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2023.05.31 18:54 maxdefolsch [Monogatari Short Stories] Tsukihi Endless

Hi ! This is one more post of a series whose aim is to share the Monogatari short stories that hadn't been translated into English yet.
Short stories masterpost here, updated regularly to show our progress with the translations.
Today's story is Tsukihi Endless (translated by Tigoris), published in the special edition of the Bakemonogatari manga volume 22, the last volume of the manga, as the story itself will remind you. As usual, it's written from Araragi's point of view.
"And so, oniichan, the comicalized Bakemonogatari has now come to a perfect end. This is yet another ending in the Monogatari Series that seems to be endlessly ending without end. Would you like to examine this repeated occurrence?"
"Don’t say that it’s endlessly ending. In fact, don’t say anything at all."
My adorable little sister, the embodiment of the idea of "pretty", Araragi Tsukihi, voiced a level of meta-commentary that was so far above normal that I honestly felt every fiber of my being become fed up with her. I was using the words "adorable" and "embodiment of pretty" in an attempt to trick myself into continuing the conversation. And to top it off, this was to be the final of these short short stories, a series of stories that appeared at the end of each of the 22 volumes of the comic version, and in this final story of the series, the character to appear was not Senjougahara, Hanekawa, or even Shinobu; no, it was her, of all people.
"Fufu. That’s because I am the character who was born to bring an end to the story."TL note 1
"That’s Ougi-chan."
"I’m not making it up! Look, the second volume of Nisemonogatari, Tsukihi Phoenix, was the final chapter of the series, wasn’t it?"
Hm, she had a point.
I see. It’s amazing what a person could forget… Well, perhaps there was a reason to examine the topic with her. I was unusually annoyed to have to go along with her idea, but if we didn’t leave behind some kind of record, then the world would have to rely on historians to piece together the answers.
"Umm, well, to start, the name Monogatari Series didn’t even exist. Hitagi Crab was published in the supplementary issue of the light novel magazine Mephisto in 2005, and at that time there was no series name… It wasn’t even decided if there would be any additional stories to create a series with."
"There must have been some plan to continue, though, right? After all, Karen and I are both in the story."
"At that time, the two of you were twins."
"A remnant of the original idea."
"Originally the plan was to tell the story of Senjougahara, then the story of Hanekawa’s Golden Week, and then the spring break with Shinobu—so each story would be another step into the past. But as you know, what actually happened was a series of short stories that continued forward in time with Hachikuji and Kanbaru. In other words, Mayoi Maimai and Suruga Monkey. And at that point, it ended."
"At the end of the first volume of Bakemonogatari? Why?"
"At this point, the magazine that the stories had been published in, Mephisto, suspended publication. That’s probably because, from an outside perspective, with the recovery of Senjougahara Hitagi, the story had reached a stopping point."
By the way, the short story magazine Mephisto went on to face a variety of challenges, and it changed form to be called MRC (Mephisto Readers Club), a membership-based newsletter that continued to publish stories.
Just what you’d expect from where I originated. It was undying.
"After that, the stories were published as a single volume, and then the second volume was written all the way through. And as I said before, the stories of Shinobu and Hanekawa didn’t end up taking place in the past, but instead Tsubasa Cat was published, and, if not for that, it was unlikely that Nadeko Snake would have existed."
"How terrifying. It’s like looking at an alternate world where my best friend Nadeko-chan never existed."
I had a feeling that Sengoku would feel terrified as well, hearing that she was considered your best friend. Let’s just ignore that.
"With Bakemonogatari parts 1 and 2 complete, the series had a clean ending point. What came next was the long-awaited story that I talked about earlier, a story taking place in the past, Kizumonogatari. At this time, it was called a two-part story."
"The way that they talked about it, Second Season, it was more like planting and harvesting two crops in the same year."
"It really didn’t feel like that at the time. It felt like the soil might die… However, before that Second Season could take place, the aforementioned Nisemonogatari volumes 1 and 2 came out. That one was targeted to be a story taking place in the future after Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari. They were meant to be published alongside the announcement of the anime version."
That was likely the first time that the series had the feeling of coming to an end. In the next story, Nekomonogatari, the series began to change. To be more specific, it was in this part of the series that other characters began to replace me as the narrator.
"For the more hardcore mystery fans, it was a bit of a difficult change to have the narrator or point of view change around like that."
"Wasn’t that an issue from way back when for more traditional mystery stories?"
"Don’t call it ‘way back when’, Tsukihi-tan."
Well, she wasn’t wrong. Foreign mystery novels were surprisingly open-minded when it came to “point of view” in stories. It was the difference between a third-person perspective and an omniscient perspective. In any event, in the story that came after Nekomonogatari (Kuro) which showed the events of Golden Week in the past, Nekomonogatari (Shiro) featured Hanekawa Tsubasa as the narrator, and, for the Second Season of the series, the heroine herself would be the one telling the story.
"Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, and Nisemonogatari all had the radical for ‘person’ in the first kanji of the title, so there were those who called it the Ninben Series."TL note 2
"Nobody called it that, did they?"
"But in Nekomonogatari, that first radical of the first kanji changed to that of a beast instead of a person,TL note 3 because the story was about a person turning into an animal. And just as a side comment, it was at this time—in a fanbook made for the release of the Bakemonogatari anime—that the first of this style of short short story was written."
"Ooh, what a revolutionary event."
It would be nice to have all of the short short stories compiled into a single volume, but given their short length, it just wasn’t enough to make a book from.TL note 4 This special edition release came with the 22nd of the stories, and there will no doubt be more of them to come.
"Nekomonogatari (Kuro) brought with it the end of the stories from the past that had been planned, but Nekomonogatari (Shiro) brought with it the idea of delving into the minds of the heroines, and so in the following stories of Kabukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, and Otorimonogatari the titles included the radical for ‘change’, and thus began the Second Season.TL note 5 The end of that season came with Koimonogatari."
"Which doesn’t have the radical for ‘change’."
"That was the story that broke the rule."TL note 6
