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2017.10.31 19:12 goldfishpaws You make a wish, the Genie grants it technically but with spite

The Genie listens and grants your wish, but the Genie is spiteful and will fulfil your wish technically whilst making you as miserable as possible

2018.03.07 11:17 Mr_Tohtle <3


2023.06.08 07:45 nickibar96 How Fallout: New Vegas helped me cope with losing my grandma

[The text in this post is copied from a comment I made under a fnv post making fun of the character Lily Bowen, a Super Mutant who was a grandma before she was turned into a monster on the outside, but still retains her personality.]
My grandma died in October and I didn’t say goodbye.
She’d been sick with terminal cancer for almost a year, and in that time I only spoke to her a handful of times, if that. The thing is, I wasn’t supposed to know she had cancer. My mom told me, but wanted me to pretend I didn’t know, so that I would talk to her as if I thought she’d be alright. But how could I? Knowing that her days were numbered, I couldn’t bring myself to pretend everything was fine. Hell, even if I’d been allowed to address her condition, I preferred to distance myself from her even more than the ocean that separated us (she lived in Colombia 🇨🇴, where my whole family and I are from. I live in the US). I didn’t call. I was already accepting her death long before it actually happened. The week before she died, my mom told me she would call me later that week and put me on the phone with her to let her know I love her and that I’d be okay, because she was always worrying about me. She knew my grandma’s time was almost up, but she still overestimated how long she had. My grandma died before my mom ever called me. At first I felt more numb than sad, because I’d been ready for it. I’d been waiting. Honestly hoping she would go soon because she was suffering tremendously near the end. But then like a week after she died, I broke down in inconsolable sobs. I realized how in trying to spare myself the pain of talking to her, knowing I’d lose her soon; I lost her sooner than she died. I’ll never see her again, and not only did I not get to say goodbye, but I barely talked to her her whole last sickly year. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself for that. But I mourned her and have mostly come to the acceptance stage of grief. For several months I was in denial. She was there my whole life, and then she wasn’t. The fact that I didn’t see her die or say goodbye made it even harder to accept. Alas, I was about as over it as you can get. I don’t think about her as much anymore, but when I do, I sigh the deepest sighs…
I started replaying New Vegas a few weeks ago after being done with and away from it for about a year. When I picked Lily up this playthrough and subsequently dismissed her, “Grandma will miss her little pumpkin. You promise to visit Grandma soon.” put tears in my eyes. So I can’t fuck with the humor in this post. I would love to have my grandma there to knit me “I ❤️ Grandma” sweaters that I’d wear proudly and cheer me on and feed me her special recipes of treats and fill my head with her worries for my safety and wellbeing, even as busy as I am with work and my personal life.
Appreciate your grandmas, and for the love you have for them, don’t be afraid to say goodbye, because you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t.
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2023.06.08 07:44 1udderlycutecow Surviving a Blindsided Breakup (Long)

Even though it seems totally impossible right now, know that it will get better.
7 months ago I was in total shock when my boyfriend of over two years sat me down and blindsided me with a breakup. We had been living together for a few months at this point, so that night I had packed up all of my things and moved back to my parents house. The days and weeks after the breakup I was in a near suicidal depression trying to figure out what went wrong and how I lost my best friend. I ruminated over and over trying to think of the things that I my have said or done differently to have him stay, and would anxiously wait for that text from him to come home. Unfortunately it never came, but as time started to slowly go by I was able to see the breakup from a different light and begin the process of healing.
While I still have a lot of progress left to go before I have made total peace with letting go of how things ended and the lack of closure, I feel a lightness that I never thought was possible before and you will too.
These are some of the things I did (and wish I did more of to help me):

Be kind to yourself
While all breakups have their fair share of heartbreak, a blindsided breakup causes more unnecessary trauma and pain to the dumpees and is incredibly callous. Even though it sounds overly simple, make sure to be kind to yourself when going through this process. This can look like placing extra emphasis on self care or doing those little extra things for yourself that you enjoy. Especially right after the breakup, finding healthy distractions is so important. Even though I was in a state of shock, I remember going to the zoo days after the breakup and while I still felt shattered, seeing baby capybara's made me smile.

Some introspection is good; constant rumination is not
If you are anything like me you are an over thinker, and it is something I still struggle with in terms of the breakup (though it's better than before). One of the worst parts of being blindsided is not just the lack of closure, but also the mixed answers you may have received from your dumper as to what caused the breakup. I was literally obsessed with finding out what I did wrong, why things fell apart and maybe if I said this or did this that he would love me again. Please, please do not do this. While it is true that it takes two to have a healthy and stable relationship, remember that most of us were not given access into our partners inner world and they allowed small grievances to build up until it was unbearable. We are not mind readers, how can we improve on these issues if they are not addressed? Introspection on things that you would like to do differently is good, but make sure to not get hung up on the little details and how they may have changed things.

One of the best tools that has helped me not only track my healing process but also make sense of the situation is journaling. You can do this in the traditional way by writing things down but I found that a video diary has helped a lot as well. It's a great way to organize your thoughts and get out all of the anger and hurt from the breakup.

Maintain no contact
One of the most hellish parts of the breakup was no contact. No matter what happened in my day good or bad he was one of the main people I went to. Not having him there during such a hard time was horrible, and while there are moments that even now I miss the home we made, I'm realizing how strong I am without him. You are too. The first few weeks will feel like going through withdrawal but it is so important that you separate yourself away from the dumper and find a sense of clarity about the situation on your own. This also applies to social media! Stalking and looking at their pages will only make these feelings worse and constantly reopen the wound. If you need to unfollow or block to fight the urge, do it.

Exercise ( I wish I would have done more of this)
While in the beginning I struggled to get out of bed, I wish that I would have tried to work out a bit more. Even if you can only manage a five minute walk around the block, try it. Moving around does help those bottled up feelings from going crazy.

Finding people going through similar issues
I am not exaggerating when I say that this is SO important. Right after the breakup I went on Reddit and ended up meeting one of the best friends I've ever had who was going through a breakup as well (having that support saved my life and I'm so grateful for them). Being able to connect with a community of people going through such a shocking similar experience is cathartic and makes you feel so much less alone. Even during those moments where you are fighting the urge to isolate try to reach out to your support system and this community.

