky- but necessary in order to collect this priceless data. You of course have seen the product of the remarkable capabilities of the R-strand with the M.A.W. Project; It's still to soon to move on from this location! So much we still have to learn! This is about the future of our species!"
Tyler flips to the last pages in the file:
Request to terminate the M.A.W. project.
"We have accomplished huge strides with the research of the R-strand. We've concluded that this location is not in fact the place of its origin. We can't prove it yet, but we believe now that the R-strand isn't native, or that the location is consequential to the mutations. The cells of R-strand cover this area, slowly growing like any organic matter. We are close to making a significant breakthrough on R-strand, and likely a huge leap in the NEW CELL anomaly.
Concerning The MAW Project, she has proven R-strand's remarkable capabilities, but we feel the project has hit a dead end, and is no longer a viable source for further study. I will note that with careful planning: further development of NEW CELL Projects can heed viable results, and we shouldn't shut the Lab down just yet. However, MAW'S devolvement has hit a brick wall. Her higher brain functions mimic that of the human host used, and this could be what is making her feral. However, I don't believe that to be the case. There's something else I've been looking into: It is possible that R-strand itself is where this intelligent/malevolent behavior is coming from. We had removed her brain and three of her limbs for our own protection, yet these problems persist. If my theory is true, then that means that the NEW CELL anomaly is the most intelligent viral life form ever exhibited. It goes beyond what human evolution has ever been capable of.
Concerning MAW: it is understood that the resources expended on her were substantial, but we've got all that we need and then some from the project. Immediate termination of MAW is requested. Let me also clarify the problems arising for the Lab in keeping her contained here: we believe she's been telepathically commuting with sentient life outside of the perimeter. First we notice an excess of animals wandering closer to the lab, then our security was finding civilian life wandering in the area, and furthermore, somehow getting inside; they never remember how they got here. One poor soul actually made it inside MAW's containment: what we found wasn't a pretty sight. We have other issues of MAW affecting Lab #13 personal. Mostly complaints of strange dreams and emotional problems. Working within such close range of MAW is subject to high stress, and the project wasn't recommended to personal with pre existing mental conditions, as it became common that She could exacerbate the conditions. I myself am having trouble, as I haven't been able to sleep well in months. I and my staff humbly request that a N.C.H. team is sent to sterilize this area, and to terminate the MAW Project."
Tyler saw there was a tape recorder next to the file. He pressed rewind, and then the Play.
'Those bastards. They actually went ahead and did it. The data we collected over the course of L thirteen's establishment was more than viable enough and worth saving, but no, those bastards never cared. They really went ahead and did it! They're gonna leave us and L thirteen to rot! We got them everything they wanted from the NEW CELL growing in this area, and then they cut their losses and abandon us! R-strand is growing; its infecting this whole area. Yes we were here to research it, but also to contain it! The civilian life that's anywhere within a thousand kilometers will be totally lost...
They sealed us in here. The team we requested sealed us down here to die! I Wonder how far they'll get before they too are...
It's MAW again...
I hear her now, she's tempting me. I'm out of time..."
The rest of the tape was nearly silent save for steps on the tile floor, echoing as they got further away, until they couldn't be heard, and then silenced altogether. There was nothing now but the light hiss of the tape spinning, and there would be nothing else on the rest of the tape either.
Tyler heard something. He turned to see another door. He carefully pushed it open, and there was more stairs. No lights flickered on this time. It looked like the stairway to hell itself. Briefly, there was no way he was going down. So turned back. He was done with this. He was frightened and wanted nothing more than to leave this place and forget about it, the tape, everything. It was cold and lifeless in here. He had to get home. Then, he heard her voice; not the woman, not the sirens song he heard all afternoon, but his sister's voice.
