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2023.06.05 12:30 jhanad123 Galileo Travel Software

Galileo Travel Software

Galileo Travel Software
The Galileo GDS system, launched by Travelport, is the most used and famous Global Distribution System for the travel domain. For the travel industry, Galileo GDS offers one-stop travel service execution tools, combining computer reservation software, top of the line travel systems and web services XMLs. B2B and B2C travel software developed around Galileo Distribution System is now multiplying the business earning of travel agents across the world.
What is Galileo Software?
Galileo GDS is a productivity system that can book airline and train tickets, hotel rooms and cruises, and rental car services. It acts as a virtual gateway to options, accurate pricing, and an extremely effective booking tool.
With the Galileo GDS API integration, you can connect to clients and other service providers through numerous channels. It works for you and your clients by reducing expenses and supporting you earn benefit.
Galileo is among the world's largest travel content providers, serving travel companies around the world as a technology leader. B2B and B2C travel software with Galileo Distribution System are expanding globally.
Galileo XML API Integration enables travel agencies and travel agents to book airlines, cruises, hotels, trains, and rental cars. Flight API Integration is fully integrated with the Galileo API, offering interactive functionality for travel agents.
Importance Of Galileo Travel Software Development for the Travel Industry
BookingXML is a leading Galileo Travel Software Development Company. We integrate global distribution systems, including Galileo GDS, with travel agencies worldwide. Our comprehensive travel software combines a flight reservation system, a hotel booking system, a car reservation system, and a cruise and insurance module.
BookingXML gives to integrate the Galileo software, a classic global reservation, which you can use for business management as well. With the Galileo GDS API integration, you can connect to clients and other service providers through various channels. It works for you and your clients by reducing expenses and helping you earn profit.
Through web services APIs, Galileo offers access to online travel content including airlines, and other value-added services. Using the BookingXML booking engine stage, integration of our GDS XML API web administration should rapidly be possible for your site, allowing you to keep up your website’s integrity and unique building and marking.
Why Choose the Galileo Travel Software?
Galileo’s API integration is effective in transacting airline data management and data intelligence solutions for global air services. It has other contributions like:
· E-ticket system.
· Passenger management.
· Facilitates online shopping.
· Bookings and reservations.
· Business management system.
Galileo GDS Software
Unlock the Potential of Galileo GDS Software with Integrated Flight API and Advanced Flight Booking Engine
· Access to global travel content via API
· Easy integration with existing systems
· Improved efficiency and automation
· Real-time availability and pricing updates
· Customizable to fit business needs
· Reliable and secure platform
Galileo GDS Integration Services we offer
· Flight Reservation System
· Hotel Booking System
· Car Reservation System
· Cruise Booking System
· Holiday Packaging System
· B2B Online Booking Engine
· B2C Online Booking System
· Corporate Booking Module
· Single or Multiple interface
Integration of Galileo GDS API with a Travel Website
Galileo, being the most sought-after GDS system, is responsible for global distribution services in the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software and other web services. Galileo GDS System hosts the best integrated system for clients by providing a wide variety of listing related to flights, hotels and vacations. Travelport, in combination with Galileo, offers bookings for airlines, hotels, and car rentals with options from the B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal.
The Galileo GDS travel software acts as a bridge between the travel agents and the service providers on a single platform. It offers the travel agents with necessary information about seats, availability and fares.
How Does Galileo GDS API Integration Work in Travel?
Galileo is an application program interface (API) that authorizes clients to generate an interface such as a website, linked to Galileo. The Galileo GDS API can be handled for airline, car, hotel, and cruise availability and booking. The information exchange is carried via Galileo XML Select and Travelport Universal API.
It integrates all the services at a place and this, in turn, aids travelers to find the best deals which are available across the world. We are the world’s best Galileo API Integration supplier who has long and successful clients across the world who are satisfied and have the services of the company.
We have highly skilled experts in travel technology at our development centre. The team is qualified to deliver superior reservation systems and is well trained in web service integration, usesub-user modules and service XML live certification process.
Galileo Booking System
BookingXML is the best travel booking system development company based across the world. We integrate GDS systems combining Galileo with GDS for global travel management companies. Our travel booking system services combine a flight reservation system, a hotel booking system, a car reservation system, a cruise and insurance module. We have highly skilled professionals in travel technology at our development Centre, which is located across the world. The team is certified to deliver top class reservation systems and well trained in web service integration, usesub-user modules and the XML live certification process.
The Galileo booking system stands in the lead position in airline reservation software and joins almost all the best airline companies. It also offers solutions to travel agencies by offering desktop solutions (search & book) and web services XML to connect to core databases. The Galileo travel reservation system offers flights, hotels, cars, cruises, holiday packages, among others.
Why BookingXML Galileo Travel Booking System?
BookingXML Galileo is one of the top retailers of travel products around the world. Our Galileo distribution system is enriched with a progressive airline reservation system and with a cutting boundary of travel products and solutions making the job simpler and more accessible to the travel industry.
Our system was developed and designed in such a way to maximize revenues by maintaining a wonderful leap with their customers and travel products. Our GDS systems have emerged over time from processing flight bookings only to processing booking of hotels, cars, and buses, etc. GDS systems form the basis of online travel software. Online travel agencies and clients worldwide use travel software integrated with GDS systems to book travel services they want.
Key Features of Our Galileo Booking System:
· Flight XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
· Hotel XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
· Car API Integration
· Manage Holiday packages
· Agent Registration
· Sale Report
· SMS My Booking
· Hotel Booking CRM
· Add Fund / e-Wallets for Travel Agent
· Markup Management module
Benefits of Our Galileo Travel Software?
· Agents to book flights, sell seats, book car hire, and hotel accommodation.
· Shows real-time availability of seats, rooms, and prices.
· A user-friendly and updated computer reservation system
· Has integrated payment gateways with secure payment options.
· Promotes low-fare shopping with branded fares
· Low-fare shopping on direct flights
· Search flight with city or airport name
· Galileo enables the search for round way flights
· Filter search results for flight arrival and departure time.
For more details, Pls visit our website:
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2023.06.05 12:29 KharnTheBetrayer1997 Well I finally beat that piss poorly designed race on classic difficulty. Here is the method I had to resort to -