Continue to work on yourself for you NOT for them
There's a quote that says " Don't climb mountains so that people can see you. Climb mountains so that you can see the world" and it applies to breakups too. All of this hard work you are doing to improve and love yourself more, do it for you. I know the thought of a villain era seems so tempting and you want to show them that you aren't just happy but thriving without them, but it's not worth it. Do it for you because you deserve that.

Learn more about attachment styles
One thing that I am grateful for from this experience is the chance to learn more about not only his kind of attachment style, but my own as well. This can help you get a better understanding of yourself and what you need in a partner, and also red flags to look out for when dating.

Even though I know right now things are extremely difficult, know that things WILL get better. If no-one has told you, I'm proud of you and you will make it through this happy and whole again. If you need someone to reach out and talk to, my DM's are open!
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2023.06.08 07:44 GiliBoi Just finished with SOTC and i have a couple of things i wanted to make sure of first

Alright, so I've been following a guide for the last few receptions/abno fights since I would've been stuck at purple tear forever otherwise, and the guide said something that caught my attention, something along the lines of "you don't actually need to do this but it's nice to get it anyways" when talking about chesed's realization. So, are the latter ones optional? Because i was just assuming that I needed to do all of them, like in LC. Im planning to do them anyways, but judging by the themes of the last two floors i can tell the realizations are going to be a pain in the ass (blue star is already bothering me enough).
The other thing i wanted to ask is... that was the hard part of the game, right? like, come on, 90% of the receptions in this part nearly gave me a panic attack (fuck you in particular rudolph), and it took me multiple weeks to get over them all. Surely, the rest of the game isn't as bad now that i have all of the cool key pages, is it?
...ill take any deck building tips
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2023.06.08 07:44 Mikewazowski948 Thoughts On Experimental Branch After 1 Hour

Decided to try out the experimental branch, here’s what I got.
-The biggest thing, performance. For me, the game is actually running a bit worse. On the current branch, the game runs (almost) perfectly fine. Minor stutters here and there, more so the longer I run the game. On the experimental branch, I stutter entering/leaving a building, there’s a notable pause anytime I open a menu. Loading times have seemingly improved from the 3 (all large) seeds I generated though, albeit by not that much. That’s okay for me, though. Loading times usually don’t bother me.
-Everything else that had been mentioned would be fixed, is fixed from what I could tell. People outlines don’t do that weird thing where you only see part of their body at say, 5 feet away, and another at 6. The camera lasers do seem more accurate but I never really noticed an issue on the current branch.
-Experimental branch seems to have broken the case board, specifically using MMB. I went to move and connect evidence and one click decimated everything, putting it in one huge, messy pile. I’ve noticed other users on the sub experiencing this.
-I’ve only had roughly an hour into it, but I generated 3 different cities just to test, and I must say that it seems like the procgen is much better in terms of city layout. On all 3 cities I noticed that the citizens acted more citizen like, there were more people drinking at bars and just sitting in restaurants, or dancing. The cities seemed more filled in as well. This might be tricky to explain, but as I walked around my cities previously, I could almost always just look 45* in any direction and I would see the map edge. In this experimental branch, that’s not the case. The cities are more fleshed out, it seems. Those “sketchy alleys” you’re supposed to be careful going down are much more obviously sketchy now, and all 3 of my cities layouts made it feel very dense and compacted, in the good way we would expect with something like this. Maybe I just had bad RNG before.
I’m excited ! Some minor growing pains here and there, but I’m hopeful that the game will only go up from here. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 07:44 Longjumping-Scene-41 Tiktok I saw about being ugly

I saw a tiktok a couple days ago and I havnt been able to stop thinking about it since. She was saying that a good way to tell if you aren’t attractive is if your friends compliment you on physical traits or personality traits or something like that. She was saying like if your friends don’t compliment you on your physical looks but they always compliment you on your personality it means that subconsciously they think you are ugly. It really didn’t make sense to me and didn’t bother me at first because looks change but your personality that’s more permanent and I rather be a good unattractive person than a mean attractive person. I have always been insecure about how I look and lately it’s been a lot worse so it’s already in my head that I’m not pretty but after watching that tiktok I started thinking how nobody in my life besides my mom grandma and aunts say I’m pretty. Nobody really tells me that, my friends tell me how caring and stuff I am which I love because I just want to truly be a kind and caring person but now I’m just feeling insecure because of what the girl said in the tiktok I saw. I overthink SOOO much and pretty sure I am now but I just don’t know. I think my friends are beautiful and I tell them all the time but everyone is different. I don’t think I’m pretty and I hate my body so I can’t even be mad at people for not thinking I am but just that tiktok really sucked and set me back 10 steps in building more self confidence. I don’t need the compliments but my brain just won’t let me forget it because of how I have been feeling lately. I seriously feel crazy that I’m letting this tiktok mess with me and I hate that I can’t love the body I am in.
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2023.06.08 07:43 NoRich4088 I'm in a bit of a predicament regarding my dreams.

Buckle in, because this will probably be a long one.
Now, my dreams are... strange. And not in a wacky way. I can remember around 4-6 dreams a month, however, I don't usually put effort into remembering them long term, writing them down, or attempting to lucid dream, because they...are barely dreams, to be frank. Here's a list of things about my dreams that the people I've talked to are completely confused by:
-they rarely last more than 30 seconds, usually in the 10 seconds range(at least what I remember of them)
-there are rarely people in my dreams, and I can count on one hand how many times they actually did anything important.
-bright colors are not present.
-My vision rarely turns, rather jumps abruptly like a movie.
-I never feel, taste, or smell anything, I only have sight and the occasional sound.
-The last time I remember myself speaking in a dream was 5 years ago.
-I almost never have a single thought during a dream, and often times I don't even have a body, or even a sense of existing, almost like it's a video being played back to me when I wake up.
-I do have the capability to become lucid, but there's never any trigger, it just happens, and my thought process is still almost non-existent, it's more of a "hey, I exist, and I'm in a dream" and almost nothing beyond that.
-except for a single dream during early childhood, I cannot remember any time when it was sunny in a dream. They typically take place inside in rooms with no windows, and when there are windows, or it even takes place outside, it is always cloudy.
So, as you can see, they are very strange. So I need help or information on how to make my dreams better, what may be causing this, and how to control my dreams. Now, I'm going to sleep, and I'm checking on this in the morning, and I'll inform you if I have a dream.
Now, Goodnight :)
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2023.06.08 07:43 finalcutwizard It took me nearly 10 YEARS but I finally got the P4G Vita Platnium