He heard it. And it wasn't in his head. "Hello?" "Tyler..." "Angel? is that you!" he yelled. It was coming from down the rusty stairs, coming from the bottom. No response. He took a deep breath, and then he took the first step down, then another, then on the third, he heard Angel's blood curdling scream eco from the bottom. "Angel! Hold on!" He yelled going down the steps as fast as he could, nearly slipping on what he thought was rags or towels, following Angel's scream all the way to the bottom; down to the precipice. The scream ceased just he saw a metal door hanging from bent hinges; It was decimated, ripped through like tissue paper. His gut told him to turn and leave now, then something caught his eye: Something familiar was hanging on one of the sharp pieces of the metal door, slivers of cloth. He approached and grabbed it: on the front was torn ribbond of tHanna Montana's face still smiling that plastic smile. Tyler felt terror crawl up through his guts. Suddenly the lights came on above. The floor was covered in discarded clothing. Most of it was adult sized: white lab coats, leather shoes, male and female undergarments, socks, and more laying everywhere. Watches, cellphones, pens, wigs, jewelry, etc. He looked up the stairs, and saw even more just littered all the way up. He realized something horrible: Nothing can get close to this place without coming under the influence of this MAW...How many people had wandered down here just like himself? Facing the stairs, he stepped on something sizeable. He bent down, and found that it was a backpack. Hanna Montana's face plastered on it too. It was Angel's. He went down to his hands and knees and found a small pile of clothes, jeans, pink socks, a bright pink jacket and white panties. He became nauseous, his stomach twisting itself up as he understood that Angel, along with all these other people had all been...
The sickening sound found his ears, and then, he heard that woman's voice speak aloud,
"Tyler, You found me."
(The little fish that swims in the darkness will see the dangling light and approach it; never seeing the terrifying mouth of the anglerfish waiting just behind the light.)
A moist and warm gust of air covered him, and behind it was the mouth that exhaled it. Tyler on all fours, turned his head around to see it, and what he saw was a giant gaping mouth, filled with large jagged teeth, smelling of death and wide enough to bite him in half. For a moment, he didn't want to run away. For a moment, the mouth seemed to not be so threatening. For a moment, he was almost at peace with it, then that turned into a euphoria, rapturous, pleasurable even. The dark clouds were thundering, blocking all light, all sense. He was okay with this. Even wanted it...for a moment. Then, as the mouth neared and began closing down, he saw something hanging from one of the long yellow stained teeth: something little, long and black. Like a worm? No... He then realized what it was, and all the clouds blow away as sheer horror swept through like a 200 mph wind: It was in fact, a lock of hair from Angel's head. The mouth spoke once more as the fresh stince of blood and guts seeped from the beastly dripping mouth:
"You found me."
He screamed louder then he ever had in his life. His fight or flight chose the latter. His prone position was almost that of a runner's stance, as the mouth started to close down for a bite. Tyler lunged up the metal staircase, the piles of clothes, phones and jewelry impeding him every step of the way, all the while that hot sick breath was rushing up his shirt. He made it halfway up the stairs and looked back at it to see if he was getting away from it. When he did, an even louder scream erupted from him with tears and mucus pouring from his face. He saw a massive hand reaching up for him, big enough to grab him around his waist and crush him into pulp, and pull him back down to face the same nightmarish death that his kid sister met. He caught a good look at the thing: a huge humanoid, that looked like it would have been a giant, but there was nothing below its lower torso. The hand swiped at him just barely missing the temporarily despondent boy, its large nails making deep scratches on the metal, sending an ear splitting shriek through the air. Tyler cuffed his ears in pain. He saw it trying to orient itself to take another swipe. It seemed to look up and let out a guttural roar at him, spitting its saliva and little tiny pieces of Angel all over him. Then he saw that the thing was missing its eyes: above the mouth, everything; a nose, its cranium, eyeholes, were gone. Atop of the mouth was just the healed over stump from where those things used to have been, maybe. That huge hand was connected to a long muscular arm, the only limb it seemed to have left. Then all at once, Tyler understood it:
(It can't do much else but eat. So it got good at luring its meals down to it... Like one of those parasites that wiggle into the head of a grasshopper and make it commit suicide and that's how the worm survived...That's how this thing survived. He could hear it; feel it. The same voice the owners of these piles of clothes heard. The same voice that Angel heard. That same sweet voice that lured him down, all the way from home, was now trying to wiggle its way back into his head. She was telling him that everything was alright; come back down, take your clothes off -and anything else that if wouldn't like to chew on- and everything will be alright. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down. Come down come down come down come down Come down. Come down. Come down.)