Well I finally beat that piss poorly designed race on classic difficulty. Here is the method I had to resort to -
For anybody still attempting to win the race on classic difficulty, I can only recommend that THIS IS the best way to do it. The pile up method.
I (no exaggeration) tried and failed to win the race on classic difficulty legit probably 200 times, I rage quit and uninstalled the game, but tried again with this method last night and it DOES work. Took me about 25 attempts but it worked!
I have a few invaluable tips here for anybody that’s struggling -
1 - I wouldn’t position your car to the side as others recommend for this method, as the other cars will just drive around you. It’s far better to ram the first car you see head on in the same spot as you see in the picture above.
2 - Don’t worry if some cars go past you and don’t make it into the first pile up, as they will smash into the back of it later.
3 - You must make sure that you have at least 4 or 5 cars in your initial pile up. If you only get one or two and the rest drive past you just need to restart.
4 - Cars on their sides and flipped over are GOD tier for this method and are your best friends. The other cars will NEVER drive through them, so think of flipped over vehicles as brick walls.
5 - Block off the rest of the road that isn’t covered by the flipped over cars. So say if you have one or two cars flipped over / on their sides on the left hand side of the road, you need to block the right hand side with your car. You need to basically create a wall of cars that none of them can go through. You don’t need to push your car into flipped over cars as they aren’t going anywhere, just block off what is left of the road.
6 - DO NOT be afraid to let some cars go through to help make the pile up more nasty. You should keep an eye on which cars have done several laps so you don’t accidentally let any of them win, but once you have your pile up and are blocking one side of the road, don’t be afraid to let some cars through who are constantly moving to get around the crash. Let them pass and add themselves to the pile up at the back once they’ve done a lap.
7 - Once everything stops moving and the pile up seems to be achieved for the love of God TEST it. Do not just drive off and assume it’ll work out. Drive onto the nearby grass and create a space for any car that could move to go through, then wait for a few minutes. If nothing moves, you’re good to go. If a few cars move past you and out of the pile up just get back into position, wait for them to do their lap and wait for them to crash into the back of the pile up.
8 - Once you’re sure it’s all safe and nobody is going anywhere, GET GOING. Do not be slow, don’t risk that, still drive like it’s a race.
9 - Don’t be alarmed if when you do your lap and reach the pile up a few cars have gone. They will either smash into the back of the pile up once they come back around or will crash in one of the three scripted car crashes in the race.
10 - If when you do your first lap, you get to the pile up and most of the cars have gone, it meant you’ve failed and you need to restart.
11 - Keeping track of laps is your friend here, it’s fine to let a few cars go around the track once or twice as I’ve already said, so as to add to the pile up, but as soon as you’re suspicious that a car might win if it makes it through you need to consider restarting.
12 - Good luck and remember that some awful individual at Hangar 13 approved this garbage. Curse them and their utter incompetence and inability to make a decent game forever.
P.S. to all the useless arseholes on this subreddit that commented on my previous posts about this race (where I asked for help) and claimed it was ‘a skill issue’ and to just ‘get good bro’ I take great pride in having beaten this race in an evil way that shows my contempt for the devs that made this. Fuck you very much 👋👋👋
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2023.06.05 12:27 jacknikedisamotracia i signed the contract for another cleaning service 🫡

and i'll have the new moped (that i'll pay with my money anyway, through a loan) thanks to my parents; so i'll restart also rider's work, to the utmost of a month. i don't know if somebody can relate, obviously, it's the least amount of hours a week, like 3h, ill clean an office and a shop for the same corporation because there's not so much request of work around in my country... but they did a 3 months contract with the potential to be extended to indeterminate 🥹 (obviously i know hoe these things go... i won't put my faith in it. if it happens it's good, if it doesn't, i expected it.) "it ain't so much but it's my life" (cursing a bit the meme, cause actually, it ain't neither a hard one. 😅 it's a lot harder to bond with people as a work) ... i feel instantly relieved. i pass too much time on social, i think i need a mission to function well because otherwise i do short circuit in a vicious circle. without the moped i can neither stick properly to my workout program so i did it with my equipment in my homegym... but the resistance profile of free bars it's not the same, homegym works better for powerlifting. anyway don't know i anyone relate but.. voices were haunting me again, both while awake that when falling asleep that when waking up 🫥 and it's been terrifying. especially because now i can still distinguish them... but the step from sanity to insanity is close, and usually i'm not aware of being out of the border so i feared for the worst outcome. i yelled only like.. thursday, because the child insistently repeated every word i taped on the phone, i was drawing... i searched for an image to get ideas of the lines to reproduce a certain thing... the child repeated like a broke cassette the same browser research like 10 times and i howled (im not motherlanguage... but i mantained my voice deep and well spelled during all the vent, is it the right term for this kind of yelling?) blaspheme and i said "shitty children"... but i said only once. at a high volume. then i took big inhale-exhale because i was really tempted to pay her with the same card and howl for an hour, continuously, blasphemes and "shitty child!" giving it a melody like rap. but i stood silent and i contained myself. luckily, my parent's weren't home to hear this scene, and i also was at a single day of distance from therapy with the analyst... we're going little steps deeper to understand these mechanisms.
in short: signed new contract, ill restart having a mission,
"this house is clean babe, this hous is cleeean... am i who i think i aaam? ✨🌚 "
aaand i hope to stay better cause lately i even had fear to fall asleep: saturday i dreamed people who "cured" me during my e.d. mandatory treatment at eight, laughing as i fell off the bed, and staying around me on the floor in an actually threatening/ scary position, they had complete power on me, everything was tingling, fizzing, i couldn't move, like after the crash with the moped... they watch me and say "this is not an illness, nono..." in english. with melody. in a terrifying, both threatening and mocking way. and then i heared "dam" of system of a down... but i remembered "ginger". my conscious mind covered "dam" with "ginger", or something similar happened because hours after i woke up, it was ginger to sound again in my head, but at a first sight i wrote dam to my analyst. my problem with these songs is that they have a low low audio quality 😩 and i like them, but... it was like somebody put the phone at the highest volume possible, right in front of the hole of my fucking ear, and it's been terrifying especially because waking up there was no fucking body in the house, no fucking eventual people on the street with high volume music, no alarm from my phone at that hour, i was alone, it was blatant that i created everything on my own, and so because of that, even more scary.
i'm sorry i need someone to tell this. 🫂🫂🫂 i hope for everyone to find their way to function because to me, having too much free time is a poison.
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2023.06.05 12:26 graywhalewatching A Baja Whale-Watching Camp in Mexico -Unforgettable Adventure