The narrator for Koimonogatari was not myself or any of the heroines, and it was at that point that it became clear that literally anything could happen.
"But given the title Hitagi End that comes within the story, it definitely had a feeling of finality to it."
"No, but the story pushed ahead fairly quickly into the Final Season."
"There’s a lot of talk of ‘end’ and ‘final’, but the story seemed to have a vitality that defied coming to any sort of ending…"
"Well, the last installment of the Final Season was Owarimonogatari. Wait, no, it was Zoku Owarimonogatari wasn’t it."TL note 7
"Yes, far too much vitality."
That’s rich coming from you.
"Tsukimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari parts 1-3, and Zoku Owarimonogatari composed the Final Season, and then it was revealed that there would be an Off Season."
"Well, now that there’s an Off Season, there’ll never be an end to it."
"The Off Season consisted of Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, and Musubimonogatari. The season ended with Musubimonogatari."
"That title certainly has a feeling of finality to it. But I bet there’s more that comes after, right?"
"There is. The Monster Season."
Aberrations were always largely unknown figures in the stories, so while the heroines could become narrators, you’d never see an aberration as the narrator. However, during the Off Season, the line between human and aberration began to blur and become less firm, and so that became the next new territory to explore.
Yoimonogatari, Shinobumonogatari,TL note 8 Amarimonogatari, Ougimonogatari.
And finally, Shinomonogatari parts 1 and 2.
"Well, the series didn’t end even when the titles had ‘final’ or ‘end’ in them, so now it’s come to ‘death’ huh… Aah, but surely the series did end here, right, oniichan? Even if there’s an undying vampire or an undying phoenix…"
"With the release of this volume of the manga version of Bakemonogatari they’re announcing the release of a new novel, Ikusamonogatari."
In that sense, perhaps the series itself was turning into some kind of fantastical creature… It wasn’t much compared to the 600 years that Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade had lived, but for a novel series to continue for eighteen years, perhaps it, like the short story magazine Mephisto, was undying.
"Well, I can only imagine that the next book will be Koroshimonogatari."TL note 9
"Nobody would publish such a violent title. Nobody wants to commit murder just to bring the series to an end."
"Well, I suppose Kanmonogatari is still left… Or Nakimonogatari, Momonogatari, Oimonogatari, Chikumonogatari, Naimonogatari, or Ushinaumonogatari?"TL note 10
"Stop ruining potential titles. I forgot you do that sort of thing."
Or maybe she wasn’t spoiling potential titles so much as she was advertising books that didn’t exist yet… After all, the Second Season and Monster Season had begun in a similar style.
"You know, I wouldn’t mind doing Oimonogatari one day. For personal reasons. But this and that, the anime version, the manga version, it was thanks to all of these things that the series was able to continue in the way that it has. It's allowed the series to live on. I’m very thankful for it."
"The feelings of appreciation will never run out. There definitely won’t be a Tsukimonogatari any time in the future."TL note 11
"That sounds like a story with you as the protagonist… But you know, maybe now with the definitive end of the manga version of Bakemonogatari the series has finally had its final footnote in history and will finally enter a deep slumber. Nemurimonogatari."TL note 12
"You can’t say that, oniichan. Until the collected volume of all of the short short stories is released, we need to live long lives."
True, a life should be long.
The next story in the Monogatari Series, Mijikanamonogatari.TL note 13
Don’t miss it.
TL notes:
[1] Of course, the word “story” here is 物語 (monogatari).
[2] Ninben is the name of the “person” radical, 亻. It can be seen in the first kanji of 化物語 (Bakemonogatari), 傷物語 (Kizumonogatari), and 偽物語 (Nisemonogatari).
[3] 猫物語 (Nekomonogatari) contains 犭, usually called the “dog” radical.
[4] Right.
[5] The radical for “change” is 化, as seen in 化物語 (Bakemonogatari). It’s contained in the first kanji of 傾物語 (Kabukimonogatari), 花物語 (Hanamonogatari), and 囮物語 (Otorimonogatari).
[6] 恋物語 (Koimonogatari) doesn’t contain the “change” radical, but neither does the previous book, 鬼物語 (Onimonogatari).
[7] The owari part of the title is 終 (“end”), while zoku is 続 (“continued”).
[8] For some reason, these two titles are not in the right order, as Shinobumonogatari came first.
[9] Koroshimonogatari is 殺物語 (“Killing Story”).
[10] Kanmonogatari is 完物語 (“Complete Story”). Nakimonogatari is 亡物語 (“Deceased Story”). Momonogatari is 喪物語 (“Mourning Story”). Oimonogatari is 老物語 (“Old Age Story”). Chikumonogatari is 逐物語 (“Successive Story”). Naimonogatari is 無物語 (“Nothing Story”). Ushinaumonogatari is 失物語 (“Lost Story”).
[11] Here, Tsukimonogatari is 尽物語 (“Ran Out Story”). It’s different from the first novel of Final Season, Tsukimonogatari (憑物語, “Possession Story”), and the Sangatsu no Lion crossover story, Tsukimonogatari (月物語, “Month Story”).
[12] Nemurimonogatari is 眠物語 (“Sleep Story”).
[13] Mijikanamonogatari is 短物語 (“Short Story”). Now we just have to make it our title for the book, don’t we?
One last time (for now), thank you spr-o-ckt and appointedfern for contributing to this commission.
So um, did not expect the story to go full meta and offer us an entire retrospective. It was basically a Nisio afterword at this point. It also re-confirmed something that had been brought up in Nise, the tidbit about the Fire Sisters being twins originally. I also find it funny that we got our third official Tsukimonogatari title.
Ahem. Anyway.
With this one and the recent progress on other things, I guess we're pretty much officially completely caught up with the extra content. Short stories, additional material, and even audiovisual content, we've taken care of everything we could at this point. Of course, as this story implies, it's not like Nisio intends to stop pumping more of them out, but it still feels nice to know we're not lagging behind at last.
One thing I've been preparing recently as we were running out of stuff to get translated is a little expansion on the "audiovisual" section of the short stories masterpost. I'd like to make a post introducing these semi-important / cool videos, going from the Drama CD-like stories to the little-known promotional videos like the Madogatari Manner Movie. To this end, I've also personally subbed several videos that weren't already and that I didn't post yet, so that'll be some more content for you to discover.
But I guess we can't postpone it much further now. It's time to take care of the Second Edition of the Short Stories Book, which as you may know has always been planned. This story and this moment in time feel like an excellent stopping point. So, I guess soonish (hopefully), I'll be able to share this Second Edition containing all the stories published until now (including Mayoi Welcome), as well as the Mazemonogatari compiled book. And then maybe I won't have any more excuses to procrastinate on my super-ambitious years-long ultimate project.
Thanks for reading and see you next time for another story !
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2023.05.31 18:53 Ambient_lights UK-28-PC looking to make friends through gaming