Tyler snapped out of it for the last time as She lurched forward, mouth open wide. Tyler turned to the metal stairs, crawled up the rest of them and finally reached the door. He bolted through the lab, hearing both her voice in his head, beckoning him, while the monster was bellowing from below; cursing at the escape of its meal. Tyler passed the file, and grabbed it thinking he might need it later with all the rational thinking he had left, besides running. He reached the long hallway, the echo of his shoes coming down on the metal engulfing everything including her cries for him. He leaped out of the big metal door, and he got on the other side of it and pushed with all his strength, making slam back shut. Then he was out into the dark woods, at this point the safest place in the world to him. He didn't stop. He ran back the way he came. He made his way around the hill he fell down, found the path through the brush that he made earlier and finally after scurrying through all of it again, he found the path to the school; the same path he could take home. The running wasn't over; not yet; Not until he saw his parents.
His mother and father sat on the front porch along with several police officers who were gathering up for a search party. The mother with her head in her hands and the father was speaking to the police officer taking down descriptions in his book. The red and blue lights of the police cars lit the whole street up, and that's how Tyler found his way back. He saw the lights and new that that had to be his block. He held the file in his hand that would prove that everything he saw was true. He finally took a moment to catch his breath...
Then, she spoke to him again, and he listened...and he listened.
His mother looked up with tears in her eyes and almost didn't see him: her son was standing there covered in dirt, grime and little bleeding cuts all over him. He was empty handed. She cried and ran to her son and embraced him as his father and the police officers followed. She hugged him tight. She loved him and he felt it. His father kneeled down with tears in his eyes, checking Tyler's wounds. "Tyler, what happened?" "Tyler, are you okay?" "Tyler, talk to me baby!" "Tyler...where's Angel?" He was in awe. He looked up to the night sky without saying anything. He saw that the stars were out. They cared. They cared. He felt like he was the center of their world. And it made him feel good. This felt good. She was right.
Tyler woke up at 6:00 AM to the sound of his alarm blaring ZZ Top. He was sleeping so well that he hated the alarm. He stretched and pulled himself out of bed. He looked out of his window and saw the sun creeping up from behind the line of trees of the woods behind that old house. He grabbed the window seal and stretched himself. He left his room, past the hallway bathroom, and then went into the room that -use to- belong to Angel. The posters still hung, but the room was a mess where the police had searched it for any possible leads. He ignored the mess like his parents did, albeit for different reasons. He enjoyed a shower. Angel's shower that was. In the kitchen he ate uncooked poptarts with milk. He was feeling great, well rested and had a sense of wellbeing he hadn't felt in a long time. He thought about trying out for basketball, or maybe football. The school bus pulled up outside and he slammed his milk and ran out the door. On the bus he sat in the middle, right next to a girl he had never talked to before, and they struck up a conversation. As they got off the bus she waved at him and saying whe would love to have lunch with him. He smiled and turned to go to class. He ended up trying out for football and fell in love with the sport that day. He liked his coach, and he made friends with almost everyone on the team. Everyone except for one big freckled face Taylor Barns. When Tyler caught up with him after school, Taylor didn't know what to say to this knew and very chipper Tyler. They had gotten into a fight over his sister, and then she was pronounced dead, all back in the fall. When the bus passed his house, it seemed to be a ghost house with nobody home. Now here he was trying to make friends? How could he say no. He thought that he should try and be nice. Felt like he owed him that much. He didn't have much of a choice though... No choice, really. See, Taylor had recently been experiencing some sleep deprivation, all from some recurring nightmares within the last week, give or take. Perhaps brought on by some remorse; an underserved guilt over the disappearance of Tyler's kid sister. He didn't know why it was happening; he definitely didn't know that Tyler knew about it, either. Taylor agreed to hang out with him after practice, and they would walk to Tyler's house, play video games, and talk about football. Tyler told him that he knew a shortcut through the woods. Taylor Barns smiled, and Tyler smiled right back...
and so did she.
Written by Jacob Pittman.
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2023.03.21 00:57 Akira_Jansen AITA for being a "selfish bitch on my birthday"?

(English is not my first language so please forgive me in advance if there are any mistakes and I will try to be as clear as possible)
First a little context: Since I came of age I no longer feel the same excitement as I used to on my birthday.