When it comes to awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, few experiences can rival the thrill of whale watching. Imagine being surrounded by the vast blue expanse of the ocean, witnessing majestic whales breach the surface, and hearing the sound of their magnificent exhales. If you're seeking a truly remarkable adventure, look no further than a Baja Whale Watching Camp in Mexico. In this blog post, we'll delve into the captivating world of whale watching in Baja, Mexico, and why it should be at the top of your bucket list.
Discover the Enchanting Waters of Baja:
Nestled on the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula, Baja offers an ideal habitat for various whale species. Its pristine waters are known as a crucial migratory route for whales, making it a prime location for whale watching. From gray whales to humpback whales and even the elusive blue whales, Baja is a treasure trove for marine enthusiasts. A Baja Whale Watching Camp allows you to witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitat, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Immerse Yourself in a Unique Camping Experience:
A Baja Whale Watching Camp provides an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, breathing in the fresh ocean air, and stepping out of your tent to witness the mesmerizing sight of whales frolicking in the distance. These camps offer comfortable accommodations, blending the ruggedness of camping with the convenience of modern amenities. You can connect with like-minded travelers, share stories around the campfire, and forge lifelong friendships.
Expert Guidance and Knowledge:
To truly appreciate the marvels of whale watching, it's crucial to have expert guidance. Baja Whale Watching Camps are typically led by experienced naturalists and marine biologists who possess a deep understanding of these magnificent creatures. They will educate you about the behavior, migration patterns, and conservation efforts pertaining to the whales. This invaluable knowledge enhances your whale-watching experience, allowing you to appreciate the significance of these gentle giants and their role in the ecosystem.
Get Up Close and Personal with Whales:
One of the most thrilling aspects of a Mexico whale watching camp is the opportunity to get up close and personal with the whales. While adhering to responsible whale-watching practices, you may have the chance to observe these majestic creatures from a small boat or kayak. Imagine the adrenaline rush as a whale breach just a few meters away, spraying water into the air and captivating your senses. These intimate encounters create lasting memories and leave you with a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature.
Explore the Breathtaking Surroundings:
While the main focus of your trip may be whale watching, Baja offers a myriad of other attractions to explore. From its rugged coastline to pristine beaches, and from charming fishing villages to vibrant marine ecosystems, Baja is a haven for adventure seekers. Snorkeling, diving, hiking, and exploring desert landscapes are just a few of the activities you can indulge in during your visit. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and vibrant colors of Mexico while also being awestruck by the incredible marine life.
A Baja Whale Watching Camp in Mexico is a gateway to a world of natural wonders and unforgettable experiences. The opportunity to witness whales in their natural habitat, combined with the unique camping experience and expert guidance, makes it an adventure like no other. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking an escape from the ordinary, a Baja Whale Watching Camp promises to deliver an extraordinary journey that will leave you in awe of the beauty and grandeur of these magnificent creatures. So, pack
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2023.06.05 12:26 lilpretzelstickz Butthurt because I don't like being scared

I should start this off by clarifying I am autistic and at this time,(2 days ago) I was on holiday with my famlly in a city I had never been before. At this point we were split up doing out own thing, and I was already unhappy because it was very crowded and I hate really tall buildings and sky scrapers and unexpected noises. I was not doing hunky dory, google maps wasn't working very well, (it had me facing the wrong way and I was having a lot of trouble figuring it out.) I was lost, upset and very nearly crying. At this point, she spotted me and thought: "what's the best time to scare my autistic child? When he's in a city he doesn't know and is by himself and has been miserable this whole time, even though he would cry whenever he would lose me in the supermarket well into his teen years? Yea that's a good time." I felt as though I left my body. I was terrified for my life until I realized it was her. My reaction was to yell "fuck off" and attempt to push her away. Later on, I refused to leave to hotel room to go out to dinner because I had already had enough of this trip and it has been far too much very overwhelming and I was very close to a meltdown. She said "are you punishing me for trying to scare you?" Suprisingly no. I've just had enough of this trip since 5 MINUTES IN.
I realize now her entitlement is a very small part if this story so i'll add another from the same trip.
we had just landed from the flight and had been in this city for 5 minutes. Mum asked to take a photo of me I said no, 30 seconds later she takes a photo thinking I don't notice and I calmly take her phone off her, and she says "I'm just saying to watch out for the pink hair!" All defensive like. I give her phone back cause it's not worth it to start a fight. Its as if i didnt have a choice, she was going to take a photo of me, regardless of my consent.(this an ongoing problem where she constantly takes photos without my consent, this one was recent and pretty notable.)
She says that I'm not financially responsible enough for her to give me my inherentance from recently deceased relative, I own a company and I dont live with her. If enough people are interested I can elaborate on this and she has withheld my savings from me until recently also.
These are not completely outrageous stories, but it's nice getting it off my chest and having people listen.
TL;DR: don't click on long posts if you aren't gonna read them.
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2023.06.05 12:26 The2WheelDeal Urban station vs rural station

So I’ve given my posting preferences to the force I’m joining as I’ll be going there full time and leaving being a special for a different force.
As a special I’m in a semi urban area, we cover 3 towns and some country side which I think is a great mix! You get some decent blues runs, you get some NTE, you get to do ANPR work which is so much fun!
I am scared that if I join a station in a city centre that it will all go out the window, yes it will be “busier” and less boring potentially, but I do dream about the 10+ minute blue light runs, I love watching ANPR on a night shift and trying to put ourselves in the best place to catch them.
So I’m asking you guys, with much more experience, which should I go for? City centre or more rural?
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2023.06.05 12:26 bytecodesec10 Best Ethical Hacking Courses in Delhi - Unlock Your Cybersecurity Potential

Best Ethical Hacking Courses in Delhi - Unlock Your Cybersecurity Potential

Ethical hacking course


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on ethical hacking courses in Delhi. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for individuals and organizations alike. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, the need for skilled, ethical hackers has never been more crucial.
At Bytec0de Security, we understand the significance of staying ahead in the cybersecurity game. Our mission is to provide you with a detailed overview of the best ethical hacking courses available in Delhi, enabling you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this dynamic field.

Why Choose Delhi for Ethical Hacking Courses?

Delhi, the capital city of India, offers a vibrant and thriving environment for aspiring ethical hackers. With its bustling tech industry, numerous renowned institutes, and a wealth of cybersecurity opportunities, Delhi has emerged as a hotspot for individuals seeking quality ethical hacking education. By pursuing a course in Delhi, you can benefit from the following:
Access to Premier Institutes: Delhi is home to esteemed educational institutions, including [Bytecode security], [Craw secuity], and [coursesra 3]. These institutes offer industry-leading ethical hacking courses delivered by expert faculty members.
Industry Connections: Delhi's close proximity to major IT hubs and cybersecurity firms provides unparalleled opportunities for networking and internships. Establishing connections within the cybersecurity community can significantly enhance your career prospects.
Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Ethical hacking courses in Delhi are designed to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the field. You'll receive training on advanced concepts such as penetration testing, network security, cryptography, and more.

Top Ethical Hacking Courses in Delhi

Course 1: Advanced Ethical Hacking course
Institute: Bytecode security
Course Duration: 40 Hours
Course Level: Intermediate
Include: Training Certificate
Language: English, Hindi
Course Delivery: Classroom Training
Course pdf: Click here to Download

Become a well-rounded cybersecurity professional?

This course offers comprehensive training in ethical hacking, along with a deep dive into other crucial aspects of cybersecurity, such as incident response, network security, and risk management. You'll gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and simulations.