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2023.06.08 07:43 LeAverageDiscordUser how to have an out of body experience on dxm

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2023.06.08 07:42 majoraman Gyms around Mt Gravatt/Garden City

Hey Brisbanites,
I'm an older overweight guy that needs to lose some weight, but the young people's culture of filming everything and shaming dudes for nothing/making fun of overweight people has me very anxious about joining a gym.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a gym within 15min drive of Mt Gravatt that has a good culture and is relatively safe from influencers and the such. Basically a gym for oldies with lots of body confidence issues. Bonus if they actually enforce wiping down the equipment, cleaning up your sweat etc.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 07:42 defqon3 Is there really a rental shortage in Melbourne right now?

I keep hearing all of these rental shortage, people can't find room, everyone's lining up to inspect a rental blablabla...however, I've been advertising my room for nearly a week on and for $300/week in Coburg North, by the tram stop, train station close by, house is spacious, fresh, and generously equipped, presented very well, yet I only have 2 people messaging (which both I am not keen on). I posted the room in various other Facebook groups (Fairy Floss etc) with absolutely no luck at all, literally no one texted me.
I honestly was expecting to get quite a few enquiries considering the hoo haa of current rental shortage, assuming that people would consider looking into sharehouse arrangement when it becomes too competitive/expensive to rent directly from REA. I seriously wonder if this is all just over sensationalism from the media, cos I sure as hell don't see it in reality!
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2023.06.08 07:41 Odd_Slip_1534 Crazy plot armor/ power scaling?(spoiler season 3)

I dont know if you guys get this a lot here but was kinda bagffled by the amount of plot armor and crazy power ups. I dont know if im missing something but esp in the last season. The way they are miraculously able to compete upper rank demons is crazy to me. Ok i get they went through training but when you have tanjiro saying sheet like “ i cant even see her movments” then deflecting all her attacks its like wth. Or when hes like “i cant move” then proceeds to nearly chop off a dudes head. And the whole “i moved my heart so that it didn’t get stabbed” like what is going on. Or zenitsu being visibly trapped but then its like “ no wait i got this special move i didnt say before but i can only use it exactly twice” ik stuff like that sometimes happens in anime but there was just too much of it towards the end.
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2023.06.08 07:41 Alternative_Bet_895 24 F and 25 M, what do you consider flirting?

My husband and I have been facing a lot of conflict as of late due to his interaction with other women.
For background he doesn’t believe guys and girls can be friends and has either liked his girl friends or dated them. Me on the other hand think it’s fine. I’ve never dated a friend or liked one. I don’t feel insecure over him being around other women as it’s obviously inevitable. I honestly don’t care if he’s around them or talking to them if he knows how to act. He doesn’t allow me to have guy friends and I expect the same back. He fought for it but he gave up because ultimately I was right that he doesn’t know how to be just friends with girls.
We are currently attending college together. We have a class which is 99% women. He is trying to defend these “friendly” interactions with other women that I find to be crossing the line. He’s always trying to be class clown and gets a lot of attention. We never get seated together in class but everyone knows we’re a couple and no matter where he sits, all I hear is him laughing, giggling, and messing around with other women.
When confronted, he always jumps to me being insecure and not allowing him to even breathe near a woman. But like what kinda conversations are you having with other women that you’re enjoying it so much?? And what friendly things are you doing that’s causing these issues? All these things are only a problem to me now because he’s already had a few women try to get at him despite knowing we’re together. And his defense is always that hes always going around like “my wife, my wife, my wife.” Like who’s gonna care that you’re married when you don’t show that you respect your relationship? He doesn’t even wait for me when we leave class and goes straight to the next one. Idk tho. I don’t think I’m reaching on this but I’m tired of him trying to play what he does down.
So men, please lmk if you would consider this as flirting. And for all the ladies out there, lmk if you would be comfortable with this or not.
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2023.06.08 07:40 Educational-Nose223 Liv Pure Weight Loss Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - Does Liv Pure Weight Loss Work ?

Liv Pure Weight Loss Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - Does Liv Pure Weight Loss Work ?

Liv Pure Weight Loss Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - Does Liv Pure Weight Loss Work ?

Liv Pure is a nutritional supplement based on a weight loss remedy from an island in the Mediterranean.
Liv Pure Weight Loss Reviews Reddit
Developed by a 49-year old firefighter who wanted to help his wife lose weight, Liv Pure features a blend of ingredients to target the root cause of weight problems: toxins in your liver.
Find out how Liv Pure works and whether the supplement lives up to the hype today in our review.

How Does Liv Pure Work?

Liv Pure uses a blend of natural ingredients to support your liver. Your liver is the largest internal organ. To lose weight, your liver needs to cleanse fat from your body. If your liver isn’t performing optimally, then you’ll struggle to lose weight. Your body can’t detoxify itself.
To help, Liv Pure uses a blend of ingredients known to support the liver. Those ingredients target the liver and weight loss via two specific processes:
Activate your liver’s fat burning complex to ignite your metabolism and create primitive fat burning.
Target body purifying cells to help your liver purify itself, increasing your ability to burn fat naturally.
Together, these two effects make Liv Pure an effective weight loss supplement. In fact, some claim to have lost 50 to 100lbs using the formula.

Liv Pure Features & Benefits

Some of the benefits of taking Liv Pure, according to the official website, include:

  • Target the root cause of belly fat and weight gain
  • Support your liver’s natural detoxification
  • Science-backed ingredients used by 234,000+ men and women worldwide
  • Plant-based, natural formula sourced from an island in the Mediterranean
  • Boost metabolism to ignite the fat burning furnace within yourself
  • Works whether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs or more

Who Created Liv Pure?