Hey there, I'm looking to expand my tiny social circle and find friends I can play games with at the same time. I'm free most evenings and really only play PC games right now. I can be a little nervous at first, but I'm really hoping arranging and jumping into a game together will help those nerves. I just ask that you be friendly and please be LGBTQ+ friendly too. I don't mind where in the world you're gaming from as long as we can find a mutually agreeable time to play :)
Games I'd like to play include:
Minecraft and Terraria Stardew 7 Days to Die Don't Starve Together (Maybe you can show me how to survive lol) PlateUp! Tabletop sim (I love board games and TTRPGs, and doing them online sounds amazing)
Please DM me if want to chat!
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2023.05.31 18:53 DecentConfection5158 What's the difference between the original creator of the universe and the one of the earth?

I saw a graph about pathways in LOTM, but there's one thing i didn't fully understand in the novel.
I have always thought that the original creator of the universe was the same as the other.
But in this graph it showed that it was actually a part of the other.
So, i'd like someone to correct my understanding about these two entities.
What i've undertood is that the original creator created and split into the outers dieties, then one day he reemerged and created the earth, am i wrong?
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2023.05.31 18:52 ZhangtheGreat Doctor’s note no longer accepted

Doctor’s note no longer accepted submitted by ZhangtheGreat to HolUp [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:51 hello_keely Advice Needed: Unmedicated ERA or Transfer During Summer Break

My husband(34) and I (34) tried for a year naturally to get pregnant. Went through IVF testing and I have a blocked tube and he had low motility (since has improved quite a bit). Since we are paying out of pocket we decided to go straight to IVF.
January we had our first retrieval and got 5blasts and we opted to not test as our doc said our age does not require it (spoiler alert, I regret that). We did a transfer of our highest graded blast in February and it coincided on the same day with a very very serious emergency ICU stay for my mom and we almost lost her. She was in the ICU for the entirety of the cycle and was released the day of my HCG draw. It turned out to be a chemical. I was of course devastated but also this was the first time I have been this close. A month later in March we transferred again and it was a failed implantation. My doctor noticed a cyst underneath my endometrial lining and suggested on the next cycle we do a hysteroscopy. That went well and everything came back clear with no signs of anything besides a raised bit that they smoothed out. They of course couldn’t see under the lining but no signs of endo. My doctor went back to look at the scans of my baselines and noticed the cyst grew as they administered the transfer meds. So she suggested an ERA and doing a modified or (unmedicated) transfer cycle.
So here is the issue that I need advice with: I am a social worker at a high school and have a very stressful job. Summer is coming next week and it is two months long. We go back to school early August. We are starting an egg retrieval cycle in a week where we will have those embryos (hopefully we yield some) and the remaining 3 PGT tested.
Our options are:
Depending on yield I could do a fresh transfer. We then could opt to do an ERA cycle if that failed. Next transfer would then be closer to end of August so I’d be back at work a full month.
Or just go straight into the unmedicated cycle ERA but transfer wouldn’t happen until I went back to school in early August.
Or we wait for PGT results, forgo the ERA and do a transfer with a tested embryo in July before school starts again.
It is just scary because I don’t want to delay something like the ERA if it could more information but also being off work would mean less stress. I am leaning towards the last option or also adding in the fresh transfer too just to see.
Any advice? Or has anyone done the ERA testing on an unmedicated cycle? My cycles are quite long about 37 days.
Wow that was a lot to put together, apologies if it is jumbled at all.
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2023.05.31 18:51 Mammoth-Gas5024 My Dreams Are Getting More Vivid and Insane (skip to the last part for a pretty intense reoccurrence)