How to Choose the Right Ethical Hacking Course

Choosing the right ethical hacking course is a crucial step in your journey towards becoming a skilled cybersecurity professional. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an ethical hacking course:
Reputation and Accreditation: Opt for courses offered by reputable institutes Bytecode security with a strong track record in ethical hacking education. Look for accreditations, industry partnerships, and testimonials from previous students to gauge the quality of the program.
  1. Course Content and Curriculum: Review the course content and curriculum to ensure it covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant to ethical hacking. Look for courses that include modules on network security, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, cryptography, web application security, and incident response. A well-rounded curriculum will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle cybersecurity challenges.
  2. Practical Hands-On Training: Ethical hacking is a practical field that requires hands-on experience. Ensure that the course you choose provides ample opportunities for practical exercises, simulations, and real-world scenarios. Practical training allows you to apply theoretical concepts, work with ethical hacking tools, and develop your problem-solving skills in a controlled environment.
  3. Experienced and Qualified Instructors: Investigate the qualifications and experience of the instructors delivering the course. Look for instructors who have industry experience, relevant certifications, and a strong background in ethical hacking. Experienced instructors can provide valuable insights, real-world examples, and practical guidance throughout your learning journey.
  4. Recognized Certifications: Check if the course offers recognized and respected certifications in the cybersecurity industry. Renowned certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) can boost your credibility and increase your employability in the job market.
5. Industry Relevance and Updates: Ethical hacking is a field that constantly evolves due to emerging threats and new technologies. Ensure the course content is up-to-date and aligns with industry trends. Look for courses that incorporate current cybersecurity challenges, emerging attack vectors, and mitigation strategies.
6. Reviews and Reputation: Research the reputation of the training provider and read reviews from previous students. Look for feedback on the quality of teaching, course materials, practical exercises, and overall learning experience. Positive reviews and a good reputation are indicators of a reputable and reliable training provider.
7. Flexibility and Learning Format: Consider your personal preferences and learning style when choosing a course. Some courses offer flexible learning options such as part-time or online programs, which can be beneficial if you have other commitments or prefer self-paced learning. Evaluate the format that suits your needs and enables you to make the most of your learning experience.
8. Cost and Value for Money: While cost should not be the sole determining factor, evaluating the value for money offered by the course is essential. Compare the course fees with the content, duration, certifications, and the reputation of the training provider. Consider the long-term benefits and potential career opportunities that the course can provide.


Choosing the right ethical hacking course is a decision that requires careful consideration. By assessing the course content, practical training opportunities, instructor expertise, recognized certifications, industry relevance, reputation, learning format, and cost, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and provides you with the necessary skills to excel in the field of ethical hacking. Remember, investing in quality education and practical experience is key to building a successful career in cybersecurity.
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2023.06.05 12:25 Page-Enough UHRS very slow today

Might be some apps but even loading the marketplace takes forever.
The three aps I have worked on also take ages to submit some hits
It´s only me or is there a general slowness in the UHRS today?
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2023.06.05 12:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (

[Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (
Our website:

Finding and Flipping Tax Delinquent Properties the RIGHTway

The Tax Delinquent Blueprint online training program uses proven strategies for finding distressed homeowners severely behind on their property taxes. The training shows you how to uniquely beat out the competition with a Tax Assistance program.
In this online training program, there’s a step-by-step process for finding homeowners that need your Tax Assistance program performed on their property, and helps them get out from thousands of dollars in debt owed to the county. The Tax Assistance approach will always beat the “put cash in your pocket now” marketing any day of the week.
Here’s a comparison with the Tax Assistance marketing versus “I’ll put some money in your pocket” approach:
  • Average direct mail response rate using Tax Assistance: 38%
  • Average direct mail response rate using “Put Money in Your Pocket”: 1%
We’ve tested this marketing in 138 cities since 2014. The testing and tweaking to get the messaging correct took years to perfect. Many of our students get 30%, 40% and 50% plus response rates.
With the Tax Assistance marketing you’ll never hear from a heated homeowner again. You’ll receive inbound calls from property owners more than happy to speak with you about their situation, and how you can help them get out from an unfortunate position.
How would you like to speak with people that aren’t angry to talk with you?
I bet you would like to speak with people that aren’t immediately saying to you, “What’s your offer? Just give me your offer!”
With the Tax Delinquent Blueprint training we give you the tools to decrease your monthly marketing budget. Yes, that’s correct and not a typo. You’ll see how our system will help decrease your marketing budget drastically. The days of sending out 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 mailing pieces are over.
How can we decrease the marketing budget?
Simple, here it is:
  • We use “List Stacking” to refine our list
  • Only target those that need our help
  • Filter by areas we want to buy in now
We’ve been in this sandbox for years and have figured out the winning formula for giving us the competitive edge. If you don’t have the right message, you’ll get mediocre results. We have the right messaging and it works better than anything else.
The Tax Delinquent Blueprint training program includes 11 lessons including a final exam, 19 downloads downloads (deal documents, deal calculator, and phone scripts), and so much more. Most importantly you’ll receive our Tax Assistance direct mail marketing pieces that will get you high response rates, and happy homeowners calling you.
Who is the Tax Delinquent Blueprint training program for?
  • Brand new investors that are looking to get their first deal closed. The step-by-step proven plan will help get you to your first deal closed using private money within record are looking to get their first deal closed. The step-by-step proven plan will help get you to your first deal closed within record time.
  • Novice investors that have closed a few deals but are looking for that competitive advantage for finding deals that everyone isn’t fighting over.
  • Experience investors that have a good business but want to stop working in their business and start working on this business which will lead to ultimate time freedom.
  • Real estate agents that would like direct access to real estate investors that are looking for to place bids on government foreclosures giving them consistent commissions.
  • Current 9 to 5 Employees to bust out of mediocrity and give their boss the middle finger (or a friendly wave) as they exit towards a life of FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
Right now, is the time to get into real estate.
You can do this Tax Delinquent business with…
  • Little to no experience
  • Never using your credit
  • Never using your money
  • Virtually from anywhere

Jason Palliser

Full-Time Investor for 20+ Years
• Hedge Funds Acquisition Consultant:
Bought & Sold properties in 138 Cities
• Nation’s Leading Expert for Marketing & Lead Generation
• Built & Sold REI BlackBook: RE Automation Company (Systems & Marketing)
• Closed Over 3,200 Investment Transactions

Jason Lucchesi

Full-Time Investor since 2008
• Nation’s Leading Expert for Locating Off-Market Distressed Properties
• 3x Best Selling Author
• Closed Over 1,100 Investment Transactions
• Expert in Virtual Wholesaling
(currently in 6 markets)
• Expert in creating passive income from real estate while using OPM


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 12:24 Terri1596 Help! I think I’ve got to start again 🥲

So I was editing a podcast on Friday using Adobe audition. It kept telling me that the file wasn’t able to write to disk, so I should perform a save as of my work and close audition.
I did exactly this, loaded it up again this morning and two of my edited pieces of audio are no longer playing. I can press play, I can see a waveform, but there’s no sound level bar and no sound playing from my headphones.
There are other bits of audio playing fine, I’ve looked at audio mapping & hardware preferences and they are all fine.
Are these files corrupted? They aren’t playing in waveform or the multitrack session.
I had nearly finished and have a tight deadline so it would pain me to have to start again :(
Appreciate any advice or help you can give!
submitted by Terri1596 to AdobeAudition [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:24 reversecard420 Primal Scream - Screamadelica (1991) Round 7 of 10

Damaged may be precious, but it ain't for keeping.