Liv Pure was created by two people, including a Greek doctor and a 49-year old firefighter:
Dr. Nicholas Andino, an internal medicine doctor who grew up in a village near the Greek island of Corfu
Dan Saunders, a 49-year old firefighter from Sarasota, Florida who wanted to help his wife lose weight
The two met in an unlikely way. After Dan’s wife suffered a heart attack because of her weight, Dan started to research natural ways to lose weight. Nothing else had helped his wife, so he turned to the natural world for support.
Dan’s research led him to the work of Dr. Nicholas Andino. He liked what he read online, so he setup an in-person meeting with Dr. Andino to discuss specific treatment options. Dr. Andino met with Dan, revealed the recipe to Liv Pure, and the rest is history.

Liv Pure Helps Regenerate Your Liver

Dr. Nicholas Andino, using his expertise as a doctor in internal medicine, developed Liv Pure to regenerate your liver.
Dr. Andino’s research revealed a critical connection between liver health and weight loss. Many overweight people had toxin-filled livers.
However, Dr. Andino also found many healthy people had toxin-filled livers causing them to gain weight. These people, over time, had absorbed toxins from the environment, overloading their livers. As they grew older, they gained more and more weight, eventually leading to obesity.
Dr. Andino found people with an overloaded liver struggled to lose weight – even if they ate right and exercised. They were doing everything right, but their liver was so overloaded with toxins that it couldn’t burn fat from the body.
Dr. Andino’s research did, however, reveal some good news: the liver can fully regenerate itself. You can regenerate liver cells even if your liver is damaged.
To help regenerate the liver, Dr. Andino gathered a group of ingredients from Greek islands near where he grew up. These ingredients were specifically designed to help the liver.
Today, many of those ingredients are found in Liv Pure, which is designed to support liver health, detoxify the live, and help you rapidly lose weight.

What’s in Liv Pure?

Liv Pure contains 10 active ingredients. Half of the ingredients are designed to support your liver, while the other half support fat burning.
Here are all of the active ingredients in Liv Pure and how they work, according to the official website:

Liver Fat Burning Complex

Half of the ingredients in Liv Pure are part of the Liver Fat Burning Complex. These ingredients were specifically chosen to help you burn fat and lose weight. Some activate your metabolism, while others target inflammation making it harder to lose weight. Together, these ingredients can prepare your body for greater weight loss results.

Active ingredients in Liv Pure’s Liver Fat Burning Complex include:

  • Tea: Tea, labeled as camellia sinensis, is prized in traditional remedies and weight loss aids. Many people drink tea daily for its natural antioxidants, or polyphenols. Liv Pure doesn’t disclose the specific type of tea in the formula. However, black tea, oolong tea, and green tea are particularly rich with polyphenols, making them popular weight loss aids. Tea also contains a small amount of natural caffeine, and caffeine is one of the most proven weight loss supplement ingredients in the world.

  • Genistein: Genistein is a natural molecule linked to fat burning and anti-inflammatory effects, according to Dr. Andino and his team. It’s a flavonoid, or natural antioxidant, found in soy beans, fava beans, and certain other types of vegetables. You can buy genistein in supplement form on its own. However, it’s part of a blend of ingredients in Liv Pure designed to help with inflammation and weight loss.

  • Choline: Choline is best-known for its effects on the brain, and many people take choline daily for mental performance. Naturally found in eggs, choline can also help with fat burning, according to the official Liv Pure website.

  • Resveratrol: Resveratrol is a natural ingredient found in grapes. Like other ingredients in the Liver Fat Burning Complex in Liv Pure, resveratrol can support inflammation throughout the body, which could make it easier to lose weight. Multiple studies have linked resveratrol to metabolism, fat burning, anti-inflammatory effects, and other ingredients. Like genistein, resveratrol can be taken on its own or as part of a blend.

  • Chlorogenic Acid: Chlorogenic acid is best-known for being the active ingredient in green coffee bean extract. Before coffee beans are roasted, they’re green and contain high levels of chlorogenic acid, a natural antioxidant. 99% of this chlorogenic acid is lost during roasting. Using green coffee beans, you can support inflammation and unlock fat burning throughout your body. Many weight loss supplements contain tea and chlorogenic acid as a complementary combination, and Liv Pure is no exception.

Liver Purification Complex

The supplement is called Liv Pure because it’s designed to help purify your liver. Over time, toxins infiltrate your liver, leading to low energy, weight gain, and general health and wellness issues. Liv Pure’s Liver Purification Complex aims to help using a blend of five active ingredients. These ingredients work to complement the five ingredients above. By cleansing and purifying your liver, you can prepare for greater weight loss results.

The five active liver purifying ingredients in Liv Pure include:

  • Silymarin: Silymarin comes from milk thistle extract, a plant used in traditional medicine for centuries. For years, healers used milk thistle extract for general ailments. Today, we know the power of the milk thistle plant is linked to its natural chemicals like silymarin, which has been shown to support liver detoxification and liver cell regeneration.

  • Betaine: Betaine comes from beetroot extract and certain other natural sources. Some people take beetroot daily for liver health. Others take it regularly for detoxification, weight loss, blood flow, and overall inflammation. The betaine in Liv Pure can help reverse damage to your liver caused by inflammation, according to the official Liv Pure website.

  • Berberine: Berberine is known for its effects on blood sugar and liver health. Your liver cleanses your blood, and poor liver health can lead to poor blood health. By taking berberine daily, you can help fight disease and inflammation, tackling some of the root causes of weight issues.

  • Molybdenum: Molybdenum is a mineral linked to liver detoxification. The mineral isn’t as common as other ingredients in Liv Pure, but it can purportedly help detoxify your body. Every day, your body is exposed to toxins in the water, food, and air. Molybdenum can support your body’s largest internal cleansing organ: your liver.

  • Glutathione: Glutathione is a natural antioxidant linked to liver regeneration and gut health. Some people take glutathione for leaky gut. Others take it to support the natural regeneration of liver cells. Your liver is one of the few organs in the body that can regenerate itself even after severe damage, and the glutathione in Liv Pure can help.

How Much Does Liv Pure Cost?

Liv Pure is normally priced at $199 per bottle on retail shelves. However, Dan and Dr. Andino have temporarily reduced the price of Liv Pure to $69 per bottle or less as part of a summer 2023 promotion.