Before (17 and below) I would be jumping and excited for the party, gifts and the old man that I would do with my parents but today it is not like that, for me it is like a normal day and no longer being the same excitement as before (on the contrary) that day since I wake up for some strange reason I feel no mood, I do not want to celebrate and prefer to just stay in my room, if you call me to congratulate me I will gladly respond and I will thank you for taking me into account, if you bring me a gift I will gladly take it and if you send me a message of congratulations I will also thank you and I will be happy that you take me into account but it is no longer the same, all year I wait for my birthday with excitement but then a day before the date my spirits decline and my excitement for that day fades, I do not hate my birthday but the excitement of before is no longer the same.

now here comes the part where "I could be the bad guy".
An aunt from another country called me and told me that she sent me X amount of money as a gift, to buy me something I like or to go where I want, I thanked her and I was talking to her for about an hour, when I hung up my cousin intercepted me and said "you are going to buy a cake to share with everyone and you will take us for a walk with the money I send you" I simply replied with a "No. I'm not having a party, I'm not going anywhere and I'm just going to buy 2 tubs of ice cream for myself and stay in my room playing video games", she called me a "selfish bitch" for only wanting to enjoy MY present and that I was being a sourpuss on my birthday, I just told her that I didn't want to have a party and that if she wanted to go to a party and celebrate to wait until her birthday to have one and I got the hell out of there.
An hour later as expected I had messages from my cousin's mother, other aunts and one or two mutual friends I have with her telling me that I acted like "a bitter narcissist" and that my cousin just wanted to celebrate.
Am I the bad person?
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2023.03.21 00:48 OkCamp1513 Is 40k enough for two teens and an adult running from abusive dad and probably his entire side of the family? (I'm kidding btw)

So uh, here's my story. My dipshit father who loves to control us, has gone on another tantrum rage again. Me and my brother came out as wanting to commit, and this dipshit just threatened my brother and ignored me. WTF? This bitch is literally the reason we're both trying to kill ourselves and he just threatens and ignores us? Anyway he took away our phones (for me I use my phone to call my friends so they can help me when my mental health is getting worse, I don't know about my brother), and before he took some other shit away saying he owned this house and could do anything his bitch ass wanted. That's one of the only big mistakes my mom has made. Quitting her job so this fuckwad has total control of everything. Now he just abuses us mentally and when we break he just threatens to take more shit away if we do anything ever again. We always have to play along like we're his fucking playthings. I would love for my parents to get a divorce so we an get away from this psychological piece of shit, but I'm really scared that he might get custody. My mom hasn't worked in 20 years, and my dad has a prestigious job. And it's not even like he can't just get a new girl to fall for his games. Once he even said that so many girls hotter than my mom could just line up for him, but he's not that kind of guy. FUCK. YOU. The only reason he's letting us stick around is because he doesn't want to look bad in the eyes of his own fucked up family, and I sometimes still play his fucking game in hopes of him not kicking me out of the fucking house. Now, I'm tired. I don't care if he does that or not. Either way, I'll probably be found dead, splattered on the side of a high story building, and if you're reading this by any chance, FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU DIE A TERRIBLE FUCKING DEATH
I'm so sorry for all the cursing. My mom and brother want me to look on the bright side and not anger the piece of shit thats tainting our entire family. We don't really have much other than 40k he promised to give us. If I got my hands on the money owed to me and my brother, I'm taking the first flight out of New Jersey to somewhere new with the rest of my family and I'm getting a job. Hopefully they get a divorce and can see what he's doing to me and my brother. Then, we'll have a lot more than 40k and the mother fucking bitch thats tearing my soul in half will finally leave. Honestly though, he's caused so many mental fucking breakdowns for me to ever heal. There's no slur, curse, or anything to describe this guy, and I'm tired to trying. See ya.
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2023.03.21 00:42 MasPhil34 What is with this sub?

I joined this sub because I am a fan of the Walking Dead, but honestly it’s ridiculous. Every post on this sub is bitching about characters, bitching about “bad” seasons, stupid tier lists, or the worst takes I have ever seen in my life. And then these posts fade away and someone else makes a post exactly like it. Every. Single. Time. What the hell is the point?
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2023.03.21 00:20 AjaxlovesSoup Am I Autistic?

All of my friends think that I may be autistic and I don't know what to do about it? The thing is, I've had quite a few autistic friends and they all like to tell me about their symptoms and other things relating to autism, and so, I do know quite a bit about autism, and because of that I feel like I might be subconsciously projecting those symptoms onto myself so I can relate to them. I don't really know if that makes sense but that's the best way I can explain it.