  • Movin' On Up
  • Slip Inside This House
  • Don't Fight It, Feel It
  • Come Together (Farley Mix)
  • Loaded


Rank Song Votes Against Percentage Runner-up
6th Damaged 7/19 36.8% 6/19 (31.6%)
7th Higher Than the Sun (Single Mix) 5/15 33.3% 2: 4/15 (26.7%)
8th Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts) 5/12 41.7% 3/12 (25%)
9th I'm Comin' Down 2/5 40% 3: 1/5 (20%)
10th Inner Flight 6/10 60% 2/10 (20%)
11th Shine Like Stars 5/11 45.5% 3/11 (27.3%)




submitted by reversecard420 to music_survivor [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:23 Aromatic-Survey-6569 OMGOMG сайт / ОМГ ОМГ сайт
OMG official website — it is the largest marketplace on the dark web. There are many marketplaces in the world, but OMG is the largest of them. The choice of stores is the widest: you can buy both weed and dissociatives; like cocaine and lsd. Alpha and other stimulants are also on the shelves of most stores. Thanks to the system of guarantors, purchases are safe for both parties.
To get to OMG if the official website is not working, you need to enter "OMG bot" in Yandex or Google. This will give you a complete list of addresses. Some links work without VPN and proxy. But be careful when choosing a link, as most of the mirrors from the search results are phishing and designed to steal funds from user accounts.
Often buyers are concerned about such questions as:
  1. Why is the OMG platform not working?
  2. How to find an onion mirror?
  3. What are the official OMG mirrors?
  4. What is the list including an up-to-date OMG com mirror?
  5. What is the official link to OMG at the moment?
  6. How to access OMG through toronion?
  7. What is the OMG!OMG! onion?
  8. When can I place an order in the shop?
In cases where you have problems connecting in the onion browser, you can’t access OMG through TOR, then a safe mirror will help you. This is the original alternative link to the site, which will provide access to the site when it is blocked by Roskomnadzor, or OMG does not work for other reasons.
Our website contains a list of only working OMG onion tor mirrors.

Why doesn't OMG com work?

The site works around the clock, you can buy both for bitcoins and for ordinary money through exchangers. Most often, the exchange is possible with QIWI, YooMoney, bank cards (Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB, Alfa-Bank), from a mobile phone account (Tele2, Beeline, MTS, Megafon).
As you know, there are trusted shops, bitcoin exchangers, a local forum and so on on the site. High attendance creates a huge load on the OMG!OMG! servers, so you have to wait in line to connect. Keep calm and wait, or use the alternative links from the official website OMG com.

How to access OMG without blocking

On the Internet, ordering a DDoS attack is not so difficult, especially since it can be done on instant stores. Overloaded servers make the main oniontor link inaccessible. At such moments, you can access OMG only at a protected address from a DDoS attack.
On the OMG!OMG! you can also find out the current rating of stores and exchangers. OMG reviews provide an objective assessment of products and sellers on the marketplace.
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When the official mirror does not work or you cannot enter the shop, an additional entrance to OMG is available after clicking on the link «main page», where the list of addresses in the onion tor is indicated.
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2023.06.05 12:23 Alongattach What face serum was a game-changer for you?

Hey all!
I'm in my mid-thirties, and I have to confess I haven't delved deep into the world of skincare beyond the basics - cleansing and moisturizing. I'm not a fan of having a ton of tiny bottles in my bathroom and always counted more on healthy food and exercise than on what I put on my face.
Still, I've noted lately that my skin appears dull and fatigued, lacking that glow it once had. I blamed it on work stress but given that even after a few months of light load, it didn't improve, I obviously need something more than a proper diet and jogging, and I'd want to incorporate something into my routine that can elevate the overall quality of my skin and bring back some radiance, and everyone agrees that a serum is an ideal solution.
The problem is with picking the right one. At first, I thought I would choose as usual - by trial and error, and I came across this serum that seems to be creating quite a buzz. It's got all the trendy ingredients and promises to work wonders for tired and lackluster skin. Frankly, after reading the reviews, I almost ordered it, but then it dawned on me that it would be wiser to ask for advice from women more experienced with skincare.
I'd be very grateful if you could share the serums that made your skin radiant and didn't cause any side effects like redness or irritation.
I don't have any skin issues besides the fine lines. My skin is normal and a little oilier in the summer and dehydrated in the winter. Also, for unknown reasons, everything containing allantoin isn't an option for me (it causes breakouts). I'm not too concerned about the price as long as the product delivers real results (still, I'm not ready to pay 1K for a tiny bottle every few months).
I really hope I can find a good product with your guidance. Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.05 12:23 Content-EZ GCash load, easy task. I just need people to comment on a group post. DM me for details.

GCash load, easy task. I just need people to comment on a group post. DM me for details. submitted by Content-EZ to beermoneyph [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:23 dinkomaricic [H] TABS, Hurtworld, Clone Drone In Danger Zone, Visage, Empyrion, SCP 5K, Call To Arms, SCUM, Death's Stranding DC, SOD2 Juggernaut, Tower Unite, Control UE, Hell Let Loose, ETS2, Dusk, Mortuary Assistant, Friday 13th, B4B, Satisfactory & 100's more [W] Wishlist, Paypal (EU)

I'm from EU,so GAMES SHOULD work pretty much anywhere
NOT BUYING GAMES,ONLY TRADES - games for games or selling for paypal
No interest in TF2 keys,CSGO cases or ANY other virtual currency
BUYER covers the FEES (if outside EU,EU F&F only)
My Steam account so you don't offer me something I own
My Wishlist

Only looking for Steam games - so don't offer origin,uplay,rockstar,bnet or ANY other launcher
100% of my games keys are bought by me from official stores & I expect the same in return,so don't offer me keyshop games or game keys you got in a trade as I will decline
I retain the right to ask for proof of ownership for ANY game I want - just like YOU have the right to ask me the same