Liv Pure Pricing

Here’s how much you pay when ordering online today:

  • 1 Bottle (1 Month Supply): $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (3 Month Supply): $147 ($49 Per Bottle) + Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (6 Month Supply): $234 ($39 Per Bottle) + Shipping
Click Here to Get Liv Pure At Discounted Price From Official Website!!!
Each bottle contains one month’s worth of Liv Pure. The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement for 3 to 6 months to assess the results. Some of the ingredients work quickly, while others take time to kick into action.
The manufacturer also offers a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. Request a refund within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied with results for any reason.

Liv Pure Weight Loss Results: Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Liv Pure’s website is filled with stories of customers losing significant weight shortly after taking Liv Pure for the first time – even while exercising minimally and avoiding strict diet rules.

In fact, Paula Saunders, the 51-year old mother whose husband helped develop the formula, personally claims to have lost 63lbs using Liv Pure alone.
Here are some of the reviews, weight loss testimonials, and experiences shared by verified Liv Pure users:
Paula Saunders, a 51-year old mother of three, lost 63 pounds “suddenly” after taking Liv Pure for the first time. Paula had struggled with weight gain after giving birth to three kids, and nothing seemed to keep it off. She tried Liv Pure and began to rapidly lose weight.
One customer claims to have lost 42lbs and 6” from their waist after taking Liv Pure.
Another customer dropped 27lbs and 4 dress sizes after taking Liv Pure.
Liv Pure is popular with men or women. One man claims he can eat whatever he like as long as he takes Liv Pure, for example, because the fat is “melting off” him constantly.
Another verified purchaser claims to have lost 17lbs and three dress sizes with Liv Pure.
Some customers report feeling healthier and more active with Liv Pure. One customer claims she “feels so much healthier” thanks to the formula, for example.
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Liv Pure Clinical Trials & Scientific Evidence

Liv Pure was developed by a doctor, giving the supplement additional medical verification beyond the average weight loss formula. Dr. Andino, according to the official Liv Pure website, is an internal medicine doctor who grew up in Greece. He developed Liv Pure with a blend of science-backed ingredients from his native country. We’ll review some of Dr. Andino’s research and citations below.
Dr. Andino cites just three references on the official Liv Pure website. Those three studies include:
The first study is a 2004 study on metabolic flexibility. The study shows some people become metabolically inflexible over time. Their pancreas stops secreting the right compounds, for example, for weight loss and appetite control.
The second cited study, from 2018, also covers metabolic flexibility. The study showed metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cancer can disrupt your metabolic flexibility, making it harder for your body to manage its weight, appetite, and energy.
Dr. Andino cites a final study on metabolic flexibility’s role in health and disease. Researchers in that study identified metabolic flexibility as one of the factors impacting diabetes and obesity.
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2023.06.08 07:39 LingonberryInside937 Asking to Split Dinner Check 2 Days Later

I (F 45) have been dating a M (31) for about 4 months. Our economic situations are fairly similar in that we're both on rather strict budgets. For the most part, when we go out we split things based on the costs of our meals (his insistence). I don't have too much of an issue with this, but it would be nice for one of us to treat the other every now and then (I've treated him by paying for dinner once).
At any rate we went to a restaurant where it was an order in one part and seat yourself kinda deal. I grabbed the table and told him what I wanted. He ordered and brought the food to our table. I asked him how much I owed him; however, apparently he didn't hear me. We had a nice dinner, shared food and he even sipped some of my alcoholic beverage I grabbed from the bar (he did not want one). Here's the rub: he's not a big texter. He rarely initiates texts, but promptly and enthusiastically responds. Two days after the date I wake up to a text from him asking if I could Zelle my portion of dinner. Nothing more. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.
I'm seeing him this weekend and could use some advice on how to tactfully address this. It isn't about the money, it's the manner in which it was done. TIA!
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2023.06.08 07:39 locomotovotion will post-op sweating cause infection?

TLDR; can trapped sweat under wound vac dressing cause infection?
hey guys, i’m 6 days post op and was sent home with a prevena plus 125 wound vac. it’s pretty hot in the midwest so i’ve been sweating a ton, even with the AC kicked down and additional fans placed around me. i’ve tried ice packs too to curb the sweating, but i keep getting almost hot flashes. i’m 2 years on T, so i definitely sweat more than i used to, but this feels excessive. I’m guessing it’s related to my body trying to heal.
My question is, do I need to worry about the sweat contaminating the incisions under the woundvac? I don’t know how to change the dressing so I haven’t yet. My 1 week follow up is tomorrow. I’m hoping I can wait it out and everything will be fine, but I am pretty worried about increased bacteria because although I feel a lot better physically, i’m still getting a lot of sharp or aching pain around my incisions and drain inserts. I have no way of checking for any signs of infection without removing the dressing, and i really don’t want to mess anything up because i was paranoid about an infection.
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2023.06.08 07:38 MSkyDragons Man I'd hate to be the person Monsta X is singing about on The Dreaming album