The first part of my dream I remember getting into this elevator with two other girls. As the door closed, we began to fall very fast. At first we thought the whole elevator was falling and we’d soon hit the bottom. We then realized that the top of of the elevator wasn’t moving at all. The bottom of the elevator had been a false bottom and we manage to grip on either side of the “elevator walls”. We first tried climbing up but decided it’d be easier to climb down as long as we did not fall. It seemed to have gone on forever but when we reached the bottom, there was some sort of ramp. This was sort of mind boggling, because surely that fall would’ve killed us and we would’ve slid out at the bottom. We slowly slid out and found ourselves in some sort of factory. There were conveyor belts with packing boxes -just regular old cardboard boxes.
I don’t remember much more, but the next part of the dream, we were stationed outside moving these large tubs - not the same as the packing boxes from before. There was a large building with two white folding tables and several large trucks surrounding the area. However there were a lot more women here and they are all quite young. There was an elder women yelling and ordering us to put the boxes under and on these tables, and to make sure they are sealed tightly before doing so. There was one with the top sitting on it with one corner of it being uncovered. A girl close by tripped into it and much faster than me and the other girls, she managed to grab onto the sides. I reached in to help pull her out. The lady began to yell and ask who left the box unsealed. A girl sepped forward to explain it was already unsealed and she was unsure of what to do. As the woman began to drag this girl away, I realized that this is very similar to what happened with the elevator, and I assumed all of these tubs contain endless holes, but don’t understand how.
The next part of the dream is a strange series of images and happenstances… The one that sticks out to me the most is the image of a never ending staircase. I believe I have seen this illusion somewhere before, where someone seems to be running up a staircase that always leads back to the same place. But when the perspective is changed, the illusion breaks. I’ve seen it in dreams before, and when I realize it the illusion breaks. Ive seen it in many different ways, but it seems like I see it all at once. One way is that u see the separation of the stairs, from beginning to end, sort of like a 3d model. Another way is as if I’m looking over the staircase into an abyss. The last way I watch as the person running on the stairs fall to their death… I can’t quite put these visuals into a specific place in my dream. They either occur before during or after the part I’m about to explain. The next part of the dream, I am shackled to all the other women and we are walking up these stairs -not the same stairs I see in the visuals- I look up and see tattered wall paper and old portraits on the walls. The stairs have patterned carpet, and some of the flowers on the carpet have a shimmer to them. There are multiple staircases covered in these women, and the ceiling seems to be miles away. There are large men with face coverings guiding the women and belittling them.
At some point I have escaped these shackles and I’m running through these halls like I’m on a mission. I can see other people searching for me as I cause chaos throughout this mansion. I’m not sure what all I was doing to anger the people “in charge” but the older woman is ordering the men previously mentioned to find me and sedate me. I realized that I can peel the wall back and sort of phase through to different rooms. When I do this it’s sort of wrapping myself into the wall like a blanket. This goes on forever and I can’t really explain all of the events that take place, but basically I’m traveling through the walls and I’m somewhat omniscient at this point. While running through a hallway, I run into a young man, he is much smaller than me he men previously mentioned. I realize I can take him with me when I go into the walls. As we phase in and out of the walls he gives me more information about what’s going on. We search the mansion to find more people who can be saved. However, I phase through a wall, and he does not come through with me.
Now I gotta explain a reoccurring thing in my dreams to explain the last portion of this dream. This always occurs in different dreams, they never start the same. Something that is always the same though, is I’ll walk into a room, and when I exit the room I’ve entered what seems to be a completely different realm. I sort of glide across the floor here, and even float higher at times. This place is like a dark mysterious building but I can’t fully explain what it looks like. I can vividly see it in my mind, but it’s really weird. It’s sort of a collection of corridors, almost like a maze. The first time I had this happen I could hear a lot of voices telling me where to go and what to do, but the voices were conflicting with one another in what they were saying. The first time it took forever, but I end up at this “wall”. This wall is a collection of colors and red beams. The colors are more like static, and the red beams bounce both back and forth and up and down. It is a very large wall, and I can’t decided if it’s safe to go through. I eventually decide there is nowhere else to go. I float upwards and through the wall, and once again everything has shifted. I’m sort of out of control in which way my body floats, and there are images and colors flying all around me. I’ve had this happen in many dreams, but they seem to get closer and closer. The first reoccurrence was months after the first occurrence, and now I’ve had it happen back to back. The first time it happened it took me forever to find this “wall” and each time it seems to get easier and easier, like I just know where to go. In the dream I explained above, I immediately arrived at this “wall” and went straight in. All the chaos started like normal, but I felt a sense of peace and maybe even control over this space.
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2023.05.31 18:51 Cpt_Cave Late delivery and right to cancel with refund

I placed a delivery for a new motorcycle in February. It was supposed to get delivered in April, start of April even. It's June tomorrow and still no sight of it.
I've been down this road before with a car ending up with an 8 month late delivery, so I'd rather cancel my order and look elsewhere.
I know for cars you can cancel the order and get your advance refunded if the order is more than 25% late. The KB mentions cars ("autovoertuig") only. I'm wondering if it is the same for motorcycles? Anyone know of a source on this or has first-hand experience?
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2023.05.31 18:51 malewifechad first nottingham appointment went well!

i had my first nottingham appointment yesterday!! i was referred just over 4 years ago from tavistock GIDS at 16 after i was discharged (i'm not sure how/why they discharged me and referred me before i turned 17)
the appointment went really well!
the waiting room is genuinely really nice, all the info on their website about how it's got nice sofas, info leaflets and books, TV/radio, kitchen, etc. is correct! the toilets are gender neutral, one said "has a mirror" and the other was "does not have a mirror" - the one i went into also had a shower, and some resources on the wall about sexual health and staying safe.
the lady i spoke to (Sarah) was lovely, she'd already read through my tavistock reports so she knew a little bit about me (ngl i wasn't expecting her to have bothered to do that 😅).
she asked about my identity, pronouns, for some details on how life was growing up and when my gender dysphoria started/what it's like now.
i'm a bit confused (in a good way!) because i thought that regardless of how far along a trans person was in their transition they would have to have 2 appointments with nottingham before notts would take over hormones/care?? however sarah said she was fine to take over my care immediately ?
i'm not sure if that's because i've already been through tavistock, or bc i'm already 18 months on hormones/was able to show her my blood test results from earlier this month and email them across, but i'm pleased!
she's going to write to my GP to prescribe me 4x pumps of testogel per day (i'm on 3x day rn) and get them to start doing my bloods. i had to sign a document with details about what the effects of testosterone were, pretty much the same one as GenderGP made me sign. she said she would be open to prescribing me injections off the bat but i said i'd rather keep on gel for the moment and discuss switching to injections further down the line.
the doctor did bring up my autism diagnosis, she asked whether i felt it impacted my gender identity/perception of gender identity, but she didn't seem to be doing it in a ?? aggressive or gate keepy way? more so out of interest, or as a way to help me open up if i was struggling with figuring out how to describe my identity. she only mentioned it briefly as i explained that i don't feel it impacts my gender identity or transition.
i mentioned my gyno issues and after a discussion of what they were and my symptoms she said she'd also write to my GP to get me on topical oestrogen and told me that Notts have a queer sex/relationship therapist that i could be referred to if i'd find that helpful.
i bought up my confusion over whether or not Tavistock officially diagnosed me with gender dysphoria, and she agreed that the medical reports were a bit vague, and she explained that she will write me up an official diagnosis and send it over to me. she clarified with me whether there was anything i'd prefer not be mentioned in the report, which was nice. turns out she's on the list of approved doctors which is pog.
with regards to bottom surgery, she mentioned that the NHS is currently doing a review/overhaul on what services they're offering and are currently developing informative leaflets so that patients can see all the different options laid out more clearly, and that it should be released online/on the website in the next few months. it came up bc i mentioned my confusion with what combinations of services for bottom surgery the NHS offer, particularly with hystos.
ngl i spent the entire appointment like :D and :0 bc everything was so much bettedifferent than i expected 😅
the appointment letter i was sent said to keep around an hour open for the appointment and turn up 10 minutes early. the waiting room was empty other than me and the doctor was about 10 minute late for my appointment. my appointment ended up being around an hour and twenty minutes long, and i nearly missed my train back home, so anyone else who's about to have their appointment - bear that in mind.
also, the letter said that the railing was blue but i s2g it was not blue. it was lilac/pastel purple. i spent a minute looking at the rails like "???" lol. the buzzer to be let in was on the left of the doorway frame and it took me an embarrassingly long time to find it 🤦‍♂️
overall it was a pretty good time.
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2023.05.31 18:50 Routine_Safety5458 First time in BLR !!