List of games I have:
Also have the Earthquake Relief bundle but reddit wont let me write all the games cause my topic would be too big - just ask
7 Billion Humans
8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure
10 Second Ninja X
60 Seconds!
112 Operator
911 Operator
A Case Of Distrust
A Year Of Rain
Aeolis Tournament
Age Of Wonders III
Airport CEO
AI War 2
Alien Spidy
Aliens Vs Predator Collection
All You Can Eat
Almost There The Platformer
American Fugitive
Amnesia A Machine For Pigs + The Dark Descent (1 key for both games)
Amnesia Fortnight 2012
Amnesia Fortnight 2014
Amnesia Fortnight 2017
Amnesia Rebirth (X2)
Among Us (X2)
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey (EU & Africa lock)
Aragami (X2)
Army Men RTS
Attack Of The Earthlings
Aven Colony
Avernum 3 Ruined World
Azkend 2 The World Beneath
Back 4 Blood (EU region lock)
Band Of Defenders
Baseball Riot
Batora Lost Haven
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
Behind The Frame Finest Scenery NEW
Beholder 2
Bendy And The Dark Revival (X2)
Bendy And The Ink Machine
Betrayer (delisted)
Between The Stars (X2)
Beyond Eyes
Beyond The Wire
Bionic Commando
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Bird Of Light
Black Paradox
Bohemian Killing
Book Of Demons
Bomber Crew Deluxe
Borderlands 3 + Director's Cut (ask about region locks)
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition NEW (ask about region locks)
Boreal Blade
Broken Age (X2)
Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons (X2)
Builder Simulator NEW
Call Of Juarez
Call Of The Sea (X2)
Call To Arms Basic Edition
Call To Arms Gates Of Hell Ostfront
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Chenso Club
Chernobylite Enhanced Edition
Cities In Motion 2
CivCity Rome
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
Clouds & Sheep 2
Coffin Dodgers
Cook Serve Delicious 3
Company Of Heroes Complete Edition
Control Ultimate Edition
Corridor Z
Cosmic Osmo And The World Beyond The Mackerel
Crash Drive 3
Creatures Inc
Crookz The Big Heist
Crossbow Bloodnight
Crusader Kings Complete
Crying Suns
Dagon The Eldritch Box
Danger Scavenger
Day Of Infamy
Dead Age
Dead In Vinland
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
Deadbeat Heroes (X2)
Dear Ester Landmark Edition
Death Stranding Director's Cut
Death Squared
Deep Dungeons Of Doom
Deep Sky Derelicts
Demon Turf
Desert Child
Destiny 2 Beyond Light NEW
Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor
Dicey Dungeons (X2)
Dimension Drifter
Distraint 2 + Soundtrack
Dog Sled Saga
Double Fine Adventures Complete Series Deluxe
Drawful 2
Draw Slasher
Dread X Collection
Driftland The Magic Revival
Dry Downing
Duke Nukem Forever Collection
Dungeon Marathon
Dungeon Of The Endless
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 2 Complete
Dungeons 3
Eador Imperium
Eastside Hockey Manager
Edge Of Eternity
Eldest Souls
Elden Path Of The Forgotten
Emily Is Away
Empyrion Galactic Survival
Epic Manager
E.T. Armies Deluxe Edition
Etherborn (X2)
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Europa Universalis IV
Expeditions Viking
F1 2018 (delisted)
Family Man
Fantasy Blacksmith
Fantasy Versus
Farmer's Dynasty
Farming Simulator 17
FIA European Truck Racing
Figment (X2)
Finding Paradise
Fire Ungh's Quest
First Class Trouble
Five Dates
Fling To The Finish
Fluffy Horde
Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel
Forgive Me Father
Framed Collection (X2)
Friday the 13th: The Game
Fun With Ragdolls The Game
Fury Unleashed (X2)
Gang Beasts
Garage Bad Trip (X2)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme
Gas Station Simulator
Generation Zero NEW
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams + Rise Of The Owlverlord
Gloria Victis NEW
Go Home Dinosaurs!
Goat Of Duty
Goetia (X2)
Going Under (X2)
Golden Light
Golf Gang
Grand Ages Medieval
Grand Pigeon's Duty
Greak Memories Of Azur
Gremlins Inc.
Grip Combat Racing + Cygon + Nyvoss + Terra + Vintek DLC (X2)
Guts And Glory (X2)
Haiku The Robot (X3)
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Hedon Bloodrite
Hell Let Loose
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
Hello Neighbor
Hero Defense
Hero's Hour (EU region lock)
Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Courage Under Fire
Hive Jump (X2)
Hiveswap Act 2
Hiveswap Friend Sim (X2)
Hollow Knight
Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak
Hotshot Racing
Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Hover (X2)
Human Resource Machine
I Am Bread
I Am Not A Monster First Contact
Ice Lakes
If Found...
Impact Winter (delisted)
In Between
Inexistence Rebirth
Infinite Air With Mark McMorris (delisted)
Interplanetary Enhanced Edition
Ion Fury
Iron Danger
Iron Harvest
Jack Axe
Jet Set Knights
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Jump Stars
Jurassic World Evolution
Just Die Already
Kathy Rain Directors Cut
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (X2)
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe NEW
Kill To Collect
Kingdom Classic (X2)
Kingdom New Lands
Kingdoms Of Amalur Re-Reckoning Fate Edition
King Oddball
Last Oasis
Last Tide
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lead And Gold Gangs Of Wild West (X2)
Legacy Of Dorn Herald Of Oblivion (delisted)
Legend Of Keepers Career Of A Dungeon Master
Leisure Suit Larry Retro Bundle (1 to 7)
Lethal League Blaze
Liberated (GOG key)
Lifeless Planet Premium Edition
Light Fall
Little Big Workshop
Lone Fungus
Lost Planet Complete Pack
Lost Ruins
Lust For Darkness
Lust From Beyond M Edition
Magrunner Dark Pulse
Maid Of Sker
Main Assembly (X2)
Mars Horizon
Masquerade The Baubles Of Doom
Max Payne 3 (Rockstar Launcher)
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Midnight Ghost Hunt NEW
Midnight Protocol
Mind Scanners
Mini Metro
Miscreated (X2)
Monster Crown
Moon Hunters
Morbid The Seven Acolytes
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021
Motorsport Manager
Mount And Blade Warband
My Lovely Daughter
Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker
Nascar Heat 5 Ultimate
NecroVisioN Lost Company
Neighbours Back From Hell
Neo Cab
Neon Abyss
Nickelodeon All Star Brawl (X2)
Ninjin Clash Of Carrots
No Time To Relax
Northgard NEW
Not Tonight
Odyssey The Story Of Science
Of Orcs And Men