I was just listening to the album again (it's a really great album) and it suddenly hit me that this album is like an anti-fanservice album lmao. What do I mean by that? As an ex-One Direction fan, I am more than familiar with the concept of "fanservice" songs where the entire purpose is that you are supposed to imagine yourself being the amazing, beautiful person the artist is singing about falling in love with and y'all frolic off together into the sunset with your perfect relationship.
This album? Hell nah, I can't imagine anyone wanting to self-insert themselves into this album. Some of the things Monsta X sing about this person are not only expose them for being a less than stellar person, but the relationship as a whole being sung about is hella toxic and unhealthy on both sides. That's honestly what I love about this album tbh.
Like let me just go through Y/N's apparent crimes mentioned on each song. Just look at the lyrics :
On to the next, that's what my mother said
All of my friends they never liked you
Crime Counter : 1 Y/N is disliked by all of their partner's friends and even their partner's mother
Tell me what do I do?
When you call me on a Friday night but never come through
Crime Counter : 2 Y/N is flaky and doesn't follow through with plans despite making them
All these chills, all these thrills
Burn my million dollar bills
Got us naked on the floor
Crime Counter : 3 Y/N is possibly a gold-diggespend-drift or at the very least is very not financially responsible lmao
Special, you had me thinking I was special
Been Kool Aid drinking with the devil
Should've known you'd never settle
You broke me
Don't trust nobody when they're lonely
I swear your kiss is laced with Codeine
I should've listened when they told me
Lying through your teeth
While you're lying next to me
Crime Counter : 4 Y/N only sleeps with people to fill their loneliness, not cause they actually care about them
Swear you're having the time of your life
You're an actress, a beautiful lie
But I hear whispers in the dark
Tragic, the way you're headed to the blacklist
Selling your soul in empty mansions
Crime Counter : 5 Y/N is apparently blatantly fake enough that everyone can tell and is talking about it (and holy shit if an ex told me I was selling my soul and headed to the blacklist I'd literally d i e )
Okay so I went through all the reasons I would NOT want to be the Y/N being sung about on this album, but don't get me wrong Y/N ain't the only problem here. Monsta X (as in, in the context of the album, not the actual group) do NOT make themselves out to be a great person to be in a relationship with either AT ALL.
Here's some more lyrics :
Everyday I'm a little more obsessed
I'm a little more attached
You know that you got me
Just a little more tied to your body
Everyday I send a message, wondering if you're awake
Then send a few more
Hoooly crap, me personally - I could never be down for that degree of clinginess and obsession in a relationship, no siree.
Don't tell me your secrets, I don't wanna know
It's hard to imagine you before
Don't tell me your secrets, just leave them behind
Cause' I can't imagine what you'll think of mine
Pretty much self-admitting that they both suck, also hiding stuff from each other is just the perfectly healthy foundation for a great relationship amirite?
Woke up, couldn't feel my face
Help my brain's in outer space
Looking for a heart to break
I know I should probably stay home
This entire song is pretty much them trying to numb the pain via drinking, partying and in their own words - breaking hearts. Very healthy, totally-doesn't-need-therapy behaviour.
It's hard to change, I'm trying babe
It hurts 'cause I know I will never get any better
Don't make me beg, don't walk away
It's giving Wattpad bad boy love interest who promises they're gonna get better but never do.
So not only do I not want to be the Y/N but I also don't want to be in any relationship similar to the one being sung about. It sounds exhausting as all hell.
I know it sounds like I'm criticizing the album but I'm really not, I love how bitter, toxic, hurtful and horny (but that's to be expected with Monsta X lmfao) the entire album is, especially in contrast to how upbeat some of the songs sound! 10/10 recommend everyone listen to this album if you do NOT want some perfect Y/N fantasy and instead want to be a fly on the wall to a messy ass melodramatic relationship.
Also it's one of the BEST English K-pop albums (I mean again, it's to be expected with Monsta X) ever so totally check it out if you haven't!
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2023.06.08 07:38 Prettylittleprotist What’s going on with Mr Bertram?

Bertie has been a part of our family for nearly 10 months now. He is a pretty typical greyhound—Velcro dog, nervous of loud noises, sweet in a quiet way. Around Memorial Day, people in our neighborhood started letting off fireworks at night, which he Did Not Care For. He responded by coming and standing by my side of the bed and panting. I petted him and he lay down next to the bed (it’s a very narrow space) and going to sleep there. Eventually in the middle of the night he would go back to his bed near the foot of our bed. Since then, he has been behaving similarly every night, even though there’s no more fireworks. Sometimes he whines, sometimes pants, eventually goes back to his bed. I’m not sure what to think. Is he nervous that the fireworks will start back up? Is he asking to get in bed with us? Is there something else going on? I feel bad for him, bedtime should not be such an anxious time for him. (Also for me because he sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night!) we’ve tried calming treats and calming probiotics, they don’t seem to do much.
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2023.06.08 07:38 Achakita Please help me find a good and reasonable pet shop near Tollygunj area to buy a Siamese Cat or a Persian.

It's for my 15 year old niece. It's been her only wish since she was a baby. Now that she has permission of her parents, I want to buy her one.
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2023.06.08 07:38 doomer_claire [TotK] Tears of the Kingdom got some wacky lore stuff going on