Came to visit for ~ a week for personal project.
Day 1 - 3 hrs of airport travel
Day 2 - Shitty PG stay, explored other PGs same shitty stuff
Day 3 - moved to hotel, crazy prices. Got Activa on rent stuck in hell of a traffic
Day 4 - 20 mins drive bcom 1hr, rain and Activa with raincoat but wth
Day 5 - Going via bus, madness traffic, rude auto guys, bus driver saying on time, rushed through this madness to see bus being late too, mf still says y i called so much
Is this madness the Banglore ? Ain't any peace here ?
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2023.05.31 18:50 Edv100 This is getting out of control. By recent data 5% of young adults in USA are transgender??

This statistic shocked me, from 18 to 25-year-old Americans, 5% are transgender. Wow the agenda PR machine works, the promotion of trans, gay, and other unusual "genders" is getting way too extensive and people are going insane. Latvia today elected a new president that is openly gay. I feel that it's being normalized by the people, and here's what I think is behind it...
Why do they promote it? Here are the reasons IMHO :)
  1. Population control, gay people cannot reproduce, plain and simple.
  2. Why feminism is being pushed as much? So that they could tax the women, way more money to the governments at the end of the day. And wait, then they have control over the children in the schools and they can push their agendas there.
  3. Gay people are emotionally weaker and more easily manipulated and controlled. Throughout history, if governments are abusing their power, men go to the streets, take control back over and revolutions happen. Feminine people won't do that.
  4. They divide people once again, divide and conquer, the good old strategy that moves people's attention again to conflict so that they could hide the real problems.
I'm not homophobic, but you cannot promote trans and being gay to people, give the same rights but stop the normalizing and promotion. Things are getting out of hand here, prove me wrong.
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2023.05.31 18:50 SaleSquare8332 Brings up his problems when I bring up mine M 33 F 36

I'm trying to figure out why I'm so hurt and offended. I don't want to be around him right now and I'm trying to get over it.
We are supposed to move in together soon and this type of stuff worries me. I feel like getting through disputes with him can be time consuming, like longer than it should take and I don't like the idea of him moving into my home and us not being able to get through dumb things like this quickly. We are going to be in each other's space all the time!
We had a convo about his ex and we talk about our exes sometimes, no biggie at all. He was speaking on how she did not have a job and was the type of woman who did not want to work. He stated "she thought she was above all of that." Then he goes onto say "she was a Leo too you know" (I am a leo) right in the middle of saying all these things that we both view as pretty negative - someone not being able to basically take care of themselves. I was like "um okay. Do you think I am like that? Because it sounds like you are comparing" I didn't understand how that statement tied in at all with what we were discussing.
Quick background on me. I have lived on my own for 6 years now, no issue supporting my self. I have my BS. I am a scientist. I bought my own home 3 years ago. I am pretty successful in life and have my shit together.
We briefly chatted on the weird statement he made, not heated. He knew that I was offended though. He told me I was reading into it too much but when I asked him why it was even said he had nothing. I guess it just came out and was something dumb?? He didn't apologize though or really try to make me feel better. Silence ensued.
When we got home. I told him the statement made me feel badly about myself and I really didn't like it. He apologized and said he understood why.
To me everything seemed fine. But then... and he does this. I need to know what you all think of this. Is it okay??
He says well now I need to tell you what upset me. He goes on to tell me how he feels upset for me not going along with things that he suggests. There was a point when we were boarding over the weekend and he wanted to paddle out further. I had explained to him that I was unable to paddle much more cuz my arms were tired at that point and he wanted to go against the current.
Another instance, that day, he was buying me lingerie. The outfit he picked I didn't really like so I suggested something else. He said he was frustrated because the idea was for him to solely decide and I should have gone along with what he liked and not said anything.
He is right I am the more decisive person. However I always (and yes I truly mean always) check in with him to see if we are on the same page. Even with the lingerie I was like are you sure? We can get the other on if you like.
Anyhow, when he brought up these two things. I again explained, I was too tired to paddle more. As well, with the lingerie, dude it's my body and I'm aloud to have an opinion.
I then told him, I think this not okay you piggy backing off my original feeling of hurt here and hijacking the situation to make it about you.
Is this okay? I feel like a person should bring their own issues up on their own. I realize some have a hard time with this, but damn that's not my fault and I shouldn't have to pay for your insecurities.
Side note: I get tired of him not speaking up honestly. We are pretty opposite here. I mostly get tired of always checking in with him to make sure he doesnt feel his toes are being stepped on. I know he tried to in this instance but I don't agree with how this was done. It didn't feel right to me.
I am willing to hear him and make adjustments if possible or discuss feelings and get through them. I felt like he took offense to my bringing up my feelings of being hurt and then brought up his things to feel even.. idk.. I need some insight.
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2023.05.31 18:50 abhi4121 45l travel backpack as a gym + work bag