Old School Musical
OlliOlli World Rad Edition
On Rusty Trails
One Finger Death Punch 2
Onikira Demon Killer
Operation Tango NEW
Orbital Racer
Orcs Must Die 2 Complete
Original War
Orwell Ignorance Is Strength
Out Of Reach Treasure Royal
Overlord II
Override Mech City Brawl
Paint The Town Red
Paper Fire Rookie
Paradise Lost
Path Of Giants
Paw Paw Paw
Payday 2 + Big Mike mask
Peaky Blinders Mastermind (delisted)
People Playground (X2)
Perfect Heist 2
PGA Tour 2K21 (X2)
Phoenix Point Year One Edition
Plane Mechanic Simulator
Popup Dungeon
Post Void
Pound Of Ground (X2)
PowerSlave Exhumed
Prehistoric Kingdom
Primal Carnage Extinction (X2)
Project Cars GOTY (delisted)
Project Hospital
Project Warlock
Pulsar The Lost Colony NEW
Pumped BMX+
Punch Club
Purrfect Date
Quest Of Dungeons
RAD (X2)
Radio Commander
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition
Railroad Tycoon 2
Railroad Tycoon 3
Railway Empire
Rain World
Raji An Ancient Epic
Rebel Cops
Rec Center Tycoon
Red Faction Armageddon
Red Solstice 2 Survivors
Redeemer Enhanced Edition
Redout Enhanced Edition
Remothered Broken Porcelain
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Revelations (X2)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition
Ring Of Pain
Rings Of Saturn
Riot Civil Unrest
Rise Of Industry
Rise Of Insanity
Riven The Sequel To MYST
Roarr! The Adventures Of Rampage Rex
Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos
Rogue Lords
Rogue Stormers
Rover Mechanic Simulator
RPG Maker VX
Salt And Sanctuary
Satellite Reign
Saturday Morning RPG
Say No! More
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam BFE (X2)
Serious Sam Classics Revolution
Serious Sam Double D XXL
Serious Sam HD The First & Second Encounter (1 key for both)
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Legend Of The Beast
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Serious 8
Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack
Serious Sam The Random Encounter
Serious Sam Bogus Detour
Shadow Tactics Aiko's Choice
Shady Part Of Me
She Remembered Caterpillars
She Will Punish Them
Shock Troopers
Shogun's Empire Hex Commander
Shuyan Saga
Sid Meier's Civilization VI
Sid Meier's Railroads
Simulacra Collection
Skeletal Avenger
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Slime Rancher
Slinger VR
Smoke And Sacrifice (X2)
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe + Season Pass
Song Of Iron
Spacebase DF-9
Space Hulk Ascension (delisted)
Sparkle 2
Sparkle Unleashed
Spellcaster University
Spelunx And The Caves Of Mr. Seudo
Spiritfarer Farewell Edition NEW
Starsand (X2)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic
State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition
State Of Mind
Steel Rats
Stick Fight The Game (X3)
Stories Untold
Streets Of Fury EX
Strider (X2)
Stubbs The Zombie
Styx Shards Of Darkness
Submerged Hidden Depths
Suchart Genius Artist Simulator
Super Indie Carts
Super Magbot
SurrounDead (X2)
Surviving The Aftermath
Swag And Sorcery
Sword Legacy Omen
Swords And Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Swords And Souls Neverseen (X2)
Syberia II
Syberia 3 Deluxe Edition
Syberia The World Before
System Shock Enhanced Edition
Table Manners The Physics-Based Dating Game
Tabletop Playground
Take On Helicopters
Tales From Candlekeep Tomb Of Annihilation (delisted)
Tales Of Monkey Island Complete
Talisman Digital Edition + City,Frostmarch,Sacred Pool (trading only as a bundle)
Talisman Origins
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Telefrag VR
Teleglitch Die More Edition
Tennis In The Face
Tennis World Tour (X2)
Tesla Force
Tesla Vs Lovecraft
Tharsis (X2)
The Amazing American Circus
The Ambassador Fractured Timelines
The Adventure Pals
The Battle Of Polytopia Moonrise Deluxe
The Blackout Club
The Citadel
The Count Lucador
The Free Ones (delisted)
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour
theHunter Call Of The Wild (X3)
The Invisible Hand NEW
The Journey Down Chapter Three
The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
The Last Blade
The Life And Suffering Of Sir Brante
The Long Dark Survival Edition (X2)
The Manhole Masterpiece Edition
The Mims Beginning
The Mortuary Assistant
The Night Of The Rabbit
The Serpent Rogue
The Signifier Director's Cut
The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia (X2)
The Uncertain Last Quiet Day (X2)
The USB Stick Found In The Grass
The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days
The Wild Eight (X2)
They Bleed Pixels
Think Of The Children
This War Of Mine
Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales
Through The Darkest Of Times
Time Recoil
Titan Quest Anniversary
Toejam & Earl Back In The Groove
Tools Up
Tooth And Tail (X2)
Torchlight (X2)
Total Tank Simulator
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Toto Temple Deluxe
Tower Of Time (X2)
Tower Unite
Townscaper (X2)
Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt
Toybox Turbos
Tracks The Train Set Game
Train Station Renovation
Treasure Hunter Simulator (X2)
Tropico 4
True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 1
Tyranny Deluxe Edition
Vambrace Cold Soul
Vikings Wolves Of Midgard
Volcanoids (X2)
V Rally 4
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate Daemonhunters NEW
Warhammer End Times Vermintide
Warhammer Vermintide 2 NEW
Warlock Master Of The Arcane
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
We Are The Dwarves
We Should Talk
Western Press
We Were Here Together
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
While True: Learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
Windjammers 2 NEW
Wooden Sen'SeY
Worms Rumble + Legends DLC
Wrath Aeon Of Ruin (X2)
XCOM Complete Pack
Xenoraid The First Space War
X Morph Defense + European Assault + Last Bastion + Survival Of The Fittest (1 key for all)
XIII Classic
Xuan-Yuan Sword The Gate Of Firmament
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
Ylands Exploration Pack
Yoku's Island Express
Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair
Zack 2 Celestine's Map
ZIC Zombies In City
Zombie Army Trilogy
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2023.06.05 12:23 Basic-Function-9054 I'm looking to transfer to Clark this fall and would love input from current students or alumni!