I had people and friends in the past ask me if I have autism or adhd, my answer has always been "no" or "not that I know of" because I've never been tested for it or anything so in my mind, I'm not autistic. But my friend of 6 years thinks I'm am and she always mentions it. She's always pointing things out like how (right now) all I do is talk about my favourite crystal and about shows I really like, but that's just what people do right?
Granted I do seem to blabber on and on and repeat the same conversation over and over but I'm genuinely just a forgetful person and don't remember telling people certain things and I do get excited just a little to fast when people let me speak about things.
Though, I have started to notice that really hate certain textures like, dry paint, powders, velvet, dry clay, moisturiser on my hands (and sunscream), certain paper, certain wallpaper and other things really send shivers up my spine. I used to go nuts whenever my nan or mum put babypowder on me after a shower or whenever I'm baking and I accidentally get flower in my gloves or whatever.
I'm quite bad in social situations to and have had quite a few panic attacks before, but I may just be introverted. I do have a really great group of friends though so even though I'm bad socially when I'm around them I'm pretty loud.
But I'm not very sensitive to loud noises. I'm not overly sensitive but I'm definitely more sensitive then most people but never to the point where I've had to wear noise cancelling headphones.
Though I have a very vivid imagination (unlike my autistic friends), it's to the point where I'll definitely get caught up in it. But I feel like that's more due to my trauma then anything.
Everyday I start to think that maybe I am or maybe I'm just making it up but my parents have never seemed to mention anything and if I tell them that I think I have autism bit i dont know they'll definitely call me an attention seeker.
I always used to think that there was something different about me as a kid but then I just ruled it as being weird.
Sorry if I've said anything that is offensive to anyone but I just don't know what to do or say yk?
Anyways, if anyone has any advice then I would really appreciate it, thank you <3
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2023.03.21 00:09 Mental-Mixture515 Aita for bleeding through my pants?

I female 15 was at school during a basketball game and realized that I had bled through my pants earlier in the day when I went to the bathroom. I realized that nobody had told me and was embarrassed. I immediately called my mom to pick me up, but she couldn’t so my dad picked me up in the car. My dad asked how my day was and I snapped at him saying,” obviously it’s been pretty fucking shitty sing as I just realized I bled through my pants and nobody had told me.” Which resulted in him attempting to hit me. I’ve been told by many people that it wasn’t necessarily my fault. I was in a bad mood, but from others I have been told that I am a bitch and a total asshole, and I shouldn’t of snapped like that. So am I the asshole?
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2023.03.21 00:06 damnbeautifulday 42 [M4F] #LosAngeles - Best Case Scenario for an older guy and younger woman

Here's the best case scenario of how this goes, for me at least:
You can intro me to music I should be listening to, and you'll probably be nice and listen to the music I try to turn you onto once or twice.
I'll listen to you vent about your life, not as someone to tell you what to do, but as someone who's made all of the bad decisions before and isn't going to judge you for it.
You'll let me bitch about being old, and hopefully put me on and tell me I don't look that old at all.
Oh, and we're going to fuck.
And not fuck like I'm going to pump you a couple of times and roll over like your high school boyfriend did. We are going to learn each other's bodies. We are going to talk about all the dirty ideas and fantasies we have, without judgement, and even take a few for a spin. We are going to figure out what gets each other off. We are both going to cum hard, and not be able to wait to do it again. We aren't going to be afraid to acknowledge the sex is the real basis of this. And yeah, you are turned on by fucking an older married guy. And yeah, I'm turned on by fucking a hot younger girl. We are ok with being each other's little secrets, expressing our kinky desires, and sharing our dirty thoughts. We'll also laugh, smile, and enjoy each other's company along the way.
I'm 42, fairly attractive (5'8", dad bod alert), somewhat intelligent. I'm full of bad jokes and sharp wit. I love going down on a woman, and I love making them laugh and feel good about themselves. I don't take life too seriously, but I take the people in my life seriously, and don't fuck around with their feelings, boundaries, or emotions. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do spank cute backsides. Please be in LA or close by.
If you've read this far, tell me, what is the best care scenario for what you were hoping to find on this subreddit?
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