Hello, I’m considering buying the 45 ltr backpack as an EDC for work and gym. Any advice, warning or alternative suggestions are very welcome.
Work stuff is just a MacBook 14 in. with usual cables, an iPad, AirPods, a notebook and a pen or two. Gym stuff is a pair of size 11 shoes in a shoes bag, shorts, a tee, socks, workout bands, a napkin all in a cube, a small snack and a large water bottle. Other stuff is wallet and sunglass in their case and sometimes a travel coffee mug.
I own a north face surge back pack which I believe a 30 ltr backpack. I struggle to get this stuff in and when stuffed it’s both heavy and packed so much so much that I cannot get anything else inside it. Hence I’m looking for a backpack to replace the current one. It has to be a backpack as I ride a motorcycle to work most days.
I considered the 30 ltr but I’m afraid that I’ll be in the same situation as before. Plus the front pocket is just a pocket which I think is a pain. For anything slightly oversize such as sunglasses in their case it will have to go into the void and not have quick access.
I cannot cut down on any stuff as this is the barest minimum. If anything I’d like to carry some more stuff!
I’m considering the 45ltr back pack to carry this stuff daily and the bag can double up as my travel bag during my monthly 2-3 day work trips as well.
Anyone else use the 45 ltr and a gym + work bag? Is it overkill, too heavy? Any other advice or suggestions? Thanks!
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2023.05.31 18:50 ThrowRANewBoyfriend Am I (21F) being led on? I might be falling in love with him (21F)

We met at my friend’s get together and instantly clicked. I forgot to respond to him and agreed for a date after 5 days of accidentally ghosting him. We made it official 3 days after the first date. Met his friends within a week.
This was in March and he was madly after me. April goes the same and i make it clear for me to feel close to someone I need to spend at least 2 days a week with them. We’re both in college with demanding majors ,part time work, gym and clubs. Time can be tough. He reassured me he will do everything to make this relationship work.
I also realize I’m an anxious person so I can be totally wrong here. Early May he starts pulling away slowly for some reason. April he talks about future, kids, marriage ,etc. May he is pulling away and tells his friend he needs to figure out how much he really likes me. We starting having sex in April.
In April he also turns his location on and now we’re sharing locations so I can usually see if he’s busy. Mostly he’s always working in the club and he’s heavily involved because he’s the lead driver in the racing team. May he goes off to a competition and I go to a vacation. We don’t see each other for 2 weeks and the commutation is off and on. He texted me everyday but it was like 2-3 texts in one day, I understand that was because he was driving all day at the competition.
We get back from our things and he nets my mom. It goes well and he’s invited to dinner next week with my mom again. We sleepover on the weekend and it’s all good. His first day of internship started yesterday and he texted me DRY. Fry is an understatement. He wakes at 5 am, leaves for work at 6:15 and gets there by 6:50 am. Comes back by 4 pm. Ten gym and dinner.
We’re going on a drive next week and I’m meeting his best friend. I don’t know if I’m being led on by his off and on texting. Not sure what tf is going on.
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2023.05.31 18:49 ZhangtheGreat Sick? Screw you! You’re working!

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2023.05.31 18:49 gtccabs Best Outstation Taxi Service in Delhi?

Best Outstation Taxi Service in Delhi?

There are several reputed outstation taxi services in Delhi that provide reliable transportation for travel outside the city. Some of the popular ones include:
  • GTC Cabs is a leading outstation cab service provider in India. They have a presence in Delhi and offer various options for outstation travel, including sedans, SUVs, and tempo travelers.
  • Ola Outstation: Ola is a well-known ride-hailing service that also offers outstation taxi services. They have a wide range of vehicles available, and you can book a cab through their mobile app or website.
  • Uber Intercity: Uber, another popular ride-hailing platform, offers intercity travel services in Delhi. You can book an Uber Intercity cab for your outstation trips easily using their app.
  • Meru Cabs: Meru Cabs is a well-established taxi service in Delhi, and they also provide outstation services. They have trained drivers and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • MyTaxiIndia: MyTaxiIndia is a reliable outstation taxi service that operates in Delhi. They offer a range of cars and provide options for one-way trips, round trips, and multi-city travel.
When choosing the best outstation taxi service, consider factors such as pricing, vehicle options, driver expertise, customer reviews, and overall reputation. It’s recommended to compare different providers and read customer feedback before making a booking decision.

Outstation Taxi Fare From Delhi?

The outstation taxi fare from Delhi depends on the distance traveled, the type of car you choose, and the time of day you travel. Here are some examples of outstation taxi fares from Delhi:
  • Car: A small car like a Maruti Swift or Hyundai i20 will cost around Rs. 10 per kilometer.
  • Sedan: A midsize sedan like a Honda City or Toyota Corolla will cost around Rs. 12 per kilometer.
  • SUV: A large SUV like a Toyota Fortuner or Ford Endeavour will cost around Rs. 15 per kilometer.
  • Minibus: A minibus that can seat up to 15 people will cost around Rs. 20 per kilometer.
The fare will also be higher if you travel during peak hours or on holidays. You can expect to pay an additional 25% for night travel.
In addition to the fare, you will also need to pay for tolls, parking, and any other applicable taxes. You can expect to pay around Rs. 100 for tolls and parking for a day’s travel.
To book an outstation taxi from Delhi, you can contact a taxi company or use a ride-hailing app like GTC Cabs, Uber or Ola.
The outstation taxi fare from Delhi can vary depending on various factors such as the distance to the destination, the type of vehicle chosen, the duration of the trip, and any additional charges or tolls that may apply. Additionally, different taxi service providers may have their own pricing structures. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific taxi service you plan to use for an accurate fare estimate.
As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I can provide you with a general idea of the approximate outstation taxi fares from Delhi based on common destinations:
  1. Delhi to Agra Taxi : The approximate fare for a round trip by taxi can range from INR 2,500 to INR 3,500, depending on the type of vehicle chosen.
  2. Delhi to Jaipur Taxi : The approximate fare for a round trip by taxi can range from INR 3,500 to INR 5,000, depending on the type of vehicle chosen.
  3. Delhi to Chandigarh Taxi : The approximate fare for a round trip by taxi can range from INR 3,500 to INR 5,000, depending on the type of vehicle chosen.
  4. Delhi to Shimla Taxi : The approximate fare for a round trip by taxi can range from INR 6,000 to INR 8,000, depending on the type of vehicle chosen.
  5. Delhi to Dehradun Taxi : The approximate fare for a one way trip by taxi can range from INR 3,000 to INR 4,000, depending on the type of vehicle chosen.
Please note that these fares are just estimates and can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier. It’s always recommended to check with the specific taxi service provider for the most accurate and up-to-date fare information.