As the title suggests, I think Tears of the Kingdom completely destroys any consistency in the story of Breath of the Wild, and in turn the rest of the Zelda timeline, and is by nature pretty goofy. Allow me to explain my points. I do have to preface, I do not and never will on my own volition own a Wii, and thus have never played Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword. I realize that doesn't help my case at all as someone claiming any level of authority on Zelda lore, but this post aims to illustrate that the lack of knowledge I have on the lore of those games doesn't even matter.
One thing that has been floating around in the Zelda lore community over the past six years since Breath of the Wild released was the tapestry depicted the original battle between the hero and the great calamity, ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. It is often believed that this specific hero was a Zonai, due to his odd looks and green arm reminiscent of Rauru's. Problems arise when in Tears of the Kingdom, we see that the red hair of the hero in the tapestry, often attributed to the Zonai by the Barbarian armor set isn't actually a trait the Zonai had. From what we know of the Zonai, their hair was white rather than red, albeit we only get to see two of them. Moreover, they were scholars rather than warriors, building machines to work for them, comparable to those built by the Sheikah to do battle, although it is made clear in TotK that the Zonai gave machines a much greater presence in their lives than the Sheikah did, with the constructs (what the Zonai call their machines) working as soldiers and servants, rather than just soldiers.
The Barbarian set itself introduces some contrivance into the lore by indication that the Zonai came from and resided within the Faron region in the Southeast reaches of Hyrule. It's impossible to say whether or not there is any truth to this, because we only ever see two Zonai, but their ruins are all across Hyrule, underground and above. There very well may have been a point in time that the Zonai only lived within the Faron region, but they did not come from it. Historically, according to Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai were an advanced civilization that came from the sky. Unfortunately, it's impossible to say what it means to say that the Zonai came from the sky. Would it make them aliens, like those seen in Majora's Mask? Were they like the people of Skyloft? If so, why was there no record of any large structures having been in the sky at any point from the founding of Hyrule to the Great Upheaval? Was the Faron region just unexplored by the Zora, Rito, Goron, or Hylian nations before the Zonai built a complex flying machine to fly them out of the region and into what is now Central Hyrule, and everyone there thought them to be gods when they landed? Forgiving me for calling it convoluted, but I think that explanation is indeed too convoluted to be correct. Unfortunately, taken at face value, it seems that the Barbarian set doesn't reference the Zonai at all, being that its description mentions warriors from Faron and the Zonai are specifically referred to as advanced scholar demigods from the sky. Rauru and Mineru themselves fight with magic instead of weapons, which seems to be within their regular abilities rather than granted by their secret stones, seeing as it is made clear that secret stones only amplify abilities rather than granting them, though this falls apart when applied to Ganondorf, whom I can guarantee did not have an innate ability to summon monsters and turn the moon red.
My point with all of this is that the hero seen in the tapestry of the great calamity cannot possibly be a Zonai, because the figure does appear to be a hero with red hair wielding a blade. The Zonai are shown to have done very little fighting of their own, and very little usage of swords (in fact, the only Zonai swords in-game belong to constucts) along with a lack of red hair and an unlikelihood of having created or worn the Barbarian armor set. Truthfully, none of that matters at all since if we account for the events of Tears of the Kingdom, the great calamity possibly didn't happen ten thousand years ago anyway.
Many Zelda fans have decided that the events of Tears of the Kingdom's memories occur ten thousand years before those of Breath of the Wild, and whether it's actually stated in-game, or the time between TotK's Imprisoning War and Link's triumph over Ganondorf is just stated to be "thousands of years" does make a pretty big difference, however if we assume the events are ten thousand years apart, unless upon being sealed away Ganondorf immediately manifested Calamity Ganon, I find it hard to believe that it happened in the first place. We know the original great calamity had to have happened during or after the reign of Rauru, due to the presence of Hyrule Castle in the tapestry. Along with the Divine Beasts, guardians, and towers also present in the tapestry, nowhere to be found anywhere within the present or past of Tears of the Kingdom, I think it is safe to say this casually accepted ten thousand year gap cannot be the case, and that TotK's Imprisoning War happens before the arrival of the great calamity. That's fine, but... If it's the same Imprisoning War as the one mentioned in prior Zelda games, more problems arise. There's the obvious issue that Ganondorf didn't get sent to any other realm, he just got placed under the castle, and then other issues like the presence of a Rito sage which would be impossible if we are to assume the Rito "evolved" from the Zora when the Great Sea showed up sometime after OoT, and there is no real reason not to believe that, seeing as the series' writers have confirmed it. The only way at all that the Imprisoning War of TotK happens after the entirety of the rest of the Zelda timeline, with the implication being that Hyrule fell to ruin and was rebuilt by the Zonai, who have never been present before in any Zelda game at all.
Another big issue arises on the topic of the Sheikah and their technology. This is one that has been debated for a while now. The question goes: After Breath of the Wild, what happened to the Sheikah towers, shrines, guardians, and Divine Beasts? It has only been a few years, and it seems like it would be difficult to fully get rid of them all in that time. The generally agreed answer is that they were removed and used to build the new towers present in TotK. This answer is really dumb. Those towers are significantly smaller than the ones in BotW. Shrines also contain vast underground areas that could not be "removed" or refilled within the span of a few years, and they contain the bodies of one-hundred and twenty-four possibly dead or alive mummified monks, which would no doubt constitute them as sacred places unfit to be destroyed. The Divine Beasts are also the only resting grounds for the Champions' spirits, a fact that pretty much everyone in Hyrule knows. Only two of the Champions even have memorials outside of the Divine beasts, those being Mipha and Daruk, and Daruk's memorial was defaced by Yunobo. For Revali and Urbosa, their Divine Beasts are the only memorial they have, and unfortunately all but Mipha seem to have undergone the third death. It seems odd, then, that the Divine Beasts were not also considered sacred and left undisturbed. In other words, it's a question that still remains unanswered, and I personally believe that's because it's a retcon. They weren't removed, the writers just want us to accept the new continuity they've designed in which they were never there.
Also, for another contradiction to Breath of the Wild, the Zonai are referred to throughout BotW as mysterious and unknown, pretty much only referenced in item descriptions. Tears of the Kingdom retcons all of that. Pretty much everyone recognizes Zonai ruins when they see them. Talk to most NPCs, they'll have something to say about the Zonai. Even Zelda knows a hell of a lot about them at the start of the game. Pretty much every major character has accepted that the Zonai founded Hyrule, when literally nothing in the previous game indicates that.
Finally, let's look at how Tears of the Kingdom contradicts its own lore. Possibly not inhabited by the Zonai, the Faron region contains imagery that makes it clear that the people there worshipped the dragons, specifically Farosh. The one implication that those are Zonai ruins comes with Mineru's quest, in which Link has to go around the Dracozu river looking for some explicitly Zonai armor. However, if they are Zonai ruins, issues associated with dragon worship become MUCH bigger, but even if they aren't, there are still issues with the concept of dragon worship. Put simply, if you eat a secret stone you become a dragon and lose everything, and that's universally agreed to be a bad thing. So, the dragons were people who ate secret stones. But that's forbidden... So why would they be worshipped by anyone...?
On the topic of secret stones, what's up with Ganondorf? He puts on a secret stone and suddenly becomes a demon king with the power to create red slime and spawn monsters and turn the moon red. Anyone else puts on a secret stone, they can make a gust of air, or roll fast, or move some water, or strike lightning. Why is it that Ganondorf suddenly becomes a deity when he wears one? Is it his connection with Demise, his innate abilities only manifesting as those of his original form? In that case, why is it that the Triforce only turns him into a pig guy? One seems vastly superior to the other. I just personally believe there is no good reason to make Ganondorf the Demon King, since he shows two feats throughout TotK's memories: leading a group of Gerudo who control a swarm of molduga with a pungi like snake charmers. And it's not Ganondorf who plays it. And making a puppet Zelda. That's it. It seems overboard to give him control of the moon. And it is the moon, it's not a puppet moon. You could say everything he makes, monsters included, are just puppets, but the issue is the extent of his power. Rauru is considered a god by Hyrule and the best he can do is sacrifice himself sealing one guy away. One guy. Ganondorf gets armies. Rauru gets to seal one guy and make an explosion and die. Yunobo gets to roll, but he can do that without the stone. Sidon gets to make a bubble. Again, he can do that without the stone. Riju gets to strike lightning, and she too can do that without the stone. Tulin gets to make gusts, but he too can do that without the stone. Sonia can rewind stuff, but Link can do that without a stone. Mineru gets to attach stuff to her construct body, something that I kid you not EVERY CONSTRUCT CAN DO. The stone doesn't let her have the body. She could already do that. The stone isn't even really what lets her attach stuff to it. Really, it does absolutely nothing for her. Period. So why does Ganondorf get armies and the power to manifest whatever he wants? That's silly. I'm sorry, really, it's goofy. Kohga can do all kinds of wacky stuff, if that guy got a secret stone I think Hyrule would legitimately be doomed, judging by the logic of Ganondorf and his silly rock. The would would transform into a giant spiked ball or something. Genuinely, the difference of power between the level of amplification on Ganondorf's abilities and the level of those amplified for everyone else is so drastic that I consider it contradicting to the game's lore, because once again, Rauru is considered a god and his power is dwarfed by Ganondorf's.
I'd love to hear your opinions, and I know someone's gonna say mine doesn't matter because I haven't played the Wii games, frankly I don't care, I included only a few references to them that pretty much every Zelda fan knows. Really, I'm not the most versed in Zelda lore and this is not in any way my attempt to appear as an authority on it, but I do think someone with authority on Zelda lore such as Zeltik should look at TotK through a critical lens because it's goofy. I've seen very little but praise posted about this game everywhere but this sub, and as someone who enjoyed playing it I personally do not think the praise is warranted.
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2023.06.08 07:37 venusk1tty Caught Between Supporting My (22F) Grieving Partner (25M) or Preserving My Own Mental Health