First, I was wondering what the academic load/level is like. I'm sure it depends on the classes but what would you say is the typical workload? (ex. length of final essays, amount of readings) I also took the IB in high school so I would love some input from IB graduates too!
I'm also curious about the social life is like at Clark. I'm not really into partying (my last school was really into that) and I was wondering if Clark's social life also mainly revolves around partying. Also, as an international student, I would love to hear from other international students!
Also, I'm hoping to major in Global Env Studies and International Development and Social Change so if anyone has taken either of these I would love to hear your opinions.
submitted by Basic-Function-9054 to ClarkU [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:23 actualLefthandedyeti I literally work for the county government and I basically can't afford to live in this county.

Per title: I work for the county government, across the street from City Hall and five minutes away from the state capitol campus. I make around double the state minimum wage. I can't afford to independently live anywhere nearby and it's driving me crazy. I'm 30 years old and working a job that requires the applicant to have some familiarity with plumbing, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, and basic troubleshooting.
Any apartment that's in my price range has an income limit - probably calculated to ruthlessly suck up any left over spare change from someone that gets housing assistance. I'm lucky I have an arrangement with family members to be able to live in the area but it's rough because of the personality clash.
I'm one of the newer guys on this maintenance crew so my word means squat, but I've brought up to management that if they want to retain talent they need to actually pay them. I get told that even if the pay sucks the (admittedly great) insurance, vacation time, sick time, and state-backed retirement should make it worth it.
Well, I can't eat my benefits and I certainly can't use them to pay for my own place! Even if I decide that I want to chase that sweet, sweet state pension I'm not convinced I'll be able to afford to live in the area long enough to do so. I enjoy this job and the people I work with, but financially it's impossible to keep going on like this.
submitted by actualLefthandedyeti to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:22 tired4F Are my brakes worth upgrading?

Hi guys! I recently bought a used Cannondale Trail 5 for 500€. It's my first bike and I didn't want anything fancy cause I figured I would get a better bike in the future when I'll be good enough.
Now I know I probably shouldn't spend too much on this bike but when I go downhill (or whenever I catch some speed) I have the feeling that my brakes are very weak. Whenever I pull the lever I barely feel it, and then all of a sudden I lock the wheels and skid, missing the turn. I am no expert or anything but I rode motorcycles (offroad) and go karts and I'm quite confident with speed, what I'm doing on my bike is by no means "fast", actually it's quite slow for the trails I ride, yet I can't stop the damn bike.
I crashed a couple times because of this and I'm now losing confidence when riding, so I keep the lever pulled throughout the descents, which I already know is bad.
TLDR Tektro M275 hydraulic disc. This is the name of the brakes, I think I have 140 mm rotors but on the website it says 160 mm.
I don't know, maybe I'm just a bad rider, but if you think an upgrade may be beneficial I'd be very happy to spend some money on it.
submitted by tired4F to MTB [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 12:22 Lumozilimo Boost Your Airport Transfer Experience for a Stress-Free Journey

When it comes to traveling, the moment you step out of your front door your journey begins. Your travel experience should be convenient, stress- free and tailored to your needs even if you're going on a business trip or a vacation. Houston Airport transportation is crucial for modern travel because it ensures people reach their destinations on time. In this blog, we will explore the world of airport transfer services and how they can transform your travel experience.
Timely Arrival
When it comes to air travel, time is important. You can say goodbye to the anxiety-inducing rush with airport transfer and enjoy peace of mind. When it comes to the art of punctuality, carefully planning your journey, to ensuring you reach the airport on time, everything is taken care of by professional drivers. By entrusting your transfer to dedicated professionals, you can rest assured that they will meticulously monitor your flight status, adapting to any changes and ensuring a prompt departure or arrival.
Tailored to Your Needs
Airport limo services are created to accommodate all kinds of travelers, from solo adventurers to large groups. Right from wanting extra space to traveling with a large group, or wanting a child seat for your little one, a loyal transfer service will have a range of vehicles to choose from. From luxurious SUV’s to spacious limousines, you can find the perfect vehicle to match your preferences and needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.
Door-to-Door Convenience
Bid farewell to the hassles of navigating public transport systems or finding parking at the airport. With airport limo services in Houston, you'll enjoy the luxury of door-to-door convenience. A professional driver will pick you up from your preferred location and drop you off directly at your terminal. Similarly, upon your return, a chauffeur will be waiting to whisk you away, allowing you to relax and unwind after a long journey.
Local Expertise
There is a lot more to airport transportation in Houston. You will get to enjoy a healthy conversation with the driver, who can offer valuable insights into the city's hidden gems, and local customs, and even recommend the best places to dine or visit during your stay. Think of your travel experience as a mini-guided tour, providing you with a glimpse into the local culture and enhancing your overall travel experience.
Safety and Peace of Mind
Safety is paramount, and the Houston airport transfer services prioritize your well-being. Professional drivers go through detailed background checks and rigorous training. This is to ensure people are in safe hands throughout their journey. Moreover, reputable transfer services maintain a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, equipped with modern safety features, to guarantee a secure and smooth ride. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, knowing that your safety is their utmost priority.
Airport transfers offer a gateway to a seamless sojourn, providing travelers with convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. By opting for a dedicated transfer service, you can wave goodbye to the stresses of navigating unfamiliar routes, worrying about parking, or rushing to catch a flight. Embrace a new level of travel indulgence as you are transported to or from the airport in style, with professional drivers at the helm. Whether you're a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, make every aspect of your journey count with an exceptional Houston limo service.
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2023.06.05 12:22 isajunqueira The more I try the worst it is. Just venting

I broke the NC rule… obviously will just get worst, every time I try to talk to him I just get even more worst and come back to 0 progress.
I had to text him the address for him to deliver my stuff that are in his house. After I sent we just end up talking, finish conversation. Then he said, “I hope your stuff arrives until next week so we can break all the contact we have and forget about each other”. This hurted me so much. I asked him if he doesn’t like me or hate me, and he said yes. I also asked if I went to his city would he sees me, he said that honestly no, he doesn’t even wanna talk to me.
He broke up with me because 1 month before we met and start dating, I went on a date with another man, he found out.
I told him how much I loves him and begged again for him to come back. He said “you should have thought about this before going to fuck with a random person and lie to me about it”. I didn’t cheat him, this was before we even met.
Just hurts so much to think that in the day of the breakup he was telling me how much he loves me and misses me, and after 1 hour started to say horrible things and now left me.
He broke up with me 5 days ago. I begged for him to come back in the first 3 days and today. I’m lost again. This sub and a few YouTube videos is what keeps me sane.
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2023.06.05 12:21 justiceforreyes Elvanse experience questions

I have been titrating for about a month. Started on 20mg didn't notice anything then I went to 30,40 and now 50mg. Once I hit 40 and 50mg I started to notice I felt calmer for about 5-6 hours then I would get really tired and a headache. Other than that noticed no other side effects apart from cold hands and feet and dry mouth but neither are bad side effects.
My question is, does this mean the 40/50mg is too high for me or does the "crash" up away when my body is more used to it? It hasn't helped with my concentration/ focus (so far at least) but does calm my thoughts. Unfortunately, so far this has just helped me hyperfocus on things more severely than before Elvanse and the crash about 5-6 hours after taking it makes my ADHD symptoms worse than without meds.
Does this mean Elvanse is not the medication for me? Or will I get used to it?
I'm diagnosed autistic as well, I don't know if that makes a difference. I am also female and in the stage in my cycle between ovulation and period so I guess my estrogen is at its lowest so the Elvanse may be ineffective due to that. I wasn't sure if this meant the crash is worse at this time of the month too or does it make no difference?
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2023.06.05 12:20 HyperDruid Finished off my Kasrkin’s, some of my favourite models of all time

Finished off my Kasrkin’s, some of my favourite models of all time
Took me a little while to get a squad and then a month to actually finish them, rather happy with the final results. I’m waiting on payday to get a load of basing materials to base my entire army at the same time (hopefully!) and will take an army photo 😄
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