How to Book Outstation Taxi in Delhi

To book an outstation taxi in Delhi, you can follow these general steps:
  1. Research and choose a taxi service: Look for reputable taxi service providers that offer outstation travel services in Delhi. Consider factors such as pricing, vehicle options, customer reviews, and reliability.
  2. Visit the website or download the app: Most taxi service providers have their own websites or mobile apps. Visit their website or download their app from your smartphone’s app store.
  3. Register or sign in: If you’re a new user, you may need to create an account by providing your basic details such as name, contact number, and email address. If you already have an account, sign in using your credentials.
  4. Enter your trip details: Provide the necessary trip information, such as the destination city, date of travel, duration of the trip, and any specific requirements you may have.
  5. Select the type of vehicle: Choose the type of vehicle that suits your travel needs. Most taxi services offer options like sedans, SUVs, and tempo travelers. Consider the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you’ll be carrying.
  6. Review the fare estimate: Many taxi service platforms provide a fare estimate based on the entered trip details. Review the fare estimate to get an idea of the cost of your outstation trip.
  7. Confirm the booking: Once you’re satisfied with the trip details and fare estimate, proceed to confirm the booking. Double-check all the information you provided before finalizing the booking.
  8. Make the payment: Depending on the taxi service, you may have various payment options available, such as credit/debit card, net banking, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery. Choose the payment method that is convenient for you.
  9. Receive booking confirmation: After completing the booking and payment, you should receive a booking confirmation via email or SMS. This confirmation will include the trip details, driver information, and contact details for any further assistance.
Remember to check the specific booking process and steps of the taxi service you choose, as they may have their own variations or additional requirements.
Once you have decided on the type of car, the price, and the amenities, you can start booking an outstation taxi. Here are the steps involved in booking an outstation taxi:
  1. Choose a taxi booking portal or company: Choose a taxi booking portal or company that you trust. Read reviews of different providers before making a decision.
  2. Enter the details of your trip: Enter the details of your trip, such as the source and destination cities, the date and time of travel, and the number of passengers.
  3. Choose a car: Choose a car that is suitable for your needs. Consider the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, and the amenities you need.
  4. Pay for the taxi: Pay for the taxi online or over the phone.
  5. Confirm your booking: Once you have paid for the taxi, you will receive a confirmation email or text message.
Here are some tips for booking an outstation taxi in Delhi:
  • Book your taxi in advance: It is advisable to book your taxi in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak season. This will help you to secure a taxi at a good price.
  • Compare prices from different providers: Before booking a taxi, compare prices from different providers. This will help you to get the best deal.
  • Read reviews of different providers: Read reviews of different providers before making a decision. This will help you to choose a reliable provider.
  • Ask about additional charges: Some taxi providers may charge additional fees for things like luggage, fuel, and tolls. Make sure to ask about these charges before booking a taxi.

Top Outstation Taxi Route From Delhi

Here are some of the top outstation taxi routes from Delhi:
  • Agra: Agra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and is home to the Taj Mahal. The distance from Delhi to Agra is approximately 225 kilometers, and the journey takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes by car.
  • Mathura: Mathura is another important religious city in India, and is home to the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. The distance from Delhi to Mathura is approximately 165 kilometers, and the journey takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.
  • Haridwar: Haridwar is a holy city in India, and is one of the five sacred cities in Hinduism. The distance from Delhi to Haridwar is approximately 224 kilometers, and the journey takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes by car.
  • Dehradun: Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand, and is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the Himalayas. The distance from Delhi to Dehradun is approximately 261 kilometers, and the journey takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes by car.
  • Chandigarh: Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and Haryana, and is known for its modern architecture. The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is approximately 345 kilometers, and the journey takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes by car.
These are just a few of the many popular outstation taxi routes from Delhi. There are many other great destinations to explore, so be sure to do your research and find the perfect place to visit.
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2023.05.31 18:49 LYY_Reddit How to beat him in home game?

How to beat him in home game?
He's using 4-5-1V, the same formation as me in this away game, he is 6% lower than me. But I will face him again at a home game few days later, he is 6% higher than me now.

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2023.05.31 18:49 rambonette {Help} Smell of petrol outside the vehicle for the first 60km after filling up the car w/ Ford Fusion (Europe) 1.4 Duratec (2008)

Good morning everyone!
I turn here in search of some kind soul who would like to point me in the right direction.
Before I get into the matter at hand, I would like to spend a few words to describe a bit of the general background of the car in question.
I recently came into possession of a 2008 gasoline-powered Ford Fusion (the European version) equipped with a Duratec 1.4L engine. This is a discontinued model that was sold in Europe (2002 to 2012) that has nothing in common with the American Fusion. Old car but cosmetically very well maintained and with only 70,000km.
After a few checks I went to the gas station to fill it up. I would like to mention that I was very careful not to spill a single drop on the ground or on the car. I then decide to go for a test drive. After a few minutes of driving with the windows down I begin to smell a strong odor of gasoline. Fearing that it was a leak from the tank or on the fuel line I stopped the car and with the help of jack I inspected underneath the car. The tank and the hoses in particular. no visible leak, no traces, nothing. I then decided to go to the local mechanic. after a few dozen kilometers, however, the smell vanished. i took the car to the mechanic anyways. he also performed the same inspections as I did with the car running but without finding anything.
The mechanic tells me that it is probably a few drops dropped during refueling.
After a few days I return to the gas station to refuel and the pungent gasoline is back.
I apologize in advance for my ignorance in this matter; I am young and novice. However, I am all ears and hope to absorb some knowledge. I hope I have managed to describe the situation as best I can and thank in advance anyone who would like to give me any tips or advice!
Cheers fro Italy!
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2023.05.31 18:49 capsrock02 Update on why we say “may their memory be a blessing”