Recently my partner's mother passed away. Us two and his siblings have had to relocate to a different state to deal with her affairs and funeral. This is where she was located and also their father who we are staying with.
I have stayed in this house once before for a week and vowed to never stay for longer than a quick visit again. His father is unbearable and our personalities clash. He is extremely religious, racist, sexist and old fashioned. He doesn't like women having opinions that differ from his and doesn't have the basic conversational skills to hear anyone elses opinions (will just talk over you and be extremely condescending). I'm not exaggerating when I say he is the most difficult man I have ever had to spend time with.
Of course in these circumstances I put this aside to support my partner through this awful time. I want to help in any way I can and was happy to keep my mouth shut for the duration of the trip and just be a comforting presence for my partner. I'm aware that she was not my mother, though I did live with her for nearly a year. My partner and I have been together for three years and he has seen his family members only a handful of times since we met.
The first few days we were working through the motions of everything together as a family, my goal always to stick by my partner and help him recall information if it was needed. Now suddenly I'm being asked to leave the room by his father every time there is a phone call or discussion, due to the other siblings wanting the situation to be handled without me.
I'm still working remotely while I'm here (we can't afford for me to take time off) and there is no place for me to work because wherever I set up I'm asked to leave the room. I don't have enough work to do here to fill in a whole day because I need my office set up not just my laptop.
I totally understand and respect their privacy, but we are up on a mountain and I have no canothing within walking distance. Also their father has their gates permanently locked and I have to ask him to unlock them if I want to leave which just makes me so uncomfortable.
I don't want to be selfish and I want to support my love as much as I can but I can just feel my mental health declining each day that I'm here. I feel like I shouldn't have come because his siblings so clearly don't want me involved in the process and who knows how long it will take. I've just spent today in our room alone crying.
I'm contemplating flying back home today or tomorrow which would mean I miss the funeral. If you think I should stay, do you have any advice on how to deal with this situation?
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2023.06.08 07:37 Big_Information_2413 Success story

So i’ve had general HH since around 11/12 years old, now (21M). Very rough and equally as traumatic as everyone else here. Went to the GP got a prescription for oxy ( i’m gonna ask to switch to glyco for long term cause oxy passes blood brain barrier which is kinda dodgy as not that much research on consequences but so far indicates increase chance of demetia ).
This is my routine so i literally have zero sweat all day i’m literally one of those people you see at the gym who never sweat it’s so surreal.
Anyway, I take 5mg oxy before bed which is around 10/11 pm depends on the day. I apply driclor which is an extremely strong antiperspirant roll on. Sleep. I wake up at 5am put on deodorant, drink water and go on a 30 min run/jog at 5:20 ish. I then get home warm shower and last like 20 seconds i make it cold. Then around 1pm i take another 5mg oxy. That’s it.
Further advice: Drink water most of the time, because your body can’t cool itself properly anymore due to the oxy if you like running like me don’t run more than 30mins, it’s just a bit dangerous imo. Drinking also combats dry mouth or buy some sugar free gum and jus chew it to get saliva going.
Just as a side note this is such a weird thing but this is how much my sweating has gone. So today did my routine as usual and when i got home before i hopped into the shower i smelled my armpit for some reason, idk why, and you know what i smelled? my deodorant i put on before i went on the run. now that might seem like regular stuff to some ppl but for me i literally have never put on deodorant and after doing something for a period of time that would normally leave me soaked completly smelled my deodorant, the smell would always be gone. so that’s a huge win for me lol anyway i wish you luck my fellow brothers and sisters, this community has helped me so much since a boy but this will be my last time on the sub. Time to Live! carpe diem ! 🤞🫶🖤🦅
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2023.06.08 07:37 yourfriendlysqurriel Holding this in for months

There were two girls (Sam & Amy) and Ryan, that were involved. Ryan for weeks was being really sus around me. He didn’t tell me what was bothering him, cancelled plans at the last moment, & purposely not include me in any plans. I tried texting & calling him but nothing.
Amy was the same, more or less but she did text me back and was being super passive. When I asked what was wrong, all I get was, “you should know?” Or “why do you think something is wrong” something along the lines
Sam did respond to me and I expressed how I felt towards Amy’s actions lately and in the past but instead of trying to resolve the situation, she twisted a few things and threw me under the bus.
Three of them knew my friend had a bachelor party coming up. Nothing big but a few friends having fun. Those three came but weren’t acting social and left early. About 30 minutes later, I hear loud banging on the door and open to find it’s them. Sam, Amy and Ryan come in and start yelling and making a scene. For the next 20 minutes that’s all it was and I could see my friend was upset. They left, my friend was crying in the back and I was controlling myself to not knock the lights out of those three fools
It takes a real special type of person to knowing cause a scene at someone’s bachelorette party and almost ruin the wedding
Weeks later I saw Ryan at an event. He tried to shoulder check me but something inside of me lost it for a second and I threw him onto the ground. I found out afterwards from a friend that Amy & Sam saw what happened and were afraid to talk to me or get near me
I hope all of three them step on Legos
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