A few days ago I posted in the sub asking why we say “may their memory be a blessing” when someone dies. My grandmother had passed away and I was looking for some inspiration for my eulogy. This is what I ended up saying.
The phrase most people say when you tell them someone close to you has died is “sorry for your loss.” Except us Jews have a different saying. Instead, we say “may their memory be a blessing.” I didn’t tell many people about grandma’s passing, but the message from my Jewish friends was the same.
May her memory be a blessing.
I have said that phrase instinctively for years. But in recent days I have wondered why. Well you know the old joke if you ask two rabbis one question you get three answers, so instead I decided to ask the internet to get infinite answers.
While the answers varied, most had a common theme. We as Jews are taught to remember things. From shabbas, to being freed from Egypt to the unspeakable tragedy and atrocities of the Holocaust. Remembrance is a significant part of Judaism.
I am a big believer that you die twice. Once in the medical sense, and again in a spiritual way. When the last memory of a person fades or their name is mentioned for the last time. It isn’t until that moment I think a person is truly gone.
Today you have heard and will hear many memories of grandma and as long as we keep those memories with us, a portion of her will always be with us too.
Another quirk of Judaism is that the mourners kaddish never mentions death or dying. It instead asks G-d to bring blessings to earth.
Grandma was a blessing to everyone here. To family a friends she always made things brighter. Let us remember her for the amazing grandmother, great grandmother, mother, wife, daughter and friend she was to us all.
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2023.05.31 18:48 doingmybestsomehow Hospital claims have sent me statements but I never received them or have access online

Has this ever happened to anybody else and/or what can I do to prevent it from happening in the future?
For this specific provider, I was in dark unaware that there was issues with my insurance so all my visits were denied. Most of the visits were emergency room visits. One of my bills actually went to collections (currently resolving that issue) but they claimed to have sent me 4 statements. I confirmed my address every time I called and its been same one on file since day 1.
I did ask a representative and she said that "it must have gotten lost in the mailing system". I find that extremely strange that ALL FOUR statements were "lost" in the mail? I also cannot access them on their online service, MyChart. It says there are no available statements, both on my phone and computer.
I never had an issue with MyChart before with other providers. I also got two statement from another provider to this address and their MyChart is up to date. They were the ones to inform that my bills were denied, which sent me to review all my recent visits so far.
To this day, I haven't received any statements or can see them from that specific provider. I went November of last year, it's now June. I can only see SOME of the pending insurance balance which keep saying $0 amount due and insurance claims awaiting response. Not even a phone call to tell me that any of them were past due.
The bill that went to collections never shown up on that online service, not even in the pending insurance section and once again never got it in the mail either or a phone call. The debt collectors were the ones to mail it to me. At first I thought it was junk mail because to my knowledge everything was now sorted out. On phone calls, I was very specific about the service dates and amount owned. They told me yes it is all being resubmitted. Obviously one was not and sent to collections.
Was it just this provider or should be aware of this in the future?
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2023.05.31 18:48 quintin100 7 day Suspension turned into Removal... HELP?!?!

Ok so I am a CCA(out of my 90 days, 10 months in) and I have been having a rough month here at the post office. I have had some absences this year that I myself deem excessive as well. I have had 7 absences this year so far some were needed some weren't I'll admit. So I have PDI for the absences, the next day I have a minor accident in a cul de sac where I back into a parked car. Very minor damage and I followed all procedures to report the accident properly(supervisors and police came out and owner of the vehicle was present). When my postmaster gets there I tell him what happened and he instantly accuses me of causing additional damage to the rear of the vehicle claiming he's seen a lot of LLV accidents and knows what bumper marks look like. I reiterated to him the same story I told him before and debunked his theory by telling him if I were to have caused damage to the front and rear from backing up it would have damaged the front tire and side of the car. So they tell me these things happen I'll be retrained and back to work in a week or so. 5 days later I get a letter in the mail for a 7 day suspension for my attendance. I contact my shop steward we grieve it. The suspension is settled for a 6 month letter of warning. 3 days later I get no word so I call the union hall. They call my postmaster to get answers of why I have not got driver training yet/any work at all. At the end of the day my shop steward calls me saying they gave him a letter for my removal. We grieve this too on Friday. Today my steward tells me they think my story is changing and that I intentionally backed up to redeliver a package because I did not tell them I delivered a package I scanned prior to the accident(wrong address cased incorrectly) AFTER the accident occurred as if that was relevant to the accident or played any part to it. I was simply delivering the package while waiting for them to arrive, it was less than a 1000 foot walk. After talking with my supervisor and steward he tries to offer a 2 year last chance agreement which we also plan to grieve. My Question is, is this normal? I understand I have some fault here, but I followed the procedure, and gave my statement, I don't understand them accusing me of lying and trying to fire me for it. I also wonder if I can receive any backpay for days I could have worked in the office casing or doing non driving duties. I have been off for 15 days since the accident no pay/nor contact from management.
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2023.05.31 18:47 nmk9494 5dp5dt Beta

We transferred a Day 5 3AB euploid on 5/25. My wife had bloodwork done yesterday, 5 days after transfer. The beta HCG was just 1.
Now we know this is early. Our RE does this test to mostly check on other levels. We have another blood test scheduled for day 10.
But it feels like we should be better than 1 if the embryo did implant. Or is it just too early and should we disregard for now? It feels like our clinic is an outlier in testing this early.
We had two other FETs that failed. One was euploid, the other mosaic. Same result at this stage. Hard not to get down when it feels like we’re repeating the same pattern.
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2023.05.31 18:47 CompetitiveWolf5 Is it reasonable to think I can be a commuter in NYC without a Crashpad? (Crashpad rant)

I have been flying for 2 months, and have had a Crashpad the whole time. The owner of the house put cameras inside the house 2 weeks ago, and didn’t inform anyone until this Sunday. 6 other girls are leaving due to the owners sketchy behavior. She shows up unannounced with her kid that runs up and down the stairs, does her own laundry, etc. the other day she even walked into our room and turned on the light, with a man. She said he was an electrician, but gave us NO notice.
I’ve also heard from other girls at the house that she doesn’t always give the deposit back. So yesterday I asked via text where the cameras are and informed her I am not comfortable, therefore I’ll be ending my stay after next month (already paid). I only have to stay there twice next month, so I’m thinking I might not even need a Crashpad anymore. I commute from LAX to NYC, and am trying to transfer. I can’t afford the $350/mo to barely be at the Crashpad. Has anyone else commuted same day/spent a few nights in the lounge?
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